Newspaper of Evening Star, April 7, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 7, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. A*T?I*IHT? T-> N14 ,f. Fcio> Ar?E!fit* ?To-alsbt romm'iifM the I - ? - I mymmtmm W1M vn? rVmMIBUOn Ot Prim* of nemi trk( Mr. Forrtat tit felt i prwl Me of Prince Ham!?l. H?!a announcement wi'i III the ho :?e, ne d9obt. I ^'i?? A?ni'' Hi1? ? 'Artetnua Waril," otherwise Charles P. Browne, , wbow Inimitable tkfi< hr? have made his nnr familiar aa a bea?e> held word throughout our country, will deliver, this evening, hit celebrated lecture with the title of "The Children la tie Wood* " It Is highly up >ken of by the paper* of the northern cities odp FblLOwb' Hall.?Kunkel'i celebrated Nightingale OpertTtoope to-slght. In a hew bill of sonjrs, dance* and burlesques,. <\}*playlng UJ k Wantage the beat points !n fbe performances of .iunkel, Floyd, Lehr, (Bone*,) Seymour, Ac. Cantbbbvbt Hall ?Return of the old favorite, MIm Emma Miles, also of Talbott. To-night, for the first time, the original, unapproachable, and comical force, called "Oh! Hush, or the Vlrginla Cupid." Miaa Mortimer, Miss Fowler, and all the other Misses. Look out for fun this evening. Fbakilih Hall, (Corner Ninth and D streets.) The ladtea of the Fourth Presbyterian Church continue their Fair this week, and all who have not heretofore attended should do so now. Good music everv evening, and a great variety of fency articles and refreshment*. Ci abet lion Concebt Hall?S^uslc gratis every Wenlng, and capital reffresBmentt. Distbcctive Fiat This Moemns?Supposed incendiabism ?l.oss estimated at $150,000 ? Scenss and Incidents.?This morning between i and 5 o'clock, the store of Wm. Tucker, which was situated In one of the large new four story Iron front buildings on Pennsylvania avenue, south side, eastward of Seventh street, was discovered to be on fire. The time at which the Are was discovered, and the fact that It originated In the lower part of the building, leaves no doubt that It was the .result of an act of lncen- , <H arisen . The lire made rapid progress, and Mr Tucker , wu unable to remove any of his stock, add It ( was entirely destroyed. The building was own^d by Mr. Fltxhugh Covle The adlolnlnz iron front building on the west. owned and occupied by Mr. Egan as a dry gooda tore, was next destroyed, as the wind blew strongly from the northeast, bat the most of Mr. Egan's stock waa removed before the fire reached the building. i These buildings are worth 8*JO,UOO each, probably, and are totally destroyed, none of the walls being left atandlng. The east wail and heavy Iron cornice fell upon thethree-storvbullding belonging to Mrs.Hugbea, i and occupied oy Mr. Jesae H. W llson as a grocery store, crashing It to theground and destroying the whole stock. The building was probably worth *40,000 and the stock from SIS,000 to ; MMk The south and west walla of the iron-front , buildings fell with a tremendous crash, bearing I J .* m m .. _? S ii ' ? aown me rooroi toe mree-sxory Du.?aing on me east owned by Mrs. Greves and occupied by E. H. k 11 1. Gregory as a stove manufactory and 1 store-bouse, and damaging more or leas the following building* on Seventh street, v!i: the Planter's Hotel, owned bv Mra. Greves and occupied byMr Kobey; the adjoining two-story build- , Ing, known as Huhn'a restaurant; the three-story brick house, kaown as the Norwood House,which belongs to Mr Woolford Stone; and the two- j titory brick building, No. 5o?. which belonga to the estate of Joshua Gibson, deceased. la consequence of the breaking down of the walls of the above named houses, they were all more or leas injured by fire. The stove and tin warehouse of the Messrs. Gregory will require almost an entire reconstruction The large warehouae on the corner of Seventh street and the avenue, owned and occupied by Mr. Samuel Bacon, was in great danger for several hours, but esc sped with but little damage. Mr. Bacon'* atock wu nearly all remotfd. It waa insured for S15,(XO?ft,000 of which Is In the Mutual rompanv of this city. The firemen exerted themselves nobly, and were greatly assisted In their labors by the soldiers of various regiments, who were on the ground The a took of the varloua stores as It waa removed to tbe street waa guarded by the Metropolitan Police and tbe Provost Guard. BThe agricultural warehouse of J P Bartholow - - with but alight damage. Water was abundant, but the firemen could not use the full supply for want of bose. At tbe corner of I) and seventh streets there Is located one of tbe powerful four-way plugs; at thecome* of C and Sixth streeta another, and for lack of hose but one connection could be made at each of thrs?. Hose connections were made with tbe small Dluzs at Sixth. Seventh, and Eighth mm . one connection being made by tying tbe bote to the plug With a sufficient quantity of good bo**, and the co-operation extended by tbe Motroroll tan Hook ana Ladder Company tbls mornig, tbe famea might have been checked ere they extended beyond the building In which they , originated. The firemen were conalderably abuaed by a number of strangers in tbe City, who contented themaelTea with looking on and grumbling at the management, without lending a helping hand. They worked well, and the only mil management we noticed waa tbe wasting of water from aomc of tbe hoae on tbe dead walla, when It might have been better employed la extinguishing the flamea. A rough estimate of tbe loaa la about aa follow*: Mr Coyle'a building, 820,000;Mr. Tucker'a atock In tbe aame, Mid to oe worth about 9*7,000; Mr. Egan'abuilding, #20,000, with but a small loaa of tbe atock; Mra. Hughea' building, probably 910,WO; Mr. J B Wllaon'aatock, from SIS,000to 2l),OUO; Mra Grevea' property on Seventh atreet and the Avenue, damaged to the extent of 810,000 probably; (the Meaara Gregory'a loaa not aacertalned;) tbe Norwood Iloaae, Hubn't reataurant, and the hoaaa No. .15h. BIO MM) tn a>Xi mmi th. io?s and destruction of stock not Included In tbe above, will probably iwell the aggregate to f150,000 68 Mr. Bacon'a stock waa iaaured for S1S.OOO, four tbounnd of wblcb was In tbe Mutual Company of thla city, and tbe house No 550 owned by tbe widow of Joabna Gibson, 1* Insured In tbe a*me company for an amount sulttclent to cover tbe Ions. Mr Coyle Is said to be Insured for f*,000, Ave thousand of wblcb Is In tbe Franklin Company of this city and Mr. Egan for S10,000 one bnli of which is in the same company. Mr. Tucker Is Insured for S25.000. Mr Huhn has an Insurance of fr50 In the Fireman's Conrpauvot this city. (Is)rAMocs Washikstonians hi Richmond. Since tbe establishment of martial law In Mich mona toe suinoriues nave arrestea au person* who have no visible means of support A copy of the Richmond Examiner chanced to fall Into our possession a day or two since, containing ? long verbatim report of the arrest and trial of Martin Latrulte, of Washington City, under the eeaeral heading of vagrancy Latrulte was m former employee of tbe Senate, and was known, a* stated In the evidence In the Richmond paper, here, to be "by reputation, a gentleman." Several gentlemen (?) testified that Lttruite was true to tbe rebel government, and had been instrumental in the arrest of several Union men la Richmond, among them Mr. Williams, a lawyer ft this city. Washington Goodrich, an employee la ths rebel treasury oMce, and s well known Waahingtoalan, testified that he wss a gentleman and an associate of Latrulte Robt. Ould, formerly United States District Attorney here, but now Assistant Secretary of War for the reb ela. utated that te bad got employment for Latrulte, and that be bad alao rendered valuable service la setting tbe family of a late U. 8. Senator to Richmond. He therefore hoped for bis diacharge. Tbe report goes oa at length, and la very iplcy, the mayor determining to punl?n Latrulte for being a gamaler, and insisting that be should be In the rebel srmy,ss he was a Urge healthy looking man. Evidence was then brought forth to ahow that tight boota had mined his feet, ana however patriotically disposed he might be, he could not on thla account enlist A long scene here followed, and at last LAtrulte was let of, the mayor Lak!tiff ??**?? to Male that tha ?iMi? tne officer* who patronised them (than prr*ent,) would io future reealve .no mercy at |hi* band*. Thua end* an eptaode In tboee migratory and dlaI jyal Waahtugioolaaa who left here In the day* when treason waa danger* hm ? ChromeU. Fr.iiiiL or an Orficim.?The funeral of Capt Charlea H. Rodler, from hta late residence on Bridge atreeC, Georgetown, yesterday afternoon. waa attended by detachment* from tb# several companies of the First Dlatrlct Regiment, all In command of Capt. Coleman; bv moat ef the oflcere of that regiment; by the original member* of the Andsrson RiKcs, formerly commanded by the .deceaaed, and by a j great number of hto relative*, friend*, and fellow townsmen. The military were preceded by a Am ' band The body waa taken to Trinity (Catholic) 1 church, which wa* crowded with the friends of the deceaaed oAcer. After the lmprasslva aervice of the church, the body waa conveyed to , the vault of Richard PettU, E*q , where It was deposited. ? Riopbhim or tbb Waa?iseTos Tuitu.Bv tbe advertisement elaewhere, It will be mm 4 t&at tbe Washington Theater, Eleventh at., la to be reopened (Mr Gee Kaakel, Iwaea,) with tbe , eempaay ot tbe Proat-et. Thea'-er, Baltimore, and , Ml? Bateaaa aa a bright particular atar. \ Fiui* TuCatiiTT?Tbe hooea aad barn of 1 Mr Albert Lodge, about two and a-half mllea abo*? Tenaallytowa, took Are on Wednesday Uet u4 waa totally cooauroed It In eappoeed to i haeebeeatbe work efaelaeeedlarr. i . *A?^o*aT?*? of tbe lat Dlatriet l?f aeat '""'"' il from Biadeoab.irg to BelU!.-wia Kod>r. brotLer to CapL 1 l tea H KoU.-r, deeded. Una Uren promoted to I ^(.taJncy, aod command* company I. l Trtaftttt Jaci A???Richmond has evidently fallen belt to our (Washington's) quondam treasure, the nfTfer to-be-forgotfen "Derh Jack. Ass." (Pemocfatlc Jackson Association) to fhmous In I an* east lot Ul? tiumKit lilies afforded our fel low-cltl seas. Their ae&tfaioB ptocllv!tle< ?> v?' of Its "rtproararlous" and carried quite uw..... -* - -tbebo"rantankarnus" members off ttDiiicu. ? ginning of otit national trouble*?mort at whom ire now jatnftp against their cotjntnr, of ooufse The Tvaib'.ngtcn nubile have hea'd lfttla o? ootbing of them atnee they raa awsy froito this qusr ter. But thev are at length beginning to be heard?getting their hrads above water again. Thna, slate number of the Richmond Examiner contains an account of the arrest and trial of trapping Martin Latrulte, late tbe driver of tbe U 9. Senate tnail cart b?re, under the r vagrant act designed to force all sympathisers #lth the leteth eaus^ who have cayne among tbem from loyal Quarters, Into tne ranks of thelFarrhfr. Bob Ould.late U S. District Attorney of this District, now Jeff. Davis's Assistant Secretary of War, was strapping Martin's prlnclpa1 witness; swearing that be was always regarded as a gentleman, here. That Is, we presume, a gentleman after the States How and National Volunteer school. Somebody else swore that strapping Marlln couldn't do mll> llsry duty, because wearing tight boots had dls bled his feet! He got off by tbe skin of his teeth, however; and thereupon the Examiner reads all loafers and pimps around the gambling hells of Richmond s lecture, as well as officers, civil and military,who go forward to swear tbem clear of punishment under the provisions of their vagrant act. The redoubtable Daniel, too?Dan RatcMffe?at lfcngth lift# his diminished head above water there. From tbe date of his abscjuatulatlon from Washington to this time this community have been In bll?sful Ignorance concerning his "whereabouts " It appeared as though secession had strangely dlveiled him of hit well known remarkable faculty of "keeping hi mac if before the pubBat he turns up at length In Richmond, ''presiding," of course : in this Instance at a meeting of ladies to raise money to build a gunboat for the defense of that city. How subdued the redoubtable Dan has become, under the vicissitudes of the times, may be gathered from the fact that in the course of the whole evening's proceedings on that occasion, he actually made but one speech from the chair! AaaisT or Two County Constables bt thk Militabt ?Last Saturday, a gentleman from Montgomery county, Md , came to this city looking nn hta >?rvnnt- and crntncr tn the ramn of the 7th New York Cavalry, wu told by one of the men that his servant was there, and If he would end officers out he would point the fugitive out to him. He came to the city, and finding Messrs. Wise and Kimball, induced them to go to the camp, by assuring them that they would have no difficulty. These officers went out to tbe camp, and ihe soldier pointed out tbe alleged slave. Tbe officers took him with the Intention of carrying him before a Justice of the peace, that the claimant might prove and recover his property, and If unable to ao so, the prisoner, as is the custom, would be released. The colored man cried for help and declared his freedom. A number of soldiers around rushed upon the officers, Wise' and Kimball, and took tbem prisoners, and released the negro. Tbe soldiers, who are said to be awaiting payment to be disbanded, appeared to b? under no control whatever by their officers. Messrs. Kimball and Wise claimed protection of Col. Childs, of the 4th Pennsylvania regiment, to whose quarters they were taken. Col. Childs accordingly sent them to the city under a fuard. and they were taken before the Provost larsbal, and, as Is customary in all such cases, were sent to the military prison at the ccntral guardhouse to await a bearing. Tai Sliver in Prince Georges' County, Md. The slaves of Prince Georges' county, we hear, are running away In nutnbera. Moat of them make their way to thlscltv, having got the Idea that they will be free here. Partlea of from flve to flfly soma times start together, and separate themselves In saall squads juat before reaching the Eastern Branch bridge, in order to avoid susfdclon on crossing We are Informed thai weeky from one to two hundred cross this bridge and get In among their frieuds In the city. A day or two since a family conalstlng of flve, two of whom were children, who had walked some twenty miles, were stopped at the bridge The owner* of slaves In Prince George'a aay that It la almost useless to bother with them, that they are a source of continual trouble, having to be watched at all times. Several Instances have occurred where the owners have overtaken on the road a party of their slaves making their way up, and have contented themselves ny picking out the most valuable ones, and allowing the others to go. Others let the fugitives ''slide" unmolested. glTing themselves no uneasiness, expressing the belief that they will wish themselves back again. , Police ?The Third Ward patrolmen reported the following^ cases Saturday James Coomer, contempt of a'maglstrate; jail for twenty hours mary onrnny, proianuv; aumiMfa rttomil I>onelson, driving a vehicle over a child; do ?by Justice Clayton. Wm. Brown and John Holmts. drunk; turned over to the military. Sarah Johnton, indecent language; fined Si.91. Henrietta Henoon, disorderly conduct; do.?by Justice Thompson. The Fourth Ward patrol reported : Catharine Farrell, assault and battery; dismissed. Mary King, do.; do. John Long, for threats In two cases, gave security for peace; for being drunk and disorderly he was fined S2 56 Llddy Putnam, for profanity and for larceny, gave security for farther hearing. Sicosd Wakd Station Caset?BtJort Juttic* Clark?Sunday?Edward Brown, assault and battery; security for hearing. Frank Bell, fast driving; 95 94 R Edmonson, Adam Barber, Frank Bell, disorderly; S"-' 94. Wm Pumgerkill, drunk; SI 94 Lodon K liner. do.: workhouse 60 days. Jas. Morgan, drunk ana disorderly: fU 94. E Ridgeway and F. Elmar, disorderly conduct; SI 94. T. B Wilson, drunk; S2.94 John Moulton, disorderly; SI 91. Mnjor Lewis, aanult, turned over to the military. Jno. Doll, drank; do. Mra. Margaret Taylor, keeping a disorderly house; workhouse 60 days Annie Csrrol, Mary Jane Davis, snd Delia Traill*, women foand In the bouse; workhouse 00 days daya each. Robert Dorsey, BenJ. Eaton, John May, Wm Keefer, S. 61admon, Chas. Conlghan, do ; tl 04 each. The Cbikinai. Cop?t.?In the case of W. W. Blennerhasset, charged with an assault on Lewis Carusl, the Jury wa* unable ?n agree, and the case goes over to the next term of the court. John Ryan, for setting fire to a dwelling bouse near Tenallytown, was sentenced to the penltenttary for two years John Woodcock, convicted of larceny,was sentenced for the same period to the penitentiary. Several other trifling penalties, for minor offen-" set, were announced by Judge Ounlop ; and the Court thereupon adjourned uotll the next court In course,which Is the third Monday in June next. The term Just closed continued about four weeks, and about one hundred cases were dipposed ef. Bvinkd.?The spacious and comfortable realdeoee of lira George M. Chichester, In Leesburg, Va , was entirely consumed ou Wednesday, the 12th of March. Having been occupied by a portion of Colonel Geary'a command, toe Are la supposed to have been Ignited from a stove placed In the attic by the soldier?, and having a quantity of straw provided for lodging around It. An nour after tnelr evacuation of the building the flames were seen to issue from the roof with auch vigor that the utmost efforts of the cltliena and aotdiers were unavailing to preserve It, although occurring at noonday. Madams Anna Bishop'* Concket.?This music*! event will take place at Willard'a Hall on Wednesday evening next. The aale of tlcketa baa been commenced at Ellis' music store, and from present appearances there will be an audience worthy the fame of the world-renowned cantaUlce. She will be assisted by the young and talented baritone, Mr. Edward Seguin, son of tbe great basso, and leader of the once celebrated Seguia Engllah Opera Troupe. Aaai vbd at Carter'a wharf, (foot of 13# street,) schooners Osceola, Wbeatley, Baltimore, lumber to J T. Walker and Mr. Lenman; Maggie Bell, Sllkey, Camden, Me., with hay, plaster, and potatoes, not consigned; M. E. Hern. James, Baltimore, 81,000 feet of lumber for Wm. McLean: Tropic, Banks, Salisbury, Md., 81,000 fset of lumber for Sam'l Norroent; Ionic, English, Phil* adelphia, coal to C. M. Keys; J. C. Henry, Hern, same pirt, coal for Geo. Bogus. Riliciods.?The services at St. Dominic's, yesterday, were unusually attractive. The church, at the 10X Mam was well fllled. Father Boyle preached a most eloquent discourse on the Gospel of the day. This disburse, Judging from the strict attention of his audience, had a good effect. The music of the Mass was well rendered by the CBOiraMpvnwiwv ??ui* runer sicuma presided at Vespers and Be edict!on. Cintbal Guabdiocss Casbs? B*f?rt Juttic* Thompson?Sunday ?John Roach, larceny; jail for court Beth Lunaford, drunk; lined Stf 94. Wna Saphn, disorderly; fined 91 M. John rbonpooB, overcharging hack ratea; di sin I Med. rboa. Jocea, drank; Ined 91 M. Ann O'Brien, Ironk; lnd tl-M Fovktb Wakd Station Casis?Bt/f Jut?tcs Wmlttr ?Sunday?John McLrar, drunk; dtsp Is sod. Sarah Brown, drank ana disorderly; io. ?. Mordy, larcaay; do. David Cur ia. drunk; lo. J oka Mayea, drank and dlaorderly; do. J. Uaron, aletplng la wagon; do. Attbntioh la called to lb* advertisement of Mr. Tuaker In another column offering a largo reward for the detection of the persona who sat Ire U> hla store thla morning. Robbkbt ?Saturday night, Wm. Penn Gaa*111, of Philadelphia, was knocked down and obbed of a gold watch and a small sum of boo* ley on E, near Fourteenth street It YQV wish to eat in excellent pie, call at Dayton's Bakery, No 458 Eleventh street, between 0 and H, and ask foe a rWr*?"* or "?** >PP,? <>r lumnn nlk 10 U / am.tM ap 7 ?lw - '? f?V. ?V? p [Hw AAliVAt ?I Juve Joat reeved, fcitftl' fnl assortment rf Cletblng All kinds And styles of spring cassicnere suits, *hlfcs will be old very '"** Call and examine the s*ock at Pffl 9*4 Pt ? . . - ^enth and EirTenth street* - 2 *"Arfla it Possi&lt tfaat <nf Soldier can be so foollata aa to leave the City without a (apply of Holloway's Ointment and Pills ? Whoever does ae will regret It. These medicines are the only certain cure for Bowel Complaint*, Pavers, Ho ret, and Scurvy. Only 25 centa per Box or Pot. 223. 0*. J H Schehci's next visit fo Washington la on Friday, April iith, at 444 9th st. ap ft-5t* If Mimcirb is hbcbssaet, c?i Ba*ndiitti '? Pills.?They are aa pieaaant as a tmly effective medicine can be It la true you may take purgatives wblch will operate without pain, because they take the balsamic parts from the blood, which la worae tban being bled, worse than having the vital fluid extracted. Beware of them. Brandreth'a Pllla only take hold of those matters which the body, when alck, wants to evacuate. They are tolely an assistant of nature ?nothing more, nothing less. They do not force, they merely assist; and herein is their great value. The man is twice blessed who Is so fortunate as to be acqaatnted with thia good and almost perfect gift to man, because be has to a great extent his body insured In health by their occasional uae. Principal offlce, 294 Canal street, New York. Bpjd by all.the druggists, and at the .Branch Offlre, corner Ninth and E atreeta, Washington, D. C. P. S ?Sutlers supplied by the dozen. apolw Dr. Whiti, the Chiropodist, Is a wonderful operator. His method of treating corns, bunlona, bad nalla, etc., Is perfection itself. Suner no longer from those terrible evlls.but submit their treatment to the science and skill of Dr. White, at 426 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4 X and 6th ?u. # Drake's Plantation Bittiii. 8. T. 1080 X. It Invigorates, strengthens and purifies tbe system, Is a perfect appetizer, and the most agreeable and effectual tonic In the world. It lscomposed of tbe celebrated Callssya Bark, Roots, Herbs and pure St Croix Rum; particularly adapted to delicate femalev cures Dyspepsia and Weakness, and Is just the tnlng for the changes of seasons. Sold by all Grocers, Druggists, Hotels and Saloons. P R. Drakk 4 Co., ap I eo3m? 202 Broadway, New York. Cristadoko's Excklsior Dte Is unrivaled In the world. No other Dye has been analyzed. No olher Dye produce* such faultless colors. No other Dye can be applied so fopldly. No other Dye is so lasting In Its effects. No other Dye improves the texture of the hair. It has been Anuljxtd by Dr. Chilton, nt f - a A _ a I n a tir .a._ n_..J ? # v.... X* i,nemisi 10 in? ^roiou >y aier uuaru ui ,itw iuri, and certified by him to be as harmless as Crotou Water. His certificate may be seen at the establishment of the proprietor. Manufactured by J. Chri^tapcrc, 0 Aator House, New York. Sold everywhere, and applied by all Hair Dresser*. Price ft, tl 30, and $3 per bo*, according trt slie. No. a. CRlSTADORO'g HaIR PR Es ERVATIVE, Is Invaluable with his Dye, as It imparts the utmost softness, the most beautiful gloss, and great vitality to the hair. Price 50 ccnts, Hi, aud Si per bottle, according to sise. ap 2-eolm Limr Limk!! Lime "!?The subscriber has on hand one thousand barrels of the best wood-burnt Lime, which can only be bad at his lime kilns, he having dissolved all connection with any other place or establishment for the sale of Lime, Cement, ice., and which will be sold at $1.1*2 per barrel. (mar 29-tf] Wm. H Oodbt. The Indian Herb Doctor, From Canada. bx wise before it IS too late. Call without delay, and see Dr. Tcmblrit, the Indian Herb Doctor By so doing vou will cscape the Iron grasp of mercury and other bane ful pillion*. Nay, more, you will become once more in possession of that greatest of all earthly teleaalngB?Health. I desire your prostrate hearts to lift, Your bleeding wound* to cure, And with the treasure of Nature's gift, Relieve the rich and poor. Tic following 1* a list of the chronic complaints which are treated by Dr. Tumblety with unjaralleled success: IM sea hps of the Lungs, Heart, Liver and Throat; Dropsy, Dyspepsts, Fits,St.Vitus'* Dance. RheuTiatlsm, Diseases of the Kidney and Bladder, and <ill Diseases arising from Impurity of the Blood, uch as Scrofula or KlngJ* Evil, Eryslpelaa, St. Anthony's Fire, Cancer, rever Sore*, of however long standing. Also, all other complicated chronic complaint* which have baffled the science and skill of calomel doctors. "A good tree is known by It* good fruits," and a good physician by hi* successful works. So don't be cast down, be you ever *o ill, But go and partake of hi* superior skill, That never has failed, there are hundred* can tell, Who ate brought from death'* door, now happy and well. Hla charges are moderate. Mild treatment and good Will soon purify the whole mats of your blood; Malignant dlsess<* be soon shall put down. There are thousands could tell now who lives In this town. The Indian Herb D*ctor will describe diseasei and tell his patients the nature of their complaints sr illness, without receiving any information from them. No charge for consultation Office, No. 11 Washington Building, Pennsylvania avenue, corner 7th street. mar 21 lm India Rcbbis Goods. India rubber Sheets for protecting children'i beds, that no fomlly should be without; 75 oenti each. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, f 1.24 each. Rubber Ponehea and Blankets combined, 92.5C each. India Rubber Conta. white or black, S3.50each. India Rubber Leegins SI per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods, Including Rubber Hoota and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mata, Under Sheetings for bedatln alcknesa, Ac . 4c , at manufacturerprices, H. A. Hail's India Rubber Warehouse, 3U8 Pa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth streets. feb 1-tf All persons can find the best stock of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Hata and Cape, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, dear F. fe '27-3 m NAKKIKD. On the 16th of January, by the Rev Father Mo GratH. THOMAS LYLEo to MAKY tiURl-L all of this city. * On Sunday evening Last, rr the Rev. Father Boyle, FRANCIS M, JARBOfc to MARCELEA QUEEN, all of this oity. January 89th, by the Rev. Dr. Ryan.GEORGE GORDON, Esq , to Miaa M A. EM RICH, boili of thia oity. On the lat instant, at the MeKendree parsonage, by the Rev. Mr. Ryan, EDWARD BACON to DELILAH LYLES: On the 1st inatanUby the Rev. William Hirst, Mr. CHARLES SMITH to Miaa KATE CLEMENTS, all of Georgetown. D. C. niriL I ? At 1 o'olook a. a. this morning, JOSEPH S. C!<AKK. ia the ?4th year ot hi? m?. Hit fnenda ana ao*aalnt&Goe are re?peotfnlly invited to attend hi* lonerai fiora Mr?. Fitzger aid's, 4T6 Pa. av, at 10 o'olook to morrow. In this oily, suddenly, on the 5th instant, of typhoid fever, Captain lUCIAN 8. PAGF, of the steaner James Gay, aged ST years and 6 months. He lea*ee a wife and nino cnildren to monra th?ir lost. In this oity,-on 8anday, the 4th instant, in the 87th year of her ace.Mrs. ANN ELGAR, relict of the late Joseph Klcar. The funtral villtake p ace from the residence ot her son in lav, Chas. E. Sherman, No. 4 IS 3d st, on Tuesday (to marrow) at 4 o'olook p. m. A NEW POUR HORSE STEAM ENGINE x\ and Boiler for sale, made of themoet imprqywi pattern. For partioulare inquire of JOHN MoC LELLAND, Maohinist, corner of Louisiana avenueandioth st. a?4 at* (^fcNERALS AN D FIELD OFFICERS HIGHLY TKAIlfylf^ZHOMOUQH BRED JIVIIO?Sf m*T applj ft 408 BixtMnth lUMt, betvatn 1 and K duly, from to 10 a. ro or 3 to p. m. a? 4-31* BU T T K ft ! B 0 T T E ft : 3JM poinds Ooahra Batter, s sn: ?5SET|i'ssa?.toariENTLKMBN'S &P&1N0 CLOTHING.? Vl W? bare jnit r?Miv*G a larce utortoMt of H* stylo Syricg Ciottia.CMainurM, and Vu idm ??J*?J?SSN9 M 4-lwif MeroKaaU TajJort, 3*3Pa. ?w, ? 1 * ? r?- 1 y

| AMU8KMKNT3. I " FORD'S ATHKNElUr I J?*? "* Fo*o?? Proprietor *nd M?n?vjer I Job* ?.' W*i?ht gtef Winn ptljlKSrEARJAN SERIES! M RJS&Fiv ' ^ A M L K T ! ? ?> r-r*i?tton o. >1"* h*'"UMT?l?d in , th# weriu. EDWIN FORREST will ?f;*r ot Wednesday nignt u KING LKAR. Tbvradar night aa RICHARD THE THIRD; Friday night ? MACBETH. Tuesday and Saturday er*n;nga th9G'*at Atne*i? oan Play, 1 T H E O CTO kdON. Box rffio? open from 9 to 1 and from 2 to S o'clock. < when ?**t? oaa be aeonred. I . ? AW*i?siof*. DrM* C'.roBind Par^aette Vicei>ia **?oured Seata. fl Balonny ??ata ..ll j OrohMtra Sf?tn 31 ! Family Cirole 25 oenta t Doora opsn at 7; oatain riaaa at i. It CHARLES E. FORD. Treaaurar. ! WASHINGTON THEATER Leaiee and Proprietor?. Mr. Gsorge Kcsxrl i ?* VTBntvAr Mil H U Put; t 1?? ! %J M?llv * % ws _ . . ? '*? mm. mr m ?? *.?- s * "J 1 This establishment vitl open on TUESDAY EVENING, April ?, I?62. With the Yonnc a?d Be&oMul Actress, MISS HATKMAM, J, Universally acknowlediel he Heroine of tkt Amtriean State! I pp*ara? Juliet, id Shakspeare'a Piar of I ROMEO AND JULlhT, talented* com fa s y of the FRe!?t SrHXST 1 HIATKa, BALT-mori The performance wit! ootolude with the MusiOil F tree of the SWEDISH NIGHTINGALE, , introducing Miss Erria Sirma.i in & v&ri+fj 1 Soma. Dueta, Ao. ?p 7-2i 1 CANTERBURY HALL! \y CANTERBURY BALL! < (Fonnsrly the Washington Assembly Room*,) OPEN EVERY NIOHT, Thi Fi*st Music Hall iif th* Woild-. . in point of Splendor. Talent ai;d n espeo'ability! ! Brilliant and immense success qf tkt mammoth Washington and Baltimore companies. Crowded to its utmost c%paotty with an auoi^oee (\ltivattd. Critical and RiAned. Establishes at once the tact toat the performance AT THE GREAT CANTERBURY is the beat ic the oitr. The artir.tea are of the FIRST TALENT IN THE WORLD. In evidence of a i COMBINATION OF STAR*! I Observe this Brilliant List of Names : the KjUAL of whioh can be nowhere found in the World of Amusementa. MISS MILL IB FO WL RR, MISS JULIA MOR TIMER AND THE COUHT OF BZAVTY, MISS FRANK L.A FOLLK, M1SH MZZIE FRANCIS. MI Si* FK *-NK SECOR. MISS EMMA MILES. i MISS LILLY BRANDON, | MISS JULIA RICHMOND, AND L'TTLE ELLA. DELEVANTE BROTHERS, THl T>&tlNG OTMHASTRMrnAirftmanf thii h'lhinniHn fTiimffii:H.n. " A.'J 'Y A'L'BU r T, Assisted by the Fan or DICK PARSER. ?1 JEAN CLO?K?, JUHNHKANY, MASTERJOHNNY. ?YLVaS CLARK, JOHN HAMILTON. BARRY J. CARTER. TUB 1KISH AWBAMAllO*. X" night the Ethiopian Hor!e?*up ')U, HUSH ! THK VIKtflNJA CCP1D <?TP?y s Layborican Importation, Ttibrt nil Oriiii A New Programme, in tfhioh a'l the Comhination will appear ic their be-laot?. Nflwmni by the OAMTKR B IKY MINSTRELS the brat Eth'opian Troupe in the city : New Danoen, Ac., Ao. f^^No ohanee in the Admission Priw_/~n A<liuu?ton S5 ceste;?>rci>w.?? Cfcm* t"1 coiita. Afiernnon Bniff-tmnvttnt For La<lie* Hud FMli??,()h Wednesday ANI> svrnvAY /tr>j NUO!Nt>, At* o'clock. Wh*n a lavish diatribntion of Klerant Present* la mad*; Rich and Uoatly Jewrliy, Docka, Toya, t'anor Artiolee.and macmficent Sji'k Dr^esea. A S:lk Drf.'n was presented to Mra. Sherman, No. 40 Proapeut atreet, Georretown, on Wedneada? afternoon. _Adra 1 aaior. aooenta ; Children 1?? oent?. ap 7 iy ILLAKD? ' H ALL! Madame Anna UlHtiop. TUB WORLD KKNOWNkft CAJITATRICK. Who, atnoeher appoarauoe in the United states, has n ade uia oiroun of the slob?. b?<a to anrounce OiVJS GKANJI COSCBRT. WKDNK?1>AV EVKNlNG, April >. Madame Anna_Biihop.*ilj_be.assisted b j 1*1 K. KI?VAKD8fcbUI?. Th? Eminent Ba iton?, E!**e <lu ConeervAtore Imrs'iai fie Mu'itue, I'arta ; bUSTAVE DE SP1E89. The Eminent Piamat, (fupi. of Lists.) IJoora c.y*r. at D* ; Coccrt eomir.ono" M *Tioketa $1 ; Gauery SOcenta. Th?aal? of ticketa will oommf nee Saturday morning, April 5, at ' Ellis's, Mu*io 3t?'ie,vfhsie scat* may be secured without extra charge. The grand Stxinway Piano us'd on the ocoaaion ia f-.irt;ahed by W. u. Mettaerott, Emap_5 D. C. LARUE, Manager. " J>HE CHILDREN IN THE WuODi." Charles F. flrowne, THE ORFATKST AMERICAN HUMORIST, Better known to the ?nt>ln aa "ARTKMl'S WARD." Will deliver his celet>ratea Lecture, with the above title. At WILLAKD'S HALL, On MONDAY EVENING, April 14, 1M2. This Leoture haa met wifi the moat aignal auooeaa in New York, ~o?ten and the prinoip&l oitiaa ao/t town* in New En?!ar.d. I'artiooiara wiil be given in iutore adverLaemente and oirouiara. ap 4-d CLARENDON CONCERT HALL. ( Urcbk Clvhkhdom Hotsl.) CONCKRT KVKRY EVENING, 1 BY A FULL BAND! Beautiful W&itinc Girla, i i " _ . v . IICCU BliU ap 3-lw* Everything in th? mating lm?. PATENT OFFICE CUKiOSlT1ES-fimde to Patents, Catalogue or Curiosities and Government Garden*, nt thfl atfind in Patent Office; Kare Antuuanan Books ; Governmei t Books; Dooui raenta furnished; Kaiiroad Reports; Military Ko . ports; Burnt Patent OlRcs Reports; Cheap Books rnrcithed to Pedlars; Mi.itary Trials; Military Lavs; Army Regulations; Panorama of theCoact showing over 2,(m) miles; many thousand Cheap I Books, Recoheot oheap rent. Large tales, lov pnoea. Up stairs, over Bank of Washington. , iaaft-Sm* ALFRED HlfSlTER. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY.atTemperano? , Rail, E street, between 9th and l?>th Claseea JH every lueaday ana t*riaaf?aneraoon nm* i at 3, evening oia*? M 7. Soiree eve Frida*L3Bk veuing at8 o'ofook. Musio '>y Prof. Heo. Arm. Temperance Hall will be let lor Balls, Part iff, fco. Appiy mabove. feUSm* C OYSTER 8-OYSTERS. HES/PEAKK Steamed Oyster Saloon. The subscribe r having oompleted /?. Steamed Ojiter Saloon, ia now ready^^u # J to (urn ah to eitisens, strangers, anamf\^B?r tie pal lie generally, with Oysters W)k oooked l?y the new rraoes of ateammr. The beu Oysters the M&iko*. o&n afford will always bn on hand, a*, the Chesepeike Stevn Oyster ' Saloon, No. 4 03 O street, near 7th, and east of the Patent Office. mh3l-lin WM. P. WEBB. Proprietor. yyASHINGTON HOOP SKIKT FACTORY! WANTED IMMEDIATELY, 100 LADIES , To manutaoture Hoop Skirts, i A pereon c*n make, ia a short time, from mfi tin Tn K*f v e nnr i a u s p c u nrrrir in* inre, for lurther p&rtioulsrs, corner of Ninth 1 ami i) streets, third' floor, up stairs. mh? 2w? Ml 3AM8TAS ft CO. /^vOYSTERS-OYBTKR!- Ijg^. y-\ OYSTKRS or the be?t?uality oan be 77^^ had lresh every day, at tfte ? Old Oyster Stand, No. S04 Ninth street, between D and Atcdoo. mMI lm? AYRKB k. CO. M MILITARY GOODS. W. GALf A BRO., 364 Pennsylvania avenno. Deal or a in every description of ? RICH MILITARY G??ODS. Presentation Swords, sabres, Fa?hea. Shoulder . Straps, Pistols, Belts, Jto . ILTPartioniar attention is oa!led to an nsaroatiy large assortment of real gold embroidered Shoulder Straps, whion are offered at iess than their orig mal oat. M. W. GALT & BRO.. Jewellera, .394 Pa. avenue, near the Metropolitan. ?? ?w (l*to Brown'*; hotel. FJUNXUH kCO , X^M7 OPTICIANS, 44 Praa'kav.,'northside,) twkttthM* llthato. , EYEGLASSES, , MARINE AND FIELD CLASSES. COMPASSES, A*., j ^ lesati^ OMWUntiT ?e UwL 1,000,000 pou*?8 CAMP GREASE \ . A?D < | ROUGH TALLOW wanted. for vlitoh the UifbMt Cut pries* will M Mid, at the Fftnoy sou ManalMturj, 164 and 166 Witv | treat, tteorjefown, 1>. 0. ap3 lOteo* DAWSON* CO. It FOK HAIilfi AND KENT. DOOM" FOR RENT-No 40a Eifhth ?rf?t. j n MTit* For r knt.-a laraiahcd parlor and bfd room, and a eewtte bedroom aJ*o fc> oiih?Hi, on t- ?t .b?t *h?ndim.No 311 I * POR RENT.-Oreiv**trrORBBOOM md^r I Canterbury Hv . T.?. *sd ?th atr*et. or ooda taken on utorftceiUi&rae ?r?me:; quantities. ??. - JOHN M. YOt<V5 "* Pho?ci* Carnac* lafl 'tPIwi ?th hull' >*? Ml if A >LEAt?ANf ?OiTABL???WA and Kd? or t?. rc . ?#?< ,rn?*n?*., bloDtA.'co^ at 30 Ji F ?tr*et, Wt^f** l'*h *hJ tftti utreeu. Aid, t fe* ? *>'? bo^f'Wf IcoommoKted. ?rt 3.* npf?O?E~LAR0E AND AlftV KnOMS Juef t T*oa?w! fc* Mi' of 0?? ' MaOV !ao"? Jtaff are for r?st Oongre??iii*n or otb*f? w;?n>ng k> neon re th? moat Afr^eeVc MM?r iu the city are trvited te eail ?~*l ?ee t>*m J&J V itreet, corner 1Mb. and oppo?it* htete D'pv intent It* I/OR RMT-a TENEMENT, ?tn?ble for a r ?m\N f&milr. RLd vert p ti.?*t*i1 on ^eBwfhtaof tieorcetown. within five minute a' iralf orthe Waahina??>o a'd li^ort'1 'w? cmtibn* mt Afp!r It tn* oflj? of J. DEN T, No. Fifteenth rtet, vtasti!nku>'" *? 7 it1 ?V7' d v iuu l- n hjwimu Tn u ?'%.*>* ? iiai v |i' 'I'l L' ? V7 A. ?v u? |j I atre?t. between 9th *r1 rth et *?'*. in the ao??e recently oeecpied by Gen'l Freisont ar.d family. Th*ae roonu have all the modern <xJa*esieio-s nr.d wili be reaicj on r*?*onab!e t-nn?. ?p3 3 * tpOR SALE?'fhe QttOH WILL an! I1XTUR fc? of a hrst ciM A'e a'd Liauor Hou e, near Wil'arrf*' Hotel. the p.opr.etor about to reiiniuiah birinea? ; & rood bu*i?ee? alread* ee'ab Kent low. Addrea* Box 330 Foattlfioe. apVSt I70R 3ALK OR KXCHANeB-Handaoraeand r ccmforir.b'e RlIslOENCE in Georc^town. D a .ou tie* etre?t,oorn?r of 0re?c ; haa 13 room*, feaideskita ?3, pcntnea, bath room. Ao ; par.ore he ooed ; dininc rr.O?s l? by 22 feet; lot 6n by ISO feet, plac.el with everrrers. Ao , ani tcrronnded with iron raiinr. Ciaie-n in yard ; *ai an I F torn*! water thiough Loase. For farti^ r psr'ioalarf 3?.Il on.or ai?<l?<**? per mail, C. f*TKIBL>NG, Beo-'getowa. D. C. ap t 3'* RdOMS FOR RKNT, with or wit|?r,nt B<~ard, in a private family?No. 78 Eait Capitol at., Capito Hill. ae> <t? r^no it L'wi- ai. ci'u \i iou t fi u i >> .m |j vn n iii? i ?v/'jo r tn u r,y nw'iui F b?ck of Rrown'e Hotel. Kent ?12 per m?nth. Alao, for Mki.on* fine MOCKING ftlR D Pr\o? #.??. lnauueat 319 C atreet, between 6th and 7.h ap 2-er - I/OR It K.NT? A large and wt bandaowe'y furr niehei three storr brick DWELi.lNtt, with back building, No. 109 Wet* street. Grorgetown. oontMiinr ab ut ten rooma. cat firttnr > oosralete and watrtr in the yard. Inquire next dc-.. vest. ap 4-3t* IT'OK RENT?One rieviy furniahed ROOM,on r aeoond floor, with Hoard, in a alric |y priva'o fannily?No. 40 4 Eighth meet, ietwo?Ti G ar.d H. ay a-3t* ROOMS TO LET?Ib a moet dP3ir\b r, .. cation, at 44S E afreet, near 7th. with n alrw irinctee wa:k of Pennsylvania arena*. the l o t Office, Patent Ac The room* will be let without -oard. One a good office room. Sertienrni pre f?rred. a! good Eatiut tfoneea in immediate Tiointf. ap 1 6t* FURNISHECTROOMS TO RENT? witli Hoard, in & p'eaaant location n*ir he Capitol. Trac?i?nt Bwirdere aooonim^at^d. Inquire at Star (MR-e. irhsi-tf SUMMKR KKHIDKNCb FOR KKNT. ** < * the 'trUu. tilltn Farm," I), C, nhovl 1H mil?.? abort (itottdcw*. t*rar Mr. Lwkbvmu*k*t\?K d??iral>ie lurnuhed doable Houm rreH<t, fine W?*er, Jlo . vith *tal>iin?, car-sate hon?e?. *o.,Ao. The attention ol Member* ol t: e net, Foreicn Minisi?r?, %< <i wi*h fam> J is e?p*cia!i? irjritH ?i this tdTti'JWDt For < xaniinatioc of the pr*inl*e? a??lT to the mtnuor spun the farm (Mr. Jam?# am1 for futtner p&rtiouiare add r**,* Captain W. A T. MAD1H)X* U S. M , 1230 Spruoe street. Fhi!a<1e|ph'a. Pa. mhSl-tm* KT*??f? SALK-Two HILUAKO TAl IliyF.S.r.iArblo ? ah#, asd ever* arrangement ooiiipinto. Tirsee <ie*:rmi the above wi.t oiuuj their inter<<?t n? ca'lict hnineiiatoir al the Emu pean Hotel, oruer 11th eifeet and Fernet ^ama inntia mh S tf iAteI ANii FUUNi*. REWARD.-Stayed cr eto'eu on 'be *lh loctAtit, ft t>&T MftKE. ft T?ar# rid: <fv dewc in the led hip, had a jhcrttai! TreT^iJl ftfco*? Hwird wiil be iitkii on jt* retern F *tre?t. betwecr .'(I ft&d S-1, ft* Mt. Wnrden'ft* g. SKIBKKT. LOST? A very p*t POG.delicately mad*; ft light brewc oo'or; cropped ft ml ttil nroken ?fx>ut half w?- to t*e A ea><*l I* ro-?ard w:tl be pft'd far hT? re t. O'.ve.'T ftt 1 <9 r l?wt, betwwi S1?t an?i *ia ate ftpT-it* IO^T-On ttatnrda* evausnt, between ftah'* -J and lh* Kujl1* H i're.corner Ui!i and K sir., & traali sJniL 8UI.T> UiNO, ?>f lit', e EtfirMc orth, hat ir.n?h valued bf ttift owner. The finder wiii receive Ad ivi.ais reward by (ielive mg it to the neps?titer of th? Wtft?e l>eparNof nt ftp 7 31* 6kAO RBWARD-Offe e4 for the defection ana conviction of tneperaonor >c?od? wboftftre ?o idt ?tore ou the morning of April 7?h. 1** Aiao, 9 2 :> 0 rewaid offered f or the de teytion and conviction of the parson or per oca who antere<i tor at< re on the night of March 39tfa, rni_ (&P7 lwl vv M. TUCKER. | OST?On rridaj mmmnr. ihe 4th icatant, Li somewhere bo;wc?n Penn?T v?nia avenue and th? Alexandria it*am->o?t and'r* * PACKAGE OF NOTES. MM-**. R; JfcfPTS. &c. Tea finder of th'in will be lih?rall? ievr\rdod by ??-ding them to or n!orr*>me the nnder?ig.e>d. at the P'ovoit Ma-aha'l's ffliie in Alexandria, wheie they may be found. ap 7 3t* A. K. HALL. FOUND-At Wath ntton Art-% . a SUM <?F MONEY.whioh ths owror <\: nave by deacrlblng the tm' tvh<1 p\?l-.r f ? ?dvcrtiaoment. Apply at Com*"ii'hin Offior'a tff. *. apS?? r OST?On4th ica'ar.r. a>iout 1 n'o'ook,a MlNK l-i FL K COL.LAK, euppoa'd to luve t>*?n lost un Ninth atreet, coining f om the feat Offioe. 4 liberal reward win re siren f-ir iU .-'u-v. to No. 305 l'ecn. avenuo, south m !a, bc.w?coSiha*id lith aU. er*?t* OCA R*SWAR P.?I wi!! the above reward lor the arrwt fad ooc-ioti- r o* th? th:e! or thievea who brot? in r> ; * f.v torr nu the mctit of the 4th or mornin*. o t: e 5tri April, ?nJ sic e th'retroin J boxei .?o 6 Can ;?b and a "juinM* ot Ye'.'ow Soap. ap& 2t* P. OiH)NN('GHl'E. *C RK WAR P.?Molen on the ?ih ifcet , about *> 6 or 7 o'clncs. it the tvemti<, a lirre^j^^j Newfoundlani POO.t>aok a 1 uv>.r; I ob when stolen, a wioe Inatl er O'l.lar, - ^ with a eh>ir> five f?*t lone et'ached. The above reward will b? given on r? return to KMRIOH'i, corner of llth & a Pa avmue. ap 5 41* FOUM l>?On the 18th March, on Indiaca avenue near C street, a ^av M A K K, iying ap- ffv parently lifeless, whioti theovier oanhavel-il* by proving property ai d paying oUar*e?. DENNIS i>. NF.1U ?p 4 >t? No. 4TO. Capitol Hill. E8TRAV.?There oeme to ti.e eto'.oture of the subicriber, thi? April ad, one HdRSti. fry Tne owner can have the same by proving J_ VP property, and paying for this adveitite men*, and her kee?icg. tictuire at Ingleside, half a mil* north of Columbia College. ap ?-8t? KRNKET BURGPORF. vTRAV HORSK?Taken up a* astray, nrar r* Meridian Hill, on tbe SUth ultimo, one Jtv sorrel HORs'E, with ?Hw b aae in fore 1-7^ head, which tne owner oan have by provug^^*1 property, paying charges, fto J. V. COBURN, a* 4 3t* Corner of IS'h a.rd H Oin BKWAKD-Saltn about 12>? o'clock m? <5 IU this morning. a indium sized grey |rv h"Rl>K, with government saddle _f_ ?i y blanket; horse had no shoes on; and lame^-" in 1 aft loot; branced U. S. lie vu sto.en from front of ^ijler's Restaurant, D st. Any inf m otion ooQaermnc him will be reo*iTed at Mr. Aider's. (ap 1 11) PHILLIP ZITfLK. I \I8TRIOT OF COLUMHIA. Cochtt o? \J Washington - I hereby certify thatgv on thia *)Ui day ol March, 18S3, T Vf tne subscriber, a J mtioe of the Feaoe. ii,rL/"i and lor said oounty, personally apprared beorge Geddet, and made oath aooording to law, that he took up away on the llth da* Maroh, 1862. a dark bay MARK, sprun^in tae left fore kiee; bad on a lunuw"' wiivu wioii, uppuef.J H) N I Or I THri old. ttfcOKfcE 6KDDK*. Sworn and auDsorit-ed before m# this Swih oat of M&ich,im. B. W. KfcKGOtu.\,J. p. The owner of the above named horee la re VMted to oall at tfte ol&ce of the Metropolitan Police, No. ft I? 11th atreet, par ouariee, and taae nia property; it will otneiwiae be eold to pay ohartee. mh 21 2aw3w District of coiajmbia. Washihgtoh Cocmtt ?On thia slat cay ol March, 1862 before me, the aabeouber.a Joatioe of ^2(1 the Feaoe in at.d lor aaid ooenty. peraonai-^ lj appeared John . Borland, one ot the Metropo lian Polioe. and made oath that he took np on Friday, March Sato, 18>3, a brown HOKbE, aa an eetray, and delivered him to r. fceaex. at hia livery tabic. JOUCI UUHLaMD. tiabaonbed and aworn b?fore ma. A. RKAVf K J. P. The owner will pleaaa eall. ear otu^gea and take the horae away. Call at *16 Ilia atrtet, Oftoe Metropolitan Polioe. *a 1 >aw3w IOjJT?On Saturday last, between Ciagett * a May'a Store and the oornerof loth ana i> b.s , a email etrnacan Hl.EK VK-BUTTuN. A reward ol 91 wih be pai?l if left at Mr. Semi en'a, Jeweler, Pa. at. inh St rpHK PONCHO TENTS JUST RECEIVED. WALL. STKFHENS & CO., No. 39* Pern lyivama avenue, have be~n appointed i|tnt? tor Washington, and have bow in f tare I,>< ) PONCHO'S, oouvertiti.e into Sleeping Tenia, a 'MU.! lor the Army, lingiae?rng Exploring, and Sporting parpoaea* and weigh on y nine found*, oareFaTiy paotaa in tm&li baca,*?nvenienUy tranrp^rtkbla on ho<ae uao*,or they may be road ly oarned >u the ahoaldera of the men. Priee from |( M to |u. It u tarej gooU Ma^ber Blankets, O by T1 mohea. >r three Ponuhos or Ctnln Over Oar menu, ud V an en 1 ted is a Watt r Proof'1 est, 6 by ?H feel, tonveniertiy boosing three men WALL, WTkPHISNB ft. CO , Agents, 324 Fenn. arenas. eewcen m-dltif 9th aid tOih street a. LM>R 8 A LB-A handaoma flUGGV.naa.ny new, V with namses Appiy to MURRAt * IE MM LB. lis Psnnsylviniaava. ap I fiUt . * * ImSil W**. *9 ? * Oj Zl4l Uul.M* |J| J SK(X)ND EDITIO T"*WEE PTLOCI. r M Ol R AK>1Y TOR* TOW* PHir F??|NT \NI? OTHLR POSITIONS in UUF POSSESSION THE CASUALTIES THIS FAR TV |-or?r-;?? Mourn* bixil ?< Biitimorr bMu*? U(^9llt? frow the neighborhood of Yotkti?a op l<? Sstui^y at?rrnof?- Ship Tolnt bed been t ? by our tro"p", and otber pUc^ on tfce rpa*? formerly occupied bp f^e fbela s*omc akirmieiilng and c*it*i?n?ding bad take* place between tbc outpoa?a of th^ enemy and?u? forces, in wbtek the fellowlng caaualMea arc 1 to bare occurred: Killed?Edward Lewi# and Chaa L Lord, of 3d Ma???chuartta battr ry. ami John Reynold*, of 4th Rhode Ibtnd battery Wounded?Timothy Ponobue, In band, Fwe man Karrin*. leg; and Cbaa. Tucker, eoutudon of cheat?all of 3d Maaa battery. 9erg*ant Joa Wade, comrmny C, ta arm; Cyrue Wlic?x, comnuiv C. niece* of abcll In lw: and C \\ P.-ck company F, In le??all of aharpabootera Our Ben are in good aplrlta, and ready for any conteat latest and Very Important from Island No. 10. THE CRISIS RAPIDLY APPROACHING THKRK (ran TiLicRtri | "CaibO; April T?Foot* pot another but aaftiv past the rebel batterlea laM n!?Ut. Pope la now croaalng oppoilte New Madrid In force. Heavy Urine wi? beard In the advance Lookout f >i something thla afternoon." mm x 0% J . .a ? 'a ? I I L- a* I lie </ir?nooici irai ran <u~ rr\r i ubi rr .-*. ? . will b? rwwmWd, on Saturday night. Hct achievement gave General Pope the opp r?rn'tv to c?mmcnce crMains the river, an aa i<> get *'.< army In fhe rear of th. rebela on Island No. in Tlitf sueceaa of another Union ganboat In ala? running their bstu rtr* greatlyat engthens Pope's operations doubtiexi, and account* for thi heavy ffring heard in Popeadvance mentioned above The xteamer Frecbora arrived at the Navy V :rk at 3 o'clock thla morning, baring l*ft Ltv erpool Point at 5 p. m yeaterday From tbr odlceni we it-am the following About 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon General Sickles landed some I,too men, and proceeded to Stafford Court Houae. about fifteen tulles ia tbr Interior. On nearlng the village. a body of cavalry, thought to number tome six hundred, pre clp:t*tely fled, taking with them ?tv? of oar me*f who had been captured n day or two prevloualy. hut a body of rebel Infantry essayed to stand their ground, and quite a little skirmish occurred, the firing being kept up quite brlakly lv both jvsrtie* for *0 ? minutps The rebel Infantry seeming disposed to bold their ground, the Zouaves, led by Sickle*, made a charge. the rebelawtre put In full retreat During the fight several of the rebeis war* seen to fall, while the only loss on our side was the wcundlug of one man In the foot We captared some forty horses belonging to the cavalry, n number of small arms, and the mails In the Stafford post clSce, in which are many letters. nn n (if whtrh \rili nrnhlhl* hr of ilbDOrtlllCf to the Government. f*n prl?ouer? wt.? also taken, who were brought up in the Freeborn iud WDt to the old Capitol prison. When the troop* entered the town ?n1y soirc women and children and a number of negroes rtmamrl. As the crew of the Freeborn were getting off the horaea &nd property captu.ed, the rc he's tr^w tne thicket opened a heavy fire upon them, bu* on the Freeborn's rcfcjrniiu; tht <: >ru{ ilmefit with shrapnel thev hasty y rtec-imped. ?nJ u^ horses were removed without further molcatatioa. Gen 8l<*iJes took leave of bit command ye. terday tfltrrtoOu, *">d heartily cheered bf his men as he left He atart?d on the Freeborn, but was transferred la #uetber boat, and arrived at Alexandria laat night. AFFAIRS I* DIME. We have received the Mempb'a of thn 'Mil *>1H til* The Aral.tmtkt la decldediy nilld for that heretofore fire-brandish sheet, and admits tbat the Federals ?r? behaving with great moderation In Tennessee < Many people in aad around Nashville," sa*s tue Ataianthi,' have last confidence in thcConfederate 8tate? to achieve their Independence in this struggle " The AvalaacM* recants its heretofore advocacy >f the sequestration act. and the policy of destroying property, k.c., and pitches Into both with a vim, as suicidal to the Confederacy " Under which King Ben ion lan ?" Is the head, log cf an article in the Avmlmnekt commenting upon the disagreeable fact that foreign citizens of Memphis were taking or had taken out passports " to throw themselves under the protection of foreign flegs to avoid military duty here." That tbey are hard up for ammunition materia' down in Dixie la abown bv tbe fact that at tbo Confederate laborstorlea at Baton Rouge (be enployvea Lave been d'acharged for want of lead, and It la recommended to uae type metal u aaub atltute aa far as It will go. Tbe A alanck* eatnnate* tbc amount of cottoo and tobacco liable to dtatruction from the Federal gunboats at not more tban 5 per ccnt of tbe entire crop, tbe bulk of it being at ill en tba pUntatlnpt or at dlatant village* and depot* CONOR hSMUliAL AAjmith CUPieREM??ecaed ImUaMordat, April 7. Svh**? lit (anmn<>e m tw>(UUn in >' ? ii a i m.? .?*.! . t UIIIIIVI 1'ivovinvw ? *'M III favor of confiscation Mr. Wiley presented a petition from citizens of Virginia against tbe proposed tax ou leaf tobacco Mr. Wilson reported from the Military Afiairs Committee a bill authorizing tu?* President to transfer the appropriation mads for fortlfication* to^tbe^purposc of building iroa gunboats. ComMr. Sumner moved to reconsider tbe vote bv which on Friday last tbe Senate postponed IndeO ritely the bill amendatory of the charter of Wash lngton City?to authorize all six-months sojourn era here to vote at tbe municipal elections. Tb? said motion lays over. Tbe Senate then proceeded to tbe consideration of private bills. _ House.? Mr. Ward introdi^^Bfelnt resolution requesting tbe SecreM^^^^Breasnry to furnish Congress with W ?tatemeat.* of tbe disbursements of l^^^^sury. Keferrcd Mr. McPberson introduce* a bill authoring tbe colanela of regiments to grant furloughs under certain restrictions Referred. Mr. White, of lnd-.introduced a resolution au I tboricing tbe Speaker to appolut a committer of nine to inqure into and report a plan to Ike House | (or tbe gradual emancipation of slaves In tbe Border States, and al?o to report any plan ot plan* I for tbe abolishment of al very In tbe other States Mr. Mallory moved to lay lbs resolution on tbe I table. A yes 52, nays 66. | Tbe resolution was then adopUd Aye* 67, nays 58, LATE LOCAL HEWS Tint Great Fibs team.?From -omr n'glnt or mismanagement ftre again bok out m.d' i tbe roof of the Planter*' fiotel sbor.Iy sftei war o'clock. It appears that the Ire was smouldering br tween the celling joists and rafter*, aud ?b? wind huTlnr shifted la tk* mil t* J - l'U*e" ' ~ ?? As we it? l? pre*a, thr fl4imt are making c?"? siderable headway in aptte of I be eifruw* of tM Bremen, who in endcavwrtii h* cievlth further prog KM The pr#hablim?a are that (be hatai wtU W conauined, hat It la hoped thai Bicaal ?u>r? win eaca^ ^ ? ^ the geaeral goed-for-BotblacHM of iMber *r. ran^-wnenu cnwM therewith, the Iht* aI both halToung* la rather duvhtful We Li>,.e the authorial will, by th a eerrtica? n, i-*rn the b?-Cea?lty of kit orgtalx?4 Mrdepa tiri-nt and the provttlag of hoae aa4 other app r?t ? <m which reliance raa be placrii )t ts?e of emergency. - or r*

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