Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1862 Page 2
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I h t MH33W SfH ?iww ii i ?i Mm??<iji riiii^a EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WfMMDAY APRIL #, 1?M. r ^ * - . *?. ? \hm T?n?u? ?i??1 f??i11?t!a wmi e t*r<* ?T " I"**"* ?? in nvw?vnta |nA I*1'* l? <Wf ?lfjnltl<*. Spirit at ?> M?r*l?| Pr?M. lb* TnMliftivtr, Id an nrtlcle oil " Pf?c??bl? ^p?T?tloB." trr?t* on (be ohvsirat obstacle* which Me la the way of a political distribution of tbe country under two aeparate government* Tbe Rtpnblitan aaya that Ita famoua atory about the " wooden guna" at Ceotrevllle waa " upon tbe authority of an eye wltneaa, an ex-member of Congreea, copying hia memoranda made on tbe a pot " Why not give tbe name of the "exmember" The Re?. Dr. Hellowa, whoae Republican authority will not be galnaayed, In hla lecture In New York on "the Field of Manasaaa," as viewed bv hlRMelf, on tbe 12th, 13th, and 14th, aald : "He did not aee aiy of tbe log gun*, or '(jtiaker guna." He hoprd that theae s?n* really had exlated, for elae iktri would be an 'normpus of Iftng for semt one ra aaiwrr for > OUR MILITARY BUDGET. SIT BACK. W# hrar that an order wu lsaued this forenoon forbidding newspaper correspondents, as well aa all other* not actually connected In some way or other with the service, from accompanying any of the cor pa d'armer a of the army of I he Potomac. A* mere or le?a war < orreapocflents are now actually with the troopa In the field, It la said to bare been ordered that they be sent back under the penalty of Immediate arrest and confinement for refoalng to obey the order. Up to this time the movements of no other army of half tta size were ever ao well kept aecret Their success depends in no little degree upon the continuance of tbia commendable reticence with reference tc them 1 HI NSW ORDKH or THIS6<. We learn, on Inquiry, that tbe order of the Provost Marshal, abolishing the practice of rrqulrlng passes from citizen* crcaaing the Potomac, is designed to admit their fr*e passage within the lines of our troopa on both aidea of the river; In fact, to restore matters, a* far aa pcaalble in thla section of country, to the condition In which they exla ed before the war begsn. It la to be preumed that the Union eommandera of our ad m vanced llnea will mike regulations In this connection applicable to the altuatlon in their own Immediate vicinity which may abridge the liberty cf the citizen to paaa and repn?*, nnq"rationed. naar their camps and picket*. OFFICIAL SOTICX. Hfut^vartm frrrofi Marshal * i WitfktHgion, V C., April 21. I*?-* The only pa?aea now Issued bv the ProTra? Mirsaa! oftiiia D?a?rict are for f(Beers and soldlcrt who vrlab to r!?lt tbe aonth tide of the Potomac *nd return; nutl the only Interdicted article* are liquor*, and contraband r.f *ar By order of t* - i? lt? my it at. ? at ? a Piajoi v? . r? IjnMit, 171'V'*! HAS LBS E RoBtSS?*, Adlutant. BEBKL POBCE O.I THE BAPP AH ANSOC I The prisoners take n in the recent reconnaissance to the Rappahannock, Mate the Rebel force In 'hat vicinity to roralst of eljjbt regiments of infBatrv, two regimeiita of cavalry and *U piece* of B-tlllery General Kwell, of I>ra' ueavllle notorify, was in rommacd TO MOUHT V?BMOT?. The Presl-lent, orcorupnnte.i by a party of per. sonai friends of both s?xes, visited Mennt V?-rnou fc la forenoon, pet steamer Tn* Watsos CVn iit?War and mualc go naturally together?we need not bother ouraetvea to know precisely why. frsn^e, that, in the midst of discordant conflict** the thing moat popular should be a concert?but ao It is. The public will be happier, therefore, to know that there ia to be an exquisite entertainment of music at Willard's llall on Tbtmday evening, ^veral of the finest musical artists of New York?Mia Henry Wauoti. Mre. Klinor Drumniond. Mills, 1K? nlsnlaf I D TV??v-? tW * ? ? ? * ? ~ * *? . uuiuar, tur BiJigcr. witu ram Nina Foster. In* reader, to vary tbe entertainment?will five (probably) one of tbe moat acreeable evening* tbe Washtngtonians have ever known. Mr. Watson, who baa tbe management of tt, l?tbe well known Journaliat and artist, a id Anything he uad* rtakea la sure to be well done. frr From tbe imbltshrr, D. Van Nostrand, New Vork, through Hudson Taylor, 331 Pennsylvania cvenue, < who haa It for anle) wc have Nolan's Systoxa for Training Cavalry Horn***," prepared by Capt. tiarrand, Fifth Cavalry, V. P. A Nolan's work it bow oat of print, and this book prepared from it with additional chapters en "Hirer's System" and "Horse Shoeing," is a very desirable publication E7"The Luberlan government has sent hither Mr. John D Johnson,a merchant of Monrovia, as a special commissioner to represent to our government "the ciaims which the government ar.d peopi" tt Liberia have upon th* sympathy of tbe civilized world, and to aff<rd to the government of the United S'atu the necessary information preparatory to a formal recognition of the Liberlan rtpablle." A Caxabd ?We are repeated by partiea reading near the Chain Bridge to contradict the story started by a city paper, of two ladles, named Tennent, having been carried off from their residence, near Chain Bridge, by a detachment of Stewart ? cavalry. There la not a particle of truth In the report, and It has had a damaging effcct upon bu<tine?a lntereat* In that neighborhood. No Passb* Riqcibbd in Obdkb to Ci<>t? tub Potomac ?It will be been by reference to the of fl?tal order elsewhere, that 4*en. Ws<Uwortb ha* annulled the order r?nnir1n? iwimii* ? ? ?? rroaa the rotoomr No farther restriction* are to h% ir.adc upoa trade In thla military d>atrlct, x cept u to liquors and articles contraband of war. We have received the first number of ?be yatkritlt (Tenn > ?w a paper pubiUhed by a cumber of journeymen printers ' thrown,out of eir plovment-' by the eventa that hare occurred there >a the lilt an weeks. In pollttca it aftma to be non-committal, an<l purport* to be a new*, paper cnlv, \^j" Oy an arrival at New Y?*rk on Monday the Hu% h?a advice* from Vera Crua to March C.IW 1U- P l?-l. m- ? ? - * ? " <nu ue r?iigii?D lorcn naa wKMrtwn. and 'h j Spanish were alto leaving a* fast a? possible The Vtench had taken possession. There had been a great deal of sirkncss end drath among tbt a:iled troops 'XT An flection will be held In Western Virginia to-morrow, when It is generally understood that aa Informal poll of the voters will be taken en the question direct?Are you or are you n<>t in flavor of the gradual aud peaceful emancipation of the slaves in the proposed new State' ICTMiJ. Gfxril Fremont aud lady, and Cba* Zagonyl, N. Dunka and E. Ulvka, member* of the General's staff, arrived at the M'Lare House, in Wheeling, on Saturday UjT From Chas Anderson, IM Seventh street, we have a copy of the readable April number of 'ThfrContlnental Monthlv." 117" Tb? tfckneu of Representative Conway u much more serious than was at flr*l supposed His disease baa aiturned the form of pleurisy. V Cltllk FROM PuBT RoiAL?OptT+lt0*l of Omr tbTft?tif Uie arrival of the stammer Orients 1, at Ntw York, we have news of Ike operations ?l our forces at Port Royal. It Is uadervtood I bat the plan o4 capturing 8tvan sab by aeadlag van-boats lato thr water coarse* leading lato lavaoaab river, baa been abiadoaed, for tbo roaooaa that Port Jackson, wbich Urn betweoa oar batteries and the city, eaaaot be safely attacked with ths small boa * whtct caa bo rot through the passes It la decm<-d abtolutr.y ? sssatiai that tho larger (raft houtd aaa.atla the teat whea aUthe prtparaticua kit* been made. Maaii whlla our tote** *zr not idle There Is mwa t? Mlcw that an laip' rUut work, which ha* bn 11 A ii'iK 5ll |>fO>!rf?l. t| on ihr rv- of ?Ccw.ii:?IHlirt?rut Wtw not a liberty u> k'Vc ? * LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. AFFAIRS CPJUfEI. I ADVANCE OF ORNERAL BANKt" TO WOODSTOCK PKIFMI9H WITH THE ENEMY BFIPGK9 BURNT BY CONFEDEHATEfc. WonpiTc-i, April I - <ieneral Bank" made an advance from ^traahurg thia rooming towards ?bls point, and when approecblrg the town, Ike notorious Anbbv, with cavalry, Infantry, and a battery, disputed onr passage. We passod through the tnwn, howerer, th? rebel* frequently stopping and throwing shells at ua, to which we rcspoaded with fff-ct 6eneral Banks pursued them to Edenburg, Ave mile* south of this place. Ashby burning, In his flight, two turnpike and one railroad bridge. All the railroad bridges between here and Strasburg had been previously burnt. Tbe only calamity which occurred on our side ? #tn? (M > >1 Will t?f Vt A Vtn^ AMrrA/l A I Vi O Pen n r ?&b vik ii ?ii kiiicu, ? uu vrii'ii^rm w iut i run' sylvsnta 20th. One of the 2d Massachusetts received a ball on hi* belt plate, but the effect was barm lea*. LATER. Woodstock, tj a. m , April 2 ?Our guuaand musketry drove the enemy from Stoney Creek, near Edenburg, this morning at ? o'clock. They were in line of battle within range to day, but probably co>;e but Afhby'a command constitute* their force. Our men are building bridges over the cretk to day. All was quiet during the nlghf. It 1* not kn< \/i if Jackson' f.>rce? were engaged yesterday. FROM CAIRO. Cairo. April I ?The gunboat Conestogs arrived from Island No. 10 to-night. She reports no change of affairs there. The mortars Are every half hour, but elicit not response. The Rebel mall, captured to-day at Union City, contained letters from th? Rebel troops on the I si 11 d, representing that the forces there were disheartened and dispirited. There is nothing received from General Grant's column to-day. Forty or fifty ?oldieri came ln'o Hickman and give up their arms, and draired to return Jo (heir alleglanec and Join the Federal army. They were a portion of thoae escaped from Union city yesterday. Tbey report that a larjje number of the troop* arc disponed to yield. NEWS FROM I- FBfcL TAPERS I'lilCAbO, April I ?The Tribune's special dl*pa'rh dated Cairo, to day, say? : Memphis paper; of tl.e 2?tb, and the Charleaton Mercury, of the 2'M ult., have been received. President Davis, In secret scsMon, ha* advtied th' t'onfederate Congreea that the prisoners re by the \ ank?;e tiovernment on parol'- be ahsolvtd f om the oath*, and br allowed to take pn't In tbe hH'.iyglnfiir Independence. He urged it as a retaliation for ilie Inf*moan and reckless breach of faith exhibited by Lincoln In the exchange of prisoners ' ! Attempt* are being made to raise troop* by conj sr-Mptlon Editors and compositor* are net to be enrcl'ed eirept for local duty The New Orleans Delta, of the *2??th, referring to the gallantry exhibited by Capt. Kesker, in defpm e of the battery at Island No 1", says ; One ninulc battery has thus far sustained the brnnt of the bombardment, repulsing the Federal guni boa's, and sending them back to Cairo, crippled, for repairs The Memphis A ppeal says: The recent reverses of the Confederate army nre nerving them with ficw faith, confidence and hope, and It entertain* no doubt of the ultimate auccea* of the cause. Van Don* and Jell Thompson are concentrating a lar^e f?rce at Pocahontas, Alabama, preparatory to an attack upon the I'nlon troops at New Madrid, and that Gen Tope will bf com pel lt d to evacuate. No damage bus been done at Island No 1ft op to Wednesday !??t, but tb<? Confederates have *Hnk two Federal gunboat*. Tte works at Fort Pillow have hern completed. Gen Pope is building flat beat* at New Madrid. to transport bis troops across the river to the Tennessee shore In Mississippi the planters are piling <he!r c?tton ready for ttnag. Gen. Pillow Las none to Richmond. A dispatch, dated NewOrleans, March26, nays the Confederate steiimer Vanderbllt has foundered at set with all on board. The Memphis Appeal is published on a half sheet In view of th? scarcity of lead, tbe papers suggest that the lining of Ua chests be run into bullet" The ladies of Charleston arc contributing their jewel*, sliver spoons. watches and money toward '? HUUUVSl . The Mercury and Appeal contain eitenatveextract* from northern paper*, but no Important military new* The lau of Jaektltw. Tiihtm, April t ?The United State* Circuit Cvnrt baa decided not to pa?a sentence of death on Jackalow, but di'ected the Marshal to take him back to the Mount Hollv Jail, there ?o remain un'.il further orders. He will probably b? discharged before long. COIWR ESS IUNAL. XXXVI 1th COMOREM?Seceed ItuUa. Bsnatk ?Afer our report closed resterdar? The bill for the abolishment of aJavery in the District of Columbia was di?cuased, but was not disposed of After a short executive session the S?en?te adi M lournea. House ? After our report closed? Tbe Tsx kill octuple* the attention of the to a l&te hr.ur. Mr. Wasbburne. from the Committee on Commerce. reported a bill abolishing certain collection diatrlcta in California The resolution wlilrh Mr. Hutrhlna attempted to Introduce, bi.t which waa obiected to by Mr. WlckLiff*. seta forth thrt on the 2Kth ultimo Gen. Hooker lwued an o'der direction that certain slave owner*, who hud runaway slaves inside of the llncaof the divlslou, be allowed to a?ek them, and ordering that no obstacle be thrown in their way. and when these men .with others, attempted to find the fugitive*, aorne of the aoldlers became enraged on ai-count of one of tbe men flrlag at a netro; and that, to save their lives, (len. Sickle* ordered th?m out of tbe lines Tbe resolution concludes br instructing the committee on the conduct of tu^ war to inquire whether General nook? r, bv Issuing (he order, violated the recnt Article of War by Congrea* and approved by the I'realdMsit. fY^?MA^'>N 'C.?A aponial moelini of Lehtnoa "iJ? LoJjo No 7, F. A A. M., trill beoonveued *' i:eo'r\l >f? >mo Hal!, c.>ra?' cf 9thand 1) ata , TH1? KVb.M.NG. at 7 o'clock Ba?ineaa in r?f reuoototho uectaaff of mi late Brother, Thos. McGatTH _ |l'_ <* ? ?" COLUMBIA ENGINE CO , No. I .?The il ~ inemtora are hereby notified to at??>nd a ia*;tinz rf theocmp&nv Til I8< Wedneada*) EVE Nl.NR, af?S o'olook. for me ?urpoe? or makini airanr'vneRU to %u-nn t*e Iiineral of oqr lata Preeident, Tnn**? McAfath. R? order It* .iNDRbU F, MotKWWEEilW), flrTP*&ATION AL BUILDING AB?H>CIA~ 'J.5 1 l??N-r**??f? of Pla-t if Mm'mc.?fne rueetuira wil! in fnt-tre tx> heid %' the OAo? of the Mutual Fir* la?or*uoe ?'onip*n?.adjoining(north) the Hark of vv?xhinRtou, t*kinning with April let. By "rder of the Hoard of Direoora : ayl-?t CHAM WIL-WN. Beo. 't"W KVKRV NIGHT THIS WEfcK. THK > s l air and Featival at Faraer'a HaH.ioppo aite Hrown'a Hotel,) vocnl and i net ru mental lroaio. r"frpahm<"?t". sabatar lisle, every hing atreaafly- l>or. t fail to attend. mh 3< 6t* Yff*t'vhRY ONK*8 lNTfcRfctJT-TO THE iLs CITIZENS. sTRANHERS, Al*li SOLDI ERS .'?I have iiat received a very larae and hoe aaeorjiaeot offprint Clotbiuc. wAion 1 am < d?nng at oar uaual law pno?e,at No. 460 t*ev er.Ui etreet.oppoeito Poet Ofliee. near F. fe Tl Sm fyW?THK UNION FKAYER MEETIN0 WiU 'JJg be ho'.den every i!ar thia week ia the La the ran Ch?r*/tf i R> j. J. 6. Itutler'a,) at the oorner of IHii au-: H atn*t?, oom.nrncin? at ?H o'oioek f m? and " )cti:.aed but oi.e >our. ia V Arrived at washinvton. at rm*'* Wharf, on the lit ot A pal, the ?ohn?cer Ma* ??v l?*a? il cw?[ oa?Uin, with b bai?? of har ?M?n?ifoadu> W. 1>. Maoj. If hedcea not couie lor the har baforatii* Mhoonor Iistn for Goorcavown. he cau find ii at i*ot?r UerryV No. 94 '* tr?ot, Gea'catawn, U O., providing he < f. Borry) pay itia ftaighiot ?aid hay, af I ?* Nk\v'arrival OF BE&niTUL STYLES * F R 1 N C C*L UTH1N6, I At AaToauaiao Low PaicBa. ! is* II i lilt l,nrn?r V. ar/4 i?k * jjNION k IRK-Wot J i) TL- l udwilcMd l?H l?*v% to inform ttulr ou?j^ni!Krji?wa?wv?i >1 WUi'i> a j .onutk o,- ?? UJr Al?o, GOA? >? el ^ MoHNbW A MAKLOW. 41 Coruw SevenlJi itrm ud Cwfi. NAVAL OPERATION! OFT THE CO AIT OF GEORRIA AMD FLORID#. ovvici&L airosT ow noM*op?m? rrrojtx DUpatohea reoeired ?t the Nary Department from Com Dupont, dated March U?:h, Wtb, and 31at, give Interesting particulars of the aucceaafal expedition to Brunawick, Ga , by a force in ike teamen Pocahontaa and Potoimka. end other hoata, under Com. S. W God on The following la a description of the batteries abandoned by the rebels, and occnpled by our force? I In 9( 91 nmn ' lalan/1 ti'rru >tr a ? v'u wi v'tiuwn inanu ? vie *"' w?*iCI It*, COD alatlog of stiong earthworks, and ao arranged a* to command the approach *o St Simon'* Sound. There were twelve eiubraaurea and numerous well-constructed magaatne*. .No pun* were ir.ounted.bat a ten-Inch aolid *bot found near Indicate the calibre of ?ome of them. On Jekyl Island were two batterlea of much greater strength. howew The one furthest seaward, and commanding the main channel, w&a a bomb-proof work, constructed of palmetto logs, sand baga and railroad iron, well aupported ana braced from the Interior with m&asire timbers. It bad mounted three casemate guns, though theae, with their carriages and all the ammunition, had been removed. The other battery, 500 yards landward, consisted of two caaemates and an earthwork, capable of mounting four guna en barbette, and a magazine and a hot shot furnace were attached. Both St. Simon's and Jekyl Islands bad been deserted. The expedition paiied on to Brunt>wlck and hoisted the American flag 011 the Oglethorpe House The town was entirely deserted, and nearly all the property which could be removed bad been taken away. The lenaea belonging to the llght-hoaxe at St. Andrew's, and the lighthouse at 8t. Simon's (the latter building having been destroyed by the Rebels) could not, after a careful discovered. The channel buoys which were formerly In the river are still there, but out of place. Proclamations were poattd on t?everal public building*., urging the inhabitant to return to their homes, and promising protection to the property of all good citizens, and the lauding party then retired to their vessels A reconnolsKance was made by the Inland passage from llrunswlck to Psrien. The vessels en c ant*red several obstructions, consisting of heavy plica, with their top* just below the water at low tide. A* they enHrcd the Allamaha two Rebel steamer* were see lannlnufff from the wharf at Darlen with a f..!fn?d of steam. rendering purault useleaa; parttc?ahy as braces of the Potomska's ahaft bad broken, In a measure disabling the vestel. Commander Godon learned from ?ome contrabands who came oil' from store that Darlen, like Brunswick, was deserted. a company of horsemen only remaining in tlie town, with the intention of liring the plscc should the straiten approach it. Owing to the crippled condition of the Potomska, Commander Godon did not deeui It advlaable to push the reronnolasance further, and accordingly returned through the passage he bad cleared, to the anchorage at Brunwlck. The following account Is given cf a dastardiy and conrealed attack rmde upon a boat's crew near Brunswick : " On the afternoon of the Uth Inst., Assistant Surgeon A. C. R bonds, of the Pocahontas, by permission of hla commanding rttieer, landed with a boat's crew, near the town, f< r the purpose of procuring some fresh beef for the ships. HtTlag icrowflished bit object, tbe boat win returning to the I'ocabontas. but bad scarcely tone twenty yard* from the besrh when (bey were suddenly fired upon by ? body of Rebel* ron realed In a thicket, and i regret to report, that two men, John Wilson, O 6* , and John Shuter, OS, were instantly kilted, and seven wounded, one, Wm. Pelaney, mortally and two seriously, vlrWm. Hmith, second first-cla*? fireman, and Kdwatd Bon?5ll. coxswain After the rebel* had fired their first volley they called out In most offensive langnage to snrreMd??r; but this demand wan rtfnseaby Dr Rbondi, who, with the assistance of Actlnj Paymaster Kitchen and H Kitchen and his wo nded beat's rrew, pulled as rapidly as they could towards the Pocahontas, the ensmv continuing 'heir fire. In a few iniuuUs, a shell from one o( the U-lnch guns of the Mohican dropped among them, and quite near to another company of about sixty men, who were advancing rapidly. The ret?els scattered and flecfinall directions. Several shells were also fired at a locomotive and train observed in the distance, it Is supposed with effect " Com. liodon, writing off lirunswlck. sa\s t( CI ...a Vu?? V. 1 l * * * * * * * uc? im?c utru uurnni^ aQUUl US, DUl 1 D il6V6 It la the bruab being conaumed, nor have I noticed, a* fnr a* the people are concerned, that they are willing to follow tb?-advlteof Meaari Toomba and Cobb by placing the torch In the hands of the children to ccnsumc their property ." Financial.?1The New York Ertmng Fo?t of yeaterday ?ay?: The government liat continue* weak, and at 03 the Slxea of ISel are frtely aupplled The Flvea nt 1?*74 fell elT to H7. '1 here la alao a heavy feellng in the T 30 Treasury note* at P0]^a9W\. Demand notea are plenty at Dar No nr?mimn baa been paid for thein since Siturday. Tbere Is a decided Advance In gold and exchange to-day. Gold sold very freely at 10l\a 108. Tbere la no crowd at tbe Sub-Trcaaury to-day. The work of paying tbe conpons on the October 1st Treasury notes goes on very quietly, as meat of this issue was taken by the banks, while the flrat fifty millions of August lPh was chlelly diatrlbuted among tbe public. Over a million dollara of coupons had been deposited at tbe fob-Treasury. so that all delay In tbe payment la removed. Tbe amount of interest to be paid at the N?-w York oBce will be but little abort of *1,600,000. In fourteen days ?30,ai33,000 of government cer uncaies or indebtedness have been 1m ted in satisfaction of pressing claim* upon tbe government. BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD 8BS9K CHANGE O F H O V R S . On and avty.r Wrdhrsda* , April 1869, thr rtKSRNeiR trains BITWRRN WASHINGTON, BALTIMOKt, AND THE WtST Will ran as follows s F.?? Dmiiy Traint Arrivt at and 2>?pari from Wajkxntton Daily during tk* wut, mmd r*r? on Hwndayt. for CHII.AUKLPHI& end NEW YORK? f,ea?e Wa*himton at 6a. m.,7.41a. m ,1U m. ar.d .ANNAPOLIS?Leare Washington at 7.40 a m and 5 oo p m. _ For FREDERICK?Leave Washington at 7 4" a. in. and 3 3n p. in _ _ FOll ALI. POINTS WF8T, And for Harper'i parry- Martin?burn and Winchester, leave Wa?hirnctor. r? 7.40 a in TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. L,eave New Vnrk at 7 a in.; Pniladelphia 11.9' a. m.; Baitimora3 Arrive at Washington 2 ?o p. m. Leave New York at 6 p m.; Philadelphia 10 sap. m ; Baltimore 4 *' a m Arrive at Washington 0 Ma. m. Leave New York at 11 p. m ; Fhl'aielrhi* 3jn a. ra, tfaltimoie 7.40 a. m. Arrive at Washington 9 as a. m. Lcoil Aooommndaticn Trmt? le*?? B*!hnu?? aaa > I" p.m. loi Washington; arrive there at 1J a. m ani 7 on p m. Uj tvjudays al 1.9> and 7 4" a in onlrfrom Baltimore. No annapolis or Frederick connections on Sunday. Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7 4" a. n. and 5 no p. m .and Baltimore at 7 40 a m. and 5 1" p.m., make 1 irect connections for Annapolis at the Junction. The 7.40a. m. oo^qeotaat Kelar for Frederiok, Hagerstown Harper's Kerry, MarUnsbarg. Winchester. Wheeling, Farsen<l>urg, Ac.. ?xeept Sundays. Trains leave Annapolis for Halt more and Washington at6 50 %. m. and 3.40 p m. Passenger Trains leavinc Waahington at 6 on a. m. ll a.m. and b p. m? and Baltimore at 4 SOand 7.40 a m , ar.d 35> p. m , will xttr oily at Annrnmlu J ItA/' IOK. Wsf Passengers must take the Ateommedition Train * only. W. P. SMITH. apii Nuttr of TraDrpnrtaUnn,~Ba'lt. ON AND ArfSlfS'CEsDAv', APRIL I, 1M?, the trains on the Baltimore and Ohio Kailrota commeaoe running daily, Sundays exempted, leavin* th<? station at Tin A. M , and oonceotic* atWa'biDfton Junction with mall train for a!l parts of the West via Parker?t>urg or Wheeling. Through tickets ?old and baggage oheokcd wT Iv ?Mi *H. Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. ap I du ? SOLDIERS' PAY. HARNDKN'4BXPRKSB WILL FORWARD ^SO^DIKRB' RKMITWHBTRSB MOMIY OK Allotment Draft*. M. X . *? - ? - - - ? - - * * " * - i? m?ir ranuiiM uut p.aoe on tns unea 01 ineir Exprit? ttorc* of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS For any aam not exc eadin? Fifty Dollar*. () And a proportionate additional charge for plaoe* reaohed by oonaaotiut Expraaaaa Tha remittance, whether in Gold, Traaaary Notee, or Atiotnaot Dratta, ahould baenoloaed a |a anvalopa. and aaoaraly aaaiad, aaa ha?a Ue full addreaa, laoladiac ti?? town, Foat Offloe and State, o( the peraon to whom to ca aaot, and tha amount legibly marled tharaon. ?.&*<> lopaa tor Uia parpoae will bafurniahad at Mo cay raaatvod to ba forvardad at tba oftea la Waahinctan, Third aUaat, aaaoad door balow Panaay ivaaia araaae. a? )-? K.S BMlTB.AiaaU XSTBIN* MILLINERY. H K A ttaauoa of tha iadiaa ot Waihiagtaa and li la laaaaalfahi lantal tt nar naaam ^ of New blyle# fpriaj M*iun?ry on titrw?CHI A?riJ 3d, itnir F*ney wd Kh>r? No. 310 rota, kvmnie, wt?#r? Mim Ttiotap on will be to Me u .t only her oi<l patrons, but tnuicert and others who iuy favor bar with Ml* UVTCHlNaON * CO. * T r - rWMMT . ?- ~ ^ _ ? f j OFFIJlAL NOTICE K'ttffMr'tn MiUMry Listritt / 1Ta?A??*r?". > ir??ta*rra?, April 1, 1HK. J I. Permit* or pt-M In erow the poteanK, within tb? limits of tblao minmd. will nolw^ee be requited of elt1r?na. t. <tffleer* <>iid oldlera ' enle^ fr-m tb? ae?'bern aide of ibe Fot'Trrac mn?t hnv# permits as heretofore 3 No reat-lcMona npon ?rade en <be tbevapeake and Ohio canal, or that portion of V irplnta wifbin the limit* of tnia Military Diatrlct, will be irntn taln*d. ? to liquor and artklearontrabaod of wai. ?. r*o permit win t?e required from the military authorities to engnu?- In fl-hlns? In the water* of the Potomac and Oecrqnan within the limit* nf tbli command. By command Brig. Geu. Ja?. 8. Wad?\miih, Military Governor District of Columbia P A 8 8 E 8 . Headquartir* Provost Mar>kai's OA '. > City of Washington, March 28, )

Special Order, No. 19. All Pa?r* heretofore I anted from the* Hadquartera to the 31st Instant will not b" renawed. bat recognized, until farther orders By order of Major W E Doster, Provoat Marthai. Cha? E. Ro?in?om, Adjutant mar fet-lw WANTS. ANT E D-T W O MEN to work on a funis TV short d'stino* to the country. ln?a r at 396 7th atrest. cor er H. ai>2St NOTICE.?Thrae*co<i Mll<MNERH want"' at 8. H?-ULhK'5i. 31 Market fyios, 'e?*em 7:h And 8th tt?. # p 2-4'* CyANTED?A n-at, lndutt'ioua GIRL to to aeneral house*o k f r a private *?errr an ? 111 11 t* Most crme wall reooitMiendnd ; noi?? ncd apply. 497 12th eti?at. n*ar k tp 2 at* W~ ET NUR*E WANTED. Good wa??s to a tu.tahle p?r?on. Apply at .No. S12 Mum oha*'tt* avenue, l et ween 4th and 5th it;. ap2,4 5* WANTED?Hv a ariva'e family, a refpao'a' ie G1KL as obatriDtrmai'l *o<t to a*?isi io ?( ?hme and ironint. App'y at 437 Twelfth street between 6 and H. *.p 2 2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GIRL to To general housework. ? pp'.y, with r<orm mefldationa, at 34?> lenth streoi. hftween 1, *rd M. It* WANTED?A BOY from 16 to 1R yeara old, to loarn the couf?ot:on ??y trad* A German referiMl. Apu at JflStM'H tCHAPINKLffi Corfictiocrrr. Sixth street, between ti a: ' U. ?p2 It' COOK WANTED-A OolnrM Cool. One wh? ' sn con e well recommer.d'd oAu o .Utu % ro<fi ilwe and svO'l w?s?t br applying at .No 00 MansROnserta avnue, between Mew Jer* t av and Nrrth Op ! ! <(. ap 2 3* \\7 ANTEU?ASITUATION Mfir?t-c mcool " by oae who ur ilTBtanl* c*f^e j "e? aH a'! kimls of paotrT : a ?k ?e| or r?*tatirar.t l?rr*t 1*1 "aoa'l at 197 itrn?l, I'Mwe^i' ih and f'lh. If AVOUNB WOMAN Want* a 9<t?*tlon a? eharp^?rrnai'i or p'<iinooofe. tj.-ni r?-<?rei.cp> riven * so. ? inutic woman to do uitamherwork and *ewu c-or n?ir?? aiid he p f> waah and iron. It'Et of OUT ref ?. 6'IQCE alv?n. AHdiMa Row A Star " Tt*" U/ANT?IK F? a iiwiy. BOAFIilNG (With a * widow lady preferred)" there ??? ro other brarde-? or children. at a rnnriiHs p-i"e, fituVed f-Vween P*nn*jivsjna arerjue ard 11 ferret north a-i ?ti Rn-t 1*th itre??<? A'l r'*? "A M. L. ," Waehinjton Poet Office. ap? 3t* AN (UVNKI1 WANTKD.?The subeonlvn* rro?iTed, &L.^ut th;? Wh December , is !. % Id of HI I) KS fr >f.i tie Haltiinore and Ohio Rat!'~vl, tupp n4 to have been furvurdcl from Wv l ine ton and to a? Trie ovrr wU> pi? *e call aril i>aj ohr.r*is a?>d take thr m awajr, otherwise they wil" be fold for the bncht of tf-e c waer, after pay ire ch?rr*'G. APPOI.O A SOM*. ?f 2 I*w1w fV'oe. * % d IP W?t^r?i . ><aiu?. \\l A\ 1 hl>? A HI M L to do c^rere' h n*??w?rlr ?? id a una:! fnmilT 6rod reference-* rettt red. A'*rv a little Girl toatt?nd to children. Av*T at 3S3 l?:'h *>' "f, tietwe-n H an1 T. ar> * r* ANTBU-Two SKKVaNTS. *?,i -ecn.n mended?o;.o t> c n k. wm;;. atid ir"t? the other a* chambermaid. Arp' f at 1 )* !'" sr , r <*ar | t m k rum. H3 1 9** ' WANTED-1 ;.r*? tor-' COAT HANDS, n.-o throe cood V; r H.\NI?', irautiHt unw?diateli at WM TI . K F. H "*?. M?r->h*nt T--'~r, 4 2G ?'*. avenre, hetTreea ?H ais?if*h e'e ap 1-8 * WANTKL'HBt Ma? ltt. % FrKNfHKD HOl'Wfc; with t or to room* : will boy the frrnitore. Alio, to tra>te land* ana mi inter"** in a valuable invention. for proper* ar.?' merchandise Addreaa, thr:-wgh I'.nt Offioe. ' <>. W." sp 1 at* ANTED-A LADY t:? o|??'*t"r- \V hce>rft Wilson'M reirire : wiH't b? a ri"*i operator and well aoqunsct'?U w.?h th? *<jhi-e. M WILLI AN, ap 1-St* 33H Ponnarlvat;la avenue. %*/ANTED-At W. r O'SiVaRA'S Variety ? ? St"re, l'e*:uBy!r*ru?i avtnii?, a RoY to o ean np and ?pni?t r^nera.:y in i leptore: nmat know how M rea l ani write, a-v-lcl k?.?o? eh*r*o ter ior nonegty, *a ap 1 WANTEIV?A *m*ll or a **it of ROOMS i unfurnuhrd) villi t 1 desirable convenience*, bi & mi all iMn. y without r>t; dr?n Location to bo jimmmi?, withrut d fl> enoe id wh*t part of the ot<y. Addre??, Star f >ffla*. "W V. vV." in'i -1 St* WANTED?A competent WOMAN ?A or'd or a German woman deMf?d to take tb'en ire charge of a card i y??' ?id ; ose wno i* a res' ??aTr?tr"-3 denrrd. and of amiable d rpo?:tion ; ma?t br:d(t the bnt reonmm' u<:&ti?*ra. To ons who can answ-'to the&tove r?<uirecif itj the hifheet wagea will be jiren. Apply at 1 4f> 6 'reef. ap 1 3t* WANTED?Br tUe let of May, (wahin easy diiianoe of the Treasury.) a smali HOUSE ooBtuniDK at lea?t three b*dfhainbers two par lor*, kitchen and oeilar.and?though not indirprn able?a rmall ?ta'> e. Ren: must b* modorstc, a? 'he tenant will be permanent ard punctual an to pujinouiaa w?? j at ca'eiui not to lt|ir* the premise* Address "J, A K.,' at the office of this Mpfr, statist full partiau'ars ap 1 3t* VVANTKD-A WBITKCOOK. Apply at Mr*. *' KlLLlAN'B, 310 Klevnthrt. inksi^ \VT ANTKD-A 0IRL to do genera; housewrk " in a p'iva?? fami'*. Mest ot refereno-s *? quired. Ca'l at No. 441 lrth st. nsh ai-6i* WANTK D?A 61 KU to Jo tbe tener*; h. u ?work ia a small family. Good reJ>'?r.oes repaired ? ppiy iunniriiately at No. 4 14 K ?*re;<*t, be.waen 9'n aod lotn sts. ruhi 214t* WANTED-A resp-otaWe Pr. testa-1 WdMA N a? seiiirs'rets aod ob&mr>erm*'d ; r.ot e ce d apply witlieut f*o?J references?430 i> strw\ : ??wa?n Ulk an<J Atk . Pit. aJ I ?L w < vh <-r sa mxu q?.ii i ii ? I V?'J ?? ! ' III " U WANTKit TO K KN'f? ram May let, a neatly forni*h*4 HOUSE, in aoentroi io^a'ion, I'r. m 10 to IS monu. Atidreas Bo* 3 ?tar 1. ffioe. jnh 31-tf WANTED?A jeiitleman in this o ty eniata^ in a very reapeo'a' le bntiness. thai yroaiMa to he rr,,fltah!e. wnhe? to ret a nil-tit Parser with a capital of or #!.?*> ?. AddraM'^V. F >" thfongh Poet Office. mh SI-St HOUHt WAMKD-A muhI fin.iily. witliool children, will hire a neat'? larunbed Hone, container rai?. water, and, if ?<>as;bU?. ail t>?e modern improvement*. mtuated between fa. av# nuesnd I etrert ai>d 7th and i7th ?t-. Good ref^r eueea ?iven The bo?t of rare will b? ?ak*n of tlie fumitnre. Addresa "\V. G ," ftarl'iaa. mhSl 3t* WANTED?Old American History,Sri ard ?th volumes: Hn ik'a Hitlnri of V'?ini? IVr?? toe'a Him lb Carolina 3 volamaa; Niie^a Herm'"*; Kami*?'a South Carolina; Wilkio*on'? Tnel: Burr a l'rial; Old Coin*; \ut?(rap*a, Old l'amtince; Old i)< ci.< macia; Wntinfe; Letter*; Lee** Memoir*. Iu moving. roais Volume* were their value will b# paid, if returned to me. . AI.FRKP HUN?KR, nih 31 at* Oypr B*ck o' Washington. WANTEJ)-A SITUATION, br a rmdd'e aged w ? lromsut Moook or lanndrM*. 6ood reference liven if re^nlrrd. Arply ?t bTwrry HWe. *4th treet. between 1 and K mh 29 MKS. FRENCH. WANTED-Bj ? jentleinao and hi* wife, a ' T bardaomol* Furnished Bet* Koom and !*ar or; or a Furnished House, tn ioiue pleasant locality id the oitr. For farther particular*, app y to EM ILFDUPKE, 380 Pa. ay. tr.h? Ol LI) LETTERS WANTED.?1 will fire from two to ten ?io! are for ^eMers written by ttee'i WashmKteu, aud a fair prioe for Old Latter* written t>y celebrated Americana, evolutionary Celebritie*. President*. tienerala. Commodore*, Jndres. Doctors. Divines, Lawyers, Ac. Ad<lre*s ROBERT ?PKIN?, ?4? N. Twelfth street, Philadelphia, Rare Book* and Pamphlet* on Am*rioa bought. mh 3 lm? W A NTKL>?To inure every one kcow nut they " can tind the beat atook of Clothmz, rtau auc Ceca.a: the very lowe&i rates, at BiUl l h' ?, Xp. 4 SO I?ayetj tii etreet, ?>oiow F. wa-.Hi WA NTED-Everypereoo to know that I am in lite market, ready to pay oaah for all prtolee In the hoaaefomiatiint line. Thoee lea vine Ue oity.orhavint ajaralaa, will do well to call. R. BUOi^LiY, ?ie Seventh at, betweenS aod H eta., (eaet aide,) Dealer in New and Seoond hand Furniture. . bo H tf ? | f\i\ ?AGENTS WAN FKD TU OPKN IUU. aa office ard take the wholesale Mono?. cheapeat raapi in the world. A fortnne ean be idm* on tfieae mate in eaoh State. 3 ooojnoo copi*e ?f one of my naia nave already been ao>d. Aleoamaato <o to California, KngJMd and Cuna. A tent* alto wanted in ever* oonnty and in ever* reft meat la oar amy. Sen* for dreaiare. J. T LLOYD, mbi tmajl 164 Broadway. New \ orV eih prior*. de^iiuiuj h-*iiw?|i e? i r *m 1 *;i?< a aorpln?<Trerntti?re, w.ilCr'1 ft H \;?lr I 1^K^"4i^SLM??SIV I ' *T5^*," y' t IIC4 4NII WOdllfl) MttPIIRI III twrrui FuM%*k?d * fn/trmttw wui tk* ***? '' n** f *h* 8m*? / J?Jf 1*. 1**1 li . ??<? ?? ? G0~pi'f+. M?"* "* Ml? !* Ii.f.niry . . 5 *<Hb NrwY-rk Vol ' Oh do d? 1 ^td do d?....l" 3d do Artillery I Wk do d?.... 3 3d Malnf Voluntrer* . 1 77th do do ...It 1 3d do do... . 5 d" do....1? 7th do do 11 93d do d?v .. I 2d Vermont Volnnt?wr* 4.3d VewYoik ArtlllenrtS 3d MaoMchuaetiB Vol. l|3d I'rnn Volunteer*. | 7'h d? do t 3"th do do I 9th do do 3 J#l?t do d? I 1 iMh do do. t'fljd d<> do 1 | l?th do do..17 ~l?t do do...... | 1 Ud do do. 86 -3d do do '> 3d do Art . 1 9)d do do f KlthNrW Vol. I.lfetth do do. .... 7 * torkton'n Mich. Vol.S3 PWh do do...... I 2d Michigan Vol 1 I'Hd do do 1 1 4th do do IS 1*t do Rwrvr.... 4 5th do do t 3d do do 1 . ?d Wltronsln Vol.... 1 4th do do 1 ; a ? - - - - 1 ?a ao co 115th do <o 1 24 R bod a (aland Vol.11 M id do do 1 ( 4tta do Art. 3 6th do Cavalry 35 ; 13thNew Vork Vol... tod do do 12 : 11th do do 9'lit do Rifle* 4 ] 17th do do....12lj(h Cameron Drajroon* * ' *sth do do 5 l*t U 0. Chameura... ' , Rd do do.... 2 iPth Indiana Vol .... 5 35th do do ... l Ofllcefa aervant MM* I I i 30th do do.... 3. - J 4Td do do.... i Total 3tt 4ttU do do...?>l ; At titntrai Harpual, Caio* HoUl, tomtt mud Washington struts, (rtorgttown, March V lat New Vork Art. .. 1 ?tgt Penn. Volnrtteera . 1 < 13th do Vol...17(41 do do II 14th do do....10 Wld do do...... 3 ' 17th do do.... 7 l(*3d do do...... 2 19th do *dA.... 1 Kane'a Rlflen 3 j ?5th do dt>.... 1 7th Maa* Veluntoera. 3 a 88th do d*.... 1 |9th do do...... fi f 3Id do do.... Jjlbtb do do 4 . 41tb do do....l7j?d do do 1* c 49th do do.... 1:8tockton"a Mlrh Vol.IS , 50th do do.... 2'4tb Michigan Vol.... 3 frld df> do 5 *d Maine Volontoera.14 < (-M dt do.... 5 3d Kxcelalor Brigade. 2 <3d dt> do.... 2 1 at do do.... 1 9th New Vork Cavalr* 1 4th Vermont Vol 1 j lit Penn. Cavalry.... IfSth do do .3 ( -th do do 10 I'h do do 2 . 3d do Volmiteera. 1 Mo4t*a Battery 1 tth do do 2 Cameron Rtflea 1 ??ti* do do 2|l?t Long lalaud Vol.. 1 I d? do. .... 1 SiaMl Corp? 2 . wti ao <ti' a f t u. b.C*y?ry a llitu (to (to 1 11th do Infantry.... 1 i34 d i do...... 1 lirt do Chameura... 1 4<?th do do 4 ? flint do do 1 Total *t'4 do do 7 J i ?r?i(rai Hcrr* ?*'. (CtrtU,) Wat king ton, M<irek&_ j t?t I' t*. Otvnlry..... 1 ITtb I! 3. Infantry.... a id do do I lat New York Artillery - I |'h do do a ad do Cavalry . I S'b do <ir 2 T?th do Vol .... 4 } tth d<- do T M ?o do I j |?l <*< A Slllcry .... - }<| |Vnn <"avalrv.... I " ad d^ do 9 idth do Volunteer*. I 31 d' do 7 8*th do do...... 1 J 4th df 4' ,, 4 9W) do do 1 J Mk An <- 1-< If ' " ? 1 i-jh do In' r''v 3d Vermont Voltinteera 1 t 3d do (5i?, ..14 5th N Hampshire Vol 1 4f?i d" do ..1> tat Minnesota Vol.... I Btta do d<v 3 Mirb.V?1<?)1 "j ItJtto df do 4 | 11th d- do i T t*I 1 VJth d<? d" ..5 * (") At*latent Snrgron At .'**?*? Hr.< t:?J t Pmfnt OJHfi), tttmiAimftm, | D. C., Mmtck n lwtb li.dla: a Vol .....41 Ola' rrn'i Voluntern 9 y 13th <To do 1 I07!h do do ... * J 52d Nev YrrV Vol ... 1 ;(5*h d?? do .. fc j filet do do.... ? ftl?t do do ... I I Ho do.... :i lvlth do do.... 7 ! A.*A A.* U ?. ! nli - - J- ? 'jtu u" U'N ? ?# * | ;M'l M V Ql* . I r?.'>th d? 4? ... vi.?th d<> Artillery.. :i i Hi <*" 6j!?t V S ?*?)? pabooter* 4 . Wh do do ... SjM do de 3 < TBt^i ?*.< d<>.... tjtth Mi'hlgaa Vol.... 'J ;:tb do do.... 1131 do do ... I j >iil du do.... 1 Onp'da CaTalry 10 i j'.tb dt> do.... 1 McHlcltaa Dupoona.. i I I1!h do dt 5d Virginia Vol ....1 I 9th New York Cavalry 1* IHh Main* Voluntrtra 5 5th dc di?..l) Utk U. ^ Infantry ... 3 [ ;tb ?lo do., i t'.nuirron Dragoons... ~ J 62 J Peas. Volunu.e.*. 3 CiUz?n 1 | li^d do do.... i o>-tti d<> do .. 0 Total ..<19 1 1 Hat do do *i; 1 Ai 5- /Jfpiitu, y+iirrn ?r?sU, I AfarcA 2S ywth New York V>1... l|54(h New Yo'k Vol... 2 3thV<TiT>ontVo:ut>teeft 1,73d 1'rnn Volonte* . I | *2d New York Voi ... 1 ,i aifc New York Vol... 1 lUt do 4o.... ljUth do do....12 Ciditpo 1 15th Mvi Volontren. 1 F.xceUior Artl >ry Vo! 2 fr>th Pcnn.Volunteer*. ? 61th New York Vol... 1 lid New York T?1... 1* Jt*t> NJ llcik V*l - W'U . IlDiU^>Ui>!T ?vi I ?/*ll ?? IKVUVin f?l * I ?Bth New York Vol .. 1 1?:h PennVoiaBtmrs. fi 37th Penn VihJUfn. fi <kk Maine Volunteer*. 4 \ ICth New Jervey Vol . 5 l?t I' ts ChaMeura... 1 t b'j-h New Ycik Vol .. 7 feflth New York Vol.. 1 ] 6<W Penu Volunteers. 1 ' 21 Mnine Volnn'erra . 3 TctaJ ....91 5c*h New York Vol .. 1 , - i - , B i ii M St'i rrroiuMf t? ikt HeryitrnJ fm ?V?fltM Ihtimtt*. < Kn'crnw, March 88. Sd U. P. Infantry lielat New York Vol... 3 ^ 8th do do........ 1 ttftk do do.... 9 2d do Cavalry 3 Oneida Cavalry 1 5tii <io do Si 1st New Jeraev Cavalry I 6th do d<> fi Unh New Jersey Vol. 1 | 4th do Artillery. .. 1 jMd Peno. Volunteer* . 4 i 1Kb niaine vosumaera 1 uxiado do...... 1 lit H&M&rhuse'tt Vcl. 1 l(i?th do do 1 19tU do do.. 1 1Mb fndisna Vol 1 Sid do d?.. 1 2d D.C Volunteer* .. 2 lit New York Artillery 4 2d B^rdan Pfcarpa'ra.. t i 12th Mew York Vol... 1 (^narteimaater'a Dep't 1 ] "7tb do do.... 1 ? ' <tl?t do do.... 1 Total 43 At ' :k L)-strict Sckooi hourt Hotpiuil, Brunei I {/" (itncral Hoifitni a: Eckinflon, March 88. 1 < 1?tCsllfitrnto Vol l|22i New Ycrk Vol ... 2 ? iKt s.viMt'in.M i m no no.... 1 * id D. C Vo!uliters.. I Ifcxi do do.... 1 1 5th U -S ArtlUeiy I ? J 7l*t Penn. Volnr.'eerj. 1 Total..., 23 c **bN??w York Vo! ...14 ? JLt iHntreU ?Ux*mir%*, ,Uarr* *8. | ?d U Infantry ....l?is?d M?w York Vol... f> .Id do do 3! 57th do do....16 4th do do 11 #!*t do do.... 4 1 tih d<> do 12 Md do do....14 J cih do do........ I M'h do do.... 4 10'h du do 1 <*th Ho do....17 1Mb do do 3 W>tb do do....17 V.'th do do 77th do d?~..S7 14th do do 0 87th do do.... 6 ' 17th do do 8 Wh do do..,. 6 'id do HLirn*'r?. .. i &lth do do I < 1th do C?v*lry 1 t?t Nrw> otk ArttUeryH ' 5th do do 5 3d do do.... 1 cab do do 9.Independent flatter? . 5 Nt do Artillery.... 1 11th do Battery, fi id do __dc> 7. I*th do do.... 1 3d do do ... 1 l?t do Cavalry, l 5th do do...:.... 4 ?d do do 1 ad Main* Volunteer*. 5 9th do do.... 4 3d no 4" 14i*<M Pens. Volnirtmr* . 8 Uh do do 7 '>lb do do. | Hh do do 28 6tb do do * 6tb do do 3 7th do d? I 7th do do S3 10th do do S i 5U? N. Hump* hire Vol. 6 12th do do 6 W dn do . 1 ?d do d? 1 2d Mi?Bch<iMrUii Vol. 4 48th do do 1 ?ih do do.. 2 4Mb do do 2 19th do do., it 63d do do......?0 Ibtb do do.. 2 *Mh do do 1 1lA An An T AJ. II UVi t VI Ul UV UV. , I ? 1 I . lat do Bat.. 1 01st do do 3 ?*t d? Art.. 1 ?2d dn do 7 j 4th Bhodr Uland Art. 1 63d do do 8 i 2d Vermont Volunteer* 6 74th do do 1 ? 3d do do 4 81st do do 5 { 4th do do 99 33d do do 1 j 4th do 4o II ?3d do do 2 1 6th do do.....10 86th do do 10 | lot New JrnevCavalry33 WJth do do 3 1 1st do Vol.... 3 Wth do do 8 j 3d do do 6 106 th do do *j 4th do do MM do Alfltt 6 7th I do do 1 lot do Cavalry .... 3 I 1st / do Art.... 1 do do 1 < ut New Vorh Vol.... i|3d do do V 19th do do.... t ilth do do a I 13th do do.... 9]1M do Artillery ... 2 14th do do? 1119th Indiana Vol 7 Ktk H n tftn 1 l9?th A a la i I i#th do do....u]?d MiohUrui Vol !.'.*** s i rnh do do.... SJd do it 31 18th do do.... 1 4th do do...... I I ?d do do ... i 5th do do. ?| tttfc do do IkWkoMUTd.... ? 1 Mth do de.... 4 3d do do..... 1 i 27th do . do....lO tth do do ? f? J?"*. 1 do do t 52? 2? ' a do.... 4 9th Illfoola Caotiry...?0 30U1 d( do.*.. 1 Cunftoo Dngocni.. M 1 JSd do dr.... * Ut 1 ?5i Jo t?""8 v-* * do deiij'to <4p#or*r!?^...* ? 1 ^ do.?. ? cttizm* s i *** tfc do....11 Prisoner of wvr '1. 43d do do i . 44th do do::;:i4 t*h., 1 do do.... 11 A At Dtmgbmt NwptMi, wwt / J imm mu J fry mrrmu, Ma)?f. Pivmrtrt.... | N't* V?k V*l... j t?t I 8. AitlUwv.... I Aitfc do ? 34 4c do .. } M<b d? 4?.... t Mb 4?* # Wb d? 4? ... 1 Ji do Infantry ... | 7?tb 4" do.... | Sib do do I -*th 4o 4o.... 3 mi 4i 4c. M ??ih 4" 4o... 1 rtfc 4? do * <>M* do ... t Wh Milw 1 ,ii i?< ?t? do.... 4 Hh M. ItaftinMr* V?i tf.. 4c .. f 2d VeriBoatVpliNiierr* ?.10lUi do do . i Uta 4o 4o.. .(*> I |la* New Jrr?ryr?vairy il Mawerbiwrtta Art ljr??ert*ti [Vafoom... 4 15th 4o V?4 3|IM P'rtn Cavalry.... | *?'th do 4o.. IiJ4 4? 4* I ?4 4o 4c . J do 4? i *d Rbod* Island Vol. M 4o Rftrrrr j let NewVock Artillery 4 94 do VolnnWra. ? TUt N V Artitlor?.. I i?tb do 4* i Dlek'a N V. Art 1 Md *o do t Ith NawYnk Cava'r* 1 rr?h do do i -lb do do (4) 1 31* do do IrtU 8 CkMNQN ..1?4*h do do ? 1st I/O UK l?liu.d 63d do do 4 M New York Vol ... 1 Cist do to 3 ?tk do do.... .1 74th do do <1 17th do do 3 83d do 4?..(/)1 *>?h do do.... 13 ??-th do do 1 tM do do. i* ?:?t do do x (6th do do.... 3 Old do do I? 23d do do.(?) I 9btb do do. (f) 1 llih do do.... 7 IKtd do do I list do do.... * 107thdo do 5 121 do do 5d I> C Voluatoora .. 1 13d do do.... 3 Tth Mlchlirm Vol ... | 15th do do . 4 5th Wtaeoaala Vol... ? Od do do ... 1 4th do do.... \ Total ?73 idth do do.... li (o) Chaplain (0) Captain (?) Float l>? wast (d) Aaalatant yaroooo ( ) Copula f) First Lt?Qteaant (*) Captain if fluiwi Hetfifi. (KcJn+ffm,) March ? all * CAimlrm a IM), N-V-k ?-i * do do. 3 luftd do do. 3 lU> d? do 10 IlOd do do.... ? latNewJeraeyCavalry i Io7tJh do dr.... 3 th PeaB. Cavalry.... 3 Ut Berdaa Pbarjta'ra.. J t do ArtJlierr... 7 td do do t ?t New York Artllwry t,5ih U S Artillery ... \ 4*h PfnD.Voiunlatn. <!l?(h do Infkntw a *tta do do 1 Tth Main* Voluntr*r?. ? td New York Vol ... 1 Mlrfci^an Irdp't Vol. I !Tth do do.... 1 id L) C Voluu'eera.. 1 ?th do do.... 1 ? Od do do.... 1 Total r? O" WMhligfton papr-n plMt ooff aad md lllk l? (k? H u Dmartmni iprt-ti At trriON By WALL ? BARNARD. Aiiotionaara. Sowtk nnw' Pn arn*' mm 4 it. B| AILIFP'8 CALK OF HOIT8KHOLD Ft* wnil.?r. at A Oct n> > ??'n 1 hUSR I>A V MOKMXi. 31 inatant. at in o'oiook. vul Mil m [root of tfce Auction Koomi.f.i, ?*aort<i,?nt of^MJndhaixl PornitBra eeii.^riBinc? h tkBCMr'i 8a?iiic Maooine. 6et? Cotta<o Fuminre M&hoocr ?nd Marh'o t Hwr?*n. r*t*% * B?Toaa. t erif u*d?. Hair and !*hnct . Pillows and Cowl rt?, kVa?li?ao<1a. 1 ran* Poat Ckatri, "arf^t Anf< OiMoth. T'Xlot *w?u U>? Cruoko-jvr re. Ct>* n? *i.d Parlor *to?aa. ?ot Cl<ar?. T?t 8*t Hrae* I'ca n, Jnoater tn* l>rawor?. aud ?laae Sor??iie. And other arurlaa to n?w?r?ii to It* rl'or rJ 11.? (J? m'3~ " wall'* baknarp, a??u BU\ Vli'fUkW AVVKipie FifcRI FACIAS. iNB?d hy Henry Kwrer, of the jaatiooa of ib? feooe in *iid (or of WMhii(V>n, ?' h? anit oj I litiril I'tinmirl, the good*. >U?tt.*iB. land# Bill o' JrMffe BtMkx. kad to mo directed. 1 K?tc levied upon all the rifhC, [ to, olftira, ittereat *1** oatnfe or the eeM Joeofh Hoarher to or.* into o*r* of Lot No. St, fronting 31 reet r n the *o*tti ?i-'e cf Pro???ot ?ueet. Mad raa rinc book isn feotaieop. and t ooceby ti\ a Dot lee lint oc th* l-Ui d*y of Apnl, 'Wt. at 3 o'c'oo* he afternoon. m front of ?ai? arnaiM, I wi I offer or a?Je tha Mid put of Lot No il k> the hk? hoot udder for ouh. ?> 3-H* II. H. Tltl'NNKLI.. Co?rtaKo. Mr WALL ft 0ABNARI). Anoti- neera. rw-* n Ita ?* * ~ In' r>i r.r !* < S. uf VALUABLt EKAL boTtri ii rai Coc.nv or Waisikc. oa, D. !\? Vy virtueof adeeo ot faat.dated ?a tbalMh lar of Angcat. sn#T. aad recorded on Lb* i*tb <s?r >f NovtmUr, 1 S7 in Ub?r J A f.. No. 141. foUoa 54. 333. 23fi and *J7. tvte i.i the acd reoordt for VYaahingwt coontr, in the Dietne' of Coi?nbu, I *1 ! ?*Tl OB 1rtlR?l?A V . .4th d*f of Apr I. IK, U5i>'olco? p in , at tl. e Aact oD H< l>o j Wi. * Barnard. oarner ?th street acd l'a aretue, is tke Bit* cf Wa h:nftot:, the fo low is* Ceroritied tract if laid, Vtth t ai dicgv arl imyruirn ?n'i LbereTc, uteatad in tna ft V\ atluuglue. in the Die .riot of Co cmbst Tti e md nut ot lard hagtrntB' a? the erd of the !oartb t:na ?>f a trast of 'aad ea'iad New Boat, a"* namng.tbeno* eouth U aenhee. ibeno* aoat' V legreea, wt*t ib patches, th*aoe north f?d*gr*r*. ?a*t 145 perch**. thei>r* south d*trer*. f?*i v \ i?erob*? to iU intersection a th ti e fifteenth lira ef i'.e larger tract of laad eonv?yed br tna bat re aad lavieoe* of i>a*id C- Part er u? Kdward t*war , :becoe aoutb 49 decree* w**t Ot perebet, tbeoce tooth 25 degree*, we*t SI perch** a?.d ?-??? of a parok tbeooe, eon'h >1 degree*, writ t5 a*reh?? to Lha beguuucg, ooctauung SI acrrc, 1 rood and 17 perchee. roe lermt of thia aalewi'l he oca-third tub; Mk auee bearing urtoreat asd pavat .e iu ??eal mii? iu*ct? atb, is ftiiu UauDtlii, tfce deferred paynatta to h? eecured by a ien on the taad On* hnnlrcd do lara of the oa-h p?Tm?ii*ln be >a a down it the piaoe of aa e. and ir. cut Ue par jaaaer or pnroharara refaainc eo to do the proper-t* ri. at once be reeo!d at the riak and ooet of the efaelUnf pnrohaeer or parohaea'a. K. O. MOKiiAN, Trnatee mk31eo4td< WALLA BARNAID, Aacto. BALLS, PARTIES, kc. ?JRAND COTILLON PARTY TEXFKHAXCE HALL, jR E atreet. between 9th and loth. Ob FRIDAY EVENtNK. April ?. Daaeir.g to?omui'-noe at 8fc o'clock, rrof. Arth'a >and ta enaird. Tiokeu $), admitting a jeoue nan and ladioe, ap3 3t? PROF.C. r. BARNKH. Manager. UU K VOU TA> EN YOl'R WIFE. OR I* (ffufhter.or in* tr*M Fair.bow being held at Parkar'a Hah.' iio Una and ro? cam"! lail to te p eaeed. itih 81-M* MKS. ACKEN WOILD INFORM HK.R . fri*ikla whi sre auxioas to ecaamaae with ipini loreu ones, she bu o Med at the l*ie>ao 9oa*e, corner of ?th and Pear.fjlvaiiia a*eaae. *ae bH aa uihum in Mrs. fkomu. who 1a E'.airvo?act. and the* would *o'ie:t tu patronac* >faU whcare interested n. wt.atu teimec spintn*. nvestiration rnk ?Mw* Lf COAL OIL LAMP!* r OR SALE Lowe* to??i they hare erer been in this market 1 have ;u<t leooived a large wpply, ard oder tci?ua ineaoeia'nls, both at koivtM ud r?Ui Kaat oi C oa.i? i wctnf a> cau be boacht io the c:ty. at N->. ^23 C street, hewaenCth ana 7th, aontfa a de. old ctaad. c n before foiac a sew here. ib ?t if J. W. MOREKLL. MISS K. W. WRIGHT Iim ' r iri SCHOOL tOR Vol NO LA 1)1 at . No. J?1 8?v?i?th 8ri?n. And reepeottully asks paklie patmBU*. mk M-Sw A TAIK NrtTlfTK ' n LI, B?t?. from th? U* <>f a u^.eu ??w m Itltd Mt Vtth tut* ud oonoaty at BAR * BKO.*B FuhinnftKe CtotfciBc Kelsb lelMWBi. nh 94 In* n*rMrKiB4Hmatk(U. initA ului * ?Ti OP TI V I A N 8 , ??? m4?,\ kftUUMi IMfcata KYK6LASBKB, MARINE AND FIELD ?LAM>N(i. CUM PAW KB. * .. of tk? hMt aiaMI?. > " """ ^ POE PAL* CHEAP-A If* awl kuOioM r NniMtm iron fmm* fc iMwnii^na PIANO, with *11 tho ?U i?nuw?fH^f^ -ovjMl oornon, eanrod aon:4ing. oW 1 " ' ' itrlcii. * e , and of im ton* and toveA. Wort* Mrfcwill bo w>M Mr ?' * ouh A?p.y Mr!;n 1o. MT Pocnsyivaaia avacio. batvoaa Kfc aac i*h Itm*, oonU a?4a. M 1-iW DTA6lt8 FOE THE bt'L.LEL.% BATTLE O FIELD, M? JlMf/u ?U scat. Art's, at 11 : (Vtarmiag ntxt ,Ht*um Far* for raaau trl?. # . AMWWioa at rteij^w ottoan *""v -v* Hh??r p)NfKPIHA^ANO^p AND MINw,u jaaftffra 110 CoaMaraw NoU. lwa*4 at flteimoad. Va. JkX M *? ? ? leceat fcaia aiaeler, iswa4 by tfca Bat* ef T?a 14 ^umLmm va. ** Swyerebea af m wtjM My M CornnUN ?f IW^epee 6 o*ata ?* * H?w ?** u4 C?t 4 ki "Hi LlNtiiON'f Mutator*. V?u?ca bu s.Li M i-#t Owwf ?M str** Mi F*. ?i?n

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