Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1862 Page 4
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THE KVEM,N<- STAR. I AFFAIRS 1* GEOROETOWN uf Tk* 8t*r 6iPiniTo?!i, M*rch 29, I.HU. At a meeting of the City Conncil* la*t ereMng, both boarda* paaae d resolutions In favor of Dr. I. S*. I?auck; and granting the privilege of con-A - ?? I/?.nh r RImI. .n<? fuljcun^ q "fwcf w pi v?""?n ?***?*%. ? . viivh a.iu Win. H Flmnrrt The Board of A IdTtnen rejected the resolution In relation to ?tai is at the market-hoi;.??. In the Board of Com00on Council, a tnnn^c was received from the Mayor in reply to the resolution of Inquiry of the Board in r? lation to the wharf at the foot < f Htsrh street. The Mayor *Mtos that It Is used !??the termJnu* of a Government ferry to Analoctan, end that be addressed a communication to the Secretary of War on the subject, to which he tas received no reply. ? - ? ? /en _ I M account or Dr. I. ?. wuri, (jw uuuui i?f vaccinating the p**or;j of L H. A G. 0 Schneider, for bld? for tube* for ianip?, Ac ; of Mr. Forsyth, for plans and maps of High street, were referred A resolution for the repairs of pmnpa, in view of the muddv condition of the Potomac water, was laid on the table. a CORfti. TO W 51 ( UK PO K AT IO X LAW S. A Rmolvtios iu relation to school taxes. Ktstflred by the BonrJ i?f AM- mi'n in ! Boaril t>J i'qtntnn* Counnl of t%t Cor/wit ion of (irorg'toirn, 1 uai 11 IU.U1 ue ?uc u m < i vun mmi ui u? i/w |?orition tocb*r?e the r< 'or of ta.xra with the rhool tax?* for the yf ar l-?>l, and e? ta year thereafter, as .? ? ?d by the Ammiti aid to take bis receipt therefor ht'olvtd, further. That it fhall l?e the duty of the judges of elertlcn of each precinct to return to the Clerk the day aft^r each election, the names of all peraona voting wboae names are not on the poll lists, whicv: taxt g shall also be c barged to the Collector. Rfsolrtd, furiktr, That the Clerk shall keep In a book to kept for that purpose, a list of all l>^rn?n? subject to a school tax, f-;>d stall not report to the judges of election any j'?erson as having paid bis school tax, who hu not paid bis ? bool taxes for l-?l, and all subsequent school taxes, nor shall the Collector furnish any person wl'h a receipt for school taxrs for l^fij or any mibscn'lent year, nr.til all prevlom school taxes charged to sucb pcrvos^! a c paid?cooiaitncln;: with the year l^fij. Approved March *?H, ISM. t A Fe?olctioS to pay crrtala Claims. by the lioofl nf A Mermen "wt Bo'tr'l of f'r>min?n Council of Ike. <Vrflotation of (retrfttotrH. Tbal the C?erk be, and he ;s hereby, author i. d to pey 'o the ordi r ( ? tV'i- of Kin tioi)s in Lit, ad ai d itto pu'diKlici^li'rcndollar* ior n?>m rent at tb?: lat? ?lcction; to th*- <'r?l'T ?d T A. l?azenby nine* ai.d fifty-four cesits for articles f^r liiheil for ti.t? WalrhlHtiur. iv-r lull of 1)n i~tb; to the order of Mfs*r?. Ma^rnder A Stoue for furl furnished to ?he Orphans' Co'irt, es ?ct fi>*th li? the order of N. C<:ilaa. cVr* rf the l.tvy Ci rt, ?Utcd oUt January, !>"? .!, fourteen dollars; I "> the uider of G. B liatuvd A Co. twenty-?eveii dollars r.nd eighty-*veu cfi.Is for oil for the Vigilant engine fu{p'tni-d la the year 1?6I; and t'-tae order of <5. P. Bernard A Co slxtv-nin?- dollar* and fort? uiBe cents f?.r lamp ul.iss, Ac., furuishe? in Cue vfar 1S?H?Mrs i?*t amount to be cluu^rd by the Cleik to tbe gat fut:d. Api?rovtd March !- >*?. A Resolution ta pay Cbjitrtsef t'nr A?Bfs*0TS3nd others. by tht Boar-I of Ald'.rmennnd Hoard et C?wt('<>?*< il of t\ !' / ra:r, .! nt That the Clerk pay to th- ?;d?rr of >1., V, ??5iar?; for lii? f-vu-fi * > T .'Vor bis services ai to the order of t, f ,.r,;Pr nf Water# & Asarsanr thir.VKfng handbills and po!l lists in Delimit, (ff November. Ir?l. twenty-seven dollars; tob^J i.rder of Joseph Libbey ?V Son. for lumber Arnmbed the Corporation from .March 6 to Aug. -7, 1-M, twenty-seven dollars and twenty-live ifuli; aid to tte order of Jixeph Lib bey. for lums-r fu-i.;?bttl the Corporation and scow hir<- at Hi i.l^e street hridv". ? '* > ' t-ept.t! to Nov " 1^'? 1, Xarty-two dollars and evraty-ttrtf rent* AOOfOVt'd >?> A Rk >i.i tt n linking n approbation f?.r 1. uhiii.g. Clean.: a: <1 Swtfp'.a:; tbe Market Home K'yolrt.i by tkf IlniT't of A' l-rtn, ? n? / Jinar'f at Coin :on Couh >t of tkt ('rrpori!ic* of (i? erj," toirM, II;" t :e s?:ii of or* b-..irtr-'it ?t?l!;?r? be, a nil the ii hereby appropriated. to r-iiit by the Clerk fo the order of tsc >?ark?t Ma*ter for lightish. cUutee. and ?11'"-' ib* ubi ... ? 1 ? r- -??? ler the year 1 Si.'. Rri.:lrff ftr'i'T Tl ?!. ill i f twentydollar*. or a? nmrh thereof n? < i>?-rr*??r.ry. bt,an<l I* fct-ithv appropriated fur \\ hit< washing the iinrkt-t houar on Ifcc pre* ii'.itton of the proprr v-?ucher* to IU CI- rk of th*-' ?"error itimi l?v au:d .Market Maatcr [Approved March Ji, l-Gi A K solution to rtliiton loili^h8rci'tVV Ii?rf i?? <#/ ? -/ >v ikt ISmtni of Abh r m > h it M i Boon! oj t \>>'imon I'cunt <' of tk> ('nr/ ow 'on rf ^ "orru I the MiiyiT ? r< jue?t? it to ma k" -:ieh erquiry as wilt enab'c hlr? to trrf rm th>" C?unctl? m regard to Ibeoempnncy and of I be town proj?er ty at the U-raination -?X IH^hatiect. Approved .March ? ?, n'. OAL J'IL-C??AI. OIL. ANING Th* nsmo <T ?'neof ?'<* Inr^cst C?>?i t?;S < ompat ;os in ilisl'mtcd sut**,*e cn-i *?tl ? !. w I rVo? ; reiM .ctiMp'r t-,aucav I* li>u?h :u V\ * tt rjttnr A!*;?, UirM. Cur.* m:u ^ Vf?. bM'. W. M'K^AKf A fON. Ufa 1 lm* t'rira r Utti and H JU?I KKOUVhUAi'l. A. BivAI.L 4 CO.'S, ."Mo. 3M SJCTf^ith, kftf?en I K ft row ?t<>ck ? ! *M.<? r?l\G. PUiKIMIM UUOIKS TKLMkt*. HATS Md CA>J?. J A BEALL ft CO 'f*. N" 5*rcrjth street. i> between I anu K. is u<* p:aeo to t>oj j?nr riiOTUIiNG. 1trOODS. IKl' .\K:?. H ATS am; CAl'~ 11 No* \ ork grief's C^UHI. OMh AX1> ALL A f i>. A. UfcALL A J CO No. 3?jI seveufb Ftreeu l ?twe?ii I anU K, to buy joy, ^L.OT(ilNt?, PUKNISH1PI6 0 001)3, HA fS ar.U Ai'S. rviuw IB > UCii Tl MK To BU V YOUR CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS. ha'l> &cu ?:a!m m yti inw at L a. HKAL.L X OO.'S, No. 3*>1 :?eveatli, bftwwi 1 ?s-: K ?tr?*tn. m!i 1? NOTlcE ?* ADAStV KXPRK? COMPANY.** Tbn Cosnwir.? of?r? to th? ;v bTia" I'oecnVl#* Ad^?r.-%f5" ! ' !. '< "&. -r. I u .c% lUMAtSI ef *e-,to ti : uarta oft?? UattedHUlM. u;mm to h*-: ucoj t.i? N i/ih and WeiU*'Vvfi?*11 "rlT? ? Vi uius&ioii twio? daily. ?V,J{r-?i,e**T? 'B ekirja vl uMnmti m? rc.? ?.'? .Heewnrers. - ,to*ff^biiri c?m*u at **ew* *am ' our net! raw*. A;; Gc^da for tL* ao-ca"M "Casfadmtl Stales' S^r*V "Cv~U?b?-?t oi War" wiii 1* Oar LiyrwtM leara New Yn* at I.l.ud t P. M.. UTtTitr . W??iii?rtoii at < a. is. tit r.r. r,? i?a?P Ffci!?>1?'r!iia **. 1.99 A. M. ftr. 'i P Mi airmsx m W*e:>iusk<2 at 4?) P. M.aa? ?A. N. '-xji 't?f? ie?.?? fi* tuno o it A. .H. md a 1J. M., trriTi^t in W*f-inito2 a: t A. M. ud i> f* M i-a>! to: ait point* Noil*: aru Hem itivi iisitoa MIJiA. M. *r.d JH I". M.?Ktly. ?Mei(. Pr.i-i r.?f. h. "" * " r ?.... w vi i? |c f uk niitCi oi r rRif u . be its- .e oq aff.kcaUoi. to ttiit Oftee. All Foa-i? ca: eetoi aun Je.iY?r*i /rw ui hxtca E. W, PARtHtffe. c*?'t Adam* c.x>re*BCompear ty.1-t;iii . A25??t 'Hi. >- ?*->1 1 H. I). HOOD I"* roceta*t'j rscoiviijj,hwa'wajt rq hind, a ??1 supp f o? ail the rnort o^iebratM Jv W A K'Ht-.S thai are nianciactcreii in KQC-Mfsi la no, siw it**r'ar.d ami Aiieuo*. hoth in n - Ha *!?g k-epn a Jar** m\S!T7i H lae 17,081 <i^8?ratlc te' ??' l ^ ***?* M, R.,bz?, &U>4 &,;?** ";?^S '? *-?/0*' u,i^,?ri'?te..lki. d?of 5c id JTU War*, and kfepg yw.jrd?, itevolV?y ST,"L* B?tt8 rasnee, itovm knives Kaior*, ^oiMura, 3oJ<i, tf, v?r nr.d Wrei fnOou iifi".*, '!1 ,*"*! vvietyef ctiter thinge o?u*i!y ???? v JeT*.rT>^T9'auJ P'1 at? v?y lowe.t *,??: No. -i pa. s ?nue, bo;wo?a 9ia am! i< t3 11> i?-n oyster* i Oysters! S11EOV EH LAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY MU! roi. inre to rM!(atlti^li'0?eiiii.0U i'ATUXbNT ElVK* OY&TKR3. KmMKMU atd *r*?V9 /-J wou!<l <' 'vc 'to c&!t isr<t trr th?m. wlUv ?T?ttM? ?r?? ?< M >6 ii"ur? after V the? pen-' frir the water. f]T"" t?ftce iNv. 45 .Maiket helo* the Av??m Hocea. itS-iin l/OR PKKMMj IN Mul)URATE ClRi'.I'M A ? liiHtKA T!?? srrat Milk o[_oar ?to?k r,r American m,.! hnr.ip*an Vrr Och?i|?, in ?li the <1??ai tiwnta of and ifrciai liini.j ?iu'.e, v&4 ael*ote<i and priorn .'viravKi^l to mrvi th? rc* ui recall t? of the u:sMul ;<nrai alKn inlicatid. Mi* ptnmor f, tha ao'ua! cwh value, marked diaU.lCt Ujn.ct. - * t'KKKV Jr IIKOTHKH, m? IH -ir "*? ".?y ^ijti fttifjth ?t II a If vim itl li l u k * n . fb? m k .j.tai . x_ .c r ? ' * '*>' I v ' ' * r|j ,r fr- t t tf ?''v'i:r '? theVn""'' .,' :'('*cc. V/i 4,,? ft; ? 'i,? I F?*T7z$FUt?Aztu " & 20% ? j. W tKfiP., < All*,'. ?#*< : .? o; Tic*.. CoU?r?, tfusftb- 1 d? ?. i*r, ?, frsatf. H*?s au.t '"if*. at < SHiTH'S.* No. *** ''! rti?tl, ofpvsite Po?i i 1 1 ? C<' >?. ' . . I l 1 KUK i."MO i.BS. _ ? v *"? ? " FaEBTi..... i I THE UNDF*8IGNHD Wirhea to inform hia frienda and the puMla that ue has opened a !*aw riling and Repairing Shop on the corner of Jth and S Ktrreti. an 1 believing, from * long experience in the hnaineM. that he will he able to pieaso ?r/wv4 >a??arinii th* hlltrthur A.nH 0i?r? ma. 1 Bk*nio "b>" ? Viot'ltirn'ion to t,n?ine?? that he will merit a -hare of the ?nb!ic Mktronate. ? mn 18-1 m* JOHN KEfiNftALLY* BOOTS?SHOESl ||i f W Co**** Tijith 8t. ard Pa. Av.f WHHINGTON CITY a*D LA9TERN MADK La?liea' Tijped Balmorals?01.9 to 93.35 Gar.ta' Riuinnrala... SI Wlto *3?0 tienta' Finmlalf doota. Jl(!0 to S6 00 AH kind*of HOOTS anJ ?HOK8 very chea*. |[J* Hoota Trade to order in the b??t tr.h u im' UHAKii> y h niun^r. ^-vOYSTERS?OY8TERL, ^L|# OVSTKRS %?jkCfe& of the t-e?t quality csn he ^3jKr ha<l tre?h ever* day, at the ? Old Oyster Stand, No. 50* Ninth street, ?>etween D&nd Avenue. mhJ8 1in? AYRE8 & CO. |"?ARR1A6ES! CARRIAGES ! CARRIA6E9 !!! Perils* wishinr to hkve iheir CARRIAGES REPAIR ED wou'd do we'l to oall andzv8TT5,_Sv *w in? l>efore l-artainin* elsewhere. Kiyriwy/ Now on hand a very superior lot o' w W . Seasoned Word Material of all kinds. AMERICAN AND ENKI.ISI1 TAINTS AND VARNISHES of the host quality, Ac., Ac. JC7" Work dono in the shortest pors-bl? timo, ?nc! warrantnd to r>o as r?presented. i> m . < > fi r? <1 it 4ii4 at n u u b n I n , v n a ii a m, COACH-MAKER* mh2? lw? 4 7 7 Eighth stnwt, SMITH AND BROTHEH'S NEW YORK PPPPP AA LL EEEKKEK PP PPP AW lit. EKEEELE PP PPP A A \A LL BE PP PPP A A A A L L KB PP PPP AA A,A LL EKEB PPl'PP A A AA LL EEEE PP A A AAA A A I.L. EE PP AA AA LL EE PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEF.K PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XX\ XXX \XX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xxxxxx xxxxxx. xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx A A A A A A A A .V X X X X X XXXXX xxxxx XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX *\X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX AA LL EEEEEEF, AAA LL EEEEEEE A AAA I.L EE A AAA A LL EE At A V II f L' L? L' a/i il l i* u r*r?r.rj AA AA LL KEEK A AAAAAAA LL KK AA AA LL KK A Y AA LLLLLLL EEEEF.EE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEKKE ffUFmtO* 4MULK ALK, i'ORTLK, AND EXTRA BHOWJI STOUT, 1h WknU, Hi*!/, and Ovarltr tfRKWKl) FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND IlUFii. BREWERY, l*th Sirr ?, between ?tb and ?tu Atihrm, NEW YORK. t?21 dtjgS liKA * riKKIKI* CUBIIATXD Worceitersblre Saucc. rr*MUMd by flQ EXTRACT .OHWOIS'E.KS H 'M'HLY ?0?D Tt His Kfttktf |Alt?,n NBfe$5 ? Worcester. MM.WM. ?g4 jp^liefcb.s to L-.J^., ? fei? /,?? I P*tEaiKj"' rtiSJ til*' their Saift KVKK.Y e hithly a India, &r.<t IAIIV1V W?*5 i-i~ ? ? r wtwfT.**' i'"y"fiiin'utimvti ilfci^ ^iag^alnMbu, Af, weil is OF JMffl im- .. HI'"* whiilonntriw ^|^PSet.cith*ti3,j:sdP." ! Siif al>cre SAUCE i? n?>t only l!ie bi*t?c<I mc?i rorVL4ECOftrfMif?T known, but the moat Eteni>m I ??4* V a few drops ia ?c*r, G'??*y,or with tisk. j ?u<i o< !<l Jouu.*, Uttf .Sua*, limi. 4 impart 4." exaililt'e *?st. *li;r^ unvrtnrtrilti Sanceiu&ii h*Te in *a.a endeavored to t? On th* liit-ikfmtt, l.trmtkton. IHnntr, or iinrrtr T '-<?, a CBM >ont%!nint " lsK4 ft I'KKKJNS' VVORri;sri:K3HiKt BAUCIS" la fuitii^ensafele. To the tretiitnt fuatHits ot ficn.i preparation it i? or'y neco??arj to jnrehaae ft c.naii l>ottie of the (tttuwi, of a reapectahlo iroor dea er, as rnanj Hottl and Rtn*ura%t ff prietora aoxlom place the /*ur? !*auoe before their (ncits, Oct fit'ft:tutea tcuair.e Coult with mixture. !-"or t* e by 6rf>c j,? and I'raiUrors e?CTjwher?. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Cp ten r?k??i hi 1414 ttritt, A'rv? Yo?i. So!? Wholesale At^o'.i for the United Slates. A Slock always in store.?Also orders received tor^irrct shipments from England. IT Pihiii <r -? - '~TB ?r? J-jr.eo IpVKRY PERSON'S INTEREST-That fine J ft'>ck of C "thing for m ? over fiaiti' Jewelry Stur*> is now oflered at less than wholesale prices, at ?Ii Tli'e, Mo. 4?0 Seventh street, opposite Post Offic* . f# S7-?? rfHK PKOl'l.fc'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 1 460 seventh si. Always ahead N*w arrival of Spring Hoods, a!! the latest style# of Oiothinj, at No. 4<><> beveuth street, near K. fe 27 Sm Jr'OR MLE-A fine stock of Clottucc, Furnish ins <iood<, Tiunics. lists a>:d Cap*. &t whole u o price*, at ,\o. 4?>0 seventh street, opposite i'ost ()Rca. . fe 27 3m GENT'S Furnishing Goods. Trunks, Clothing, Trucks, llau aud Caps, all at Northern prices, at the People** ('lothint >tnr*. No. 460 7th stre t. SHIRTS. SHIKTS. SHIRT* :-Just received li/l .1 - ?u w . ? ?- uu>nu CMiiril. W.'UCQ WB OnOT *1 01(1 BriOMt itSMITH'S. Nn. mn Hovwnthut f> 71-Sm QUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! CUT THIS ADVEllTISEMENT OU?! AND UHlNelT WITH YOW ! The Bnb?'irttjer will advance, in the way of p^r cnaae or iO?n. imsi! luras for abort perioua, c? d;amond8. watch km. . valuable jewel**", or any lieeerjption of satisfactory iMuritiea. Asy Iad? or gentleman wr.o would like to obtain a few uim ara winporariir, in a *uiet manner, may do ro j?T applying at 456 Inh atreel, between U and H, uorn 11 tt>3o'c ocr. f> ?7-1ih UOOTS AM) SHOES TO SUIT THE ? TIMES. Wf *r?now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS anj j-HOh3, aud constantly receiving apply of eastern maue worlr of every de-Hw J Vi ipiiuut Iiir?.i?7 fipri-BBjy lo oruor, RTfl WI11V bo tela at a uiuoc lower price tbau has been" Vlb? heretofore oLarged in tins city for much inferior artioiea. Persons in win of Hoot* anil Shoes of eastern or city tr.aue a or*, wiii aiwayt find a jood acsort mec.t in ttore and at tne lowest prices. Give us a ? GRIKFl.N &. bRU., F wr 514 nn?Tlr?ni? a?fnut>. r*mm furniture/ f?\ 4?/ TT'.fi iVi Tf//f is'YJ^ FURNITURE! W- H. M O 8 K S - (of the firm ol Mium tc, Philad'a,) Manufacturer and WLr.:e?a.leaarl Rouui l>Ml?r in Gans-seat Cnair*, Cotr&ge, Parlor and Diningroom Fnrniture?Tiiorc'a iiaiiding, * & Seventh *feer?wui0ly of UPHOL8TER1N0 promptly ana neatly excoated. Store open day nud evening for the accommodation of the pnl>!ic. . , Purohaaera vili atudy their interest to call before looking olaewhare. ia 22-1 m* c UR B?COR NS?li UNIONS. 4U?trH#t.nMrr??* M*" wr ' ?* w> v ,'A in"ywi oii'i jLv Refers to ll<a doctors of vV ashit iton tauer*'? iuh6-tf Al~ ?"? ?fc?y Hiu?Cicth?. Kiaunela, and C&*snu?refl. . N?ck rA",? t?'o*es, UMf IV nxui uaM*erciii*M? Lndcralmu, Drawof4 Ac. Our Northern ami Kaatern correvfondenta eeod ua new aupplie? d%ily, Ono ?r>o? only, the %o!mU Malt standard ?alue. uia.kM in t<Mn fiaurM. An lURyccuonoi atook iooar* no obligation to Dtirch&te. Mt uui/ a r?-?" * ui\i\ K w mh 3 It Prca. avnne and Nioth ?U One vbky nice rosewood chic*etiog PianoaiKtouaQaibfbraatavarT^M^ hemp, on acwnnoodjuif* wrma AIM. aBBVH of atemwM k. Son** ?><**? ' j BwSffn ? C0.'? Plauoa. attha Muaic Stare ? ~ | SMI Hi J* of ftil ldj prioM, || I ?MiVli'S, 4#0 ttb ?ir " l4-/? 1 * B- Dm lOIHSTOH, IkTlRVRV LUCI HOIflTii, Jftl lii ??< C*rl?M, 6>(i4f MU ?%t$ X/MlMi Anw^f ? l4? ?*rU, rOK ALL PIS&A*g? OF IMPJt VDfc.NG? JLMT NO FALSE DELICACY MET EXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A 9WRK WARRANTED, OR NO CAARUM, 4H FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. VttliMii U? lui, Itnturu, Af aaUaaa ( tk? Eldaari tad Vliddar .;innnwr< Diaanargaa, Impaiancr, Cta ral Oabtiiiy, Mtnananaaa, Umiii, Canfaaia* f Maaa, brv Spinta, falpit*ua? ?f ih? art, Timidity, YraaMiofa, Pirwiaaaaf Vifkt *r Aidrfinaaa, Ptaaaaa ?f lb* aad, Tartftl, Nmi ar kin, Afactiaaa ?( lha Lanji, Biaw aak ?r Bavata?thaaa Tarrtkl* I>i??rdara analog (ran MltUIf Baklia af Vr?:h?t-,a?a aid Daairactiv* Pfatlitii vhlck r*n?!?i Marrtaf* Impaaalkla, aad rtaiua? katb Bady ltd Mlad. TO UNO MEN apaiUllj wh* kari bacarat tk* tIcUibi af Sti'.tary Tt??, tkat draaJfai tad daatractiva habit vhteb aoraailt twaaaa * -I I. .1 V M. f .1.. V# ID IDUnmjr fT?T? imuaiiui ?I > vw I ai?H *i \uw ?n ?i ulmu and fertllUul lnta!!act, vha mifht atharviaa ??? Mirmatad iiatauiof Sanaua ?us tha Uaadan ?f ala me* ar wakad ia luuif tk? llnoj l?n, B,T 4l|. Wj1? fell t atildaa**. MAR R1 AOS. Maiil?rni?ii,nrnii| M?| wat?iliUa( Mif> rtaga, balnf awart ( ?hyitc,l vaakaata, arftala d.Mlln, dafarrcitiaa, kt., afaadilr carad. ' a wha placaa hiraaaK andar l&a aara af Di. J. ral?Haa.l, h!. hanar aa a [iiiliau. ,,d Ma?daat% Ml* aaan n.a iknl aa a Bhaaialac. OFFICE No. 7 SOOTH FREDERICK ST. lafl ktnrt ?Ma (*"if '? " BillimaraalMai, a fa? d?*r? turn Ik* wmt. fail ? '. It uacii tail iiaiu. kalian an b? paid aod tanlai* a itiny, VR. JOHNSTON, Maaakar*' ikt *?}al C?l'?ja af *'!a*ti?, !> <! , (" at* frarn araaf lha rnaat *mit>?n| 0?H?fa? In Ik* intl?4 and l*? fiKlu part *f vhHi lifa do* b??n rpant ia ;aa paipmla *f L*nfi*n, Paria, rhtjrdalphia and Ciivhara, kai *f*ci*d aam* af lh* roaat xnanuhuif earai thai wait a* r kn*?n; many iraak!?d with ringiisf in th* liaad and lin whan ailatp; fraat otrTaaanaaa, ktinf alarm*' at add*n a**n4a, ka?h'a!na?i witfc fra<]?ani blaih'ng, au*ad*d cattin** wlU dtraoft ict af nmd, war* aattd Ma?*? diattlp. T J :r ? a o fir.rtT t D w/iti/t I.1AA rAi^iiVVivAiV IVlfiiViSt Taaaj Min and athart vha hiva (n)litd ttit.ntalTtt kj i aarUui ymcuea Indalf ?d in whin aiana?a habit franatntiy laarnad frara aril cainfaniana. ar at achaal, tha afacta al whith art qi(h:!y fait a?an aalaap, and if nat tartd. aandtra r-arrUg-a Ir-pcia Ma. and daairata katk Bind ana kad?, ahaaid apply imroadiataly. Thai* ara mi af tha tad and malaa*hal? afaau iradaiH ?t a?!l? bab.u af raaih, ait i Watkitaa af tha Stck and hin.ka, f'aira in tha Hand, Oimnaai af Sight, baaa af Maaeiiar r<?a;. Pulpitatian af tna liart, Pjrapapay, Narvaaa irritability, Dareagarrant af tha PigaaU'a Tanatana, maul DaVilita, lyinptama af Canaamptian, Ac M *?1TAL.LT.?T- fmrfal illtu ar. th? rr.trd art ?mi I* M dra*<tad?Lata ?( Mil try, Caifkaian af Idaaa, Ilacraaaiaa af Sptriia, EtiI A?ir?.?i af aria'.)', ?if-Diatr?>t,L?*i*f lalittda, Tiniditj, ?t?.,ara aaira af tiia a?il? pradatad. N*?ror? Dllf r.fTT.- Tka?a?rJ? eta |id|< ?kil ll Ua taxi ?r thair daclintng ht'lth, !?inf fiatr aigat, kacamUf *iit,f?li,nirmi *nci amicHlaJ, h??inf a aingalaf ?j-p?tr?^n i>a*t tk? ????, ?#?(h a>aympt?rriaf iwii'aptta?. DISEASES OF IMCnUDKNCK. W a a.. t^a Tif ailtd and !nfr?iant ?at*I J af fix tart la da ka ku iir.fcika.1 :-t itada af th't psi-fil diaaata, it tn aim hi p;i:u that an liM'irad aar.ia af ahsmi ar (iiaad af diaeaiarj atnr?" ir?!n r.ppitir j i? ii*m tlw, nr?ni fiacc.lwn and >ii}<etfki!ilf,i;n *'l?na kt'ntud tlin>. H* f?>< ir,;? l?? kaciia ?f ijrarcnt ? J pflttrdara, wh?, iotapshlt I tarinv, (>n h!? ptc?'ii?ty ?r??tai>e?. tf<p him tnlinf M'ii1! nrarth,#r ** leaf *? tn? ?r.:ailt?'. f?t t?n V? *Uintd, ar.'t in d>i;i:t it- 'i him wit': runt J htaiUi ta > rh ta? ft fMi'tg 4i?appMntra?at: #r Wy tl?? *?? ?f that 0 i?. 7 ?tfca *? iati??li?r.a! T >-pt w m I ?i iku :air1k!? dlstaM.avth at ?f tha Xu:i Tfraat, Haad, ft a.. ?T??'r<fti r v;;h r'.yt !i!?, u:l dauh aaia a fti! Bit ur?ftdf?r mff tni>f by if ndirj it*nil lkt,| ??iMtT?r?? cunvr fl?? vltii Mtrui r# luri'tlf rti?r?t. DM. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR OHfrAIfl* WEAKNESS AiVii 1MFOTEKCY. tj U:t [ml urU Inntml itaidf viikttuif Ul flfui in cy~?d ?! ! fai: rifarrtmrid. ?ifct M*tt mrim < nd '??i: -tltd, T*t ktd Iwl <ti pi, fc??? ?*?* lwr*?d'?t?.j t*lit??d. All > Kir; jri. ?? M?*u! 9U?Ul Hiilliu, km af hMmOta r: - t-. Mtrvaxt IrrlUkfiUy. Tr**>;irr tail W ukin: ar luitiin: af tka aaaa: (?s.rf?i iiul ?;t?dUjr uri'i FXDORSKME VT 1H.E MESS. TU2 Mill Tfiactaxei till, a; ull Irultai ?a wilk!? Ui Ian i?T?nia*a ftui, 41'J ts? Himirtci Irapartaal rrltil aptTtwaci fift'r.ti k? Di.Mixiu, r :. mid k?ui raaanan ' ;n ^t;m itJ nuf itkar untri, Mllui ( v&lak kat? iftja kill if it<j ika H?u?, k?? ' ?i k<t ?uad!?f t> a ftctl??a? ?f ake.7??t?r aa? r?0t?Mi :uiy, it ? in I'm rairiat** l* U? ?'r 13-1? <S?\ WMUTRINO flEW . jf*. 'U^r At "*&l C xi-tti, tr?eti:* * i\< ?VSTJ;R8 8TKAMr.Il i? IV" ?k*'i ftna tao>.-3ibly Coalte- if?r ????ri*r ;? ? r??.i>t) ir. iw> u?h?icj, ;*? fmti-ti tlitre. Ctll ftiid m. The ?nd#r?iiu#c re*f*ctfui y iiilorin hu "neiuc la t!s* tf'iS.-.ct. Ml iolt:ec;t7. ti??t hohftt rvSUOQ Iil? OZD S.t Vf? .7 t.f'TV|? X*7 A"*LTej\W B!*T in * mo?t ti'^rcr; i nuiw.', xiwl i:*n mads conp.e'e * re f:' KKtf r ini It - tnd intuf itnnliii. ??<'t?? '< t? <or**hrc**e f r:;jK. J>v tc c*M < I *r-i ?'re'i? f H By .isniT-car* hei-.r-rii*:*l;? *?? :' 1. t'...; in the? roll hr U.o t>c?in'. < t frre'. t * ?. ?'inj u> ; *- -M ?tM?' . fermahr-l retalarlT throetli ice witter, ?i iittUnon ?no*?, wit'ioai of f?i:Bre, sh<?*l<i o*li ?c?I m?.ie *f rn:ie.ine?its st .:aor. I reizi l? tiir? , ?*Te l i>r Jtc;'*?ic? ti i'!'.** i fa:r.isi. in ar;ici? f?a4i i'l thco?!?> rn?ti ;;wi* satatiiiaiimea'a. k- fticfa J net 3.3 1.-V. TO PVVbFJfcS. ftirats, L->la!or?, ^ardinws, Ciama. Strawberries, Tomatoes. I'jta* h>M, 'irif*. *t?, ha., tic. Aiao, >'ick!?*. CaUcp, S*ic"c, i,r*ndj t'c&oh*a, *r. A l so, trie ami !< rw!t t-'iah, T;;rUea,Torrayirs, l-'reth Lo!*t*ia, Cod. Ha>ibat,A:a, In fiiot, evorr thmr for aaie Hi lh<* Northern markets mi wa?n on hand, at i?wonkb!e prioea. Hotelsar;J fawiliM aupp'ifxl witu Oysters, <!*Iir?r<vt without cliarift t ?.n? parte! the l>iatnot, IE i:uob. if the nonet ie *??tt with the cr?tfr. Mt eatabiiahment is tfM mm I a. in. to IS at num. ever* aayt exoepi Bono*?, wkea 1 oIom at 10 o'clock a. u, ]>HI T. M. HARVKT. 1CA8II NOTICE. N Con*n*ucnce of our bavins to par cash for every article of too.If we purolia?e, we are forced to reduce our l>itsir-sa to Caali exclusively, for the rexeot. We hare in Btoreaverv ^rceaeacitment of RKADV MA1)E CLOTHING lor men and l>oyi>' wear, which are selling at a mrich low*r rate Itau usually. W ALL, bTKt'HKNS A. CUj J'J l'a. ?t? letween 9lh and 10th ata. 1? 7 IliiUli. A K?f.| NfoulardIsilks. EW SUPPLIES OPENED TO-DAY. White .Marseilles limits, ail siios, with a full clock of Dry Goods lor the jetera: and special wants of famines. Ocepriee only, tlie actual cash value, marked in plain futures. 1 LRU fc ''HO.. mh is b Ponii. avenue and 9th street. UPHAM's HACK DYE '.?TO COLOR BLACK OK BRO n\Y.\'?0:ity 3S e#nt* a l?>x. Three t>oxe* for ona dollar, bray, red or fiaxou hair cat ha /than mr mr* ?? f * - - * Ll- ?

1/v v nw?ru IU <% JO W JWVUUB l'l <ft jri D ^CK or I brown, by ua.:n lip ham's Liquid Ha rDtp, the beet and cheapest in thr xor'.d, produciLt, tuo moment it is rppiip'1, a rich natural appearance. Maoh Box of UPhAM'S HAIR DYE ib warranted U> contain as much kitr d\$ as others sell for ca? dollar'. Poid t>y S- C. UPHAM, 403 Oheecut street, Phila delphia, and S. CAlAERT FORI), oornar 11th street and Fa. are.; ia Alexai.-lria, by HENRY COOK & Co.. Drugtuta. ?e? fr-?o1y Ci WATCHES. fOLD AND llLVfift ENSLUH. SWISS AND AMERICAN. 1 have now on hand a tarje stock of ail the mcirt oelebrated Watches, that 1 am aeiiint at the very lowest prices that good and re.i&ble lime keepers oau he afforded at; and every deeoript?on of fine JEWELRY on baud;all new styloa received as soon as manufactured, and offered at the lowest ratea. Sliver wvre manufactured in my own ahop. Allkirdaof MILITARY GOODS on h&nd.auch ' la K^vo'vera, bworda, Saabea, Delta, Howie Knives, Pocket Comraasea, 4c., Ac. Also atront Army Trncka and Bed Combined: and mar.y other i.' ints useful and ornamental at 33? Pennsylvania avenue nnsft-tf h * """'i DK. DUFONT'S sugar coated kkmall; regulating imlls Rea<l the following ua?olio:ted rneomig&f, B "1 cannot coirnnerd them too highly." "They are tiie Lett l-emale Pills extant." "1 have ueed them with complote ?ucc9?b." "Would not be Without th?m r er. n ?T1W inwl? _____ _____ - ?? ?. ? f ? w**/ VViiSiUbl ? atian." "They oporatu speedily ard effect Tely." Price ?1. bent by maii. SoiU by S3. C. UPHAM, 40SCh??nut treet, Fhiladelpht*,and iu Wm)imelon by 8. C. FOK 1>, corner 11th itreet and Pa, avenue.; in Alexandria, by HEN 11Y COUK h CO? l>ruKKi?U. noW-aoiy ||K.GOnKKKVB ANTllHiTE W ILL CUKE I" KONtiKKHlEA in six days. cha!!ZAo'i diet re*uiro<i. It ie an L t. l..; J.r. - ~t ?? " ui BijLij-iiTe year* Ei&nc ii-(OSEBi&, and will not harm tn0 most delieat* stittttton. Jt ocntiuv>* %o min?raJr% Vrvee SH'.u^Sj Jl' S. C. UP HAM, 403 Uitauut street, Piuladephia, and In Washington by P. C. IOKl>, S?vIiai?O^AVSl?t^ni In Alexandria, hy H.KNRY LO'IK Drimnti. woaser.lT *2 BALMORAL BOIVfg. ^.JKiAT Tipped Doable sole Ba1 moral- .?1 Calf Kid do do do $2 ou filoTe Calf do #2 to Also, all other styles of Ladiaa auu Misses' Balmoral iioots, the cheapest ami best assortment inUiecit*. J. ROSENTHAL.. Ho. 16 Market ^aoe, _Ja"? eo 1>no. avenue, hotwc*n ffth and 9t!i ?t*. S'LORIOUS NEWS-BUKNtMDE'S-JiXPE' I UUtona perfect cucoess. But next to that is ?>.? i>-:? ?- - " " m?- uiL*ki?i|?ii!8 cow onorou tu L.iouiiax< frurnialuni 6'MHla, Trunk*, H*ti ivnd Cap*, at the Clntlitug btor?, No. 4C9 Tth itre""!, >?*> itaVoat ()Ao?. f* 14 im ^JOUbHiS, CO LD|y HOARSENESS, *?. COMPOUND SYhUr OM HUM ARABIC. Tblfl atui ^ p- m *? L" - . v '11 v#uuf u nvmnuy on been ao long know?*i>d eiteniivcl; used that moat peraoxm have bfoon.n iamiliar wilii it* extraordi nary cftcacT* II o&o U had at ail the triooii 1 orM.aJ M fcU fr ee&u a t sttle. WALHSHFHKN8 * co7 WE OkFBK^M# MILITARY MEN ? UrjLB KM, CAMP III.A.NKKW, HiWSoiETVJL ss$ "k-i'i"1." 10 "?' r-? ^ AliL THK HEST COOKING STOVES. TA * m. mur. \:v iliKKV, ?o? to t* h*u of ?? . - ^' aKBSk 1 ? f 1 * THE GREAT "AlpERVrAM RKMItlCf,** Known M HKI..MBOLD'S* OBKUINE PREPARATIONS, vis: HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT "BUCHU? " ? tJtciPiSlfJ.i ? IMPROVED ROSE WASH. HELM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ' HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACTBVCHV, A Positive and Spec ?io Keme?ly For Di^asee of Ihe li LADDER. KllhMLVtr, GRAVEL.ard DROPSICAL SWELLING?. This Medicine imjr?%'et the power of l>ige? tion, and rxaiteg the AB?ORBKNTS into healthy aotion, by wbiohth- WATERY OR CALCAREOUS depo^itior.*, and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS ate reduce;!, as ireil a? PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, acd is gocd for MEN, WOMRN. CH CidlLOHES. HELMBOLD'S EXTRAl'T BVCHV, For Wmknmwa Ari"inic from Kxmsts, ll\k;? of J?'F*ipM:on, Karlr laUiccrction or AI?:>-'?. AtiffiU'l nith th* foil if tin* mptont-:? indispneitton to Kiertiou, L'>?*of lVurer. I,">*s or M^nio- jr, Difiieu t? of "SioatUinc, Weak Ntvs, TretnNin*, Ilnrror of Dino**?, _ W^iffu |)!Tr>ncH* <>l Vrfeinn, Pain in tne uack. Universal l,ninitu le of tho Mnacaiar Myftlem, , Hot Manila, Muiliirie uf the H?>dy, Uryucss of tie Skin, Eruptions on the Facs PALLID COUNTENANCE, Theae symptom a. ?f aliowd to to on. which tbn inodicine invariably removes, aoou foiiow s IMPOTKNCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, in one oI which tho patient inay ei pire. Who can sav that they are Lot frequently fol lowed by tfcoa* "DIR KFUL IMSEMMS8." 'INSANITY ANU CON8UMPION." Many &ro awa'o of t;io eau*e of their sr-UVrirg, IUT NCNE WILL CONFERS. TI1E RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASY L.UMS, An t tin Mttlmrkoly DetUkf hy C.m'umpt >on, FKAR AMPLR WITJJKSS T<> TU< TKl'lll OF 11118 X-*?RTlur?. TUB OON IT1TUTIHN ??N<'E AIVECTED WITH ORGANIC -WEAKNESS, Rfquirrs the aiil "1 inrfiicir." to stronstlioi: v >f Itmeor&te the Sy.-tnn. Which llLLMBOLlfS EXTRACT Xl'CHD U variably /??.?. A TKTAI. WILL COXVISCK THE M< -"T -KWT CAl. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEN A LES, OL??OR YOUNG. 9IN0LK. MARRIKD.OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, . In miny Affections pfcuiinr to Ftnwltt, the Extract t'n^hn i? nn'anvlct !;t an* nt'ic rumefHr. at in Ct>l?ria or Retention, J rrnra!arit?. P? it fjlno-s or if i?ppr<??gion of Cu*!onary Kv*c>i? atio^B, l c?rpt3fl or Scmiu^i* state v! the I ?aru*? L?uofrrL<Ti\ or W!ii>s, S.'cr;;*ty, and lor aj! C"iiip'ai:.t* iccidon? to hn f<?x whi?tj,e' arim.;* fr">n !niii?cr?M'ir. Hat rsof l>i??ipation, or in ttit> DECLINK OR CH \NGK OF LIFE. SIM rTOM- 1B JVK. NO FAMILY r^iiOLLD Bi: WITHOUT IT! Taki n<? *ork Bal?am. NuctlT,oi v AST alKDIflSKS FO* rjIPLKA'AXT AXD I>A>GIROCS DIS?A*??. HhLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU CURBS SECRET DISEASES In all their SUses, At uUi* Kjpenic, Little or n;>eha*:c* - l)i>t, .No inconvenience, And no frpfusr*. It onuses a fruuert dosi e auu ki?e? ?tre-!sth to i ri ?;*_frt HiArrhv rfliiiLiviiic ?ih?-fcrnatir?iia. 1'rorer t nc and Curiufc fcUnutwraa of the Urethra. A tajint ram anil fnflimiiMicni. ?-> fVoqu^ctin Mia c'nr? ? f tiiw-a-.e-s. an : tiro i:ct ail i'o. <m i iPotH out TWWJISW UPON HH?r-!AKD? WJtO HAVE BhFX T}{2 ffCTIMS OF QUACK*, #nd*ho l av *aui ukavt fk?s t-i tx> <!orwl in a t ;,r?T?. inir, |iav<* four I t'.'r w?f? i!??f am! that. ha*. ?'lie u^ool pows&rvi. A-TniNGE:iTi<," to*n Ufi;d up in t?i? system, to bieaK oat in nu at Rravared farm, ni'd PEKIUl'S AtTKH RlAliHIAGE. U*? H*tMc;?i,u's Kxtraci Ulciiu for ail aileotiuus anti d. souses of lue URINARY ORGANS, Wlietner ciiMirpt in it ALE OR FEMALE, From wh%t*wc:uiH?onsiflkhT no iuattor of HOW LONG STANDING. Diwanoa of tlioss Orjans rotmro t'ioaid of a JtfrKKTlC. ijtrt ir i i?_c y t iz t/*r nut* titr ic tiV l? A A J ' ? V ii f 4lJ J il/y ORE AT DIUUET1C, And is corta.i i to have me desired effect ia a'l Diseases FUK WHICH IT 13 REC<?M.MENDED. BLOOD' BLOOD!BLOOD! Hchnlohr* Highly Con rtnlmlrd U'tHtjtoutui FLUID EXTRACT 8ARSAPARILLA, STPHILIS. Tim ia ii an affectio:; of t:-* ' ai.d attacks the sexual organs. LININGS OF THIS NU3E, EARP, THROAT, WINDPIPE AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES, Making its app?vano? in the fjnn of ULOL-RS. H?liii!>o:U'? Extract Sar?apan!!a, Purifies the Bool, and removes ail Scaly Eruptinna of tim Sil/n, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAK AND HEALTHY COLOK. It besns prepared expreaa'y for thia c a*a rf ci>mp ita Hi oca Purilyini Properti** are prw?erved to a. greater oxtoat t;iau &i'< other prepaiaUon of Saraapaniia. HELMBOLD'S 110SE WASH, Au excellent Lct.ou fur l>if>?&i>ea of a r'jphilitio Nature, ana an a.i lujectu n in li> of the Uriuarj Orjjai.a aruini lroni llaMisof lh'aipiUin, ..Ki >U vvamwa Willi mo r.XlI&CT* MUSI U Or Sarsaparnla. In tuch a? reooinn.endad. Evidence of iht most tillable and ruponsilU ckaracttr will accomi>an<j ike mulinnts. CLKT11 ICATLS OF 01 Kh?. Ftom $ to yats' standi**. With Nam** ksow.i to SC1KNCK AND FAME. For Mo-'ical Pioprieties of BUCriU, ss? D??- . pensatorr of tn? Umttii Mate*. ge? Frof?*e?or DSWB1SP8 valuable worta r?n tv.? I'raotics ol Physio. Fe;nar*s ma1* by the lato c?:cl rated Dr. PHYSICK. PhLaielHua. Sto remarks iiiad* by Dr. hPHKAIM McDoWh LL. ? eeiebr&te i Piiysicitn aud Member of ti e Kojai or s*ui?e?tcs,I(e.a.d. aud published in the Tiausaction# of the Ku:t am Queen's Journal. *ee "Uedico-Chinincical Review, published by BENJAMIN '1 RAY KHtf, Fellow of Koyai College ot Surgeons. Jsee most of tli? tatei'tsndaru wmkaon Medicine. Extract Bucha, SI per little, or ?:x for $b (*?. Extract t<?rs?iiwilia. SI?? P?r bottle, or six for 55 00. It'??- ? * iiuyn'vru ivuso >vasn? p^r UOlliCj OT 612 for $250. Or, half dcien ofaacti for 91200, which will l>? suflioiout to cuto the most uUt;uai? cuei, if di rectioua are authored to- Delivered to aujr Ado rets, securely racked from observation. ^ DEaCRiJUfc SYMPTOMS IN AU, COMMU *10 AXIOMS. Cures Gn?rmte->d ! Advice Gratia!! . AFFIDAVIT. Personallr Rj?p?ared hoforo mo, an Alderman of the city of Philadelphia, H. T. Milmbolu, who betnc <ju!t swuru,doth sat. hm preparationsooutain uo uareotic, no uie cury, or other injurious drug*, but are purely vojoiaui<>. H. T. HELM HOLD. Sworn and subsoriltod heforo me, this 23d dav of Roremfcer, 1<M. WiU. P. illuDKKD. Aliermaa. iBtubtreet, atoveXaoo, Philadelphia. Address Yfetters for information iu ci-nfidenoe to H. U. HE'jMBOLD, Chemist, Depot, lot South Tenth St bel.Chee&ut I'hiia. EEWAHM OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS, Who endeavor to diapoee "or thiib nw.i" aed 'otuu * aaviclis on tu* iuwmtatioh attaihsn By Heimbotd's Genuine Preparations, * * " Eztrast Duoua, " ? barsapenlla, M " Improved Hon W?k. Soldbr ALL DBUGOIKTM U9RRVWHKMM ASI rOR HELMBOLIW. " . TAKE NO OTiiKR. Cat oil the aJwii1?itoMil ?H mmi ttr it, \ ANU AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOu**-t, BtKK* 1 - * IMPORTANT TO FAXILIM, IHTAlIMn, HOTELS, * 5 ' t SUTLERS, UHOCERS, AND OTHERS VflLUin TUt&JER'l CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3a? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3i? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, frttn yurtkufd / Bankrupt Mirtknutt and olktri. TUCKER'S TUCkER'S 0 roceriei, Liquors, Winct, Cigars, &c FOR FAMILIES, I^K SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION C1GAKS*.: O RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. II A19INS, MALAGA. h?.ai> ul'u ruirts Ji E A U OUR PRICES! Kxtrr. Urown 9 cents per pound White-Sugar. ....lieMto per ponnd Fine G ma Ten 50 cento per pound P.ilr Ulnck Tea..... 5<t wnU per pound I'.xtrn C. 'tTee SO cents per pound Good Coi&? ...10 cent* per pound Wax Candiles ...35 cents per pound Malaga K.-ai1 n? 13 crnta per pound Oodflth............ f> cnti p"r pound Imported <^<jara cenU per 10) Havana Clrjnra * 1 to .?3 per i 41 t .i i. AUI10HU9 j j ceuu per poujw Salt renta per bag Good Butter 16 cents ner pound Kxtra Butter 2<> ct nt per ponnd | Fine Wines .......SI per bottle Wb'skey ...25 to 50 cents per bottle 1 All other kinds of LlttUORS In proportion. Call and ?re for youmelf. TUCKER'S, 3*5 I'enntvlTaaU Amm. WILLIAM 1U ;KbR'R CHEAP ORCftRT WAKUQl'M, V2? PENNSYLVANIA. AVENUE, 31* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. OUOCEKIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having Ltm 7urc/U>td / Camkrnf 1 Mi'cluu?u a?4 ?*4?rf. Stuart* KeJlucl from to 1'2 eta per p..und Extra Flue Gitcn Tea......75 " ,4 Good Green Tea & ?? " Extra Fine Black Tea.....75 " " GiHul I Mark Tea f4? ? ? Old Java Coftcc.. *.*u ? ?? GCMkl Co Si Iff " ** Lwrv thing clM In proportion. v ? REMEMBER, TV0KKR?,3Jft rilNiNSVLV'ANIA AVLFIVK CIM'S. iu PENN8YL?iNl k. A W? W uiiimi. IMPORTANT 10 FAMILII8, RKMAIKANTtf. HOTELS, GKOCERO, . AND OTHER*. WILLIAM TICKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, Zil PENNSYLVANIA AVKMIK 3'Jf PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QROCERIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Hating b**n j *?r4?.v<f of Bankrupt Mtrtknnu mnd ikttt. T U C K E R" S : " * TUCKERS - - W?>U^*?AL? AND X IT AIL Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines,Ac FOR FAMILIES, FOJi SUTLERS, FOR OFFICKHS T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGARS. O RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. j E XTRA COFFEES. 1 R AISIN8, MALAGA. ! KEAD OUR Purr fx ' HEA1) OUR PRICES! ( WILLIAM TUCKER'S J CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, ^ 3 2 3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE . SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. ? H. H. WATTS* VOLUNTKKE TOBACCO. ... | OKOCKKIKS A* HALF THE USUAL PRICES, m MMrtaf- N<* fwnkmuid / Bmmlmmft Mmtkmmtt mmd ttktrt. | RBMMMBMA, ! rUCUSR*B, SU PENNSYLVANIA AVEN0K * rvu&Bft Mi PENNftYJ.V4MA A VENOB Waiiimtoh, I*'*. f; TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. PASSKNOl* THAINb OtmmdAfW MOIfDIT. IMS. riumn TUIM iitwtii WAftHlftOTOS AND BALTIMOKK WU1 ruu folio vi: 5u /Mt<? 7>?MM ArTt?? ? Mi Dt**I f>*m ITmAuxIm D?t.* dwtmt tkt wttk, mm4 two m For Phi.a<l* Fu.aatU Ne? York-Leave With incton at s.<w* a m. 11a m. and ? r m. For Baltimore-L"*** \\a?hinftoti at *.?'ai>4 1jnai,u4u?MHl4?TK. * For Atuiatoiia at 74* a . au<l 4 ? r fofiES?2?3??ik?. w?.?? a?M'-jtt* atb Wa ?,anu UforH-W r For Frederick atT<* ? w, and f w. injj.iu i?>o n. Mert.aj t.xprc-M Iwrt f? *?L;nftou M* *..?. Ar n*e tt B*:t;uiorf a. j*b ,a2e> .a ll> r, u New York r. ; Harriet erg J.U r- *. Morc.M Aoc-.miDG.Ieticm if*Te Waehinfteti " ?e l *. Arrive ai Maltimor*?J* ? w. fk? r<>EtM team U ,"a time re, *fhi? i? tM Mors at ooBr.ri ?e for Annapolis, New ^ ork Mai; Train?ear* Waabi&ftcc at 11 A. M : Arfiva I) m ?r ? ?> . i?w m. ? ?i ? i * * ' "? ?: l? 'VI v. ?.T it m I UJ J * fcj7 r. it. Nrw York l'1 * v. Phila??<?>i:ia Train !*?. ? Waabifcrtnti atS* r M. raschiiij UK'tini?r? at iM r M.and rhilad* pti ? Mlnm. Kil&uvc*) Aocvi. tmwI*MOP ??? W??ii.ri?'*n 4t?r*,?rnv# ?t U?;i nu>i? at CrjH. N? ??anexiocr at Hali'.inoro. l ittathc aftrrr< ncoi. nexioD f<*r Anrap^li* K.Trn'Lf Fjrpro#*-!**?? Wa*' Tir???Ti if.* AmTt at llalt-ivcr* r. ?.. Phiiadeipva v>je p. M.: Nav York 4 a. m Hari >?t crt 1 &. u. On *?Bii?iaT? cave Wat a <w a.i?' \ ? only. The 5 r. w. train frcm WtKhiiift?a coriooru IfcroBth to New York every daj durtnc ttio w?w?t TXATNL M"TIXB SOVTH. L**?e N?W York it?*.. M., r~: We.rti* IIJ *. M.; ?. U. At.?# M WMfclrrtoa Plow Y?tk ?t Pft'Kt*!**'* 1*V * ?.. Blttiatrt I* a. m. An it* M Whiiditoo k. * L??.T<^tw Vork ?t II f. m I'hi ??J? ** ? |j A. M? l<a ,U:BO:? 7.iJ ? K. ll MII WaSfttQCtO.lh A. K. _ L.oca: Aoeoir.mort.'Hoc Tf.r? .? ? Haltiirora at ? a k.j 4 3* t m , foi WukirtUi, ant*? ti.-rf at U A. . a?1 6 ? > P- M. On !*u: !?? at 43'ant! 7.S.?. w. ?p!? ira.t more. No Amapolif or Fr?.-<ierick oi>un?xioi.a ol Buiultya. i'ain*?": jet Tramr Wa?S-ntlcn a* ' 4? # m. a-m ?'?> p. *.. a >$ |ta!t?iaora at7 Zk a. m a- .i 4. 4 r. m . mak? dirvm t>*i r far A ni a?ol ? at l< f Janct'?n. TIipT4" am. and S p m ?.??ir??c? at Keiav for Frfrlwiflk, tlai<natuwu, A 4r? exr?pt tiii.Uar >. Tr?,t!8 !?**? >' ? ' Vu, tnctockt O'i. R.ud 3??r. v Pmii**:ff>r Train* ifav<rt WMhiatM *t *.*> *. 11 A. M.. (f?d r. r%i?!Hirr?? M ?> 1&> a. will tltm mi* *i Annr^oA' Jvnr'fm. i VVa* l'Martitrr* ra?*t tafco t; * 4" i?? r>*<y. Tr&iu wiil ie&TC Wuhicj^c ai.<1 liattwior* wtrmrilv *rt* ca?rf ^xcpt"-K t'iatth*4.> a m.7 35 a -vi. and 4?>rK trami will wait *' mi nntei ti ti^coMLf*. t<> tlM p>nwit^? ?! < Mm * ir<>m hit r.wr. For S.'ok bi.4 Wouriacd i>o!ui*r? ?A ef*o?" c*r. wall *r * with bade, ?; I .rr.vo \N uuiit ton twio? & i'?r Piu a'u.r :* cir<?ct at 11 a u. for tr.fl fccMinaiodaZiOB of ?rk awl vouco.rt oidicrm. W. I'. SJMI11 H, f? 4 MM? of T"U<8?f>r?atlPE. H? t. l&WJ THE (1-HU Penniylyania Central Railroad, (with K? ?mnwtione) IS A PIRST CLASH ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AM? FRiiE FROM Dt'ST: BAGGAGE CHECKED THROCGh FROM BALTIMORE! iflft II E41L1 FROM PIIILAI'Kf-Plf IA TO PITTSBCKOU: 1 wo of them tr.&k ir.g rwi coxtik-ttohs at cmi'Eru with F^iM on th?? horthf:rn central kail road, i |UI TUB GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE VMM WASUI.1UTUK A*D H \LTIMORK lo R tiMRti in t* m vv e?t, 4Mi r*o?t:i wi*t. C^For Throijii T.ek?ta,.\>? r *t t: Office ?r the N < tm! Kai U"*<1 <"oi?rort Ka'linow*. SpUndiA Strains {'*** outUl N'cht Trtrint . &mokt +s oziomu. U*ri on mil Trains. MCOM \VAStiiM6TON Pmwiin W' i '*ke tbr t. *. m. ard 6 p. w.trair*. atrivmc ii; ltammcrr m. and ? 44 p. in., w nnr? cum. c ,.um a. r t a r. tue Northern Oont>a: R. arrive iii Ha-r ?Mjrg a: i p. m. an<I l.?5 a ra , thf?re coiin" t { witn t'.e ;rvn? -r Xcr Peui > vu.,i c-r i ? Kat!r<>a^ lor a pn-t* <?j she wett. piucuni. By thi? rouU, fiw?uU ol a,. iImci?t o|,? e*u >+ j forwaraod to and fro?iatr point on the Ku mii'i 4 of Oiiio. kentuclv, Indiana, lilincit, Wuco^i.c. I Iowa, or Mi?M>cn, '? K?tlrrm*1 rltrirt J ThePeiiHylvnntai entraJ Kailniad a'MooruorU fe at Pittabarg wt?h 9t?*?:era. by which Good* rat 1 be forwarded to ai.y tort n tiieOi. o. M mkincan., Kentucky. Teoaweee. Cmni-er'aiiii. liiiooi*. Aim umrri. \\ iMoimt, \!i*?..uri, hum*. Arkat-aaa, I Mili R *1 H I vort ftliMili 4 ll I w - I w T . r? ? - ' w I !? kVU'lHr T ?U' CMrMo with *taam*rs to a!! Nf?rtli?r<>?tern !.ake? W^vhar.t* aii4 *hip?era rotruptinc the iracteort*tton of their Kre:t.;? tathl* Coirsaa?, oaa re(? Witii con!'tierce on its ?*<*?<) y tauwt. rHE RATKS or FKl.ltiH f to and from at. fOkJitie the We?t, by the re>.o?vi*aoia Centra. Kailroa <, *r? ? im?t at f*rcrmitt ti o tv c?A?r Kmxlromd 117" He *ar^ n;ar to r.:arfc package* Mri'a !'*** Cimn R. R." MAShAW Jfc BOONS, Frenht Acects, _ ? Na eo North street, mltiMW. ENOCH t.EVl I r.*: i*i?e':r.t't, Aitocna. Pa. L- KOuPT,Qwii'l 'f*ca?t Af U i'lmado ptm < H* M UO L'bTOft. feec'l Freight Acent, PbiaflMBhlt. 4 ^ 1 . J ? ? -V I J WOKTHLRN CENTRA A RAILWAY, ftl k?.?/ K?.*f /.'f*i? rrm f?MWEST, KORTH?A!VD4NORTHWE9T. ( gMHESMiLai i WirtTl K SrHh DVLK. ClAMlOfTlHI. j On ?nd a'tsr Pl'N?>A\ , Mth NYT*rr.t.?r, Pmmb^ f?r Trami will arn*e and depart *r?i? Ca.?#rl I matter. a? tol.v *r ; 7fil? .\c*TK Liara Mati at t.3^ a. m. Bifft o ExproM I f. in. I Parkin? Aociniiu^a&o:: 4 f. n. 1 P-UUturi and Har:isharg bar 0M *V > WL- m r*orth Akrivi ^ Parkten Aoeowaodation &l I a. ui. * J.!.'"*'* r^.'a. IT;. * VZ ' Mr '1 p * \ Tf'V*-4! froc> w?*hinel?u crrr?fn \v?? i!rA ? ^i_7L train from Pa timore for tt.t kTrt^fn. 1 ,nllr*lK"-chent-r, Du:>Yc'k N? # ?? Fa and lor New .*' rn' fT* R from \Va*r ir jton cocnerta With !T. t;a>r; from Ha t:more> tr Went. rjortr. "c ortCw??*. ?,ih Blmir*?j:<1 ilulUlo to. 4 MMNtir, ln,*r*in fro? Wm.imrton oon&ect* wm P" V*fc **? t.incre for fittacurf. SSTC&'R U:? ^ "et ^ ? ?<J-roct OOOBM won for Ljhwon. Luton Allentown and New } ork ? Celitr*] Fmiroad ol New Jrrtey. Try Urn roate for New Vcrfc. JT7?Th. r?T !? fr? 1 r? !?avine Da ?! ?*.? ^ I liwUte2 p. m. tram, lor iia.ri?l>nrt,l'itUt>urg, Chi- I cuo and tfcn w est ' Theon> trair amTiECJn ba t.moreot Pdlc?t ta the 8 jn a m. train J AS. C. CLARKE, bo KIt guperinteedont TJSOTICK TO TRAVELERS. M*L roi l" aiur 0?cera. nanus ordered Ike aa.. t>e.wee\ Wufcmctoa, jr* Ka tksiore, and Old 1'oti.t , i-ort. WotroeHc i?e reeumed, ou atu: nnmj, > win imiom, Uir ttkj Line Oi BUtan.rra i Till leoVe feVKR Y DAY ytxofft P n -.1 to? > from tnei' wharf, foot of Union Doec, ?t ?J4 t'ciook p. m.,?ritninec!itte ? afte* tbe ?",< ? of itae Wu i3itos T-ois. vhioJi ??n WoaLitifc it J* o'clock *. m. _ m?i-tr M. N FALlJ. Pree't MM fOPHAt'c ?n MB r * B M i t m tk r J? * BE m-nmSMSUn ' IUWK M?M.fVMtei b? Marfiuui loatitiu .. Baltimore, Norwnber I. i.*v ^ MMt. fcy Me<ropo:it&i! M wi*- M'lju.itiu, WftthlLlloC, D. C., 1W7. ^ y UMlMlIt J Ettnt.rdtlWMi H?? (| ky, \ e, y r t*?i KkUiiia, rr?,-y JT *? ITAn ItVttMtA , ^ i'outT?iri?J ""tHw* Will l *JJ J 1 wrtw "to I JAM Eg P.TUf At. V ijc*. wrlvc i rth.r^wtieuuwi, /l fit."' lmr mMlT ** *1** ?t ywtrH ffl PIB VfcjLND ARMY 19 ADVANCING TO I wanli SMITHS, < >? S???ntb rtr^i. m M MMll i>ia?r?*l i!t (ft Hi < Mb'its, K*r? tolillto. RUi u< CkH {lMU

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