Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Nonci.?Mr. A. W. Dthm, the managing agent cf the Slur's circulation Id Georgetown, will hereafter alto act aa the advertistag agent th#*e. Anv Georgetown advertisements left at Pr O B Barnard's, corner of High and Bridge or with ? Crandell, No 129 Bridge t'rrrt. *HU meet with prompt attention. AaresMiXTs To-BISHT Fo*?'a ATHtmv* ?Manager Ford produce* " Damon and Prthlis" to-night, with Mr Forrest aa Damon, ana will be ably sustained by Mr. McPulloch and Miss Athena The beauty and comfort of the house and the employment of the tost talent of the country makes the Atheneum a most popular resort. \Va?hih8Tcs Tusatiii?Misslnc will tonight personate " Ion," In the play of that n*me. Ph? received ??venthusiastic plaudits laat nlsht a? "Er*dte" and will doubtless be equally saccessful this evening. Odd Fellows'Hall?A number of new and laughable acre, aanees. songs, r>nriero<ies, Ac., bav? brrn provided for this evening burlesque on the play of the ' fltrangef," and the Monster Concert, will doubtless attract largely. Mew bamds. a new budget of fun, and new character* are offered. CAsrsairav?Misses Mortimer and Fowler, with the entire company, appear again this evening This afternoon they have a gift matinee. The ladies will of course be on hand. WiiimtTOR Acsdkmt or Music ?Fr^eConcert, commencing- at 4 p in Vocal and Instru mental marie. Signer Albertlne is here. Refreshments of all kinds. DrscsRT ir*o* a Risen -In an alley between Third and Fourth and G and H streets la a hour* kept by a rolored woman named Catharine Boyd, which bad grown to be a great nuliance la the neighborhood by reason of the conduct of parson*, white and black, male and female who congregated there of nighta. The Fourth Ward patrolmen made a descent upon It last night, and captured a half dozen negro girls and three young men, the latter occupying positions that should have pirrrntrd them from hein* caught In snch ? ?rwp. lurjr wrrr an l a^ru in iur BMiiun oniivr last night, and when taken out for trial exhibited much mortification Tnev were rescinded bv Justice W alter that cohabiting with negroes Is no r^commcodatton for young oflleera, civil and military. They were dismissed The negro girls were lined f 10 each, (see Fourth Ward cases;) and the rtadlnea* with which Catharine Boyd planked down the ten and twenty dollar pleco for her jlrls Indicated that she bad t?een doing a profitable bualness in the alley The police arc determined to break op the ranche. FotrsD Diap ?Last evening, abcut JO o'clock, a colored man Informed patrolmen Meredith and Puillvaa that a soldier was lying dead near the ettce of Provost k Winter, opjosite the south \ Cot the Capitol, and on proceeding to theipot found the body In a stooping posture, the ! head having a larjre cut in the forehead, lying I near a large cog-whesL The uniform of the Olat ' Pennsvlvanla regiment wa? upon the man, and . the officers of the regiment being notified, recog- I nlrfd film a* one of their men, named Humph- ! reys, and took charge cf the body. HI*skull was found to be fractured, and the wheel had on Jt some of the hair and blood of the deceased, j bus leading to the bcl ef that while he was on bis way to the camp (south of the Capitol) he fella^alnct tbe wherl ard was killed. Tbefact 'hat he had twenty dollars In hta pockets would dispel the idea of bis having been murdered and robbed. Thi ?kootikf, Arrnn-i the CfwrsTyThe boy Lewts Bladen, who was shot on Sunday af- I Lr.inrn neftt D < w W f " r W <'K n?eh n*o nn/4iiaala n<l i cmwn iic?*i r* v. ' v u'ii\ u, t? v uiiurioiailU lies In a vry precarious condition, bis physicians having verv little hope c( hia recovery On night before last J >j it Ice W iitberger took hlsdeposltion, urhlch throws an entire new aspect on the aflalr. He teat.fied that while he was in Turner's verd Alfred Turnsr came to the door with the gun on which he put a cap and snapped It. lie tben told T. net to point the gun at him. that it was dangerous, which warning wai not heeded, and Turner put on another cap and deliberandi) aimed it at him and fired with tht result as alrrady stated. Turner was accordingly re-arrested yesterday and committed to jail by Justice Clayton. PoLTc*.?Yesterday, the Fourtn Wa'd patrolmen reported 6 t* Pettibooe. for aUnder upon W. H. Do pee e. and Tmptee for threats against Fettibon*, oeld to security each in the sum cf J'Ml to keep the peace The case vraa tried before Justice Walter. Christian Miller, charge of obtaining money under false pretence dismissed. Sarah A Bacon, larceny; aent to jail for court toy Justice Walter. K. J. Cooper, aeillng liquor wtthonta license; for a hearing before Justice Clayton The Third Ward patrolmen reported Jackson Harden, drank; dismissed by Justic* Clark. Jno. J Rooker, firing a pl?tol in the street, dlamiascd by Justice Tbompscift i ii!M4L.-tion. j no.?. cariue re'.nriira rrom fcl? borne In Virginia yWerdav Hon. Carl Ocbutz, of Wli ; fx-(ioT. Hlcka, o'r Md : Hon. H D. Foater.ol Pa ; Hon. Win Wall,nfN.Y ; Dr. J. C. Ayrn, of Lowell. Mass ; Hon. Crtua W. Field and KdgarS. Van Winkle, of N Y.. are at Wlllarda'. Hon. M. F. Conway, of K&naaa, la con aleaelnj. Lieut. Cel. Coae. Light Guard*, R. A., and Capt. Bytteraem, R. N , a re at the National Hotel. Cant Schenck. U. 8. N , Col. Dorrbeat-r, N. Y. S V , l)f ii W.BeJlowx, ef taeSanitary Commlaalon, Brig Gen. Saxton, U. S. A ,are at Wlllard*' Hotel. Fop*th Ward Static:* CabKS?Btfore Jutliti 11.*_ i< L' I J k_ a Ji ? Tnuir.?vauwioc r arret, anuii na ttiaorornyj fined $5.5*. John Anderson unlawful gathering; dl?m)s?ed L W. Shelly and Julia tiray, do.; do Margaret Williams. Louisa Grayaon. Elizabeth Taylor, Virginia Brown, Kfte Boyd, all colored, ao.; fined SK? each Joints Martin, lnsjltiog persons on tbe street; turned over to the military. Ilurh McGulreand Thoa. K'.niler, disorderly; do Cbaa. Bentrick, drunk and disorderly, fined ?3 08. John Chester, sleeping In a wagon; do. $1.58. Chas. Jobusoa, sletphiK In the street; Tboc Pa?e, sleeping In a wagon; E. itormty, do ; flnrd 92.5? eirh C R. Betts, drnnk, d* missed. S D York, do ; da. I ? Di*oc*atjc U11101 IUinii? a:i Catttol Hill. Last cvenlrg a number of Democratic Union voters 'f th*? Fifth Ward iKirmhlMl Jit fv?r\mr*m* The meeting wa? railed to order by Mr. Jainc* Owner, who stated tbat the object* were to prer?re for the approaching municipal election by nominating their Waid ticket, on which be hoped none wruld b* placed but unconditional 1'olon men Mr. W A. Malloy wen called to the chair, and iobn ) Mulloy appointed secretary. Alter discussing the propriety of making the nominations at the meeting, It waa decided to postpone the master until neit Saturday evening. Author Fiai ?Abontteven o'clock on Monday evening, tome ol the scldles belonging to a regiment stationed near the Park, gathered a large quantity of straw In the midst of their quarters, **h'cb consist of wooden buildings and aet Arc to it, endangering the safety o* their quarters and the ?urrounding property. A number of the men Instead of exerting themaelves to extinguish the 'aanes, ran out on the road and raised an alarm, hat the police by hnatentnz towards the city stopped It, and probably saved our lire companies* long drag. Ob?) Brokcn Up ?A house In the Seventh W ard. near the Long Bridge, said to be one of as, ?lgnation and a resort for abandoned female*, was broken up on Monday, by the arrrat of Catherine <>oraerly, the keeper. The establishment baa lone been a peat and an abomination to the neighborhood. Three charges were preferred, Mlaf goods without license; selling liquor without license; and aelllng on Sunday. .Justice Btrstton fined her on all three charges, and not having the roooey, she will probably go to the workhouse. _ A Cre?xsTK)H -Kr. &<ut?T : 1 can but notice 'mi iimiig ?u whom I bru eulogizing the man* iter tn which Mr. Forrest render* tbe different r btncten la which he appear* tbe question ai* ways arises, Why do? he not play 'The Gladiator V" 'Hilt play to, 1 And considered by many as his finest conception, and I have heard hundreds express a desire to see it played. W1U not Mr Forrest favor tbe public by appearing once, at least, ia this favorite play ? A Citim*. CimiiL GcuMotu Caeas?B*fort Jut lie* Wmiter ? Patrick Delmore, drunk; Lawrence Kgan, bog as lieutenant, W. R. Cooper, drunk; l John Thomas, do ; turned over to the military. Thomas Larye. disorderly; fined tl. August Miller, drunk aad disorderly; fined tl Meyer Traanlll, lcdecent exposure; fined 91 38. Jean Isvi, do; ?i.5e. Ed w. Willis, mania a potu; I given up to his friends. Oar Bans' Corar?Judgt PmrttU ?Tbe Court *u seen pled reeierday with the disposal of the . ordinary routine boalnena, passing accounts, accepting bonds, 4c. Mr*, if Kelly, widow of the late Mile* Kelly, wis re led be/ore the Court, aod required to enlarge bor bond aa administratrix upoc the estate of her late husband. Diath of a'ii Old CrruKii or Alkxandkia.? Christopher Neale, K-q., formerly Judge of the Orphans' Court of Alexandria, died there jreeterday. J jdge Neale wu a native of Prince YVllJiaui county, Va , but settled in Alexandria In euly Hfls He waa a man of atrUt Integrity, and <l?rfng ale long life enjoyed the esteem of the wh?le coaunualty. "" iisoiil urui u?c<i/-ia orarr 10 laak* further pr?p?/atto and im provemema, maugnvnt have concluded to defrr open1 og ihU e?ubi;?bnient uatil neit week. * Sko*? Waid Station Cass*?Btftr< /wdu tZta'2? *om- "? * 1 j* * * #.!& i^xplt to LotaL Chcicbm*!* ? mr Editor: Permit me to my a few word* ir. reply to a com mualcation signed "Loyal Churchman,'' In your Friday evening'* Inoe- Having no personal acquaintance with eltb?r of the clerical gentleman therein eo srveiely censured, and no avmpethv with the cause to which they are sensed of adhering, It canaot be aald that i'm actuated by motive* of undue ra/tlaltty to end*>svorlng to ihow that their conduct id refusing to reed the prayer cf Blahop *vhlttlnnhitn la comilatent with the moat perfect fidelity to the church and to the National Government In my opinion, the Rev. Mr. Morsell ha* already done *o, bat as b1a honest, manly statement failed to o< r.Tlnce a '"Loyal Churchman." and perbap* others, It may not be amiM to give one or two additional reasons It surely cannot be claimed by any that Implicit obedience to the mandates of their blsbop Is In ?// tan* the bounden dn?y of the clergy under his control?that were to suppose him possessed of Infallible wisdom, and also of sovereign power over the actions and consciences of men. In recognising the justice of a principle, or the righteousness of a rule of government, we should seek to discover its necessary limitations. All human authority, whether civil, splritusl. or parental, has sucn limitations, and may at times be Instlflably resls'pd. And If evrr resistance to a bishop Is not only excusable, but a duty. It is when he Imposes a form of prayer In which the heart cannot join. To offer such a prayer Is an offense against a higher than any earthly ruler. To me. and 1 doubt not to many o'.bers, it appears Incomprehensible how any Inhabitant of VVarhInjr^on could * facer* fy return thanks to God for d'llverance from the 14 terrors" of sleee and blockade, when be knew he bad experienced only annoyances and inconveniences, and numbcra among u? not even these. The texta quoted by " Loval Cborcbman" are wholly Inapplicable to the aubject under dispute. Secessionist* have not expunged them from their B bles, and have aa strong faith as we In their binding obligation; tbey only apply them differently. Tbeir belief In the doty of obedience to constituted authority la the aame as oars?their error Is as to where that authority lies, supposing it vested in the State, Inatead of In the ruatlonal Government. Would It not be the wiser course to endeavor by arguraenta and explanation to convince thoae who hold to this delnsloa, of Its nsture, extent, and consequences, Instead of reviling them for clinging to It 10 tenaciously and defending it ao resolutely? T.A.E. Hotil Robbxxy ?For some time the proprietors of the Wlllard Hotel bsve been missing piece after piece f f thei r valuable table furniture, costly allver-Dlated ware, china, linen, knlvpa and fork. Ac. the low growing in Importance, otHrer Fanning was employed to discover the thlev**, and If poMlhle, to recover the good* With the assistance of patrolman Mnttlngly, of the Metropolitan Police, he arretted Jsmea Hepburn, Addison Harris and Louisa Harris, \Yrn H. Curtis and Isabella Curtis, and Patrick Barbour, all colored servant* In the hotel, and upon searching their house recovered a quantity of tie sllvernluted and china wares, knives, forks, linen napkin*, kc , amounting in valne to between two and three hundred dollars The parties were tiken before Justice Hazard who, after hearing the evidence Identifying the property of tbe WI Hard Hotel, committed Hepburn and the two Harris to jail for court, and dismissed the o'hers. A<smi.?As Mr. Maxwell, who resides on Twelfth street, was passing up Fifteenth htrret on Monday night last, and when near the corner of F, he was accosted by three men. one of whom accused him (Maxwell) of endeavoring to deprive him of a situation. Mr. Maxwell replied that he must certainly be mistaken, as he had never attempted anything of the klud with any person. Thereupon all the parties struck at him. Inflicting' a aevere blow on the right eye. M'. Maxwell knew neither of the parties, and does not know that he ever saw them before After Inflicting the blow the parties passed on. This occurred at o'clock In the evening, and in a public psrt of ! the city. Dead ?The wife of Hon. A W. Claik, Fepresentatlve from New York, died on Monday, of tvpbold fever Tbe body has been embalmed by Pra Brown and Alexander, and U to be sent to Watertcwn, N. Y , for burial. AniriB at Carter's wharf (foot rf I.J^ street^ achormrs Commodore Conner, G'llinore, from Baltimore, with 75 00* feet of lumber for Witi Mclean, Federal Hill, Wbeatley, same port, with 1<JU,(00 feet of lumber for Mr. McLcan and Mr. Lennman. Bass Ball Plate** can b? furnished with b?ts and balla at A. Adsmaon'a, Seventh atrot, opposite General Poat OIBce. ap 16 3t? Optbalm'c and Aural i55titcti, 2i7 Pennsylvania avenue, devoted exclusively to the treatment of all maladlee of the Eye and Kar. I>?af nets, noiae in the head, speedily cured. This Institute la In charge of Dr. Von Moscbzlsker, <?cuust ana Aurin, ana n?? already securtrt the patronage of some of the beat known citizens of Washington and it* vicinity. ap !6 3> Mia. R G. Etchi son (No lit Pennsylvania avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets.) has Just received from the N^rth the largest, finest, and belt stock of Fancy Goods, Embroideries, Laees, Bonnet*, Hata, Flats, Ribbons, Silks, Flowers, and Millinery Goods generally, that she has ever had ; to which she rails th* attention of the ladles of Washington and Georgetown, apU fit Mzaslis are prostrating the Volunteers by hundred*, the hospitals are crowded with them. Soldiers be warned In tlnv. Hollowly'* t'llla are positively Infallible In the cure of this disease, occasional doses of them will preserve the health even under the greatest exposures. Only 23 cents per Box. SMI. Coins, etc.? Those afflicted with these troublesome things, whether hard or soft; also thnae troubled with Hnnlnn*. Csllosltirn. rlnh and ingrowing toenail*, can Snd g'eat relief ana satisfactory benefit by applying to Dr. O W h'tr, 4*6 Pennsylvania avenue, between and ?'h streets, Koom 7, second floor. * India Rubber Goods. We advise all our readers (as we know th^y are obliged to purchase the above named goods) to embrace the present opportunity as Mr II. A. Hall Intends to make a change In hi? In;fine**, and will sell his extensive strck of Kubl>er Goods at manufacturer's prices, and no family should inis* this opportunity to supply themselves For Instance, Mr. Hall will sell Men'* Rubber Overshoe* and Sandals for 80 cents per pair, and Ladles' Overs and Sandals for fio rent* per pair: In dla Rubber Bed Protectors for Children's Bed* (in article thai no family should be without) only 50 cents, for ten days, at the India K ub>>er Warehouse, Ns 3(fc Pennsylvania avc., between 9;hand 10th streets, Washington, D. C ap 12-1/ >. ? ? ? ? . ? *- ..4 ??i wii i rn 11 urr run ahuthek pti. uui cbii at once at tbe "People'! Dollar Store,'' No 43d Pennsylvania avenue, near Pour-and-a-Lalf it., and aecure for tbe small aum of one dollar, one of the many beautiful articles of jewelry, silverplated ware, Ac., 4.c. ap M-M,\V,VA.S?. Duil'l plantation BlTTSia. 9. T. 16?0 X. II Invigorate*, strengthen* and purlflea tbe aystern, la a perfect appetizer, and tbe moat agreeable and effectual tonic In tbe world It Is composed of tbe celebrate Callsaya Barb, Roots, Hctba and pure 8t. Croix Rum; particularly adapted to delicate females: cures Dyspepsia nnd Weakneea, and la Juat tbe tbing for the changes of seaaona. Sold by all Grocers, Druggists, Hotels nnd Saloons p. H. Dkakb 4. Co., a|> 1 eo3m* 2Qg Broadway, New Yoik. (JaisTADoao'a Excels ioa Dtx * _ s a _ i m _ * ta is unnmra in me woria. No other Dye has been analyzed. No other Dye produce* such faultless colors. No other Dye can be applied so rapidly. No other Dye ts so lasting In Its efltats. No other Dye Improves the texture of the hair. It has been Analfzid bf Dr. Chi/ton, Chemist to the Crotoa Water Board of New York, and cert lied by him to be as harmless as Croton Water. Utacertlicate may be seen at the estab llshmoot of the proprietor. Mtauibctured by J. CaaisT&Doao, 6 Astor House, New York. Bold everywhere, and ap> piled by all Hair Dressers. Price 81t tl 50) ud S3 per box, according to slxe. " No. S. CtiaTADoso'a Haik Pkukivativb, la Invaluable with his Dye, m It Impart* the utmoat aoftaeaa, the moat beantlful gloaa, and great vitality to the hair. Price 90 eeata, 91, and SI per bottle, according to >lte. ap 2-eolm In an anothtt column may be leen a few 01 UV many teatlmeoiala from wciUknowcltltan* of Washington, and they apeak loader than anything we ceo Id aay. It la with pleeaure we lay them before a candid and appreciative public Our people are tired of tbeorlea. When a man la alck be wanta the phyalclan who preocrlbea re me dl? that are iun to care him, and ?uch a person 1* found la Dr. Tumblety, Indian Hrrb Doctor. Come and Kt for yoarewete ye lame and raCer1*K? Oh rheumatic and dying come and tee, Light shall again the faded eye Illume, And rosy health the pallid cheek resume Tbousandi reecued from disease and death, Invoke God's bleasing* oa Tumblety. 1 deal re yew proetrate hearts to lift, Yoar bleed tag around* lo eu re, And with the tieararea of nature's gift Mel leva the rich and poor. TIB imdiak ail* BOCTOft will (Uaerlbe* dtaeeae* aad tell hi* patient* the nature of their cemplalnta or Iliaew, without tt~ ! cciving any information from U?m. JVo cAMTftfir C**iultat\?n or JLdvict. OAce, N*. II Washington Bulldinga, PennayU rw?la BTvaoe, corner Tth ftr?t. ?P iwr* ! * ?; '%tfj, ftnk t* - jit WMM??? ??MM? Lim? ' Lime" Lim::1?'Theaubecrlber buoi hand one thousand barrela of the best wood-burnt Lime, which caa onlv be bad at hla lime ktlas, r.e Having ai*soi*ea an connection who any oioct place or establishment for tbe sale of Lime, Cement. 4c., and which will be told at ?1 12 pet barrel [mar 29 tfJ Wm. R. Oodit. Akt rnmK wishing to procure n lean of* few 4o!l*m on satisfactory security, e*n doao by calling at 456 Lleventh it., between G and M. flpll Ail r**?oi?p can Bnd the be*t Mock of Cloth* log, Furnishing Oood?, Trunk*, Hat* and Cap*, at Smith'*, No. 470 Seventh atreet, near F. fe 27 3m wotm* who w'.sb to purcha*e beautlfui style* and well made Spring garments very cheap, will do well by calling at A. Strau?, fashionable clothier, Pennsylvania avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh street*. Alan, constantly on hand, gent'* furnishing goods, ef every description. 4t niscn. In thin o ty. after * short ilineaa. Mr. ?OS?ErH TROXhA- former'* of Emmittaburir, Freuenck oountr, Md , m the3KH year of hi* age. lii? rfiraiii* were taken to ho for iaer homa for interment. * On Tuesday, April 15 in the W;h rear of her Me, L- TlStttsK WHAM OREThe fnneral vi I take place cn the 17?h instant, at 3 o'o'ock. at Aaburr Choroh, oorner of llth and K st? House 410 nth at. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at'end. OntHehSth instan?, WILLIE. your>r?r eon of Mr*. Mary L.and the late Rev. John B. Frenoh. a*?d 4H year*. Funnral from the r**idraoa cfhia crandmothar, Mr?. Maria Fr?noh, 14 Bridge *tre?t.Georcetrvn, at half pa?t 3. Thursday. The frienda ol the family *rm fm i In RttunH On th? l.ith instant, HARRY, only ion of Jam?? H anl the late Catherine Stone, in the tth year of bi* age. 7 he friends and aoqna'ntanoea of the family are requeued t-i attend his foneral.on Tharsday at 10 a. m., fro? the lesidecoe of his father, oorner of 7th and L a?a * In Georgetown, M A TTIE FRANKLIN TftN NEV, daughter of a. and M. C. Cunningham, ac*d 4 years. The friends of the family are re#peotfnlly invited to attend the funeral, Tharaday eveuinc at? o'o'k, corner Market aid Fif.has. * In Winona, Minnesota, April 2d. 13^2, at the rea idenceof her Vrother in !??, John T. Hottsmwa. iMi?a VIRGINIA S. WELLS, daoahter of the l&t* Richard Wella. of Georgftown, D. C. Faiewell. dear friends, a lone farewell! Time thei e w?s you lifa possessed, And time wi 1 be when 1 shall restOn ?a'ur.iar, the 12 h. ANNIE, only ohild of A. LA . _.i ii. o sa.. i m >1 _ * j*i. ?ii nnrno' nauveri &kcu iu mouiu>On'he 14th of April, after an i.lness of two days, KMZ1BKTH JANE HIGGLES,ft**i 10 yeaia end 3 months Lizsie, thou wast mild and 'orely? Gentie a* t^e summer breeze? Flea*ant as the ir of eveninf, VV hen it floats amonc the trees! Peaceml he thy silent stumors, Peao'fal. in thy cmre to low ; Thou no more Wilt join our number. Thou no mora our soots rha.'t know ! Dearest i ixsie, th^n hast left us, Wo thy loss most deely fe?<, Jint 'tis Grd that has heieft us, H?oana'l our sorrows heatJ. F. E. Her friends ?nd relatives are leppe^tfnll* r*f nested to attend h?r funeral, ff*m tlie residence of her parents on 16 h aid Q streets, Thnredny, 17th. *t 3 o'n'ocfc. ip 15 2t* WANTS. tii ANTED?By a respectable to ant Isdr. a I rll U ATI ON ta ohimh^rmaid or to do plain c?wipg. Ad-trer* H"x No 11 Star Offioa. It* WANTED TO LET A PUIT OF ROOM-". 4 ? A Thirteenth it. 11* wMT' ATION \VA*TEI>. hy?fn!rn?<l woman, v? as tars*: i? kind to cktlar*n. Appij at tn* QorBT of 13th at ?nl P?. * . it' WANTED?A woman wirhee to obtain * ..ITIT ATION to do oh%m')erwork, wanhing and iri>irne . AMr" E H ." 8tar ii* WAN TED?At M. SIE6EL'.* Fanor 8tor?, I O'i i/t i teet. I (land, a cood MI ui.INKR , otifM n??d apply. Ucet wa??s will be paid, *4 l?-9t* W ANTED TO RENT?For a permanent re?'.1 ,! r. o .rt.wt I \ WI L I I I fUtl llfVn^L - u IIIP^SUWU mvtciukiii" nuu^r< wua b p?rlor, <hn>ne ioom, kitchen a-d fjnr or fivecliArr. ne'? A louse aimate-J In the northern fan of W *?hMic?ou <n in freorfetown wruld be preferred. ArtdIress "A . \ ." Box * 4 8tRr I)ffi e_ M 18 WANTED--A (tood COOK, And od? who can *?ih ?cd iron. Good reference* required- et 13OJ)_bt^ *p '5 tf WANTED 1MMKDIATBI.V-S PMiER8 at (vo. 43*4 seventh ?t, t-otwen 6 ? a H A? 15-?f _ C. HAMMiiKSCHLASWANTED IMMKDIATKLY-Kuht or ten WOOD CHOPPEBB to work n?-ar lhe city. In(mr4ef THOMAS ANDERSON, Good Hone, ne^r ihe Navy Yard Bridge. ap is 3 * WANTED-A frwt HOUSE. with wat?r and ** *as, containing fr'tn 12 to JO room?, arms whe e hetwetn<5th and 13th sta and L And Pennsylvania S7. p. asesaion to he ciri-n by the ith of Mat- Ao^rsas Box No. 4 73 City Pi at Olflee. ay IS 1 w' WANTED?f "ur rood FA K M HANDS. They must b ? so her. Loaeat. indnst' loua men. And ucdera'ani m*n*[*ni?nt and oare of horse*. plowins, and fa'm work jeneraWy. Arply at Lo*u?t Hill firm 7th ttrest road, near the first toil rate. ap i5 Sf WANTED TO RENT-A peasant!? loo&ted OOTTAfitt or Hobm, fami'Med, witn a gard-n at'aonrd, la the city ol Waaliinic or or lta if mediate vicinity f?r a permanent residence, if sui e4. Addr*s a, atating '.ooa'ion. t?rmi and couvnietoee, "T. M. W Mo* 1IK. Po?t Ofloe, Wash incton. a? lleoSt* WANTED?An experieneod COOK, who ni,U*r* ai><;? itf r buameaa and can hncc the b?*t city ri f-rrunee. will fud a jood home and titwal wa*ri; to cook for tftree m Dumhfr. Aieo. a whit* G:ri, *hi understand* well housework, washing and irenire. It quire 2ist an t Boundary tta., opp *,t? W i lard place. > _ 3IT_ MWy, HAMJH. WANTED?A SALESWOMAN. In a firat cl%*s Paaey Store, no P*. avenue. None but an txpenenoed p-raonneed make application AdCreia box ?\o ?4 3 oity Poat Office. ap 14 3t WANTKD-A FURNISHED ROOM for a gentleman and wife, permanently, with or without Bo?rd, by Saturday aext. Addreaa Box 174 Poet Cffne ap 14 3t WANTED?% wall White or Coiored ?1RL to take eare of chi'dren. Apply at *04 14th utreet, brtwe*n C and 1). aplltf WANTED?To aell. benoeforwar't, 210 barrel* a>id n* I barre!??if Ale every week; alao.the tame ?( Beer, ior the Baltimore Brewery. JOHN (MTNOR. Arent. Corner of 21a' and G ata. OnW* in the Poat Oflije will be called tor at :t a. m. a'i r, J p. m. ap Min* AN O WNER WANTED-The aubaonbera jeoMved, abont the 15th DtMnnr,IMI, a m oi nii>. :? ir un ire miumorfui uruo Kaiiroac., ?u?i -il to hive been forwarded from WmMui ton ?n-l ooi,?nnM to n? The owrrr will ple>M call an 1 par ohar*e? and take thrin away, MherW M? they wil> fc? Bold frr the > neht of the ownir, after psjirc chute* G. APPOLD A SONP. ejO Iaw3w No* 3 and 10 Wate* at.. rtalvo. U~ r A \T1. itTOHKNT-V row Mar > ?. a neatly f hc?{ liOUSK, in h nrntr&i lo.-*?ion, from lo t? i roonn. Addreee B?>x 3 Star (Jft.'e. inliSl-tf CUU) -AOK1T9 WANTBP TO OPEN an ujtsce a-d Ulre the wholesale agency, in e\e. Si%u?, for all of Lloyd's Great Military Maps, uaeu by our Commander-in Chief. The oheapngt m*pa in the world. A fortune can be made on theae mape in eftoh ftata. 3.<?M,nuO copies of one of bit Hi*pa have already been aold. Alao a man to go to California, Krf land and Cub*. Acenta aiao wanted in ever* oouuty and in ever* regiment ir. our army. Send lot oircnlars. J. T LLOYD. reh? tmayl 164 Broadway. New Vorl. \\TANTED?To have every one krow that they ' v oan hn<t the beat atook of Clolhinc, Hata ana Casa. at th* very loweit ratea, at SMITH'!*. No. 4 fib Seventh atreet. fwlow F. fe 27-Jrm WANTED-^otiera and Soldiera to know that they oan bay CAMP 8TOVES and TIN WARE cheap of fc. J. GREGORY, SKI Pecn. avenue. ja II WA NTEIV-Every peraon to know that 1 am in the market, ready to pay oaah for all arbeloa In tho houaefarniahtnr line. Thoae leavmc the oit*. or havir.f a aurpiua, will do well to o\ll. R. BUCHL.Y, 4?9 tfeventh at., betweenB and R ate., (eoat aid*,) Dea'.er in New ud Beoond hand Furniture. nolttf WANTED.?We are now buirinj SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVEHaud pED DINS, for which we lire pajmc hifhert euh yricsa. Familiee decliwnc housekeeping, ft having a aurplua of furniture, will find it to their advantage to five u? ? BONTZ ft eRlFFITH, lelt-tf No. Tth at., hetw. f and fc ata. UORSK AND WAGON FOR BALK.?An n exoellent UORSK. aound and tied: ar\ for a fa-nily horae, will he eold a?ya'at< I.-on the wagon, or with it, aa dratted.n B >th are well aaited to the uae of a Sutler, aa the wagoa waa got np for that u?e, and la real?new. Ecauire at the Stable of Meaara KEuLlER ft P Y WKLE, on tth street,between D and K. ap U-i w* T CAN'T BK BKAT! HE Subscribers determined to aeoomm"date all peraona, either in pteaaere or buai ?. ? . v 0V?w ?w M *01 |? *?# |T .u - W IU ??c purchue of Ca.-r.agea, Biggie*and Sad-K==3k= die Horaea, Ml for the nae of the pubtlo. K?mi 'ie* wMi-iag it, o*n at all timee pruour? a oica oarriiga ??nt.e horee* acrt a good u4 rarefal driver. Order* s*ct to the aUb>a with atree: and number Vol he promptl? atter.ded to. GBargaaa* moderate u ite umaa will allow. HoraM tahen at iveiy. i C. COOK k. CO., Sixth ttreet, one blook aonth of ay 1< la' Pacna. ivanae. TICS! ICE! ICE' H E Babeorlbar having made hia oontraota with ro-ponajbie northe n deaiera la bow prepated to furkiah the eitiieaa ol Waahmgton an4 beorge town with the be?taaalitr lee, (wtpliaala and re tail,) ftnd guarantiee a fall eapyly dating the eeaaon, uaving al war* ir> ?U>re two to thre* thoua and tone Fare ma ia< oiag oat cf the oitr limit* mi get their enppliei from the Otoe, wh;eh will [ Be open all day. U. J. MLDUL.ETON.

| Office oornerjtih and F eta. ' . A{ep..^f " oy ? n*?*. "X>* WBK. fW KM- I ter'? Wharf, foot ol 13th it, outh ap 11 telm*^ * ' * ' t. 7 'f ** ? i it. i', , j,- . * . * ' ft' . jI e _ ? f amumkmentb. QDD FELLOWE' HALL, NAVY YARU! PROF. BLNTON'I'PKOOJID LECTTRE ' VIIIGIN IA." u K?rrore4*y frtnravti' ri'ift, A'twtiMi^ ? cent*. I** WASHINGTON THBAT^F, 'nRWim llTW aJID n STgWlTi. [/ wiiid Ma-GitiiciKciui Third appearanoe in nine yeart of the A mem-en tTagert?eni??, MISS ANNETTE INCE. Who will eypsar THIS EVENING In her treat character of ION, In TalfonnTu thnl in* p'ay of ION. ArimiMion 3?, jj> and 75 crrU atxl >1. yORD*! &THEKKIM. John T. Koao ??Proprietor and manager oa? B. Weight -?-Stage Manager THIRD WEEK OFJEDWIN FORREST. WEDNESDAY EVENING, Atn! 16, EDWIN FORREST As Damon, (? Senator.) In th? G reit Ronmn P1*t of DAMON ANO PYTHIAS. THURSDAY EVENING. April 1*. El)WlN FORREST Will sustain hit wo?IH renowns p*re?ration of OTHELLO. FRIDAY EVENING. April U, EDWIN FORREST ia a Great Character. _ Admission. Drew Cirele and Parqnette 7? certe secured S?ata fl Baloorr Seats ?f I Oroneatra Seata. $1 Private Boxea (holdini eubt) 510 Fa-til? Ciroie 25 cents Dojra opsn at 7; ca'tain rises at I. TUESDAY and SATURDAY EVENING*, L :ii_ _f t?. >. 4. : _ _ A 11 i __ __ A wiai.ii oI iiiicngiinisDi wui i?? pi?cum, It CHAHLKf B. KORD. TreMorwf. f\DD FELIiOWS' HALL. yj Seventh sr., nettr Post Ojfift Oxoros Krxxst L?*ieeaad Mac&ter Th-rd Wwk of the G'*rd Covihinatiun of the Stars of Minstrelsy, Kuukel'i Nightingale Opera Troupe In thoir Refine and ^miaing SCIREKS D'ETHIOrK. THIS EVENING THIS EVENING MONSTER CONCERT, A. LA J11.IBN, With a Grand Augin?at?d Orchestra. A^siiasion 25 oenU ; Reaerred ?f atp 50 centa. ap 14 A. CASEIyPV. Agent. ODD FELIiOWS' HALL. NAVY YARD: TUESDAY' WEDNESDAY anl THURSDAY" EVENINGS. Apri! 1*, l?*rd 17. PROF. BENTON WILL LECTURE. t ssnhj*0t?Viicim*; Ifla?tmt. d by man* bemtifnl Dioramic V%eu<s I of noted p!ao?c in the Stits and Batt'.e Soenee, Ao. I octnre tooommenoe at 8 oo'oek. Aum'ttanoe 2* cents. ap U-?f /CONTINENTAL OPKRA HOUSE ! V/ (LATt THII HARMONIC UHLI.I GRAND O T E N I N G NIGHT! Thu fine Ha:l wil' bif p ned on WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 16, with a oumpary ol msleacd female performer* une^uaird in th?ir re?pective roles in the United 8tat?s The performs oe will c-nsist m%inl? of neir and attractive Masio, Tooal .*.nd instrument*!. Hurlesque Opeias, and Farior n\Doea, to illustrate whioh ra&r.r of the irost refined aud talented artists in the ooontry have been er<M*d- The pronia-rme eaoh eveniFf will >? wied and att in the hi?h??t d?cree At-i mission 24 cents; g eatl' men unaccompanied by Ivlies. to orchestra chairs SOotU; colored gallery is otnte, V iprs optn at 7; to oommfuM at ? o'olook. ap 1? St* /"'ANTERBt.'R Y HALL,: Vy CANTERBURY HALL! < Formerly the Wa?lnn<t?n AsserrbW Rouim,) OPEN EVERY NIGHT, tbi Fi*?t Mrs;c Hai,l is thi World. :n point of Splendor. Taient and neapec ability ? Ettil'.ant and /titrtsf of tltt MAMMOTH W**HINGION AMD I'ALTI M"KK COMPANIES. fTrnwded to i?? utinntt o*n*nifT 'with an snd'erce CttUirifA, frKifsl nnd Rfbn'd Ef'abitshinr at once the tact tuat the performance AT THE GREAT CAN ffcRBURV if the beat ir. the oity. The amaiee we of the FIRST TALENT IN THE WORLD. Id endenoe of a COMBINATION OF STAR".! Ofaava tki* Brilliant Lift of A'antes : thei^CALof which oan b? nowhere faand iu th? World r?l A?r>upeiiientji. MISS MILL'E FOWL, RR, MISS JULIA MORTIMER, Amp th* C^crt or Ukacit, MISS FRANK L. A POLLE. MIS* LIZZIE PRANOIS. MISS PHANK (*KCOK, WISH EMMA MILES. LluLY HRANDON, MISS JULIA RICHMOND. AND L'TTLE ELLA. DELEVANTE BROTHERS, Till P**I!?G GtMSACTThe Ethiopian comeoian, A. J. jALBUTT, And the Fanny DICK PARKER, M JEAN CLOSKI, JOHN HKANY. MASTER JOHNNY, tSYLV AS CLARK. MON.4. f*oL. JOHN HAMILTON. BARRY J. CARTER, LEWIS M. CLARKE. GIPSY'S LAY! A Ne* Prrsrarome, in which a'l the Combination will appear to tbeir b*?tact*. New aonc by th* CANTER LM'R Y MINSTRELS the brat Ethiopian Trouae in the oitr : New Danoea, A 6 , Ac. The Ethiopian flur!e??a* eti'ltUd TUR BLACK STATUE. Admission 25 cents; OroCrater Otwrs in oents. Afternoon HvtcTiaiwmtrt I or Ladi*g and Families, on WEDNESDAY AND BATUKDAV AFTERNOONS. at 8 o'olook. When a lavish attribution of bl*r*nt P<?*eut? la made: Rieh ami Ccstij Jew?l-y, Bo>?? Fane* Articles, Toys, bewii.g Maoliinrs. and maci:i4oei.t Jii'k Dr**?e?. The Sewins Mnobme wan presented to Mrs. R, B. Morian on fca'uraai aJtwrnoou?tiolrot No, ?%*. Admiaaiou ?' ccuia ; Children I" o?nti. *p WTJIE ASH1NGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, No. 1IM Fa. A rpcxn Sins, 9:!i and lot* 11.'. Every evening a remsrkaMj fine Kree Cocoert, embracing re eotiona iroin the beat oltssie inuaio, and the icost Prpular C per as rendered in De'wr ttTie raan in any otner Amencu o^noer; nloon, The oeiebrated ItaMan Singer, Sifjior Aktosio Tibr&tini. Prima Haritone from too 9t. Carlo Theater at Naples, has been erased and will a?n?t the entertainment of (ba evenmc with the finest Melodies and Hones ever In this city. The unest and the public are icvttod. and nitr rely lp >o htvir.c tvery nomfurt they desire. In ad.) a ton to tho bnc*t inus^o in Washington. the* will obtain on oa 11 fmro the attentive attendknts decidedly the best Refreshments for sale in the Federal a. Ofhaers oon<tant!y in a'tendano* to keep |ood order. Concert oommecoiD* at ? p in ap 13 ?t^ HENRY ROSENTHAL, Prop'r. PATENT OFFICE CDRI08ITIES-6ntda to X Patents, Catalogue of Curiosities and flovernment Gardens, at the stand in Patent Office; Kara Antiquarian Books; Governmei.t Hoofs, Dcouraen's furnished: Railroad Reports; Military Re ports; Burnt Pat-nt Offloe Reports; Cheap Books furnished to l'edlars: Military Trials; Military ! jivi* Arm? H MUifktinni! Pur.nrnniit. or (\>aat showing over 2,ouo mile*; many tfconsacd Cheap Book*. Reoouect oheap ret:. Large aalea, low prioee. Up atain, over Cauk of Wuc.nxtnn. la?-?m* ALKRKD BIJNTKK. DRUK. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE IT DANCING ACADEM Y. at Temperanoe Hall, E atreet, between 9th and li'th Claarea #w erMj Taeaday and Friday?afternoon olau/jn at S. olng oiasa at 7. Soiree rverr Friday UA evening a? a o'olook. Muaio hy prof. Geo. Arm. Temperanoe Ball will be let ior Balla, Parti**, Ac. Apply aa above. fe 14 Zm* BALLS, rAKTlJfio, Ac. Fourth grand cotillon party of tne PERSEVERANCE EN61MG Co.. JA No. A, to be given on EABfER MONDAY, Jt April Slat, at Ternpsrauoe Ball. Tioieta centa.Bdfflittinc a centlemin and adies. W Partionlara in future advertiainnnt. B j order It* COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. The fo u rt k kn t h or a ? b assembly of the HISERN1A CLUB, which was to am. take plaoe on Monday the Slat inataot, has been p??tpone<l eatii further nctioe. on ao-/Pj? e imt of beint dieappointed in obta.ninc theWA hall foraald ovin nt ap t* m' V BaRNKS will sire a novel Danoing tfor.ool H* Exhibition aid Soiree at Tnnperaaoa Hal ,iB r.(r??t naarOtk An T(? ft. fllla V iVTb'O.hM * " ? m? vh * v i ar i ui\"ypH| NOON, April U, Iron 3 to 6K n'oluok, vueio ou b? mm a>u improve J a?jleo< f*?aioc&b;e d&none. After the exhibits n the asdieooe wm be invited to p*'tialp?te ib ? lew f*?hu>*abie il&ne*r AJ.i. e ion 35 ota ; otuldren 10 ota ; fajnuj u ok eta 60 ota. a? 14-?* FRANKLIN k CO., O P T IC 1 A It 8, Ml Peo*'**T.,(north aide,) bet. i*tt acd llth ata. EYEGLASSES. MAJUNK AMD FIELD SLAMEB, COMPASSES, U, I of Up boat 4?ahtiM, coMtantlT on h*n<L J LOST ANI) FOUND. PAMK TO THE SrBt*CKIBKR. o? Utb rnatsnt. a SOW, and ha.1 a it'*' o?^Kk ycatf *n*a on Tu*hJ?t mnngt, th? 15U> mat. Th* ?**? > i* i*riM t?? tmnfMUMI for vft'd. p'o?e ?ro?^fty ptj char*??, an4 itk? nor away Ajrly thp ata*le? of th* Caa-tol D*Iwt, on A?mi?i?, l-rtw^n lat at. and ,New Je:af* ar _ap H 3t? J. CAW HUM.. TAKEN L'P-Oa tLa l.lh mat. an itnn * HOB?F. ib"ut 7 Tfaia old. Tticgv pwn?r ia rrqcwt'd to ?rn?" foi % ?rd, rr?r?TLji proarrt?, p** *r?d ta?c h'lmTM.AD I>(1 M B. MORGAN'S Blackan'tih ?n*r Tid ??id H fU< ??3.^ ft P. WARD- For On apprfhMian>n (and delivery to m?at H!*4?rat>nrc, Maryland, or reared in any jail m Maryland. BC 11, a? I ..t i f Al t'c ^ > t i & a_i * BH %I'3' i Il|i|jt;ir| iirvp<r M ' TITP^^r l.tlw, lat? m? property of denrr H. War-^1 rmr, dooeas'd, of Pr:nc? 4?e?#?e"? eonitr,J?? Md. fylveatena of co>p'r ociuleiu)); of itoat atatoe; a^ont *ik feet hiii : tun ?' rlear ist countenance wh?n ?p<ker. to kr.rvnm Wa*hr?t noil?.ai.d ia no doubt lurking in that p ace or ita vicinif. 1 will aire the ehov* reward no ma?tfr where takfn DI^MYSJLU* SHERIFF, ap lA lm* fcxt'r of H. H Warring,deceaeed. WOTIOK.?Came to the ?nb;<- il>er'afarri,.on the Pthda? of April, !f?J a email black (ACftA buffalo C.OW.wfth white bell*; in orCer; vitbaea'father mde I no aa:d now and calf aie rcqae*te<1 to come a?.d prove proyertt enj pay oh'rgea, and take her awat tin 3*ire at P -?roe ? Mni, op'Ro^fc Ore**, for the idrui occupied t>y RICHAKD 8, J ?NES. ap U st* Cr.|l REWARD? Ban awa* froin the re?idenceof the uncereign-d. on Mon- M day uiorninc. S4th inkt , e'wui 10 o'clock,* Or NCbKO WOMAN, oallicg heraolf Jane Lee, ofa bright o peer oolor; SO *?ar? of ate; OB) with a Ohll.T 3 veara of ace The h?w i><Cm darker ooicr; the vninu is vert rl*a?ir.f wnen *?oken to, about 5 fret hith; and had on a t lae otlion drees and yarn ahawLandhae a hnaband felongirt to Hon Ctia*. U Ca vert I will fiv?i 5 >n r*ward if deliT?rod to me, or oared NUto set her MRS K. CRAWFORD. &p in lw* No. 93t aoutheae t corner Hh and L. <? 10 RKWAOD-Srolen alnmt U>? o'e ook n., O "" this morciuc. a m'dimn used grey <rv HORSE, with coTnriiiaeat eaudie and jL .T* blanket; horae bad no ahoec on; and laaae^**-*in left foot; branded U. H. He waa ato'en from front of flutter"* Keetaurant, D it. Any i a formation cusermas hi?i wiil be reo*ir*rl at Mr. Aigier'a. <a? I ID PHU I.IP ZiTTI.e. IOST?On Satnrdar iart, betweu Olac^tt ft -J Mbt'b Store acd tne ooroer cf loth and l> a'a . a amal. atmeoin *LKKVE-3l'TTO.\. A reward vi wm i>9 pa'.a u icitat ,nr. Wra?"c'?, Jeweler, l'>. it. mh M FOB SALE AND RENTT~ F'OR ?ALE-A FRAME D VH,LIN? H*>UsE on A1 at oet.iNo Zv?,> b^twtna 6'li ani *th: ooritainir.* 5 -oom?. *nh a iff* h&li. lor {arm* u.?mrc withiu. tp 16 3t tjK>K RENT?Three ROHM1 or, the ir?ni:d flror, in a cord roichhorbo ?d, we'l auit*1 for >;n-?eke*pinc. ard the Furtuur* 1 or a? it rtards A the hou* e. Th-a ia a rare nfcano* for a atnall fam'lr deairoaa to get to h n?* keeping. For a^drcm aptjv at t> e S?ar ? fli3*. It* ' 'HE ROOMS P .RMr KlTv OCCUPIED Ai? I the hovijua'Wa rf Hri*aiier O'-n'; Pa raer aieuu* vaoaut. ai.<l can be renieU on application to No 1*1 u street, between l9'-h and *Hh reate. Kef ren?e? rf<oiied. ap in St* /^ENTLKMEN D*S!RlN? TWO NEATLY "I Fumiahed Chamt>era. withont I*oarJ. id a private fami with th* u?e of r*nor?. Two rau%rrs from Tr?M3rr l?ep*r m?nt. and five from I'afnt Apply 40 J 13th rtr^et. ?J and H -if flMJ LET -The BRICK HOUSE, with I mm m. tore, on tli6 rrt heide of PM.n?jIviEis a?eno', b*tw??ii I9t? and ."th ate , ao-J recently opct-p-ed ? ? Gen'l Keyes. It obtain* about 15 atd paa es"?e evert oonv?r.!'<n'?s to mak** *.t a ?.ufort*t>> >r*ad?n3C A?p't to m. APLl.H, No ?'i. Un on Bnil'J'r.g. __ ap K< e"2w* ||H{* KBUT?A )'9*o?ifn! COUNTRY S-EAT . u>r rwii-. wim ? i i<i?* improvem "n'e, etaMirz and out-b';i.din<?, -rithin ten or (ift*ar. niinutse' walk ?f VIat r? ; h? tn* and fine ir'n wm?-, can be ro .tei wi'h F urnitnre, or vi'hrnt, ?^>ri <?\f nptl'l# i?rm?; omtUBi i f'M ???? ? ' r loiiud, (n \ h^jh ?tnte P' eu ti?Oi.?n. Tha ?'??? i? ^?>|i kno?n, h.RTlii Ion* hr?en the ren-lp -o? of Mr. Vi?an t he new i* fin"* Ap>ij ?"rrer UUX and * ? , <ip?o?ite Wirmd'* pla-^e. ap .6 it* ^T'lRt TO l.l'T. ^13 Pen-** vama averse. And also. OtFICb> to let Ar^'T at 'Jli r'cne?lvan!a aver ue. ppip^it? Wiliani'a. I ep i> ? ' LTRMSHKD OR~LNKl'RMlSHfcD ROOMS C FOR KBNT-Two Paioi* and *Hflirri ,-oomn.ou Mauachns'ttg avesu*, Ictirear, I2'b a&d 113th ?trf9te, ?r>ii-h >ide ay l*-y I I/OK RENT?No. 4?3. wogt tide 16th ftreet, | r between N?w Virt n ? ? ?? i a %r?e portion oJ the f-irr.:tnre Po~4e*fioo abort lat Mkt. Apply to A HVD?, ortto? ia Kite* & Oo.*? Banku>* Hour*. aelS^V* A LADY HAVING A LAR^E HOL'SE, de I\ ?iron a of l?%v;r.c the ' ltr. w ehre to meet w-ih *. party wi lic* to buy the farmtare contained there-n, *?n neatiy l,i mahei rooms. Apply to Jt>HN WALLING, 4<>-J 10th. bet?een D aiH t, rtreet* 15 3t* "t^OR RENT-A nicely Fl'RNlSUED HOUSE, r con'ftiRinc ejgn: ro -ma; Jhr?s i^bum fro?n the War llepart'Tn"; ra? ard w*t?r in tli* tlon?? UjjBW at No 16 latent * -flice linraen^ ap 14 3t* A PRIVATE FAMILY, bavin* two ParnahftU Rooms on ae-jond fl.ior, wilii double h*d. suit able for fonr feLt'emec. woa d !ik? to rent them. Atp y at 444 lltn at. None but teiitienrien ns?4 appiy^ epl^st FOR RENT-A TENEMENT, fnitable for a ainvi fainilr, and very piea*an!i? ai.uatci 00 the heights of Georgetown. withiu. 6ve minutes' waik of the VV aehing'^n acd GeoreM >wi cmnibua lice Apply a: th? cftue of J. DEN T, No. 4*6 Fifteenth atreet. Wasmngton. ap 14 lw* I? OR kliN r-A furniVhed four^t. ry MRJCX r DWELLING,:n a pica*.in'.end heaitbfd part of the citf. with fine iaree nbatr.lierfl and parlo:a, bath room atirpiied witu hydrant k*b throughout; a 1 *rrta;e hour e and stsbie at'aohe^. 11:i? a <i?eira:>je rneicenos lor sn N. U. or Government en.p o?ee in either one of the Depart m^nt*. Inquire at 375 Klevetith atree:, between K an 1 L. from 5 to 6 p. in e? 11 CUMMKR KFiMPKNCK FOR RENT. *pon tk' ''(Jlen J<Uen Farm," D. C. n^nut IS milts abort (ifOfgttewn. in'ar Mr. LovtbKorvm'iY? A demsble turni?he<1 i>osb!e Bonne w?h ehvlei, fine water, Ac. etablirc, carriage iio ?o?, Ao.,&o. Th*?'.t?!itK?n of ..lomhTs of the ?;*sinet, Koreun Mimaier*. a-d e?nt|nnen with fain y is eepeciallT ir.vttcd to thii adrert:eemtrt. For rxaiiiw'.vior of the prrmi?ef ap?!y t??th? upon the fa-mi Mr. jauit* 'Jinan.) aad for tortiter pariiculari atUtresn <aptan W. A T. MAOl>o\, U 6. M , 1220 fpruce street. i'hiiiwle.iph'a. Pa. mh31-Ui* UOH KAL.K-Two tire*-ola?? mL.MA R D TAF BI<K?, n?arole ?:abs. a?;.1 ever* %r?*neir-n?t complete. Ibo*e drtinnr the above will atari* their inteieet t>? eallinc iiiimediatelr at the Knr<>peao Hotel, ?orner nth elreetand I'enneiivama avecnaw inn 8-tf JBOA&DiNtt. BOAR^IMJ?One tar*e Front ee^ood floor, "-.nt'able for gentleman aul ,ad?, or two rei.tiemeq; pl?asRi?t'p ?;tva-ed, w.Ui a norMera famiiv. at 900 E gtrert, between ? and 3?l. ?p 15 3'.' Furnished rooms to rent. with H?Ard, ni a pleafai't U-oMiia uMr the CApitol. H.iar<W? AOQonun Itumt* At btaroflfo^ nhsi-tf EDUCATIONAL^ PLAlNtlELD ACADEMY, Nut CABLISLI, ?'*. Th? 3S?1 munn (3f> ?erkt> ocimnenoca Mm j?tb. Terms 9? pt ?*?r.on. '-i'cu'sr* At htaf Olace. To fi ! A few TAOADCtbfl Attires.. R R. BURN?. Aplliueo Plaiaftttd. Cub* jCo.. Pa. QifiORaKTUWa ADVKttT'MTa d GEORGETOWN DANCIN8 AOADEMY.VI PROF- BARNESWill op?" a Dacoiqi CIam for Lacia*. Aj<1 Mwi?ra, on 40 W ISDN KSDAY. April a. ai 3*. ni, At tho/6* Ha.I of Mr. Kerreet. <jorn?r of High And Gatu9& to. Ail of the fa?hiouAbl? Da co? will ba (Amnt dariac the quarter. Fnpits ?h<vili c-.lfr th?ir earner its toon as po*eib:e to oomnteuoe with the c as*. Mr. h'%ri>es refer* to the piv-ron* of hi* Wftehiafton ilaaeee. Term* #10 per Quarter. ap IS >W ___ g VCK8K1N BLU V E 81 Ramsbarf & Ebert, lOi Risb grim, GEORGETOWN,.1), (L The only maiiufaotarere of Gennine UCCKSXJN GAUNTLETS, MlTTBNs in the Dmtnet. Oflloors' Gaunt. et? ma'.e to crricr. Baokikin Drawer* and Shirts. Ja II TOKTiLjT We haveJaet reoeived a supply ol the shove A :e, Vhtoh we reoorii.Ti'cd to be ore very superior ? oaiIty. Persons *11!um to parqhaee. by miking imU' Hwiftovi. |) LACK SILK**! D BLACK SILKS! COLORED S1LK8 ! COLORED SILKS! A full assortment cf the beet tradee at our proverbial? low enoee SPRING SHAWLS: SPRING SHAWLS New supplies it most moderate prioee BPRlN? WRAPPlNGf! SPRING WRAPPINGS! New avpplier d? uf. .One pnoe only, the aotnai ouk value. marked in fkKRY * Uiu , ap l-R Porn, itmm tM M itrMt CU?ANT9.D?lKUAJ.PAsfc U bbU. Zixts CURRANTS. lifcbis. BR1ED APPLE*. 10bols. DRIKD PK ACHES. Juet received and fursaie ht BARBOUR 4b SEMMES. ?u-?ofi - NO. #9 U.ITM??. ? - - ? , I : - I.. . ffWqMWMMHBHVQOMn SECON D~EDITION. * THH? I i klock. r M Th* ramtriTini Bill ftisiu -TUi Cdit awn u?c x cvui ucu nvuK ?* bli signature appended, the **!! abcMafc'nt a'f*ery !n the District of CclutnMa, crrtrpanled by tbr following o?- -tuzf FhIok til**?* *>/ r*? ??>i //<nW r/ M.rttif m'tt'uttf Th? ert ealiUtd ' An x-t fur ?be rei*??e of certain person* h?-M t? r?lce or latar in the Dir trlct of Cotombli/' b*a thla day been apprcvd aon lignrd. I have newer <IobVM the cortatilutiona! authority of Congreo* to au. lull aUw*'y in tbl? ?>t??r:r*. and I bawe ewer df?tred to aw the Nations! Cap1 tal freed from the Institution In ar>n>e nMaftrlcy w?y Hence there baa n*?er bren, tn my mind, auy <ioe?tlon upon the ?ot?V*t e*eept the one e f eiftdleney. arlrlng In elr* of *11 the rirron lanrM If lhf>r? )w> matter* iv'iV n j>H iliAirtlh'i ct which h?*e takes, r eoni* or >-b?r* more aitlafactnry to my I 4<> not ? Inapt to apectfy tfeeai I in grattHed tb?* tb? twe principle* of rnmpt uMtiou and < oloBlWtton arc b ?th rrro^n'iad a:.d practically applied .1 tb" a<t !n tbf ma'tri or uapcnuiUN tt U ptwidii that claims may be prramted wt?hli? n.u-tr di frrm tbe pi??m-e of tbe ?<* ,' t>nt a" '.boreaiier. * and there t? no *avin? for tolaor#, f^in-?-o.o?ett, Imie.etakwM prraou*. I p'cr;?*?r tbu t? omlaalon by mm f???f-?>ight, and I re- omnn ud that tt be a;ippltrd by an emendmorv or nipplemental *?-t ACRftHtM LiSttLf April 16. !? ??. THE LATEST tit TE LEG RATH. AXOTHF.w r*io\ v?rrORY CONFIRMATION or I Hfc. BATTLKAT ATACHK rA#S. Ktmi Citt, April 1*.?linn E M ^'in'oa. Secretary of War: The Port l aton m?ll brlr^ confirmation of the battle of Apache t'aaa. onr Ion It 150 killed, wounded and 1 b? enemy acknowledge ILeir ioa> to be frotu <Urec to four hundred killed and wounded. NIrHithree rebela wer*" taken prisoner*, ih'rtirn of whom were eai:er? Our forrea cttptim-d ai.4 burned a!ity-four w*gon* lade i with proviaie*>a and ammunition, killing -(*> mule* The Tcxans attacked our battery lour the lait time mining within forty feet of our guns, but were repulsed with h'tvy >ow l ot _ iflou^U Laencttiifwd at ttrrnal ?*pcinir?. fortjr mil" from Fort Union. 1 b?* Te*?na ft 11 U< k to Ff. Col. Canby, with 1,0(?? rejulara ?p4 KP Car-on'? regiment, are reported within tbro- d?\ ' m rch of Col. SMougb; and Col s?l?t? If o* ttic Jornlda with rcloforct-roenta for the finnr ciiicauo mrsirifai, election. The following private dlapateh waa r?f1*?~4 here to-day: Ch!ca?o. April 1* -Th? Chicago montclpel fiction baa reaulted in the triumph of the o^rats by fifteen huttdred majority VOtVGK USS ZONAL IXXTflth Ct??ioHl!>i%-?.f?il ?*a?it*. > WuRbiiit, April I* 3e!?at*?Many petitions were p?ea??t?d fcr the. abolition of aiavrtv, for the fnactamt e* n ^ nrre.l bankrupt law. i: Mr. Harris Ictrodocea a bttl for the payment o* AlaTW)1t?*otf4 Li ftli K?- < ?. ?>>.> -r?- ? . ^ j if -? v 'ii :*v r r of *u:m; n*f?rr<-4. Th* |*ndine KwlutltB e?k>ng tbc War p-rtrr.'-at for information relative to tbc cause of th * dtlay lathe trial cf B;'gadi?r Charir* P. Steof, wtaaga'n t.?ke;i up. &nd Mr Mcbou^ail addreaao.t tb* J*enaW> at ienyth in reply to tb? ?pr<ch of Mr Wad<\ dflivir^ on th*- d?v b*f? rcThe henr f?r tbc ooa'deratjnn of *h* apeciel rrd'-r flfce anflvaMon bill> having arrl??-d. th?* bill v *i again tek<n ?p, and Mr ri'vrell ad drraied tbe Senile against it. Hani ?Mr Strattoa from th? Committer on Wav* and Means, reported back th? bin atory to aa act autbortilnj; the Secretary cf 'c* Treasury to Ismic cfrtltcaU* cf lnd*:btcdii"-. pa??cd Mr Rice, of Ma*s , off^ed a joint rcwliitl??<? *11 Iho W . -r *?l A ? J - - < <t "M. i,c 1U' ?jr-.rr"UF *?l IU*: U onrfS contractor* wbm they bare filled their ronVay* with ttfty per cent additional. ^ Mr B el'. fr?m the Military c-mm tt?e f pitied a btll to ei'abD?b ibe si;; nil corps of tte army, passed. Mr WUaon submitted a Join' r??oinM*n de daring that the government should not :nt*?f in the tr.>nsinlialon of telegraphic ?nes*Hi:<s when the same vrlll notgiTcaid to the public enemy in U. 5>. operations, except u hen it shall b^oome no? v*sary for the go*ernment under the authority of Congre?a to aasume the control of thr line* for the trdntmlsaion of its o* n dispatches; adoi.Vd. Mr Bingham reported froai the Jutfic.Ury Committee sixteen bills relation to th<? coufisc* tion of the property of rebels, A LATE AM) IMPORTASI FR(MI THE noiTH Th?" Baltimore News sstret of tbic morning ccntaina two orthiee column* of xtn"tib?Bto'? Southern papers, t'a.. Richmond D>p*?cb. the Lxaminer, of the ?8h, 9 h, mr.d lu'L tn?tar*f and tbe Norfjlk Day Book of the l#*h Inatint. The Sontbern Journ?I?r!slm a* '-an Immtw'r Important victory" the battle of Shlloh. or Corinth, aa It ia variously deiljrnated, hat they z%mm? aa "atlll a fact not to bed'?~i>l??"d. that uiore h avv fi^btin^ wi!l have to take pla<e before tb? 9 **n?>a;y In thatre^ton may bcco&*lder?-d as anakrn oR.M The later d"spiU hew from Atlanta and Corinth, reduce cou'llerahlv the bomber ?f prlae ncra tn the battlr oa tPnaday, and alac q lalify the eerller autenienta la regard to the c.tptu#rd property, wh!'!i !? alluded to It general term". 1 he teiccnm f'pm Cnrintk rf April '.Kb state* th^t on Tuesday morning M' can's cavalry a'tackrd a <^jn?lderable fjrcr of Federal troopa in ?me of tbelr c^ib;*, kitliJ a larv:?' nuuiber of then, and burned the ?? .'? wMfh, on rrtirlng the pevloui. day ttc Conled*rate* net re uuable to brlnK?w?v with tbero. Tdc Southern paper* admit that G?n. BtMbr^d Johnsortfwe* wounded. In tbc Confedf ra'e Jn BirbmoDd, on iuoday 1*M, resolutions in regard to the victory near Ccrlntb. and lamen' Ing tbede&ia of General Albert Sidney Joho?tou. were introduced and pa-sed, and a iii>j?a_-e f'oir President Davit was read, In which be depict* '? fclowln^ ttrma Ibe manly virtu;* and heroic ch ? ?t_ter of the dccc.natd Genera! A letter from Savaunab, dated April la*, dr acrib'S the pren&ritton* font were tl>?-a making by Ibe Federal forces, ai>d their dHkdr sdvsine upon and occupation of various poUta rb'rn batter tea 'might be brM'cbt to bt?r upjii Fort n * v r - ruujbki *^?i4crFtiing tfte ?Ung*r ?fcat threatened the Fcrt and lta condition to wUliafend 'fce httw ba'dment, tbc writer uo "It may be ?.*i?l tha' Pulaakl ia completely invatted, aud though tfcdiaUnce la great, yet tli<y Lave mea'tof rrachiog * greater ranee by tbelr improved ordnance Som? aaot* fired *t the Fort fcavt ra?*ed ovtr l? and nesrly L&lf a m:le beyond * ? 1 be lleve the Fort rapableof realattag. or ra'bar cm during, a bombardment aucreaaftifiy, but tbe bitrKrd mu$t be greatly barraaswd by the cont'wi ai lire." The Norfolk Day Beck of tbe l'.th hat a gram from Corintb, atating that an arm letter rf two da ye bad Ken agreed upon between Metier?la brant and Buell for tbe purpoac of burying ?-*? dead. In an interview, which la ?aid tn hav* tiken place between General H-a-iregard and Ueaeral Frenttaa, tbe force of tbe Cocfederaba at tho K?ll. n I i I. > ' * ? - ?v nv v? * awuu(|( &i?liVin{ IB *'A ' U C V * Dformer to have b?ru bat tulrf) tb?o?awd men. The number of prlaooera ukm la now pu> down at XourtbouMod, Incloatve of two bundrfd olcrn. TUB BATTLE OF riTTtBCBSUKDIIW?THE UTHI UITKIM DltrAKaU. [From the Richmond Kxamirw, April 0 ] > urtkrrpmrtieulnrt mf tk?b*tlit of tkiUk. Atlanta, April 7 ?t'rtvete dlapotcbe* to ua aavtbat we bare gained tbemr?t compile rle'arr of the war. We bare driven the enemy Inio tbe?r tranaport*. We bare t,WU prlaooer*. Geo^raI Blndtoan'a leg waa abot oft. <ven Bie-kloildp*' woo i mm or in! bonora; bla cloth** were abot ? a. ar.a two horses were killed under him thre at Promts and other generals are tanux^ ike prisoners. From the Rtrhroond D ?pat~h. April It [Sptt*l dt?p*ttk f# I hi R'tkmend Difpmtrk ] Cobixth, April 9 ? We still told tu? tutu* field. It Is not thought theeaemv will ? The weather Is bad and the road" intp*u?t>lf W e posse?? all the captured pror? rt?. Morgan's cavalry* yesterday rTue??l?v1 Turning attacked a coufc'derable Woe ?<f iht ei?e?nr iu mc wi uwir caiupa ana IIUM la'fc'l B IT I*; of tbf m, besides ourntng the uu?s our umr were auable to bring away ?rltt tbe?o. Toe wounded we poorlag In. Oar Io-? ( pt<t*bty ibrae tbounand. The mw(o( vrt.e kbot Is the limb*. General* Gladden. Bushrod Jotasoaaod PI adman are wounded volooei Blytte, nf Misil aippl, aad Capt. Hanplw, of Alei?ndrla, w*r? illlcd. Lieut. St or. in, of (be WnklB|too artlllerr, W?1 ?bot through tbe t cdj. Tbe fl^bt rf Monday v?i Um dwlnlvt ibaa thai of siuiiday Tim ftring ceased motiuliy about S o'clock, both aniM tailing back Tbe enemy's lose la prisoner* la betwu* n four and atz tbousa&d Baell'a reinforcementson Monday aree*t!ncatcd at thirty tbouasnd. %