Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1862 Page 1
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9 i * <B> V2t. XIX. WASHINGTON, I). C., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1(J, 1862. N?. 2,855 (THE EVENING STAR I PUBLISHED ffVBR? AFTBRNOOH, (sun DAY E1CKPTFD,) AT THE STAR BCILDINOS, Coi?*T Kf Ptnn^lxnnw art mud SUvtnik tlrul, T )W. D. WMJiAOH; rapets served In packs pet by carrier* at ?4 a year, or 37 cent* per month. To mall subscribers the price l? f-1-VO a year, ui adtnnr?, ? for six m< nth?. tl for thrca months; and foi Iraa than tlhrrr months at the rate of I* ccnts a week. BINghr copies, on i cmt; In Wrapprts, *Wo tint#. f?T" ArVB*tisaM??rT? should be sent to th? otic* before 12 o'clock otherwise they may ?ot appear )Th? LiT?rH*l lk? War. fFrc?n> the Liverpool Journal March *2? J ' H?pe deferred maktth thb heartsick," > and it is still hop* deferred on'Change. Things ought to mend, but do not People are cheerful. hut business is bad. When is there to be more activity' The talk was that this accursed war in America is the cause of a world of misery all over the world, that the evil embraces all tha civilised inhabitants of the globe, that trade is stagnant from Hi* A moor; that manufactures languish; that people want employment; that speculation it defunct; that enterprise is dormant; that a ad apathy seems to have seised on the human race, and that misery is, in consequence, intense and wida spread. The ^en^ral talk was that Lha war will soon be over; that the and U rapidly approaching; that tha Confederates having done all that brave men eould do, muat, Hka Other great men, submit to destiny; that the chances are against them ; that they will retire from the 'Y" war with all their honors made brighter by I ? ^ - - glorious exercise; that they bare failed became it was impossible to taeceed; that the adversary waa tour to one against them, and that it is no disgrace to yield to an enemy so powerful; that they will not play the barbarian and unchristian game of persisting in opposition when the result is inevitable; and that when passion subsides the secessionists will unhesitatingly admit that the United States have, after all, siren ample proof of the resources residing in free institutions; that this war, frightful as it has been, impresses on all mankind a leraon that cannot be forgotten ; that it has upset a multitude of false conclusions, and taught European Powers to be wise by the instruction afforded by the Government and the people of America; that the people hare given proof of the ralue of the Anglo-Saxon blood which circulates in their reins; that the North iand South teem with the same evidence, and that this evidence will and in 1 ?. ? t 1* manent good, that when thecivil war In Amor- I Iica broke out the conclusion openly expressed was that America had collansed; that democracy wax a Action; that the Republic was about t< f-iporience the fate of all republics; that selfj:?vernment waa not to be expected amoDg a y*?>ple so boastful and demoralised, that the N>rth would have to submit to the South, that ?he had no money, no army, and no b >nd of brotherhood; hut that the experience "- ?f a lew months falsified all theee predicItions; that democracy was on its trial, and has obtained a verdict in its faver; that in eight months the Federalists have produced the largest, and, according to Dr. Russell, the finest army in the world, that the Government pays its way; that comparatively there ia no distress; that there is no discontent; that there are do tank*; that the people act as one inan in support of the'Governraent; and that the Government ii acting strictly in obedience to the Constitution, that the lesion taught to Europe i<< a most important and a most valuable onefirst. toat an efficient army can be improvised in a few months out of volunteer?, that soldiers fo improvised can fight like or better than veterans, that standing armies are therefore no longer necessary with nations enjoying constitutional governments; that volunteers are armies when wanted, that the fight between the Merrimac and the Monitor demonstrated that naval warfare, as hitherto conducted, must now cease; that wooden men of war should either be W cut up or converted into merchant ships, that W iron-clad steamers henceforth will rule the I ocean; that very few of these will be required, and that of course, onr n*vw the few are built, will gratily even Mr. Bright; that these are great arid glorious discoveries; that they hand over civilizatien to the protection of science; that wars will be few, because without uninterrupted trade nations cannot resist immediate misery; that all civilized people have now clearly one interest; that not one of them can drop oat of the market without entailing on all others the evils of bad trade; that the Americans have secured for themselves an eternal exemption from external war, that all other nations will let them alone, because a conflict with them would be ruinous; that the Yankees, by this war, have made themselves ina?tfrs of :he position; that their nrndiu<* ii M<?nn>l it. tfc? f ... .mm M ?a?V fB VOJ'VI I V* th? civilised world; and that, consequently, the sivilized wwrld will always keep on friendly terms with them THE REBELS STILL BOASTING. (From the Richmond Whig ] l We have been often defeated by the Yankees. bat never yet whipped in a fair fight. The truth is. our defeat3 hare proved the superiority of our fighting qualities, as our victories never did or could have done The Southerner is more courageous than the Yan) kee, and nothing has served to convince the Yankees of this truth so much as their late triumph? Take the list of our disasters, from Drainesville to Kernstown, aad we find in very one of them ample evidence of Southern plo<*k Stuart saved his wagons at Drainesville. The Yankees were on the eve of withdrawing, just as he did, and a few mere rounds would nave driven them off in confusion. Stuart ought never to have permitted himself to be caught in such a trap. We paid dearly for it. No one doubts that the day would have been won at Fishing Creek if Zollicoffer had not fallen Even alter that, our troops might have been rallied, if Crittenden had bmimutI ut claim to their confidence. Though the odd* at Roanoke Island were enormous we cannot boa it over that affair The batteries were fought splendidly, and 'icne of the troops acted gallantly; but Gen. XVi*e told the whoje story, when he said to some of hi- soldier? who h*l retreated, "there i* no blood on your bayonets." At Newborn : 11 ng< were managed very badly, yet the pluck displayed by Latham and Brcm, and the obstinate resistance of Vance's regiment and , others, came near retrieving oar fortunes in spi'eof the vastly superior numbers of the attacking party What a glorious history is that of the fall of Donelaon?what beroma, what endurance, what indomitable courage, the Mississippians, Virginians, Kentaekians and Tennesseeans displayed in and around that ill starred fert. The eharge of Seott's Louisiana cavalry was never surpassed. Indeed, Louisianians, Miseissippians, Misaourians and Tavina kftva HUii?i?itiaK^I * ? - ?- b"'"""" unowuTd on iferj Id. We would Doi diipirig* the fighting q?tl/ tiae of the aoldiers iron any State of the Confederacy, but the hiitory of the war ae?ms to prove that tho men ju?t named have more r/ait, more da*h, daring, and deaperation than any other. The art of "riving up" had not been learned by the Misaiasippiana, who tore down, and kept tearing down, the white at Doneldon. Competent authority aaaerta > that the only actual hand-to-hand fighta which have occurred during the war happened in Miaaouri and Arkanaas; the party to them en onr side being always Louisianians and Misauurians, and alwaya successful. 1 We might refer to the valiant three days' struggle in which MeCulloch and Mclntoah fell, in further proof of the superiority of ? Southern over Yankee fighting. But the caae a ? t ? I1T_ ?? v ? - ? - - la wo nwa n? ?iw?/i oeuevM wtcouid whip the Yankee*, and nothing has done ao much to strengthen and confirm that belief aa our disaatere. Other thing* being equal, courage ia a matter of habit. Temperament and training have much to do vith it, but habit hta more. The men of the South are accustomed to the use of arma, end to the contemplation of death bj the bnllet or the knife. There is no danger the Yankee will sot face for the aake of the almightj dollar. It U the force of drill and the hope of getting a aout faem farm of 160 aerea that enable hia to ight now. Bat the jastioe of the 8outhera eeaae, the greater natural courage of the Southern man, and the loftj motives which inspire him, will auraly tell in the long ran. With eqeal *> ** 1 * m w? cad mimijt waip me 1 aokees taro . With eoup?t?Btdirection. Southern I lighting would extort tht admiration of tb? I world. I REBEL REASONS FOR THE A*A*l>Oft. ^TEl^Tor MAfrASSAt. the Richmond Examiner of a recent date gives the following reasons for the abandonment of Manaesu and Centxeville bj Gen Johnston We learn that the Government not onlt cordially approves the strategics movement of Gen. Johnaton in changing his line ef defence, bat i that the question of falling baek from the old line of the Potomaa wan COT1 fid a/1 ?nt I pal? /> hit own diseretion some weeks ego by the President himself. It is now ascertained that some three ot four weeks before the army, fell back, QSn. Johnston visited the President and disclosed to him the extraordinary plans eompassed by the enemy, wbicn made it vitally necessary, ?n bin opinion, to fall back and organize a new line of defence, lie stated bis convictions that the enomy, by a movement of some forty or fifty thousand troops through Harper's Ferry and the Valley, designed to fall upon his rear, and proposed to defeat this object by confronting him on a new line of defence. For the space of three weeks before the army left its intrenebments at Manassas preparation! were beinir made for fallimr hank h? th?nni?t and gradual removal of the vast accumulation* of army stores; and with such consummate address was this managed that our own forces nad no idea of what was intended until the march was taken up. The first intimation the enemy had of the evacuation of Manassas was the smoke of the soldiers' huts that had been fired by our army, and as the last column of our forces retired, we are assured tha* the advance of the movement, on Oen. Johnston's rear, M? f * - " * was ?ireaay ai anicKerrvilte, a gap in the Blu? Ridge. That the strategio plana of the enemy were completely foiled by this masterly movement ef (len. Johnston is nuite evident in the tone of diaappointment and vexation in which the northern newspapers refer to the evacuation of Manasaas, which, unless there had been some diwoncert of their own strategy by such nn event, they would be likely to regard as a considerable advantage on their bide in letting them further into th? turritnrw ?f . . m J V?? ? li^iuta. The most, if not the only, successful strategic movement of last year'scnmpaign was Ueneral Johnston's evacuation of Harper's Ferry and hii movement in the upper portion of the Valley This evacuation of the extreme line of the upper Potomac was extensively misunderstood, and brought a great deal of popular and ignorant censure upon General Johnston, who wag characteristically resolved to leave his vindication to the pmgresi <A events, lli: movement! th?n thro Ka^lr tV*- '- -> ? ...v.. v?vn tuv vuvuijr b I'lmje at least ninety days, and it is confHentlj stated that the same extent of disappointment and disconcert on tho enemy's side will be the result ot the late change of our line of defense*. The advantages accomplished in the falling back of our army are that it has foiled the strategic plan of the enemy almost at the instant of its accomplishment, besides bringing mi fnMM A " " v.i aviv.09 miv |WJiuun 10 encounter inj demonstrations that the enemy may make io new directions. The excitement of locomotion and change of scene were said to have bad the most happy effect upon the spirit of our troops, who are, altogether, in better lighting trim than they have ever been since the battle ol Manassas. Our readers may rely upon it that the aspect of affairs in the direction of the Potomac ia in every way cheering and encouraging. Mammoth Counterfeit Establishments Broken ip ii? St. Louis?One Hundred Thousand Dollar* in US. Treasury Note* Seized?Ten Thousand Dollars in Counterfeit Indiana Bills Seized ?For some time past. pays the St. Louis News, the suspicion* ol the Chief-of-Police have been directed to the three-story house. No. 7 Targee street, and on Sunday night last a search was made. In a back room on the first floor were found a complete set of engraver's tools, and a printing | presj up stairs. The officers found upwards ol $10,000 in counterfeit Indiana one dollar bills, signed and ready to be circulated, and neatli done np in $500 packages. A porkctbook containing an unfinished $10 U. S. Treasury note, the back only being printed, was taken from a coat hanging in the room. A mac named Wolkey was arrested, and ia the coal was found a certificate bearing his name. Wolkey denied all knowledge ol the criminal business, but said that a man named Walkei Kam rA j m f tK* Kamba a ? *- * ...... . M>? uvan ouu vnunu IU? IOOIS. 1 D18 Walker wa* known to be a notorious counterfeiter, who also went bj the name of Hill. On Tuesday night he was arrested at a bouse in Dubreuil street, while working at the engraver's benoh in copying a U. S. $10 Treasury note. A search of the premises resulted in the discovery of upward of $100,(X)0 in counterfeit U. S tens, aid all the implements of the counterfeiter's art. The plates used in printing the U. S. Treasury notea are of steel, and have been pronounced by good judges a fine specimen of the art. A steel plate for counterfeiting $3 Treasury notes was also found, as well as some eight or ten bank plates in course of preparaI tion. In addition to a - ?! ? Hua^uw* 1/IUVU for counterfeiting $20 bills on the Bank ol Waynesburg, Pa., was secured. Of the immense quantity of Treasury notcf aeixed. only some $25 000 were nearly finished. This amount was found strung by a thread in a room lor the purpose of drying. The other bills were quite unfinished, being printed on but one side, and lacking <he various colors. The proesee, engravers' tools, etc., as well as the bogus paper obtained in both establishments. were removed to the office of the chiei of police. Scotch Mixstkblsv.?The following line* arc taken from the Glasgow (8cotUad) Kxamltier. We commcnd theoi to our readers, an displaying msrr knowledge of the ehlvalry than we are apt to credit foreign journals with .'Neath a ragged Palmetto a Southerner sat, A tvlallm lk> ?#wi. '? VI M 01101110 U?l , And trying to lighten his mind of a load, By burning the words of the following ode : Oh' for a darkey. Oh ' for a whip, Oh ' for a cocktail, and Oh for a nip ; Oh' for a shot at old Greeley and Beechcr, Oh ' for a crack at a Yankee school-teachcr; Oh' for a captain, and Oh' for a ahlp, Oh! for a cargo of darkeys each trip. A+d so kt kipt Ok ing for icknt h* knd not, N*t content wHk oieing for ail that 44'd got. Balloorihs ib tbk Amit.?A letter from Yorktown aays: A UttW episode has occurred, which was amusing at least. Geaeral Porter went up In the balloon at Ive o'clock this morning, and when about one hundred feet above the ground tbc rope anchoring the balloon broke, and the General aalled off southwesterly toward* R at a creater ?peed than the army of the Potomac U moving. He waa alone, hut had sufficient calinneea lo pull the valve rope, and gradually deeended, reaching the ground In safety, about three in lee from camp. ??????i ECOLF. DU CAVAL1KR A PIED, lioente. C&va.ei ie?Iteaie de 1'matreottoa. >7 oeme. V? Hraot?Avaot 1'oeUe de Cavalerte latere. S 26. Manuel drvMareehalerie. sneenta. Cawer e? baide de 1'lnatraeUur. SI oents. V^u?rtt-ID?W notion a Cbevai. 75 canta. eav%iarie?bar la 8?rvio? dti P:u*? 13 eanta. Biblioifepjae da Soae-Ottoer da Cavalria. #1 K. Mwoei.aoeea MUitalrae?Par la General ?rand. 75 oecU. Da la Cavalerie?P?r le General Rerard 17 oenta. D'Aitnv-A*aau ?<ela CaralMi*. S vols. fas?.' Sekaneabarc?Da l'l??ploi da la CaValeria a la Va?rra. 1 *ol. aaOAUaa |?7i Ptvoaan?D? la Cavalarfa. CSoenu. . Waraery?Keawaaae bur la Catalaria. ?1 IS Cava ana? lnatraauon Pronaoire aar la Caraerle Ji*lf *? ****** FRANCE TAYLOR. AWM -"' ?if I .iiimnrM. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ? i I II WTi*' I ' < i ' , FROM SOUrHERN TENNESSEE. Ansth?r Important Raflr*?4 GMBfdlM ( the Rebels Severed by the Federal Tr?e??. Pittsbbrg, April 14.?A force of 4,000 men, on five transports, left thr landing on Saturday night, accompanied by the gunboats Tyler and Lexington, and proceeded up the Tennessee, i toa point near E*stport, Miss , where thevlanded and proceeded Inland to Bear Creek bridge, and , destroyed the two bridges on the Memphis and f!kftrlMtAR sa I 1 AHA mAACItstnM 1?11 ? mm. A w..?.v?^vh niivmU) VMV. iu^MUIIII^ X?l IW* OUU the other 210 feet in length. A cavalry force of 150 men was found there, who. after having four killed, retreated. The expedition returned on Sunday night, without having loat a man. This la one of the moat successful operations of its kind during the war, completely cutting off the communication of the main hod v of the rebel armv at Corinth with Alabama and the real of the Confederacy, cxcept New Orleans. A flsg of truce arrived at the outposts yesterday, with Gov. Johnson's son, of Ky., asking for hi* father's body. " Further Pur Medlars of the Oreit Battle? The Killed *b<1 Wounded. Cincinnati, April 15.?The Commercial has information from a person who left the battlel ground at Pittsburg Landing on Thursday eve mutt relative 10 tnc imi* of the buttle He , estimated our loss In killed from 1,200 to 1.500, wonndcd from 3.500 to 4,000, end mtaaing at *2,500. The rebels loat more In killed than we did, and not so many wounded. About 1,000 unwounded rebel priaoncra were taken, and about 1,200 wounded. Our troops. be *ay?, retook on Moiii dav all the batteries which we l?at on Sunday, and captured twelve plecra from the enemy. On Tuesday Beauregard Bent a flag of truce rc! questing permission to bury hi* dead, and aaylng: "Owing to the heavy reinforcements you received on Punday night and Monday, and the 1 fatigue of my men, I deemed it prudent to retire and not renew the battle " The permission aikrd i for was not granted. The bearer of the flag admitted that Beauregard received a alight wound in ioe lcn arm during me battle. Arrival ( Gen Htllfck-Grirril Grait'i Official B?p#rt. St Lorn, April jr> ? Several gent'emen runneeted with the army at Plttabwrg Landing arrived here yesterday?amona: them Capt. (.agon, of Grn. Grant'* ?t*l!'. who in the bearer of General 1 Grant's offlrial report of the battle of Plthhurj;. Ho left the army on I'ridav nlcbt Gen H-tllerk arrrved there that d'iy.and immediately assumed command. G? ii. Grant, in hl? clll'ihl report, estimate* nnr i Iota at I..VKi killed and S,5W> wounded Tbeniinii ber of the enemy killed and left on the field i* greater than ours. An e*timatc of Ibcir number cannot be made, as many innat b/ive been sent to t'nrliith and other place*. Our Iok* Iii artillery wan treat, many piece* being disabled by the ' ik miv "uoi-iomr naileries mini; ail thru I hersni and many of ibrir men. Not less than two i hundred horses were killed. The r?bel army h?* IU headquarters at thr foot of Pea Ridge, extending two miles from Corinth The advance ef the Federal troops la el^ht inilea beyond Pittsburg, leaving a space of only two inllc* between the opposing armies. A battle may be brought on at any moment. Wo Lave ! sirens atsurancc that our army is ready for the i encounter. i " ? _ _ rkiul yurktow.v The Rebel* Actively Preparing t* Resist ! Sieg*. Camt Biroti Yositown, April 15.?Yester' d*v morning about '2 o'clock a section of artillery was potted within half a mile of the rebel work*, near the river, aupported by Nufflclent Infantry to ' prevent their being captured Fifteen shots were f flrrd Into the rebel earthwork* before the eneiny were able to bring their gun* to bear upon us, i when our men withdrew without dsmige. A fine view waa yesterday obtained of the position of the rebels, both at Vorktown and Gloucester, from the Falrchild House, at the mouth of Wormlth Creek. Twen'v-four guns were seen In the water battery at Vorktown. and nine at ! Gloucester. At the latter place a large number of workmen wereenoaoed Infrwttnu n?u? nmik. At Yorktown the old works used during the siege ?' '"SO wer* still visible, and readily dls!. tln^u'sh^-d from those of recent construction. Heavy guns were mounted on their walls, and > the rebel flag was flying from Its battlements i The principal wharf was covered with commlsi sary stores, while the river was dotted with rails. Every one appeared to be busy, as ttough the coming struggle depended upon his Individual p exertions. Late In the afternoon a schooner, anchored a short distance above the wlia. f, was burnt. Yesterday afternoon our flotilla was engaged In shelling out a body of reb?ls who were engaged In the construction of a shore battery ' about four miles below (jloucestcr. The result of i the tiring is not known. fin fJ n?. ~ M | v/u ? uiuiuu j ?? tt iicailj turn JUlil y I",. DCr* dan'a S harpabootera, was shot through the neck and back while on picket duly. Affairs were remarkably quiet last night. A alight shower occurred this morning, but the ' sun soon made its appearance. 1 liTIl. Fo*tr*m Monroe, April 15?1 P. M ?Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War: Nothing has oci curred alace my dlapatch of this morning, to dlaturb the quiet then repreaented. The fine weather is rery favorable to the operations at Vorktown, and It la probable that Gen. McClellan will aoon be able to open hla batteries on the fortlllcatlona of the enemy. The French Minlater honored me with a visit this morning. He baagone to Norfolk, and will i goto Richmond. On entering the fort I gave him i a salute of 13 guna. Joh.i E. Wool, Maj. Gen. i THE WAR IN NEW MEXICO. A Battle at Plgean Rancbe. De.nvrr City, April 7, via Julesburg, April!). I Information received from New Mexico states tbat.ou tbe '-' u ult., Col. 11 on211, with 1,3"0 men, I Tt a< bed tbe Apache Pas*. Ilia advance, consist ln? of three couipnnica of cavalry, had an en^ajr. merit aoinc dlatauco beyond this place with '.'.ill J r be I cavalry, and took 57 prisoners. Tbe Federal loss wns 4 killed and 11 wounded. i At Pigeon Kaucbc, 13 miles from Santa Fe, on the SSlha Cal- fiou^h met 1 force of I.1UJ Texan*. i strongly posted, at the mouth of a canon. The light began about noon, Col. Hough engaging r them In front with seven companies, while Major Cherington, with four companies, attacked them In the rear. The latter force succecded iudiivlng the rebel guard away from the supply train, which was captured and burned. They ?'?o captured one cannon and spiked It. I he ti^ht continued desperately till four o'clock, when it ceased t by mutual consent. Col. Hough withdrew his forces to a creek four mile* distant The Ion on the U. 8. side was .?1 otfl :ers and 'M prl vales killed, and from 10 to 50 wounded. The rebel loss Is not known Com* municallon between Col Hough and tica. Can by Is continually kept up. iL. n? >? .* ? * sk. m *wmm ia? i/ifBiiiarni VI tun autunOOlll Woodstock, Va., April IS ?A national silutc, as ordered, In celebration of recent vi-torles, wai A red here to-day at noon, by direction of Gen. Bank*. Great enthusiasm was manifested throughout tbe division. The rebels still continue to Are at our pickets. Prottettd bf Rofal Lttltrs P*t*nt of Engltnd, mmi uturid fry tkt Stals / tk$ Etcl? <i$ Fkarmmtit lit Parity md lis Imftriml Coil*g* #/ Altdiein*, Fitnns. TR1E8EMAR No. 1 la the effnotaal rwm^dy for Relaxation, Una MATOBafKBA ?nd ExHAVSTlOIt OB tbi slstim. TRIE8EMAR No. 3, ' Completely IM entirely eradicates *11 traoes of tiios# disorders, for vhieh Copaiva and Cabebs hafe teaerelly bean thouiht an antidote, to tbe ruin of the health of a vast portion of the po?olaTRIE9EMAR No.S. la in* (rMi ana air* remedy of Uia otTi'iimt world for all uniinUH of the ayafem.aa well *a seooruiary aymjtoma, o'-viaung the rieatrsftiva nae of Mercury, aa wall aa other dMetenoua intred'.ccts, and which all the Saraap&ritla in the world cannot reMova. Tui *? **,?. No*. 1.2 and 9 are ahke devoid of taste or amen.and of all naaaeatici anali oipf of* rwiksM, Dr. Biuow will forward Trfiiwr to My part of t*o world, Monroly addroMM aooordiag to U* inatraotooaa

Krai it*. Prioa ? ?rau. Trlasopar and Book caa bo obtained by B?o?ial aitkorit/ from 8. C. FORI), WtsJuactoB, 1>. C. 4$ tt'tr OFFICIAL. TAEPARTMENT OF~STATE, mJ Vtitnmton, JennMT**, The Secretary of State \Till B*rwf*er receive Members of Congreaa on boalneae on fU(iifd?y?, commencing with Saturday, the firat of aext Ian * wiM iiM n arwiin WAR DEPARTMENT, jarvakt SI, 1w. Oitlin, That the War Department will b? cloaed Tueadaya, Wednesday, Thuradaya and Friday* against ail otter baalneaa but that which relate# to active military operations In th? Held. Saturday* will be devoted to the bualnoaa of Sou ton and Representatives. Monday* to the bualnras of the I'cbllc. EDWIN M. STANTON, J? ??-tf Beoretarv ef War. PASSEMUCR TRAIN TO MANASSAS. WAR PitPARTMKnT, ) UJJlct MiVy Suj>'t and Dntctcr Railroads.U.S. > WnskiHKton, April 3, lHi2. ) Until farther notice, a passenger train will be rati on Saturday of cach week, from Seventh street and Maryland avenue to Manassas, leaving Washington at 9 30 a. in , arriving at Manassas at 12 m ; returning will leave Manassas at 2 30 p. m , arriving at Washington at 5 p.m. Fareftom Washington to Manassas and return, 93; and from Alexandria to Mana.s?as and return, 92 33. 1). C McCALU'M, Military Director andSup't Railroads, U. S ap3-tf [Intelligencer A Republican.] - Dr- ' B" SKKLKY, Jrw 9^ ??'e Manufacturer of tlift Wm HARD RUBBKR TRUSS, a Th? m ? j? ty: f- ''?' - " 'uo a ??'*r a yrnT s i U Rubber u Oflio?forthe Radical Ctirecf Hernia \tRI'SS# Pr ^:i^'n'0? "'J 136 Clark itrnt, Cluo&(0|lilinoii Tlu? 1 K I'M? la havips a miocfM, in tli? OF h?for#? unknown in th?? hiPtnrr <>f Ttuanf*; nnt|k*all <?>r? *v?r unM in tht irwpeota:?II will nnver* "princ Iwini * i111 Hard Rt<bl*r.) Chn.fe (iatl nor fiUsict, will not ally or iw>vo. c*n to u??. hi l-Mliiuc, i? a!wa?a Ct'ft, ftn<t sonitaH n?w m>t or inittrt HimCord, nor oremtmlob ai?l enlarge Mi* opening, but conRlaiitlr a^ts t<"> r.r>ni?r<>?ii aid er?*il? benefit tli? w?r*t form ?.f Ktiptur*. 'Flie xi 11*8 r&ll La liltifA *nra ?t i It <%r I. ... 'n?r ? ? ? ca*?iii\T require. Itliaa teen uaed ly over 31*1 person* tn lit J Noitli-weat within tli* p**i l*t>l l.aa never la led to giv* fat:s.'acli"n in cue* of the *or*t f-rrn. This Trnaa la iimohi mend?v. and uaed ill j>TfJiitnrr (a nil by all P'omment Surjteona in Nevr Vork City. ani?,.e whom are ProfeReora Molt, f'arkor M '"ai-nonta!!, ai><> in ill* Weat by P-ofa. Itraina <1. R"*, freer, of Ruah Medioal t;olleee, Profa.N.H. h. Andrew*, L'nd Umvciaily, l>oot. \Vol?5ott, o| Milwanfcie, VV ia , and Doat. Hinee, of Jantaonville, III. This Trins ha* ieo?ived Medal* over all oilers in n??, and i> guaranteed in eveiy iciprct tn be an rep i evented. reraona wahiDf tin* in alruinerit ean be fitted S>y aendmt aiie.m inefea around t>ip? in line of roptire, t? l?K. I. B. SKKl.KY, Manufacturer and Proprietor, Chicago. 111., P. O. Bo* 434A. DR. ShELKY wiP be at J. W. NAIRN'S Drue Store, rorrar ol 9th and Pa. avenuo.fcra f?w lata. Cat! and examine for yourielf. Parasols and sun umbrellas: A muit ohoice agpom ei.' man* sr. ?ot stjlea! LADIES' PARIS KID GLOVES, All colors and sizm! With all kinds of Dry Goods lor seneral and special wants. Our Nortuero and Eastern correspondents send as new supplies daily. One price only, the actual oaah va'ne, marked in plam fieures. PKRRY A BRO., a>9 fit Pa. arenu? and N i nth st. 1?OK THM MOUTH OF YELLOWSTONE AND FORT LENTON, MISSOURI RIVER. Thesteamor EMILIK.J, B I.aB*row, Master, will leave on or abc.ut th* Xfith oi a pril. To poriious desi ojs ot ipict to Oregon aiul tlia Territory ot?'!>i?-3SS*3s3? Washington, this is the moat desirable roate. p&rtion arlv to Waettniton Territoro* bSVlBC fn>ni Fort Hentononly 15*i niiiesof Und tr?.rol. ov?*t a tood road, lo the mos? rt*gir?h'e rurt of th? Turn tory. Id oonnet>t;on with the Efiu'.i* will be a very light draught siue wh-c steamer, wNich vi'i leave here about the ^'tn. i to un from t..'e \ eltowstoi.e to the Fails of Missouri. For freight cr p??aa?re aaplr on hr-ai-d. ran M-1t SOLDIERS' PAY. HARNDEN'S EXPRESS WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES. VVhithm Mosit or allotment Dsafts. To their Families at an; place on tne lines of their Express at a oharie c f TWENTY-FIVE CENTS For any sam not exceeding Fifty DoIlars.(SV') And a proportionate additional charge for pl?oe? reached by oonneoting Expresses The remittance, whether in Gold, Treasury Notes, or Allotment Drafts, should be enclosed <n an etivslwpe. ai.d securely sea ed, ana nave the fall address, inoluding tue town. Feet Office, and State, of the person to whom to u? seat, and the rrUMin# LaiKl? *! ?-? - ? Ecvrlopes tor tfcis purpose will be furnished at this efio*. Money reoeived to be forwarded at the oflioe in Washington, Third street, aeoond door below Pennsylvania avenue. Ml-lm K. 8 SMITH. Agent. WPRING SILKS, a full assortment, figured anl C? pi?m Vnth our usual full assortn)*nt of all the Dry Gx d? requisites for the general and special wants of families. Our (Northern and Eastern correspondents tend us rowsupplies daily. One price onl?, the aetsai ea*b standard value, marked in p'ain iitures; Uonce no purchaser is ovetcharceu. All parcels for tiie interior properly paokel fiea cf charge. PI-.KRY A It no., ap ft flt Pa. avenue unit iMinth tt IWIt CARD PHOTOGRAPHS 4 v:/t i nl) ANI> 1RAM KS. 4 Ot) Oard Photographs in variety, inoluding cnp.f.Bci Choioe Pied*". Also CARD vISPPKand OVAL J'ICTURK VKAMhS, the largest assortment. J">iu itie Mai raanulactory in th*eonntry, forcaeh, at J. MAKhKI'lKH'lS. No. 4S*** Seventh alree', fe 18 t doora above Odd Fellows' 11* i. SPECIAL NOTICE. N AND AFTER TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 16?, the tram* on Uie Baltimore ant Ohio Kailroaa commence running daiiy, Sundays exoepted, leavicc ttiia elation at 7.40 a. M , and oonneouni at Wa^hiBfton Junction with mail fain for all parte of the Wwt via P*rker?r.urt or Wheeling. Through tiokeu aoid and bartace ohenked w.p aMirH. Matter of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. ap 1 dtf 500,000 rouNI>s ROUGH TALLOW ? and ARMY GREASE WANTED. for which tA hicheat price will be paid at the Na tional 9oap and Candle vYorka, Green atreet and Canal, Georgetown, D. C. inh 19-1 tn <?. fl- JEiVELL. Proprietor. NOTICE. SMIKi iflPKKiR8B| ? ADAMS* EJLi'KKSS COMFAJIT." Oomunj olArito the jnblio" I'netnallHi vaatefea'' for the skfe?..a Quiok Lrntch ef mvy * reifhte. Putupr,, V?lo?.h ?, Mocfy, A*. *0., to all pmru of the United Hs?tM. Kxpreaaei to ftnd from the Ncrtb and Wi?rt d?Hrt from and arrive in Waahi&gVca twice daiij. Ail Kunuet are !- ob*J-<* of ivmntM atid rtHBbU Meuencers. All !'aek?te* for 7ke Belil?:? caTiM ?t Mem lilt" o?T lilt! rate*. Ait #ood? ior the eo-oalled CenffHfrau 8t*tM" kod >>I Allielea " Cai'lr?tia<t nf War" ?-ii. lefcva New York M 1.?. aa<1 ? F. M.. MTlTini ?a \Yv nine ton at A. At. ui ? ? KximM laavo Phiiartolpbi* at tM A M. u4 II TiTiai la Washington at &* P. M. and j^'SSaWtlfflK.WlrflrSSlSi J&f M for all volute North aad Wart laara Wa3un*toa at 7J0 A. M.aadtJO P7M.0ailv. Bjoeial ContraoU (or largo ??ant.ti?o of FrM(kt WaoTlartoa. *g? I^AMP furniture and tin wark op all liMU to boba4o/ ? 'Wi H? HARROVERf mil 74a) i3anji?*-*f DENTISTRY. MVEKV& LOOM J 9. M. P-. Ui? inv*nt?T and patntw efths MINF.RAL PLATL TKKTH. at * Mod* frsona ;r at his ofSoe .c this cit?Mm| M?dt persons md wear the** teeth *nnvlilD sann?>t ?f?r others, and do person ear wear otfceri who Mniict vear these. Person* eaj ling at my ofloe can be a*eonimo<iat?4 witii any style and pric?nfTee?h they mat a*sire; bit totboie wr<o are particular and wish the^nrest. io?ucwi, limnsr"'?.1 i ?Kf!- ,V?! art oan frodsce, the HINEKaLPLATL viii fc* acre faily warranted. Room, in thia - No. 139 J^ojenio.betwm Mh and tOtk (U. Alio. Arrk atreeu Philad* ?hia. mar 4-1 y .80 J^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOFLASTI BOltM TEETH, Mital Plats ob Cuin. DR. S. B SIG ESMOND. #10 Br?i*!(, JV?w Torfc? /?* ? Cni'vlnaii* him. ? ?ivm 12ia ??<? l>:4 ?l? , Calia the attention of tie puMic to t&s lo.iowini adT*.iit?;en of hie imrmTf.1 ST*t*n> : 1. foe Teeth of hia rnanniaoiuie vi'MPM aerer oorotie cor ohance color ?y'a. hem* three fourth* lighter than ar.T other. t. No te?tb or root* rce.1 t>? extracted. aa tk? BruFoial or.ea csn (>e iuaerte-1 over theni. ?. The rooU will be maae lnoBecaire. bb Beret e aea*. i. No temporary teeth are Ee?de<i . a* jerrr.aQecl one* can be made immediately, thereby rr??w?iDt tne n\tnm, expre*tion of t.10 'k*, which andei in? old ayatem |? frequently diafigarecl, t. Thin work ?.?s fully tout*-! crfr fire ?**rI by mar.y of the fi.-at ohrmau and piiyaioi*r.a of thii ooctry. Dr, *. hta alao itvertel a white r<Wtrn<?tiT# metal filling, witb whirh the mo?t a?n?itiv? teeth o*n be filled without . *.nd ran build up 9 per feit, annnd tooth on any ?< t* I0' te, ii will 'ait through lifetime. The beitof referenoea give??to l?r. V. Molt, Or. Pnr?mii". Profesnor ofOh?ra!?try. N. \ lion Judge Wayne, of the Pofr^nne Onuil <Jf Weihing Ion, and thona&cda of otbera. <5a!l and ex??rme for youiaeif. Dot ?a GAS~ FITTINOTfceT k WM *. DOV JS * CO. A.i E H?w to bimiU ?ny r4?rs VlU #bt?h th?? m*r t>* Uvor*4 in!!> rklMfHNl, OR 8VKAM FlTTlK* BfSINKM. ft r Kt?r? ?ti? a ;?-? n?rtk ! r? *3H rc#r i>* r??c4 ft v. ?^?ortre?ftr *f CH A N n; f.IT-: ** *.c< 9isit HTLA.'J ?a; T A? KR I I X ? * K9. !i r It W? A S K!Xf?*LR. K B??? in Ktt-r*. xnH *r* dft! ? T#???*II?J|, 94 ' fllTi'Sjguof'i.i1!- > ;.? ? i >.* ftn I ?nd ripifth, ?npr- i-"r t?i M ri* I.. s-!?rfc ti*rnts>i?n . i; ?liis ?nftfl<?? vCb irrit* 7 ir :rv ?rf: * p? o?' ?i , a-urf v* %.?, Ft* ?r^f fee'ir.j coi^'I'-dI ibfct w? bxr? i?t r?*' aa e?t??t atork ia Wm!h 'iloi, A rt rrr lliti ?? 'in* tsl ??t*t te ? ?H? W'.H b* praapt'T fcUeiHH t?. MVS*! A M*??A?1. a?r I V M+Vtv?U kOLDltiliS' MUXLY AMD ALLOTMENT DUAL TS. THIS AHAM9 KX TREKS COM TAN V WILL F'?RWARI? SfU.DIKRS' RLM1I TAN?',E8 To their At any p ia.5* on tlie iinca ol then Express At a otiarce of TWKNTY-FIVfc CENTS 1-0* ANT 61'* NOT IXOBBMIW FlfTT L?"LL**?; And a proportionate Additional chnrte to p!ao*a reached by oonn?ciins Kxprfum. The remittanoe, whether <*o!4, Trewurt NoUa, or Allotrifnt Drafts, ahould ba enoloaed in An en velopeAnd aeou e!y sealed, fpd hAvetii* fa:: Ad dress(inolodiug town. Pott Offioe.An.1 ftAte And in citiea the atre-x and nuniber) of ihe person to wh^m tn Kaaort - w w.ivmi -w w? ?uv Miiumii u-fcii1 j arj thereon. Kr.Teiope* for this purpcae may t? had at oar office To facilitate prompt delivery the charga for re mittan*e ahoald be ?'pp*i'i irih 29-lm A DA MS EXPRESS COMPANY. Read with decision and act with PRECAUTION ! DR. m.vellny's PRIVATE HOSPITAL, in tue Federal 8Itck, <>ppo?ite tne t?eo?ral Poat tad Patent Office. Room 24 up ataira, Oor&cr o( 7th atd F 6ta , WaauicigtOD, !?. C. E!t\Ui?h?d for the yupprajnon of Quackery The Only Regular Phyaieian Advertising. Dr. M. VeJlnr'a icng experience in hoapltal prao tice w?rrant? him ia voikg tU4t he can osreall u-ts, *b > a. private rwarc, or i.e wi i forlilt the gum of fire hcnd'ed dollars. Call ar,<t sea hi:rt. No charge for onnsu tat on. A perfect and ral;c a1 cure t^rlocted from one to f ur (Ja?i? or mh t7 Srn* iy1r*. eaton. ' I Fft'HlONABLI DKBMMAKBB, Has removed from 4*?? Tenth street to 469 1 street, betwonn 8th anu fU!i. south Bide. 8 T. 'J ajlor's dresBoatting role by Mrs mh INTERESTING FOR THE COMMUNITY I AX LARGE We are now receiving READ YM A D E CLOTHING 1 the vest desirnc three tames a week from oar manu'&otannK eei\bUshn.ent in Baltimore,whioh waofferataatonishin* low arioea. BAR A BRO.. mh 12 1m* eo'ner E and 7th streets. C UR E?VOR NS-B UNIONS. lYft- PERDRIAT, Sur*eon Chiropodist, from 1" 1 Paris. hecs to inform ??? that lie can efTeetu ally em-'ve Corns and Hiniens. without rain, so tha. the ahoo oan be worn immediately after the oj?oration. wituont inconvenience. Also removes wans ana oi&er superfluous Oerlt from the handsj. ?r>th*t they wilt appear small and delicate. No. It Sjitreel. near City Hall. Ch*.rres rrmWat*. IT >" Refers to the doctors of VV ashu.iton generally. tnhfctf |7?OH ARMV AND NAVY MEN.?Nary Bine ? Kianneir, cloths, and Ca?sunerAs. Army Ulie F lanne is, Cloth*, and Ca?sin>ereg, cl the proper qualities uliat wili bold the oilor.) Alto our usual niup e stick of a.l other kinds of Dry Goods, for jamili*** and Iio,is!?ke*p-rs. One price onty, ir.aiked in disliuot hci'tea. Au rzainiuaUou cf at'Ck implies no obitsatlnn to purchase. 1'V.KRY A ifrili., . vp a it IVnn. ag?n?e and Ninth wt. ^DAMS' Eirusa COMPANY. NCT1CM O * KEMOTAU The Hettvery o*re?f litis ftompany la rep?o?e<1 from jTtitr4 r.tre?-? to ui? large depot on II ?tr?et, 2?l *no Sit >U. *>-1/ 7\LM? V lit UbKK BOOT* -i AND SttUKS, AH sues, at J. II. I'UDNKY'fli 3'it Penn a?enae,b&ok of CDry <?cHida fctore. MEN'S RUBBER BOOX8 AND SHOES, At J. II PUDNKY8, fe lt-tf 3?4 P??nn. av.. Baolt Woow. r'Ot SALE?A pair of very handsome lit tit bay r CARRIAGE HOR8LS-believe.i to xy l?? the bnest in the Diatr ot?br?d in New jL~J\ Hampshire; 6 and 7 yeara old. Can be aeen hj applying at the Naval Stor*. Nary Yard, ? asm fifioa, u. u., dkvwu mo tonra o' '<* a m. anif 8 a. ?n. mh U 1m* SILK DRKSSkSFOR THE PRKSKNTAND A PI'ROACH IN 8 SEASON. A m^rt choice aaaoitinent, at our rrovarbiallj ow pnoea. Oe? arioe only, fh? actual caah atandard value, marked in plain h*urea. PERRY k, BROTHER, mh?tr Paareeue *nd Ninth at BALMORAL BOOTS. (lllltt.ii.vl iv,-1.1- -~i- 1 ? ? "* '*?? a 'rr*^ nvic W) CaJi K*<l co do do *< 01ot? Calf do ? 92 K> Ai?o, ail other alylea of Ltriiea and Balmoral Koots, the otieayeet arid fret auortment ie thooity. J. ROSENTHAL. ho. lfi Market j?f?oe, 1*7 00 P?nr. aT?nw*, between *t'i ar.l *t!i rti TJUST PI"' HK New Union GmmuI hec*p?i?ntor Sketehee oi Rebellion; iuM tue tii.nx for .the ltmi.f circle. <>r to aer.d >0 tfi? l i i?>n so dier. PublikbM by J-iHS P. CHARLTON. Pbi a'el.hie. and for a:* by JOS SHILLINHTON. mh 19 ?*. R.KJ Pa. areaus. (iVHTk H lV?Tf U ? ? S".v Qft vjgjjr ol tbe ^o?t *u*ittr phi ?? \2jkf had fresh every <:ay, %t th? Old t>y??er tnand, No. 40i N mth il:Nl, ?>eirf?n Dand Avenge. mh 18 ?bi? *VBK.? h ?.Q. A TAKE NOT1CK! LL Dora, from th? ace of 3 yrar? up,oan cow be fttted oat with taste and economy at BAR * BRVS Fashionable Clothing Kfiah Uhmeat. mli >4-lm* turner |j and PetrnU eU. w Eltji;i^0.rws /kwri n?& DRAWERS, winoh will bo sold at reasonable ynoes. BAM'L W. THOMPSON, 37 Peoa. a*wuue, da 1ft If snJer Kr-.wva. TI THE WEEKLY STAR. Thliacllfii Family and .**m talnlng a grwtrf variety of iat?r*?e?c r???M than ran br found la UJ olbe*?la pftttM Friday morning. Ttma?r?4?. * mdvmm ?*ir.fgir rnpv, per llinuill ....VI Flwr?pl?? i Ti Ten (ytplo W Twenty fl?c ropln !? W It tnvnrlaKly contain* th* "Waxhlngton Newt'* that baa R4d>- Tk* P?i<> Krtmmg Si?f circuit'* o 2 racially throughout the country. (?7* Single copies (In wrapper*) ran he pra cured at the cauatcr, Imnaedlatrly after the laaua of the paper. Price?THRKK CKNT?. IROW XZAIili, S?9 rEMNBfLVANlA ATIHU. EMI IE nil db m JulRiMifr4u4Uptu4, A ltnt* lr??.-:*w ?t?tk of cknlM FAMILY GROCERIES, C<*R?'.?tlBg ?(t SUGARS, of all gm4e?, TEAS, COFFEE, POTTER, LARD, FLOOR, MAILLARD'3 CM<?COLATK. Ac., Ae, Ae. All of which ho offn at lowwt cash pr1?ea. TIKK'S CELEHRATED WHI9IIES. MM) barrel* MagBflla, barrrla XXX, >Ni b irrcli Mlllora Rye MefiOBJiahela, 00 bm< la Sb^ OH Rye, barrel* fno Old Uonrb?B, All the fivorllr br?nd? M V H A M r A G N E , Mumm V?nmy, Grten Heal, Held?lcfc, which, being bought low, w* <?Ier ?l aaataaltj low r?t?. AI?o, Sole Agrat Iff rilkh army cordial; I-* M V " r II I V A T JO. r n. i v a t jb' JT? XI IV A T m DR. J,A BONTA i.WifiS rviiiovH ?n*"Sfi~Mo Room No. #. a-1|"'?ie? i ?t<i <1*? ? hronci# rfli jn \V?*h'n*?oii Bn'4 Iff . I'D c?xm*i "f 7th l? now Tt+rir -:n?? a I ?i k I'r ir*t? N*t?ro, w II host Hi* n?* "l <jar*er<->*? or <ti*cii?Clrc ?rr kH"1, AH"' no tu?#r(fi-n?e with Tour hueineec ?*< ' ah";;* u&vict dev-ted hit whole Mine to the *nd r"f- of Pr c*:e Pige?*e? of both mm An: to Crronia Afft+u nt of (he Womb. L'**> Ky?, t*lia Kruwwi A* ,end crtdaftUnf la the ? ?? -h'.*.! 19 th? world, the New Y??k Cit? |l.>?pitA *. tinier f'?!f? Clulton and r*r>*r, to who>n 1 w?et ie*reo???jllj refer- I will wr ?1 .*? t-i lh? furri -nu( u.o ft <~%?e of rct of the fchjve di?-Mp? whici I cannot e^eedil? Hid nently rare. ietthe<M?e ?>e old or new. No dieting repaired ; nothing dia&?reeftbi? m u? pfl of tft* treft'm?tit. CoBialtAtione free Room* ver? frirftt*. M. LA BHNTA. Hivw ? (fcrtt flwor) Washington 11 m disc, mh 26-1 in* Pa. nen?e apd 7th ?t Wall, Stephens h. MILITARY AND NAVAL ME 11 CHANT TAILOR 8, AMD OKALSK* 111 SWORDS, P ASHES, BKLTW, EPAULETS, SHOULDKR STRAPS. AUNTL12T8, CLOVKS,**. fIUV ???! J VSTIOIJ U1 READY MADE CLOTHING, AT RuhoAhj Piww. WALL, STEPHENS* CO.. 199 Peaatrlrtma tTeme, betwwe It 11 lintel. A Heetb.! KtwdWbiH _4gy FURNITURE! ffi im^T^ FURNITURE! iMi FURNITURE! w. B. MOSES, (of the firm of Mum A P*cih*ni. Philad'a,) M*au.'i.u:"r tad Wboiectle ted Ret^i D?Mor IB C&ne n?*t ChMri, Cotr&ce, ('trior tod DitUairoora Furmtaro?Thorn't BnMmi, ?0S 8*mQ treet, tboee D. Ercrj variety of UPHOLSTERIN0 yrMMtij tna nettlr executed. Store o*?n day tod eremm for the toceamodttioo of the pnblio. PorchtMrt will itady their mterect Id Mil bofort look;nc eluewhere. ??-* * CH. RIVART * CO. SILLER Y CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO 8.e. Co**** or P*n:i. Avbnvb a*d sixtb 8t?? | Clarendon Hotel Building, Washington. H. lOSKY.Aniir. New Yob*. james molan. aokst. wmiimtor, o. u. SHKRRY, PORT an ! madeira winks, FINK OLD BRANDY Md whisky. |[7* A libera! diaooant to dealer*. it l> 'PHICK"AND THIN FABRICS iaaJl kiBda* 1 Monruing tiooda Alfo, Sheynerd'a PitKiS, and Bfcok and Wfcita Cheok.M.d Pl?f S?i:ka. our clock of Mourninc Goo>u ia fall and eon plet? throuxtmnt 'lis entire ?e*r. Onr Northern and Eastern o n respondeat* eend u?new *uppl.e? d*il?. One moo onl?. marked in plain Retire*; henee no pureltMer ia nverohariei. An innpeotinn of at-Mk aoiicite j at all time* ; bo viikAiiunincTvuy mcurrw T? fur.MiM*. PKRRY * FRO., up8 ? Pern. ?wu> MKl Dih ?. |?OOT8 AND 8UOKS TO 8 U1T THE l> TIM&ft. Wr?r? dov mnunfaoturinc HI kiMi of BOOTS ?.r?1 MifK;:', and * >u?t*nty r*oeirlnc I Kiiprlv of nu.t?r n n:arte work of ev?rv De-M] eriftion. m?<l??e*pre?alj to order, end willw ] h?< ?n|j ?t amuclt lower jnoe than Km Men" nk> heretofore oUarged in thta city for mnoh inferior article*. rer*t>na in went of Boots nod Sh?ea of eastern or e:tj nvle work, will alvaja find a cood aseort meet ui atorennd at the lowest* rioee. ?ive an a ca'l. GRIFFIN k. BRO., n? t-r 314 P>nn?TlTMt* ??ew?. u OV 8TKRS?O VSTiiaH! HOTELS. RoaUkaraata Frirato Families fre?h from the ehei!, dry DMiirt, /Ti kt ti.e loweat price. i'.a&ae iire va a c?ill. AVRKP * CO., No.#03 Ninth at, between Du( A*. IIT Oyatora of the boat taaiit? apical to ordor. mli a JUST RKtKIVKU AT L A HtALL A CO.H, No. ."*61 J<*TeiiUi between I and K etreeka, a now etock of CLOTH I Nr., FURRIKHIftV GOOD!?. TRUNKS. HATH acd CAP*. I A UKAi.l * C<? '8. No 361 MtmU rtmn, J. hotveM 1 and K.J a the iimo to bay yoar CLOTH IN . PlIRniSHINl flUdbl. 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