Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1862 Page 3
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* - "Tri -Ifiir 1 _ ? LOCAL NEWS. 0 A*t?ft Koto'* Atbknkcm ?In couseqBeoc? of the fact tbat a grent number of peraona were unable to ob'ala (rati in tb? theater last night to wltneaa Mr Forre?t'agrand impersonation of <?Jack Cade, the bondman of Kent," la the celebrated htatorlcal traeedy of that name, the piece will be repeated thla evening. 9ecore year asata In the day time, by ail meena wilta*D?' Hall. ? Flrtt grand concert or Madsme Henry C. Watson, a fhvorlte In mnalcal circles In Now York, agisted by Mr. S B Mills, the celebrate* pianist; Mrs FTIlnor Drammond, Mr J. R Thomas, and Mlas Nina Foster. tbe jronag, beautiful. and accomplished elocutionist. CimticiT Hall.?PerclT*l'? great combination company still draws, and no wonder, considering tbe novelty and variety of tbe performancea, and tbe excellence of tbe singers, dancers, and actor*. Tbe mat nets are growing In popularity. Yesterday afternoon the silk dress was presented to Mrs Sherman, No. 50 Prospect st., Georgetown. Od? Fii.low*' Hall.? If yon bare a fit of tbe blues, so to we and hear Kunkal'a grand Night IngaleOpera Troupe, and It wlllvanlah Instantly. Tbe<e excellent performers were always popular here, and have improved since their last visit to the Metropolis. Paikw's Hall, (Young Men'a Christian Association Rooms )?The young ladles of the First Baptist Church promise all who visit them a kindly welcome, and an evening of unalloyed enjoyment, brightened by the consciousness of aiding a good work. Their Fair and Festival is a popular institution CLA.m*sno!? Co*ca*t H all ?Eating, drinking and smoking; charming Hebea to delight the eye. and exquisite music, to gratify the ear. AddIv as above. A Lkctukk that Dids't Com Off ?A report hiring been started la Georgetown a day or two aince. and extenalvely circulated, to the effect that Rev Ctaaa W Den i son bad delivered a lecture to the colored people on Sunday la*t, and would addre?* them on political alhlrs, Wednesday (laat) night, at the Ebenezer (coloredyhurcta, considerable excitement retulted. Threats were made to lynch the lecturer, and the affair assumed a?ich a serloua aspect that Sergeant Newman, of the Metropolitan Police, yeaterday morning notitied the Superintendent of Police of the fact that trouble might be expected, unUaa preventive meianrea were t?ken The church waa lighted last evening, and shortly after eight o'clock, a number of colored people had aaarnbled Inside, and there wa* a large gathering of white citizens ?zncatly young men and boya?on a corner In the vicinity. T*hinga remained in ?tntu quo for about an honr, the church slowly filling up meanwhile, and the outside crowd augmenting Shortly after nine o'clock, the colored people left the church, and the crowd on the corner alowly dispersed No demonstration was made. It ia stated that many of the better claaa of colored people were opposed to opening the church for the proposed lecture, while otbera were In favor of It. If such a lecture wan to have been delivered? we have no raeana of ascertaining the origin or truthfulness of the report?much as we deprecate any disturbance of the relation of maater and slave In this District, except by lawful and constitutional mear.a; we deprecate much more any evocation of the mob spirit In this community, to deal with a question which should be decided by rational argument, and not hv heated and prejud'ced appeals pro and con. Nothing good can come of mob violence, no matter how earnest the actors may be in their convictions of right. Mxdih.I!(? with a Sick OrrictB.?Tu-sday one of oar pa'rolmen. bring off duty, thought to take a little round and s?e now the M. P 's performed their duties in other beata than his own, keeping ? > eye open to any Improved method of nabbing cuipriu which he might aee displayed, in order to benefit hlm?elf and other officers. Accordingly be hired a carriage and started, tak1ng In almost every section of the city in his drive. On his way to the Navy Yard he was taken with an ill tu-n. aud was obliged to leave the carriage to-'cast up accounts " As he was thus engaged. Tom Gordon and Tom Venable discovered him and used Insulting language towards bim in bis misfortune. Oar patrolman undertook to defend blmself, and the driver coming op to defend bis passenger, a melee endued, which was. however, stopped by some of the SKh District patrolmen, who took the parties before Justice Cull. The Justice, after hearing the statements, fined Gordon ?5 !M for being drunk and disorderly, ordered Venable to be turned over to the Provost Guard as a deserter from his regiment, and dismissed the driver?the otflrer also, admonishing him upon the Impropriety of getting sick on the public streets. Polic* ?The Third Ward patrolmen reported. Conrad H Hrarkman, drank and dlaorderly; workhouae 30 daya. T A. Wan nail, diaorderly; fln?d93 94. Alto.for asaaalt and battery; aecurlty for a hearing, before Jnatlce Thorn pan n R. Rablado, throwing filth la the atreet; 63 centa roatx Jaa F Arbemer drink and diaorderly; demised G W Amor, do.; fined 91, by Juatlce Clayton. The Fonrth Ward patrolmen reported W. A. Church, disorderly and profane: was locked up even hour*and diam'saed. G.Pappera charged with renting a houae for Improper parpoaei; dlsmtaaeri hv Justice \V?ltpr Wm Hicka m* arlnar threats of violence; held to security for peace by Ju?tlce Dodo John Amos. anaault and battery; dismissed by Jiutice Clayton. Psivatk Stable* xot Nciumcis ? Justice Clayton has been eniu^l for several days past In bearing a case In wWrb a Mr. Jacobs was tbe complainant, and >lr. Wm. Touslg tbe defendant Tbe warrant charges Tcusg wltb creating a nuisance by keeping a stable near tbe dwelling of Mr Jacobs t^uite a number of witnesses were examined, some of whom U-stlfted that ordinarily tbe stable is kept as cleanly as stables usually aie. Mr Norrls appeared for the defendant, and argued the case at considerable length Tbe Justice yesterday afternoon rendered bis decision, dismissing the rase on the ground that a private stable when Kept In a claanly condition could not be a public nuisance, and if it was a private nuisance redresa could be Bad by civil action CBAmos of Assault?On Tuesday afternoon J ustlce Cull heard a case at nls office in which conalderable interest was taken by the respective friends of the parties Interested. It appears that two discharged soldiers from one of the Maine regiments are boarding near each other on the yard, and that a report had got out that one of tbem named Barnes had deser ed, and be waited on Mr. Hill at his boarding house to know if he bad said that he (B ) was a deserter. Hlil replied that It was a lie. and Barnes In turn threatened to kick him when he was struck in tbe face. Hill was brought op for this offense, and after a patient b?trlaz ?? cur wu alsmwed, the justice deriding that HIU bad right to protect himaelf. Ckimimal Cocai.?There were no trlala yeaterday, bat > number of peraona convicted at the pr-*ent term were brought into court (Judge Dnniop presiding) and aentenced, aa follow*: Andrew Henneaav. larceny, one month In jail; Tbomaa Price, larceny, one month in Jail; Joseph C. Cllne, larceny, two montha in Jail; Wm. Conley, grand larceny, Impriaonment and labor In p';.iu?ctlary for two yean; Wra ^mtth, larceny, one month In Jail; Ephraim Davia, larceny, two jnoutha in jail; John Caaaldy, Mnault and battery and realstiog an olBcer, aix montha in Jail; That. tiptrla, nanialaught'-r (killing bla wife), imprUobioeat and labor In the penitentiary five years. ? TEA Line a Hoasi.?Camp Clay, BUdtmburg T>Ue*t*, Washington, D C., April 2, t_ I ? fit.. . I < mv sintv tsk ui' fhaf m armll r.u.wi c w i . a mmm y ? ? ? bay stallion, with long tall, belonging to some of lb? citizens of tbe l)lstrlc\ was brought Into tbe <?ou>of the lOtb New Jersey volunteers about one liiooth ago. About one week ago an officer tent tbi? horse to his residence in New Jersey, telilng bla friends tbat be was a ?????* captare. 1 think such things should be exposed. Whoever will come to the camp of tbe 10th New Jersey volunteers and prove property shall have the horse r?. turned. Ax Orncu or the Teeth. Staoe* foe Manama*, Faiefax, 4.c.?It will be seen by the advertisement la another column, that a *tage new runs regularly from Alexandria to the battle field at Bull Run, the scene of the skirmish at Falrfkx, Ac , Ac. The driver was takea prisoner at the battle of Bull Run, la a man qrf intelligence, and la familiar with the field of battle, and all the objects of interest la the vlria? >1 i? th? mvh ran h* mniral in tlita city at Gragery'a More, Pennsylvania avenue, two door* eaat of Seventh atreet, In Alexandria at 1*) King afreet Hoaas D*au?o ? Yenterday, Juatlce Donn waa called on to decide a civil caae, Bayllaa r? Shumacher, the amount of the claim br.:;g flee dollar*, ? balance due on the aale of a horae Tm hone waa delivered by Bayllaa. who received ten dollara cash, and warranted the horae to tat and work anywhere. Shumarher pat In the pica that the horae would neither tat nor war*. Bat when naked why he did not return him, replied that he had traded him off. The jnatlce gave judgment for the plaintiff. 8n*T Down ?V'eaterday afternoon, Mary Iffnan and Mary Kelly were brought to the oMce of Jaatiee Clarion, by Sergeant Burnbnm. or the county, havlrg been found by him In the Cnthoil; cemetery In romoaiy with a number of aeldlcra wne looked aa if they w era after "no good." The juatlce. after being aatlafled that they and no ? vtatbie meana of auppert," committed them to RgaVHPTIO* Of Tnsi OR TBI CiJUl.-Tbl Qjorg?io?rn tonnlnoa oTttoe Cbnip?k? and Ohio Canal m* praaaola maat gratify!* w?m of buatlr and Mtlvitr. Bp*U bow txttmi along tkt baaka lot mile loaded with floor, grata, wood, t??a? Mm, ia4 Itrn prolue* Not Iras than 15,$ Ml bar rata of I ?ur hare tirrtdr arriwad tfeore, u4 f^^re ttu Li,uuu buatketa of grain. i" * ' . . .. . %.* * * 0 ' * w IrriBBtTiM* to Bvrns ot Coax?4 case of mot interest to buyers of coal, was tried by Justice Johnson vesterday afternoon The plaintiff, Mr J. B Warder, brought an action to recover a mall debt contrasted by Mr.J.D. Rynard for purchases of coal at various time* The defendant notified Mr. Warder, a abort time after be bad received the coal, that there was a deficiency In the quantity purchased and submitted a bill In bar ofW SO. m Mr. Warder denied that he had sent Mr Rynard short weight. The Justice Inquired of Mr. Rynard how he determined the fact of short weight, as It was unusual for housekeepers to have scales large enough to weigh a half a ton of coal. Mr. R. replied that be bad tested the ton by measurement. stating as the resnltthat one ton of coal wu MOil tn nl n? fnll Ann r KarM?li tnil that thm deficit In the ton be received from Mr. Warder was one and ball barrel*. It wu shown In evidence that Mr. Warder bad nc acales In hla coal yard at the time be told the coal to Mr. Rynard, but depended on the courteay of hla neighbor, Mr. Steuart, who gave blm the use of hla acalea to weigh the coal he aold. Mr. Steuart being eworn,stated that Mr.Warder waa In the bablt of weighing hla coal upon hla acalea, but he could not recollect the weighing of that which was aold to Mr. Rynard. Mr. S alio stated tbat aome klnda of coal were heavier than others A certain quality would run nine barrela to the ton, and another quality average eight barrela The justice, after quoting the Corporation law, whlcb requlrea coal dealera to keep scalea of suffl clent rapacity to weigh one half ton, (their failure to do so subjecting them to a fine of $S for each and every oU'ense,) gave judgment for the plaintiff, with a deduction of one dollar, as he failed to prove the weighing or the delivery of the coal.?R *pub 111 a*. Fottbth Wied Station Cases?Before Justice Walter.?Wm Swiizer, drunk and disorderly; fined SI 58. Jaa. Gittlgan, do.; do. Sarah Light, keeping a disorderly howae; dismissed. Kate Light, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 days. Anna Llzht, do ; do Caroline Light, Matilda Light, and laaac Light, children of Sarah Light; dlamlMed. Wm H. Light, Michael Barke, m n * .1 at * * . . . ^uas. t?ronH?*y, soiaiers; xurnea over to me military. Daniel Mullen, aauult and battery; Jail for court J?hn Pklllla, drunk and disorderly; fined SI 58; but In consideration of bin position as a lawyer, he wan given the Job of washing up the cells aft^r the prisoners had been removed, by which he earned the equivalent of his fin* and waa dismissed. Isabella Ferguson, drunk and fighting; fined #2.38 and held to security for court. Catharine Buokbee, M. T. Mullen, Ella Wiley, and Jane Bradford, do.; fined 92 5? each. James Hurley, drunk; turned over to the military. Jos. Wright, do.: dismissed.* Catharine Wilson, vagrant; workhause 90 days. John Warner, drank and disorderly; do 90 days. Cornelius O'Donnell, suspicious character; turned over to the mllltarv. Win. Sloane. drank and disorderly: vrorkbonse 90 days. M. lirogan, do ; tamed over to the military. John Dougherty, do ; fined ?2. Pice pock kts at the Athesettm ?The im! mensp crowd attracted to the Atheneum last I night, offered fine opportunities for the oper| ations of akillful pickpockets, and the llght-flnuered fraternity, so largely represented tbere by nice young men, profited greatly. The performance bad nardly commenced before tbev began to operate. Mr J. Dan Champion had his watch removed from bis vest and unhooked from the ' case ring so neatly that he did not discover his loss for sometime after the performance Mr. John G Moore bad his pocket picked of S*25 or ?30, which resulted in the arrest of Thomas V. Smith, who was committed to jail by Justice Clark Chas. H . Moore, the brother of the victim in this case. was rejoicing that he had not been depleted, but on putting his hand In his pocket to exhibit whst he bad to lose, discovered that be also was a sufferer to the amount of S25. Another ventlftman renortad that he ht/t ln?t ? large amount, near 9300, and asked tbe aid of the police to recover It. Several otber losaes of watches and Jewelry are reported to the police, who are on the look out for the thieve* and lost property. Ck"?thal Gcardhous* Casks?Btfor* Justice Clark ? Jas Deve-, John McKemey, Connor Romauer, Jas. Fer.uson, Jos. Holly, James Moore, drurik and disorderly; turned over to the mtlltarv. Francis R. Beemer, drunk and fl^htlne; dismissed. Geo. *V Armar,do.; do. Cha*. James, drunk; fined 81 56. W. A. Church, lounging about the theater; dismissed. David Brower, dri:nk; fined 91 5? Chaa V Smith, plckpo ket; caught with bis hand In a gentleman's pocket at the theater When he saw he wss discovered he Oamnto^ *n aa/>? rva Kit# mas ?1naa1n f?ll?m,J -* v? I" v*vapv^ vu?i **M luuuwru nilU arrested. Upon searching him nothing but a cigar and a box of lip ulw was found upon him. Tbe theory of the detective* points to this man as the operator and another who ?as seen convening with him, but who was not arretted, at the receiving "pal," who take* the "trlcka" for safe keeping after the work has been accomplished The fellow was ?ent to jail for a further hearing A Row m TiMURinri A int.-Yesterday, a man named Conrad H Brackman and a boy named T A. Wannell got into a fight In this notorious alley in the Third Ward The boy picked up a stone and tbrew it at Brackman, but missed his mark and struck a child of Mrs. M Bresnaban, cutting Its bead very severely. The parties were arrested and taken before Justice Thompson, who sent Brackman to the workhouse for 30 days; fined the boy S3 5H for disorderly conduct, and held him to further secarlty for the aanault and battery on the child. Ct ti WTWa Tni Arvunv Hnrlnor (ha naatt??Alr about one hundred laborers have been busy cleaning up the dirt on the avenue Some dozen or two carta, as the dirt is swept up In heaps, cart It to the mall, over which It la spread. The work was commenced at the foot of the Capitol on Monday laat, and thus far the avenue has been swept clean as far as Tenth st. The work Is done under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Buildings, and la Immediately superintended by Messrs Stewart and Burch Death of a clikayman ?Rev. Father Sherman. the esteemed curate of St. Dominic's (Catholic) Church in the Seventh Ward, died yeste-day morn! g In the afternoon bis remains were conveyed to the new Catholic Cemetery, whe??s tbey will remain until the desire of the Prov;nclal is Issued. This estimable clergyman's A < sai waa arrtal ! rw\r wVi Visa 1 n IKa ?? ?*n n UiVU UV 111 klJC course of his faithful ministerial duties, for he visit -d tbe ?lck without regard to their religious pref< rences. T> ft Fibs near Tennallytown.?We noticed di / or two since the firing and destruction of ti e cottage of a poor man by the name of Hali e? who resides near Tenallytown Tbe lnceno iary act was charged upon a member of the And rson Zouave*. We are Informed that the Zou ves were ordered from that neighborhood, and eft It. a week before tbe fire. One of tbe regiments at present encamped In that Tlclnlty Is responsible for tbe act, It Is said. Piimci Gkorgs'b County Circuit Court Tbe fqntty term of this court commenced yesterdav and the regular law term Will commence on Monday next. Lk Bon Tor for April, containing a reliable report of Paris, London and New York fashions; alao, full-sized patterns. A moat invaluable work for milliners and dreaa-makers. For aale at Shillington's book, newspaper and stationery store, Odeon Building, corner Four*and-a-half street and Pen nayIvan la avenue. It Capons, Lamb and Asparaocs.?Wilson, 119 Pennsylvania aveiue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, still ahead. He Is dally in receipt of the above delicacies. Those who want 11 a*ll a.*lit ottt uuuiu uvt tau iv ranj. ti" Thk Indian Hrbb Doctor, From Canada. bb wi-8 bkfobs it ib too latk. Call without delay, and see Dr. Tvmblkty, the Indian Herb Doctor By so doing vou will eecape the Iron grasp of mercury and other baleful p< Isons. Nay, more, you will become once more in possession of that greatest of all earthly bless! ngs?Health. 1 desire your prostrate heart* to lift, Your bleeding wound* to cure, /ind with the treasure of Nature's gift, Relieve the rich and poor. T.? following It a list of the chronic romplaints which are treated by Dr. Tuiublety with unjaralleled success: I'isesses of the Lungs, Heart, Llrer and Throat; Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Fits, St. Vitus ?s Dance. Rheumatism, Dlaeasesof the Kidney and Bladder,and all Diseases arising from Impurity of the Blood, soch as Scrofula or Rial's r.vll, Erysipelas, St. Anthony's Fire, Cancer, Fever Sores, or however Ions standing. Also, all other complicated chronic complainta which have baflled the science and skill of calomel doctors. "A good tree Is known by its good fruits,'> and a good physician by his successful works. So don't be cast down, be you ever so 111, But go and partake of nle superior skill, That never has tailed, there are hundreds can tell, _ w bo ?rr irom aeeiti's aoor, now nippy and well. Hla chargta arc moderate * Mild treatment and W1 fSL purify the whdle maaa of your blood; Malignant dlnaan be soon shall pat down. There are tkooudi could tell now who live* In this town The Indian Herb Doctor will deecrlbe diseases and tall bis patients the nature of their complaint* or lilnees, without receiving any lnforma. fiou froaa them. No charge for consultation Oftce, No. 11 Washington Building, Pennsylvania avenue, corner 7th street. mnr 21-Un 1 Dmop in at the "People1* Dollar Store," 499 Pennsylvania avenue, near Poor and-a-half street Examine the splendid assortment of Jewelry, Silver Plated Ware, and mammoth Gold Peoa, and "take your choice for onedollar " ap 1 & Duti'i Plantation Bittibs. 8. T. 1860 X. It Invigorate*, strengthens and purl Sea the sy?tem, la a perfect sppAlzer, and the moat agreeable and effectual tonic In the world. It Is composed of the celebrated Callaaya Bark, Roots, Herbs and pure St. Croix Ram; particularly adapted to delicate females: caret Dyipepala and Weaknea, and la jnat the thing for the change* of Masons. Sold by all Orocera, Dragglats, Hotel* and 9aloom. pTi. Uiiii fc Co., ap 1 eo3m* 209 Broadway, New York. BaANDBtTR'o Pills, composed wholly of vegetable matter, are found fey experience to be harmless to the mMt t*n<i*r *tr? nr th? imkMt frame, under every stage of human raftering; the most pleasant and benign In their operation that were ever offered to the world, ana at the same time the irostrertain In searching ont the root of any complaint, however deep, and of performing a cure. B. Brandrktii M D. Sold at No. 2M Canal street, Brandreth Building, New York, and at the Branch Offlre, corner .Ninth and E str-ets, Washington, I). C. P 8.? Sutlers supplied by the dozen. mh 29-lw Lima! Limi!! Lime !!!?Thesubecrlber bason hand one thousand barrels of the best wood-burnt Lline, which can only be bad at bis lime kilns, be having dissolved all connection with any other plac? or establishment for the sale of Lime, Cement, Ac., and which will be sold low for the cash. [mar89-tf] W*. H.Godet. H ia i th foe the Soldibbs.?For one who diet from the effects of the bullet, ten perish from damp and exposure to night air. Small doses of Hollowav's Pills taken every other night will correct all disorders of the Liver and stomach, purify the blood, and insure sound health to every man. Only 25 centa per box. 228. Dr. White, the Chiropodist, is a wonderful operator. His method of treating corns, bunions, bad aails, etc., Is perfection itself. Suffer no longer from those terrible evlls.but submit their treatment to the science and skill of Dr. White, at Pennsylvania avenue, between and Cth sis. # India. Rubbib frooDs. India rubber Sheets for protecting chlldren'a beds, that no family should be without; 75 centa coca. Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, 51-'25 each. Rubber Ponchos and Blanket* combined, 8*2.56 each. India Rubber Coats, white or black, t'J.50 each. India Rubber Logins *1 P*r P&lr And all kind* of Rubber Good*, including Rubber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for bed* in, Ac ., Ac , at manufacturer's prices, H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. a*., r.*tween Ninth and Tenth streets. feb 1-tf All pk&sons ran find th? best stock of Clothing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, Bear P. fe 27-3m MAKRIKU. On Tuesday, A_?ul 1st by Rev j.g Butler, Mr. JOHN it. A.,CRUPPI-!R to Miss FRANCES A., [>ovn 01 wumn(ion. ~ WANTS. \*7ANTED?By & reipejtabla firl, & 3ITUA" TION aa cluirherw aid and nurae. It* WANTED?A GIRL to oook %cd do general honaework. Apply at Pennaylvania avenue, over Hood'n Jewelry Sto-g U* ?7 ANTED?AGENTS to oanra* regimenta " around Waahinr ton in a light and profitable buaineas Apply at REDMOND'S ttalfery, !Vo. in Pa. avenue. It* WANTEO-A SITUATION, by a reapwtable young woman. to do ohamherwork. waahing an t honing. Reference given. Aj.?iy '20i I at., between 6th and 7tn. It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A MAN who haa had aom- etp*nenoe 'n mak"1* and do;ng u? butter, and no oth*r need apply?335. betveen C and D ata. It" WANTED?By a lady witti a Singer'a machine, a SITUATION. Understanda tailoring ana al> kinda of work. Addrtaa "Mias Franc**." Poat Office a,> 3 2t* rv7AMi>pn iuucr\i*fww? mm/ an m? i m m D 1/ 1 A 1 A L I ? I "WO fOOtl " VEST MAKERS io work on ouatom work. Be?t price* paid VANDORAN A JOURDAIN, No. 450 Seientha'r***, ap 3 3i* Pppo?it? Patent C-ffice. VVANfED-lWO MEN to work on & farm a *hort distance in tiie country. !n<u r^ at 396 7th atreet, oor"er ff ap 2 it' IVOTICE.?Three rood MILLINERS wanted at S Hi- LLhH'S, 3 4 Market ?paoe, te'wesn 7.h ani 8th tta. ap 2-4t* WANTED?A neat, induetrioaa 61RL to do aeneral honaevo- k f r a private German (am Ut. Moat ocme well recommended; noue other pe*d apply. 497 12t.h itreet. n?ar F. ap 2 2t* WANTED?By a private family, a reapeotable GIRL aa ohambermaH and to aasiat in washing and ironing. Apply at 457 Twelfth street between B and H. ap 2-2t* WANTED?A BOY from 16 to 18 yeara old, to learn the confectioner* trade A German areferred. Apply at JOSEPH SCHAFFlELDS Confectionery, Sixth atreet, between 6 and 11. ap2 ?* fOOK WANTED-* Colored Woman. Who can come well recommended oan obtain a rood laoe and good wagea br applying at No. *00 Maaaaohuaetta avnne, between New Jere'v av, and North Capitol at. ftp 2 3t 11/ INTt'n Pi a. nniBnivc /??k ? WW ? - - ? ? ?- y / ? I? *-? i * v? 1 W ? Ml V widow 'ady preferred) where there are no other hoarders or ot>udr*n, at a reasonable prioe, situated b^t?e*n Penniylvania avenue and In street north and 7th an<1 14th stress west. AdJr^ss 'A. M. L ," Washington Post Office. ap 2 M* WANTKD-A BIKLtodo general housework in % small family Bnoil r*f*renoe* required. Also, a little ftirl to attend to ohildren. Apply at 339 I8?h strew*, betyo^n H an<l 1. ap I-3f WANTED?Three rond GOAT HANDS; also three rood V'-ST HANI)', wanted immediately at WM. TUCKER'*. Merchant Tailor, 446 Pa aveaue, between 4X and 8th sts. ap 1-9 * im/ANTHDHn? Mar 1st, a FURNISHED v v HOUSE with 8 or 10 rooms ; will buy the furniture. Also, to trade lands and an internet in a valuable invention, for property and merchandise Address, through Post Offioe, O. W." ap 1 3t* WANTED?A LADY to operate on Wh6eier* Wilson's sewing machine ; most be a good operator and well acquainted with themaoniP*. M wii i 11 iv ap 1 -3t* 336 Pennarivania avenne. WANTKD?A competent WOM AN ?A co orsd or a German woman desired to take the enura charge of a cuitd 5 years old; one who is a neat a?am?tre*a deairrd, and of amiable deposition; matt bring the b*?t r#eomm-ndati?n?. To on* who can anawerto theafove raanirements the highest wagea will be given. Apply at 146 0 street. ap I It* ?-?t a aihl'r* n. tL. 1.4 ? c a* ? /_??1 u/aiiiciv?u; me in ui uaj, iwiuiin e?ij distanoe of the Trea*ury,) a mall HOUSE oont^imn* at l?wt three b?id-chambers. two parlor*, kitohen and cellar, and?thoash not indiapenaabie?a amall stable. Rent mait be moderate, ae ine tecaot will be permanent and panotuai a* to payment a* wallaa oareful nottoirjare the p rem tie* Addro*? "J. A. P.," at the oAoeofthn paper, tatinc fall partioalara ap 1 3t* WANTED-A WHITE COOK. Apply at Mra. KILUAN'8, S10 Eleventh at. mh 31 YVANTE1>?A SIR L to do general housework " in a p'ivate fam<!y. Meet of referenoee required. Cail at No. 441 12th at. mh >l-flt* \u aimthu?A. respaotaDie rrotestant WOMAN " as aeariiatreas and chambermaid ; bone need apply without good references-4 30 D street. !>etwren 8th and 6th, near Ciiy Hall. mh si-tf WANTKUTO KKNT?From May lit, a neatly furnished HOUSE, in a central location, from 10 to 15 room*. Address Box 3 Star Office, mh 31-tf WANTKD-A SITUATION, by a middle aged women, aa oook or laundress. ?ood rr Terence given if repaired. Apply at erooery Store, Mth street, between 1 and K mh 39 MRS. FRENCH, WANTED-By* gentleman and bis wife, % ? ha- dsom*ly Furnished Bed Room and Pan or, or a Famished House, in some pfeasant looal'ty fa the city For farther particulars, app'y to EXILE DUrKE, 380 Pa.av. mh3? OLD LETTEUS WANTED.?I will give from two to Un dol ars for Liters written by bea'l Washington, and a fair prioe for Old Letters writbn i.v AAiAhpAfAH AmMintni O Avrvlntinrar* Pa lebntiea, Presidents, trail era!?, Commodores, testSktewHras SfrcsfsjsfKE adelptna. Kare Hooks and Panphlsta on AaMno* bouiht. mh >- lm* WANTED?To hare every on* know that they I oan ?ud the beat stook of Clot time. Hats and Caaa. at the very lowest rates, at SMITH'*, No. 460 aeventh street, oelow F. fa tl-im WANTED? Every person to know that I an in the market ready to pay cash for all articles In the houeefnrmatung line. Those leoTim the (east aide,) Dealer in New and 8eoond harnl Fsrnitnra. now tf %V ANTED? Bo tiers and Soldiers to know that Xtess ivtfnumzWM ! ? MM ?IIU1 -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN SJUtiteis &jnSttrtsgaBi Mm*. <um W oof^Qramni,a?r-ia unier. The cn?ep?*t mi p* In the world. Afortii r.? o*n be mnda on th?M mh ib eneh State, s uoo,ooooo??#? ofoie of my m*M "? ifVoi'L * m*# t* go to Cnhioroin, England ttd Ctb*. Agenta u?o wanted in ever* pounty ud in ??n regiment ui oarnrmv. Bend for eironlara. . , nvn

mM-tauji lM^roedwnr. fcrw yori, V w A 1 "t AMU8BMBNTS. FORD'S ATHENE CM. Joan T. Foud Pro?ne?er erd Minn? Jon B. Wmi?HT M ?8tace Hmw* THIS MYMiriXB, Tbe Greeteat Living Tragedian. MR- EDWIN FORRE8T, will repeat hia greet charaeter of JACK CADE. Hnadreda kaving been uaable to obtain aeata laat , evening. Clifford Jobs KoCnl'oeth Marianne Miaa Athena Friday. Edwin Forrest la a great eharaoter. , C7VKDWIN FORRKBf 8 NIGHT*?Men i ? *? 1 " " J v A uuiuaj buu r Box Mfioe open from 9 to 1 and from 3 toto'oiook. when mil cu t? ???or?d. Admission. I>r*ss Ciroto and Par?nettJ? 7? conu gWfurod Se&t, I? _..fl Baloony 8mu f i Uroh?? Seiti . il Boxm (holding ?ifht) Fmilj Cirols 36<muU " CHARLES E. FORD. Trtwinr. A n u u u i i: K K I TO-N18HT At WILLAttVs tlALU Madam Henry C. Walton, MR. 8. B. MILLS, MRS. fcljNOR DSUUMOND, *And Mils (iMNAA y OSTKR. Ticuts 91?RVBUVXD riA;i(Dcn. t mi. Ticket! for bale at I Wizard's Hotel. The Nation*;, Brawn'* Hotel, The Kirftwood House, Metzeroti's Musio :?tore, | Ellis's Mnsio More, Philp * Solomons* Bookstore. Cnnoert to onmmenoe at 8 o'olnos. It* CLARENDON CONCERT HALL. (UXDUI Clikkmdon HOTXL.) CONCERT EVERY EVENIN?, BY A FULL BAND' Beautiful Waiticf 6irl?, Good Liquors, Cuara, and ap 2-lw* Everything in tn* r.atint !ma. ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Stvtntk St., near tk* Pout Qfiee, EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK! Kunkel'i Nightingale Opera Troupe THE LARGEST, MOST VERSATILE AND BEST ORGANIZED Company of Minstrels in tht World ! Comprising SlVKNTXKX 0? TH? rlCK BD ST A K? OF Ml*?TK*L?T, araonj whom are GEORGE KUNKFL, HARRY LEHR. NEJ.HE 8LVM0UR, T. L. FLOYD, THEO. AM REND, and 1? Others. Admission 21 oeuta. For partioulirs see small bills. Donrs open at 7; cmm ?no* at 8 o'olook. apl 6t [Kt-pabiioan } /I iMTPDQITDir !( T I a Mmunovn i onuu i V/ CANTERBURY HALL ! Is evidenoe of COMBINATION OF STARS! the iqual of whioh can be nowhere found in th# World of Ammementa. Observe this Brilliant List of Names : MISS MILLIE FOWLER, MISS JULIA MORTIMER, MISS LIZZIE FRANCIS. MISS FRANK LA FOLLE. MISS MARY BLAKE, mis8 lilly brandon, MISS FRANK SECOR, miss j;:lia Richmond Hi dd vr r r% a dt*pd iinxviv i */. f atv ica, D?L?7i4iVrif BROTHERS, DICK PARKER. BILLY CJUINN, JOE CH1LDB. MASTER JOHNNY,' JOHN REANY, 8YLVA8CLARK. JOHN HAMILTON. Ths But Oschihtsk Booth of Philadelphia. IE^No change in the Admission Prices-TT1 Adnuuion 36 oecti; Oroh?tor Chairs in oasts. Afternoon Bnt*rtM?nmeiti For Ladies and FaauliM, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at) o'clock, W hen a lavish distribution of Eleraat Presents la made: Riob and Costly Jew?!'j, Books, Toys, Fancy ArtiolM. and magnificent Si'k Dresses. Admission 30 oents : Children 10 oenfs. mh SI PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIE9-6aida to Patents, Catalogue of Curiosities and Government Gardens, at the stand in Patent Olfioo; Rare Antiquarian Books; Government Books; Documents furnished; Railroad Reports; Military Re ports; Burnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Books furnished to Pedlars; Mi.itary Trials; Military Laws; Army Regulations; Panorama of theCoast showing over 2,000 nuies; mu; thousand Cheap Books. Recolieot cheap rent. Large nlM, low prioes. Up stairs, over Ban* of Washington. Ia?-3mf ALFRKD HtrNTKR. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, at Temperanoe J| Hall, V. street, betwoen 9th and l?th. Classes IK every Tuesday and Friday?afternoon ol&ss^TB at 3, evening olass at 7. Soiree ev^rr Friday IsPft evening at 8 o'olock. .Music by Prof. Deo. Art.i. Temperacoe Hall will be let for Halls, Parties, *o. Apply as above. fo 14 2m* JpOR ?ALK-A'resh MILCH COW, with her r third ca.f Apply to the sub?cr.ber,-g(f?*| No. IS Congress street, ?wpetown. mtT apl WILLIAM KiNG. JK?Is? w 8. RANKIN A. CO.. f we'jlkali YY1IN1S, L1VJUUK, AJNU UtltAr BVilH-Htt ESTABLISHMENT. 48, 'ViTll Alts COIWIIM STKBST8, VEORVBTOWN. D. C. *t 1 St* C OYSTERS-OYSTERS. HES/ PEAKK Sieuntd Oyster Saloon. The anbaonb< r havini oompietad v Steamed Oy?ter Saloon, ia now ready^Rft f \ to furn ah to oiUsena, st.&agera, and^?\^MF the pal lio generally, with Oyetera ^gj^m oooked <ij the new traoea of eteaimnff. TKa Ka< ?L? ?- ? ? DP- ?1 11 ? a * uw mo manvt vau a aura- Will U* vui b<i on hand, at the Cheaepeake steam Oyater Saloon, No. 4 03 0 atreet, near 7th, and east of the Patent Offioe. mh3<-lm WM. P. WEBB. Proprietor. JNTEREST COUPONS 7 S 10 TREASURY NOTES Caahed on presentation by JAY COOKE * CO., Btnkera, mh 29 lw AH Fifteenth atraet. f^ONFEDERA* SHIN-PLASTERS, obv>> tained at Port Koya', are for aale at the Fair at Parker'a Hall. Go and fet one aa a curiosity. mh 3l-gf US. TWELVE-MONTHS CERTIFICATES, Bought and Sold by JAY COOKE & CO., BANKERS. mh 39-1 w 4 33 Fifteenth ?tre?>t. THK LADIF8 OF THE FIRST BAPTIBT Cburoh will be happv to aoe tbeir friends and atraniera at the Fur tkit at Parker'a Hall, (opr' "ite Brown'a Hotel.) ?h*re a moat delightful enttdrainmeut will be provided, mh SI 5t* yy' ASH1N6TONHOOP 8K1KT FACfOEY ! WANTED IMMEDIATELY, imladu.s To maiwtaotare Hoot Skuta. A peraon oan make, in a abort time, from fOJK to FIVE DOLLARS PEH WEEK. Ii.autre. for further eartioulira. oorcer of r>intk nidi) etreeta, thirti floor, up itu'ri. Kbit IT* M, BAMBTAO It CO. CONFEDERATE NOTES AND BH1NPLA8TER6, whloh will be found canon* u well m inUreeUnx memeatoa el the Rebellion: fin Confederate Note, iwsed at Riohmond, V*. M * * M 10 Cent Shin jlaeter, laraed by the Bank rf TenU Ce*?**' " ** " Corporation ol winoneetar, v?. 6 Cent 8hm ptirter ' " Corporation < Winaiif*?W. Va ^ , 16 Cant Shiu p'uwr M Corporation of Charleetown, Va. 6 Cant Shin piaeler " '* Corporation of .Richmond. Va. 16 Cant tthia-plMter M " Bask of North 90 Cant Shia piaster M M Corporation of Bavaunah, Oa. Retail prioe 5 oanta eaoh. News men asd Ndlari applied at SHi uLINC TON '8 Bookitore, OUeco Buidinf, ap l-*i Comer etroet and Pa. awnae. rkRBANDIES. LAWNS, ANO UTHfcM vJ tnin and medinm DrawGoodi. _ ^ ajiu! t'ur ui?u i?u iiqok 01 ail ine urj ockkh iS'sAass^-5 -ass^ .jaagMSh. Bays you taken your wife, or dMgkUr. or frUnd, to tfc? itwt Fur, tov b?. . , ? GEORGETOWN AjyKKTMTE LIST or LETTERS K?5UISn? I!f THE POST OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, D C, April 1, IMS. a atsywaKS tfcsy m&T not r*o?iv? tb?m. LADIES' UST. Aa4*fMa Mr* M4i,Harl.y J art* N.Im Haul. Ball I?1? "?>">>? OrB.?.r Evly S?wLIUh*ew ^rie* Balli* r J*"*"0 *"7* . ?? M.rtk. Pro Mr* Mart*. Bot^tt Mr* Claris* Holland Mr* Mary Poor Mm *iihl Brj?oo Kin* J*a!ra Mn H A ftwts lann Bock Mr, Marr Jtrkioa KiiiabaUl R.ic*ua ' ?in Battaralr Mr* A Johoaoa Mary Ra*4 Aorta Caapbtll OUria Kamaroo ?na_ Rtc*rr M.rrla Co.Hr Mra Mary Eirby Mary B Klfgci Miaa A R Ca?oa M>rrar*t K.jjan Mary 4 ana Sbaanxkrr Mara Cnnii i Mr* Marf Milam Mr* Mary Vicpaan, Mar, C?^>ar Mr* LaribiaKjiirht Mra W Sirona Mar* C pAM?r M ... P If U. VM I _m B 'L ,,?? M iii i|iik ?*? w ui?m n.iran Oi?b Mr* Dr K*?*my Katharia* >:W*r Barak A CMmi Mm Jim E*?naa Br?4*?t b?**a** Eat* Dot? Mr* Mtrt Kiha CMa? Ann Tjj!? iaii e Doty Mr* J h h Lurul R*cjmi A t Taoaatt cam* Fairfai Mn Sarah Laahar Mr* Mary Titrmy M?rrar?i Filk*y Mr*? Litich Mary A T*?moi> AnoaEt Firaicum Amanda Lanfror M'.r? TaBM* Saaannak Oraan Mra M L Malvc Mm* ? T*aa Mi** M Oratn* Anai* M aratar Mia* L Waliaa BarliaAa Haaiwar Emily MtlUr Mia* Btaait Walkar lharlatt* Hilla Halan M Martin M a* Bttir WtickEcn'.y Hiteiaanci J tool* ) Mmilj Mi*i M r Warren H*vaJan? MeCarty Mia* Wright Mary a Hariauau -jlr* JianU GENTLEMEN'S LIST. At?hi*nn Wta Ft*h*r ll A W Millar 0** W lllm Wn | t'snks Thos Mootfoaerr C X Anitt Wrn C Good via Wm Mahocey C Allism Jet Gnfi L Morslai.d A Anarton Jo* W Girnn Ralph Mjrei Ada's Alk mscu Gibsec Rr>b; N*?!? Jno T Bcrkrl* Andrea GleonoaPR Nicho.s Lt Jno B Bellice Alfred Gallagher Lake Nonet Lt Joo A Base* Christian-] QrarssJcoB Nicker?aa Cayt F Brews Ckas x-a Oort Jn*-| Nortiii Ckas ? Bl?d Capt Grafn Joo Ks.son A Bryant D M-9 Gsrdnsr Capt J B Norwood R?? W B?tta Ed via J GrsflsrJno Oekiu John Brisco O W Orrr Hiram Ohana John Barmond Jafca-3 GiieeCapiE Puirbirc Job BofarerJnoE Otrdsir Uwla P Prautjr Herb Brenner Jas Green Alfrtd M ParksrGaoN Boardman D S Hs*tJi N ithsa Perry Suril Ball Joo R Hendrickson Mr Perkins OtoH Babcoek Capt J J4 Hirepsn Methsw Pear Peter Brown Capt Jas Horar Asrou D Potes Cant Besloy lsaac-8 Hicks* Patk Richu J P Brown Jas A Howell Phillip Rilsy Thos Beirm.fl L?wis A Hu/ek Ro i L J Resn Win H Beniljr L C Hamfr Stephen P R>?od. Wm Brown WmH Hnddleston Wa Rankin Wm Bali Sara! Harris W V RaaA.ll w_ Butl*r Rubt Hafan W A Rouuarall A \ BaIj Olia Hi{ui Wrs Riyroo d C K Bailer U 9-3 Hoierater Laaaing Rifin Himm-l Ball B L4 Holcomb L A Rittar John Baker ioahoa S Hadla* Jaa W-8 Rnch Wm Bifltr Meaea Hall J'M Sr^raJI Wm Clare \l3rk Hiaeoek Jaa D ?potuw?od W C CaO(fhlinf Chsa HareuaJnoG W? * Chef, nam Chaa W Heuderaon J C NuydarT R Clark B M Hlnrick Jno fiprankli Rolomon Conner Daul ? Steward R B Cooo Geo W Hill Jtio T Schnchart Phillip n ?v ti-? T~*_ o. a. . vu""?' wgu I>UH Iri V* Olirn m A Cllrl J C Halt Geo W fieott Mono? CaJlen Jki Hays ? L. Stanford J?mpi CarhartJno Hohoo ?d*ia L Stoddard Thoe I Connolly Joo Hujhes Cliss K Krnnb Ju(i Cr*ry L"t L A Haian C O SiUbury Joseph Carr Le? 1a L Hijfuis Chaa Simpson Gto H-3 CriderWm Johnson W H Btone Gen CwPirunrk Wm John John A Boole Geo W Comiinehim Wra J?mn Vhai SchlettUeo ' 'ai.ning ffa Jones J A Bother* rred* Comprsssit 8 M-3 Inrlis Chaa Sprarue ?d*m Cue Sxmi Johuaon Joseph Stick 1 Card 8 B Jchnaoa Judsoa R Smith D Clapp Stephen J oh neon Lewis Sprinkle D M Con.set Rol l H Jewel! Rs? Motes Bironp Daniel C?tU Rnfct Knsass Lt N W Stains Capt Cain Juo Kin* R A Btaadraan B P Crocker Platt-3 Kui,iran P.u*k fcprankls David Dodff Lt D D-3 Ki' Jnfl Pat*k 2 Tillon David R Deoiuiner Capt B Kloti Jacob B-3 Tharalaon D Dean Geo D-8 KetneJoeR Tsrpemnr Henry Deoo Geo T Kchler Jobs Towi.tend Juo-i Dmmmond Jaa Jr-8 Kuler F.drar Thompson A Bro Dennis J TY1 Kaufman David Thonaa Mathew A Delcamp Joe Lime John Tbnnpeon Capt SE-* Dftmee Jae Lokens Da?id S Yantelburrer G H Doyle Isaac B Lmch Chas Vifkes Joiu W-i Dougherty Jno Little Elijah H V.ueho Trecr Dsdrow Marcus 2 Levis Chas IMfer M Dailes 0!iver Leery Pat*k Wunams B DotTev Patk-2 Lour Miehal Weaver Chas D?nlop Robi P Moore M T ? hit*Collins D i-mri* ivcHPen tnorzm WHitney tJ K Day S A M< unTlmi WebaterDavid Daua W H Millnar W I White CD Dfoodr Win Mauncjr Win W hite Geo Earl Marou McMichal Marten W'llliame Geo M Etcrtu Ban & Sao MeClora F?i'k Williama Naorr W Eh&hardt Haul MeClirtonBH Willi J D Krara C H MeK.nney? L WileouJolm Emick John ] MtLi n WaM Wripiit Cept J oho 8 Fox Win McClenon J??-2 Wilki it Jofm Wro McCiaakee John Wilbur John H Fraaar T'ice-S Mcn?n-ild Jie Wrift.l M?l>ia Fritfher 81U1 J MrVaniiiu C B Wt!acr?0!TiE Field R N ( Maaon Wo Walah [iott E o:_k u. U:i? - - I imti oir Oimy nm TV ?st c h- rgtr Ja OA Frederick Lloyd M-.roHall L ? Wad*Th<?S Fro?iiJs*-8 Mifri M<] Hinrj W?i k N 8-6 Fnltfa Jerome-3 Maui John Wilton Win FouiknerJta Martin John Woodcock Wm Frixtlt Jno Millar John , Yoor.g Mark-4 Fox JohnQ Maiixi Juo t H Yeabower Jotiu Fadely Henry MulUen Jauiea Yeat terCioW Fuau'Henry J Moore Jacob Tarr Capt Tho? O Fc'tt Geo Morr son Jai Zalt John W French A*a B Moody John Zimatrou G?o Fochs Fred-i JET All Letters f except M Soldier*' Letters'*) must,in every instance, be prepaid. It HENRY ADDISON, Postmaster. rrfi^N OTIT E-MARKET BTALLS AND iJJj BENCHES IN C, EORQETOWN-All tteS?al!e?nu Hecches inside awl otttoida of the market house in Gfort*.to*rn. on which the assessment h*s rot been said, will be told to the highe" bidder for cash oaSATUKDAY, the 5:h of April next, at 10 o'clock * m ; and at the ??.m? time three addition*! Stamds at the head of the market lion so will he sold to tie his best I niJer for eaeh. mb 31-5t WM. I.AIKD. Ci*rfc. ff^GKORCKTOWN TAXKS FOR I?*6a.15 ivotioe i? tierebr fivan tbat a discount of ten per cent, vul be a.lowed on the taxes oft* current year, it paid. ??u or before the first of April next CUA8. V. WEI.CH, mh 21-2w Collector. ry??N OTICE -LlCJtNSKS -All Mraons L5 whose licenses from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on tbs 3'at instant are hereby notified promptly t > enev the sam ; otherwise thff *nhiPot th^rr.Bnirpa in ? oompnlaory np -i the proper oftoera to nsforoe aata fine tgucti ail delinquent*. Mo fnrtaar notice will be given. mh25 SawtAplO WM. LAIRD. Clwk. LUST Arii> f OST- yesterday evening, arxwt 6 and 6 ^ cloolr. Li between 9 h and l"'r, on At?b??,? buokakin Pi'K 1 MONAi, steel f &*ie; tUara ?a?frorr 9.0 to 9it la it. A liber*i reward will be firee on .ti rtinrn to the Star UfSae. It* FOUND?On the Slat cf March, r9\: t*?e canal, on 11tf> strea', a Tr U ^K.o^ntai- mg ?ilforeut ftrttoioa The n hoi* wii, t-e'eturned to tr? owi er by oa. ir.t at WALKKK'8 Lumbar Y*-d. cornar lHh t-:re?t and catal. J, SfciBERTH. ap 3 St* STRAYED TO M PHfc.MI9f.ft oatnelrt'f April, aye. ;ow HORSE. IS years oi axe. which ueovate o*n l.ava dt commj, prcTicf p.oparty, P?yin aha ged.&nd taking n>m swij. VALENTINF HES9, It* Tolicateacd tfeannifa Bri 'k>. LOST?On the 26th ultimo, between Capitol Hi: and the oorr.e- of Siil ami ? atreets. a heavy 60LUi<l Mb, witha^a;* ?et ard rrt name plainly engraved on tnc inaide. The finder will be auitatiy res ard eo -_n leaving ;t with me, at Ueo?M of Captai* l>aoa, corner G and 88 t afreets weat ay 3 3t? Ji> MfcS K. DUOL.FY LOST?On Tnuraday. tiie STth ultimo. between No HO Maryland avenue and the Sixth Preebyterian Charoh, oorner 01 h?tti ?-td C s'meta, (lalaod.tada'k oolorM FUR llPPKT, one of the loop* t?rolen. A reasonable reward will M ?a d lor it? return to 580 Ma-yland a*. ap 3 3t* FOUND?On Saturday,/-th March, a iarteiiie dark brown HOHM., whioh the owner rv oau fcave by proving property and payme JJSft expenaea. Icquire at JOOUL'?"1 Grocery Stoie. ooruer Id and K ata. ap *-3t* WENT AWW FROM ME THiS MORNlag, GEOR6IANNA, my ohild *he M M colored; and about 1' yeai s old; hat on a at brown oaaoo with white sports in ? ; a ft brown apron, and a straw bonnet; h.aok cloth cloak Ary infotmahon left at AN * ? ? N1E jACKSuN'r, Vermont avenue, between M and N ?treeta. ap3-2t* CHLOE JOHN8TON,taii oo'ored ) I NOTICE! CAUTION all ?er*on orper?on? from harb <r n? or hwin* my NEGUO MAN JAH.CR AMFTON, except ir .m ray <eif personal!#. He la *erj notable; he iaa very darkooitper oolor ; he ha* a scar between hia ett forefinger and then;^, attain? two or three inches towaida the wiut; i.e a soar aorost hia forefingers on the ngat h ?r.d ; he la about 45 rears of age, h feet 5 <rt S u.ohes id height, and very gray. He left my t.eate on the Sit'n of Maroh, without any cause. JAMES RKODF8. April 1st. 1883 a??-2t* GTMAVElJ?From No 4T. Indi?ni?. >? ?? O guar Oat, the ?ih mat.. a black and whits COW, with a rip aroaod bermv* neck. #5 r?ward will be given to My onJUto who can give ..Joy-Ation oo&oeroisg Lei, *nd more it rammed to U?e hoaa^. a? l-tf | QST.-Oa Tha/eday lait, bet we* 1 9 h tad K L atreeta, a pairot OOL.U kPEC 'ACL.ES, la b,l?k morroooo out. Th? leavict thera with A^KLG DAVIS, K?e , Secretary el Firem&n'a lnaaraaca Co .over Bank >f waahiogtoa. wnl reoflive a amitabla reward. af 1-at*^ "C^STRAY OR STOLEN?From tfie vloyilty Ju railroad station, on Ma-oh 26, one g\ large black flORSR. fail roman heau; witiiT?p a white atriee inhia forefcflaa; one while^-". .eg. ths ierl: with ue letter ' O.," ca *h* left shoulder. Will be haadaoraelf rewarded ky leatLiig lUormatioaat C. MO i Lt'c, Oep^t iionae. ftIA REWARD-*tolen aboet 1** o'olock mm IU this Korninc. amnliBiB umiiptiv bOR?E, with rovercaent saddle ar.i Vjfc blaaiet; hurae bad ao afcoea 01: ami itw w i\ in left fObt; t>rwi< eJ U. ?. He m elolea from front of & ifier 4 JtettMr&nt, D ?t. Any ii farmy tlor. cnoerninf him iflbe wived at Mr. An I We. (ayl-tf) PB4LL1P ZITTLk. V (1?tT_Od 8?t^ru?y lftet, Utw?*n Clagrtt 4 spSMsig.% BOAJPfHO. Mtvean *t tnd|l. fSma mk? K* ' *. V < ?i ? 1 SECOND EDITION THREE O'CLOCK, P M OUM M1LITAM.1 MUMiMT. watt iirwrn. Thr Vankw la Mill !rt?e ' wfcarf ?nd tk? workman w* ou*y cpt?o b?r marhlaory.wbtoh bolri* Uioiou^blv cvrrh*ti>d. 8b* will b? pt roady la a day or two, tod wlL again ttkt W plar? on tb* rim Thttftamor John Fadon, of New York, arrived fro? Old Point thla norsiif, bariag la 'o* two rhoontra pbr. alto, cocbm op for ropafra Tb* Ktng Phillip arrlood Irota tho too* rloN at a lit* boor laot night, brlngtar op loor r?H|>?i from W?*tta ore land and I Ichmotwl ooonOoa.wlio ran* off from Klaaala oa Saturday lar Tboj atate tbat tha robela are p-e-e'njr rrory -oaia botwrtii tbe agot of 18 and 45 Into tho arrri*. and that th*y bare boen cluaaly hantad for a wwt or two The Confederate* haoa laft tha ootghbor. fcood, eoea drawing away thotr pickets ; bat a few tqiada of cavalry roam tfcrongh tho o< aafry, plekl ng up r*ory prnon ? ho la abla to hoar ansa aad Increasing them in'o tha aerrloa. Theso refug*** are native* of that aoetioa, om being an old farmer named Gardy, aad tho o*b?f* yonne men ene?gpd In ba?tneaa near him. On of tbf vounp b?? two acting tbe C-onf derate i*o9tmaater at K!naa>, bet tke clttseaa fcavlw petitioned Je* Daeta to dtaeonttnee him ta tbe See ;nd lmpree* him Into the army,bo eraolved to make hi* e-cape. One of tho refa(*ea who ?H in tbe mercantile b i*lo*a*, atatM that te? following wfrt the ruling prtcea th*ra lately : Co*~. ?1 85 per pound; ?<urar. 40 e*itK nit, (flap.; S0i> per ??r.k; and tabU salt, put up In haif-rollon sicks, SI <5; boot* couid nniv b* hat la Fredericksburg, and (bra at SU 90 oar pair Tbev sav (bat late a^oeab papers state tb? the Federal lnaa 'a the recent conflict with tte Merrimac was t 500; also that tbe Monitor'* ahot bad no more effrct on tbe aidea of tbe Merrimac than hailstone*. A f wd?va *ince tbe ateamer Union ran Into tbe Wicomico and brought out a aeceah schooner, railed the Isabel, without being Interfered with She la In g ^od order, and can be very uaefailr employed by the Governor nt. Tbe owner. Otpt Wm l)awBon, of Westmoreland, baa bad bet laid up alace the commencement of lb* war THK ntWSPAPSa CHAR0KS AOAIMST TBI ?BCB%Tbe New York Wjrld having reiterated Its ague charges against tbe integrity of Secretary Smith'* management of the affair* of the Interior Department, that gentleman h?a promptly demanded of tbe condnct-?r* of that Journal the una of bis covert assailant, and apeclAcattoa* of th* latter1* allegations. He indignantly *ceu?a th* accusation as being a iroratrons fabrication, got. ten up to compass aoire aiulater pu-pnsa, and evidently intends pursuing the matter in order to make an example of those who maybe bahlad his irresponsible assailant, If, as 1* probable, soea* uch person be named In answer to his <lmn&nd of the proprietors of tbe Wprld newspaper. CAsaitazD. Capt William LUley, <4aanermas er of the brigade commanded by Gea. Isaac ( ?t*?*a?, ha* been tried by court martial at Beaufort, P C.. on therhar^pof ??c0nd:ict inh?<n(r:na M oAcer and a gen?letran," found guilty and arntenced to be e*ah;e-?d CONGiibziHQ^ A L* lUVnUCUt'iKV'1 ?<*aU*. TaoaaDAT, Aprtl 3. 8k.natk ? Mr Hale reported, from tb? Ntnl Committee, a bill aporopa.ting #26 000 toenabJ~ tae Secretary of the Navy to Wot pu*ia for read*. lag "h tileries invulnerable Pa*ted Aleo, a bill for the relief of the widow* of ofii cer-, searuen and marines of the frigate* Coagr<*M and Cumberlard?giving them twtlve month." extra p;v Pa'?xl. Mr W!!?n off-red a r??*olutlnn d recting the Military Committee to Inquire and report whether any further legislation la noceaaarv to prerert mill'ary officers from returning fugitive alaves L<aia over. Mr. \V aUo introduced a bl'l to establish k. bureeu of army clothing. Referred Mr. Dvria introduced declaratory re'olationa, setting forth the purposes for which the war la being proaeculed on the part of the Government, l^ald over. On motion of Mr. Sumner the pending Mil providing for the administration ef the o*tb of allegiance to American citiaena in foreign cpua trips. was taken op and paaard The bill to aboiiah slavery In the District of Columbia, wai then taken up, and Mr ,McDowgal addreaaed the Senate against it. Hons*.?Mr Scanldlorr offered a resolution requesting the President, if not Incompatible with the public interests, to communicate any laformation received at the State Department relative to any revenue sptena existing In foreign countries. Adopted. The bill providing for the reorganisation of tan Navy Department was recommitted. The Tax bill wet then taken up. LATH LOCAL NBf/8 Yovwe M*iTs Cnaistiai Amociatio* nr. Interesting meeting of the superletet d?nts of divisions, into whose aatds the Association bad specially committed Its mlatfonary work, was held lift Pwnincr # f wwmm - * ? ~0 ? i , um v* me MB district* being represented A donation of 750 bound volumes, from 9 to 39mo ?i*e, was we wl from the American Trs<-t Society, for the hospital* throughout tbe Dlstrlrt, which volume* were apportioned aacsg tboae occupied and In crnr^e of compl?t!on, ir. pu ?c ance of a report mad- ULd r preri as l?u*niL-t;r by the missionary of t&o Association, R?e C l? Lyford, who had j uat CcX plowed LU Ikf. mot .a "a wore. Large and. ^|u?bi - do?-u.;)ona of bookv tracia and rellgloa* paper- <*ere eitwj acknowledged, from tbc American a:d sv ?*t!Dg'oa city B;t>ie SocMle*, the Trart ? >clety of th? ^ E Charch, the Matt 8abtiath vbool snoelety, tne ftjttoa Tr?ct goc Uty,and ot er ucmh Over CiQO of aperi .1 contnbctiocs?mainly Jr mall lumi payable mon hly by members and other ettiiena?bavin r been received, Mr. Win Ballaatyne. of No. 4s i Seventh atreet,was e ice ted treasurer of the ml?a -nary fund. The aviary of the iiaaionary waa fixed at f"S per month. About c ?e-ha!f of the aum received had been expended 1 the purchaae of tracta. Ac An Interesting rep rt of facta occurring a tee operation* of tbe m asWmanr during the month just closed wit made by biic, Indicating that b? bad preached 84 rem *t sermons, bealdra a nuirber of addresses; and o tbe distribution of tract* and papers, the via atlon of tbe sick, and in other labors had a bo. aded A minute approbat rv of tbe course of tbe missionary waa unanlmvasly adopted. A cummlKoe waa *ppo;ntrd to arrange fir a series of public meet .39* In L? veral of tbecbarcbea of tbe city, with a doire exprfa^d thtt, if practicable, the first ahuuld be held next Sabbath evening. Dispirit* Ansa vlt.?Yesterday after-noon kn intoxicated soldier, who refused to give h a name, bat who bore tbe insignia 01 cQ^pany i, of tbe 112:h Pennsylvania re^.inent, ebtered the restaurant of Hay ward * Kin?, near tk? west sate of tbe Capitol, and dem^Jrd a drink, bat the barkeeper. Robert WlUlana. declined bis rrqaeet. | Tbe soldier tbca went cat and re turned with a number of his comrades, and swore tost be would | have llquer if he had to wait o.? himself Mr I Wlliiaius still refused, and tbe soldier went b* mod the bar la t^rni ran, drawing hi* bayonet with wblcb he m&de at Williams, but fortunausI If Mr. Hay ward andotber persons interfered, and secured him, after Mr. Hayward bad broken two bottlesof champaign over hla head, tbef bolng the handle*', weapon that be conld ftnd. Prloe and Wilson, of tae M. P.'a, coming along, took the partiea before Justlee Ferg eon, wuw held them to ball for a farther beer inj, and ?Hmd the soldier to be tent to the gnardbo?a?, be again became troublesome, at.eieptlng U>|^kt the oAcers in charge, bat he vu eoon esr sa that he could do no harm. Diow*id We regret to learn that Mr Thorn. McGritb, rf thin city, ?m4iovm4m Monday night Uki la tb? Poiomac, near Part Tobaeoe. Mr MoO. and a Captain Marfan, wbe la n tatlar ta a regiment encamped In tbat auction, ware la a punrr which bore ne II2btAnd wblie *. Mo#, waa bataaa, Captain Morgan obaaretag* atenmbont approaching railed out to Mr. who coo.lug ca JtVt a* tbe boaia atrarb. ttt Jar ranaed him to fall overboard and he waa drew n?d. Sa*fh tor tbe body waa Immediately ceer menoed, but up to tbe preaent time It bed not bean rom< ered. Mr. MeOmib wee an estimableg?*tWman, nfea waa eateeaned by ail wltfe wbom be waa emaciated. He waa at tbe tiaoe oi bla deatb tbe Preatdeut of tbe Columbia Fire Company, a memb?i ef tbe Board of Common Council from tbe Mar Wud, and a aaember of tbe Manonlc and uSw mum* a 1 - cklkimi to^ow low. wwiw catmrnt CJCM ? Tiu>. knu'iwiR M* Mtarr ^bT4 ***** omcer c?"*Btt' * " * * UlliJ Willt?f? McOwfey, lMUetaftfer _ _ . . Vbe cm* of Slit* WU*, ln<1o?i M fenpiaa % b??<T kooatf, wi? total V *

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