Newspaper of Evening Star, April 15, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 15, 1862 Page 3
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_____ I IX)CAL NEWS. Noticb ?Mr A \V. Burn*, tbe managing aprnt cf the Star's circulation to Georgetown, will h<r rafter also act avtbe Star's adTertlalng agrnt there. Aa* Georgetown advertisement* left at Dr. G B Barnard 'a, corner of II Igb and Bridge atrwets, rt with 6 Crandell, No. l*J8 Bridge atreet, will Beet with prompt attention. Amcssments To-hisht. Kobd's Athihi'm -Mr. Ford la "reaping a rich reward, and be deserves It. His beautiful Atheiwiim was thronged last night with an appreciative audience to witness Mr Forrrat'a niiartrrly Teprmntatlon of Kmg Lear " Grand billa of entertainment are presented for to-night, and lUe <rpportuntty la offered of paaiing a delightful crening. wtibimtfh Th*at*e?Miaa Annette ln<;e made a decided hit laat nieht In the plav of "Media." Her audience waa brilliant and critical, and ita expreaalon of satisfaction ao warmly cipreaacd must have been a matter of (;r?tl8catlon to the accompllahed youna histrionic artiste Tonight the striking plav of "Evsdne" will be presented. Mini I lire will be here but for one week. Odd Fellows' Hall ?Kunkel'a troupe i? still prospering. Praia upon peals of prolonged apCause greeted the monster concert. The burtone on Jullen luid Muaard win complete and a decided hit. A good bill offered for to night. ^?^TiiiTTii.?jniu r i-owier, me Ueiennt* brother* and Mtu ifortliner won new latirela lat>t night Nothing like a good laueh; and you can get It to perfection at the Canterbury. wa?hi!??to!f Acadimt of Mrstc?Slgnor Albertlni fully auataln* hi* repntat on a* a vo^alta', and delights all who hear him. Free concerta day and night. Refreshment* tt hand. Cocxcit Piockidixgs, April II ?Board of A!d?rm<n ?The Chair, (Mr Brown,) aubmltted a communication from the Mayor, eon'afning the monthly statement of the Intcndant of the InIrmary; referred. Petition* were presented and referred from J. Castellon, asking compensation for removing dead animals; from Jnh W Angus and otbtrs, oraying for a license allowing George Stabler to keep a livery stable; from Culvert and Dnll, a proposition relative to watering and sprlnk'itig Pennsylvania avenue from the Capitol to Twenty-wcond ttreet The amount proposed amount* to 9*2.760 for horses and carriages, and for incidental expense*. The Chair submitted a Joint resolution of inquiry, asking the co-operation of tbe Government in organizing a paid tire department with at least three steam ire engines; and read a communication from P F Milllgan, l.npineer-in-Chlef of the Baltimore Fire Dep?rtujeut relative to steam engine*. Mr. Moore thought steam engines would he ii?el??s wlt jout more hov; and th? thlna Im practicable ou account of the condition of the *treet?, and wai opposed to committing the corporation. Th'- Chair did not think thr resolution committed the corp? rati*n. It wn? (imply one of inquiry, and to secure an interview wllh G )vcrnmmt and the Secretarr of War. Mr Moore did not believe the city would be beneflttcd by ateain. Mr Bmdbcad hoped the ?uccc*tloi? would be agreed upon. Mr Lloyd mid the weter we* not properly distributed a* to the Seventh Ward, and until tbst Ward had the s^nie rights as "thcrs, should not vote an appropriate Resolution pasted. A petition from II L. Lorch, asking the remission of a flue, was referred Mr Fisher presented a bill for the relief of llush Murray, pasaed. 'Oie following bill* were pa-ted A bill for the partial improvement of Judiciary Square, to lay a flag footway acrr?ss New Jersey avenue, at the Intersection of K street north; to set curbstones and lay footway* on K street south, opposite block No M?; for draining and graveling I! ?tr*>rt nr?rfh- frnm I'niiriK tn Mpvrnlh ?f r?i?f lor the Improvement of Kirst street wi?l, from K street north to New York avenue; relative to remodeling Council chambers; authorizing the M?f?r to cause the water mains on Nineteenth atrret wrtt and K street north to he connected; authorizing the Water Registrar to supply adjoining tenement* of David Fowblc with water through one service pipe; to supply Wm. Mobun in a similar way; a joint resolution remonstrating against the pnsaage of an act amending the Metropolitan Police bill; aulhnrlzlne the removal t>f certain walls of burnt buildings; for the irimn wi idc vuii'ti rn^in? ocuv; appropriating *?!*? for the benefit of tbe Columbia Fire Company; for the relief of Mrs Thomas McGratb; for the Improvement of Four-anda half street. Mr. Moore Introduced a bill to orevpnt tbe erection or extension of white or blacksmithshop*; referred. A bill to rcralr a bridge on North Capitol s'Ttet; pwed first reading', and was referred to committee on improvements. Tbecominlttee on claims were d I charged frcm he further consideration e?i thr memorials of Kdward Cornellls and of Frances Whclan, praying ren:i?sloii of 11 ie A bill for the relief of James Ca?pari? lest on the third reading A nwoiuiion r.x inquiry relative to certain material in po-isection of fire companies, was passed. Mr. Clark, from the joint con mitte? to count and destroy due bills, inade a report certifying to such counting at the Bank of Washington, and burning of J?l 1,000 worth. Adjourned. Common Council?The monthly report of the Intendant of the Asylum was received and referred. Mr. Callan was called to the Chair, and Mr. Richards offered the following resolutions: #c , That a special committee of two members from the Board ef Aldermm and of three membcra from the Board of Common Council be appointed by the two Boards as a joint kvniiuince tut mr luiinwuii; puipoir^: 1st. To selfct seven building lot* for public school purposes. ascertaiu tbe <ost cf each, and report tbe same through tb? Mayor to tbe two Board*. One of tbe ?? ?n lots slull b* located In tbe most desirable and available po^l Ion In escb ward of thecitr, which shall he sclfiient for erecting upon it a Union ward school building, arrordlnz to tbe most approved modern style of school archl'ertnre, of sufficient capacity to accommrd t a*) p.ipi!s 34. To off-r *!Wfor pUns and specifications of one sncb building, which is to be model for all the others Kfsolvit. That whfD the said committee, In connection with the Mayor, absll approve of any pi in and ?peci*<~atU>n?, the Mayor shall be eutbor'.zrd to pay the mm of 9100 to the successful ar-hltect, out of any unappropriated fundi. Mr Klchirda stated that the resolutions did not look to an immediate appropriation, excepting the ?100 for plana, Jtc. He further thought that thla waa the mo?t propitious time to take action. If the seat of tioTerumaiit wan to remain here, and all the evidence* tended that way, then we may eapett a larpe Increase of papulation, and aa a matter of ccocqucnce tbe vacant 1 ts would all be taken up. 11c thcref.ue thought no better opportunity would occur to make the seltctloa of lou, when tbey arc much < heaper than they will b* aonie months hcnce. He stated that at pr?aeiit about children were atUudlu^ our public boots, which are not by any means irood schools, and Ibc present eo?t of sustaining them i? fti.uuo per annum, which it the intereat on *100,UUU Ibvlde this auin by 7. and we hare M.Wj, a sum large enough to build a modem school houae In eacn w*rd, capable of accommodating over joo pupils. If we do nothlug more tb?n to select loti, we stall perforin an act for which tlie city will ever than k u? Mr Kdmonttou moved to refer the resolutlona to th? committee oq scboola; adopted. Mr Shepherd offered a resolution requesting the ??>mn?i?trt< on Arc department lo report bill at idc n?*i meeting w puaoue one or more iieam rr> cniinn and rcor^*nu? the lire department, ?dnpU|. Mr Shepherd lutroduced a bill for the relief of Mra Tboa. Mctiratb; pasaed. A l*o, a bill to BakeMfalgalB the council chain brr: pM*cd Mr Mmemton prrvtlnl the petition of J. M. R lddl*. taking rriul?U?n of a fin*; referred Mr Steven* Introduced a bill to repair Seventh street went, from L itreet to (be boundary; referred Mr tirlnder offered a resolution requesting the commit ee on Improvementa to report a bill for tae repair of the bridge over the canal at the In tcrsectlon of Mew Jersey avenue and 1 streot; adapted. Mr. Given presented H?? petition of Henry Leo, asktog compensation for burying simU pox cases; refrrrrd Mr. Wilson presented a petition of citizens of tbe S?*euth Ward, asking the rt-pair of Four-anda-balf street, from Pennsylvania avenue south* ward, and reported from tbe commute* on improvement* a bill appropr;atiag f5W for that purpose; passed. Mr Turtoa offered a resolution requesting tbe Maror to furnlsb tbe Board with estimates for cleaning me guuera ana aiieys ia me amerem ward*; adapted Mr Ttmon also Introduced a bill to repair Twentieth atreet from ? aireet to the boundary; paaaed. Mr. Grinder Introduced a bill to prevent the uae of privy well*; ordered to be printed. Mr Given reported a bill to pay Henry Lee *12# for barring amall pox paucera, paaaed. Mr. Shepnerd, from the drunag* committee reported a bill for the protection 02 atop roc* and Im-atag covers; panned. Alio, from name committer, abtll to repair a ad replace a flre-plug near the Pwaeeeranee Engine Houae; paiacw. Mr dtevtaa, from the eoirmlUee to count nnd daatror doe bill*, reported that ther have counted nnd destroyed #41,0?D of tae certificates of In d?bt?daeM' Thr BoWil then ad journal. Ant MHOS wishing to procure a lose ot ? few 4on ?r? on Mtiaftrtory ecurlty, c?n do to by call->1 i I Seventh ?t , between 0 ud M apli af *" ' _ , - ** L-1.L 1 " " L 1 1 *'A1TBMV4 INTnwn ?Mr Gh?rl*af. I Browne, better known ai " Arteaiu* Ward," of hwmoroua renown, lectured liat night at Wlllard*' Hall before an audience which In nutrheraend quality must have been satisfactory to the 44 prrnt j bowman," accustomed uneven he la to popular I pptamr. Mr Browne ! a nattv* of WnterftH, Milne, a J State, by tbe wmy, which hu turned out auch ' writing stock as "Jack l)?wnlnj;,"(Scb* Smith,) I I " Ktban Spike," (WklllN, brother of th? poci,) I /mj uiri >nnib, jobu iitti, w. r. wiuis, zin oth?ra kit own to fame. Personally, Mr. Browne la a demure, sedately r.lad, turn down-collared, ?? highly respectable" looking young man, who nays hi* good thln^i with anch an Innocent, unmallrloua air tbai comatose Ustenera are considerably bothered what to make of him. flurb must have had a lime of it lwt night to tell where hia subject, Tkt Bnh** in tkt Wowl, "came In;*' for, aitcr rambling "discursively" for an hour, touching with grotesque humor upon almost every Imaginable topic?except the aforesaid tnfans suddenly concluded his lecture by remarking that the children under (propoafd) consideration were good children bnt unfortunate:? a* far aa heard from they were bighlv respectable, and he regretted want of time to give them further attention. Wbereupou the spectators looked at each other and slightly mlled, aa If they should say,?"Somebody has been snck-ed in, bnt we forgive the young man, and may he live long and prosper." Ax I.ITKLLInlffCK OrriCK IN TfoUBLI? Ttr-n F* it outs iit tkt Cast?Mr. Csrnellu* Leonard | seeps an irneuigence omc? on t- *tre?t near JLr put otter, And thin glvra him an opportunity of formlne tbe acquaintance of a number of the fair vx Vwtefdav, however, two or three of hi* ! " charmers'' chanced to meet there at the same hour, and t'tlouay and a quarrel was the result. Leonard called ottcer McDevitt to his assistance, who arreted tbe whole party cf fair ?ne*,*nd escorted them to Juatlce Thompson' office. Mary Reed (well known to the police) was ot tbe party. Mary was " strong for tbe Union," and said she was a nurse In the Infirmary, and Insisted that ahe had only gone *? Leonard's for her clothing. This Mri. Kate McCarthy denied, accusing Mtrs d j _a j s ? 4i i a. _# * l-i i\rru ?*i urhigiti upon iuc omri t>i ntr tijjfi iai property, Cornelius Leonard. Cornelius ,;dld not see It" In that light, and evidently lnclii.ed to b? sweet on the lovely Mary, oflWlng to pay the fine assessed upon her by the jaatlcr. This aroused all of Kate1* Ire, and through her teara be brought bitter accusations a^olnrt Leonard. Mary professed unbounded devotion to the Union, and her heart bled at tbe Bufferings tbe poor soldiers :n th? Infirmary would endure for want of her motherly care. The justice concluded tl at cach ahould pay $1.PI, and net having tbe wherewithal, they were " aent up" for thirty days The third party, named Mary C Allen, wss let off, she being proven innoccnt of any disorderly conduct Almost a lloMtcinB?Yeatcrday aftcrno<ii, about half-past six o'clock, a acuffl* occurred between two soldiers on the north side of LouM* ana avenue, In which one was knocked doand for some momenta appeared to be dead. The other did not offer to escape, but was taken Into rnstodv bv Justice Doon. and carried to hit of flee, in the examination that ensued It appeared that Ue Injured man waa very drunk, and hr.d assaulted another person who waa standing on the pavement Tbe pi lsoner, who*e name Is J no. Bell, of the .Wh Pennsylvania volunteers, cauic along, and went lo thr drunken man, aud taking hold of him said, "Friend, you had better go with me, and not b* assaulting people in the street In this way." The drunken man resisted and made an attempt to rush at tiic man he fir it assaulted. Bell told him to come along, or be would strike him. The drunken man seized Hell by the throat, Bell struck him and he fell, the bark of hla head striking tbe pavement, stunning blin for a time. Dr. Toner, who was called, said It was difficult to say how badly he was hurt, hut thought tbe stupor was from the Honor rnoretb*n fie blow. Jus! ire Don n dismissed Kcll: 1 i Provost Guard carried him to tbe Central Ouardbouse. The drunken soldier wai put la a vvagoti and hauled over alao. Thi Liability or ArcTiosstm ?Justice Jofcnson bad an Interesting civil case before him vecterday afternoon, It being, an action brought by J. A. Beavers against C. It. L Crcwn for f3ft -5 It appears that at a sale a few weeks since Heavers bought a horse for the above amount at Crown's, and afterwards took It to Fairfax Court-House. Here It was recognized by a man, who sta'ed that he had lent It to a United states ctH:cr after the battle of Bull Run to bring a wounded offlcer to the city, and brougut ample proof that the horse was his Mr B iir. mediately surrendered It, and carae to tbe city with tbe expectation that Grown would refund the money. This Mr Crown refused to do, alleging thr.t when B bought It the man for whom It was being sold (Mr. Rice) wa* present, and the money was yald to htm, (R .) Beavers taking a receipt. The u?tlce dismissed the case, stating that tbe action must be against Rice, to whom the money was paid. A Case or Shootisg ij? the County ?On Sunday afternoon, a boy named Alfred Turner, aged About 16, shot a companion about the same age, named Louts Bladen, In tbe ficc, in the house of Turner's mother, near Rock creek church. It appears that these bojs, with a number of others, had been playing with tbe gun, at Turner's house, during tbe day, pot ting it at each other and snapping caps. About fi ve o'clock, when Turner was out doors. Bladen loaded tte pun with shot, and set It In t^e corner. A short time aiWwards Turner came In, put a cap on the f:ur>, and fired before he could be Informed t was loaded?the shot taking effect In IM-den's face, literally tearing It to piece*. Bidden, even if he recovers, will lose his sight, over a hundrt d shot being In hi* face. Turner is In great distress on account of the matter. He was brought before Justice Clayton yesterday, and gave bail for a further bearing. Polici.?The Third Ward pntrolmrn reported the following cases yesterday : Louis Deahlman, fast riding: lined *5? by Justice Clayton. Mary Reed, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 days. Kate .Mcuarty, do.; lined SI 91. .Vary C Allen, disorderly; dismissed Edw*rd O. Anderson, profanity; do. James G. Naylor, do ; dr. The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported John Colitoo, drunk; locked up ten houra by Justicc Walter. Daniel Stewart, ftlse pretence; fu ther hearing Mary Bell, profanity; lined *J.OI. I.oultd ; do , by JuatjeeClayton, Lewis Marre, ahootlng air gun in the at ret t; for consideration John Vrgle, selling liquor without license; for a hearing, bv Justice Walter. Thos. McGulre, assault and battery and swindling; dismissed by Justice Thompson. Thb Foxcibli Entry Cask?Mr. G<*oree F Ryder, who wan fined by Justice* Ferguson and Walters few days atnce for forcible entry and detainer, wan committed to Jill on Friday last for non-payment of the fine. A writ of hab'ti* trrptit was obtained through his counael, R S. Cox, Esq , snd yesterday morning h^ appeared before Judge Merrick in chamber*. The record was produced, and a difcct fatal to the proceeding* was found, and the Judge discharged the prlsomr. John II Jchn^n, , appe4rt>i for the complainant, Mr T. Barnard, .tud exhibited a paper from him asking that the defendant be not further prnsecutcd, and Mated Ui4t all he wanted was bis just right*, which be h<td obtained. A Faithlkss Husband ?Yesterday afU ruoou a colored woman named Louisa Urcoks, rctiding In tioat Alley, went to the oScc of Justicc Cliyton and procured a warrant against Mary Bell for threatening to shoot her, and she was accordingly arrested and brought to the offlce. It appi.irs that Mary Bell's husband is uot one of the faithful kind, and Louisa had persuaded him to stop at bcr house, which was made known to Mary, wbo forthwith proceeded to LouIm ? house, and tiding him there,* sceneoccurred,during which Marv toreatenrd to (hoot I.outu if (be ever beard of her husband (topping ther* again. The fustice dismissed the peace warrant, but fined them 9 'I each for disorderly conduct. St abbino Affair ?Yesterday afternoon, the well-kaowa locality of Old Theater Row was put into commotion by a row which occurred at a bouse there.kept, It la amid, by a man named Mitchell. The parties were females, aad they went at one another as If determined to conquer at hna a# ika ta-am?n ?s^a < ? tfti by a knife in tbe hands of another, and the wound Mod profuselv Tbo principal* in tbe affair all managed to escape; and the injured one waa too badly wared or hurt?perhaps both?to appear before a Justice; and the entire fact* and the names of tbe parties remain unknown for tbe present, but the case will be investigated. Nabkow Escart ? Sanday morning, ss tbe private carriage of Mr. Wm. Minor, containing two ladies ana a lad of twelve years of sge, was coming to this city, br way of the Potomac Aqueduct, two Government mule teams ran away, and came la contact with tbe carriage on the Aqueduct, near the District end. The carriage was literally smashed to atoma, and the beholders were astonished when tbev went to the assistance of the ladies, to And tbem but slightly bruised.' It was a most wonderful escape. Tub Now-Pbatim Clbbstmin ?Among the clergymen who Otcilncd on Sunday to offer thaaks to God f? the successes of ihs Union anm over tbe rabela la icooidance wlih the President's prscismatl?a, we bow heat mmtloaed the nam* of Rev. Mr. Meador, of the Seventh "Waul Baptist Chaich. We also loam that tbe feet of the omlaaloa has etssfld bo little dissstisfbctloB la his ooagregatioB. CbbtbaL Gbabdbocsb Casks?Befcr* Justin Walur ? Alliruit Miller, mrranl: workhouse 9U days. Henrietta Btu?Ur, theft for trial Wm. Kearney, disorderly; tamed over to the military RdwardShlakel, do. Bicond Witt Station Casts?Btjort Juitict Itark ?t'btttp Dei moor, drunk; ttnrd *J 91. Robert Wiillama, igbUug, dlamlaaed Patrick Murphy, do. do. i / ' 0 Holt WaK.?CommrnclnR with Palm tfunrtiy (last Sunday) 'he Catholic rhnrrbn entertd upon the last week tf tlx* penllentiaffeaaon of Lent. The wbolc of thla week la observed with inore than the usual solemnities, aervlcea bclnc held fn all the rbnrchra more constantly than heretofore On Kaater Sunday, at St. Aloyilua Chuuh, we learn the choir will perform, for the flr*t time, Humtncl'a grand irun, No. 3; ala?, Handel's hallrlujah chorus, with fa 1 orchestra. The Continental Opeba Hoos*.?The Philharmonic llall, under the above name, will b? opened to-morrow night with a line company of aucrn, cwunii?iif, trwu^vf, anooii^ wbli h are to be found smne of the best performers In the l.ind The ball ha* hern fitted up, and everything put in IIrat rate order. The tta^c liis also been much improved, and fitted np with tollable eeenery We hear that the aim of the management will be to make thla a pUco thtrtJadlct can attend with the utmost propriety. Fodeth Wasb Station Cases?B'fort Juftic? Waller.?Henry Williamson, disorderly gathering; Sued ?5 5S Stephen Andrews, do ; do. ? > 53. Henry Stephenson, dp,; do S3 30 Wm. Taylor, do.; do. fc) 5#. Jofin Humphries, do; do. ?:i 5'. Win. liamptou and Tlmothv Cl^ary; turned over the mill ary. Ed. Jonea, diaorderly gathering; fined 33.5S. Wm. W. Bowie, do; do. *3.56. Tub Grouse Emily Arrived. All Safe'? l.ast night the' little schooner Georg; Kuiily, Capt. John ShTeeye. arrived at tbc wharf aU afc. So ending the fears of parents and friend* for her crew. Sb it wa* somebody else'* Emily that the rebel iron-clad fleet captured rear Fortress Monroe. Notice?Personssfflict^d with deafness, noises in the head, or any malady of the eye or ear. who wish to avail themselves of Dr. Vod Moscbziiker's , services to restore them to sight or hearing should plsce themselves under treatment at once a* his stw In Waahlnptoii orevious to his return to New 1 York I* limited. Persona wbo have consulted ( him and premised to pla e themselvea under bis care, should no longer delay, if tbey wish the benefit of his services Patients under treatment are particularly requested to the punctual Id tbclr visits. 1 It* Mrs. R. G. Etc.iison (No 12 Pennsyiverla , avenue, between Eighth and. Ninth streets.) has just received from the North the largest, ttnest, and best stock of Fancy Goods, Embroideries, I-aces. Bonr?ts, Hats, Flats, Ribbons, Silks. Flower*, n i Millinery Goods generally, that she 1 as ever fc" t; to wh'ch at.: calls the attention of the ladies of Washington a: J G ccrgetown. apl4.01 mkaklbs arc prostrating me volunteers ??/ hundred*, the hospitals arc crowdcd with them Soldiers be warned in time. 11 olio way's Pills aro positively Infallible 111 thecure of this disease, occasional dosos of them will preserve the health even under the greatest exposure*. Only ^ e*nt? per Box. &!l. Coxs.*, etr?Those effected with these troublesome thinps, whether hard or soft; also those troubled with Bunions, Callosities, club and ingrowing toe-nails, can find gTat relief aiia satisfactory benent by applying to L?r. ?. \\ h t", ' ICO Pennsylvania avenue, between I# andfih , streets, Room 7, second floor. * i i India Ri bbkr Uood3. We advise all our tenders (as we kuow they arc obliged lo purchase tbc above named poods) I to ctnbtacc the present opportunity as Mr. II. A. ' Hal1 Intends to make a change In his business, and will sell Lis extensive stock of Rubber Good? at manufacturer's prl* cs, and no family should iii's? th's opporiiinlty to supply themselves For tustanec, Mi Hall will #?11 Men's Rubber Overbhces and Sandals for 8W cent* per pair, and La- ( dies" Overs and Sandal* for '-"cents per pair, and everylhtnc In proportion, for ten days, at the India Hui-i-er Warehouse, No Fcnnsvluanla avioue, between*"h and lt'ih streets, Washing- | ton, D. C. ap lt-lf Drake's Plantation Bittebs. S. T 1<*W X. It licrlgoralcs, strengthens and puriScs the sys- I to in, Is a perfect appetizer, and the moBt agree- i able and effectual tonic In the worlH It Is coin- ' nosed of the celebrated Callwya Bark, Roots, 1 Herbs aud pure St Croix Rum; particularly | R'lapted to dclicate female*; cures Dyspepsia ana ( Weakness, and Is Just the tiling for the changes or seasons. Sold by ell Groccrs, Druggists, Hotels and Saloons I'. II. L?bakk fit Co., ap 1 co3m? 208 Broadway, New York. Limb! Limb!! Limb!!!?The subscriber bason hand one thousand barrels of the best wood-burnt Lkinc, which can only be had at his lime kilns, h" having dissolved all connection wlih any other place or eatabllshment for the aale of Lime. Cement, tc., and which will b? sold at 4 l.l? per barrel. [mar29-tf] W*. H. Godky. All pkesok* can find the best stock of Clothing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hats and Caps, ui until a, i*u. iiv Ctitmu auccij u^ai A . fe 27-Um Cristadoro's Excelsior Dt* ? 1* unrivaled In the world. No other Dye has been analyzed. No other Dye produces such faultless colors. No other Dye can be applied ?o rapidly. No other Dye Is ko lasting in its effects. No other Dye improves the texture of the hair. It has been Annlyztd by Dr. C kilt on, Chemist to theCroton Water Board of New York, and certified by h!m to be as harmless a* Croton Water. His certificate may be seen at the estab l!shment of the proprietor. Manufactured by J. Christadoro, 6 Astor House, New York. Sold everywhere, and applied by all Hair Dre*?ers. Price il, 11 50, and per box: tccording to Vn V OitrVa ? ? w ? Cri?tadoko's Hair Pre?ervativ?, I* Invaluable with hi* Dye, as it imparts the litmost softuess, the most beautiful gloa, and great vitality to the hair. Price 50 cents, *1, and $2 per bottle, according to size. ap 2-eolm SoMETlIISK WORTH KNOWING.?Persons Who with to purchase beautiful styles and well made r*prin? sarrTiC!M? very cneap. win no wen ny calling at A. Strans, fashionable clothier. Pennsylvania avenue, between Tcath and Eleventh street*. Alto, constantly on band, gcnt'? furnishing goods, of every description. It VIKVt , On Moadav moraine, ltth m?t., ANNIE, infant I dauc'itnr of R. Stewart and Martha A. Jordan, ! a<c<( 9 moLtha. Relatives acd friecds are respootfnlly Invited to attend the (unaral at 11 o'oico* < n Wednesday ini-mlir, at the residence of the parents, 538 L street, between 8th and 3th. * On 'he 14 th of April, after an iilnessof two dart, Ell/ \ tfETll JANE KI(ieLfc3,iii-?d 10 tears and } mouths l.ixitn, thou watt mild and 'ovelj? Gent e a? the summer breeie? 1 Pleasant as ?h? a r of cveninf, W li' n it llntte among the trees : l'eare:nl he thr silent s uin >e's, 1 l'?wf(al. io Uit (rave to low ; Tln'U no more w;lt join our nuwii ? *, Thou no more our aoncs *ha t know ! Dearest L iz*ie, fh u liast lelt na, ' Wo tjiy leu moat Ceely leel; ti>it'U* &<~d th*t i ai teieft us, 1 H? can a'l our norrowe healJ. F. K. iler friends and relative* a:e ie-p- jtiuilj requeatel to atcnd her funeral, ir. m toe residence 1 of her i>\rents. on 16 h aid Q. atrfe a, Thuradty, 17th, at J o'olook. apISar At Alexacdria, on Saturday Miaa MARY MIJIR, Camh'er of R'v Jure* Mitr, for more , than forty ?ea a paa'or of the Firat rr*shjteran Church in Alexandria. Op the M I'MTHRbY MARSHALL, Tounieat ohild of Charier W. and Eluaheih H??don. ajed 2 years and 2 tuonfha. - i na?ni' a ?..*i r oa li iJ ? r r..-A mcDi'rif ri nwrainnurii in JJ# Odd Feitow*' llaU,?t>< iiiost * *?, will uSc plaoeat tl?-? Hall, on THUR8DA V, 17lu mat , at 8 o'clock p. m. Uj order of President of Trustee*. j?Pj4 eo3t* HENRY N. ODER. Src. WATER FILTER KR8, _ . OP &Uf ERIOR qUALITY. Warranted to filter Potomao water, Ju?t reoe;ved. C. W. BOTBLfcR * BON, . ? ap IJ-3teo 319, Iron Hall rU'KRANTS, DRIED APPLe.8, V/ ... ? . _ PEACHES, Ac. IS DDIS. ?IUU bUHKAniB. 10 bbla. ]>kIKD APPLES. lnbble. DKILD PEACHES. J uat reeeived and for aaJe br UaRUOUR k. SEMME3. ap l'-eo6t No. 63 1 a w???. T.??. *C?: ICE! ICE! I HE Snbeouber havicK mad* hia oontraota with responsible noiihe:n dealers ia now proMt?d to lurLish the oitizena 01 VVaahington ted titori*- i town with the beat t aaht? 1m, < wholeaaie and re tail,) tuJ guaiantiea a fall aupplj curlri the aeaaon naving al wart in atore two to three thocaand tone Peraona leaiainj oat of theoitj linnta o?n get their auppliee from the U?oe, whioh will be open all day. L. J. M1DDLETUN, * Vffizi oonterJ2iU and F ewDepota, Eaaby'a Wha.f, foot of B at. waat Car* Mr < Whirl, footot 18th it ?ottta. M11 tolm* 1 2,000 "/"gggSS*0 OAT8, ASS WBBf. QA.KOEN tfEfcUd, FLOWER SLEDS. pe^sNkans^.,^**., For a&le by /.f.JtAaTaOLpW. . * j f WA8BIN?TON THKATlBfr " * ? ?|iN?a lltn aHfiU Hrswr?. LMwstnd Manater Ma. tf i^rg* Kp?**l

Brief rn(K|0m?r.t of Mi* talented American traje4I?mw< M1?S ANNKTTK INCH. Who vill a-p?*r THlfe KVKNING .. In liar great chaiaotor. Z VADNK! KVAIINK! w cnnMf . lmi i> i (in ???l i"rr? ?>i MISS ANNETTE INCE. A'ini'wion 3";, .V> and 75 oerta &t ! J|l. FORD'S ATHRNCIIN. Jfnn f. Kr?p ? Proprietor and M?iui(?r JoHil II. \V*'SHT_? ?.... ? ..StA?? M?DAC*r TIURli WKKK OFjFpWIN FORREST. WEDNESDAY IfiVENING .April 1?, EDWIN FORREST A* I?4mo!*, (a Senator ) In tb? G >e~t Roman P:*t of DAM ON AM) t*? THI AS. THURSDAY EVKNIlMG, April 17. ? KDWIN FORREST Will sustain his world '?nn?nM personation ?f OTHKLLO. FRIDAY EVENING. Ami 11, EDWIN FOR REST ma6:cat Character. Admission. Dress Cire!e and I'a-s u?tie ??7j centt fceonred S*at? $1 lialooaj gaats .... .#! Orchestra Seats... ?..... SI Private Boxes ( eight).. $10 Fi "i!? Cirole 15 pouts Do .scp?nat7; octa:n rises at 8. ? TUESDAY and 9AT?RD*Y EVENINGS. Brand iiils of Eitartai :ment will be presented. It CHARLby E. FORD, Tieagarar. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. SrvtniA it., new Foil Offizr% Bkorgk Kuxkel Le.eeeand Marager _ Third We-k "f the Gra^d Combination of the Stars of Mmstrelxy, Kunkel'i Nightingale Opeia Troupe in their Hefine*, and * nMSinic irarnivr*THIS EVENING THIS EVENING MONSTKR CONCERT, A. LA J L'LIRW, With a Grand Augm^tted Orchestra. A<^million 2j oenti; Rcierred Seat* 50 centi. __ap t4 A. CAt*>Koy. Agent. \\ I L L A K D S' HALL! THIS (MONDAY) EVENING, April 11.18?. ' ARTRMVS WARD:1 TUB LurtrEK *Y ihailc> F. Hrounc, Esq, CARTEMU8 WARD,") entitled THE CIIH.DREN IN Till: WOOD. will l.o ae!i?ercd m alxivp. T okets of a imiision <?? oarts eeoii) ovi b? proMire'i et Fbila * foiemont' Met oyolitu liook<?or* And At Wi Tarda' Hotel. Fa avenue. aid < it the door on the evenim of tae 1 co or? Rsierv?? ?- a'r. (25 oeats extra) to be tecarej at Philf k Solon.oM* onl?. fkor? open at 7; beoture hegirt at 8 o'-alock. It f^lTl) FKLLOVVS' I1ALL. I# b'AVY YARD rUBSDAV, WhOML-DiV nl THURSDAY KVJ5NlN?H. April t?, U?rrt |7. i'ROF. BKNI ON WILL LECTURE. So'-j-ot? Virginia ; 1 llu*tr*t* <1 > ? man* i Piut;irul I) io ramie It cms jf coted p'aees nllieStUr ant Uatte Scenes, A o. 1 ' oture tooomtiODO** at 8 o'clock. A'im>tt?noe ?> cent*. >p 14 4t* ( ?ONTlNKNTAL OPKRA HOUSE! (i t 11 run hajtmomic iiai,i .i ?. if i /v ii t\ n i. isr i *i a w / <: il t ' This (<ne Ha l wil. I?j< |. nel on WKDNKSUAY KV KNiNG, April lt>, vruh a oonipar.y el inslsand l?iuale peilormai? une*ua!ed m tl??ir r??peet:v? roles in ihe IJr.i:ol Stat a The petfjrina c* will D"DBi?t mainly oi newar.4 attract vo Mh?i9, vooal *nd instrumental. Bur!oKit.e Operas, and KaiiOT Danoes. to iiiustrstt vhi -h matr of tlie mort rehned a-td talented artists m the ?omisr j iiavs been Pnn?t?'t The programme each evening wiil !> va-ied and att act ve in the hit.ftt'Vfree AdMit*?ion 2f e^r t* ; centl. msn tir.acoompamed l>r, to ortiiastia chars -VtoMit*; onldrrd c?llery J5 cents. Doors open at 7; to oommejos at 8 o'oloclr. *p II St* CANTERBURY HALL! CANTERBURY HALL! (Formerly the Washington A??emf>!y Rooms,) OTEN EVjfKY IVHfHT, Th* First Mc*.c Hall in tub Would, In point of Splendor. Talent a d r espeo abuity! Brilliant ami tmmtnu :*cctss of tkt MAMMOTH WftfMlMlilON AND BALTIMORE COIIPAMK3. Crowded to its utmo*t oapioity with an aud:eroo Cultivated. Critical and tiffined Estabhsliire at onoe the taot tuat the perforrnanoe AT THE GKKAT CANTERBURY is the hesi in the oity. are of th? FIRST TALENT IN THE WORLD. In evidence of a COMBINATION OF ?TAR*! Observe this Brilliant List of Names : the bqual of wliioh can ba rowhsrs found ia the World of A.tnu'*m9nfi. Mrss mill'E fuivlrr, MISS JULIA MORTIMER, And th* Cocrt or Ekacty. MISS FRANK tOi.^K. MIS> L.1Z7.IE ? RA.NC1S, MISS 1- KANK SKCOK, MISS KM MA MILLS. MISS LI1.LY BRANDON. _ MISS JULIA HICH.MONP. AND L'TTLI. ELLA. D ELE VA ft TE BROT11ER8, THl BASING GYMNAST. Tho E*.hk>p.M?'0in?1iaflt A. J. XALBOTT, A.iU?r.?T ?|CK PARKt-R, M JEAN CLO?RI, JOHN HKAN V, MASTER JOHNNY, SYLVaS CLARK, JOHN HAMILTON. BARRY J. CARTER, LKW1P M. CI.ARKL, Q IPS Y' S LA Y! A New Projrrtrams, ia which all the Combination wi!lappe*r in thef bs tact*. Now aonj h? th? C ANTKR UL'K Y .MINSTRELS the b?f.t Ktiiiosi&n Troupe in tke city : New Dances, Ac. Ao. Tke Kthup rti itarlci^ne THE BLACK STATuE. Admiaaion 25 cent*; OrahMUr Cfcatra (0 ees'.a. Afternoon BnttrtatHtnmrt For Ladiea and Fanil.ea, on WEDNESDAY AMI SATUHUAV AFTERNOONS, at J o'clock, Wh?n a lavish diatriimtion of F.lecant Fr*aeriU ia made: Ilich aiid Coatiy Jewrl y, IJookr Fanoy Article*. Toys, Sewmp Maohine*. and magnificent Si'k Dreaaea. The Sewing Machinetii p-aaer.ted to Mra. R. B. Morgan o;i Satnrdav afternoon? ticket No. HM. Admmaton 30 ceut? ; Children ap 4 YV 1IIF V\ APHINGTON ACAPRMV OF MUSIC, No. 5/^9 Fa Avwm, fontb 8ii>k, fcttee'H 9'A am?i l?u4 *f.?. Every evening a remarkably tons ht?e Concert, rmbraoing ro ectii'na Irom tbo be?t ol*a?i* nma-o, *nd the rro?t Popular Oporaa ren?1e>ed in better atyle than iu any other American concert aloon. The celebrated Ha'ian S>rg?r, Sifimr Anton.<? Tibsitini, I'mua lltntone from tue St Carlo ("' eater at Naplea. haa li*en engaged and will *v a:at the etitnrtainii>ent of the evening witti tiio lineal Mclodiea and ever prodko-.d In tma city. The aueat and tha public are invited, and in*y relv r.pjn having every comfort theydeaire. In addition to the fin*tt niua o in Washington, t:>e? ? ?11 am nail from ll>? atlai.liva nla Will VU%*IH VU II |l ' III IMW V*. 0?W?4?? '??? rteoirte tty tbo l>i?it Refreahxsnts lor r.ale iu itao l'ed?ral Metr< p '1 a. OHioera onnttantly in a'tendvioe to keep good order. Concert com weiring at 4 p in ap U SJ. HENRY ROSKN 1*HA L, Prop'r. DATKNT OFFICE CURlO*MTlES-Ga?d? to Jl Patenta, Catalogue of Carioaitma and Govei oment VvdiDi, at the stand in Pateut Office; Raro Antiquarian Booka; Government Book*; Docamenta furntahed: Railroad Reports; Military Re poita; Burnt Pawut Offioe Report*; Cheap Hooka Fnrnnrhed to Padlara; Mi.itary Tuala: Military Laws; Array Rfculationa; Panorama of theC' ?u>t allowing over 2,?*> nnlea; ru*ny thousand Cheap Booka. R<Molieot ohean rent. Large aalea, low prioea. Up ataira, orer Bank of Waaniozton, ia? ?n/ ALFRED HlfSlTKR. ^ PROF. C. F. BARNES* FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, at Temperanoe Hall, K atreet, between 9th nd loth Claa>ea JH every Tuesday and Friday?afternoon claaa/^B at a, oven mi olaaa at 7. Soiree wn Friday IA evening at > o'olook. Maaio t>y Prof. ?*ao. Ann. Ten-.peraaoe Hall will be let for Bails, Parties, Ac. Apply aa above. ft 1? 3m* BALL8^~PARTIES, Ac. ~ TAKE NOTICE! I HE FOURTEENTH OKA ASSEMBLY oi ih? hlULKNIA CLUB, which vu 'o ml take plac* on Monday the tut inatant. has JH been p Mteoced uati: fuitber cotioa. on ac-J^B o nniof bain< ciaapppmtaa laoMa niag ImW hall for ?ai<l tT .n ng. ep la si" CTOURTU GRAND COTILLON PARTY of r in* PERSEVERANCE *.N61NE OO. R* No A, to beniten ou EabIEK MuND\V, mm April 2Ut, at Tempsranoa Bali. Tiokeu oenu, admitting a gaatiemin and adiaa. MB Fart oulars in fature advertu in^nt. It* COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS ei^ea novel Dmomi Pcnool jfi NOON. April 16. from S to 6H "dock, *iii. M te mm ?.* improve! ?:j1b ?< fmaiocab!? daooe#. After the Mtibiii'Q the Mdiet.ce will be invito to ?*'tioi?ate IB % few fMhuwftbi* denooe A4mia lon35ota ; ohudrea! oU ;fwsuy tiefceUMou. ?*?-?' ? A new lot jtit1 U??? v mm,mf!i,iSX&. I : **?! *> ? ?***? -> >#. #?' te ittr H ?< ft #i .? . i? ^ . LOST AND FOUND. Takkn th? ms ibbt.'aa ir*? tr*y HOUSE 7 ftf ? old., Th* cv cwnfr :s rr^n??l. <1 t > ar m - fo>. wvl?reve 1-jT^ P'CPsrtr. p*? on* * *. m<1 t%*? h?ir itif.ftO" j> tl at B. WdKtiAN's B'aekanith s'hop, <w?*???r **?* mi 'i ti rt P f Uj V C .'jt REWARD-For ?ha appr*t?era?u? <a?d deliver? to in? At R'adeoaoarr, M?'T!* 4, or f ?enr^d in aur j%il ? Man land. Vt ti.a* t *et iutn,)of NLGKO >1 \N, *jin>Ptrt W\ I?l? ?lt* ?H'P >rtf rf bear? If. W?r riiir. deoeaa-d, ?f Trinoo 6et?rc?'a o^mty." * Md. JjIthWii ?*f ' ofpir o^raplnitos; or ?tr>ut atttue; ?N>iii aix fee' b i, . and of e'*aritic onantananre when ap>k*n to. He wall Iracvuiii Waihi-it u ?ilTt and ta t>o <2oal?t iarkm* tu Diat pit:* or tU vicicit-. 1 will rive the reward no matter where taV.i I>I<>NY?IUS SHERIFF, ap I* Jib* Fxt'rol H H. amct. df^^aved. (VO riCK ? Caine to the cab:o ibe:,?'Ji'iti.on the iv stli da* of April, If-.* a rmalt Mack mz*?a* hnfftlo COW. ?itb wt.ite bellj; to C?od order; *iih&ca!fath?r?.'<;e Toe owner rffcJa> avd ?<>w ard oalf are reqneafeH to oome ai.d prcva property ??j0 pa* oh?r(ta, acd tue ?>er im. En ?uire at Pssroe'a Mm. on Rock Cre?c, for tbe inn ooenpicd tj RlCdARl) 5*. JO.>ES. ap It Si* ,. , , . I ? OST?Fr-tir Certif.catea cf S'ock of the Pern li Mntu%! I.ife Inmnrrt Ceir p*r.y rf Phitade follows - No 1 ICS for *K; >0 for 10; So. ; 2'R for $:?; No 1^ l? r Sl?; ait in the nai??nf Jae >h Fuaaell. it B'-t found application will be n.a<l3 to raid oompan? f.?r r#i???? of mne, ap l?-3t * J A CO >1 F t>S*El.t.. A ik U L' \\ t U 11 U-- -?-- ? ? *L- ?? m _ ,. I nti an %j?1> #??t i'' ? 1 ~ ii*rc9"i tie undcrsigu-*,oo Mon- g da? inorutne,;?*h lust, n'out l?o*eioek,a jg. WEHR't WOMAN, oa'iiBi: Ir.ieif Mi;? -gTA, of* hr:phto pper ooior: SO ? e*r? of *?*; *?? with a child 3 )Mri <?f ?*o Th" h?>T i? darker eotor; th* vonu 11 nrj ringing lookie* w.-ien spoken to, about 5 i-ct hicli: end na<! oo a Mae o*Iioo dress and p?;o sliaw": aid has aliaibacd lelOLgmc ta lion Char. > Oa'vert. I eri'l civt> fin r? Wird if <ie'iT?rrd ti ma. or ? - cercd sv as to fet fc?r .MRS K. CRAWFORD, aplftlw* No. 334 8outh?M?oom*rStb ar,i L. Q1H REWARD?S oi--n ab?ut 1?'? o'c'ocV m., V this tnorntnt, .1 *;*M tr?y f> H^RSK. with foFprtijifnt *a<M:e una TmP l?!an*?>t; harse? had D? or; ai.U in l<>f? foot; twao<*e J U. 3. fie wn stolen frotn f'qutol Ai*l3r'? K*?t\urar.t. D ?t. Ar? information cnjernini lii'n will t>? roc?iv?^ at WrAniar'a <ap I tf) PHU LIP 7.1TTLK. \ISTRICr OF COI.IIMMA. WmhiHOWS I* ?On thi? SI?* day of March-gy 1862 before ;ne. th? luhtcntxr, a Justice of the Peace m *rd for *?id <wurty,fe??i>ca - I? pprare'l John A. Horiand, oil* ot the Metroijo'itau Polioe, ard wvls oath that ketcok up or? Friday. March nt-1,'fi .2. a Ktvwa HOKMI.m m? iraj, una o^uverw Ini-i to J no* ? I n liv?ri ?'*( > J('HN liORl.AM', SubiiatiboJ and B?"rn l?ff<?ro nu. H. MKAVKK.J P. Th* t'wuft will r?'!. r%t oiia'cas avJ fake tho h'Jrfse avar. C?H &l ll'h street. ?tffi?o N*tnfvhlM Polin?. ?* I !*wiw IOST?On la?t, botwnn C!ac*it A t May's Mor? and thf corner of l<?tb and I) . a Kin\ll trtt8?*n S^KKVII-MUTTON. A reward of .?l ?iii to p*i-i it lefiat Mr. Semtou'e, ?r, I'a. av. n. .? FOB 8ALK~ANP~blKNT. i.'UR t>JU.K?A ana:I GROCERY *TORK. t inquire at th* storeooruei cf 8lh aod II k'.?. U? 'po RENT-Tw? choice ROOMS, (aommur.ia ominf! wi'li beard. App!t?' No. T, Ii<]imi\ a* *<h> * t* tTOKKTW I.KT, P?nnsr>vaaia av?nu?. ' AiH al*o. (>KFiOIJ? t? App!? at UI3 l*-un?<!vauiaav?tu\ np;o->)?^ WiHard'a. .h 2 I4*?>K HUNT Metropolis View. tMiHw? ofth" la*^ Wurhl 'e?'in K^rr, For t3rin?,*c . art?l? t > K J. MII'Ui.Kl ON, atCity liaii. ap I j r< JS I^I RMSHKHOR UNI IIRMSHKU KtMJMP E I'UK ?KMT I wo Pai or? tr,* H*<! roomn.o ; MaupbolmiiVla *.\Ixtwean U Ii *n1 IStli ?trfef?,sou ! _ ap if-y J/'OR KKNT? No. 113. w**t r<?la IMh ?trwt, between Ns? York avoiuvanl H ntr??t. with a iftice por'H'ii ?>l the Pos*p?noii aSort 1st >l?r. App'j ' > A l>?-, r-H e* in Kite* h. Of.** Rinkir.e Ilea*#. n? 16 31* \LADV HAVINB A l,ARSK HOUSK. i*? tirou4 of I?\vic? the oit?. * *\>*r tn in*fit wi li % Kvrty to Imj the luni'tuie cnntvnM ti;er<Mu. teu nra'lj lw-n?h#1 rwrot. Afplr to JOHN WALLING, 46i l?th. ?><stire?n Until & etrP?U. M IS 3'.*_ I^OH RKNT-A nicely KLRNiSHKD HOU6K. 1 oorrauitcc eight ro inc; throe r?u*r<M trow the War Dcjart r-en'. n.i &r .<i ??tT in the Hod?j inquire at .No Ifi Faimit?'ffice Hu'ftta ap 14 3f* Arm v A l b ka>i i L.Y, navinr ?wo Kuru;afced Rooms on sev.nd fl -or, with double bsd. suit ?tb!o for four ieat!r.urn. would like ?o rer* th*ni. Arpyat 444 iltii at. None but g Jntleasen ueed M?iy? apit it |/OR RENT?A TENEMENT, milahe for a r finv! family, and very Fl?%?ftutl? ?i uated on 'he Height* of t?eoris?to*rii, within five miLutea' waik of the Wa?hirg6Mrc<t>*l onsibaa lir.e Apply al Hi* < fli :e of J. DMNT, No. 456 fifteenth streit, Wat mutton. ap 14 lw" FOR RENT, :n toe VVoat E-.d, to a rniail larnilr w thou'child en,* c rvr.i(r,t HOUSK, pl'j&nai.tiy located, c i.lAiLiiit eight roomi.'y fur^i'hed; -wi?h a yard, tr^a.snd sarnbbery in frr? t. *>u a tv'en p it in'.ho rear. Poa es?i.->n Riven r.t cttoe,or May 1ft. f <4e*i(?4. Ap ply until the .oth, n t> e preai:**?. 276 H north side, n?ar J8-Js it ap 14 2t* L^URNI^UEl) HOl'BK Kt'K RENT NK\K I. Wi l?rd?' Hf tel; a c. ir.moiliors ard we ; furru'.ed bribk h?u*e, 3 aiorie^ with lassir.e t ard attic. o >rt*iBT(; 12 r oiri, tnck etah e aid A w ? K m ?<' U -* ?"*?f x ou DVi 1 u Vb IV'IMi 1U Btv;uu < B Ul J . P ' Ul Sion per m?-nth it adr&r-.ce. App'y to MJiR K8 & SMITH. 476 7th *t. ap H 3. ir<OH Rl.NT-A farfcut.wi fnur-et rr BRICK l DWKLLINUi'n * p!oa?in? *n<t part of ths cUy, with fi j? iar*9 chan.^tf ?!>d pirlorn, l>ata room eurp--e.l with hjcra'-t wr? <v , ai:d rs* tferoufhottt; a u?TTiata an I rt? i>ie at'anhed. Tliii is kdnuabft r^ulero^ioi aj<M.Oor Uf-ver: ineut e.Tp oy*? in either cna o< ths Depart Inquire at 375 Kieventh et!??;, brtT?en K ant L. from 5 to6 p. m. ap II ^t'MMbK liK.SiDKftCtt FOR REST. %F<m O tk' "Uien Ellm FarmS' C about \% milt* a''ore Geottttctrn, *eir Mr. I.ovtzkborougk'r\?K detirahla :ur-:ishel liuul'.a Rous* *?!i ?hv!r>d. Cm water. Ac. with crabiing, car'i&te liuusw, AlP. t*- t;nn r.f M r\f thu 4 !?t.i - 1 ml, F',rri?n a d gantlemeo w;th laini y 1* e?pm-i%lly limited to tiii? adverts* runt. For rxiiinu&tiou cf tiie premises apply t?? llic rr-aapger upon tho farm i >J r. Ja:ii'-i? U'Hnan.) and for larth?r par:ical*ra R'ld re?i ,"ftpt* Ti W. A T. MADl)l)X, U b M , lii^O !Spr uoe a'.re.M. I' ph a, Fv mh 31-l?n* |iM?A 8ALK?Two fira'-ciaaa KILLIAKI) TA r BLKf, luarbl? Rial)?. asa ere? y arrangement oompiete. Taoa* dea-ring the above t;!1 eitirjy their intereM by o&tlicg iinrnriiiatelr *tt!?e Faro pesn Hotel, <*cmar Utu aireetaad renr.sT.r&nia avamie. nib S tf liOAKDING. nOAR^INti?Un5 large Front ROOM. cooor.rf Boor. m!a'>!? fof g>nt<<mau and lady, or tw<> <<>r.tiei:ien; j?irna*nt y aiti-a ml, with a it<>rfrorn*. ai A00 K strait, between id ar.d 3d. m tZ. It* V |f til ifl'RN'ISUKP ROOM J) TO BUNT, mith Boaid, in a p!?*?a:il locvion p#*r tt?? Cap lot. Trvm?nt U ?anlpr? a&'-iuni vtalod. lucuir* at 8tar irhSt tf ED U CATIONAllMl 8 S K. W. XV RIGHT lias A SCHOOL FOR YUL'Nti LAIME3 at No. 501 8?v?hth 8tr?kt. A?^npeci!u lj acks public patrocac*. nib ..-..i. . ? GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MiB I'KOBfiKTOWN DANCING ACADEMY.? If 1'KUF. UAKNli? will o*en a l>auo:us |1 Clasa for l-?oi??. >lise<?? aod Mwreri, on ! WKDNKSHAY. A?ril2i. at3?. iu , At the#S ll&iici Mr. roue^t. ooru?r of Iligh and Ga;UMfc u. All of Ue raiUional>le Da icei wi.l bu&ntut during the quarter. i'upiia fi.ouli euter tn*ir rames as aco.i as toiubie. to ooiumeaoe with the _i_ w ? _ BB _ a ? tl.. L . _ c n?. wr. Dimri riirr? mi iiw po.-ri ? ui n>i Wsshinfon ilasses. lerina $l? per quarter. ap lb-lw* 17VERY UMK'S INTEREST TO CALL AT ?j R. CUNNINGHAM * SON'S Piodooe Stor*, No. 74 High etre?t. Georietown, where yon can bar FLOt K olt?ap?r than any other place in the District?Extra Family #6 25 per barrel, Superfine a', jb* A so, Provision: of a'l kinds. upll-St jjBOKBKlN G L O V K S!~ Rauubari Ju Ebcrt, 1m Hi?h Strut. BflUAW"ru?rfr. 0CK8H* oclj ??nufMtur?r. of ^ M*"plh'lLAij BUP&ABHA VOHTALM. W? h?v?joit rec?ir?l ? im't o! the above Ato, which we recommend tob* or*Torj p?r<or ?uojity. Poraona w'aliinc to purohMO, by moling ?"VWv'-rsKir, , r 9 ?eorf ?rc? b. BUAC?WLE?: 1L?: COLORED 81LK8: COLORED SILKS! A fall aaaortnjant of tfca beet tradea ot our fro orbt?Uv low prioaa, SPRING feUAWLS! SPRING SHAWLS SPRINti WKAPPIN09! j1 L N?W ItirllM ?" ? Ob* pri?? oaly, ti>? actual <uuh v*lu?, n>trk*4 in ?Uunfti?rM. _ fhltY AHKU, M S-fx P?n. BTftne u( yth ?tr?et. i "v I | ?< ? V ?| f ')f C I * * fctt--it . Ci I I jt* t * I SECOND KDITION. I ' fff* Tun KK f>TI.<>CK, r W. OCR MTLTTART BUDGET rm?M fortress noiRoi. PUpnV bra from Old IVtnt up lo 9 a m to 4?t report all qutrt Una morning Vat1o?* rumora are lh?*r relative * lb? Mrrrluiar, bnt uonc r?f tbrtn are reliable. ^bc |j*d not midr hrr appearance, bowtw Uac of I hear ruimin all'-RC that when ah* earn* down aUr u?( aground, and returned ta Norfolk iraking bvily Ait.v.hrr ailc,{C* th?t ?he propoan Jo atUck Newport Nrwi to day. ( 41TtNO??i Au Intelligent < nicer, Junt from Fortrra* Monroe, rrport* that (be *.->uthern p*p?r* received there yeatrrdair Intimate that General Mitrball la In pofn*a*lon of Chattanooga. from which vitally Important petal the rrbrl troop* stationed for Ita def. n?e are ntd lo bare fled on tLe approach of Mitchell'* ?n?n. If tbl* be *o. Gen. M b-i* .ilreadf achieved the most Important reaulta >o far of lbe can fslan. He H known to U*ra <tr*|?*lrbrd a force, per railroad, In that direction, but It wu not thought that It would penetrate eo far rat if Chattanooga ' on re, a lxrge additional amount of railroad furniture of all descriptions m ill have fallen into our band#, aa well a? tb? control of their entire railroad communication r*cuth and Southwest. si*. M'VOWILL. !!?er!nx that aomc of tbe a-rnjr of the Potomac are frtcly cen?urii;g Gen. McDowell In eonweraatlnn, under tbe '.mpre?lo:> that the alleged dl*ersio i of a portion of tbe troopa from tba work ?a d to belaid ont for them In the General-laChief * phn of the campaign, waa brought about by bis action at thla point, we htTe to aay that they are greatly In error We have entirely reliable authority fcr *ay!ng that be has not interCariul I >. ?? ? ?? - ** " " " Kim ill nuj sir u Iiwi rr we miu tail IUKinrjit a* belnc due to Gen M I) , though without any knowledge whatever on hla part OFFICIAL NOTiri, Ur i4q*ariet* Fnvo't ?htika!< OJHa, ? H'aiktMgtoM, U C , April 15, ls*?2. \ Hereafter no more psas-* will be granted for (be *btpincn? of sutlers' stores to the army of Uru I M iClcHan for the transportation of cutlers' stores arroxs the Potomac will ooljr be granted on a permit from the commanding officers of regiments or detachment* within this Military Die* tM t, stating the quantity and destination By order MaJ^r W. E D^tir, Provost Marshal Cuarles 1 RoaiNso*, Adjutant. Varies in the Djeraicr ?The bill introduced Into thr Senate to day by Mr Grime* declaring wbo ere to be qiiallflrd electors here, provide# that every voter shall take an oa'h to euppwt the Government, and mikee the Maryland qualifications b-'-'*' hereafter to prevail here - ? ?? CO AHi K ESS IUNAL. l x I> 11 lb ro?niiEss-9*c*a4 Amisa. Ti'rsoay. April IS. atf. ?Mr Wllklnaon presented a pe'Hton In fsv.>r of the use of the slaves of the t*outb In arm* on the s!d ? of the Hovr-NTncnt Mr. Gri\neo introduced a bill prescribing the n n'i 'ns of electors In th< ?y of Washing * ? ??. ? - ? ton. wuicn rf nia nan oecn unanimously agreed to l?y the i^natc's District Committee. Head twice and laid over. Mr Fcssen4en reported back from the Finance C mmiitcc tbc IIouk t ill establishing a branch inUitat Denver, Colorado Territory. Committed Mr. McDoujjal called uptbe pendh.r resolution tailing on the r-'ccretary of War for Information relativeto the cauacs of tue delav In the trial of 6eu'l S'one, and whether the latter baa not rtiplied for a speedy trial Mr McD addressed the Senate at leiig'h In fivor of the adoption of the resolution. Uoin.?Mr. Trowbridge called up the motion heretofore ir.ede to reconsider the resolution callAM * U ... ~ t 0- - ' ^ 41 vii iw otocwj vi nit it>r luiorumion u w be .reasons why the exchange of Col. Corcoran hcl been delayed. Mr. Trowbridge siid be did notdmlre to throw any imredtmeuts in the wav of the release of Colonel Corcoran, but he thought there were other prisoners as worthy and br-tve a> him He named Colonel Wilcox ar.d stated that be should like to see Colonel Wilcox's name inserted In the resol ition with Col Corcoran's. Mr. Msilory stated that be bsd a conversation with Col. Woodruff a few daya since and waa inf<. rn" t tijft" although Col Corcoran and tbe other prisoners were anxious to be release!, yet If by liii-ir tbe Interests ?f the Government would *>e autwrved they would be perfectly couient in that manner to serve their country Tbe resolution was then amended by Inserting after the namecf Col Corcoran "Col. Wilcox and other rlaoaere of war," and paa-^d. The bill :o regulate the franking privilege was taken up and laid on the table. LATE LOCAL JSEVS. Si pro?ED Mrit>BR.?Thl* rooming, ?? of (b? oninlbii'sca which had been l?*tf standing tn front of Mr. Kiii?ey's stables, on ijf street, near Marylend avenue, was found stained with blood On opening the door, the cuahlons were found rolled up aa if they had been used for pillow*, and the whole floor literally clothed with blood, which had leaked through the floor, leaving piol un<t<rneatb. The steps were bio >dv, and at ahort distance, against the corner of a wall, there was anoth r pool, with amaller pool? in tbe vicinity. If it nrnnvlkifl !f IJaa^ ?11 _ - m . *MV ./41'UW an V n?uv IIVH1 UUC |fTI on !hntbe or tbedld not livelong Sotr>c of tbe ccighhcr* nay tbat they beanl tb? cry of mnrder ai :t irsttding from the 'bin. about o;;c o'clock thla tr.ornlng. It i? thought that * j prion, perhaps a?oMi^r, crawled lu there to sleep and was murdered. The pol . e are endeavoring to obtatu tone clue by which the rr.yntctf may be cleared up. Tnp No!t-pb*T!!?c Clkk?t.?Wc understand thr.t K?*v Mr. Morsrll. of L"hr!?r i'hurrh. N?vw Yard, uted on Sunday la* tbe prayer of thankagiving for rcceut vi-toilea dealqmted by IJlshop Wblttmgbain, ia accordance wlib tbe proclamation of the Frcaidrnt Hr Plm:kn< v. of ,he Church of tLi* Aocruilou, K 1* l>rlie*rd, 1? the KnH-rnml mlvltli* nf V*? ' 1 J - -1 ' "I? V? tw vr j ??UU II the prayer ?lto~?-thcr. Farther hy the Th" brig* Adeitldr and Mary \V right irrirA at Liverpool on the 3d lust , bavin* succeaafuily ran the blockade at Charleston, which port they left cntrc id cf Mar. k. They had 1400 bale* of cotton, VU0 boxes of tobecco,'and a considerable quantity of roam. Thev left Charleston in comfHiny with the bark Ltrwan. and four schooners, all laden with co'ton an<l rosin. They report that thrsjuken atone fleet la fast breaking np, Charleston harbor beinj; foil of floating timber. Tbev also represent that Charleston *cd Savannah ate well forttfled There was a vague acd doubtful rumor that a steamer built a Liverpool, and armed with twen ty of the Klakely l<*> pound (un?, bid com to Gibraltar for an encounter with lbs Uuitel States gun-boat Tu?< arora In tbe House ofCotnuions, 9>r F Sin lit called the attent'.ou of Parliament In tbe engagement between tbe Monitor and tbe Marl mac, and urged the confederation of tbe ?ubject of the future proapecta of a defensive warfare He argued in f??oi of tbe construction cf email Teasels like tbe Moaltor in preference to stationary forts, and adro. cat?d tbe cessation of tbe works on fortifications and tbe construction of Iron gun-boats or batteries icstend. A eeueral debate ensued, most of tbe speaker* nnnoiliiff the outlay on fortlticallons. 8ir O C. UwU and Lord C Pu^et, on behilf of tbe Gov* eminent. warned the House anlut hasty action, and tbe enormoua expense tbii proposed revolution In naval warfare would entail. Tbe question whether tbe content between tbe Merrlmac and Monitor had thrown any new light on the subject, and thought that forte could be made to maintain their superiority They believed that artillery could be mide to crush theae iron veaaels It would not do to proceed hastily without further experience, but the Government would watch the question carefully. The aubtect woa tbeu dropped without any ac Uon being taken thereon, but Bern! inborn# gave lorioai LoU^t of a (notion to tbe efrrt tint it wan expedient U> auapeud fun Her work in tt>? conatructtuu of the forts nt Spltbead on til ibo vtiue of lron-r.H.fed gui.boata for tae defence of porU aball be f?Uy coualdcrtd. Tbe newspapers are fully dleeuaalnc the ?cbj?ct. it, urf lag that not a dayshould be lost, as woodea hip* arc clarly demonstrated t* b* wkoltf um?leas agalaat iroa-plated rams The ?(bar Jotraala and letter writ* la abaadaaca are aiaa la favar of floating batteries ?^^? PLAINrI?XD ACADJtMY. JT ^ _ M?*? OmiiLi, t?*. Tb? si MMlo? t? IMh ' MDBHCM M ?l Mk. Term* *? par a#??n>n. <*ifoul?r? at Srar OIn. To ft 1 a law vmabcim aduraa* Ml imeo Plaitlifi, cimSx Pa . 4 * . .*..I rt* i * ^ ' wjiH j * * I . 1 atLuiC* *kfc 1 ~ : I

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