Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1862 Page 2
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i, .j?, EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THI 8ftO.IT ... APRIL >i IW?>fvrit of in* Tl?r?imi Pr??. Tbf In ajraln treating on the Abortion of sHawv In this District," nays that " Pr**ldeat I.inroln g?Ve evidence of great good aenar, end of a pr*ct!?*al ?agar!ty Inspired by a niiiM tteorr cf. political artlon, wbwi, In hi* rerent ?prcl?l meaaage to Conirrea on theanhjert of tO'irdlnt aid to States d*alrooa of 4 In'tiatlng' it.? *m*rHp*ttoft of slaves. he Mid that' gradual. eiranelpatloa w?a better for all* *od our coternporary ?xprw?e the opinion that thi aame prartiral rnasideratlona wtach, in the inttft*t of - the ?lave and of slave-owner*, dictate tb* proof gradual and not srddea emancipation It ^ the State- bavinp nn abeolule control over the aur.Ject, are eqnaliy applicable to the relatione of ilmrv la th? District of Columbia, over which Congr??e h.?? the power to exercise exclusive iehl<laU3B The hrpml.!'ran treats upon the necessity of prov'd rg for the preservation of social order In the seceded region, " until &<ate* there can bt- reconstructed and readmitted." CUR MILITARY BUDGET. THE C<V*FBVE*AT* TROOM IS TIS6151A. The following are tbe Confederate troops that occupied Loudoun durln? the summer. fall an?J witter* and until tb?y evacuated. Tbev were ft-:r--e?alTtly under tbe eomnnad of General F.v*r.?, and After he was relieved, by General Hill, who was In command at tbe time of tbe evacuation: Fourth South Carolina; 17tb, 13th, 18th, Slat MU*!ss!ppl; and &th Virginia. This latter regiment vni mo*t?d some days after thr 0 !i'? Uluff flebt, to Centrerllle, and wa? under tbe command of Colonel Eppa Hunton, of Prlncc Wllltem; C. B.Tebbs,of Loudoun, Lieut.Colonel; Norman Berkley, Major. At the battle of Ball's Blair. Colonel Burke, of MiKinsippl, was killed. One hundred and fifty Confederates were also kH'ed and wounded, mostly out of the 6th Vir ?_!_ J i T?V^. 44 )>:ina aim i-m I -nc wnr ? a*c? of lh? 1'cderals found. After this Ball's Bluff fgut, s Louisiana regiment came to Loudoun, but tbey staid only a few days and returned Tie folic wirg were the officers of the South Car 01!."i and MUfcUsippl regiment*: Colonel 4th 8oh;'.i Caro'lna, Blandlng; 17th Mississippi, Feathe ?tor.e; lrun Mississippi, Barksdale; Ifcth Mt*?Ws:pp1, tfurke Kelley; 2lst MlasisMppI, Himphrri. it begins now to he acknowledged by tboae wbo were on tb- sp??, and know what they are talking aboit, that the Virginia troops are equal, if no? ?up<-:o'. to any in the field of the Confederate aruav. NotwltLatanding the great brag of the chivalry ef South Carolina, it ia charged apalnst th*>ir. that they were the first to break tkr ranks and run ?t Ball Run. A large rumber of desertiona have taken place from the North Carolina and Georgia reglmenti. They are tired of fighting In Virginia, and tired of the war The time of the Loud >u?i troop* la ont on the *id ct April. Htadquarttrs Provst Marshal't l \VA8His?Tor*, April 3, 19&. \ Special Ord?r No. tM. Tbe a'e^irer Thomas Collyer, nnder control of the Mount Vernon Ladle*' Association, will be allowed to resume her trlpa to Mount Vernon. No otfcee coat or vessel will be allowed to land at th\t plar?. By order : MaJ. W.E. D'sTta. Provoat Marahal Ohas. E. p.obisana, Adjutant. IHS IFVAI V aRBKL*?THSia COIFEMUON*. TV- ?~ ? 1*4. n- !* a i i?- ui.iuiicc ??u runt;c4i rriionrn nave ? ordered tbat Mri Greenbow, Mn Rman:.j Au- ! q< ffi hea:b, ard Mra. Morr!> be aer.t beyond our | Ilnea. .Vr# Greenh"V has m*d? a fail confeaalor* ad- : ralttipjr tbat the wi< engaged in forwarding letter* r?rers, and lnforaat'on to the rebcla. She refu?*-& to tell what source of communication she *ept up. and nave so namet of ber aplea In thU city But otb^r 'nformatlon glvea the names of aeveral; two ex-Senatora and several membera of Oonrn w, one of wiom at 11 retains bla aeat Mrs .VriT!?aleo marie a confession, admitting tr^avi in aiding the eaemy by forwaTdin^ Information. Ti-ey all :?-ftwe?l ~o t?te the oath ct e'ieglance, c; even (ire a parole of honor not to aid the necnv. Laisr r*oy siw Mexico D^-elaon bi> irrlvrd from New Meiica, o...d la.'orir.s aa iuat our iraopa hold no poaitiors <si pay vhiup, t.xctpi i oru cr&igaod tnion. Fo;t UnlGw !? in ?h? Far W'ti', and fatu several aolUlcn do J;-*' worth of rnre*, *nd la considered la no ds^er. Two rec'mei*-. of iafrntry are there, and e-?rv necetaary article with which to withstand siege. V. hen the fo.-t KJi 5a danger. Gov. GHp'.n, of Colorado, rai-*-d a regiment > / ab?a: l.CUO men, (Md made ooe cf th? beat m^rciea on record, for i?.'-::. day* averaging fortv ait'n per day. lie aiyc Major Nicara-uan fillet: vs* kiUed a? the head of a Texan regies .it. *i the tattle of Fort Craig. f-XXATC* CnWil'i SPEi.CH. T;ie K ,cLfu.oo<l Juramintr publishes Senator Cowai.:? speech ia ofpcs.U.>n to Senator Tramouii'a coi!?iaratl<*c b!ll, bat raaket no (-eminent. AToTTliX BEi?Ari*R ?ntRAL. ? -ilr-el Dfffi*. cf the Massachusetts regiment xui-o f ;tii xil zul'.f at Bail's Blalf, has been aide a ':.r'jua'er general, CAB!. ?firi7. Cart ^h rrwiU be asalgned to a command in ue Wot. Tsn?? ??CjrAKKa Gcs*The New York correspondent of the |-ht.iid?lph*a Inquir-r aaya : " An abolition preacLer, named Ma ttaon, as if to (iw new poiat to it" warfare againat Gt-neni McCIe! ait, ad*t-rtlaea. ic-day. thsthe baa bten to Manaaaa*. end rr>m> arrangements to have one 11 the 'C^nokrr "ua?" which Le eaw there Immediate v f?rv*rded to this city, in order that the apeeiarl* nmy be witueiaed by Koda and men. This Mr. Me?tUon i? a proftaaioual aenaatton preacher, tud thia sort of 'bing la J?*t in bia iin?* f buaiu?-aa Falling to flU bia meeting-house of late, Le haa b^en obliged to reaert to hla Barnnnl!ke dodge to Thereat bia congregation The Quaker gun, of coarae, will be exbibiUd in the wirloitv of tb* palpit; but sa Rev Dr Beliow*? 4 una of luttiiilelv more cbifactrr tb-tn MaUimoti? aaya be nw nothing like 'Quaker guna' -Mbert be war at Manssaaa, It will require a long <tr??vh cT credulity to persuade even the greeuhorns that Jisttlaon"? guna are not bojria Tbia fellow Mattlsou, l?y the way, 1s the uew v.ltness relied upo^ the Rifubiita* (ia lieu of iti tuB-?oithc?m!D|f "ex-member'") to prore its Quaker atory We cannot see, however, waa' capital la made by the abolitionists If tbey do prove that the Confudt-r&*e? set up weoden jt'an* asm blind In evacoatlng their fortifications Tbey did th* same at Munion a Hill, but It is well known that tb*y had real ?uns there pre* ?elocsly. Tb? Gka*s Cc.ncht, to-sioht.?A brilliant concert will be given at Willarda' Hall this evening, by Madame Henry C. Watson, a lady who ho.Ji a high artistic reputation In New York, *nd eljtfw&tire Ncrth She has some fine artists to assist b<H-Mr 9 B Mills, Mrs Elinor brummofid. and Mr J R Thiuraa Th? torn luf >m xcellent vooaii.,-4. Mr Mill* las been board fcere I-ftore, and on' Jtfeat occasion he made ? Barked solvation. M'.aa t oiler la a y?Ug and beautiful lady, whoa* recfaCn ln New York lid other cltiaa recently haveellcHe<f <4?e hlpkwst ?&oomlums from tbe preei. bear that Ohaa F. Bro*W ?m , better known to tke public aathelnuti' *b!e " Artemcs Ward '* will lecture in tbiacGte eooo- fobjeri?tbe ' Babee ln tbe Wood " T?e ** greatecowman" may count upon an auili?>nrX. Judae Otiden Edward a, a well-kaown cUla^n ?T New York, died at hie residence on 8tat?n iatand oa the Ut Instant at the advanced ag* >f Jgfcty-one yeara He was formerly a lawyer ?tf ml a diattaetion, a Henry Clay politician, and lot a number of years a member of the Mate Legislature. Mlchatl Doneny, a clever poet, ?hllaaoph4r, eabaylstand revolutionist, died ln Brooklyn,. N. Tb? An ??r aga news of tbe death of Profvs^or Jedediah Vlneont HuDttngtoa at Paris, Fra..ce, on tbe 10th oil. Dr li anting ton went to Europe about elgbioan months ago ln the hop* et beneftttlag Us heel in, and for the paal six month* be hoe Keen traveilag la Italy. His ifcinlly were wit* Bin wb?c se aiea ur a , It Will h? roeotmbtred, wm iwm reus iImi .'mlalater la the KoUcopal Church, which h? aubaoqaeatly fcraook lor Um Church of Komi. aojou? th? jB?t eaduring etrUer:r? of bla litor&ry taleat arc ' Lady "Tb? Fwnt,'^ if^\caOm tad Krun^," ^4 "looe/ # V v ,/ * ? * " 1 LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. LATEST FBOM I8LAHD No. 10 OWE OF THK REBEL BATTERIES ?VR?B IAUTN rmoM; ALL IT? GUNS SPIKED' AN OFFICIAL ACCOl'NT OF THE AFFAIR ) 0. 8 Fl*8 ATIAKU BMT05. / Off Island No. 10, April 2. \ Hon Gidten Well*/, Sftrdarf of tK* Nary: Last night an armed boat expedition was fitted oat from th? squadron and tbe land forces at this point, under command of Colonel Roberti, of tbe 42d Illinois regiment. Tbe Are boat* comprising tbe expedition were In charge of First Master J. V. Johison, of tbe 8t. Lout#; assisted by Fourth Muter G P. Lord, of tbe Benton; Fonrtb Master Fierce, of tbe Cincinnati; Fourth Master Norgan, of tbe Plttaburg; and Master's Mate Scanille, of the Monnd City: each with a boat'* craw of ten men from their respective ve*s-ls, carrying in all one hundred wi, exclusive of officer*, under command or Colonel Roberta. At midnight the boat* reached the upper or No. 1 fort, and, pulling directly in lta face, carried it, rece'Tlnjr only tne barm leas flre of two M>ntin*U, who ran on discharging their musket*, while th? rebel troopa in the vicinity rapidly retreated Whereupon Col. Roberta aplked the *lx sura mounted In the fort, and retired with the boats uninjured. Thecommantf lnp officer represents all under hla command, from their coolness and determination, a? being ready to perform more hazardoua servlce had It been required to the fulfilment of the object of the expedition. 1 have the honor to be, very respectfully, Ac., vour servant, A. H. Foot*, Flag-Officer. LATEST FROfl FORTRESS JIOSROE. ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL UNION RECONNOIS8ANCE. THE REBELS IN FORCE DRIVEN BACK! THEY DEVASTATE THE COUNTRY AS THEY RETREAT! THE TRY TO SHELL THE UNION TRANSPORTS' THE MERRIMAC AFRAID TO VENTURE OUT! THE REBELS ACKNOWLEDGE A TERRIBLE DEFEAT AT PEA RIDGE' Hai timokk. April 4, (from Fortreaa Monroe, April 3 ) ?The weather Is clear and pleasant here to-day. Everything is progreaaing in the most satisfactory manner. The rebels fired several shots from Sewall's Point last night on tb* transports In the harbor, acme of the shells falling within fifty feet of vessels loaded with homs. A reconnoisaence waa made veaterday from Newport News to Watt'a creek, a distance of nine miles. The*-neray appeared 3,000 strong, and opened with cannon on our force, bnt their balls passed entirely over them. Uur batteries were iinaaediately got In position and opened on them; w'n n the entire body broke and fled In great confualon, keeping out of range. The object of the reconuolinnce bring accomplished. our troops returned. The whole country through which they paased, formerly the garden spot of Virginia, was found devastated, with bat one house left atandlng! Hr.uses, fences and trees had been burned by thA retreating tebeia. There are no slo-ns of th* Mrrrlmn^ mm* from her long delay the opinion 1? rapidly gaining ground that ?he will not ventnre to come out She ta? a floe fi*ld to cpente In If the should triumph over the Monitor; and If ahefVila tocome now, It I; thcught ihf must be rfraid to ran any run. An officer of th? Stmlnole a&ya that he read a Savannah p?per of tbe 23d ult., which acknowledged a terrible rebel defeat at Pea Ridge, and Ldmltted that there was no u?e to attempt to conreal the fact. The English stenirer Racer arrived here thla morning sea saicva me flag, which was responded to by in* fort; and tome compliment* passed between tbe French veaaeisand the Rarer, occasioning quite a canuonad'ng. A second reconnoimnce m alto mid* yesterday to Big Bethel, wh*n the enemy was found to Lave relumed and occupied tbe earthworks In force. On seeing our scouts they threw shells Into tbe wooda occupied by our trocps on our previous advsno at that point, but '.bey were unoccupied, and no damage was done. It not being the pr;rpo<u> of tbe advance to engage the enemy, no response was made to their guns. The flag of truce to day brought down an oili er of tbe Frcnch steamer, from Norfolk. ftteamboat* conveying troops to Newport News were repeatedly flred at from Sewall's Point and a rebel gunboat. this afternoon. No damage was however done, a* far as we can learn. FROM WINCHESTER. \Vihch*?ts*, April 1.?Fourteen Rebel victim* of Sunday * battle were teen to-day at a bouse near New ten. hi* bad died; the remainder w*r< wontided They bad been deserted by their own ph)*trlan?, bnt were cared for by our*. Snbsequently, two Rebel soldiers paid a v;?it to their wounded friends, and were captared. \Vood?toce. V*t. April 2-Afternoon ?Tbe Rebels vrfcen retrrst'r g yesterday attempted to burn a bridge over the crfek near Narrow Passage, bnt It was exticguUbed. Tte magnificent railroad bridge, 100 feet high, over the same stream, was burntby Jackson when retiea'lng from Gen. Shield*. A beautiful grey stallion, said by contrabands ti> be Col. Asbby's, was shot yesterday, near this town. The ball must have wounded the rider In the thigh. Tlrf current report, however, that A*hby wtui wounded, 1* not credited at headquarters. Some of AshWy's scout* made their appettrauee eirty this morning on the high wooded ridze on the opposite aide of Stnnev creek, beyond Kdenburg. Tbev were fired on bv aome of the 'fwentv-rilntb Pennsylvania, when Ashby anmasked four guna and thrrtr several shells into our camp The Rtbela subsequently retreated tuder the fire of our guna. During the day tbey frequently Interfered with our bridge bultdera bv shelling them at long range A foot bridge baa, however, been completed. and our skirmisher* audaome of Andrews' ?>harp abooter* are now on the ether side h??nrf ?J ?? the town. ??-coud Lieutenant Duff and two private* of Aabby's cavclry were captured yesterday Lt Dutt' admitted tbat be was carrying despatches, hat refused to divulge their contents, qf wbctbi y wtit from Aa interrepud letvr of a recent dat from a rebel line oiflcer speaks slgnlttcantlv of aa anticipated open rebellion tn Maryland but this la regarded a* one of the mean* resorted to by tbe recession leaders tjdupe tbelr followers Into continued resistance. Ttfp expensive railroad bridge at Edenbnrg was burned by J?~.kaon yesterday. Tbere ia only aha mm mt ikl??n<4 tkA (Wf u4 *v tw nu vi ?? lubuunl fuou, and no ear* Aahbv'a Cavalry were reinforced to-day by two or mare heavy ?iina, with which he practiced on uaat long range The firing of ymter dav ahowa the aocnrarv of oar cannontera. In a field where Aahby Bade a stand were counted shell within a apace of 150 feet, fired at a mile and a haif range. The valley of ?tena?doah showa great neglect of agriculture. The mm. women and children, who aeein to have n nil ml tea confidence In the Yanicve ttoopa, hold unreatrlcted Intercourae with them. Oaa. tiar.ka la hera, and Gen. Shlelda at fe'raabnrg. A division poet efloe hii bfcieMibUibul here, but the ma Us are Irregular at present i Re.ElectUa i! G?v. Sprftf** Pkovismci, April Cot. Sprague, and all tbe present incumWnta of the State office*, were re-elected to-day without opposition la tbe General A?a?triblf, tbe democrats and conatitatloaal Union party have a majority or 36 |JT Soma wondermcat b3s been created aa to bow Ok* rebels obtained information pf the visit ef VUm Praaldant Hamlin to Fortreaa Mmim, but It turn* opt ?h?V learned It readily enough by tbe salute fred la honor ef hta arrival. PiHtMU TiiiK to Maiaiiu ? tteo *a ' nmircement etoewher- of openiaf of Government paaaenger tnlu to Manawa*. 0 LATE NEWS FROM. SAVANNAH. A Brilliant Attack by Commander Gi//w on a Rebel Batteryw?Our Gun-biat.t Take and Destroy it?Official Reports of Commodore Dupont and Commander Gillis?Provision Scarce and Dear at Savann-ik?Fort Pulaski Entirely Invested and to he Shelled? An Unconditional Sun endr, Domanded A letter written en board the U. S. t'ramer Seminole, Warsaw Sound, Georgia, March 2lth, give* the following account of the capture of the Skid a way Itland batterle*. To-day at half past twelve, M , signal was made by the senior Captain (John P. GIUls, of the Seminole) for the nnuadron In Warsaw Inlet to e?t under way and follow the Seminole. We proceeded in llne-of-battle up Wilmington river very alowlv, until we arrived withiu n mile of the battery, when tbe Norwich fired a rifled abell In among a party cf horsemen near It. The sound seemed to staler th??n, for the horsemen curvetted about In confusion and fled. Proceeding up a little further, the Norwich let tbe Rebela have another shell in an encampment near tbe battery, wheu the whole party fled, leaving? tbe battery and the whole place desirted. Giving them several more dose* rieht In the earthworks, we cleared them out entirely, and then manned the boats, went on shore and took formal possession, Capt. GUlls planted the old flag upon the highest rampart himself, and Acting Master Steel ran up with a picket guard of eight or ten men, and rlanted th<* old gridiron, the urlorious Stars and StrlDes. on the Rebel head. quarters, amid the salvo* of musketry, at the Fame time carrying awnv the mi?erable worn-ont 8eceaaion dish-cloth that wa? flying there. The Rebela left little behind them worth having but their dinners, which were atlll rooking oyer a wood lire. Captain GUlla then ordered that the whole work should be destroyed, aa we did not wish to hold it, having no soldiers with us. The batteries were then flred in the Interior, and soon burst Into a fine blaze, carrying everything before It. fikidawav Fort ia now among the things that were Tho Rebel houseaand private property were humanely apared, bnt were afterwards neairoytd by the Rebel soldiery. oil - ? l_ ? uu J * * uc worn uu oiiaawiy were very wen mini, and bad tbe enemy remained and fought, they could have given u* some trouble. It 1? evident that tbe Pert Royal light la still ringing In their ears; or else they would not be put to such an Ignominious flight every time they see a Federal gunboat The success of the achievement h great, and Skidaway, as well as tbe channel of tbe Wilmington river, this aid** of Thunderbolt, Is now in our bands. Our glorious cause is still blessed, and our arms victorious. After all the works were completely destroyed, the squadron steamed back to the anchorage In Warsaw Sound We have a Rebel prisoner on board who says tbey are in a bad way at Savannah for food. Gov Brown has stopp?d the distilling of whisky, as they want the grain for bread, which will be entirely out In July. Fort Pulaski has not yet surrendered, but must do ?o before long, as the batteries intended for Its bombardment are near'y completed. Official dispatches from Com. Dupont, dated March 27th, and received yesterday at the Navy Department, say In reference to thla affair: "The abandonment of thi>u us c mplete control of Washtw and OsseUaw Sound*. and the mouths of Vernon end Wilmington ri vera, which form important approaches to that city (Savannah)." Com. Glllia in his report nays: "I learn that the Confederates' battery on Green Inland is abandoned. Several hou**^ In night are burning this morning. I send to Port Royal a prisoner who wss taken In the marihen by the Release. His statement accompanies this." From the statement of the contraband, Loudon Mlddleton, who was picked up by the ateamer Norwich, we gather the following particulars of affairs in Dixie: " His master was Wm P Fulton, of Savannah. He left that city on the 22d March, coming, by Wav of Whit* RlnffmiH f>r??n l?1?n<l (n !! />??. Kevs All provisions are scarce at Savannah, and very dear, partiouiarly bacon, rum, liquors, and "such like." Fresh beef is more plenty*, but 't costs 25 to 30 cents for what used to sell at 6,8 *nd 10 cents per pound Egg* were at 50 c?nt* p*r dozen. Chickens SI 5<i a pair. T?-a scarce Coffee was selling at SI 50a?l .75 per pound Tbey are "very bad ofT' for rum and liquor*, und "almost have to give them up,'' and a supply of these, with bacon, they Lad expected frofn the West, soxewhere where the FeaenlR now hold possession. Folks are going and coming. Some who had left the city are returning, and they are sending "the negroes and cotton" Inland, and are moving all the cash money to Ma^on. Tbey threaten to burn the city if tbey should be unable to hold it, and are In dally expectation of an attar k. They had given up the Idea of defending the oavanana nvrr oy meats OI "lorpeaoes,7" because one of the principal men who was sinking them got drowned while down In a diving bell He knows of no raft near Port Jackson, near which Tatnall U on board the Savannah (l&tethe Everglade.) Wnen be was last near Thunderbolt, "ran time since, they had eight guns mounted. There is a battery (number of gnns unknown) at Costar's Bluff They said that they were monnting guns at the old fort abov* Fort Jackson, belnw the gas house, and neer the first ferry wharf, but he knows little of this part of the river, having been a fisherman around abont White Blslfi' and Green Island, but more recently employed in waiting on the soldiers. All the approaches to the city, not only the main but also the by-roads, are being fortified, and they told him that they hsd 100,000 men Green and Skiddaway Islands are abandoned. r*ucpi uy a irw cavauy. &jue gum irotii urwn Island were taken to fortify Bewley, and those from Sklddaway to Montgomery, a part of Bewley. but about three-quarters of n mile separate. Both were on the Wymlngblng river, which runs from Raccoon Keys up, making Green Island the first land to the northeast golnq. and thenre running up to Bewley, Montgomery and Whit* Bluff. They expert us to cross Sklddaway Island, and have guns and pickets at the two bridges to cut them a*>av, and light our troops on their arrival. The first bridge is reckoned to be five mile** r cross from the cupola house, (last night burned by the Rebels,) near the Pkidaway (abandoned) battery. Txachisq Negroes that three is a God and a H krravtrr.? Editor Star : I heard Mr Bingham nay in the House the other day that44 eleven of the southern States declare It Is a crime, punishable bv Indictmpnt and imprisonment, to teach a human being 1 to know' that there Is t-ven a God or a hereafter." I know this Is not, or was not a year ago, true of South Carolina, 44 the ho: bed of slavery." I know of two Protestant Kplttc.opal ministers of that State (and yet I know very little about the State or the people of It) who studied divinity at the Theological Seminary near Alexandria solely for the purpose of preaching to and teaching the negroes or their own and neighboring plantations; and I know, too, that they preached to them once every Sabbath, and that they or ladies of their families taught them from the Bible and catechism every other day. This Is the case in Virginia and others of At - <11 . ? most* bhki. i aiso Know or minister* win went from those States to t&e fntal climate of Africa to teach the heathen negro of God. and spent tbelr Uvea there?were hurled In the nand* of Africa I do not believe there la one State of the " glo- ! rlous thirty-four" in which thla "infernal atrocity, horrible wlckednr*s." ia perpetrated unleaa it be In some of the paiatiil churches of the rich, North and t*outb I know that some of the rebel States interdict the teaching of (laves to read to. prevent them | 1 reading pamphlets which indirectly counsel them to cut the throats of women and children Whose fault, then, ia It that auch laws were enacted? If there ia one State of the thirty-four " which declare* It a crime to whisper to the<colored man that there la a God," will you, Mr. Editor, please enlighten An Ionohamus. , Washington, March 89, nMkt.VK.RV NICUT TUU mHUB , _ - - - ?-- ?. ?-*v??a.?. * 1110 TT nrtiii inc. J 9 Fair and Festival at Parker's Hall, (ojpo- i site Brown's Hole!,) vooal and inntrn mental n,u*lc, refr*?hut*nt?, lubetantiale, every hing acrsaaOly. Dou't fail to attoad. mh 31 5t* |l EVERY ONE'S lNTKRK8T-rt> THE ' J *? CIT1ZBXS. DTRANUKKS, SOLDTkHS 1 have jutt reoeived a Terr large and tne aaaonment of 8?ring Clotnia*. wuion 1 am uttering at our umallow prices, at No 460 ??v nth street, <>ppodt:e Poat Office. near F. fa 27 3m || THE UNION THAYER MEET1NO Will |JJ9 be holden e??rr dnr thi? week iu the LutneraoChnroh. ( Rst. J. a. Ratl?r*a-i ?>? AnrrAr nf I lltfc tad M atteeu,ociiuMDolBe at ?K o'ctook p m., aad continmftrt bat one hoar. ia 80 I HILL, the oonaifBM of! 130 bufheia Corn, ; Mr barge A. L. Mum;, ia requeued todieonarie aaid ?arco and par charrei tn?reon, or it will m lured it hie riak and exaente. ip 3 St* KOB'T O'BRIEN, C*t 1 |70R SALil^-Op* vary fine jomi MAKE? F amtahle for r?dd:e or baity. Alao. rv _ Bomeco<?i work HOR8E8. Ensuire KELLY'S Crooery Store, evrner ?* <0"^ and K. lefird ap S-St* FH AT HE E V , On bArllRUAY MORNING, CENTER MARKET, 8TALL No. SO. !>!? WILLIAM LINKING . O BAKERS'-.POR 8ALK CHEAP.?Ball 1 konae, Tooia, P?.iib7f a tea. Fixtqree. and every Uucg complete; jootf iooatioa; rea' iow~ ajk p y ia tke atore over toe 't**err , c?ra?r lOiij ^nd fata., or at the Union Pie Bakery, J?rth sf.<o* | lSMn l)uH Itrniu WlNfc, whioh he willwil st ? par Tba WtM VM NnklMd by Um rrtUBt ontr front J. bo?*rU Maron. in Mftdmrt, in U?. ud U now . 34 y?kr? oui. ud bM fteaa in ttoKiit In i ? 9lim%tn J ?a*r*. AddrWE7Tj7dTN.,Tlkji MVeityFoet U*?*. % I ? r ^ ' PASSENGER TyiBI TO MANASSAS. wxl Dspaktmkst, ) OjHa Mi"f 8*p't mm-l Director Railroadt.U.S. > trajtmgtm, Apnli, 19?J ) Until further notice, a |.>asa?ngrr train will be run on 8eturday of each week, from Seventh street nnd Maryland avenne to Mnnaaaaa. having ?* ? * .* A ?Wi ? ? i a ? mm _ a fT(?Dlii|K'>i #i r .r- a in , >?rriTinjf 11 JHIU>kUI II 1*2 ra ; returning will leave Manila* at 2 30 p. m , arriving at Washington atSpm Far? from Washington to Msnaa?n* and return, ?3; and from Alexandria to Mana?saa and return, 9U 35 By order of the Secretary of War : D. C. MeCALLUM, Military Director andS'jp't Railroads, V. 3 ap 3-tf [Intelligencer ic Republican.] - rn BAKRELS K'.OUR. &DU & oases P?r*ffine UANDLK9. v>boxe?Star do. 2' barrels Prime RICB, SO box*8 TOBACCO, ann rr.any otner nwons Tot aa'e ( t J. R R?R R a CO.. ap 8-J'.* 4 96 Xicth aUe*t. anted. AO ENTER PRISING MEN, 7"* skll PATTEtCS M JLITtRY WORKS. Active me > can reahxp #1" p-ofi??er dav onth* r aalea il the can pa. No pur?< required. Apply to M K. WILSON. IP 3 3t* 331 Peunayl^ani* avenue. ^ I v e r p o 6 l_b alt. 2.440 tack a O. A. SALT, 1,(0,1 * Fine do. (branded Marahall A Wort'ainttor'a.) Daily expected per aohoonera r.8 Ta? ard E'eotrio For tale by J. THOS. 1)AV1"\ ap 3 31* VVatsr timet Weorae'own. 4nnn mains jackson white ,UUU POTATOES, ann barrels Pink Eye Potatoea, 2-5 do. .APPLES, 60 tooa Vermont oliTTKR. ? narrela and half barrela Noa. land 3 MACKEREL , . ? Thia day diaoh%reiuc from aohooner Merer Taylor, and for aa!e in lota to jiuit br ? J. K. BAKR t CO, M 3-St 496 Ninth street. O 1,000.000. N E MILLION HOUNDS OAMt GREASE A"D KOUGH TALLOW WANTED, '?r *?^ich th? highest C&sh price* i?ill r>? p%n'. at ths Fujcy Soap Minnfao'urj, 104 *i.d 160 Water street, Georgetown, D. C.

a.p3 lOteo" JVAW<*ON ? CO. n ?r in I im I > ir n#irNn.. Millllii 1 AK V (JUI)W, W. GALl' & BRO., 364 Pfncijimia avenue. Pealsra in every <1 *?cription of RICH MILITARY e<?Ol>?. Presentation Swords, ratms, fa-lies, Shoulder Strap?, I i*to!s. Kelts. Ao Particular attention la called toar: umisua !y larr^aeaortnunt of real rold emnroiderel Shoalder Straps, whion are offered at i*aa than their original ooet. M W. ALT * BRO.. Jnwellem, 331 Fa. avenue, near the Metroponan. HIs-nt (late Browp'a> Hotel._ TOWERS' PATENT BOOT JACK AND MILITARY SPURS COMBINED. I, the undersized, sola proprietor and inauuia" tnr?r of the abov? Bant Jack and Spur, hereby jiveth? exoinaive right and ptiviiece orae !inr the lime in the IMa riot of Columbia to Meip-?. i;AKNKR Sc. CO., Military Saadiera, No. 30ft Pennsylvania avenue, \Vaahir.?t< n. D. C . to whom all dealera r.nd p*trora of tKia unique anl ingenious aruo.e are resp'o lu ly referred. The l*r|e patrorare fiv.-n to this 'ew Ppnr in theeitv or New York alone, i? its sufficient rcoommsndation. A. If. WHI9HT, No. 11 Berltm%n street. New Yoik. QAC PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, OA /T OUt) Between 9tA and 10?A sis. tjljtj i *K.\ R ? CO, HORSE EQl'lPMENTS AND HARNESS VOX MILITARY OE CIV C f'K t pi 3t* rpilE PONCHO TENTS JUST RECEIVED. "wall. STEPHENS a CO., No. 3'i'i Pecn ' %ve.iuf, hr.r# le*n tppoiuted agents for Wash'ngtor., ard hevs co? u fetor? i. **) PONCHO'S, oonve tib e S'.f oping Tents, a -.ap>d for tho Army, fc.cjn.oer ug. Kxp!or>ng, and Snorting pu'?e*?*, and vrtiigh oa r nina ?our.ds, oarefu iy pacsen in 'm*ii i?ags, cnnvenisnMy faispvtabi.i i?n hois* t a.i.or ther mar be rt-ad ly earned or 'be should ?rs of the men. Pnoa from W to IU It is tares good KuU-ir li;anke!s,62 by 71 inches, or three Ponchos or Cavi lr? <??er (iarmsnts, tod xr 6q united is a Wat< r P?-?, ? 1 eat, 8 by 7>? i?et, oanveniertlj h?usi'g three men. WAM.^TKPHKNS A CO, Agents, 324 Penn. avenue, etwe.*n ap 3-dlwif >:h arfl 10*h strep's. 'po all whom it may concern, He nt informed that or.e or more ini!i?i?tn*! within the pait few endeavored to preterit t - tie consideration ct ths Ueo&i linens of tioverr.mett muu^ia, dnwinn ai.a description of & Manna flattering I* em, and nave lepreaented that tb^y are the mventora rt certain lea tnrei or pritcip'ea of aaiJ war Engine: N >v this ii to notify the paitie* so misrepresenting, and wh<vn it Is believed are acting ?urreput oaaly, and to wirr. the pub'io generally, that i am the oti-imai tMVtnltr of tki i onrart Hu I. iron, woou ai.J and India rubbe.-c:ad %uu emw war vesre;, provided with au adjumibie reoipro* oatini horn or ram device, working through a hcllow ahiell <>t nhaf and on swivel barings. connecting with and working tnrough the aKeaoy of tb? motive power of the vesae*. Furthermore, not dosigning to c aim the atoarn ra<n at aug*eatedduring the Crin.eau war by .Vlr. J. Naaaiyth, nor the novel and ingraioas torpedo device of Mr Patctl t'lant of thia city, nor the battering aammer auggeatod a few weeka ainee at VVillarua' Hotel Now ihi?, tii?refo -e. la to notify ard warn all persona agaiaat attempting direotir or indirectly any ttvaa.onor M.friagemfcct of any feature of my invention, preliminary arraajementa towarda protecting my rghta in a legal u.aauer t.avirg been proceeded with. ap3 3" JOHNS OM.I AHKk. Jr. ARRIVKD AT WASHINGTON. at Riley'a Wharf, on the la* ot a p<il. the schoor.or Maz"ppa, laaao Ii ewer cattaiu, with 6 bales of consigned to W. 1). Mac?. if he d^es not come for the hay bef< retlie fohooer Uavaa fcr Georco i?wii, i>? can una i ht fot<sr Berry'a No. t*S \Ya er treet, (iDorntuiVo, l? U., prov.Jiii* he ( f. Berry) ptiia tne fr<tht o< a?.?l i-a?. ap 1 St* IV!bW .ABKIVAL OK 1> BEaUTJFUL STVLES i P K I N O CLOTHING, At Astomiuhimj Low Tricks. Whole Saita eiecaatiy got up at 910 and 8'.i. At BAR A BRO . ap 2 lm* Corner K and 7tii otroaU. JJNION FIEE-WOOD MILL. The undersigned beg leave to inform their ouatornnra and tha putmo eeneraily th*t they are so* prrparra to larnlah the<x with SAWKO AND aPi.'T WOOD, anj length or a ze. fTT" Alao, COAL of at' aizea. McKNtW ft MAKLOW. ap 2 4t Coreer ^*rrn'.h gtrea: and Canal. 316 LIG H T?LIGHT! gjg COAL OIL, PJhS KEKOSENJS LIGHT' At the Union Coal Oil Company Dipot. 316F ftrett, bttvett* 101* and. llih siruit.nnir liiA. If yon vat t a pare article of Cua! Oil. Call at tne Union Coal Or Co., 316 P ft. if yon vant to aavo ha 1 th* amourt you pa* for taa. Buy your Lampa and Coal Otfat 316 F at. If you have ethereal oil or other lams. Have iurm altered to bum'-oal oii at "16 Fat. IfourOilis a tpureaui umdulterated, and aa rood a? repiesented, the m juey will l?s returned at 316 F st. If you wa-tyour Lamps, Oil, Ac delivered in large ai<l mu&u quantities, call at .Silt F ?t, where fan oau purchase every article ol Lamp Hhadea, 'at?ut Chimneys. VV loss 4.0., at the lovwt New York prices, delivered at your rotideaoe lree of share. A liberal d soonnt to the trade. Country order* punctually attended to FOLEY A BRO , Arents, aplec?2w 316 K street. T8F1INB MILLINERY. H K Attention of the ladies of YVaihingtcn end vioinity is roapectftally Invited to ouropemcc^^ft of New Style* Sprint Milliner* on Tnurs^ayCK) uext. April 3d, at our Fancy and Milltneiy^^ Store No. 310 Peun.avei.un. where MissTtionifson will be pleated to see not only iter old patrons, but sti&niers aud others who may favor her With a oail. a? l-3t HUTCHINSON A CO BE SURE AND COME TO 1UE BEST plaoe to ?>?v ?oir Ciotlniu?No. 460 Seventh linvl fe tt-tm 207 ELEVENTH STREET. 267 Juat r#o*iv~l a freah lot of TIN WAKE. WOODEN WARE, wit L O W WARE, CAMF STOVES. COAL OIL. LAMPS, 4.0 . at pnoea to auit the moat eoonomioal _ _ JAMES SK1RVINS, Washington Store Depot, mh 21-teo aflT ^eiintrlvama avenoe. qnilE UNDERSIGNED Wiahea to inform hia 1 frienaa and the public that he naa opened a Saw Filing and Repairing Shop on the corner of 7th aad S atreeta, an i believing. from a long experience in the buaineaa. th*t he will be able to pieaae the wood aawyer and th? bntoner and ever? meehanio'that ncea a aaw. Uid hcpea, b? a a*act attention to baaineaa.tliat ne will merit a ?hare of*-*,. J0HN lBNNtALLT gj. BOOTS-SHOES! gBl f^^Gouin TshthSt. and Pa. Av.fW W ?8HfNGTON CITY a WO EAST ESN MA ok UMiM'Tjyed Balmoral*.... ?1.15 lo #2J?' B tumoral*. ityto?sro Gonte' Pin* 0*1 f Boot* if 00 to $ 00 All kind* of BOOTS %n.l 8HOK8 vary ehea>. K7" Boota made to order in the b?et "aiGf, by M1W CHARl.^S H. MORSF.. /^vOYaTKUS-OYariiRt 'a /^s OYSTERS of the baat ^ ualitr can be fflnth*?ffe*t. bstvaan mh i? Un***' AYlira ft CO. Ij^OR 1JAL16?A handaomj BUGGY, nearly WW, taroaaa. A?ly to MURRAY Jfc uiuu,P||?vvtwU|^i nnwur * - I _ J^AVY aUPPUCti-W3 ' ?. Natt D??art*?*t. i of Pret-t.'tMj AlKf (Utkmi, > April 2. 1862 \ lipriiils. Mtieri and t>< <We*d fjPF-'!** ^'N*" S*Bpp!iw." will r* rooeirfd at thi* Huifau onti' a o'c! ?ek a. in .on Wedtoaday, tfceSth day of April b?i , for fori inbu.* and d? lirarinf(on r*o?iT.t f t*? r.otie?. t-AOopt for btaotM',for which Lre d**s' aotioa .h?li i>? utoh ttL'Jt Vi!\x2}V ' > ?. ** v? i ?ius( ' rirwiOWD. iobu rt^e: Rfok ?c. New Yo k; aid Piul* el hift, Pp: .m V&Q18| aonh au&nti i?a onip of the fo Ijwiec *rt:o>? m?i i'f r**o>r?s1 or ordered from tn? c 'n^vstot* l>j t:.e ohiefof -h.a l-nreaa, or bj t. - -p ti?e ooiriT*!.dinf offioera of ihe Mid N wi Varda <iurin? t!.? fiecn. year ending Jace jn, IMS. VII: b ecu;' fi r' dn<-d *pj>e?. ?m*r, te*,oofl?e,'<it?(i, vin ?iraca wfcitkT. Tne birea't shall he mad^ vhellr from iwrM rnpe i\ce fl . o! t.if ni&r.uraetu * of the y**r IW or 1S62. tut ?h?l> it. a:: cas<*? l.-e manufactured from flour at**]* of u>eorop immomateiy preoedinc the due* t f th* '-in n for tee 8%me; Mid ehail he fuiy qua in tualitj, and conform in ai*e atd n?re, soth* fcan:p e* which ire deposited in the said N?n Yard-; ahalf M p-opon* baked, thorouihif"' trd. ??.'paoked. and delivered free of ch&rce to t.i* U Ma't*. ic go. d.: otind, well dried, bright flour barrel*, wit-: the hraJa well ee cured, o- ta Mriod crater wtiiaky or ipmt barrels. i't ( option < f tne Burets. enail be eqav to the t,e?t Ricluuowl and Ba't:re>ore bra-va. 9ij1 of the n,v:u actore of wheat itr< wo in the jrar 1831 or 1862; but aliai! in all ca?'? '?? m%nnl*otured xrom pare, aound.freab. t ou. u wt er.t rf toe cicp immediate!; preoe<'inf tlieda'ec of the r?qaia;ti >n for the ?am?; ?hal! i>* perfectly ?w?-?t. an I in all re peeU of the boat Sia :ty; an-1 ana I ; * de.ive'cd in go> d * ,ipp.' t or jr fr.^eot a lcharr^tu the United stat*a,inUi*beat new, wf "'.f*,->un<i. briftt ba're/r, or ha'.f i, # aa ?na aaao i> %y bo?the atarea and headlnxa ?<> be of rea <.&k ef the nett quality; atron* a: d weil hnojeu, wiin tr ibe ?ioopa around oion head, and e*us r. a. a y t mmp.e ..*.rre' at tie *a-J Nary Yard?; two half b*rrei?to he oon* id*red aa ata re .aco n t m^-e thai one-third ot the reqiyre i quantity to b? in half barrela. The no-t luk 1 D* or the rerj b?*t qca'ity. Mid of'he crop irrtn-dtate * preceding the datea of ttoo requmtnni tor the atine. Thedn iiapt:p?fi.a i>?ofthe t*?t Quauty, and ha'l be p-ff-n'.itbr .?** lirytnt on v, and of the crop or tue autuim iramj at*iy preceding the aatraof the re<jm-mops tor th9*ame, end (ball be delivered in piteknea containing cot more than three hus-Jred poucdj. The iron ho ?p< on the !>arrel? and halfbarrela containing v.. ?ke*. e-n aea:a, and rinrgar to be vd;i p.vnted wiiii t<i !t*ad. The eusar tl-a.i Ixt dry en' ht for packing, and etua! id aua'tiy to the Met Havana sorar. The ? & i.e i>! ?.' >. i?iim r t'o our, etoa; ;<> the ?ampler \t tain Mavy V&rde, ac- be delivered in na! an q i*r e-cheetaon'y. The cort <r aha.; t.e -.qua; to tbe t>oal Cnta, accordi g to - am? e. The r,eane fha'l -? of <h? v?ry bart quality white brans, ft .<1 ? a I f"> of t e cr?-p i; .mediately prereung tne data?il :nt? r- qr. wi io-a for tiie ktin,\ 6t p mn<i* to i e a? t a The ::.olas'>ei ?:.& ! e 'u' ? equal *o the yery '.eit quaiity of >rw Or eana m< !*? <? , and : a 1 t?e de I.Tere.'n: new, w' i ned ,e ! utfc l-arre.e aod na f ia.f,*iid wi-h white pine h*ad* l : en tLar. JS inch thick; the ttavra not 'e?? than iceh ihiok, ih* ?arrrie ?a:id hail '.arreli to be mrM qcan*a uojfei, an^.ia aociuon, t> > ava lour ifuu boora on? on each bilge, 1% nch in wu-fh *r^ 1 tP?h irch tiiick, atd < r.e "n fMr.cnimf 11^ i?ah iu wi thi i I j ii l.'ioh thick, a*)d anall bo thoroughly coopered and p!ac*d iu ti.e beat ship fiicic ocn jiti"one third the ^c^r.tity to i? in half .ar~<* e if r*<?uir??1 I* th? 8n wi. m i he ?.n ki- ? a boofth- fi'?t ?a9Mtf, e^aal to th < ti&u-K doftti" i Li'-vl S-.&tea t't.aru a.< p?:a a-id ah*!: v-o* *8 no n?li<-r trian ao^ti'- i.-vre, and ha'. St. daJivjrpd it ' a re s arc In I barra a ainiilar iq al> terpv c ? to t'4? ?a e^u. eJ lor in jlaaaea, w th lis eicpp'^n t^%r i! *< '? ,:av. a an J h?ada hi.a: Leaatotitntod ;<>r te?: oak e'avea and whitepir.e heal*-and tnal: bst^or.ugi ly c <>p?r?J and pla ei in the boat Fhipp:n* order, one third to be IB haif farr?U inn w.,i?k t "s? '.a '*> mad# wli.-?ll? from *rnc, ?ou;id and r:ercU?Lts.i 1 *. acd bo fu'l & at proof acoordiDC ti> >ii i I'nitel t*ta'?* or<',im- mumI . a d. and ?ha.l b? do:<b rectified. it shall te deliv< red ir> maud, t>r rlit. three quarters tioopM.w-' ?-a-i' ?."! wiite oak barre a and ha'J ti?rre'B. wiiii whit" ?ak Nala.the hw<li to beroadrfof three ff * heading. aud well pointed: the ?tav^t rot br than 5 in h thick, and tii? hea^s *ol i??* fh\n tl'an thiok: ai d caco tiarro. fnd ;ta f uarrei in i oeooopered. in a Mitio with on" three pnnr.y 'ron Loop < a each b;i*- IS in** In v <*'!>, t~d 1 fi*h inch truck and one thr-e pjnaT hcoj or each chi<r>e, IS inch in width an II-lbt.i lurli t. p?r diagram The who ? tc b? put in ?ood snipping ord^r. fre* of 11 ciiar*a to the L'uited Eta'.-*; one-third to be la half tia-re rf Ail theiore*oii:r dcferilod ar?;r'es, embracing caul's, rarre a, h&if-l^arrf-lg. atd aha 1 l?e i ?ul>j9c? t? coer. in?re?t.or. a' the ?!l?i*f of the u! reiiu of 1 r > "iocs a- ! ' niLm? may Oirtct. the I inspecting offijer to b? ?neoin*??d by the Navy I l><v-rt;;L?'nt A . in pcctione to be at tho p'aoe of ! ..?? - n;. ... - - i-.?- - - w? I v?v - **?? V m (, :i 'J2 U3*pf?<yT^<l *t the p ano oi msr.afaMur*, t?nt win in ft. c^aeB t#a ! au> j?Jt to & finni inapectio ? at U?e place of de.ivI ery b fore :he r?ii!e areng:;ad therefor. The pricf* i f a i ?h? forego nt article* to be the tame throughout th'yi ar. ar.d bid'era n ay of r for one or ni->ra artie:ei-: ai>d hia i>f!'??r will h* aocsptei for that yard f. r?iich h a proposal may o? kw?t, ani where mors than one art<o!e ia awarded to a bid or t .o art.o eg wil! t.e emb aced m ouJ or n.ote ooitracts, at the option of the Bureau AI1 ths ca* k*? t'&rre ? and ha f barrela boxea or packatea, ana I be marked witn their conte ta ard tn.' coat-sor-r'? ratno. At: the barre.a and ha fb*r e a cf fl - u' and bread aha-1 har?, in addition to the above, th- year when manniaetured or put up m a . kr " > ' ? MI* til ... (The sairp'ae referred to in this advertisement .re those s*lect?d far the en*uint fcFcal jfsr, and k it* no Ttf?r*nct tuswkas &?i>? btn rt'riomily t.ihib it ft ) ihs quant ry cf these which will he re qni-ed cannot t>e precisely stated. They will probau y fcj aoout? Bisouit ? S^XVttW -I*. Flour .... ?,?*> i>bia. h to? - OfeOMtba. l)ne.l UJO.urf) iba. Suiar-.? - eooono jhe. Tea ? 75 oo?] be. C> tfea ~ .... .... 75.On? lbs. Cesr.s la.fjoo bushels. Mo s?t*f 5) ato gallons. V<n?ear_ 5v?0? (tal ons. Whissey...? .?? 15>,oou gallons. Ilnqamt tiesoi aav or ah mar be .coreaeej or dlmimshe '. The ocnTae!? will therefore be w?det net for ?pe<"itio quantities, bat fo>- scoh quantities as the s?r- its Mr require ta be delivered at umm r*avj i ar;rtelective r. contra.tor* cr.t rbsidin; at the placet where da hveriea are required n iiKt eatabliai: aceteiea at uoh p ac*?. that to d by a*i-e in firniahicc what mat be rrqnir* ; *u?t whan a contractor folia promptly to oomp T with a requisition, tie Oi'iafot tne Buirv cf Provision and Clo.bias shaii be aurnor x 1 to direct r uc' a:a to ha ma ?.a to >tpp * the ttfie-enop, imdtr the feialt? to be expressed in thaoo traot. tue reoorJ oi a requisition, or a rtupliee.t* copj thereof, at the Bureau of Pro?uioii? ar d Co M< r. o- at either of the Navy Yards aforesaid,ei.a ; he a.idenoe that auoii requisition i aa t^-n n.ydsa ^d received. {Separate olf -ra must b* mado ior each article at each ot the e.l jretatii Navy \ ard*; asd in cave more than ou? artie> ii< contained il the offer, the Chief of the tfureau will L*ve ths rijht to accepi one or more of the article* cor.taired in anoh cffcr, and re jectthe rrmaiutier;anl btdd-rs whose pro poaala I are aooepted (and noua others) will be forthwith notified, and as ea. i? *i araoticabie a contract will transmitted t?> them for exeoation, whicn contract niuet be returned to the bureau within five data, exclonve of the'nuo r-qmred for t^e reeu'ar tranf'nissionof the mail Two or more app t ved aur ties. in a asm equal 11 ,h? amount of th* r?"psuti*eboctr*3ta, wiil be r<qiiir-, <t, a:.c tvrent* p'r centum in a<1di?.i ?>" ?' < - - mvu wu i?o ifJUJDU II irum ilio tunoULt Ot all PIT - I inetU on aocouut ttereof as collateral security, in addit>on, to secure its perririLeiiO*. and uot in ani event to b# pa;U ut.ti: it ia in a 1 respects complied wi?h Hlauk form* ?.f proporft * nisy 1>? obtain*! on application t.i tne Navj rU&t Po tamouth, New Hampshire, Beaton. New York, pni.ade pliia, Bal timore. and at t).la Bur^aa. A reojrd or dup!ioateof thel'ttcr informing a bidder of the acceptance of hie proposal, wih be deemed a uotifi?*tion thereof, witDin the meaning of the act of 18*>. at <1 hia b<d will be mtde and aocep'o4 in conform)'* witli this utsderatarditne. Kverr offsrmsde inuat be accompanied im directed in tt;e act of Cougreca iraking appropria tiona *'?r the i>a?a! aervice for 1846-'?7. approved Kth of August, 1845) by a vrit on guarantee. aigned bj on* or ntoio M*pentib!e ier? thaelr??t mat nf or they uu^er ake that the lid*er or bidders will If hit <>r lueir bid I e asc^ptsd. enter icto an obina'ii u within fiva Java, wit! food and sufficient Bui-Atie* to farmrh the supplies proposed. The bureau will i ot t?* obHceted to contider any pro total unless ao<<nnipeiu-?d by the (uaran'ee repaired i'y law; the compeietioy o! th? t?i?;aiitee to be osrtifi<d by tre Navy Ajoct, District Attorney* or Collector of tf Customs. T*t attentum of bidders it rnlUd to the tampiet and ds*cnption of articlet required, at, ?* the tnspertion for rtccption. a juit tml rigid fomjwriM* will be made bet***n the artultt of'rtd and the samplt and eimiraet. r?'c?rt?f imm that fall below thatn: and ikttr a:ttni ;on it alto part*tularl\i dt reetid to th'joint rt so'ut ion o/Zltk March, 1864, and to the art of the lttik of August, 1846. ap s-iaw4w /"V aPKIllil SIOTino W.N and AFTER**TUhSDAY, APRIL I, 1862, the trains on the Baltimore ar.d Obto Railroad oommepce mucins daily, Sunders excepted, leaving una etafcnn at 1.?u a. m , and oonoeotin c at H aHiii. jtou Junotioc vitti n,an fain for ail part* of me West Park?r?bnrg or WheeiiLf. Through tickm told and bttgate oheeked W. P 8M11H Matter of Ti&a??ot;atioo Baltimore and (ihio Railroa-1. ap 1 dif SOLDIERS' PAY harndev* exphhw WILL forward soldiers' REMITTAN CfcS. WHilKli MCSIT 0* ALLOTMMT DEAFT*. To thsir Famiisai at ax7 piaes on tbs hoas of UMi Express at ? charts cf twenty-five cents For any sum not sxcaadinj Fifty Dollars. (#30) And a proportionate additional chargs for plaasa reached by ooniiaoUnc Kxprsssss Ths remittance, whether in CoW, Treasury Notes. or AHotnawit Dre>!ts, shnuM be enclosed n an eLV*1> p* ani securely sealed, ana bars ths full ad?lre?n, moludtnc tue t>wu, post O&oe. and State, ot the person to ru to La sent. *ad Us nilin niiuii Ktrf'o?e? tortl.U pnrpOM will b? hrniahad at till* fcflw . UOM7 iKWVfcl U be forwarded at lk? oftoe in Wt: h'l.jtuii, Third ctreat, iioou doot Wo* Peccijivmiiia avcaaa. a? Mm E. 8 BM1TH. At?t. i DLA1N t-IKLD ACADEMY, r t Ma CiUHLi. H*The 38d mmioi (30 ? ?rki) oowumm )U> mk. T#rm? 07? p* MMlu*. oulara at Bur Ofhoa. To fta a few Tm&oiM ajirw* M..JL BURNf. a# 1 Into f unfctri, Cbu. Co., Pv ? ? - I ? fc???? III - ? P A 8 t I 9 ? Hrmdfmartiri Proroit Mar OA ? f Cilf of -H, Mxrrh * I-*/ { 8pfe i?l Ordt-r. N?. 19 All !'j?t bfr?tofow 'Muel ft' Oi tbMr Hn4 quarter* to tbe Mat latWnt will not b<- 'wwwid. bnt rrooRBlH. until further ord^r* ?T order of Major IV F. hmit f**nvf*t Mafaba1 Ck*? E K^atjwr.s. Adjr'ait mar *-iw a nrwnnw oar pc WAivn tv> lifrj. u Y Vl? TUK OF A W HIT OF Fl F* I FACIAL, n laaaod bT HMri l?Tf. on* of tho )aarie?* of trie pMM IB and tor tho count? of \ft aahingtoa. at tha anit of Fd*-ard Cin.mK k. af Mn* 5 fh-exv.?. chattola.Wnda and ton?mont? o' Joa-p** Bonehor, and to mo diraotod. I have .oriod mob U< the ri?ht, t Ue, c?m. intorert and Mt?tc o' fh? aa>d Jnaoph Booonor to and into par* of Lto* No, SI, fronting 31 fe?t on tho aoatb i'e of Proepoet atreet and r?n iac hack 1?" foot deop; aad t he**b* fire notioo that on tho 1<th da? of Apru, 'MS. at S o'oloofc ?a tba afternoon. la ft oat of ?aid aron eca, I wi I of#r for aa'e the eaid part of Lot No T1 to the tuchart I b dd?r for eaati. ap?-M' R. H. TRLNNKLL Const*V. BALLS, PASTIES tc. THK NINTH GRANP BALL of the WESTERN CO , No. I- H win t*k* p a"**' J^R FhASKLlH H *Ll, fl| aM ?t? Aran. >'n, im Afternoon entfrt*i> mknt i o? LA L> I Ef* AND CHILDR FN-Prol. M RAR V t? will five a covel Daceinc Hohool ? ahlbiuon an* poirae at T'uaaaranre H>! E a'reet. near ?th. oa TIERllAV AFTF.K flBk BOON, April at a. from 3 to 64* o'?o^? vk*r? ou i Been an im?ror*d at* * of Kaahionah ? Bao*?. Afiar Uie exhibition the aadienoa Will ba isr\tad t> aarQe ^ate in a faw fMHionab1#?Udc??. Mmiaaion 25 oenta ; children 1* cent* ; (ami 1 t>ek*ta ?> c? u ay i it* (^RAND COTILLON TARTY TEMPEHANCE HALL. 31 E atreet. hatween *th and 1< th. Mm On FRIDAY EVENiNH. A*n; 4. U0k Datou.t tooc-ram?nee at ?H o'clook. rr?(. Arth'a band i? enraged. Ticketa Readmitting a teniaman ud atliea. apt*' PROF.C. F. HARNF.S. Vf-nager FOR SALE AND Rh.-.~v. TO LET-A FURNIftHKD ROOM. ?ui?at>*e for o?e c two gerMemen. Afp.j DltNow York avenue. hetwem 4th and & h eta. It* I^IID Bl'VT A II P.L.J ? ...... - ? mm. H*H * ?i uw!*n? HTM rr., r centaicini !<>cr room-, a treated on H ?tr#et, between <Mi atd l?tb-No.lM. ap S fr FHOK IENT-Oh uctt'Tfiriu(h?<l ROOM, OB eoond floor, with Board. in * etna!* ?rjva'# f*wi'y?Mo. 40 4 Eighth atr#?t, tetween <J and H , It* A DESIRABLE AND FURNISHED ROOM, mutable for a in*rr>?i cop # or two ?in|le if 'it. < !;.#&, oaa be obtuaod, with or wilboat hoard, ob app'.oatios at No 3ftV Sixth atiae , D#ai M. ap 3 3t* FHOR RKNT-A wall farriabed PA K LOR at J CHAMBER, with or with-it Rotrd. ie a pleasant neighborhood. near Pa. aT6Bna. A pp ? at No 16T H ?t ap ? > COR RENT.-A d##iraMe p'a?# tnt* a ooan'r#, r sttaa'ed o" tk* Waahinct t Rraroh Railroad, BlaUemt.urj Turnpike,and s ro.ieef omU.e ? apitol. Itoontainsa good Dwelling Hoeae. with if rooms, ard Ba?erri#nt. tojetb'r with oat bm!?taia .tab # with six at* la #rd carta*" b >??#. about anaorea of maidow nsd pattare and. wall watered. Tho above will r-e rent>d ior J?*?n per year. _ Will tW rant * larva D#?"e* rr*i _ . . . ? ?_ . v.* w ? ? kv "i un ? r * *' "H 1 f woo d ?nit for Mating he?'-T tuna. For further pamoolwe, i at CLAKK MILL?? N?. * ?* atraet. _ DOOMS FOR RKNT.wilHor wi'hont Ho?rd, in a pri?*te famiiy?No. 7h tut Ca?iM ?t., c>?ito' Hiti. a?* at* FOR RENT?Ora l*rf? Fl' RNI^RKD RO'?M, btok of Brown'i Hot#l. Rmi $)i *er ra?rth. Also, for aatn.nna fine MOCKING 81 R D. Pm?# #*>. I nature at 310 C alroet, t?tvem 6Ui and ?kk. a> 2 3t* FOR RENT-A STORK, in a fmitmmmma ioTAtUl'i * MlltRhU Iftr ?< -fk?l? !* ' ?. ..w.v ?vi V ? w uwivrtt'C *" I ' uct J buiineea Atplf to COCHRAN t ROBERTSON. No 311 Ninth atreet. tear Pa av. FOR RUNT-A three-rtory Bruk DWELLING, with a f*ok bnildinr. vo 460 l> etreet. between 2J and 3d * trust# It baa all the modern impro\ rniMU of a firat glut dve !it<c; a so, a o?rn&(? houae, and i*rvant? rooms attached, ay ?-3t* FOR RENT?With Board,on? .arte nice Far niahed ROOM. airtaMe 'or two rant>m?n or mtleinan and wife. at 389 New York&veue, wi?MD 9th aad loth at art*. ^one n?*d ap?'? unleea they are willing to par liberal prioee for food ooommrxiation*. and are "acconiittonaltv" for "Libert* and the Ucioa." i> 3 at* fjMJK KENT.-A fnrni?h?d PA K I." K Tr,d BEDROOM, at No. 341 F atreet between ?.? and loth atrefti. ?p i st* l?OR RKNT.-A PARLOR and BKDKOOM. I m the lmma-iiate vicinity of tne Treaaur* and S'ate I'fpanmenrt, No 432 ?Ath atraet. ap l it* fcJIX OR tKVEN GENTLEMAN CAN OB n tain part of a weii Farci&&ed Huuae, with every dome*tic comfort, and Board if pr*fe r ed > where there are no other boardrra. and oonvement to the Peaarfaiti For furtner ialorwation addrsaa * WStar Ottce. ap I ?? POOMSXP LET?It a moat dea;r*t.e .ooatioa. *.?. at ??9 t urMt. DM[ Ttb, Witt, r a lew mnnUa walk of PenntylTfcL.a mew, the to*t O3ice, Patent Ofroe, *.e The room* will be iet witcoat oard. Uo? a (ood o?m room. Gentlemen preferred. Seve *1 food t?tm( House* in imme diate Ttoinity. apiet* FLRMSHKD ROOM S TO RENT. wun Board, in a pieaaant IomUud n?ar liie Capitol, Trac?i?ct Boarder* kooomm idated. Inquire r.t Star Offiae, mh >l-tf RUMMER RKSIDKNCK FOR KKNT. wn A tkt "(Jim Ultn Farm /* D. C, about lSi mi Its abort Gfortttoien, tntar Mr. Lo+tkl>oro*t*'?}?IL desirable lurmabel l>cuble House' weit cb&ded, fine water, ftc . with ?tabiinr, cama*e hoaeet, ko.,io. The attention of Member* of the <:auuet. Foreif n Minister*. a- d cen'eir.e:. w tb fami j mm w>r?Vi?. J il^IWU VW I'llF Vf FT'S -IU 1 t- t" OX xani:naiiofi of th? premise* app!T to tlie mtouer tpen the fnrrn (Mr. U'Snif.) and lor fur tuer t>arucalart address Captain W. A T. MADDOXTU t*. M , litSO S?pr uoa ttrntt, Phiiaieipfc %, r?. mfy-lm* Wl'RMSHED ROOM TO LET-SeitaWs for F j*ntieman and wife; or strgl* centieraen. Hr-use pieasaatactlT ntuated, an<l term* reasonable. Ir>*nirenorth vest ooraer l?tt aa<l L sU. nhS? ftt* IfOR SALE?Two firs' -o'ats MILLIARD TA I BLES. n.sroie s.abs. ava everj nrranreiro^j complete. Taos* Onsmnr the nt-ove will wleii their interest dj cauinc imtneuiateif a: the European Hotel, corner llth s.reet and P?nn?yivama avenue. nihg-tl pOR THk MOUTH OF YELLOWSTONE FORT LENTON,AMl8SOLRl RIVER. The itumw EM1LIE77. B I.aHaihi, Masuir. will leave on or about the ttth of w^*. ? i n ? J? ' ? " rvpru 10 r*IIUBI QBII'OaiOl to Orafon and the Termor? Waahu (ton, this it the most desirable roate.urticu.ariv to Waahington Territory, Laving from Fort Benton only ISO mi n of land travel, over a t<>od r^ad, to th? moat desirable pn^t of the Tmrntory. In oonaootion with the Kmiiie will be a very light draught side wheel steamer, winch will leave here about tbe 2'th. de?uned4?> run from the Yallowatone to the Pa!la ofMiaooari. For freight or ptaaage M?1t on board. m ;i fr-Sw r COAL OIL LAMP* r OR 8ALK Lowe than tbey have ever been otfVed in thia market I have jutt received a targe supply, and ofler unuauai iixiao?mtata, both at wholesale and retail Beat of Coal oil a? cheap aa oan be bought in the city, at No. *83 C atreeU between 6th and 7tn, south aide, old aland. C&.i before going e.sewhere. nth 86 tf J. W. MOBSKI1.. MISS E. w. WRIGHT Uaa A SCHOOL FOK yulng ladies at No. SOI 8?t??th StkiKT. And rwa^ecuu.ij uU fabli? yUro&M*. mil 9-twm ATAKK NOTICE! LL Boya, from the ase of s yrara up, tan now be fitted out with tact* and eoonony at Bar * bro.*b Faakloaab'e Clotkini fr'.*?t>>i(timent, mh s*-laa* OornorE fcad Hwtiitk ?U hj^Ott SALE CHEAP -A new and bandaonao even ootare iron [[Me fcoeowood^CSaHl PI fcNO, witt all the ial*i**roT*?e?iuWTrWT round ooraer*, garr^a nun dine, orer * ? ** atringa. Ao..mmdaf w )?t? ?tr??. aoaU id*. M ' ?*' A ?T*8K FOE HANABSA8. " Fmi'fmjr & c~" uu mrl:t a Mob m and Tu<4tf, Mr ^ iir-JKK3E3B Peart Hoim ul;; on Wtteui more la* will start lor \i?naaafta.aa4da?e for o' c, oo IM^ BP t?rning t^om Nimmh I roocd tr p. t5 * ?( ?M ho rro*'"^ l? at Gro?o ry'a Sioyo 8*oro Poovart^aia rati, aoath ..J*, two doora Mat . f ?h ?ir?. ? * irtftil* *r?ry. a%* w* Alprx^f Hiiboa'i frg?r Mor?, tbov* wu f^ro* ad tn/"if*2S5e3LeK^fclle'LO<b<l ' ??*'* sfsE^^2r^^iSs3a S$p8. "c. ttntt Jfe" MIL EATON. _ "L^-.??,^rjsy?s.,JSarsAai-. , I

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