Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAB. 1 WA5BINOTON CITY: * ' DMtSDAV APRIL ?, 196?. T"* it* I* printed"!! ib? hat<-?. ? . n ; |?? r* * ?? n rf HsWit""*. Iti **!ti?r. !-> ? \t** '.n v?? *?? it ** at an bow I therefore. shonlfl be !B h*#"- T- |y M , piV??w?M> tin?? n*#T Wt mil Ibe nut ?* ?. >? ; Pi- '?Nf?9 *i tbe Tarlora militarytanpa aad , ~ ?'tl it vrlll ccnf-r <x favor by keeping ns poefcd j %? *** ii* v^tacnta and affbiri In their viclnitiea. r *plrit ? ?h? >l*riin| Pre??. The I*ttui?tnccr sccres tbe London Quarterly Rrrtriefcrabnitng its Great Brltainous privileges S of mmnderatar.dUif Amerlcaa pontics and mis'aktag American Geography. The Republican calis for tb? speedy p^wes0 of rr Vacation laws. ?o deal with tbe properly of r- rstpteec r?hf'? CUR MILITARY BUDQET. ?u mriyo ?xv thi ?*eot?? (txen ?io*) b*iOAOI. Oi tfco 6th Icataat, Ota. Sickles received an order from Brig Gen Hooker, dated at the Divl Ion Headquarter!, to the effect hat having b?en officially Informed that the appointment of Brig. General Da a lei K. Sickles had been revoked by tfc? President of tbe United States, he la hereby relieved from the command of, and duty lu, the Second Brigade. , t^ea. Sickle* answered: /faaifV* ExciUior Brigade,Hd Hook'r\i Dir., ) On Board V. S Trans pert Elm Pifjr. ; Off Liver-port Point, April 6, lPO'J ) Cmptai* : 1 cave tbe honor to acknowledge ihe 1 rn^elpt rtf Special Order No 132, announcing that , brr mirand of Brigadlor General Hooker I am relieved from duty la the 2d Brigade. Tbe reason naatgned la that my appointment of Brigadier General baa bten revoked I re* perl fully bring to tbe nrtlce of tbe Brigadier General commandirj the Divla'on tbe fact, of which 1 cannot prerme hltn to be 'gnor nt, that i am tbe senior C loael of the Brigade, having been mastered rto aervtee as Cc.los>el of the lit regiment on the "tb Jnne, 1PG1. which muster wa* afterwards duiy conflnred bv tbe letter of appointment of tie President of the United State*. Thla fact w.ia < fBr'slly made known to tbe 1 Divtalon Ccmmarrier In a recent communication '"mi myaelf, tbe 27th ultimo, arid'eased through } rri tn 'Brlcadler General S Williams, Assistant Adjutant Geoerul Armv of tbe Potomac. I Dill vupercetled In commai d byt Brigadier General regularly assigned to duty with tbif ; *?-i;;ade, I respectfully c'.aitn that I am entitled to t je command M tbe senior offlcr present. For tbeee rvssrrs I respectfully protest ajjairst ' "inl Orders. No 1C*i. n? illegal, unauthorized, J unjust. 1 sbnli obey them?since obedience t luperlcr utbcrity is tbe fl-stdutvof a soldier? 1 md thai! avail mya*lf of my rtjjht to appeal for '< dr? e? to tfce General comm^ndins; this army. 5 am, Csp -In, Tiry r?pe? tfolly. vcur most , "bedlent *?rv?nt. I> E 8rrm.Es, Brlgidler Grn?-rsl C-cir.mandlus;. Capt Jo*iPH Ptrairson, A?'t Adj't Gen. i Tfee following is a farewell erder addre-^-d to Ms men by Gen Pickles: If'^dq'r* Wrtitsior Bnci '< '<# Hook-ff'i Vir , ) < Om tea?<i T~. S T'tntport ?lm Ctly. . ( ftth April, 1962 ) , C" ncral Orders No fi ^o'dten' Sprclcl Ord< ? Ne 138will announce ] * ynv I air relifv?rt from further duty In this t ' ".^ade, 1 y order of *fce B Igtidler General coin- i lli'TldflMT tlift ' >;* last act ?f duty la to b'd yon farewell. j After a yrar of ?r*ice ?Hh yon. It 1? hard to \ '? !d to tbe necessity wllch aepar&tee me from so i in ifbriw and devotrd companion*, ndeired < to me by more tbdu oidioary tie*. ? Wkil^ protesting ?het it la unlawful and unjust, | 1 Cbey tb? ccmnund i>eca'we obedience to stjpe- 1 r!or njtfeorlty la tb* first duty of a soldier. I ft i? my earnest hope that a prompt appeal for i redctu to tbe General cominacdtnif tbe army will permit me to ?bare with you the honor* of i *c eauapa'gn bow an*pic!cusly becua. i "VteUirr we are separated for a day or forever, J thtr ft TMt wiabea <x my heart will follow your ( f?? me* on evenr field. t Y u h*y? w^ltfd patiently fcr the honr. now at ? bs- d, wtit- tbe Aimv of tte Potomac will move a nt'-n ?b? *trongbcld* of the enemy. Tour diaclpl m , courage ?!td bearlna will place you i tbf fi-'cmo?t ?>f our legion*. . i T be ?rlory whlea surely swalta you will l>elp to , rtcoitclle :uc to the pain it cc*U to say again? * fir-we 1 By cemtoaiid vi U ijj Geu. 1). E. Sickles. J L. Palmib,Ja , ' A. r C and A. A. A General. ' G?n Bh k. s la : cw at the Metropolitan Hotel j In this city. i r?OM rORIRK*? KOHkOl. , Q>.f 0p<Ta.ti(rns Ixfor' Yorktoten?Rthti Suam-rs < M'mmac, YwA. !ctr? and Jamtttewn at Cratuy t Jtlrnd., Tfce Secretary of War received a letter ve?terdiy aftsiaaua from (tea Wool stating that at V i t '. lock p m yesterday nothing vr?.a doing at Ycrktemi cjusept preparations for attacking the 1 f rf the enemy, that the enemy's i 1 rce was reported U> be from twenty five to thirty . aaajid, and at 2 o'clock p m. the Merrl- 1 tuae, Ytrktewn, Jamestown, and four togs were J ?> :ag at Crancy Uland. , m?m - I Hai l or Mc*t*rs is BaAtikor* ? Capt. John < Fry, of company H. Baltimore Light Infantry, j midt a fcaal of fifty two muskets, apparently In , go^.i condition, the farm of Mr. Tool, a ( former co*t' Rj-a?u?e officer Sergeant Pierce, ' of the middle district police, identified the arms | j? fjeiooglng to the Law Ureya ( 1 We hare received the first number of the < rt the Mart?n*??nrg "American and Ga- * Kitf." fly ag the go d old Uaion flag. The edl. j ? v. A ' > - * * - - 1 ? ?, ?. >. iau; >a, nopmaM into the Confederate army, bat m lie bis escape |rj- Mr?. Ads Plunkett, we perceive, has, since Irt divorce, rewonKd brr maiden name?'* Parker"?and is aewsupportiag Mr. Forrest at Ford's new tt. eater. CjT A collision occurred on the Northern Central Retread vesterday. Some ten or ttfeen car* *?f badly demolished, snd tbe eagine thrown down an embankment. No one injured. Vrvxias in .Missovai asd Ar*assa?-A eorr ? odeaI of the Mluoart Republican, wrUln^ fi> -n Mprtngfleld. sav?: < " ptsin Richardson, of tbe Mountain Rangers, a.tnred thirty rebel prisoners, jsyhawktrs and ^ and placed them In charge of Lieut. Cel. Mills, comotandia^ at r-pr.ngtttiG l' Lesley, a witness against some of the ?1 erilia .baads. Rives tbe follow! ne particulars of ai-. ?i*tT occurring in Jssper county . A ommu ef Slttt Uoods for tka llaun ?-? * ttft neighborhood of Dr. Hi n#7 ffuTwf re attacked at the Doctor'* real- I a d- e by JL<? teteia. wbo Bred on them. The fcva. troops, naaberiug about Vfty men, returned IL? 4rc, ud the rebels, meeting a determined reticence, trad Dr fMetnicon's house. In tbe nro^r?Moftb? "klnalih Dr ?;rRiin?ai and Leigb ion Duacar wer- killed, and liensley himself ? wmW.!u(! rre'.ved also stversl aUotLo'-t In U*l clothes. Several of I be rebel* were 1 >dud w aadfd, bat ibe precise number l? lukum. N? prisoners were takt'n on either i<t , Dr. t?"eii;?i^ne? house wa* burnt to tht ;;r.viod It'? repeftrd Iba' forage and food la very scarce la Arhmai, and that tbe Missouri troop* In tne R< Mi w ?v1 *. are total rv demoralised l'r < - tt?st iii?Ye arrived at tien Curtis' be 4nrcaTi>T*aid bwn exchanged. report Price'a i Vn burea to go down tbe river, and that ifccy were compelled to assist in load ins ^9 rm . i? &* i * ^ * * ^ ^ - -? - U oagKaye of the rebel* ~ , Ftnstui -Th? Ntw York ptp<-n of yeatrr- f dav report % moderate bu*i >e?r, bat stocks arm il'tLt Mcood Uoard Government Bor.da ud rock ire adducing; L'nUrd State* ?'?of 1-^1 advancing >??wn <*#y before, and ConY CrtkttcatM of lndebtedne?? ?old at alxea advaac?-d %. and Ttamnnm If, and both active. tio?d i? without change at sullf ? ITT" KiUuaive airaoi{emeotn ara being made >?* ^ .. tk for iLe celebration ot the birth-day o? Hacry Ciav o ? a uivie Cuajprebenam acale t .a '-ijal Democrat* aa wall aa Old Llu? \V. .. ...utaka |??t. Meaara. Cfltlradea and J b?viatof Kantucly, and tx-k'rmldemt Fillmore | yrt r i tn k? Iry Dmimh at Ialand No. 10 vraa at lateat ?<..>. a - HMMrkabty llwiy Cxcbaoge eur; and ? l*jw .u wLUe Uad teoda atsaia.lf down-jrarU. * ? t Plti .rka neer Pittaburg, , t 4 auytbrr monatrr cnnocn, Iflttn Inch d bcr. , ?mn thtr*y-nJB^ twn In tbe rough. a ( 5*"?Tifpraai.t d*.lv yteida/ the lowtug Wfl!? <3 an >' *WOB) ^aljotis i utl .n to. >Ml i*rw u I -.V "r- ' . 1 tiro tTDRTo nu mnrt dddi oil I <aiCi UEiVfa D I 1 EilibUHAI D. ?KI. A. 8IPSKY JMim KILLED! 1EAHECAEP BlPLY WOUPEP! r he Re Ml Ltd at nttiNri Lasting, * , ? ! ? The riltn Lass there..19,900 ! Farther Particular# af the Great Ba'tle. New Volt, April 9, 1062 ? At a late hour last light, additional particulars of the great fight of Sunday last, at rittaburg Landing, Tennrasee, eacbed here by telegraph. It stems that Beau egard essayed a movement against 6rant's forces precisely like that attempted by Zolllcoffer at Somerset, Kf-, o disastrously, against the force of General Thctnaa, It will be remembered. Learning through LH scout* end'pies of the rapid approach of Buell's army to form a Junction with Grant, and dreading least their combined strength would scon and surely overwhelm him at Corinth. he left h! entrenchments there, and by a m 1 ..L J Jk n At lOITfii luaicu puujjui HJ rrntu auu uricii uiam ai Pittsburg Landing, before Buell could get op to him Buell, however, managed to get two full dlvlaiona to Grant'e eupport in due time. The battle raged all day, and the rebel* fled only after Oen. A Sidney Johnson waa killed and Beauregard badly wounded. The rebel loaa In roughly eatlmated at 20,WX) In killed, wounded and priaonera so far taken by our army, who are In pursuit; while the Federal loaa la aet down at abont half that of the rebels. The reaultof thla brilliant victory is regarded, there, aa involving the entire destruction of Beauregard's plan of the campaign in the Southwta'; with the overwhelming defeat of the rebels at Island No. 10, it mutt amount to a practical crushing out of the rebellion in that quarter. THE VICTORY AT ISLAND H?. 10 m PrtrrcJIngs Preliminary to the Surrender. From dispa'che* to the weatern papers we get the following in relation UJ What transpired prerious to the surrender of Island No. 10: Ev^apemrnt Between the Bebtl Batteries Brfotv Island iVo. 10. and the Federal Gunboat Carondolet. Chicago. April 7.?A special dispatch from New Madrid, dated on the O h. savs that the gunboat Oerondnlet, wblch succeeded In running past the rebel b.itterie* at Inland Mo. 10. has b?en engaged wph the reljel batteries on the Kentucky ihore all day Between here and Point I'leaaairt Ave places fortifled by the rebel* have been discovered. and all placed In such a position at to prevent any attempt of our forces at cnssinz Tne CarcndoUt and our batteries fired *heil with great precision ln?o tbe rebel batterle*. and sitenet d their gnns at one point altogether. LAYEft. General Po;>* Storm* the Rtbtl Batten ft and ? piles b'uur of Them?The Federal Army Crosses the Mtssi fsipjii Chicago, April ? ?A aperlal dUpatch from L'liro to th< Tribune ;;1vea tome Interesting particulars of the cheerio? auccea of our brave naval uid land force* ugainat laland No. 10 The gunboat PitUburg alio run the blockade of Island No. 10 laat night, tinder a terrlflc Are from ha rtbel batteries. Four (team transport* and )v? Largea were also got through the alongb from Palirp?' Landing, above the laland, to New Mad 1<!, by Colonel Uiuell'n corpa of engineer!. TfaN morning, under th* ire of our gatboatu, which ailerctd oue of the rebel bitterha, a :onpany under Captains Lewi* and MarabMl :roi<>'d the rlvvr at New Madrid and aplked the zun? in the lebel battery there, whilst another force took tovk three other batteries and aplked ihe ?ua? and threw the ammunition into the 'lver At II o'clock, la the face of the lire of the rc nain lit; rrlr. 1 letter let. Geo Paine, with four e^Qjcui* ard a battery of artillery, crowed the Vli?*Us.lppl to the Kentucky shore, and subsequently the dlviaons of Genls. Hamilton and Itaulev rrrsred, also Gen. Grander with his carilr>. They are now strongly pcsted and ready for my eaitrj-cacy? It \t> birdlv credible, hat the report! thus far igree that not a singla casualty baa occurred duFng the whole time of the crowing of onr troop*. Spiling of the Rebel Batteries on the Tennessee shore, opposite Point Pleasant. Caiho, April 7 ?Advicea from New Madrid ?ay he rebels were making every effort to fortify the Kentucky shore. Their floating battery Grampus uade her appearance to-day, but is not In range. It Is thought the Carondelet can easily alienee all ;he rebel fentterlea. A detachment was sent oo shore from the Ca ondelet and aplkad th" guns and destroyed (he ariagrs of the rebel batteries oo the Tennessee more, opposite Point Pleasant. DfKrlptita ?f Islaad BU. 10. ir**>?.t?< or thk rotmoN amp humiii or o?m. The situation of laland No. 10 was described as follows by the correspondent of the Chicago Tost, writing on the l?th nit.: The location of Island No. 10 seem* to be peculiarly titled &f natural advantages as a place for loag, if not successful defense. Toe river sweeps iroucd a large bend which changes lta course in i direction almost exactly the opposite frem that in which it makes iu way for several miles above ihe island. The upper portion of the letter H is the readiest illustration that suggests itself. The leet now lies In the river a short distance above the narrow peninsula, which, putting oat from the Kentucky shore, thus aiu-rs the course of the itreum For a distance of nearly four mllesabove ;he peninsula, the river flows in a direction near,y southward, but, striking the suddeu irnpedlnent, turns towards the northweat, which course t pursues a dialance of some ten mlies, when it igala torus and - makes'' southward in a direclon nearly parallel with that above It, thoacreaU nr the peninsula referred to. It is at a point thr*?* m1i?>a *LI- ?? ? ^ >hv wm?iiivuvuuicm ui inn proectiou of land that Island No. 10Is situated, being lenrly 1? the center of tae stream, with channels ;pen either aide suificlently lar^e to allow tbe [tassage of tbe largest boats Tbe taer.vy fortifications upon tbe island there* 'ore commnnd both tbe Missouri aud Kentucky iheres But In addition to these defences, tbe ebels hare erected batteries upon the upper side >f the peninsula three Biles above, extending to he Island. aud Lomssandlsgthe river In Its on* srard course to the lntter. Tbe Kentucky and Tennessee Stite line passes through tbe lower jart .of tbe peninsula and but a short distance ?elow the fuot of the lrlud. New Madrid is ocatcd at tbe extreme point of the peninsuia en be Missouri shore, and ten miles distant from tbe leet. The distance across tbe foot of the penln>uLi. to a point opposite the fleet, Is uot live iilles, while twenty-flre miles must be traverse* o reach tbe same point in following tbe natural ourse of tbe river. Una battery is also supposed o be lecated Immediately at tbe foot ef the island rbese, with heavy guns placed along tbe river >Rik a distance of live miles, and all the batteries xeept one commanding the fortification, we have sailed. TksNlMW abort of the river le this 'telnity consists principally of low, flat land, tbe greater portion of it overflowed many mon hs In he year /qr a distance of fifteen tulles back froin he stream When New Madrid la reached high and la found, thickly settled, and comparatively llled. In tbe raidat of the peninsula above referred to a located Keel Foot Lake, a beautiful aheet of rater, wbicb should be prominent in history, for be retson that on tta ahorea reside the descendin ts of the immortal Davy Crockett With the xeeptlou of this the ground composing tbe enIre |*nlD*uUis high, and presents an undulating urface, dotted with the borne* of numerous wealthy farmers. NVMSU or THUI SOWS. Of tbe enemy's strength on tbe Island we bave u- vet but little information. We know, however, bat they had several gunboats, two or three of vfcich were lron-cUd, and, according to their rwii accounts tn the Memph's papers when tbe iev? c* mmenc ed, their total number of guus In tosTtlcn could not have been fewer than seventy, has: Kflttfry No. ? ^uni. B*t:ery No. a fc guns. Batlrry No.) 4 guw Hat'ery No 5 4 guna. Battery No. 9. 10 guna One large battery (south ?ide)...l? guns. <>u? large bdttrry (north aide)... 4 guna. f loating battery 18 guns. Total 70 guns. kktcu or ubjibhal tort. General Pope la a native of Kentucky, end enereU West Point In I63e. He graduated In 184S i? brevet second Af tAfwwrKnki/>>l :eera He was breveted Irat Ueutauant for g?l*.at and meritorious conduct at Mooterey, IM ubsequrnUy breveted captain tor bis gallantry lunni toe battle at Buena Vista la eeaseqoeace if having some dispute with Jefferson DstU, Secetary of War under President Pierce, Capt rW ealgi-euObd engaged In civil pursuits la Illinois. >n ihe bioabiug out of the pisasat war be tealerrd bis servtcee te the Government, aad be was ppol oted a Brigadier General aad assigned to lutv 1 i the Western Iteparuneai. He has dUtln .1? i:--* 04 orvrtel occast. us, and placed tla -use ?? ibe <e?einuot rank of American ?je?t LATEST FRQ1I YOMITOWW. j TIm Aivaice Mivrafit-latUealr, kt. ice. ? i [Smncttomei by Major General Jokn E Wtcl, ' rommanding 4tpartm**t of FirffeM.] [Special correspondence Philadelphia Inquirer.J Cocklstow*, W, Friday even In*, April 0.? I . have but a few momenta time to write voua brief account of th" movement* of our troepa, who left Fortrea? Monroe on Friday morning. The advance waa composed of Infantry, cavalry, and artillery, and waa made In force Bv daylight the advance waa oommenefd. Big Bethel wan reached at nine o'clock, and after paaalng the cbarih on the left of the road, not j miteea rebel cavalry were discovered utatloned in ironi 01 me ro?a, on iuf oiner nae oi lD( bridge Our advance troops Immediately endeavored to capture the retell, wben tbelr endeavor* were defeated by the impassable condition of the creek, the bridge over It having been destroyed. In the meantime, the rebel* bat spurs to their boraea, and were soon oiit of fight. A an aad of men was'hen detailed to reconstruct the bridge, which, in two houra' time, admitted of the safe paMage tf our troops. About a mile l>eyond Big Bethel the same Rebel cavalrv (belonging to Majw Phillips1 command) were stain overtaken. Twenty men were then detailed to advance on the right snd left sides of the road, with a view of capturing the party. Wben those of the right came within musket range of the Rebels, the latter opened upon our soldiers with their carbines, and then tied precipitately. The sharpshooter* immediately pursued the retreating foe. discharging th?lr rifles as they went along, but all to no effect, the Rebels successfully accomplishing their purpose. The same cavalry were visible to our men all along the subsequent line of march aa far as Howard's Mills, wb?rethey disappeared from view. The march waa continued through the dilapidated village* of the Halfway House and Ro?edown, at whlcb latter place the command halted. Information being received that a rebel fort occupied the bank of Howard Creek, beyond the mill bearing the same name, and to the right of iuo iuou icauui{< uu' iruiu AUnruoWD, a IT HP OI battle was Immediately formed, and the (belling of the fort commenced. The rebels replied ro our firing at intervals, but after about a half hour h?d elapsed, tbe firing on their side ceased, when.they immediately abandoned the fort. They effected their escape with difficulty, with the loss of one of their homes, who was killed by a fragment of shell The fort, we have forgotten to state, wait occupied by cavalry. In the confusion incident to the evacuation of the fort, many of the soldiers made their escape on foot, they tiktne one direction and their horses another. After tbe abandonment of the fort, two soldiers-one of them a mere \outh, a native of D V-.IL *t ?? * * * 1 -? otrviuu?utitu ui lurm uciuujjiiij; WJ iu ISSISS] ppi regiment, came within our lints and voluntarily surrendered themselves. Fifteen rounds of shell were thrown during the bombardment of the fort. Some of the soldiers hoist d the star* and stripes upon the fort ns soon as the rebt ls abandoned It. A portion of the advance was continued oa tne seme day as far as Cockletown, seven miles dtstnnt from Yo?k??wn, where they res ted for the night. From Hampton to Big Bethel the roads were in fair marching condition, but beyond that point the troops and the batteries experienced considerable difficulty in moving over the road*, and the march was. therefore, necessarily slow and tedious THRIkMlLfc* KBl'M YuBKTOW.f, April 6 ?At 9 o'clock this mornlug the troops at Cockletown were joined by those who had remained In the rear during the night, and the march continued toward Yorktown Hcarcely had the movement commenced befort-a heavy fall of ralu took place, which lasted till nearly noon day The re'dte for I a consldeiable portion of the way laid through a dense woods, abounding In the deepest and worst species of road-ruts Into tbe*e the wagots and the carriages bearing the artillery plunged every moment; bat, with slow move j I.II/.I J.i _ i ? - mem* iiiu xiniui urive<*; iiu nrtajuge ui any kind occurred. When within three miles of Yorktown the command was again halted, heavy fort* having been discovered within a mile of the main road to the right. The troop* were immediately ranged at tbe most commanding point*, and the batteries wheeled lolo position lu ad vanes of the infantry, bv whom they were supported. The tiring was opened by tbe forts to tbe north, two of them connected by earthworks and mounted with heavy guns?the first shell burying Itself la the grourd to tbe left of the road, about a mile and a half from the fort A Union battery was posted a little to the right of the lower fort, aud then replied to the rebel invitation w:th great precision and accuracy. Both batteries then being opened ui??a e ich other, the firing on either side for a time was heavy and rapid After an hour had elapsed the rebel for^e at the foris was considerably diwtnisbed by many of them withdrawing to a ltss exposed position, but the firing was still kept up at Intervals of every three minutes. So soon as tbe forts alluded to had opened their fire, another Unlou battery was pested in tbe . woods on the west, and commenced to throw shell Into tbe forts at that point, from which shell i kail VkAAn fl*tAajn ?? ????? ??* ?****??? V.. * l? *- * I v?>h wvii >m> w?* ii ? 'iiuug vui m wp? ujr lUC f CUC1N. The tiring on these forts, as also those on the north, wis continued ail day long, and occasionally af1 ter night. Hhells fell among, oar troops. Skirmlsh| ers *e>? al*o deployed lnlhe woods to the right and I#ft, and an incessant exchange of shots took place between the contending foe. All day lone has the skirmishing been kept up. i The shells from the rebel forts have be?D whizzing over oar heads, and In the case of many a poor soldier, through them. We have been operating in the dark Neither the force nor the position of the enemy have we been able to ascertain, further than what we have stsen with the naked eye. We hav* beard their wild cheers, when a shell has exploded in our midst, have seeu their soldiers riding across the oooutry, and moving from fort to fort. They have heavy guns mounted there; forty-two pouad howitzers the heaviest. Tkere Is no doubt of that, however, for several of ttosm are in possesion of our troops. Shells have been thrown by the rebels in all A i rortiAns- m tiritK a ?*U>- - * ...v.. v< .uvui WIUI ? 'ICW Ul iftllliw out position. Oar batteries have been changed from one position to the other, as the case may require, and our men are working like soldiers ana patriot* To-uifcht the barracks of the rebels on the west were fired by them, it I* supposed. S*o great waa the conflagration that almost the entire horizon was illuminated. Nkar Yomtowm, ?urdav, April 0?To-day has been one of fe*t with the soldier*. There has bet* little or no firing from fee rebel forts, although during the afternoon some twenty or tweniy-flve shell were thrown at and into the forts on the north by a Union battery. Upon the forts named two rebel flags were seen floating to-day for the first time. The most important feature of the day has been th? balloon ascension, which, in point of Importance to the Government, has been one of the greatest ballcon recsnnolssances eve I made. The first ascension was made at five o'clock in the marnlng. and then and there the position and strength of the enemy were ascertained for the flrat time. Subsequently reoonnolssances of from one to two hours were made and important information gained. iuc iurnacaiioiiB Ul *DC RCDfW ft T C Of tb6 strongest possible character, and sweep an extent of country of seven utiles, extending across the Peninsula from the York to the Junes riven. Behind these fortifications they hive a large reserve force, so that th? entire stiength of the Rebels at this point Is rated from twenty-fife to thirty thousand men. Their forts are mounted by gun* of the heaviest caliber, and some of them are of a continuous character for milea, being connected by earthworks The beat lest chain f forts are on the west, although those on the North?the polat from which the firing was first commenced on Saturday?are sufficiently formidable to resist a powerful attack. There are other mlnutfre of these forts hi p<ases*top. of our officer*, which It li not proper to make mown at present Suffice tt to say that through the means of the balloon ascensions, made all day yesterday, every Information U in our possession of the design and Intention of the Rebels. Gen Magruder Issued a proclamation to the , olllers of the Rebel army on the 28th ult. He states that the rnemy Is npon them, and that his numbers Is far superior to theirs He advises thein to fortify themselves in every possible place, and to control every inch of ground. Three days' , rations are to be cooked, and baked biscuit are to be carried Inatead of Hoar. The light, he anticipates, will take place on the Warwick River. In conclusion, he advises them to Are low. Heavy firing, probably proceeding from our gun boats, has been heard on the river all day. &na Yon Town, Va., Sunday, (Midnight,) April A circular, issued by the rebels, was found by one of General Hamilton's aids. The purport of It was fall description of the present onward movement, with all the details: also, General Magruder's plan ef defeating the Ualon programme The enemy must have received (his Information from a high source, several w^aWa ftffa a* than aa?1iI ? a* *' ?* lar oat so boob. Two men of Martin's battery were burled on Sunday morning, about Li o'clock. The Chaplain spoke in a very appropriate and feeling manner. The bodies were Interred under a large tm The rood*, on account of the severe rals on Saturday. are almost impassable, and the transportation of goods la very difficult; the consequence Is, the troops and horses are placod on short allowAt 19 o'clock there was nothing of any consequence occurring except an occasional discbarge of haavr pieces by the Union gun-boats. A Division took the Newport News road, along the James River, and when sixteen miles beyond w A.n\ n 1. fttlll. -? *-v * uicii uaiu u vautc w X UtlO^'l ItUU, Bl |/fCp UTWI. Sone ReWi c??mJry and Infantry were here eocwtoped, wh* dispsiaed apoa the arrival of the Union forces ' Tm* ft red a volley before leaving shooting ooeof the Union soldiers ia the shoulder. They left a camp la perfect order?Arts burning aud rattens being cooked. Division reetad here on Friday night, and t *" - iw- ' ? I ** * the* adduced, Intending to forp a Junction with the other portion of tbe army bmorr Yorktown. . At half p??t ( o'clock on fMwday afternoon no ! ihota bad been flr??t for Dfu?g boor Prevtoua to three o'clock the enemv atlfripted foatren^bten i their wcrka, but tb? ','nlon battrrle* t^oon -Irpped them with a few sheila During Sunday the ?harpshootcrs were wUUflrawn. with tUe t-xcepUen of a few aa plckela , Poring tbe *ff?nn--n "?e waa depf**ed by tbe rebela, and about dark "nc abot waa flred at a oqoad of men who were rawing the eaernr with a gins. It waa a aplendid line abot, but did ho damage TKe Mcmy <em to have the 'an-c of

th#> whole (l) ld of luttla It was reported a' dark on Sunday evening fbnt | another of tbe sharpshooters bad beeu killed Very few casualties occurred during Sunday. 1 as the firing was only at Interval* It seamed evident that tbe Union forces did not want to bring on a general engagement on the Sabbath. Tie sh?Tp?hootera have covered themselves with glory; ao have the artillerist*. Up to Sanday evening tue infantry regiments bave been In the background?the artillerists and sharpshooters doing nearly all the work. The >roop? seem anx'ons for an as?ault, and speak of It with great enthusiasm About dusk the enemy appeared on their earthworks, at if desiring an attack A shot from the plrkets sent them belter skelter to their cove's Previous to tbe going down of the sun. Professor Lowe made an a'censloa In h!s balloon. The enemy' works arc very extensive?the ccntcr forming a curve, or hrrs?-ahoe shape. Two guns were fired by the enemy about quarter to eleven o'clock. The sound came booming through the night air with 1 dull ar.d heavy sound. All the troops look for to-morrow (Monday) with Inter*st?not one knowing hl| probable fate. many again not giving It a single thought Heavy work Is anticipated. Niik Yobktows, Monday, April 7?9 o'cWx.k. All It quiet along the lines, with the exception of now and then an occasional shot from the sharpshooters. The enemy appeared on their ramparts this morning as though going through a dress parade S'x gunboats are anchored off the mouth of Woftnley Creek. No more soldiers are reported as wounded or dead up to this time. FROM THE BI RNSIltK EXPEDITION. Exacted Attack of the Rebels "pon Iftwbtrn ?Operations at Beaufort?The Strength o f Port Mucon. The New York Post of Tuesday says : The steamer Ellen H. Terry, Capt. Chapin, arrived at this port to-day from Newbern, N C., whence she sailed on tbe 3d Inst. The intelligence by this arrival is quite important Information bad been received at Newbern to tbe tfi'cct that thr rebels had collected a cnn?id. erable army, variously estimated at from V(t,000 to 40,01X1 men, and that an attark upon Newbern would be made at an early day. Theirarmyhad | not bem fully concentrated, according to the statements which were received, principally from xixtt H-uuif, KUU an wuris ui nimor* WPTf CTfCUlftted a* to the proximity of the rebel*?some account* representing them to be within ten iril? s, and other* frrty mile? away. The variations in their accounts are explained by the fart that larve bodie?of the enemv hare been s^n in various ( localities, and that the encamr>*o*nt of each wn? regarded ** the headquaitem of the whole army. Thei?e rumors of nn Intended attack enntirm reports which we have prevlcualy received. The Pdleral force, according to our Information, await the coming of the rebels wlthror.fidcnce. Theaplrit of the soldiers 1* excellent, ar-d the result of the battle, which they evidently expect, Is not questioned The overwhelming suecfM of our troop* In their conflicts at Roanoke I-land snd Ni-wbern has led them to regard n battle with the chivalry without the slightest up prehension The common temark among the volunteers,J*. "We arc ready?let them route.^ It Is understood that General Burnslde believe* ( that the rebel* Intend to attack htm, and that he I* making ample preparaMotis to bold his position lien Burnslde had visited Beaufort; but when the Terry sailed hud returned to Newbern, and 1 the operation! at the I utter po1n? were going on uuder tala personal supervision. IK'HORED PROPOSAL To THK KRBgL* TO EVACPATB roRT MACOJI. The I'nion forces at Beaufort ar? under command of Gen Reno Preparations for shelling out the rebels at Fort Macon were m;klng. but under adverse circumstances, an our troops had b?en obliged to work on tbelf entrenchments while standing In mud up to their knees They were progressing favorably, however, l'te s:<*ne works were In charge of Lieut Flagley, a West Point officer Lieut Flagley bad been seat to fort Macon under a flag of truce, and It was understood thwt ' be was charted with an offer to the rebels that if * they would surrender tte fort they should be permitted to retire unmolested, and to take wish them their property and such urn s as they could carry. This was currently stated and generally believed, but la not corroborated, except bv the following statemrntThat the s'renfctb i f the fort rendered it extremely probable that a fmrUU loss of life and a long siege must occur brfore its reduction could be accomplished, and that it was HaAtno/l Viutfo* t n AKtuIn ??- *'? ' A - a wv%,?, v. ( iV V V?**ll }r;wcw;uu Ui IflP lOfi 8110 permit the f?rape of the five hundr d rebel* who composed the nurrlauu. Tue report at^tes, in ct>neluafon, that (be relxtfs refute ! to accept ILe tffer, deeming thtrnaelvei auflicleatly itroij^ to maintain the position. CODiTIOS or THE COCSTBY. A regular ferry has b^eu eatablishfd at Newborn at the point where the railroad bridge waa burned, and the steamer Kagle Is employe* as a , ferry boat, Affiirsatall thte joints wh'.ch Lave been rantured by our foroea are regarded <n in a ir.vorable condition; and there is little probability that General Burnaide will be materially crippled by any operation* the rebel* ran undertake. a simmer iun pi reoti prisoners captured at Newbern lies off the tcwn. Probably thev will not be released. I Affair* *ii the Shenaadaak. ' [Correspondence of Philadelphia Inquirer.] Edinbcrg, Vs., April 6 ?Our array Is now < fully encamped on the bills and fleldsaround tbis town, waiting for the completion of the bridge ( across the Shenandoah, about one-half a mile from the town. The bridge will mcst likely be completed to-morrow, but it is not known yet wjieth- J er the army will move on at once or wait untsl supplies come up from Harper's Ferry and other , points It is supnrsed that a battle will lake pl?ee at ] "Narrow Pass,'* Ju*' beyond where the troops will cross the Shenandoah, It being reported and 1 believed that Jackson has received reinforcements . and Is fortifying the prss. The two armies are separated from each other onlv bv the hills that extend n abort distance and wall the Pa a above mentioned. The pickets of either army are fre- i queutly In light of each other on eltber(side of tbe ( Ppotted on tbe bills. 1 The road to Staunton leadi directly thro i"h Narrow Pan, and If Jackson concludis to make a stand there and fortify the bills and road beyond tbe river, he can cause great trouble to our troops Tbe road at this post Is about wids { enough for two wagons to go through abreast.and. from the naturally strong post'ion an enemy would i have, tuuch loss of life would ensue In forcing a way through There 1* no other road leading ' towards Staunton, and tbe army must pans here or make a detour of a great many miles Anhby's cavalry frequently make toeir appear- ( anee on the other side of the river, unllmber one or two pieces of artillery, Are a shell or two, limber up and scamper off, but, so far, wltbont damage. On Friday a trap was set for him. A battery of arwuery w?i masked In inmc wood* adjoining Kdenburtf, commanding the entrance to the I'aas. Asbby, as usual, paid us a visit, was about leaving bit card, when he met with a warm reception by the whole battery opening on him at once, scattering, and, 1 believe, killing tome of tola men. He haa been lean assiduous In bis attentions since. Shells have from time to time been thrown b/ our men across the river Into tbe wooda on the other stde, in order to aacertaln the poaitlon of tbe enemy, but have not elicited any reply. Beyond Narrow l'*as, tbe road all tbe way to Staunton, a dlatance of nearly aixty miles, la through an open, moderately level countrv, and nooppoaltlon could be made to tbe advance of our army, aave the one that would juat snlt tbe inclination of our men, 1. e , an open field fight. 1 i Freai YtrkUwa and Shipping Palat?Reparted Battle at Uriath. [Correspondence of tbe Associated Preaa] Foitekss Monaoi, April 6 ?There baa been nothing done to-day by our army in front of Yorktown, beyond recounolaaance aad some cannonading at lone rage. Tbe telegraph fine from Fortress Monroe baa bean built to tbe headquarters of tbe army, near Yorktown. Tbe ateamer 8 pa aiding came In this morning from Bhlp Point. Tbe rebel works abandoned there are quite formidable. They bad taken off tbelr puna, hut l?ft a , .uv*> . Ship Point la about eight mile* from Vorktown, n(fording a fine base of operations great crowd of Norfolk people on Sunday aa embled on the snore near Sewell's Point, Including men, women and children, eagerly engaged in watching the Yankee*. The Norfolk paper* of this moralng contain a dlspatcfefrom Mobile,dated April9th, announcing the reception of news from Corinth that morning of a great battle, aaylng that tbe Confederates baa taken eight Federal batteries and a large number of prisoners, and It waa expected that the whole Federal army would be swept away. Thta la only another specimen of rebel ml* re presentation wltn which tcey try to keep up the spirit* of their people, and lnaplre courage In their army. Portland Charter tlettUa Po*tlam?, Aptll & ?At tbe uherfer election, to day, Wo. W Tbomu, straight Kepubtt?ea, w".!r,e**,TM,w Jiaeeb MeLetlal,Union .s 1 iti t ,tw i fc/6 i i * ". ad 'iw y**d*. nrroN's Mon??. M u. i ii f *mtPoo?d till TO Kol ?QW n -r,<t,) KM-.N1N6. tt_ Vj?? f i?0 REWARD. Mayob'i OrF r?, Api! 1. !*? The ?h >rr r?-wva *ri J b? p*>ii for tke &o<1 !oj? i *nna c f tb? jtritou or perM.-B> wh<> firot ?ioB?tr ?r*r tftfOattr ft ?'l?t on tb? morr ir.< ,i 6 ?Th irH ? HARD WaLI.ACH. J*!* Minor. jy?WA??'NS. AND PRAY 9 r fOlrTlt'K <??rir?. April ft. 1662. NoMf t? h?r?i * given ih*? L.ioen*e? to iwnwi of H ?eOii^, Carta to l>r%? h will expire on the first M -rcj*y n aprii. ftcdthit iAid l.iMnMi irost f>? re ew vt m rompTixnc* with law. ?: thi* I'ftoe, ?;n t mlMu l rUi?t tim?. S\.Ml EL, E. IK'vOLA^r*. ?? K Mr( M?T I UMITHIOIIWI L KCT UEEf1.- M. [3 Frakcu Vjvx.,5, n j>.of imf* \<rk wii ioc'uie oaTHL'K^OAV F'V K^IM8. Oth. Sistje,?: 'Tht?fientleman." 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JOHN 486 "'fiffaaasr- 486 riinvnB mAWW, OK Iftrgwt htma th? bwt ra*i oiik. - __ pumsni mm r?iuiim?i *41 Diranim, t OJflt* Miff Dirrrlm ftcilrnatfi. f.g f ITaMtvffaa, A/?rW J, I*? ^ Uttlt further notice. a paaaewgor train will h? rnn on Haturday of *?ark work, from Vreatti itrfft nod Man land a*?a>?e to Manaaa.ta I- arlay Waahlnjffon at ? *? a in . arriving at Mannaaaa at 1*2 ia ; returning wiH l?iTr Manaa*a? at > in p m . arriving at Waaht?){U>ii at ,s p m F arrfmn ttaahtrjfton to Manama* and return, 93, and from Alexandria tn Mar<*a?aa and rctura, *S T? D. C McCALLt'M, Military Director and Snp't Ra1iroa<ta. U.9 ep Mf I l?teUlg?K-er A Rrpuhllcan.f AUCTION ?ALK^ THtn APT bR NOON TO-NOKROW Km tV All. tt RARNARI>. Aietioreora. Cmmrr Pa. mr am/i M ttrttt. i"1 ROOf II K 8. LIQUORS. SUTLERS' V* Krpput*. *c , ** Awttoii ?Ob TULSDAY M<>K>iNb. tL? ** *t 10 o'o.otk, ? wtj el! at tto Anotutf Ro<>ins. an of Q'orenm, Litctn, tutors Harre** Reined, and YeJiov SMars, Boxm Adamantine end Sterire andlee, H firkins 8o#hen flutter. nn<3 Cke*^^r? Hoxes Sost. *? larch. and I'les'es, R xe? atd barrei* ot ticrrinf ar.J Ha won, S* barrels Sootch Bottird Ale add Porter, Frail* iHtee, Boxee Totaooo an<l Czar*. Cue* Whisky. Brer dr. Otn. and Ccmnajs, Case* Madera, 5ft?errj, Clsret, and #ermaa Wines. Cases Bitters and ?? CcektaU, Barre* Wnrtj. d (T*r*ot ana'ter* and t ifhth P randy. krre.s K.oxr. Cases Boot* and Shoes, and Mm Rabbet Blanket#, 9" Rerrels Inkstac Is, Coiabs and Bracket. Cards, Knives. Folic*. Ps?e?. 2" Ca*ks Cincinnati flams, P anne. Shirts ard other t*na . Stores, ay 5 WALLA UARNAHO. A sets. IET THK \BOVE HALE IS POSTPONED aaui TBURS0AY MORNING. l?tt act &? WALL* HAKNAHD. Aucto. By J. C. McGL'lH K A C(?., Auctioneers >AILIFF'S 9AI.K OF BOUSKHOLD Fi t L> 5 Tru-Onl HTKePAT Mc RNINS. April 10 k, cornm'nolrc a. 10 o'clock, t>j virtue of aa order of dictra a, to me di.eotec.for hoxte rentdse and in ar:*i~t, I ?ha I tell, at the residenoe of Mrs. H. Pirk r. No 341 G street, betweea ink aad IKh. all her Hoaseho.d furniture and Effects. We nari e m partOne PiaLO Forte **d ?tocl, ? i. r I _ I _ - i ra i f* _ - ? H * ?niu|*h? nin tiuva r?nw f u4l"i' ? . Wt nit Whatnot. Marble lop C-nler I?M*. Mai o&any Side laMea, Cane Beat Keoeption Ohaira, _ _ w.?.?,? Mahogany w?d other Bureau* and WaeMtande. walnut &cd t*aict?d B<slitM(li. i bamiO i?w*. Caae-*ea? Ohim'wr Chain. Lounge, Fe?ther Deda. Bolateraand l'illow?, Ma*trea?eaand Hedging. Three pip ai.: Incroin Cnrpeta. Hall I'll Clo'h and Veiit aa Htair CarpMa. Window Oartaina a^d Sha aa, Parior acd Charnt)*' rtarcr, Cooking H??ve. K'tchcn ftequiritfa. Ac. Terma e&ah. WM CAMMACK, Bauifl. a?7 d_ i.C. McOfiRK * CO. A not a. Br J. C. MoillKK 4. CO.. Aitoboaecra. VERY Dt^lRAHI.U A * O M.AKLY NEW I' well's ft h?i?s at Ptblic Arctiox ?Ob 'f H U K r* 1)A \ AMKKMH?\. ABHI ima. *t . o'clock, on the p w? rhali Mil l>otC. la iMiit'a tahdinaioaof Squar" numbered 21*. having 'roi t. 5feet on north Lit *'!. i>?iwi*r Mth ?treet and Verm .at arenue, nictitcr back 1"* feet 8 inch nIom alley. impo ed I* a WHini* and well bailt hrown front ttiree ?V>tT asd brMt dwel'mc house, oomaimog in all e.e?en room*. The location ofth'? property ! beitered to be the be?t ( the city for a p-irate reaideaee Tenia. One third oaeh; tae re* idee to (, 13 and IS rnriiihf, with inter ret. aecured by a deed of tract oa the prenutea. All onnrevar o tic at the eoet of the parohaeer. Mid J. C. MrG UIRK ft CO-.Aueta. I'y OREKN ft WILLIAMS. A act oaeera Q KOUSfcS AND LOTH ON NINTH 8T. AT 0 A tenon -Or. THURSDAY, tin l?Hh iratant, we ahali aell, in front of the eremite*, at 6 e'eioek p. ?., Lot No. 1# and part of Lot No. 11, ia Cnttei.d?r.'a avhJivia'ot) of Sauare No. 338, with the imp- cremebU, which are two bnok ai.d one frame honaea containing aim rMirn e?ch Thia property froa'a 9th atrect writ, between O and f at.weta north. Tema o&eh a??-6t . 6 REfcN ft WILLIAMS. A a eta, FUTURE DAYS Br WALL ft 1IAKN ARD. AnoUoneeca. rf^KU8TEE'S SAl.L OF VALUABLK REAL I k^T?Tt m rm Coritr o? Wi*FiR?ioR.D. O.?i'y ri'toe ot a deeo ot truvt,dated on the wtb dar of Auccat. 1857, and recorded on the FHh dap of Novemt-rr, 1 57 in iiber J. A ?,. No. :*4. folio* ZA. J1S. 296 and SS7. one of the and rvoorda for Washington ocanty. in the Dietnot of Co.ankia, 1 wi i aell on I HI KSDAY, *4lhday of Aeril, IMS, at 5 o'clock p m , at the Auction Houre ?f Wall *B&raartt. otrcer 9th afreet and Pa arenae.ln ihe city of Wath nftm , the fo'lovirr 9e<orit?ed traet of iai d, with lcildinga and unpaoren *c'a thereon, aitiMed in the county cf Y\ at tingtun, in ue Dietriat of Co'?tnb;a: Tt e eaid t^act of land hegtnainr at the end of the fourth line of a tra?t of lana aalied New Seat, and running thence eoath 15 e^rchea, ihenoe mut" II degre??, weat 86 percbee, the nee north decreea. evrt 145 perohea. thwe Booth 69 dMreea. eaat tlh pe or e? to lLa interteetioc with the Bfteeuth line el (' a laraer trv.t r.f lud /vuimci K? u.a k?> ? * denaeeg of IHvid O. Parser to Edward Svant, thoroe eonth ?* decree- we?t 68 perebee, Ummi outb 25 ?Wr wfi: 11 peroliea ard 5?-i0? of * p?rc>h tbenee.aou*h 41 degreca, weat 45 perebra to tl-e beg*, containing 91 terra, 1 rood and IT pens hoe. The tarn it oftkia afejawfl be one-third oub, t? anoe 1 ;arin* interest and payabie in eeual iaatalmentt at*, IS and lSmottha, tHe Q'farrec payment* to be aeeared by a iter on the land On? haair.d dokaraot Uie oe-h par men'to be paid down at the plaee of aai*; and la oaae the par obaser or pnrcha>era refoair.g ao to do the property will at once he reaold at the riak and ooat of fee defaulting purchase r cr pn'e.haae a. K. C. MoKOAN. Traatee. ahileotd, WALLA BARNAK P. A note. BOARDING. Ah plkasant boom, suitable fo* a ceutleman and a lady or tvo aicgle (enlemon, can be obtained at 909 F afreet, between 1 Ith and 12th itreeta. A ao, a lev table boardera aceommodated. ap 7 S CTURNISHED ROOMS TO RKNT. with P ttoarti, ia a pleaa&nt looatioa n?w the CapitoL TiM?i?nt B^ardera ?9Cjmn;><3*trd. Inaaire at Star Office. ?h Sl-tt ~ EDUCATIONAL. THESECOVDOL'ARTKRo* MIS^ EVANS' SKLfiCTFhMALK SCHOOL. Ia the wait wine of tiis Wmuti Praahytarlaa Charoh Fir?t Want, will oomm?roi ?a Moadar neat,?4th itatant, and terminate Ju j PC apS*t* MISS E. W. WRIGHT haa taeaM A SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES at no. 501 s?V?mth st&sit. And reayectfailr aaka public patronage. mil 2?-2w* _ PLAINrlELD ACADEMY, i_ N*4.a <?AaLi*Li, Pa. The 33d aaeeioa (? *?k*i mmmm Ma? Jtk. ?erm? #70 Mr aeaaion. Oireulara at Star Ofcoe, o fill a few Taoanoiea addraaa a# 1 lmeo Piait.iJd. Cum Pa. ^ GKORU1STOWN ADVEHT'MIS |> ^ N OT 1 C E -LlCSySRS -All aareone ?J3 whoaa lioaaaaa from the Corporation of GeorgetoWL aspire oc the 3'at laataat are haraby l> promptly to lanaw t*-e ear- ; oinerwiaa the* enbfaot tbewaalTee to a fia#. -*4 the law ia ooaipueory n?"n the p'opw oftaara to aaloree aaid ha? aga.Mtall dalin^uenU. No Imtbar aotioa will mhtt'sawtAal* WM. I.A.RD.ri?fc Hamibtrjr A Eh*pt ?#?&SW3 OtWtiV Gauiruau mado to order. Bcak?klp Prtwwi aarf Shirta- ? M '"fbanuu iwj*tu.m. We have Jut raoaivada ???!j of thtbbort Aw. m n. c h W rtcomtn'il to ba of* Tary rmpenor (Ml?y. Pmoni wiabiat to parebaar. by ?HM ??bafuraisbad. ahnv k 8b1mn. Qtwrwuwi. olack bilkb: black silks: COLORED SILKS' color ed bilks! A ftliUMrtMBt of U? but irtdM at our K??s Naw aappUat 4ai y . . 0?a prioa oaii, ih* actaa; Nik *tiaa. Mrka< la plain fcsarea. PhKKYtSu, M ?-t fan a. ?vaaaa aad Mb tr?t. rtAIiftUR * CO , Vj | J (J 1 mt * .> m.imlbimk* btbo lambs, w abt*l and rieln blabmjsb, UOXPA>pka, n%^ ol luf ? ? ?u*uum, aobitmtll ?a iaud i* ?-?*?? i-. ok sale?a ia?!kii buee?? *i i t ?, b

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