Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWK^ Abvsbmc**' TQ?*I?HT. , Kenn'* Atsbnbcm -?>'> Form! contlnoea in tbe foil tide of IWC^* at tbe Atheneum, nd bla perfownnneea of 1^1 will loan be remembered by Waahlnyton ''eater-goera m the ripe and ealtlva'M rtTi?r*j of hU genlua at Its beat This >wi Mr. Forrest doeotas to Shakspeare r?-- 'ltrai bo appeal. In b la great part of K !ng Lear. *dr Forrest la sustained *y a tne company, >mnae wblch la '.he talented young artor, John McCalloafh WiaiiRoroa Tium ?The attendance was large at the re opening of thla establishment last nlynt, despite the lnelemen'. weather, and the audience testllod marked aaUafactlon at tbe performances by Manager Kenkel'spopnlar company frctn tbe Front-atreet Theater, Baltimore Mia* Bateman waa called ont a number of times, ard made hoata of frlenda To-night ehe appears aa Lady Gay Spanker In ''London Assurance " Tbe mlrthfol drama of tbe " Hard Struggle" will conelnde tbe performances. Madami Ahsa Bianoe'a Cosciiti ?The re? appearance of tbla world-renowned artlat, at Wlllarda Hall thl? >yening, will be one of the muaical events of the aeaaon. Tbe great cantetrie? will be assiated by tbe young and talented baritone, Mr. Edward !*?>- ila, aoa of the lamented Mao and leader of the once celebrated <Segain English Orw* Troupe Young Seguln 1? aald to poaaeaa all tbe genius and vivacity of bis lamented father Mr. Gustave De Ppeiss la the pianist. Caxtssbukt Hall ?bote of music, dancing, and fan at tbla favorite place of amuaement this evealag All the old favorites with the new ones will app?ar nightly. Miss Mortimer will sing her b*s?. and Mlaa Millie Fowler aaalsted by tbeaplendtd tor pa de ballet, appear In " Millie's Dream n Fbaxilik Hall ?The ladlea of tbe Fourth Presbyterian Church will probably close their fair thla evening. For sf^nd ng a pleasant evening there la no better place The Bcllios Bask Asaih ?Yesterday detective officers A. R. AUen and D A. Harrover levied a distrain upon the "Bullion Bank," corner of Four-and-a-half atreet and the Aventie, for rent due tbe Colonisation Society for the office In the Society's building. Tbe officers fonnd a v$rv good outit for a bank office, which will be offered for aale !f the rent i? not paid. Upon Inquiry of one of the officera relative to the bullion on hand at the tlm?, he replied that be aaw nothing to Indicate that the article bad ever been awd In tbe institution. About tbe Sth of March last, a warrant was issued for the arrest of W. 8. Thompson (the president) and others, upon the following charge: " That a certain man named W. S. Thompson. with hit kM?*pi ffinH ih#*tnn kavp Wn crnlltv nf Iwutng and paring out In the county of Washington, within a few day* past, paper purporting to be of the value of money; and when the same Is presented at their counter for redemption, depreciating the same, for the purpose of defrauding the community." The offlcer was never able to j ?erve this warrant upon the accused. It has been stated, upon the alleged authority "1 the bank o?cers, that no notes were Issued, ' and that if any were In circulation they were stolen. Yesterday, a gentleman arrived here with So,10U of the money, for redemption, and It was placed In the custody of Detertire Allen. t Vawdalum ?We learn that many visitors to ILe battle field of Bull Ran mutllatr the marble . tablet erected to the memory of the rebel General , Bartow by chipping off pieces of the (lab aa me- i mentoes W e regret to bear th's, as we bad hoprd that act* of vandalism and Indignity to the dead ; would be confined to the traitor* In arms against > th* Goremment. Mr. Cbas. J. Murpbv. proprietor of the line of stages to the battle-field, nas raised the tablet and ?et It In its prop-r place again, where It is to be hoped it will remain undisturbed. in this connection we may also mention the neglected condition of Fairfax Court-house The doors are open, and ancient papers, valuable as relics of the oast, if thev Dtmjwsa no other vamp. arr scattered over the floor* an<t are being carried off by visitor* of these date u far back aa ttw reijrn of George II. Many dated 1747; some 1736 Many of them are deeds and records of Mm Washington family, and ought to be prea?rvt<i by tbe Government. Will not the mtllta/y cemmander In that vlrinity place a guard over the premises, to prevent farther plnnder of these Interesting relics ? Cnoss r lino.-Yesterday a colored boy named W R Tavlor went to the ottceof Jnstlce Clayton and asked for a warrant against a white man named Dennis Collins, who he charged with an aaaault and battery; but he being colored could riot procure the warrant, was told tbat be would need a white wltnaaa to make oath to the charge. Hi- thereupon feund a white girl who saw tbe affair, and tbe warrant was laaued and Colllna arrested and brought before the Justice, who stated that he would have to hold him to ball to keep tbe p?aca, and to'.d him tc have hia ball r?ady this morning Tavlor wassboat to leave th# nlEri hot wA+Hki ami Hv P.a1 llntmka />karn<j that bla (T*s) children had threatened hit child be was guardian fcr, and a?kcd that Taylor be m*de to glee security for the good beharlor of bis children. The Justice immediately decided to ho-d him to bell also, when finding last they were both In the seme lx, asked that the cases oe dlsml?W end they shook hands 1 earing the offlce g tod friends. Chaksx or Rouut.-On Saturday afternoon a discharged soldier went to the house of James ?pealdlng. near the railroad depot, and took lodgings, bat before retiring, Spenldlng, a? Lilly says, demanded of him his money, consisting of fortv dollar* la Tr asury notes, which be refused to give hina, and be then retired to bed. Mr. L. states that a short time after be sot In bed bpsuidlnc came Into the room and took his money f-om an Inside pocket, stating that Wme A*+mrvr\\ nfiH that no nnn a)iAn 1X aWn In hU boa#* without leaving his money wlt? him, (9.) When Lilly got np in the morning be went down and miked for his money, which Hpaulding denied having, and Mrs. 8. (truck him In tb? mouth. OMcer Pierce arretted 8 yesterday, and took him before Justice Ferguson, where he gave ball for a further hearing, stating that be could bring four witnesses to prove that he was not la the room at nil. Polic?.?The Third Ward patrolmen reported IVnnls Collins, assault and battery; security for peace. Wm. Taylor, indecent language; do., by Justice Clayton John Parker, drunk and disorderly; litfd Vi br tho same magistrate. George Downey,disorderly; dismlawd by Justice Thompaon The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported: Lloyd Cole, larceny; jail for court. Powell Ottline, 1 larceay of a horse; dismissed Jno H Garrlty. do ; dismissed by Justice Donn. Geo. Van Pelt, aasanlt; dismissed C H Munk, charged with rece Ting noien uovernment property; ml Ml for | atrial. Alfred Williams, lnde:ency; dumlmd 1 by Justice Walter. Wot. Torrln, violating tbe back reflations; dlsmlf sell by J ostlce Ferguson. l.Iddy Putnam, threats of violence; ruled for trill before Justice Clayton A> ctvcirv ?About aooa yesterday an omnibus driver, named William Terry, raa into tbe carriage of Mr. W R. Young, near tbe corner of P'Tenth street and tbe avenue, and broke tbe wheal off, and otherwise Injured tbe vehicle. Tbe 'buss was Immediately stopped, and coaaid[ erable excitement ensued among the passengers and lookers-on. and the police coming up referred all parties to Justice Ferguson for an adjod cation of the ease. Tbe evidence w?s that the driver, who la a reliable fcnd sober man, could not avoid ? vanning Into the carriage The jus?lee dismissed tbe case, saying that be could not think that tbe driver was calpably negligent, and referred Mr. Young to Mr. Vanderwerken for the damages. i ? - K Bcwui Srorr???Yenterday, patro.cnan Walker arrested a man who gave hia name aa Cbas. K Burke, for burglary and robbery- The r on* plat nan t being the bar-keeper of Koener'a rr*taumr.t on Thirteenth, near D street, Into wfclch place Burke had made his way He bid a watch and some money at the tail. which the f aarda propoaed to keep (or htm; bat he declined l the eff.-r saying If the other prisoner* were sharp V (no ugh to it, they were welcome to It. Jacob Myers was arrested upon a charge of 1 Unceny, by the same oAcer, and held to ball for further hearing Tub Lsu's Litskakt Amocutiox?Tha vouag men of the Northern Liberties held a meeting last eyenlng at the Assembly's Church, and f organised aa association with the above name The following oAcers were elected :?J. T. CWments. Preetdent; F. A. Stler, Vice President; J. V liMilt, Financial Secretary- W. H. Hoover, Recording Secretary :E W. Wllaon, Treasurer, and L?. E lngeraoll, Editor. The aasoclatton adjourned to meet on Monday evening next, when k the opening oration will be delivered by Rev. * Mr MePalV fror to Jail -Ve?lerdiy Patrolman Lncb unaird Lloyd Cole, colore*, for tbe larceny of to In money from Mr. John A Baker Mr. Biker. after tbe Arc Monday, lent from Bartholow's tore, wbefe be is tbe aaaecUi clerk, to bis borne k for u nclMMt afcMblig. After changing his alt Cole took posseesion of the wet clothe* and f robbed the pocket*. He confeawd the act, ud I im Ml to Jill by J ostlce Dona. Csstbal Gpaemovib Ca.?*?? B'fwt Juttxc* Tk?mptmi?F flMM. Joseph Jackson. John W Pindar. wlllUm CntW, Abraham CuUer.T. i k C Cbfinttr, Tbonus Connor, ud Owen OleI ?ey. drank amd disorderly; turned oerr to the mllltery P^er Ahdersos, drunk; dismissed tunnel Pollard, drunk nod profane, flned tl 0& nli'uX* Wtl) JjTsTIO* ''*"?!>? ? H'J*. JmttKt 17?/* ? Archibald Crawford, charged with plek!-.*a o??s po> k>t; toe cae? wa> dumlmed j ,t . O'Nea- p ?aai a* cuuu crfcit money, dl?^ it,:***- W A Murray, Sghtlag, held for trial 1 % Polici Marma? nrttFt?rt*et ?JnoPmltb, Ma a rice Mahan, Win Howe, Tbomu Wbtlfy, Dennis Murphy, Wo. Lanahan, Prank Noblea, drank; turned over to military S?(ond Pttcimct?Thm Baker deeerter; tuned over to the military Mary Livingston, having token property; diamtaaed. Jokn Ellla, do : do. John H HvlngHon, do; do. Chaa. Nickola, do ; do Wm Hyler, drank; tnrnod ov*r to the military Patrick Donnel, do ; do. J no Taylor, inan 1 ting femalea; do. David White, John Hull, Jamea McCarthy, Patrick Herena, John Conner, B. McPoet, L Slcropt, John CoUakla, drunk and disorderly, do. Michael Dauna, do ; fined $1. A.J. Broom, stealing a ham; Jail for court Chaa. Waltera, drank; delivered to military. Dead Drunk, do ; carried to guardhooae Intra rrt'tmrt ? La*per Fink, telling liquor en Sunday; lined 920 44. Briget Malay, stealing, committed to jail. F James, disorderly conduct; lined SI 56. Henry Jones. ateaHnjr; aeot to jail. Ely Petry, drunk, workhouae. F. HUdebran, arrant; do. Kitty Mathews, dlsord-rly; do. Charloa Curtis, disorderly; fined $1.50. Joshua Bateman, do.; fined S3 68 James Bateman, do.; 4o. Ann Donoho, drunk; workhouae. John Bateman, disorderly; fined S3 OS, and aecur!t> to keep the peace. Amy Bateman, disorderly; fined St.44 Joahui Bateman, threata; aecurlty to keep the peace Brace Patton, throwing stones; whipped. Eliza Connelly, vagrant; workhouse. Michael Waugb, selling without license; fined SOM4. Fourth Precintt?Timothy Gleaaon, selling liouor without llcenae: fined S20.87. Peter Dalv. do ; do. Tboa. Cary, aa^ault and battery; security to keep the peace. Martin Brant, threats; do. John Bart, stealing further bearing. Tboa. Carr, drunk and disorderly; fined f 1 75 Chaa Douglaa, do ; do. Timothy Oleaaon, do ; fined 94. Margt Gieaaon, do ; do. Andrew Belmaln, do.; fined 91 Sigktk Prtcmct.?F.lmlra Slmonds, drank and dlaorderly: workbonae. John Andrews, do.; dov Jobn W. Fox, aaaault; held to hall for further bearing. C.Cannon, drank and disorderly; fined fi 50 P. Malony, do ; fined tl 52. Jacob Coon, do ; do A I. Calhoun, do ; fined 35 M Dennis Callaghan, aaaault; held for further bearing Frltx Sox, drunk: fined SI 58. Geo Smith, do ; tTirn?tfi nv?? f a D W V allar A m n V uv?? v?v? iw twt *i **! J . vv , ) ui uua ) turnel over to the rallitau- P. Desmond, do ; do Ntmth Pretinct.?W. L. Cowing, disorderly; fined SI 94 Wm. Tippet,drunk and disorderly; fined S5 56. Six slaves, referred to superintendent. N. McNally, assault and battery; security for court. James Brenan, do ; do. Tenth Precinct ? John Kennedy, disorderly; fined Si.94. Tbomat English, do.; workhouse. Hsnry Tallfero, assault; tecurlty to keep the peace. Hannah Wilson, drank tnd profane; fined SI 91. CbarlesStockton, do ; fined SI 94. M M.Wheatley, profanity; flr.ed SI 94. S Patent, assault; security for peace J. H. Powell, do.; do Ellen Nash, drunk and profane; fine S10 91. W. Richard*, drunk; fined SI 94 M.Haragan, profane; fined SI 91 David Glbba, drunk; turned over to the military. John Conner, do. John Murphy, do. Wm. Duly, drunk; fined S10 91. Swoas Pbksintation ?We were shown this morning a very handsome sword, intended for f>reaentatlon to Maj Geo. W. Gile, and bearing be following Inscription: ?' Presented to Major Oec W. Gile,*9th Regiment Pennsylvania Vol , bv tbe Officers of bU command and Merchants of Alexandria, aa a testimonial of their esteem as an officer and a gentleman. Alexandria, Va , April II, 1:62 " Tbe sword Is on tbe regulation infantry style; very elaborately ornamented. and with very rlcb chased gildings. Two scabbards accompany tbe sword, one for dress parade, and the oi her for daily use Very handsome swordknot* and belt accompany tbe gift, which is in every way highly creditable to the donors, and an evidence of the faithfulness of 'he recipient a? an officer BrtotART. -The residence of Mr J. Knott, In tbe First Ward, was entered by burglars last night Tbe thieves opened a bnrtau drawer, and ?tol?- between ?200 <tna 530? in money and a valuable gold watcb The parties have not been arrested. Areivbd at Carter's wharf (foot of 1J^ street), scbr. CD arm. Starr, Philadelphia, 131 tons coal for Geo. L. Sheriff Hkrkia or RrriuftB ?Dr. Seeiey is meeting with great success in relieving tbe wants of Buffering humanity with the Hard Rubber Truss He will guarantee It in every respect to be aa represented, and no humbug, like most traaaes in use. As he remains at corner of Ninth street and Pennsylvania avenue but a few days, all suffering with tbe miseries of rapture should call and examine It for themselves. See advertisement. SoMiTHine woith Krowibg.?Persons who wlkh to purchase beautiful styles and well made Spring garments very cheap, will do well by canity ai a. suiQi, rasmonaoie cioinier, renn ylvania avenue, between Teuth and Eleventh. streets. Alio, constantly on band, gent's furnishing goods, of every description. 4t W* have bees much mystified by an exiftniiiatton of tbe elegant stock of jewelry and silverplated ware now on sale it the People's Dollar Store, 433 Pennsylvania avenue, near Four-anda-half street. How such goods can be sold for a dollar, exceeds our powers of divination 31* It tov wish to eat an excellent pie, call at Davton 's Bakery, No. 450 Eleventh street, between 6 and H, and ask for a raspberry or sliced apple or a lemon pie. Price 12Jj eenta. ap 7?lw Is it PossiBL* that any soldier can be ao foolish as to leave the City without a tupplv of Holloway's Ointment and Pills * Whoever does so will regret It. These medicines are the only certain cure for llowel Complaints, Severs, Sores, and Scurvy. Only 25 cents per Box or Pot. '?13. Dr. White, tbe Chiropodist, is a woaderfui a ? iii. a? a . ? > a a ? % oprraior. nn mnooa 01 iremung corns, ounions, bad aaila, etc., It perfection Heelf. Sutter no longer from thoae terrible evila.but submit their treatment to the acience and akill of Dr. White, at 426 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4# and 6th ata. Lmt! Lm!! Li**!!!?The subscriber haa on hand one thousand barrels of the best wood-burnt Lime, which can only be had at hia lime kllnv, be having dissolved all connection with any other place or establishment for the aale of Lime, Cement, &c., and which will be sold at 91.12 per barrel. [mar 29-tf] Wm. H ?od*v Ubistadoko's Excelsiob Dyb Is unrivaled In the world. No other Dye has been analyzed No other Dye produces such fsultleos color*. No other Dye can be applied so rapbdly. No other Djre Is so lasting In Its effects. No other Dye improves the texture of the hair. It has been Annlfntd fry Dr. CkiU*?, Chemist to theCroton Water Board at New York, and eerttled by him to be as harmless as C rot on Water. Hiscertllcate may be seen at the establishment of the proprietor. Manufactured by J. Chbistaj>?bc, 6 Astor hdum, new vora. ooia srerywoere, ana applied by ail Hair Dresser*. Price ?1, CI 50, and f3 per box, according to Ixe. No.*. Cbistasobo's Haib PaaaaavATivs, la Invaluable with hla Dye, aa It impart the utmost softaeaa, the most beautiful gloaa, and great vitality to the hair. Price 50 centa, VI, and f 2 per bottle, according to aize. ap 3-eolm Tax India* Hub Doctob, FVom Cmmmdm BB WI8B BKFOBB IT 18 TOO LAT*. Call without delay, i-nd see Dr. Tcmblxtt. the i IIaa Herb Doctor By >o doing you will eaeape the Iron grasp of mercury and other baneful p? toons. Nay, more, you will become once more in possession of that greatest of all earthly blessing* ?Health I desire your prostrate hearte to lift, Your bleeding wounds to care, And with the treasure of Nature's gilt, Relieve the rich and poor. T >e following la a list of the chronic complaints which are treated by Dr. Tumblety with nnt aralleted seceesa: ftlseeseeef tbe Loan, Heart, Lirer and Throat: Dropsy, Dyspepsls Fits, 8t Vitus >s Dsoce. Rheumatism, Dissaseoof the Kidney sad Bladder,and all Diseases arielag from Impurity of tbe Blood saeb ss Scrofula or King's EtIL, Lryalpelaa, tjt Anthony's Firs, Cancer, Ferer Sores, of however Ions standing. Also, ill other complicated chronic complaints which have bafled the science sad skill of calomel doctors "A rood tree Is known by its good fruits,'* and s good physlclaa by his successful works. so don't be cnat down. bo you ever ae ui, Kl go and partake of hi* superior "kill, at never ha* failed, there are hundred* can tell, Whs are brought from death'* door, now happy and well. Hla chargta are moderate. Mild treatment and good Win toon purify the whole man of your blood; Malignant dlaeaaea he toon hall put down. There are thooaand* ran 1A t?n now who lfnw in tumva. The Ir41u Barb Dactor will dooorlbt dlanawa and Ml Mo potl*nta the nature of tbolr cob* plalnta ar lllneaa, without receiving any Information from tb*?. No eharga for eonaultatlon. OtM, No. 11 Waahlagton BaUdlng, PrnnayltaPf v?mr, oornar 7tS atw?t. iaartllaB all rttMH ean lad tfca boat atoek of Olotktnjj, Furnishing ?ood% Trunks, Hnta nod Coon, at baaith'a, No, 47t Srremtli rfroet, Mr f i I 0?.l H.ftewuac'iMrt TMttoWttMiftaa 1* on Friday, April 11th, ?t 444 8th *t. *p5-#t* lr Msdicimi is mcissakt, cii Bba*d*iih'? Pills.?They arc ma pleoaaat as a tnily effective medicine can be. It la trn? you may take purgative* which will operate without pain, bocauae they take the balaamlc part* from the blood, which la worse than being bled, worse than baring the vita! fluid extracted. Beware of them, tiraadretb'e Pill* only take hold of tboee matters which the bod?, when aick, want* to evacuate. They are *olely an anal stint of nature ? noioing more. uoiu;iig less. ipey ?? force, they merely assist; and h<?frln Is their great value. The man is twice blessed who Is so fortunate as to be acquainted with thla eood and almost perfect gift to man, becaass h?vha? to a great extent his 6odv insured in health by their occasional use. Principal offlcs, 294 Canai street, New York. Sold by all the druggists, and at the Branch OAee, corner Ninth and E streets, Washington, I). C. P. S?Sutlers supplied by the dozen. ap5-lw IWDIA RlBBll trOODS. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should be without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, S1.3S each. Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined, S?-M each. India Rubber Coats, white or blaok, ?2.30 each. India Rubber LegfMns Si per pair. ana an ainoa (kiiudixt uooas, iacmain? number Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for bed?ln siekne*?, fcc. Ac , at manufacturer's prices, a! H. A. Rail's India Rubber Warehouse, -KJfc Pa. ar.. between Ninth and Tenth streets. feb 1-tf IHUN un wornesaay nonuu(, about 4 o'olook, CUK RKKNE, the eldest daughter of James A. and Mary A. Fletober, ag. d 9 years and 2 months. The funeral will UK* place to-morrow, at three o'olook. from the residence of her fathor, on 1 street, between 4^ and 5th. The friends of the family are respeotliily it vned to attend. * On Tuesday, 9th instant, after a short illness, whifth she bore with < hrl'tian fortitude and resignation, Mrs. MARY ASHTON. in tte (9th year of her ate. Uer funeral will take place from the reridenoe of her brother-in law, Daniel Biddleman, Ks? , No. I street, between 4th and 5th, Thursday morning, April loth, at 10 o'olook Her friends acd those of the family are respectfully invited to attend. Suddenly, on the morning of the 91h ins'ant, Mrs SAKAH BU the66th year of h?r sgs. Her foner?l wn> take p ace her late residence, No. 478 14th street, betweoi K and F, on to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon, at 1 o'olook. 7 he inouui nuu uskiuMi<iO?s VI mo I iy ?ro re pejtfuUy umtsd to attend. * WANTS. VI/ANTED-A 61RL to do ?lain sowing and "" take care of children. Apftj at the hbhitt Home*. If 117 A VTITh A ? fllDT *t-, _ sa ji uj/ ? iipok v* i n " *uu nn jnnrr? m homework of a amal. private family. Good referenoea required. Apply No. 414 Kairest.betwetn 9th and 10th. H* WANTE1>?A good, reapeotable Bi RL to waah and iron and make he'ieif ten'rally uaefcl. Snob a one wi'l find a food home, Good oity ret erenoea required. Afp y at the GoslUg Kra'auract. HI Pa. ar?Lue, aouth aide. ap 9 St* WANTED.-The advrrtiaer wiahes to borrow for aiz montha FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLHK8, for whnh he will five a deed of traat oo property worth 9* t/T- A iH>nua of 91tt will ba paid in addition to tbe uaual interest Communications atrlotly confidential, Address "B. A. K ," Star Uffloe. It* \,V ANTEU-A SITUATION as chambermaid *? or to take oare of ohildren. by a German younn wom*n?It possible, in a German family, luquire No 86 4K at. ap g at* WANTED TO BUY?A small frame or brick HOUSE. within four rquares of the corner of l?th atreet and Fa avenne, for oaeh. Address "ci s P ' uu p? ? ww P 1W" BOARD WANTED, within 5 or 10 minute*' walk ot the War Department, by a yoone gentleman a"d wife; private family preferred Ad dreei. with <"eeoription and ternw (wh'oh ra??t be moderate) Bf>? TQ2 Poet O?oe ?p ? 2t? tl/ANTED TO PURCHASE?A fair of ?tron*. heavt HORSES and four Ml'L.E8 and HARNESS, suitable for a elate to rnn in the o?untry ; ncit be eonnd and at reasonable prioes. Apply m person or by letter to H. KELL\ . 403 Sixth street, near G. "" "r - ^XABLK MAN WANTKD, to take oare ot *3 horses at a hot?l 2U miles from city ; Irish or G?rinan p'eferred. Also. Co or? 1 Man a* barkoep<w, an l two Carventera to work about th* house. Most have food relertnoes- Appl? at once (in tfre vfnnn) at 405 fixth street, near G apS H* WANTED?A smart and aotiva COLORED HOW about 12 or 13 ye%rs of ace. as a waiter. Apply at 293 H, between 17th'and 18*.h sta. ap 7 St WANTED?By ? healthy yonnc woman with a fre?h b-easl of mi!?. a SITUATION as wet nurae. App'.y at No. 271 C street, between 1 tch and 1>th streets ap 7 3t* WANTK.r-A 8TORE ROOM,on.first floor. uu rwni vim* avenue, Bonn ai<?e, be' ween 4X atreet and Wularda' Hotel. Addreaa "1- 8." Mar Office. ap7 3t* HOUSE WANTED?1 wish to rent a food Hon** eontaininr # or 10 ro m?; caaand water preferred. Any on* having tnoh a honae c\n tn<i a permanent, pay inf tenuant by apply ins at 71 Louisiana avenne. ap7-lw Board im the country wanted'-a centJeman, holding t ffioe. desire* board in the oonntrr for himaelf and wife in tome pleasant family within aix or eijht miiea of the oity AdJre??, at*tm* terrna, <whioh moit not be too nigh.) B"i 66% city poat offioe. ap 7 31* W/ANTED-To aell, henceforward. SCO barreia " ' and ha f barreia of Ale every wek; also the aameof Deer, for the Baltimore Brewery. JOHN SaYNiiR. a rent. Corner of 21at ard G ata. Ordera in the Poat OA ;e wnl bs oailed tor at 9 a. 0 2 p. m. ap 7-lm" AN OWNKR w*NTKn_n. .?i?k... reo?ired, about the 19th Deoembsr, 1881, a lot of 111DES from tte Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, upp. a?d to h%ve b?en forwarded from Waiting ton and oonaicned to na. The owner will pleiae oall and pay cnargea and take tiirm away, otherwise they wil' be aold for the btnetit of the owner, after payirg ohargea. G. APPOLD A SONS, aptlawSw Noa. 9 and 10 Water at, Balio. HOUSK WANTKD-A modern DWELLING HoU.- K, containing richt or ten roona. within a few a*narea of the State Department. Addreaa, stating location, rent, ho., JAY C0<>KK A CO., 4i* litb atreet. ap5-lw* WANTKD-A reajeotable Protectant WOMAN as geamstreaa and chambermaid ; none ne?d apply without good referenoen? 430 D atreet, between 5th and 6tii, near City Hall. mh Sl-tf WANTKuTO RBNT-Krom May lat, a neatly fnrmahetf HOUSE, in a oentral location, from 10 to is rooma. Addreaa Box 3 Star Offiae. mh 31 tf 117ANTED? By ft rentleman and hia wi/e, T hardaom*lr Famished Bed Room and Parlor; or a Furnished Houm, in ion* peasant locality in tb? oity For farther partioulara, apply to EMJLE DUPRE, 380 Pa. ay. mh ? W ANTED-To have every one know that they vv can find the beat atook of Clothing, Hata and Capa. at the very loweat rates, at SMITH'*. No. 4*0 Seventh atreet, below P. re 27-Sm ft Win -AGENTS^VVANTKD TO OPEN r? lull, an oftce a- d take the wholeeale agency, in evary State, for all of Lloyd's Great Military Map*, naed trj oar Commacder-in Chiet. The obeapeet maps in the world. A fortune oan be made on theae maps in each State. 3,000,000 oopiea of one of my mapa have already been sold. Alaoamanto go to California, England and Cuba. Agent* a Lao wanted in ever* county and in everv regiment in our army. Send for oiroulara. J. T LLOYD. mkl.tmKl l?i D?-J B f'-v ' J ? avv UH >BWJ W ay, i^nw I UTK> IR/" ANTED?Every peraon to know that 1 am in * the market, ready to par oa?U lor all article# In the honaefurniahinx line. Those leaving the oity.or having aaurplaa, will do well to oali. K. UUC^L.Y,4M8eTeDth ?t.. between6 anc' H ata., (eaat aid*,) Dealer tn New and Seoond hand Farnitnre. no M tf \JUANTED.? We are now bnyinc SECONDTf HAND FURNITURE, STAVES and BED DINS, for whioh we are paji&C the highMt oaeb prices. Kami lie* deo.inmi hoaeekeepin*, ar having asnrplnaof ftrmture, will Ind it to Uiair ad vantage to jive aa a oall. BONTZ * GRIFFITH, t* U-tt No. Tth at., betw. I and K ata, A Or- I* B. 8EELEY. J^P gfr Bote Mannfaotnrer of the hard rubber truss. Tw. m ?J o.'... a r* ? - ?- ? * K *UV HHtr mail f V*will?r I rainui. V Rubber IOffi:aforth#Radio*! CareofHmui VhITmI or J 188 Clartt itrret, Chioago, Illinois. Taw k K USB M baring a in the CvmtMa SKcrTiaaa. before unknown in the history of

laaea; uniike all otnera ?r?' used la tie follow reepeota:?It will never ruat.(the "frag being ooated with flard Rubber,) Ckn.f* Gallnor Bhutr, wir not ally or more, ean be ? ? >a bathing, la alwaya CUat, and good aa a?w Doeanotfrtuor *njwrt the Cord, nor overatreteh and enlarge the opening. bat oonatantlr aota to oomareaa atd greatly benefit the worst form of Raptnre. The ??* frata oaa be mvie vary atiff or limber aa the oaaemay require. It haa bees need by overSun# peraons la the ^orth-weai within the yaat two yeara.aad haa never jailed to giv* aatiafaot oa in oaaea of the wont form. This Truaa ia reooni moDdee ana aeed in rrtfermut t? all tktrt, by all Andrews. Land Unlverait*. IWwt w?Imh ?r Milwukie, Wl?.a?4Doou PrtAM, of iMtwanlU.Til T aimTrim hm? nmivel KmIi ov?r ill oitiarain im, and uiBkrutMd in av?'y r?ap*ot to M U mWMOt'd, fltlOM VObtOK Uia in atntaaat o*n b? ftMM by odiag eiia, in inoh?a around biya ii line of rnatura, to 0K..JL B. 8?KU*YTCaIwi*nr *? ow?mo. liu #?. 8*KLBY will to ? J, W. NAIRN'S tnrisrs sa^jsr* W?f , .n fuiiiV, _a* n? >4 an i. AMU8EMMNTS. / WASHINGTON THEATKR. ro*!*** lira abb O etiun. _ LM'HudMuKtr Ma. OioMlJmK. Ptm?? Mimin? . Mb H. B fkiiMirt Tr*?r* Cioui ? cbabt SECOND WIGHT OF THE NEW SEASON f TRIUMPHANT lECEPTlON nf YouPtg, Btautifnl \ Dist%nmwi?h*d Artr**.i, mjss uatkmsn, Cbowdkd Afm Ertcccastic aJJD'iwck*! ictsi-hjire your beats:jai this evening, Di^n FT n'oioanTt'i Gr?*at ?To?r?dj of london a**urance, ttr.ftk MISS BATFMAN In her gr*at character of LADY GAY SPANKER. To coDolarie with the hnmorone drama of _ v THE HARD SIRW6GL.E. Ran ben Holt. Mr. J. T. Fannin Doors open at 7 o'olook ; to oommenoe at 8. Admission an r.nd 25 cenu ; Orchestra Chain 91 FORD'S ATHEltEl'M. JOH3* T. Fo*d Proprietor and Manager oaf B. Wiisht stage Manager SHAKSr EArTaX SERIES! WEDNKSDAY EVENING. EDWIN FORREST as KINO LEAR. THURSDAY KVKNING. EDWIN FORKIsSr u RICHARD 111. FRIDAY EVENING. EDWIN FOR R UW V in the ' irudNt eonoeption of hniran geniae '* bhakspkark'S Macbeth. TUESDAY and SATURDAY ereninn the G. eat Play of T H E O CTO R O O N. Hoxcffioe open from 9 to I and from 3 to o'olook. when teata oau bo aeoared. AmanioH. Draw* Circle and pv<u?tt?_ 7?cen?? .Peourwl Weill. ?..fl Baloony S?4ts ? ? I Orchestra Scats... ?1 Private Boxes(holding eight) Sin Family Oirole 25 oents Doors cp 3d a' 7: oa'twin rices at 8. It CHARLES E. FORD. Treasnrer. /CANTERBURY HALM V> CANTERBURY HALL ! (Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooms,) OPEN K VMR Y NIG H T, Th* Fiasr Music Hall m th? Wobid. in point of Splendor. Talent anl * esseo: ability f Brilliant and tmmtme >ucctss of tk* MAMMOTH WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE COMPANIK 8 Crowded to its ntrao*t oapaeity with an aodtenoe C*l:ivattd. Oritital and Ktfintd Establishing at onoe the laot tiat the p^'foTnanoe AT THE GREAT CANTERBURY is the best ic the oity. The artistes are of the FIRST TALENT IN THE WORLD. ' In cvidenoe of a , COMBINATION OF STAR* ! | Observe this Brtlliant List of Nanus : the equal of which can be nowhere found in the World of Amunements. MISS MILLIE FOWL BR, MISS JULIA MORTIMER AND THE COURT OF BEAUTY. MISS FRANK L.A FOLLE. Ml*n LIZZIE FRANCIS. MISS FK ANK SKCOR. mish EMMA MILES. MISS LILLY BRANDON, MISS JULIA RICHMOND, * m n itti f* f i i a ill* \* U'l iur< Diiiir.. DELEVANTE BROTHERS. THI D4K1MO GYMNAST. H?*Fpe&rW)6of tiie ijiiucpiMi Comedian. A. J. TALBuTT, Assisted by tfie Fnrnf DICK TAREbK. M JEAiN CLOtfKI, JOHN BEANY. MASTER JOHNNY. SYLVAH CLARK, JOHN HAMILTON. fi * i? n ir r /t a n rr i? n B All III J. l/Aili?A, TH* !?181I A?RAS3ADJR To-nuhtthe t-.thio?ian Bnrleaaue ??H, HUSH ! ?i THE V1H 61NIA CUPID Stmt > Lay.Merman Importation,T*ib' tonOn? A New Prog ram m \ in whieh a'l the Combination will appear in thrir bet acta. New aong by th? CANTERBURY MlNSTREL-9 the b:at Ethiopian Troufe in the eity New Dano?s. fto , Ac fnf No ohnnge in the Adnuuii-.a rrioet-/Tl Aauimsioc IS o"Gte, Oroh?tt?r C??ira m c*>nu. Afternoon Bnfrtmnment For and F??s?hei. on WEDNESDAY' AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at 2 o'clock, Whan a iaviah diatnbatiun of Elegant Preaeuta ta made; Rich and Costly Jewel';, Book*. Toy*. Fanoy Artiolea, and mag niEeentSi'k Dreasea. A Silk Dre?a waa presented to Mra Sherman, No. SO Pro?pectetreet, Georgetown, on Wedneiday afternoon. Admiaaion 9Ucenta : Children W oecta. aa7 yy I L Ii A K D S?_H all: Madame Anna Bishop. THI WOKLD-RKIIOWNKD CAttTATRTCB, Who, ainoeher appearance in the I nited State*. h?u irade itie oironi* of the globe, b*g?to anmnnee OXB OKANJi CONCERT, WEDNESDAY EVfc,NiN6, AfnlS. Madame >nua Kiahoa will beatiiatedby uu l nwnn atnmv The Eminent Baritone. Eleve da Coacervatore Impenal de Af u*'tue, 'ana; GU8TAVR DE SPIKBB. The Eminent Pianist, (Pupil of Lists.) Doors oyen at ; Cono?rt comireace at 8. Tioketa 91 ; Gallery 50 cents. The tale of ticketa will oomnxnee Saturday ramming, April 5, at Klhs'a Musio Sfc>>e,whoie (rata roar be secured without extra charge. The grand Steinway Piato usd on the oooaaion is fd*xi shed by W. G. Met'zerott, Emap 9 P. C. LARUE, Manager. ? | HE CHILDREN IN THE WOODJ." Charles F. Browne, THE &RRATEST AMERICAN HUMORIST, Batter known to the pnblio aa "ARTEMU8 WARD." Wilt deliver his celebrated Leoture, with the above title. At WILLARITS HALL, On MONDAY EVENING, April M, 1062. Thia Lecture Las met wit 1 the moat g' rnooeea in New York, x^oaton and the prinoipu citi*a ami towna in New Knglard. Particular* will be fiven iq future advertiaementa and oirculars. ? p 4-d PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Oaide to Patenta, Catalogue of Cnnoaitiee and Sovern ment Gardens, at the atand in Patent Office; Hare Antiquarian Book a ; tforerumeut Hooka; Document* fnrEiahed: Railroad Report*; Military Re porta; Burnt Patent Offioo Reporta; Cheap Uooka rarniahed to fedlara: Mi.itary Trial a: Military Lawa; Army Regulations; Panorama of tiie Coast ahowinj over 3,000 mi lea; many thoaaand Cheap Uooka. Heeolicct cheap rent. Large aalea, low pricea. Up ataira, over Bank of Wut niifio, ia29-Ira* ALFRED HUNTER. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE r% a ami mm * rt * wv a ? *a ?r _ m. ? * vAni/ino AUAU^mitti ismperaiios it HalT, t- atreet, between 9th and loth Ciastea JH every Tuesday and Fridav?afternoon oituM at a, evening ciaaa at 7. Soiree every Friday evening a*8 o'oloc*. Muaio by Prof. Geo. Arth. Tern per spoe Hall will be let for Balis, Parties, ko. Apply aa a bo re. fe 14 tin* BALLS, PARTIES, 4c. TLOOK OUT! HB H1BEKMA BOYS IN THE FIELD AGAIN ! ?Fourteenth Grand Aasemuly of M the Hiberaia Cinb wnl be given a' Fhilhar- JBf monio Hall, (next to the Star Cffise.) ox MONDAY EVENING,21a? instant. liok-UM eta so oenta, adm;tting a re tleman and ladies. See irioulara in future advertisements. tty order of the Committee. ap9-St* m NDTIPli 1 HE STEAMKR'VhoMAS COLLYKRWlll rtmme her trips to Mount Vernon jp?k on Wednesday, Maron 9th and will run every Weaaetday and Saturuai^^^^^^^^ until fcrther notioe, leaving her wharf at the foot of 7th street at 10 o'elook a m. Far* for the ioum tup on board the boa' f l so. SAMUEL 8EDNEY, Captain. N. B. On tl^e payment of 35 oenta visitors will be admitted to th* room whioh General Washington oooupied and in which be died The mansion atd (rounds are oiosed to visitors on eundays. aps aw* r*OUPEK AND HOR8E8 FOR SALE.?The I' advertiser has for sale a most bcaa-^^mn tiikl New York built Coupaa, and noli Harness, inuie by Wood Gibson oi ~ M? Now York. Al?o, a pair of the beat broke Horses in the United States, either double or singls; either horse oan trot it 8 40; gentle as coves The prioe wilt oe wade low, the advertiser not having use for them. TheCoupeeand setof Harness with Horses is one of the handsomest >urnoutsin the country. Address, by letter. Box liTS Post OAoe, fUltimore. ap?-?* as MILITARY unotw iU. W. GAL ft' k BRO., 3A4 Pennarlvama avenoe. Daalera in eY?rr description oI RICH MILITARY WOODS. Preaaotatioo bword*, c aorta, t-athaa. Shoulder ftr&pj. fKtolt, Belto, 4o 07* Partioal&i attention m called to ao nnaana!ly l&rj0M8ortm?ntot rati cold embroidered Shoulder Strap*, whioii are offered at leu than thatr original ooeV. M W. GALT & BRO.. Jewellera, 3*4 Pa. aYenua, near the Metropolitan, a?m (lata Brownfa> MoUI. A TAKK NOTICE! LL Bora, from the a?a of a years i?, aaa nov 6a hi ted oat with taata and Q ^ Faahlonabie Clothinx Katat> lahment, ah fj-lB* . Ooraar K and feranth eta. f'ENTLKMKN'S SPR1N8 CLOTHIN?.U Wa tare jaat reaa.vad a larca aaaortnect of for*m'aaaCM ^l^iotiu, Caau mares, and Vaa iaga | i<snsiB5ri ?* ir SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, r_*. WAR GAZETTE Wa Dtp AkTM I3T, I W'iiiimtoii Citt, April ?. 18W \ 0*BU eiVISo THANKS ?OB THI IlrtllT 9I**T nrmiu OTIB 1IIIL! AM) TEAITOKS. 0"tfd ?lit. That ?t meridian ?f tbe Son day next after tbe receipt of thl? order, at the bead of every regiment In the armlea of tbe j United State*, there ahall be offered by It* Chaplain a prayer, giving thanks to the Lord of Hv-its for the recent manifeatatlona of Hi* power In the A?rnur a# mKaIi an/I >m(Iam n<4 (n?*.>Wt>.a. tk. w?vi W? ivwta hum u?ivwi , ?uiu t* ? vm UJ^ IUC continuance of HI* aid In delivering this nation by the arms of patriot soldier* from the horror* of treason, rebellion, and civil war. 3d. That the thanka and congratulations of the War Department are tendered to Major General Haileck for the sigusl ability and success that have distinguished all the military operation* of his Department, and for the spirit and courage manifested by the Army under his command, under every hardship, and against every odds, la attacking, panning and d stroylng the enemy wherever be could be found. 3d. That tte thank* of tbe Department are al?o given to Generala Curtis and Slgel, and tbe ofllcera and aoldlera of their command for matchless gallantry at the bloody battle of Pea Ridge; and to Major Generate Grant and Buel and their forces, for the glorious repulse of Beauregard at Pittsburg In Tenneaaee; and to Major General Pope and bis officers and soldiers for tbe bravery and skill displayed In their eppratlons agalust tbe rebels and traitors entrenched at Island No 10, on the Mississippi river. The daring courage, diligent prosecution, peraistent valor and military result of these achievements are unsurpassed 4th. That there aball thta day be a aalute of 100 guns from the United States Arsenal at Washington, In honor of these great victories. j F.owix M. Startcx, Secretary of War Tk.i'n;nM n.i.ii. . n...i n-wi AUIUUllg i/CMUt VI UIO UIDHl OBVUO at Pittsburg Landing. - ?THE ENEMY'S LOSS ESTIMATED FROM THIRTY-FIVE TO FORTY THOUSAND1 ? UNION LOSS FROM EIGHTEEN TO TWENTY THOUSAND' ? TERRIBLE FIGHT DURI>G SUNDAY AND MONDAY. DESPERATE ATTEMPT OF THE ENEMY TO DRIVE THE UNION FOR?'E* INTO THE RIVER GALLANTRY OF GEN. GRANT TIMELY ARRIVAL OF REINFORCEMENTS UNDER GEN.BUELL TITE ENEMY RETREATS AT J P M ON rauniJAi, runottu m UlbtiL ? THE RF.BFL GENERAL SIDNEV A. JOHNSON KILLED. BEAT'REGARD'S ARM SHOT OFF THE UNION GENERAL PRENTISS TAKEN PRISONER BY THE ENEMY [Special Telegram to the Star ] Niw Yo?k, April 9, !?02.?Editor Star . The New York H'rald of thla morning bat an extra containing the following particulars of tbe great battle at Plttaburg Landing: PiTTtiBms, (*la Fort Henry,) April 9. 3^0 a. m.?One of the bloodiest battle*of modem time* baa J oat closed, resulting In tbe complete route of the enemy, who attacked ua Sunday a. in The battle lasted until .Monday at 4:3&, when tbe enemy commenced their retreat, and are Mill flying toward*Corinth. They are pur* *d by a | large force of our cavalry. Tha slaughter rn both sid^ 1* immense. The I'nlcn lost la killed, wounded, and mining la from 18,000 to That of tbe enemy la eat! mat *d at from ?*>,000 to 10,uw> I give you the b*-?t account from ba^rvatlon, having paaaed through the storm ofa'-Mon for the two daya It raged The figLt was brought on by hody of three hundred of the Twenty-Fifth Missouri, the right of Geu. Prentlae. nttackiug the advance guard of the rebela. supposed tu be picket* o! tbe enemy, In front of the camp The Rebel* immediately advanced on Gen. Prentlae. Our forces soon formed In Into line. Humbert's division wna thrown forward to support the center, when a desperate conflict en?ued. At 5 p. m tbe Rebel* forced our left wing back so as to occupy fall two-thirds of our camp, and were lighting tbelr way forward with desperate courage la their tffurta to drive ua into tbe rlv^f, and at the same time heavily engaged onr right. Geo. Grant and staff, who had been reckle?*ly ridlae alone our lines the entlm d?v aniJ ? storm of bullets, now rode from right to left, Inciting our men to stand firm until reinforcements could cross tbe river. Tbe gunboats Lexington and Tyler, wblch lav a abort distance off, kept raining shell on tbe rebel forces. Thus tbe conteit raged till night. During tbe night Major General Wallace ar. rived and took poeltlon on the right; and Gen. Buell'a force* from the opposite aide and Savannah. now beint; conveyed to tbe battle ground, tbe entire right of Geo. Nelson's division, waa ordered to form on the right; and the forces under Gen. Crittenden were ordered to hla support early in tb? morning. 8KCOND tyiY'S BATTLE Tbe battle of tbe aecond day rayed with various successes and repulses until 5 p. m., when tbe whole rebel army was in fnll retreat to Corintbf _<tl< Mr In ko< ? ' WIVH wui v? J <U HV? ^uiauii- WCU. 0UC1 IUIlowed the retreat!dk rebel*. driving tbem In splendid style. We lost a number of our force* prisoners yesterday. among whom is General Prentiss, who was reported as being wounded. Among the killed on the rebel side was their chief General, Albert Sidney Johnston. It is further reported that General Beauregard had his arm shot off. Captain Carson was killed by a cannon bell. The above Is a synopsis ef a much longer die. patch in the Htrald this morning, from itsapeclal correspondent, who was h imself In the battle throughout Its duration. CONGRESSIONAL. xxxvritk COHORFSS Seeead Session. WkDHSSDAY, April 9. StNATK.?After tbe presentation of abolition and other petitions, tbe bill to increase the salariea of U. 8. District Attorneys was taken up and passed. Dispatches announcing the particulars of the recent great Union victories at Island No. 10 and 1'Ittsburg Landing were next received and rend I The Senate then went into executive session Houtx.?A communication was received from tbe War Department. Referred Also, a comaannioatioo from* tbe President, transmitting information in regard to thereveaue system of foreign oountrles, in answer to a resolution of the House. Mr. CoUax asked leave to read a dispatch, and amidst much excitement made bis way*to tbe Clerk's desk, from which be read a synopsia of tbe dispatch to tbe New York Merald, which was received with muck applause by tbe members Mr. Blair reported tbe bill to laemon tbe Medical staff of tbe army, which WM node* consideration wben our report closed. Daring tbe morning, tbe despatch of Flag-?f oer Foote announcing tbe capture of Island No. Ill si i ^ t - - - r - ? " - <r 2* ' * .??<J r* f. ,&< ? . v x u?? x ?c* Ssi. Latest ef the Sign! Victory at ISIimMTO 10 ANOTHER P'*PATCH FUO* OOIUK*i>i^R POOTE' PEt?*OVrR? TAKKN OH TWF I*',AND' lafof qiinrmn of c*nno* ant> munitions'. amp f?ix hf.8ki. GUNBOAT? TAKF.N ? Tbe following highly intmatieg <11 patch if*M tbe Nt*y D*ptrhmal et I p. B to dav [The p'leonera it refen h> as havtng be*n Uk<r b'. Gen tfuford and Com F*oie are ?&<? brlns on tbf istaad turrndrrfd Th?y ?" of coarte additional tntWtooo tikra bf Giiwi'-l Pope In bla purauil of ib? pcrtloa < f the robe' forte that I'd $* prcelplU<?U from tbf baUff * open tb? Tinmwi ahore ? Ed. ?t*.* ] Ftao Ship Ba*vo\. ? It'.vU N* 10 April P, !? ? (*H Cairo) . { Horn, b dton WtUrt. Steretmrt / >*? JV?f? 1 have to inform the Deportment that tlnee f frit the telegram last tight, announcing the rjr render to me of laland No. 10. paanwaloo has boee taken of both tbe Island aod ibe works upoa the Tennessee abore, bT gunboats and tbf troope under coLjBiand of Ook. Bufcrd. 17 cfloers sod 36e privates. betides 100 of thetr sick aod 100 men employed on board the inn*porta, are la enr handa, unconditionally priaonera of war 1 have canaed a hasty examination to be aaa <r of lha forta, batterlea. and munitions of war cap tured There are eleven earthworka with ?? heavy cannon, varying in caliber frcm 32 to UU poundera, rifted. The roagailnea are well aapplled with powder, and there are large quantl tie* of ahot, abelU atd othrr raunitioua of war, and al?o greet qnantitira of provision* Four steamers afloat have fallen lato our bands, and two others, with the rebel guutwai (i'lmpua. are sank, but will W eartly rsiaad. Th*fle*t*"g battery of 16 heavy gors, turned ?drif? by tb? rebels, is said to be lying on tbe !Ulsst>ari shore, below New Madrid. The enemy upon the mainland appear to have fl*d with great precipitation after dark la*t night, leaving, In many eases, half prepared metis In their quarters; and there appears to have b-ra r>o concert cf action between tbe rebels upon the Island and those occupying the shore, bit t?s* latter fled, leaving 'he former to their fate. These works, erected with the highest engineering skill, are "of great strength, and. wit* tbclr natural advantage*, would have he n laspregnable, If defended by men fl^hting in a bet tcr cause. A combined attack of the naval and land f?rr?? would have tskon plare to-day or to-morrow morning, bad not tbe R?*b?l* abar.d ^od this s'roighold; to mature theer plena of attack hav ing absclutetv required tbe lastlwenty-threcftays of preperatiou Gen Pope Is BMBMaMrt'jr expected to arrive with his armv at this p?int, be Living tueeess fully crowd the liver yesterday, under a heaw Are. which no doubt led to tb* ba?*v aUandor in?nt of the w->tk* la?intgbt I am unofficially informed tbat~thc two gasboatt whicu so gallantly ran the ir* of the re bet batteries a few nights ainoe, yeaterday *racked 8'id reduced a fort of the enemy -opposite, dl?rrn anting eight heavy guna 'l he fallowing U a copy cf the crier of General Mac kali 00 aaa airing fmin?nd of the rebel f oroee ou the 5th inet: "Soldier* ' W e are ranpera, tommwier ar.4 C'Oimand'd. each to tbr other Let m- W! von wbo I am I am ajrenr.almadebv Keao'enrfl; a general selected by Beaan^ard and Brspe f<w tbla ron.mar. 1 when tbey knew it wsa In p*rll Tbe^ have known me for twenty vea^ together we have stood on tbe tWd? o! Mexico Give their your confidence now,?give it t? me wh?n I have earned it. goldlera, the MiaMaalppI valiev t* in treated to your coarse, to ym.i dlsclrJ'ne. to your patience Exh'bil tbe vigi'sn -ea d > oJ neaa of last nlfcb* and hold It. (Signed) WDMactajul Br g.Gen Cjra'f *' I regret that lb* painful condition vt my foot, till requiring me to uae crutch*# prevented me from making a fenomlexaalnatioa c' tbe work* I waa therefore conpelled to d-itagate that du?7 to Lieut. Commandtn? 9 Phelps, of the Flag hip Benton. A H. i'outl, Flag-officer Commanding Naval Foroea, ? - ? - ? 1^7" The profound aew?pjper etritefciatt ? Boll Run memory ait ptr?-ptag out of their holt* again. The New York Fn: e?tlaaaU-t the fe roof G. n. McClellau before Yorktovrn at 150,000 ' *' ???> i i ??????mm rOR 8ALfc ANP JUS*T. For RENT?Two FURNISHED ROOWf. \ri ti Bum. Also Table *eo>??ii?dat<-i,. 139J E atre?t bet trees 9 h and lain M"?** L^UR RENT Oil SALE?Serer?l COUNTfLY I SKA'IS. hou?e? larouhd ac; an'nr niched, with gardens, oro&arda, nzd fi?lda of v?no?a extent wen watered and ver* be*itbr i one vf the jl?oe? liana m<ll. To geoa tea*oU the ter^a vili be low. Addr-aa U. LOl*?HiM.K??L6H. near becrcetown. !>. C FOR RENT?A forntihed fvurtry PRICE DWELLING,'a a pleeaantand heMtVfe! **r? of the citr, with fire'ant* o^au^; * a i pinna 1. k ana n ' i * /4 rm n we ' a r k nW I'MU IVVIU BU| p.trj ?HU I W? VI, i ? tfcrnutiiuiit i b. u?rriu? Iivum &&a ?Ubi? This u a rte?ir?t>|e re?iderce lor Ai M. C or 6oeercment emp'ojM in eithw one of tiie Dea&r: inrnta. I^GireatSTiEwmU etiee: b'tWf>?Ai K an* L. fnm ft to 6 > m a? > 8t* LfOK RENT?KOoM 8 mitable for a continue . " a'so, doubie ?ini e de-i Room#?slt4 fa. avece*, n*?t to Willfcid'? Hoiaj FOR RPNT-flll'SH N? ltUV* N?w Yo-k tear XView Jsijer avenue. Kilter, and o ntan * ttfvn room? an I a &c? aarior Gool ?at?r in tlie Litabea Inuirs ot W \l PTvVEi L, ! $ New York avexne, seoond door fw* >e? Jera avenue. e?ty* L'OK RKNT.-Aturnnhed PAKboKam tth U r RUUM.udl i?*a'tt9 BEUKO't'.I al><> fw Buh^.cn > ? 3t{i a"d "tl No .141 *p 7 > * tpOK H E!*T.?One .aice MORE NOOM eulfr Canterbury Htil, I a. a*. and 6-h itrwt. ? ? gooca taken on storage in arte or ?>? ) q lantiuet ?p y*t JOHN M. VOL' NH'rt Phootu ana wacon Worka. oor flth and :*t?. M 1 f" LfOK KbN!'?A TKN>MfcM f, mubt for * * rm\'l family, acd v*ry *t ?U? o? th*heichU"f toeorgetowu, wtlu-u ire mlnnf e" wa.k ulUi? W&ehicf fr>r? a: a 6eort?t iacabc* line Apply at th" cft:e of J. DbNT, No. <* Fifteenth atiest, Whumloii, &? T 'f LM1K RKN l ?4jue n?a ly furnimto RuOV.m r teoond fo*>r, with Hoard, la a atria It pnvat# f?ini!y?No. 40# b:(bl& street. et w*?u G acd H. M? 7t* UIMMt.K KKPIPKNCti FUH ?K?T. O (A? "Wen ?!l$n ftrmJ1 i>. C, IS *if*0 above (riorr^nra. n?ar Afr. Le*utkbor*uik'r)?A desirable tertianed i>ouble House we. tharied, tup water, Ao, with stabitaa. oamace tioo?et. io..ic. Thaa.tertioa of .H amber* of tue cadinet. Forelcn Ministers. a'd cenMemen with f\iru r ia especially icnted to thia advertie^mn-t For examination of the premisea apply to the i^anacer aeon the farm<Mr. James OBns-.) ao<1 for far th*r particular* address < aata.a W. A T. M*l>DOX. U t> M . 1HD0 ^pruoe atre?t. t'bi;?d*:ptra, P? aM'.-ia' Ir(i* HA Hi?Two fetat-elaa* BILLf a Ki> TA BLEW. Burble sabs. and rrery anaurnT't complete.?1 uoee oearrinx the aoore wiTi ste<1* their lau-rMt or oa.iint liamediauHr atta* Lnrjv pean Hotel, turner llth ureet a&a fenns?;*aBia avenue. wh ?-1f LOST Aft 1JMWJU ft IK r?4Mk TO THE hbISSCRI?ER, oa the Mo v> mat, a liaj HOR8E. with Urw waito^v fa?t. The own?r U ra^uoeUd to oona lor- *1i?y ward, ircve prcperty, par ofcartea uiac take hi . tvi). J. UVftNutK, a? ?th at., btttw Q aa? fe ttC REWARD-Loaf. a? Satartav, A?nl V>. in lith *trr?t,b<itweeu 6 an l II . a^. _ \ mall biaok a?d J an Terrier auLT S^^: waif hiax about 5 aounda, ear* oropt: mj ~ ?? a email white (treat on her braaa ; had oaa ~ar row leather odlar wi?h a t raw plata; enawer* to tha name of -Nailie." The abo*? d wiU l?a aid *'-d bo aaai-iona*aked. if d'iirared at DaYToN'ACraaa?r tf akan. ?*< ittk ai/eat,!*twaea 8 acd H. ?? a m ?C REWAID-Lo t axtok't HOUi.oo^aO" lng^ifc |0 i twenty ai* d'l.'a-? a: a im o* Win to dehveriM nracarrt n n ?tr?rt. ut> Y?rd. lam a p*>-r joint MU,?ortit| for Mi, Center kthuo knt'ia *o ?*-?>oea. ?w hue tita . Defied nn ?ia? ?f erno - fc iait. 1 Ivii the t!w*? kin MrTp?? u>r ba? ?<p aent?4 to pa? ?fc?ab?*i im<?. if ?as ?*rn? .< U4 it wil; l?? host*: ea< s?b ri"tor? ! ? *?mc t IL? i\v. 4A6 11:1k ??'? ?. ? ? t* ?b H ar f at* J -H> ?i'i i Tf. Cfc KKWsIlWttj* * aUnai wa <b? ??H V** !'i??a<jt, a ww M MV,illliCv.m ( own in Ut* l?ft hi?i ka4 a rk r* *ai? 1 * ;*v<rd ?!! M |l*?? ?u ra " " ' 1 F atr?Kt. barman *i i>4 * >. a? *i r. Wocu. *? ay7 K* _ 0. ?*IBE tf. LOBT-ATar? a**ilf? !><? . daiwaiaj m%c*i a hikt fcr*wa ?atec; i?^,? ard uji Votes a ?? tea*# to t->? tip A anila. 1- r*-*r4 w U *j* 4 V r k rl "V * ???'! W?i?, iiaatf?i^? a?r -r LlMt' MM|<M bei *! - .!?* aotl tlt<* Uatbf tt ix, -otan i?t?. *x * ??' a ?iu! tiMa S'-Ltl K NO. oil > On iatnc?l? woita. ataSi vaUM bj D* o?ar. Th? wti) ?a ana n r??ar?t ' " *$? Uto awnaia M im i*ia? i*a?a?<wai a# i ?*

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