Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1862 Page 4
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iLVKjNlINli ST AM. Cxtrwta freaa rrt(?MllB|> ?< " * A|rlcal(a)fli MIt,!?KW OS KRAFM 1? BOCfS8Mr t.. lale aid he would ??' * spe?iAe remedy I r this 4in*m, which, if it had sot pivee?*ded ?>> f?i, would found successful blank lim<* *nd mnlpbwr together in the following proportion*, four pound? lime and one pound solpbur A eotuiion of sulphur would thus be obtained in lime water, of whieh the aboee proportions would make from six to seven gallons of liquid. OKDEBBRannso. Mr Hayden had planted paranfpa directly over one of his drain.", and apoa pulling them up found them to be four feet and three Inches in length, and three quarters of an inch in diameter where broken off If "iands in noil nt a depth of aix ineb?? from the surface, the roots of plants can go down no further they run off near the surface, and when dry weather comes on the* dry up and the plant dies. Drainage is the remedy fer this; it gives the roots of plants a chance to penetrate the soil, and consequently a more vigorous and healthy growths* obtained. The two great benefits to be obtained from underdrainingare. 1st. It gives two weeks to the length of the , which in Maine ia ct great advantage, as it woald encble u? to raise plants now but seldom cultivated. 2d. It prepares the soil in such h condition that plants stand the drought much better than if not drained. rHt*KRDBAI5IXO ORCHARDS. Mr Carey had noticed that hia fruit trees would grow for four or five years and then die down. In the spring shoots would be sent out round the trnnk of the tree, and for a few years it would grow agnin, but only to be again killed down. After studying upon it for tome time an explanation offered itself as to the cause. About four winters out of five the snow comes on early with no frost in th? ground, and in the spring the iree starts early. Again, during 3->me vears the ground freeie9 before anow corner on, the roots get fastened in the frcst, and in Fpriug the sap of the trees starts, gives r slow growth, end then the top dies. alter a wmie me roc:? get tnawea oat, but.tbe top i( too far gone to revive, but shoots are sent out near the *urfaoe. Get the water frem the soil bj underdraining and such wonld cot be the case. Orchards need draining as much as swamps or fields. He bad plum trees upon his grounds, which, although very tender, had succeeded well by having the ground drained. sioht bl.l'pred bpsbkls of potatoes to thk acre Mr. Martin stated that a gentleman in Norway. Maine, planted a plant of potatoes in his garden, placing one eye in a place of six or eight inches apart; they yielded at the rate of eight hundred bushels an acrc. bat over stables. Great dsmage is caused to hay by mowing it over a barn cellar improperly ventilated. The etBsvia from the manure almost ruin? it. cranio bat. Mr. Barrows said, in regard to curing hay he thought farmer? burnt their hay too much ; let it have too much ran. He had travelled extensively in England, and in the misty climate of that country, where the sun was not seen for a number of days in sucoeision, they succeeded in having good hay. It wa* cured chiefly in tbe cocks, being put up in small bunches. Hay dried too much was worthless; the straws should bend, but not break. Mr. Chsmberlin said he was sure too much sun injured Lay He did not care how tight a barn was?bis own was double-boarded, but was well ventilated, there being frem twelve to fifteen square feet of ventilation always open. Was careful to have his hay well trod down when mowed away. Mr. Martin thought three or four hours1 sun was amply sufficient for clover hay, if about half of the heads were turned before it was cut, if it mewn after the dew was off, and put in the barn at noon, or when hot. Lui) ear ie had Ave tons of clorer hay, which, after being cut ha4 stood in the eock five days through dull weather. The hired men opened it, ana because it looked green they spread it out very thin, and it was cot worth half prise. It was damaged greatly by the fuo. Ekvcoik aikkstsd?'The refuge named Morgan, who loldsueh startllngstorles a few day* ago, through the Chicago Tribune, about the Unl?n feeling In New Or lean*, and the fleet of gauboats in course of corsrructloa on the Ml*sla<lpnl, has bern arretted aa a spy, by order of Gen. Ualleck. The proofs of bis guilt are said to be Indubitable |?/"L:>uis Napoleon fc*s been dining and wining th- members of the l egislative Assembly. *uc ? iauv ^ uc wi?m? mem ior muniauuau u* (>u. HAVE YOU SL'BSCRI BED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELAT1VBT IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOI.LAR WEEKLY! 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The ubacntx r having eoropletttd b'8^^. x-v iHeawed ujrter Saloon, > now ready^^ft to Jam ?h to oil.ion, ?t.-angers. ai,dmJ\^Bpr ::.e pat ..o ger ?raily, with Oyster* o.ikrd jf the tew graces ??f steamingf he tx??: Oy?ters tr>? Market oan atTord. willalv?ti o<> on ..and. at the Chesepeake t*taaa Oyster Sal<>ct>. No. <0:? G fitroet, t.war 7th, and east of the Patent Ofioe. mi a -tn> WM P WlflR, Proprietor. /^-NOYb lfcUS-OYSTERi-' /-N &k?|r ovpTKaa of the best quality can be ? had fresh erer* oay, at the O d Cys<er Ptaad. No. 40* Ninth street, between Dand Av-nae. mH 1? ?ru* AJTRKSI^CO^ BOOTS-SuOhS / Coa.itR Tiara Sr. and Pa. Av,f Uf i en rM<m ? ?? - ? ? ~ 'nnmttTUn C!TY HID liAHlKBNMADfc , LvJteV Tiy??d Biiinoraia 1-28 to #8 25 . fl^ fa> f|!S Own* Fib* i!*lf ttooti i? 00 to f? Ali kind. of BOOTS ?a1 9HOK8 very oh*a> CT Boota mad* to or4?r in tho b*?t roh li-irti cn?Pf?* H. morse. EVIS*\ FKRSON'B 1NTKR1?8T-Th?t fino ?ti-ck of C othioj for mJ? over 9&iU* J?w??ry ^tor? i* mow offered ?t ?i tb?n vholMftic fno??. At gj^lTU'O, Mo. 460 Srreatb mwt^o^oult* Tflk f t 4>FLK'd -I.OTHINU STORK, No. 461) r?TO?th ti. N?w ?rri??l of a?. i:? ?li Ji* loUot itiiM of Ciornmg, II No. 4M ?ao?(, B#(r F ! *? Sa K?? bKS55ISB5!S??* ??lfc If VVUPJ ? ? MU? MVW ??? V | Al VQolA 4<Q g*~u> """vara* flENT'S F?rni?!ut* ScmwU, Trunkf, Clothing, !r?Jjgfa Krt WH1KTS. BH1KT8. 8HUUB !-Juat r?o?iv?i ^ 8sa .a * ?&?srcAjfti2?asifsAi,n * wa" or -k?. *' "W?'.*5i NHS. KATUN, ?m rtmoyj from 4&? Taut* tlrMl to 4it 1 FtrMt. W??n Mil MJW. tooth Bid*, a. T. T?ri >f'? rtre???n?ttis? r?!? b* Mm k. ?h Htil(-*> S <J4 BALL. ofovcrr Ijrltoit. av CoMi^aUi wB KHII b?v U* 0?" -*T n la' T V\ * - : >(i _ THE PONCHO TENT! ENTIRELY WATER.PROOF. I*T*rrxr a*d Najibd ar Horaci H. Dir. Weight T Pnafi. It ta three good Rabbet Blanketi, as Lima. 02 by 71 Inches. It la Oiw Ponchos or (:?vmlry ovtr-girnenUeach weighing, complete, two pound*. The whole, when united, makes this a convenient Tent for three persona on a march. Manufactured and sold, wholesale, by the Iaveator. Factory, corner 33d street and 3d avenue, New York. Retail price, Water-proofed with Rubber, 910. Large discount wholesale. Retail price, Water proofed with Enamel Taint, ffl 50. w it bout .MaKer's nimr, none genuine. (Patent applied for.) WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. Agents, ?? Pennsylvania avenue, Washington. The following Testimonials will show how thli valuable contrivance is viewed and compared with all the other articles designed to take Its place On? two-horse team wfll transport enough of thew Tenta for a Regiment. For sale and ordtis received a.i above. Camp Lislvy. Va.. H'lrlqvartiT! at* Pen*. C*v%lry, March 22, 1862. Hostk H. I)at. tsfq , o* hen. Vas Vlist. 1h 6 Kegiment tia? had in use toe linen pointed Pochi Tents about on? month, and ficds every region to speak hiehly of them. We oaiaot l m acme in thef aoe that oould give mors general ?*tie?'iu?ti in. Ws iia*e seed them as tenta, and we also fiid them an exoetioot shelter from storm while on maroh. In short, we would not wish tr be without them. A E Griffith, Lieut Col; Maj? PennooK Hoot; Chas Arrowsmitb, Capt Co B; C M Smith, Capt f'o H; Austin N Cooper. Co I; P Kee nan, C?pt Comd'c Co C: Samuel Wilson, rapt I ; Andrew Craven, Cftpt Comd'g Co M; Theo Hurk hart, 1st Lieut Ho M; J no W Jsobs.Sd Lieut Co M; Chas J Wiokers1 am, Capt Co K; Jos W Wistar, Oapt Co O; Al&ert 6 Enos, Ms J or 8th Penn C?v; John H Pric", Oapt ro (J; Wm F Miller, 1st Lieut Co C; Robert Oldh'nr., 1st Licit Co B; W A Come. CSo F: Lieut Chris K Kneass, On ?. 8th Ta Cav; N W Kneess. Lieut Co H, ?th Pa; Lieut Lewis Fiahblatt. Co K. htapquarttrs tbi*!) #lTItL**Y. Port Corcoran, Virginia, Marrk 22. I have examined the &-uole referred to in tne foregoinc oertilicate, and also on? nf the aamc kind water-proolad with India rubber inatead o| ihe Miami*) < r paint retsrrad to. While I think highly of the original, 1 deejj that oated with thin rubber, aa now m*d* b? Mr Day, who assure* mshaiitM inventor of thia * Pon ho Tent," aa a perfeot a?d inva!u*nleeDntriv?no* for a moving army. 1 nmal cordially reoommend ita general adoption. Jaxi? H. Libit*. Colonel Third Artillery, N Y Vol. Camp n?r Alixandria Vhoinia, H*atiquntiert2d Main' tiniment, March 18,1932 Mr. hobars H Hat or ?en. V*s vi.iit: M* re*i*t- it have had the Linen Pvicted Ponoht Tent tn use about three months, and on the whcli havrt nvec irood ?s.".?f*otion. The atyie and ?at tern is at f'od a' cap be, though 1 prefer g'utnmet* to tuttona. The artiol* la now uaed by th? u?rn aa ten's?it has been uaed on pioket duty, *ivir* aatiafaotion. Tie paiet in some oaaai oracke, and henre ur/'r iom* ei'oumatanceg Miej ar" not vhol'y wat?r proof; though in v<?w of the lew trice thvichtne>a and cocvenienoe, f <ieem the Poncho Tent ol Mr. Day invaluable, and could not do without them o j any oonai iera'ion. Ct>*? W Roberta Col. Commanding: flame Chap aln( Major; Ueorce Varney. Lieut Col L?wi? f Mudceti, Adjt; W 9 Mudjett, Li'ul Comc'f Co B; P C hon, Capt Co I; F A Capt CoH; AC Hairlin, Aaaiatanl Burgeon; Sani'l W Hoakira, Qu wtarmaatei 2d Maine: Samuel II Morrison, Burgeon 21 Maine; W H B??titon Lieu??*oH; Geo II Brown, Lieot C<? H; A. C. Whi?oomb, lal 8tr*'t C? H; J W Adami, Firat Lieut Co I; K S Merrill. Capt Co C; Thomas Foater, 3d Lieut Co E. F<-U*TH *'TCHt?AH RVJIMINT. Vi'gtnia, Martk 18, U6J. Mr. H. H. Day or Gen. Vau Vlkit: Dear t?ir: We have u?od Da?'? Patant L?n?n P>> ehoafiox?!, mv!e to be converted into TolU and foond them the most perfeot thiDf in ail re ?p?cu. evoep* that the water p'ooflnc in many ol t .e ti ib imperfeot. Those iaaua:l to this re?in>eni have been exchanged lor rubber blanker*. Th< men are sony for It. Aa bad aa the Ponoho ia, tl ia preferred to the new robber blanket* for whioi they were exchanged. Oar inen would elartij chance t>aok for tneold Ponoboc. Bnt oar iodic nnit is that if th" Poucho Tent were made of gotk rubber, oam* pattern aa the Linen Patntei.anl p.oieoiea on in* auriace, it wou^d MJ"it (ha thini wanted. We are informed the pnos of the Pai*te< Poncho Tent of Mr. Day la Slfi" eaoh without oien In ooro'unon w? frankh ear veoomidei tbem amplv worth the inon*yJ W Chi da. Lieat i ol CumJ'j 4th Mloh Vol Jamea H Coie, Maior 4th Mioh Vol; J A Gordon. Lie&t Coiud'g Co I; J W Ha l, Meat Cc D; E S Baldwin. Lieut Co D; N Stoddard l.ieut Co I; C B Pareona. Lieut Cotnd c Ct E C N ManL, Lieut; A C Lamaon. L eut; M W Cnaptc, < apt Co F; Samue M Kelly, Cap o L; A M Roae, Capt Co A 4th Mioh Vol, Wm E Clarke, ^u'?eon 4th Mioh Vol; K 'I Auohmutr, Aas't AdJ't Sen 2d tfriiade, F J Porrer'a Divia; C C Doolittle, Capt Comd'j Co H; Georpe fpa.diuj, Capt Co H.4th R?| Mioh; l> i) Marahail, Capt Co 6; 4th Rai H'jdmirtrvs Sirtynttmd Hitimtnt, Ptnn Volunteers. Starch SO, 1362 wa concur iu the foregoing reoomroecdation. ^auriL W. fLACK, Colonel Comntaridioc R *imeet J. W. 0WB1TZIK. Lint Co!.6M It"* Pv Vol J,B. Blown. Adjuikiit 6id renn. Vol Camp Marcy, Vitomu. Headquarter.* of 3d fm Car.. March S, 1H3. To Mr. H. il Hat or Brif. Gen Van Vliit: Oar refiuieU te very much pleaaad with Day'i Liren Pu nted Pouoho Tenta. We oureaivaa havi t?ated tbem thoroughly, and can apeak in hi(t praiae of their ua*<ain*ea. In our opinion there li no aiHole of thiade-otlp'ion made moreooavenient and ro well adapted to the variona purpoeea which our aotuai reeui'emen'a demand, J K Rfdl. Adi't: Jni H f?? P? ? Ab*l Wrif it, 1?t Lieut Co M; George Johnton. Capt Co F; Joi K Lodge, lit Lieat; T F KnRaeli, C&pt uo K; WciMlali Cftta.Capt Ce L; t U r-herwood. Lieut 09 L; Wm J Gary, Catt Cora i'c CoU;RM Martin, Capt uomd'i Co K; Fdw S Jonea, CaptComd'c Co C; KoLI D i#? Li->utCoC: Wm K Prioe, 1 at kieat A ft Q M; A!ex J Wooaburn, Capt Co ; Thoa M ?uwn.captCo ii; Waur 3 New ha;!, lit t>ient Co G If the material van mbbar olth. I wooid oonoui intheabove. Wk W. Aviiill, Coionel Third P. V. C. I aires with theCoionel Comn&ndinc k??*st m. bkxxnt, MaJ. Com Firat Bat Third rm Cav. I oUrerfuIlj concur in the fcrefoiti certificate, cxo-ftaatc the mMsrial of whsoh the teate art made, wlle^ bhou.d be rnbber. 8 M.f'waw. Lieut, col. Thi'd Fa. Cav. Hkae^uibtsk* Poirn't Division. Ca-nv California ( F? ) AfercA, 1862. In tbe miroh ot fcrter't Division from Hall'a rill, Virgirit, to Fairfax Court House and from thenc* 'o tL.a place, the i*onobo Shelter Toot, mamiitcturrd by Mr. Dav, and aeed Dy several ol the recimenta in their bivouao, although man; of them daf'otive. in oonaideration of theamal expense of tham (J think fl.V>,) more than paid lor themieNee during the movement of the paatfew day*. The eoidler'a uain* thf m And them warmer than Die Freuoh "Tent d'Abri." They are the rigbt ane .or oomfort and oonvenwnoe when pitched for the namher of men alloted to them. Tbaj have an advantage over <the Tent d'Abri" whet. wet. aa thev are no heavier, while the "Tent d'Abri," a!<eorbing the moiatare. are not only mora weighty when paoked wet. bet are liable to mildew The a>ie. iifhtueaa, olieapneea, and utility ot this tent, make it a deatrable one, and oonld it be made to endure without peeling or oraoking, would, in my opinion, make it invaluable to any army movlig. r*. Mohtiithi. Lt. andAdJt to Gen F. J. Porter,Cora'i Div. To Hokacb H Day We Lave examined your Tent d'Abri. made on thia Linen cloth, lightly ooated with Knbber oom poeiuon Tfts HO?ns| or it iota* puraoeeofa ponoho it moat ad Hmrab.e, and la vie w of the lightneea and a.rer.gth a- d "water rebelling <ui ltr.and of our expermce w'lh other artioea, we oonaider jour "Poncho Tent" the beat contrtvanoe we have yet seen to bivou*omg w-d uae of the army ou inara without teate Wm 11. Pinion, ltt Lieutenant ad lr fn.ntry, Com'i Co. T? W. WaLKH. Ca->t sd Infartry. Commanding Co. I. N**r Altx<xndrt<i. Maroh IS. 1882. WxaitMOTON, March 34,1862. jfr. HOHACI H. IUt. 1 nave ex?n,med your plan oj Ponoho Tect, a blanket aiie.6 bj 71 lnehoe, aad convertible into a abetter tect: and I deem it altogether the beet oontn v&teo for any army moving 1 have won. Mr regim- nt have reoentir obtained aome painted oott n cloth m?!e niter your pattern, exoept the bianketa are aaited with eyeleta. I prefer the bat? .n L.. ?~r i .-? - - 'U? ?UU MIO UBD Ui UIUCU U4IO iBU VV Of Wtvior roofed with Rnbber. I doom joar Rubber Powiuo Tent i he beat 1 bare teen, and oan cheerfully raoommend ita adoption by the borernmeat for army ui. Jamm A. Lieutenant Colonei tom'f, Mih N. Y. Y. 1 tally oocour in the neva afwre aet forth. Colonel 3d N. Y. VolunUer'Artlliery. H<*uh**rttri MtJkJf. Y. T*L Marok ?4 1MB Mr. Days We have exm ined year India Rubber Polo ho Tent, vith the Ulnanafaaadam&ram?nU. It la, in <ar judgment, ywhet The alia la Juat right for the aumoer of men for whiah it ia designed. It ia atroug and durable. Oar r?f imeat rGoetved about eight hundred of paiate* mualin (rum the flaarterma?t*r a Department oa the ttth rehrcary, which have been atnee ia ana. Weooaaider them unit for the furpoaa deaigaed. and nearly value)***. Some of the men thrown r IP M uaeioaa They craot and peat, and Lh? 1 h?T ?*re made in Plulndel5iSti-S?a#S?nth^k in too harah terrna of^nWK. L. Oswald. Papain Co. A. Chaxlm ft IUT. t?#?ain. Ci KH?<3r?nS?<A W, UO?tL?Vo&oera'and men have riiiMlr teiod U? t'aH?A^H?a?OTfcr5ffl ko eroteot;on to the troop* iu nutj weiihar. 1 he m#n onreothem without etiot.acd would not carry Sm uIim < omr^U* U Whwwt, the eheete verv heavy, and Will dry only when txpoeed? ere%d outiu ihe .ua? frr No & lVa*t oan *ob?ifrom U?r .^ewt shsds to pro eet tU dm zrooi ihm ?h ma or ?M a n ? ??^^ night nrw. In oar opiqjoa, they art uttlus it >A< JUld. We epeak the eeotimente of the entire reti. .W* fl P?x*osi. ? 1st LiMt tuutrr Command i Co Sttrgm'3 Q**tms. 20i* ff. V. 5 If., ? a?U^'i X *?dt. AJarU ?. ! ? We ftallr eo*<e?r m tSe widmb exereeaed by Cayt T. w. Walker, (31 Infeqlry,! agii ?taere, in refereroe to the atnlty of Ue Liatf^Tent d'Abr;." We hare been aatng them for (Mifett four weekt R. K Tr thili, Aeeietaat Surgeon 30th NTY- ? M. J. McExtbb. 3d Lieut. Company K. anth N. Y. S. M. I oononr in what te above extracted by Or. Tnthill C. Van Sartvoohd. Chaplain sothn. \V?. ft. I fully conottr in the above. J. &. H EBXNBXmOH, Major anh N. Y.8. M. Washingtom, March 36. I80J. M r, Horn aci H Dat : I Vr?n wish wtkM to Ht? Tnariano* r*C . n .w WW ?? - ?vafviivuuo VI VilQ I ?"R I meat to whioii 1 am attached in the ose of the Tent <T M>fi, furnished as br the Government. &ik! mads of c'nth not water prncfed. I an?wer the; are of little or no one. I have m* elf tried their, and am now suffering a sevare oold and sickness from betag tlio'oujhiT wet in trying to a eep under one of them. This is tie experience, 1 bslieve, of the regiment I fcave xnriuufd your Poncho Tent made water-foof, and convertible into blanket* and Ponchos, and oonaider it ik$ best thing I ever saw, and deem it admirable for aa arrry in aotoa'. aeivioe Lu the field. GE3. W. Gpkkni, 1st Lieutenant Company ?, 19th Indiana Vol. Headquarter! Ham* Litht Cnvnlrv. Arlington, (Tm?) Ontnp Palmtr, Maroh 27, 1833, Mr. Hontci H Diy : I have examined your patent Poncho Tent, and having had eome considerable knowledge and experience in the India robber business, I do not hesitate to say that yoc have sacoeeded in making your robber preparation of water proofing perfect lor the nse to which you have atpliej it. Voir Ponoho Tent, being made to weigh only seven pounds, is just the thing wanted The aiseia really quite larce and convenient lor three men, an11 am snrp'icea and delighted that ao valuable an addition has been disoovered for the soldiers' oomfort. It is so moch better than snyth:ng else in the field as to be above comparison Al' other 'hings h-'etofjre issued, exoept yours, have failed. The Frenoh Tent d'Abri is use.ess in tr.e field in rainy weather; will eaose more siokness than it will prevent A large portion of the men in my rsgiment refuse to use them, and the ni'iney expended in tfieir cost is substantially thro* n awaj '1 h? rubber blankets, though some of them oi good mate i rial, yet are not oi any ure exoept for a man to lay i under him when sleeping. f P W. Aim Mima Major Si Battalion Harris LibhV cavalry. Hrndnuarttrs Harris Litkt Cavaty, tamp Palmer. Mr. Hoesci H. Oat : I Your Poaoho Tent haa been submitted to my examination, and I am oompelled to t-xpresa a moit favo i able opinion of iu superiority to anything that haa oome under my notioe. Its water proof qualities, its lightneaa, ita whisht not liable to be inoreaaed by wet or rain, and ita durability reoommend it to meaa being just what, at this time, is i required for aotual hard service in th* field, i My experience with tha French blielter tents is not at ail favorable, they being almoat useless in wet weather, and 1 consider your tent a? entirely ? obviating the objections so justly urged against , the use of the plain o.'oth shelter tent i The Rubber Blanket now issued ia only valuable r as a covering to be placed upon the ground, and ? not at all fit to form a tent I J. Kilpatsick. I Lt. Col. id N- Y. Cavalry and Provost Marshal1*1 Lieutenant 1st Artillery. Camp near Fairfax Seminary, Va., M^f'^ Mr" March 28,1862. t We ha*e used your Ponoho Tent, made water p-oof with enamel or paint, and like the atyle, aise I and make very muoh; and though the mater al uaed [ ior water proofing, be'ng enamel paint, ia liable to oraok. yet only two men in the batte yareaiok, and we woald not willingly be without your painted tent. We think, if made water proof with India rnKW it M Ka * - ? ? ? 1 ? v? tuuia|rouK>ui? v" mil army id the field. We oheerfully bear teatim mj to the fact tii&t your ocuUivanoe la altogether the beat of any euelter tent wb>?h baa ooire under our aotica on thla aide ot the Potomac. We have inapeotcd your Ponobe made of rubber on linen, and convertible i*toaahe!ter tent, or, aarou term it, yonr "Poncho ' Tent," an?l hope it will b? purohaaed by the 6ovr erptr>ent. ?cd that we al.all be able to get them. \ *rTFTI!r kmell. latLi?ut. N h Battery. E. H- Hobbh, lat " J WADLKIOH, ad *" M ** [ H. F. Cohpict, ad " " i W*?HlKoifM, April 4,1882. We have examined the new Ponoho Teot, in} vented by Mr Day, made of lineu, aad rendered j Water Proof with Kdia rubber, with surface prot teotion. The important faot that the tent ia ma<ie . ua of three large Blauketa, aasn a Ponoho, ia a very important oonaid-ration?ac in marohmg, or on picket or guard dutv in raiDv weather, the*o.! dier ia kept dry with the moumbrauoe of only two , pound weight-while,at night, the three Ponohoe are united to make a good Ten' for three m-n. We have notioed and examined tha different ooLtrivanoea m the field deeigned aa a aubaututa, > but none are comparable with thin; and we cneerfully oertify to ua utility, and recoinmeLd ita use I in preference to anv other for bivoatoinft and lor i the arm; in the field without regular tent*. , Thor A Zibglb, pAUaal IfML D^.i ? ? -- - ' r VVIVIIV1 IVfftU I\C(|lUOUl V OI, H.K Clabk. Capt. Co. 6 let N. J. Cavairy. Alio A SAX*. M?jor lit New York Cavalry. ? . i i Horace Day, Havinr examined you" India Robber Poncho Tent andte'ted its Water-Proof qualities, 1 feel bound t j say that it ia the beat Vent after that model I bar j yet seen. it ia far aa>?ri< r to the Tent d'Abri. in use in the Frenoh ariry, whioh 1 oan say from experiecoe ia ali but worthier in heavv vet weather. Your Tent la mure portable; and beinc impervious to wet, ran?t afford good shelter to the toldier in oamyaicn. D'Amis f Kbilt. Captain, i Chbvalikb di PII IX. I et St. Grecoi'e, 4.0. i Metropolitan Hottl, Wtrkington, April8,1881. I tally oonoar in ?he above. Wm Kiooh. : ITa 'Ainf (e?. April 5. IMS. ap-t-SawSt MITB IB BROTBBH'B NEW YORK PPPPP AA LL KEEEEEE PP PPP AAA jL EKKKBEB rE CPt AA\ A LL EE tfc Jyi* *A jL EE PP PPP AA AA ,L EKEE PPPPP AA AlA ,L EEEB , PP AAAAAAA ,L EE PP AA AA LL Eg hP aa AA Zllll IRnm ff A A AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE mm ' | pilS X ^ ftfcfcfcfcfc llilill ivrmoi AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, In Wk?U, Half, and Quarter CatMt, BREWED FROM the CHOICEBT BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. brewery, lBtk Btrttt, bitwtia Till aad Mfc Atmim, frr-da.. WEW YO"' On and aft&r^ tC^bAay', april i, 1863, the trains on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad oommenoe manioc daily, Sunday* exooptad, leaving this station at 7.40 A. M , and oonseoUajr at washiccton Jonotioo with mail train for all parts of the West via Parkertbnrg or Wfeeeiim, Throogh tioktls sold and baccate checked Wf P- SMlTH* Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. M 1 dti /uw nnn pounds ROUGH TALLOW ud ARMY GREASE WANTED, for whioh the highest prioe will b? pail at the National Soap and Candle vYorks, Green street and Canal, Georgetown, D. C. aktf-li c. B JgvVBLL.Propraetor. CURB?CORNS?BUNIONS. IVf R. PERDRIAT, Bnrfeon Chiropodist, from lTl Parte, tecs to in/orm yon that he oan effeotn- i ally restore Corna and Bnxu*ne. vitboat pain, ae i thattheshoeeaa be worn imraediateiy alter the operation, without inoonveni?oee. Also remev?a Wamand other snperflaoailMh from the hands, i eo that they will appear smell and delloate. No.1 f H^reeCaear Clfy Hall. Oharncs moderate. ^Jiy Reisreto the doctors of waehugton^ener WaIOHMS Utltrt manufacture J in Kmland,

Svitaerlajui and America, both in boidflW and tUvar ohm . IUa!a? kifit large ?tpo? of 1 tin* JK WKLRY or the moetdeeiraw* itflti Ml > witt Duhmmii KmeraJaa, ftnbtea aad ail other Oema. He u alao jnanrfaotarinc all kind* of solid 1 standard Silver Ware, and keape Sworda, Re vol vere, fcword Bella ana Hsen*e, Bowie Kmvee, Raaora, 8cie<or?. Sold, BUyerand Bteal Speottolee, and a great variety of other thing* ?By kapt In a /awe rrftate, and afat the vary laweat prioe^ No. SIS Pa. arena*, between fth oWi ssa, gaeda jar sale at aarv low priaae. lafl ? .w fu t ? THE GREAT "AMERICAN REMEDIES," Known dt HELMBOLD'9 QUrinVE PREPARATIONS, vix: HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT "BUCHV," ** " SARSAPARILLA t i tarn d a w r n once rw a m tl / pi r ?%. f' * a v rwj?*ynHELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. - HIOHL T CONCENTRATED" COMPO VND FL VID EXTRACT B UCH V. A Poeitive ud Bpeoifio Remedy For Diseases of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, ud DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medioine isorMMi the power of Di(Htion. and exoites the ABSORBENTS into healthy aotion. by vhioh the WATERY OR CALCAREOUS deposition*, and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS aie redeoed, as veil u PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and ia good for MEN. WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. IIELMEOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV, For Weakr.eiwes Arising from Exoesses, Habits of Dissipation, Early Indisoretion or Abase, Atttndsd with tki fohowm* Symptoms'? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss oi Power, L?es of memory, Difficult/of Rre*thtnc, Weak Nerves, Trembling. Horror of Diseaee, Watefu ness. Dimness of Vision. Psin in the Back. UniTtml Laaaitnde of the Mueonlar Syitera, Hot Handa, f laihiQt of the Body Dryd?m of tho Skin, Eruption* on the Faoe PALLID COUNTENANCE, Theeeeynptoma, if allowed to go on. whioh tbie medioine invariably removes, aoon followa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, io one of whioh tin* patient may expire. Who oan say that they are not frequently followed by those "DIHEFUL DISEASES," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPION." Many are aware of the cants of their snfTtrinf, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. And tkt M*la%eholy Dtatis ^ Consumption, 1111 AMrLI WITH*** TO THI TBCTH OF THTB AHttlNI. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH OR9ANIC WEAKNESS. R?quires the aid of medicine to strengthen acd Invircra'e the Syftein. Which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHO in variably dots. A TRIAL WILL COJtVIHCK THE MOST ("IlPTirAL. i FEMALES? PEMA LES? FEMALES, OT.DOR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In many Aff*ctions peculiar to Ftmalts, the Extraot Bnot.u m un#quv!ed br any ot^er remeriy..a? in Chloria or Retention, IrrPKuIarit?. P*infiilne*a or Scppretaion of C'i?tom?ry t-'vaonationa, Uloerat*(i or Ooirrhona atate of the Uterur, Lenoorrhcea or Whitea. Sterility, and for ail oomplaint* incident to the aax whether anaing from Indiacretlnn, H&hita of 1)itaipatioo, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. *KK aYMPTOX.s ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Tin ifo morb Balaam. MihclRt.oe cnpl*a*AHT MSDIC1HK* FOR UNPLEASANT AND DASOIROC* I miuin. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CT7RZS SECRET DISEASE8 ! all their Stages, At little Kxpente, Little or no ohange in Diet, No inconvenier.ce, And no Frpomrt. It causes a frequent deere and gives strength to Urinate, thereby removing obt tractions. Preventing and Caring Strictnres of the Urethra. A'layicg Pain and Inflammation. s? frequent in the o sjia of discus*, an* expelling ail Potsontu*. Dutaud and worn out Maiter. THOrgANDS UPON THOUSAND* WHO HAVE BEEN *HS VICTIMS OF QUACKS. and who have paid hvavt rets to be curei in a short time, have found they were derwived. and that the"POIJON" has. t<? thenseof powsBrrL ast*ino*nts," been dried up in the system, to break oat in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uss UfLMBOLD's Fxtbact Buohu for all atfeotions and disease* of the rrD rv i d v n Dn s am vniiiAni wmr/iiio, Whether exietmc in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever cause originating, and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. DImum of these Organ* require the aid of a DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHTJ IS THE ORE AT DIURETIC, 6nd is oertain to have tut desired effeot ia all lasasaa FOR WHICH IT 19 RECOMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! Helmhotd'f Highly Conrtntratnl Compound FLUID EXTOACT 8ARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. This ia is an affection of the blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS, LININGS OF THE NOSE, EAR8, THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MUCCKJS SURFACES, Making ita appearance id the form of ULCERS. Heimboid'a Extract Sarsapari la, Purifies the Blood, and removes all Seal? Krup tionc of the Skin, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHV COLOR. It K*i nsr uv???a " r.vr..x< iur una c Ml Cl oompiaicts, ita Blood Purifying Properties are preserved to a greater extent than any other prepara Mi of Sarsapanila. HELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, An exeellent Lotion for Diseases of a Syphiutio Nature, and aa an injection iu Dieeasee of the Urinary Organs arising trom Habits of Dissipation, need in oenneotion with the Kxuaots Busbu or Sarsapariila. in such Disease* as recommended. EvitUnc* <J tkt most rtliabl* and rtsponstblt character will accompany tkt mtdicitus. CERTIFICATES OF CL'KES. From 8 to 20 yesrj' Handing, With Namxs know* to SC1ENCK AND FAME. For Medioal Proprieties oi BUCHU,see Dispensatory of the United States. See Professor DEWEE'S valuable works on Um Praotioe of Physio. See remarks made by the late celebrated Dr. PHYSICK. Philadelphia. See remarks made by Dr. EPHRAIM MoDOWELL. a oelebrated Physician and Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Irelaid. aiid published in the Traasaotiona of the King and Queen's Journal. See Medioo-Chirurgioai Review, published by BENJAMIN TR AVERS, Fellow oF Royai College ol Surgeons. See most of the late Standard works on Medioine. Extract Bnohu, 51 W> per bottle, or s'x for #6 00. Extract SaraapanUa, #1?0 per Dot tie, or six lor 6 00. Improved Rose Wash, 50 per bottle, or six for Or, half doxen of each for #13 00, whioh will be sufficient to oure the most obstinate eaees, if dl reotions are adhered to. Delivered to any Address, securely pac^d from observation. DESCRIBE SYMPXOajS^lJI ALL COMMUCures OurtntsW! Ad viae (hsik t AFFIDAVIT, PersoaallyMMared before me, 4a Aider man of the oitjr of Philadelphia, H. T. Hilkbold, who j b?ic( duly worn, doth i?j. his preparations oontain no nareotio, no meroury, or other lojarioaa iron, bet are purely veieUble. H. T. HELMBOLD. Svorn and snbsorlbed before me, tine ad day of Bovember, 1864. WM. P. HlBBERp, Alderman, lath street, above Rao?, Philadelphia. Addrees letters for information in eca&denoe to H. B. HELMBOLD, Chemist, Depot, 104 South Tenth St. beL Cheenat Phila. 1 BSWARM OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS, Who end savor to dlapoee "of Tma own" and ' ran a*T!CLIS OH m* * bsreapsriUs, " '* Imjroted Kcao WMfc. * Soldbi ALLDRUQOISTS EVERYWHERE, ' ASS FOE HBLMBOLD'3. * TAKB NO OTHER. " J Cit out the advertisement and ml.J iot It, 1 AND AVOID lMPO?JTJON ANU EXPO- j TKA V fcJiiiKK^1 HLKKCIVUl BALTIMORE * OHIO RAILROAD. ffOTTCB. CHANGE OP HO ORB. Oft Am) AFTER WSDMSSDAT , Afltl *, l*??, *?? TUim UTWIIN WA?HI?GTO!?, BAI.UMOKI, ANH THE WtDT Win rao&a follows a Rfl I fat I* 7Vnt?? im? ar aaW Am Wmtktmftom iiiup d*ruu tkt uu>, WU ?t?0 0* *KM44|.<. For PHI l?A DHL PHI A and NEW YORKLear* H aakiaitoc at 6a- iu.,7.41 a tu ,11 a re. and 5Vor ANNAPOLIS?Leave Waahinfton at 740 a m aod 5 00 f m. For FR KuKRlCK?I.eare \Va?kiB|t<>n at 7 ? a. m. and FOR ALL POINT? WFST. And fnr Harper's Ferrv. ft;arUnaht'rc an I Wtocho*ter, leave Wa?ki>:ftcD at7.? a. m. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH Leave New Vork at 7 a ia.; Philadelphia II *' a. in.; Baitniiore j S1 p m. Arrm at Waaiucctoc ? " p. in. Lmw New Vork at 6 p m.; Phiiarte pHia y> p. m ; Bait: root e 43ua. ni Art:re at Washinc on 6 2u ?. m. Leave N?w Yo'k at 11 p. m ; PhtiaJrthta 3 ?> a. m , ba'timoie 7.4? a. m. Arrive at Waehinc'.uu 9 as a m. Ixo*! AocrmmfHlation Train leave Baltimore atloa.m atjo a in p.m for Washington; arrive there at 12 a. m. am 7 at p &. On 3undaj* at 4.* and 7 4'< a in on'y from Baltimore. No alr.bpv11a or Frederick eoaoeotiona on Sandaj. *T*^? ;n- l~. Tir-.w ? - ? - . iriTiwi <* WUIUCI,,I1 Al #%?*? m atJ 5fO? m.. au?i Bait!more at 7.40 a m. and 510 9. m ,mtU , irect oocnrotirns for Anr.apoiiS at th* Jcuotiou. Ta 740 ft. ra cr>rn*cu at Re^ay for Fredetiok, IT a** town Harper's Ferry. MartiLiburg. VV moWter, Whee inc. Parkersbsrg, 4,0., excep* PunJay*. 'I r?tn? '?rr AMiapolio for Pait more and Washington at 6 50 \. m. a a S *' p in. Past enter Trair v leavii t W ashintton at 6 oo a. m. U a m. aul 5 p. ir.., ar.4 Sa'ttino.reat 4 soand 7.40 a in. and 3 5' p. m , wi ! ft op only if Annapolis Junction Way 1'r.Rsecffra must takA the Areom>icl*:ion Twins only. W. P. SMITH, ap 2 Ma<**r of Traryp.-ntaMnn. B\ t. 1M8] TUt. flmt>V Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (vrhiti oecn*cUons) IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SFELD, SAFETY AND COMPORT ! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DU:*T KAGijAui: CHECKKD TUKOIM FROM BALTIMORE! t 1i*1? 1'a.ily t?.4:i?9 **0? PHILADELPHIA TO PlTT^Bi KliH! Two of tneir. i^akiisi CLv?K oonkbttioxa at htk&iibeia with tntfat or. the HORTilERN CENTRAL# rail KOaU. and fonranc THK GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE non washington and baltimore tu a!' yoirts in the Wist, North-wist Sowth-west. fHTFor Tarocgh Tickets, sy-ly at the Office a the Northern Cent**! Rail RoaJ Compa.LT, Calvert Station, l?&.tmote. g? i j. jar ** '? opi-jia:n vterjnrij* i^crs 0:1 an 1\igfti l raiTi* Suvaitvp Saioon Can on all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Pa*?er.eere jriii take the c a. rn. e*u5 5 p. ir. traina. arrir:iie ;n baiuxure at?.1*' a. ru. ar.d 6 4s p. m., wnere 010. 9 e^nnf-ouoiui a:" m?*9 with traiaa on lue Northern Certra! R K.,a*d arrive m Hamaluij at t p. in. sn-i 1.4$ a la , ttere conceding witr> the traji? ?-?a the P.'-nti-iy .van.* Centra Railroad ior a i part* of the wort. FR KIGHT^'. fay thia -arU, frsifrjia of a'J deaeriptione oac be forward?d t><and fio.n a; j poir? am the Rai.roaJ* of Ohio. K * tneicy, iD<*:&r.r.. l.hnoia, Wiaooons Iowa, or Mr? r>nr!, by XatlrM*l iitttt. The Periu?* van.a Oectni Kijiruiwl a'eaooctieeb at Pittaburf with S>a; ?rs, f y Ooooe rac forwards) io p< r? <jti ibe fth:o, MUKkir.rorn. Xsntuokjr. XcBJiMtea.<^?Ki>riauii, fiuaoia. hiiaa i?a:pri, WIsoocbib, .Nfiesonri, Kau*a~, Arkanaae. a;.d Rm R iver*: and at Clev-ianO, Samciuaky aa? i Chioaro vim ereamera to a.; Nor thweitert LaVea Merohf.r.t^ aao ah;eo<?*t ent> usbnf the tranrp ^r tat ton of their Freight to this Cr-rnaa.r, cat raij With eor.hueuoe or. its 'pecdr f.arast. THE BATE* OF FflKlSHl to ana from an* pointm the Weal, hr ?he Pennsylvania C-u^ Railroad. cr? mi all !t?Mi ti jnr-xalU a? art l?/!' t?? ttkrr Hmtrtnad Cowi^Miti 117* Be partiesiar lo ir ark package* "tria Par* CaitraaL M K," MACB.AV. * IOONS. Freifht Aienu. No. W North atrent. tfd.uinjre. ENOCH LBWIS. Ren'I Su??nnt't, Altooca, Pa L. L. HpkJPT,?"? Tioaet A|'t. Piiij& U. II. HOUSTON, ??n'l KreTjht A?rDt, Philn dclphia. S ?-^>y MO?HH^EN CENTRAL RAILWAY. ;*? Elurttft, (,-tticmist r?a B**t Kott/rom b*iti mar* te tki WEST, WORT a AND NOKTH WEST. WINTER SCHEDULE* Obajwb o? Tm*. On ?".u after SUN DA ?, Mth November. PafMa cer Trains will arrive aau depart tram CajVMl Station a> folic ws : TviLina NOBTS L&IVI Mail at i Jn au u\. Uu3*lo fc^froes t p. in. Purfetyr Aocornmodenoa 4 f. m. Piitafm-j a.r i Htrri-h?r* hsp-eea IJC p. m. flAJMS SOCTB ASitlVI i'jrktcr A coontx I ;>cauoii at ? a m. l*aiiaio f * ' a iu. Pitieburc and Ha:. .aLari Cx?ree? I ?. m. Man ?.?; #. ill. The ' n. I'aln from Waaiiiactan sonneou with the R.S-'i a. ir. fain from iiatimore forth* W?at a:.d for onna^, Liaara Ro?Le?t6f, Dunkirk, Cat.ftuai^u?and r*.ajaia Kails,and for New York e?tv. Th6 if ?, B. irtm frara Waab.i^toE ooneeeti with theS>. train now BtlQmcre to West North vd N tsCiwiwana k~mira auo Buffalo ux Bncnatior. j Tuei p. i! WMhin*tonoor jaot?trit> ! the 3.9i p. u.. irt.jn from lit'timoro for FitUoarg Jiarrul.ureaE.1tL; Wet aci 11 a direct nisn lieu. for Letm-on. EMtos AUeniown and N e* York via Central katirood 01 Nrw Jer??y Tn tii* route for New York. {T^Tfce ouaj train tsarist Baltlraar* on Smwla; li.tKe 3 ( m train, for Uarrfcbarg, Pittabart, CtJ oaco ana Li,.- W est. The only l?am arn*!r.*Jn Baltimore on Sinda' it the 8.20 a. it. tmc J AS. C CLJLKKE, nojit \j S^wirtaw T^m RUliCE 70 TXA">i:i-EI?. ti-h l'o?.r,.a*.C! Gcr:r*> orcwad U* ai.- ??i vi.*s< bn*e*n H a?hin;U>n. Jl""? k sJa.t.u..-.-?*,Su.4 ??1J Po et ( f~r'.r?:.^^4^n? Monroe) t.-? be re^rr-Hl. oc an? M?l .a), t< e$ :: .i.tivit. i, - i?f ? Lineof alaaiuen will iaa*e ba.tip.ore kVLU\ ti> Y taxoapt 8ul day) lr^ni tlieir whfcrf. -* 'cloak p. in., or i- i: <- '.n'-'r a:'?r the arrival c Visa WMhiuituD Tr* -, v;.ich .htm W?*hiafto? at IK o'oioct p. ie. mfc-tf .V, N. FALL*. Pr?'i. NOTICE. mmmsmwmmtm >Al>A10i i?.SMitlgS COMfAm." Yhia Comr&r.. olar* tc the >cb;te** 'Jo*<uaUM acra^Uc^ '"' f tae ?si!? ana Qcick i;iBfatoti } iiean F.sicliii. rv:=.i;ei?. & at i ?a, Alor.ay, Aa. lie., to all j:art* oftho tu.^ 8taiea. Eirei?. < to ?.,:J froi t:> iMorth aod WMt da tar* fro.n find arnr? Wc.fhiccu>n tirca dally. All &xpr<:u:?s '-re \n ? ci **prum**d mmd rana*<? MManctera. 11 l'?c_a? es far 'tat :j a tarried at "ow alt" oar utui'. iti All Guo-i? tor ".:.r au called 'V.&iaaerata SiaMa" and all Amoca " Oe- kv-atd ? Wtr" trill ba Ion New York at 1.1 aad F. I M.. iiri-. n;< id Vv*ah;r.;U,n at 4A. M. aad 1JI texprecasa la*?e Fnlladeiaiua *: til A. M. and UPTjin arnviac in Vt aafcltfwa aTK?' P. M. aad ^&i?#i?ea l/a*?Jft timoit at iJfl A. M-aad ? P. F * 1 A' M k?rou?i for ill aoiou Nortk *.H J \V*rt iMT* W *thiu*lon ic ijft A/M. tbl *M P. M. daily. S>eoi*j Contr&ota for vji ^ubnUU'4 of Fr?l*tt M btmut oc u?.ieatton to this Ofto-. AiSr"c*4 C?^,<mqi vova au\j WKM H T M & M i * M TM ** ? *4/r^>/.fTp*r, iiS **7rrr* >n?=t. WiiirixtM,?, ?, 1 Ml f. V - i. *y?f ft?V? M taM. vi kup - '* ??? r ^i-ri>Q9| if "-ifrwas-J?nvu lAraiM B?o, <# . **4co ynilJi'l*. XI Xm MM. Mmmm tf <j?iaiuiM trtTMn will iImm tf?urft) ?U>of boor* i iIwmw S?Hrior LcttS*? &a<i Dt?m TrtiJu m4? to SlSMW.i&.t?w?'- ""-ysv 1 J I ?' L'tk. #?a?M 1 a K> A k T I M l> h > v n % h ?*? rir?i, B*? UlW?ir *? _ tf V" *% U' r^l ALL WKAMROr iMNr, KH | <1 Hf (TO FilSI CAtifiliJ f<iriVT 4PfLV I)IMKI> AH..V, 4 #M? ITiKAOT/P, OK v r?4RI?i /If VKOH OKK 7Y? TITj./ OATS V MkiM ?f III l??l, lu ttnta Hhmm i' ik, it m?. Tar**. Dm* Mil Unm ?T tfc* Itxn, |M Ml w I*?i^-Umm Timui DinNtn u?t|rrM ?. . arr l*Mti ?f T?w?- J?n Urno i, D*.^r?eu*? I- * IIM twi^iMii !ayWIMtlul khm; MJ W"*< rowr? *F* >>r>llt:.) ?k? fc?*? kH*rel Ik* f *t, I i?ti dM?dV ui 4MtncUM b?kii mtnck ?j., Miif I* u uui' ilf p'l Ui?MMid? ! 1M f Cnd (K? iMt u.iuu tr.4 bnHi&ut ikU .?ci, fi I k> l tvuucad luttntr.f ? ?. will lit* U < *?<- ?i > MM! ar waked UNMMf tka l'?mf jae. aa? 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Hull. kaakfile aaa vttk fraqaead kiaekit f eii*n*ej I uaiu.ui *A|k <iM|i act af .ad, vara ekaed ? l*"** TAKE FARTICVLAR NOTICE Tammt - aad Hkan *ka kat* InfiriO U>aimal<ii ke a I aertaia pretLie inCk^ad la ak*t il?i-a kakat fr* .ai ?f | lean.*3 fraio e?il uuruiaoa, af ai echeai, ma ili'j a? | art elyfctiy fait a?aa vaaa aa.tap, ai d if a*, tun ta> dan Hrrafi Imymrk.a, aad aeeua?e kajl ? u- ij I ka-' ?. ahead ap( f imn.adia.aiT j riaaa ui aana af Ike aad aad meiaaafce.r alaiu are .aaii I k* aarir hafellt af eea-.K.eikt Waakaaaa af Uia I .1 ?u4 I taraka, rat-a to lie Waal!, Ptmaeee ef Kigb:. baaa af Xaaia.a, I Praret, PaipiUMu at taa Bean, I'fejepet Ner?eea irr>u I Mlitv, Deraafeo.en; af ike Di(e*U'e fittuai i. ?e.era. Baktluy, >Tnptaana *f Caaieaict'tiea, 4c Ml" iai.LT.-Tba 'aarle: electa ai> ike Bated era aaei* ?a a I ka draadal?Laaa a' Matnara, ? ?t.fee>at af 'daaa, Ik*. rea? ?a A I af Cpini*. CtU rarabadui(a. A?ere*au af arial(,la ' Lh? I fraj-., baaa af BaataJa, Timid.f. aia . ua aaua af ike aai . | piedateai. I XMT?II DltlLITT ?'Tkeaeai.Ce taa aaa fadfa tkii'4 I Ua ataaa af thetr deeltauaf freil'>. aau.f afceir aifaa. iau. 1 Uf weak, pale, eer?ea* aad an>ac>atat. kaew.j a I iffttruaa Waal uka eyea, aaafa ar K-ftani af iKiiaf V DiSKASES OF IMPRVDKIfCt Wkaa t^a la agaidad aod infradai.t vaur; af p>aa.ata i.m I ka kaa ln.k!Vaa ;ra aaada af tk-a r?.?_fal ilaaaai. k va? a'.aa ] kafpa^a Uat to i^-jmad aanaa afa? ur.aac 4taau af ac>>! , I datara Mic fraaa apt .liuf la Otaaa af-a mam a !?c > < ul * I laaykktkiiity. aaa ai*:.a kab^aud kur. inVt ta;a .> 1 f I kawda af ifoataoi aat) daaif; i.f rrttti-dara. a, .capaa a I af ku ;i.. *? lan - ica kiaf ha I j I ?a> i'u . .a<-U,a. aa lauf aa t?a ania:l*at fa* aaa ki ? I uisad, and ib daapatr laaa* kiia vuk ra.uad L <a!t> ta ataa I trtf ai* diaafpatbi < ar.-,; ar ky it* aaa af t? 1 Jai- .* I paaaan? laary?haalai. lha taaa^;a.:aii?! a^mf* a ti l I ie?*l? a diaaaa*, tack a* AV?tt:a.-.a*f lotion Tk?aai.?.aa, I ?ku.. * . pt*r?***.-1 ?'.! irf fk'rapi<iuf,uii d* i' paua I para^ '.* aia drtidfa *<V*rta|* t? *ai>ainf kiaia ikaa aa I itimino lalatn 'f*m wkaa* kaarct a* u*aa.*> rttaraa dm johnson's remedy *x)k organ ' weakness and impotenct By Ik la mil aad laiwuii lantda t ta ka*a* af ik* atraai I are apaalBy awed aad fkL atpat rea??;*>.. Tkatiaailiiiua I aaa 1 aarrtai aa.. iakUiiaiad, aaa kad I aat all k*pa.k??* I kaia tataadlawl; r*li??*d. k Ail laap*dlaaau ta Marr a^*, Pkfala* a* I llutiaaa, haw af htaiwtti Paatt, lltraaM Imakilh*. I Trattauaa aad V a* t a eat aa tiutr aa at tfca aaatl ftarfai . Uad apt *l?iy aara* endorsement o* 1hk fresh. T?B Hill fl*lii*lk car* I ai U>> Icatltaoaa a 11k a I ta* last aaa*ataaa atari, aad tkt akaaataaa latpanaai lur!I ul iptratiaa* p*r(*t?*d ky Dt ', tin aut >> ji I IIHIlin af Ika a. ?? ?.?' ? ?rtill><Cunn? u ?>? a,. 'I ," SOMETHING NfcW ! ^fcv "<1^ J?fll t> ?? *!. 9+**iit* Ui niw. oysters FTpyura la lM8fc*.! ?uG Tl:oro?i*J>ty Gooio4 ?** otrlar v# ft twit' :n s?r a ?t !??!?*, i ? /?jiW| i??m ? '?#?* Cftu &fafc I'J ? Wt? *n4er?itEe<i ro*>*otf?.ily iD'crnui h:? f -c?? is tt? l>iMrict, Mid \u:\aii l.-> the city, thai ' e .*? rcftcttt. ia? oldftiVl **:>? ;?< t; <, ,T li incct Ui.'.ukjh ujuvuer. ?cJ n^de oom ?i?to irr*iif eisenU te OYt$TKR? ,i >r. i ty.eftitu lb ut ?uant:i?. ***>to *> ?f ace at ^ fnr it7. t.'Oi U l.t"? GAJL* of bfftOoJ fc I HI M rict zf daily?oa&a UtrinM!C*..? : < * ?. v ./>4 t tix> at?!: by tli* t?at .*. or*'. wi*t.u? to liar* Oy?t?n f.-r* 1 *4. l Lar.y throejh tii? vinte-r, it Pmn?>rf fr.ofm, J ffium: fear cf ta'.Irre, ahoai<l acl) u. lrne arra.*ie?nenU at enoe. FrttfffcU time, an noaif 4red t-T fCrohUlDC Ot ITO. 4* i IkrUtT: tu a.'Ue J ncl to t!-e o*.?L)ra:efl ila.lm</T* ( ^ ,.?.uirLU. at ?hm ltd m iov. WO **TLKE.~. Ca-iM4t Keata, I?MMt?rs, ?*j d ?!.? , t'.a-pi. Sirawt?iio* 'it iaaU.**, Pi**' PW, Tripe. As. J *.o.,A_c. , Pick.-5, Cau jj, Saa; t*, brand* FcaoiiM, 4 c. Aiao, ttanwaad Kr*a* i ia'. r. tea,Terra?ina, Fraah Lobalere. Oofi, h'aiu.u! la. 1c fact, every txntg for sale it i ? keta alwaya oa ha: u, at reasonable nl&ea. Uoieitand Ca?r'tii*? zupa.ed witt Ont' ? M ItTwed without chart# t? any aartof tke Dietriat, V in aaaaoc, J11.e money .a sett w: t \>* c-e T J4y eatauliahrumtJs ca?j from it n. u ii at % aicftt, ev*ry aay, a*u?r. ?asaay, vUai. t .. c?? at 1 to o'c.oct a ftj A )a 1 tf t. M. iiARVH r L. Tiwiu. J. M. Towns, J. U. tiviu. ' U TOWKM8 * COMTV A W DATil.' A VT\ TAD no fwrrv ? i ? vwa anv ?ivo &3TABLItHMENI, Com** Imumm ttnw a* 4 Sirt* ?t. Thu .ttoutioB of th* bntiaoaa eoamuiuty la r? L invited to tn? New k ?n<i Job Print inj Eatabhahmont, vhioa tits t-e*m fcttftJ tp new mttfrik:, in the moat ooica eta BA.u.rr. k nuv prejarod to ?X0OBte, is atttislaotcry n?.e. every ? vanity of Pristine, vis: 1 Books, Sf.aeoii?i. Carvit, Circulira. Sutlers' BianJca. The attoanaa of membara of Coacrea> ia eapeCiai.y ro^afcatad lor our faoi.iU*a lor fMtt.t:f 8f?n?La?, aave b&raUi< i+'tut *t+%r tw; & the out, uot l%vwn a 'in tie iiAlK 3IUKK, vl Ne.MiPt.iT .tiT.lirti <2 i. tri. * TAP ?t?tot>KY. tc. bKA j: :i : * MVA, L ?MF WM, KKi/KITr. A;. ' - o? I c> ty? ?. : ?r n^af vr . - . ??n?9. U? r V, nk { li ;. . jr-4. K. U.-kiC ij' k?ir tVa# ? ?k* ,ui Air " ! k ?!>]?' ?S ? ? ?Jpo M1LITAK* OrMCLKtf AND CT ILIB. 1 MATCHMLCR'S fnm)rf Bill A V& J The Ikit ie C.e War - "j| f%? Cniti MLsUslU mmd ?rf?. I S*ld ?:y Drmcgiata; *l?c, *. -n* < . ? ? A Mfeaai~e dtor?.?p. Pu*?i <.,??*, r ? "u. ^ P'-d 1 6;iu'? Hi:: Bftere, 9c? !4? . '% are, ?*. *i?rt LadjM.m h*v? M M. ;f ?&*:<*& 4 FMttry?61 BvcLvci. <Ut* a. . *m)N.Y. w riEY eoojw FOR "THK l'??! KJ *t J 19 HOME."?Oftoer* and o11.*t .?<. < Dtt tiocdi ot ?ty kibd f.?r th? foika ?' bonw.n-.-*>i >.i^ ?- - nam w ui?pwi war w*i tuC me friaw i marked in pfeiii h| are*. me ac'.un. - s.?h ' *:-Ar? vise * A1 ??ro?l? for tl # ict^rio', prope- * p*ck*' for (orv&rdinf oy exp>M* or otfter coi:v??a.cet r~ of charge. ? PEEHVft RFO. &p 5-4t I'*. &v?. end Ni' tii ?tr*eC WH ALL, STEPHENS ft CO, J 328 T*k*?tly*!?ia Avsxr>, MILITARY AND NAVAL MKKCHANT 1'AILOH AND RKAi>Y-MAI>? CMiTHIF.8-*. wi,irMimw I ?*->f WKOkFER TO MILITAk . MEN i Urr? usortroMt o:GK(W tua U. i.; FLANNtL OVEK-#?IKTS, WHITE hHtkTS, D?A'V KK.P. CAMP BLANKKTS. HH P a- I vhioii invite * T uuh pnrot.&iert to exa'-uc* before Riktnc th'i: w eoti t . WaRu. Bi KjftZjsrVii * CO. srn (<i NE VERY NICK ROt?U\V'?OD CHICK- ' * eru.t P;m~ ted ore 6?-.t>for ^ | cli?.?,0L ?oeoin?roiiH: C term* Ate.tBM I rrs: -Vrto'Et of s*t?in?aj A. for*' wfiHl II > too, Bk*>b A Co.'i Puuioa.u me Viusic Sto?e of W. ft. MKTZKRW f f rob If I CASH NOT1CK. \ IN Couettaoe of oar hftrug to p*J wt f?r ?verr aruoi# of goo4m we enroh&ae. w* are foroei 4* to radtMour baauteM to Ouk exclusively, for me *4 yroaoflt. We have m store* verj largemootinftt of KfcAUY-MADh. CLOTHl>C. Tor rr#t and k o*nw- wmr, wmobare wlllrc U a wuoh lowar rau A than dually.WlLLVfltrHLNSft t OH ^ SilS Pa. a*.. Mtmi. 8ih and i?l <u. I? * (let*, t !! ?.) . COLWwyHVAJWKNfcJJ&T*?. < OOtLFOUND SI b VP OFVOMi ARtBIO. Tkia (iaaaant ao^ eoniar Coml *m I feMB (6 wai ?lMMT>!r (NO thll moil I eiaoci tare U?ou'.ie Ibmiliei with u ?iuaordl- , I narj 6?cacf. It ?aa fca Mft at aW tfc? r'teif T SPUM OKE88 OOODK.-Mary N? aoi \ ahotoe u.r-ja A'.ao, oar ataan tall rtoafc of all ktrd? of Kor^irt aiid !>ome#tif Dry S?o4B7iwthe oerreot wa u <4 an<! NOMlMfMI. I Of Kim oaly. inarktJ m ?lain fir dim, tkt u " PERRY k BRO, J* mkl tr Pa . a* *r"i N;nth ?tr?< __ % RKAL PARife RID GLOVE?, FOR LADltt. i alt uaaaanfl aoior?, v?'| b-?t ?na ;tj Ai?? ovmil f*ll I took rf i)ry tiooUa, l? athaOaparttaenta of fami r var.u Una pr.o* only, mr-kaita plain fifaraa. PkKRV t DROm ^ All MM Pa ara. and Nintn atrarl \ knth atraat, aaar F, wfcarai ?!.a.i &? ital Mm V th?n wfcoiaaaiaooat pnoM tar a law data latitat J w k~Li>t 1

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