Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1862 Page 2
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ev njnct Star. , WASHINGTON CITY: , FR1DAV APRIL 4, tW. ?, rj"Thongh Tbb la printed Mtlba faeteat , j^ntn la nf ?or?h of Baltimore, lta edltioa l I* ao large as to r ^n!re It V> V p!Jt to preoa at an ( etrly hour: A4rtrttnmmt?, therefore, should be wit In before 12 o'clock ?t , otherwise they may i not af pear an til the next day Oan Fusxra at the hrlooa mlMterv rst?pa and roa'tlon* will conI? r a favor by keeping na poated a? to movement and afltlra In their vletnltlea lE^Tbe new Dollar Weekly Star, foller than rver of Metropolitan newa and goaalp, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery tr the public. Embraced in lta entertalnlnz contents are the following articles: T>i? i. vi? _i- t?-it? ??*v- ci-vi ?- imhii: in iur i |[|(ibi? iuict, wu uic r ikui at Island No. 10. with Interesting particulars ar.d notable incidents; Incidents attending tbe procresa of the Great Fxpedltlon uptbeTenuesaea.soon to be beard from at Corinth; Latest new* from the Houtb; Despondency of Southern Leaders, a gloomy picture. After the Battle" and "Steel Fixing*," poetry, Treatice's crumbs of comfort for "Seeesb;" Affairs Down the River, at Fortress Monroe, on the Southern coast and elsewhere; The "Quaker" Guns; European news, no hope for rebeldom in that quarter. Bishop W hitting ham's prayer, and how it was re-elved in the churches?wbo prayed and who didn't; Slavery in the District; A Lecture that didn't come off; One that did; A Wife Murdered bv ber Husband. Ac. Agricultural and horticultural matter*, domestic recipe*, and otter matter useful for farmer* and housekeepers. This la just the paper above all others for per on* sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI per annum; postage prepaid by stamp* when to arranged. Spirit ( th* Ntralai Pre**. The 7*te//?f?>ieer treat* on ,lPolitical Experimentation" particularly a* illustrated in congressional legislation for this District. The Republican is jubilant over "Emancipation in the District triumphant in th? Senate" and ays "Its passage by the Hou?e is a ccrtatnty. Heaven ?peed the day." r m !k nr i tin ti nil. We commend to the public the able crlticl?m in this morning's Intelligi?reT upon tbe strange speeeh delivered pn Wednesday last by Senator Sherman, upon the pending proposition to emancipate the a)av?i In ?he District of Columbia. In view of that journal's thorough exposure of he Incongruities of Mr. S.'s speech and the current pressure upon tbe space, we will content ouraelf with simply remarking that the effort In question w*s a very lame apology on ?U author a part fe? doing what he evidently felt to N? cruel and unstaleswanllke Injustice to tbe ? !ti->0ii? r? f (hla hta(?ir( In orilut f a nrnnit<?tn IKu " '??n? \ M IUI? I*. >| ill Ul?ti pil'J'HIOVC ?UC ?bclttlon sentiment of a portion of his own constituents. while avowing and jnsMfying the prejudice* ??f the latter sgalnst the rollcy he wa? sustaining as applicable to themselves?that of enforcing negro equality upon white men. We confess that Mr. Sherman 1* among the last Senator* of hi* party from whom we *ho'ild look for speeches In faror of an ultra-abolition treasure. The fact that be, too, has taken occasion to mount the abolition hobby lu tb's case, satisfies us that the prospsct for the defeat of the bill in the House, Is slight Indeed. Under these clreumstanccs, we take it for granted that those tmong us owning negroes worth more than 8250, which Is proposed to he paid for tuem from the I". S*. Treasury, will lose 110 time in exercising their undisputed legal right to place them beyond the reach of Congress. In every northern ?tate that has abolished slavery, at least ninetenths of those worth more than the amonnt allowed for them hi so doing, that course was pursued This ta the only dcfeuce now left to the slaveholders of this District against the acta of those who arc legislating to deprive them of their property without a fair equivalent, merely that they may strengthen themselves individually with abolition sentiment at home. With reference to the effects of the enactment of the proposed law, we have to say that it will throw on the treasury of the Unitrd States the expense of paying 8600 for each slave in the insincx noi vaiuea oy ms or tier owner at $250. As every such negro Is incapable of providing for bis or her own wants, it will tbrow upon tbe cltizcn* and otter tax-payers of the District the burden which the well-Abused " black code" now rests on the owners of such clavea?the obligation of supporting them?numbering about 1.540 in all. It will also, by aiding to create tbe imprctslon that Congreaa hereafter desigua leglslating to force free negro equality and free negro a ;pp?rt and sustenance upon the white populat on of this District, bring hither within the next year a population of between 50,000 and 100,OCX) negroes liberated by the natural contingencies of the war. In so doing It will generate here at leas: the state of feeling on the part of our fellow citizens towards negroes an a clasa, existing In Oblo, according to Senator Sherman, and ao cmFhjtlcally Justified by b!a>; and thus it will render their future condition here for worse than their present condition with slavery existing tiiAn/t > ? ??S ?' In a national point of view, It will stimulate abolitionism to renewed exertions against a.avery In the Stater and thus, In fact aa well as In name, postponing peace between the will coat tbe national treasury hundreds of millions more than if Congress should seek to satisfy the ma5?es of the South that it is not the purpose of the Government to interfere with slavery in the Sates. All tbeac evils are to T>e encountered through the ?nartment of tbi* proposed law, only that individual Senators and Representatives may render themselves more popular with abolitionism at home, and thus continue In public life. While we entertain these views with reference tc tbe ultimate effect of the enactment of the bill In question, we are free to confess that we by no means regret the certainty that slavery is no longer to be a powerful element In tbe politics of tbe country as heretofore, which Is to be one of tbe grand results of the war The suffering, misery a;<d expense of the war upon tbe country, North, Scatb, bast and \Ve?t, has radically cured us at least, of all sympathy with pro-slavery politics. So we shall hall with joy tbe advent of the day when It bocoiues simply tbe industrial element ol our affair* It steuld be, of almost incalculable pecuniary value to tbe industry of tbe whole country. Whin tbai day arrive*, 1U twin disturber of the public peace, the other American political clement that baa done quite a* much to make the war and Ita consequence??abolition demagoguelion?will die a natural deaib cf course. We therefore deeply regret that the Senators and Representative* of the border States failed to vote en masat for the President's resolution offering tbe s*d oftbc general Government to State* that may b?d!spo*.d to adept an enlightened system of gradual emancipation embracing a plan of negro colonisation W? regard that as most Important In guaranteeing lUi we shall not hereafter have another c|v?l sectional war, and believe that in due tunc ail the border States will gladly adopt < me poncy, irciu wblcb they wili proBt eaoriTvos1 f. pecuniarily and industrially. |fTSomething satisfactory 11 the musical way may be looked for in tbe concerts to be given neit week h*re, by Madam Anna Biahop, assisted by Mr. Ed tSr^uln, tbe baritone, and Mr. Dlspreisa, the pianist. ruioKii ?Lord Edward Clinton, Lord Edward Cavendish, Lord K Cecil and L V Wllhaws, Esq , all ot England, are now at WUlinrd'a 1 Hotel. 6? Abbbiw Pobtkk ? Washington cornorthern popcr pay* the fallowing drarrvtd^JfT^linscxr to the Into ProYort Marshal of thia city : > Duron hi 3<l n.4a la: ration uf tbe 'Use of f' . l L-. .wullfc nearly two hundred itiuL.. 1 rovj?viLre quartered :n tLU ic'alty, Ue -Ha iiti>lcmitnHdiKr1mittitloa ana promptne? ibtroaured bv Grn Porter la the dlaeha/ue ^ ul It H~r< uUait labels of the Pfovoat M^tiPa ifi ' ait ttur aubjecta cf uaiverMi rnnnrnda ll?b " ? OUR MILITARY BUDQET. I ATT T AID?CHIOS TSIMRe OR TU LOWBI PO> TOM AC. The steamer Cwur de Lton, Acting Muter Hamilton commanding, arrived at tbe Ntvy k'ard last night from tbe lower Potomac, wb*r? kbe baa been crulrtng for tome months She l>rn?a l.n ranaUc Wavlnn ViaA Krr Mlldlr.boi <VIUV? 41 * U*| uu V i uc, uuu " f ? ? ? ? ?1 itove In a few nights since in a collision with a steamer All along the country bordering the l#wei river there is a great deal of Union sentiment net on If among the inhabitants but among th< troops, many of whom have been impressed int< the service. Some flftv of the men, who ha<! eluded the roamln;' bands of cavalry, and havi thus far escaped being impressed into the ser vice, are reported by their families an belnf somewhere In the forests getting oat timber for i raft, on which they will attempt to make thei escape. Captain Hamilton has been alx miles up thi Youghlcomlco, and has conversed with as man] aa a hundred of the people, who treated him wltl the greatest cordiality, and expressed sentiment of loyalty. They say that they only want th protection of the Government, and that when th flag is hoisted again in that section hundreds w II flock to it. They state that when the militia wa being drafted, many of the men exprcaacd a wi? that a gunboat would come up the river, in ordc that they might seize tbe opportunity to cacap? They are almost in a famished condition, th country having been despoiled of everything 1 tbe way of provfhiona, Ac. Captain Hamilton has reliable Information th; Fort Lowry, of twelve guns, on the Rappahat nock, has been abandoned, and that the river ! entirely free, from the mouth to the town of Taj pahannock?about forty miles up. Last week he went with a boat'a crew up th Youghicomlco, and finding a large schocne It Qiimo nf tVtO InKaKilanla afto?m?>*~l UIvu ??. loviia-. v* >mv ixuuviiHtlia HIK i fTOIUl VUI him that at the time a rquad of rebel lnfanti were la the wood* within 100 yard* of htm, an that the order was given to them to fire on tt party, but the men refuaed, and told the officer he fired that they would fire on him. Captain Hamlltoa alao brought out a aclioone which he towed up to the yard. As the pari were casting her loose, they *aw a squad of rebi ravalryat a ?onsiderable distance, and a man aii made hla appcarance on the hill above, but c being flied at he scampered oil The achoom had been stripped of her Halls, and lately palate red, white and blue, from which It la Inferre that her owner may be a Union man. A CORRECTION. An item In the New York He raid announce the rc-arreat of Col d'Ltassy, "charged wit neglect of duty, In permitting hi* regiment 1 plunder the rcaldents in the neighborhood of h camp." Since the leth of February, the " Gailbalf Guard" has been In ccmmand of Lieut Colon* R a petti, and it I* for hiiarrest the order of Gei Sumner waa Issued C> 1 d I taaav i> on parole. awaiting hU con martial, charged with writing, of causing to t written, articles derogatory to (ieii Blenker. FROM THI POCKET OP A DONATION TACKS r. D'pot of Atniy Clothing and Equipage, ) Washington, D. C., April l, l=?2 { E'lucr oj the Star?Dear Kir: I have taken th liberty of enclosing a letter taken from a done tlon jackct, turned Into thin depot by one of th regiments on the move The jacket ?h turne into depot along with many other goods, and tb letter found in the pock?-t unopened The fa: donor deserves some notiec, and I know of n better way of acknowledging her kindness tba through your valuabls journal, which Is reed b all in the country. If worthy of a place In your paper, you wi accept my thanks for Its publication. This is only one of very many that come dail from your fair readers and non-*ympathlzei with tte rebellion Very respectfully, your obedient servant, F. MlLLER, Chief Clerk Clothing Dep t. St'NDAT AFTERNOON, Feb. 16, 1S6'J With this mrket I wnrt vnn a h?f?? 1 j ? ???? j ?? *? hvomj VVU*0|ftTU May tiod's wisdom guide you in the hour < need. When troubles and daugera overcloud your patt way, May Hi* mighty arm shield you by night and b day There! that la aa far a? my poetical geniua ex tends?not ?o my good withes; so pleaae par do me if 1 continue in prose. , What e'er may be your situation, whether ol or young, rich or poor, high or low, it mattei not, so long as I know that you have sacrifice life, health, and perhaps pleasures, nobly in th defence of your country. Therefore it ia that have taken this opportunity of aaaurlng you tht we moat sincerely w'.sh you success. We rannc express how truly we wish that this trouble wi over, and that peace might again throw he mantle over our poor, suffering country. Have vou received any vaientinea yet, or dou they circulate down there at 'hey do up here 1 Yankee lrnd. And how doea your new )ack< lit? We have a company of "home guards here, and they have bad serious thoughts c marching to Washington to extinguish the wai and distinguish themaelvs generally. I lmagln i src me re of is nying promiacuouily before the! approach. I think they have concluded now t stay and protect ua. Admirable resolution ! If thi> jacket should rip, I'll aay in conclusion. Forward It to Sarah CoDb, New Y"rk Mills, N. Y The county of Oneida, In care of Susan, With pleasure I'll mend it, or In the attempt dl< CONGRESSIONAL. UXVIIth CUWGRKM?Sttwd Stssisn. Fsxatk ?After our report closed ve*w?rdav? The bill to abolish slavery in the District c lVl?*.k(. ?? ? ? * " " uuiuuiuu wt? ut'umra ana amenafd, me prlncl pal nmerdrnt-nt appropriating S100.000 for t"h purpose of colonizing aacfa tlave? In Havtl, LI beria, or Home other country, after which the bll was passed, as follows : Yeas?Messrs Browning, Chandler, Clark Collainer, Dixon, Doolittle. . essenden, Fool Foster, Urlnies. Harlan, Harris, Howard. How< King, Lune of Ind., Morrill, Pomeroy, Sherman Sumner, Ten Eyck. Trumbull, Wade, Wllklr son, Wilmot, and Wilson of Mass ? '29. Nays?Messrs. Bavard, Carltle, Davis. Hendei son, Kennedy, l^tham, McDmigall, N'esmlth Powell, Sauubury, Stark, Wllley, Wilson c Mo , and Wright?14. i Be consideration of District business waa h for to-day, and tbe Ornate adjourned. HoVsi ?After our report closed? The tax bill waa further considered. Frtm tbe Tinafiiu Rim Cotton Stedfortht North?Beauregard's ArmyDeslruitton of Cotton. The Crhcinnati Gazette contains the follow) n; dispatches: StuniiiH. Tenn , March S7 ? (via Calrc March 31.)?To satisfy innumerable Inquirie from thes"pposcd cotton growing regions in th Northern States, It is announced that nearly i thousand bushels uplands cotton se?*d were ship ped from here to Wakhm^ton, to-day, for fre distribution through the North. Snme fiftcei hundred more bushela arc expected to follov within a week. General Meigs, formerly a Cangreaamad frcn this dlatrlet, and now holding a general' ccin miasion in tbe rebel mlittla service, was arrest i the other day by our force? from Ptttabarg Land ing. The liver U falling very rapidly, the govern orient losing heavily through tbe carelessness a quartermaatera in allowing barges and bosta to b It ft aground by the receufng river. The rebels continue fortifying at Corinth. Gen Beauregard remains In command there in peraon Prtaoners any they haveaixty thcuaand there now and will have one hundred thousand within t week. Tenneaaee refugees continue coming Into co catnps to eacape impreammnta Savakhh, March 29, via Cairo, March 31 The rebel* have began burning the cotton; tb? njypecled Union men teem to be alone selected; but they decUre all shall be destroyed u the line ?f oar army advance. Our acouta from beyond Purdy report that th< whole aky waa lit laat night by a cotton conflag ration. From one point they counted aeren Urea and In each there waa known to be from six ti twenty bales. ? It la well underatood here that the main oodi ?fthe rebel army of the Weetls#lngcoucentrau-d iloat: tbelr line of defences In Northern Mlaala uppl and Alabama. rtcoute, spies and deserters continue to report Beauregard, Hardee, Polk and other rebel geno r.llll rmlillt. ?i?v IJI- - ? vw>>M*wi wau isi'iuij increasing lorni 3ur army la supposed to be at leant in so dangei it attack. _____ H7" A Bermuda rorreapondent. writing on Um list of March, announce* tbe arrival of the Rag i:>b merchant steamer Bermuda at Hamilton, 01 the day previous, with flfty ton* of gunpc vder or >oard A* all tbe movements connected will it; w- rr kept secret, It w?s presumed that tb< asr material wu destined for ?ae use of the rebel) u tti?- Houtb fcbe had also some passengers, sad t was rum/red that Mr Slidell made one of th< itimiier TLe Bermuda wait coallag for a start tnd .1 la to be hoped that the blockading fleet will teep a sharp look eat fer her. 9 I LATE NEWS B? TELEGRAPH. ANOTHER UNION SUCCESS IN AREANSAS. Bt. Louis, April 3 ? General Steele'* advance i guard has reached PlUman'a Ferry, Arkansas, i Colonel Carllne bad an engagement with the enem?on the 1st instant. In ero?slng the river. , He killed one lieutenant and wounded several others, and alto captured five prisoner*, camp > equipage, horses, mules, forage, and a number of small arms FROM FOHTKKM MONROE. ' Fobtbbss Monbob, April3.?There has nothing l a# InlMrct tnn?nlrix4 lifiMt tn fl W IL_l I vi any cjji'.ioi iiiKivot ?i?ii?^iivu uviv ?v-uaj i ua% ! can be published The weather was bright and beautiful, and the 5 air very warm 1 No further Intelligence of the Merrluac haa 1 been received to thla date. Great activity prevails in military matter*, and e Important news may daily b? anticipated, y 1 h AFFAIRS UP RIVER. s \Viltoh Glbn, near Woodstock, April 3.?All c quiet on our outpoata last night. We fired a few e guns this morning to disperse some scouta of the il enemy, on the heights beyond Edenburg. * While attempting to croas the north fork of the h Shenandoah river this morning, Scrgt. Morgan it Richards and private John Cannon, both of com>. pany C, 46th regiment Pennsylvania volunteers, e were drowned ENGLISH VES1EL AT ANNAPOLIS. lt Ann upolis, April 4.?Tbe Engllah gunboat . Racer baa juat anchored In this harbor and saluted l? our flag. > A Returned Rebel. Baltimore, April 3?Clifton W. Tayleure, ie who waa for several montba paat connected a* r assistant editor on the Richmond Enaulrer and ' lMapstch, after belrg Dixie-struck ana running the blockade from Baltimore, bas returned a.nee y the battle near Winchester. He Is completely d dispuXted with rebeldom, and belag very reie pentant, he waj to-day released by Gen.JMx on Lia parole of honor not to leave Baltimore or aid lr th? rebellion In any manner. His experience is a prolltable leaaon concerning the evllaof aeresalon. r, A Confederate agent here haa been offering a ' thousand dollars apiece for rebel recruits. The \ police are after several who are reported to have enlisted for said country. Election at Milwaukee, Wis. r Milwaukrk, April 3.?Tbe municipal election held in this city, resulted in the success of the " democratic caiidldate, Horace Chase, for Mayor, d and nearly the entire democratic ticket. L4TE NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. -a discussion of tiik confxdkrate oknkbals at b fort doselson?an interesting history of THE SURRENDER. A correspondent of the New Orleann Picayune, writing from Decatur, Ala., on the 15th, make* ( . the following statement, which, whether true or ;1 not, la Interesting: " The denunciations, wrongs and lnjnatlce heaped upon Gen. A. 8. Johnston, for his retrograde movement, arr In every way undeseived. ft Long before Gen. Johnston was compelled to ,e make hla retrograde movement, he addressed letters to the Governors of the dtfl? rent States informing them of the condition of affairs, and was thus compelled to expose his feeble condition; but neither the people nor the government listened to bis admonition*. As I have before staled, Gen. c Johnston had become convinced that neither l- Bowling Green nor Donelson were tenable, and e with the hope of saving the latter, be sent all the d reinforcements he could to Dover, reserving for # himself a force hardly sufficient to cover his own ir retreat bad the encmv fallen udou htm. o It la stated that the message of ('resident Da via, n In relation to Fort l)onelson, saya tbat the reports y of Floyd aod Pillow do not state that reinforcementa were asked for, and It la notahowu tbat the 11 poaltlon could not be evacuated, and the whole army saved as well aa part. Nor Is it shown bv y what authority tbe two aenlor generals abandoned 8 their responsibility by tranaferrlng their commanda to junior officers In explanation In part of the omlasioir thus stated, and as part of the hlatory of the surrender of Fort Donelson, I have obtained from a Junior officer, whowaa present on that occasion, the following reliable statement of the particulars of the aurrender, which will be I, read with interest: if On tbe morning of the 16th of February, about 1 o'clock, it had been determined by tbe comi mandlng officers to cut our way through the rnemy'i lines, destroy the army stores and retreat y from Dover to Nashville. For this purpose acouta were sent out to ascertain whether the enemy [. occupied tbe ground they had been driven from n the day previous, and some of Forrest's men were ordered to inspect a slough covered with back d Wrtter from the river, to see if It waa paasable for - Infantry. The scouts returned soon after, and red ported that the roads were perfectly alive with e troopk, and tbat their camp fires were burning In I every direction; alao that the slough was half leg Lt deep In mire, and the water reaching to the aadtt dleakirta This information produced a change lS of operations, and a conference then took place, >r at which were present Gena. Floyd, Pillow and Buckner, Cols. Forreat and John C. Burch, Ma>t jorsGilmer, Henry, Haynes and Jones, and Lieun tenants Martin and Nlcholsdn, the two last being >t aids of Gen. Pillow. >> Notwithstanding that communication was thua pf cut off. Gen. Pillow urged the necessity of making r, tbe attempt to cut our way out, or make a fight e for one day more, in which time he thought that r we could get steamboata enough to put the whole o command across tbe river and make our escape by Clarksvllle. Gen. Buckner then aald that from tbe womout and distressed condition of his men. and the iw. cupatlon of bla rifle pits on the extreme right by >. the enemy, he could not hold hi* position tor half an hour If attacked by the enemy at daylight, which be would certainly do. Gen. Pillow replied, "Whycan't you? 1 think vou can, sir," and added that the occupation of our rifle pits by the enemy left an open gateway to our river battery, and he thought we ought to * cut our way through at all hazards. Gen. Buckner retorted, saving : "1 know my * position; 1 can only bring to bear against the ene emy 4,000 mtn. while he can oppose me with any ,j given number " 1 General Pillow then said x " Well, gentlemen, what do vou Intend to do? I am In favor of flght:> ingout." ;> General Floyd then a.?ked General Bockner ' what he had to say ? General Buckner replied quickly that to attempt to cut our way through the enemy's lines would cost a sacrifice of three-fourths of the command, and that no General had the right to make such a sacrifice of human life. General Floyd admitted the fact and concurred >t with General Buckner on this point. General Pillow then remarked that there waa but one alternative left, and that is capitulation; and addressing himself to General Floyd, said: "rMr, 1 shall neither surrender the command nor myself; I will die flrst." tien. Floyd then aaid lie alio would not surrender himself, adding, " Vou know my relations with tbe Federal (Government, and it would not do." [Alluding to hiacoursc when Secretary R of War In disbursing to the bouth Its quota of arms] , Gen. Buckner replied tbat be thought no pers sonal feeling ought to control official action e Gen. Floyd sdmltted It, and said nevertheless a it was bis determination. - Gen Buckner Mid : " Then, gentlemen, I supe pose the surrender will devolve on me." n Gen. ! loyd, addressing Buckner, said: 14 Genr eral, if you are put In command, will you allow me to take out my brigade *" n Gen Buckner replied : " Yes, sir, If you move vour command before 1 send my offer of capltui lation to the enemy." i- "Then." said General Floyd, "1 surrender (be command." General Pillow, upon whom the command next f devolved, said, "I will not accept it, aa my pure poae la fixed never to aurrender." oenerai Buckner Immediately replied *'1 will accept it, and will abare the fate of my command," and at once called for pen, ink ana paper, , and a bugle to souud a parley, It being too dark i to tend a flag of true*. General Pillow then aaked If It would be propr er for him to make bis cscape; to which General Floyd replied that was aqucstiou for every ntao . to docide for bimaelf, but that he would be glad i for every man to make bla cscapc that could. Col. Forrest, addressing Gen. Buckner, said, "1 think, General, there la toore light In our men than you suppose, but If you willlst me, i will . also take out my command." To which Bockner and Floyd both assented. Turning to Gen. Pillow, Forrest then said: > 'General, 1 have fought under your command; what ah all I do?" r Gen. Pillow answered, "Cut your way out'" I To which Forrest replied, "I will." All the officers reared, leaving Gen Buckner alone with the command. The official corrrapont dencc that enaued In regard to the surrender haa . alrecdy been published, as well as the sequel . which followed. m ^ Financial.?The New York Evming fin ef yesterday says: The government list shows no recovery. The . 81x**s of 1881 are dell at K%?SQ\ for Coupons, , and MJgarj for Registered. There waa uo galea . af Registered this mora:ug. The 7.30 Notes art , plenty st The6 per cent. certilcatea . are offeree ?i , with W j? bid I Oold Is more rreely offered to-day, and elaaaa ; Anil at 101*allB The Philadelphia Buikii* says : I Unltrd States Quartefanatere' raoalpts ase sail* lag at 4*6 par cent, discount. % 0 '1 gg FURTHER BT THK NIAGARA. GHAT BRITAIN. The proceedings of Farltunect on the 29th were unimportant In the How of Ccmsionion the29th. Mr Baxter oppotvd the expenditure for fortlflcatloui in the colonies, exoept at |mt navel station* Sir G C. Uervls thought the defenae of the colnnlM U'PTP mirtl* m mU.I.I "-?' ? - ?.. . i ? i j'?? ??j ? wiviiiai anu pani f a mi i i iw V question At the present moment tb^re were iw# creat nation*. which h <d subject to their nil'- a* large a portion of the globe as they could govern, namely. Great Britain and the United State* America had adopted the principle of centralization. Kngland took a different cours'- It was asMimtd that Kngland received crcat benefit from her colonic*, ana if that wa* the case ?ne wan bound, to protect tbem lie thought it Impossible to lay down any general rule, and urged the House io be very cautious. After further debate, Mr. Baxter withdrew fa'.a proposition. TTie London Times, in another editorial on Mr. Lincoln's emancipation message, say*;?'II can hardly be looked upon aa anything more than an Invitation to dlscuas the subject to Congrcas, It Is clear that If slavery Is to cease, even In th? Border States, the change mu?t be accomplished by other means than those at which he points? which means, it is certain, are totally inapplicable to the whole Union." The Time> fe*rs th? proposed Utopia of compromise will be dithcul of access; nor does It believe that 1 will shake tht resolution of tbsSouth. "As a proposition, how ever, which may possibly lead to' the cesfcatioi of the frightful conflict, the Times thinks 1 worth of discussion.

"The President truly says that the expenses o the war would buy up the slaves in any givn State. If this has any meaning, It Is that thi money now devoted to keeping the armies of thi North might be more advantageously devoted t< the extinction of slavery in those regions whlcl are lncontevtlbly in ita power. If they are conten to keep the slave State* which have not Receded and to try the plan of emancipation and compen sation on them, they may, if really in earnest, ac complish, after a time, a great work But. witl the expenditure of two million a day, and witl nothing but shinplaifers for money, the plan o attacking ihe wavering alave owners by compru mite, mutt follow the fate of ho many other ?t tempts at compromise." The Dally News think* the proportion fair moderate and magnanimous. It siy* Th scheme afford* at least & good ba?is for a comprehensive practicable and amicable debate; onl the public by whom It has to be di Senas' d 1 scarcely capable of the order needed for real d? liberation and decision." The Morning Staraito approves of the propoii tlon. The London Herald thinks that both side will regard it as a dishonorable compromise. The Morning Pest treat Is as a puerile and vnii scheme. It say*:?"It can only be accounted fo p" being th? Inst resource of a Government wfciel f; els th?t it would make any sacrifice short of sub mission." The London Globe resrards the proposition a " a niece of political strategy In n!d of Genera McClellan, which Is certainly well timed for sc curing the border States to the North" It als regards the step as a symptom of deep mlsglvim in the Washington Cabinet touching the irnpol ley of pursuing, far beyond the limits required to e?tab:lsh the boundaries and arrange the relts tions of the Ptderal and Confederate States. The steamer Stella, from New York, witl Roods for the ^reat exhibition. had arrived a Plymouth. The Government L? Invited tenders for tli construction of an iron steamer ou L'apt Cole' plan It is to be fitted wHb six cupalos,eacl armed with two Armstrong luO-pounders. rv^j^BASR BAM .?The recu'sr nio*tii;c5 u LL5 ths National Base Bali Club (forfie!dM ervsia*! will Im? hold on tii? Aiin<?r> grounds.??h a' on TUfc^UAYS anrt SATt' K IM V S of each ? Member* of ?>'. hrr B. B. Club*siouoftb&llt invite i apt at* A P. fiOHM ?N. tea. (v%f?thk mkmbkr^ op i uk ool.umbii J js engine company, no 1, ate h*rrt?y notibe tliat an #leoth'n fcr t;e>-eu director* of the i;?> urn bl?library wili ' e ho d on mo.miia\ kvlnins april 7ih, m tli-* li'*ir? ilovw. tlie i >1 ' ?'ic porsor.8 have men appointed ooimnlsrlnof ra r election. jo? pi t?<t, bfiij. bryan ?'ii)(itur( kraff*. the puiw? will op?n from 3 to 3 ovock p. in by order oi the director* : d* \v m. hickg, librarian. nfy'cah b.?1 take tins method of retiirni' k in jj5 thanks to the i'nion fire company. and hi neighbors,lor their promptness in repairing to th fire which ooomrej on niy premises vestorday. b their x?rtion? the fhmeg w?re extinguishe t be fv>ie much damage wa* ilone t<> the metropolitan i'olioe i am de?p'y ind?bte< for their early appearance on tne ground, and to faithfully peifurniibk their duty in the presev*tio oftroperty. wm. t. liovk. april t ieti2. if ifm kvkry night this wkkk. thi l.lw fair and festiva- at par iter's hail, (oppu site brown's hotel,; vocal and instruments n.utic, rofit?hni*nt?, sabstaott&'e, every hin agreea'ly. i>on't fail to attend. rr-h3'5'* ii ip kvkky onk's THI IJJ? CITIZENS. zTRAXdEKS, AMJSOL IjJERS .'?i have ius^ reoeived a very large in' fine assoriment of sprier c'othirr. which i ar nff'a rira- ? * ??? * "t ? * ^ % ? HVKtif, ui vuj uouii iww |#i ai inu 4ny rev enth street. opposite Post < >ffice. rear F. fe S7 3t |?W THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Wi II " beholden everr da ttu.* week in ti e leather nfChuroh, (Rev. J. G. But'ior'o.) a' the corner o 11th and H atrortc.oommeDonc at4K o'oiock p rr and eor.tirue-1 bvt m e near i% ii> A "new four horse'srKA>i enginI and UoLer lor 6&'e. maie r.i ?Le most improve pvtern. For particulars unaire of JOHI McCLELLANL), Msctumit, ccraer of I.onni&oi avenue ii;d lotb rt ap4 St* C^ENERALS AN IJ FIELD OFFICERS * in ueed of HIGHLY TRAiyED, THOROUGH ERE I Houses, mar app'.y at 4 02 Sixteenth street, between I an K street*, daily, from 8 to 10 a. in or 3 to 6 p. m. ap 4-3t* BUTTE R : BUTTER! 3,0"0 pmnds Goshen Butter. 50 nets Pennsylvania G ad'a Cutter, 30 k t* Cooking i'utter. In stare and for aala by D. E. DUTROW. ap 4-9t* No. 450 Eighth st., near Pvav. /GENTLEMEN'S SPRING CLOTHING VI We fcave mat iece ved a large assorting.,t c new ityle SprirR Ciotlis.Caesmiercs, and Ves ius for our custom trade. Also.a larse varsetv of Sprint Ove-eoats, Bu?i ne?a Suite, and Sinrfe Garments, to which we in vite the attention of oar easterners WALL, STEPHENS A Ci?.. as 4 lwif Merchant* T?iWir* ???? " ^ ^ Dr. I. B. 3EELEY, (W Sole M&nuftotnrer cf tt'* Hp HARD RUBBER TRUSS, a' Tho ^ Hniler Rifts 4" Gocdvear"s Patents. Rubber Bofliie (or the Radical CureofHernii mTRL'SH# " Rnptu e. 126 C'ark gtrfot, Cnicato, IUincii Th? i RUSS m ha?y>c a "uccpm, m 'h* Cimfi OF MrrrtKK? belorw unknown ;n tha ? 'J ruaaee; uuukeall ??taera ?v?r uh<I in the fol "w itig loepeota;-It will never lual.dhe ?pribg '??ir.| ooatwl with Hard Rubber,) Cka/e Hall nor Blister wil* no; imp or movo, can ho ureu in bathing, i always Cltan, nni good as n?w Does not rre<s o njuri Mi? Cord, nor overatreteh and enla?*oth opening, but conatantl? acta to coirarern a> i greatlv benefit the woiat Jorin of liupture. Ti son? t: ucb can be invle tory *tifl o' limber as ihi oatto iray require. It has t>oen uaed by ovei 3J persons In tbo Noith weat within the past twi year*, and has rever failed to give eatiafaction n oases of the wr rat form. Tina Trn*? ia reooni mecdet and nsed iti prt/ertnte to all olh'-tt, by ?l prominent ^urgeonb in New York Citr, am"?| whom ar<? Proleaaora Mott, I'arker A ''*ru'?'iian alro in ihe West by Hiofg. Braiua d, K "a, Freer ot Kuah Medical College. l'rrfa. N.S. Davis, K Audiewe, Lind Unite any, Doot. Wolaott, o Milwaukie, Wia.. aad Doc:. Hrnioo. of J,to?tn>n ville. 111 This 'Iruas haa received Medala over a! othera in nae, and ia guaranteed in every raspec to be as repreaenfo. Peraona webing thia in atrumentoao befitted by sending inobei around tupa in Imeol rupture, to l>K. 1. B. 8Klv LEY, Manufacturer and Proprietor, Cnioago. Ill, P. O. Box 4393. DR. BULKY will be at j. W.NAIRN'.Drut Store,corner of 9ih and Pa. avenne.fori few dara. Call and exami ne fur jcnrselt. ap 4~lw* BAKREL* Ft.OUK. JOU so cases Tareffme CANDLE3. 50 boxe?!*rar >to. 25 harrele Prime RICE, SO boxes TOBACCO, And many otliei nekton*, lor sale b? J. R lUHRACO., ap?-3t* 490 Ninth etreet. tSI A W T I. ? XV " "ao fcNTERPKibiNtt MSN, to skll PATTERS MILITARY WOKKS. Aolive men oan realise ?|Op-oGi?er dayonthei m the No pmbos repaired. Apolj u Bf< ?. WILSoNi ap 3-3t* UZl Pennsylvania avenue. ^lVERPOO l._8 ALT. 2,440 saojtsG. A. SALT. l.c-?w> " Fin? do. (branded Marshall & Wor tlunrton's.i Daily expected per schooner* R 8 Tar and E'eo trio Forsalaby J. TH08. DAVIS, a?3-3t* Water st-oot. goorf town. 4.000 jackson WHJT1 r20#barrols Pink Bye Potatoes, fctS do. APl'LES, AO tabs Va/mont bUTTKK. SO barrels and half barrels No*, land 3 MACK CD I. ? Tfcia da? diMh*rcinc from aekoonor Meroy Tar lor, and for aal? id lota to ?biI br J. K. B&ftft * CO.. ?|S 3t* 496 Ninth atraaC M. vr. oli'enaiylYanu WcVSrtmWfSS1& Praaentauon "wordo, ??btfi, ra?ha?, Should* Straf. Tiatoia. ifViU.fco . IE7" P*r?onlar attention ta oa!lad to an unaauaM] large aaaortm-?Qio{ raal fold amt>r?idarf.l Bhnaldai Htrapa, wbion arc offarad at Imi tnau uii?tna , H. W. UALT * BHO , Jarallara, M4 Pa. ?renua, nanr tha Matroaoutau. [ HHt < lata Brownr? i Mot?i, WANTS. WANTED-An ?*^riepo?d SALESWOMAN '? in a hie* ?U>'? on PenntvVutft >ddr*M Poi No. Ml 0?t> Po?t i)1m. lt_ A YOUNG 6IRL WANTS A SITUATION m nurMor !v>u?? girl. Afpij at 3?S i hetw^n is h :4th. a? 4 2t* %VA*Tfc?-A SITUATION. it a r?r??tah-* " ycnnr riri, t# <5-> ftfcnili^rworfc or w%iUii|. Uo? 1 9 !?t%r < tnri H* WANTED - A WOMAN M o?rN and h???enai1 Go<"i wa**? ?o a f?vyJ o?r??r. Inquire at thi?? ffnd li* \/k/ ANT ED?A SITUATION, by % r?wrMtabl? woman, to ook, virli *?;d iron in a *tr.all .familv. ?;.?od rrfo??r,o?'. Call at No i4? o ?t? bstweenmhsnd !3th. !? WANTKD- a practical BLACKSMITH, or an " itil?r??t?i r| m*i? u i? the bnameaa Arjlj attfceoor*<?r of *evenih and O ?! recta, cpp>ait?I'atei'. I ffi -B. ap 4 tt* W| |HAN rKU 1M M ED1ATKLY?A whiUGlKL about j4 y*ar? of ace, to take oare of two mill children. Apply to Rev. S. M S>HUTE, Co umt'ian Co let . &p <-*.* WANTKD-A SITUATION, by np En|liah widow.(with oreehi!d) aa ho?eeke*f*r for a mechanic, or a p ain c->ok. m a rood family. A4* dr*?a "A. H Una ottoe. ap 4 it' 1 iv ATtTBD?For a private family, an excellent ! and tret tat COACHM AN harmt Ue beet of city reer-ac??, Apriy at MR. EAR1/8 Livary i St&h'e, H etrwet. between l<>th and ?1?t tta. It* 1 A ?OOD COOK Wishes to hir* in aoj>e re2m. ?pent&ble fcuuly, a* cook ; war?a moderate ; f refer r?'oa given; by ?% ling at No 336, at tieorce i DiliiV Restaurant, bMwesn New York avenue a?d B K atteet. ap 4 tt? e k^ARM HANDS WANTED-Wanted imme9 I Cuuely. ia the neighborhood ufthiaeity. an !i Farm H*n<1a, to waom ?t?adr employment and the t hi?he?t ? ?'? wHl b? givan. Apply to I. B. SMl't'H. at the KirkurfO* Honae. It* '|M? L*WyRRB-1T^iVr*l>-A SITUATION 1 &a ooyjmr clerk, or any other ava table poa.tx tion in an iflue, ty a yonnc man81 year* o! ate a a d of icud address; ia a htndeome and flusrt r penman, &rd ia wii'inj to make himeelf cere^ally useful for moderate eompe aation Firat elan re,:omm?ndat one eivea. Addieaa "F. t~- a ." * Star (i[Tne, Wa. hintt^o, D. ap 4 gt* \\l ANTKD?A u*at, induat'ioua GIRL to da ' * f e .era! he use wo k f?ra private German lamiIt. ; iust come weil recommended; not.e ott er * ce'tl apul*. 4*7 12*n street, n??r F. ap 2 4t* , V5J ANTE!.?By a !&dy with a Singer's mashice, "? a SITUATION. Understands tai orirr and a>i kinds of work. Address 'Mim Franoea." Post Office. ap3 2t* W ANTKD I M ME DI ATKL Y-Two good VKSf MaKLKSio ?o,k on custom work, s Best p'icc? p\id VANDORAN A JOURDAIN, i No. 440 Se?enth s're^t, r ap :i 4 ' tipptmt* Patent t-ffne. h l\IOTIOF.?Three good MILLINERS wanted at ' 11 ?. HKLLi.K'rs, at Market t*paoe, i-etw*v 7 li and 8th *ts. ep3-4t* s 1 \*! ANTKl>?A BO Y from 16 to 18 years old, ?? learn the confectionery trade A Gerira" . sroferred. Apply at JOSEPH SOHAFFlELD S ? Cotfeetionerj, Sixth street, between G and M. ? ay g at* CMIOK WANTED-A C<ii?rM Woman. Who j can come-well rncoramendfd can obtain a gnn?i l\ce aid good wa:? br applying at No. ?>00 Nl a*>*<<r.t? hv<milb. I>etw?pii New Jetae* m.v. 11 and North C*pito! *t. ' up i *tt \\ A> riCI>-Bj a lady. HOARDING (with a wjtlo* la-ly preferred) wiifr? there are no r other i ^nem in-children, at a reasonable price, * ?:tc%ted between l>cn*yl vtai* avenoe ant) M b street nort'i and 7tli au'l Wtli ?'.r*?,? woat. A<t :re?i *A. M. tii" Washington Pest Uffioe. ?? 2 ?t' " \\;ANTKI?- A Q IU I. to <!u general hoat>ework r " in a p'sv&te fam'y. K??t of references re1 rail a? No. HI 12th at. mh 31 fit* W *NT1,D-A r??psctaWe Protectant WOMAN " a^ seam* tret a Rod chambermaid ; none ne?d . apply without Koott relereiice??4.J0 1? street, betwt cn >th act) ?>tli? near Cu> Hall. mh 31 tf V VVAM KiiTd Ki.(MT-Krom May 1st, a neatly 1 '* fii.jib-ti'fc' HOUSE, in a oentrai location, Ircui - I<) t > L> moue. Addiees Bo* 3 Star Oflbe. , h 31 tf __ i \\ANTED By a centleman and hia wife, n n ?? iia1 ileoru^'y f-">imtBh?d Bel Room and l'ar.or; i. or a Furn*t?<??t House, in some pleatant locality i" the cty For fnrU>?r particulars, apply to EMILE O' THE, 3JO fa. ay. mh ? T VV ' 1 ' ? Ariltu. UOM Wt(M to . sintau e p?reon, Apply At No. 912 Miut? ehuaetta avenue, between 4th ana Mh ets. y ? 3,4 s? Aim OWNER WANTED?The anbeoriberc i wired, nsout the 19th Decembsr, 18*1, a lot a of HIDES from tfce Baltimore and OhK> Railroad, r aupp aad to have been forwarded from WaahingD ton auti conaicnod to ua The owner will ple?M oall an^ ta* ofiareea and take thun away, the* wil he told for tlie hrneht of the owner Z after pkjirj; ch?ir??. ? G. APPOLD & SONS. W|>2-lawSy Pip%. * and 10 Waf>r at.. Balto. t | 1L.1I L.ETTEKS WANTED.?1 wili fire from _ \J two to ten <iol arc for Letters written br Gen'l s Wachinctou, ar>d a fair j>noe for Old Letter* writ' _ ten by ce et rated Americana. Revolationarr Cea lnbr;ti.>?, Frcbider.ta, titierala. Commodores, ? Ja<ice?, Doctors, nivicra, Lawyers. 4e. Addreai " ROhF.RT SPRINB. 44S N. Twelfth atreet. Phiin a'.eiphia. Hare Li .-ok* and Paxphieta on America bought. mn 8 lm* " WANTED?To r.ave every one kDow that the* t * * can hud t' e beat a'ock of C'.othinc. Uata anil C?p*. at the very !owe?t rstea, at SMITH'*, No, " 460 fpventh ?"eet, he-ow F. fe 27-3m C ftAA -AG&NTB WANTED TO OPEN s v i i/Ui ? office ard take the who!??ale ageccy, a in every Stnte, for ail of Lloyd'a Great Military * Maps, u*eu by our Commander-m Ghiet. The \ cheapest nupj lutr.o wr!4. A fortune can be made on theee maps is each Ptate. 3 OOP.?O0copi?? of one - of my mapa hare already been eotd. Alao a man to go to Caiiiorma, England and Ctu-a. Agent* aiac wanted in ever* county and in ever* regiment is 0 cur army, fend for ciroulara. J. T LLOYD, d mh< tmayl 164 Broadway. NtwYori. WU ANTLD-9ui.?? and Soidiersto know thai t?,ey can bur CAMP STOVE? and TIN WARh cheap of H. J. GREGORY. SsJl Penn. avenue. )a H WIH ANTrlli.-'VVe &r9 rjow buying SECONDHANi) FURNITURE, STOVES and BKD LUNb, for which wo are paying the higbesl car-.1! prices. Families rtecl.nir.r housekeeping. at having a *urpiue ol fnrmture, wiil lin<1 it to their Avantac* to ^sto u? aoa'l. JJONTZ it GRIFFITH, if te li-i? No. 3t>9 7th it., botw. I ana K eta. i ??????? r|U> ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, Hemic informal mat one or inoreiadividaals have Within tiie pa*t fe?r week* endeavored to prevent to the contider^iion ct the Departments of Government mod?s. drawings aca descriptions of a Marie* Ht-am Pattering ham, and nave represented that th?y are the inventor* of oertain tea tore* or principle* of said vyar Engine: N''W this i* U notify the parties ao misrepresenting, and whom it is believed are acting eurrtplit'misly, and ty w\rr. the pnh'io generally, that n 1 mii the vrittnal inventor of tki Concave H* I, iron. wwo<i ai'd and India ru^ber-oiad a>id encased war v?are . provi<!ed with aa adjusiible reciproi. caitiig or rain, working through a hollow skiel i or sLai and on swivel beauegs,oons nectmg with vid working through the agency ol f tbe motive pow*r of the teasel. Furthermore, not designing to oaira the steam I ra-n ? ?. mrreeled urn c theCrureau war by Mr. J. , | :i?a:iijin, uor me novel ami inceutooa torpedo rira I V'ceuf Air. I'mcm n?,t <?1 this city, nor ibe t?tr } teri-R tivninT Kiit?o?(e?i & few weeks since at * Wi lutr<ia' Hotel ' No* ti'B, Ui"Tef'?-e is to no lfy and warn all p prison* acaimt atumMinc di.-ortiy or indirect y b any .ivtsionor infringement oj an? feature of my 0 invention, prei muna' y arianfeineuta towards woj teoting inj ruhts m a legal manner having been 11 proceed*! *Uh. up 3 3" JOHN 3 GALl.AHKR. Jr. , ABHIVKl) LI WASHINGTON, at RUeT's t\ \V! a.rl, o^ *;: ? Is'o< Apill, the schooler Max-ppv Isam- B ewer c*?t vn, with hales of hay ' oonngned to -V. 1). Maoy. If heiloes rot oome 1 for the hay hefor# the sohooner leaires for ?eorgetoWU. he aSn linH it ?? M? m? \ Wa <ir tr?ut, Geouetown, l> C.. providing be t (f. Bfrn ) pa*? tt?e treishiol eaid hay, ap * 81* | ntw "ififlhwg. styles * VPRINS C LOT u i n 6? . At Astowhshiwg Low Fkicks. \\ hole Suitt eieiantiy cot up at 1? and ?1J, 1 At BAR A BRU.. ap 2 lm* Comer E and 7th atreeu. I^HK UN pbr8msnkd Wiahee to inform hta friend* and the pnhlio that he hat opened a !*aw Fiiiut aiid Repairing Shop on the oorner of 7th and 8 etrrela. and telievinc. from * inn. ?" nenee il the business. that he will be abis to piaaaa the wood uv)er and the butcher and nerj meahamo that n?e? a i??. ud hope*, hr % s'net attention to business. that he will merit a hare oi ' the pubiio patiooa&e. ma 18-lm JOHN KENNbALLY. BOOTS~SHOSS , Couii TkmthSt. ait? Pa. Av.f U WASHINGTON CITY am) EASTERN MADE La1i?s' Tiyped Balmorals f 1.28 to #t-26 Genu' H sum oral*...7 .Iisntois'* Seats' Fine Calf BooU. JlOO to K? All kinds of BOOTS and SHOES very eheap. G7* BooU made to order is the beet manger, by - mli 11-lm* CHA1LK8 H. MORSE. SOLDIERS' PAY. s HAHN*>KN'* EXPRESS WILL FORWARD ^SOLDIERS' REMITWhithu Monit ok Allotmiht Daarra. - To their Families at any plaoeon the linaa of their Express at a charge of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS For any Mia uotexooeding Fifty Dollars. (tV*) . - """ + Muuonu on art* lor pmtm reached by oocDucting Expresses L ki whether ib ?old, Treaemry s ftfrBrig i%^'& ^is?g r amount legibly martM UmrtoB. I t jmUcO^" tm 1 iB p#r>s" wfll * fern?fc*dat s?E*ssa,&*Rw r?iu?ii?Mtt vma*. ^ ww r MT1? k.:. Kt 8. SMITH, AiHt, 4 - - PAftlBNtiKRTRAIII TO M4WAMU. War DrrAiixtM, 1 0#? I)mictcm Rmtlt?ds U.S. > Af'i A, IrAJ. ) In til further aoOot, a poaapngar train will ba run on Mturitr of each week, trotn r*e*ntta street and IVTarvlund avenue t? Manama. I? avln^ W calling ton at 9 3W a in , arriving at Man "Baa at 1-' ni ; returning will leav< MaaaaNa? at 2 3? p m , arrivtai^at Waiting"* alj p.m. Faretrom W a?hiugU>?. to Maaateaa .md return, AJ, aad (Tom AleiaadrU to Maaas aa and return. ?'i 36. I). C. McCALLUM, . Mllitat? Dxartor aud Knp't Rallroada. U. 3. ap 3-tf (lak~lHs?aocr A Republican. J AUCTION 8AL!**. Bl (i*MN A WILLI % MS, AhoI oMt? 3BOURKS AND LOTH ON MNTH hT. AT ArcTiOH.?On TUUKSUA V, tha lou> u slant. wftakt tr frnnt rff In# ar^n ?t S n*, r?ok W. w? Lot Mo. in and p*rt of Lot Mo. II, id Cntler.daB*a sabjinsion of fsuate Mo. 3*. with tho imp~r>vements. which are two brick and on* f an* hsaans containing sii rooms ?a-h This proaorty fronts 9th afreet west. between O and f streets north. Terms cash ap4-6t CRtKN 4 WIHlAMf Aaots. B* WALL It BAR WARD. Auetioncora. TRUSTEE'? !?ALK OF VALUABLE REAL Kimi i*tii Covins or W*igut#?o*,P. O.?H j Tutus of a deed ot trast, datod on the Mb day of Aagast. 1*57, and reoorded on tha l^th day cf November, 1 67 in libor J. A H., Wo. 14*. folio* M. % ? tid m. OL? o! tha a.-<3 rooorda for Washington count?, in tha District of Colambia. I will sal! on TBI R?1)AV, 24th day of April, 1M. at 5 o'clock p n. .at the Auction House "f Wall * Barnard, corner Pth street a?d Pa arenae. in iho Ity of Washiagtor, the fo lo?:n dercriMd tract of tard, with bnildmgs ar.d Improver. e&'a thereon, sitaated in tha eoanty of Washington, is the Diatriot of Coiambia: Tha si d tract of land b?smcm' at tie end of tha ! fourth line of a tract of >%nd sailed New 5eat. and running thonoe south IS aerchea, thenc* south *2 degrees, west It p?robes, theace north id dogreoa. !1 east MS perchea. thence aoath W drcreea- ea?t parct.a* to its ia*ars*ction with the f ftaanth line of t*a larger tract of tare eonv?ve4 bv the hei^a and devisees of David C. Part'er to Eow%id tfwanr, thanoe aoath49 decree w?st 68 perches, thence conlb 35 degreea, Veat *1 percr*a aid 53'm ol a per eh thence, aon'h 81 degrOrr. w?st?S perch'e to the beginning, containing Si Mrri, I rood ud 17 i perches. 1 The terra* of Uu? sale vi 1 t-e rne-third oub ; ba anoe bearing interest and payable f? ?*ual inatalni?r,t? at *, 12 and 'Smortha. t.' e deferred pay menta to be aeoared by a >ien on the land. One honored do'laraof the ca-h pajmen'tob# 1 pa d down at the plaoe r>f ga r: and in oa*e tfe pur ohaaer or parcha>era refuaitg ?? to do the propoMr will at one* he reaoid at the riak and ooat ol the deranltmg purchase r n* pa'Chaee a. E. C. MORGAN, Tre?t;>e. mh31eo<td- tV'ALi.ft H A K N A ? i>. A acta. BV VI8 Tt* K OF A W KIT OP FIKR f FA PI AS. isaned by Henry Reaver, one of the jnetieea of the peace Jn and tor the coir ty of Waahington, at the suit of Fdward Cammaek, agtinat th? too<:?. ohattela, land< an1 tenementa o' Jiarpti Bn?ch?r, and to me direotod, I have levied epon all the right, t tie, olaim, interest and eatate of tiieeeid Joeepb Boucher to and into part of Lot No. 21, fronting 21 feet on the aoefh atfe of I'ronpect street. and running baek 1J* feet deep: and I hereby give notle* lliuon (In 10th day of April, 3 o'clock u> tho afternoon, in front oj cai<i preiimc*, I will ofer for aale the aaid part of |,?t No ?l to the toigheat bidder for oaah. ap 3-M* K. II. TRUNNELL. Coaatahle. 1 ???????? ? mmmmm??? BALLS, FART1KS, fcc. riiJIE NINTH OR ^D BALI. I of tk* mm. WESTERN H??8K CO, No. 1. if will take pla^o %t FRAHKI.Ili H *LL, bA M3 y Amu 3Sth. it*i AFTERNOON FNTERTAiNMbNT IOK 1.APIKS AND < Hll.ltRKK -Prof. JA UARNhJ* will aire a b<?r*l Dmoiiic Seh'.ol^B hxhibition sn<l SkMree at IVmMrur* Hal , K ?tr?et, cnr >'h,oa TI'KFUAV AFTER QB) NOON. April Wh. from 3 lo*W o'oloek wb#r? o%n beiMitn improved style of Failuoi.ah.e Bauoee, Afiei the exhibition the acdiei.oe will ba invited to participate in a few fa?;ii.,n?b e <:*nre?. Adfiliation 25 cent* ; children 10 cent* ; fawiiW ticket* i 50 cecta. ap S 4t* C'RAND COTILLON TARTY I U ft TEMPERANCE HALL. M F, street, ketween 9th and loth, On FRIDAY EVEN?N?, April 4. [A Daneini to oomm*no? at 8* o'clock. froLArth'a i hand ii engaced. Ticket* 01, admitting a ientie man and ladies, ap 2 St* PROF.C. F. BARNES.Manacer. BOARDING. CMRST-CLASS BOARDING HOW8K,(Northr ern faini'y.t 449 lftli ti reet. between G and H. Taile board #4 *>; with roomi #1 to 9t; transient i $i?SQ per fUy. ap 4 3t* OOARD?Two t?r(( Front Roomi. FinnkMl D Mtii. uitatue for f?n-*ro?j. Aid 1*4;, or tw KtUir.&n Pl?uactij aitii&t?d, at 400 K weon 2d and ?i. Ternu moderate. mh ? 7t* I GEORGETOWN ADVEBTM18 1> IP N O T 1 C E?MARKET STALLS AND 1 IL5 BENCHES IN GEORGETOWN ?Al! the Stalls ?nd Bench* ic?id? aud outside of the market ho??ein Georgetown, on whioh tfceaaneacment bam not bMn Mid. will bp sold to tka kiflhaat , bidder for caah on 1*aT URDAV, the 5th oITipril next. at 10 o'oiock a m ; &rd at th? rim* time i three additional Stands at the head ol the market i houao will be sold to the hitb?at bidder tor each, i mb 31-5t WM. LAIRD. Clerk. | GEORGETOWN TAX KB FOR 1M1LL5 iNotioe is hereby given that a disoount of ten per eent. wil! be allowed on the razee of t*? current year, if paid oc or before the ftrst of April next. OHAS. D. WELCH. mh 31-2w CoTiector. 1 rrW?N O T I C E -LIOMNSES -All persons L_3 whose lioansea from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on the 3'vt instant are h*raby notified promptly to >enew the earn-; otherwise they aatiiect i:.frr?e!rea to a fine, ana the law is coropu.sory upon the proper offioera to eof jroe eaid I tne arainat all delinquents. No further notice will 1 be siren. mh ? SawtAplO WM. LAIR D. Clerk. gWCKBKlN GLOVES! RamBburK X Ebert, 1W-' U1?H ?>T*I?T. GEORGETOWN. D. C. fheonly manufacturers of 6?n?ic? BUCKSKIN ? GLOVtfS, MILITARY ? AUNTL1.T8, M< MITTENS in the Dietriot. Officers' GaunUeta mads to order. Baokskln Drawers ar.<? Shirts ]a U O T A T O E 8! ljnoo Uishe'a PEACH BLOW at>d BUCKEYE POTATOES, For Sale at tow anoea. JOHN i. BEALL. i mh 27-lw* ST Wai-rst net, GeorgetownIM ASSEY, COLLINS * CO.*S i'i PHlLAUKLkHI A DAACHHT ALB. We have just received % ?u?? t of th*above Aie, which we rMomm^'1 t?h? or* rrry pernor ?aalitr. raraoM wiah'ar t? purenaae, h* raafciac ialaaaiataappUoatioa. can t-e foi?.*h?d. ARNV A SaiNM. W"? _ R?or|Mo*t. pOR THK MOI'TH OF YELLOWSTONE FORT LEN TON /MISSOURI RIVER. The a tee mix EMILIK, J. H I Master. Will leave on or ahoet Uie SMh of April To persons deMroasot to Oregon and the Territory Washington, this ia the moat deeiraMe mate. aartioalarly to Waehington ierntorr, barisi froas Fort Beuton etly 140 mi>ea of land travel, over a good road, to the moat deairabie part of the Terri, torv. In connection with the Emilie will be a very light draught aide wheel ateamer. which will leave here about the aath.deeianed to inn from the tat> , lowstone to the Fails of Missouri. For fre tht m KAaM?aausU AM *- * ? v ? WH uv<N?i Din SB-OW COAL UIL LAMI'tf OR 8 A UK Low than the? have arer bean offe-ed id thia market I have juit reee.ved a ar?e supply, and "fler anqauai indooemtnU, both at who ??a e und retail. BMt of Coa On aa cheap aa can be boaght in the city, at No- S?3 C at reel, batwaen 6th and 7th, aontb aide, old aland Cali before gome alwwltar*. mkn tf J. W. MORHfcLL. ! |JNlON FIRE WOOD MILL. f ha anderaicDad bat laaae to iafonn thaw oaa i tomera and the public ceaarally that thej are bow prepared to taralah them with SAWED AND 8Pi,tT WOOD, aay lao* th or aiaa. to- ?i-.coa^ex^ matj^wi a? t <t Corear Seventh atreat and Canal. Ml B 8 E. W. WRIGHT iiaa npeoeo A WIUUL FOR YUl'N? LADIES C No. 401 &IVKMTH 9t>*XT. h *1>y Utl rabllc patroaa?a. jT? ^TAKB NOTICE! ALL BfTt,fromtt?*c*of a years ?, san aov ? tted oat with teste and aoon >my at B*H * ?R0.*8 FMklOBSbl* QoUl&C E?t*t> UllBMBt. rah Bt lm' _ Oara?wK and *??T?nth eta. E*0* SALE CHEAP-A aew aod Uaadeoiio r htm octave iroe frame HowwMi^gB PIANO, witk all the iat? iB^oviaiitiH^HI rooad ooraert, c&rvert no* din*, ovoi* ? striata. Ac . aoc of iMttf a?d touch. Worth ^ ^-"vOYBTKR??OY8TKRS. OVKTU8 \iLM0 DiaiAv?m H1I ? ? ! AT??8?Oft V.E Uuuht ud Bfcd I* V JAY COOKK A CO.. BAMEMMS, ?u?-lw 4#? FlAMbUi

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