Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1862 Page 2
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' . ^ # ' /. EVENING STAR. W'vOTON CITY: TIURM-.U APFILW, 1W. It 1 i i trip' I -it "raa l? prtn???1 on tba f-v*W?i Jetu. p ?* l.i u'? <; :U: ef f'aittmur*, edition 1 j ao **n< - iflr* w'.r* !* to h* pat to presa at aa eerly t?ur. Adrtritumunlr, th>wft>w, ahooJA be ret in before IS o'clock *.; otLerwIae t&ey may art colli tte next 4av ' r? Kaiir-DB at ta? rarioiu mllltaxv ?* ] pooltiou will ooaXej a ftvc* by keepln* ? posted u to ir.ovraapnti enrt affair* In tkelr Tlclnltlea ?n!rU ef i*i?rma* rrtw. T>"? 'ntflligrneer not'ces tbo renewed Interest given lo t^e question as to whether tb* ta?nrgentp. ?ft*r tUJr teaser military operations are g-'-T'"-' *, will report to a guerilla strife; and els'ro? that tb!s roode of warfare Is at way* odic?)?, ev ,i to tfcg party In whose favor It 1? waged. The <8*pi4fUta.n argues against the doctrine 'tbat omanrlpatb n mi'tt be made todepend upon the Imffw.iV." ro:d!tSoa" of "compulsory deportation " It think* that in justice to the alave, *r-? n ; artial compensation for what be has suffer? d, T-rr** 4- provision should be mad* to ass'.jt tbo??* in emipratl'-i; who can see In emigration tbe prr?j?^f of b**'terirp their condition." OUR MILITARY BUDGET. Toll IOWI. T*p 'o 11 a. m. to-day not a word bad reached W sh'r.^.:- n from Fortress Monroe or Yorktown additional to what was published in the Siar of V- sterilay. A dispatch from Cherrystone represents the element* a* raging in a terrific manner last n'ebt and yesterdav upon the bay. preventing the usus! trip of 0?* little news steamer to tbat point. Our impression at noon to-day Is that the stu.nj of \r*te d*y also prevented the Baltimore steamer from making ber trip up the Chesapeake. Thus we are w'tbonttte slightest additional information of the progress of affairs there. The st< rm bavlrg subsided, the Government la, bowever, momentarily expecting news per Wlegraph via Cherrystone SJKTWXCED ro BR KfNiJ. In the conrse of the past summer Mr Samuel P Cornet, a native of this city, and son of out fellow-cltiien Mr Samuel Carnal, was arrested bv the military authorities here on some charge implicating bis loyalty. He W2?, however, promp'ly alfcfcaroed cn taking tne oath of alle2iapce to the United Ptatea, and returned to bis hoinr in Wrtlffie-plcnii conntv V? Tie Unl'-n prisoner! !a*t arrived in tbia city t>r<r?T t" h'l r^'en'a here tne di*trea*!n? intelligence tur>t some t!m? ainre be t>nd two otbera were am ?t? rt by the rebrl nnthori tlea on a charge of being Union aplea. and thai he baa be?n tried in Klchmond. vhere he 1m now impriaoncd under aenter.rr* of d?ath II.a tit her ia endeavor:*!*; to enii*? tbt influence of the Government here in bi* brhalf; it ia alncerely to be hoped with aocora. or lies*. A d!*p-?rh received at the War Department from tie telegraph operator at Cincinnati represent tfca! tie New Vork H*raid's correspondent's account of the 1'nlon lost In killed, wonndd and missing (prisoners. Sec.,) In the gr^at butle near i*itUbnfg Landing on Sunday and .Monday last la greatly exaggerated From the information already received at Cincinnati, he sets J' down at a total of 5.000, rather than from 1? 000 to ?0.000 estimated by the Htrald's eorrespcr.dcnt. 1AVI YAKS. The rerenne cutter Miami took Secretary Cba?e, Captain DaLIgren and wvpral other gentlemen and la^:-a on iu eyrurnion down the river yeaterdry -fiernoon. The Mount Waahlngton wa? boat leaving for the flotilla with mailt thia mornlitc Qnite a & umber of tranaporta and tug boat* are lylrsi wharf for repslra. GCKESAL ?EE*MAN Thl? d al!n2iiu>bed ? fficer baa arrived here from port Royal, a. d wsn tb'a forenoon for acme time In a MiilUtidb wlilt thp SwMartf n* iv HTF* FROM TITK SAPPAHAJCtrrK A Hf>*c;al t?frt?jxudt-nt c! the Philadelphia lr.qtil'er ftr. ocd la* t-reninjc from tL?? Rspnatjaoifcir, v.-nieh K'-sm te l?-ft vesurday nnruIn*; 'Tfce ITnlted fiatM t rcea cer.ipy the nrrth oarlr :f ?we rlvtr, -?b!fh <i niijch well's. 1 he riiir .Kn H fepelred np to Warreriou Jnnrt!i?n. MumfuMH Tefr.gre* ar d contrabands are coming In dai:y, vrht? report tlat the main body rf the O i - , ? . ma 11 ?> l? - V_ A. - r% - ? i\t?t? siuif l??? *rt*.c-n I'Brs w Kiccmond, vlth t!i* lDtfc!1on ?f *trfntther.inK Gen. Maf*tJder. Tli* Rebel picket a rp occaalcnaliva^f-n ??ri the ar.ntu of tbe Rappahannck, bnt tL? imp bellwd lo be taarely watching onr mov>?tr.en;?. A guerrilla uafaie la being carried on freir Bren!* vule to tbe mouth of the Oceo<)uan. aiidsU3? soldier* are picked off by tbe*e outlaw*. official co"?<jbatclatio?is to riia-oriiciR foots Tlf oliowlni: congratulatory letter was sent yeaterday tc F'?z Officer Foote by telegram: \l 4, >. n ? A. A i M-% < > i nj'ili ?, irw. f'.tf-Officer A H. Foo'.t, Commontifg fwvnb'.ats rn Wattr$. Mr: A cai.i a'* thinks !>r<* due you and the brsve r t? *!* ar.d men of tue ziot! la on the Mls. v>ftf Irhors- and gallantry at Inland No. 1' , vs. *. ? ;r r.r? f d to you vest?rdav, have for wefkt \ca*rbed with intense Interest. Yo r ir,^a?f>h :* not ti.,- l-n appreciated because It *--.l ?.jtr*rted nntl flraliy bloodies*. T?> that lie\vk, u bo tfs prritec ed you through M iP"iv : vr.:>. asd carried you c nward to suec?"**!v? v'.c'orif*, be pralffor HU continued jjrrd ? ? to orr country, and especially for this iSat preat ?urress r{our arm*. L.?-' ti.?> r n^ra'alations to yourself and your oemtrard fce also ex^n?J< d to the officers and fold* rs w'.o rt?cr?<'a'ed with you. Giiim WKUH, S*eeretary of the Navy. lit EaLtixozz a5T> Ohio Kailruad Comjauy ?A* the abolitionists ?'e iu?t now iriaVlncr - -~W i a great pow wow over tLe fact th?t tic Baltimore | and Oalo R. ilroad Company exact s bond In the hod of t!,tOO before a negiols permitted to be transported in tbeir cart, (conditioned that be shall not prrve to be a runaway flare.) it may not be ajniw to cxp'aln tte abaoiute ueceisity for thu courac cn their part. Under the lawa of :uia D'atrlrt aud Maryland they are liable to pay the full value of any slava negro escaping la tbeir car*; and having been made to pay tbe penalty in many Instances, tbey have be#n compelled. In ae>;*defence, to exact the nec-asary end proper bond of indemnification referred ta aVove. Financial- New York paper* report the market buovsm and d-cIdedly brlak on reeei pt of the new* from T nomff. Border State bonds opened v?-rv vreK Mlasoorla 51 \ cndSI*; Tennessee* closed at 57%; North Carolina* higher, soilingat C7,%. 5sle* of GoTtrninent Slx?a of 1881 were made at 91, botrioid at !0\. The Fives of l??4 ro?e to *7* ,beli?g a decided Improvement Certlflrate* of indebtedness were la demand at 96?a 86ki, whlrh Is a rise of fc per eent 7 30 Not?-? aeliatpar c >rl !* wesfcer, selling dcwv to 101 j^a 102 a^a.u-t lOJaKfljf of day before F.xcban. e on London scarcely Irio. |' r~ Tte lro;.-cUd 1. igatt In course of construetlon ??*r PL...idf-lph'.a u pre. reding quite rapIdly, soxv -f tte 4*.Inch plates having already been piac?ti on h- r tow. The work of putting xh*- pistes ??o tte sld<*- of the sel wss to have D#ra cornnun. cd y?-att-rday. Tte plates are bent toaulf ! h?formation of the veawi. and but a short time Is required !o fas'en tnein on tee Teasel. I tar*e Inu a. :?wi, about t *o (M long, betug uard for tbe if keeping them !n plare. A e number the p' ite? for tte iptr-d? k have already been Laid. (p* From the piano and mujir ?tore of John K Bill*,3u6 Pennsylvania avenue, b'tween Ninth and Tenth atreeta, we acknowledge the recotpt of mw muiic, a* foliowi ?"The American Standard," by George P. Morris, Ming by MIm Kate Dean '- The Monitor Grand March," by E Mack, with a aplriud representation of th? into oonfllct at Old p?nt, Va "Gen. Boraalde'a Grand T.iuanphai March," by G W Warrw, townUiuny laMliiM. IET We regret 10 learn that the disease ?W Hon. | Theodore Frelinghuvsen baa teamed a oeri >u? character, and that to-<Uy, be to considerable worse.? Ntwk AdvtTltttr, Tiuiity U ' *r ? I, mmmmmm LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. The Great tattle at Plttcbsrg Larttag. FURTHER PARTICULARS'. |)nlbtrn? A >T<??T J?b?fir Tie foUowtng/wM re<<e'ved hj the Secretary of War lot evening: "Gen A Sydney John?ton'? body viu left on the ba'tle fieia, and is in onr pcssnslon, aa well a* (be bodies of al&rge number pf other prominent rebtls." Gen. Job niton mi held by many to be the abled offlwr In the whole rebel service, and his loss,with tbe wounding of Besuregard (should that prove true) will l~ave them withont any officer In whom tbe armv have any confidence in tbe field. It has bern erroneously atsted that Gen. Johnston had jutt entered upon his dutiesss commanderin-chief of tbe whole rebel forces under tbe appointment of J?tr Davis." This is a mistake. Gen Lee is the officer thus designated by Jeff. Davis, but the selection has not met with ranch fsvor in Dixie, I*e? being held to be a " slow coach." Caiko, April.?Further advices from Pittsburg Landing give the following particulars of the hatflp The enemy attacked Aur linn at 4 o'clock cn Sunday morning, the brigade of Gen. Sherman and Prentiss being flrat engaged. Their attack wax successful, and our entire force was driven to the river, when the advance of the enemv was chocked with the aid of the fire of the gunboats. Our force-* being subsequently increased by the arrival of Gen. Grant with troops from Savannah (on the taat aide of the riv?r), were iaspired with renewed courage by the report of the arrival ol two divisions of Buell'a army. Our loss during this day (Sunday) was very neavy; besides the killed and wounded it embraced our camp eqnip. age and tbirty-ai* field pieces Next morning Q / ia'b enru.unll nr? tn Wil aainrr\oA IKc ?'U| u i UJ J ^ liv ?T niuviiiiiiii^ 'V,ww; uvauiiivu >mv offensive, and by o'clock p. m . bad retaken out ramp and batteries, together with aonae forty oi the enemy's Runa, and a number of prlaonera, and tbe enemy aoon thereafter In full retreat, pursued by our victorious forc.ea. Our killed, wounded and miaaing la variously estimated It cannot be less than 5,000. Our loss In officers la very heavy, but it is impossible at present to obtain their number. The following wpre amonc tbe number:?Brie Gen. VV H. Wallace, killed. Col. Pegram. acting brigadier general, killed; Col. Ellis, of the 10th lllinols, killed; Major Goridard, 15th Illinois, killed; l.lent Canh^ld. 72d Ohio, mortally wounded; Col. Darin, 15 h Illinois, mortally wounded. Gen. W.T Sherman was wounded in the hand by a cannon ball Col. Sweeny, of the5'.?d Illinois, acting brigadier general, was wounded with shots In his on'y remaining arm, having lost one in Mexico, ana was aiso sbot in one of his leg*, but he heroically kept the field until the close of the fight, and ex cited the admiration of the whole army Col D*vid Staupt, of the 55th Illinois, acting brigadier general ws? shot through the breast on Sauday, bu? returned to the fle!d on Monday. Col. Chaili a Cr.ift*, of the 31st Illinois, actlns brigadier general, was shot through the right shoulder, but not dangerously. Lieut. Col Morgan, of tbe25th Indiana, was wounded badly M jor Katon, of the 1^'h Illinois, acting colonel, wounded fatally. Irwing \V. Curren of General Grant's staff, had his bead sbot off Captain I'rtston Morton, wounded mortally, and sim e died. Captain Dillon, of the 18tb Illinois killed Cap'ain Mace, of the 5th Illinois, killed Captain Carter, of the II tb Illinois, killed, Majoi O.r.n tl.A Lill.J t our, ui mr unu uiiiiu;?, *uim. General Prentlawaa wounded, and with ?ev eral hundred of our men were taken prisoner* or Sunday. Later Concerning the Great Unioi Victory. Corinth Occupied by ike InlonTroepi Our Cavalry in Pnrult Beyand Cerinlhl nion Lot? in Killed at>d Wannded nay Katimated at Leas than Five Thoutaadlleauregard'a Mistake?Gen. llallerk ii the Field. Chicago, April 9.?The Tttntt' account of thi battle at Piitaburg Landing, on Sunday and Mon day, aaya 'bat the enemy aurpriaed Gen. Prentlaa brigade, which was In the advance, live mllei beyond Pittsburg, at five o'clock vn Sunday morning, taking two regiment* of prisoners, and ca. turlng the General. Tbe fl^bt continued during the entire day, tbi enemy driving our forces back to Pittsburg wltl fearful lest. Gen Rue J, w!*h Ger Wilson's division, ar rived at 1 ?::clt-ck, and turntd the tide of battle The enemy w- -. commanded by Gens Polk anc Beauregard, who snspeudei the attack about ( o'clock 0:i the morning of Monday, the troops bavin; nn thd flol/4 ?# J 1 ? ..v ana QIIU urcil irlUlUiCCa uy UtD Nelson's divUlon. supported by the ganboats drove the enemy t<srk and occupied their formei position, completely routing the rebels, who wen immediately followed by several thoui&nd of on cavalry. At last accounts the latter were umi milts b?vond Corinth. The Tribune places our loss at from 000 to 1,001 killed, and 3;U00 to 4,000 wounded. The re be loss Is twice that number. PI*, of our batteries were taken and retaken sii times. The Times says that Beauregard had giver orders no*, to destroy any of the camp equlpstgt taken on Hnniiaw ? *? 1 -* - ?** J v ? ?~ uvsiipifie tic* tory the next day. Caiio, April 9.?An officer who left PltUbur^ Landing on Monday evening, reports that out forrca occupy Corinth, and tbat tien. Johnston'i body hid been found on the field. He al?o confirm* the report that Beauregard had his arm shot off. mere caa been no arrivals from the Tenneasee river since early this morning. A boat la expected to night. Pt l.orts, April 9 ?Gen Halleck, with a portion of bis staff, left for (be Tenneaaee River thli afternoon, and will immediately assume com oand In tLe Held. The Democrat's Cairo special aaya: The Rebelt were puraued by e ,<KX) of our cavalry. Tbe rtebel prisoners state that Beauregard made a speech to Lla troop* before entering the fight. sayinir that be would water bis borne in tbc Tennessee river cr iu hell, and that the fight beforetbem w?s hell ur.lru successful. Cmcut, April 9 ?The Tribune's special dispatch from Cairo, dated to-day, gives tbe followIncv sMmmiou nf *|V ' m~ ?,6 , v. .<.|rvsn9 jnuerM irom peraoui who wltntsaed the buttle at Pittsburg Landing : Tbe Union army wu potted between twe .>tr?iini, about four miles apart, that run Into the Tennessee nearly at right angle* with It, about ten mllea from Pittsburg. The left front was commanded by Gen. Preutlaa, who bod s veral raw regiinenta In his rear wai Gen. nberman, with his division, completely catting it from the main army. Gen. McCiernand pot himself at tbe head of hli troops, and cnt his way through the rebela and rejoined the army. The flgbt had now become desperate. On Gen. firm nt'? imatimlnfT A ?t-, , - ?vvtiiiuaiiu *uc enemy WWI driven bark, and at night the Union forces occupied n?arl y the aame poaition they did in the morning Tbe fight luted fifteen hours During the aight Gen Lew Wallace came up from Crump's Landing with 19,000 troop*, and in the morning tbe battle was renewed with great fury, neither party setalng disposed to yield. Bftwet-n eleven twelve o'clock the fight wo terrific. Soon after General Buell bad crowed tbe Tennessee and attacked tbe enemy on the I AanV f^idw ?? ?^ * .... woo ivi<j mw ? mcu. i ur reocu ware soon routed, Gcurral Buell pursuing them with twelve thousand men, mostly cavalry, and the lalrat rumon were that he bad taken Corinth. Eight hundred woanded are reported to be on one steamer on the way down. Gen. Halleck la expected here In the morning en rente for Tennessee. Several bargee of lee ar? ordered to go op the Tennessee to-night for the uae of the wounded. aaunr rOR THK WOUMOIB. MiLWitm, April ?The Chamber of Commerce, on tha Grvernor'a recommasdaUon, held a meeting to-day, for the relief of the wounded at tbe battle of Pltuburg Landing. After the members Lid subscribed liberally, the doom were thrown open for the reception of hospital stores, and to-night the room are well tiled An agent rf tbe Governor, accompanied by a surgeon, will Uave to-morrow, to render all tbe aid pivlfrlr for the comfort of the wounded. C:ncm!?ATi, April 9 ?A boat haebeen commie lotted to taka phyalclana. nuraea and etoree to the acene of thn TBaaeeate battle. A meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was feeld to-day, and a committee appointed to aollclt nbscrlpttOM to purchase neceeaarlea tor the wounded A large amount waa ralaed la a abort time A committee was appointed to go ta Columbns to-night to urge the Legislature to make an appropriation to charter other boatiand procure the Biewiry supplies. It Is probable that three or four boats will leave here this week for Tennessee A large number of nurses hare tendered their services. Nisa villi, April 9 ? A largo msetlng of citizens was held here to-day, at which the Mayor presided, to make arrangements to take cars af the wounded from Pittsburg. ?S,500 were contributed, aad any farther amoun' that might be das 1 red, offered The steamer Commercial left for the Tennessee river to-night, with medical and other supplies. The steamer Diligent will leave to-morrow with nurses and supplies, Any amount of hospital ac* commodattons In the city have been offered. FURTHER FROM THE GREAT BATTLE FIELD. 1 Gea. Baell la Occapatlaa af Car lath?Fall r?aflrmati?a af the Death a( Jahaataa aad Waaadlag af Beaaregard. Cairo, April 9 ?Officers who hare reached here from Plttabnrs: Landing report that General > Baell occupied Corinth; and furthermore, confirm the report of the body of tbe rebel General > Johnaon being found on tbe battle field, and alao j of General Beauregard'a loaing an arm. FROM FORTRESS MONROE[Correspondence of tne Baltimore American.] ' Foktrkm Mosaoa, April 8.?Old Point went f (a hpH lift Bloht with ituraaf aw.a ? ? -yfc?- ? >.? ?. < vjk^rcvmtiunn " IUSI i to-day would be one of startling events The flag of truce boat (wh'cfa returned last night ao ahort a time before the Baltimore boat left that brr new* ' did not reach me in time to tranamlt if to vou.) reported that the Merrlmac waa In the Elixabeth river, near to Craney Island, with ateam up and 1 apparently on the way down. She was In company with ?everal veaaela. but I have not beard whether the Yorktown and Jamestown were of the number. When tnia became known the expectation was general that the iron monster would 1 be out to-day, and that a naval contest, such aa hiatory has no parallel for. would ensue. All sorts ^ of speculationa aa to the incident* and features of the contest were prevalent, but so strong Is the faith In the preparations made that no one seemed ' to have n rear a* to the result, and beyond a L thought aa to the Inevitable loss of life that would ensue, the struggle waa looked for rather with curiosity and excitement, than with any apprehension uariHK me nignt, nowwr, tne atorin had frnwn 1 Into a gale, now It la Mowing great jjtina, and we give up for tbe dav all expectation* that tbe Merrlmac will attempt tbe third aet In bar role The ffcct that tbe repalra on her haw been completed and that abe will again come out la now an aacertalned fact, ao we ahall look dally for ita occurrence. BtP WBATHKK FOR THI I6tllll?? The storm mnit hire been severe on tbe army L now advancing up tbe Peninsula, deprived, aa i tbey are to a great extent, of the ahelter of their > tenta, and compelled to ronatant watchfulness In r the face of tbe tnimv. The roads, none too good before, will now be brought to a horrible coodl tlon. and tbe public mutt not be impatient in ex> poctlng early result* In this direction. We have enlarged report here as to the number of tbe Rebelaon the Penlnaula, the formidable character of tbelr fortifications, number of guns, etc , but 1 exaggeration Is the forte of rumor, and It la safe to deduct one-half In giving credit to tbe current tale. Without trespassing on forbidden ground in particularizing thenumberiof our forces and I their particular dlapoaitlou, it li safe to aay that affairs are In good trim, in good hands, and that whatever may be the prepantions for resistance by tbe Rebels thev will be eventu illy overcome, f Unless, however, the Rebels are moat unconsMon able braggarts, there Is desperate work ahead. I MORS ABOUT THE XKRRIMAC. Since writing th? above I have had a conversatinn with a. a#ntl#man wHn - ? n ? ????j uii uvura lUC , Kteamer Kancocju when she went up with the flag of truce veaterdav. The Merriroac was lying off Craney Island. The Yorktown, the James' town, the gunbout Teaser, and a f?w small tuga i were In company with her All were under steam. , No particular cnange In the appearance of the Merrlmac from that presented wh?n down before 1 was noticed. It was the Impression of thoae on board the Rancocaa that the whole fleet were on i th?lr way down when the flag of truce appeared, j The weather ha? moderated since morning, and there are some prospects of a clear 11 p. but It Is yet too thick to see anything atSewelf's Point. -i distiworrshan visitors Captain Fox, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, i arrived here last night Swretary Stanton is also , expected, and weTjave rumors that Presidrnt ' I .4(?/>a1 n maw sKaHIm ? -1- ?' ?" ??ihvv>*) (ubf nuwi ?? H'-liC 1 UllOri Villi lO 106 now Important point of observation. r Baltimore Prk?bttekt ?This Presbytery assembled In the Second Church. Baltimore, yea> terday morning, devoting a half hour to devor tlonal exercises, and then resuming the regular t business. Calli from various churches for paators were received and appropriately referred. Kev.Banuel Paul was dlsralsaed to Join ih* 1 Presbytery of Chicago. The Fifth Church w?? declared atrlcken from ) the rclla of the Preabytery and dissolved. Rev. lira. Dickson and Backus were chosen ministerial, and Measrs. Stewart of Ann?nnli? and Canfleld of Baltimore, lay delegates to th? l General Assembly, with Reva. Mars hail and Huntington. and Messrs Fulton and Hogg alternates. In the afternoon the conversations and narra' tlons on the State of religion in the churches was > taken up Rev. Mr. Gallaudet, attributed tbe state of the country "to tbe people's disregard for the laws of God and man '' He waa called to order bv Rev Or. Bullock. Tbe Cbair sustained the call. i Elllcott's Mills waa fixed as tbe noxt place of meeting. Presbytery adjourned till 9% o'clock this morn> lng. {[~T"The Fortress Monroe correspondent of the New York Post writes April 7 : "Tbe Stevens gunboat Naugatuck has been here frtf inmo il?w? * . . ?j- ? " >imk?iik> ih uouer iotiii all day yesteiday, and ran aboof^be harbor In i quite a lively manner. H r peculiarity of tur?r Ing on ber center, by mean* of revolving ber two screws In contrary directions, waa well abown. Externally, she looks like an ordinary tow boat." One thousand bales New Orleana cotton i were aold by tbe Government at the Atlantic i docks at New York on Tuesday, at prices rang1 Ing from 33 X to cents. Tbe aggregate value of the sale was ?121,'KM The Rebel steamer Magnolia waa aold yesterday for $50,000. rW?NoricK.-Rj. i LL5 All ftnou tollini stock, *or int*reit?d herein, we r*?u<?4ie<l to meet at Potoniao Hall on THURSDAY EVEN1>G. the loth inetant. at a ? o'ol ok. CHARLES WILSON. , _lt flaorfry. > **i0 reward. Mayo*'* Orrict, April 7, IMS. The above reward wi 1 be paid for the arreet and oon* lotion of the person or eerson* who fired the 1 property rear the Center Market on the morning of tVe7th in?t, R.CHAJID W&LLAOH, ap? at Mat or, , WAGONS, CARTS AND DRAYS. i Rioutik'k Office. April 1.1867. Notioe la hereby given that L.icen?ei leaned to owner* of Wacom. R&iti mi will ? toe fir*: Monday in April, and that taid Lioenee* i roaat be raoaw??J in oomplianoe with law, at this oAoe, within tin days a't?r that tune. SAMUEL E. DUwGLASt*, I M ?-lW Reglater. iVY* SMITHSONIAN LECTURE B.-Rev. I IL3 Pmancia Vi*roa, D D . of New York wtTT leotnre on THURSDAY EVENING. April loth. Sohfeot; "The Gentleman." The publio are invited. AdmitUooefree. ap 7-4t 0P-EVKRY ONE'S INTFJLEaT-rO THE f CITIZENS. t>TRANOERS, AHb SOLPRS 1 have juai received a vary large and assortment of Spring Clothing. whioh I am i offering at oar asml low prioes, at No 460 t*#r>nth street, opaosite Port Oftoe. near F. fa IT-Sm i anCkvroh, (Rav. J. 6. Butier'a,) at the corner of , Uth and H streets, oommenomg at itt o'oioek p and oontinaed bat ona hoar. Ja SO Samuel bacon * co ntum their uu?t thftoka to the irNM, oibuni, aoldiera, marinee eod uuiora lor etvioc their property in tbe di??atroaa ire of the 7th. They aiao reel deeply indebted to the provoot inerd and the polioe for the ma* 1 they look of their merohwliae. ap 1H( Ib8tkay 8alk. HAVE Advertised fte a airvy aooording to lav. a Gray florae, and, as 1 have kepi the asm* for aix *?? peblle sale, at the Mwket Haue n Washington Cirj, jj. q on hatii h n* v ...i. > ? in . _ . ' 1 mrfVu ' 10 ^ *W PHILLIP MEl.LI T? awix^.^nirijfcrsS'S M?arwl to th* audtCQM. JdrSilSfSHSIwT'"* # 4 * ? ' CON&KEaplOhAL IIXVIIU COWflUImiUB. Bbhatb ?After oar report cloted vwterdav? The rwnaludrr of the day * ? (pent In fiAMrtlvaMHlon. Hocsa ? After out report closed? The MU increasing the medial ?>*aff of the j armv w?t amended and passed. < A G. HIkh'.bb, of Beaton, wan brought before < the Houee ou a charge of contempt for not appearing before the Committee on Governmert ContracU wben summoned, and submitted a written statement. After aome little discussion, he wa* discharged from custody. , Mr. Stevens reported bark the bill making appropriations for tne Post Office Department, with i the Senate's amendment*; some of which were , adopted, and others rejected, In accordance with the recommendation or the ocmmltfct The bill to abolish slavery In tbe District of i Columbia was taken from cite Speaker's table for ] reference. . Mr. Vallsndlgbam moved that tbe bill be rejected. Lost?yeas 13, nay* !J3. 1 Tbe bill was then referred to the Committee of \ the Whole. Tbe Paciflc Railroad bill was then taken up and considered. ma. o -in ? ? - tor i\oinns, or m. H introduced a bill to re- . peal certain Iswi relating to colored persons Id j the District of Columbia Referred.

~ AUCTION SALES! THIS AFTERNOON fr TO-MORROW By J. C. Mob IJ IKK Jt CO.. Auctioneers. VERY DK8IR ABLK A" O NEARLY NEW Dwslliks Hoi?* at Pcblic auction?tin THURSDAY AK?ERNOO>, April loth, At 5 o'clook, uu the femi"-?. w? ?hall sell Lot C, in Daily's subdivision of S?uare numberedS'5. havinc a front ?5 feet on no- th L street, !<?ivMa Uth street and Vermont avenne, rennint Musk 10a fret 6 inch ee to an Alley, improved by a hatidson:* and well built brown front tnrao ?tury ?"d basement brick dwelling h?u?e, o>a:aininj in a'.l e;e>en room*. The location of >his property >? b*Iieved to be the bem in the city for a p*iva*e residence ( Terms: One third oash; tne residue inf, 12 and IS month*, with interest, aeoored by a deed of trust on the premises. Ail oonvejALeinc at the coet of the purchaser, as 5 d J. C. M'UUlRK A CO., A cots. Bf GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auct oneers. 3HO"SE8 AND LOTS ON "*1NTH ST. AT ArcTto*.?On* l"th ii staut, we shall soil, in front c 1 the premises, at 6 o'clock p. rr.. Lot No. lOandptrt of Lot No. 11, m Crttenden's subdivision of Square \o. 318, islth the improvements, which are two brick *"d one frame houses oontainin* six r with ear n This propert? fronts 9th street west, between O and f street* north. 'leTmRcanh ap 4-6t GREEN A WILLIAMS, Acoti>. FUTURE DATS. [ By WALL ft BAH N AR l>. Anctionwa. Soutatomer Pa. avenue an i ittk it. Auction s?alk ?f groceries saved FmoM tin Lati Kima.?On TUESDAY MORNlIsG. ibth in?t . at 10 o'clock, we will Mil on aoooun! of ths underwriters, at th? Auction Rooma, tiie emMsdor of Tueker'a atock ol tiro oir w, aav^d from ?he fire? B&rrela refined Whi'aand Vil:ow8tt|?ri, Harrela Pirup. Ham*, 15 box** Tob&ooo. bundle* Tobacco, Cheats T C, boxea l,and.os, ker * ? = u?te'd. ?epp?r, HaskeU Ch&mpicne Pickled SJalm n, Currant", Yw?t Powder boxei Herrme, With manr ot.W artio.ea not here nam*! &ud but alighty darraged. ap 10 WALL A BARNARD, Aucta. Br GREEN A WILLIA.MS, AuoUoneera. PUBLIC SALE OP VALUABLE RKALE8 1ATB AM>M*<5r TI18 Bekt Peopkrtt IS 1 UK Ci? t ?On W EL?N fr'SDA V, the 16m of April, at lfto'cocka m , at the Auotion Roomi of Greet A William*, S?uar- ?75 part of Lot 4, with large foor-atory and taaement Brick Building,earner ot Penna, avenue an !2ii ft res ; Lots fro t ting St rotten Hooond etreo'j Lot 7, fronting 67 feet 2 inobot oa B aireet north, two small brick buildiaga; Square C, Lvta <8. and 29, fro-iting on Thiri atr?et; ?*?uare D. Lot 5. fronting on >? ? buildings; Square 331. Lot* 5. F, and 7; r quire 534, Lot 34 fronting n" U atr-et couth; Square M5 Lola 3 and ?. fronting ?n i) at e>t. e.tht frane houses: Lot 15, in aaine i quare, frontin* uuC at est; Square 399,S6 Lots, front eg on S'.li aud 9Ui atreete; ^?uare 4*7, part of Lot 8, fronting 2S ten: on the Marcet Spaco. wit*> a three story bnolc house and back building; Square MS, i ots?5ar.d 26, fronting on N ar d 4th atreeta; Square 523, ten Lota, fronting on 4th street and New Jersey avenue; Square 5. h".if of Lot 6 fronting on'/7tb; Square i?, i?oU 4 J.nd 5, on I street; Square 2). L<t 5. corner < f .Nfw lampslnre avenue aud I stree'; -quareii, Lot 21. routing 63 feot 8 inches < ti New Hampshire avenu*; Pquare south cf 1<H. Lota 13 and 14 on Virginia avenue; Square 17i, 9 L ots on U atreet, running from Pth atreet wear; r quire . i ots 1, 3, and 3 fronting on I2'.h street and avenue and C atreet There wiM be p ata exbiliteJ on the day of sa'.s, Terms: Ote fourth ca*b; the baianee in eight semi annual payments, with interest, aooureU by deeja ot trust Tiltee warranted, ap 10 d GKht N t W1LLIAM9, A nets. By WALL, ft BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMraoviD Rial Estate at Auction ? By virtue oi a Uooree of ihe Circuit Cpurt ot the District ufCoiumb a for th?> county of Washington. ?ltting aa a Cv u: t of Chancerj, dated 321 cf January, 1852,1. E. C. Morgan. ?'ll sell, on MONUA V, the 5ta of May. 1862, at 4 o'clock p. m . at ike A notion Ro >ma of Wait ft Ha. lu soiuli oorner of I'enn y.vania avenita a&d Nitih street, i* the city of WaaMLg'.on. t :e lol'owm: <I??orH,ed Roal Estate, namely: Lots No. 9 and in, in Square No. b8?. These lota front on south K street, and are bstween First street west and Second street west and on part of the?e lots are tour gjed frauie bouses, whtoh will be soid separately. I will then tell, at the same place, all of square north < fSquirs No. oil This square is bounded by iMiawar* avenie. Virginia aveune. weaf, and south I will t"her eel, at the Mine plaoe, t?<u*re No. 894 Thta aquare u b unueJ bj north Datroei, Kifhih ctreet eut, nortn C rtrse t, and teventh ?t;?it can, ?aa is i*i-i out in si*Uea lou, wbioh vi 1 be sola eey&r&teiy. i wui thoi. ?e l,the aarae p'&ce, Lot No. 9, in Square 643, at the oorner of Delaware avcue and oath 0 atreet. All o> t-ie torogoing Koa' Estate u situated in th? oitjr of W??hingtou. O. C.,antl win b? eoid uuder aforeaaiJ 0*orc* The oj thoze ralea wt!l be: One thirdo^ali; Stance iu iiz, twelve, ann eighteen mou'in. V* 'red pa j menu to bear lr.tenat, end bececored by the purohaser or prrchaaert' note*, e.donsd to tne eatia.acliou of tue J raatee. E. C M< ?KGAN, Trmtos. aplostawAds WALL A RAKNAKU. Ano^a JgOUTHLKN EXPRESS COMPANY. Tina Cun.??Dj, being fully organized and p->a aaiug an,ale meatg, unow prepared t<> receive and forward ail kiuii? cl geodato and front ll'ihUlIlT T/l v ?? nwMii?u BALTIMORE. NEW YORK an* EASTERN CITIES at low rate* ud on a* favorable t?mi aa ac 7 it aponaib e un* M?refcant?, sutl?r? arid a'l suppei* Will fiud this hce wen wort,.) of patr?uate. J>. tfKEEN, Superintendent Southern Exp;eta Co. JI7" Gffi-et?3??S Heucaylvania avenue, Washington ; aj Hroadway. Nnw York. ap 10-iw MH8 ACKEN Hat rro"!irf d m >ch attention at well at kiodneas front her pat'oos. Sh* wilt continue witii lier prcpli'tio niin'leatations aehort tims lourer. She i? not wi In * to he oontidered a teat mod.uin, a'thouich th* ji*et many m her psouliar way. Shs has fathoned a;l the my?t:e beauty of herprofeotion, a"d ta fal v oumpHrnt to write opon any aabject of depth and impo. tanoe. ap9 1W FOR ARMY ANU NAVY MKNt?Navy Bine Fianueu, clotha. and a*tnnere<. /irmy Blie Flanncle, C.otfcs. ard l'a*?.ir,erea, the proper qualities (that will hold the oo'or.) Alto our uaual amp e vlcok of a I other kir.da of Dry ?oodt, for .aoniiiea and houn?ke?pera. One prioe only, ir>ark6d 1.1 ciaunot beret An exainii ation of ttock impliea no obligation to purohaaa. PERRY Jt BEG. ap t? it P?nn. h?iim %nd Ninth it. ?=* HURS% WAHO.^, * The rnlersigned Company >n ?- ' " sellin* ofl'their e.-itire sttM'k, eonantiut ol 17 very hce Work and Mddle Hcrses. S n?v Eipr^ts Wagons, Harnees, ??o. Aleo, Tin Cans, tubs, ana other materials belou ilet to the eit&li lshmmt. lo^nire at the store of d. it ?V. M HY EN liURG, 49 Market Space, between 7th and 8:h atreete. under 'fce Avenn? House. s?91v OVERLAND OYSTER RIP- ro J^ADIBs' DUES* TRIMMINGS. J ntt rMeind an M?ortm?nt offprint Triramm ja, Gim??, Priniea, Buttani. Cordaand nwaela. made to MRf*. LOU E !S Trimming Store, 897 Ft aTetine. aouth aide, b?tw *n9'h and 10th ata N. B ?Alto, an aa?ortmet>t of Miliary Trtmminre on hand, B&anera and F.?<? made to order. *p 5-e-QiW* Black bilks s BLACK BILKS! COLORED SILKB ! COLORED MLKa: A fall aaaortmant of the beat iridM at our proTeraPR\NU 6HAWL8! SPRING SHAWLS ATOTWfitptiK*"*'rl0#' M SPRING WRAPPINGS! New auppliei dai y aOM#rlM only, the aotn&i o&ik r*in* r~\ ? plain fccaren. HhlRV &' MHO . *" ap>-8t Per.n. avpr.neand 9th ?tr?et. Tnotick. . ' HE STEAMER THOMAS COLLYER Will rtt>uM nor trips to Mount Vernon jp? k oa Wedoeeday, Marohfeh and i TUB?T*rr Wtd^etday and Batur ntil further notiee, lea vine her wharf at the foi< ! or Tin etr?*t at It o'elo?k a. in. Fare for the roand t ip on board the boat ml so. SAMUEL GEDNEV,Captain. , N. B. On the payment oftS o?ti rieitor? will be admitted to th" room whloh General Waanington ooeapied and in vhioh he died The mantiun aLd groaada are oloicd to Tieitoraon ^ unlayi. apg tw | J^USINKSS FOR BALE. 1 Any person wiaUng to annate in a legitimate '< haein-n. whe;e the axpeneee are light and a icoc , Imnacanbamade on a avail oaaitaJ. ?i i ?-Si ?r < ????Hmmm^rnrnrnmmmmrnm ftlCk AND WOC1DEI) IOLDIKRI IN HrtfriTAL P* Vi. w mi cenforwHty wtik tk* resolution ?f th4 & *< it* ?7 Jvff 19. 1991 dt "iw?i| Ff?*p4Hi, tr*mf9t9wa, April < MIS Ufratry 6 s?:h New York Vol .4 . 1th do dlL 1 Wd do do. . 9 2d Maine VoluaU-en . 1 toth do do.... 3 i id do do i rrth do , rth do do...... 9 HUtfc do do....35 j 2d Vermont VAltint????r* 2 93d do do.... f rthMa*?achuactt?Vol. 2 9?tb do do 13 ( 9th do do.. 3 3d NewYork ArtlU?*f0 | 10th do do.. 1 16th Penn Volunteer*. 1 |?th do do..14 6M do do 1 ?d do do SO 83d do do ? 3d do Art. 1 85th do do 'tockton'* Mtcb. Vol.?3|TM do do 4 M Michigan Voi 1 ?-th do do S . Itb do do 9 99tb do do 1 M Wlaronaln Vol.... 1 10Sd do do I 5th c.o do 1 ut do Rearrve.... 2 *<i Rbod"* (aland Vol. 9 4th do do 1 Ith do Art . S 43d do do 2 13th New York Vol... 6 3d do Cavalry.... 12 14th do do ... S etta do do 34 17th do do.... 9 (at do Rifle*...... 3 i t-Uh do do ... a 4th Cameron Dragoon* 5 33d do do.... 1 lat U-8. Cham-nra ... 1 3ft?h do do.... 3 19:b Indiana Vol 3 , lid do do 1 Officer* I I 13d do do.... 1' Utta do do....831 Total ? ? a 371 l| Mth do do... 1| At HntrUtU, fatM HoUl, Mnur Bridg* i and Wa?4i*ef<w? itruli, Oitrfi.'MM, if'U 4 I lit New York Art. .. 1 S31 Penn. Volunteer*. 7 | 13th do Vol ...IT Tint do do 1 i 14th do do.... 10 194th do do 1 j 1?th do do.... 3 Ksnr^i Rtflp?....... 4 ] *5th do do.... 1 Tth Man*. Voluntetra 1 < !?!h do do.... l tnh do do...... 3 Kid do do.... 3 i-th do do 3 | 44th do do....tfc> 22d do do 18 19th do do.... 1 -M Maine Volanteera . 15 MjSh do do.... 4 Stockton's Mlrh Vol. 14 CJd do do ... *|il Michigan Vol 1 sist do do.... 1 4th do do 2 < PI J dr> do.... t id F.i relator Brigade. 1 < 100th do do ... 1 4th Vermont Vol..... % t 9?b New YorkOawnlry I Sth do do 4 lit Penn. Cavalry.... 4 6'h do do 1 n j -a _ a ?? -"? " -- ra no wauery 1 i sth do do 10 Cameron Rifle*,...... 1 2d do Volunteers. J Signal Corp? 1 1 Ith do d" 2 6h|T.S Cavalry.... 2 6th do do 2 1st do Ctaaiwenn... 1 i 8th do do .... 1 l*t l ong lslani Vol.. 1 10th do do 1 Harris LUrht Cavalry. 1 aid do do...... I 4d U. 8. Infantry I 4?th do do 3 <?1?t do do 1 Total. 19| BM do do...... S At Hosfiiml mt Colitgt, ViituifiM, April ?. 2d r Artillery... 1 TTth New \ ork Vol... 1 24 do Csvalry 4 c,.?t do do.... 6 4th do do........ 1 tafh do do.... 1 Sth do do 8 Wd do do....16 mh oo do 1 99th do do.... 10 :>d do Infantry.... 1 ;'<S'h do do.... 2 11th do do 1*2 :00th do do.... 9 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 1 Krid do do.... ? 11th do do...... " ncjd do do.... 1 Ih VaI t D ? ? M ? ? - ?' iivtucACi oatuiiiun. 1 ioth do do. 1 i?t N ew J er*>v Cavalry! 1 1?ch do do. 2|lat Tenn Artillery... J ' Rtrnde Ixland Artillery 1.3d do Cavalry.... 4 1 2d Rhode Uland Vcl.. 21th do do.**??? l 2d Vtnnont Volunt^r* 3'uth do do.***** 3 4?h do do. ..17|fltta do do......5S 5tjj ^o do.... 4 bth do do....?. 1 9th do do....10 424 do VolunV?era . 1 1st New York Artillery 2j4?*h do do 1 7th ?lo Battery. 9 old do do 16 p>b do do.... do do...... 8 &th do Cavalry 21 71 at do do * w*h do do.... 7|lQ'2d do do. 1 lit New York Vol... l|W3d do do...... 5 10th do do.... 311(lltbdo do......12 17th do do.... I II'^thdo do...... 2 2d'h do do 2 Sturgta IlllnolaRlfleo. 1 a5th do do.... 1 WeClellan Dragoona.. 9 3?tU do do.... 6 3d Michigan Vol 8 37th do d^.... lil??h Indiana Vol S %th do do 3,5th Wlaronain Vol.... 1 7, A An <w" *?*? t * isi "i iiinr?oui voi 1 41th do do 1 2d D C. Volunteer* .. 1 56th do do.... 2 Quartermaster's Dep't I ->d do do.... I ?6!h do do.... a Total -*33 At Mcumt Pita:amt General, April 4. l?t New York Vol 1 5th Penn . Cavalry.... 4 1st do Artillery 3 .>34 do Volunteers . | lot do Batterv . 1 57th do do 5 1st do Chssa'rsM ?34 do do 1 Oth New York Vol... 1 aitb do do. 15 do do.... 1 101st do do 14 :>id do do.... 5|l(tld do do 17 37tbi do do.... 3 1 "5thdo do 1 40?U do do? l 4th Vermont Vol 4 44th do do 3 .th do do...... 2 4'.?h do do ... 1 6'-h do do 2 5'M do do. .. 1 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 5?th dO dO. ...41 ?th Ulina VaIhiiImm O 6lst do do.... 3jllth do do....16 61th do do l|loth .Massachusetts Vol 2 ttoth do do.-... 4 3d Michigan Vol 1 77th do do 13Stockton's Mich. Vol. 1 hist do do ... 5 sth Mlekieu Vsl.... 1 "5th do do... .$1 j i,t Rhode Island Vol. 1 Wid do do ..?4l2d U- 5*. Ir.fantrr 1 t?34 do do 25,G!h do do 1 Doth do do 6 5th do Artillery,... 1 9sth do do.... 1 lith do lntantry,... 1 lUOth do do.... 6 3d fenn. Dragoons... 4 Total S71 At Indiana Hoipital iPattnt OjfUt), Washington, D. C.y April 5 13th Indiana Vol 1 6M Pen a. Volunteers. *2 lVth do do 1ft;93d do do,... I Ifl'.h do do 1 > 10?th do do.... 7 o ? ? ? - - *a u . s. !?tiarpshoc>rs 3j61>-t do do.... 1 9th New York Cavalry Ife'jflth do do..,. 6 52(1 New Vork Vol... 1 !5th do do.... 3 6I*t do do.... ? IQTth da do.... S 6Ut do do.... 3 91*t do do....11 SthNew York Cavalryl3 31 Michigan Vol 1 7th do do.. -2 *th do do 9 95thNewYorV Vol... "ijMcClellan Dragoons.. * 931 do do.... t^Ofie'da Cavalry 10 56 h do do.... 6 3d Virginia Volunteer* 1 AM do do vlUhU.!* Infantry ... 3 77th do do.... I Cameron Dragoon*... 7 76tb do do.... 1 tlth Maine Volunteer* I 33i do do,... I 1st do do,... 3 I'Sth do do.... 1 lat Rhode liland Cav. 1 1st U 8 Sbarpibooterw 'J l*t D. C. Volunteer*.. 1 57th New York Vol... t Citizen 1 i ?l*t Penn. Volunteer* 6 (Nth do do ... 2 fotaJ 237 103d do do.... 2 Sitk t* iKt Hotpxtml for Eruftxm DittattM, ?i April 4. id U 9. Infantry 1 Oneida Cavalry 1 6th do do........ 1 ',0th New Jersey Vol. 1 2d do Cavalry 2 1th i'enu. Volunteer*. l Ml. J. " ?.u u> zp-a ao do '2 8th do do S T'id do do...... I Ut MawiarhuKetU Vol. 1 107it do do...... 4 lVth do do.. 1 'id Wisconsin Vol 1 ttd do d#.. I Ldth Indiana Vol 1 lit New York Artillery 3,2d Uerdan Sharpt'rs.. * l<th New York Vol... 1 Quartermaster'* Dept I 37th do dc..... 1 Citizen 1 M*t do do ... 1 Contraband 1 bl?t do do.... 4 ? 96th do do.... a Total 43 At Dougltu Hospital, comer of I rtntt ?md iVn* Jerny avtnut, April 4. 1st I*. S Artillery.... 1 ?tth Nrw York Vol... 6 3d do ^ do. i 66th do 4o.... 4 2? 5? V*valr>'..(?) 0 69th do do ... 3 31 do Infantry.... j 78th Z? do.... 1 6;h do do 1 ?*eih do do a do d0:::: i 17th Co do 6.06th do do 6th Main? Volnntew. 3 lotst do do.'.'.'. \ 5th X. Himnitlff Vol 3 103d do do ... 2 ?d Vermont Vclanther* 6 lo4th do do.... 1 oi.Td0 ^ do---(*> 1 l^NewJeraeyCaralry Art. 1 Cameron Dragoon*... 3 15 h do Vol. 3 Ut Fenn Cavalry .... 1 80th do do.. I 5th do do...... 1 ttd do do.. 3 8th do do 5 l?t New York Artillery 4 3d do Rwerve.... l Taft N. V. Artillery.. 1 3d do Volunteer*.. 8 Dick'n N. Y. Art...(e> 1 11th do do 1 4th New York Cava ry 1 43d do do 7 lat U. 8. Chaaaeura ...16 27th do do 1 1st Long Island Vol..14 31?t do do . .. 6 2d New York Vol... 1 4?th do do...H| 8 8th do do.... 3 5)d do do. 4 17th do do.... 4 6lat do d ""**** a 20th do do....11 74th do do g 83d do do....15 88th do do,,,,,, I Sfith do do.... 3 #lit do do.,,,,, 3 33d do do.(d) I Md do do 17 31,U do do.... A 109d do do 1 4lat do do.... 3 lOTthdo do...... t tad do do 2 2d D. C. Volunteers .. 1 431 do do..., 3 7th Michigan Vol.... t 13th do do.... 4 5th WIkobiIi Vol... t 47th do do.... 1 Andrew's Sharps'ra .. 1 54th do do.-... 1 S#th do do.... 1 Total 9*4 53d do do.... 3 ja)^cis.y.*'.u (6) Captain. (?) Uentanaat At S<?? Qtiur&l April 4. tub NUlarVolantMiilt MSI NawVcrk Vol.. 1 )9'h MasaaehoaaKtaVol 1 *7th Pwu.VolaniMrs. l (Oth do do. l ?d do do ( VJth New York V-I ?al??d a,. do do ...1 104thdo do II ? t fcs ? j l LOIUi Ao do,... 8 fdUU qj I? " W%*1' 1 mmamm??? j. At Omtrmi '?4*i?(im, April 4 MUM Gmlry.... I *d N>w A <wk Cavtin M 4c 4o I 13th Nrw Vo?k Vol 3 *th 4- 4a 1 ?d do 4o.... i Mb do 49 ? Wd 4o 4o.... \ Mil 4? 4o 3 34 Prnn C**?Jiy.w. t l?t 4o ArUUerv ... T 1M dn Voloa?N?. 1 ?d do do. ?? ?Hb rto d? I 34 4o 4o 7 73d 4o do | 4th do do ? HHth do A do 1 IU 4m do. 4 Wtb do do I Bd 4o laiutry 1* 5th N (Unratlr* Vol i 34 do do. 1* 34 Yoriuont VoJuntMn ? 4th 4o 4o. IT lat do Cinlry i . 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Total... oooooea 157 At Otnerml Hotfital. Judiciary Sq??r?, !(*?.< iNf ton. Aprii 4. 2d U. t*. Infantry 3 31 Penn Rwnw ? tith do do It ,4th do do 4 ?th do do I Sth do do i 1st do Cavalry 15'?th do do :> 14th do lnffcntry ljTth do do 3 Ufa Vermont Vol ljrth do do...... 4 l?t do Cavalry, v tnh do do... . 4 ?th Maasarhuartts Vol. I 12th do do l-th Co do. t lat do R*?.Ciiv... S sfcld do do. 1 lat do Rm Art 1 1st Rhode Island Cav. 3 i?? do VoInnW-iJ . I 1st New England Cav. * (Mb do do I 13th New York Vol... l i*2th do do * 14th do do.... 1 61st do do I ltth do do.... 2,t>r)d do do I 17th do do.... 5 107thdo do 14 4*2d do do 1 1st do Ciwhy 4 44th do do 3 lat do Artillery... I GM do do... '> 19th Indiana V*1 ? wlat do do ... s 2d Wisconsin Vol .. l< Kd do do... ,t? ?etu.? Sharpshooter^ 45th do do.... 3*1 do do 1yMh do do ... 8 M D C. Volunteers .. 4 100th do do.... 1 sftd Penn. Volanterrt 1 lat Peon. Reserve 6 id do do 7 Total. SM At tHmafl H?fUml, iiitaadm, April 4 Srt U 8. 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T| 49tb do do ... 7ll?t v?i ?l 62d do do ^Stockton'* Mirb. Vol % 56th do do ... 1 ^uarteruaaWs em- m S7th do do....13 ployers. A 1st do do.... S OltUen*. 63d do do.... 19 Prisoner of wti fl Mth do do.... 3 ?9 Mih do do....16 *<*?' 1(?A ILT Wafeiagln paper* p? cop? a>4 bill* to the War Department. apr lu?3tL PASIKMUT1AIFI TOBA.VMH | Wu Diuinmr, i I OJJic4 Mil't Sup't nnd Dirtctor Raxlroads V.S > Watki*fi0?, April 3, 1*412. \ I Until further notice, a paaaerg-r train will hA run on Saturday of each week, from H?vca'^^ street and Maryland avenue to Manassas. leavlat Washington at 9 30 a m., arriving at Vhumu a. v U m ; returning will loave klan&a?a? at t M p ! m , arriving at Washington at 6p in Kar?fr< Washington to Manams and return, S3; ufc from Alexandria to Mimm nnd rrium. ft x A D. C MeCALI I'M, flh Military Director and &op't F _. .roads, ap 3-tf [Inlctllgeoeer A Republican.] I pARAdOLS AND guN UM0RELLas. 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