Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1862 Page 2
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EV NING STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: ft t*OAT APRILS, 1M8. $-r <\ ?,Vf| i>, ti|(? rrlT.taxl <*r hwlen ?.'r-v., i rrm in m n?h Haltiinote, 1t? edition it;'c >* irt t.s-ntr* It to be put tn jt*%i ait ? "'v hour : therefore, nbOuM he *"i In before ii o'?)opk m , etborwl*? thry w*J not appear nntll the next d?*. ?>n FlilSf!" ?t the nrl-? * r< itloiu Will eonfer - fnvor by keeping tw posted as to mo?e^mti \&A tftln la their vicinities. -> . i . ??????? I apirit of the Morilii rrm. The InttUiftme?r notices the comments Tentured by the Brlttah press on the special message addressed to Congress by President Lincoln, recommend'.ig the Initiation of a policy looking to the gradual emancipation of aiavea, with compensation to own era T he ? > * "Correal events, which Xr? well understood, are tending to Increase the number of free negroes In thl? District to a degree which la pronounced -alarming* hy many persons, and which baa even attracted the attention of the city fathers of Washington." Our contemporary suggests as a remedy the abrogation of the rule on the Washington Branch of the Baltl more and Ohio Railroad which provide# 41 that no netero shall enter the cars here without a bond Kilned by tome responsible citizen that no claim to him as a runaway slave ahall ever be established," and asks, "will not our city government, which has already taken up the subject of free negroes, exert its influence to abrogate s rule which blocks the eiodus of that species of populatlon.'* OUR MILITARY BUDGET. THK S1K6X AT TOIITOW*. The following Is a general summary of the Intelligence received by the War Department up to 10 o'clock last night: First ?Operations at Yorktown and Fortress Monroe Yesterday the enemy's works were carefully eximined by Gen. MeClellan, and were found to be very strong, and the approaches d'Sicult The enemy \vre In force, and the water batteries at York and Glouceater said to be much Increased. There was sharp flrlng on the right, but co harm was done. Our forces were receiving supplies from Ship Print, repairing roads and getting up trains. It seemed plain that mortars and alette trains mint be used before assaulting. Another dispatch, received at 10.30 yesterday morning, states that Yorktown must fall, but oot with<>ct a siege of two or three days. Some of tb? outer works were taken. \ dwpatch from Gen. Wool states that Gen Mafcrader ba?i 30 oflO men at Yorktown A110iter dispatch to the Secretary of Wat states th&t a Lew rebel camp was discerned on the beach opposite the Rlr fsps, and was shelled ?ui by Colonel Holllday. t>t*er?l regiments of the enemy's infantry were seen from the Rtp Raps during the day. There were no sign* of the Merrlmac. A rebel tu^ was seen making a recounoissance off Bml's Point, on the afternoon of Sunday. NAVY TAB!) The U & revenue- ateamer Miami arrived at > cnavv yard ywterday afternoon from New York, aspas^eagcra Geo 11 Harrington, Eaq , W:>tant Secretary of the Treasury; Hiram Barney, collector of New York, and F. B. StlUman, engineer-in-chief of the reveuue service She left New York on Frldiv evening, and reached Old Point on Sunday at noon, when ?he passengers were landed and apent some six h?urs In visiting he fort and other placet of Interest. The following are her officers Otptaln, Douglas O'Hlnger; Kxei'utive Officer, A B. Davis, 2d Llent., T. Treadwav: 3d I lul W K Haiimmv 1*1 , , -- - ? - ""J | v%? uiVU*. and Sailing Master, A G. Cary, Chief Engineer, t G. Lair.ert aux. 1st Assistant, A N. Cutnmln^;; M A extant. C. G. Dale The Mount Washington arrived from Liverpool Point yesterday afternoon, but reports nothing new rnc* ihe rarr*hak?torn Our troops have Advanced to the north aide of tbe Rappahannock No Rebels are In sight on the opposite side. They rasy, however, be concealed behind the hills In that direction. The magnlllceat railroad bridge over that stream was entirety destroyed by Are, as were also all the bridges over tbe smaller streams on the whole railroad route For tbe sdec? of four mil?? nmr H'trrentcn. the track vu torn up and the but placed In piles, and a Are kindled beneath th< m, warping them so as to render them nnilt f >r u*e. Our \t >op? are ail In good health, though htlgued with rapid marching. FKOX ISLAND Xl'XIU TKH. A late dispatch from Island No. 10, dated nine o'clock, Monday evening, la to the following effect: A large force of Infantry, artillery and cavalry have crossed the Mississippi within the last six hours. Everything is working well A dispatch from Gen. Halleck states that Oen. Hturgls goec to Kansas, and Gen. Craig to the Indian Territory. 4II10CS ACC1DI3IT. Major Gibson, Paymaster U. 8. A , was thrown from bia carriage yesterday morning, near tbe Treasury Building, and bad his leg broken in two places. TIMN. Governor Berry, cf New Hampablre, is here, to present tbe rtglments fr >m bis State with flags. He left for Utoker'a division yesterday morning, for that purpose. C7-It appears from ottcial dispatches received at the Navy Department that when oar forces reached Newbern, N. C , they captured nine mnp/>Kant wissa)m tkais ? a ? .... Migw, vvmauaK in the aggregate of about 4,000 barrels of roaln, besides tar and pitch, oil and shlOgles, and nine Vales cf cotton, Ac. Ema.kiifa.tiov?The rctarna cf the local elections in Western Virginia, thus far beard from, Including Harrison, Taylor,Ohio, Ham pah ire and other counties, favor the emancipation policy of the admlnlstratlan by large majorities LZT'Tbe April term of the United States Circuit Court for the Maryland District commenced in Baltimore tnu morning. Fisuwcist..?The New York Evtnimg Pott of yesterday ??y*: Stock* open better thle week, but are far from active, tbe abeencvof decisive mwi from Fortress Monroe, leaving the market in an uncertain Mate, f he rourwr of prlcea depends in a great measure poii tbt news from the Potomac army, and there will prcbsbly be but i f little activity till some sUrriu? vents take place In that quarter. Tbe feit ire of the market is tne recovery In j-ovtrnmcnt bonds sod state stocks. Tbe Siies ?f Itfcl close atft2^*S3jfc, Missouri leaves off 50* bid, r?ci.essee,tt*stf. rh- 6 per cent corticate are plenty at ftSa96^. TU* 90 Trnssury Noteaare strady att9JKaW^. fLt casblsrof tbe Sub-Treasury bus disbiu?Ml. up tc thi? t me, 91.350,000 to the holder* of April cvupoiia of ibe 7 30 Treiu>ury note*. G. J la wlibuai icutirrltl change, If anything) * hade 1/mrr thau on Saturday, lOst^alOSy Ajiothkk Kibkl gcnooxia CarrtraiD ?The BaiUmi < American thai another schooner wu captured by four of the Government polloe on r*aurd?v laat la Nafcfe'a Creek, rivulet running from Stauy Creek, a short ditto no* from Back liver. It la named A J. W'Us, of Philadelphia, and waa recently aeued for dredging for oyatera, and a id at A una poll*. On tawdau found large quantity of provision*, conaUtln^ of tana, abi uldera of bscou. coffee, oraekera, Jfcc., daslgued for the uau uf the party who were captured on tbo Rt-?oluUun There were ar veral on hoard, among *uomwaaJoba KMxgerald. aftaa Dublin John, w bo la now coniaed at the Middle Police Station en the charge of affo/dlag aid aad comfort to the eixai . The acnoooer, with the alorea, at* held subject to the ottei of the OuwiMM aathorluea. KTbe L..ndon Tlooea haa a letter from *ua?'rd Wua ilngtaa, March 11th:?''The pa*Mt?? of Uta hdiuluajrow tbe Long Bridge a j.? a tuaguittccut spectacle aad meat impoalag d lap lay vt military power." Russell slao aajra:? 'Whatever may happen to McClellan, ha caa Mvrr i.MT the rredlt of having formed dlaorderly iuaa-'B 1 iw" if'* *? army, aad of having in tn eJ Into iuem tbe principle* of saldlar Ufa aad dtacipllae " LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ?L0ftitrs im rui tig west i The Bcbel Mitral ( u4lig Of* fcrs U lirrciler lilail * . It t Br low will be found a dispatch received by the Secretary of the Navy at 10.30 a m. to-day. It prove* that the maaterly combined muvemrnfs ef Commodore Footc's fl?et and Genera; dope's army have already reenlted as waa designed It ha* been apparent here for a fortnight pant that whenever General Pope oonld throw his army upon the Tennessee side ef the river, the surrender of the Island muet take place. He accomplished that purpone yesterday morning; IV? IM IL. Jat U-a- AS a I Him gTniiig in ioc roi (H wr reutu iB?ira|(i((eu Up to yesterday morning the aleee of tbe Island by Commodore Poote wai, evidently, simply to tbe end of keeping them engaged (their attention) In front, while Pope was effecting the transfer of hi* army to where they would be at the mercy of oar combined forces. Tbe following Is Commodore Foote's dispatch) mentioned above: Stkamx* Binton, o?r Islanb No. It). \ Via Cain, April 8, 3:45 a. m. ) Hon. Oidton Wtllts, Secretary A'ary, fe.: Two officers have this instant boarded us froto Island No. 10, stating that by order of their commandlncr thru bm ? -?? ? ., ..vj ?(v viuvicu iu uiicnurr Island No. 10 to the commodore commanding tbe gunboats As these officers know nothing of tbe batteries on the Trnneaaee shore, 1 have sent Capt. Phelps to ascertain something definite on the subject. I will telegraph when further Information Is received. With General Pope now advancing from New Madrid in strong force to attack In rear, 1 am, with the gun and mortar boats, re?dy to attack in front; while General(Buford, here, ia ready 'o cooperate with the land forces But itaeema as If the place la to be aurrendered without further defense. A H. Foot*, Flag Offlcrr, Com'dg Naval Forres Western Waters. CONNECTICUT ELECTION. (Special Telegram to The Stir.] Norwali, Ct , April 8 ?The Republicans aid Union party have elected all the State Senators and two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives. Gov. Buckingham is re-elected by from eight to ten thousand majortty. Later frsm Port Royal. New York, April The steamer Atlantic, from Fort K?yal on the 1th, arrived bert last night Among her passengers are lien. Sherman and staff Advices from Jacksonville, Fla . of the 1st, state that an attack wasexneeted th*-r?fmnn t?? ?i-? m - ? ??? V i?ll3>l8" slppi and one of the Florida guerilla regiments, and a battery and troop of rebel horie, but Gen. Wright wa? confident of being able to sustain himself agalnat them Kebel aeaertera Mate that tbeir troopa have to subsist entirely by foraging, and are out of food and in a desperate condition. The yacht America ha*, hern raited by oar naval forces, and with the ateamer Darlington tan prize. Ihere la nothing later from Savannah COrWKE88IOl*AL IKlVIItfe CORORESS?See??d Saacian. ^isati ?After our report tJoatd yesterday? I Mr. Anthony moved to reconaider the k? which the bill authorizing the Corporation of Washington to ?m and collect water ratea wsi passed. agreed to The bill to confiscate the property and free the slaves of rebel*, was then taken up. Mr. Trumbull, after proposing several slight amendments, which were adapted, addressed the Senate at length In favor of the bill. Mr Harris obtained the floor, and the consideration of the bill was postponed until to-morrow. After en executive aeaaion the Senate adjourned. Hops*.?After our report closedMr Vnorheea Introduced art solution to modify the tariff; laid on the table. The "tax bill Was then Mr. Conkllug, from a special committor, reported a bankrupt "bill. Rkv. Mm. Mokrkll and Aichbishop Lii?hjon.?Edittr of tkt Star. The Rev. Mr. Moraell haying endeavored to fortify hla conduct, In refusing to read the prayer for the late Union vie* torles, by Introducing a circumstance in the life of Arehblsbop Lelghton, a statement of some of the facts connected therewith may be Interesting to many of your readers. , The circumstance alluded to occurred In the Interval between the violent attempt to force Eplscopeey on the Scottish people, lu the reign f Charles I, and the still more violent attempt which was repeated-after the restoration. Leighton, at that time, wsa pastor of a Presbyterian congregation lathe south of Scotland. Itwaa me practice or the presbytery to enquire ?f their members, twice a year, whether they preached to the time*. Lelghton acknowledged the omission, but adroitly apologized for It by aaylng, "If 1 all the brethren nave preached to the times, may not one poor brother be allowed to preach for eternity?" Tbia was but the prelude t* his abandoning the Presbyterian Church and acseptlag a bishop, ric from Charles 11. Under ordinary circumstances this could not have been deemed an error. The feet, however, of hla joining hands with an unprincipled crew of blshopeand curates, who were viewed by the Scottish people?and, If Blahop Burnet's description f>e true, justly viewed?a* children of the devil; and the lending the sanction of hia name to one of the most unblushing Invasions of the rights of a Christian people which history records, entirely unfits him, In my humble opinion, as a safe model for the Rev^Mr. Morsel! to follow. Scotia. WASHINGTON SCIENTIFIC A88O M .??wu? vi ?ni? Aivuum ion will be retd M the leotare Room o; til* Young Men's Christian Aasociaiton THIS (Tneidaj) 1 EVENING atSo'olook. Ap*per,on the di?cov e 17 t America by the Northmen, ud the c v,decors tending ? prove that the antiqsitie* *1 North tn:erica were erected by tflem, will be read dt H. . H01MU1 A dolls'ion free. It* HEZ. L HOSMER.Rec. Sec. **i9 R E W~T K P. Mayor's Orrici, April?,IMS The above reward wi I be paid f >r the arreat &d>! cormstion of the person or person* who fired the property sear the Center Market on the morning of the7th in*t. R .CHARD WALLACH. ap8 at Marc.. i|? WAGONS, CARTS AND DRAYS > R Crrici. April ft. 1867. Notice ia hereto* ?rv*i. thai i ? owner# of Wuou, Carta an1* Drava will expire on theftrat Monday in April, and that itid Lioeneee mutt b? renews ip oompli*no? with law, at this cftoe, within ten dare a*tn that time, k SAMUEL E.1IUU8LAS8, M ?-lw Kegtrttr. Hi SMITHSONIAN LECTURES.-Rev. IL5 PitKni Vi"tob. D. D., of New Y"r't will leoture on WEDNbROAY EVENING, April 9th. Sohjeot: "The Gentleman." Thepnb1 to are invited. Admittance free. ap7-3t !> TEMPERANCE-?The Sou of Tenper,lJi anoe wnl hoid a pnblio temperance meet inc. at 'temperance Han.on TUESDAY EVE iMNG, tbe8u< instant. ?t So'oloek The pnblio re reipectfnlly invited: also any terapermoe peakere who ?ar be in the oicy. ay 7-|t rv^S"LADIES FA'R AND FE8TI VAI..-Tbe JJ? lftdtee of the Foarth Preehjterian Church aunoacee to tke pvblie that the r Fair and Fe*ti vai will be op ?n THIS (Saturday) EV NG^and that at the eu.^klation of their friend* that have oono^nded to oontinue^t for_thre? afternoon* and ?Tsuin|? w \wvuu*7, A urauoj BDQ TTWIat Franfcim Ha.l.oornar of 9th and Data. Kanoy Artiolaa and ftafre*hma?ta in craat variaty. Good muaio awli *v<nine- Adniinos Itmti. ay 5 St* [Intel.* Kapab ] DTEfiB i bavaiaat raoetvad a rary laria and f na aaaoruiinot of Sannf Clothiac. vkioi I an offariag at oar usual low priaaa, at No. 490 8araatli atraafc appoatte Pott OSoa, Mar F. fatMn ! anOburch, < Rer. J. ? BaUarV) at &a oornar af Utta aoa H atraata, oommanoinc at 4tt a'aioek a ?? and awtinaad ma?ho?r. ja ? BULL IWH. . f A V**fui and ValumkU SWm. -lUi Ru . nSaSfB!ittl.s.?5?? "*oto"*" Um all t*?( <1m? r?rrU|?, oott #550, la ?Ml U?' ui?er, for for #1*. A?fi? M ?a? uui atrcvt. beeme e. Ifllv ? wV, .?iaa9?3r I THE FIGHT AT VORkTOWft. A Forward t?Jn ad** ts along the Rout*?Shelling Entrenchments. [Sanctioned bv Malor General John B Wool, Commanding iVpartment of Virginia } Thecorrespondent of (be Philadelphia Inquirer writes Fpitkam Moksoi, April 6 ?Friday, the ?lh lost , was tbe day fixed for the movement on to Yorktown. Gen McCleilan and staff arrived at as t *? a a ? 1?-?a .? rixHiin nuntvc on n cunwuiy ?n i?o?m me itnmer Commodore. Tbe troops were full of enthuaiaum, an1 longed for an advance movement. They, tbe soldiers, have great confidence in Gen McClellan. On Friday morning, abodl daylight, the grand army atruck tent*, and commenced tbe march 'onward to RiCbitaond." Deft. Heinttleman'a torpi At armte tnoVed up through Great Bethel? the direct route to Yorktown. After leaving the camp, aome mile* beyond Hampton, the advance struck acroaa New Market Bridge, along & moat beautiful and romaqtie road. Aa we stood at New Market bridge we saw a full brigade of Philadelphia troops pass, viz : 3d Pennsylvania Cavalry, Colonel Averell (formerly Young's Kentucky Cavalrv); Colonel Owena' With Pennsylvania: Baxter's Fire Zouaves, and the ? t- ? v,v?vui a?u VOiUUrQlQ rc^ i I LI f Ilk . A cofflpAny Of Berdan's Sharpshooters took tbf advance,with the 4th Michigan and 1-lth N York, and the 3d Pa. Cavalry In the extreme advance. The first place of note along the road wti ' Rosedown," a beautiful and unique dwelling. We aaw the proprietor, Mr W. Russell, standing at the gate* hU Riaves carrying water for the wearied soldiers. Mr. R , as usual among all we came to, expressed Union sentiments, and complained that the rebels had burned down all his fences, and disturbed hlin generally. About on?-half mllfe Heyond this Is a place called the h&: f- w* v houM. This is about twelve mim rrom Vorktown. This is a hard-looking corner?dilapidated old buildings and negro quarters, aa usual, with the largest part of the house on the outside, in the shape of cnlmneyt. After leaving this delectable place, we beard the booming ofa gun. The troops thouted?th? horses pricked up their ears?all were anxious to push on at a double quick, "the officers checked them. York river could be distinctly perceived some distance on the right. It was now half-past one o'clock. The men were wearied, yet anxious to proceed. The discharge of heavy rifled pieces Decame numerous The enemy seemed to respond briskly wltk a very h^avy piece, as the sound of the discharge seemed sullen and heavy. We soon perceived Allen's 3th Massachusetts Battery binelng away kt a very formidable earthwork. A stmt time previous to this, the 3d Pennsylvania Cavalry drove in the Rebel pickets. Griffin's Battery was also unllmbered in range ThA 11th Nnt? Vn?V ?? --J ? ?0 " ? ? _v . .... . - v ? ? win) wii'patiica U a 1114 I\ UI DCr* dan's Sharpshooters, were advancing toward* the batteries There being no further response from the enemy, after Bring home sixteen sheila, the column advanced along a winding road made by the Rebels around Howard'a Mills. After getting to the top of the bill, batteries could l*> aeen all around. It waa a very formidable stronghold. The enemy retreated Major Phllllpi had command of the Rebel cavalry. He l*?ft everything behind?meat on the fire c >oklag. They were somewhat surprised at the rapid advance of the Union forces The 2d and Hth Mississippi occopicd the abore fortifications, and called the place Camp Misery. General Heinl?plin?n ?nrf !?< ??? , ? .... _ ww-.ui a VI ?CI 111 I IT* lag, made a home in the center of tbesc fortification* the bfeadrjuarters of thin rorp*. The Union army bivouacked. In the rebel ramp "Miaery,"' preparatory to an early Hart. THE MARCH TO YOBKTOWN The ariuv. under tbe Immediate command of General McClellan, left camp at daylight, the advance being as far aa Cockeysville. Soon aftrr starting, tbe heavens become black with large, he-ivy cloud*, giving evidence that we were to march through a heavy shower of rain. Very soon it began to rain. Hooding the roads? especially thoae through the wooda?ao as to be almost impassable. The Infantry pushed on, overcoming all obstacles The cavalry and artillery dashed on pell mrJ 1 through, all anxious to vet nhm.i ri.._ 1 eral McClellan"and ?taff were but a short distance \ behind the advance. 1 About 10 o'clock, on the morning of the Sth, the i booming of the flrit gun was heard It electrified i the whole line. Overcoats, blanketa, haversack*. 4c , were thrown may by the anxiou* soldiers, * efch regiment vlelng with the other to be ttrst In. , The roads became terrible for locomotion the | further we advanced; mud holes, ruta, sloughs, kc.. seemed to go far towards making up the roaa. The line of battle was formed about 10 o'cloc k, Berdan's Sharpshooters In the advance. As the various columns arrived on the ground, they at once began to tak* tnelr respective positions Gen. Porter'aDlvialon had the center, Gen Sedgwick the extreme right, Gen Hamilton rnd Gen. Smith the extreme left. A heavy pine forest Intercepted the trooM. ex cept occasional clearings, which pare a distinct view of the enemy's entrenchments. These entrenchmenta seemed to be of the first ciaas style, and mounted with he*vy guns, sappoad to have come from tb? Norfolk Navy Yard Soon after the firing commenced, the enemy recognised Gen. Porter and stall', and at once opened upon him with shell, one of which burst within twenty leet at the General. The fight was carried on almost entirely with artillery, with the exception of Berdan's Sharpshooters Weeden's Battery opened first followed by Martin1* on the left. Soon Griffin's Third Rhode Island and Fifth Massachusetts were In position, and the battle commenced in earnest. The discharges were rapid on the Union side, ' answered, at Intervals, by the enemy. The first man struck was J. Reynolds, of the ] Rhode Island Battery. Poor fellow, he was struck with a piece of shell. Two of Col. Sam J Black's men were next hit by a round shot?a t thirtv-two tMrlnir thp kmnuoV n* -? - f ? --??jy a VH unc uiau. | One was woundea slightly; while the other was mortally wounded. The heaviest firing commenced at half-past twelve; Morell's brigade, on the left, advanced within three-quarters of a mile of the entrenched enemy. The sharpshooters, with their telescopic rifles, kept the enemy awav from their guns They crept within half a mile of the rebels. For one hour they did not reply, our sharpshooters popping them off as soon as they attempted to load, j At one o'clock Capt Martin's bat ery had two men killed, five wounded, and three horses dead. The two men killed were named Lewis and Lord. Three of Berdan'a Sharpshooters were at thl* , time wounded, and one killed?a man from New , Hampshire. He was shot through the forehead by a musket ball. Lieut. Colonel Ripley killed the man who shot him, thus avenging his death. Mr. W ay, of compwiy C, (Herdan'?) was shot in tne arm, a Daa flesh wound; Corporal Pecta, shot , In the Ice; Mr. Wilcox, of company C, bruised j by a (hell. , About soven o'clock Allen's 5th Massachusetts i relieved the 4th Rhode Island, the Rebels all day, t when opportunity offering, trying to shell out the I sharpshooters, without avail. Griffin's Battery received no loss, although batteries at their side j lost several During the day the Rebels fired a small piece of ordnance, of one inch bore, rifled,at the Bcrdans. After Griffin's battery was brought into actlou It silenced three guns of the Rebels. < The artillerists acted nobly during the whole : engagement. They took their position, and main- i ta'nra It until ordered to move. I 1) H Phelps, of Company H, Berdan's Sharp- ' shooters, was brought in about dusk,wounded in me Boouiaer oy a pifce 01 ibfll Hutteffield's and Martlndate'a brigade* acted nobly during the day?uotta reclining on their arra&.wlthln range of the enemy's guns, through- i out (tie day. Heavy tiring closed with the day; but during the night the pickets occasionally could be heard banging away, far In the advance. Prof. L?we at the close of the day, sent his balloon up, for the purpose sf a reconnolssance. j THE DAT AFTER THE BATTLE. Br spat *o*nmo, 8 o'clock. ?There la no heavy firing, but an occasional shot by the pickets; apparently no response by the enemy. The report Is they arc changing the location of their guns, and have two gun-boats on the York river. If It were not for the picket flriug, no one would Imagine that a battle was raging. The morning Is beautiful and clear, and the hlr<> ?? warbling forth their spring note*. The men , stand ready for the action. Aa vet nothing Un- i portent baa been done apparently. Ltent. Ltbby, of the 4th Maine, was shot In the arm He Lad been out for aome straggler*, when he was attacked by two men. Sunday morning, 0 o'clock.?The enemy are commencing to evacuate their batteries on the JJLAC* 81LH ! g , ??^!!" COLO.BO S.LU, A fall assortment of th* best trades at our pro T"^iB?saswui! , ? _ j SPRING SHAWLS! N..8.;??^APrn,ss! ay l-bt Pun. tvennaaad 9U street. TH|CK ANP Tff IN FABRICS matt kiadsof AUo, ghepiard'j Pfcics, and Biaokud WkiU '^*.:r.Vo~^?Mi> iIUMi u?? no Mtiimr U witori*! lyl 1 P?i? >TWHMiwkiC / 1 11 I." THE PONCHO TEXT! ENTIRELY WATER-FROOr. IsvfTED AND NAIED BT HORACE H PAT W?i|ki * PtcKillt i tt la thre* good Rubber Dlanke'a, rn Lin<~o, fi2 bv 71 Inch'a. II In three Pom h<>? or Cavalrf over-jjarnirtita ? each weighing, rnmpate, two poDod* The whole, whi ; nn make* this a convenient Tent for tbrer per*?na on a march Manufactured and told, wholesale, by the In vehtor. Factory, corner 33d street and 3d avenue, New York. Retail price. Water-proofed with Rubber, *10. Large discount wholesale. Retail prlee, Water proofed with Plnamel Faint, 50. Wlthont Maker's name, none genuine. (Patent applied for ) WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Agents, 35*1 Pennsylvaniaavenue, Washington. The following Testimonials will nhow how this valuable contrivance la viewed and com Bred with ail the other article* designed to take \ place Oue 'wo horse team will transport enough of these Tents for a Regimeut For ?alc and otders received as above. C*>ir Lisiay. Va-, HaAqunrttr* 8?A P'*f. C*V ?lr?? March 22, Hok ?cr H Dat. ^ rf| , o- Hen. Va* Vuit. Th's Ketimcr.t has had in use the lire- (tainted Pot-ho Tents ab utone month, and firds every reason to ??tak hichly of :hm- Ws osnnot mi ajtne anytMnr in their a'aoe thtt oould civs m re jeacral *ati?facti in. We havo use-i 'bem as ter.ts, and we also find them an excslient shelter Irom storm wh'le on ma^ch. In short, ire would not wish to be without trietu. A E Gr.ffilh, Lieut Co!; Majir Pancoctt Uno?; Chns Arrow-smith. Cart Co B; C ? Smith. Capt r.o H; AuJtin N Cooper. To I; P Kee nan, Capt CoohI'k Co C; Samuel Wilson, Capt Co L: Andrew Crav>n, Cast Com4'i Co V; Theo tfurkha-t, 1st Lieut <^o M; Jco W Jso >bs, ?d Lieut Co "1: Chas J Wickersbam, Capt Co K; Jos W Wistar. Capt Co D; albert G Eros, WMof 8:h Penn Cav; John Pri?e, ("apt '"o (J; Wsn F Miller, 1st f.i'nt Co?; Robert Oidtt?.n.t 1st Lieut Co It: W A Come Caot<"oF: Lieut Chris K Rneass, Co fi. 8th Pa Csv; N \v" Kneass. Lient Co H, sth Pa; Lisut Lewis Fishbl&tt. Co K.

HRAI^UARTKRS I Ht*D ART5LLRKY, / iff Corcoran. Vtrftma, March 22. 1 have examired ttis article re/erred to in the foreioinc certificVe, and a'*o or,? of the e*me kir.d water-proofed with India rul?i>er ic??oa-! of the ejiam?I ir pai it referred to. While I think hifhlr of the original, I dre.ti that orated with thin ruM>er.a* new m?d? hy V? Pay. who assures ine he i? the inventor of thin Pon< ho Tent." as a perfect a- d inva ii\h!n c lr.trivarc* lor a moving army. 1 mast oordially reci>min*nd it* reneral adoption. " Jam** H. Lkdlik, r.j'oncl Third AitillMj, N Y Vol. Camt >*?R Ai.txiNDRit Virginia, HumftM^rifTf 2d Mainr Hctimmt, March IS, 1K32. Mr. Horack H I?ay or G^n. Va* Willi: Mr reri r.ont have had the Linen Punted Poncho Tent in use a'xiut throe months, aLd on the whole have eiv^n ic?od sVi*f*ction. The ?ty!^ and rattern it as tood as can be, thrush I prefer g'umm*t* to button*. The article la cow naed t>T the men as ten's?it Ins been u*ed on picket Hut*, tivirit sMisfftotion, Tte r* ** in some o*se? oraek!1, hT<:a nnler some oircnm?t*nces ?hej ar? not *hoi y ?%t*?r proof; though in vi *w of the iow ?noe. the i*ht:!e?s an<1 cot.vsnience, I UfPn iho Poncho Ted ol Mr. Day invaluable, and could not do withf'iit ?hem m?ni eon*i ;era' 1 >n. CI.*.* W Mebert* Co'. Commacdinr; Par,lei i hftp'ft n. MljrjGsnrite Verney. Li*?t Co'; L*wi* l* iuu.l*et . A?1 jt; VV ? Mi'tfcett, l.i ut Comfi'i Co R, I' C Foss, Capt On K, F A Hjui'M, Opt <*n H; A O Uairliu, A**!?tft'it for*?t>u; Sam'i W Hoakire, Qtt <rtfrmaat*r 2t\ Maine, ?fttni9l H Morrison, Surteon Maice; VV H B**nt< n Li?u' ro H. fieo U IJrown, Lieu* Co H: A. C \Vhi?c'?iui>? '?t Sere'lCoM; J W A &ms, Firfct Lieut Col; K X Merri.l. Capi Co C; Thcnn* Foster, J! Lieut Co E. fvI-rth Micmisas Rroimbnt. V"tini<t, Mnrrk i", PH2. Mr. 11 H. !>** < r Pcu V * n Vlkit I>Mr {*?< We f.nte used lint's Patent*n p... ohos &?x ~ , mvteto he converted intoTerta. icri found thrrn tlia in<^t perfect thine ?n ft1! roup :otn, exoep- thnt th" iM?r p-ooflrf in manyrf tuen i* unpeif-'Ct. Those lssuel to this r^gmieut have been ?xohvr?d l>r rul?bor biauke'i. The tnen ftre rorij ."or it As bftfi f.? the Poncho 'e, it II ?rArrPH ft* thfi raw riil.'oo? * ? L r, v .v v?< IHI/UVI u nu?uv? HIT vainn ihf?T were exchanged. Our men would (fifthly change l?ok lor theold Punctata. liut onr wide m?nt 11 that i f t h I'oiicho Out were made of good rubber. tame pattrrc aa tiio Linai l'aiElo<,aod protpc ?d i r. thp Kurfac, it w.ii d be j?fct fli*? tlnui want- <1 W? are :n(on?"*l the pncsof the Ha ntcd I'onoho Trnt rf Mr. D?? I* 9 V> each without poles la cclc ution we fraulc.\ say wecii'ider tbmn amply worth "he monsT. J \V Chi dt. Lieut < o: Coind'g Ith Mich Vo.; it o;o, M&iur4?h Micli Voi; J A fiords Lipi t Comd'c Col; J W FTvl, I ieut '*o D; F. S Baldwin. irv^it Ci> D; N fto 'dart, i leut l'n l;OH Paraona. I tent Cornd c Co K, C N ;>iar,n, Lieut: A C Larrenr. L eut; M W C'lapto,' apt Co F; SariiUi M Keliy, Cap. i o Li A M Ko?e, Capt Co A 4tU Mioh Vol; WinECUtk*, s?Tfr,?>n 4?i Mioh Vui; R 1 AurhmiitT, A*8*t Adj't Q-n 3*1 ifr'iadc, F J por-er'? OitIi; C C D^f Uttle, Capt Comd'c t,o n; i?eorse rpaidins. Opt Co rt.4th H*t Mich; U D, Cast Co 6; 4th Rer M V * He4di?nrlfTi Ei.rtyittonfi Higimtnt, Pinn Volunlfrs, Marrn JO, i862 We concur in the foiegouift iec?.mmeLdation. Sam in, W. TUCK, Colonel Co7TiaiaT,dir? Regiment. J. W Swiitzir Lient Coi 6'd R*? P*. Vol. j. 8 beowh. Adjutant 62d fecu. Vol. Cami- Maecv. V:bgihi*. Hindquarters of 3* Fa Cap . atarch 22, 1R52. To Mr. M. rl 1>ay or Uric. Gen Va* VLriT: Our is v?r? much pl?aned wid Day'i Linen Flirted Pono&?> Tents. We our?elyos have t?ste<i th":n thoroughly, and can rpsak in high >raiie of their usefulnrs*. In ojr i p mon trier* is to attiole of thiide-c ip ioa mai? mo-e convenient knd ?c well adapted to uie varioni purpose which >ur actual reeurea^n s iemar:d. J f seal, Afii't; Jos h m-aun!*, Capt Co m; AI>"1 Wright, 1st Lieut Co M; George John uu, c*pt ?;?i F; J<>s K lodge, let Lieut; T f Rupse'.i, Ca?t i>o k; Wendeli Cat?\Capt Co L; *' H Miarwood. Li*?it >.o Wm J Garr, < apt Com i'k i*o i>; fi M Martin, Capt i;omd'| Co K; Fdw i$ Jones, i. apt Coned g Co C; Robt d"ue'a?, tot Li vut Co c: Wn R Price, 1st Lieut a R q M; Alex J Woodiurn, Capt Co K; Thog H iown,CajtCo JJ; Walter H New hall, lit t.ieutCo G If the materia! was iubb*r eloth, I won'd o?*near ntheabove. wm W. Avkrell, Ooiocel Third P. V. C. I agioe with the Cole-sol Cuonnandicc Em est M. Bkmknt, Msj. 0?m Fire'. Bat Third I'a Civ. 1 oheorfuliy oncur in the foregone certificate, ixoeptaito the m*tenai of which the tent* are uaue. wmcn saou.a oe rubUer. S M. <> wen. Lieut. Col. Thi <1 Pi. Car. HlADQUABTIB-* Pf>BTKR'8 DIVISION. Camp Californta ( Va ) Marr*. 1362. In the mtreh of farter's Uimioi irom Hill's Bill. Virf f> Fairlax Court House, ai d lioin thenc" 'o this pleoe, the t'ocoho She'ter Tent, nwsnfc"'nrfd !>t Mr. Dar, and ure-i or several of the ret>nieijte it) their hivuuao, although n.anj of them rtef-otive, m consideration < f thermal ex ?en>e of them (I think $1 51,> more than f%\C, lor thmi?el?e? aurin* the movement of the p*stlew ia*?. The soiuterV usin* th* m find th?. m warmer than the Frenoh "Tent d'AbfU" Th?? th? right aiie for comfort aid oonveutenoe when litohed for tlii nnmher of ir?n alio ted to them. They have an advantage over 'the "Teutd'Abri" wheu wet. iu they are no heavier, while 'he" r?*t i'Abri?" atsc-ibing the moisture, are not op|y more weighty when packed wet, hut e-e iaHe to mildew Th? eiz^,'ijhtnes*, cheapness, and mill (y ot this tent, make it a desirable oi-.e. and could 11 he made to endure without peelint ?'r etaokiiift, would, in in? "pinion, make it invauible to ant irmi m^virg. ??. MoMfiiHf, l,t. and Adjt t?flen F. J. Porter, Com'g Div. To Ho*a< * h. 1>?y We have examined ?n?i Tent d'Ahn, made on Ihin Linen cloth, liglitry ooa-ed with K libber composition. The adopting of it to tne pm poeeof a Poncho in moatarimirati e. and ut vet of the light nessand * rengtha-d wa'ei repaying ana itr.ard of our ,xperi?in,e with OLhei r.rtiale>, we consider jour "Poncho Tent" the best contrivance we have ret seen fn- bivouacin* and nee of the army on inaro i without tenia. VYm il. Paitaoas. let Lieutenant>d itfouuy, Corn's Co. T. W. WiLHS. Capt 3d Infantry, Commanding Co. I. Nt*t Alexnttdrta, March 13. 5&?*\ \Va?hi*gt->n, March it, lnoi. Mr. Horai 11. Day. I have examined your plan of Poncho Tent.a blanket liKft. 6 > by 7f ineh^f. Itrrl nnnvarlih A mtn k shelter tent; and I d??m it altotether the t>en oontnvbpco for auy fcrtuy ruo viag 1 have seen. Mt regim- nt have recently nhtalnej some painted cott<n oloth imde filter your pattern, rxoept the blankets are nailed wita ey eieti. i prefer the h?tt >na Mid tha uu oX l*mon u a hi Maud U> be water proofed nith Rubber. 1 deo^tjoor Rubber Poneho Tent the beet 1 have ?een- and can cheerfully reoommeud it* adoption br the 6oT?nimwt for army nee. Jjncia A. Sititbx. Lieutenant Coleaei com'p, M:h N. Y. V. I fully oononr in the views above set forth. J. Palm i a. Cctonel 3d N. Y. Volunteer Artillery. Ht*4qu*rttrt 34f4 ff. y. Vol. March >5 nsi. Mr. Dai : Wetiave exairined year India Rab bar Poncho Tent, with Me tntominca andarranremenU. oar judgment. perfect. 'I he tize ib Juetright forthenamoer ofmen lor whiahit ie j ' -? l?uial?u>a?mil s k ? _ - .. ? ...-'"II v. ui Oi ir, yiirregiaieni received abo?t e*ht taMEM of tabled pB?lin from the fljoartermaeter'e Department on the 24th nearly v*Se|?#a. *orcerP^ *&? ,n#n si&?&flSH[SUr*1' too harsh tariui of oon- I ?* \Ym. L.. Oswald, Captain Co. A. CBAJtin kiiiT, Capteia. Sen YAK VLIIT. . The offiaers and men hive reeeatly tried tM ynaa Teat d'Abu. aad find them wholly acelaae Hi weather. Jhey leak water, and afnro realty ss3*? are rery heavy, and will drv only wb? rxpoetd? eyreari cut ih the ion or dry wind. No p??eit>le asvs^Kirij^^wsrX ' 1 lU.lvi ' if* <*4 t*i? * 1 .<ieht new. In oar orioinn. th?r *re mttl'H n l*? aid We epeak the ?fn?ii?ifnu ol the enti'? regiment T W W?nu, < :&? *( ii 3< Infmti? \Va a. Pnioii. lit L??t M,in'mrT C?nim?nrt Co Quirt*, r>tk N. V. S Bf .. Eatirv't X Rom4** M^rrh 2S "b? We full* <?? e?r in th* "p'nimi exepsteo by Cafl T W W*'kfr.<3l lnf\qtiT.'?rd other*. m relorerv #lc "ie otilitrof the Ltaen "Tent d'Afcri." We har# been u?inv then for the **t f<n?r weekr H. V Trthill, Afttista't ft?rir*oi! yth N Y ?. M J. Mckm i. S'l Lieut. ronipMf K. 2>th \ Y ?. M oon<?m iti what it above e*pree?*<l h* Or. Tut hi''. C. V4if Santvoord, rhapiain*>th M V i? M I folly concur in the above. j b- k'rprm?krgh, Major i*th N. I 9- M wiihisctmi, March 26. lpoi. Mr. Horace H Dtt Yon wish mo to iUt< theexpen??ce of the regimfn'. to whicn 1 am attached in the aae cf the Tent d'abrt. firnished us by the Government, and nad} of oioth not water pro f?d. I answer they tie of In tie or no uaa. 1 hare n?' sr f tri^d tfcem, and a n now rufTeriw; a aev?re cold an! cieknes* from ho'onthi* wet ta tryiar to eep under one 01 them Thte la the experirwoe, I . \ < I fhr i -vim'nt 1 I ave cxamibed your Konoku Tei.t. nia<i? aatw-proof, and oonterttble into blankets at d ponchos, and consider it tk? k?*l tfiimt 1 ever saw. a d deem it admtrahie lor ao arm> in actua a.-! vice k. the field gr3. w. gfrrki, l?t Lieutenant Company E, i*U iMiaU Vol ti'odsunrtf+i Warn* Litkt Canafrv. 4rhntton. < r<?. ('imp Pal*rrtr% March *7. 1?2. Mr. Hcr-csH Day: I have examined jour patent Poaoho Teat, and having had a^mc considerable knowledge and ex perie'?ce in the India rubber busmeas I do aot nesitata to siy that yor have succeeded in making roar rubber preparation of water proofing perfect for the usd to which y<ru have appiiei it. Year I'orcho tent, being made to weigh only eeven potnda, is just the thing wanted The a>z* la raaily qui'*' tarre nuu oonvemei : ior LOree men. ant I am aurp ued And delighted th\t so vah.iMe an addition Has b?en diaoovared forth* aohl'.era' oomf ?rt. It i* so much totter than anything eiae la the field ae to ba %hova companatin. AI other hints hereof .re is.iici, exo^pt yours, have failed. The Fivnflh Tentd'abri isaselessin ttefceld in rain? weather; will eauae more aiokneaa than it will prevent. A large portion of the men in my regim*nt rrftiae to use them, ar.d the money expended in tneir coat ia auhatantially thro? n away, 'I ha Vabher blankets, thoorh some of them of good m\te rial, yet aro nor ol any uie axoept fjr a man to tar unlei him when sleeping F W. ARM'thokc., Major 3d Battalion Harris Light Cavalry. He<vlinarttrs Hnrrii Litkt Cataly, Camp paimer. Mr Home* K. Oat : Yonr Poncho Tent h.\? been aubmittei to my exainitiali'jn. aitd I am oompellrd to expreaa a most faro; al:e opinion of ita superiority to anything that has c 'me under my notice. Ita water proof (I Ilfllltiea. If : llihtneaii. it* w?irht not li&hJa tn increased by wet or i&iu, and lU durability recommend it t> men being ju?t wha., ?t this time, la rfquired for fcotua' hard *errice' i th* field. Mr experience with the French shelter tenia w not at a-1 farorable, they being aimojt uaeieaa in wet weath- r, and 1 ccm.der four tent a-< entirely obviating the objeotto'ia eo >ustiy urged again kt the use of ttie plain cloth ahelter tent. TUe Kubber ii.auket now laauod laonly valuable a* a covering tote paced upon the ground, and urt at a'l fit to form a tent J. KiLramcKIt Col 2d y. Y. Cavnlrv ind Provost Marikal 1st Li'*ten*nt 1st jlrttllr y. Camr nonr Mtr/az Srmmnry, Va., A't' I ?McDowill't JJic., Afarc* 2>, 1MB. .Mr i?. H. pat : We l a** uae<i yonr I'onoho Tent, made water pn<of with enamel or paint,and ike the atyle, aiae aU'i ir?.fca -ft; d %nu hi i'tn me uiater ai taec |*jt w*ii r pre. fc: e. >'f> nj ei.ainel paint, la liable to cra'-k. ?et on'y tw> men in th* batte yarttiok, and we wonld not willingly t* w.thoat TO?r painted tent Wo think, if ma<ie wa'*r proof with ln^ia : ur>ber it would ba indispensable to an arm? in tft* field. We cheerfully I evr testimony to the IHt tint your eontriTaroe > a'togeiher the beat of anr i> jo iter tonl w.??n l a* co.xe i c er our notice on til* ti'ie l tLe Pot. !.?=. We hive mrpectrd yonr ?"cnoh? made >>: ru"*" on litien, and convertible j it 'R she tsr ieut. or.aeyoa term It, yo?r "Ponoho Tcu vJ i pe it * lil b? purchased by the ?overcifautit,* d tint we ?f .all ueaole to gettLem. Vety respectfully. F. M. Kisill, 1*t Lieut. N- H. Battery. e. H. Hobb*, lit " * " J Wam,u?ii, 2d 44 44 rf F. CoaPtcT, M 44 ? W? >HISGy??N, April ?, 186i. Wo have iaiuine>d th* Lew Poacho Teut, invented :?y Mr Day. made of linen, at>d rendered Wat. r P. oof with lidta ?ub. er. with aurfaoe protection. '1 ne i nportait faot that the tent is made up of three l&ue U,a ,kt-V?, eaoii a Punoho, u a very imp >rta- oanMd'rattan?as in marohitg, or op p cn?-t or *na;d d;it? in rairr weather, the to oiti m kept dry with the incumbranoe of only two eouad weuht- mcht- Lhe imm 1'nnrhna are united to maVe a good Ten for three nr.,. We have wikp<1 ard examined the different contrivances la ta - field detucedut nOMitute. but ujtr arc oon.para' ewiththu, aul we oneerfa y o-rtifr i > i>c niflitT, and reoommei.d iu use id preference to any ner for bivouacing and lor tke aunt minefield without regular teits. TH06 A Zifglr, Colonfi Regiment P?ui- vol, H. K. Clark. Cap?. Co. 9 let N. J. Cavalry. And Adams, Major lit New York Cavalry. Horack Day. F?q : Havtii* examined yonr India Rubber Poncho Ten' ana to i - : its W'?ter P.oof qualities, I feel bound t> say ti at U is the beat lent after that model 1 rave vet seen. It i* far saperi r to the Tent a'Abn. in nee in the French aritv, w ioh i can aay from e.xperianoe la a: but worthless In heavy wet weather. Year ? eci la more* portable; and bain* impervious to vet, n;n?t afford go< a "belter to tbe rosier in oawpai&a. L'.Xmis 1 Knu. Cap'am. Chcvaliek di Pit IX. et ?t. tireroi-e, AO. Morerst**** Hottl. Watki*t:o?, Ar il5.1862. 1 luiiy concur in tiio al ove. Wtrd Kbooh. Wnshingio*. Attil 3. 1M2. a?-t SaWSt pVBlNKSS FOK SALE. Any person wiahinc to engage in a legitimate business, where the eipecan* are lytht ana a poor. living can be maJe on a una 1 capital, will bear of an opporiucity by tddreasmc E T. KVKREl'T. 8*9 E street, bmwrtt 13th and 14th sts. ap 7 1w* A CARD. HK Gre*t consitnm-nt en'eof pood a f oiu a large Imported House in New York will positively close on the 1st oj May Those who rait t? profit tliPTnao.vei by not pu chasing immediately from this Lirje conaicnment will l.a?? oaoae to regret It, an >he goods will reai'y he sold at fiftv oenta in thr do.; are on the oc*t ol ;mFi>rtation In >heaa act- tirent will be found? Rich Moire Att^uea id white, rote, pink, and bine. p if h Watered 8iike. Tatfetta ij.ripe m purple, maiza. lilac, roae,ard Drowii., Eleenct ?i'k Rohea in white, roae muse, and oorn oo>ra. Plain in pink. rose, treea. mais*, oanary. atraw cherry, ail i ra-xloa, from >7 oenta to ?1,80 MNi Beanului line of cliene. ttnpwi.fieorfd and plaid H'ks, for * fr.m 40 oeuta to $i per jard. faffet'a Rfriiai^Mw atyleof gooda, at 97 cent*, irat *nahty cf Ch1:.* Si'ka, perfeat good a, at ? oenta. Now atyle Feaiarda, in piaida and atripea, very cheap. P'ain black Grenadine, or Hernanni, Chmii^ h itare tireaadiaea, in black and oolored fmnnda. While. Hue. and n-ae oo. red Grenadine Robca Crap- *e Pari?. m writ* p, roae. and drab, Mooruinc Pilka, in oho-ka, p'ada. and atrip**! Parage Albiua. n??w a'jlap.iwo jarca wide, lor ?Faw!a and Obalt* Al'Minaia#. ten Tarda wi?1?, l??r do. B?re?e?, inaae. fireaabtne, and Ornui laiiM. lull assortment oraulas and o?lor?, tot* ch?ap Figured. Vnpod, ar.d foney Bereges, from U oon's to 57oente, Plain Hewes in til oolorn. Norwich Pop-ins, ch?ar. Km# French Poellns,5 4 vide, vary eheat. Fine f-reneh*n vool pel&tne, In rieh oolor?,lt C?BU, Many of tbe*oo Ia*>av? been rod a nod in yrwo iiooo nur l?!>t advertiaemen',the objeot kM?i ?a eioM them >n( cheap rather than to re<nm them to Nov York. GLA61ITT A MAY. a* 7 6tf _ 32? P* *ye? bet 9th and Mg at*. | ADlEH' DRESS TRIMMINGS. J uat rooeived an aasortmoatof 8pnu? Tniuuai*, Gimp?, Priniea, Buttona Cordaaihi Taeael* made to order, at MR?. i.OW E'S 'PriuiiniDfBtore. S*T Pa avenne, couth side, b*tveont?h and Kth its N. 0 ? Alao. an assortment of Military Triasmincs on hand. H?rn?n ? "* *" " 0 llflfk ?tt?hKI-8 PRIME tkED OATS. fijl'UU Porultbf j. p. bartholow. 1 Afrieu!i?r*i W?r?tiouu, 44* Seventh ttrMU fc*low Pa. itwii. ^Fnak and 6ml((. For Ml" hy . J p. BAnXOPLOW. g?? Bwwth'mSff R'low w. . . __ <.c -*f*!*h*rK Mn!" I ?r Q^vBm bjwii prow if, THK 8Uracit?8BS9BBttfViW RECEIPT ofnuppN at ifttnt Sprint (Nx>da.thei fsueotfully t a lie it s a?il tod^| tb? oontioued f-j-tr-t it tlrii Htrou tn4 11 Um> MbUo giffUj. .A v Wlf Tbeyilaoie%u**l ?yepitIattanvuBofthfUf^l anrir and n*rj o?toVn?r? to thrtr t?*?tt of too4a tntfcftt Uee,?*its1*n?( of fwordii, Befit. fhoWdwr . r. n?i pcrwncv ? w.? I:' *^rmSMWffiWtiftfc. . Notioi.?Ail parioo* iad*bt*d to tit* tel* Am of .>" 1 !l . ' !"' ' ' i lB??.r???cIor w by FAJIENflfll TRAm TO HARAS^iH " W?? rrr?ir?f*T, > OJHti M?/> S*p t an-i r n**k*girm, 4r??'3. 1** S t'atil further ?<*}<*, ? rmiigrt train will be mo on Nttarday of ?*cb work, from seventh atreot and Mtr?tow4 mvrfi'** to Nimki. iravtnr W#fhtng?->n at 9 10 > m Mrtvln? at Man%?aaa at nt ; returning will kaT< .%taaaa?ft? a* J 30 p m , arriving at Waehin.'ton at 9 p m Farrfron Waahlnffton to Mana*ai> ami rrtura. ?J, aa4 from Alexandria to Muwu and return. |t 36 D. C. McCALLt'M, Military Director au4 SMip't Kallroada. I?. 8. ap 3-tf (Intelligencer 4 Republican.) AUCTION HAI'tiN. ?t WALLA BARNARD. Auot'oeeere. Sewr* Om? fa. or. **4 tk ttrrrt. /IIOCEljE!. LIQUO RP, SCTLBR?' v* pvrrupa, ?r . aicti"* ? ?? xi r,>v*r MOK.N j N6. tJ>* Hh M??tant, alio o'e oek. w* wi i Mil kt tha A actio a Kooiaa. an aaaortmont of Grot-aria*. Lifura, '-'at #r?' * -. *>m (rinrg? Harre.i Ro&bsd.atid Va'lnw Faear*, 0ozM Adamantine and gtcrin# ? aadiaa, H firkin* Hot ec tiuUar,and Chaeaa, Boxaa t?tarch. *zd ' B 'Xta and bar'*!a?f Herni* and Saimaa, 2" barrtia Sootob Bottif a A t and Portar, Fraila lHJea, Boxea Tol?coo aa.1 Cigara. C&aaa Whisky. Brardy. Cm. and Cordia *, C&ae* Mad?Va, SMrrr. CVarat. and t?rnai Win**. Caa*a Bitters and Oil] Cockta.., B*rraia Wtiakj. different br&ra*. Anit k l.k?k .. una >?i* ?uw ?.i|iuu MMimuuji Harreia F o?r. Ciki Booti Shoe*, and India Rubber Bltotau, ? Barr*la latitat Ms, Cmnba and Braabe*. Card*. Kniroa. Foiica. P.f?r, F> Caaka Cincinnati Harna, Fiannet Shirta a*<! ?rh#r Pnall 8tortm. mpi WALL* BARNARD. Aaela. ft/- THE ABOVE PALE IS POSTPONED antfl THuRtDAY MORNING, loth Inst ap S WALL ft BARNARD. Aueta Br J. C. M06UIRE ft CO., Auotioneora. BAILIFF'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD Fl'RH tcu ?ObTHUKSDAY M'RNIN?, April 100), aoaaaiaaainc at 10 o'o 00k, by virtna of an order of diatra n. to ntdi MtoO.for ho?s? raotdae aad in arraara, I iia.1 tell, at the raaidanoa of M ra. H. Parker. No. 24 1 G atroe*. b<?tir?*ti nth lil lath all her Honaeho d Faruture and Lffeeu. W? naasaia part? Oae P?ato Forte ard Ftor.l. v*hojar? 8air cloth Parlor Fartntnre. Walnat WhapiC*. Marble top Center Table, Satotaay 8i<Je TaNee, me seat Keoepfioa Chair*. Mahogany and other Bar-aui and Wa?h?taadii. Walnut ar.d Painted fleaatcada. r ham her Tablea. Care-veal Chamber CSaire. Loange, Feather l>eda. Bolatera and PiUoa-a, Mattreeeea and Bering. Bbroe ply anl Ingram carpeta, all Oil Cloth aod Ventian htair Carp>u. Window Cnrtaina atd Sha ea, Parlor and Chamfer -tor?a. Coking Htore, Kitohec Keqoiutea, Ac. > Tenia aaah. WM. CAM.MACK. Bailiff. ay 7 d J. C. MeOLIRK A CO.. A?to. Br J. C. McOVIRE h CO . Anetioneera. VERY DESIRABLE A^f) NEARLY NEW DwilliM Horn AT fniic ArcTio> ?Ob TBUK0DAY AVlERNOOt*. April Ifttb, at h o'clock, on tiie f in; w. * 'ball eall Lot C, In Daily'a tnbdiTieioll o| ^faare uambered 2i>. having a front 55 feet on nort.* l,e??aet. e'wejn Mth ttreet aad Verm< at arcane, <nnr>in? back los feet 6 icoh eatoan alter, improved I v a kantfaom* and veil hflit hrovn ir^nt three-et?ry a hate meat bnok dwelling hYuae, containing in * . e e?en roc ma. The location of fhta property la be'*evcd to be the I w ? ;_ a k.? e _ - . [<v?iaini;oii| i?r ? p c renarooe Ternit: One thinl ?a*h. the retidae .'nS.JJand II monthe, with interest. (tec a red bj a daeu ol tract oa the premiee*. All <K?rTeyaro"n at the coat ?f the pnrohaeer. aM d J. C. McCUiKK * CO., A?la. By GPEKN A WILLI AMS. Anct oneera. 3B riOI'SF.S AMD LOIS ON MNTII ST. AT AittioH.?On THURSDAY. the loth i retain, we ahau aell, m front if the eremite*. at 5 o'clock p. it.. Lot No. iean?lp\rt of Lot No. II, in Crit tarden'a atbliviamn of P<u*re iVo. W. with the ! improvements. which are two l>riok ?<-d one frame i onsen ooLtAiniug aix rooma each. Tlun propert? front a 9th atreet weat. between O and f rtreeta north. Terms ca*h ap 4-fit 6RKKN A WILLIAMS. Aueta. B|HY VI*Tl>;OFA WRIT OF FIKRI FACIAS. leaned Henry Reaver, one of the juatioee of i the peace ir. acd lor the ooanty of Waahicgton, at the aait of Kdwartf Can)mack, against the (node* I ruimrii, itnai ?na tenement* or Joitft, HoucJifr. ud to me directed. 1 have levied npon all the right, ttie, claim. interest and estate of the said Joeepa Boaoher to and into part of Lot No. XI, front, ng 21 fast on the couth ?i<Je of Proapeot etreet. and raaring back IB feet deep, aod f h ereby give notloe that on the i?th ?iay of Apr .'B1*. ?t 3 o'clock in tae afternoon, in fioot r>( ??id ren->a*a, I wi 1 offer for sale thesvd part of Lot No totbehigheet bidder for oaah. ap>-M* R. B. TRUNNELL. ConataHe. EOAUDLNG. A PLEASANT ROOM 8U1TA BLF. POITA gentleman and a lady or two in gle gent lemen. i can be obtained at S09 F street, between Uth and lfth street*. Aw.a lew table boarder* eoeommo wm. a? 7 3.* FtRNISHKD ROOMS TO KENT, with fiocrd, in a plivtaant location lh: the Oapito.. Trao?i??nt Bjanleri aooojnm Jated. Inauire at >tax mti ?l-tf DOAID-Two lirp Front Roooi, FinuiM U ea3h. euraMe for tenileman u4 tadr.ortvo F eaaastlr at A00 C street, wean 3d and H Term* moderate. mh S9 Tt* GEORGETOWN A1)VJ?BT'MT8 DI0I8KIN 6LO V E 8! aauKniw a. 104 H sh 9niITi tiEORUETOWN. D, C. IBE www Offioera' tianctieta made to ordor. I Booka*;r Drawers and 8hirta. Ja U MASSBY, COLLINS ft CQ.*S PHILADELPHIA DRAVGHT ALM. Wo have juat roooived a aoapir ottheabove Aio, Vkfca we roeommMKl to be ofa very anterior ?oailty. Peraona wiahiaj to pnrchaa?, by loakiBf immediate arp cat 0':, oan be fnraieb*<l. ANY * SHINN, W ? NOTICE. NOTICE. NOTICE. DAYTON'S PIC-NIC FARINA CRACKERS. DAYTON'S celebrated BOSTON CRACKERS, na\ri*/>?ita ? ? ------- vaiiUivs i nnwiea 5UUA CRiCKER? DAYTON'S SPICED SNAPS, DAYTON'S LEJtlON BISCUITS, DAYTON'S CONFHCTIONKEY, CREAM CANDY, N Y.KVERTONTAFFY, STICK CANDY, DAYTON'S unrqualltd RASPBERRY PIE*, LEMON PI EL. SLICED APPLE PIES, To be fnwnd at Maab Market, Stand No 37, on 9th street; Bakery, No 446 11th Mriet, betwwn a ul H. ap 7-1W pKAD A N I M A L a. Mayor's Prrrt. V. .1... * ' ? ! " Deari Animate will uneedeelel/ be r?no?'(l And buried on notice beinj left At eit er ?>f the Polio* Mntton* of the Metropolian Polioe. Partiou'Arity akoald be kad in tooAtinf u?? ovmn to miw ^aT/*It SnCHAED WALLACH. MAyot. T< NOTICK 1 HE STEAMER "? HOMAiCOLLVKI Will ifitM kw inn to Moabi Vactio on WrdneedAy, Meroi 9th and wU1^^4^k? ran every WedneraAy ud Bktarji* til farther not)**. i?nI| her wharf at the foot of rtk etreet At 1* o'clock a m. Fare for tke raaad t ip on board tke boa* f 1 90. SAMUEL BEDNEY. Captain. N. B. Oa tke payment oftJ oenta net ton will be AdnttiAd to tk? roMi wkiok 6eaeral WAakmctoB oooupied am ib wkiAk kc died The babbiob Acd croanda Are o.oeed to Tiaitora on BaadayA. fbtW ^ ~ Dr. I. B. BKELEY. ftoit MAnafAotarer of tke mm HARD BUBB&R TBU89. Tke ^ mmdm Eitti t Omdpiar't Pmtmu. I Eabbtr 10?ra lor the Radio* Caracf Hernia \TECM# cr J iU Clark iL-Nt, ClMtfO, UMmu. Tin i H DM m hanof a mmni, la tha Cnne or >mnak.MM? aakaovn ia the hiatory ( Traaaaa; uuka MTfttara aw a?*d la tka fallow inf ret pec ta ??It wilt never mat. (tha apriaa hoiac o<>ateu with b?i4 itaMjar,) CM.(* Qmll aorPnttm, wtU not nia or bom, oan be a?o? ta batfcia*. is at vara CUan, and ?ood aa ww 1>oas not fftn or mjwn taaCmi7Mr uisisailal and aalatfa the ?w?m; Mtiir*. itW bfw'fMity MtrS HIMM I* Lh? N'orth w?\ wiUtr Um past two ofttet or US we it lorir i 1* I r|,.t? i? '#co>Siafci. tJTmSTG* * ? ?j; *?-?. by Si CKSTrAssr. srisrass a^r Aodrewi, Liad (JolTarMftf, i>ooC WotMtt, of ^ Jaataoc 't* b? M r?r?on? W ?r,.r| thuTTT g?S?Ea?UR DR SKKL.KY will b? M J. W. NAIRN'S fc*i?nsffl sa^TusF"'' fHr , ,.ji? , .W9lO' >* ft

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