Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1862 Page 1
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f 0" C TV " '. - V2t. XIX. WASHINGTON, D, C . '1 dESDAY, APRIL 1, 1862. N?. 2,842. THE EVENING STAR w PI BLIPHEP EVERT AFTERNOON, (SrXDAT EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BlILDINOS. * f?rn4* ef fiMiyJtMM ?1M. ?*4 KUrtntk itrnl IT vr. u. walTjAOH. Papers aerred In packagea by carrier* at ?4 a rear, or 3? eenta per month. To nail aubacrlbera the price la 93 50 a year,?? lirantt 99 f? all (maths; ! for three montha, and foi leas than ?Hrr# m?n?Ka ? m ?? ?? *u at? ...v. .u> ? iuc i?ic ui u ccnii ww?. rtin. sic copiee, oki c*?i; 1? wrapper*, two cbnt*. tET Advbbikbmbmth ?houl<l bo ?oot to the rBce before L2 o'clock otherwise tbey m*y not appetr until tbe next Aay. w? ? J V EFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. Pni-cr. Matte*#?Firt: Ward.?Patk O'Btyan, disorderly, fined fJ K Henwn, malicious mischief, committed to jail Stephen Stark, do ;do. Mary Nitrllland Bridget Ker nan, drunk and disorderly; sent to the workboti??. Wm. Miller, d'?ak and disorderly: fined Henrv Pardo, l*epii?K In the market bouae, Sued f I *5 Edw. Ilsll i n?/l AO Vf? - * 1 te? _ - W* ??ivingiiPV, John Tanly. and Jtmr* Mccormick, drunk and disorderly: fined 91 75. Catharine Kane, do.-, do. WVirrf.?William Pindall, drunk; fined 1 91. The caae of Kdw'd Kurner, charged with the larceny of money from Joha Bower*, waa dla iliifi. TtW RUO ?' mmA ' peiwllag *<ainst htm was dismissed, the prosecutive witness not being able to remain and appear at court. was fined under the Corporation law S10 01 for keeping his bar-ttomopen 4ftrr o'clock at night. C. Leasby.for lighting n the street, wai sent to the workhouse for 60 days Third WMrrf ?Edward King, assault and battery; dismissed. Pete Douglass, tbrowin* slops ;ti uenmij ?n. Ja? Flanlgan. throwing atone* Lieut. L. Schmhlt, riding on the pairemen ; ftjjM $2 jP. Henry Middle ton. drunk; dt?nilM?<l Frank Sherman, charge ?f larceny of about $iU; for further hearing, laaac R Burcb. *rd. drunk: turned ?Ter to the military Tmrtk War* ?John ThomM, anault and battery, and Bridget Welch, do ; both held to >?eurtty for peace Sarah Smith, drunk end dl?crderly; fin~d ?o'M. Sarah Brown, do ; workbouse 00 dait Jnhn Wi?K?t?a? ""J *' . j ?- * " i i ?f ?u , iiuru T?. Ciipt. CipparL ou the pavement: do. $2 01. "W. H. Hook, profanity; do $ ,!. John Rice, Daniel llulrk. and John Maher, disorderly; turned over to the military. Machael Cooney, who jn?t finished a term In the workhouae, cot drunk and waa *ent back to aerve another term of ;n ?thr* John i)oe, (an old offender,1 wan picked up for bring drunk and disorderly, aud waa turned oyer to the military. William Deamond was found apla^hin; in the canal, and waa Hilled out by the p trolmen. Thev Intended to *1<-. n kind ?i- f r him, but it made blm ani?ry, and he riraed them and ?*id h?? reckoned he <-ould twim, and it wm none of their buMnc*. 4'or fear (hat h? might again put them to the r.mMe of pullinc him out, be wm turned over to the military. John Wade, Jaa Sullivan, T H Morgan, noldiers turned over to the military iMiiiei Mtnahan, drunk mid disorderly, dt?llllMOfi I'mirid SolliMii < ? v * " ? - ? .... -.Mi ??? , mm a dig without allcsnsr; fined "K?.9t, and In default Wn' ?o work bouse ?W d-tys. Johanna Kulllvan. drunk and disorderly; dismissed Catharine ColIt n?, d??.; do IMary fulllvan, do , workhonw w day*. Kllen Pran?, do; workhouse 30 day* The* Pitiipaon fighting; fined Thos Young, attempting to rescue; llnett ft. Johu Llnk?n, a?aan|t and peofdn"; titKd*U>'>l John Llnkon. assault, security for peace t'onrad Sohl, do , do. Robert Adam*, abusing a horse, fined S3 'I a _ ? - - - - * vaunu, ttmnk and dHordcrlv; diarolMfd I i.rorgc E?an?, larrrny of a bag of fl?ur, jail f<-r I i onrt Wm KoMli. creating a MlMMK f ?r I Antn^nr Thom, drunk and dtaoidetly: I ? irH a~i am r> 11 ?-* " " ~ ?? m uvmiw nimcii una ?irpinn Willdo. *J each. Mathrw McDollar, ?io . do ?! Pp(?v Kcndlr. do , do. ?2 Nancy Muir'jy, pfofanliVi doll N l^con I'aflAn, errC a nuiaaix f, f?r Ir al T; moth v O'Brlwi. fount to aw?i?' patrolman iiannan In tbc d? < htrj;e rf duty, when *uinmonrd The juitice lr-r><irpd b'.ro upon bin ?1u'v In snrb a rn^e and 'he n?naltv for kMw. ami 'he assurance that another rcfoaat upon hit part *tl! nMccI hl?n to trial at court Jimcs ReeMdr. dmn* * lhia prisoner hatls from Baltimore, ana himtelf still there, b<njan to t^U the t?ereran' that he desired to rp to waahlugton, but ht. rar? left hi in. aod he thought he would take hi* fam'.ly with hi at wbea he left 11? Mid he <TdiahJck?te;, a id had eiceilcnt luck tht day itforc. Laving aoid a whole load of potatoes at the "Point Market Tfcla inoruinz be was astonHhfd to ft ad himself in tv?ihin<itm> .. VVdl ) UIIW ?V"'? *ud key. Me was lent to the workbouae (or 30 daya Juhn Tabey, drunk, turned over I? the military- '? Met ormlck. do ; d'.smlaaed. John Lfc, do ; turned over to the military. Fifth Ward.?Martiu Mullrcy. Thomaa Doria, I bomaa l>oora, Jobn Haggertv, Thomaa Keougb, Michael U'Leaiy, **d Michael McNamara, /soid!-ra,) drunk, turned ever to the military. ... vuugiKiii) iN;oi(r.j assault and bat* tc.'v; turned ever to the military. George Harman, stealing ? pistol; committed for court. John O dlaorderly conduct; lined fi 94 Joseph Sk'.'uiager. drunk and dlaorderly; lined Srtth fVard?Raymond Skidmore, Mrs Skldm'tt, and Mra. E. Carter,disorderly; fined fl.oti each Ferdlnan > Reluhart, disorderly; fined 91 j6. Delilah bear, do ; do. tl 3dT?tk Duirtci?immm PnmDhre?.fiflhtin?7: rurlt* to keep tbe pncc. J. W. Kelly, ?frunk and disorderly; workbonae 30 dayv W. \Venv?, driving: on the pavement: t.i- A Donnelly, W. AiDNon, Cbaa bhewer, Dm'l Collin* and Dan'l gh'ban, disorderly aoldlers; tumod over to tbe mtltterv. Jas Tltcomft,committing a nuiaance; lord lid <U M Wii.? ?J? ? " ? . .. v. , umuraeny; l?nt*a *1 i". Sarah Sima, col., drunk. disorderly and a. htlng; workhouse 90 days Catherine Ftanefc0.n, di*orderly, aecurity to keop the peace. C?.??s te Georgttoven ?Jaa. McKewen, deaerter; turued over to tx?e military. Kitty Matthews, (col'd,) stealing; sent to tall. W. Grave*. malicious mischief, fined *5 14 Terrene* Mcllonc, riling without licenar; fined SOI 19. Joseph Newer. assault; committed to jail. n - ? "* " " in, otnu E.?IAT%.?miwrt tht Orpk'?*?' Court, jutigt Furcill ?On Saturday last, tbe eaceptloua of Mr. S. C B-trney to tbe report of. the auditor, ^Moata Kelly, L?q , Register of Wills,) on the account* of Dr. Hirvey Llndaiey, were read by Mr. Davidge, cousael for Mr. Barney. Tbe exceptions a* explained and am? ? - * '* " rum uy iur. v . mi ionn tbat two accounts were rendered by Dr. L The exceptions filed by Mr. Barney were to the Jirit account only, and not to botb. That the exception a and accounts were referred by order of the Court to Mr. K... who had summoned no witnesses and rummcd no vouchers and no receipts of tenanta to verify the account*, but had only taken the crouuts on flic and the exceptions, and made a report thereon, and in that report had fell Into <he error of tupponiD^ the ficrotinm nr.iirrf t? bmtk '-count*, wbru "a? above ?tat(il they only applied to etu vheae last 11 -fptloii*1 (off -red on Saturday) take up the others ttriatxm and revtew them and tbe a id it or ' art ton In each rase. An eiplanatton of tbe irat will apply to alt That exception refsrs to the amount of rent collected of t*aac Martha!, and a La tea that Dr. Llndslev (referring to the first account) h-u charged himat-lf with *32#, wbtn hr ought to tie charged with WW. The auditor akea *>?(? acrounta and ?ay>, you allege that L>r L. ought to rbar^r huuat-lf wUb <3fc> He h*? charged himaelf with more?with *4S*> But, aaid Mr. Davldge, we lispote to prove that on bim aceouata tie abould charge himarlf with S3o? J??, luatead of *V*?. The <>tb? aUtemmta ?-rlng Of tbe Mtnr nature It la not ne.eaaery follow .Mr7T> further lie wild tbe Ractater bad prob ahl v miaapprr beaded bis duty, wQlcb was to find tbe fa< u la tbe ca*e by u investigation of vouch rrtiad examination of witueaacs. He (.Mr 1) ) now therefore moml In refer the matter bark to the Register with authority to make Mich in laveniiytiioD and report thereon. Mr Blount, counsel for Dr. Llnd?lev,whodo? nnt K i ma*l f ikfl ?4 til n? a A* mmm A letter from <he auditor, statiug Ibat be bad examined the accounts as Instructed, and I bat both parties bad timely notice of tbe fact ibat the examination was proceeding sod a report would be made. Mr. B. said be would not object to bare tbe mailer go back to tbe auditor. Dr. L wan ready for any Investigation of hlaaeooonta There werr no dlacrepaodea U tbem, and gentlemen could ?b?w none. They bad been misinformed by toetr elieat, Mr. Barney. Mr Pesdall Jr. objected to any mote delay. Tbe otber side bad three chances, and bad aapie time to show any dlacrep?ncy In the accounts. Tney bad fkild to find any, and farther delay wouid ba uajuat ta l>r. I . ^ ytner iurtber argument me nuucr was reierrea the auditor (Mr. Kelly) tor InveeVgatlou. r*or?BLT Attesdxb To ?Saturday two Itinerant* one a dealer In aoap, the ether the pro. prietor of a strength totting machine or aoma t.i.-h rontrlMncf on a drunk a id wrvt to the New York hotel on C, near Sixth itiwt, where they behaved in iach I disorderly manner as to require police Interference. Patrolman PeMford of tie Seventh Ward arretted and took them before Justiee Walter, one named F McKeown, for belnV drank, disorderly and profane,, w* Ined *10. The other one. Chns I tsles, roe the uiae, and the additional offence of carrying a 'lung shot. w? ordered to pay 930 and cants, bat not having the randy, he waa cent to the wevkUouae for 00 days It w 11 serve to remind them that they are not In the Bowery, to do as Umv please Ur..r? I i?rt?i? %t - '? *ni*rt?y, Patrolman I I** > air <-?!? uiati liMited Ot-or^e Smith, on ?f complicity Willi the prpr*r??oji of v. " I ,V f#r 4* k s3T'? ?i . i * arioui larcenlre. When arretted, he wai rigged oat Is a first lieutenant'* uniform, aboulder atrape and all,with the aaah in hlapocket. At .he Fourth Ward station he wan tripped of hta official robe and placed In the cell. Upon examining the coat, under the loop lnaide the collar the name or . w * ?t > * _t .?* ? * ?* roruinau naruciut was louna 1 ne DullOlift arc nf tbe rifle pattern. He was tent to jail for further hearing by J ustice Walter. Robbing a Poldiir, Partis* Arkkstkd, a^d Peopi?tt Ricovirrd ?Saturday, tbe patrolmen 01 the Fourth Ward arretted Chan. Spstes, Wm Bronaon, and Frank Rivers, for robbing a ao'dler. Upon Bronson tbe soldier's watch was found, valued at 9150. Bronson is a hackman. and tbe soldier being Intoxicated, was taken by htm tn Pnrdv'a w* ?-?u ? ? ?.?? ? ? } ? HVIV Ut ICU OBiPCp. sod there a ring vru taken from his finger, and probably the other property stolen. The entire party was committed by Justice Donn. Robbsby.?On Saturday morning, while Mr*. Gloetsbcck. who resides near the government printing office, was nbaent at tnarkel. her tpom was entered and *11 takfn from her bureau. Suspicion fell upon a teamster named Frank onerman, woo rooms in Ber bouse, and be was arrested by cffl^er Noonan on Haturday rfternoon and 930 of the money recovarrd. Justice Clayton committed him to jail for a further hearing. Arrested ? A young man named Row was arrested in Baltimore a few days since on the charge of having stolen a horse anil buggy in thlacity. ID-The Gunboats on ibe Western waters are turning out to be, more and more good for nothing for fiirbtine down stream. A Cairo corrcs j jrvimv ut ?ur a 1 iiitt!* w i i m.? ; la a swift current like that of the Mississippi river, there la grpat danger that a boat will become unmanageable. Fighting up stream, a l>oat becoming disabled wouldsoon float out of range, wns the ca of the Ksnex at Fort Henry, and the other two Iron-clad boats at Donelaon. Had these boat* both become disabled, with a current In a contrary direction, they would certainly have fallen Into th? bands of the enemy. Such a result la to be feared here; and hence all the approaches must lie conducted with the utmost csutlon. The fact that they are not armored beyond their bows, and for the narrow space over their boilers, makes It Imperative that they should be held In exact position* when approaching a battery. The Orst shot that disabled such a boat will allow her >u dotimk s>uc ui iicrn ivwiro inr enemy l gt.ll*, and thereafter, instead of agunboal, will become a slaughter-pen. One gunboat like the Monitor would open the Mlsalaalppi ill one fiftieth part of the time that It can be done by our prcaent fleet Kvery boat compoains 'he Mla?i?alppi flotilla la cumhrous, unmanapcab'e, and for the purpone for which they were made?that of opening the river down ? is a dl??rare to the mind which conceived and thp rniintfi/ whirh Km 11 I# Vindication or General McClbllan ?The Washington correspondent of the Spilngttcld Republican Kays: How far General McClellan ) the author of the gent ral plana of the < ampaign? how.far he mav be credited with what baa been done at the i?ou?b and We*l,?Is another matter of hot dispute i dc subject was under discussion at a dinner where General Bank! was present; and ho, who, bv the way, stands by General AlcClellan most loyally, nuketlv remarked that while In consultation with General McUlellan laat November or December, the latter Incidentally took down a map, and pointed out to htm upon it every movement that has *inc? been made by our armies, aud, as to Mana-SdS, said that we should either drive the rebels from It In a successful battle, or they would evacuatc It of their own accord. Mr. Thackkkat.?The London correspondent nf I ho M. - <" I'-- i * - -- .mv n&?Moi(voN.i uuaiuiaii teams llifll If] r Thackerav Is about to give up tbe editorship of the Cornhlll Magazine, which has risen ?o rapidly Into large circulation nnd'rhla charge The mum of hla retirement is said tube tome point connected with the absoluteness of editorial contrel, on which the view* of Mr. Thackeray and the publisher and proprietor of the Cornhlll differ. Of course, he will finish the story now In progress. Tpii Rebkl? Hav* so Ba\d* ?A writer from Winchester, Va , says : The people here are highly delighted with the regimental bands, music being about as rare with the Rebel arn% IS salt Was to the rivlllini hafnr* ont arrival T drum and flfe were generally the only means of Inciting a martial ipirit in the bream of the traitors. __________________________ C7" Mr. Mason, at the opening if the British Parliament, sat next to the black ambassador from Hayti, and didn't dare to turn up his com, lest the British abolitionists might suspect htm of thinking himself better than a nigger ?Louis T * w umr ??? PUNOi! PtANOS" piano? r:: awus.. PIANOS FOR SALfc ANli T<> RENT -Lwt week rrc-ivod arain a supply oi ce>_i^k Pi*no? from the oeleb atec fictonr of Wm.HK! nniin ?*. y^o., tt?.:imorf, wmcn 1 will eeii*?? *1 * or rest on very moderate te'ms at my Piaro Store, No 494 ilth street, above Ta. avenue. Also, MeSodeonsTnr sale o r rert. irih 24-1 w * HCOAL OIL-CO A I. OIL. A VINR The agenc v of one of the largest Coa! Oil companies in ihe United States, we oan sell Coal OH wholesa.eacd retail,cheaper uan can be boucnt in Wa-hic*u.n. Also. i>?itps, cans and 8had??. GM). W. ?TKt**BT>iuiN mh 1 lir.* Corn r 1?th acfl H utreetj % JUST RECEIVED AT L A. BEALL A CO.'S, No. 3b 1, between 1 and K street*, a new atook of CLOTHING, FUK R1SM1N6 tiOODS, TRUNKS, HATS and CATS. LA BEALL A co 's.No 361 Seventh itrett, between 1 and K, is the place to hoy your CLOTH INC. FURNISHING GOODS. TRUNKS, HATS and CAPr at New York pnoea pohk ONE and all at l. a. beall a CO.'s, No. 361 Seventh itrMt. between I and K. to bar yoar ClOTHINH, FURNISHING GOODS, hats and caps. ailliv ik \ (h r tiail.* to diiv v/h1b ; _ ^ .. -W w * ? I'l ? M. \ ' MS* V 1 ' n tl.OTHING, FtRN IPUIN6 GOODS. HATS and CAPo at tti low prioea, at L A. HKALL A CO.'S, No. 361 Seventh, between 1 wdK ireote. mh 13 NOTICE. "AUAMV f'hi* ComHoi offer* to tue anblifl" UnMnkllM T?r,U[i>? f"r tita hai* ?ra Qaiok I>:?p*to4i of Heavy I- reighta. Pwium, Valuable*. Money, *?. fee., to all part* of the United State*. (. firaaaa. . w*A * U - W? ? ?' * - ..^rivntma MJ ?UU iivin lim ItUl III ?UU ffWI Ufpart from and arrir# In WMhmtnn lwi<y> daily, A>1 K*?r*ss#s are I- share* of ufirmik mnd rtMbU v,?w?man, a;i for Jk? Se|<itsrs ram** at " *? 4(.r oar una! rates. All Soo?1e l"r ih* so oaliH "OanfH*raW fltatea" an<i all Artiefva " Centiabtad of War" will b? Iniiii. Oar K*pr?sa?a leave New Yerk at l,?. aa<l P. M ..arriving in Waahiaiton at *A. M. aa<1 tji '^ip^^^ lwvs P^Ha^slfhla at JIJ. and II ( -jjjn IB TTMfllBf ton II u< r. It. MM '^rfatTvt!ss."?cr t fl: ais &ltreaa<* for all join* North utd WmI Hn be ro*d? o? m? ioauqh to tku OBoe. .-w. r.a.tarw^'"" ?"s? 1H. O. 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March 31.?Th? itwmm Jura arrived here thla evening with dates to the 20th Inst, from Liverpool. The ateamer Hibernian arrived out on the 19th inat There waa a heavy fall of snow In England on Thursday night. President Lincoln's emancipation message at ir?cwu mucn nuenuon in England. Tbere bad been but little time previous to the tailing of the Jura for newspaper comment. The Liverpool Post says tbere can be no doubt that It will have an Incalculable effect in Europe, and that the effect will be most favorable to the northern cause. The London Times says It Is the most important news received from America since the split. The President's avowed object Is to recover to me union the border States, and the proposition is Important, nst for Its intrinsic likelihood of acceptance, but simply because it is a proposition, and is the flrnt bid made toward* putting an endi to the war We may hope that others may follow, and that the North may gradually rise iu its offers until something acceptable baa been put forth. The only repiy of the South to Lincoln has been a resolution of the Confederate House of Repre sen tali ves to burn all cotton and tobacco that may b^ in danger of falling into the hands of the invadsrs. in every point of view, the proposal of the President given great scope for speculation, and perhaps some glimpse of hope?but It Is for what it may herald?not for what it is. A general meeting of the Atlantic Telegraph Company withheld at London on the 10th, when the directors' report was adopted. Hopeful views were entertained, and Lord Palinerston was to receive a deputation from tbe company the following week. The U. ?. gunboats Tuscarora, Ino and Kearsage were at Algesirai on the 14th. The lieutenant of tbe Sumter and tbe ex-consul at Cadiz bad been transferred from the lno to the Harvest Home, bound for Boston. FRANCE a J J t > I i a _ i. ss t _ _ * siauiiiPiini irn?p? are ifoiug w> oiexico. a new brigade was to lcarc Toulon on the following week Tbe Corp* Leglslatif have adopted the address to the Emperor. There were nine disaentlent votea. ITALY. It was reported that Garibaldi had another Ions Interview with Ratazzl, and had postponed hla departure from Turin for a few dayGreat precaution* are being taken by the A'istrian government on the Venetian frontier. The advanced po?ts have b?en doubled and the garrlMont augmented. Troop* have alio been prated along the line of the I*o. The Emperor has gone from Venice to Vteuna A captain and two officers of the Austrian fleet bave been Arrested at Mantua, ou suspicion of being partisan! of the Italian cause. f* H EE' F All the cauuon of tbc insurgent* have fallm Into the hand', of the royal troops. The Insurgents at Nauplla af>kcd an amneaty, and anarmlatt? e of twenty four boura wasg ranted. A corps of observation of 2t),0t>0 Turkish troopa have been dtapatcbcd to the Grecian frontier. Rom, March 16 ?The Pope haa been 111 the ^LSt week, and hi* strength much prostrated. e has, lu conscqueuce, suspended bis audicnces rAVMKBriit Liverfool, March 21.? Cotton? Sales of the week 29,U0i) bales I'rlccs advanced Va%d, the market closing firm and unchanged. Breadstufis closed quiet but steady. Wheat has a downward tendency, and previous quotations are barely maintained. London, March -t> ?Consols close at 33\a?l. Tbe Paris bourse has advanced Rentes closed at 6;ir :oc. The fund* on the 19th closed dull at V lower Diacouuta caay and the demand light. Gold flowa to the Hank of England In large quantities, and there iaaome expedition of an eariy reduction of the bank minimum. The funda cloaed rather firmer on the 20*.h. United States 6's are quoted at 76aT7. THE ADVANCE IH VIRGINIA. THE REBELS 9HELLED ASK DRIVEN AC&Otg THE RAFl'AIt ANNOCK. Manaojas, March 30.?At the skirmish at the Rappahannock bridge laat evening, Capt. Clarke s battery, of the 4th artillery, shelled the rebels with remarkable rapidity and precision. The enemy left, in their haate, a number of can loaded with grain and other forage. We cauld have shelled them with t?rrible effect In the act of c#rryln^ off tbelr nick and wounded had it been desirable. A rebel llentenani and four privates were taken prisoners The enemv. day before yesterday, captured six men of the 66th New York regim-nt. Heavv firing It nttil heard ?1 tntorv?l? nn ik? front. J be horse of Lieut. King, of the 4th Artillery, and nephew of General King, was poisoned last night A bottle of strychnine was found among the rebel forage abandoned in the vicinity of Warrenton Junction A secret meeting of the secessionists was held at Fairfax Court Houae last Wednesday night. Several of tbe troops have been killed by the rebel sympathizers In the neighborhood of tbe / ?. 4 t * * 1 *- * * vuuii nuuiw uuniif; mr wtfi 3*ps nave i>een taken to detect the perpetrators, and to prevent a similar occurrence. A drove of twenty five cattle were captured from the enemy. Reepeaing of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Harrkr < Fkrrt, March 31.?The last rail completing the track of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was laid ten miles west of this place on Saturday night last, since which 4D0 loaded cars havp nniifH thrnnoh thf? lat^lv Hli(nrh#?< east and west. Nearly *00 tana of weatern produce, loaded at tbe Ohio river last week, passed here and reached Baltimore to day, the Ural alnce April last. The fln>t through passenger train", which leave Baltimore to-morrow morning dlrcr.t for Wheelinj;, will doubtless be welcomed along the entire line aa the *ure token of the return of peace once more to this war desolated region. With the lncrcaaed precautions of the Government there la no fear entertained (bat this valuable route will hp again interrupted The forwarding of Government supplies for the entire ifttomac and seacoast armiea is ereatlv farllitati-d by the restoration of the road. " I rtar Island !Ni 10. St. J.on*, March 29 ?The St. Louis Democrat has a dispatch from Cairo which aaya: The steamer Dickey went down to the fleet yeatcrday, h?avlly laden with ordnance and commissary stores. I- our 50-nouuders, navy cannon, were also taken down for the gunboat Benton; also some hand grenades to repel boarding parties i cisuns ituiu mw maunu report mat several of the rebel transports and gnnooat* ramc up in range of our Biddle Point batteries on Wednesday and opened Are, but were compelled to retire after a short engagement. The Urarapus is the only rebel gunboat above our blockade, which Is constantly on the alert, watching our movements at New Madrid. It is also said that the rebels have erected batteries on the opposite side of the river, to prevent (?en. Pope's command from crossing to attack their rear. ** i. J ? -* wmra - m iiv v?re vi v?r vvvaioru m\ mnCBNICP* Wikhiitib, March 31.?The report that our wounded In the late battle were neglected it pronounced by Surgeon C. C Keener, medical Injector of the U-9- A., to be totally unfounded. He was ordered hither by the surgeon-general to

Investigate the hospital and surgical departments, and If necessary remove the wounded to J o-i?i ? -* * * - vthuiu^uiu uiu Diiuuurcvi eiwwueie, oai be reports that they are well quartered and well treated by the surgeons of the division, and gen?-. rally doing well. He suggesta that it inhuman to remove them to other places at present. Purgeon Keeney, being armed with full power, baa aent the sick to Frederick to make room for the wounded. Gen. Shields ia so far recovered to be able to start for Strasburg to-morrow. Rome Irlnr jru KmnI i? ^ B VWWI IH WWB?UUlg yesterday. -apparently In the rear of Jackson's rendezvous. The cause ts as yet unknown. Csatttludi Set Free hy 6si Cartis. 8t- Louis, March 31 ?Gen. Curtis hks Issued a special order dlrecllnc that three colored men? formerly slaves en ployed In the rebel service, and taken as contraband at war. >m kwk. fi?c*ted; and not being needed for tbe public service, are permitted to pa** our pickets northward, and are forever emancipated from tbe aervlee of tbeir masters, who allowed them to aid in efforts to break up tbe Government. Frim Siatkrri Thmmm-IN Actlrc Optratitai T?t. Cairo, March 30.?There is nothing 1 mportant from the Tennenaee rtrer It la not expected that act!ye operations will commence until th* arrl**l of Buelrs army, unless our force* ire attacked by Beauregard. The Seal Flahery. Ft. Johns. n. F., March 30.?'The coast it sill firmly packed with ice. The seal fiihcry will bo a perfect failure this year. OFFICIAL. Department of state. Washington, March?, The following extract from a dispatch rwcelrrd at this Department from Mr. John de la Mon tagnle, the Consul of the United States at Nantes, Is published for general I nforroatlon : "I have the honor to say that vessels coming from the United States to this port suffer losses through the Ignorance of owners as to existing facts h^rc. > "1 propose ?o briefly and concisely present these facts to the Department. "Vessels usuallv take charters to deliver car. goes either at Paimboeuf or Nantei. " there in water enough at l'almboeuf, but the exposures In reaching thia roadstead are sometimes perilous. "The lowest river water between St. Nazaire and Nantes Is from ten to twelve feet in winter, and as low as seven feet in summer. A vessel drawing over ten fr?i must lluhtor part or >11 her cargo at a cost of money and time to her owners. "If the vessel come* to Nantes, she must pay pilotage, and, optionally, towage. "If partly discharged at St. Naxaire, the cargo Ik at the risk of theship or the Insurance until delivered at Nantes. "The vessel pays half brokerage at St. Naxaire, ana run brokerage added at Nantea. "The rlska on .the river are conaiderable. Damage from 'fouling' la frequent in a crowded, nr.rrow and awift river. "/ would advist all charters to be made to St. Nazatr?, not Nantes or Paimboeuf. Here i? a large aafe dock. "The following expenaea of a venae! of four hundred and twenty-four tons will give *hip ownera an idea of co?ta of river navigation : "Bteairi towage from St. Nazaire to xi. ' i? i?iik c * * ? *#\s) ironr s. "Return towage to St. Naziire 250 " "River pitotage from St. Nazatre to Nantes, with steam W " ? River pilotage from Nantes to St Nazalre, with steam P'2 " "Total pilotage with steam lfti francs. "River pilotage from Ht. Nazalre to Nantes, without ateam 110 ? "River pilotage from Nantra to St. Nazdirc, without steam .....110 " UTnlsl uiliKAiit * ? ?? ??*uv ? fcam imnc* "Lighterage from St. Nazatre to Nantea, about 3 franc* per Ion for ivktit. "Lighterage on lumber, abool 2 franrj per ton "A work mi in contemplation on the Loire whi^h expects to make fifteen f?-?;t water In thf moat ahoal paits oi lite rivu. lta aucceaa Is problematical. "Shipowner* ahoold know thart advancca on freight are not uaually made here until all Ihc f?n ifrhJ la /In! I 11 r>rt ***** t uvi^m iwMruTcicu. m?r *y?oui PASSES. Htmdqwirttrf Provost M<ir*kaV * > City oj Watkm&to*, March 38, 1-tnJ J Special Order, No. 10 All Pa?p* heretofore lwrned from the?e Headnntrtprfl tn th#> 4will ^ n ?/.o? I.ivwu* mil UU1 UV ipuowcU* but recognized, until further ordeia. By order uf Major W E Doater, I*rovoat Marthai. C'has E. Robinson, Adjutant, mar 2N-1W TREASURY DEPARTMENT" Fr?fAkY 1. 13W Nottci i* birkbt httb.t of the readine* of this Department to redeem the Treasury note* Twv&ble In one vear from d*tp anih*rlfwi h? th* act of Congress approved December 23d, 1357, and the Treasury notes payable in sixty days from date, authorised by the act of Congre?s approved 2d March, 1861. Interest on Treasury notes of the above lssnes wHl cease on the 7th day of April next by terms of thoae acts respectively. fe 5-tap7 Department of state, WASHi!fOTO!t, January 25, 1HW The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Confess on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. Jan 27-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, Janvakt 31, 1*W. Ordsrkt), That the War Department will be doted Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to actlvc military operations lr th? flald. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representative*. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, jt 22-tf Secretary of War. REAP! KADI! AU!!! AND BK CONVINCED AND MK CONVINCED AN1) BK CONVINCED. Extract frovKkt^Star^ F'bruary 27, lfe<hi. DAYTOH'S CRAlKltS AND fc'A'Sl.LSNT I IBS.? Hotel and Keatasrant Kerpers, rMitlers', Houic keepers, and Grocers', should not (ail to secure a supply of the superior Craokers and Pies, m&nu laotured b? Barton. 4#? nth itrwi. u Mid II. Dayton manufacture* *11 kind* of Cakw and Cracker* of trie beat material, and every ho?aekeeper la well aware of the* rreat superiority of the latter, when fresh from the ovena, to those skipped from Northern cities. butlera will find It wreath to their interest to examine Dayton's Craokera and Pie* before purchasing elsewhere. We will chow the names of more than a soore of Sutlers who have used Pies inacufaotured by other Bakers, and wer* obliged to oome lo us finally, and pay ua two dollars more per hundred iuviuvi iv wi uugin which me mvn ooma HI without making th?*m aiok. From Ike Vorrtffondmt of tkt tf'ir York Pitpattk. "We notioe with wuat pleasure the popularity ofour ent?rpnnui? fellow citneu, Ju. ).. Dayton, in t^e Baleery l>uain>aa in this city, hia bucocm haa oeen named by the excellence cf hi* cooda. We learn that members of the Sanitary Com mittee have ate ofhia Piee, and pronounce them healthful; ami we mu?t aay in juatioe, that we never partook ol more delioioua Piaa in our life Satlara from every seotioa and Families from mi quarter* 01 me ciiy, Mad to ilia Bakery. We Strom 1? invite familira to try our P10 NIC CRACKERS. BOSTON t'RACKKKfJ, SLICED APPLE PIES, RASPBERRY PIES. DAYTON'S Bilerj. 496 Eleventh ?tr?et, mh 25-tX Between G end B. DR. LA BOKTA having removed hiaoflici* to Room No ft, adj'-inicg the buoday Chronicle ctfioo, in Waahington Buildinf. P? ?venue, oorcer of 7tli atreetria sow ready to oure a I Dueaaea of a Private Nature, without the uae of dangerona or diegnsting dmgaoi any kind, Md no interference with roar buameaa avooauona having devoted mj whole tiini to the study and oure of Ptitutt Irianaan of both itxaa and to c nroiuo ff?otion? ot the Womb. Liver, wtoaimuit respectfully rarer. 1 will ?ay fi^on to the ?er*>n fornuhin* me a oa'e of any of the abjv* die'aaee vhiehl ejmoot ?eodily and perm* nently oure, tot the aw bo old or u*. No dieuni re?uir?u^?uuuni u aacrwaDio m any part of the Coujuititioai fr*?. Room* v?ry R oom (Ant floor) Wa?h'ini/ton 88%* mi??-ln>* Pi. aad nh ?t oorrwyoodeata ?end u? One pnoe omjr.' fKKRV * BMO., nth *7-6t Pa. a vs. and Ninth itritt, 1 1 4 -* m% i Ur ~ miu < SSO PENNSYLVANIA AVE N IB. KT1M .** mrnn -? wlm **? m m-m mat mw mj m~ jk% kj J sat Rcotlved and Opened. A large and im^inn ttock ot rh"le* r n m i Lt i i r n u U a ti 1 H 8 , consisting eh SUGARS, of all prnd?, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, U&KD, FLOUR, WAfLLARD'!* CHOCOLATE, Ac*) Ac | Ac. All of which be often it lowest ca?h priori. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. MM) barrels Magnolia, 5flo barrels XXX, * 5<it barrels Millers Kye Monongauela, Ail L ^ ~ inwi oHrrris nne t?ia Hye, 5<*> barrels fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All the favorite brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verzeny, Green Seal, HetdMrfc, which, being bought low, we offer at unuauallj low rates. Alto, 8?le Agent for rilB'B ARMY CORDIAL. feb l t-lf ?Af?o BKT. fA?n BKT. %t%m d i.- r ?f "VW UU1| THAT IIATTON'H THAT IIAYTON'rt THAT DAYTON'* t?LK'KD AI I'I E I'lK?*. PUCKD AJ'rLK PI EH. i-UCED AITL.E TIES, AKIi TUE HK!*T AMI': THE UMT AKK 1HB BKKT MADKIN WASHINGTON. MADK IN WASHINGTON. MA l?K IN WASHINGTON. HAKKRV 4W It Til HiiKTi HAKKKV 44? 11th stk?,t! . UAKhRV 446 lliii i'TKin. mn a-u CH, RIVART* CO. S1LLKR1 CUAMFAGNH VEPUT RKMOTKD TO 8. E. or AvEPsr* as? Suru Sr.. C!?f'ii1on Hotel Bailing* Washington. II. RllHI'.V v.... J AMES MOI.AN, Auxst. B.C. HHKRRY, PORT ar.T~MAPKIR A VV1NL9, FINK OLI> BRANDY and WHISKY. ID" A liberal flisooBTit to d?al?r?. mh 1? | AB1K9' Rt'BBtR BOOTH U A.1U BlUiW, Ail at J. D. PUDNKY'S, 324 Prur. accrue, hack or C.exPtt'* }>r? Uooda tstora. I\| EN'S RUBBER BOO ft? L'l AN D ?HOE9? At J a PUUNEY'S. f? 12-tf r?ii< Pt.^. rv.. K*cc Rof-re. HOYSTEIft-OVSTkM! OTKL5, Kretauran'.a ar<1 Famulus oan b?*upyli?t darj uri'fc OY!? 1'fcltS^^^ *?v fre-h from llie ilr* niemura. iMlWft m * at tne iovoBt pr.e>.' P.ease give a-, a evil AVRFS*ro., No. 503 Ninth at, between D ar.a A*. E7* Grater* of t.le beat tuaUij *ptcej U, o?u??j. mh 23 J HAIR NIST'I'S??HAIR NKTTs*. UST R?cei*ed another i< \ c?f tfcoee hardaome doable Chmeiie Ne> t*.,a (ins assortment of twisted Silk and Oonjod Netu.m alt ooiora. at me mnminc store ot MR?. LOWE, 297 pa are..?r>??H rut*. mhs New styles for ?pr..\g and sumMKK, 1S6?. Ladies' W rappinis?Ladies' Wrappings ! Frenoh and knchsn Miort ^acqu*?, o. Lt i Bla-k Bilk Coata and Mantillas, If /> fer An,! IV l. cava* mi'! WIUIVU ViUUI Ccatr, Mautnlae, Duatera, Circulars, *c , *o. AH of the uewMt and prettieat deaigaa (or the present aeaton. now receiving in almoet daily tup plies, at MAXWKLL'd Depot for Ladies' Wrappings and mh 26 3UQ Faney Gooca.Sa* Pa af.^ HPHE MERCHANTS EXPRESS COMPANY JL iktwk** BALTIMORE ANV WASHINGTON. Are daily forwardinr (with d;?pate!>) by the Washington Kanroad. SlerohftQ-^HC^^^^^v, due of every description, to an?tSES?^ amount shippers may require. at the lowest rate*. Agent for Baltimore, JOHN E. WILSON, OlBoe, N. W. oorcer Howard and Camden its., nearly opposite Camden Station V A O R.R. Office and Storage. 66t) South Seventh street, opposite Center Market, Waetomcton, D. C. mh blm' A. P. K?TCH. A teat. FHRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES, kc.I The undersnnedreepeoUBlly offers aa im meiise Htoi OI r H UIT TK r.BS, of vert Ttgoroaa, EfP't ^ radaoed prioee, tis. ?n.W?0 Peach trees, host varieties. v>,iwo awarf I ears,standard Pears, Aprioots Cherries, Ki*s, Neotarinea, IJvineee, Ao ; Urate Vines.Couoorda. Delaware, Cujah?ja, Ac ; Biadrtwriew, Kanp t*rr.6s. Strawberries, Khuliarb and Asparagus Hoots, Ao ; Kveritreeen. Shale, and Ornamental &e^?: *!hro&"> Hones. OaMiae. Perennial Phloxea. With all artioiei partaininc to the Nurse** and I Seed business, cheap. JOHN HAUL. mn 13 coot- more, 7 th at .oorner H Tins is to give notice, That the auh acriber hath obtained from the Orahaaa' Court of Waahimrton Countr. in the patriot ?r Columbia, lettera teatamentary on the e-monal eata e of Alexander liurrowa, late of Waahingt?n County afor^eaia. deoeaaed. All peraona having o'auni again at the aaictdec need are hereby warned to exhibit the i&nie. With the vouch atk ih^rAdf to the iBbwnhtr, on or before the fifteenth day of Mv?h next; they may otherwise by law be ex oluded from all ttenefit of the said eelate. Given under my hand this fiT'eonth da* ?( March. IfW. JOHN DAVIDSON, HI II It 1HW3W Meouun. WE HAVK JUfT KECfe'l VE1) A LAEUE aaeortinent of gaven, Bacon It and Steinway ? Sou's PIANO FUK.TKtS.MMI i known a* tne be?t now ma?ifaotat?d,*VVll> which we are offering at th? lowest faoiwr iric?e. Pareoni in eaaroh ol a reliable Piato are rae Iketetl to call and examine. Also, on* tifoond band Piaao for t? tud en* for s. At tha Muio Stoie of ~b H W. G. WJETZKROTT. I GKN?L|JUjg80JH^ a? ( ?issSSi iSffiSKs r~.a *? * J*Kte,?rs&rak! ? - m ''??? tf??i W SPRING WRAPPINGS. E Have just recsired a large and beautiful aeaortraent ofWraMinfi, in all tbf varied aty.ea piuoa. aeaaon, all of wmoh we offer at o?r anal low art AMI Vf TA VI iiu a. v WW r><vv"' .. 1 UVIV a VU.I (form?r!*T*rlorfc Hutobuoi.i mh 21 Poft JSaj? Cetr?r Sn<>e. ^DAMS' KXPRK83_OOMPANY. NOTICE Of REMOVAL, m o?o? of this eoaiUT u mrotm vxzmtssvz ?f"4"otca is#1WE HAVE OPENED A LAR6K SfOCR of r?rj tae UNDE rTm iKtS ?<l i DRAWERS, whioh will bo sola at i pnoM. BAM'L W. THOMPSON, STO P#n*?. iranu*, AIMI . . ?nd* ?r?w?'?. ? - ' H"*BM run PAL.fc.? ' oDrtMu, OBIV;*:..,.a,. ' wrttaOntirlSSH J# 40:1 41 gt. ?>* 3? ~f? # THE WEEKLY STAR. . - Tkla excellent r?ml If uid New* Journal obtaining a greater mrlety of interesting r??d1r* than f*n be found In any other?pnbUfhed Friday raortiag. Tuxs-fot. laMnatty, (ivwu. ^lagtf cr pv p*r annum ! <*? Fl?e copim 4 ? > Tea cop lc? 9 on Twenty-flvr ror?W 20 < ? It invariably ronton* th#" Washington \*a?a that ba? made Tk* Dmi'f K minf Si it ctr ilatc generally thr-u^l -M '!. <-. .? |0" M%<( OOf'tr* I'l u :?,|,*|? - M f"rDrr<i at ik? /?ai.iiU? ? ? ? ? * ' -' - * .. .? ?...... , .., ?ir.)T Ul(t IK IW.? oftLe paper Trice?THRBK CF>NTJ?. nH.J.B. rKAaonV, dkHTi sr. A1!9ii I? in I * | o| L t . *1 rV* no* r*?' ft iiMt for vnsah r?M ra ^ Mar-i r-nvl<.:? 0*L M MriuTIH?U Wtw t'fTo* No. 276 Ptunif TV..* ???" MO*" ,' t*i.w?en 11th *i d H!h ?tr?i*t?. tw*? ifc.?r? ' t of tt?* fci!k*-ooJ Houm, in Mine t>cu :n? WIT t?r )>??nd'uij aU 111 TKKM iti . m >. vMi?, >t "iv..ujj . - "?*' i" ftb? MlNlsRAL PUTC TfcRTH. i peraOMlly ?1 ? " ce * Mm* c*i. tfctP* tnethwn" HiikH w<"*r oUH*?.?? J #? r"**?*1 ?*** ? ? *!? ? Wt.O OfciBOt WMLT tiiO***. , . perftoci o4i!ioi at n.* oft* v'?k &n? ?t*' < iivl incc :*i T ,*ta do ire. .1 ? ? **rnai. siroKf??t. ST < rtott rtontnr* U?> .J2SW 5 & ^!V^H!W?3r ^ rr*r < Iv.ta l\tW ANU IMI'KOVKJD INVENTION 99 ARTIFICIAL cHKorLtrri T E R T I. WiTHffft NIUL Pi m o* CU?M DF. P. B 8l9t?*ONI>, ?1<> ifr?4w??. >n? fWH< A* mm, &< *??? Ui4 i ii?* yf? , IV. ? ?<; ?, Ufclls the Attention of tb* ??? lk.+ 1 Mir&ctate* of b*? rrrt^tii . I. Th? Ic^ti oi iu? niVii*clijr* ?i <v.*$v<x' ?oto?!9 aor <?hftnge> e lor ' r in ^ ' btICC til!#* 'W. J. No teeto ut r?"t? ii vi l>? \ ?? IM artist*! co** nan b* :r?*rt*d ? *.' tl * V T''? rcot* <r:ii ne mfcO" T.offe: ?.??. ati "?w ?-. ? ?*" r?"'Ti- ' - ' ? *, if f. *t? >r's ? o rra-N i*-n *1* ;!, (?.? Illimll" tD? uti-ri Pjtfr?TSi;.it ?>f lh? *-> r, H;1C, lh. 2i'1 "T?t?rn ta fr^uectlr <liafiturod. ?. T IW ywk f. tMtod WW f ft T**ra t>T maar o, the hr?t oheu >ata *n?l ?liTW*'V.a a . MttCtj. fsw-tM a wM? c?. -?ru(V?<? m?H fciliiif. with w!r i. tl,? rend ?? 'ID M tliU TlltC.Pl kllr . Mil I.. - ? - --- ? * wi * w * " r* ^ tact. ?nsn1 torpor. a: ?* <<* root* % :! w' M"t th'outh lifrtire*. The tx>?i< J vetorfi.o** ti?W t:> l>r. v. l>t. Ooremna. Ptoff>?r?.r of Ch-niAf, H Ito. indfr tViifp*, of the Hupr?-m* Court of \Va*!itritau.and ttouwi t? ?f o?t*i? !aM *n<! franur?" fnr yccr?r!f. tu>t frr. FITTING, kc. A _ *T*4 V. * r*jT~ ??r ?.#* ? > "' ^r Itl" J fC*T " *fcfO, -vl it t(i? 11 .?|( HTULfr rr frtOT# #c TiT + M% t ? ( ( |, >* rf t *, J??*** 5S- ' X7 ^ f^v-t t -w - - - -,r: im $ATvm T? K Biw ?1 More,*r"ili r {,04* XTVR?&n1 eufif* r \*? -JS A' ?? ? *? ? MriBiuut) ( ' m ' -! ' J int' '? i \* ? :.* ? " > ' e- - ? lj ? m>| *ii?i <*' r'lici f '?1 W tV?* Fix u? f"** : ; * > L?i? kk* t sfK^rtTfk'!! W?' A'l Work ?'i lb* ??*? : - 1 niytpm*4 **. ?r W*W bf jtVUS i. *e | JKNI'INK 6ARPKN V .... AND KUHN vu xl.KI***. JOHN SAI'L {jjs tu*ati?ii of mrt't (? wnKm, fanner*. and to tr* 1?rt?? ar-1 car? ill **ock of *.^rd#n v rb fifty-t '^Q fr?t*i thf . K'.f ib4 Kmr A %t <1 <_ <*[ lT)*li> . With ftttolt fcr tlO flCWLil %l ftj 0 1.1 L4.1I41 fir -riAf-x v r t >? a. K&rly ?n4 ''tiampion I'rat; rieaiitm F>?t KnUt'tMMce. Blood Turn* B??t: Br* .is, P%'? >?. Oarnitn. Celecj, Ac. Sn>.viiH'X'<nni?? ooii^tiao, ?u"*Mefor at) 1?utuc'ein U " I'cion,tanetie*. ?eietH fcr a>:y JaMta*:*, for gt Hi* <?xp?ri??noe of u?ec jmtTi % e rra?tie*U ee<1 jioveir <e t;.* t-eit t utraotM t &! - i*(,iu ?. aceurato. at:<l < ( the moit certtiin? t+zrr ?T r J(?"N t*Al!L. Seed tStiwr. Iiih !R 6!?o* JH> It- p.rwei if \f Baliim?kc, M&rca I&tk?i8b<'. I'IR. RICHAFD H tifclFVirH. J'. *a?i:? retired trotn the busices* which > e baa bAer. ?oaduotlm, t*eut fji t? lur *0111* lira* r ??t? v* i * M-?k?jo^sdv!*? the pu'-!'p tr& M .G:: it01" r. LUKbN vn: h?v? ohn te ) t.i? *!?;?> i t : furtJ *r notice. Ti.*rlciu! (or p*?: I*vo.-?, wa .us . Xiducvor to merit th?ir ccatn a. inh 17-HiiriW K. ahfcAU UKB * " _ pKMSION OFFICR. Jrf? ?r;f, 1**1. TO ALL WHOM JY MA Y COXCEHA Application r avin* um** rnvie ucdt-rihev *f _ Oil June, J Mm, for the reit-m" of Hie Laul *V ?r ranta described herein, wkiea * ? alleged u> t\nrbeen < *t or !? ?=* * - _ at the date following the n??-- i ',v?rmrit,a pew Ot i;m*.?, of :;*? ten->r. r-'l tir. )( u#d. if no vfLid oli ?u 4l iuo:. App^Ar. No. 6* TO for Iff* tn^aotof Maro:i. lf*?>.tn im of il??i ? r-iuMh. and *** Jnne*t, 18j7-A?r:i 4, iu2. ISo.57,934, /or 16" a<?rea, i??n d nud' r (he act ol" MarO ' 3J. IS,>8. in th? cme of Ja<K'l? aiid *m ?r*.n-?*l Antu?t O h. >8*,?ftla? SU I? 2. Pi?. 45,*^. lui a;r.> , "P.! aifr | e a t of March, 185S in th? na?r ?< r.( cba?4otie *ri r of Wait#.- &uu m _4 (.ribifd *V-? M?y 17, >r?." LVV?r->int r If '*9rp?, Cotllin.linftTorol ."r^ ch H f. ?. >'r of Ci iii|.\nj K.?U R> V< 1'. ?. lufft ). iv: . ililo 3 ?t i>eo*iiib?r, IBS- ? Jn'.e ( t'WJ. JO?L.i'H M. UAHKF TT. mh fl-ltv r.iir l?aniPft HAKNDLiVb liXi'K fJW*. (fe.?TABL14UK: LR 1 Bej |mt# to inform the pub'ie that the* hav ?ex iondod tL?ir Kxprnca to V\ fcnci ?r* tu * prepared t<j Trarmpoit Merchant*.*e, 1??nk Specie, Jewelry, *?., ? &!1 i* t? of tie Mt Mlt, Art? Entla+d *rd W*.utrn Staltr ?u l Cant,t. Connect ice with the most reseociu^e hxprrM4? throughout the oouctr*. w* fcre enai>:M to / <iitiMj to %M who toay taror c? yitk their eatroc&ce. For tmm* *nt further inform* wvh mwTlJ r<. r r .*l I 1 n A l*" V' . Third st.,M door beiov I'm. avwace. Ja> 8m Wa?hinyt<-a. |? ?:. QK.Clf ED BARS AIN ?. 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