Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1862 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS. T<\ Minn. Koid> Atimiw -Tb? (treat trafredlan, Edwin Porrral.wllJ appear (hit evening. la bt? eclehrated char?rtrT of " Jack Ode. the Bondman of Rent " and will be wp ported by Mr John Mc ?* Mi? fcia l a \ 9 i 1 'TJ ilOTJgD UlU *1 niiicna v. 1U&C1M aIIVI Mi?u|icia will doubtlese snbrtcc the opportunity afforded thim during this engagement to ?? (he great tragedian CtRTUiriT Hall ?This fhTorlte place of amusement was crowded last night, aa It will bo doubt continue to be while PrrcfTal offer* auch a combination of baaaty and talent Only to Iblsk of eight or tea feasale porformera ? charming alngera nnd graceful dancers ? erery evening, with more than the aame number of male comedlana and gymnasta O|,o Fbllow's Hall ?Seventeen choice atari of mlnatrelay, numbering anch performer* aa tieorge Kunk'l, Harry I,ebr. INelae Humour, T. L Floyd Tbec Abrend, Ac. All theae appear each rveolng In a new programme of aonga, dances, and burlesques. I'tBkHB^tluL (Young Men'a Christian Asaoctatioo Rocma) ?Extra attracttona at the Ladle*' Kalr tonight Vocal and laatromental inualc, refreshments, curiosities Intbeabape of Seceah current-v. are all to be beard, tasted, and seen there. R? member the proceeds are to rebnlld Firs; Baptist Chareh Tub Dsstbict in Consbbss.?In the (Senate, yesterday, the bill to amend tbe act establishing he Metropolitan PoMce of the District of Columbia was reported with amendments, and a bill waa introduced by Mr. Wilson for the better organization of tbe District mllltla By this bill all able>bodied male citizens In tbe District between the ages of twenty-one and forty shall b? liable to do military duty, except tbe Vice President. Congress, oflcers In the various servicea of the United States, mall-carriera, terry men. gate-Keepers, pilots. marine* clergymen, rmftvon and pup:la of educational Institutions, and members of toe Are department. The aecona *ectlou rein tea to the organization and officering of the militia All officer* are required to take the oath of allegiance to the Government and faithful performance of duty F'nea for neglect of du*y mav be leyled, at from ifty centa to two dollar* npon private* and non-commiasioned officers; subaltern officers, from two to flee dolUrs; captal na, from two to ten dollars; staff officers and field officer*, from three to fifteen dollar*; brigadier general*, from flee to twenty dollar*; major general*, from eight to tfc'ny dollar* Twenty time* the "mount of tbefte fine* may be levied when the refusal to do duty occur* In a call to repel lavaalon or suppreaa mobe or Inaurrectioos. There ahall be a company muster in April and a regimental muster In October In each year. Ten Tear*' consecutive service will entitle an officer to an honorable discharge The bill to abolish slavery In the District of Columbia wai then taken up. ard after * peer bee from Mwri Wright, of Indiana, and Feaaenden, j of Maine, the Senate proceeded to vote on aeveral proposed amendment*, both to the original hill . and the eubati'ute offered by Mr Clark, of New > Hsmpahtre The former wu amended ao aa to prohibit any one who haa borne artna against the { rolled 9-aten, or rendered aid and comfort to the > (JoaJrd crate*, from receiving compensation for slave* A proposition wm rejected to submit the rjueattoii of emancipation to a vote of the people of ?ne District. The substitute was amended by making the rim to be paid for each slave up to Uty yean, of age not to exceed W, one half to ? ha M| J Ik. m.m.A IW? A?Kna kal# ?M Vw. a^A I *t u?iii \ j mc uwuri i ?uu iuc vwvi u*u w w*> i Uln?t by Secretary of tbe Treasury, to be by bias ' paid to any *la*e freed under the law locating '.n a foreign country. Without disputing of the ubjeet, tbc 8?nat? adjourned Msiiiko of thk Hoahd or Tarsi am or t'rs Lie t*cao?tk*?The regular meeting of the Board "f Public School Trusteed waa held lu the Aldermen "a Chamber, City Hall, yesterday afternoon A eonrcmnnlratloo waa renewed from Mr. Anthony iTrde, for W. W Cw?r?n, E?j , dated ob the -*7th oi March, and stating tha' when the ?? * ?f the buMdlntr on H street [known as the Cor ooran-library building.?Hep ) waa given to Mlsa Mlddtoon's schooi, It waa asked and it ranted as a anaiinui iimn^rmrni, uhiii id>" ibni-ronirmrlatrd ba lding on Fourteenth at. vru erected. That having been accomplished more than a year alnre?the communication prnceeda? tt la bnt Juit that rent ahotiSd be paid for the bulldlnp. If the Corporation contlnnea to occnpy It; and " I have therefore to say that rent, at the rate of 9300 per annum, will be demanded from the lat of April nraitnio." signed by "A Hyde, for W.W. C." It wj> itatrd by ?emhera that the communication wm unexpected It waa refi?rr*d. A communication from Alfred Shaw. asking appointment to a t^acberahlp wa* referred. The chair (Mayor W iliach) elated that a lady A (talVlfl huH m! le/i on him fn# annAi??>?Ani I ? .. .mm ? ? ? vwmtm w? ?Vi Ht'pVIIIMIICIIl to a teachershlp. Mr. Miller,from the committee on books. moved that the treasurer be authorized to mir?haae eight copies of the latest edition of MltebeU'a atlaa, for the use of each district school; passed. A resolution changing the hour of opening the "cbonls In tae month of April from 0 a. m. to 0 a. m . with a recess at 10^ a. m., was passed A resolution contemplating sn enlargement of the school-house on the corner of U street south and Seventh street east, was passed A resolution authorii'ng the trustees of the 3d cnoffi aistnct u> nave im plan of a new school bAi>M(to be located on the corner of U street oath and Third street east) prepared, was passed Adjourned. APbibsh V1 fw or tri Mattkk ? Editor Star t have seen publications In several of the vapors condemnatory of tbe clergymen la Waahington who omitted the prayer of Bishop Whitttngham The prayar, a* every one knows, Is a joyous thanksgiving for vtetory to the Federal R'lM Could any one with a* conscience pray for (bat they do not deaire, or thank God for what jtrievea them' Would any of ua be willing to ilatea to a minister who fear d the power of man more than he did the anger of the Almighty ? P?rre a man to pray against his conscience' Such tvmny is unknown In tbe former history of our country; and tbe suggestions of several of tbe leading papers of this city, vis: To administer tbe oath of allegiance to tbe clergymea and choir of all the churchea, ought to be frowned on by all who approve of jnstlce and free tbcught. I did D*t believe that the Bishop of Maryland, ao long aad ho truly beloved by his charge, would oountenance, much less be the author of, such a tyrannical proceeding. He was doubtieaa unaware of tbe Dain It would caus*. If tbe government undertakes toponlsh all whose hearts are not with tt In lta wrk of subjugation, the country will be fall of martyr* And tbe punishtnent bad better be reservrd tor those who pray against their codscience than for thoae true heart* who fear Ood rather than man If our ministers and private rltisen* are uot to be allowed to choose their own prayer*, where will there be an end to the tyranny * i do not reside here, and have never heard tbe clergymen referred to express their views on tbe aunjeet, but It grieves me, as It mustali lovers of justice, toseetheee thin*-* force 1 Into the church as if we had gene back to the dark ages. Washikgtcn. Washington, March 30, l*fc!. Police ?The Third Ward patrolmen reported, ndiy. Michael Brown, Jeremiah L>nrh and Baxtbo oesew Riordan. charged with laroenv of (ioverumeat property from cavalry camps near the Park- Thev were tornrd over to tbe military A further search was made by the military authority ;for goods, and we hear that from the premises of Lelna, who la new usder arrest, three wagon loads of property was recovered, and a eensldeiable amount from ?"her places. James Jennings, driving through t* Northern Market and breaking ashed; fined el?by J< tlce Claytea. Beorire Pi 111. charged with* stolen property Id hit poeewioB, dUmlaatd ? by Justice The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported John Hawkins and Bernard Jiekmi. boys, fighting, locked up for four hours Nancy Murpby, ma lU; dismissed John Bloomer, fl?bting: din mtssed?by Jostice Walter Lewi* Brock, drunk ant <i:?orderly, dq? Cnrolln* Ad*ma and Margaret Allen. Inmates of Frsther'a Alley, Ifbtlng; flood ench Chna Blue, as**ult and battery en H Darla, sent to jail?by J ustioo Clayton A. 1 L Keen*, aauult on K. Henry; for trial Wadntoday before Justlce.Morphy A L>k*ritATB Iomii -Last nl?h?, two men? one m elderly man, the other young enough to p*M fordtla Ma?wont to the tare peon House, corner of Eleventh street and Pi avenue, nnd engaged a room. The youay man re state red their inm an " W T. Moor* and Son.*' About cast 11 they were ahown to n room In the bonne adjoining the hotel, which baa been lenaod by tne proprietor for the convenience of hla hoarders. fW old nana undrsssed and got Into bed the nog one did not; but drawtnc n platol, presented e the old ann a bend, and demanded hla money- The old man cried "murder!" when the villain beat him nbout the heed with the platol, and taking from him f?rty dollar*, naeaped, though quickly pursued by the board ara and the petrol men on Che bant. It la supposed the follow eoeccaUed nimeelf nenr by nndl the nanroh bad censed The old gentlemen was terlooaly Injured, and thla moralagl* quite weak from loos of Mood Mr Emrteh baa been unceuQing in hla cflbrts to h ave the rebber arrested. Cutial Onannaovss Caasa? Before Jujtu* CUrk.?Margaret Brlannhnn, very drank; lned 919% ?? - vnrrr, *uao.pD .\gm, " - on. mm, Jokn Drank, LouU Ni^U, Aufutfni Crmger, Albert Alter, Tbos Smith, drunk, turned orer to tbo nlllUrr Tfcoodkro Calender, nttut; 4UBfcul, with a protnlM of Kit ploy :n?n( at tb? city farm upon bta MXt appaoraoco. CbarU* Hclx>'M.<l Arank; dl*mU<?4. J. 0. Garlaad, Ao ; toedftM Mtrikw?l OuUwy, ?e. Toa Pl?t Y+r**u* who w*?n op ygfrr diy (A(> li I ) ' M'Ck ?>f ' til* ^i r#li nave" to I. faretl~. ?V?*<o, * ?* ,kjl1 jf,er -*o?l uouo* they nt it." llktra moot b?vo t>ovo mom ic.iukc a*o?t ?* mt0m Miitins or ras WAsai!??Toii8ci*!iriric At solution ?The regular montly meeting of the Washington Selenitic Association w?? held last rvenlng at the hall of the Georgetown Medical College, near the corner of Twelfth and P streets After the transaction of business pertaining to the association, Prof. 8. L Looaila, the president, read an esssy on the " Corral la tl on ana Conser lion of Force* In Permentatlon." The moat popularly Interesting portion of the lecture was that treating upon fermentation. The action of yeast upon the dough-ma?a was fully explained He stated that the flrat change In dough after the yeast was Introduced was the breaking np of sugsr (which Is In the flour) Into carbonic acid and alcohol, but aa the heat la Increased to 1CXF5 another fermentation ensues, and It breaks again Into lactic acid and chemloal force The growth of the yeast was next noticed, and its miaute structure explained, the cells being only one seven thousandth part of an Inch in dl aineter. The different kind* of bread were neit described, and the obemlatry of IU manufacture explained. Permeated bread, leavened and unleavened bread and aerated bread were mentioned In turn. Unleavened bread be stated to be an old Inatltutloo, but tbe aerated bread, which wai a modern Institution, was a kind of unleaveoed bread which bethought was the beat for digestion. He .tben alluded totbebabltof raising breed by means of leaven, a portion of dougb which haa stood since the lait haklnc, and stated that after tbe dough was once raised decay will commence, and although tbe baking suspends tbe decay It does not destroy It, and In course of time persons who use bread so made will become unhealthy. Tbe loaa by thla fermentation or decay was noticed In France 35 pounds per barrel was loat, while In this country from IS to 15 pounds was lost It bad been estimated that the city of London by thla means lost 50,000 barrels annually. Police Matt**?.?iiril Ward?Rosana Burns, drunk; ?1.75. Frederick Kenegan, do ; 92 75. Michael March, do ; workhouse. Second Ward?Jamea Driacoll, drunk and fighting; 91 M Sand? 'rlttendei, profanity; 92 68. Jas Gradv, drunk; turned over to the military. Fifth Ward?John Uarr, found In possession of U S property; committed to Jail. Henry Donaldson, John Hlfflny, drunk; turned over to tbe military. Samuel Anderson, do, 92 38. Henry S. Bonaall, Jaa. Wallace, do : 95 58 each. Thoa Byran, disorderly; 92 58. Sixth Ward?Nare Krown. steallnc: tall for a farther hearing. Wm. Yarny. iu. 5*<>per, drunk and disorderly; 81 94 each. Stventk Ward?J. B. Hepburn, disorderly; fined 91 M. Wm. Carpenter, do.; do Edward Thorp, drunk; turned over to the military. John Gllright, do.; do. Thomas Nugent, do.; do. John D?y, Insulting ladles; do. Edward Hamilton, disorderly; do. Sergeant Kelly, assault. do. J. Turner, bench warrant; sent* to Jill. Francis McKown, drunk and disorderly; fined 910 94. Charles gyles, do., and carrying concealed weapons; fined 930 91 Before Juttitt Clayton ?Ann Brady, drjnk and dtiorderly; fined 91 M. Caroline Adams, rol'd, using proftne le.ncuage. fined SI 56, Margaret Allen, do ; do. Charles Blue, breach of the peace; sent to jail. Fia* in Aluanpiia To-pat.?The old warehouse. belonging to Jamrs Green, at the faot of Wolfrtre?t, Alexandria, on the wharf, was de P'royea tuis morning, ?t 3 o'clock. It bad been occupied m quarters for bone* for the 8th Illinois rmlrjr, and had some old bay In It It la not known whether It was careleainea or tb?work of an incendiary Tbe property, f?rtuna?ely, *m not of roach value THt WiiHi.??r?nTBnrn ?We understand the WaahMisten Theatre (Carutl'aSaloon) wblch wm cloaed last week, will be reopened to-mor row night under new auspices. It u rumored that Mlsa Maggie Mitchell Is ?o be ?ha f*ar en the opening ntgbt. Ashved at Carter a Wharf, (foot of 13 atreet,) acboooera Marv P Stephena, Pevd, Philadelphia, with a cargo of soal for Henderson Fowler, bufihrataa, Burnet, Raitlmore, with M,000 feet of umber for Samuel Normcnt. It Orrirais of the army should bear It In mind that the flneat collection of Field tilasaea Is to be found at Mews. Franklin 4. Co.'a optical eatabllabinent,'Jtt Pennsylvania avenue, between 12lh and 13tb atreets. It Mips Niha ! obtk* ?The NY. Evening Post writes thla of Mlaa Nina Foater, who recltea dramatically at Madam H. C. Watson's grand conj cert at Wlllards' Hall to-morrow evening: Her rendering of the part of ''Rosalind'' was very aprtghtly and thoroughly appreciative; her Mia* Hardcaatle, to which we have before referred in especial praise, la an advance from that of ber last reading, thouirh then characterized hv an Inimitable combination of woman's tact wltfc girlish simplicity; but her genius only demonstrated Itself to the utmost wben the absence of a delinquent Sir Peter Teazle, whom she had relied on, compelled her to assume that part aa well as hla coquettish wife's. People who have *een the full strength of Blate and Laura Keene brought out bv the necessities of these two character!, will understand what a daring venture the duel Impersonation must have been to a young lady who has never had Usee Instruction, socalled. But the event Justified her. With the most perfcct self-possession, and with charming folthfulneas, she portrayed each of her difficult natures in turn, r.ever hesitating, never blending her parts, altering voice, far?, position and mannet with the changes of her dialogue, until at tk. ?l?o Af tK. -??- -1 J HV U* tuo WVIUIU^ nwiic tuc ICHICU mid an applause which was as sincere an It was hearty. * A* it is a mtitbrt to a good many person* who have of late bought their ontflu it Spring Clothing at Bar Jt Bro 'a Clothing Establishment, corner of E and Seventh ilMBpy bow It la poaalble to aell ready-made c!oTH*nj? equal In style, making and trimming to the beat of thoa? made by merchant tailor*, at auch low rate*, we will therefore give the fallowing explanation: 1. We superintend the manufacturing of all goods ourselves, atd have found through a good many years experience ts this brsnch of business, and in this citv. what atylea of gooda are best calculated for this market 2 We are contented with small profits. Our constant aim is to gain the entire confidence of thia community for fair dealing, as this Is our motto We will continue to sell goods chesper tbsn ever. We hsve Just received a large stock, comprising all the latest styles of boys na well as men * doming. Every person ran now get tilted and fitted with tbe roost d*?lrable patterns. * Bar it Bio.'i, cor. E and Seventh ata. Ma. Baknkt or tm? Barmt Cask?The following communication was addresaed to the Republican, partially In reply to a statement published In that paper on February 36tb: oommch1catkd. Judge Parctll a trespasser t? the "Barmy Cast," The decree / divorce 0/ Iowa "a nullity, not voiiubit, but simply void?mil per tons concerned in tuck judgment* or sententes are considered in law as trtsfuers "?Elliott va. Pleraol, Curtis' Sup. Ct. Rep , Vol. VII., pp. ?oe.eor ? l -.1 -A At ? * ?-? - ? - - i o?fc uciayiu iuui loug u) aoucc uc erroneous venlon recelTrd by your reporter, and published la your paper of the *Mth ultimo, of the proceedings before Judge Merrick, on the writ of Aaftsa* cofput issued by that functionary, commanding me to produce immediately before him the bodies of my two km, la order to verify my own tm preasion* cf those proceedings, by submitting the perusal of that version to my counsel, and also to Judge Merrick himself, to sustain the following statement. In the course of Judge Merrick's remarks on the occasion of the proceedings, he Intlmated that the intervention of the writ of corpus arose from the defect on the part of the Orphan*' Court. In not carrying out lb own de elsloa, by refusing to give an order on the marshal to surrender the custody of the children to the guardian It had appointed Judge Merrick lo Ik.t L> ?- w ?..--I ? I. high compliment to Judge Purcell, personally, on the selection of Dr Huret Linda ley, or remark that "bo batter man could have been aelect d," which remark I am led to attribute to the fertile Imagination of your reporter's Informer. The writ of ctn?i waa Issued. I suppoee, on the assumption of the validity of Judge Purcelldeclaloa, app lntlng a guardian to my chlldrea, but which dedal on he baring failed to ratliy bv amd friittmtlf refualng to great aa order oa the Marshal to aurrender the chlldrea to the custody of aeld guardian, I took la custody ay elder boy, with the Intention of doing the aaaae with all my chlldrea, in order to force further action pre sr con oa the decision of J udge Purcell, and to locate the whole responsibility of that declaioa. It must be remembered that Judge Puroeli's dec is" on, In sppolnUng a guardian, is made to rely wholly on the assumption of the validity of the Iowa divorce, behind which he could not go, he aoeeptad U ae valid, it could only be aet aside bv a court havta*? sDoellate iurladlctlon In the word. at Judge ?ore*dl'? CwUlon, "If the Mid court of lowm ?rrcd, thla Court hu no power to Cti him, the Mid Samuel Chase Barney redram. hat tfee remedy la before aaother tribunal, the regular Appellate Court. The above deorea cannot be Impeached or Inquired Into co laterally by this Court aeoordln* te the authorities which are blading upon It, and that It la blndiof alaoupoa iam Mia Maun V. Barney until reverse*." Te rataln this opinion Judge Parcell quotes one half dosen authorities, among which 1 was particularly happy to nottoe there was no decision of the U. a. Supreme Court cited; honor It oecarred la aw not to bother my able aad amiable counsel with nt erode lilsss. out te sndsnvor my* self to Ind soaso sntherlttes, partlcalarly of the highest tribunal of tbs land, tc rsoeess the dorial on rendered toy the Orphans' Court. And although " a man who Is his owe lawyer has n fool fur stll???," yelwe all haew thst law la founded upon common ssaani aad en that solid foundation It occurred to sse that ao two coart* [ ot dlflSreat jurisdictions oeuld snch eaerelse ja . __ . , rlsdlctlon over me on the same subject and at the em* time, hence If I and my late wlft were under the Jurisdiction of the courta of this DMriet?an acknowledged and Indisputable feci?I could not conalder that the court In Iowa had Jurisdiction over us; and the assumption of the Orphans' Court here of Jurisdiction over me and my children rendered void the Jurisdiction attempted to be exerfined In Iowa; and upon this conflict of Jurisdiction I conalder that the court here had a right, and that It waa its duty, to adjudicate Influenced bv theae views. I namtad to that moat unaxcaD tlonal authority, Kent, and to the decision* of the U 9 Supreme Court, and I soon found strong authority to controvert tbe decision of the Orphans' Court. I flrst Quote Kent's Commentaries on law nf divorce, vol. II., p. 109. Ac.: "There la no doubt of tbe rule, that the allegation that a foreign Judgment for the Iowa decree of divorce was obtained by fraud la admissible, and if true. It will destroy its effect. All Judgment:* rendered anywhere against a party who had no notice of tbe proceeding, are rendered In violation of the flret principle* of Justice, and are null and void. Sentences obtained by colludon are m*re nnllltlM. and nil ntktr rattrli maw ex amine into fact* upon which a judgment has bun obtained by fraud, hvery party is at liberty to show that another court was imposed on by collusion " I alio found decision of the U. 8 Supreme Co- rt, rendered by Chief Justice Marshall in the case of Elliott vs. Pieraoi?Curtl*, vol. 7, p 606, 609 : "Where a court hat jurisdiction It haa a right to decide every question which occurs In the cause; and whether Its decision be correct or otherwise, its judgment, until reversed, Is re- 1 garded aa binding in every other court. But ef ?t(lowa court) act without authority, its judgments and orders arc refarded as nullities. Tkey an not voidable, but simply void, and form no bar to a recovery sought even vnor to a reversal in opposition to them. They constitute no justification. and all persons concerned m exacting such judgments or sentences art considered in law at trespassers. This distinction runs through all the eases on tht subject, and t( proves that the jurisdiction of any court extrctstng authority over a | subject, may be enquired info t? every court when the proceedings of the former are relied on and brought before the latter by the party claiming the I benefit t*f xurh nmr mm/I* " It these decisions are valid In my cav, the resalt ia, that Judge William F Purcell has been guilty of trespassing on iny righto; and 1 consider I I would be justified, under the ygls of the higheat tribunal of the laod, in taking Into custody my children, without subjecting myself to further treapaaa by the intervention of Kabeat corpus writs. But I will bide my time ; for it la as sure of coming aa to-morrow. It* Sam'l C. Barmky _ _ i UR1STADORO'5 KXCKLSIOR DTE Is unrivaled in the world. No other Dye has been analyzed. No other Dye produce* sifch faultier coior*. No other Dye can be applied so rapidly. 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Sold nt No. 214 Cnnai street, Brand re th Building, New Vork, and at thr Branch Offlce, corner Ninth and E streets, Washington, D C. P S ? Butlers supplied by the doien. mh 2?-lw The Indian Herb Doctor, Prom Canada ii wise before it is too latb. Call without delay, and see Dr. Ttmblrtt. the Indian Kerb Doctor Bv so doing vou will escape The Iron grasp of mercury and other baleful poisons. Nav, mere, vou will become once more In possession of ihat greatest of all earthly ble-Ml n g *?H ?al th. 1 desire your prostrate heart* to lift, Your blerding wounds to core. And with the treasure of Nature * gift, Relieve the rich and poor. The following la a Hit of the chronic complalnti which are treated by Dr. Tumblety with unparalleled aucceaa.Dlseasea of the Lunga, II'-art, Liver and Throat; Dropsy, Dyapepala, Fits, St.Vitus'a Dance, Kheumattam, Dlseaaeaor the Kiduey and Bladder,and all Diseases arising from Impurity of the Blood, auch as Scrofula or King's Evil, Erysipelas, St. Anthony's Fire, Cancer, Fever Sores, of however long standi ng. Also, all otner complicated chronic complaints wk (y* Vi Kavs tka a^ lanoa an<l aWlll nV TT UIVU U'? ? I "V-I'-UV^ UliU !!! "I lot If roel doctor*. "A trood tree is known by lta good fruits," and a good physician by his successful works. 80 don't be cast down, be you ever so 111, But go and partake of bis superior skill. That never has failed, there are hundreds can tell, Who are brought from death's door, now happy and well Hla charges are moderate. Mild treatment and good W ill soon purify the whdle mass of your blood; Malignant diseases he soon shsll put down, There are thousands could tell now who lives In this town The Indian Herb Doctor will describe dlaeaies and tell hta patients the nature of tbeir comfdalnt* at Illness, without receiving any lnformaion from them. No charge for consultatioa. 1 OSes, No. 11 Washington Bnllding, Pennsylvania avenue, corner 7th atreet. mar 21-lin Limi! Link!! Limi!!!?The subscriber baton j band one thousand barrels of the best wood burst < Lime, which can only be had at his lime kilns, be having dissolved all connection with any other place or establishment for the sale of Lime, Cement, fcc., snd which will b? sold low for the 1 cash. [mar 29-tf] Wm H Godkt. Hsalth roft thi8oldii?? ? For one who dies from the effects of the ballet, ten perish from damn and exoosure to nlffht air. Small doin of Holloway'a Pllla taken every other night will correct all (Unorder* of the Liver and stomach, purlfr the blood, and inaure aound health to every man Only 25 centa per bo*. 242. I Dr. Wbit*, the Ohlropodlat, ia a wonderful 1 operator. Hla method of treating oorna, bunions, bad Balla. etc.. la nerfaction Itaelf. Huffier nn Ion. ger from tkose terrible evils.but submit their treatmeat to the science and skill of Dr. White, at 420 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4# and tth ?a. Ihsia Rrsaaa boose. lad)* robber Sbeets for protecting children's beds, that bo family should be without; 7f oeats 1 each. Rubber Blaakcta, tor soldiera, SI M each. Rubber Poaches aad Blankets ooasblaed, |tJS% tank India Rubber Coats, white or black, each. India Rubber Leggius tl per pair. And all kinds efRubber Goods, including Robber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles,

Door Mate, Uader Sheetings tor bed*.In stckneee, fce , Ar , at manufacturer^ prlcea, at H. A. Ball** India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. a v., between All uimm can f nd th? b?t stock of Cloth- i Ids. Furuiah!ng Goods Trunk*, Hata and Cam, ' at Bsalthto, No. 470 Seventh atreet, Mar F. I . .susses* 1 1 '^ "uUMN^saffiiMde of tha famib ara la- I itod ?o attend kin faoomi, to-aaorrov <Tharede?) i m .... ? rORPS ATiWHW. Jom T. Kosd?^ ? Profr?^T ?cd Minater Job* 8. w*i?irr ?tn? M?n??w THIS irElflNO. Beooitf of the %r??to?t:irini tT?*Mi?n MR. EDWIN FOR REST, Wfc* w,;| *pp*tr ,n bia gr?At ob?rftcter of JACK CADE THE BONDMAN OF KENT. Clifford Jolm NoCit'OBfh Mfcrtimn* . Mim Aueni ThnrhJir. E'tvio ForT?t In a jreM o?mr?ct*r. ,|jy EDWIN FOR~REtfT't* NifiHT# J1 D d4?. WedDMd?Ti Thar*<1a? and Fn4%g. Hoxr ffije open from ?to 1 and from 2 to ft o'elook. whan Mfttn OM t* Moored. ADMIM10!1. Ptm? Cira!?acd P*r?uPtt? ?*c?n*? BMcorr S?ats f ??rohMtrm ? il Fft'i il? Cirole *5 cinU No extra oh*r*e for re??rve1 U CHARLE? K. FOKD. Treasury. CLARENDON CONCERT HALL. fUjfDBS CL HHSPO!* HOTRt.* CONCERT EVERY EVENING. BY A FULL BA>'D! n .a _ / 1 .m . orvuuim vtnrinf umi, Gcod Liquore, Clrt'n, and *p 3-lw? Everything >p th? r.*t?pi Un*. ODD FELLOW8* HALL, StvmtK it., ??ar ikt Post Oft*, EVERY EVENING "DLRING THE WEEK ! KunkeVi Hightingale Opera Troupe THIS LARGEST. MOST VERSATILE AND BEST ORGANIZED Company of Minitrtit in the World ' Comprising ?BVK*TK?* OF THB PICKED SfAftS Of MIXSTKKLSY, among whom are 9EOR8E KUNKKL, HARRY LEHR. NEl.HE HEVWOUR, T. FLOYD. THEO. AHREND. an4 19 Othara. Aditiifaion 2* cents. For p&rtioolira aee ainaM bills. Doore opsr at 7; cnmnuo* at 8 o'oloek. ap 1 ? (Hrpabiiean 1 CANTERBURY HALL: CANTERBURY HALL : In rvidonoaof a COMBINATION OF STAR*! .. thf *<jf of which can b? towhar* fo?nd in World of AmntemenU. * ________ Ohrerv* this Bnlltant List of Nami* : MISS MILL'S FOWLER, MISS JULIA MORTIMER, Mli*t* LIZZIE FRANCIS. MISS FRANK LA FOLLK. MISS MARY BLAKK, MISS LILLY BRANDON, MISS FRANK SKCOR, MISS JULIA RICHMOND HARRY J CARTER. DELEVATiTE BROTHERS, [lit K PARHKR BILLY QUINN, J?K CHILW? M*?TLH /OHNNY, JOHN BEANY, PYLVA9 CLARK. JOHN HAMILTON, T?! BSST ??Er|ff?TFR BoTTTS Fh!LAP?tPEIA IT^Np chMie in th* Admin*!*?* rrioM-/"!! Adinm?i<'D 35 ; (>roh?oi?r xv<< ??*. Afternoon R*t**ntt+m4; t For L?di<* ?n4 ? ???? *, on WKHNKPDAY ANO 8ATI1RDAV AFTERKif mva ? 4 nuunoi r v?w? ? When* lavish 'listribation .if El$f ut Vit**rU ta invlf: Riob ami Coetij Jewrvj. Book*. Toye. Fancy Articles. arvl m*t mfieent 8i'k Dreeeen. AdmlMion y eente : Ohiltfrew i? ocpte. oih SI R A N D CONCERT! Madam Henry C. Watson, (Of ih* Philharmonic nnd S Y Oasma/ Concitit) will give her FIRST GRAND CONCERT At WILLAMTS HALL, THURSDAY EVENING. A^rllM. on whiou o:o*?ioa the will be a?eist?<l by MR. 8. H. Mli L.S. MRS fcLINOR D1WMHOND, MR. I. R THOMAS, And MISS NINA FOSTER (theyoung, aooompliahed and Keaotiful elrontioni?t, vnose reoent readings in New York Lava been so brilliantly successful ) Maaioal Direotor... MR. HENRY C. WATSON Tickets One Dollar Each. Reaerved seats, a? cent* extra nil Sl-gt* PATENT OFFICE CU RIOSlTIES-ttBtde to X. Patents, Catalogue of ORfio?'tie? and Gorerximent Garden*. At ti.e rtacd in Pa'eut Office; Rare Antiquarian Books ; Government Books; Doeanr.enta tuinisboO: Hai!rc&d Reports; Mliitar* Re rorts; Burnt Pat?nt Oftoe Reports: Cheap Hooka jrnished to Pe?Jiara; Mi.ttarr Trials: Military Laws: Array Regclattoaa; Panorama of the Coast Hfcowinp over 2,w ml tea; many thousand Cheap Books. Reochect obeaa rent. lArge saiea. io? pr.cos. Op staira, orer Bank of Washington. inaq-Snn* Al.r KKii tjt'Pi t KH. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEM V, at Temperance ** Hall, It etreet, between 9th and Mli ClM?e? jff, "Tory Tuesday and Frida??Afternoon at 3, evening cla*aat7. Soiree eve Ft. &?L9Hb evening at 8 o'clock. Muiio hy Prof. Heo. Arth. Temperance Hall will 1/9 let for ila!l>, Partie*, 4 c. Apply as above. feJ4 2m* EH)R SALK-A r??8ii MILCH COW, with her r third oalf Apply to the aBbaoriber.MfrydB No. 19 Congiesa aireet, Georgetown. |Wf^ npj WILLIAM KING. SS. RANKIN Jt fiO U'U9LS>lLI WINE, LIQUOR, AND CHEAP BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, 49, Wats* arb Concise* sraaart. UEOtiObTu WN, D. C. ap 1 6t* r QYSTF.RB?OYSTERS. btsAffcAKK BieuQM ?>y?ter PIOOU. TM aubaoriber havini oompleted x Steamed Oytter Saloon, ' now readj^^a ( \ to lurnUh to citisena, atratnera, ?&d%\LJ# tike pebllo geceraily, with Oyster* cooked by the new rraoei of a'faminr. The beet Oyitera the Market can afford will alwaya be on hand, at the Cheaepeake Steam Oyeter Saloon,No. 40S G atreet, near 7th, aad eut of the Patent Offioe. mh 31-lni WM. P. WEBB. frofrieior. A8TA6K H)R MANASSAS, via Fairfax Ceaft Howe and Ctntnrillt. Will leave Alexandria at o?olockMiflR?2& on Mon at and luetday.for > air-JKmSCDC (ax Court Ucuae only; on Wedne?eay will atart for Maoaasaa, and the rego ar dayefor a ?.11 V.* aM 1. ? *-J |0?V|U? Airxroiuim win in munu?f, niviniinjj, Friday, from th* 8'eamboat W harf. foot ol King treat, at? o'clock it. m.; returning f om Mtcuui on T?e?d?y. Thursday, and Hituroay. Fare for the ronnd trip, 85. Ssau can ha frocered in Washiniton at Grejo ry's Store Store. Pennsylvania avenue. ?ou'h ide.tvo dnora east of 7th etreet.of at gigcer'i Book and Period leal Store, No. 120 Kmc ?tre?t. Alexandria. Va- mhU lw m i? D u u n ma it n ?i ai u | n i n n Fi d i vuuruno T 3 10 TREASURY NOTES Caahed on ?reMntatk? by , JAY COOKE * GO., Biikm. mh ? lw <Si fifteenth afreet. CONFEDERATE SHIN-PLASTERS, obtained at PorrRoTai, are for aale at the Fair it Parker'a Hall. 60aad gcftoneaa aourioeity. 1 h Si-W t US. TWELVE MONTHS CERTIFICATES, Bought aad Sold br 1 JAY COOKE A CO.. BANEKMS. j mh > !? 4aa Fifteenth atree*. ! npHE LADIES OF THE FIRST BAPTIST I 1 Church vili be hap?? to aee their friends and . itrauj er* at the Fair tki$ tvmik, at Farker*a Ua.i. (uapoalte Brusn'a Hotel.) wbTt a moat deightfkl entterainment will be provided, mh U 5r yy ASHING TUN HOOP 8KIKT FACTOR? ! WiNTWKIffia4TI!LT' - To mfcDutActarf Hoop Bkirta. A eon o*n J&tkf. in % ?bort linfjma ' fOOK TO/lTE DOLLARS PER WMEK, Imuit*. for farther tarticnUra, ooirer ofNiatk < J"'a '"'gaat AS k, CO. 8&W. ; " l'kw3 mddla Poet for mi*. ^HTALM. We U**?|mt tMMWd ? m?pt j oi tho Wjot* Am, rtitoi^w rKoaawi to bo ofa T?rjwip*n?r ??M^irsriSRs^s i wT " vmniiivi. 1 ?p??mm* mmmm LQHl AWP FUUSO. |7()U.N n_On tetiHir.mkMtrek, * !krf?nvf r d?*k bmwn HCt*9K, whieh ike oweer <pv_ wo hare by pro vine ftofrXj ud Mtibc jU2n x^mn. icqmre it J4Mti9 GOOLP^ trocary 3<Oi?, wrwr td ud F ?t? M 2 ** I OST, LOST. Lo>TJ-?10 K*wa?b-V?? 1 A *** - - .. t ; ? ' - ?- - -?.f amui'3, r< mm linn D*i.n",T''. i <i iHANU-TRl'NI witUb.Mn (trip a.oard it, to tLe amokinc cat, n-.a?ked C FUtfcow?k? TH? finder will pla?#? ?iT?it a? W"* *?>?? } inoiiivMin. I.t. F. ILtNKER. * it* Tilth Wt;m#nt Pa IB l't*T?In tt e Pa*rnt ? thia mTsiri, about j 11 o'a^k. a bau<ti? of BILL'*, lor r*nt in thr *?w > ork a*eno? Fr^bTt^riai Chnrcn. Th? fabdrr wil! b? iii'Wt r?wa^#?l by lc**-in* th?*> witk th? ?tsdw<n?d, at room No H ocivrii Laud Office. iai floo , or at .No. 43? I ttrr?l, b;tw^n 9;h and t nh ?ta? JO!*. A. DFKHI.K, >yty* Tft<|trr. WLNTAW\Vr?OM MK THIS MOP* cf.GKORG!ANNA, my ohiid via M it oo ored; and ab? at Jfc ?*a: > oJd; has or. a mk b'o?-n ca ion with whit* ?aou? in i'; * 47% brown apron. ahi a airaw bonnet; back ' loth flcak A-f information ia.'t at AM MK Janr* ?\w ?- >? " ? and M ?tre?t?. M2?* CBl.OK J(lHV?TON.fall oo'ored > I _ NOTICE! CA.UTION a.; Mr>on or peraons from harboring or hiring my NEGKO MAN J*?.r R*MPTO,V, exsept (r"B? m* '*!f p.'T?om?tlT- He ia ?er? notV-'e; he la a very darlrcojper color ; he has a acar *etwaen his eft foreffugor aod thumb, exten tint two or tbre-4 lr.o^ej tcwarda the wm, ?>*j. a soar MKni hn ft?reSugi?ra on the light Uid ; he ia about 45 fears of *ga tfeat 5or^ icohea i?i heifhtand vary era*. He lef' ray hoiiM oo the 24th of Maroh, without aaj cause. JAMK8RHODF9. Aprt'laMtei ap?-K* CT? AYEl?? From No 27, Indiana avtnoe, on ?3 Saturday, tiie i9:n mat., a black ai?^ white row, with a a rap around lwr aP^%f^ Deck. #5 Mwa-d will be giren to any oneJEaarfita* who oan give Information ooroernicg bar, and mor? it ftnrce-.l to the houa*. ap 1-tf LOST.?On Thursday la?t, b?twe?n <? h and E street",a pairofGOLI* fPKCTAOLtS, id a b ac* murrcooo oaae The fender by ;ravirc them wi'h A " E L G I>AV1S, baa . Secretarr of Firemar.'a lcsorauc* Co .over Hark of **aahi.ig ton, vhjjroeivs a suitable reward. ap 1 St" E STRAY OR STOLEN?From tl*? "wtomilj railroad station, in Ma eh 2?, ore |\ la'ue back HORSE. fall roman bead; with jUiZP ft wbit^alriee in bia forehwu!; one whit*"1*** let, tha left: with the l*rt*r "o.," on the fhonMor. will be haiJ<1?oin"lT rewarded bjr leaving ir,formation at C. BO * LE'S, Honae. *>'?" e in *EW A RI>- Stolen ab>o? 12* o'clock mn O " tbia moraine. a m (iiura a!*e>i ercy g\ HORSE, with rore.-nmeat aaddle and X?%V blanket; horae had no shoes o*;; iLd lame in left foot; branded U. J*. He wa? atoien from f ont of A'ller'a Rej>taorant, 0 at. Ar? information o"b eraiax bi?n will t-<? rec"'?<?' a.? Mr. AJalei'a. tap I tf) PHILLIP XITTt.r. The gbntlkman who took an um brelia. on !a?t S?hitd?? witi. ti.? . - - _ ?H7 niH"IiUOU fl*e ertraved on tbo handle, wh| p!ea*e return it to J H. SMITH'* Clothing Store, No. 460 7th trfet and get hi* "?n inkJVSt CAMK TO THM SJKS 'KiUKK, a mm .MARE, abont 16 hande high. The owner i? reqnaeted to oo?e forward, prove property, pay hirgea.aid tak? him rw*t. KlCHSTKK k. SCHONt'ORN, rohit S * Brewery. \avy Var.i. LV C. District ok Columbia, couiitt of WMBimtoR-l h?rehv certify thattv on tbu iMh <*a? of Maroh, las;, K-'"" ? T .P the enbaoribar. a Jatt*-a rf tLe fVaoe. it)^^/r * and for ?vd ocmu'r-pe'*on?' * apt> ared Se-rge Ot4;5e?,auu ni?-le>'&th a-icorting to law.tnai !>e t'x-k up ?fray on the litbda' M*rcU, !*>?. a d&rk ta? MA HE. ?pr?T5? in tLe left fore ki ?; had cn a rope halter when tatrc. ?uf?r."e ! t-> he 6 y f ?*ar? old. QtOKCP. <?KDI)K?. Hwcra and gut-sen K?d before i>- tfci? ? lfc *ar of March, ltfei B. V". FKRO'TON, J. P. The owner vt the abr-vrs p%in?J horse >r ?>enesle'1 (/? caM a' ta? off!"* of the MeUopolit*-" .No. A in n:h Hte?t. r?? sharge*. anu ta?e h'? profart?: tt will ott>a.-wi?? *>e ?o!,i ? ?.? chargy. ir.h n 'A*sV ' V (WT-On Saturday >? *. bet?**n Claf *tt & Li M*y*g Stere acd th* <sorner of ictb X? ?ta . a email tmeean SLKF.VK-BDTTON. A 'sward ef .fl win be p&ld U leftat Mr. Se.nkec's, Jew?ler, F?. tr, mh 21 BOARDING. BOAH|>?T?r? !?'?? Front Reciar, Forcithed ?&ch. ?8tt*bls for gm 'eman and ;n<lj.ortwo t^rtleu an. PI(Mirt!y *!t?iat?.l at 50? F 'e-'t, between 2d acd jd Te-jrs mo 'er&'e. wti a rt* i?Qa 8AL# AMD K&ftT. ROOMS FOB RKNT with or WJ h?n in a pri-ats fimsly?No. 7? Kmi G?p? ' ?.. C*nt'? Hil'. a?S y FOR K CNT-?Ore "arte FT'R NICHED ROOM. l??ck of Mrcwn'? Hotel. K*n> #1J per mentis. Alao, ioi sals.ore fine MOCKING BIRD Mrice ?51. Inquire at 310 C a:reet, betwetn ?th and 7 h ap 2 ?.> I?M?R RENT-A a |M inuw F lo'yUion; mitable for tfce whol?tale ?r? oery ; u*.'.acR A do!* ?n riil'Hms * unnpwr 8QN, S{f j^imh etr?>et, Laar Pa ar." ap 2 S * COR RENT.?A three-?tory Brick D*V RLL* IIVG, with a f*ok hni'itin;, >o 460 D atreet, between Si ar.d 5J street* It ha* ah the Riodern troprcvements of * fi'it osrt dre'htt; alao, a oar.iare house, atd ?*rvanti rcon ? a?t?ohed. ap ISt' FOR RENT?Wtth Board, one ;*?re nio# Far ci?he*l ROOM. ?uiTA!?le 'or tvr" * rt!?m?n or efn'leman and wi'e. tt 320 New York arer ae. between 9'h and m'n ?t eet*. ^?ue u?<l ap?ly unless they are wi hec to pay iiw-'-al frieee for )too<l o'.onim >?Jat o.i?. and a-j^'c'coudiMopalW* for "Liberty a*d th? Vu%n." m > Sf FHOR RKNT.-A fan?h?rt P&Rt.'IK ?nd RRDROOM at No. 341 F street 9 h aad lotu Btrnct k at> t-st* COR KENT.-A PA R I.UK ?c<1 BKUROOM. " in the iinmeliale v c imfr of tne 'I reaearr ana P ate Urparimc ,ta.,io 43< i?th a'je^t. ay 1-St* COR KA1*1??A i andiome Bl '>?? V.nwariT new. 1* with himwi A ?r j ?) KL BRX> 4. BRMMEW, rt'JS !>onej.vania ara. ?p 1 eoStif C*OR RENT-A l%rc* luE HOUSE. -earths r ra depot, ?i j h. rez td c.^eap. Inqni-e ofJA8 8(lAFriK! P. "cnfrntitFnery.G h r reet between ?j asi U ?t:eet?. I 2t* SIX OR 8KVKN GENTLEMAN CAN OBtasn part ot \ well l-'nraicbed Hoiice, w.tli every dumswtto MHHit' aud H* J. it preferred )wh?rt there &re do otter boa^d* r?, and convenient to the l>etartm?n!e Kor further information addree* VV./'Sfar Office. apl st^_ ROOMS to lkt?ic a moit de*irab'e location, at 44* E reet. near 7th, withn afew irmatea walk of t'enney.v&bia aveuue. the I'o't Office, Patent Office. &o TV-erooir.* will be let wuumt >oard. One a good office rooAi. Gentlemen preferred. i*eve al good Eating Hoaaea in inuac uiftie TioiEiiy. ap 1 fct* FU URMSHEI) ROOMS TO RKNT. with Boaid, in a p!??jant ioaation n<>%r the Capitol. Transient B )&rc?ri aoo jtnm idaimi. loaaire at Star OIB 3?t b h 81-tf E?L)RMSB*D HOUPE FOR RFNT.-For I rant, a lares asd wall Fca ?bwl Rohm, in a most desirable situation. To a pmnetn&i tenant the rant will be ?wO per month. Atdress "W M. B.," >il?r Oftoe m^?l-3t* L^OU R KNT?One large sTORt ROOM and a 1/ large oe;lar?a *oo-> stand for an; kind of basinees; located No 487 7th street, N?tween 6 kid H street*. I will rent't toa<cood teuu.t for ore ysaror more at a low r'nt. It wou>d be a good place for a genwai prcdnon bnsinest. Inquire on the premises r.f J AS. A. WISH, or at the Capitol, rah Si -I;* J AS. A. WlftK. yi'MMLR RKSIPKNCK FOR RKNT. *ren >J tkt - Hit* Flit* Farm," IK C. about IS mtltt after* UtotftHnt*, i?nr Mr. L*ufkt>vrouth'i}?A desirable luruuued i?oub!? House well shaded, fine water^ Ao , with atabting, carnage boa***. so., so. ina?.i:nuono! ueuioera 01 inn <;?r>inst, F'ortica Minister*. a: d gentlemen with Hunt y u eapeciviy invited to thi? advertisement For examination of the premises apply to tiie muiitr pon the larm (Mr. James O'Siiaaf) and for further partiesla-s address Captain W. A T. MADDUX, U KM. 1 vl'iO bpruoe street. f hiladejpk a. Pa. mhSMm* f>URNIt*HED ROOM TO LET-SoitaLla lor gentleman aud wife; or single gentlemen. House pleaaantantlr situated, and term* reat* slab e. 1 aire north west oorner 14th and Lets. mh a frt* L'OR Kbi\T?Three oomloitable KOOW6, at r 460 Twelfth street, east side, between 6 and H streets, one of them tarnithed as a sitting room god the others as chambers rhe looatlon is one of the most desirable In Washington. Iw COR RALK-Ttu fin'-Alui HII.llA.Hn Tl. r BLK8, marble s.abe. ud every arrangeineut oompleie. Th?ee deeirinc the above will study their interest by railinc immediately at the Karoyean Hotel, oorcer 11th street and Pennsylvania t venue. mh S-u BKJRQETOWN APVEKT'MTO tLeBtallsend Benches laeiae and oatsideof the market hoase la Georgetown. oa whieh the u>m?> sext. at ] o'elock a m; acd at the him tune three additional Stands at Um head of the nataet tjoaeo will be sold to the hie beet bidder lor oaetu mhSI-gt WM. LAlfcJ). Cle-fc. V^SKOR6KTOWN TAXES FOE leftiLrL_5 i*?oe?Uh?iet>? Itrep that ft <U?oomnt of ?n??r w?t. will ^ ftUovWoa to? ?im #oft# -aliir |T"7 A T , PBACH BLOW ]*4 BUCKEYB POTATOES. For ?al? ftt Wnr w>m _ JOHN J. BEALL, , ih n-iw >t Wrttnt-wi.hwuiiini. g PCKBK1N 8LO V E 81 1M Hu'i 9nnT, "* QKOK&BTOW/fT^D, ft NlTTKNBik tb? DlaUMt. Qfc?ra* ftimih?i imlni m4m. mnkakiB Dnwm ud Bluru. ' 11. 1 ?# # SECOND EDITIO . 1 THREE O'CLOCK, P. M onR MfUTAKT pnnotiT ?' ? ITS usr I OWL. A nclttloaiam It again bowling at <ltr. MeCMlaa to day, u RfTM bfftw " HOTcr*b'.*?" brated for their racing qualities t<med a?el? aftar the battle of Hull Rob, newopaper m*n of that Ilk. and oatatde ahc-Ulo* ?*tn^atb'tr** eo?*rallr aronnd (be rltv. ar? well lU^h foaming it tha month ore- an al k*ged proapor' of 1 mm ad lata European Interference In tnt war on the ?rt? b*>d, and of the a;?ec4r o:t*r derruct'en Cf ft* Bnell't army on the other; me of which It a boot ea llholv to occur aa tba ether. donbtlm, thoofh neither ta more Hkclr 'o happen we apprehend, than Greely. Wendcli Pkilllpa. arid their aider* and r. bet ton la and out of t'ongrraa to abonidee muake'a In their country'a cauae Tb? remarkable am-craa of tha -ampairn op to ttla ttme everywhere. and tha abaolota cotalatr that In tbta quarter an overwhelming and do eiaive enecraa ia r*p'?iy approncb'n?, worn ? olitlondom that unl>"*> It can throw tb* mant'a military plan* Into ntter oeafaetoti at oooo, the war will ??on erd without tb? entire overthrew and deotrurtlon of the CmwtHotloa ot tho I'nltod SUVh, ud tb? mctloa of a aol at Na najjro drapot'.am under the anapleei of Grorir, Fh'.ll'.pa k Co., la I'a at-?d. Hence tbla very ln*t u> p?neriil howl ud arr*ch ag*l cat McCle'.lan. LATEST FEOM THB SOUTH FORT PVl.APKl INVENTED AND ABOUT Ti\ al*D DL'^rvPS ' a v_? w ? " oi' von THE rANIClNCHARLFSTON ' AFFAIRS* AT FORTREM MONROE ? FKDERAL GENBOAT* ATTACK FORT JACKHON, NEAR NKW ORLEANS THF. LWS OF THE REBEL VESSEL VAX. PERRILT THF. REREL ACCOUNT OF THE FIGHT AT/I-LANO N? to Raltimom, April 1, 4froa? Fortre** Motm April 1 )?The flag of truer to-day frmn Norfolk brought down letters from the Fede?ml prlianort and a despatch from Gen. Hujjer U Gen Wool. The Norfolk paper* i.ntice alleged military mnTMnrnlii at (lid Holn* *r.<1 mm ik>i i??~ reinforcement* nrr lauding from at Iti! a baa* dred large ateamrra. and which are at the arharv** and In the channel." It alao notices that Vice P real dee t Hamlin with a party of ladle* vial ted Fortnm aiooroe oq Mac day, and bad quite a J-lltflcetloa, wbloh wu tha ceu'e of the salute -<?d there A dianatch f">? < b^rleaton, S C , atya that Qtu* iJrsna advanced on Saturday w> Mtmh Edl?to Island wi'h S 000 troopa, bet tiding the F?-<terala at leaa* 6 <00 arrong, ' retired li a masterly aaaaw"(!!!) It doea not ?iy whether tb?rm was a flfkat or no*. The gnnbuat Seminole arr'e?d !><!? ?V ,om from Port Ri.val. with date* tt? 8aturdi? l*at Fort Pulaski haa been thoroughly ir."*a'??l fx thirty day*, and was momentarily exrv?c tad la Iirrrniln It m aa'<l rr>?t ?h,>it SOT were In Pulaski, and that tbev ?8-red to go not with the honor* of war. bat Gas Sberm\n demanded ?n unconditional surrender. and would on the 1st of April open or the fort, If they et!U refused The rebels had withdrawn all their foeoes f'om the coast of Georgia, and had sHftndooed their works at Thunderbolt, taking all their g jq| to havanaab. The J*em!nole landed and destroyed bolt fort, which is within five miles cf 8svannah over a good she'I r"?d Rcfmjees from Savs*tiah s*v ths.1 friends ?*f the troops in the fort (Pnisaki* tad ofl.retl 830, wu M3 any one won wouia reieaae Refugee* from Charleston rep*e*etit that a crear rsnlc bas e*lsted tber?e1i?ee the car-tors of Newrcr. The women and child-en are 1< ?r! ,g t&e cl?r, and tt vraa generally believed that a terrible blew won d be struck there. From Florida tbe mwi was irast gratifying A strong Colon aentimeit Is being devsltp*d there A dispatch from Norfolk in tt?*a ir.o'nleg'a Richmond papers, mentions the crrlvat of Vtoe Pres'dent Hamlin and a lar~e party of lad'es and gentlemen here, and the aalutea on toe ?en".a*t?n, and In tbe same paragraph tin there baa bien Be communication bv flu of trace for sewer*! dsn*. There appears to be ltt'le doubt that aU movements here are fclthfuily report** to Rebel authorities The papers alao atate tbat there are nearly 10* transport steamers and other ?es*e's In Hampton Roads, and tbat large numbers of Federal troop* were recently landed here Tbe Richmond Diapstcb <f this irettiing s?rs that the graud army of the Federals aee?ns to bses been transferred from the neighborhood of Wash Ingtrwi to the Pealnaula, which tbey pro^ab v concluded is a iborter and caster route to R ch mond Iban that via Minuwi. srhlcb we bare continually placed at their dtspott! The Dispatch says the roads here ir as bad a? those on the Potomac. and refers to Geo Magnjder as a man n?t likely to be caagbt nar?pog There was a rumor in R Ichmond yesterday that a severe Bght had taken place on the Dealnsals It was probably caused by the fsct of a itwMig reconnaissance towards York town on Patnrday A dispatch from Augusta, of tue 31st, sa ? Charleston papers of tbat date contained a dispatch dated New Orleans *Ptb stating that two Federal punboats, on tbe iHh, cowmt need sa attack on Fort Jackaon, at the mouth of the Mia_i a i l r _ a~ sk.? s (..... k. J *- w ...a ^iMippi . | p w m?i inur o"uru> uju w*r*a uurk New Orleans paper* of the *7th r?po*t the lo?? of the Confederate steamer Vandt bit Theraptaln. crew and eight passengers ire aafe on the Florida coaM One boat, with 17 men, had not bnoa heard from The Rebel Ordnance Bureau haa lasued us order railing for all tbe bell* thit can be obtained to be re-caat Into light artiiiery. Tioopaare gathering tn l&r^e nunr^era at Jackaonport ard PocnbonUs Oena Van Dorn and Jeff Thompson were preparing for an early movement on aome point oa tbe Miraiaaippi river. With this f^rce It (a considered that tbe Mississippi Valley la aafe from tLa enemy. Memphis, March 20 ?The Avalanche state* that toe fo'ce of tbe enemy attempting to take Island No. 10 have been throwing soot and shell ior 240 noun, wunoui aoiug auy aamage u> iu works or nun* Up to tbla time only oat Confed erate aoldler bu been killed A ?mall tug came down tbe Jtmn river ye??erday afternoon, ard a! long range threw aome half dozen ktarlla Into Newport New* camp No damage wax done. Tbe distance wac ?o great n? that ft ?i> uH<w with our goaa to make anv reply The rumor current here tbat Yorktowa had been aboodoned, la not believed by our higbeat authorities Notwltbatandinj? the great delay !n the resp pearance of the Merrimac. the '.I hcurly eipected, and our Naval and Military Couounde i ar? prepared to racelve her la a fitting way, at any moment COPf&JLBMSIOnAL _ IHTnUCOSOIttM licw< WlDMdBiT, April t Bb**tb ?Mr Tea Eyck offered raaolattaa requeuing the Secretary of War for a ivtemen* bowing the amount of Secretary John 6. Floydt acceptance* la lavor of Russelland WaddeiL. aad the amount thereof oat landing Paaaed. On motion of Mr. Trumbull, lbs H?u*e tola* resolution far tbe relief of tbe owner* ef tbe Pan lib bark J or gen Lorenteea was taken Tip e-3 Oa notion of Mr. Troaboll, tbe Houae Jolat reeolutlou to co-operate with Bute* 1b ai4 of emancipation, waa taken op. Mr. Sherman tditmmad the Senate la lti t*ni ad Ib favor of tbe aboLiahmeatof ?Urtrj la tbta DMrict. HoB?? ?A large number of Senate bill* were referred to appropriate cc^aatttoe?. The Senate hill pro* ding thai ben two or more oAoera of tbe Mine grade (rrr1*x la tbe aame department tbe freaMm may aaa.^n the command U either tftorr wtboot to a?alority waa taken ap, aad Mr. Wlch'<*e ?n?k* In oppoalttoa to tUMU ia4 Mr. OUu to favor tf It* Mr CoafcUog waaaddiaealag tbe Hone* oa ttto Wi) Wbea wir report cioccd iJkTh LOCAL fl/KVfi All f*n -TW eeeeelnw rf th* raia*l*r? a ad friend* cf MeMrm E4?witM, Wirr*n m4 Otrltr, eauaed ta a rrprrt broufkt In tfe>? city from Alexandria, br a piWl fron. the Tteinlty ?f Ma tta? ttaj tad taaa rapCatc* by tb? rtbrla waa dUp^Oad bjr tta rataraaf ttapart* mtM diy,?ft?r bavtaa ?taata?d *bu ttar w? tfto_ tta aon at Mr Mwnlu wtatadV ? 4+TZ+ IV? Xr- *-* * < ? *, *>?? fwn mile*from \\ arrratoa Maaara Edaacawoa B ? , Miy msww *? w of t b?r?i, wfcwn MM* Mf took it o*?*f tb? atopi lag mm?, pr -fc Mt by t miaUk*. ? ii?<Wf w?* Wt Tk^MofMr K4I?<mIM>, u liVU>(n< b* ?:Ur.r4 f?r totklll A?rta| k'lrti* H I fur b'nnialMi w. ?! ??< U Ik hit. t?4 ? * r ?* urr >m lliUe Offme* lid trmm l*1* *f Rv* 0? ar?,?u4 Um g?utw *?

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