Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1862 Page 2
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m*.r"V"' EVVNJNC STAR.| . t t | ^ | ^ ^ ----?_ | WASHINGTON CITY: * A1VRJ?A V ATRIL &% 11*62. ir^" Tb.??gh Tm? ?< * ? |wt?^4pn tb? ?* pwn tn ? * ?ntifh of B*1*t|?vif?, It* Ht*N Invert: Ilk to * -Hlfr II Ia ^ A? ?* ? * *. ** ?v fw* n* an I *??ly t^iij ihwfrK', ^b?uld be { *n1 In ho*..?r II nVWfc <4 ; Qtbf(V*1*f tb*y ftlBV J R"* nntll the n?xt day. ?)e% niMD* at Tarlows mUltarv p???r? ?< iMaUlona will confer a tnror hy krej^n* na i*??i as tc in r*>?rrti and atfclra In their vicinities. Spirit tt the MtraiM Frew. I*be Inttlligmrtr treat* on * The black code of the free States " The Rtpubhtan is occtiplcd with the negro q oration. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. BOSH. A seceah rumor la afloat alleging that Blenkei'* divlalou of the army of the Potomac bare been "driven In" by the rebels from Warrenton June tlon to Manassas, In which there is not a scintilla rftruth. For days past the feet has been published in the newspapers that this division has been ordered to a distant field of operations Hence, a man with half an eye can ?ee the cause of its return to Manassas, If they have done so. ASsiewxs. Paymaster John S. Cunninghsm has been *.? signed to the flagship Wabash, Com. Dupont. Mr. Cunningham Is an experience^ and competent oflker changes in ths Medical bureau. Surgeon General F'/ulev has been removed from tte ri,?rce of the r-.edlcal bureau In the War De panim-m, wmru for tbe present la in charge of Uf Wood. Assistant Surgeon Wright baa been emrved from tie medical directorship at ft Lou'a. and Assistant Surgeon Camp appointed in Li* place. Other imrrjti*"* r hanpe* In the medical bureau willi lu'.Tbc made to Increase the efflclency of Itjat department. A new mili'ary hri?pltal has been ordered to be otiib'ixfced at INtw Albany, Indiana. J? iferson Barracks, near St. Lou a, have been converted into a military hospital. Tbe Setreiaiy of War h?* communicated to ?*oti_r?ss his opinion that the present organization of the medical bureau Is Inadequate to the *< rvice. He hita authorized tbtf Surgeon General ?>f New York, under the direction of the Governor, to organize a volunteer corps of aurgeon*, to render medical aid when repaired. A similar organization has been mad? under the Governor of IViuisylvania, and valuable service rendered by IV. Smith, surgeon general of that State, and his MBtetasts, to the wounded at Winchester. maioxs. Attorn'y General Botes fcns given hi* opinion ' ?t ib^ac** of January a:td A ugost.1513, granting ns for wound* or disabilities arc applicable? lly to the force- thereby created, and will not the '-air!, of those called iuto t rvlce by the ?-U>f tfaev?d of July las4, nor are their widows ??d orphans entitled to pensions under the act of 4 July 4th. 1?M. linit doubts may Vf huguested whether existing laws make provision for pension* to the a idow*i'f tho?c now In service who may die from e?is?a*e or *> killed In battle, and upon the whole ue?t'?p the Attorney General inclltic* the opinion to it Voere it no adequate provision of law by ^h'ch such widow* are entitled to pensions In addition 'o the bounty conferred by the ? t of July last 1 he mlli'ia received under the I'lettdcnl'iproclamation ofthelStb of April. 1-61. which wa? In accordance with the law of the -d of August, J?W, are in cases of wounds and disabilities entitled to pennons under ita provisions VIUXOES TO ro&I8H?< MOMtoB ASD OtiiBR MILIUM fO?TS. Complaint having been made by the commandent f military pos* lhat movement* are impeded and discipline relaxed by the presence of male and female visitors, the Secretary of War has ordered that no pase's be granted to visit 9 .Monroe or other military ptsu to any person not ugaced In the military service, and baa authorized commander;) of mllltdry posts to remove all jerv..s not MpK^fai the service. Passe* for tbe purpose of trade or business are also refused. Itllil FBOM W11UNTON IVItCTJOH. Our pickets now run tbr't tniles beyond Warren ton Juuctlon. Tbe ra^foad and telegraph are ronpl'tcd tbre?- m>i?a tj*yond Manassas, and in f?'W dajs p,ore win r?ach the Junction. No nlgns of any Rebel* are found near here, but their ?couts come op to witbtn eight or ten miles of H'arrcutoD. win n at t-TTf rr 4>tv Ili. ? Wu Department, ) WasniseToii Citt, April 1,1862 > Or,J*'ni ?First. That portion of Virginia and Maryland l>in^ between the Mouulaln Department asid tt>e Blue Ridge ahall constitute a Military Department, to be called tbc Department of the ^heiMndoab, and be under the command of .Major General Banka. SecomJ. That portion of Virginia cast of the 6.?e Ridge and writ of the Potomac and the Fredcrtckaburg and Richmond Railroad (includ ag the Department of the District of Columbia and the country between the Potomac and Patux*nt) shall be a Military District, to bt called the Department of the Rappahannock, and be under the command of Major General McDowell. By order of the Preaident; K.swt* M. Sta.itos. Secretary of War. I I . CIRCULAR. i^r*BI?lMAT*R Gl.U?Al'l Or VICE, ) Wathtmgton, April 4, j Ttf >*ecretarj ?f War directs that hereafter no perton not belonging to the United States service La.'I be permitted to take passage In ai.y public ran*port, without the ftpeci&l permission of the War Department. M C Muss, ({ M. General. U7* A?"i*tant Treasurer Cisco sent from New Yoik to Louisville on Thursday a half million ??f Treasary note*, and forwarded yetterday an equal amount for the uae of the army and navy In that quarter CoKViBXKi).?Among the continuations by the ? " ? " Dcmit- yer.rraay were tiote or b. Ellis, SB Consul at Brunswick, Germany, and Dr. lla>>, of Arctic exploration fame, at brigade (urgeon Death or a Member or Congkk?sRepre eofativr Jobn?on, of Pennsylvania, baa received a telegram acquainting him of tbe death, at AllenU.wn, rf bis colleague, Thomas B. Cooper. fjJ" The health of Mr*. Lincoln Is now restored "efficient to enable ber tu attend to ber dutit* Km akcial ?Tbe New York Etenimg Pott of vomit rAm mi'? The heaviness in border Sink- ?tock? is still a ^'eminent feature of the market. Missouri's, u d*r iiioderate ?a;es fell to Virginia'# declined 1 pttcrat. In Tennessee'* there were Ci sales? 53bid. 51 diked. The !l?t ot Government securities la doll and pricra are scarcely maintained The Coupons of 1<k>1 told at and more oOered. There were jt no Nlti ( the Ke*l*tered The TJO Treasury No'ea are quoted at 9U%iUQ\ m G verumtut certificates oi indebtedness are becoming abundmt, and lsrjje amounts can be had t la Philadelphia they are selling at ?S?* ftr cent discount. tic.d U weak and rather lower, selling at 101 . It naa \nacn remarked of late, aa having aome bearing upon the price of zoid. that th? rViirnr. nu iWtu.eia do not brlu^ ai uiuch treasure as In 1?6I, i larger proportion of the shipments from San Krenc'seo golag direct to England. Tbe Northern Light, which arrived U?t evening, brought SS81,'?rt. The deposit* of United States noteawlth the Atslsteat Treasurer on 5 per cent Interest have > co quite large this week. The totA upon which the Government is paying interest Is over 3l?.flU>,MiU C*rro&a or baltimoaa ka< roits roa tub K >iil Kuvick ? l?he Baltimore Americanstate? that * parly of twenty four recruits for the southern ?riny were arrested last night on board a cbtv-itrr, on tbe Back river, uear North Point, fr>f Richmond They were composed _ . ^ _ - - - kL.t. ? * * in yuuug umtu, iuu iuch uiuvruifuii Ldd nwu v.atched lor some day* A force of special joilct., accompanied by twelve of the Maryland L.lght Guards, tdcceoded la capturing all of tkea but f >ur wfao made their escape. One of them iuv:ag dtsckaed the fact that another schooner w? a.uug a a point on the Bay to carry them to (be Virg a m chore, a portion of the oAeers atarb-<i 10 aelie her. It la understood that thle pani, v ere r?N-r>ii'ed for the parp/Me of going tr? K ic'iii *>: >t t<'off- tl?< liisetves as substitute* for t>ef.;et ir ? ily d some* f wuum are fdT r log s* bigL a. * 1 5?<i and 93 00b prrm.utu to gKap? the service I .IHU W <L?. 9 ?i I,ATE NEWS BT TEl.EKRAPll. LATEST t ROM rORtRESt NS^RVK. ? EX SENATOR C*W\H AT RICHMOND LIEUT. XVORDLN TO RB8UME COMMAND OF THE MONITOR. Balttmurf, April (from Fortress Monroe, April 5 )?The flag of truce sent out by the flagship to-day brought back two lad Irs?tbe flr?t pasaengera who lave been allowed to leare Norfolk ft>r the North for tome weeks One of thetn Was a French lady, returning to f"rtbte ; the other waa proceeding to Join her huaband tn Baltimore. Copte? of the Richmond Examiner anrf DIs patch of this morning wera received. The former la printed on but a half sheet. They are barren of n ewa. The official report to Governor Clark (?f N. C.) state* that tbe rebel Ioct at Newbern was aa folI in. e < i_iii a iiti n..^ lit iu?a * II di ftiuca, hm wuuuucu, anu no iuim* lng and prisoners?total 57S. Wm M G*ln, late Senator from California, arrived at Richmond yesterday, from Washington. He Is a native of Virginia Captain John H. Morgan, who Is *tyled the 41 Marlon of the war," also arrived at Rtchmoi d yesterday. On board tbe Mohilor, to-day. the vote of thanks passed by the New York Chamber of Commerce, to Lieut YVorden sn?i the officers ana erew of that vessei, watt :rad to all hands Great enthusiasm Was fihibited. Lieut. Word^n will resum* command of the Monitor as loon as he re i Wveri from bis Injuries, which, according to (hp latest account*, he la expected to do very shortly. The weather continue* pleasant, and favorable for military operations. Cal. Otary it >llridlf burg, Va?H? Charges the Rebels through the Ttwn-Tbe Rebels Make a tlaaty Retreat. MtcDLUumo, Va., April 4 ?Col. Oeary'i advance encountered 300 of Stewart and White's cavalry, and a force of Infantry, at Mlddleburg, Va., last Saturday. He marched from Phllomon In tbe morning, and drove In the febtl pickets outride of Mlddleburp, when he entered the town ard discovered the Infantry in retreat and the cavalry posted to make a stand. A gur. wn placed to command the main street, and the 2-th, Well deployed, advanced by all the approaches to the town, wtille the mjin body rushed through With bayones tixed, and on a ? doub'.e quick,7' driving the enemy ?<efore them The enemy made a bait in a hollow beyond the town, evidently maneuvering to draw nut the Michigan cavalry in pursuit, so their infantry miiiht flank them. Companies of tb" S5!h now opened on them from behind stone fences with their rifles, whrn the cavalry dashed c If precipitately. A gun of the 2*th. in toe centre of the town, now opened upon them, and drove ?h#m from a thl< ket two miles distant, t very shell exploding In ibe woods. The cha'ge through the town was fraught with gr<-?? excitement. Knapsacks were thrown ;tsidc In the street a? the rusbrd forward Over i ont? snd blankets lined the sides of tiic road, stores wcr' ?|- tduy c|r ?-d. women s-reimed, horses d.?sii?*d fnrwnrd Everything was excltement butin r'tod order i!ol the heart and < :.e time was within two hundred vnrda of the Rebel cavalry. ?'ol Geary'aconsmand hn? aeon ted 'he country at fir down as Aldle. from which place It returned as far a* Slncktravllle to at U inchrsU r, but the battle there wm decided before It could j?t t further (Mlddlcburt; la i fcmids-tinr po*t borough. of Loudoun county, Virjr'nia, on a *n?*ll affluent of the Potomac, one hundred and forty-three mile* from Richmond. It ii one of he principal towns of the county, and before the pr??ent rebellion hnd an active hade it ha* a population of about ei;;bt hundred, a'ld contains tlire< ehurrli<-s, ati araduny, aewn stores, and one tobacco factory.] i p the tkhmehce. From the T*nn****s Rtvtr F?prdition?Snff Preparing? Lints Approaching ? R'br.l Fortes?ButU Coming Near?Corp* ri'Armre ? Grant to Tale th* Field ? Jlof I Wrather?Military Telegraph (Special Correspondence of Cincinnati Gazette.) Havavkah, Tf.s* , April 1 ?The expedition has areoinpli?hed nothing an y?*t that can be laid before tbe public Beauregard'a advance campa at Corinth are within six mile* of our advance ftfim I * 11 v iii a ? ttu vui ^ LiniiuiUK) a U? ?UC iri^Cl AU \ <1IICCQ campi at Furdy are within Ave miles of ours in front nfCrnmp'a Landing. At Purdv and Bethel tLe rebel* till have only dii outpost of only four or live regiment*, with a mail fores of artillery and cavalry. At Corinth tbry may h*veU?M>00, including tne 10,(KM) without arms Tbev claim 100,000, [and from that on np indefinitely. There seems to be no doubt that they mean to make a stand at of near Corinth. They cannot yield that without yielding their entire line of defends along the northern border of the Gulf States. A portion of Gen Buell's army was on Sunday morning last within a day's march of Havannab. Gen. (Irani Is understood to outrank (ten. Buell, the latter having been confirmed Msj>r General some weeks after Grant. In this case, therefore, Gen. Grant wilt command the whole force. There arc rumo'i. however, that Gen. Halleck will take the field here in person, aa anon as the Island No. 10 agonv ia over, and that there will be four or five corps d'armet organized, l'otom:c army faihion, with the Major Generala Grant, Smith, Wallace, Buell and McClernand aa commandera Take them (the rumon, not the Generala) with a discount. Tha wooden gunboats continue dropping occasional shells Into the rebel batteries at and above Kastport, Mia*. Little Importance la attached to their river defenaes. General Grant la to take tbe field In person at Pittsburg Landing to-day, unlesa the plana should be changed. 1 he weather Is sultry; delightful morninga and evening!, bnt decidedly too hot for northern constitutions at noon. The roada are admirable, and the country toward Corinth la a hi. h upland. about half under cultivation, the rest wooded! through which there are few obstacles to the easy movement of a large army. Some cotton la being brought In from the country, under escort* of our troops, to prevent the rebels from burning It. Peventy-flve bales came In that way yesterday. Briefly, that's all the news that ought to get Into print. I've sent It all by telegraph, but think It as likely as not the dispatches are still floating around In Government steamboats, on their way to Cairo We're having a telegraph built from here to Nashville, across the country, that w'.U be done )>efore long, but it is exclusively for military purpose*. Agate. THE WAR IN THE SOUTHWEST. Letter from New Madrid. (Correspondence of the Cincinnati Gazette J Camp is* ink Fikld, nrar New Madrid, March 23..?Little of stirring interest has occurred here since the date of riv last enlstle from th!? n?int Most of the troop* still occupy their old camping grounds In tbe field* around the town, but generallytwo or ?hrw miles from It The division under Gen Stanley, composing tbe Ohio regiments. la ramped In a beanMftil oak grove, about two miles from the river. Those of Gen. Paine aud Gen Hamilton lie still further to the north and eaxt, while the divisions commanded by Gens. Plummer and Palmer arestatlrncd at different polr.ts on the river bank several miles below the tewn with artillery to cut off the communication between the rebel garrison at Island No. 10 aud tbelr supplies below. Whether they *ucc?ed in doing this effectually Is not quite certain Afttr tne capture and occupation of the forts at tbe place by our troops, the rebels were In the habit of landing tbelr supplies at a point called Merrlwether's Landing, some thirteen miles below this place on tbe opposite side of the river, aud thence transporting them ovarland to t h?> Kliwi n*?i ? vjMtmij ) ucuriai I'lummer. by Gen. Pope's order, planted a battery on the western aide of the river below their usual landing place, and thus pnt a stop to this means of receiving supplies Whether by making a landing at tome point still further down the river, and increasing the length of the land route they will still be able to maintain communication, 1 do not know. The land lying back of Merriwether's Landing is reported to be low and swampy, and at the present stage of water must be mostly overflowed; still, It (s possible thatthe rebels may find some means of making the transit. That our Uatteries constitute a serious impediment to their operations is evident from the persistent attempts which they make to dislodge them. Several times have their gunboats come up from Wow and attempted to shell us out, but they have uniformly been driven away without effecting any serious damage to our troops. Several days ago a transport, loaded with rebel troope, came quietly up the river and attempted to land them just below our battertee. She was suffered to leach the bank without molestation, and a man prang ashore with a rope to make her fast Suddenly a volley of musketry bunt from our rifle pile. The man with the rope threw up his arms, retried, and fell Into the river. The pilot let go the wheel and staggered 'back, and several men were seen te fall among the crowd on her decks The steamer Immediately reversed her engines, and barked rapidly down the river until she disappeared behind the point The attempt has net sfn^e been repeated With regard to tne Morfcnd* St thin point, I twll? v- u may Ix<:M>i4-rrd effectual. Both fo'ts Im'k ti*?<oitgblv >i pUred and strengthened and tee arttllerv ;<u u complete order Tfeey are manned by competent artillerists, and a vlgl l&nt watch is kept day and night. It 1? scarcely p?aalble for any beat r/t tht ret>-ls to put them without being tttba or disabled True, wtth the crESeht stage of water boats are not compelled to follow the main channel, but on Attempting to pa as a battery, can put the entire width or th* river?at this point mote thai 9. mltfe?cfetw&ri themselves and the opposing guna At thla distance, although ordinary wooden boats would have bat little chance of escaping utter destruction, Iron-shielded ones, aa*ome of the rebel gunboata are reported to be. might not be essentially damaged, and even transports, with their boilers and machinery protected by bulwark! of cotton biilea, or tome similar rtiaterlftl, tnlghi poaiibly succeed in making the tranalt. The chance*, however, are decidedly against It. These remarks are appropoa If an attempt on the part of the rebels to rescue their boats and garrison njw at the Island, should "elrcumstances." to use a favorite expression of the!**; render It necessary to svacuate that position. | d? not believe they will run the rlak of attempting to reinforce that garrison from below, as the Islsnd In its present condition, appears to f*reaeat an insurmountable obstacle to the farther advance of our fleet, bit should they be compelled to leave it, 1 believe a atrong effort will be made to bring away at least a portion of their boats and the more portable of the property there. It la supposed there are not less than ten steamers of different kinds between this and the laland?some of them gunboats?besides one or more floating batteries That all these will be gi ven up or destroyed without at leaat an attempt to aave them. 1 do not believe. It la not impossible either that an attempt mav be made to run Mat onr butteries under cover of darkneu, and if undertaken during l cloudy night I am by no mean* rare It might not succeed. In any case, you may be sure that every means possible will be employed to prevent their escape and render as complete as possible the victory of the Union troops at Island No. 10. which in any event can be only a question of time. Tblxaqvb. |VW?COMJMBiA TYPOGRAPHICAL 80ljj|_ C1ETY ?A stated meetinc of the ColumbUTypogaphioal ? oi'tr will be neld THIS (Saturday) KVKNIN' o clock, in the Counoil Chamber, City Hall. If n. 8. BOWEN, Reo. Pep. y*?BT. AL.OYSI lit* CHU??CH.? Paths* ' K Uwlek.s. J., wilt preach at 11 o'clock Mass TO MORROW. It* 7-E=?V. M. CHRISTIAN A8?OCIATION.( w (Jene ai Union Prayer meeting at 7 snd Biblical Le>!n~e at*H o'olo^k THIS (Saturday) the room?. The pnblio cordially invitel. U V^^TIIK KL'NP.RAf. ?5? THK l.?TK Js_3 CAPT" c: K RODIKR Will" tokep&ce from hi* late residence on Bridge it'Mt, 6eorg? town, At 2 o'o cok Th* fnen?s of the (amilr ar? respectful y invitei to attend. It* AS8BMBLV8 (PRESBYTERIAN) CHURCH, CORNER FIFTH AFD I ST&.?Preaohlng TO-MORROW, at 11 o'elook a in.. by K*v. T. H. iMcFall's At?J% o'o.cck p. m , i Rev Slbzbt LSuphnill will discourse on Africa. A huhlf interesting address mar lie expected, a* l,e tins ii^ei^for thelatt twer-ty year* a missionary in that country. Strangers e ways soar,inundated with sea's. I?r. Bnshnell will preach at 3X p. m. in tii^ Fourth Presbyterian Church. It* Yfc* NOTICE.?The antuV meeting of the L5 Washington C't* P o'estant O-than As* lum will be held on TUBS DAT NEXT, Aprils, at 12 o'clock, in the 1 .eoture Room of New York Avenue t;hureh. All interested n. 'he Institution are oordiallv ir?it?d to attend. The olercy of the city are iespcotfnlly re?uf sled to remind their oongrejatiois of this iii^'itig. Hy order of the Hoard : Mi it A. L FRANKLIN, Sec. rv^-LMMEV FA' R AND FESTIVAL.?The Lk_5 ltdiee of the Fourth I'reshyteran Cburoh aunounoe to the publto that the r F*ir and Festi val will beop?n THIS<Sa?urrtiv?) EVENING,and that at the solicitation of their friends thsy have oonelnded to continne it for three afternoons and eveuinih reitwe-k (Mouriay, Tuesday and Wed nerd*v.i At Franklin llail,corner of 9th and I> sts. Fa-ioy Artiolesar.d H ?lreehinen's in rreat variety. Good music each vrninr. Admission inoenU ap S 3t* [Int-I. A R*pnh | MISSIONARY MEETING.-A public IL5 ineetins, in furtherance of Hie efforts under the auspices of the Youuk men's Chustian Association. ?o oairy ihe Gospel to the thousands now (tathcod 111 and arotiud this oity. whose spiritual interes's are not otherwise provided for, will be h?ld in the New York avenue Church fHev Dr. Gur'ey's) TO MORROW (Sabbath! EVENING, atlKo'olook a statementri the nan an?i ot i?ot? o[ the mn?ion will be mads, and addiesees delivered by R?r. C. P. Lyford. the nmnonmi. Rpv. H. W. Road and Rev. Chaplain brown Th* public are cordially invitrd. It BAM .?The regular ri?'Udii of LL-f the National Base Ball Club (for fiela exercise) witl bo held on the Armory ground*.7th ?., on TUKSOAVS and SATURDAYS ofeach week. Members of of her B. B. Clnhsareoordiall* invited. __ap 4 A" A P. WORM aN. Boo. ffm TUB UNION PRAYER MEETIN0 Will Jjj b? holden every day thia week in the LntheranChuroh, (Rev. J. 6. ftutler'i,) at the ooraer of Ulh aad H street*, oommonoins at 4M o'oioek f and continued but one hour. ia Jn TKOR FORTRESS MONROE. HE Schooner Mercv Taylor. Captain Niokerooo. will sail for Poitres* Monroe, if^Qfr suffioient freicht is offered. Inquire oi J . i\. Dnnn ?*. \j\j? ap 5 4 96 Ninth at | ADIES' DRKS8 TRIMMINGS. P Just received an assortment of Spring Trimmings, Gimp*, Frin?e*, Buttons Cord and Tassela. made to order, at MR?. LOW K 8 Trimming Store, 5197 Pa avenue, couth aide, between9?h and 10th ata N. B ?Alao, an aatortment of Military Trimminga on hand, Banners ard Flags made to order. ap 5-eo'w* N HAN US' LIKE. OTICE.TO CONSIGN KE8-the steamer C. C. Alter. Capta n F*nton, from Philadelphia, baa arrived. Cargo^^2E2E? ready lor deliver v. The Alger wi'l receive freight for Philaielphia until noon of Monday,7th inst. IIY UK k. DAVIDSON. Agents. It _ Georgetown, D. C. k' A n A V I M A f O U ~ " " m Ma yob's Ornci. Washington, A mil 4,1861. Dead Animals will immediately be removed and buried on notice being left a' eit'or of the Polio* Stations of the Metropolitan Police. Particularity should b? had in locating (lie carcass to ininre prompt attention. ap6 at K1CHARO WAI.LACH. Mayor. f\RY GOODS FOR "THE FOLKS AT \J HOME."?Officers and others reeding Dry Goods of any kind for the folks at home, arc solicited to inspect our stock, all new, and the priees marked in plain figures, the aotua: cash atandard value All paroela for the interior, properly paoked for forwarding by expreaa or other oonveyacoes, free of charge. PERRY * BRO.. ap 5-?t Pa. ave. ?nd Ninth street. HP NOTICB 1 HE STEAMER *?'HOMA8 COLLYER Will regime her trips to Mount Vernon cn Wednesday, Maroh 9th and will.^^4^^^ run every Wedne?da? and Saturaat^^^^^**> un'il farther notice, leaving her wharf at the foot of 7th street at 10 o'clock a. in. Fare for the reund t ip on board the boa* f 1 50. SAMUEL GEDNEY,Captain. N. B. On the payment of 25 oents visitors will be admitted to th* room which General Washington oocnpied and in which he died The mansion and grounds are closed to viaitoraon Sumlaye. ap 5 iftir* A FULL AND < OMPLETE STOCK OF | Vftnnv inH Attsln Hit Vr filinntl ?* ? ?? ??? adapted tor the spring and inmrntr wants of ffcmi- ] lien and housekeepers. Our northern and eastern correspondent# send ' ua new supplies daily. One price only, the actual cash standard value, marked in plain figures. An inspection of stock sol totted from strancera, residents and sojourners; it will imply no obliga- < tion to purchase. PKRRY A. BRO., < ap S-6t Tenn. avenue and 9th street j 2 mm bushei.n prime bleu oats. , ,UUU Por aale by 1 J. P. BARTHOLOW. , Asnculturai Warehouse, .1.1* Seventh street, below Pa. atenuf. UAHDKN SKKl?v FLOWKR SEEDS.

LAWN 6RA88. PEAS. BEANS, Ao.. Ac., Fresh and Geouire. For sale by J P. BAMTHOLOW. Agricultural WareLouse. Seventh street, below Pa. avenue. tfAKMINtf IMPLEMENTS. PLOWS, HARr ROWS, CULTIVATORS, to.. *e. J. P. BARTHOLOW, Agricultural Warehouse. M i eo.1* 4 At? Seventh street, below Pa. av. J P. BARTHOLOW, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Hardware It Agricultural l?|l?aea(i, *58 7th Strut. Below Pirn Ave., (Oyroute East End Center Market,) WASHINGTON. D. C. My Stock embrace* many article* for Amy ynr posee; aniont whiok are the following: Canal Barrows* Asm, W heel Barrows. Pieks. Trucks?heavy and light,gatohets. Grinds tones. Paws. Grindstone Futures, Piek Han'lies, An*us, , _ , Axe Handle*. H laeksm itlis Tools. H nta? ? ??? , ? nwi?uiiBIIIIIWl Eortable Forgoa, Fork a, ainp tttovae, j'hoyat. Letter Proeaoo, _ , 8??da?. Pufd't ud Burglar Lor Chain*. Proof Wrought iron H?ll?r Chum, FureVud Barglar Proof Trao<s*Chatna, pafea, Swiogletweo, Hora* Powora, Bwh, Fortaba umi, Carry Combo, jWS'/SSi. SSW - - ; m&r W rooght Nvito B*t her Kmvea, Horaeshoe Naili. H? o?lioa. WrnoiiM, rtraojron.Ao. to, w agon Jarts, Oa-rokeo, Rom. i-aue Piowa, Ao., Ao , I Ho> an I btrav Cut-era. PortaMeMilla for 6rind I Corn .-nellera, lag Horte Pood, I Maehmerj ofall kinda, a# 5-00lw | # ~ r FORD'S ATHENKQM. 4 A GREAT Ef EIIT TO-NIOttT! FIRST TIME IN WASHINGTON o? DION BOURCJICAl'LT'S Celebrated Five-Act American Play KT1TLI0 THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, TBD OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON. THE OCTOROON, THE OCTOROON OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA. LIFE IN LOUISIANA. LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOU18IANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LI1 b IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIFE IN LOUISIANA. TKIa ( m ? '* a. uk ia ca ?vi iv-vw?a??v wioimbj ih u sbm. Will* ten bjr Mr. Bourcicault, the moat prolific and the moat successful among the Engllah dramatlata of the day. The title of the new piece la "The Octoroon, or Life In Louisiana." The dramatlat deals with the events and characters of to-dav, and his play touches directly upon the moat delicate phases of the most Important social and political question uow agitated by the people of this country. The dialogue la very terse. Not an unnecessary word is used from the beginning to the end. The characters are clearly and sharply defined, and the author haa caught, in auch tvnr* as Mlas Sunivside. HruriHrr P?t? I / I? ? # --"I - "? Polndcxter, the exact vraistmblanct to American life. The Octoroon and the rascally overseer are Imaginative characters. Persona like thein may or may not have existed. For thereat, In the arrangement of its details the play Is exceedingly life-like, almost photographic lu its exactness. In Its presentation, the greatest care has been exjrclsed. Down to the smallest detail of furniture, the tnnmblt is perfect. THE aOENHHT ENTIREt-Y NEW ! A VIEW OF ?iar> tM iciainnt mil msoiooirrii COTTON FIELDS, CANE-BRARE5, A STEAMER LOADING AT NIGHT, THE TRIAL BY LYNCH LAW, THE STEAMER ON HRB, THE INDIAN'S VENGEANCE, AM9 I I ' 9 v- fc"* ** ; ?mk ?* ? - _ .u_ r. Beeta cu be secured during the day AdtnlMloe 5V aed t| cents. Orchestra nil Wceey, tl, U WANTS. WAN I"ED?To b?* out mi Mt?b!ishM retail GROC1.RV 8IORK, 111 a tn?H ntn%Mor?, No''#ratB ta:ia?. L^a~e ad-'rest to ,4A. R ?Ur ?'<&> . ar ? ?' IVANTfD-A WOMAN tod* otaaho wotk Md hue wMhnc *n?< ixanint A??l? ow Mouday mr tij,r>?.S*foi? u n'olrok.M 10. J a- k?op Baaare. IfH etieet, Pa av. It* A 11SPKCTABI.H YOl'NS WOMAN w?nU mm a ^unvion '< noi. im^ in?vtre tlNo l it I. ?t?wt bMw*f<ii 9 ?i ?n4 j>vh_ ll' Houssk WaNTKU a hip Jam dwelling BUU K.c ? ' " | Mih' or tfn rooaa * &tuafev ??u*re? of m* !?tf I# l*fN tmM'. Ad dteaq, et?tiOB local ion i rtnt, ?o , JAY A Ci'.. Oi 16th aire*t. arS-lw* WANTED A jood COOK,ocewb?ihoroas i'y understands ?h? kiicMt ffoas mm ftp: L* Without *o<hi raoon-irteii.l&iintif. arh at rmRICH J? K *? *? ant, sooth wwi oornir oi llth and Pa. avenue. as *-St A buy wanted, to atMM to a bom Ud | irake hiratelf jfncril t u-?e u! A FARM wagon FOR SALE, northern hmilt, and but !itt # u?ed. Apply to No. 4S Iiorabarton Btreet. 8eor?etow?. ?H ?* WANTKI) (MMKMatkly?a man ?ho tut* had mni' experience In m*kin? an J do cj up latter. mi<1 no oihsr nejJ appiy?33.? IStb ?t, hetwrsa C and U?te. It* Aim young girl wants a situation as nurse or hr>u?e-(irl. Apply at 364 I utreet, between h am> H'h. ap 4 tt* a a.* a M-i-fc i> ? i ^ ?* K auhiuBi u ua* krtui i Of or SB interest ?iil he m^ n in the business. Ap>iy at the eorrer c f Seventh and 0 streeta, opposite ha Patent Offiae. ap i ?' WAN I'KD IMMEDIATELY?A white BIKL about 14 years of axe, to take cure of tvo small children. Apply to Rev 8 M SHl'Tt, coumbtan Coletc. ap ?->>* WBBANTKD-A SITUATION, b? an En*** widow, i with one ohild) m housekeeper for a mechanic, or a plain eook, in ft (ood famiry. Addrets"A. K ."this ottoe. ap 4 ?t* A GOOD COOK Wtahes to hire in some respectable family, a? oook ; wa?e? moderate ; refer* nres given; b? oa ling at No 336, attieorge eilii's Ret tan rant, b:twe:a New York avenue and etreet ap 4 8t* I TO LAWTE|8-WAMtXP-A. SITUATION ?- *?o u\'K71' * ci?r-ior?nT uinsr its i?ir,ia poll* tinn in an tiy ijcoin msnJl jwnnf i(i aid <'f good address: if a uandaoiae and fluent penman, a.n.1 is willing to inike himself lezera'.Ij useful l~fT moderate compensation Ffrrt class reoomm?n lnt'nr.R given. AtfJreat ' F. I.. A Star Uffiae, Wa?hin?l n. D- f\ ap 4 21* \JU ANTKD-A i ?t, mdust'ioos 6IRL to do * tenerai hoaievn k f* r a private German 1amilr. Must cotio we: recommended; note otner need JipplT. 4*T 12th street. n*ar F. ap 1 41* WANTED 1 M JltlHATKL Y?Two good VEST MAKERS lowork ?n cuatom work. Beat priceg raid VANlMtRAN * JOURDAIN. .No. 450 Se?entha re*t, ap 3 3 * C ppo?it? Pa'ent t'ffise. [V]OTIC K.?Three good MILLINERS wasted at 1^1 S HOLLER'S, 3? Market Spao?, tetw??a 7*h and 8th sts. - ?p 3-4t* Y\fANTE 1>?A GIRL to do general housework vv m a p-ivafe farni.r. Mest of reference* required. Ca'l at No. 4 < 1 12th st. mh ?t-fit* WANTED-A respeotat'Ie Fr< teetaiit WOMAN a* seamstress ?tirt chambermaid ; none need app<? withunt eood references-430 1) street, between oth mid t 'b. eg.' City Mali. wih M-tf \%rANTKi?T<? KKIXT-Krotn May 1st. a neatly " lerniak'* HOI SK, ia a oentrai oaatiou, front I" t<> 15 rooms. Address Be* 3 Star Oftoe. mh 31 tf W'ANThi) -1<? a jentloman aod hui wife, a { a> Furnished Be<l Kooniaod Far lor; or a Furnished House, m some i> ***ant looality UJ..V!". ._ *"'?r farther particulars, apr'y to LMIM. Dl'FKK, 3^0 fa. a*. inh 29 WET NURfE WANTED. Ooodvun U. a ruit*:>'e p*ia<?n. Apr ? at .\o. A12 Nm>i ohnftts ftvco?. l et ween 4th ar.1 5th *t?. T2.4** \YrANTLl> T" !ave every <>nekrow that they " * OR" fir* tl ? ^ b* ??o?k of Olothinc, Hat? ana %? (:? ?-*rT .? ? ! t*!? , %t SM ' sire^t, i*low I*'. fe 27-Srii V Km AGENTS WANTEI? TO OPEN V * an ? rfi^e a i?l take the *hoi*Hit a?enoy, in everr tate. loi ?v! 1 <f Lloyd's Great Military Maes, ti*.y our Coininancler-iii Ctnef. The cheapest in*|iK in the w rid. A fortune can be made on tne?e n.rxpc id car i< .-1 Me .{.' '. noopies of one ol ray Hiap? ua?e ?!rea^y lieen eod. A no a inan to so to CaM-?rriia, Koj and and Cm*. Agent* aieo WHntfttl in nr>nnla m r ti in ? _ .. , - - - - ~ urn j vuu * U *U| ? I w lliruk KII oni arrnj. for eiroulars. J. T LLOYD. mb4- tmtjI If?4 Hroa<*w?T. Np? York. WANTfcD inters aw' ."oldiecsto know that lh** c?it. lu? ?'A>jr STOVES an<1 TIN W AH K cH *> of H. J ? K K?? >R Y. Sil Penn. Tenue. 1> M WANTED -KTff? peraon to know that I am in the mai set. rraey to pay oaib for all artiolee in the iiou?eluruicUiLc ime. These learinc U* city.or havn a surplus, w;il do wei. to oai R. BL'C H'.VJ w? St.. hftween G ard H sts , (mstaide,) Dealer in New aid tf*e<>nd hand Faraiture. no H tf WANTKD-We are now huriDt 8KCONDHAND FUH M I URK, S'FO V hi* a no HKD DINS, for which we are t%yiai the hijiieet o**ti r-""--. i <*,>.,l.n:nr housekneaiti*. ? having a aturlna of furniture, will find it to dtoir ad vallate to civ* as a na.ii. ISONTZ A GRIFFITH. te 11-tf No. 36? 7th at.. b?w, I ar.a K iti. *pO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Beire informej that ore or more n-1 vidua!* have with u tiie pa?t lew wee* a endeavored] to present to the oor.i iteration ol ths Uepirttuenta of Government modi a, draw:ox* * " <? <t->soriptions of a Marine CtfMii Batter'ni Kan. and have ropro eiUl that th*j are t i<? inventors of certain lea turea or prinoia^ea of aai?i W ar Inline. Now tnia la Lit tint if* ?h? ??? ' * r?" ?>v* ww mioirpio* entiug, and wn ?m it i? believed areaeting a*rreptit ou?i*, Mid to w\rr. the public senerally. that 1 am t ie orrtimnl mvcntcr 0.1 tkt C?k?vi H*'l. iron, wood and an 1 In-lia ruM>e:-c!ad aud enoased war w>f . provided with hz adjuatible reoiprooating horn or tain device. working through a hollow atueilor F. al anJor. swivel b--ariEgs,connecting wrh a...' working through the ageLcy of the motive pow- r of the vesiel. Furthermore, i ';t deaigi mgto 0 aim the ateain ram at suggested during the Crureau war biMr.J. Naamyr:., nor i..? r.ove: and ingei.iooa torpedo device of Mr Pa?oa: Plant of th:? eity, nor the hatterirg hammer a:iggeate<l a few weeks ainoe at Willaraa' Mow 'hia. ih*ref<>re. ia to notify and warn all I person* aga n*t attempting directiy or indirect'* any iLvaaiomir n fringement of ftny feature of my invents ii. pre arra:iteui?i.ts tuwarda protecting my rights iu a iagal ihauuer beei proceedsd with. up ,y JOHN 8. 8&I.I.AHRB. J? WANTED. SO ENTERPRISING MEN, TO SKLL PATTEVS MILITARY WORKS. Act it* m? can tmi'io #1?* p-cfitper day onthfir etlea in the ca i.p*. No ru??< r??utr*d. A paly tc M E. WILSON. _ap 3 3t* 3'?1 PcnmyWania avenue. NEW ARRIVAL OF BEAUTIFUL STYLES <l' R I N fi C*L OTHIN6, At A#Tosi?HiK?i Low Pkicss. VV hoi? Si! I * ' - - "* * "** * ? .. ..... |UI lip UO (111 At KAR A BRO., aj? 2 In* Corner K and 7'h >tre?t?. 316 "onr^u um: ?|6 COAL OIL. P oR K KEROSKNK LIGHT' At lite Umou Ooti Oil Company l)*pot. S16f>lm/, *>( /? '?* H?f4 ami UfA urui*, ?'?? lltA. If too wat t a pure artiole of Coel Oil. Caiiat tc? tmon Cotl Oil Co., 416 Fft. If jou want to bat.* hi f Hi" amount you pn for cm. But your Lamp* and Coal Ouat 316 F it. If tou bave ethe eai oii or other lam*. Have 11'in a tored to barn .<>al <?i. at '!<> F J*.. If our Oil ia r t pure and unadulterated, and aa Kod as - "prMentad. the money will be returned at 6 F at. It yon wait your Lamp*. Oil, Ao delivered in larce and imsli u*Ti!iti??- ?" _l "" ton can purclai* every artiole of l-am* &hadee, Pat?nt rhin ne>?. Wio?e Ac. at the lo???t N?w York prioea, delivered at jour residence frM oi oharte. A liberal H count to the trade. Country orders punctually atterded to l OLfcV ft. BftO., AinIi. a> 1 *o2* 316 fr tret. SOLDIERS' PAY. BARNDEN'3EXPKE88 WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCE8. ??t ? ?? nRHHn mOWlY OS ALL0TM1KT UlifTI. To their Famili** at any plaoe on tha Iidm of thetr Kxpreaa at a charge of T W ENTY-F1VE CENTS For any na not excaeding Fifty DoMaro. (?5" ) ad a proportional* additional charge far plaoee reached by aonneotlnf Expreaaea Tha remittance, whether in Gold, Treaaary Notes, or Allotment Draft*, ahonld be anoloead >a aa enralopa. and aeearety aaalad, ana havn the full adilreM, inoiading the town, Foot Oloe and State, of the paraon to hem to be neat, and the amount V gihly marked thereon. EnTtlopee for tbia pnrpoae will be farmahed at thi? ofto*. Money reoeiyed to be forwarded at the oftoe in, Waahington, Third atreet, aeooad door below Pennsylvania *v?nm+. a?k?m K. 8 SMITH. AI ant 11HE UNDEKtMQNED Wlahea to infkma hie . fneivda and the pnblio that be baa opaaeda Saw Filing aud R?paiung Shop on the ooraer of Ttb and 8 ?trret?. and r, ? - n?noe id lh? batiooM, th?t he tnfl* b#?3>'*to yt?M* SHSitfM JOBW Ba^lLV. " |g| BOOTS-SHOES7 |g? f^Courai TntaSr. ^? Pt. Av.f ^ w ',55 DK 6hu' Ht>mort il ? v> ??' ??&:<' Fine t-*!f tfooU S0?W>#iUL l AU km-iaot BQOTdftaU BHUM vary ohfT I SLfe'" TLlHUtl iSiit!" 4 PAWKNeEK TRAIN .TO Mt AiSAS Wi* PtrkiraiHT, ) OjU* * /> SfU 4D??tm K**irm4* r 5 [ ITlllM|tM,ifti(), IW, \ I'Btll farther nottre. a pewweger (rata will be run oa Saturday of ea. b wr. fc. from seventh trert and Maft land afrnw t? Manaaaaa, having Weablngton at 9 30 a in . anmn? at Mana-aa* al It in ; r? turning will leave N%aaaaa> at 3 JO p m . arriving at Waabln;;ton at .. p an. l ar* fr ao Waablagtan I* Manama* and return, V!; and from Alexandria to Nui>?m ud rrttirn. K ? P. C. McCALLl M. Military Director m4 ?*up"l Railroads. I'. 3 a? ?-tf |latelti?ea?-rr A Republican] AUCTION J&ALR& By WALL A BAKNARD.AHtloMwti. {nfk Come* Pa. at. amrt 9tk ttpttt. i41O0?RiK8. LIQUORH, SUTLkRS' 1* e?prliif. 4c . At An.tick -On TL'EKDA y MORNiNG. thi fit K> o'o'oefc. we thj Mil at t*e AucUoc Room*, aa eaaortnoBt of OnKffiM, Li*cura, Sat *r> BafPttea, 4o.f DMp i ill narrate Reh: ed.asd Yailiw Furara. Boxm Adamantine and Sterine < anrfi*. H firkin* 6t>?h? Butter, as | Clwr*. Ho*** So?tf. fareb. aad fiokloo, Q <xe? and harreJanJ ttoriiBt and Salmon, 20 barrels Sootch Bott>d Ale aod Porter, Fraila Dataa, Boxee Totaee? and Cigar*. Caeee Whiaky. B-aaar. Ota. aad Coniia,*, Caaoa Madeira, Starry, Claret, and 4er?aa Win#t Casta Bitter* ami ?Jr. CoektaiU Barret* WaiakT. ti f!*rrr.t hracea. Srter* and t ijhtb Bra d*. rala F.oar. n Booti and Shoea, an! ndn BiMwr biuihi, ? Barrela Inkitanda, Comba ud Card*. Rmrea. Folio*. P |fi, F Carta Cincinnati Himi, iune. Shirt* and other rma'I Men. a>I WALL ft HaHNAKP. A??U. By J. C. MoStMBE ft CO., Aaotioneera. VERY DESIRABLE A? O NEARLY NEW f DwelliHa Heusi at Fcbuc Acctior ?On THURSDAY AF i KB NOUN, April loth, at S" o'ciork, un the p-ew ?r? w rball a*ll Lot C, la I n.ii-i * < o ? , u?nj rauviTinuc nj r<f a>?rr nomiFTm j(9. ntnilK t 'roit IS fMt ob north L atieet, Mtv*M 14th itr*M and Verm. r, la venue, iuinio( oaok 10b feot ;tcheatoan alley, improved l> a hudon* and veil hoilt brown front three-stary a'd btMmnt b*ick dwelling hense, eontamiif la fcll eten rocna. The location of ilua+ruperty w believed to be the be?t in the city for a P' lva e reaiderce T?rmi: One third cash; tne re-idne In*, tfand 1? month*, with interact, secured by a dead o| t. vat oa the premises An c?r.rejat.c:ni at the ooat cf the parch***'. ap5 d J. C. MfGt'IR K A C<> . A Botany GKEEN & WILLIAMS. Auct oarers 8 HOUSES AND LOTS ON NINTH ST. AT Arcrio*On THl'RSDA Y.the loth iratant. we shall aell. m front of the armniMw, at 5 o'clock p. it.. Lot No. lo and part of I ot Me. It, in Crittecden's aubliviaion of fauare .No. 3U, with ihe improvements, which are two brick ai.d one frame hosaea ooctainu.f six rarms each This property fronts 9th atreet weal, between O and f atreeu north. Termscaah apl-6t ttRKEN fc WILLIAMS. Aucta. BY VIRTUE OF AWR1T OF Fl fc'Rl FACIAS. iaaned by Henry Reaver, one of the jaattoee of the peace in and jnr the oo?rty of \\ aaliington, at theaoitof Kdward Cammack. mcaunt the go/His. chattel a, lands and tereuieuU <?' Joa*ph Bouoher. and to me directed. I have levied bp all H e ri|bt, t tie, claim, interest an.) rnate ol ih-re d Joseph Boucher to and into part of L?ot No. 21, frontiac 21 feet on the south aide cf I'roepeot sUeei. and run nine back IJ" feet deep: and t hereby give notice that on the i?th day of April, 'm. at 3 o'c>ock m the afternoon, in front of ?aH promisee, I will offer t ? - tL. -J A ? I ? _ ? * miBiriiirwin pvi<i| 1><>I f*C> 41 U) I n? Rig AMI bidder for ouh. ayS-M* R. H. TRrNNKLt,. ConataHe. BALL^rTABTfE^ric! TUb MNTH URANP HALL of tb? M WESTERN BOSK CO , No. 1. ? will take pia?e?* FHANKLl* HULL. HI a?3 3f Aran. 2'jtb. i?k2 ArriRNooN KNTKRTAI>MKNT H?e LA1M Kt* AND OHIl.l>KElV-Prof. JA BARNK.J* wil1 lire \ i<?vr l>*r?,uf 9cho?! fll KxkihiUoE ai)r Soiree m r'r-iperftn'e He Ri'reet, T.h.o* II K8l>A V AI i I K SB OON, April *th. fr ni 3 to 6,'-* o'clock where oan b? ?e?n an improve.1 ?t?!e of Ktit.i' ridh'e H?nee? Af .er the exhibition the andieaoe ?i I he invite' Ia BArtiAiaala in a f^ai fa?h?*?kl* A.^ A M miMion 2<To*Dt? ; ch:*lcr?a lOoenta , fanrr.'y ticket* ywiti 4t* BOARDING. FTrSTCI.AS" BOARIilNttHOUMK, NortiT ?ra fanjr*.? 44* 13th ?tre?4. 6 an<1 H Ta'.la bcatj .*4 * ; with rooms < to ?. tru.m^nt per d.y. ap 4-St* |IOiitD-Tv? >?rk* Front Room, Firankol O each. iuitat'le tor ter. leir.f, ac<i lad*, or : w> rontlerran Pleasantly ntuttM a: '?fM? t Eetwrtm td and *4. Terau moderate- ah g tt* EDUCATIONAL. MISS E. W. WRIGHT tiaa oprnto A SCHOOL FOR Vol N(i LADIL8 at No. 401 SivawTB ?mn. And reipectlu )y atki public patronage. mh ?-?w PLAIN HELD ACADKMV. Ni4S CaftLiRLi. fa. Tb*32d (riiiosO' tsrki' oommcnoM Mar Stii. Term* R70 per HtKina. at Star Offio# To fill a few t?o*!>oim tddroM R K. BIRN?, M Miwo f lunieM. Cum t'o-.P*. GEORGETOWN APVERTM78 S8. RANKIN * CO.. WHOLKt&LI WINE, LIQUOR. AND CHEAP BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT. 4?, 'fATUmCoiMUM tT&KKT*. *e0hukt0wk, d c. M 1 M* g vciSKiN em v e s: Ramibnri & Ebert, 104 H??h tiKOHVKTOWfl. D. P. Whe only minuf&otarerc of Genuine BUCKSKIN g.LOVEB, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, M4 MITTENS in the I??tnot. <>ffic*r?' G*or.t-ets mv ?o order. Bnokafctn Dr#w?n *n<1 Bhtrta. ja M \fA88EY, COLLINS * CO.*S iri PHILADKLFHIA VRA VBHT ALB. We h*T*jaat r?W& aappiy ' th??I?OT? Ai?. I wfcioh we reoomaiend to be or ? ?wj enperior tty. rersoct viahinx to parqkwe. by citkiag inneditM i^Un, c?s befarmelied. AKNV A 5?HINN, ? * C?v>rt?tOV?. pOR THIl MOUTH OF YELLOWSTONE FORT L?NTON/M^8SOUR1 RIVER. !> EMILIE, J, R I tBuet. Mutfr. will Imt? on or ft bent the ttth <>( i\ ' k i April To p*raon? deeiroueof to Oregon |M the Territory waamn?u>iu mi* ia the moat Jmta! le roatt.*a>ticularh to Waahiaytnn territory. I,avinf from Fort Baatoaoaly 19* WlMof land travel, ww % iood road, to the must deair*h e part of Um Tarnwry. la connection wltii the Einilie will ba a vary liXDt draoxht aid* wba*l itHmw, which will laara heraaboai tha*>th.daaiia#d to raa fm? the YaJ! lowatoi ? to tha Fall* of Miaaoun. Far fretibt or paaaace ayjly on board. mb V-3w The subscribers being in receipt of a a*py!y of lataat faahtonabla Sfrtai ** Booda. tha* raapaotfuily aouoit a oal* anc>H the oontinuad fa?ora of toei.* patron* and Km the anbiie fenera!7. I hay alao raaoaat aM?ial attaatioa of thair"^^* arm* aad aary c a atom era to thatr a??p4y of coada in that Una. ooaaiatiac of Sworda, Beita, fhoaider Straya, Epaalattaa, Bold Laoe*. Cam. ?'hap*a?i?, to. F. J. HEIBKRGKR A CO.. gacaa?ora to It p. Umnoii A Co., CiMsao and Military Tailoia. yaraoni indebted to tha lata firm of Laadon A Co , or thair ittttn'i, artantntlr . __ Saooeaaora to H F. 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