Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1862 Page 3
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i T LOCAL NEWS. AMVIIMINT* To NlS.1T. Fo*d'? Athsrktim ?Mr Forrest will this eveng again personate the wily Cardinal, in Bul*? ?* great historical play of a RleheMen.o? the C ->naptr*cy." No lover of the drama should fall to Me the grea' tragedian tn this character, which la one of bia best. Caktkebuii Hall.?A great bill to-nlgbt, la w hlch all the star performers appear. The beautl-'ul dance, called the Gipsy's Lay, received nl ght after sight with rounds of applause, will b< repeated Another grand matinee to-morrow af 'eruoon at 2 o'clock. More presents for the ladles. Odd Frllows' H*ll ? Kunkei'a Nightingale Opera Troupe is the attraction at this favorite pi see of entertainment, and the new songa, dance* ai id hurlf iquea of this spendid hand of mliutrels rrg very popular. Pa* ma's Hali,( Young Men's Christian Association Rooms )?The Fair and Festival of the I* dies of the First Baptist Church continues to b e thronged night after night. It ia a pleasant F lace to spend *n evening, and last night they v ere honored with a call from Daniel Pratt, Jr., the great American traveler, who entertained tb? audience with a free lecture In bis inliP'lable ?tyle. Clabsmdor Coycunx U atu. _p ree concerts and 7<jrr?bment* every evenly. Tempbbakck Hal?,._a soiree by Prof Barnen, at* o'clock. All'.overs of dancing will attend without further notice. The music by Arth'a bsnd. Visit to thi Pisitkntiab.t ?A few days slice we visited this Institution, snd through the att of its courteous officers were enabled to get s gsod Idea of Its present condition, wltb many irseresting facta relative thereto. On entering tt? prison proper we found ourselves In a spacious stsreroom, In which is stacked a large quantity cf broom-corn, to be made up into brooms: and some Mi pairs of sewed shoes of excellent quality, aKhough course look inc. which have been made Itr the army, and wvre then ready for dellverv. Leaving this room we passed through another -dtor Into tta? main building, in which sre the '.als for the prisoners, arranged In fbur tiers with gdleries leading to them There are 2'4 of these cala In the building, 39 of which have been la:ely partitioned off from the female department, uflile 32 othera In that department are orcuplett b) the men Theae eel U are about eight feet long iad four feet wide, with a bed on one aide. The d?or ?>f the cella are iron, with bara at the top, aid hav*-a >mall opening at the bottom. Aa a thing they are kept neat and clean, and o<m of tbein arc very taatefully arranged, the ? ets "being ornamentea with napefa of different ?r)ora. A number of them had ahelvoa fitted up as the heada of the cota, on acme of which we Aotictd a number of booka, moatly of a rellgioua itsaracter, and on one a number of ambrotypea, probably of the wife and children of the convict. Ascenain^ me long nigm or stair* to the upper Iter of cells, and turning off to the left, we came | ? the hospital, a large and airy room. In which were several couches, but no Inmates. For several weeks past not a single convict haa made a com {Anlnt of Illness, or haa needed the aervlctsof the evaician. At rweaent 14 of the prisoners lodge re, there not being room enough In the celix fa ail. Retracing our ateps down one flight of stairs, ' i wcome to the chapel, which Is directly under tie hospital Service Is held her? every Sunday :aornlng. by (he chaplain; previous to which the j*!?oners are marched In, and one or two hours are speut in Sabbath school exercise*. The pris<siers are represented aa being very attentive to # the exercises, and the exercises are said to be exfremelv Interesting. Leaving the malp building, ws pasaed dowti a <!ght of step* to (be basement of the front build?ag, where t*e bakery is situated. Here we find 'tr baker., who now has a little spare time, and Is among troughs engaged In putting together a *poo) stand made of pieces of bone which he has <uk into shape during his spare moment*. His partner <for there are two employed here), we are Informed, has gone to his cell to read some favorite hook These men, although at the time Jdlr, are two niont Industrious men?making up Into bread and baking two barrels of flour per 4ay. <Totnc through the yard, in tbe center of which lithe pump, w? observe a number of banda arranging tbe backeUof the prisoner*, according to their number^ preparatory to their being carried into the cclls with them for tbe night; and entering a door la tbe lower portion or the building, in which is the shoe shop, we find ourselves In <he dining room for tbe white priaoner*, In which there are pc-ata for 114; and pausing through an4 .)Ka* A ? Uta 1 V I nin # V> a l-all 4 W ? ??? v>u*i i ?? n/ '? iuiv ?*jv uau iui luc iic^rurit which contains seats for 60 persons The tablet> rr.nd bene bra are all arranged parallel to each ?fn*r. atd to each row a bottle containing roo?t*?es 1* hung, while tb* knives and forks are v!?'?d in a pocket on the lower vide of the table, in each of these rooms there ts an opening cat through Into the kite hen, which Is in the angle formed by the two rooms, through which the food is pasted, in the kitchen there are three cooks, who are almost constantly employed, if not cooking, in cleaning the utensils; each of these cooks, working to hhnself, having a large boiler to attend to. The shoe shop is overhead, and the larger portion of the prisoners are at work in this department On reaching the top of the steps we look Into the door and see some 144 prisoners, dressed in homctnuo,one half white and the other black, Kltfd on the;* henches and as btisv as hm They are arranged is nearly as possible In rows. T*ue benches of tbe blacks, of whom there are 31, jre all kept separate from those of the whites, while those of the soldiers, who have been sent here by court*-martial mostly, for teims varying from one month to three years, and of whom there are over 7?, ars placed between the blacks and the convicts sent down by the civil courts. As a general thing the prisoners here seem to be very contented. Only in one or two instances did we observe a scowling countenance p Coming down the steps and passing Into the * south door of the same building, we enter tbe broom shoo, where 30 hands are env-mrpd Id making broom* of excellent quality. Machinery suitable for the manufacture of tbe brooms Is put up in tb!? ?hop, and tbe hands are very expert it I putting up a broom Leaving now this building wc go towards a cluster of small shops near by. where two carpenters are at work making shoe-benches, the demand for which U so great that they are barely ? Mhie 'o keep up tbe supply, as new prisoners come in. In the back part of this shop a cooper is also t work making tubs and buckets for tbe use of th? prison. A little distance fr m here i* the fclack?mlth shop, the occupant of which is one of me best workmen that they have ever bad there. At the cut end of the main building, In a small room, there are six tailors at work, making c lothea (or the prisoners, which consist of jacket*, rants a id caps one side white and the other Mack, which gives to the wearers quite an odd ppesrance, and serve* to cause their recognition should they escape. Above this room Is the dism*Dsary, wbrre the nifdltlwt are compounded fur the sick, but on which no call hu been made Jor ?ome time. ? iL. J- ? V ? iuw pawing iuiuu^u iuc nwr wukij feparilfV thf two drpartmenli, we proceed Into the yard ?ii the nortb aide, ai?d enter the waah-honae, u hrre four of the ive female prisoners are buay 4t the waab-tub. The priaonera of the penitentiary "re called out about all o'clock everr morning, and after waabmg and exercialng In the yard, are marched Into tbe dining rooma. where tbey take tbelr hreakfaat A a ,4 proceed to tbe ah ops. At twelve again they are called down and take tbelr dlanera, wbicn fr>ur daya In the week conalata of soup and freah beef, with vegetable* when in aeaaon. On one rt . v of the week aalt beef la served tn?a?il nt fr<ib On Fridays they have flab, and on Sunday* bacon aad bean soup After dinner (bey are marched back to tbe shops, where they work until half put five, when they take their supper*; after which they have a little time to exorcise In the yard before tUey go to their cell* for tbe nlfbt Many of tbe prisoners make over time, for w htca they are credited, and tbe amount Is paid rvw to them when they are discharged Some of t.iem however, Instead of ?vailing themselves of this opportunity, daring tbelr spare time make up fanciful articles from bones sod other subsnores that they can obtain thers, which they send to tbelr frteods outside. In the Inspectors' room we observed a most ingeniously made . I . _ IA ? A -J A ? M ? C _ 1-1 _* in ai !r> imp, n ueiux mc pnnuo di ?dc juini labors of a number of tbe convlcta. The tiny craft 1* a full-rigged ?h*p, which was made * uo4<t the direction of a teaman recently pardoned, and rl(tf Ing and all la about two feet long and two feet high It has twenty-one brass gun* mounted, and the a par*, block*, wheelr&c , ar? tnade of bone, which can be worked aa If on board I a re?l man-of-war. The I Uowlng are the ottcen of the prison:? H. 1 King, warden; A. T. Long ley, Deputy Warden; Castello Howner. Clerk; T. N. Brasfeears, Foreman In the Shoe Shop: B Ogle, Foreman la tbe Broom Shop: J. E. Bliss, Turnkey, F. 8. Frailer, J a me* Ferry, Joaeph Wann-11, Charles Howner, J. C. Williams, and ? K. L higlot, Uuarda. The Institution la In excellent condition, speaking well for its eScers. rn Concern Last Nisht ?The concerto# Mr. u n .1 wniudi1 Hall.list slakt could hardly BS called succeaa, the audience, though appreciative, waa small. Mr. J. ft. Tbonaa's flo? atnalag waa eathualastlcally race', r ad, aad be at once made hlmaelf a favorite with the moaleal amateur* present Mr. 8. B Mil a pUred la hla usual excellent atria, aad Mrs. Wataaa aad Mrs. Elenor D'ummond Bang with t ate aad failing. Mlaa N lea Foster rem lads on < the Waahlngton favorite, Mlaa Cheatoey, la bar vie ( l aad action, and wna warmly apj audjd ''** ? k.r?' .1 [.ijno ;;?*-d ?? tbl? ?vrn*|?,? waa Lirii *: { / b>r vje-z-rnt*. who ta the \%aait.iiB ou -^eu. i?r tae manufacturers, Messrs. Mtuiway 4 Svas. PoLtcs MaTTE1??Fttlf Prttiurt, (CPMntf ) John Murphy, Jan. Smith, Thos Brown, drunk; turned over to the m'lltary. Steond Prtetmet ?Henry Hasselhuacb, stealing from the Government; turned over to the military. Patrick Castello, drunk and disorderly, do. Thou. Bears, Thw Card and Win Buzzard, Indecent behavior; do. Mary Kenan and Mary Kelly, drunk and Indecent behavior; workbou?e nlity days. John Wllllama. vagrant, taken to Central Guard boute ^ Third Prtamct.?John Plzan, soldier, Incendiarism, committed to jail. II A. Kazer, selling liquor on Sunday; lned ?20 56. Geo Hawklna, negro, out after notirs; workhouse. Tbos Keenan. disorderly; do. Chan Carrol,drunk;do Alfred W IlllnnriK dlaonlrrlv AhmI *> 11 Ptf *lr H'Moil do.; laed #o 03. c?ae. Ellis, unuil; commuted to jail. Jaa. Hicks, bench warrant; do. Martin Francis, dtaorderly; workhouae. Fouttk Prrrtuct.?Charles Carroll, drunk and disorderly; lined S*2. Jamea Murphy, making tWcatfc, security to keep the peace Ann Iternell, drunk and Alaorderly; Ined 91 "ft. Robert Culberlaon, stealing a bracelet; aent to jail. Sam'I Staley, driving on the pavement; fine and coats H7S. Eigktk Pr?ti*ct ? William Huard, drunk and diaordtny; lined S5 94 Jane Hawkins, negress, but after hours, workhouse. J. 8 Staples, disorderly conduct; fined S*2 94. David Gray, drunk; turned over to the military Jamea O'Nell, do.; do. Mary Sprigga, colored, drunk; fin^d *15?. Charles Hayward, assault and battery; ba'.l for a further hearing Robert Williams, do.; do. John Fowler, drunk: fined 81.58. Xinth Precinct ?John Rollens, drunk and disorderly; fined SI 56. 8 Clark, do ; do. Thomas Gordon, do.; fined *5 91 Pratt Bell, negro, disorderly; fiiiedSl.SU. Wm Rabb and Thomas Venable, deserter*; delivered to the Provost Marshal. Patrick Ragan, marine, drunk; taken to the barracks. Tenth Precinct ? Thomas Sullivan, drunk; fined Si M. James Callan, disorderly; turned over to the military. John Murphy, profanity; workhovee. John Nagle, do ; do. James Taylor, assault and battery, security for court Thcs. Riley, John Duffey, Samuel Griffith, Barry Cartlllow, and Thomas Davie, drunk and dlaorderly; turned over to the Provost Guard. Jas. Benke, do.; lined SI 94 Bf/ort Justice Clayton.?Patrick 9canlan,using profane language and threatening Mm Ann Walker, fined SI M, and security to keen the nMCP I W Amn* <4 mnV an<1 A i ?ap<I -??1 ?. rvov?.. ? ?? ? !?? ) ?*? %* uioviuruy, fined SI 94 Mary McLaughlin, do.; workhouse 60 day*. Lawrence Dailey, threats; security to kesp the peace. Responsibility or Boardixghousb Kebpbbs. In November last, a person came to Clay's Hotel, on the Avenue, and gave his name as Nebemlah Matron, of Illinois. After stopping at the bouse a day or two, be notified the proprietor that his room bad been entered and robbed of cash to the amount of S44, and two drafta for S100 each He said he was about to leave, and offered to say nothing more of the robbery, if Mr. Clay would cancel Dia board bill, which amounted to something les? than S10. Mr. C. informed bim that unless the board bill was paid, his baggage would be retained as security. Mr. Matson left for bis home in Illinois, and nothing more was heard of him until within the last few days, wben be sent Dan attorney here an affldavit containing a statement similar to the abov?. Mr. Clay waa arrested and brought before Justice Glherson Mr Matron's attorney again made ibe offer to compromise, If the board bill waa cancelled, but Mr. C. refused. After bearing the arguments of counsel?which occupied about three hours' time?the Justice dismissed the case, on the pl<-a that be bad no jurisdiction In the premises Platntlfl to pay costa. Criminal Cobrt ? Yesterday afternoon, Ellen Wolfe, Indicted for keeping a bawdy and disorderly house, was found guilty ffhe sat in the Court-room throughout the trial, closely veiled, and with her eyes caat down, looking the very picture of a modest and disconsolate widow, even when proof on proof was accumulated, tpndln;? to show the "bad eminence" herself and her house had attained In the estimation of her neighbors, but when the Jury came into Court ana announced their verdict, and curious eye* turned to see the effort on the prisoner, they only ga^ed on vacancy. The Wolfe had quietly withdrawn Her bouse waa situated In the heart of the city, on 9th street, near the corner of D, and wax a nuisance to the neighbors and a source of trouble to tbe 1'ollce. We have bad occasion to allude to It as tbe Wolfs den. We trust we have heard the l?st of It. Joseph Turner was convicted of an assault and battery on Charles J. Gates. Second WahdStatio* Cask*?Btfvr*. Juttict Clark ?John Mann, M.Crutter, David Downing, drunk and disorderly; turned over to the military Francis Mullcr, disorderly; dismissed. L. Baldwin, assault; security for peace Jos. Newgas, charge of theft; postponed till Saturday. Wm Martin, do:; dismissed Nathaniel Smith, drunk and disorderly; do. Wm Alexander, running a back without number; lined SI 5K To-day.?George E Smith, beating a woman; dismissed. H W. Dodge, Insulting a lady on the street, was knocked down by her husband and taken to the station. He was dismissed after a satisfactory apology. Jerry Maher, drunk and disorderly; fined * 1.01. Cbas. Haws, theft; dls< ml Med C. W. Wood, do.; do M Dubofs/do.; security for pence. Robert Early, Insulting a female; turned over to the military! Wm Smith, theft; do. Mary A Dant, drunk, workhouse 90 days Henry Mason, colored hackman without a legal badge; fined SI 56. Jas.Cooney, profanity; dismissed. Death of a District Officer?Wc announce with regret the death, after a few days illness, of Capt. ?'baries H. Rodier, of Georgetown, an eflLrer in tbs 1st District regiment The deceased, when Washington was threatened with invasion last summer, commanded the Anderson Rifles of Georgetown, and his company was one of the first to take the oath of allegiance and enlist as three months volunteers for the defense of the National n IA.1 mi m ? - vapiuu. lory periormea gooa service, Del rig the first troop* to cross the Pot mac. which they did at the Chain Bridge. Capt. Holler waa afterwards appointed In tbe lat District regiment, where he baa a brother serving as a lieutenant. He wm accidently shot In the leg at hla camp some months ago, and suffered a great deal froin the wound He recovered so aa to rejoin hla regiment, but the ball was never extracted. He died yesterday afternoon. Deceased was 43 years old, and leaves a wife and a Urge family of children Stagbs iom. thk Hcll rdn Battle-field ? Stage* leave H11 horn's cigar store (Just above Wlllards'Hotel) every day, for the battle-held, passing through Fairfax and Centervllle. Tlrketscan be had at Wlllards'. Brown's, and the National Hotel cigar stands. Comfortable accommodations at Centervllle are provided for pasaen gers bv t hi* line, as tbe stage stops there overnight through tbe week and all day on Sundaygiving visitors an opportunity to Inspect all the scenes of interest In the vlclulty Mr. Murphy was captured at the battle of Bull Run, and taken as a prisoner to Richmond He l?, therefore, able to point out all the famous localities, and make the trip a pleasant one for passengers A stag" will leave on Sunday for Bull Run, by thl? route. Hammace's ristartam, on Pennsylvania avenue, In Wiilard'a hotel block, continues to be a place of great resort for tboee who appreciate a fine cuisine HU larder Is just now groaning under an abundance of tbe good things for the tnner man, rarely to be found collected at one snch establishment at this season?flsh, flesh and fowl. HUburn's segar store, next door to and communicating with Hammack'a, has rapidly become a place of greet rasort on the pert of fashlonsbles partial to "tbe weed " His Mock of oe^ara, smoking and chewing tobacco, meerachauns, Ac , was never surpassed here or elsewhere. Mistaking the Ranch* ?Yesterday evening, soldier about half drunk, passing the Second Ward station anil seeing the big lamp at the corner mistook It for a lager beer house. Hearing some one slng'.ng Inside It oocarred to htm that ? Gideon's baud'' lived there, and as it was " almost time to take a drink," went In and called fsr lager. The sergeant told him he could not be accommodated with lager, but be could obtain lodgings there for the night. The suggestion insulted hiin.and be opened a volley of curses upon all Quids He was conducted to a small apartment in the rear of tbe building and locked up Jbr the night. Somnambulist.?Wednesday night, an employee at tbe Willard Hotel, named Barnard Brady, got out of his bed while asleep in the rear of the building, aad hoisting a window walked ut and fell in the yard. The window was in the first storv above ground. He was taken up very seriously Jarred, but ao bones broken. Hla Injuries, however, unfit him for service, and he was sent to hla family in Philadelphia. stiamns a watci.-tdm. a. vans ana ursrfltb Reese, of the 6th Pennsylvania volunteer*, were arretted yesterday by oAcer Fanning and patrolman Britt, for stealing a silver watch, valued atSlo, from the Jewelry store of Mr. Thompson, on Fifteenth street near tlvi avenue. They were taken before Justice Cla/h, and by him were committed to jail. * Distobsinc Rklisiovs Womtr.-At the services at 8t Peter's Church, on Capitol Hill, Wednesday alter noon, a negro Mmed Tobias Slmpeon behaved in a very bad manner. Soma of the congregation took hla la charge aad esoorted him to JoeUee Ferguson's office, where he was made to pay a fine of S3.58 Lbadiro a Hoasc on th? Pavimikt ?Yesterday. Abealom Brown was arrested by patrolman MclVevttt, for leading hla horse oa the sidewalk, after being warned not to do It Justice Thompson gaed tlm U 58 To tboee disposed to receive it. the warning of a patrolman Is sometimes serviceable. PoLict?The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported?W . A. Church, drunk and alaorderly at Canterbury Hall; locked up three hour* and dlsDiianed. Edward Cornelius, filing liquor without a licence; fined S30S8. Peter Dlngfelter, charge of keeping a gambling bouse; dismissed John Olaacow,gambling; fined S50 01 by Justice Walter. Patrick PeanInn, threats of violence; security for peace. Lawrence Dally, aaaault; do. Patrick Scanlon, for profsnlty; fined SI. >8. Lllen Kirk, assault; dlsmlsaed bv justice Clapton. Wm. Burke, larcenv of Government property; Jail for court. Kdw'd Jones, aauult and battery; A' ? ? ixr r-t i_i J L' lt-1- ??* uiviiiivcu m. VFUiriCK uh r . n. nair, ncci* Ine ?lng ?lgn* contrary to law: coats each 30 eta. Nicholas Warner, running a hack without number, diamlaaed John McManna, suspicion of larceny; do. Ellen Maloney, do ; do.,?by Justice VVdilter. Geo. F. Ryder, charged with lllepally ejecting a tenant; ruled for trial before Juatlce Giberson Oerrit Fitzgerald, Pat'k Guyton, John Holloran. Jaa. Scott, drunk; turned over to the military. Win. Flood, drunk and disorderly; aecurlty for peace. Catharine Flood, do ; diamlaaed. John Noonan, Con Noonsn and John Carr, diaorderly boya; locked up till they were Juleted. Chaa. Fetch man, drank; fined S'2 94. osenh Leiben, drunk and diaorderly; do. t5.M. Jus hnnnpll drunk' Central Guardhouse Cases?Bt/or* Justict Clark.?John Kalllon, drunk; fined SI ft- John Hotchgrow and Thomas Field, drunk; turned over to the military. Arrived at Carter'a wharf, (foot of 13# street,) schooner Alert, Foxwell, from Baltimore, with a cargo of railing, w. p. laths, and scantling, for Samuel Normcnt. Middletoii's Copy of Stuart's Great Picture of Washington can be seen at Wlllards' this evening, where persons wishing this celebrated Portrait can give their subscriptions. * Bartholomew kiordan, that wtu mentioned In lait Wednesday's Star, for stealing Government property, was acquitted, as be has been wrongfully accused, and was Innocent of the charge. * New Arbival.?Just received, a beau'tful assortment of clothing All styles of spring caasimerc suits, which will be sold low. Call and examine the stock at No 3U Pa. avenue, between TVnth and Eleventh streets. ap4-2t# A. Straus. "Barney on the Barney Cask."? Mr. Editor: I observed in your paper of yeeterdaya long publication signed by one !*amuel C Barney, headed Judge Purcell a trespasser on his (Barney's) legal rights by appointing Dr. Harvey Llndsley guardian to his children, the fruits of his marriage with Mary K. IVKraft't, and states that the J udge's ucvioivii ?on ^IVCU atvuc UU IUC 1UWO UJVUrCCj and that that was obtained by the fraud of bla (B.'s) wife and the mother of his children. now In her silent grave. The would-be barrister at law and bla alders are at fault in their memory Judge Purcell'K decision will prove (now on file in your cfflce) that the Iowa divorce had been offered, amongst other facta in the raae, to show the unfitness and disqualification of Barney to be appointed guardian of the infant children; that without special reference to all the facts in th* case the divorce was sufficient to determine the case. Now, Mr. Barney knew well what the other facts In the case were, which th? Judge, out of respect for the children, forbore to specially allude to in his decision. Mr. Barney was fully aware that there was on tile a French record, duly certifl?<T*by the Lord Chancellor, which Is still on flic In tne Judge's court, which charges are sworn to. of a serious nature against Mr. BarIl? / L> V ...... -1-- ?? u^y. nc (u / wan iuwi aware mat murt wru deposition! of Joseph!!. Bradley, jr., and John A I.lnlon, alleging brutal conduct on his part to bis wife and children &a late ai two o'clock In th^ morning. They were heard to cry for help on E ?trcet. He ought in thank Judge I'urcell for not having !pecially referred to all the fatta Jud^e Purcelf has been on the bench too Inn^, and has had hi! decisions, without an ex< cptiou, confirmed by the Circuit Court of tLils Diatr'ct, and Supreme Court of (he United States, to now have hit judicial act* called in question ny .Samuel Chase Harney, whom it seem* ha! 110 ether employment but to write and publiih slanderous publications against gentlemen. OiNE AcQtJAl!ITEr> with the fact* It* is the Harnkv Trial. F *PPT BIAD live Is unrivaled In the world. No other Dye ha* been analyzed. No other Dye produces such faultiest colors. No other Dye can be applied so rapidly. No other Dye is so lasting In Its effects. No other Dye Improves the texture of the hair It has been Analyzed by Dr. Chilton, Chemist to the Croton Water Board of New York, and certified by him to be as harmless a<< Croton Water. His certificate may be seen at the establishment of the proprietor. M snnfarf nrcd hw I fun iot* nnnn tl I House, New York. Sold avery where, and applied by all Hair Dressers. Price 91, SI 50, and 93 per box, according to aize. No. 3. Cristadoro's Hair Preservative Is invaluable with hla Dye, as It imparts the utmost softness, the moat beautiful gloss, and great vitality to the hair. Price SO cents, VI, and 92 per bottle, according to aize. ap 2-eolm Capons, Lamb and Aspabaous Wilson, 119 Pennsylvania avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, still abead. He Is dally in receipt of the above delicacies. Those who want should not fall to call early. 2t# Brasdreth's Pili.s, composed wholly of vegetable matter, are found by experience to be harmless to the moat tender age, or the weakeat frame, under every stage of human auflerlng; the moat pleasant and benign In their operation that were ever offered to the world, ana a', the aame time the moat certain in Marching out the root of any complaint, however deep, and of performing a cure. B. Branprktii. M. D Sold at No. 294 Canai atreet, Brandreth Building, New York, and at the Branch Oflre, corner Ninth and K-atrreta, Washington, D. C. P. S ? Sutler* supplied by the dozen. mh 29-lw Drop in at the "People's Dollar Stora," 438 Pennsylvania avenue, near Four and-a-half street. Kxanilne the splendid assortment of Jewelry, Silver Plated Ware, and mammoth Gold Pens, and "take your choice for onedollar." ap 1 5t* Limb! Lixk!! Lime !!!?The subscriber baa on band one thousand barrel* of the best wood-burnt Lime, which can only be had at his lline kilns, he havintr dissolved all connection with anv other place or catabllabmeut for the sale of Lime, Cement, Ac., and wblcb will be sold low for the caah. (mar 29-tf] Wm. H. Godby. HARRIED. At Wesier Chapel, on the2?1 instant, by Rev B. P. Brown. Mr fr'. M UL COVKR to Miea MAT T1E F? ST A LUNGS, ail of ttha city. DIKUi In Washiuctoa, on the 4th inatant, JOHN P. STONK, in the vuh T**r < f hi* aye. The frienda of the family are invited to attend his funeral, on o morrow evening, at 3 o'olook, at his late residenoe, corner Vermont avenue an<> K at. [Washington papera copy ) * r?n Thursday. the 3d icatant, at 5 p.m., MARY'of Captain JohnC. Cash. U. 8- M. C , and daughter of John P, intle. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral services, at her late residence, lu the Navy Yard, to morrow (Saturday) morning at 9 o'olook. On Thursday, 31 of April, at 4H o'olook p in., CHARLES EDWARD, son ofCnarlea W. and Au usta Utermaehlo. aired ? years and 10 months. His fan?ral will take plaoo to-morrow, (Saturday.) at 3 o'oloek p. m., iroin the reaidenoe of hia parents, .No. 334 E street, to whioh the friesda of the family are respeotfiilly invited. * On the 31 instant. MILES KEHOE. aced 32 years. Hu friends and those of the family are reapcotfully invited to attend hia funeral, from his lata rea denoe, 479 Ninth atreet weat, (Island,) tomo-row at half past2o'oook p. m. * On Wednesday. 3d instant, JOHN B. HOLME AD, of thia oity. * TOWERS' PATENT BOOT JACK AND MILITARY SPURS COMBINED. I, the underatirM, sola proarietor and manufaotur?r of the above Boot Jink and 8?ur, hereby give the exclusive right and privilege oraeliinj the nine in the Dinriot of Colombia to Meun. CARNfcR A CO., Military Saddiers. No SOft Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D. C-, to vhom all dealers and patrons of thia unique *nd ingenious artio.e are reap totfully referred. The larce patronage given to this nev Spur in theoity of Nev York alone, is its sufficient recommendation. __ A. H. vv MIGHT, No. 11 Beekman street, New Yore, QAC PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Qnf ?JUD Bitioun 9ik and 10?A tts. oUt) <-ARNf R A CO , HORSE EQUIPMENTS AN6 HARNESS

FOE MILITAET OE CIT C USE 31* Be sure and come to the best plao* lokli *o?r Clothing ?No. 460 SOTODth itnwt f? tl-tva poncho tents just received. WALL. STEPHENS 4. CO., No. 3!l? Pennsylvania avenue. kam been appointed ajeuta lor WubiDftoa. iod kave now in Store I,tm PONCHO'S, convertible into BiMpini TenU,jwapted ior tho Army, Engiao^ag. Exploring, and S?ortuk parpoeee, and weigh ony Bine pounds, oarefti ly peeked IE imaii bace,oonvemeat;r tranaportati!s on ho ae Back,or they may boreadily carried ou tho stiou.ders of the men. ****** * ? or three Poneboa or Ca?lr? Oyer Garmenta, aad w> eu suited la a Water Proof Teat, ( by 7* feet, ?" """ * co.. w-*r i? t w i I AMUSEMENT^ roups ATHENcm. Joint T. Fo*d Proprietor and M*n?f*r J OMR B. Wri?HT . THIS KrKHINO. The G'MtMt LiTinc Tratedian. MR. EDWIN FORREST. Will re-tppear in bia *r?it pereonation of CARDINAL RICHELIEU ' A character in which he hat no oompeer. On f*atnrd*f event n*. the octoroon. ItT" EDWIN FORREST'S NI0HT*-Mclda?, Wednesdsr. Th*r?daT and Fh?1?t. M"t r tfio# opfn from 3 to 1 and from 2 to k o'clock, when M?t? can be secured. Admission. Dress Cirole ud Parsu?tt*_^_ ??7*cer?s loured SraU .. $1 Balcony J??aU ? ? Ore nostra Seats ?? #1 Private Boxes (holding eight) Rio Fan i! j Cirolo -J& oents It CHARLKS K. FORD. Treasurer. " | flE CHILDREN IN THE WOODi." fliailAa r DvAMinA vu??i m nivTTHrt THE UK RATE ST AMERICAN HUMORIST, Better known to the pvblio u *ii J ? "ARTKMU8 WARD." Will deliver his celebrated Lecture, with the above title, i,..fiLWILLAH1>'s "ALL* OB MONDAY KVKN1N8, April 1?. ><*2. Tfcie Leoturo hu met wit i the mo?t sif nal moom? in New York, uonton and the prinoipM oitiea and torn in New England. Particulars will ha given in future adverdaemant? andjpircui&r*. ap 4 d f^LARENDON CONCERT HALL. ^ ( UHSIR Clibbkdon HOTIL.) CONCERT EVERY EVENING, BY A FULL BAND! Beautiful Waiting Birla. ?ood Liquor*, Cigara, and ap ?-lw? Everything in th? abating line. f "V nn C* L1 f I /kitroi tf * ? Uvu rniiLuno nAliln Sivtnth ft., near tkt Post OJfiti, EVERY EVENINGIMTRING THE WEEK! Kunkel'i Nightingale Opera Troupe THE LARGEST. *MO?T VERSATILE AND BEST ORGANIZED Company of Minstrels in the World Comprising SlVBNTKS.I or THI F!C KID STARS OF MlNtTXIL?Y. amoni whom are GEORGE KONKEL, HARRY LEHR, NELSE SEYMOUR, T. I.. FLOYD. THEO. AH REND, and 13 Others. Admission 2J cents. For r&rtionUre see email bills. Doore open at 7; o?mmeno* at 8 o'clock. ap 1 5t [Wfpnhlioan ] CANTERBURY HALL! CANTERBURY HALL ! In rvidenoe of a 4 r/iu dim atiikm nr otii :* wvj'i Linin ? i vn v i ciai ? . the iqttal of whioh oan be nowhere found in the World of AmuxementR. Observe this SnlUant Lixt of Names : MISS MILLIE FOWLER, MISS JULIA MORTIMER, MIS* I.1ZZIK FRANCIS. All?3 FRANK LA FOC.LK. MISS MARY DLAKK, MISS LILLY BRANDON. MI33 FRANK SECOR, MIH* JULIA RICHMOND HARRY J CARTER, DELEVANTE BROTHERS, DICK PARKER, BILLY HU1NN, JOE CHILD8. MASTER JOHNNY,' JOHN KEANV, BYLVAS CLARK, JOHN HAMILTON. Tub Ubst Orchbhtb* South o* Philadblphia. ITTNo ohante in th? Admission Prices.O Admission U osnU ; Oroh?at*r Cfcairs V) cents, Afternoon EfUtrtmnmnmt For Ladies and FMliw.on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at 2 o'olock. Whin a lavish distribution of Elegant Present* is marie : Rich and Costly Jewrl'y, Book#, Toy?. Fancy Articles, and magnificent Si'k Dresses. * A Silk Dress was presented to Mrs Sherman, No. 50 Prospect street, Georgetown. Admission y cents : Children to oer.ts. mh 31 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES?Guide to JL Patents, Catalogue of Curioaitiea and Government Gardens, at the stand in Patant Office; Kara Antiquarian Hooks ; Government Books; Document* furnished: Railroad Reports; MilitarT Reports; Burnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Books furnished to Pedlvs; Military Trials; Military Laws; Army Regulations; Panorama of theCoaat thowinc over 2,WO miles; many thousand Cheap Books. Keoolieot cheep rent. Large salee, low price*. lip stairs, over Bank of Washington, ia29-8m/ ALFRED HtJlMTKR. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADE.MV, at Temperanoe 3* Hall, b: street, between 3th and Mb Clast-ea jn every Tuesday and Friday?afternoon olasa/^B at 3. evenmr olana at 7. Soiree eve FridaviaM evening a<8o'olook. Music t>y Prof. Geo. Arth. Temperanoo Hall will be let for Balls, Parties, 4o. Apply as above. fe 14 2m* ASTA6E FOR MANASSAS, via Fairfax (kurt House and Ctntrivillt. ^ Will leave Alexandria at o'cU>ck?fifilfe^~# on Mon ay and Tuetdar.for ?air-.HjfcJr53?z fax Court House only; on Wednesday moruing will start for Manassas, and the regular days for leaving Alexandria will be Monday, Wednesday, Fridav. from the S'eamboat W barf, foot ol King street, nt 9 o'olook a in.; returninc fiom Manassas onTueedir. Thn'sdar, and Saturday. Pare for the round trp. ?5. Boati o?n l>? prooared in Washington at Grego ry's Stove B'ore Pennsylvania avenue, south side, two door* east r.f 7th street, or at Sieger's Book and Periodloal Store, No. 12U Kmc stroct, Alexandria, Va- mhll lw UTABE8 FOIt THE BUI,L RUN BATTLE *3 FIELD.?ta Fairfax and C**-rfTbi^r^ . tnvxlU, Leavis every day frorr Hilton's 8*gar Store, above Wii- w-fcrp^lS** lard's,at II m ; returning next a/t?iuoon. Fa. a for round trip, #*> Accommodation oan be had at Centreville, where the stage stops overnight, stays on Sunday. Tioketa oan he n-.t at Hi!bon's,and at Willard'a, Brown's, au<J the National Hotel Setar Stands. C. J. MURPHY. IHH' fV>R~BALE-A fresh MILCH COW. with her third oalf. Apply to the subscriber. No. 19 Congress street. Georgetown. piT ap 1 WILLIAM KING, fck W S, RANKIN A CO., wholb*alk WINE, LIQUOR, AND CHEAP BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, 49, 'Vat** andCoj?&rxi>s streets. U&UliUETUWN. U. C-. Sp 1 8t* COY8TH.RS?OYSTERS. HES/ PEAKE Sta&med Oyater Saloon. The nbaonb< r having oompleted hn A?. Steamed Oyater Saloon, la now ready^^n / J to iarnahto oitisena, etiangera. aiidm?\^Bpf the pa) lio generally, with Oyateri cooked l?y the new araoea of ateaminc. The bai t Oratera the Market oan afford, will aJwayaboon the Chesepeake BtSMi Oyater A&Ioob. No. 403 G atreet, near 7th, and eaat of the PatAflt Offina mhSi-lm ' WM. P. WEBB. Proprietor. |NTEREST COUPONS ? T 3 10 TREASURY NOTES CMhed on preaentatioo by JAY COOKE k. CO., Bankers, mh 29 lw iS* Fifteenth atreet. CONFEDERAL SHIN-PLASTERS, obtained at PortTtoya', are for aaie at the Fair it Parker's Hall. Go and set ons aa a our loaity. mh 3i-5f _ t A T ol HA^UADAY MORNING. CENTER MARKET, Stall No. 66. a?3 8t* WILLIAM LINK1NS FOR BALK.?Tbe advertieer baa one quarter and tbree e.tbth oaake of fineOid MADEIRA WINE, whiobha will aeii at Mr tatlcn. The Wine waa purohaaed by ttteyreeent owner from J. Howard Maroh, in Madeira, in 1857. and ia now oa - m AM - . w- ?k* I--*? ov miu ihm uvou iu iuw lu'jib w. 11' i ^ l" 2 jttri. Address"u. 6. N.," Box 839 our Post Offioe. M >? The ladiks or the first baptist Cburoh will be bapp? to see tneir lrieudi and strangers at the Fair tkit tuning, at Parker's HaTi7(o?posite Brown's Hotel.) wh?se a most delightful entUrauuuent will be provided, roh SI M* YYAttHlNS rON HOOP SKIRT FACTORY ! W A NTfc IM M JWE D UWTEi? Y, To maautaotnre Hoop Skirts. I "V str' tuntiar olWrnU ! mh?? tw* MT 8AMSTA? * CO. MM. BATON. _ aL ra?- JMST JS3TS*5SV 1 street, biman tth ud lt|. 101U aids. & t. Tty it'? are?oattmg ml* bt Mn k. ia l?-la* I " **S 4MU i-..* -i .? ; us. ft ., FQ3 SALE AND KENT. FOR RENT-A larfe %nd wjr bMd?oinjj'y farnmh?i three itor* brie* PwbLLIN#, with bftok buildtni, No. 109 Wsit street, Oeorietown, oontftininc at>"ot ton roo?i?. g*? fiatvM ?o??'*te tid water id the y?rd, Lfl\?ire ur xt dwi F?l m?' . IfOR RENT-A ?*!! KurDiahed HOL'fcK. eonts'nmc foar room*, aitnsted oc H Mr?*t. between ?th andjntfc?No. 4*J. M 8 ?' EjH>R RfcNT?One neatly fnrni?he?J ROOM,no r seonnd flcr. with Board, in a eUiaiif pnr??e fmmt'y?No. 404 fcijnth Ueet. tetwe?o ?u.?i II. *M a* A DESIRABLE AND rilNIHHED ROOM. suitable for * rnftrriel n<->nnl? or two ?inf I* centlemen. c*n Ns <>Uiu*4, * ith or without heft'd. on ftpplimtion ftt N? 3#9 8i*th ?tt?e . n*?i II, *?) r 17OR B F.NT-A well feroitbed PARLOR ftnd r CHAMBER, with or with^vt timid. 10 ft pleasant neighborhood near Pft arena*. p?if ?t No IWHit *p3 Sf FOR R ENT.?A d?*rraMe p'aoe in tte ooun?r?, I'uft'ed o?- the W*?hiint>n Br??oh Railroad, Bladembnr* Turnpike, ftnd 3 mileef. am tte 'ftpitol. It oontftins ft coca DwHUnc Hou?e. with 18 room*. ftnd Ha?eu.ent, together with oat l>u: 1 iocs, ?table with aiz ?talle ftod carriage haute: about 30?o'e* of ineadow ftnd pasture land. well watered. The above will t>e rented for SS*? per T*ftr. Will ft'eo rent a lurte Uronsa FOI'NORY, would nut for cftetin* he?vT jnn?. For furtf?i paitioftlari. apply ftt CLAK K MILLS?No.* ?.*% treeu np 3-3t*_ Rooms* for rknt. with or wiiboif in a private fainilf?No. 7 ? K a*I >1 -t.. i on tot hiii. ap 2 y FOR RENT?On? lartefl'RNl&HKI> KO"M. biok of Hrown'a Hot*:. H *ut ?12 per mrLth. Alio, for fine MOCKING BIKP. f'io? Inquire at 310 C a'rett, belrMn 6th an< 7ih ap 2 3i* FOR RENT?A STORE, in a go?d tmaineaa location; auitable for tlio wholesale ?r<>cery huaineaa Apply to COCHRAN & ROBERT SON, No Sit Ninth street, cur Pa av. %p 2 3'.* FOR RENT?A three-story Brick DWELLING, with a hack boildinz. No. 4?>0 1> etreet, between 21 and 3d atreeta. It baa all the modem improvements of a firat o'lna dwe'ilnc; a ao, a carriage houae, and servants rooms attaohed. ap ?-3t? FDR RENT?vv ith Board, one .art* nice Kur niched ROOM, suitable fortwo jcentlemen or rii mu an anu wi;n, iiev > org tva- "e. fc:?ween 9th and loth st'eets. >one ne*1 apMy unless they are wiling to pay liberal prices for food accommodation*. and are "anconditto-s! V br "Liberty and the Union." ap 2 St* ROOMS to LI?T?In a most desirable location, at 44* K sireet. near 7th, with'n a tew minutes walk of Pennsylvania avenue. the Ko?t Oflioe, Patent Offioe. Ac The rooms will be let without oard. One a good office room. Gentlemen pre ferred. Several good Latinr Houses in immediate vicinity. ap 1 6t* Furnished rooms to rent, with Boa'd, in a pleasant location near the Ctpitol. Transient Boardors accoinm>Uat?d. Inquire at Star Office, nrin 31-tf SUMMKR RE91DKNCK FOR RKNT. *po* tkc-l-ii.m 1,11m En. _ > It f /,*??? Ik above GtorKtUnen, meat Mr. Loutkbormitk'fy?K demabla iurijisnel Double House w?h shaded, fine water, Ac , with stabling, carnato house*. 4o..4o. Thea.t^rtion of Msmbers of th? Cabinet. Korf i?n Minisiers. at d ceutlemsr. with f&mi y is especially invited to this advertis^ni'Lt. For examination of the pr?mi?e* apply tn th? maaacer tip:the farm (Mr. J?mc( O'Bi i*n.; an<1 for further particularsinidressCaptain W. A T. MM)U IS. M . I'2t*0 Spruce stre-t, Pfcnade'.ph'a. Fa. m!i 3'-lin* BIIKNI8HKD ROOM TO LBT-rentable tor 1. gentleman an4 wife; or ?u.?:le centl'?iii??n, H^use pIe?*?iit?r.Hr aitnatad, and terms roaaon ablo. I: *oire north weel corner I4tt;ar.l Lata, nili S3 St* LM)R flALK?Two firs'-etaaa UII.MARD TAl HLK;?, m*rhle b abs, *?;d ever? ftrrant^inent complete, laoso des!nn* the above will rtudj their mteieM f?j itiimediaUir atttie K?ro peeri Hotel, sorcer 11th aireetai.d Pfurisji?ania avenue. will B tf LUiT A y 1 i?UUrtA>. IOST?('n Thura'lav, J7tli nltmo. in th? Ki'k j wood H?>u*9, a Cornelian *eal KING The find?r will f>e Mners.lly rf.war<i*?l t>? rrturiiim t;.e a? it is * faintly rMio Addree* "ii. K A..** f*t%r Office, ap 4 ?t* 1iH)UNI>?Outhtintb March.on Indiana avenue ne** O street, a tnv M A K t., iying ap Jtx. Hrently lifele??, wlucii ih? uwier odd ht.m jl_jl by provioi prr party aid pving charges. DENNIS O. NE(f?. jlP 4 It* No. 470. <'?ritol Hito. E STRAY.?There ca ins to the ftnc'orure of tl-e enbtc.iber, this April 3d, one H<?RSK- a*w The owner can have tne eame by proving 1 .1* property, asd paying for liiis adve ti?*> inert,and h*r keeping, Enquire Kt lag.'s*! M'f a ir.ile rorth of Columbia Oollrre. ap t-lt* ERNEST BI-RGPORF. ^TRAV HORSE?Taken np as astra?. n'*r .Me'tdiae HUl.on tie 3nth ultimo, '>ii9<v sorrel w:m iiiirj u in i ?rp I??Ihead, whioh tbe owner c*n Lava by proii; p-op?rty. pv?m* cuartes. fto J. V. COBCRN. ay 4 3t* Corner of IS' imd H iti. FOUND?On the Vmt of March, near the oanai, on 12Ch stree', a T* U"VR,o>n tailing diff>-ent articles The wliolo wii. be returned to the ower by calling at WALKER'S? Lumber Yvd, corner li'th street ace car.a!. J. SKI BERTH. aps 3t* LOST?On the28tli ultimo, betwexn Capitol Hill and the oorre.- of 25<1 au- O streets, a heavy GOLD KINO, with aea:? ?et- a>:d m? name plainly engraved on thei"8ide. The 5 Jer will be suitably rewarded on lear.r? it with hi , ai iheoffioe of CsdIaia Uknt. oil t?i i, and 22 . k:rfintn veil ap 3 31* JMtiii K l)l?OL.KV Lost?On Tfcn'e^av. the 2^tn r>inmn. I>?tween IN'o 5'iO (VTorus and Ili =* ^ixtii Presbyterian Church, >riier ? ' ?uli a-.;c s'r<?eU, (/ and,) a darlt colored full 11 ppkt, one vl the loops uu>ken. A r?a'on?ble rfwa'd wilt ^ ?d lor it? return to 330 Ms-yland a*. ap 3 St* FOUND?On S?tu,day,2t& Wareh, a .argetize dark brown HOKt-t, whioh rbs owner ?\ oan have by proving property ard piyiceT^TW expenses. l-.qaire at J \ M KS Grooery Sto. c. earner ' * _ a p 2-3t* District of' Columbia, wmwww Coumty ?On this Slst <?a? of March 18 2 before roe, the Kiitiec riber, a J ustioe ol Hi ?T* the Peaoe in ard fur Mid county, personal-^ ly appeared John A. Norland, cue <>t the Metropoitan Police, and made oath that he took up on Friday. March *Rt*, 18 2. a hrcwn HOKM-:,a* kcmtray. and deiiveied him to jaires r t-s?ex, at h's livery stable JOHN BORLAND. Subaoribed and sworn before mo. II. RKAVKR, J. P. The owner will p:ea*e call, pa? chafes a-d take tho horte awa* Call at 3t6 tl'h aireet, office Metropolitan folio*. ap I 2aw3w STK AYED-From No 27, Indiania Saturday, the iSrii mat.. a black atd white COW, with a a.rap around ii**rlur neck. #5 r?ward will be civrn to any onriiaflai who caa give information concerning ler. ?nd more it returned to the houw?. ap 1 tf $||\ RJKWARD-S*olen about Ji>* o'oiook in., I U thia inorniuc, a m-dium s:xed grey MORSE, with loreniment aaddle mid ^Lrl blanket; horae had no ahoea on; and lame*^-'^* in left foot; brande.t II. J*. H? was atoen from front of Ruler's Restaurant. I) st. Ait mf rmation concerning him wiil be reoeivad &i Mr. Aigler'a. (ap I If) PH1U.1P ZITTLir?_ f QST On Saturday last, between Clacett A M*?'a Stor? %n?f th?oorner of l??th ?nd"l> at* , a email utrofcun SLEKVE-BUTTON. A re-ward of 91 will be pvd if l^ftM Mr. ?*m*??n'a, J?wi>ler, Pa. * . mh 44 "rRAfUtLItl fc CO , OPTICIANS, 44 Penn'aaT.,'ocrlh aide.) bet. 12Ulo4 U'h ata. BY EG LASSES, MARINE AND FIELD GLASSES. COMPASSES, At , of the beat qualities, oonstantly on hand. fa i-gou,tr UWM. C. MILLER, N10N LIVERY. HIRING, AND 8 A LB STABLE, Cornm *f Sixth and C its.. Waikinnton, D. C ?Peraona o&n at all 1^. . time* Ixs ikcoomirod&ted with Horses, 1BB| Carnage*, or Bat(iee for hire, sale, or exchange. ^LEL Li verr by the day or month. lundiome brown Lady's saddle Pony for sale. She is perfectly gentle: ahe racks, trou, lopes or paoea, and is a perfeet beauty, Low for oash. mh 12 eolm ALBKRT BKLL. Agent. BARNUM 19 HERK!?On free exiubiuou, -u? finrst a took of Clothing in tha oity, at the People's Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite poet Ofioe. N.B.?All of tfae above goods for aale at wrr low erioas. fm ti-tm JJOOT8 AND SHORS^TO 8UIT THE WM Ira nn* mannfa/iHirinv >il kinhl fif ROHTfl ?od SHOES, ai d oonstantiy recwvlnr 1^1 ?uppl? of n&&t?rD made work of every de-fH9 criftion, made ex p reecly to order, and wiiir ] be sold atamuon lower pr.oethan hae been* i:<?retofore otivftc in tfeie city for nook inferior article*. Person* in want of Boot* and Shoe* of eaetern or city made won. will always find a good aeeort ss"*"0" Ifor a> ?-r 814 P^naeyfoaaia arenae. Z FURNITURE! f* FURNITURE! FURNITURE t (of the firm of SloU* A Pe^kha ' Phuad'a.) Mtiiataotuiwr and w noieeale and Reuui dealer la CitDe Hti 1/0(14(0, r*rior mo l/micx room FurLitjjo?Tkorn'a Baildiiuf, *06 MtwU itiMLabon D. Kmy tvmU t UPUOLftTKJUNtt pnmpUy Jm AMili aiOCAtM tttora op?u da? uJ ntfiltt for tMa^tOM^ l'^rotuMora ViSi sUHy ftwr UHwtnl t? eftll bofor* oofciag tl?whoro. )? a-4m* * A f ? 1 '' '* i J** ?'*" '*" 1 w * 4 SECOND EDITIO . O'CLOCK. f *. LATB8T FROMJBL^ITD lo 10* ffEU rrL?cii*pff J taifen, April ?. !??7 Hon. Gtdtcn Well*', PrrrrfMp ?f tk? /Va?-> Thu morning. ?L? ftaitwt. riiwlnnatt. iirf Ptttsbur;;. with'hr^f in?rtar hott*. fl^ened. and ooiltaird f'?f fncr* than an Lfnr, a trt on the rebela" teavy floating ha'terr at I? *?d Nd IP? wU*n Hit littrr. bjrinr rectivrd ae**r?! sheila from tb?' rtfle* and mortar*, en' looae from he* moorlngi ?nd ddftrd two w thw nit If* dsirn tb*river The weic thrown fmtn 'be Axilla ln?d'Oerent forU of the Inland, and into tbe rebel batteriea lining the Tenneaser ahore. The return ire produced no effort on the aquadmn No more men than wi re *ctnaiiy nee?"?a?i y tw n>i? II.* KalU.I^. u.. uo var.viir* wriv f A II Fo^tr, Tlig Ui ei, Ac APrAIRk m DIME W'f have the Rktinood *'h of >hf ti-tb ult. It argues that the Moriimac should be taut out to foil w up Its flr?i blow. break tbe bloc kade dad sink the whole Yankee navy Th? little Monitor Is evidently droned a troublesome cua tomer Tb<? IH nt< 4 sa^s ; "The Monitor must be disposed of In >ome way or other If oar fertility of contrivance and resources la equal to that of the Yankees, there Is no Impossibility la ?c complishlng that object.'1 Tbe Dispatch ia furious over " the dl*rsfer? of Hattersa, Fort Henry, Roauoke lalaud, Fort Don elaon, Fernandlna aud Newbcrn," and say* " they pres?nt a catalogue of blunder* aud defaults that would under experienced mlllta'y govern menta be fatal to all bv whoin they were committed " The Dtspatck speaks of a telegraphic dispatch received at Richmond rpre?*Bting that 4,ftr? thousand Confederates were about to bag (*??? thousand Federals," and thinks "such an Achieve ment would compen*atc for the abandonment of the fortifications below th? town," adding sad ly, however, "Hut the telegrapher ha? not yr? IiiWhcd the job. Can't H hurry up Superintendent Wm. N. Bragg advertise* for "10,uu? aills. delivered on the line of the road between Richmond and Aquia Creek," and "wanted Immediately " The Savannah correspondent of the Dtrp?rt* (March II) complains that the military draft hrB crippled manufacturing establishments to such an extent that they "cannot carry on the almost % essential business of the government." This correspondent sav*s that the defenses of Savannah exter.d from tbcSavannth river north of the city to the Louisville road, thus flniahlng thr. circuit of earthworks extending from river to river. Ntw-PAPK* Catwia ?We Itarn tuat Mr Charles A Dana has been deposed by the stock holders of the New Vork Tribu**. ts the mac aging editor of that paper, and Mr t?ay, who has for some time been one of the ed tors of the Tnbunt, takes Mr Dana's place. The change was deemed necessary in order to remove the iiiten?ely radical tone which had attacled to th* editorials under Mr Dans Mr. Alexander Wilson managing editor of th* New York Time, leaves rhsr paper ou the 1st of May next. and011 that day *ssuoh* editorial man agement of the iVitional Imtthg?*<??, lu which conccrn he ha* r?eently purchased an lottreat Mr. J4 F Hanacom, recently managing ck cf of the N Y HermWu corps of Washlngtva ?orreapondent*. Las ccaaed his connection with tta* paper altogether, and becomes attached, trmpor arily, to the N. Y Tttnti. Mi. Hana~on? re iivatna at his old new* headquarters, 166C'vurtcenth street TA>KEB IWGBHCltT Since tbp nav^tl fi~ht !n Hainptu;; Reads ?oni? 1 60!) d'9" rent schemes for inking oc ether ana* dlapoaing of the Merriiuac, have been oOcrcd h the Navy L'epartnient by Yankee inrentora. ricetfts fkim CcstomsIt la ascertained that the rccclpts from cartom* for the month of March bil wr -e at I t u'rr >a aa lh?v were for the corresponding month pf 1??* year CONGK HSSIOivA L XllVllth COSBRKM-W??4 Friday, April 4 SwtTi.?Mr. Shcrami preatnt d a pit).ion of citizen* cf Ohio for the enactment of a gener*1 bankrupt law Mr. Harri* preaeutcd a New York petition th?? democratic papers be allowed the aau?e mii? prlvllcgea accorded to republican-par*? and abo litlon paper* Mr. Howard preeetited a petition of clfliene of Michigan for the enactment of a general bank rupt law ; alao, one for the reduction of the pro poaed tax on lager beer The Senate then proceeded to*be consideration of private bills Hou?k ?The consideration of the T^'4 bill wa? resumed. LATE LOCAL NEWS A Colorkd Lawvkr ?Justice Cul! rroentir tried a case In which ibe llrst practical effects cf the emancipation bi!l were seen.. A colored w<> man named ?mith sued a colored board.tit house keeper named Jordan Iji Lcr w'4;n e* covk, ani th? trial wm ruled be/orf ?be Justice. It sppeere*4 that Jordon had tried ber a* a cook.abe beiu;; represented as being A No l In ber line, having oe*n brought op to the buninta* nt Wtliards', but after she bad been with him *ometim~ be attempted to make bread by Ibe u*e of lard oil, which did not ault the board ra, and Jurdon was vbilgrd to diac barge ber and go to cuokln;; hlm?elf. Among the witnea*ea eiamiued was n colored ahoemaker residing uear Wlllarda'. who had recommended the cook to Jordon, and after Ktving in bis evidence he took up tbe case aa Mrs mlta'a lawyer, and by hia shrewdneas in croas examining tbe witneaaes ?bow d that he was wel' read in the !avr After the evidence was finished he roae and delivered a forcible argument in favor ef bis client, in which he quoted Ulackatont, Chittv, Story and the Scriptures, and rpoke at length on the condition of the colored people gen eraii v He alluded to the condition of i he alavea. and expatiated warmly upon the kindness of mai ters generally, and stated tfcat hi* fondest r?roller lions wu of the day* when he was a slave brv in Virginia He would advise all colored people not lo emigrate North, where the white men would not hire one of them to drive a cart, but to f;o South whenever Unev could get a chance The uatlcefavea judgment In tovor of hi'* Smith, and complimented her counsel for the skill with which ke managed the case TaotJBLB roi Nothix?.? About noon to-day the west side of Seventh street bridge wax crowded with persona, looking anxloosiy Into the canal. Hurrying down to learn the cause of excitement, we saw two county conatablsa and a young man in a small ecow.puaning out from the Wall, and the eyes of the spectators followed their movements wltn breathless latere#. Our anxious tL. . ?- -A ? - iu^uiiiob ms ujc riiuN vi UK vvysgcrv WH answered by calling oar attention to aaail black object In the water, which waa believed to be the heed of a dead man, and they were going to poll him oat. Tbe acow pa-sed wltEla arm* length of tbe eorpae, and a aturdy constable seized tbe supposed bead, and lifting it exposed the carcaae of an old dog. Tbe crowd laughed tone. Tbe constable dropped tbe prize, ?ad the boat got out of sight with considerable rapidity. The c&oas or thk 35th N V. Volvrtbkbs The splendid stand of colors manufactured for the sStb N. Y. Volunteers by Mrs. E Low*. Pennsylvania avenue, near Tenth street, will remain at tbe store of tne mnnafactur * for exhibition one day, to-morrow, and all w no deal re to see a superb spec in* en of iklll will do wall to vleM It. Tae State flag is of blue seamless silk, beautifully fringed with go*d bullion, an! ornamented with great taete. Tbe coat mi arms rt New York Is handsomely pain ed by T R Jeffreye, of Baltimore The stag is of potisbed rosewood, surntouuted with a golden eo,;te Tbe national banner la also a tne piece <T w?uk manablp. KutArruakD ?l.aat Sunday, two colond yrt?i nfr? managed ki ekifc (ma ilc jtU at t?.k?Ui( ad i-Aiue lo thta citv. The toue* if ot try couaty arrived ben tbla nlu, in purwri* of tbraa Tbey wcra found mun^ tbe tro p* at tae Railroad Depot. and Detective Alien aud Wiae took one named laoec Lor, tod luraed Ulm over to tbe Sheriff. The <tfbai wee uea wanted Ciimimal Cocar ? Thla morutag, Jane Hunter. colored, waa ooovieted of aa amali aitd hal try on Mary Aafce. alao colored John Ryaa, ooldler cT'tbe 3*b New Vorfc regiment, iarae mral^ntd, and la being tried fir araon la Irlag tbe cottage at Balaa. met TV #ailv wbica ect of laeradtartaa w? have boforc uuuuod

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