Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1862 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS. AinimiiTi To Niaat. Vo*d'? Athisidi ?This evening kecond time rf pioo Bourcleanlt's great Americas plsy entitle "The Octoroon, or Life In Louisiana." Tl?ta etrlking portraiture of life In Dixie haa bad a long caretr ef success In the theater* In northern cltlea. Washiwwtoji Theati? ?Reopening of the popular C atreet theater, and I tat appearance of the celebrated art re**. Mlu Bateman,in this city on which occasion ahe will saaume her great rtmacter of ?'Jnl?etM In Shak^peare'a play of Romeo and Juliet," and will be assisted by the great dramatic company from rrom sweet, Haiti* more. The performance* will conclude with the musical comedietta of the "Swedish Nightingale," In which the pleasing artreaa, Mlw F.ffle Grrmon, will personate "'Jenny Llnd " CiiiTiiicii Hall ?The great burlesque of 'Oh, Huab"' will be repeated thla evening. Min Julia Mortimer, the favorite aong?treas, will sing aome of her Inspiring melodies, Mia* Millie Fowler and corpa de ballet will dance their prettiest, and the other star performers will appear. / Odd Fbllows' Hail?Kunkels splendid Nightingale Opera Troupe every evening In new songs, dances, and burlerques Those who have >ot neen these unlqne performers will do well not ?o omit the opportunity afforded them every night thla week. Feaxklis Hall ?The fair of the lid lea of the Fourth Presbyterian Church will probably close to-morrow evening. Do not ml as th? chance of an evenlng'a entertainment for the mall admission fee of a dime. Yor*e Mm'? Crxistian Association.?Mte lOMAar Won.?A large and effective meeting? the 1 rat of a aerie*?In furtherance of the tpeclal ii.iaaionary work of thla aaaoclatlon, was held on Sunday evening In the New York Avenue Church. After the u>ual opening aervicea, conducted by the pastor, Rev. Dr. Gurley, a brief ntatement of the object and rtlan of operations wu m?H? h? Mr. Miller, the chairman of the board of snperlntendcuta, to which board the *upenrlsion of this / work had been committed by the association. The object was stated to be "to carry the gospel to the thooaands now gathered In and around m.i ciif wnnne spiritual inirrina in noi giurr* wiw provided for, particularly the men, some thousands, comucted with the quartermaster s department; the large number of aoldiera in detachments. o%ards. batteries and rntnnanles. for whom bo chaplain services are provided; and the voutba and boys employed aa ambulance drivers, newsboys, bootblack boy*. Ac,;" and the plan of accomplishing this?the distribution of copies of the Sacred Scriptures, of religious books, tracts and papers, ard the preaching of the word by the living minister. The plan adopted for sustaining this missionary enterprise was mainly by small subscriptions, payable monthly for six months from the date of subscription, wblle donation* of large and small sums would be very thankfully received. The aalary, though us low as necessary support would allow, was nevertheless considerable, and a much larger snia, in addition, was wanted monthly for ine purcnase or oooks, tracts, papers. &c. I The object was regarded u great and glorious; 2 ? the plan eminently practical; th- progress of the wore thus far most encouraging: and the whole effort one in which all can heartily unite. The members of the Association had, generally, as far as application had vet been made, pledged monthly contributions of' 91 to each; and an appeal was now made to toe christian and philanthropic public for additional means, that the work may be prosecuted with energy, and, as we are already warranted in anticipating, withent ncnt success Mr. Wm. Ballantvne, of No. 4ft- 8e*enlh street, * la ?Ka Traasnuf tkl. _Jk a. a ? I ? ?ux ? ivovuici ui ?un miiaiiniary iuiiu, iu Wflom payments may be made, payment! may tlso be rrtade U) any one of the Superintendent* Rc^. Mr Lyford, the Missionary, then addtf?fd the meeting, giving a brief account of the work thus far, expressing much satisfaction In thus laboring, that he had been everywhere moat klndiy received, and listened to with marked attention; and that the utmost eagerness had been manifested to obtsln copies of the books, tracts, and religious papers distributed; relating a nam oer oi momenta illustrative or time statementa. Rev Mr Read followed with an address on the subject of home missions, particularly our duty In the department Indicated, bearing witness, also, to the great eagerness with which the reading hsd been sought, and the aolcmn attention to the word as preached. Rev. Chaplain Brown made the cloalng addreaa, narrating with Impreasive effect a number of tncidenta that had occurred in hla personal experience while visiting the (4uarterma?t<:r's Hospital before resigning It to the care of the miaalonary. A collection and contribution waa made, amounting, as we understand, in cash and subscriptions, to S1M.15. Cloned with prayer and benediction by Rev. Dr Samson Tbe entire Impression of this meeting was, we should judge, most encouraging and satisfactory tA (Wm*. ? 11? ? ? ? a?3 * ? ^iciwiiuij imcrcncu in <un missionary enterprise. Ta* Republican Association. ? A call was made through a city paper last week, signed by J.J Coomb*. President of the Republican Association, for a meeting laatnlgbt,at Temperance Hall, "In reference to the approachlag municipal election." At the time appointed we were "thar." and Hading one of the room* brilliantly lighted we went in, expecting to see tome of oar Repabllcan friend*; bat, after waiting a few mlnatea,we'e in* formed that the Red Men held their meeting In that room, bat that there waa another room down ntalra, in which probabiv the Republican meeting waa to be beld ; thereupon we retraced oar steps, and on going down the step* we met the keeper of the hall,who informed ua that the BookBlnd'ra held forth thereabout, it be lag their regular night; and that the Aaaociatlon had advertised a meeting to be held in the hall, without flrat eanvlns a room and. th?r? K?tn^ >? nu?? vacant, do meeting could be held. By this time several persons had arrived, and. on being Informed of the state of affairs, cussed some at belo? led to tramp through the slush for naught, ana left. Mr. Daniel R. Goodloe,who was present, stated that the Old Wigwam could be again had for their meetings. Somewhat later Mr. Toombs arrived, and expressed considerable disappointment that the meeting bad not been commenced After talking the matter over, It was decided to call another meeting, for some time this week. Arrams Ont thi Rifn.-flmtn and Craps. At a meeting, called after due notice publicly given, at Ball's Cross Roads, on Saturday, the dth day of April, 1842, Richard Soatbern, Ksq., was chosen chairman, and the following gentlemen were selected as a committee to draft resold ?*viiv ca 1'irwi ?c ui iuc ?rnr ana pur(;v?e 01 IDC meeting: I>r HW under, G.Vandenburgh, Rob't Donaldson, and John Burch. After consultation among the committee, the following preamble and resolutions were agreed upon and submitted to those present, and unanimously adopted: W hereaa the condition of oar farms is such that we moat either abandon them or carry on farm operation* without fences for the prenent season : B? it rnolvut, That we will not suffer our stock (either cattle, horses, hogs or sheep) to ran upon inc wwu? or oignwiiys ? ms< we will Keep 111 such stock from going it lsrgr-. mtoletd, That the will of a very large majority re oat in this case and at time be the law. audsucn we declare It to be, and tf we cannot enforce It In a peaceable and neighborly manner, we will call upon the military governor of this dlatrict to do bo for us Rtflvtd, Tbat the committee beta appointed be a standing committee, with power to call another meeting, or take any steps wblca may be neceaaary to enforce tbe will af this meeting. ' Row at a Lasek Bail Gabdix. ? Sunday night Beekert's lager beer garden, near the Congressional Burial Ground, was the scene of a row. Three soldiers belonging to the Rhode Island Cavalry, named John Klenan, Richard Purse and Robert Loramer, went into the garden, first tying their horses outside, and after getting a drink sinned out, but finding one af their horses arias ing went dace 10 me House ana run or with a wagon. These la the house Hastened oat, and a row la which one of the soldiers was knocked dews (as be aajra, with an ax,) and the three were beaten off They, however, returned about 3 o'clock to arrest Beckert, bat on being refused admittance they broke la the doors. The oftcers of the Sixth Ward bearing the else, rushed to the seeae aad arrested the following persona: Francis Beckert. Julius Tutus, Edward Fsugett, John Klenan, Richard Purse, Robert Loraroer, Adam Wagner, Job Philllpa, -and Patriek Tierney, who they took to the Ninth Predact station. Justice Call heard the case yesterday, and held all the partlee, with the exception of Phillips, Tierney aad Beckert, to bail lor their appearance at eoart. Beckert was Ined t'JC M for selling lienor on Sunday AccmtMT to tii Lom Bainei?Yesterday a/ ernoon, about 3 o'clock, the U. S. transport J*""" City of ricmni wn m mr wwj op to Goorgatowa. u4 the drawar-keeper* at tba Lou Oridge bad begun to open tba drawer for b?r to pa? Ibraogb, but bad moved it bat a few feat, wbea tba aiaait caoM la coataet with It, tad witbMcb violaaoa m ta break tba draw dawn, a i If i lmmj etop spoa travel qrrr the rldf*, m lk? Mcmrj repairs will occapy aomo days. Ben war* maa j ptmai aa t*e olher atMm la nkteUi of every deeertptloo, aa wall aa pedeetrlaae, all of whom were compelled!* go a/ouod la the Yoto >?c aqaedoct to get to Wt Mary land abore, aad they report It a very "hard road to travel " c?wit caim -Andrew Jackaoa Broom, for folia* pan of a ham from Wm. Bladen, waa arreeted by to* cecood proctnet patrol, takaa bofor# Juatice rhoiapeoa, aad committed to jail for #oan. ' 4 I T repair the gutter*, Ac., and the writer recommends a small ap,>ropriatlon by the City Councils for the Durnose of nlsntlnp tree* ind ?nrub berv it the tame time; referred. A long communication was alto received from the Mayor, calling attention to thoae provlaiona of the Metropolitan Police bill which create a conflict of power* and authority between the Metropolitan Police and corporate authorlMea, and which are otherwise objectionable. Some debate enaUed, after which the communication waa referred, and ordered to be publlahad with the proceeding*. A atatiatical statement of the natlviilea of persona committed to the almshouse and amall-poz hospital, Ac , bains In answer to a resolution Ksed by the Board at the laat meeting, wa. ored to t>e published with the proceedings A resolution direr ting the flra department com mutec to inquire into me expediency "i organlilng a paid lire department, waa pawed. A resolution requesting the Mayor to offer #500 reward for the apprehension and conviction of the Incendiary or Incendiaries who fired the property destroyed thl* day, was pasaed. The petition of Robert Clark and othera for a sidewalk on R street, between Eighth and Ninth streets, was passed. A resolution of condolence upon the death of Mr. Mcwrath, rite member of tbe Board or Common Council, ?u paaed. Adjourned. Common Council.?After tbe reception and reference of the Mayor's communications, (one of wh'rh transmitted to the Council a resolution of the Plank Road Company calling the attention of the corporate authorities to the present condition of Seventh street w?t,) tbe usual order of business was suspended. if. II^V. a dl.SL ttr 1 nr. rcaic, niciuuri irviu iuv oiaiu uaru, announced to the bitrd the death of his colleague, Mr. Thomas McGrath. by accidental drowning, and offered the usual resolution* of respect and condolence. Me**rs. Shepherd, Callan, Mulloy, and the President of the board, followed with brief but feeling tributes of respect to the memory of the deceased, expressive of their sympathy for the young family thus suddenly deprived of Its hmri The resolutions Were unanimously adopted, and the btiard adjourned The Fikb VkstiKdat ?The loss of Mr. Henry Kgan by the Are of yesterday Is, we regret to learn, much heavier than at first supposed. In addition to the destruction of his building his loss of stock is stated to be from ?40.000 to #50 000. It is also stated that he has only f'K.OOO insurance on his building and stock. Mr. F Cohen, boot aDd sbpe dealer, whose house and store adjoined that of Mr. Wilton's on the east, loses between &4.000 and 95,000 by damage to the feoUle and stock In the store. Wfeile the firemen were working yesterday morning to subdue the flames, Superintendent Webb, of the nolle*, at the suggestion of several citizens, sent down to the Na?y Vara, requesting the use of their appafttn?, which was readily granted, and about four hundred mechanics and maHne*, under command of Master Morris, were Quickly dispatched with It to the scene of conflagration, where they rendered efficient service Central Gr\*DHr>t** flis**??>/er? fume* Thompson ? Monday? Jsme* McQuade, drunk; fined #1 <H. George Clark, larceny; dismissed Wd Csrr, profanity, fined SI.59. R. Brown, throwing; workhouse 30 day*. T. A. 8'npletcn, carrying weapons, $30.94, workhouse <Vt flay*. John Dungan,drunk and disorderly; fin?d 1 M. J. W. Robertaon. larceny; jail. D H Uaka, drunk and disorderly; fined 9? 91 James Murphy, larceny; Jail Wm McGwlnn, larceny of dry good*, Jail Henry 91mms, larceny; diimlased. C. E. Dudley, larceny: Jill. John McGtlllgan, John 6ray. Joaeph Green, Henry Mathews, and Daniel Callagban, druhk and disorderly; turned over to the military. To day ?Robt. Tcland, drnnk and disorderly; dismissed. Maurice Fllnn, do do. Danl G*afton and \V. Johdfon; turned over to the military. Andrew Hlckey. vagabond voealllt, rtiamlsaed Roylston Botta, amok* do. Robt Esrlln, drunk: turned over to the military. Bold Robukrt.?C. W. Barton, a sergeant In the t>th New York cavalry, who wa? accidentally wounded about a month alnce, and haa been in the hospital at Alexandria ftlnce, got hit discharge yesterday and was paid off. He had about which he waa pclng to take home to hi* family. While paying hit fare at the ticket olllie at the railroad depot last evening, aome one made off with the pocket book he laid down at the window. The amount atolen Is ?6? 90, and the loaer being a poor man, 1* bereft of m#ana and la unable to get home. Fovbth WiidStation Casbs?Effort Justict Walter.?Monday.?John Hyton, larceny of a cow and calf; jail. Nancy Murphy, manla-a.potu; kept for aafety John Cl&ncy, assault and battery; dlim!>r4 John t^nhidav. An rirt tnkn McMahon and John Farn, drunk and disorderly; turned over to the military. J. D. Mcintosh, drunk; dismissed Francis Rosa, drawing a pistol; do. B. McNulty, flghtln?; do. James H Hugher, drlvine over nose at a fire; fined SI. Tuesday.?A. C. Family, drunk and disorderly; fined SI. Polk*.?The Third Ward patrolmen reported yesterday the following cases: Before Justice Thompson?Wm. Moore, fighting; fined S'^M. John Hart, do.; fined S1.91. Before Justice Clayton?J. B. Warder, selling coal without weighing; dlsm1??ed. Francis Truckard, throwing filth In a neighbor's premises; do. Frank Bergeser. peddling without 11cen?e; fined S20 91 Aleck Adams, drunk and profane, fined SI 56. Sarah Cole, do ; fined SI 58 Bolb Pictrocar* ? Yesterday, Mr. John Van Res wick bad his pocket picked while looking a - * a a ? ? * -a ? -? ?? ? ? ? on iur ruins o> me uulining* oe?iroy^Q oy ire. He lost hi* pock?t-book, containing *50 In good money, a smaller amount of uncurrent funds, and a number of valuable paper* Soon after the act, Mr. Van R waa Informed that the uncurrent money waa offered, but not received, for exchange at Smlthaon's bank. The parties have not alnce been seen. Robbkkt.?A few daya alnce. as a boy named Smith, residing on the Navy Yard, was going over the Lon^ Bridge wltn a bundle of newspapers to peddle among the troops, be was stopped oy a cavalryman, who said that be (9 ) was a prisoner, but a number of officer* coming up be made the boy paw on. After the officer* passed, be started In pursuit of the boy, and by threatening to armt him If he did not pay him fifty cents for hla trouble, Induced him to comply. "Aitkmcs Waib By a slip of the pen, we announced in yesterday ^ paper Mr. Charles P. Brown's lecture for last night. By reference to the advertisement It will be seen that the lecture occurs on Monday, the llth Inst. Sbcond Waed Station Casks? Before Jus tin Clark.?Margaret O'Neil. drunk and disorderly; for trial Barry McDevltt, profanity; fined 91 59. For wearing a back-badge not In compliance with the law; fined SI 5P. \Vm. Benter, larceny; jail. Read Yb Afvlictid ?Wear your old Tru?ses with their fllthlneos and chafing, for life, or "Seeley's Hud Rubber Tru??," ind be cured. Dr. Seeley brings with him letters of reference from nutny of the most eminent surgeons In our country that have used this truss 4n cases of the worst form, resulting In t radical cure. Persons suffering with the miseries of hernia are respectfully Invited to call and examine for themselves. Bee advertisement In another column. It* Ir tou wish to eat sn excellent pie, call at Dayton's Bakery, No. 450 Eleventh street, between G and H, and ask for a raspberry or sliced apple or a lemon pie. Price 12# cents. ap 7?Iw Nrw Absival.?I have just received, a beautiful assortment of Clothing All kinds snd styles of spring cavimere salts, which will be sold very low. Call aad examine the stock at No 314 Pa. enue, otivecn lenm ina caeventn streets, tp 7-tt* A. S*t*ac?. It it Pomislb tb?t any soldier csn be so foolish as to leave the City without a lupply of Holloway's Ointment sud Pills * Whoever does so will regret It. These medicines are the only certain care far Bowel Complaints, Pavers, Sores, aad Scurvy. Only 35 cents per Box or Pot. ?23. Dr. WatTB, the Chiropodist, li i wonderful operator. His method of treating corns, bunion*, bod Mils, etc , Is perfection Itself. Suffer no longer from thorn terrible lb,bat submit their treatmeat to the science and skill of Or. White, at 49ft PennsylTaata avenue, between 4 aad ftth sts. Data's PtyxATuni BITTBBS. It Invigorates, strengthens aad pvrtftes the system, la a perfect sppetlier, aad the most agreeable and effectual tonic In the world It la composed of the celebrated Callasjra Bark. Roots, Herbs aad para 91. Croix Rum, particularly adapted to delleate Isms lis. cores Dyspepsia and Wsahasm, aad Is Just the thing for the changes Bold by all Brocsri, Druggists, Hotels aad Balooas. f. H Uiui * Co., ap 1 suImB M Bread way, Now York. Lata! LmaJ! Luts !!!?The subscriber hss oa hand est tfcaasa^ harrals sf the best wood-burnt Lime, which ?u only be ted it hit lime kllna, be having dienolead all connection with any otter or eetahllahmeat for the mle oi Lime. CeBftc., and which wtU be aold at fi.n per [avlM] W?. ft OoDMf. ** f ? 44 * 4 ,4' ^ Jill da. J. h pcaaitcb'a nrxt vialt to waahlngton in on friday, april 11th, it 414 ftth ft. ap 8 The Indian Her* Doctor, Ptom C*na ia ] wise birokb it ia too lata. call wlllinnt aatav. ami m dr. tomblbtt. Paoraabtma of Citt Coohmls, April 7.? Board of Aldttmtn.?K romu.unlratlon vrn? recelv?d from tbe MavOt, *?clo?lng tbe ar.conht of tbe C< flotation With tbe Hank of Waablnpton lo tbe 3d (ml , (bowing a balance due tbe Corporation of t60,4B*.'Ji, from *hi/ h la deducted corporation note* on band 991,461, leaving a real balance In favor of the ?'nrr>oration amounting ?d 24.030 08; referred. A communication waa alao received from tbe Mayor, *n<-loalng a communication from Mr Chaa J. I'hlmann, and approving the auggea'lon contained therein. Mr. Uhlmann state* that the Surgeon General Intend* to plow the ground of Judiciary Square, and put tbe tame In graa?; t0 the Indian Herb Doctor Bv so doing you will escape the Iron grasp of mercury and other baneful pi Isons. Nay, more, you will become once more in poasesalon of that greatest of all earthly blessings-Hsslth. 1 desire your proatrate hearts to lift, ' Your bleeding wounda to cure, And with the treasure of Nature s gift, Relieve the rich and poor. 1 Tie following la a llat of the chronic complaints which are treated by Dr. Tuinblety with unparalleled auccess.Diseases of the Lunga, Heart, Liver and Throat; r Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Fits, St.Vltus'a Dance, Rheumatism, Diseases of the Kidney and Bladder, and all Dlaeaaea arising from Impurity of the Blood, auch as Scrofula or King's Evil, Erysipelas, St. Anthony'* Fire, Cancer, Fever Sarea, of however lone standing. Also, all other complicated chronic complalnta which bavc baffled the Selene and aklll of ctflo " ? J s ?_ i ? _ It. met aoriors. 'i\ KUUU vrrr i* iiiuwu uy iw fruits," and a good physician by hi* successful works. ] So d?>n't be cast down, be you ever so 111, { But go and partake of his superior skill. That never has failed, there are hundred* can tell, Who are brought from death's door, now happy and well. Hit charges arc moderate. Mild treatment and 5 W11? soon purify the whole mass of yotir blood; Malignant diseases he soon shall put down, There arc thousands could tell now who lives in this town. j The Indian Herb Dsctor will describe diseases , and tell his patients the nature of their com- < plaints ?r fllnets, without receiving any information from them. No charge for consultation. ( Office, No. 11 Washington Building, Pennsylvania avenue, corner 7th street. max 21 lm India Hubesr boons. * j India nbber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should be without; 75 cents I each. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, 91.25 each. ' Rubber Tonchos and Blanket* combined. #2.56 , each. India RnbtorCoeta, white cr black. ?'2.50 each. India Rubber Leggina 91 per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Gooda, Including Rubber Ronte and Shoe*, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mate, Under Sheet! nga for b?l!*ln alckne**, Ac , Ac , at manufarturerV price*,A. Hall'a t India Rubber Warehouse, ?W8 Pa. a*., oetween Ninth and Teath atreeta. feb 1-tf A' L pk*ross can find the beat atock of Clothing, Furnishing (Jood*, Trunkt. (lata an?t Caps, ; I at Smith'*, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. ' fe ST-3m HARHIUI. March 6th, by Rev. B. II. Benton, at Uie Paraor geof thaSeoiLd ttaptiat Church, in Waahjntton UitT. JOHN ALJ.COINU to MAKY K. COHrLL. HI via. On Mnnd%Y, the7th instant, JOHN II. TRET LKK,in th* 31st year of hu w>. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, from bin late residence, No. 3*9 I) ?. On Tuesday, 8th instant, JOSEPHINE CA'*PON. youngest child of I. Johnson ?u1 Virginia J. Smith, ateo 21ears an<l2months. The frionds of the family arerr*nested to attend the funeral, Ir in 114 Gsy street. ?eo'eeti-wn, at . 4y.rn.onto morrow,(Wednesday.)9th inst. * Huddenly, ot th? morning of the ?th instant, of oonTolsitn?, HARKY W , eldest son of I horn as | J and Emily Holuolaw.aged 4 v??rs and i in >nths. Ho fades the lovely, b'noming flower, I- rati, smiling solao* of an hour; So soon o&r trans'ont comforts fir, And pieasure on!? blooms to die ! Ha died before his infant soul Had ever burnt with wron* deaireaHa-i eve.- aparttol at Ho*vjn'a oontro!. Or ever auenohed ita stored firei. , Funeral to take plac* to morrow at 3 o'clock p. in , from tho reaiatnse of bi? graDdfather, I. N. , ForJ.oorner 11th street and Vir*iniaav. * wants! AReFoRTERWANTED-Wanted, a f.ocftl ! Reporter who ir quick, aot'vA and attentive to bnaineaa. Apoly at the Star Uffn*oonuter. >plM WANTED?A SITUATION as chambermaid or 10 take care of children, bf a Germin roncK woman?if postible, in a German family. nqiiirw No 86 4% at. ap 8-2t* tI7 A f^TLn U- - ? """" WW ni< Ciu?oJ inpniiaoig vomtfli 3I1U*? ATION aa ohambrimaid, nurse. or as waltermi. Can come well reoommended. Call at No. 11* 23d street. between L. and M. It* WANTED?A neat 61KL to do the jeneral housework of a arrali private famil >. fiood references required. Apply No. 41 4 Kairect.betwefn 9:h and loth. Jt* VVANTED TO BUY?A small frame or briok " HOUSE, within four squares of the corner of 14th street and Pa avenue, far cash. Address "G. a P.." 214 Fa avenue. apB lw' PUARH WANTED, within 5 or in imnntM' MJ walk ol the War Department, by a young gentleman ard wife; private family preJerrel. Ad dreaa. with <?eeori?iion and terina (wh'oh must b? moderate). Box 70'2 Poet Ogoe ap 8 2t* WANTED TO PURCHASE-A patrof atrong. heav* HORSES and four MULES ana HARNESS, suitable for a atage to run in the country ; moat be aound and at revonatne vrioec. Apply in peraon or hy letter to H. KKLL.Y. ?f>5 I Suth street, near 6. ap 8 2 * STABLE MAN WANTED, to take o*r? 0t horse* at a hotel 2*> miles from citr ; Irish or German p eferred. aiso. Co orel Man as barkeeper. an 1 two Carpenter* to work about th* house. Moat have good relerencea- Appl? at once (id the even net at 400 Sixth ?treet, near G. ap8 2t* U/ANT8D-A food DRESSMAKER ; a so. a " Yoani Lady to learn the bnainesa Appyto MRS* SMITH, 454 Thirteenth atreet, Wuh D(ton. D. C. ap 7 2 * WANTED-A smart and active COLORED BOY. about 12 or 13 yeara cf ace. aa a waiter. Apply at '293 H, between mh!acd 18th ata, ap 7 3t* WANTED TO RENT-Br the lat of May, a amall HOUSE containing from 4 ?o 6 rooms, within 15 rainntet' walk of tae Poai Oflce. Addreaa "M. A. S ," Star Offioe. up 7 3t? %*/ A NTKIt-Rr m. kullh, ./I? ?/ ?> ? .... - - ? s ? / V uufe wviuau W I til a lr*f h breast of mil*, a SiTlfATION as wot nnrse. App'y at No. an C street. between llth and 12th ?.reef ap7 3t* WANTF.C?A STORE ROOM.on first floor, on Pennsv v&nia avenue, north side, be* ween i}i street end Wiilards' Hotel. Address "I- 6 ," ftar Oflio*. it* HOUSE WaNTED-1 wish to r*nt a food House oontainini 8 or 10 ro mi; (as and water preferred. Any on? bavin* cnoh a house oan find a permanent, payinc tennant by applying at 71 Louisiana avenue. sp 7 lw ( A RESPECTABLE PERSON Wishes a S.tu- | ation as cbsmbermaid or to take oare of okil dien ; has no otyeotion to assist with washing and ironing. Address Hex W4. to ' M. 8.," f"r two days, at the Star Qgoe sp 7 2t* Board in thr country wanted?a IentJeman. ho'dint offioe, deiires board in the oonntry for himself aDd wife in some pleasant fam11 w within ai* *?? - * A J J ? VI VI||II> Hiiioa VI bliO OUT flUJIOm, st*tin? terms, ( which must Dot Do too high.) B?x 66?, city pott offioe. ap7 3t? WANTE1>?To Mlli henoeforw&rd. 300 barrel* ' * ""W1 f barrels of Ale every week ; also .the 1 same of Beer, for the Baltimore Brewery. JOHN SATNKR. a tent. Corner of 2lal and & sis. ' Order* in the Poet Oi e will be oaned for at 9 a. 0 2 p. in. ap 7-1 g * I WANTED?Te bar o*t an eetabliehed retail i GROCERY STORE, in a cood situation. I Moderate terms. Leave address to "A. R-," Star i Oflas. apS 3t* i HOUSE WANTED?a modern DWELLING ! HOU * E, containing richt or ten rooms, with- < in a few squares of the State Department. Ad- < drees, stating location, tent, Ao., JAY COOKE A i CO., 4 16th street. ap5-lw* WANTED?A good COOK, onewho thoroughly understands the business None need apply ( without good reooromendationa. App'y at EM- ' RICH'S Restau ant, aoatbweet oorner ol 11th and Pa. avenae. a# ?-8t A BOY WANTED, to attend to a horse and j make himself generally asetul A FARM WAGON FOR SALE, northern ? A i A. 11**4 s 1 ? - ? ? mim.iua DttiuiCl UM, AM'7 to NO. 43 Dum- ] barton ?tr??t, Georgetown. *p 5 8t* WANTED?A reapeo table Protectant WOMAN *

~~ u iwmitmi and chambermaid; none i??d . wttheat good re'erenoee?430 D street, be- > twen &U> end 6th, ne-. City Hall. mhil-tf WANTKUTO RENT?From May tat, a neatly 1 furnuhwt HOUSE, ia I eeatrai location, from s 10 to 16 room. Addreea Box i Star Office. c hll-tf U7ANTED-BI i gentleman and bit wile, a '? katdeoatel* Faraiahed Bed Room aod Parlor; or a Faraiahed Houae, ia aome pleaaaat looality I iLfeVfi'. tseK. K??- "g." 1 WANTED?To hare every one know that they " mi had the beetetook of Olothioc, Hate <wv; ^s?re&,a' * ""fisjj'ft inn -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN 1 ewuMt ma?a ut the world. A fortune 0111 be a*3e ?ntbete b?m in aaeh State. MMMMH ofeae wanted la aver* oonaty and la ever? recimeat in f w ^'2rtS,,8S#/?!8U&k?r : Wjffifci tMM ? M. M. WHOIT, ??gigL | * ' " ' *1 UJttVA U S K 1 AJUUtJtiJthNTV. FORD s ATHENE!'!*!. loan T. Kotn? Pro?fKrtor an<1 M?n*t*r loBH B. W?:?HT !*LH? Manager ' HftARSfEARUlt SEMES! tL T* r> *1 ? am ? r ovrnaTtuc ff 7 r?I^A * LVfimiii*!, EDWIN PORREST ts KING LhAR. THURSDAY F-VENING, EDWIN F(>RK t S*T M RICHARD III. j. ^ FRIDAY EVENING. , f iSDWIN H>hk lis? m tb? ' eooejtion f nf Kumn mnini " 8HAHSPKYR^ MVCBETH. rt'ESDAYmd SAT'-rTm V mnigc* theli eat ] PlftT of THE OCTOROON. i Box rtlioe op<>n fr >m 9 to 1 and from 2 toSo'c.^ck. I rhen ieats can bo teemed, ^ AtVISStO*. ' Dreta Circle and Pva aetta.? ?..7?cen?e Hoourpd s^ata ?t i D? Innnw ^a.u m i IJroliestra Srats ...|l t Prirafe Boxes i ho'.dmg eight)..? $10 * Fan H* Cire!o? .....35oente Do>r?op?u a' 7: cnrtam n?e? at t I 'It CHAKLKS E. FORD. Trawnrw. WASHINGTON THEATER: I [.Mieeand Proprietor...? Mb. Gkobhk Ktpkbl b ?tage Mauaicer . >1* H. B Phillips fi This establi?lment wi>i opMi Jn n TUK8DAY EVENING, Apr !*,? ?. With the Your* a->d Heaut<ml Actress, MISS MAThMAN, ! Universal It acknowledged 1 The Heroin* of tk? Amiriean Staff f >he will appsar as Juliet, in S*a?#peare'a Play of J1 ROMEO AND JULIET, 1 Susported b* the TALENTED COMfANY , of the j r>A?a '1 iintvn Rat f vniv The performance wi:l oonclude with the Muaicil v P arc* of the V SWHDISH NIGHTINGALK, ntrodaeir.R Mi?i ErriM Gikman :n a variety of *oth?. Daqta, to. ap 7-St r C*r.TERBURV ^, f (Form'rly the Waihin<ton A?*embly RoomM i OPEN EVMRY yiliHT, Th* Fihst Mtrs c Hall in tm World n point or Splendor. Talent *'d ?? e**eo'ability! j W AM .MOTH WA^MING VOt* AND BAI.TI- MORK COMPANitB. Jrowded to it? utmost capaon J With in audieree I C%l ivatt4. Critical and Hrfined f Katahimhirj; at once the lact tnat the performance AT THE GREAT OANTKRBUR Y. if Iko h?i: ir lh?n !r. TiiA urtittM rf the < "liHST TALK NT FST WORLD. 1 In evidence of a COMBINATION OF STAR*! 5 Qb.ctrvfi this Brilliant Lift of Nanus : 4 he bqoaL of which km ho nowhere faurH in the t World of A rmiteuients. MISS MILLIE FOWLER, ? MISS JULIA MORTIMER ? AND THE CO UtiT OF BEAUTY, \ WI9jf FRANK LA FOLLE. Mi?* UTZIK FRANCIS, i MISS FRANK SECOR. | >11?* F.MMA MM.ES. MISS LILLY BRANDON, c MISS JULIA K1CHM<?ND, AND L'TTLE. ELLA. , DELEVANTE BROTHERS, I TH? DABIM0 OVMSASTReappearance of the Ethiopian Coinedl.n*, A. J TALBOfT, AseistM by the Funny lMCK PARKER. M JEAN CLOSKI, . ( JOHN KEANY, MASTER JOHNNY, SYLVAHCLARK, J JOHN HAMILTON. 1 BARRY J CARTER, TH JF1SH AKBASSAD:>B I To nisht the Mhio"ian Burlesq^* ??H, HUbH ' or ' THE VIRGINIA Cl/P.D t 3ypM'n Lay.German Importation, Ta b t ?n Cuss J A New Pro*rainms, in wnich all the Com- f bination will appear In the it be?? acta. t by thi DANTKR BURY MINSTRELS the b-st Ethiopian Trocpe ia tie oity ! New Danes, Ac., Ac. ( fCT* No ehAng* in the Admission Prtoes*?1| Admission oenu . OroSMlcr CtftusK) o-nus. Afternoon Knttrt? ?*tx&nt K"r ?nd no I WKPNKSIMY A:H? KAT'IKDAT AFTKRNOONS, *ta o'clwir. ' tVtitn % lavish distribution '.f Ktwani i'r"**nU la j made : Riob and Uostiy Jawaliy, Books, Toy*, Fanoy Articles. tad mai nificprsi Si k Dr^nre*. < A Milk Dre?s war presented to Mrs Sherman, \ N?>, 30 Prospect street, Georgetown, on Wednea ' lay afternoon. ] Admission 3U oeutn ; Children U> c*utn. _ ap 1 j^lLLAKDS' HALL! Madame Anna It Is ho p. 1 TBI WOBLD-KENOWNID TAMTATRICB, Who, sinoe her app*ar%nc^ ip the Uuiteti states, has n ade the oireuit of the globa, i b*e? to anr oucoe < _ ONB < tiANO CONCERT, . _ I WEDNESDAY EVfaNiIMtt. April 9. Madame Anna Huhop will to asMated t>jr MR. bD'.VARl) SEGUIN. The Eminent Baritone. Eleve ?lu CoieervHore litip3>ialde ,\Iy?n?e, Harta { 6USTAVE OE SPlESS. I The Eminent Pianist, (Pi.p.. of Lilts.) Doors oyer, at '!* ; Cor.eert oomireTioe a> 8. Tioketa #1 ; Gaiiery 50 oenta. The s&le of tioketa will eomrn'uoc Saturday morning, April 5. at Ellia'a \Iuaio Store, where stats ma; be ? eon red without extra oharge. The grand StMnway Piano ue-d on tte occasion ; ia furnished by W. li. Mettxsrott, Es*. , ap 5 1). O. LARIJE, Manager. ! " |>HE CHILDREN IN THE WOODi." Cha?les F. nrowne, THE UHFATKST AMERICji !V HUMORIST, 1 Better known t<> the puhl.o as , "ARTKMH8 WARD." Will deliver his oeler.ratea Leotare. with the above title, At WILL AKD'8 HALL, , On MONDAY EVENlN?, April 14. ISO. This Lecture has met witi the most sijgnal success in New York. cotton and the p-incipii oiti?s a:rt towns in New Knglaid. J Partiouiars will be given in future advertisements and circulars. ap 4-d ? n ssai rv* \ u nrv ?v n r.? n rw% II aft t* lj a. RC,li yU;i r.IV A nAlilii , > ( UnDSB. CtlttKSDON HOTKL.) CONCfeRT feVKRY EVENING, BY A FULL BAUD! Beautiful Waiting Girls, Good Liquors, Cigars, and ap 2-lw* Everything in th* Katicg line, PATENT OFFICE CUKIOSITIKS-Guide to Patents, Catalogue of Curiosities and Government Gardens, at tbt stand in Patent Offioe; Rare Antiquarian Books ; Governraer.t Books; Doou- , wents furnished: K&ilroad Reports; Military Re , sorts; burnt Patent Offioe Reports; Cheap Uooks furnished to Pediars; Military Trials: Military ' Lavs; Army Herniations; Panorama of the Coast showing over 2,000 miles; many thousand Cheap Books. Recoheot cheap rent. Large sales, low i prioes. Up stairs, over Bank of Warning to a. ^ iaa9->m* ALFRED HlftvTKR. PROF. C. F. BARNES* FASHIONABLE UANCIN? ACADEMY, at Temperanee H 1 Hat!, E street,between Bth and lutU Classes jfl every Tuesday and Fridar? afternoon class JIB at a, evening class at 7. Soiree every Friday ISnA < evening a* 8 o'olook. Music by Prof. Geo. Arth. Temperacoe Hal! will be let for Balls, Parties, fro. Apply as above. fe 14 *m* r?OUPEK AND HORSES FOR SALF.-The advertiser has for sale a mom beau- *. MFT*g> tifb! New York built Coupee, and alsoYgfaBeP; rich Harness, in vie by Wood Gibson ol v* I New York- Alio, ft pair of the hast hroks Horses in the tnited Statin, either double or unfit; either horse can trot il li 40; gentle an core* fiie prioe will oe made low, the advertiser not having use tor them. The Coupee and letof Harness Willi Morse* is one of the handsomest turnouts in the country. .\ddress. by letter, Box 1*173 Post Office. Bslti- i more. S?7'*!. ( ? OYSTER S-OYSTEK 8. , >?HE8/ I'EAKE Steamed Oyster Saloon. The ' iubsorih< r having completed h'? ^ , Stoamed i.iyiter Saloon, is now ready^^ft f \ lo iurn sh to uitisens, strangers, and^?\^fl# : ir.e pal lie generally, with Oysters jooked i?y the new (traces of steaming. . rhe be?,t Oysters the Market oan afford, will alvftii K/t nn KanH m.* P W*s Ua f \ iftloon, No. 403 G ?tre?t, near 7th, and eut of the i Patent Offioe. mli 3t-im WM. P. WKBB. Proprietor. . ^vOYSTERS-OVSTKRL 1 oysters xiil^ \ of the beat qntlitr o&u be 31d Oyeter 8Und, No. #09 Ninth street, between * [) and Avenue. J mhH 1m' AVRK8 A CO. | VI. w. O^r'^B^O^sai^'PenMrbTMi* . ivenue. Doalera in ererr description of ? ..RICH MILITARY 600W. * rrcscuiBuoa swurfli, paorca, fa?bea. Shoulder Strap*. fuUia, Ue.u. 4.0 07Partioalar attention ia oa'led to an anuaaaHy arge aaaor!in?at ol raai aoUleBioroidered SlwuUer , itrapa, wiuonare olftred at leaa than Ueir oticiaal f oat. T M. W. G ALT * BEO.,Jewellers, * 384 Pa, avonae, uar the feetroao titan. \ Mm (late BrownV) Hotel. J NKW AKflVAL'DP * BEAUTIFUL 9TYLB0 H PftlN? OLD T H I W 6, ?< ?r - vm mpi p hb Tm wrwwi ' A.t o TAIB N0T10*l : L B?r^from the a?a of 3 rHrt u#, oh bow v * fit tod oat with taate and inm?^ ^ . _ Faahlonable ClolhiniJSatablthnSBnt. 11 mhai-la"^ pernor g and ^vairth ah. ft QKNTLK?EN>8 PPRIN# GLOXflJli?? o ^ W* h?T? Ja*t raoeired large ?M?rty??U of '* . Also, a large variot* of Sprlai OvaroMts, Bail'- a srss'SiJsa^^iKsL-* ft??-lwif Mora&aBUTa?fo"^3^4pL ???. I H? ^ " j f| ,'4)^|| M V- ^ 9k 'H fJ | ? ! # ? ltoa*???.> ?*a*aaiHVo ni aavmn FV* AALK AND PENT. v-toB VM-r m*0M* mlt?bl?fr>r* eomniitte*: I F< XISSfcE-..;iven?e. neittf Will?id'? tm.. ' ?"" tfOR R KNT-HOl'PH No. 1?4M ***?.*?? i *vrru?. n**r New *vei'ue U . Zf Lr.rt n- ntama wv n r mnt *n<1 ? fins ?%rk>r fio ??*?r iu the Utoben Ir qeire at Wt4-PyWBi L, I 16* New York a?er.*e, aeooel 4<>or fror* New I len'y KTenno. up 9-S" nn? L'Vl Tan CafD VIBTlVn IdllUO .. I rv? r* 1^1? i wv v ? ?! I' % v * 4 t vu the firat fl >?r? Her or aoi Chimber, ocrmrait tine? acd ?>!; > Room on reo"nd fl or. Alio. a it,* Uriel s*Ta B|.K and OA H Kl AUb-HoUst ; ita)ief? r ? ?<? h >r???. Applr at 324 etreet, btaraen Htfr V,d '3th It* FOR RKNT.-A furnrabed 1'ARLOK and BK1) r RO(lM.&u<la^n-ati>EK0K(HiM alar fur uahed, nr K >* .he? 9th Mid ii tn No 341. ap 7 J.* bl?OR WENT.-0:ie 'arte -TRF R?!OM ?ul*r Canterbury Hall. I a. av. ud 6th tref, or ;orvla taken ??n atorarem larce or amaii a"MiUU*a, .pp ?at JOHN W. VOUlXH'5 Phoecu ramsc* .DO Wagon Worke. oor 8th and C at*. M 7 3t* PR RKNT-A TKNKMENT, anitab:# for a I rm\ll fam.^y, and very pi< aaapily ai uatet on he hejihta of Georgetown, with'n fire minute ' ra!k of the Waahmg'on a> d 9e*>rr>t >?|i I idc Apply at th* pffi'e of J DENT, No. ess rHt*enth *tieM, Waaninftnn. ??7 iwFURNISHED RCMIMS TO RE.VT ai 38.1 "k F attest. between 9th anl l^th atreeta. in the i?l?e recently oeoopt?d h? Gen'I Fremont and ?m''r. Thee* rttom* all the uiVern conrritecnMand will r.e renied on rei?'-2a??'e t*imi. ?P 5 3-* FOR SALE-rbe GOOD WILL an-1 FIXTUK E? of* firat elasa A'# a'd i.i?ucr Hou-f, tear Wil artlc' Hotel. toe proprietor about to reintuiah bu-in*a? ; a rood bu.*i' em already N ib tahed. hoc* low. Aadresa Box 330 PoatCftoa. ay b-St FOR SALE OR KXCHANeb-Haodnoraear.d coinlortab'a REblOENCE in Georfetown, D J. on Ga? atreet,oorr*r of Green ; haa 12 rooraa. eaidej kito eo, pintriea, bath room. &o ; par ora tabooed ; dininc room 16 by 22 fwt; loi 6o h? ian eet. planted with ever*rerna. 4to , ani an wounded Pith Iron railmr. Oiatern in yarn; tati an J P ^ton\i water throuch hn:ue. l-'or lartTer pi.-'ica^r* All on,or adiirera pei mail, 0. fTRIBLUNG, reorKet ^wa. D. c. _ ap t-3 * 17>OR RKNT-Ore l*r*?FURNISHED ROOM, bwk of Hrcwu'i Hot"' Rent ?12 per iOtUi. Also, Tor ? Tin* MOCKING BIRD. Prne 150. Inquire at 31ft C ? .re*t, t etween 6th and 7?h a?*-6t{ r^OR RENT-Oi:e noa'iy furnished ROOM,on I1 ??cOT,ll floor, with Hoard, in a atrioilr prira'e amilf?Nv* *0' Eighth street, between G and H. ap3 7v* RUMMER RE9IDKNC*. ^ (?K 1_RKN,T- *r9n ^ tke "Mien hilt* Farm." 0. L . ** ?' liore Georgetown, (near Afr. 'rsi'aMe lurntPheJ Koubie Hovtt' wel. ins water, \r, , with Mabun*. carriage hour*!*? to.,ftc Th? attention of Weml>er* of the ist, Foreien Mipisiers. a: d tantiemes w:t!? fanu y .1 *B?eeiaUy tr?ited t?r thia ad vertia?*rn<nt- For xaminatiouof the prpmi??s apply to tl<e manuer ipon the farm(i>li Jam' ? O"Brian.* tu. 1 for fnrh?r partioaiare uddre?.'s'"aptain \V. A T. MALI JOX, U M , lisiO S>p-uc.> atreet. Philadelphia, 'a. nih 31-I m* CM>R SALK-Two fira'-e'Ma HILI.IAHDTA F PLI>a. n^rhle * abs. asd eve'y arrangement loroplete, ificae desiring the aouve will atady heir interest t>? calling tip mediately at the Euro pan Hotel, oorner ll?h airettaci Pennsylvania >v?nu*. nit 3 tf ~ ~ bOHT AND *OUNI>. r ? a 1/ Tj a -rtl LMMUKb (!)l L* . fk* 4# V> L'O i" i nr< ri noi.r "u ui- nu ' ins: , a Bay IIOR8K, with ihree white *et. The owner i* 'ea-iegt-d to ootn>?lor "Wr rard. ?t,va prreeity, pay chftrcea andrfc/:l ake bl;r away. J. LAVgNUER. a? " ?t* ?h ?t? t-ctirMD Q and H. PJ AN AWAY?On tns 7?H truant, about ? o'o k, II *Wie 0' to th? city from H pv . lure, two HOKS1 8 Va Vd :o a cvri&je. rfeyoairi* tovr?r.i* r!i ^ ci ty, and are ?x **** itoted to be fnniid bsre. A libera regard wti; be :ivon ifretarnel to the nwEer. information can ?* left at the oorner of j<:n an<; <. streets, at C. i<ABBS. If lfi? ? KKWARD-!/>e?.o? SatnrJat. April i>tb. id 10th at r*et. between ?7>'i Hitnal' hiaok aid Tan Terrier -'' "T i i | air ! _ r?:rtun* ainmt 5 po*?nd*. eir* nropl; ar.'j i amaii white rtteak on hrr hr?a?.;hnd on a rar ow leather collar wi?h a l.ia^a piat6; apuwefi to be name of "Nellie." Th? at>ove reira'd wil' be laid aid B" ^wes'iona <afced, if ' iiver??d at DAYS'" v'.4CJraelr?"r Bakery, No. 456 111h street, bew*en G an I'. an R 3t fifc C REWARI>--L,o:t. it pv'tr* BOOK.wslunm)5(92>i,n (twenty >:x dollars ftr<1 ten wniie oMivrnuic cracker* on 7di Mre't, Navy Var.f, I tun ft po.r yotnj max, working for Mr. Ifavto::, 'n dDl.vor ct Kit cajk^ri 'o (?"?! :?,ftti<l Kilo thns eueftica on Monday afternu'.'E, 7 h u?t. I i(,?t the above "m Mr. DftTtoo ha? oonI'nted to pay the above reward. rf the ?r?on who im it wi! I he honen enon* h to return the tftirs U> he Kikery. No. 1 Jh ilth street, between fliU H. ftp s at* JOHN MI I.I.KTT. Ci? C REWARD.?Mr*yed or stoles on 'he 6th iitHtftjit, ft bfty M*KE 9 r<ftr? old; rv iown in the left hip; had & ?hor:t&ij T. e ifcoTS reward will he Riven on HP.retsro to"^ 1 F street. between Ud ai.d 3d, ftt Ihr. Worden'a ftp7 St* G. MK1BEKT. LOST?A very strall pet DOG. dehcate'y made; & light brown Oolorj oro?peU ear?,A__\ i?d tail broken ft^out half w?- te the * r 1 ,r^ A luifcLie reward will he pa'd for hie re ^ " sovery at 1S9 F street, between Slat ana 23d sts ap7-ir LOST?On Saturday e*9mnr, between Halt's aid the Rujby H> use, corner I4ta ind K ?t?.. i tmall plain GoU> RING, of little tfitrirnio rortn, but much va.ued hi t owner. The fiader irill reoeive in R. r?!? r??vard ty deliva ing it to the me*??n;?r of th* ft%t? U.-rvr^rgf nt a?7 St* QCnn RKVVAKj)?OUe "d I t tue tie ection t2)t/UU ana convio\oc~>f t <jpe scaur rerjocs who net fire to mv Mors on the mo mni of April flft. 16->i Aiio, 9 J90 rew?:d off T'Vl tor the tie teoti< n and convi.t un rl th^ p-- mn or per ora who enured mr st. re "n t>t? niih'.ol k1areh?th, l?Gi ftp? !wj rt >1. T('CR..H._ LOST?On ? ralay moraine, the 4th matant, omewhere tatweei: Pennny vuiia i?en'ie aid tti* A'??an<1.ia 'ai:!'i* ? PACKAGE OF NOTfc.8, ivl. I.SJ, Rl.'hfPls. ho. The finder of th*?? wil- i>^ liberal I? rowarded by ?ei-flire tbe^s to ir )niorrvi:i( the andermc; ed, at the Proro *t Maraha 1'a < (Ti -> in . i?*andria, where they may be foilni. ap7 3t* A. H. HALL. ft* RK WA R IV-f t^f b oe the* 4'.U in?f , ai>out | tori u~zi"OS iiriiwvnillfikltl f ^ ?1_) Newfoundland IW?0. biaofc a". ore", I on when stolen, & *r<o?? leatl ?r c:>lla:. ** with a chsin five f-?t long st'&ch^d. T^e itxirfl reward will b Riven on i re'urn to EMKICH'3, corner I iltha o F.% avtnur. ep 5 4'.* & Ifl REW'ARD-S olen ?b >u' 12** o'o.ock m., 0 I"" this murnint, a m used grey stv HORSE. with coreinirunt saddle aa.J 'j-.p b anket; nor?e had uo shoea o^; and lame in left foot; branded U. S. He was atoen froin front of Ruler's Restaurant, D it. Ac; information c^naermng hi>n will !>e receive* at Mr. Antler's. (ap I-if) FHILL1P ZITTLr.. LOST?On Saturday last, between Cia*ett 4 May's Store and the ocrner of 1'itb ai.J O ata , 1 small strosoan SLEEVE-BUTTON. A reward )t $1 will be paid if left at Mr. gemken'a, Jeweler, Pa. ar. mh H rp FOR FORTRESS MONROE, a HE Schooner Mercy Taylor. Captain Ni^keraon, will sail tor Foitreas Monroe. ifina luflioient freight is offered. Inemreot J. R. 11 ARK * CO.. ap3 4 96 Ninth st. SOLDIERS' FAY. HARNJ>EN7T"EXFRK88 WILL FORWARD dOLDIERS' F K.M1TTANCK8. Whithm Mpmt or Allotmcnt Drafts. ro their Families at an? place on the lines rf their Express at a oharte of T W KNTV-PIV ri?MTa Kor anj num cot exceeding Fifty Dollar*. <f So > \nd a proportixuato additional ohar;e for places reached by oonueatinis Kip-rum The remittance, whether iu Gold, Tr*a?ury Notei. or AJIo'ra^ut Draita. abould be anoioaed n in euvelcpe. and securely aeaied, &au haw the rull addreaa, inoiuding the f-<wu, i oat Office, aid *tate, oltlie peraim to wk'm to t>e aeot, and the imount legibly maraed thereon. Knvelopea tor thia purpose viil be fammbed at !hia cffio*. Money reoeived to he forwarded at tbe oflioe to Waahuuton, TMr<t alreet, aecood door helov ['enney Ivania avenue. ap l-lm K. 9 SMITH, Agent. ra maia? 11 * ? ?? ? ?? ?? * " *~ I'm, u^iiinnsibnic.u wis nee to inform hie frienda and tue pal-tit Uiat be hu opened a *aw Filing and Heparin* Shop on the ooiiier o| th and 8 atr^eia, and believing. irora a iong exp? lence in the buameaa. that ha will be able to |!Mh ae wood sawyer and the botcher and e\er? me ihanic that naea a taw. and hope*, by a iot atention to bnaineee. that he will merit a .hare of be public patronage. mn l>-im' JOB N KK NNfcALLY. pOE THk MOUTH OF YELLOWSTONE FORT bENT0N,^K8e0UKI RIVER. The itttmM EMI I.IK. J, B LaBabo*, Master, nil leave ob or about the ?th ol kpnl. To parsons deairossof koid?^^4^k? o Oregon and the Territory Vashington, this is Uie most desiraMa roite. jartoutarlv to Waahington 1 em tor*. t,aiui| frJai <*>d mmU ?o?he iwsUe?aU>to mi^ttafwri?ry la onneotion with the Kmifie Willi* a vary gut draught si4s whatf steamer, whwh will leave ere atom Ihesnth, designed to raafmni the \el nretoae tn the Palls ol Aftssoan. For frSiht or a?agea??tT oa board. , aftS-Mr ^HK PONCHO TKNTU JUST RECEIVED. I ur a * otiunnvaia a ?? ? 1 -? ro*n*"?i5.wp m. w, no. saa r?g r?i4L?> ?renw?,6aro b+n ippantwi im'. i', 1 y fhieftom, *r.d! kiniv in fetore !,*? PON- 1 ttU B, oodve;ubie into fcvcepiog Tenta, iouM 1 * Vy-.Anr.?.y'?y'tt?rf:it<II paryoMi, kad *#i|h tn y ?i|? poncdf. atr?. >< ? Mtttod is t Watt r Proof 1 sat. fcy1* bm p^5S?fe III KIDl SECOND EDITION. TUBE O'CLOCK, t. K A THRILLIV? DISPATCH! ? ISLAh.? *? >0 BORRKimran) AND I* ?VR POSSESSION! %% THE SHORE BATTEBi'5* EWfriTEfr III HOT ARTE BT TIE JBBEl*t ? r?H Pariaiif the Flftif * *?* Fus 9tunu Bistox. ( Of I*U%n4 >' 10, April 9, 1 ? S Hoti fridimm WtUtt, y ft : My trlegrapb thrvc hours aloe* Informed 'h* Department 'bat It>*"d No l? bad aurrendored to the gunboat* Captain Pbelpa ba? this Instant returned after having bad an Interview wl'b tbe la?e rpamw laat. I bare mjuwifd Ocn Buford.romoMitdiag tb* troop* to proofed Immediately In cnmp-oy wl'b two of the gunb^au and take poeseesioa of Ibe ' land. The batteries on the Tenneaee chore have been haatlly evacuated, where we *ball Mod, no d<rebt. In the morning, large qnaatitto* of muotMona of war 1 communicate with Gcnrral Pope, who hM. under cover of the two punboat?, which galliA* ly run the blockade In the tbnndrr atnrm, cromnS the river la force, and waa ready, aa well a* the gun and mortar boat-, and with Gen Ruford and hla troop* to make a "imultaneoua attack apon the rebels, had they not ao hastily evacuated thr Tennemea abere acd aurrenderrd Inland No 1?? A full report will be made aa anon aa *f can obtain poai aai 'n of the land battcrica *ud I am Jii communication with Gen Pope A H. Foots. Flag Oflie?,kr J Vo?'.?iu rourae of the fo*?noon lh? War D' j'artment is aaid to have recet vM miadry dl? patrbea from Gen HalWk, Jt 8i. Louia, frrm tb? tenor of which It wa? tulerred taf'c th*t Island No. 10 bad been eraew?u>/ rather than fnfrnthr*' f a? in the rase of the rebel batteries on to# Tanno?aee ahore. Ti-l- t. ? , 1 a ?? * ? - ? a mm it a aii?wiipf vmrrm, <<| toin I ?vv I laat dispatch (printed above* e&prewlya atea thai It was " surrendered by Its late lommandaut, (ben McGowan, probably.) te Cap:. I'belpa. whom he diapatched to the island with two gunbo^ta t? receive the surrender Gu>. Halleck, we hear, infuim* the ise^retwv of War per tele^rsph that Gen. Pope is In full P'irauitof :be fiylug re>*ls, alludlup, we preaumr to the prrtton of tbe lorge rebel force in that quarter that lately occupied their Tcuoeaw sbce batteries?Ed fluk.) l*RVr? Or THE HRRENUER I'F ISLAND .%** 10 TIA CUIGAOO CH:rA?*o, April S?The Alp* arrived at Cairo a? el^ht o'clock this nmrrlng, l?rln,jlnp second muter Lord, of the ateatner Benton, with HHpatt bea from Com Foote, announcing Ui>: aurten der fo btmat iiitdulgh' of tfcecutln position, n?n, yins and fran*porWat Miami No It) Th* nuin ber of prlaonera ia not y?t known, nor amount of ordnance atoris VERY LATKST FROM OI3N McCLkLAN'9 ARMY LVapatchca from Fortres? Monroe up to p m ycaterddvembrace the latent Intelligence received there relative to tbe progress of Oen McClellan'a armv upon the peninsula tying btween the Jam?a and York river*. KlaewLere thia afternoon we publhh full and interesting particular* In tb&t connection ap t< the clone of the day before ycaterday. At Cve p. m y eater day It waa kuown at Fortreaa Monroe that throu^hent tbe day Grit rral HcClelUn bad be?n en^n^d at Ion*: range with tbe Yorktown fori if. tHona, though the engagMBl&twiia not a b-lak ow, the firing on both aldea being or:MlonaI No caaunlOea !< *peak of on our ?IAe were known it PirtnH Mon roe to have occurred up to the hour ,S p m jw terday) when tbla information left thert' It U evident (bat Gen. McClcllan la proceeding aa methodically and eurfly with his work In batftl on tbe Peninsula, as Commodore Poote ai*^ General Pope proceeded with tbetrs, at l?land No 10 We doubt not. wlM rosk- DiU'U shorter work with hl?, es Vorklown can hard*\ bold out more than fort v-elgbt hour* longer IMrOSTAKT PKOM TBS WEST A dispatch from Gen. Halleck states tbat Gen Sturgls goes to Kansas. Gen Craig to tbe Indian Territory. Gen. BuelTs advanced guard has reached Grr> Grant. Gen Halleck will speedily take tbe com mand In per?on. Hon Andrew Jobnaon, military governor, re. ports that arreatacf promt neat peraonaengagei l? the rebellion have been made, and that the U?t"n cauae ta working well OFBtariONK IS TRK MOritTAtA 1>KTAE1 KENT Major General Fremont repertt that t?en Milroy with bla advance baa occupied Kort Allegany In peraoc. No enemy at Hunteravllle or Mor terey They appear to be retreating to the *heti andoah mountains orpaartoiuiii tub litirtmim or thb ? ?**> Mil. No material change has taken plac* In the po altlon of the enemy. J ark son is near New Mar ket, and Johnaon at (*ordot:svilk. Refugee* to-day report that a Uwniasd Union men, in Kockinjrbam county, have taken to tht mountain!, at Elk Run, on (be Blue Rld^c, with tbe determination to re*ist wnn arm.- tueu in? prcssment by tbe rebel* This statement lc believed. Jachaon thrcats-a* to aubdue them by force, which they are deter mined to rvaia!. The forcea In froni of t?en. Freincul are r* treating towarda the Shenandoah OPEKA.TlOHt> IB TBI DimiHIKT ?l IHf ItrrtHtrfllOCt Gen Abercromble reports that by a reccnnotaaunce made last night to tbe Rappahannc<~k rl*?-i a plchtf x uard and a few infantry were dlwrovcr-^ occnp* ing what appeared to be rifle pita situ tw> mall redoubts of recent construction covering the fords goaae of the slaves wbo have come la any .hat the rebela are retreating U7"Grn Raaccraas haa addreaoel a comm aaloatloa to tbe Wheeling Preaa denying that he La* declined to serve under Oen Frenx-n-. COlWRJi&eiONAI. UlTlllk c?w?KPM> ?~r?H Tr*?i)Ai, April tj - After tb? pmnU'l?i of petitions, 1 tew iwiTilf Mils wvrc m? d TbebLU to allow lb* AAtornr* eeaerai to li ifc* larteaatf L H dlatricl attorneys waa take* op i*4 vu 4tkal*4 kiN?M Mbtrati i*< H - < ifalast it, aa4 Ti>M Mm to* U Hottik?Mr Jolat renolutton propping to adj >um tM pr?**ut assMm m tfco third Ifnnla y ia May; irfhut Mr Af?oi4 >?? m imd ? tr*m fta* Oftwr PoMr, M tic Mdabe-* gather d irouai ia4 r?rt mm tmm ail part* nf tb? u?u? ftrtkf mMif ! II Mr. A th?ar?MlM4u CL^mmTSUlZ Cwm'* Mf A*'r fk' ?federation of thr Tu Mil ?u then * hm4. ** v > ^ ' >"<MB nr t, Jk- Mit itsui i sal 1

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