Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1862 Page 2
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prv -NINf? STAR. vrA- !M*TON CITY: FK ll?*. A APRIL 11, IMS. 1^7" R?n?Ui t? "it wry p?te See ontrJc for u u renting telegraphic and other matter. Bit the / ritidutt of the United State*. A PROCLAMATION, n Le? vlemwii Almighty Qr>d to voucbaafe iv-nai v'rt rlea to the land and naras forces enm aapprcwlf y an Internal rebellion, and, at tbe aeme time, to avert from our country the dargera "f foreign Intervention and Invaaton it 1s therefore recommended to the People of the United *?-tfs tfcet at their next weekly seen, > a ir. 'b??ir fcTMlomeit places of public worship ftb'4 ?.ball occur after notice of this proclamat'cn shall hare be?n received, they e?perl.ii v i - rwVdge and render thanks to our He ven' Fa:her for the** lcestimable bleating*; ttat they then ? d there implore spirltnal conso t. ? Lft-ilf of ail who have been brought r.t- fr.'r!lor> by the casualties and calamities of sedition rlvll war: and that they rever.-ntly invoke *1 ? Divine Guidance for out national r?un;'l*. io tLe end tfcat they may speedily re'n.t u restoration cf pe**-?, harmony, and ^ ji :itv thrush* ut cur tardera, and hasten the ?>tai: tr.- :?' of fraternal relations among all the countrlf s of the ?arth In wi??s? whereof I have hereunto s?-t my r.rt ' iiu caused the seal of the I'n'.U-d States to t-e r.&xed t?cce ui he City ol Washington, this tenth .liv ( i April. in the year of our Lord one i - j tr? !?*id tight hundred :tnd sixty-two, nd of the Independence ut the United s;aif? tLe eijfhty-Mlxth Abuhak Lintois. fey tLe Presidrnf "JiWiiD. Secretary of State. ? ply It ?f tb? Morning Preat. j - J*trli-g. irir.arka upon tbe dta?*renre '.I. exist >r>; event* now and at tbe .nception of tbe r- r^lilon?jt.?t r.i* year a?o to-dav,wbcn Sumter u 2nd on 7i;? tbe prospect of the hade.'a we bright *nd cbeerlng; now uli ia datk and wl.i. i. y, a. d a speedy termination of tbe rebellion d.< 'r-d byrcntlnued victories for tbe Union. 'I : f.'pu' !>ca* thluki tbe flnal paMBgeof tbe It, >t :<-t eirano!paUon bill a fixed fart, and lnalsts tb&i Mmn HIair and Drown, of Virginia, and I '. iuat. of Maryland, do cot correctlv represent _ - M - - I Lei' ron*titui-r.t?by voting against ' compensated ?-^;a ^elp3 io!i.*, OUR MILITARY BUDGET. I ATE FROM YORKTOWN. i'?V Lav? ri< finite and reliable information from our arir.y befora Yorktown, up to 5 p m. of yeaa J ** V? *i-- * - * ? iriti' / ? . i mm iiwjr \ac recent ierr:nc storm bad bard y s-ibstded there The Bay and the mcut'-. ? of tioth rtvers flanking the peninsula cont,DU? I f ir to'.? rmi^li for effective operations o.i the p'irt oi t ie fl*et in a'd of the neeemssry preparation* for an attack upon the entroy'a extrnslv line of f;>rt ficatloB* there. By viraet, however, we preaumr a change took j'.art that must Lave allowed much to be effected .n the rci ic ci lhe night. Puch In the aatcre of the trousd in front of the enemy'* works that, e?r*"M?i.Iy after such a storm, it must be some da} - b?fr. the plans of the General-in-ehiet in tL : qua will begin to develop tbemselvt? to i 4_ m? ? ?? gr.?> rr :nir i ur ground Uiere l? generally flat, low aad swampy. No 'I'diis unrc-roms'tded by their guns exl?t. ?it:r b &? er. nee tsary 'o Gen. MeClellan's movements wept* suo? were being Industriously made throughout the whole duration of the storm. Joe J obi.son and Wag ruder (who are In crnli^nd .;.e rebels ther*) have, doubtUs*, the n.';n strerc'h ?f W?b tie r armies in poaition from tL?If front ?t Yorktown bark to their bine at Richmond, Icav'.nR hut a few thousand ui?n lr> and trt und the Norfolk fortiflcst'ons, and c u ?f tie Rn^{absEnc*k end Rap:dnn. tie btise cf v. bleb i? at Gnrdousvllle. Under tbe>-e cirr??t?tancw our bi-!!rf U that their combined force in McCleiiaiTafront reacbea to - iT>r, rr.iriy half of vrbom, however, fir* jrr.SiU. n.tlit a very fecentiy drafted into ^rv.r#>. and of wy wttir except to labor cn ard behind entrenrLifcf Late acu'hern papers make !t plain tLai at the tine of b?-!r retreat from Manaaa&a their army of tte Potomac w?ia g-eatiy demoralized, and there la little IMIOII to bfllnt tta-it Lhr?ln? tn itm I ? ace a larye f. rre ft ntUUiarrten boa materially Improved it In this important particular. .N>vcr:tf -?-. worka and position at Vorkt .wn are r*ry strong, and ire of courae manned b; 'be very 6-it porticr of their troops; not more than Ave or n ttomasd men being neoea?arv to tt;* er.d. All > * uavi doabtirM been anticipated long fciri>'* o .r mil :a y authorities who have made ?:l nerfasiry preparatlona to meet and overcome such of tLeno as make f?r the advantage of the rebfls. We are rot amonj thcae who anticipate bearing of ttie or-- rren^e of *nvthlne decisive from mat quarter for trm** dsys to rome, under the circam."Utr<-? narrat-d ibow. the 3rsat uvtu. Pewits arouud ua are wondering why th* Govt-raaieri L.rrtus not. up to this time, received tnore < ifa.'ial lr formation concerning the battle el Plttsburp Landing The rea??n is piaiu enough Such reports -would only ccme here through Gen. Hailrck, to whom they would be made by Generals Grant and burl! Gen Haileck being himself on the way from *t Louis to Plttabnrg Landing, cannot be easily reached by telegraph, or easily find mi opy rtunity to ie*<:gr&ph to Washington from some D?int on his line cf travel. * Nevertheless, the expr.ted and so eagerly desired dispatcher from bim may arrive here at any moment W e trust tbey may do jo before the Biai gd* to preM to-day. riox smtp point Toe King PWlilp arrived at tbe Navy Vard at half past eight ihla morning, Laving left SLlp Point (new Yorktowa, York river) at two o'clock ye?terday afU-rnooa Captain Fox.Aaaiatant Sec re# ta-'yoftLeNavy.^e^atorOrlmesoffowajHon. Mr. Sedgwick of N. Y., and aeveral other gentlemen rame up on tbe King Phillip. Our forces are represented to b* hourly gaining ground before Yorktowa, but tbe bad condition of tbe roads materially retards their movementa. Nothing new baa tranaplredon the river Sot ao. It la erroneously aiaUd that the rebel Generals Joseph E.Johnston and A. Sidney Johnson are brothers. In fact tLere la no relntiorahip between them; atd tL - naiuta are not even apelt alike ?R0* THR HOC5TAI1 DEPAXTMKNT, Va . April 10? Bon. K. Af Sfn'o* nttrttary / War?Gen Milroy is in poaaesaioo of Monterey and Crabbolton The enemy'a mounted *cou!? are atiH Ip sight of Monterey. Their rr*r guard was driven back by our troops. They are reported tc be fortifying themselves east of the mountains. J. C FiixoiiT, M>jor General Commanding. t/iiui nom tux wax dbpixtxist xxlativx to militast IIITILLItilNCI. a uc iviiwwiujj umrrj wvrr ittucu yfst?;d&y: Wa DtP>lTXI?T. > Washington city, April 10, 1*<K \ Trf tk* Military Svftruor / TtUgixykt Sir . You wf directed to atop all telegraphic con>nBuoic?tianx to the fktUuUlphia Inqmrtt until aatlefaetory proof Is furnished to this Department th it th? recent publications respecting o^cratlora of the army at Yorktown were duly authorised You will proceed to Fortress Monroe and make arrangements to enforce the orders cf this Department. Your*, truly, Eowm M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Qi<itr*d~ I hat alt applications for puiaea by oewapiper editors or correspondents be referred to Tol Edward J* Sar/ord, military supervisor of telegr-ipb*. and be subject to such rule* ani regulations as may be prescribed by this department KPWiil M.HTiRTOS, Secretary of War. ihk urottw occcratios or cotiRTi l'p to four o'clock yes'erday afternoon the goT??rnnir-nt Lad uot received nn oSclal dispatch , uf toe occupation of Cor inUi. 0 WAR GAZETTE TUB WOUNDED. Th* following ?rd<*rf of the Secretary of War md tr leg rami .^ddrened to him, tell of the commendable proreptnew with which both the Department and different State and city aatbcrltleB are striving to do their utmott for the alleviation of the condition of the wounded In the recent great battle near Plttaburg Landing l Waa DirAiTH?T, ( Washington City D.C., April 11 1 WW J The Secretary of War makes public aeknow:edgment to the Governora of Massachusetts, Indiana and Ohio, and the Board of Trade of Pittaburg, Pa , for tbelr prompt offers of aaaiatance for the relief cf the officers and men wounded in the late great battle on the Tennessee River. Their offer* have been accepted. It ia understood that aimHar humane and patriotic service ha* been rendered by oth'r city and State authorities which hive not been reported to the Department, but are thankfully acknowledged. Er.wiif M. Stantos, Secretary of War. r n 1 a il n r o/i ? i [ rvcc^ivpu April v?a ?hs p. in j Indianapolis, April 9 ?Hon. Edwin M. Stanton. Secretary of War : Governor Morton has twenty surgeons and boapltal stores te wishes to send to the arene of the late battle. He wishes me to charter a boat to take stores and bring bacfc wounded. 1 would advise It Can It be done* Jaxcs A. Ekbn, A. Q M . [Received April9?10 30 p. m J Cincinnati, April 9?Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War- Will you authorize me to send a steamer immediately, with store*, and some fifty of my police as nurses, to the scene of the battle up the Tennessee river, to bring away wounded of Ohio volunteera? G?o Hatch, Mayor. TRprpivptfl Anrll Q_19 .111 n ml Boston, April 9 ? Hon E. M. Stanton, 8ec'y of War - Accept niy congratulation* on victories at Corinth and on the Mississippi. Do you desire txtra surgeons from Massachusetts for rare of wounded, there ir t-lsewhere? If ao, there are ?>fvrr}-.! hereof professional eminence,who, under be direction of our State Surgeon General, ire prepared to start immediately for any point of active operations?giving their professional services gratuitously. from motives of patriotism, but looking to the United States for transportation and reimbursement of actual personal expenses. With great regard, yours. J ohst A. Asdkkw. Pittsbchg, April 10 ?Hon. Kdward M. Stanten, Secretary of War: Our citizens will send two steamboats with surgeons and nurses to Pittshn tfw Tonn fr?r rcllaf a/ 11 W on.l ..?i-J *# m . . .. , iv ivitc* w? Ji\. m. auu W1 UHUtU, II yon approve. Anawer. Cora. Board of Trade. H B. Presto*, Chairman. [Received April 10th?1 15 p. in.] Pittsburg, April 10 ?Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War: The Pittsburg Board of Trade propose Bending two or tore* steamers to the hattie ground on th? Tentiewee river, with surgeons and nurses, to bring here wounded soldiers. .May I ch-rter the boats for thla service* The General Government should at least otter the transportation. A. Montgomery, Major Quarterinaater, U. S. A. [Received 9 25 p. in ] Coldmbcs, O , April 10 ?Hon. Edwin M. Btan. ton, Secretary of War: I have dispatched a steamer, witb forty flrst-class surgeons and over seventy vanlf nurses, with aft abundant supply of hospital store?, nnder rare of Llent. Gov. Stanton ?nd Surgeon General Weber, to Pittsburg Landing. David Ton. War Dipartmknt. ) Washington City, D C , April 11. J order re - p e( t'xfi !dbokos? hewitt amd stiff. Grave complaints a;nln*? A*>l*tant Surgeona Ktwitt and Stlpp having reacted the Department, they are auspcnded from duty arid ordered j o report themselves. I A uegligent or In'uuman surgeon la rega'ded by i thi* Department as a*.. n-my of hia country, and I of bis race, and will be dealt with according to I the utmost rigor of military law. Edward M. Staxtok, Secretary of War CosriixiTioxi it the Senate.?The SrniW I In executive sess'.on yeaierday, confirmed the I nomlnatlona of O. M. Dodge, of Iowa, Col R. S. I Cai'by of the 19tb infantry, and Paymaster Benjtniin Brire, to be Brinartifr Generala of volunt-er?: Bayard Taylor, of NY. Secretary of Legation at St Petersburg, Green Clay, of Kentucky, I Sf?frr**rv of f.Otiitflnn at Tn?U? f"*"- ^ ? ? m ui iU| vti uo \/ . i uvir, N Y., Consul at Min&tilla, G. P. Van Wyck, of N. Y , Consul at Bayonie; J. S R-xtieid, of N Y., Consul at Otranto; Jam*** L? (lev, of Penntylvania. Consul at I.vona. Wm E. Webater, Ap| prataer of Merchar.dlir at Boston; John M. Al'e:i, of iillnoia. Rejflatfr of J.ind Office. Vermilion, Dakotah Territory; Wm H. Bennett, of Orejjon, to be Marshal for that Stute; Wm Gallup, Poati m*?teT of Tiff ton. Ohio; Lt*. Francis S. Haeeertr, J. R. M Multany, Mathlas C. Mann and C. R. H Rogera. to be commanders In the navy. Y** SMITHSONIAN LECTUR E S.-Rev. VlSTOJi, D. 1)., of New Vori, wTi iectore on FRIDAY EVENING Subject: "1 h* Phi ?s'*pt y of the War" Th* publie are invited. AJnu'i.oa frM. Leoture will oomuToe at f icht oVock. It nr?? CAruoMC lOTAL ABMINEN E IL5 HENr.UCML m CiRTV wm hold a regu ar m etin? f ?r important business. on . L'Ml>\V. the i?ih istAut, at ' o'clock p. m , at their R t in. c.i ner of K an J 13th sta. Kvery aemtier 1* ? ? p "Ci. .1 tO ?lt^! ll Xcte ?Th-< Committee will le au'hnnzd to strike from t;,e roll aH delinquents who djnct atterd ap M iff THE COMMITTEE. -r^?WiGONS, CARTS AND DRA^ 3 KloifTFR's (.'FFICI. Aprii t, 1867. Nct'co 'P h?rel j give., ilut kicfn*?* itintd to owna.sol Wafous, Cart? an l>ra?g will expire on tli? first i.i April, and tint t&td Licfiihes u b?. i>o r*"fwii in c impliano" with law, &. this oiftoe, within t. nd*i?? timf. SAMUKw E. DOUGLAP8. ips-tv Rf inter. W NOTICE. 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Cihcink&ti, April 10.?The correspondent of the Cincinnati Tinus gives the following account of the Pittsburg battle: ' Our force* were stationed la the form of a semi-circle. the right retting on a point north of Crump'a Landing, our c?ntrc being In front of tha main road to Corinth, and oor left extending to the river In the direction of Hamburg, four mllea north of Pittsburg Landing. At 2 o'clock on the morning of the 6th, 400 men from General Prentlaa1 Division were attacked by the enemy, half a mile In advance of our line*. Our men fell back on the Twenty-ifth Missouri wlftly pursued by the enemy. The advance of the rebels reached Colonel Peabody'a brigade just a* the long roll waa sounded and the men were falling into Una. The reststanca was but short and they retreated under a galling Are until they reached the Second Division. At six o'clock the attack had become general along the entire front of our lines. The enemy, in larpe force, drove In the Dlcketa of Gen ?h?r. man'? division. and fell on the Forty-elght, Seventletb and Seventy-second Chlo regiments. These troopa bad never before been 1# action; and being so unexpectedly attacked, made ai able a resist ance as possible, bat were. In common with the force*of Oen. Prentiss, compelled to seek support on the troops Immediately in their rear. At one o'clock the entire line of both sldea was fully engaged. The roar of cannon and musketry was without intermission from the main centre to m point extending halfway down the left wing. The Reb'ls made a desperate charge on the Fourteenth Ohio Battery, and not being sufficiently sustained by infantry. It fell Into their hands. Another severe flgbt occurred for the possession of Fifth Ohio Battery, and three of Its guns taken by the enemy. By eleven o'clock commanders of regiments bad fallen, and in some rases not a single field omcer remainea; vet ine ngming continued with an earnestness which showed that the contest on both Mdes vai for "death or victory!" Foot by foot the ground waa contested, and finding it Impossible to drive back our center, the enemy slackened their lire and made a vigorous effort on our left wing, endeavoring to outflank and drive It to the river bank. Thia wing was composed of the 14th, 32d. 44th and 57th Indiana, 8th, 19th, 21st Illinois Fronting Its line, however, were the 54tb, 57th and 77th Ohio, and 5th Ohio cav lry, of Sherman's division. For nearly two hours a sheet of fire blazed from both columns, the Rebels fighting wltb a valor that was only equalled by those contending with thpm Whil* tn#? rmcr^A iho K i gunboat Tyler pawed up the fiver to a point opposite the enemy and poured in brradsides from her immenae guns. greatly aiding in forcing the enemy back. Up to three o'clock, the battle raged with a fury that defies description. The Rebels had found their attempts to break oar lines unavailing They had itriven to drive in our main column, and finding that impotsU ble, had turned all their strength upon our left. Foiled in that quarter, they now made another attack on our centre, and made every effort to rout our forcea before the reinforcements which had been aent for should come up. At 5 o'clock there was a short cessation In the firing of the enemy, their lines falling back for nearly half a mile They then suddenly wheeled and again threw their entire force upon our left wing, determined to make a final struggle in that quarter; but the gunboats Tyler and Lexington poured in their shot thick ana fast, with terrible effect In the meantime Gen. Lew Wallace, who hiui taken a circuitous route for Crump's landing, appeared suddenly on tbe enemy's right wing. In the face of this combination of circumstances, the Rebel* felt that their enterprise that day wai a failure, and, as night was approaching, fell back until tbev reached an advantageous position nomewhat In the rear of, yet occupying, the main road to Corinth. The gunboats contlnned to send their shell after them until they got out of range. After a weary watch of several bourn of ln'en?e aniiety, tbe advance regiment cf Gen Buell's ?? - - irniy ipjifgrra on ice opposite Dank ol tbe river, and tbe work of crossing the river be^an, tbe 3*">.b Indiana and O^th Oblo being tbe tl'st to cross, followed by tbe main portion of Nelaon'aand Bruce'adlvlsoni rbeer after cheer greeted their arrival and tbev were Immediately eeiit to the advance where they reat?d on tbelr arma. I All night long ateamera were engaged In ferryng Gen Huell'a force* across. When davllunt broke It was evident thit the rebels, too, bid been stronglv reinforced. THI RECORD CAT'S FIOHT. The battle was opened by the rebrls at 7 o'clock from the Corinth road, and In half an hour extended along tbe whole line. At nine o'clock the aound of artillery and musketry fully equalled tbat of tbe prevloua day. The enemy was met by tbe reinforcement* and tile atlll unwearied aoldlers of yeaterday with an enerev thev certainlv could not have e*r*ftj?d i? came evident that the? were avoiding the extreme of oar left wing, and endeavoring with perseverance and determination to find some weak points by which to turn our forces. They left one point, but returned to It immediately, and then suddenly, by some masterly stroke of Generalship, directed a most vigorous attack upon some division where they fancied they woula not be expected; but the fire of our lines was aa steady as clock work, and It soon became evident that the enemy considered the task he had undertaken a hopeless one Further reinforcements now began to arrive, and thev were posted on the right of the main center, under Wallace. Gens Grant, Buell, Nelson, Sherman and Crittenden were everywhere present, directing the movements for a new stroke _ _ 41 ? * " * ~ on me enemy, suaaeniy ouib wing* of our army were turned upon the enemy, with the intention of driving them into an extensive ravine. At the tame time a powerful battery waa atationed In the open field, and poured volley after volley of canister into the rebel ranks. At 11X o'clock the roar of the battle shook the earth. The Union gun* were fired with all the energy that the proapect* of the enemy's defeat inspired, while the rtbsls' fire waa not ao vigorous, and they evinced a desire to withdraw They finally fell slowly back, keeping up a tire from their arl11l?ru ?n<l - !.-?. ... ? ... j nauaacMf aiuug iwni whole column, as they retreated. They moved In excellent order, battling at every advantageous point, and delivering th?lr Are with considerable effect. But from all tbe division* of our army tbey were pursued, a galling lire being kept upon their rear. I be enemy had now been driven beyond our former linM *nH ??? ? ? # !! ?* *? n?? ?** av.w.v. ..hv) < ? tu iuu iviresi tur i/onnia, pursued by our cavalry. The forces engaged on both aides In tfcla day'a battle are estimated at about 70,000 each. I A CARD. HEREBY Return my ainoere tannics to all persons who aided me in reaouina my wife and children, an<4 a.?o for ra?mr what little etfjcta were saved from fifteen years1 oon?tant labor and watohioc lrom the disastrous fire on the morninc of the 7th instant. aplIS*. JEB?E B. WILSON. IWixHlNGTO"*, A put 10, 1862. HEREBY Reipectlully request all persons who have open aoooonW, due bills,and net's due, past due, Ao., and due me to come at onoe, if they oan. with the ouh. and settle, as 1 desire to pay on all notes and outatanamc aooount* against me without delay. JEbSK B. WILrSON, Office "A aahington Building, Room No. 4, ay ll-Sw corner 7th and fa. av . north aide. GKOCKRH OROCfcRS. Htudy your interest atd the interest of your ouctomera. by u iici the beet artiolo in tbe way of Craokers, to be found in tbie market DAYTON'S BOSTON ORACKEBS, DAYTON'* SO "A CRACKERS, DAYTON S PICNIC CRACKERS, DAYTON'S WATER CRACKERS, ARK THE BEST. ARE THE BEST. Sold at all the Storee. Enquire for DAYTON'S Craokere, and take no others. ay 11 lv ECOLEDU CAVALIER A PIED. lfiosnts. Uavalerie? Basil de l',n?truotlon 87 oesit. De Hraok?Avant Poetes de OtnUene Latere. 9 S5 Mannol de Mareobalerie. w oenU. Caraier e?Ooide de l'loatrnotcar. >7 cents. ClT*1*r:*-lnitrnnliAn a. nh.??I ? _ . W VUOTMtl Itf VVUMl I Cavaleria?Barle Bar?ioe dee Plaeea. IScenti. Bibliothe^ae <3u 8oaa-Oftri?r de Cavalne. fl 25 Mi'cdluMi faihtairei?Par 1* General brand. 75 oecta. De la CaValeria?Par le General Rerard 87 oenU. y'Ai'mir-A venlr <* la Cavalerie. S vols. fSIT. gohanenbara?De l'Kap'.oi d? la Cavalerie a la ttnarra. 1 vol. and Atlas #4 74. Pimodau?De la Cavalerie 69 oenta. VVartery?Kemarqnes fur la Ctvtlarie ?l '.5 Cavalerie?Initraouon Proviaoire iir la Cava aria Individael. 50 oenti. a? 11-Iy FRANCK TAYLOR wu^iiir. MONKY. A CHANCE TCTMAKE f 1,000, A OHaNCK TO M\KE il.OOft, i A CHANCE fO MAKE ft 000. ThM? Cikea ir? all made wit kin tte lautkrM d?Tt-&Q<i any tnUrprwnc man wko will tafca tiem to ths Ar nj.oao mik* i',0* to 91,609. A""" * WgSSttBY M li-? b*wf? ? abd k? "?vC? m CONGRESS Mir A L IXXVIItk CO!?GRKM-?f>ria<t Sesstsn. t*?5*T* ?After onr report closed yesterday? Mr Latham offered a substitute for the bill to establish a steamship line between California and China, and tbe bill waa postponed for Tuesday. The bt l Increasing the medical staff of tbe army was received from tbe Borae with as amendment, which was non-concurred In, and a committee of conference w-.i appointed. Tbe confiscation bill waa then taken up. Mr. 9bennan offered an amendment, In the abapeof a substitute, which authorise* the President, In snpprrsslng tbe vreeent Insurrection. to take possession of all the'property, real and per* I tonal, belonging to person* Hereafter acting as olcera of the army or navy of rebela now or hereafter Id arm* against the Government: person* hereafter acting aa Prealdent, Vice President, member of Congreaa, or Judge of tbt so-called Confederate State*; Governors of States, members of State conventions and legislatures, and judges of courts ofBtates in rebellion, who shall hereafter take an oath to support the constitution of the Confederate States, or having taken such oath, sball hereafter act as sucb; persons who, having held an ofBce of honor, truat, or profit in the United States, shall hereafter hold or exercise an office in the Confederate Statea; and peraons who, owning property in the loyal Statea and residing 1m a State in rebellion agatrst the Government, ball hereafter assist or give aid and comfort to aujh rebellion all sales, transfers, or conveyances by such person i t any ?uch property, or of any claim to the service or labor of another, sfterthe

committing of either of the acta described, are to he null and void' ami tt ! ? ? o niHoioni >" J ? > - ? ? * MS UH life UJI to any aul: brought toy such person to recover the poMeMlon or for the use of such property, or nnv of it, or to enforce iuch service or labor, to allege and prove that he li one of the peraona described In this bill. Mr. Wtlley moved to amend that portion of tbe bill providing for th? colonization of the alavea ao ?et free aa to Include the colonization of all free negroes, and tboae which may hereafter be set free, and to appropriate 95,000.000 for tbe purpose Mr. Trumbull objected to the amvndpientaa not being germane to tbe bill. The dlacusalon of thli amendment waa continued for aome lime by Me*?r?. Wlllev, Trumbull And UfKnri wrifKr* 1? I " ? ? ? * - 41 mm mm mm ??. y *? uvu tUUi I 11^ IU CL VUU'. IOC Senate went Into executive session. Hoc**.?After our report closed? The Senate's amendment to the naval appropriation bill appropriating for the completion of the Stevens Battery was concurred in. Mr. Stevens, from the Committee on Wcys an?l Means, reported the resolution propyl*? to close the present session at noon oa the third .Monday in May, which was adopted. The bill to reimburse the contingent fund of tfce Treasury Department, (money expended in the payment of extra clerks.) was passed. Mr. Bright, from the Military Committee, reported a bill to facilitate the transportation of troops, imils, Ac , between New York and Wash lagton. The bill for the confiscation of rebel property was taken up, and Mr. Thomas, of Massachusetts, addra**ed the House at length on the provision? of the bill. A V> I I.slJ, M Wfcjf M WASHINGTON THEATER, ?'0*NKR llTH AND C STKKT9. LenMUd MaD&cer ? .Me. Gtanas Kcxkkl Lut Night but 0110 of the jour. beiutiful and ?ocoinp!iale<i act'fs^, MfSi* "ATBM'N, BENEFIT OF MISS B 4 TEMAS ' THIS EVENING Will b? pr?a? (for the ?>l t time) Tobin's Joined j of THE HONEYMOON. Jnii&aa ? ? ..Miss ii& To co?"o!ude with the 'auihable f?.rc? of THE WIDOW'rt VICTIM. Doora oper< at 7 o'o'ock ; to oommense &t 8. Admimion ? ami 85 pent* ; Uroiieitr* <hs.i's $1 ODD FELLOWS' HAt L. \J SeTtntk ft., netr Pott 0**ru Okorgr Ku.-:?tl~-. Le?ceo ? Ma^ejfr S K C O N D W K K K of th? acknowled LIGHTS OF TH K MINt< i REU PROPfc?SION, Kunkel'g Opera Tronpe! Larrut.inoct Able*1<I ino?t Amckict in exittancr, in thair Original, Re fined aitd A musing Soiree.? rf' Ethio/>*. A NEW PftnUKAMftiK 8UH.M1TTLD Every Night ! _?p9 *. CA83EPV. Agart. yy i NLA K nv HALL: -ARTEMUS WARD Th? Luctubk by Charles F. Krownc, Esq , ( ARTEM?'B WARD,"; T1IK CHILDREN IN THE WOODS. will Ka .^AlivArA/! At Wl'LL iRir S HALL, On MONDAY KVENIN8, April 14, 1883. Ticket* of ?dniiMion (?<> cent* *&ch) can bf> procure:! at Phitp A- Hoie??>out' Met'opolitan fluotHiore antf at Wjl ardu' Pa ?veuU? K? erv*-< ('&U (26 oe> \j txira) to be secure) at P.'nip K Solomons' onI?.^ Bp 10 d FORD'S ATMK.MSI'JTJohn t. FOP?Proprietor aod Manager John B. Weight stage mauser SHAKSPEAHIAX SERIES FRIDAY EVEN1 MO, KDW1N FORK r in the * erandest cotcepuon of huiran genius " SBAKSi'E' RE^ MACBETH. TUESDAY And i?AT?'KD * Y eTenii * the <i eat Pia? of THE OCTUROO N. Moxcffise opm from 9 tol aad frcm 2 to 5 oVocW. when seats can be aeon red. Amission* Dreaa Circle and Pirouette . 7?cen*s beoured j^-ata? _..8I q-- ? iiftiuunj c*an ? ?I l?ro?\?Ptr? Htatu $1 Private Bcxn (hoMinc eifhtf ?io Faaiij Circle 25 oeut* Uo >ra cpsc a' 7 ; on'tain hie* at 8. It CH.AKLI> H. t OK D. Tr?apcr?r. r?ANTii:illL'RY HAL!.! CANTKRHI RV HAf.Fi ' (Formerly th# Washington AMeinb'y Room*,) OPEN KVMHY NJOHT, Thi First Mtts c H*ll :n tub World in point of s*plendor. Talent arni umpfo ability! I'-rtlhtnt and tmmtnte ueeess of Ik* MtVUllYH IVtVUIM. I'llV 1 \il> HAITI a v m > * " M ? : ? - ? ? v? A * * * *? (# (k K I MORE COWPAVII'S. Crowded to ite nrmo?t capacity witn *" budia-c* Cul.ieattd, Critical and Kifmtd. Kitabus'ii-je sf onoe the tact t i?.t the u-rfnrni&ao* AT THE GREAT riANT*- RBUR V ia the beet in the oity. Tho &rti*tep are rf the FIRST TALKNT IN THE WURL1). In evulenoe of a COMBINATION OK STAR*! Observe this BnlUatit List of Num.'* : the equal ol which o&n ba nowhere found m tue World ?>f Amueemerte. MISS MILLIE FUWLRR, MISS JULIA MORTIMEtt AND THE CUUliT OF BEAUTY, MISS FRANK UA KOLLK. MIS* LIZZIE FRANCIS. MISS FRANK SECOR, MItW EMMA MILES, MISS LIL.LV BRANDON, MiSS JULIA KICHMONL>, AND L'TTLF. ELLA. DELEVANTE BROTHERS. thi diima otmmaht. Reappearanoo of the Ethiopian Comedian, A. J TALBo t'T, Aatiited by the Fanny I1IPV DiDtfL'D M JEAN CLOSKI. JOHNHKANV. . MASTER JOHNNY, 8YLVA? CLARK, JOHN HAMILTON. BARRY J. CARTER, TUl IMIH AMBASSADOR To ni*httlie Kthiosian Burlesqa* <)H, HlioH! or THK VlRttlNIACUPJD Gypsy's !.ay toenran Importation,Talbot' nCris ? A New Programme, in whioh all the CoaiDin&tion -will appear in their be-tacts. Nowsouc by thsCANTKRHI'RY .VItN*TRF;f.H the hrst Ethiopian Troops in the otty ! New Oauoes, &o., Ac. IDTNo ohangs in th? Admission rriaas./H Admission 3ft oenta: Oran?Mr Caaira ki couu. Afternoon RnUrtm?*WUnl For Ladies and F&sti'ies, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTLRNlinNA m* 9 r.'ulAiik Wr??? ArtioUa. and mn""iBS gh.rm?? 1 No. 40 Vroi^tTuU^ USS^t on Wrfa.. I d>JJtSS?on?e?i?f CjuiareBjy og^ ??J_ I itATBIt gfeOT?S!Su?? menu furniahed: Kulru&d Reports; ill tar? Re RfSiiSre Lava; Army Regulationa; Panorama of the Coaat allowing over S,fluo milea; many tfcouaand Cheap Boo lea. Reeoheot oheae rent. Large eaiee, low prioee. Up etaire, over Bank ofWaahinc ten. |a?-?m* A LFR Kit UI/NTKIt. DROP. O. P. BARNES' FASHIONABLE rnANCINe ACADEMY, at Tempersnoe Hall, K etreet, between 9th and lttth Glutei JM ev?ry Tmeedavaad Fridaj ?eitemuon olawA at S, evening o:ata at 7. boireo rvaj FriJaj LmL evening at t o'olook. ftlasio hy PrciC so. Ar-.h ." Teropersnoe hj;i trii; & i? ior Ball*. Parti??, Ice. Apply m above. ft 14 Im? gUSINESS FO^SALE. Any perron wi|hjnf to uiKI in ? b?ni?M, wkar* the af*sm S3 Ufht ami a zuoc living oan be made on a ?m* l capiuJ, vi!l ht*r of ? opportunity by Uamuoi K T. KVlOtKTT. PiM <?w<p tfrmiWfc?d MU> tU, k| 7 1v* X II" *1 ?~? ? -W fc. ?/.-* # ? * v'; f ^ WANTS. ? HI AN rK f?- A SITUATION u cook.??? ? re ?our.f vinitn. Ca l,lc>r iw.><!*? , at a?p -y b-.w>n b'h %n1 7th. It' WJ A (VTJ D? Br a rfp'etfttole girl, ft bITl A *w rif.N fti C'lftmbt.'inftiJ or nurse AddreM Am 11 survffe* * W'ANTkD 'O MKM"?A 'ftrga tr ek 8OU8B fvr \ haft- m< hoftasfcfi-l rMtturtH. ArftraM "PC ." ."ttn. tfi ce ?> 113 J_ \\i AN TKD?A ftr't Ml I'HOT URAPHKK .'pp'vfttl. OHDON'B,iSt) I'd * Toe, b*tw;n & u:r ?u. ay 11 St^ n;ANTf P-* Xiftftl. COUOHKP 6!RL to JAke ** care of e*i <lren. Aptly ftt 404 14th ?rr*#t, het v ? asd I). a? 11 tf BOARD WaNTI-D-< .adr w. !,??? B*rd m a tnot ? ?ri?ate faint j. not ar irom the Patent A**. Addreta-'H, b.." atSfeamaJt Bus r'a Olfcee. 21ft Pet _ apls*?* WANTED?A GIRI.. white or o?U>red, toocok, w?.?h am* iron?on* wlr< u!.J***tan<i# tb? hn?ir?*p?. hi'jiia at ;?92 1 street, bedrest 12th a^l 13th It* E?OAKD WAN'TKU-Two Tcnag men with to > P'lttio a Kcom witn linftra ma ainet T 8 !\im r re*u?i-.? U'>r.r !?? Ti*a?ur* l>epuUi e-t. Addrwaa "*i. I. ." B-x 3?T. Port Ore*. It* W A NTEP?A WO V a N to do the eootint ftcd ' ' p^nerii i;oow nk for a kioali laafttiv. Injure at orce at 4Ai Tw- Ith ?t-,b-two'a C, ?i.d H.or 8iV?yJkQay'e up II St* ANTF D-* toinc woman .. winfi in I'liimn a ?rru A TION ib * ranM fdmi'T f liner., k vr*?.i-r ?n-l i">nrr. Ca'.i at No. 97 K street. 8'it raJ ai. It* IV ANTKD to SKLI -snrt tn he's of Cart*' " tnJ Kwt<r PUfATO ?*. IHi'imononiii; growth JOHN ?AYN?R, ai? U-St* 'Sororr 3Ui Ssd 0 -ta. \V ANTtJt-A focd sKB V A Vr ?IHL a? oook ?' ia?p>>sui ; tucooM immaoivety. Apply at 173 B trust south, eppoai'e Smi'fcto man. a? U 3t* WANTKO?In a ema!I family, a WOM AN who oan oook. aid iron w?Kf inu?t he ate&Jj in har wars ar.l kind and oh.ifinr in h?r di?p >-iti!>n. Apply with r*iarent?a at 3V& t> nt, betwtjn 9'h ana ;Otii. It* WAN riiI>-ROO.M <a . 1 B JARD for twofen tc nen employed m u.e war Dt-partratn*. Nortl-?r:; paT - the ovt *?i-1 a pn . %? farr; \ prttfarred. A<* ires* 'P Star Off?e?. ti;l M-aday h*it ap H yt* T^KAivlJ* WANTED, to rani wool a sho. t dial t&nce <?n tn? ncrtSi horcer of the city. whw? tit9 r-aJ if eo'' : n >114^' nioo *it VtepMri. Apply atd.a Offin*. f l>. ROWLAND. No. 4VJ < n K r'.rm t. Garo?iJ <toc,r w.?t of th >Gen?ral Pott Offio" *>H it' i^ukkishf.d roftns wfi ntki>-p*m r n'nt!y. ono t two k^rntrbel rcoibi pieacantiy liiaittd xv.iHiri la 1 anu!eo{ tttc U(-i)trra. font Offi3?. to ? ? oroup;M l?j a ??3tl*a?*n and fc.s ?ife. a'!f!rc?? -j r!)m" n?. hi lg aituatt ? Hi i v ?n o- \r ltnot Board. It* wantl it to rknt-a *>*i>ant'y Iccaled y? c(l ttagk ht home, fifrnnafd. witn a gardir. at &cti*d. in tu*city ? ! W ashing oa or i*s im mtdiate v:oiuity f?r ? )*r">ar.rnt reufauoe, >f ui ei. aiurf^a,?*a*ig loca*i?.?. t<r.aa an! cor.veni?rce?i, -'t. m, \V Itox 11h, l'oar 0*?e, Waainagton. ap 11 eoSf \\[antkd-a grod whkr1.'vright. to " wf> g jobtf!?ywork or rent tfie shop App f <S an*i M tta.. U.>nJ --p U? St* Urantf.d?I wo WHK^LWKI^HTi*. None !<ul good i ^ad# u?f I ?on K ku. li'Uo^i &th au l i 'i i-.-.. ap p it* STOKE wan rEO-Wanted, by iut> l*t cf M*y, a joc>?, iTC' RE on Pen'-sjlvar.i* avnite, norltiti.-*e a<1dr??s,,k m. a Box 6^1 washington pott othc.w bp 10 SI' iRUt* rT(?-: WANTED; must he well !o" * oa'ed. an ! have a good run >t euetom. Aiiy p -non -5.10:1 a py ~ M d.?p->se ot can hear of + o**h rur-"hvar by a^dieecisg. thro'Jtli Oliie^l. v ()' up 10 3:* *4/ ANTLiJ?A .MAN Jo watch ani wut upon % Tf gea'i^iTiar, 1! with toe emal pix Libera' wages will no given. a ppl? between 9 and 3 o oiocK III 'he <J*? totf. T W1L.M AMs, Ulobe UtfiCJ. ap l0-2k* \Af AN'i'KU-A g???=d, rea?eotftbie6! RL t?> watti " aud iron *r" ir.ate n? ae.f genially uefful. Sach a ot? wi'l finu a gotx? home. fiood city refer ?n"?? ' quiimJ. A|p y e.t the Scaling Krg?*?rant? - < l a. nvLC, ?<>ctU eiJe. ap 9 3t* WANTKH TO Bt V?A ai-mil frame or brick HOI/?*;, within four rquarea of the corner of 14>u ftu;r. aiui Fa xvfi.uo, for cu?t. Aourets 'Mi S I' "Jl *>. ap* iw* nOl-t-K WANTKiM Wi*o to r*ni a tood ll ut j oouiAiuiii- 8 or lit jo 1112; ;i.- ir.'J water prffer-ni. Ac(r. -ivi-i* r::cv & c?n ?*? ' a pern tnrr.t M':nr. tennant t>y epp'yinc at 71 LsaimBk avnoa ep7-l?r_ WANTED?To te! , henceforward, MO barrels a ad it f 1 *rrt? a of An ever* wt>ek ; ftleo the samu of Hotr, for t. a Bvtinior* fJrewerj. JOn\ C -YNiiR. A?er.t. Comer of ats* ard G n*m. Orders in the I'o.ii 016 - will dj sj*i :-l f<?r at 9 a. ir. Vi <i - j*. m. a>7-li.' HOUSKW AM ?:D?A modern DWELLING Hot' It.eoatiirilri|ti4*wMii?n,Wttttmaiew e*u*rej <?! sue J* ;L^n in tc*. AdoreiG, ?t&ti. z locatioa, ;?&*, Jt c., J A V CO' 'H K ft. CO., H i 15ih t reel. ?p5-1w* \\JANTKI) - A reap?o'?t)> Pr?>t3xtao? WOMAN ** as K*Arr.?Tre*? aid chamberTT>a>d ; BOiW i?wi apply WiSliuut iffcreuees? 430 i) .tret, tetw ?ea S'h_atd 6th. rexr CUjr Ha!i. inn SI-If Vt' ANTIIi' i'i? t> KNT?From May 1st. a neatly " fu- nuhft! HOC rfci, ic a c?ntr\! location, (rvm 15 room* A^ratf Ki.I 3 H?*r ir.h 31-tf " VVTANTKU?Tu have ?v?r? on* know mat they ' ? oan find tbe be?t ?'ocr oi Ciotiint, Hats and 0*??. *t the verj lowett rate*, at SMITH'*. No. ?60t?ove' tii ?iief>t, .e.t.w F. fe 27-Sm WANTtC-Sa-leiras' .-oldinrs to know .hat tier oa-. "ut UUtlJ STOVES awl TIN WAHK cii-sap of H J. H.LGOKV. ?.*1 Parol. aTf.:u? ia l? WA VI ::l'?person to kLOW that I am in t: ?1 *.ret re-. i? to pay ca*.; for a.: arttc . !n if.a Uoi {urnHiii! < Iiti*. Those !*aTit( tfi? city, or havicr a surpiu* wili do wall :o eal!. K. H*J 4 til i. V, 4 2** :?- ? ut}. st., and II aia., ci.iT Cea>r ... New an') tSeooua band Furniture. go It tf WAN! -T ?*' ' ;w bvy1"* .^KCONDsiAN 0 K?.'KNt I'URK.SToV^Md BKJ? DlNtx. lor wtii'-. w? ti? Us r ti e?. casu price*. .tt -'fH.fitut hy w?keipitj, ?r 'i* vtOj - L.. . - o, ?..! it. 11. lit .iitir lJrl' .1 * < * 3iw/ i tjp!f7ltef mlful v - | g f *1?'- ** ?tc. balls, parties, Ac. zj.ran1> cotlm.ow hatvti ! VT i t * TEid.PLH.ANCE HALL, tffl * i- ' i , ittti ftu ! loin,) #]b <>u i : vcmn6, april lltii.uvb i *ns!ne to oomm-rcs e? s* o'clock t*rof. ar?h'?>1 j* ^r-cn, oil. tick?'* %l, a lm'h'n a geitlfflmi: iiid ;adir?. prof c f. harnks, ap in n* ikjar.acrr. rrt LOOK OUT' I HK HiHJ.RN?* BDVS IN THE FIKI.D AGAIN !-Fourteenth *jrar.<l A?ie!it>;v of ca the O ?b wnl b-< tivcu a Phuhar- ?9 n<?n:o H? . u> in 6 star Cfioe,) on JIB MO.MDA*. K Vr.M.NG. stl*t iulan. iick-Q*. ets 50, t iia tU K & re tlen^c and ?4ie?. Sac p -r ioa'ar" in f -tare adv-Ttiiements. i?y ord-r of (he C mmittM. &p 9-3t* t 1 ? ?V ** 4 <. i' ? ^ * J r* hl:V- ? l?Ott KENT?Five or ten nr oaten' walk of the ? llapartw'nf-, a nra i? f>'rui?ho?l ROOM oobraunioatiug w ;h pa ! ; ai?o, iw p ea a t Rooa.a Kelt!; furnished) on . sijoui fl or. in a private fom ' j ; n > other V^r.rJer*. Apply 403 Thirteenth ; , o-iywn i? m; ' M. It* LVtK KENT?A foui-si ry UK1C& r DWhULINii.mi p.e**ix;?iiu haaiUlul part of the csty, with fi> e large ohaii:b?r? acd p?rloi?, bath rocin aujp!:e.l with hydra;1 ?i'?r,an* gst tnrouiihout; ao?rria?e honreanl ?* attached. Thi? i* a ce?irafo!a r?aidar.c? b?r an M. O. or Government ckd oyw in either om of the depart tn;nt?. I a* 37 A fa.eveiiin it oa:. between K am L, fruiji 6 to 6 p. m. apli FH OR RALE.? * ROUSKand LOT, ?!to*ted on Capitol Hi:!. Th* bou?e i? bricir, e->ntvnirf wven rooms, a fc -.ohtn aaJ cela', with fas and a gooo cistern, las iocauon i? a pleasant on?. f.-OLtiur eut a?.nito! ink r.n thm ?nrtk ??.-!? 1? will bs'eolil ve T row. tfir pirieti'ara, r-n^nire on the prerotwa, Vo. 26 A atree' north. as 1" St* I^OK Ki NJ-Two FUKNISUKU ROOMS, r wi k Bf.rd. Al?t> Table B"*rder? accommodate, at 391 K atrett. betweeu 9:u ana 10th. *p 9 3t* 1/OK RENT Oil SALK-Wvera, COL'NIKV 1 StiA'lS with hou, e-> fuixwh.d ?xa un:?r niahed, ?itn gardena, orohlfda, acd of v?noua extent, weii watered auJ very healthy ; ore of the plaoea h&a a null To cool teaanta the tenne will be low. ACJtmii U. LOLoaHUKutiUH, near faeor?etowc, D. C ap? 3tec* ffOK KIN T? ROOMS soitaule for a corr mitte ; aiao, d mbleaad eince bed Rooma?'il4 Pa. avenue, neattu \?* Hla'd'a Hotsl. apt lw? tfOR KKNT-A TKNKMKNT, amiable for a a iin*. ! family, and very pteatautly aitaaiad on ths heichta of urorfetown. within hve nuuatea' waik oftfio Waihtrf^TJ a::d ?#orr?t->wa omcibna lire Apply al th- cfllee of J. DRNT. No. * ? Fifteenth atiejt, vVaanir.fton, ap7 Iv* SHJMMER RESIDENCE FOR RENT, mpom the Him tll*n Farm." D. C. *b?ut IK miles alMl Gtamtdtmamm lm*mm M?m I ? r'eairable mr,;?Qel l>oubie Bom# wel. ihnied, uu? water, &o , with itibuug, oarnate kouMt, A0..A0. Tb?atn- tioir?i Atembera of the Cabinet. ForMcn Mix-inerp. a d c*c'-?iaei. witn f&mi.y 11 eapocivly :r??ted to thi? e4rectieemeot. For exsinin&uo. at the promt *ea aMly U> tM nUM? vpjn th? li-m (Mr. jMNU'Biiu.) ud for forth?r ?art!oul*ra a?!dr; at t'artain W. A T. MADDUX, V t M . 1^'iO Sfiuae at/eit, Fhi ode.pu ?, Pv mhy-lip* IpOK *AL.k-?wairaC-oUM BILLIARD TA DLE8, n^rbia a aba. and every arrangeirtiit eoT.plete. laoae doainnj the above will eUd) their intereat by oaliinc Immediatei at the l'.oro yeaa Hotel, ornar Uth aireataad Peaaayivania avaiiue. mL 3 U Bk sure and come t? the bk-i ptaoe to ? ? ?o?r Clotuiiu? No 4t>? fl** tb fer^Mu * Jht_ ...... m. " m PAUKNMkK THAI* TO .MANAMA! Wa DCTABTaKHt. ; OjU't Smf 't a*4 Utrmftof RntlroaAi P 5 > ITailMflM. Afrii 1, 142. \ I'atU f jrtter notice, a trala will b? ran on Saturday of raeh w?rk, frem Seventh treet and Maryland avenue to K^nan itavlag Waablngtm at?3Ca in , ar.-tvlnv at Mao*aea? at IS m ; retarding will leave Manaa?a> at * 30 p. m . arriving at Waahlngfcn at."* p m Farelroao U aablagton to Manaanaa aud return. S3, and from Alexandria to Manaaaaa and return, Rg IS D. C. McCALLl'M, Military Director and Sop't Rallroada U. 0 ap 3-tf (latclligeorer A Rrpubllcaa.) I^TIN CON9ECJLKNCR OF AN INTKR ruptlcn at tbe L^ng Bridge, the above train will only be ran from tbe foot of Ring afreet. Alexan drla, and will leave on arrival of boat leaving Washington at 9 a. m. D C McCALLl'M, apll-lt M. D. and 8up?. R R U.? AUCTION 8A.LKS. THIS AFTHKNUOfii b TV-MOKHOW Br MaRKHALI- a PAGE. Anotnu eera Vndtf Odd l+ilw' Hm/l ELHOANT alLVKR PLATKO IOK PlTCHIK t. Olimil t-RTir tDD CrrtiET.MJo SAiU?D*\ M*?K NlNG. April l?th a-.* Tt'KPOAY, ?pn1 ?6'h, M ?* i. e!ook> we akail ? I in front of oar Aoctioo Kooina, a fall assortment of Plated War*. Cat lory, k a?? war*, b'rooeriea, Furniture, HooU and ftioea. a<eo a varied selection of Spri?.< Uoodt, to close oonatga Ht| ? MARSHALL k. PAUK.Aacta. IRBTRAY BALK. HAVE AOartised a? aairav. aoaontlm to .aw, a Gr#y Horse, and, as I have kept in* ssmt for six w.vr k?, ] will eeli the same at public sale, at tit* Market House in Washington City, I). C , on sATl'Ri'A Y, tte 12Ui u.staLt. at lo a. m , to pay ohsrros. fce. apli'St* PHILLIP MERLINS. FUTUKK DAT8. Br WALL A BARNARD. Auotionaera. THRU9TKE'B SALE or VALUABLE im proved Rial Kitati at Acerxo* ?Bv virtue ot a decree of the Ci'cuit Court ul lite Instriot ofCo'.amhia for the oouutr of Washington, ritt"f m aCoa'tofCnancerj.dated 33d of January, it32,I. E. C. Morgan, will sell,on MONDAY , the Ma of nl st. IKi, at? o'clooV pm.atUe Auct.ou RO'inss ofWaii A ha: ia.r<l. south, eo aerofPena*t:v?li\ avenue and NiLtfc street, i < th? citr af v\ asr log-on, t^e lot owint deeorii?d Ke% Ista'e, nnmely: Lots 8, 9 and 1<>, m Bauare No. Hi, f here lots front oj tout* 1 street, and a-e l>et?r**n First itre?t west and Beoond sH*etwest and on sart o( tt e?e lota are four good frame houaaa, wh:ch will beaold aepar&uly. I will then sell, at the amc place, all of t*4uar* north rfj^uare Mo. Mi This square is bounded by lw I aware avenae, Vtrcinia avenue, Haif-atreet west, andsoatii ? street. I will thee se' the same p.aoe, B^utre No. *04, This sauare is b, undal ? - ? K rfith atreet ?wt, nortri C etrest, and rerecth ette-t eaer, and ia lail out in aiataen lota, which vi 1 be sola aeparate >. I will then ae t, a: the aaire place, Lot No. 9, m Square 642. at the oorner of U?;anre tv<cB?ud aouth U atreet. ? Ail of tise ror*goicg Kea. E*tata ia situated in tha city of Washington, I). C-.acd will be aola under aforesaid decree The Wmaol thereaaiea will be: One thirdo*ah; l<alauoe to six., aad eictitacn montha. l>e ferred pa; raenta Ui bear interest, and be aeon-ad by tre porohaser or pcrchasera' cotes, e.dorsed to tue aatia.actiou of the Traatee. K. C. MoMtiAN. Trmtea. up 11 -3taw& Ja W ALL* B AKNARU, A acta By WALL Jt HAK.VARl). Auctmneara. Soutu torntr Pa avenue and 9tk n. ? UMTION HALfc OF BKuCf RiV# ?*a wp*? .r*. mom thi Lati Fiii.-'Oi TUESDAY MORNING. I3U iaM .at 10 o'clock, we will Mil, on iwsoount of tn* anderwriter*. at the Auction Room*. U?* eitutderof a'uekera stock of 6rO c*r *>?, saved from Uie fir*? Barrels refined W hit* and Veliow !*ugar?. Rarreia Sirup. H?m?, 15 b<>x*a Tobaoon, f ucdlea Tobaooo, Cheat* T> a, box* Oandlea, Ke* * - u?a-d. fepper, (Uaketa Chanipicne Pickled Balm jn, Currirt-, Yea?t Powder boxes Id erring. With inanr ota-? article* not Here Lamed and b?t e.ictity damaged. ap u> WALL A UARNARD, AboU. IIt BRKKN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. PM UBLIC BALK OF VALUABLR RKALK8TATS, A mojiuar tbi but fropkktt III TBB Ci? T ?On \V E1>N * 8UA \ , tb?> 16m of Aaul, at ]*<.'coska m , at the Auction Rootna of Green A Wiliia?*, S?oar? 175 part of Lot 4, with arg* f.?*r-rtory ar.d baaement Uriek Building, ??ri.?r of Renna. aveuue and 2d *tree ; Lot sfroi tint s? feet on second atree", L?t T, fronting 67 feet 2 n.chea o? B aweet north, too email brick bmldinga;fquare C, Lvi> S?. ard 29, on Thiru atreet; feaare 1), Lut5. fronting or. Maryland avenue, three train* bail (fine a; Square 231. Lota 6. 6, and 7;**uareS3?, )<ct24 fronting on B afreet south: Square W6 Lot* 2 and t, fronting on D atre-t. ei*ht frame h ^oaea . in? ' ? u?r?,ir< cnocOBi; it'eru^atr* **>, ifi Lots, front.nj jc 8'h and 9'Ji streets; *?aare 427. part of Lett, fronting 2S leai on th? Market t?pace. wit* a three story t>r.ok house and baok tarfling; f*quare ?11, I oli 26 au?i 25, rrontuif ot N ar.d 4th streets; J?qua-e 623, ten Lota, fronting on 4th street Bn<1 New Jersey avrnne; r-quereS. half <>f Lot 6 front r e on 27tn itr, et; 84oar* 16, 1 oti 4 and 5, on I street, Square 24, Lot 5 oorner cf New l&n.psr .re avetue atd I stree'; yquere 7j, Lot 21. fronting 69 feet t inches - n New Hampshire av^nce; gquare south of !'?. LoU IS aad 14 oa Virjiniaavenue; Square 173, 9 L oU on Ustreet, running from I'th street west; t-quare 294. I 01s 1, 2, und S frontinc on 12th street and On 10 arenas and C street There wi 1 be Plats exhibi'ed on the day of sale. Tititis: One fourth cash; the balance c?n.t annual paimenta, w;th inte real, secured "by ceoJe ot trust Title* warranted. apiOd GKfc.E% ? W ILLIAMS. Aeota. Br WALL ft BARNARD. Auctioneer*. 'I*RU9TEE'S ?*ALE OF \ALVABLE REAL I KtTiTiuin Covmit or W ash met on, 0. O.?I'y virtue <>t a deed of tra?t, dated on tbe 2Mb day of August. 1857, and recorded on the Mb day of November, 197 in liber J. A No. 144. folioe 234. 235, 236 aiid S37. one of tr e and reoords for W asrunzton county, in the Distrot of Columbia, I will leTi on Tilt RSOAX , 34!h day of April, IMS, at 5 o'clock p m ,at the Auction Hou?e Wail * Barnard. owrner #tb street and Pa avenue, in the oity of Wa?lungtor, the fo lowing de?onbed tract of la'd, with lunding* and improve* -L't thereon, situated in tb.e cf Washington, m tbe Dtatrict nf Oo crabia : Ti e said tract of laid b*;iLnia? a< tbe ei d of tbe fourtti iinecf a tract of 'aud ?a ed New Seat, and running thence south 15 eerchee, tbenoe sout-8S decrees, west 26 fetches, thence north ?6 degree*, east 145 percbee. tlieaee south 69 deereca. east 51H percl e* toita in erse-.tioa with the fifteenth lire of t- e larger tract of land coavryed by t*?e heirs and <1 rvisees of David C. Part er to Edward 8warn, thence truth <9 degree* wr?t 63 perches, tbeooe m - trt'n 91. .1.. r... ? ? ?.1 ' '* ? -? - _ w KV.,? vv>, ? t i m i p-ivum k' U (M- JW OI pcrch t^nce, south Si Cfgieca, writ ?S peroh?e to the banting, containing 31 uni, I rood u>d 11 pfrchea. Tee terma of th a tie *i 1 t-e "tie-third oub; ba'anco b?*ri ng interest &ud payable in e^ual iaata'ment? ate, fSand IBaobths, tee <Merrac ht me eta to be Meired by a len on the lead One hondrrd dolaraoi the oa?h pa-mro* to be pa d down at the place of aa r; and m ca?e the parahaeer or pnrcua?era refnainc ao to do the property will at once ba resold at the riek and ocat of the defauluag parohaaer or i>n-chase s. ?. C. MORUAN. Tmatea. mhSleoAd, WALLA BARNARD. Aa?* ??* **ARTtt'ts WARD " ARE Capacity of the Hill secure 1 for the Leo tura of C. F. Wrownb, L?h., tetter know aa "ARTKMU8 WARD." htToLwpeli* thJnan a*"r 01 the entertain owst to Itmu ttu numbr* %] iicktts tojbe issued. in order that oomiort akail ba ee-<arec to the audi?uae. Trose who Hiuu* ?.> ?w- ?? ! Hoflftoriat will do wvll to ' re uokeU *rW ? bm Kirartnaroowfj?W.t* ) i? ??5l <?OUTHERN EXPRESS COMPANY. Thu Comptsy, beitx fully orgu. ; >d ud Mfwall# imibi, ia now crert dtoreociv* VASm-SuTONr1'* BALTIMORE. NEW VORK Wt ?' "d oa M/ or?b"A?^n?llM iliy1 ' 'P! j? me Ucrckuu, aBti*r? tnd til itKiort wi.l Sad thia line well worthy of p?tron*c?. Sn^O!inteaden? Bcitbrra Kip'tnCo I. F f" A* to. n r ,U ^ ? ri. IJ.VISII Irani, Wathirnon ; 3'i Broadway, N?w V??rfc. a? lc-lw Mk 8 AC KEN Hur aeivad moo h tttntm m weil M kitxtaaea from her pttr?ii>. till* will cOLtinae with har arcph^tu mu:fMtit;ani a abort turn longer. ?ta { not wjilir.f to baconi ctrt^i tMt uMMiam. although ?h? civaa many la har p?cu..u ?m. Phe baa fathomed ail the my*uo boactj of h-r pr .fe?non. a~d la fat j eempetrat ta write rpiti any eubjeet o: depth and importance ap 9 1 m* _ BPLL RUN. MANASSAS. M mm ? - ~ A Ut'Jui and ValuabU Rtlic Two "Bfcarj'i RiflM" for Ml* for twmU doUara ?oh-4U* or I'aioa rriiuatri it U? Mitt* of Bail Kil Oat Om Fmi Sold W??oh and Chaia. war. rental In gold, for a?ta for fit. a535f~ Am't at 4S6 llth atrcat. batwaaa ? aad H. a> flw JicWN u.vWv0' ffif.LA?- AND 8AI.K ciAtibti, Cormar V Sink *mI C Hi., _ in&tf W Camaf oa, of Vt||M for iiro, aaOo, or MM nskud jWk Ll v?ry by tf>0 f*aj ?' HMlL 1 Jina urcurc Ladr'a iMd Fot) U Ml*. dht it ?orf?ot!y janUa: aha raoka. trou. io#oa or H?w, ud ia a aorfaot ooapty. Lov for tan. b ttoa\m ALBUktt*:UL7krn?. SaML'BL BACO& AA<5?*rota-a tboir^KSS thanka u> ua ftraanaa, orasoca, aoidtoro, nartnoa and (ai'd-i tqr aa?icc tkeir a- port* m !: ? di-aatrooa troofUiofta'. Tho? a tool <?oopl? in <? ? ioi to tko yoroet faaitl aac it* polio* tor U*iMa ifcoy took of taou owhaadiaa a* iu K .-w- ^

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