Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1862 Page 1
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I ?? V?!!. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C, THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1362. N?. 2,856 ,> THE EVENING STAR w PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, {SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR B ( I I. D I M <4 S , Crutr rf Finn'y'taaia ar#. and SUrtH'k ?* ??, mm v.. n. walj^aoh. V .per* terved la package* by rarrler* *t W* year. ?r 3? ceut.? per month. To mall robscrlber? tha pr ce tc 93.50 a ye*r. tm < dmne*; IS for tlx ni' ittbs (I for thrtt* months; ?nd Ni 'cas tbfln threr n">n'b? it the rite of 14 cent# a week Single coplea, os* c*si; In wrapper#, two cistc. | lZs~ ArrsaTismssTs should be sent to the ?l3ce before li o'clock otherwise they may ot appear until the next day. MMiH*H*Basaii^Ha***HM THE APTAJirC OK CE5. Met L EL LAI*. * He tl>OCARTI.R? TCkvvs' r.?wp? J C*mr ?'f Ltf's Mills, April9. i Tbe position of Gen. Keyee'corps d trinw ' remain-? very mulb the sumo as when I last wrote. Every hour develops fotu?thing more rf the enemy's lire of defease, of his strength in forts, guns, rifle pits, and numbers, and of the gr?*t discretion snd military science that must be brought to bear id the investment and approaches to the enemy's works. They are of complete and massive strength, constructed according to the exactest rules of engineering. ?ni wl?h that knowledge of the topography of the country which belongs to familiarity with it for Tears. ffh?n --1 ??* . ? ??uf.ui?nwi of tbe enemy, were it possible to describe the disadvantages we have to contend against. in x the tortoousne^s of the line of baffle we are forced to a?-;an;e in the innuanerable swamps and pool:* of water extending along our entire line, in the almost irnpenerrnblfc forests and undergrowth of tangled wood, and in. fo? any other reason th*n absolute '-military neces' aity," impassable roads fur light artillery and heavy transportation, you would have a slight conception ot the herculean task imposed upon this army. Privates in campaigns before this have suffered pc-hips as much as our troops have in the last three da j?: bat none ever, in go large an arty. h?ard ' ) Iittlo of grumbling and anathema a^Hinst privation, cold, wet and hunger. Our mer. laboring under all the excitement attendant ur c ; po.-iiion within two miles of their enemy, ar-i t^nnfin'Jy exposed to ths "hells of ba'.ifcries within oasv ramre. have iMustrH'j<i th? r. cxcellen: discipline and the tine?: ph;. capacity for endurance. *ftis is P"t ali tr>c r- ldi-ra have -hown. They are not in the least appalled in view of the t?rri&e struggle re thcui. and at this very moment?0 o'clock ]> m ?the air is vocal with jathetic *nd patriotic .?:in/s. The catnp fires - f ths enemy aro in plain eight. Our soldiers ^taad around thtir own. an 1 beside their Ir- Jcd muskets the left hands of many rest upon them, while with the right they wave toward the traitors to their flag tbe acrair.s of the Star-spangled Banner ' the "Red, White, and Blue." and amid it all the loved and cherished a*"e rot forgotten, for turning their faces toward tue patriot land fr<?m whiah they C'nio tbey sios. ;-I>o They Miss Mo at Home, ' " Let Me kiss Hit: for Ilia Mother," and breathe their -i'ent prayers that the fortune? f war may pc- t then to mingle with their friends it the enjoyment of peace. To many the prayer will be granted For many the s*ift i-urssergers ff death have already I'amed their wtlThey will perl.-h in a olv cause, and we believe in victory. God grant tbcri eternal victory ! On the instint a very successful and iinI r:j?n? r- c nr. > ;?> ?C"c was made by Brig. Gen. ?V. S llaneo'k. fcoeouipaniei by Lieut. Mer**11 cf the Kn rid Lien* Liwen. of the 'I ; r i; hi<:11 Engineers. anl the h Wisconsin, Col. Cobb, and the 6th Maine regiment. (Jumium. Your correspondent had the pleasore of being a jritnes-. Tbe eutmj w. re fi.nnd posted a!->n!? the entire length ef a stream this Mie i ' '.T-ri:'. The -airoii -bers thrown oat in ad- ance met ?be rebel n 'kt:i at every exV^--ei aiiJ convenient plaeo this side of tbe stream. Oar men Kaliant!y drove them up to the sh< rc. and in ??..e.-'l instances acrori The ^.lemy ? fort if;: iticas wero di-;'lo;ed in all places, gucs being i < unted in tbeai, with a sinsle exception. This stream is almost an artifice: :jc, f-.riaei by < -tan-inc np?j coiuinv scilea of 3 rnewbat broad .-.:id d^p though ptandinrf water-* rendering it unsafe to ford There were fever *1 li'lle 1 >? t b*-! i^es thrown across at di.Terent interval-', over which the pickets < f tb.; enemy retired as we advanced C a their side of the stream the land is much higher than on this. Near the ruins of a hou?e (or moro properly the customary vandalism of the enemy in an open ?p?oe the entmy'- fort opposite, mounting hut one gun. is perhaps a little lower, but although obscured by the woods, the evidence i" eoinp'et** that beyond tbi? fort ^usy tools of treason have erected n larger and stronger * 19. Fro in the raiEo referred to, tho t>!h Ms:iia advanced to the top of the ravine, depeer: ?:e j on tuis -i 1<* to the stream, sad under its pr-'ec i ?n, Lieut Con.^t ;k ia*da important obicrvat:>n3. Ti.e li'.h Alabama were tie*,! Ti ta the other s;dc. Four prlioaers beJoa^.n ; u that regiment were taken, and. to b: eve their ftory. it number* l.oT'i men. and left Kichraond ODly a few days ag.;, which of | _ tr i - " * - ' c ;urff? mora? eminence tnn.t the cr.?;rny"3 position is bcinz s'rengtbened for a ds.?perate reristance. Wbile the <5ih Maine hold this place the enemy"* truop* were plainly wen marching down the and behind their fortifications. It was the opinion of Col. Curnham j that tbi* part of the encmy'g lice could bo taken. H? sent il?j Harris, with an escort of "women. to Gen. Han v ck to ask permission to do bo. At that moment tha General was with th? 5fH tri*?nn?in ' - ? .. ..?.v><s>u iuc|>wviiu|; tiJO WUTft3 I of the eaerny further down. M?j Harris was intercepted by a simil etsoaiing party of the enemy. When meeting ?hem ho coolly gsve orders to his two men a = if he had a company, and ordering them to fire, oae of t&o enemy wa* killed, the others foil back, and the Major escaped. If there elided a favorable moment for occupying that quickly passed; but notw!:b?'anding the concentration of four or fire regiments of rebels at that point, the 6th held their i lition for three hours, and until by #*ren Hiucock'a orders they returned to camp ' Farther down and toward the James river, the next intrenchment th? ii?vi!i?h ? ww? (??* ^cuiu? VI ICbelJion ha* devised seetni to be a rifle-pit. The skirmishers of the Mb Wi vinain, under Capt. Ea*a, drove the enemy at this point down the ban* neck and heels, over their foot bridges, and cut of : ight :nto their workg, whatever they are. Farther down, and in the same line, stronger work;, bastioaed forts, each mounting several guns, were developed by the 5th Whcot-i* ai.d '"rh Maine skirmishers. Tbeenemy at these points of thi? splendidly conducted reeonnoisanee were eompelled to occupy the higher ground in front of the plain towards their face Here the enemy from the highest of the two furts threw shelU ut Gen. Hancock's r * * ? *" * c?iiluiauor*. ccmmaniel dj Alsjor Lorabee. This fort also commaiidj two forts lower down. Lee's Mills was not more than iort yards from the top cf the ravine, and at this place the bugle calls, and the movements of the enemy's light artillery were clearly heard and teen as Gen. Hancock drove the enemy's skirmishers in They were evidently expecting that we would descend down to the stream and attempt to oross. While oar skirmishers remained for an entire day at another mint till lower down, the foorih principal work of the enemy was al*.< clearly within their view, bat during that time iu ptrapaU were raised several fee:. An encampment of rebel troops is around all that place. We were so near that even in the woods tleir colon were plainly seen. It would b? impowible for m* to praise too much the gal* I no try of the troops throughout the entire reoounoiesance. Thoy seemed to compreht nd tka " ? Al* * * mw wen as taa auiy to obey their clear and emphatic orders, and while the plan and the conduct of the expedition re* mefhed alone to th? wisdom of an able and experienced geseral, it required great nerve, und care, and curage to execute it. First Lieut. J. l> McFarland, adjutant of the 6th Main*, mounted, eaptnred a prisoner within 130 yards of a rebel battery mounting one gun, and its parapet at the time lined with rebel infantry, and tua gunners at their posts. Ha, however, had the good fortune to keep his prisoner between himself and their gnns. Lieutenant Colonel Chandler and this tfihar al.?o captured three more prisoners. The engineer vjfli:ers al?o bravely made their observations from exposed and perilous positions. Mcvemtnt* of our forces since then pertain principally to knowledge improper to be made public ? Corrityjnd?*c* /If- Y World. 0 Tfwa Vervas CilairT Htrin. (From the Richmond Whig 1 It wsnld be a gratification to thafjiiconeiderable and worthless portion cf the community which is engaged in irritating the surface of 0>? cafth, if the Quartermaster General or whoever else is empowered to authorise the pressing of teams, would state in writing the reasons which induces him to prefer country to town horses. To intimate that country horses and their masters do not appreciate the Quartermaster's preference, would be doimr irros# injustice to the breeding nnd intelligence of tho?e amiable animals. Bat neither horses nor men like to be overwhelmed with compliments. No effenoe would b? taken by either, were the Quartermaster to transfer a portion of bis flattering attentions to thoir brother beajts in the city, Of course the feeliEg* of the countrymen onght not to be Consulted in the least, for we have yet to hear of a Governinemt that did not consider its first and highest duty to be the molestation and oppression of farmers and planters. But no Government has yet been permanently disgraced by paying some consideration, if not to the feelings, to the uses of the country horse. As between the town man and the country man. the personal inconvenience of being robbed of their horses is the *ame. Not eo with regard to the horFes themselves. In time of war the country horse plows the ground that grows tho grain thut makes tha fnn/1 #K f fAedo K ?fV** ....... U^UIO lij? battles that win the freedom and sustain the Government that pays the Quartermasters. Bat Quartermasters are never selfish and always gallant. The lore of the beautiful is thoir absorbing passion. Rather than deprive the public of the felicity of seeing a Quartermaster in a buggy, takiDg his evening airing? rather than disturb the lovely equipoise of h three-story trunk strapped beautifully behind a hack, they would see every army in the field starve to death, the Government of Jeff Davis driven into the Galf of Mexico, and their own fair prospects for comfortable pay and no risk in battle forever blasted. Wise and magnanimous Quartermasters! There are eleven artillery companies out at the New Fair Ground?, waiting for horses and unable to get theta Every company is imperiously and instantly needed in the field. There are in the cities of Richmond, Petersburg, Norfolk, Lynchburg and Fredericksburg, at least a thousand ba.-ks and private carriages. Here, then, are two thousand trained horses?enough to equip twenty batteries. But it would never do to interfere with the shopping of fine ladies How sinful and injurious to tbe digestion of Quartermasters it would be to put ? stop to their buggy riding And 0! the criaie, the unpardonable crime of compelling Indies of p^ensure to give up their cherished ha^ks Wtiat would become of the gamblers that watch the gay creatures as they drive by the big hotels? The country might be saved if the town horses were pressed, but the e1 -thctic j >ys of the courtezan, the Q jarteruiaster and the gauihler, would bo gono. Who would havo the heart to ask such a sacrifice from such people ? >\ by the iter Did l*?t Parme the >lerrimac. Since the success of the Monitor in her encounter with the Merriinac, the y.h of March, many persons have expressed their astonishment that the "cheese-box" did not pursue the retreating Merrimac, and rink her before she reached Norfolk. We have no d oubt thai eu^h * consummation would have caused rcjjioing throughout the country. It was a very feasible tneory, but uDfurtuuuiely there was an insurmountable obstacle to its "being put in practice The Rebels hare exercised the same patient care in the preparation of their defences at Norfolk that they manifested in watching the Merrimac grow from a sunken frigate to ? formidable iron-clad Leviathan. The libor of m<>nths and the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars upon their pet scheme wano trifle to them, and every precaution was taken to prevent a failure. They constiu<-;ed a trap at the mouth of the Klitabeth river e<> mat in case tne aiernmac should be compelled to flee from an attacking force, the pursuing ships might be ensnared and compelled to surrender. The channel of the Elizabeth river was staked out with soiled so that a clear channel of from 70 to 90 feet only wss left by wlii?h Norfolk could be approached. Just beyond the mouth of the river the Gerinantown was moored with springs upon her cable and rea ly for instant movemeot. The ship van also prepared. by boring, so that she could be t-ur.k in five minutes after the valvo ropes were tirswn. The plan was, in ease the Merrimac was pursued, to let her and her pursuers pass in. and then swing the Uermantown across tho channel and sink her, thus placing an impassable barrier to the escape of the pursuing vessels. Tlr OT?m!nirt<* v ? ?I 1 ?? ? ? ?L:-L ? j vauuiiuiug fcuv pi iuvi jwus UJ'UII WQiCQ H rat id trapped, one miy readily fee w hat would have been the position of our "cheeoe-box" in the Elizabeth river with the bar? put up. All oar effort* to release her would nave proved futile, and we should have been compelled to record a far greater disaster than the loss of our two noble frigates It must be borne in mind that our enemies are aa fertile in invention as ourselves. Who Wm thi Uex?'<s or tui Fik*t Siese of Yokhtowh??It la 1nt"re?tin? fact that In the Kevolntionary selge of Yorktown, Washington bid no Southern troops iiforce, numbering about twenty thousand men. consl.<ted chiefly of New York, Mew Jersey, f'<-nn?Uvaiiid #">d ,\ew England reglmenta. Soldiers from the aaif-aame region are now before Yorktawn. prenarMl ftn hatfU fn? IKn #k-* I r ^ w?i?>v ?V( ?iib ratUkCUailbn ui t Ufll IllilU" pendence and unity which their Northern forefathers won on that memorable historic ground. Co'tos Plawtiss ijt Illinq!*.?It is stated by inemb-rsof Congress from mine's that cotton will be v?rv extensively planted In that State this on. Th? experiment haa been begun by tbe Illinois Centrml Railroad Company preparing two thousand acrea ft. this purpoae Cither laud owners are making arrangements to plant large quantities of Kentucky cot? ?n seed. |^7" Judge McCunn, of New York, has decided In the matter of two partlrs who were ar1 rested for selling liquor in violation of tbe Sunday law, that the police bare no authority to ?nter a public bouse where business is being transacted with closed doors on 8unda>, or to srrest a Sunday liquor seller without warrant from a magistrate [H7~ There are twelve daily papers In Turin, a city of not more than 1<H),00U Inhabitants At Naples, Milan and Florence tbe same mania far nHtvirt>n?M U n - ~ * r-r~ - - < .axiwiKU. i arma, I U)W n |)[ 40,000 inhabitants, bu three dailies, and Modena (oar. LCT" Mayor Hatch, of Cincinnati, baa brought suit for 930,000 damage against the proprietor c f the Commercial because of itscomrftenta upon hi* conduct during the Wendell Phillip* mob. IC^Thoma* W. Tobln, Ekj , one of the publishers and proprietors of the Baltimore Price Current, died yesterday in Baltimore ?7-Two hundred and eighty thousand dollars at Iha Untitno ?t.v. - b->" ? K ?Ui ui outunore cny la lo be funded. ECOLK DU CAVALIER A PILL). 1? esnta. Cavftene? Buii da l'.uatrnctlon 87cen<a. l>o Mr*oi-ATMt Poetee de Caret er.e Lejere, e as Mftuael dr'Mftreohftlerie. 53 oenta. Cavktr.a-to aide de l'lnatractcur. oenta. C*T?Jerie? Iniu notion ft Cherfti. 75 oenta. Cftralerie?Snr l? S?r?io? d?? P fto?? 13 cent*. HtbUoihr^a* da Soae-O?' lwde C**alrie. 91 25* Mt?oe;.an?e* Mihtairee?Par ie General ftianu. 74 oenta. De 1* Cftvftiere-Pftrla 9*nerftl R?r ard (7 oenta. i>'As-mer?a eaii"'e la Catalane. 3 vj a (jut. SohftaanDara?De l'&npoi a? 1ft CSTftlerie ft 1* ba rr*. hoi ftr.u aum |t?. Piteodfta?Do tft CftTftierie a orata. Wftrtery?Menftr*ie? gar lft Cfttftierle #1?5 Carft ene?loatrnouon Promoire iu la R*** ?'? iDoiTiauu woeati. . ??? ay ll-l| FRANCK TAYLOR' TELEGRAPHIC) NEWS. Later fr#m Europe. Halifax, April 15.?The steamship Canada hn? arTtved, with Liverpool advice* to the 6th ln*t. The ??bjeet of Ironclad vessel* and batteries Is still an absorbing topic In England In the House of Commons on the 4th Inst , tb^ ^nea'ion of the relative value of fcrti&raiions and floating batteries vii debated, and rfsolntlooa were adopted providing for the suspension of thfl work* at ?p thead. ParlSrmipnt will abort! v consider the exnedienev of empowering the government to us* the money already voted for forU lathe construction of Iron h-athed vessls. The >'010 Yorktown, from London for New York, has been burnt at ?ea by a rebel privateer vessel. Th? continental news Is gener'lly unimportant. The Liverpoolbreadstr.ffj market closed qniet. Flour !s declining. Provisions closed quiet. American securities Arm. Consols cl-?"d at London on Frldaynt 93 \ (83 for mor.ev. American securities were lirm. Arrived from Baltimore, ships Admiral and Gorilla, at Liverpool. Frarn the Defnrlnirat ( tks ike?Hssb~ Sixty.?ae of A?bb]*i Rebel Cavalry Surprised and >leda Priaaters. U'uon^TOcic, April 16 ? Mxty-one of Ashby'? rebel cavalry. including three officers, were cap lured tbis morning and brought Into Woodstock by nur troops. They were surprised whilst at breakfast ju?f at daybreak In a church, and were surrounded by a body of Ringgold's cavalry and four companies of Infantry of the -Kith Pennsylvania volunteers, of Gen. Williams' division. They surrendered without a show of resistance This clev?-r aflilr occurred several miles beyond Cola mb a Furnace, and within aeven miles of Alt. Jackson. Prisoners for Fort Warren. ALb*sy, April 15 ?The reb*l officers?Maj. General Markall, Generals Brown and G*n!t, and Majo's Davidson and McCall, and Captain Setlher?arrived here this morning undercharge of Captain S'elfrldge, United Slates army. Thev breakfasted at the Delevnn House, ard proceeded mi i" run u oiinj. i urv wnc capvurca m ii^iiiia Np. 10. Payment of the (iavernmrul Tax. B<>-ion, April 15.?A bill was reported In the Legislature l >-day for the pavment of *7ul,000 to the General Government. beiti? the portion due from Massachusetts of the ?20 000,000 national tax voted by Congress In August last. Treasure en route frsm California. San Francisco, April 11 ?The steamer St Lou'.s sailed for Panama to day with a few pa*fceng?s arid *016 uoo in treasure for New York and #<.'00,0<?0 for Kugland. \fw Y?rk state Canals. AlbiNT. April lo?The State canals will be opened on the 1st of iMay. StWS FROM Dixit. h'rom late Southern pipers we take the following [from the Ri< Lm ud DNpatch, April 10th.) Of H A I VV IM NllftTII Mfi*l??T?P! Though we have gained an Immensely Important victory at Shlloah, it ! still & fact uot to be di*yuls?d, that more heavy fl/btlng will more than pre bahly have to teke place btfore the euemv in that region may be considered as shaken < 8 His numbers 'Lere Tj*ere 110doubt very great, lirant, according to a Northern letter writer, Lad about O'l 0(.n? If Buell had as many more, the aggregate must Lhve reached about 120,0; X). These Azures, however, miy be la excess. Vet <J n. Floyd rerorted that tLe enetny had ?t F> rt Doaeitou eighty full regiment*. These regiments were independent of B<Ml'? line. '1 hey cam* from St Louis, Cairo, Suiltbland ana Padticab. fo that the number then under Grant mutt have been frcm sixty to eighty thousand. According to the Memphis Appeal of the 3d )n?tant, Buell wss marching towards Savannah, wlik'b i? on the right bank of the Tennessee river, not far from the Pittsburg landing, which is In the immediate neighborhood of the battleHeld at SMI nli \1rl7onlr hoH \p!?nn trtrp In o/.nr.m?..^ < f the advance, and it was supposed would r^ach Sjvacnah on the 1th, just two days before the bittle at Sliiioh o^Mrrrd that when it did occur we may suppoae that B jell was very near at band. We may, therefore, while glorying in a willy grand victory, lot k with interest to immediate military movement* in tbe vicinity wb?re it was won Our gallant ge; erals may be forced to a little maneuvering there. They have the noble advantige, however, of an army of heroes who have been tried, who have not only fought like heroes, but who have whipped their enemlea in tLi'oj.c;i field. They have ihe prestigeol victory; they have the indomitable spirit and bravery of true inoa and heroes; ai.d they have tbe cause to stinvilat* them and nerve their arms to deeds that will plorify the h'atory of their country. With such men and such a cause, ultimate triumph cannot be doubted. 1'. S ?After writing the above, information, for which we were prepared, came to hand, showing that our rrmy, under Gen IJeaur-gnrd, retreated in consrquence of the arrival of Buei!, }>owerfu)ly reinforcing the column under Grant. [See latest news] Thin withdrawal from the river and the vicinity of tbe gunboats, was, of course, a matter of necessity. We shall yet heir a good account, we bellrve, of our gallant army. Gen. Bea>ire> gard rttiresto his fortified camp, th?re to aw>iit t'u- movements of Buell. But be will not await them too long, we are sure. He will not loae the advantage of the great victory of the 6:h by any blunder, nor will h-? remain lnart>ve an instant &Xter an opportunity for another MM blow. The Dispatch says: We understand that the Mayor of Washington, N. C , wa? brought to thii city yen^rdtv under arrest and lodged In Castle Godwin. charged with treason. The Norfolk Day Hook :>ivea the following account "by an eye witness" of the late exploit cf the Merrimac: Tte Merrimac and ber consorts were first sfe.i approaching at G15 a ni. They moved on silently until they reached t??wall's Point. The remainder of th- Meet waited at Sewall's Point, whilst the Merrimac stran^d bnldlv down to within range of the Rip Raps. The latter immediately opened fire, but without effect?the Merrimac taking no notire whatever. At 7 15 the Merrloiac took up a position between the Rip Haps and For ress Monroe, within gunshot,where >? ? continued for six hours without drawing the fire of either of the f rta, and challenging the whole iinr) h?r n Hum* I M J J ? - * * -* .wvix uv v%. * uv 4uimuiui viiu noi cvmc uui a% all during the whole of thla period Three Federal vessels?two brig* and a schooner?were captured by the Jamestown, within easy range of tbe Federal puna, had they felt disposed to save them. In the evening, the exact time was net noted, the Merrlmac, either with a view to try the range of the new gun or to discharge load, tired over a gunboat and a t>mall craft which was satd to be thv Stevens battery. Both returned the Mr*, but without effect. Toe shot, however, Iron tbe Stevena battery, was of Immense range. Finally, as It grew dark, tbe Merrlmac, accompanied oy her consorts, returned to Craney Island. Tbe Richmond Dispatch says of affairs in the Peninsula: Tbe greatest interest has been felt for three daya past iu the intelligence from Yorktown Tbe enemy having, by nis recent movem> uta, shown that he bad selected the Peninsula for one of hla onward movemen'aupon Richmond, preparation has been made to receive higi. lie approached oar lines on Saturday, and commenced desultory tiring at long rang*. What he did and yesterday we are not Informed at the time of wrUlng tbis. Bhonld any Information be received t>erore going to press, tt will appear In the proper department for lateat news. * Tbat (he tncmy did not force us to a general engagement suggests a doubt aa to bis purpose*. He may only Intend his movement there aa a feint to cover otter designs Bat we ftel that we a bail be ready for him, whatever they be. The Richmond Ditptck states that late accounts represent that Ueneral Price waa at Van Daren, Arkansas; that he waa recovering from li s wound, and would soon ba at th? nf a well organized Army. Three t-ranch officer* belonging to the Sid New York Rect?ent. are said to have gone over to the Confederates, and expressed ihe desire < i the party to enter the Confederate service. Tt?ey were taken to Fredrtoksbufg snd delivered to the Provost Marshal, pending the decision of the of War. Their H4ir.e? sre given ss Cspt. Alfred Ciprlans, Lieut. Victor Vlfquerln, sad Lleat. Msurice de Besninant. OFFICIAL.

Department okTtate, Wa?b:!?9Toh, January ?5, 15OT. The 8??Tt?iT of State will hereafter re^elw Member! of Con^rcM oo buiineaa on 8a<'i;day?, cotume toliig with Saturday, the first of next month. Jan 57-U WILLIAM H. 8EWARP, WA" DEPARTMENT, . JlJIfilT XI, 1SH. Omuls, That the War Department will be elo?od Tuesday*. Wednesdays, Thursday* and Friday* agnln&t all other builiies* but that which relate* to active military operation* in tht fi?'.d Saturday* will be devoted to the buslne** of Senator* *nd Representative*. Monday* to the bn*!r.e*3 cf tfcs Pnblle. EDWIN M.STANTON, Jm 2*2-tf Secretary of War. PASSEJIfiERTRA!?! TO MANASSAS. Wa? DvitTHtNT, ) OJJic* Mil'tr Suf't an l Drttclvt Hnlronri% V.S. / Washington, Aprjil 3, ISKS. ) Until further notlte, a pamenger train will be run on Saturday of each week, from Seventh treet and Maryland avenue to Wanu**a*, 1: aving We*h!ngton at 9 30 a. m , arriving at .Mana>*as at 12 m ; returning will leave ManauaH at 2 'JO p. m , airivlng at Waabington at 5 p m Farefrrm Washington to Msneisiu ?n<l wfaia ?n?i from Alexandria to Manassas and return, 92 X> D. C. McCALLUM, Military Director andSup't K .iHroads, U. S ap :t-tf [Intelligencer A Rrpnbllcan.] Dr. I. B. eEKLEY, Sole Manufacture^ of the HARD RUBBER TRUSS, umltr RifKS f IfooJgiar'i PatetUt. Office for the Radical Care of Hernia or Ruptu e, 126 Clark street, Chicago, Illinois Tina i RUBS ib having a success, in fhe Cti:ycof ficpTiaas. before unknown >n the hietorr of Trusses; on ike all ot J*rs ev?r used in the follow lag respoota It will nover *nsr.? 'h? pnnc t?eini o<>ated with Hard Rubl**.) t'hnft Gall c >r bi\?t>r, wil cot slip cr mi-ve. cm is ii<e^ in bathing. is a!w*ya CIhim, anJ good a'11 n*w Doe* not prat or injurs theCord, uor e-vcrgtretoh end enlarge the opening. but oonsraul* acts to compress and gfe*tl? benefit the Tv^rst form of Rupture. The 4ime Truss can b?-ti \de very stiff or limber as >he case may require, it haa teen used ' y orerS 'Vi persons in iiio ^cjih-wat within the past two years. and has never jaled to jiv? *at>efsct'or 11> cases of the wor*t f >r?*?. This T*a?" is recom moocie.'. and used inprrf tittie. to all other*, by all prominent *?nriseone in j%e?r York ?!ty. among whom are Profoseors Mott, 1'arker fc Oamoolia:i, al'-o in ibe West ty Profs. IS aina d, K?a, Freer, of Rush .M'dica! College. 1'rofs. N.t*. Davis. E. Andrews, Lind Unive-.sfy, Doot. Woicott, of Milwaukie, Wi* , aid Doe*, Prir.oe, oi ville, i I. This 1 russ ha? received Meda's over all o.hers in u*e, atU u euarar teed in *v? y terpeot to (to as reprti>< uf <1. Persons w (lilt; this in straiaent oa>i be fitted by sen'mi sis*, in i?o<?a? around ?>ipj n line of ru?*nre. to l)K. I. Ji. SEELEY, Manufacturer iiiU Proprietor, Chicago, iJ.. F. ?? B x43*.V DR SKEl KV will at J. W. NAIRN'}* grut Stjre.coroer o! 9th arrf Pa. avenue,for a w days. Call ar.?l examine for yourself. ap li lw' F^UR THJk MOUTH OF YELLOWSTONE AND FORT LENTON, MISSOURI R1YER. I. . _ .k, ? _ . tustf r r? a ? _ _ ? . . . a ii r imtinur hmilii., J, H ' umilSI) > SJter, Wtll tear* oc or about the S5th oi ^ April To pemoas dfsi o-isoi <oirg to Orecou and the Territory oi Washi- * ton, ti.i? is the n.oht ue#irablo to?t".^a.rtion ar ? to W aahingtou territory, bavins fr>m Furt Benton only 1S>> inieaof ubJ travel, over a jood road. lo the most d?airab'? p&rt of the Teiritcry. In connection -wjth Knrulie will be a, very liciit tfrsn*nt aide wheel *t?ainer, which wili leave here about the ^ *tti. desig^e I to 'uu f-om th*<s S nllowitone to ttiu Faila oi Miaaouj i. For f^'th* or pa??a?e at>?lv on Hoa^d. rnn 5ri*-3vr SOLDIERS' FAY HARNDEVS EXPRKSH WILL FORWARD 0OLDIEIS' REMITTANCfcS. Wnnnn Mosiy oa Allo?x*st Uh*ri?. To tneir F am;! es at acy plaoe on t?e iicea of their Kxpre? at a eharr* (I TWKNTY-FIVE CENT? For any sum not ex.eediag Fifty l)jil?ra.(9W ) And a proportionate addsiioual ol>arte ior places ro&ched by connecting fcxpreaeea The remt'tance, whether in GolJ, Trewnry Note*, or Allotment JiraU*. ehould be enoioaod n an eiv?l-|>e. and eecurely tr? td, a:.a h?v? the full addrese, inoludiuc the town, Foat and State, ol the per^n to whom to te ae ,t, and tbe amount 1. tibly raarncd ttiere^u. fcnvrlopaa ior this purpoes wiil bo furnished at tiiia ifRa-. Money received to be forwarded at the cffioe ill Wa*hin*ton, Third street, aeooad door b*.iow r ivtkuia. avenue. M 1 tro K. 8 8MITB. A tent. SPRIKU SILKS, a full aaaortmei?tt fisurert and p atn V? ith our UBi al fall a?*orf*n?nt of all tie Dry Gorda rrquiaite* fjr the geiitra! and epeoial waota of ianulle* <>ar >orthernand Eastern oorre?pondenta 3?r.d ua iff iuojIih daily. One price or!?, tne actual oanh etarda-d value, inaritt! in p.aia fiiores; hence no purchaser ia owoliargM. AH parcela fur the interior propertr paokei free cfuha'ga. PKHRV'fc HhO.. ap9 w Pa. ave u?and Ninth at OSPKOiAL. rJUrlcK. M AND AFTER TUK8DAV, APRIL 1, 1862, the trains on the Baltimore aid Ohio Kailroai oonimence running daily, Sundaya exwpte-l, leaving this a'atmu at \ >1, and ooncectir t at Washington J ti not ion w;t?? mail uam feral pari# of t!;e West via Park?r?hurg or W reeling. Tiirough Uoktta koid ai*d bag&age che^kc-J W.p SMI?H. Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railrt>a<1. ap t dli NOTICE. ? ADAMS' RXFRES9 COWFANT " this Company offera to the aublio" Loe^aallM ! iiH?|k>n IVI *?nj kjfcio f^uu l'!"piivcii &i Uhtt Freight*. rtoatftt, Vaio?.b!e?, Moaoj, &*. Ao., to ail parts of the Uaitod States. Extresses to and from the North and West as art from and arrive in Wasi.mton tw.oe dally, AH Kzvresses are (_ ?harge of toxrusiMl mma ftirs:er.tBra All Packages for The Beiiera earriM at "en* Half" oar usual rates. All lootlt for the so-called "Cs&f^erate Sxtec" and all Artioles " Coatra' asa of War" ori!l be ImiD. Oar Expresses leave New York at 1.*, ani I P. St., arriving is Wa^kuegton at I A. M aad ftjs Expresses leave PiUladelpkia at (J* A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Waaidngtoa at AX) P. M, and leave Hatimore at Ate A. M. and I P. I arriving in W aahington at t A. M and MO hxirMiM for all voinU North and Wert Imti WMh.ncton at 7jn A. M. and tJO t*. M. daily. Special ContraoU for (arte ?uantitie? of rroifkt san t/e mau? on a?p.ioation to this < >?oe. All tiooua called for and deliT?Ted Jr?$ 0/ bxV> itutriH, K. W, PARSONS, Bi)'t Adama' Eiirsu Corcrta#. w?htart?n. Am??t a. mi *? tv?f TZil33SXlM^.Ii. Pretteud by Royal Lttitrt Pattnt 0/ England, , and ttcmrtd by 1 kt Stalt / tkt Ktolt dt Pkarma cu d* Far it, ami tit lwtf trial Colltgt ?/ Utdieitu, Yiattna. TR1ESEMAR No. 1 ta tbe tffectaal rem<*iT for Relaxation, Sfmlm atoxxhcba and Exhaustion o? tbb Ststxm. TRIK8KMAR No. 9. oompleteiy and entirely eradicatea all trMeaol ttioije diaordera, for wktoh Copaiva and Cnbeba 1 bav? renerally boon thought an antidote, to the rain of the health of a mi portion of the ao?? la- < 9Be emedj1oFtheSo'.Tt)ised world | i for all lmanntiea of *he eyal&iu, aa wall aa aeooad- 1 aymytoma, obviatinc the deetraotire uae of M?rou7 M wel! u other delotenoua isnHiaDti. ad whlohall the tfaraapariila in the world oannot i remoTe Tains ax4.1t .Not. l. 2 aod S are alike da. , J?'d of taste or ameli. and of aJl naasaatinc ?uahnee. The* are in the form of a loaence,ano may ?JLi *oi?et table without their nee heme eae ttoid is tm sum at 83 rach, or four |1 oaiss ta I on? for and in 8*7 oaeee. thai utisi |l, u administered or Va.f?o, L*lleruaiid, Koux. fco? *o. Wholesale ana reiauby 1>K. fl. A. BAKKOW, 194 Bloockw street. (4 doors from Maoltoural street). New York, Immediately on ro2?t?f of renuttanoe. Lft. b*.mow wu! forward TriSsemar to any fa.t of tao world, seoureiy ted And addrsMMd aeoorduu to Uo lnsuacwons ' P^lishwfeieo hy PR BARROW, that fom^u . and beauUfttilr illustrated medioal work. Hainan Waskutfton, 0, C. d?ll-tr i i k DENTISTRY. ,\f fEBTl. i"? LOOMiS, M. O., the '.nrtmUtr *a< ftmiH fth4 MINERAL PLAT* TKJ'Til. at * ay . at hie oW>o4 .cU'?c.L?.M?r Many ??rsons eaa wsa' the?* t?#ih yunVum arcuf wo?' nthara, acd bo peitcr. oau wear oi>?n no cannot w.r theia. Peraor.s oatMnt tX tr- of^r??an b* aoccmasoaaM vith any ityleand pneooi Te?th m?y tsa; ce?ir? aat tothoM wao arepartieolar au^l w>?b iho>ar?ct 'Oari??t, atroncrat, ac<1 rco?t aerfrct dmtan? tnal art can proJu*#, th? MiNtKAL. t LATh wiU t* oiwie tsuj wai nwwui Rooms in thi? oitr?No. SSP Pa.?Ter*e.J?etv??i WU awl 10th ?to. Al?o, BOT Ar?il street. T hi;mo: ?fcia tua/>->y,8i' fVJKW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ? ^ tf ARTIFICIAL CHE Of LA STI BOHS V E If I, Witxott Knu Plats oi Ovasm. OR, S. B SUifctiMONO. ?10 FrMimv, JVm Tfi-JbO i* hn%*un 13*4 and \i'k ??., W*tk.**Un Call* the aito.tton of the pnHio to the tdrantacee of bia improved { ten.: 1. The Teeto of hie tjre viImSM oerer c:>ro<!e nor otian?e oo!or bt an-*^*''-'* tcida. beicf threo-fonrtht Uibter than air other, t. }io teeth or roots b.? extracts, ai U? oo?a oan ir.aerlf < ter them. I Ttc.o r??a will V? toad* uMcujn, mi mt*i ache. t. No temporary teetb are neocM, aa permaceni cm aar b? aania immediately, thereby preaarriDi the r%tural oipresaion of alio facr. which ard? the old eyaten !a frequently dsaf cared. i. Thta work haa been fo'ly tested over fiva yean by maay of the tnt civuuieu ana phyiiciant of tfeit aoantrr. Or. ? tiu alao't^l % white ac'eef-"."*!** m"?tai hint*. wit"? wnion the nr>?t aeaaitive oan b? fiilM without pais, and win' up a perfect, anuod tooth on ary aMe roota, vtuoh will laai through lifetime. TM t <*at of r?f?>-en?oariveB?Or. V. Mott: Dr. Doremua, Profewrr orC^mmaiiy, N. Y.; HorJailce Way as, of V.* Sufrcs.? Gdartcf Wadu&f ton, and tboua&cds of otu?.*aOa-I and examine for yotireeif. nn * ?ns GAS FITTING, *c. A ? W? *. DOVE A CO? MR New pre tare* toexeeita acy ?r<?:i Witt iiOi taey L* favored ic m? TI*!**!*#.. ?AS OJt STKAX F!*?il?t **8tNR8V t.r i?iort T.wtt b le* Hoot rsiU ?T#2?e, whsre xa? ba foicd a eomp'pte aecoiUMSt ef CHAMHKLIKRS* and att*T?A9,87KA* |? *? *TKH :t n W We A w Finite", L Hire tn *tore, tad ?r?? dai.j r*??m??, fcf if * 91XTPRB* p'?ntire!y Ne*- Partem* an<! Dement *n<i KiDiBi'- .-a^erior :c ity!? to ?r r?hjer i ? ilef<tr* #I"!T-<ri is this nkrt?t. Vv c inTite\.!?:arrji (???! .j ic acai a-.i rxxir:!cs a^r *tu. -k ?f 6at aa<I "A a?* fix'im,lee!;nc cuu^n^.t ;t.a? Tt it&Tv U? b*r M.fctsc rtock ta Wulir.jin, A!! Work ia the aSo?* i;nautra?tM U air *?-i wu) k# #rcrytly att*n-le?J ta. MYKM * Mb?EA*. mat I tf 37ft D lunl ~ SOLDIERS' MONEY aso ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THK A0AM9 KXPRE93 COMPANY WILL FOKTVAR" 9"LDI t R9" RF.MITTANCE9 To their Famt'i"* *t ?st p!ao? on th? iiuee of their lxi?rr*s at a enarjee ut TWliNTY-F1VK Ct\T8 FO* AXT tCM HUT kXrtMWXQ FiFTT DoUiWi And a proportio&atr uUitionil obarce to rao-.a reached hr ecuo'ctis* fcx?r*eees. The remiU^nc*. whether T'0%"ur? Note*, or Allotment f>raft*, shoo id l>? ere. .s?a u an en vsi .pe a;.~d *ccu ei? st-a'i-d, ?nd l.ive ths i"o.i *.1 <5'c?r t M.ciudni* town. font ht%'? and in cmea the itren aliI uumh?< i of the pere^u to whom to be sant, acd the amount !*<l thereou. Envelope* for this purpose in*y be had at ?>?r c?^? T<> facilitate prompt dsliTer? the charge for re mitta*ii? ?l<i>Qid be ubUlm AUAMrj kXPKhrS COMPANY. pLAD WITH nrT|<?!ON AND ACT WITH ??. PRK.CAUilONJ DK. M. VKLLN>*d PRIVATE HOSPITAL.. in t;:e Fe-'e-aT Jf'oclr. "ffjsite ths tieae;al TuKt aud Patent office. Ko-.m ?? sp i:airi, corner M 7th ard F >U , Washington, ? . O. Cata'Itched for tits f uypre*. ion of Quaokorr The Ou'y Regular jiao Amortising. Or. M. Velluj'a long experience in hospita prae tice w'rrwtuh'.m iu Mjiag that he can oareall d<?e?tea < f * priTftto ra'nre.or he tti i torleit the um of five hundred dollar*. Call and ?ee him. No charge for oonea:tat<on. A perfect acd radioa! cure effected froni one ?o four n*f?f>r- inn II *tn' C UR E? COR NS?B UNIONS. MR. PliHl)Kl\T, fnrxeor Chi'opodisf. from R%rt? liflfB tn iiiTiirin ??B *?> Ua Aan a* ??? ? v>? .? I ??B1V ? / -U V'?I?? uc ?T??I CHWkU ?i!? f rv.rx* Cyrus auJ Huiunca wiib<!Ut psia, so teat tr.<? sfto" <w.n b? trorn w.i eeaia'sly a!'*r tho operation. aritnout inoonvoui-nne. Also removes V? arteatid otu^r far?rUar v- S?<sh fr?>*n tUc han^s. s-> tLat tfi&r *i!! appearsmall ?~J delicate. So. It 4>, .?t rtet, near On; Ha)!. Cbajges moderate. Refers to lueuaciors o! Wuhugtot, j*Q?ra ?. nth 6 tf 500,000 l'ou-%1>:i ROUGH TALLOW ai.d ARMY CRFASK \\ ANTL1). fcr winch toe *t prte* xn U p%H at th* NatiocM i*oap act! ?Jati?l? ?%eri;,t;,ofD itrfft a-J Car,*!. Gsortotown, D. C. inh 13-lni C. B JFvVKLI.. Proprietor. FUX ARMY AND NAVY McIJ.?Navy J5!o9 Flaci ei?,clotl . and Army Kl?e Flatnela, C o?h* ai 'I Ctgei&eros, cf tt.e proper qualities Oltat will hold the oo'or.) Alf o our umal ?u>p e eicck of a 1 other kind* ?f Dry t?ooda, t<>r .amiliM anl b(>a*?k?*pBr?. One prion omy. marked in oitur.c! Ue!>r??. An rxRinii.&tLc-Qcf<rt>ea impnea to uUu&tion to purchase, FiiKKY A. UhO, ap 9 *t Peno. avenge and NiLfi ?t. ^1>AMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE oTltEMOTAU the deliver? ofllew of tbit company < Tejsored froi& 'Surd atreet to tfc* targe depuicn 0 <re?t, 9?" ar.'i H.1 *?? mtf LAl'ibO' RUiJBfcK BOOTS _ AND SHOW?, Ail eiSM. at i J. B. PUUNEVS, . Si 4 I'ecn &>fauo, b*cfc of C!ik"U'? Or? Good* Store. jyjBIPS RUBBER Boon t At J. U PUDNKY'8. feU-tf 3*i4 P*ni. ?t.. B?ck Nwm. IV?0? HALE?A p*ir of very Mnd?otr.* iijht t'?y ' 1 CARRIAGE HORtfK**-hr!ieT?'1 to jfy < (v? til* ?.n?ft in the lhstr c??-brrd in H&inpeiute; 6 and 7 yeermld. CMb?n?"-a' by appoint a'. tlie Naval fcu>re, Navy Yard, Wrthmc ion, D. C? between tha fcoora o* 10 a m. *??4 Si. m mh SS 1m* SILK DRKS8E8FOR TSK PRRSKNX AND APPROACH IN? fKAAON. A iiT>?t onoioe auorUneLt, at our prorertii aiir o* pnoea. Ore arioe ou!y. the actaaj oaah aUuua-ii value, marked in plain figure*. FERRY ft BROTHKR, mfi ? tr Pa a???Riie and Ntnth rt GBAI.MORA1, BOOTS. OAT Tipped l)oul-i? ao'.a JJa-iKoiai fl fn , Calf Kid co do do (2 00 SitiT* Calf do $2 I Alio, ail other ttylea of Ladtea and Miaaoa' 1 Balmoral Hoota.the oheapeat and beat aaaorUuaet in tiwoitj. J. ROSENTHAL. (>a. 16 Market bpaoo. , )? 7 eo n?im. tragus. between tta and Mi it? 11 JU^T PUBLISHED. ' Hi? Nrw Union Girneof ?eoe??i >t),?r Sketehee ' of tbe Rebellion; iout the Uilug for t'-ehmny cirri*. ?>r to nead '? the I'cion eo Aier. PnbiuL-Jd hr J.i\l M P. CHAKLiON, Poi.aaeh ina arU for U!*bi JOS SHlLLlNbTO.N. mh l> eo3?n ?X it. aO Pa. ereuue. j x-voy?TKR?-oYa rKHi.' /-v ( OYSTKR8 I of tb? b??ttlial'tr OAS I* . bad lre?h every i-?y, at the Old t'ye'er Stand. No. 804 Ninth street, betwo?i D and avmim ntn HI in* AVHKH* Q<? J A TAEK NOTICE! ] LL Bori> from the ?<? of J f I, on to fitted oat with tMU ud ?r,B.?niy at BAR* BRO'9 Faabloathia Ciolbic,: Ka**b uht^at, mh "4-Irs* forcer K *:i4 ^?MI> >14, KK^""'3' sW/vf?r^4,pSSK,?'N* I STO m#. ?mu. j to 1*-tf trader Hr??* | lloMM W >ULK, , -jf - THE WEEKLY STAR. TtUeic'lkot FsmLr .Nrwa Jcnr?i. ?f? tin'** a |fMtt *?rl?tT ?rt toUrM'tf .'t?*<i.?^ ta??r. ran be fowl la icy "U.n-4? p?bU*.t?-? Friday trv>r*lnji Tum?r???. M i<m u Pttfllr r<T>- l*i Win **?91 V Finosfla " Teaoepio ? i** Twntjr-lTeoepi?*................ Si li inrvtably mlilM Ui? \Y?.*bl??t?c INew* ' that bu tu*d? Tki Dmi/jr k i<?*( ?i?r circwia'ft o geucraiiy tt/ou^'ioiit th<? country frr Stnu'ie eopl* (la wrapp<f?) cm prcured at tfce c >un'er, Immedlsvlv ?fu-r tbr U?j<? of the paper. Price?THRLK CKNT? !<? rK5H8TLVA!IIA 4IIJir?. EftlLE WPR ft. Xwt K er'.rrd *il A large ?nd In'.Jul Mock oi ckrlo* FAMILY (i ROC B R I ?3, ?fi et'0A?l5,of *J? gr*? *, tea*. CUFF EE. RfTtW. LABI*. FLl?r?. MAiLLARO** CHOCOLATE, *?.. *r , *o. All of wulch hr t at ;?*at OMt prto?. * ? FTEE'S Ctl.LHKATKU WBISI1K4 IW btrrrla Magnolia, WW barrels XXX, y*t barr'i Kye ? . *?? birr*!* t)4f OH Rtb. 600 bsrrela ln? Old tfovrfrca, AT CINCINNATI rtteM* AM the feTortte brtutfs <4 CHAMP AO NR. 3!?mrr Vcarov, Green *?j, UrAs'ck, fcein* to >ght \<>w. wr o&+t it low rVr?. Alan. Scle A^ert t* FfKLf ARMY COB DIAL. f?* H-tf PRIVATE, trivathi PRIVATB DR. LA BONTA having rumored bUogfto* u> Roon? No 0. ad;ri,i r? iiietuoda? Chrcniou< in v mMcc* ?n Pi. <f inc. 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A ?>d r*TT T?r?ct? ot *XAUT MADE CLVTMH*. At RcA40iik>LS Fnirm, WALL. STEPHENS ft CO.. J89 P?uuTlviL?ia ma#, b*tw?rr l? u |iawi.g ??nr..| wc furniture' f?v FURNITURE! ^ FVRNTTUKE t fjl W. H. MOSES. I of lh?HT*J of Moswi A Paokb* , PhillMJ**.' Mfc&ufaotaror *n t Wl<u!M&le auU R?t&i; Umot in Cv.? CturhCotucfii i'Mior ana l>jE.;at room F?rEit?'??Thorn'? Fmiidiuf, <?? bovftrk treat. ?*?< ? I?. fcvyy r*.n*r of I'PHO'LJ^f KKIN6 ?ron?L? **o nfttl? ?*ecut*4. ttl.-t rA ,> 1*A? ? /< MMM- " ^ - ? ' ? ? VTV.B vuv ? |V1 t're av. tion rf tue pu. iio. porcbvors ?ril! ?tedy thf'i lctermt u>o*:; r*for* i?feme ;fc 22s?* ch. rivart * co. S1L.LERY CHAMPAGNE DEPOT removed to 8. k. on?p*x cr ps!*?. a .-xvc* asp {*., clfcrfn^on mot*i btui>v>?. h, s jokv. ivor, Jtw vms. jame9, aeest. wutimtm, p. c. plilrry, port and mapk-ira wines. fink old drandy no whhmv. a 'ih*rv' ?h?o.>ant t.* cu+.e ?.!> |g Thick and thin ra2*ii? ia?ukic-i??* mot nunc good* a'*o. shtaeru'? p!ali?a. unh k.?? 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