Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1862 Page 4
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' f\ i/1 . /An V ii JU \ ^ +\J fc???1^? FvV*]nr : ST v H.J *prl?f H*i?bH4 ? nd C*ld Frames. The 'oltvw.Lft article, written by a New Jersey maiket ?>?rdener, whicb we find in the Horticulturist Tor March, i? timely and valnabU Moet v ers*n? with httle experience start their hot-bed* tor renting plant* too early, and never get good, stoofcy, hardy plants. As our operation* are conducted with a view to profit, and on a large scale, we flatter oar*e!vda (hat in sotue respect* our system is Mmpler and cheaper than that adopted In private practice, competition having the effect of drawing out all contrivances, so as to make our manner of working a* profitable as possible. In the rising of tender plants, suoh ?s tomato, egg. melon, or encumber, there is often a great error committed in starting too early, aa they cannot be safely planted out in this district until the 2i*th or 25th of May. Tbe loth of March is much more preferable for smarting the hot-bed than the 15th of February; and if tbe nse of a green-bouse can He had, by sowing in b?.xe? there, there is no neeemtv for starting the hot-bed until the 10th or 15tb of April, when the green-bouse plants that have been sown a month previous, m the greenhouses, may be planted in the trame. "Our manner of making hot-teds is different trom that in general u?e in private gardens: whether the wood work of the frame is stationary or portable, we invariably a?e a pit for the reception of the prepared hot manure. Thi? pit l.o from 2 to 2i feet deer*. 6 feet wide. and ot any length required. I'he ad vantage of this over having the hot-bed bailt above the ground if. that it requires less heating material. and, being alt uuder ground, is but little effected by the outside temperature. The manure being duly prepared by two or three turnings the pi? Is filled up?picked moderately firm?to wifhTfTP i8?bes of the top of tbe board*, the pashes put on, and kept close to "draw up" the beat. As soon as the heat is found to be up in the frame?but not before ?four or five inches of dry soil is regularly spread over the surface, in which is plunged a thermometer for a day or two, and when it indicate a temperature of SO degrees, with a tendency to decline, the aeed id sown or the seed!ing> planted, a* the ease m*y be As the wea'her become? wirm. and 'be plants get vigorous, water is freely given, and air in warm, mild days The best protection fram frost at nights we find t? be straw mats, made long enough to overlap tbe ?aih at each end mx inches" a mat for a six-feet saab requiring to be something over seven feet long. For raising our spring plants ol cabbage, cauliflowers, or lettuce, we use only cold frames ; that is, frames on the surface of the ground, without any heating meterial; these we uiiiMiiy start by tbe first week in March. IJave tbe ground finely pulverised, and sow rather thin By one month from the time o! sowing we have fine, strong, hardy plants for TilantinM in *!?? /-. ??? J 1 j'luuiii.- iu mo jiiuuuu. varviui oiwu' tion is Decenary in giving abundance of air, and by covering up by straw mats at night, so as entirely to excludo fro9t. "Wo Lave praoticcd this plan for some years past, ana find it cheaper, requiring less attenUor, and producing much better plants thaa thoje raised in hot-beds." A Txtp to the North ?A correspondent with Gen ttueii's division tells U?e story The flnest plinutiou between Nashville and Columbia js that ^ f Major Shield*. As we pas?ed, h!s fen'"* were lined with negroe* One of th^se ?* t ail?d with? "Who U your muter"' ''Vr-jor Shields.'" 'Where Is he?" la de Sutten army." ' Don't you wish we may catcta him'" "Lor' bless you soul, unsasa, he's donecotched a'rea.ly1" W Lere was he caught'" ' Why, at Fo't Donelatxi: They got him up moat to Canada now'" ' Wax&d Kio?."-We understand tnat In one of the acty o.a of onr city last week, a miachievww orcfcia took an opportunity to depiait soft wax uppi. the becches of all [the boya and the rh .ir* of the teachera. It vrasn't long Before the chcol r-.otn wai s* full of ' w?itd t-adi" ai a ahocmakt-r'nshop.?Portland (M*.) Courier. 117"The editor of the Springfield Republican *,fl la flVAritc tatifK V? I'kaM 1 1 . ? ii*v iouiro. i ury with of arbutus. and In expressing bia ^raliiadc be likens tbe blushes of the petal* t-j warn kl*?ea in a quiet dell, which is rather ardent talk i or iu.d up-country folk. Ijy A lady well advanced In rniiden hood, at h-r ir.?.rriicer qt:e*tedth? choir to aicg thf hymn comm<>nr:ng ' Tbla :a tue way i long have sought AliI mouuri oe< suae I foundu not.*' i zr m rs. liv f>?re Powers, of St. Lou.s, expired [ v-'y audvlealy ad uuder cucuar.staucia whrch i:.duetd ft* h If f tbV her death we* the result of violence received at tue ha*id? of her Lusbind Thonsaa Powers. ti^ Tfc- FeuUn Kiotbeihood of Lafayette, lad , Lav*- aub.-crioed ??00.30 to the cause of the ??\.ttVflDg peer i Irtl .ad. /s mHTKSS-OYSiKRS. \ - UK?.' rf AHK S eamed Orator Saloon. The ?n'>ao'i:i( r r.*v.n? c-inpisi*! /"> 4 T * 4CJ ijB fCfQ? f :> '\Uz i s, ;t ftriffrs ai.d i .p pillio fr-.craily. with Ot?mm watf cuottd -I *:ie i ?w of 'e&minf 'I fce tx?? t <?y-t?rr? tii? .M*.ikei ciu nnord will *J irtislxxio t%Til, a: ri.e Chs?*p?*fce St? Oyiwr ;**i?or.. o. 4 ft.1 Li ?treet, cat; 7th, uul eut of tiia J'at?*r t Office. m i 3 -lm \VM. P. WKBB. Prop*i?'Q'. /?\'>Yi*TKR8?OYSTERS S~*\ oysters c! the .: ?><%'ity c*-. b* h*<l ire?t! os??~? cr.y, at w <' ! * ??f S'A i-, 50;/ rs.atii ?tie#t. between i) and A**cite, mH ? im? AVKE3 A CO. OSPM: M NOI ITK. S AM) AKIKR TUESDAY, APRIL 1, i?,tr.-? oa in ' Baltimore and Ouio fcaii >*t: o> :i,?:.c9 rutr;. t da. j, SuuUays excepte', >?avitc Uiii a'At'< i at 7 40 a M, ai:d coi.- ectir>/j at \\ i c o Juao'ion vu:; ir.a. t-an. for fei j-ansofthe Watt ti% fark?r?hnrj or \Vr<>?iir.*. Threat,. acd bagjaje ehe^k-Hl w . P HMI ?H, M??tw r: r. a[ ?l .rattjd Da ti*.orc acd Ohio Kailr^aH ap l d>f 500,000 POONDi? , ROLUil TALLOW and v Aft MY GREASK WANTED. lor wiiich the hiihMt price wi.l bo pai I at the Nax - ?:? a .d Candle v\ orka, Ureen street aud 4 aaa!,Georfatowa, D. C. ink 19-1 m ?\ B- JKvVELL. Proyrietca. C UK E?CORNS?B UNIONS. MI< !*' ". K UK J AT, ?of<eon Cr iropoJut, from Par s. (kjsUi ibfoim jou teat heeau eneota 11 t r- ai ? /? I'.cru and iSuui?im without pain, so ..a t?.o ? : < b? won. ijni.e<iiate!jr af'?r the t aval.or, w:t!ioct iooot veniAcoe. remove* ?v a ?a: . lapertii nui flesh from tue hand. * tnat t':?r wi ! *pp??r small and drtioat". No 14 r.eiir City Ha!:, Cbari** n.o ?ratj. IZ7~ Kci-r? t?> lite dootora of Waal.;. jU?- te:.#r a ?. ?ti o tl BOOTS- SHOES t afii na Cok*? TsjrtH?r. atd Pa.. At. to W 'SHI MiiTO.N tVfV A5D LA*Th3N If ADM iipp*l iWaMBlt... f 1J5 to #t?4 Gt [< Ui.rii jf% I isiu P?bU' Fino<l*if Coota ... #1.00 to #6CO a:; boots aaj siioed very chea* IT* t. >c ? uada to oru#r id tiie t?>*t n aan*., ti ?Tr> h-i.i rn a i-; s .i mok^k h*VKEY P. Kr*MN'? iNTKKL8'r-Tii*i hne A ?u>ok of Ct<Uuae for I?1? uvb: tia.U' Jews., j Mof ia i f* otf*r?d M Im* tn?:. ?a? .e#a.f prices, al eMlfH'J. NO. 4*0 SoT-ntli atrMt. PEOPLE'S ^LOTHINC sfORK, No. i 4?0 seventh ?i. AiW?M?hwMl! N?warriv*i uf Hjri-i (>0o<!<i all tL? !?te?t ?tilM of Olothmj, *t *fr ?S? * ?< !> lt? ^trWt, F. ft*> tal ' ?' ' L'UR >ALV:-.\ *took ?f Cloiftihf, Ftrniaii r .nf UMs ??hI ?t whole ?tl??rr<t.*> Nu. 46* all eat. ??po?iU fo* o?eo. _ _ la if 3to / n;Ni PiWBUhir.c Good*. Tnnjki, Clothing, ll Trurk^. *a"m. at XortLarc f low. Bt til? PhvM No. 4## 7th Kr? t. ?iui ai ^ jm u 'tf * Snic M.o. DniKir, rKniTfu J'tdomen ?fctrU. wfcicb we otf*r at old itioM, t IIKiYh H No. 4f.O !**v?utta <t f* 5P-trr> XXPMKS3 COMPANY. MOT tea Of ASMOfAU t^o Uf;IVM7 oSo?of.tkii OOmftLJ u r?mOT?d ifwfr Thud ttrwttoUie 'arc* d*?ot us fl nroet, I4??W| t<t aw<< %' rt?. Ho U7K HAVU nKUMvn a i.mau Kiikri w g, (HE ROVER, " .I * * JSil ?tb ? - " ntj*r fi>?-'. . Of **2 j < *ri?u^. ?? ' '* yjfijkf**' "Oj* # to* AND MOU.11'?U lOiUICkl l? noftriTii Published in twnformxty witA tkt ruaiutum , of tht Sen Ue of July 16, 1961. A* y Htfitml, April l. MU S Irftntry 5 Mth New Tori ?!... 4 4th do ? 4+.r,?... 1 Wd do do.... 9 : 2d Mninc VoIunWr* . 1 <idth do do.... 3 3d do do 1 rrtk do do....It 7th do do...... 9 69th do do..?.3S 2dVerBOBtVolante?rs 2 93d do do.... t 7thMum'huteVnVtl. 2 98th do do....13 9th do do.. 3 3d NewYork Artillery*} 10th do do.. 1 'Jftth Penn. Volunteer*. 1 )8th do do.. 14 82d do do 1 23d do do..20 83d do do 25 ja ae An. i sain ao oo o ^t??ekton,s Mkh. VoI".t3 93d do do 4 2d Michigan Vol 1 9*th d? do 6 4th do do V 90th do do 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 HSd do do 1 Mb do .do 1 1st do Reaeive.... 2 2d Rhode island Vol. 9 4th do do 1 4th do Art. 2 42d do do 2 13th New York Vol... 6 3d do Cavalry.... IS 11th do do.... 8 8th do do 34 inv ?~ o i.> n<?? *? rtu Ul' UV> *r tn UV li IUIW tf 2ith do do fl 4tb Cameron Dragoons 5 33d do do.... lWit U. Chaaeeufa... 1 30th do do.... 3 19th Indiana Vol 3 4*2d do do.... 1 Offlcers 1 43d do do.... 1 44th do do... .83 Total............371 56th do do.... 1 At Gon**al Hospital, Union Hot*!, torn*t Bridgt nnd Wat king ton ttritts, &*o*g*town, April 4. ?_________________ lit New York Art. .. 1 891 P?nn. Volnnteeu. 7 i 13th do Vol. ..17 7l?t do do 1 14th do do 10 104th do do...... 1 17th do do**#* 3 Kftnc'i Rlflpff 4 95th do do.... 1 7 th Mm. Volunteer*. 1 *iStb do do*... 1 9th do dot.#t?i 3 3td do do*... 3 l^th do do.... . 3 41th do do*>i*23 Wd do 49th do do.... 1 id Ms.lne Vol ante* .. 15 wth do do.... 2 Stockton's Mich Vol.IS Aid do do.... 4 2d Michigan Vol 1 but do do.... 4 ttb do do 2 , 93d do do.... 2 3d Kioelalor Brigade. 1 ; 100th do do 1 4th Vermont Vol 2 9th New York Cavalry 1 5th do do...... 4 1st Fenn. Cavalry.... 2 6th do do...... 1 3d do do 1 Mott'a Battery 1 6th do do 10 Cameron Rifles 1 2d do Volunteer!. 1 Signal Corps 1 4th do do 2 fl'.h U S. Cava*? 2 tit a do do 2 1st do Chaaaeuri... 1 fctt. *~ * ? iii.t i ? i.i?J tiv ui?.. * I'WiJK KBiana VOI 00 L lOtti do do 1 Harris Light Cavalry. 1 23d do do...... l 3d U. 8. Infantry 1 4Mb do do 3 ? 61st do do 1 Total 191 021 do do S At Hat Columbian ColUg*, Watkingtm, April 4. id L. 8 Artillery ... 1 TTtb New York Vol... 1 2d do Cavalry 4 8Ui do do.... 6 4tta do do 1 e5th do do 1 5th do do !- 03d do do....16 6th do do 1 96th do do.... 10 3d do Infsntry.... 1 96th do do.... 2 14th do do 12 100th do do.... 2 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 108d do do.... 6 11th do do...... 3 103d do do.... 1 7tb Massachuaetta Vol. 4 Rocket Battalion 1 10th do do. 1 latNewJerveyCavalryll 19th do do. 2 tat renn. Artillery... 2 Rhode Island Artillery 1 3d do Cavalry.... 4 2d Rhode Island Vcl.. 2 4th do do...... 1 id Venaont Volunteers 3 5th do do 3 4th do do....17 6th do do 54 5th do do.... 4 8th do do...... 1 6:h do do.... 10 42d do Volunteer*. 1 IstNew York Artillery 2 49th do do t 7th do Battery. 9 5-Jd do do 16 Bth do do,... 1 56th do do...... 8 8th do Cavalry.24 71st do do...... 2 9th do do.... 7 laid do do 1 1st New York Vol... 1 lUhl do do 3 10th do do.... 2 lMthdo do 12 17tta do do.... 1 112th do do 2 20*.h do do.... 2 Starglt Illinois Rltlea. 1 ?Vta do do,... 1 McClrllan UngOMM.. 2 3fith do do.... ft 3d Mlrhtpan Vol 2 "Tth do do.... 1 19th Indiana Vol 2 30th do do ... 3 5th VVtaronaln Vol.... 1 4M do do.... 4 1st Minnesota Vol.... 1 4lth do dn 1 2d D C. Volunteers.. 1 56th do do.... 2 Quartermaster1* Dcp't I ?2d do do.... 1 78th do do.... 2 Total .....333 At Mount Pleasant General Hoinital. Anrtl 4. ? M f ~?M - - - - 1st New York Vol 1 5th Penn. Cavalry.... 2 lat do Artillery 3 53d do Volunteers . 1 1st do Batterv . 1 5?th do do S lat do Chass'rslt 63d do do 1 6th New York Vol... 1 ?5th do do 15 16th do do 1 101?t do do 14 33d do do 5 103d do do 17 37th do do.... 3 105thdo do 1 40th do do,... 1 1th Vermont Vol 4 44th do do 3 5th do do 2 4<?th do do.... 1 6th do do 2 5*2d do do 1 5th N.Hampshire Vol. 1 5?ith do do....21 7th Maine Volunteers. 9 ttlst do do.... 3 11th do do....16 64th do do 1 l(ith Massachusetts Vol 2 66th do do 4;3d Michigan Vol 1 77th do do....13 Stockton's Mleh. Vol. l "1st do do slstb Mtf.hlffU Vol 1 fejth do do SI lnt Rhode island Vol. 1 !R?d do do 24 2d U. 8. Infantry.... 1 tid do do 25 6th do do 1 96th do do 8 5th do Artillery,... 1 96th do do.... l nth do infantry.,.. 1 100th do do.... ? 3d Penn. Dragoons... 4 Total 271 "dl Hotpital (Pattnt OfiU?), W*iki?gtm, D. C.t April 5. 13th Indiana Vol 1 A2d Penn. Volunteer*. 2 lifth do do 65 93d do do..., 1 16'.h do do 1 1(Wth Ha * 24 L'.S. Sharpshooters 3 61 *t do do.... 1 i 9th New York Cavalrylb 56th do do.... 6 5id New York Vol... 15th do do.... 3 | 61 it do do.... 6 107th do do.... 5 Slat do do.... 3 9lst do do....11 8th New York Cavalry 13 3d Michigan Vol 1 7th do do.. 2 4th do do 3 '.tithNew York Vol... -2 McClellan Dragoons.. 8 93d do do.... 9 Oneida Cavalry 10 56h do do.... 5 3d Virginia Volunteers 1 0*M do do.... 2 14th L. 8 Infantry ... 3 77th do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoons... 7 76<b do do.... 1 11th Maine Volunteers 7 33d d<> do.... 1 1st do do.... 3 HStfc do do.... 1 1st Rhode Island Cav. 1 1st U S Sharpshooters 3 1st I). C. Volunteers.. 1 57th New York Vol... 2 Cltlien 1 81st Penn. Volunteers 5 ?? UGth do do.... 2 Total *37 103d do do.... 2 Sitk r?M?w( its Iks Hotpitml /sr grsyrtw DtsimjH, at Kaiorawuk. April 4. 2d U. 8. Infantry 1 Oneida Cavalry 1 th do do 1 10th New Jersey Vol. 1 Id do Cavalry 2 4th Penn. Volunteers. l 3th do do 2 Sid do do 2 th do do 3 72d do do 1 1st Massachusetts Vol. 1 107thdo do...... 4 lVth do do.. 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 i2d do ds.. I 19th Indiana Vol 1 lit New York Artillery 3 2d Berdan tiharpe'ra.. 9 12th New York Vol... i Quartermaster's Dep't 1 97 th do do.... 1 Citizen 1 1st do do,... 1 Contraband 1 *lsl do do.... 4 ? yom ao au.... !i| Total.............43 At Dtmgltu Hospital, corntr of 1 strut and Ntw Jtrf?y avtnut, April 4. 1st U 8 Artillery.... 1 6UhNew York Vol... 6 3d do do 1 Mth do do.... 4 5th do Cavalry..(a) 6 CJKh do do ... 3 3i do lufautry.... 1 76 th do do.... 1 6th da do 1 88th do do.... 2 12th do do 14 21th do do.... 1 17th do do 6.96th do do.... 1 6th Maiae Volunteers. 3101st do do.... 4 Cfrk M a St.* * wiu li Kiaisiu?uirv vol J I'VXl GO 2 yd Vermontvolunteera 0 104th do do.... 1 4th do do...(ft) l latNewJeraeyCiralry ? 31 Maaaaehu?ett? Art. l Cameron Dragoons... 3 1Mb do Vol. 3 lat Fenn. Cavalry .... 1 jmh do do.. 1 5th do do...aa. 1 ?2d do do.. 3 8th do do...... 5 UtNewYorkArtillery 4 3d do ?caerve.... 1 Taft N Y. Artillery.. 1 3d do Volantnn.. 2 Dick'n N Y. Art...(a) 1 tlth do do 1 4th New York Cana ry 1 43d do do 7 lit U 8. ChaMenra ...16 27th do do 1 1st Loar Island Vol..14 31at do do...... I *d New York Vol... 1 4#th do do 8 8th do do.... 3 53d do do 4 l?th do do.... 4 61at do do 3 2uth do do....11 74lh do * 334 do do.... 15 88th do 1 ?Stk do do.... 3 ?ld do do...... 3 aM do do.(d) 1 93d do do. *17 34 ih do do.... 6 104d do do...... 1 4lit do do.*** 2 107thdo ^Oi?MM ? 4id do do.... a id D. C. Voluntow. .. I 43d do do.... 3 tth Michigan Vol 8 43th do do.... 4 tth Wisconsin Vol... S 47th do do.... 1 Aadww* 8h*rjn?ra .. 1 filth do do.... 1 7 36th do do.... 1 ?3d do do.... 51 I (?) CtupUla. (?) CapUln. <?) UcuWuatt (4) CtpOltT ; ' At AIM* Otmtrai gtplul, April 4. 11th M?l?. V?lH.>..?<ni 1<W4 ? > ???? i;:;::;;Jl Stb do do....3<Al.8lHk.Uy _1 | j??u* do >1 Tetll.fituifffW** I ?T<r iro.usszS i'oinaiTi.'jD .bliotr mU at h*irrhttn *? I i I ??? * ' < f - ^ 4l Qtmtfa H?rpit+l, [CvtU,) Wutkimgtm, lftn.S Gantry...* liMNt?V?Atenli|. 1 M do do 1 13th NewYoft Vol. . 3 4th do do 1M do do.... r flh do do........ 2 W do - do.... 1 6U1 do do 3 3d Pean . Civilfy.,,, 11 l?t 4? Artillery.... 7 ttth do Votantaca. I rm. a a . ' ^ a _ sn ao mo..,,.... vhwu ao ao 1 34 do do 7 73d do do...... | 4th do do 4 6Sth do do f< ftii do do. ?' 4 9ltt do ^ ^ot|?9#9 ? M do lufluitry t? ?thN.HuntafaireVol. i 3d do do. M 3d VermontVoluoWsere 1 4th do do 17 lot do CiToIrf .. l 6th do do 3 10th MwochuortUVol 1 10th do do 4 1* Minnesota Vol.... i 11th do do. f Stockton* Mich. Vol. l 12th do do... S Kmm Blfloa | 17th do do '2 1st New York Artillery 1 Vofcl M do do I A' OiMrsi HotpttaJ, (K thing tan,) Wtskingtem, " April 4. latNewYork Artillery l let Artillery... e 4th New York Vol... 3 9th do Volunteer*. t 7th do ~ do.... 3 94th do do 3 fth do do 9 73d do do 1 13th do do 1 75th do do 1 aoth do do 14 103d do do 20 23d do do 3 107th do do 2 27th do do.... 2 1st U 8. Cavalry 7 39th do do.... 2 2d do do. 8 (1st do do ... 2 6th do do 1 43th do do....* 6th do do........14 2d do do 1 letNewJereeyCavalry 2 60th do do.... 1 8th Peon. Cavalry.... 2 60th do do.... 1 latMlnocaota Vol.... 1 8lot do do.... 17 7th MaIm Volunteer*. 1 Btth do do.... 2 5th U. 8. Artillery.... 1 93d do do.... 4 let do Chasaeura .. 1 96th do do 1 Sth Rhode Itland Bat. 1 06th do do.... 7 17th U.S. Infantry... 1 nrnt. a. A? r? ? ? . - yew ao ao.... i ?a u. voianteen.. 3 10M do do.... 2 10M do do.... 6 Total 157 At Otatrai Horpital, Judiciary Squart, Washington, April 4. 2d U. 9. Infantry 3 3d Peon. Reserve 4 0th do do. 12 4th do do 4 8th do do 1 Sth do do 5 1st do Cavalry 15 6th do do 5 14th do Infantrv 1 7th do do 3 6th Vermont Vol 1 -th do do 4 1st __ do Gavalrv . Sjtfth do do 4 uth maaiachuaetta vol. 1 12th do do 5 18th do do. 2 1st do Rra. Cav... 5 22d do do. 1 lit do Rea. Art.... 1 lit Rhode Island Cav. 3 l?t do Volunteer . 1 1st New England Cav. 2 9th do do 1 13th New York Vol... 1 12 th do do 2 14th do do.... 1 Slat do do 1 15th do do.... 2 83d do do I 17th do do. .. 5 107thdo do 14 42d do do.... 1 lat do Cavalry.... 4 44th do do,... 3 lat do Artillery... 1 S2d do do ... 2 19th Indiana Vol 8 81at do do. ... 2 2d Wlaconaln Vol 14 ?d do do 25 latU. 9 9harpahoote?23 95th do do ... 3 2d do do 18 93th do do.... 2 id D. C. Volunteers... 4 100th do do.... 1 93d Penn. Volunteers. 1 lat Penn. Reserve.... 6 2d do do 7 Total 83? At 6o*srml Hospital, Altmmmdrim, April 4. id U. 8. In (an try.... 0 68th New Yof* Vol... l 3d do do 2 60th do do.... 18 4th do do 0 77th do do....21 6th do do 6 Slat do do.... 3 lllkiln <tl> 1 tfTII. J. ? 12th do do 25 88th do do.... 5 14th do do 8 92d do do 2 17th do do 5 63d do do 1 lat do Cavalry 1 96th do do.... 1 4th do do 1 99th do do.... 2 5th do do 5 UtNewYork Artillery ? Hth do do P 2d do do.... 11 lnt do Artillery.... 1 3d do do? 1 2d do do 7 Indep'tN. Y. Battery. 5 3d do do 2 11th NewYork Battery 3 5th do do 5 12th do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteera. 6 tat do Cavalryl7 3d do do......10 2d do do.... 3 4th do do...... 7 9th do do.... A 5th do do 18 lit Pesn. Volunteera. 2 6th do do 2 2d do do 7 7th do do 18 3d do do 4 5tbN. Hampshire Vol. 4 4th do do 6 6th do do. 1 5th do do...... 1 U- 1 tr ? a - iu im?ncmiK'iu voi. i om ao ao 4 9th do do.. 1 7th do do 8 12th do do.. S Hth do do,.;... 1 15th do do.. 2 9th do do 7 16th do do.. 1 10th do do 5 22d do do.. 6 11th do do 18 1st do Art.. 1 12th do do 5 2d Vermont Volunteers 5 32d do do 1 3d do do 3 40th do do...... 1 4th do do 24 42d do do 6 5th do do 15 49th do do 2 6th do do 5 52d do do 1 1st Connecticut Art. ..17 63d do do 13 1st NewJeraeyCtTalr$23 54th do do...... 2 1st do Vol.... 4 57th do do 8 2d do do 6 61st do do...... 2 ja ao ao o*a ao do 5 4 th do do 14 tod do do 7 7th do do 1 09th do do 1 l?t do Art.... 1 rid do do 2 3d do do 1 Slat do do 3 Ut New York Vol.... 1 83d do do i 2d do do 4 t3d do do 2 12th do do.... i Ittth do do S3 13th do do..*. 7 90th do do 3 * A. I _ . . . . _ ivn ao ao.... i wu do do 7 10th do do....SO 103d do do...... 5 17th do do.... 7 104thdo do 1 18th do do.... 3 106thdo do 13 BtKh do do ... 2 l?t do Rifle* 6 2Ut do do.... 5 1st do Cavalry...., 16 2*1 do do.... 1 id do do l 21th do do.... 3 3d do do 2 25th do do.... 5 11th do do 2 23d do do.... 4 let do Artillery... 2 20th do do.... 2 10th Indiana Vol .....19 27th do do....13 27th do do 1 28th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 4 2?th do do.... 3 3d do do 1# 31ft do do.... 13.4th do do 8 ?d do do....10 5th do do 72 AN uu ? WMWm TM 111 35th do do.... 8 3d do do 1 37th dtr do.... S 5th do do 1 3feth do do....14 ?th do do 11 30th do do.... 3 7th do do 10 40th do do.... 8 8?h Illinois Cavalry...S4 43d do do.... 3 Cameron Dragoon*...SI 44th do do.... 13 McClelLan Dragoons . 7 49th do do,... 7 1st Minnesota Vol 0 S&d do do 8 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 9 iSth do do 1 Quartermaster's era 57th do do....13 ployeee ? # 61 at do do.... 5 CiUtens 3 83d do do....18 Prisoner of war 1 04th do do.?. 3 6th do do.... 15 Vmnl 1000 07* Washington papers pis?a copy and send kills to the War Department apr 10?M 0MZTB ajto BROTSBR'S NEW YORK m}r A\ fefc l|gSi?g PP PPP AA kk iL KK PC rP)' AA X EK Pt? PPP AA A A ,L IKKK PPPPP AA AA jL EKEK t5 i* A AAA AAA ?L EE rp AA AA I EK It AA " kfctfctfc illlllg U\ fft \\\ f&\\\ vrnxoa AMBKB ALB, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, In WkaU Half. mmd. BRHWED PROM THE OBOICBSV BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, IS 111 ItiMl, >llwiw 7 th ?I Hfc IrtiMf, nan IUMa ft *. '7 >'' ?" J> - *-.! " IT Ia^:onjta?tr i raritr 0

? ??# ? ? ? f or j vt'- x ; t i < * a i T aw?./ - I c:s-0 o - it **? ' ? s ii / ? THE GREAT "AMERICAN REMEDIES," Known at HELMBOLD S SDDin PKBPAB&TIOXS, viz: HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT "BUCHV,? " ? 8ARSAFARTLLA " IMPROVED ROSE WASH. i- ' i *. i : f r . , HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PR EI'AH ATI ON. -H19HLY CONCEIfTR AT ED" COMPOUND FL UID EXTRACT B UCH U. A Poaitire lad 8*eo.fia Remedy For Diseases or the BLADDER. KIDfiRYB, BRAVEL,ud DROPSICAL8WELLINBS. Thie Medioiae morea-tes the power of Dn?tion, an4 exoitee Uie ABSORBENTS into healthy aotion, by vfcioh the WATERY OR CALCARKOU8 deposition!, and all UNNATURAL BNLARBKMBNT8 ate red Med. aa well aa PAIN AND INFLAMMATION. and la food for MBIT, WOMSIf, OR CHILDREN. HELMEOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU, For Weaknesses Amine from Exaeaaaa, Habits of Diaaipation, e.?riy inaiBorfiinz: or Abuse, AtttnM with tki foliomat Strmrtomt ? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss ot Power, L;>sa of Memory, Diffiou.ty of Rronthmg, W?| Nerv?t, Trembling, Horror of Dise&ae, YVatefanee*. f)imness ol Vision. Pain in the Back. [ntToraal Laasitade of the Mneonlar Hot Hands, Flashing of the Hody Dryness of the Bkin, Kraptions on the Faoe PALLID COUNTENANCE, Theae symptoms, if ailowd to go on. whioh thia medieine invariably removes, soon follow* IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT8, ia one of whioh the patient may expire. U7kn ? n mm ^ Ika# #Va* bia# M ?n ! f/*l I av vMi m| ?u?k kxicj bio uvi iir^ucuuy ivr loved brthoM "DIREFUL DISEASES." 'INSANITY AND C0N8UMP10N." Many are aware of the oan*e of their tofTerinc, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. Andtht Milanrholy Dtatks by Contvmption. IliK 1MPLI WITNESS TO TH* TRUTH 0? THIS ASSMTIOW. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires the aid ot medicine to etrenjthen aid Invigorate the Syctem. Which HELMBOLWS EXTRACT BUCHU in variably dots. A T*IAL WILL CONVINCI THI MOST SKIPTICAL. FEMALES? FEMALES- FEMALES, OLDOR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In many Afections peculiar to Fkmalft, the Extract Bnoha ia annulled br any other remedy, a* in Chloria or Retention, Irregularity, P?itfulnepe or Snppreaeion of Customary ? v*euation?, Uloerated or Soirrhou* ?tau? of the Uterne, Lsncorrhfpa or Whit**. Btoritity, and for ail complaint* incident to the ??x- whette* ariainc from Indiaoration, Habit* of Dissipation, or m the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LiFE. n SYMPTOM* ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Taxi no hosi Balaam, Mbrcubt.or cnflba*atlt mbdicikbs fob umplsa8ant amd dahobroc9 sisbaibr. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU CURB* SECRET DISEASES In all their At little Kxpente, Little or no ohance in Diet, No inoonvemenoe, And no Mxroiurt, It MQiM a frequent deireand (irei strength to Urinate, thereby removing obftruotiona. Preventing and Coring Ptriotarea of the Urethra. A laying Pun and Inflammation, a* frequent tn the olaen of dia*a??a, anH expelling all Poisonous, DistHttd and mom out Matter. thousands vroy thousand* WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have paid hxavt rttt to be cured lr a ahort time, have found they were deo*ived. and that the "POISON" haa. by the nee of FownrcL AUTaiitoawTsbeen dried up in the ayatem, to break <>ot in ?n aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Ua* Hslmbols's Kxtract Bcch? for all afliectioua and dieeaeea of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether existing in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oaaae originating, and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. DUeasea of theee Ortana require the aid of a DIURETIC. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE OREAT DIURETIC, And ia certain to bave tne deairsd effect la ail Disease* FOR WHICH IT IS RECOMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOOD'BLOOD' HtlmkoWa Highly Conc4ntrat'd Compound FLUID EXTRACT 8AR8APARILLA. STPHILIS. Thi? ta it an affootion of th* Wood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS, LININ0S OP THE NOSE. EARS, THROAT. WJNDPIPE AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES, Makiof iu appearand in the form of ULCBRS. ueimooias uinoi Mriarvilli, Purlfioa the Blood, and removes all Scaly Kruptiona of the Skin, 6IVIN0 TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHV COLOR. It being prepared express!* lor tiii? o ati of ootnpialbts, iU Btuod PuriijiLK Properties are preserved to a greater extent than any other preparation of danapanlla. HELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, eii umiiui liViwu iur UlNklH oi STftUIIU itare, and M an injection in ihaeaaee of the riaary Organa aruiag from ttabtia of Duaip&tion, owd in oonnaotion with the titraou Buabu or Baraaparula. in auoh Diaeaaea aa reooramended. BvitUnct tftk* mott rtliablt and ritnmtibU character will acKtmpany the mediiiti?i. CERTIFICATES OF CURE*. F*om 8 to 20 yaari' st*ndt?t. With Nambs known to SCIENCE AND FAME. For Marfioal Proprietiea oi BUCHU.aee Diapanaatorj of the United Statea. See Pioieaaor DEW EE'S valuable vorka on the Piaotioe of Phyaio. Sm remarks made by the late o?;ebrated Dr. PHYSIC*. Philadelphia. Km ramirki mldfl h> F?r rpaaini ? DOWbLL. aoelebratod Phyaioian and Member of the Royal CoHeee of tfarfeona, Ireland. and pabliahed in the rranaatUona or the King an? Queen's Journal. Bee Medieo Chirurrioai Review, publiabed by BENJAMIN TRAVRR8, Fellow of Royai College ol 8art eon*. t*ee moat of tha lata Standard wot ka on Medioine. Extract Bnohu, (100 per bottle, or alx for $i 00. Kxtraet tJaraapatilla, #1 M> per Dottle, or auc for If* Improrad Roea Waah, 50 per bottle, or aix for #3 ft). Or, halfdoien ofeaon for 913 00, whioh will be aaAoient to oure the moat obetinate caaea, if di reouona are adhered to. Delivered to any Adureaa, aeoarely packed from observation. DESCRIBE SyMPTOMS^lN ALL COMMU Cure* Ouaranteod ! Adrioe 8rati*!! AFFIDAVIT. gx&tia&srvt 1utsssftg being only ivora, doth My. hit preparations eontain no narootio, no aweary, or other lajnrioa* dnu.,b?? twlrnplgfe hELMBOLD. Sworn and rnbtoribed before me, this Sid day of ? ... - A -*-* 1 " ' I'm U .? ! ,i.> . ' H. B. HELMBOLD, Chomtrt, D*?ot, 104 Bo?th Tenth St be). CamohI Phil*. MB WARM OF COUNTERFEITS \ AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALER!*. Who oodWTor to disyoM "or rwtn. own" tod 'OTHta A1T1CLM OH TBI miPVTATIOH ATT&IHU) BfM.lx.M-. 0...1? tggapi'. * ** " harMMrii'a f lm?ruv?l R?m U'Mh. Bold by ALL DA CQQ1STS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HKLMBOLD'd. ^ Ai?C *? 4H8NOOTIIL .... I Cat out the adwrUMmAct and Mod for it, AND ATQU> UPMPBON kMU EXPO- | I ? ? XKizvxrwU .?< 9 i^w nm _ ~ 1 TEAVKLLtJ&' i-iSCCntBI." BALTiMOJLfi * oaio ttaiQ-^-1 notice. C H A y O E OF HOURS. On ahb attrm Wmmiir, A?uit MM, tbi rilumu i1twi1n WASH I NATO!*, BALT1MOKP, AND THE WEST Will ruH lbilotrt: P?r$ Dtii\ Tr*i?i Arriit mt mmd Dtpmil ftmi WcaKvux^cmDmxii Wmk' For PHILADELPHIA lad NEW YORK? Lmk Waahinftonat6a m.,7.4Ba. m ,lla ?.aad A^NAPOLIS-Leave Waaktacton at 1J? a m and 5 00 p in. For FKKUKKICK-Leave Washington at 7.?n a. m. and 3 *.> p. in _ FOR A LI. P? 1NTS WFST, , And ft>r Hareer'e Ferry. Martineharc and Wtaohe*ter, leave Washington atT<40 a. m. TRAINS MOV1NB SOUTHL,?av? New V?rk at 7 a re.; Philadelphia II J" a. m.; Ba.umore 3 JO p. in. A rr?ve at Waaninf ton 9 ee ' Leave Neir York at 6 p m ; PhllaJe'ehia leSPp. m ; Baitimo-e ?*>?. m. Arrive at Waafctajioa 6 30 ft. n. Leave Nov Yo'k at U p. m ; PhiiaJel?hie 310 a. m ; Baltimore 7.40 a. n>. Arrive a; \\ a*hin< urn 9 Kan. Local Accommodation Ttaici leave Baumere at 10 am ani 6 !? ? m for >Yarhinf'*a; arriva there at 13 a. m au ' 7 to p m. On Bandar# at and 7 ?o a n. only from Baltimore. No Anuapolu or Frederick ooaneotioaa on Sunday, nv> 4IWUB UIU(V?'U VI V V Bi m sod 5<o? m , ar.d Haiti more at 7 40 a m. and 5 10 p. m .make ir*.t ooaneotune for Annapotie at the Junctioa. The 7 40 a. m ouuneota at Keiay for Frodenck, Hageretown. Rarper'a Ferry. Martioaborg. Winotieater, WL?e inc. Pnxerabarg, Jto.. exoept bandar*. Trains ear* Aiinapolia for Ba t more and Waihlniton at 6 50 % m. aid 3 *0 p m. Paaaenger Trait* leaving Washington at 6 00 a. m. M a.m. an<1 Sp. in., and Baltimore at 4 9>aad 7.*? a m . and SSJ p. m . wi.i $ top eaif at A*?apolu Junction Way Paaaengera muat take the Actommodmtion Tra\*s Only. W. P. SMITH, ap 2 Wn?'w of Transportation. Ma t. l?6i] THK Penmylvania Central Railroad, jut QK9BL (vuh its oermactiona) IS A FIRST CLASS KOl'TE TO ALL THK WESTERN CITIES SPEED. SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED ANC , FBEE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH f FROM BALTIMORE! TBSXH Ptar T*4IT*? ?KOT? PHILADELPHIA TO riTTSBFReHI Two of there m&kioc cLo*t connxcyioN* at haskubvim with tr?m? on tixe NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, formiac THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE rxcx AfeHf NGTON AM) BALTIMORE to nil Bnir.ta in th? wbst. nokih-wkut soitb-wut. fE^For Through Tickata, apply at the Offioe > the Northern Central Kail Road Company, Calvert Station, Waltimoie. Splendid Sieving Cart on mil Tratm Smoking Szioon Cars on all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Paaaengera will u*e the 6 a. in. and I p. m. trains, arriving in Bainmore at 7 JO a. na. and 6 Up. in.. *tif>rec;ose oonnectione are male with trains on ' Northern Centra! K. R.,and arrive in Harne> g at 1 p. in. and 1.45 a m ,thera eonneotoac ? u tne traina on the Pennsylvania Centra Railroad for ail parts of the west FREIGHTS. Br this rout*, freirlita of all daaenatiAna as.n h* forwarded to and from any point ce the fteiiroada ofOfcio, KeEtuckf. india&a, lilinoia, Wiaoo&ain. low*, or Missouri, by haiiroai dirtct The i>Rusj au.a Ce&tr&i K^iiroed also oodlooU El Pittsburg vruh Steamers, bp whioh Goods rac b* forwarded to exit port on the Ohio, Markinfum, Rentnck*. Tennessee. Cumberland, I:lin?io. Nis*isaippi, wtwoM.B, Missoari, Kansas, Aikarsaa, end Rod R Tori; and et Clwreland, Henlmt; &?<i Cuic&f> w it;, steamers to ail Northwsstsm i.akea Merchant: etiu e^is?erc entrusting the tracrpor tat lot. of tueir Freight to this Company, car. rely with oon?a*nre or. its epeedr trail*:*. THE RATKS OF FltElSHTto aa*l frrmanj point in ths West, br the Pennsylvania Ces.trai Railroad, *r? : mil itsnas ?* m: *?? tk+rttd Py ?j??t J>m*lro*d Owip??e?. ILr Me particular to mark packages "?a fill cbn?*l5lr." MAfiRAW & KOONS, Freight Agents, jy.'ii ?P North street, Baltimore.. invuB 1,9w is, ?t i svpermrt, Aitootft, Fb I.. L. HOCPT. &Bc'i l ioeet Af 't. Piii.Klelei.iA. li. H HOliiit N, fiea'i Freight At?nt, Phi.ft delyhift ja 4 cfly J^OP.THERN CEiViUAli RAILWAY. Tk* SkfTHii, (jminbut Bt't KmU* from Emit*WEST. NOHTif^AND NORTHWEST. SWiiBIUfl WIXTKH SCHEDULE. Cbajmi or Tins. Ob ftBfVsr BL'NpAY.Mtk November, Pbmm ger Trftia* w i vn?? acU depart tram Calvert Blfttioc fti follovi: Tkaik* Noiti LIATI Mtii at t.T> a. in. H-jjfalo Express ?. rn. P*rkto-. Accommodation 4 f. m. Pitt*r>?rg Bnd Hftrrisharc Lxiiieea IJO p. H. T2A15S Sodid Abbivb rtrtion amq&ubvwuni Pilfaio Kxpref a i i> a. ui. ltut'urj ai?d tiarntbirc Kxrree? t y. m. Mali 13" f u>. IM * v m. it fee from Vrftaiiiuun oopaarti with tii? S Jpj a. u. uajo from i>?lumore for tit* West and for Butlalo. E'.mlra, Roohe*t?r, DmKirk, Canadaic'-i* *' - \':&tara Falla, and for N?w York oity, Tii# SI ft. nu i't.( from Washington oonneoti villi theia. ir. train lroia Baitimoie to Wul honta?d Norn vrat a:.d K.nuraabd Buttaoa&a Rochtaioi. The ft p. m. inua from Waalunjtoii connect* vlu the 8.30 *. nt. tra;n from Baltimore for Pituoarf Harriaturc and ths Weat and la a direct oonneo Uol for L?t-a-or t.aatoa Alleatowa and IS?? York via Cehtrat Railroad of New irrttr, Tr this rocte for New York. STTne ouiy iraiti .earing BaiUmareoa Sanda> e 21>. ci Lnuu. for Harr.atmrt, Fitt?bo'f, CM ouoaua it. Went. The only uain arnrinrin Baitlmoraoa Butoa* ;a theRJ-ia. io ?ra;D. JA8.C CLARMK, _no?ly ftcrertnteadeot T NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. ?"}, t'snuM^r Set-srai crd#r?4 tha ju... wivo* '.ot'TPfn Wa-hinjtor., _A ? . Baltimore, and Old Point < Portreak^^4jte|^ Monroe) to be returned, oa act) Mocu.*. , ttie *tji inatant. t;,e Bay Lin* of ataamori will leave tta ?iinore KVKKY DAY (oxoeptBns d*T> from their wuarf, foot of Union 1>ock, at 4it e'oloot p. m? or imjr,e>'iat6ly *r the arrival o the Waahutgtnn Trair, wiiioh >>tu Waefatnrtoj at 1)4 o'o!ool 9 u>. ?!1 y>-tf M. N. FALl?S, Prool. NOTICE. ADAMS' K1PRKM COMPAWY." *hi4 Cim?asr offer* to to'O jablie M Unoqnaliod iiT*nur? ' !? r tie Sato and Qttok Ltiapato* of Hoary Fs hu, Paoxaiam, Vainabioa. Money, 4a wM ?. part fi via and innnj, .Va?..:.~(ion twice daily. All Extreasaa are >- ?harre of iqwuihW mmd rtUril* Sl*mct*Tp. All Packets for The Sol'loia earned at Mon ealf" our navtJ rata*. All Gooda for the ?tr-oai.ed "Confederal* 8iatee" and all Arlta'.o* " Cvt.i.r?: wi i of War" will bo Imiu, Oar Elf eoeca learo New York at LiI, Md < P. M.. arriribx in Waabi&fton at A. M. and $M Kx'inin.\t leave Philadelphia at IM A. M. an4 ii r.jtt., arriving in wniii*?ioa u iw r. M. ?U JupreuM* leATclla umore il 4J0 A. M. and I P. M., Lr! i,i4 m Washington it I i. M *.tii kzireuM for nit eclnta North uk Wert iwn Wtuiiicton MIA1 A. M. and 140 P. M. daily. Sp*c.a? Coutraota lor large tmanUbea of Fretgkl ean bie made on a?y ieauoc to uua Oftoe. All floods oailMior and delivered ft u of hlfel enarcee. H. XV. FAR80H&, Mam TOFSAMb nil. Hr a wa aH Ill ihthim "Ktmtt MI B? ?? > -.tsms sttsawsibw* Hl| i Vf^m, ' svu^^iisr' -L' "x , % ? ^ * t * SI ri / | , K?? lOKftltolk fc?ti NHiniik, m? tNIMrW U? ?*n r?' < ?, M4 ft . 4/,?W?' m ?4. Wftd. ros ALL wmg or IMI'RVPKnoit JTO FALSt BWLICAC* FRgrgwr APPLY IMMKD.Am.LV A Mil WAKK-ANTED, OA *Q C/IAAVM. iv mom oxe to nro Err si ui m Beweie?Uw? timk.? UmHim uw*|Km |* lUT kMU af T Mlk I*? DiuHll ui Dmjmux httDM* vtiafc m?n Himifi i?p*Mlfe>*, ul iiimi mi rottru MEH MilaHy k?n >wi tfe* i?mm 1 Matty ?;??, lk*l *UU iiM^a ?a H Mttaif irtri fcinniii ?f T? / Mm af tfe* mi mhH uiiou u4 ?rtlli*i.i ibtaUact, ** mffei i*?hIm kt>l an:nrt?4 bMmn| SanetM vi# ik* ifeM>?*r* *? *laiMbii m vikUHMMir tfe* Uvm? iff. m?t mIi im 111 MAARUitM a>IUnU?ll,M T?rOM ri?C?, kMBi i*tn af akytUt! rakint, acfMU 4*felitty, iX^MhTU, rtt >k?it IiomK (Mm Ua mn >i. 1 r?Hp Ml; Mold* In feu kwM u i gmiImu til MatCHu) mij ifw feu ?ktU u k pfeyklatav OFFICE !* 7 SOUTH FEEDER ICE ST iaft feud *14* falnf flats ??iu?*r* *tr**l, * f*w iNntm ikt unii fall u*: U mini Mm* ui mkn Umn mm M piM *< mull k MM|. />* jOHtrsron, Mtatai af tfe* R*y*l Cailkf * af Iwiim. h?ln, rr*d* ui fra? m* af ikt mm I MM Mi I Oallkfa* la tt? Ibk*4 H?IM, 1*4 tfe* (IUUI p*ft *< ThMI lift kM l?u ap*< 4 U kfe*M*piuo*af bttM, Pui<, Phii?d*lpfej* acd *U??k*r*, feM IIIUH HBI af tM BM UUkBtl^ (WM tfckl *t?? ?*? kM*>i May imu?; viil M(U( la tfe* feaad *a4 ikN vfeaa hIiim p?u >?nwin, ktiu >J*m*i ki Mddca ?! dk, kiWitw with fraqMat fe kafethf, luMll WMktUMk <"U'' * mU><1 *er1'1 TAKE FAETICVLAE NOTICE TM?! Maa ul Kfe?n vfe* fe*?* Ii)m?I iMmiIvm fey k Mrikia piuttu to?a|f*d in wb?m >lui k fekfeu rr*c****y ia?M*d bM k?U Mirpn.v?.i?, *t kt Mfeaai, tfe* kff*c? W vfetkk kM atffetiy hit *?*n vkaa Miaap, ul If Ml unl, Vkadtn BUMM feMM*la ' k ?- - ' ' tod*. abaaH apply Imtoilf. n?M arc mi af tfea h1 m? Mluttoif ifMU ii cart* haMia ' ?.i WiiImh ' iha Back at< kali. Faint lutfca a?4, Dunaaaa af Bifhi. baaa af MaKIAl Pa vat, Pal pita (Ma af taa Baart, n?ay?pay, Mar* a** irmafcllltT, Uaranjainaiii af Uia Ufaativa rnnliai, Caaatal BakllUt, ympiataa af CanaanspMao, ? ptally.?Ttia fearfa: ? "j a< ifca miad in a??k la ka draadad- Laaa af Mataara, CabtMao af Ida**. Daaraaaia* af pulw, K*ii, i>in? af Saoaij, 4al! Uiatraai, Lav* af Saliiada, Tuaio.-.y, at*., era aaai af Ua a?tla Mtdllld. DllfLiTT.-Timuli tu aaafilftakaife tfca aaaaa af Uatr datllnta* aaalik, taainf thait *ifaa, MM? tag aaat.pala. attrao u< *?*nltl having a alLfliU i^muti ikan U* ????. aaagt at lyafiiai W tauiarUatS*^SFS OF iJfPK VDSHCK. Vila ika aiafiljid and maradaai 'tlujaf fiiuw tola ha ha* la*kik*a to* aaad* af Ui<a palatal diaaaaa, H taaaftaa kappar>a iha-. an ilt-umad aa:.?a a! aha.t.a at draad af diaaavary datara kin faan applying ta U?aa vaa, km adaaauaa aad raapaaukiliiy, aaa ataf.a kafnand hi a Ma fall* tela ua kaad* af iguaraai aaii daaigtiiig praiaedara, vka, luatp' k>a af aartnc, tick fcl* p*ean>*r? aaaatai ?t, kaaa Ua Wtfiag aalh ?rar mo*, a* aa acf aa ua anaiiaat ' ?- .v. taiaad. and twpili l?i?a kua mtih 1 fckaltk W ai#k i?? ait a*:.inj diaaypau \atui: at kf utMtl ihM daatflt palaai.?Marcary?fcuian Ua aaaiauiauaaal ifMliai af tktt larr.kla d:aaiaa, >atk aa ACat liana af tka laan.AtMi, Im4, kla, tl, fr*rr*n i r ?1U! 'riftufa. rapidity ull daai* paia a aaraJ M feu armft ufarufi k; iaa4af ktaat a ifeat ? itm'tHl a*um Iim vkaaa tauti a>a mam DM. JOHNSON'S REHEDT kOK OKOANM WEAKNESS AND JMPOTENCY. It (kit nnl aa<l laMruat raaauj vaakvaa* af ika uiua at iftiiS; MTid ui hil >lfw ra?M<4 nNtuii ' ika Baal a arras a ud d?aiiii*ia<5. *ka kad iaal all tafi, lan kaaa kaaaailataiy r*U??tl. Ail iBfitlaifeU M ktn t|i, rk;?llil aa Maaia. ManafaitaU?a. Lm af FaNiwU?a Pavat. Rai'na lmtakCltia, Traaakltaf ud Waakaaaa at Iwwlw al lk? Mai lauM kk< ayaali.r > <. ENDOKSS HE NT OK 1HK TRESS. TBI lUir Tiatiitia carad at tfeta taaUiaUaa vHkli Ika last aaraauaa aa an, aid tka tuaraaa If?1 ?a?f1 al ayarauaaa fHMMi ka Da Jakaaiaa, atuaaad kr tka raaartaaa af tka papaaa aad au; atkat aataaaa, aauaaa af walak kaaa Mpg afala aad afila karat* w? MM. ka Jdaa kaa Mfe*k| aa a faat.aaaa af ataiaaiai aad raaaaaakMUw, k a iMrtaal nuwiaa la Ika aluwd. at? It-It A~\ lOHKTBiNt Mfc? /^\ Caw*^tl,/?iA?r"T "xUir Ml C ITMlto ? IJU 7>??t?r. OY81EK9pTEAMbD la ;k? Skaii Vfeoro?(h!7 Coo*a? (2*r c??riar U rHit) in Ua/MMtf iimi towt sL* CaII >r:d im. fni aaiai iimtj uJorpk kiafriMia la ;na and wiatfora W> the oily, urtt ha tM retttMi iua out auu w*l: mow* aayiKLUXMa** tt>?8lCig ,"lB2k r,vvW w. . WV?IUWH?? t>iM4>n V V7? u??* Iti MT tyieajtd ltui ?u*Btitr Wtofcttft iOL?i;.tcta4 tor <Ja.y. to 1, ?? ofcj? of S?i?ed tad F ?Mk eut *? dfciij?ooea kerm?U?fcl!y Belied. FkruiaW In tho afceU by tut baa hoi or bairrel. Ptrtvu viebict to Oyur-t farLiahad ref alariy thrt-jfi ILe winter, at Baltimore frioco, without fnr d t*ilare. aho?k4 <mC1 ud maia vrmtMDWiU at out. PrfeK&t, uc nosey Mvod br MrokMiDc el mm, Mm I fartiat ac trUe'4 moiI tc tie oeiet ifcUi iifeOnoie eai?bii*JuB*fita. M >n?w|ulu low. *0 SITkLXS. Cuv&od Me*u, LebitSi , fcardi&M* CIui, tttrawborrioa. lonuOoea, Pis ' Feot, tn??, t*. Jtc.. tie. A'?o, P.ekiea, CaTrt*. Stjtn, Kiuit Peaohea, 4o. A n, eazrs wd F reah Viah. Tartly, Terra pi re, Pro=t L#obetora. Cod. Halibut, k*. Id fact, every g for a*.e in tbe Ncrtia m ;aarketa ilwvi oa LMd.eA reo*on?bie prloea. Uoif.sM.o Itii iaM witi ('Titer*, delivered without ch&'(e tc tuij part of tie Die trial, in mob, li the ironoy la aent with the order. My establishoontia opoc froa a m. U> U ai Bitht, erory oay, evjeyt PtBday, who* 1 eioaa at la o'e iwk ? n ~)a *tf~~ ~ f. M. HAKVET. L. Towui. J. M. Towns. J. B. Towns. L. fOWLKH A CO. 8TKAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. Comtt Imiisn itiw mmd Stxtk it. The attention of the bneinees oounutr is rospoottallT umtec to the Now B<x>k and Job fru(iaf k.8?t if nr ent, whioii has boon fitted up witt new SMfesrial. in the most c< it pet* manner. is sow prooarsc to szooBte, m a seu<;acu>ry stylo, every variety of rnntinf, rx : books JSpoechea. Par.phlets, Cards, Circulars, Sutlers' BnoAs. Ac . Ac. The attection of members of Conrroea is especially requested for our facilities for pr.: Speeehoe, as wo have the Urgtu stean. power la the cut. deT-law<m HAIR STOBK, No. 84ii Fa. at., iit. 11>s an la?* na. 1J A A i 1/?. CURLS/Wlti. FRlZKrlfc^, Aa. A iitli (tool en l Jiidjc: u<?t> U> oraer Mia* iortaat teUae, Ulii V\ ?rt rr|t>:*i cr e*ctn-r*?. K. It tV? UNI Ullltl ?tlMa JU MILITARY OFF1JKK? AND OlHklii BATCHMLOR S QBSVlfit: HAIK BTM, The Best ii L( VVcrlu. r*i G*J* BtiimkU m< Hmtt D*t Kn*tm. Sold tT all p. ?'fc. tl Uuxxtop'i Modieice ttore.te Faxanl Otf cw. oor. F A Ttt, ilit'e Bur More, & Vt>. ! *41? mi k*T? it MyuM, if doairo. -kaiwrj?t?I Baroiar?M?9B tm L!rca<J?a? > N. T. r|RV GOODS FOR "THE FOLRt* AT \J HOmR."?Ofceer? ar.d other* no* dim Drr Good* of any ki?d l?r the i*ike It koae.areeo1.oiled to lfaeaoot oar etook. al. n?w, aod the pi loee marked La pfeia b^mei. ike aoiuat oaak etaudard va.ue All ptroeU lor the interior, popery for fonrfcrdmf by expreee or other ooLmaioM, free mim PERRY ft BRU.. ap Wt I'l. ?r(.ud itrcrt. WALL.8TKPHKN8 ft CO, " M.tyfermx!?vT4L MERCHANT TAILORS*. AND K KADY-MADK Cp'THIRRiL ANDKXTEN91VK OEALER N GENTLEMEN'S KURN l=lllN6 -OD*. w-tr WH K OM-'ER TO MILITARY MEN a Urjr? WortMit of G R K > aua ULIK KLAMNeL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, UIAWKRS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF HOSE.fte^ which we lnnU a 1 ouk pvr?Lu?ri to examine before makin* thrir M>t>n c . WAGL. Si RAjHrvS ft CO., tn W >18 l*? ,>wi -Mm ?fu? mo *? ONE VERY NICK ROSEWOOD CHlCIW aiinf Piano and on* Getf>fur cheap, ol aoaom.T.odatirf term A'?o, a|MBB| largeaaeortmest of atom way ft Son*' aaVTlTTl Rim, Baevn k Ce.'i Piano#, at the Rum Store ,,f W. MKT3K.ROTI. mh 1C I CASH NOTICE. IN Coneeeaanne of oar ha?in# to ** auk far rerr trtiola of cooda v? Mrehut.vivt fvomc to radnoe our butinsM to Ca?h ?a*taahp?y, for tttc ?W??- Wi btM IB (tortkWT UttmorttMl of RbAUY-MAUK CLuTHlAG Tor mmatnd ftoja' wear, vkminMlllrj it a moot kivv rmtt UIW ?*??. W ALL^^b^HK^fg^'' ??UU?BB, OOI.DJ, HUAKafcN&tfS. *?. . CQMrovao silvp or ?c* arabw Tku tlMaaxt and topul*? Co*fti Kamady hu sss gt.'zziwsxs! cvsas a*rr atattl't.*''* 1 8*832*81?* OOD1-"-' ?' lap, oiruul! full atoek of si! fctetfa tfromn and OogMcti* Dn ?oodt, for Km ttmu w?lu ? twill? On* prtM ocij, MrMi la ?> ! IntM, tkt m DK1L fA?t? KID GLOVUft, FOE LADIES. n til at'f Jltf lk*if"iVM! 9ooU. II Ul JfwTryBt?re to J.U ?BlTB*S. >? 4*0 * ertli ?tr*?t, Mr K. *ii?ri I >h? oft ' * <?* VW5B"-*"* """ "'

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