Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1862 Page 2
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~ ? ?? ? ? -- . ?I EVENING STAB. WASHINGTON CITX: 1 HTRSDAY APRIL IT, 1969. ITT" Reading matter on every ptge. See out td? for Interesting telegraphic and other matter. Spirit ( thi Pltnlai Prase. The Intelhgnctr, In commenting upon the aricat of General St one, notice* the growing tendency of tbla country to recognlie " an Institute" (the Cabinet) "la term* that would aeem to imply that each bead of oar executive dpartments la a fountain of original and unde rived power," and arguetf from papers and documents, tbat trery act of a chief of Department Is the act of tbe Prra dent himself, and tbat th? Cabinet la not in Itself a distinct branch of tbe Government. The Rtj%bltc*n la occupied with newa detalla. OUR MILIJARY BUDGET. A BKBU. BATTERY SILCKCBD. .-J _ _ * ^ ? - nuroay uwrnooo mere nccuirea an aruilerv dwl" at Vorktown, wherein General Smith completely silenced > rebel work known as their ,l one gun battery." TOBKTOW5. The publle, we apprehend, may bear at any moment now of I be formal opening of the siege "f Vorktown, preliminary to which an immenae amount of preparatory labor has been necessary. Tblawork has doubtless been prosecuted unremlrtrdly, day and nlgbt, up to this time, and, we presume, Is now farly accomplished Up to 10 p. m last evening It was still in progress. PKON roRTKISS MONBOK. The boat which left Old Point this morning reports all quiet In the vicinity of Fortress Monroe. The weather Is claar and warm, and excellent for our troops. INTERESTING FROM THE LOWER RAPPAHANNOCK. DOINGS OF OUR FLOTILLA THERB. PKIK >!I5>HKJ* WITH THE ENEMY. FRIZES TAKEN, Ac. |Special correspondence of The Star J lT. S. Stsamik "Jacob Bill,*' ) Off tht tcwm %f Tapjnhmmo'-k. 5 /fa/yakannotl rirtr, Va . April 16, 1962. ) Elitor Evening Star Having received orders from Washington, we aurted April 13 down tbe Potomac for the Rappahannock river. When off Bib klst?ne*s Island visited the flne frigate 8t. Lawrence, which lies abreaat of tbe island at anchor. The fleet being assembled, the Jacob Bell "being tbe flag-ship. Lieutenant Commanding E. P McCrae, took the lead, followed by tbe rest of the fleet, consisting of the Reliance. Satellite, Resolute, Inland Belle, end Petdmontese. At 12 o'clock at nigkt we arrived opposite the small town cf Irbana, and anchored In tbe morning. On tbe morning ef April lttb, a boat s crew was sent ashore, under tbe command of Acting Master Streets, to procure a pilot. When within txvpntv KMrAm e>9 IK? tW*? * ??v w?vu, wy were urni upon from rifle-pits, but as good lack would have It, ao one wu Injured, only the boat receiving a few bullets In Tier hull The Jacob Bell being the nearest in. Immediately opened Ire upon the Rebels, which scattered them ia every direction After which we proceeded on our voyage up tbe river towards Frederlckaburg, parsing some tbree or four fln* wharves which have been partly deutroyed Stopping at the second one, where there waa a white flag hoisted, they informed us that all tne Rebel soldier* bad left that side (east) of the river Arriving oppoalte Lowry's Point batteries at 12 o'clock m , we commenced from the whole fleet to shell the works and fortifications. driving out the picket* which have occupied it alnce lta evacuation aome twelve days ago fev a large body of the rebel army. After the ahelllng, th? boat'a crewa landed and proceeded to burn aome one hundred and fifty pUnk and log bouaes, used by the rebela aa quarters, which were entirely conaumod, after which the boita rtturned to their ahipe, loaded with blankets, qullta, medicine*, and inuaketa, left by the rebela In their flight. We nest proceeded to the town of Tappahannoe, aome two miles above Fort Lowry, arriving off which at 1 o'clock, we fired a blank cartridge and hoisted the white flag ef truce, which was responded to from tbe Deonlc of th? town '??> ? was left of them) by displaying a great many white flaga. After coming to an anchor, our Commander, with hie gig's crew, proceeded to land, wben they were met at the beach by a large cooeoarae of per a one, of all colora, and It seemed with great demonstration b? the dark v one old darky womin exclaiming, " Brew God, de Yankees taab come it laat." The rebels have sunk the light-ship and a large schooner off Lowrv's Point At *)% o'clock p. m., the Amert. ran aag wis run up over one of the largest houses In the town, when H was hailed with enthusiastic ?.heeilng by the crews of eur own gnnboats. Vubaequently our Commander waa Informed that one oI the people of the place had said aa aoon aa we left It would be torn down, our Coramaoder then politely told them If It was, he would give tbem six hours to leave the town, before he burnt it. When our men first landed, an old negro told tbem not to drink any liquor, as It wss all poisoned; and on landing the second time they were Invited to drink by one of the inhabitants, but they very politely de:llned the Invitation to do so. We were also informed there by contrabands that four large schooners and other obstructions are placed in the narrow channel ot the river, Ave miles this side of Fredericksburg, to prtvent our approach to that place, where He the iietmen *?. ,>icnoiaa, t.urrka and Logan, the former having two guns mounted on ber. A? far as we coald learn, there are no rebel aold!era <vi the neck of land lying between the Po'o:nac and Rappahannock, excepting a few plckct cavalry, which are mostly composed of Mary landers, to prevent the eacape of negroes Tbe company rho fired on our boats the mornJcg of tbe lttb, we are Informed were composed of Mary ladders. and It was astonishing that none were killed or hurt, as there were over forty shots ired into the boat, at the distance of twenty five yatda. I? was quite amusing to see secesh and others of Tsppahannock, leaving la all directions when we arrived off tbe town, some that remained running to and fro with white rags suspended oa broom-handles, and an old daikev bad a bleached salt aack tied to a limb of a tree, waving It at tbe rate of on e plank read The town Is very prettily situated 03 tbe left bank of tbe river, some fifty miles below Fredericksburg 11 contains two churches, a jill, a hotel, and a large steam saw-mill, and many handsome old mansions, bat are fast going to decar, like the rest of the old saclent towns of the Revolution Aran. K3 ? Laid iff of the town during tbe night. This morning, about 5 o'clock, espied a sloop coming down from tbe direction of Frederlckabirg, when we gave chase and captured kos V? *- - ** ? ? ??: (rawing w DC IM KtlDSftr, CtfH Allworth, who mad* his escape la a mail boat. She was loaded with eyatera, shad, cedar posts, carpri-ki^, containing a quantity of clothes for the rtbtlt. with a lot of letter*, from which we learn thauthe rebels are evacuating Fredericksburg, and talk of burning the town to keep It fton faillag Into our hards At 9 o'clock we got under weigh, and proceeded down the river to Cor bin's Creek to cut oat some schooners which are la there, which we did ia Ine style, bringing oat two vtry Use schooners, one of them being the Otdney A Jones. cfBaltiaMre. I have not learned the naine of the other Just below Corbia's creek we came to anchor, Mil sanl IKa fc mm m ? ' * ?> ? vmw ?int toreoooae it the Mb *rf, wbea tbey mm returned with two m.c?th < liiera, la ulibra, they tabbed at tbe tor? Tkey told our captain If be would let then aloae, tbey weald Ut Lin aloae, and they wasted to |t ashore agate; bat tbey were told they wowid km to c? toWMftaa I:?t, wkeu oae <4 then exelained: *< I bave a karee aebore-, tbat coat ne M*e bandred dollar* " " So mock Ike better,' ? y tbe capiale, " we will take the bane toe." Tkere am alt* a tat ef eaatnbaad gooda found n tbe ?t c re.wttcb were tokea ; but tbe llq ?o* waa ,lTJn : .a ??* ' WT* . . ^ ? V 'Xf I II destroyed The owner of the store, holding a prominent position In the reb?l armv. deservrd k> have hit whole stock demolished?fighting against his country, and at the nme time extorting from the poor people of the country the enormous prices of 820 a aack for salt, 10 cents a pound for sugar, 75 cents a pound for ccff -e, 10 centa a fvuuu iui ui?ur, w ccnu puna xur oicon, tuu $13 a pair for boots AraiL 1#.?The anchor once mm on the bow, and we are ateamlng down the beautiful Rappahannock toward* tie town of (Jrbanaa, which we do not atop at. We arrived at the mouth of the river after dark, and apoke the gunboat Voun^ Rover, of flva guns, which haa been her atatlon for aorne tlm?, and proceeded on up the bay, and entered the Potomac j tat before midnight, and by8o'clcck arrived at Wade'a Kay, where we met the Yankee, Lieut Cfiu R.H.Wyman Ob our arrival at Tappahannock, a great nnny leaving In a hurry, left their houses open and expoaed, and In the houae of a notorloua rebel, Dr. Roane, our men picked up many tece*h lettera lying about the floor In ronfuaion, among which waa a aecesh army aignal book, picked up by our purser's atewart, Mr. Paul, which, from lit content!, nny prove of service. The two prlaoners we have are a Mr Kelrnan, of the 1st Maryland regiment, and the otLer a Mr. Moxlnga, of the 59th Virginia regiment, and a younger brother of the owner of the atore below Corbln's creek, refered to above. They do not reliah the Idea of residing north of " Dixie," and they aay that the Southern Confederacy pav* S60 a head for volunteers, and If they are not willing why they are forced. Voura, 4c., C. F. G. Ma. J. C. Wood#.?Some days aince we copied from a New York piper an Item referring to the report of the Weatern Claims Commlsalon con talnlng the following paragraph : "C. I. Beard, a Callfornlan, and J. C. Woods figured largely aaapeculaton In the report." Mr. Woodahaa juet published In the New York Herald a card denying the allegation, referring to himaelf, In every particular, and calia attention to the report in qaestlon to auatatn his denial. Mr. Wooda' card, for which we have not room, appear* to cover the entire caae. Financial.?New York papera of yesterday report the atock market remarkably quiet and generally heavy and lower, altbougb with uo fry decided change in price*. There was more frmneas at the Second Board. Gorernmeiti are steady. Sixes of 18*1, both registered and coupona, at 93?i. Stxe* of 18AT, at 01. Border State bonds are lower. Tennessee quoted at 54 a 51 ^ Mliwouris, 49 V Illinois war loan, 6?. California 7"a, . 7 30 Treaaury notes, par. Foreign exchange steady at lli a 112 American Gold at 101S a 101,V JYjT It appeara by an official report to the Secretary of War that the large guns for the batteries to be used agalnat Fort Fulaakl were hauled by the men with their own bands a considerable distance through a deep swamp, that being the only mode by which they could be transported and placed In position. A report rf tbe 7th of Anvil atatoX IKat tha Ava urnnM ? . ?. *????.? v uu v *av ut v **vucw w vpvuvu UII t IJC 11th, and It now appeara that the fort was captured on that day. Histokv of th? Naval Acadim7.?We have received from the author, E. C. Maraball, A. M., a work with the above title, published by D. Van Noatrand, New York. It atforda a coiupleta history of the U. 8 Naval Academy, from its foundation to the present time. The value of tha work la enhanced by containing biographical ketches of prominent naval officers, and the name* of ail superintendents, profcetoraand graduates " Rilbastd on Bail ?United States Commissioner Hanan, of Baltimore, yesterday released H. A Brooki on aecurity of to .000, and Samuel D. Lank ford and Wm H. Wblttlngton each In the fum of S'J,500 for tbeir appearance, to answer any charge* which may be preferred agcinat tbem. Tbey were amongat the number captured on board tb? aloop Velma, and had just come from Richmond, Va., Brooks being a captain in the rebel army. p* The Quebec Mtrcury admonishes the Canadians to take a lesson from the bull-dog spirit which ia manifested by the Yankees in the present struggle. It says the ridicule of Bull Rnrt- whirh urnnM hiv? rrmh?/l mnrm rsce.eewM to have bad no efi-sct bat to determine the northern people to try again. If/* The report, copied from Southern papers, that Colonel Canby had surrendered Fort Craig and bla entire force, la untrue. Later advices freiu that vicinity have been received at the Wat Department that Col Canby has obtained a suecesa over the enemy, and haa been reinforced, and U now In pursuit of the enemy. IJ^Tbe reach crop of Prince George's county, Md., gives promise of being a very abundant one. CONGRESSIONAL. IJLXVlIlh COBIOREM-See*?4 SasaUa. 9ijf ATI ?After our report closed yesterdayMr. Powell finished his argument against the Coruscation bill; taking the ground that tbe bill waa unconstitutional. ami the rnlnnitnitnn ?. k.. , _ _ , ? II I'VUV IHC Impracticable. The consideration of the bill was postponed until to-morrow. A menage wai received from the House, announcing lhe death of Hon. T. b Cooper, of Fa.; and after Mr. Wiimot had. In a few remarks, announced hla death, reaolutiona of condolesce were passed, and the Senate adjourned. Horst.?After our report closed? The bill provtdlnc for a deficiency In tb? appropriations to pay two and three-years' volunteers was taken up, and after a ahort but exciting dr.hat* wfti naaar<4 The mmiee of the President, announcing bit approval t f tb* bill abolishing slavery In the Dl?trlct, was read. Mr. Jubnaon,of Fa , announced the death of Hon. T. B. C-Kjpcr; and after the usual resolutlona of condolence were passed, tbe House adjourned. THE SIEGE AT YORKTOWX Progress tf Uprratlw-Fetllfg st the Rebels. [Correspondence of tbe N. V bvenlng Post.] C a Mr WmriBLo8coTT, Va ., April 13 ?By an order published this (Sunday) morning, by command of Gen McClellan, this camp will hereafter be known as Camp wInfield Scott Gen. McClellan rode up to Uen. Porter's headquarters this morning wltb bis staff, and being Joined by Porter they set out on a thorough reconnolsMnce of our outposts and examination of Workf la nrno The feefing of the rebels towards us here seems to be of the bitterest kind. Their talk has the 1 savage squeak of a cornered rat, which deepalrs of eecapr, but la determined to bite Its pursuer before it is crushed. The occasional communication# between our picketa and theirs fullv Indicate thia state of reeling That they will flght scemanot unlikely, therefore But if we take their own calculatlona, they are juat now suffering badly. They aay that one of their Uvea Is worth half dozen of ours, and our sharpshooters are picking thfm ott with precision all the time at sOO yards. Thia Is not very encouraging to tbern. The sharpshoetera. with their target rifles, are a great Institution here The other Hn> th? Massachusetts got too for in advance for safety; when the bugle sounded the retreat for tbem, toe rebels, to the number of a thousand, jumped on their earthworks snd began to cheer. But their third cheer was turned Into a groan The bugle was not obey?4 by about three hundred of Berdan's men, who lsy still, and when the rebels showed themselves, picked off a good many before they got through their third cheer. Yesterday the sharpshooters exchanged their gray can* and coats for the regulation blue, when tbev appeared on picket duty, the rebels, unsuspecting the change, came out of their works and approached our line*. When they got la plain slew our sharpshooters fired, and nine of the rebels were seen to fall. Two got np and followed the retreating foe, and the others lay there this morning, the rebels fearing to come oat lo get the holies. When their pickets sfterwards nmfl DMT atnoiioh tn mil? heard, tbey asked us what we bad done with oar gray coats and cap*, and remarked that we were ?the Mine blue dtviU " The tftcieoey of the target rifles has elicited waia prates fiom everybody connected with the siege. The teteacopic target rifles la particular are Mflmblr. Oar sen are ia gocd health and sptrtta: and a steady heayy flrtag heard la the direction of Oen. Kryea' corps on oar left oearly all day to day, baa We eaa see that each day brings us nearer the day at attach, wfcteh aaay tafce piaoe before this iCache* you Noaway. 4 UTK NEWS BV TKLCUUAfU. The Latest from Fort Pillow! The Progress of its Siege! Ex-Lt Hnger, U.S. N., in command! 17^11A k?i na+nlef I liVUillB ?? ui^unvuintvu . - The Nary Department ibis morning received the following dlapatch: Cairo, April 16 ?The mortare opened on the 14th, and soou cleared the river of all veaaelt. Our ahrll fell In the rebel camp. The rebel woika are atrong and extennive. Two deaerters came on board the gunboata and say that ex-Lieutenant Tbomas Huger (t f the U S Navy) la In command at Fort Pillow, and thai General rillow and Commodore Holllas have gone below. SAD ACCIDENT ON TIIE SHENANDOAH. TROOPS DROWNED. Wihchister, April 17.?Yeaterday, a large boat containing a number of men and officers of toe 75th Pennsylvania Regiment, was swamped at Castleman'a Ferry, on the Shenandoah. Between forty and fifty men and aeveral officers were drowned. Among the latter wera Adjutant Yeatman and Capt. Wilson, of the 3d brigade. , The Commissary and Capt. Mark will endeavor to obtain a fall Hat on the arrival of the regiment hero. The regiment waa formerly commanded by Col. Bohlen, now acting Brigadier General 3d brigade Blenker's dlvlalon. FROM PITTSBURG. Farther Incidents ( the Battle?Gea. llalIrck Keerganizing the Army. Cairo, April It ?When the l ith Illinois were matured on Monday morning thev cou'd bring but 45 men into the field. The 9tb Illinois. Palne's old regiment, mustering only 2^0 effective men. Col Frye's regiment were the only lilllnols boys that acted bad'y. They had never been in action before The battle was stayed on Sunday by (he ?unboats and heavy siege gun* of Mat tenon'sand llvcrspar's batteries, and by the arrival of part ft/ Rnoll'a frtfooa wa a#uv>* v * ?-?? v* Our cavalry wa* not very effective in following up the retreating rebels, being hindered by thf underbrush. The rebel prisoners say Gen Prentiss' men march* d Into Corinth in good order. Gen. Grant was at Savannah, elgnt miles below Pittsburg, when the battle opened, and did not arrive till 10 o'clock. When dur Informant left, Gen Halleck wan reorganizing the army as fast as possible, and preparing for every emergency J) r. m.?The cause of tbn Sunday repulse Is not definitely ascertained The roads are now impassable from heavy rains. A soldier wounded and captured In our tents on Sunday, and afterward left when the rebels retreated. rpnnrtl Rp?nr?rr?rlt - ' __ ^ a ._, aa utQAiug a uruh^ speech on Sunday night to bit officers and men* He a&sured tbem that they would make an easy prey of us on Monday, eihorted them to be brave, r ool, self-possessed, and bade tbem take nothing tbey bad taken as booty. Itwouldall be iittded In the rapid marches they were about making In pursuit of the Federals, who might escape The rebels taken prisoners on Monday confirm this statement. Brigadier General Johnston, the rebel Provisional Governor of Kentucky, was killed; his body is at Paducah. The Hiawatha brought down 2-0 wounded today, noon. An adequate supply of transports Is lying at Pittsburg Five loade 4 with wounded are ready to come down. * ? " - uiurn were iouna on A rv Johnson from Jeff. Davis to press ou and attack Grant on Wednesday, for Buell would join him on Thursday The bogus Governor Johnston of Kentucky snld be did not wish to live, as the Confederacy wts ruined, aud he did not wish to *ee it Gen Ruggle? was killed, and Bushrod Johnson is also reported dead. MrsiciPsL Rlectiohs ?The charter election at Dayton, Ohio, held on the first Monday In April, was carried by th? democrats by a majority ranging from SMW to 30U, against a much larger majority in the opposition direction on* year since Springfield, heretofore a strons re pnoncan town. bat elected Was. D. Hall, democrat, as mayor. Chicago, Illinois, ba> ju?t gone democratic by 1,500 majority. The town' election* In New Vork and other States alto show that the conservative republicans are disposed to repudiate the Wendell-Philllps-tzlng of the party, and are joining bands with the democrats to that end. |VV?H?ADQUARTERS 3D DIV'N D C M.. ik Wachihoto.-*, A pril 16, lf?2. General Orders?No. I. Hpeoial attention of the General, Field and Staff 8&oars ol this l>i ruion is called to 0eneral Order* o 16, Hrad?narters D. C. M , of 15th March, 1311. The propei authority will proceed promptly to iai su* the neoe?sary order* for master. oi u.uor ui mtjur wtnsiti uejrgeO. Tlionr.aa if ?HOS. F. MORGAN. A. D. C. [Y*r~NO T1CE -The ?t< okholdera of the WithIL3 inrton, Alexandria and oearcetow.i Railroad Company, aw t>er? >y notified thai a meeMng will be held a< the ollioe of Alexander Hay. Ea< , No. 381 Peonavlvtoia avenue- Waahio(to<i. it. C ,on SAfURD* V. Mat 3d, 1862,at 11 o'olock a. 01 ALEXANDER HAV, a?16 dtd JOBErH 1 HORN I ON. Pnrohaeera. NOTICE,?A meeting of Stockholder! in IL5 Odd Fellowa' Hall, ?t?> mreet eaat. will tale place at the Hall, on THURSDAY, 17th mat-, at 8 o'olock p. in. B* order of Pre?id*nt nf Tnn??? ?pU eo3t* HESrV nT'oDER,Sro !> ' EVERY ONE'S INTEREST?TO THR J CITIZENS. bTHANG KHS, Af* h SOLDIERS .'?1 iiavejuM received a very larce and fine assortment of Serin; Clotbins. whioh I am offering at our usual low prioes, at No. 460 Seventh atreet, opposite Post Offioe. near F. fe 27 sm |Mg THE UNION PRAYER MEET1N? Will lk5 be holden every day this weok in tbe LntheranChuroh, (Rev. J. 6. Butler's,) at the corner of 11th and H streets, oominenoinc at 4)6 o'oiook p m? and oontinued but one hour. Ja Jo FORSALF-Tbe METROPOLITAN SAUSAGE i)EPOT, ino.314 D?t. 84ti?f4e'ory reasons ci?en lor selling It* For SALE-A small GROCERY *?TORt. Inquire at the store oorner of 8;h and H sts. I? 17 5t* | A 11 6 E MAPS MEORGIA. SOUTH CABOUNA, ALABAMA, FLORIDA. published by the State Government* on a very en Iarce<1 scale, mounted on cloth in a portab e form, ap 17 KRANCK TAYLORASSEMBLY'S CHURCH-FR IDA f end SATURDAY KVKNINUS. Apnl 10 and 19. At Eiskt O'clock, Fot the BenUi of tkt Cnurtk ' TROF MERCHANTS STfcKr.OP'l ICAN. or SCENES id Eu'cpe. America and the Holy Land. An interesting ana d?scr'?tive L'ctore by B. P. Woroeeter. Admission ?5 oer.t*; oiUdrcn 10 cents. ap 17 8t* A I raT opnntifn^* * at"01 orimentoi stisw Bonn?'.. H*t% ' ???*nd F!ower?, Bomot Fram**, Hnohea.^k Ao IlofierT, Glove* tad f\otiOD? el (leBoririonat JSMT ? >? TO;,. | N DIA R UB1IKH 600D9! Mflrflhunti vhn iaII inw nf tk? .# .... tue ' ! ?V??? 'J'reoi 1i <i.& H ubber will do well to oill on Mr. H A. HALL, ti he ia dosing out his exteonve took at leu than nianufac-u'ers' prioo* rather ttan rtmOTt ihem to *ew Voik 'I he India Hat la* War'honie is at 30S Pa avenue, between ?th artrfmh sty. apl7-10t WHITE BAN1)! WHITE BAND!' Just received a vessel load of the beet White 8ard. which will b?< sold by the barrel, bethel or P*ok; suitable lor of rrs aa'anta, elattrr ng, Ao. Fur sale at J. J BULLi VAN'S L>me snd Fe#d House, corner Strand taral sts., oppcs t) a? 17 3t* Market Bouse. T?K COPARTNERSHIP Heretofore existing J. between the underaigned, in the style or can>? ot Force * Co . is this day disso.vei by mutual consent?Mr. Middleton leaving. HKNft Y R. FORCF, WM H. Mli'DLRTON, TBLU FTRK ICB*M. i: The huunMi of tho firm will bo continued by tao regaining partnere. ap IT ?t* pRUl'O-'ALS FOR BTKAMh'KS. N?V* PiTABTMtRTt April 16.l&U rsopoaALs will bo receded by this Department, by mail or lei seraph, to ihe 80th inatai.t, M noon, witH general peoifioetions and plane, for the construction ot o? e or more, ap to in', iron Gubosti for the Mieeiaeippi river ud Gulf eorvioo, with two tariete on the flan of the Enoeaon Turret, for the 11-iooh gans, the thickness of the iron of whioh ti be e ght inohss ; the eides to bo plated with iron ot thro* mohee th-okneee in on? or two layer* to extend two and one-half foot below the load lino Tbo voaeolt to bo not ion than *? foet in longth ami 5? feot breadth, and not to di aw over six ieet of waw Isodod rosdr for rnoe To bo Broe#IU-a wj Mim, to ipeed thiouf htho vator of ntno knota or ??a mil** Mr kour.. frofoutdn will iim f ?fi? and timo of aoapliioa. H IT >< NKW YOBIt B&RAKF4BT BACON! W? fc?T? j??t ro4*?w? from Niljar* oouctr, E?w York, a mall loi of raMllrat eoiLtry o?r?f iini.Ao .which hav? boon oared oxfrootly for Ming aad frying. BURCMKLL, M t Cora*r ?t6 >t and Vermont at. "i ^ ? THE B1TTLE OF PIJT8BIKC LHDIH Official Rrport of CfOi Grant. HlUl^lIUTIIS > PlTT*BC??. r*HS.. April 9 ( ff H MtLnn', Adjnt**' Genrrml'i l)trartmemt of I he Missiffppi St L?m it: Capuln: ?It bfcom-n my dutv ?gtln to report numun Mine roognt ociweea iwo great arm lea, one contending for the maintenance of the beat government ever devised, and the other for tta destruction. !t la pleaaant to record the aucceaa df the army contending for the former principle* On Sunday morning our plckrta were atta^lrd and driven In bv the enemy. tmmedletel?'the Are dlvlalona stationed at this place w*re drawn up In Use of battle to meft them Tee battle aoon wax?d warm on the left and centre, varying at tlmea to all pnr'a of the line It waa the most continuous firing of musketry and artillery ever heard on thla continent, and waa kept up until night. \\ hen the cneiuy, having forced the entire line to fall back nearlv half-way frmn their campa to tbe landing, at a late hour In the afternoon. a deaperate effort waa made by theenemv to torn oar left and get poeteasion of the landing, transports. &,c. This point wai guarded by the gunboats Tyler and Lexington, Captains Gwyn and Shlrkusen commanding, with four -20 potindrr Parrot guns and a battery of ilBei guns. A? there la a deep and Impassible ravine for artillery or cavalry, and very difficult for Infantry, at this point, no troops were atatlontd here except the neceatary artillerists and a small Infantry force for their support. Just at this moment the advance of M*J. Gentral Buell's column, a part of the dtvinlon of General Nelson, arrived, and the tw? Generals named, both being present, an advance was lmmedla'eiy made upon the point of attack, and the pnamtr wcva stnA?* A ?1 ?* *? 1 ? HV?U| ?*? IW o/WII UI vcu Uui> % 1 II IUI5 fCPUiSf muck In due to the presence of the gunboats Tvler and Lexington, ana th?lr commanders, Ctptains Gwyn and Shirkusen, U S*. Navy. During the nlaht the divisions under Generals Crittenden and McCook arrived. fienrral Lew. Wallace, at Crump Landing, six mllet below, was ordered at an eirly hour In the morning to held Lis division in readiness to be moved in any direction to which It might ba ordered At aoout eleven o'clock an order was delivered to move it np to Pittsburg, but owing to Its beinz led by a circuitous route, did not arrive In time to take part In Sunday's action. During the night all waa quiet, and feeling that a great moral advantage would be gained by becoming the attacking party, an advance wan ordered es soon as day dawned, and the result

was the L'radual reDulseof theenemv at all rvtlnta of the line from 9 till probably."> o'clock in the afternoon, when It became evident that the enemy were retreating. Before the close of the action the advance of General J. J. Nord'a dlvlalou arrived In time to take part In the action. My force waa too much fatigued from two day*' hard fighting and exposure in the open air to a drenching rain during the Intervening nleht. to pursue immsdiately, and the night closed In clrudv and with hiavy rain, making the roads impassable for artillery till next morning. General Sherman, however, followed theenemy, finding that tbe inuin part of the enemy hid retreated In good order. Hospitals of tbe enemy'* wounded were found all along the road, as far as the pursuit was uiaJe. Dead bodies of the enemv and many graves were also found. I encl??^ herewith the reptrt of Gen. Sherman, \7hich will explain more f'il ly tbe result of tbe p jrsuit, and tLc part taken by encli srparate com maud I cannot take special notice in this report, but will do so more fully when the reports of the division commanders are handed in Gen. Buell commanding in the field with a distinct ermv, long under bis command, and which d'.d such efficient service, comrr.andfd by bimielf !n person, on the field, will be mich better able to notice those of bis command u'hn particularly distinguished tbemwives, than 1 poaalbly can. I feel It a duty, however, to a gallant, an able otBcer, Brig ben. XV. T. Sherman, to mike special mention tbat be not only was with bis command during the entire of the two day*' action, but displayed great jud^m-nt end skill, and mmagement of bis men. Although severely wounded in tte hand on the ttrst day. his place was never vacant. He was again wounded, and hadtfrrfe borse* killed under nlm In making ibis mention of a gallant officer no disparagement Is Intended to the other division commanders ? Maior Generals John a nand and l.ew \Y allace, and Brigadier General* S. A. Hnrlbut, B. M Frentisaand W. H. L. Wallace?all of whom maintained their place* with crcdlt to themselves and the cause. Gen. Pren- i tiss was taken prisoner In the ti-st day s action, and Gen. W. H. L. Wallace wa? severely and J?robably mortally wounded. His Assistant Adatant General Capt Wm Mc.Michael, is missing, and wts probably taken prisoner. Mv personal stall'are all deserving of particular mention, they having been engaged during the entire two days in curving order* to every part o? the Held. It consists cf Col J. D Webster, chief of staff; Lieut. Col J. B. Mcl'berson, chief of engi-icers, assisted by W. L. B Jeremy and Wm Rish"r; Capt. J. A. Rawilngs, Adj't Gen.; j W. S Hilyer. W. R. Rawl and C U. La^ow, | aids-ae-cmp; uoi u. Bride, volunteer aid, and Cap*. J. V. Haw kins, chief of the commissary df partinent, who acccmpanied me upon the held. The mediral department, under the direction of Surge* n Hewitt, mediral director, showed great energy in providing for the wounded and in getting them ffom the field regardless of danger. Col Webster was placed In spcclal charge of all the artillery, and was constantly upon the field, lie displayed, as he always has heretofore, both and bravery, and at least in oneinstancc he was tbe means of placing an entire regiment In a position for doing th#*Tost valuable service, and where it could not have been but for his exertions. Lieut. Col Mt I'herson, attached to my stall aa chief of enginei r*. d?*?ervfs more than a passing notice for hit activity and courage. All the ground beyond our camp* for mile* haa been reeonnoiteitd by blm,and plans carefully prepared under bis supervision, giving accurate Information of tbe nature of the approaches to our lines. During the two days' battle he vras constantly In the saddle, leading the troops aa tbey arrivtd to points where ibelr services were required. During the engagement he had one horse shot under him. The country will have to mourn the low of many brave men who fell at the battle of Pittsburg, or ?olloh more properly. Tlie exact loss In kllkd and wounded will be known In a day or two. At present 1 can onlv give It approximately at 1killed and 3,5tiu wounded. The loss of artillery was great?many plecea being disabled by the en^my'ashot, and tome lo?lr.g all their horses and many men There were probably not lets than 200horaes killed. The Iom of the enemy in killed and left upon (he Held w;t? greater than ours. In wounded an estimate cannot be mnde, ai many of the a mult have been tent to Corinth and other pointa The enemy auffered terribly from demoralization and desert'on. A flag of truce wa? sent to day from General Beauregard. I encloae a copy of correspondence. 1 am, respectfully, your obedient servant, U. 8. Grant. Major General Commanding. CORRMTOM)BNCE BK1WKKN 6ENSBALS HtAlEECiXD AMD GRANT. The following lithe corr? spondence referred to above, between Gen ?nti ??? , ?VU. Headuuartirs, Department of Miftntppi,) Monterey, April stb. <, Sik ?At the close of the conflict yesterday, my forccs being exhausted by tbe extraordinary length of time during which they were engaged with yours on that and tbe preceding day, and It being apparent that you had received and were still receiving reinforcements, 1 felt It my duty to withdraw my troops from the Immediate scene of conflict. Under these circumstances, In accordance with lh> nuiM nf u?> I -K.(l II .ui. ? - .?v V* TTU. , a ouui* uiuiailtU IU13 Uuuer B flag of truce, to ask permission to Bend a mounted party to the battle Held of ?biloh (or the purpose of giving decent Interment to my dead. Certain gentlemen wishing to avail themselves of this opportunity to remove the remaiua cf sons and friends, I rauit request for them the privilege of accompanying the burial party, and In tbla connection I deem it proper to say that 1 am asking only what I have extended to your own countrymen under similar circumstances. Respectfully, General, your obedient servant, 1'. T. BBACKKGASD GKNSBAL GRANTS ftBTLT. HiaJijuarters Army in tke Fttld, > Pittsburg, April 0 J Gen P T. Beauregard, coiuinending Confrderate Army, i>ept Mississippi, Monterey, Tenn : Your dispatch of yesterday Is just received. Owing to the warmth of the weMher t defined it advisable to hav.* all the desd of both parties burled Immediately. Heavy details were inade for this purpose, and It Is now accomollshMl. There'cannot, therefore, be any necessity of admitting within our ltnea the parties you designed to send, on the grounds asked. 1 shall always be glad to extend any courtcsy consistent with duty, and especially so when dlctsted by humanity. 1 sin, General, reapectfully, your ob'tservt, [SignedJ U 8 Grant, Major General Commanding. Gsa Shermaa's Rapart af the Parsalt al the Eaemy After their Estreat. W itb the cavalry placed at my commaed and two brigades of xaj fatigued troops, 1 went this morning oat the Corinth road. One or another af the abandancd camps of the enemy lined the roads, with heapltal tlag* for protection At all we found more or lesa wounded and dead. At tbe forks of tbe road 1 found ihe head of General Wood's division. At thst point I ordered tbe cavalry to examine both roads ^ and found the en eiM'a cavalry. Col. Dlchey, of the Illinois cavalry, asked for reinforcements. 1 ordered Gen. Wood to advance to the head of hit column, cautleudy, oa the left, a whllat I conducted the head of the third bri , of the flf'h di via:on up the right hand road,about h?W a mile from the forka The re wm a clear fl?ld through which (be road paewd. and Irame Ilately beyond a apace of 2t<? yard* of fallen timber. and beyond an extensive camp. The enemy'* cavalry could be if n In tbla camr, and after re*onno)e*ance I cdered tvro advance companies of the Oal?77th, Col ilrldenbrand. to deploy aa tkiri?Ubr>ra, and the regiment Itoelf formed Into line with an Interval of one hundred yard*. In tbla order I advanced cantloufly nn'll I the skirmisher* were ?n*aged Taking it for granted that tb'sd>spo it t 3 would clear the camp, I held Colonel Dickey's Ith Illinois cavalry ready to charge. The enemy's cavalry came down boldly to charge, breaking through the line of sk'rm'shrrs. when the Infantry, without csu?e. broke, threw away their guns and fled Aa the regiment of Infantry broke, ptckev's cavalry began to charge with their carbine* and fell Into disorder Instantly I sent orders to the rear for the brigade to form into line of battle, ?hlch waa ptompily executed The broken Infantry and cavalry ral!i?d on the line, and ea thecntmy'* cavalry came to It our cavilry in turn chargcd and drove the* from the field I advanced with the entire brigade upen the name ground and aent Col. Dickey's cavalry a mile further on the road. On examining the ground, which had been occupied by the 77th Ohio, we found fifteen dead and about twenty-five wounded I *ent for wagons and had all the wounded carried birk to camp and the dead burled. I also caused the whole camp to be destroyed. Here we found much ammunition for field pieces, which we destroyed; also two caissons and a general hospital with ??0 Confederate wounded and about fifty of our own. \ot having the roeana of bringing th'm off, Col Dickey, by my order, took a surrender, signed by Mcdlcal Director Lvle and all the attending surgeons,and a pledge t o report tbemai lea to yon as prisoners of war; also a pledge that our wounded would be carefully attended to, and surrendered to tis to morrow as aoon aa ambulances could go out. I inclose the written document, snd request you to ser.d out U'Honn* anH amhnls?>r?n -m ^ -..MWMM>uvva ?wi vuc wuunaru 01 oun tomorrow; alio that w?irai be *ent out to bring In many tents l^lonylng i-? us, which are pitched tlong tor road for mile*. I did not destroy tb?m, a* 1 knew tee erfmv could no: remove tbein. The roads arc very bad and are strewn with abnndonrd wagor*, ambulance*, and limber boxes, The enemy has succeeded in carrying off his gur.s, but hex r rippled his batteries by abandoning the hind limber boxes of at least twenty guns. I am satisfied that the enemv's Infantry Mid eavalty phased Hirk Creek this mor lng. traveling all night, anl ttat he left behicd ail his cavalry, whlrh has protected his retreat, but si^ns of confusion marked the whole road The chcek Riintein^d by us at the fallen timber delayed ouradvcice?o much that night came on be- 1 fore Ihe wounded vrtre provided for and the dead burled The troops belnir fucrued nnt h? dava of bard fighting, exposure and privation*, I ordered them tack to camp, where all new are. W. T. Turkman. Brig. General Commanding. OFFICE OF T11K BOARD OF HEAL" fa, Wa>uim?to?. April 15,1*62. In compji&noe with a rec*nt eLactmtct ol the City Counoila. tho S. cret\ry of the Board of Health hereby gives ml. I in notice tint Hereafter he will be in attendance at hi* office, us the City Hail (No. 3. basement, writ wins.) every day from 2 to 3 o'clock p m.. 'for 'he pnrpose of re-ei* and recordi ?" n'l romp'aicts retarding vio ationa of the sanitary regit atmua of the eity, '"duly made by cit'ien* or a:iy officer of poiioe:' an1 that at all oite- tnue* ma? r>e foood in the< fhee a''complaint b?og," in wlrch tlms< interested are re?uest*d to reord ali such v o at one, with the view to their ep.vyjt ex anil nation, aud suoh redress a* ?he e-eaent law* atf-?rd. G M- DUVK, M. D . ap 16 3t Secretary Board of Health. P\m CAUTION! REM I I'M MINERAL WATER? -Having r.ot ced o he wagons than our* raining arouad in Wa>hiuctiD and ueorcetovo, with *1108 on them a* f?'ow*. viz "PREMIUM MINERAL, WATEHtt, MLVKh MEDAL AWARDED. A.O.," vj would nionn the iabho aenerally that there i* but one est*b<i?hment in the District of Co umbia where Prr?ii*?n Mineral Water n miaufacmred, and tnat i? at the oorner o. Green and Olive ate , Ge?.rz!*towa. The tit e of Frtmium vt* merited by a*in a Silver M-dsi nw? i ed u* by t> e Metr<'politaa Mecoamr*' ,n*ii?uie in the year 1?55. and a Diploma in IB 7 We would th*refoie give not oelhat oar M.neral Water* are n^t sold under Bogua Representations, aa 10ml others ate. ARftV k. rHIW I I'n'on Bottling Dep >t, I MjGMw No It Green at., Georgetown. I 'p _ NOTICE. j* nr. r>ic.AftibK ruUMAS COLLYKEWill resume lier to Mount Vernon on Wedneedar, March 9th and will^^4^v? run ever? Wcdoe-day and Saturua?^^^^^^^" until farther notice, leaving her wharf at the foot of 7th atreet at 1" o'clock a m. Fare for the round ttip on boara the t>oa* si so. BAMUKL OEDNKY.Captain. N. B. On the payment of 25 oer.ta vi?itor? will be admitted to lh* room which General Waahington occupied and in which he died The mansion and I rounds are oloatd to viaitora on Bnndayi. IZ7"The disturbed at at* of the finance-of the o untry having reduced the reaoaroef oi the A<eiciatioa recdf tb.a cimge re- eaaarr. for the pret??*, lor the inM-1 naace end p.e eriation of Mt \> mo i ap I'-?w* W*3. M. A V AT O.N, FAfHlOKABLX DKlf'MAttS. i? at 3T3 New \ or* av*nu?. where ahe intenda to carry <<n toe v">re buunesa ic all ita branches. Wanted,eix Yours La-iea oon peteat to work at t.e above oasmeea. ap 15 3'.* >I IJC FHERES PROVKNCRAl'T. a. KENOU HKSTAUKANT-3T7 PkXSiTLTiHI A AvtSCB. VN A ?HINOTOI*. MEALS AT AM. HOLK&. Day or Night! I a-liea and Mer.tlemeii'a PR1\AT H HATING EOOMS JD~Orderafor turnia'icg P*rtiea pro*pt'.y attended to- I'JH CRKAM I a? 15 1 w CIIA1HS MKNDED RS WELLS, *7i O rtreet. (north aid*. > i*xt dooi to the corner o! 11th { ree , continceafl* to R K SKAT CArtKBOTTUMtoVL CHAIRS, with neatneaa and diapa'ch, and 101 at low ratea. Thoa? having Ohaira requir ng 1^1 auoh rep?ira. are ihfjrmei that abe re/aira or remia them u food a< near, and never fai a to giro eanafaotiod t j thoie aending auoh work to h?r. ftp 4 lw Of? INCH HEAVY OO COTTON Dl'CK. 27 inch Heavy Cotton Due*. 1" 4 Brown Cotton Sheeting, !t ?. l?> 4 \ >?112 4 Hl?ached Cotton t-heeting, 4 4 Bleached Mirtinge, 4 4 Brown SinrtiBta. With a general ?tock of D'tmeatio Dry Goooa, all at the taweet p icoa for caah WM. R. RILhY t, BRO., No. i?b Central Storee. "etweeu 7th and 8th atreeta. ap IS lf*t oppo Center Martet. JUST ARRIVED, direct lrom an h'aatern anotionhouao one hundred piece* ('HhCflh Rhll MATT1 *?. A i.n ... . ..^oviiiiivuv i'i UILV>LU I flP and Oa R PETS. together ?i h a larie tuanUty of CKOCKKKt of a i de.-oript.oaa. I ii*ve on ha-d NEW KKATHER9, MATTRESSES* and H KDr^TK A LM. with a lar** lot of New and tjfcoii i hard Gooda ; 12 good K<1 i*eratorn, but little use. A'l of which rave be a bought lor outi ard wi<: ? *o!d at a traall advance. BUCHLV, 42? 7:h ?trret,(east aide.) ap 15 !ru* Between ti ar.d H eta. card: IK) ITeraby return m* nuoere thanka to the ireroen. provost gu*'U, a .0 fiifuJs ana citisena en fr? ly, t?,r then kind rndetv jra in aaving a poit on of my propeity and the rescue of my f*mjl; from thefirtj of th^'th ioa*. K.. CUHEN. I aiao re^ueat tiioae m my debt ti o%!l ard lr. oaah or not**, aa now ia the time friend* are wanted 10 'en] 6e?iataoce <'* l at No, 344 fenn Ivaniaavenue. between6U1 and 7th atieeta. tap aiaira.lover bait m 8ro 'a, Jewe:era, and oblige Your obedient aervant, ap 15 M R. COHEN. COAL! COAL::" COAL!!! Ju^t arrive! and unload nc aeveral oargoea of Coa e nbraoint all the various kmoa f?r teaeral farailv n*0. T J. A W. M 6aLt, i4 out) n. - ??- -*" - ?* wmW 1 m ?vruu?. DM. nil Ml IHi W? SOMETBING CH KAP AND UBEFUL. SOMETHING CHEAP AND USEFUL. 2 Sharp's Carbine* 917 JO each. 1 l.adiea 6ol?l Chain ana Charm and Croat ??? 1 Fine Cold Lever, Chronometer Watch 50.00 1 ix Barrel Revolver IN I Fine Gold Open Face Lever Watoh S6 00 1 in deal Close Carriage S5W Apply a; 466 lith kireet, between and H. ap 14 lw ' 'HE UNDERSIGNED Wiahea to inform n? 1. friend* and the pnOlic that he Laa opened a Saw Fiiinc and feeptirinR Shop on the oorner oi 7th and S atreeta, an 1 believinj, from a !onc experience in the baameaa. that he will bo able to pleaae ne wood aawjerand the butcher and e\ery mechanic that otei a aaw. and hopea, bv aa'Jict attention to hneineaa that he will mettt a ?hara of the pnblio pairrca?e. mh 18-lm* JOHN *ENNn.ALLY. |^|RS. RUSSELL'S RESTAURANT. JI 'be popalar Reatanrant and Dining Saloon for lea an* (ent emeu kept by Mrs. LI. . A Rllldl. 49a 7th ilrMt. ?(T tnnity for cit<z*na and itrtcgsr* to catXIisHX moal? at all hours. *?rved np in the atjla lor vLitik Uiit ?a aoliahm'it ta (anoia. V in tor? may oonnt upon Rood far?,coarteo?aa'tandanoe and all th? reqaiaitei tor a well-ratn ated fcrat olaaa hooaa. >>? ! SOMETHING NEW, bOMKTHlNG NEW. something""delicious, something uelicioi's. u?vtoK:I w"B(j!?ToS BilcUIT: .AitfBTlftH.V"*-4" ""m*4 its8: mmmmsfor* Wit CALL FOR ONE. MTWW45BKk, u li.i w :rTt AUCTION 8&LB& t r-JTVRH DATS B? C. R. L. CIOWN * CO., Al?UoaMri, | Horpks at auction -wt w. > *m\ *< ?-*. t-?u.cBPATI'RDtV MORN N?. I9 fc imi . lHoelwU rn.atth* Hor?? Ma?k-t, ne?r ?te M?r??t. * It* * > tockt PfW Wort he; to Low A Co Th??* in v*rt (f *ta Hora??. are io?ite?i ?o*U?r<1 tfca ra!?, M th*r will be aoio withoat rNctt. Tertna oa?h C R L. CROWN A CO , Aac'a. ?H 21* N" 317 ?ort.?rfth A venae. By GRKKN A WILLIAMS, AmMom** \rOCN? B*V M?RK TAKEN AS AN V*T1AT. FA*Mir? IXfLINKUT'. Hol * ?Hf?'t> A*D *ITCH?H rn-ITIII, AT A r< now.- On I t*A ITKi'AY. tk? l*u? mtUu' w ?h?l ?a I in font of oar Wore. No. AJ* atieat. ain 1 o'clock a m . a yoan? d*rk > Mft'C. Ut>n up * an eatra* and caty advertisM ?n <wir'mir? n'h tt.c l*w, will b* e?id U? H< rttKN. cbe :e in |?od rood ittoft. AGBICIM.TI ? Al IMPI>.MKNT.?. 2 fcr^Rmfed 1 P <?w. 4 CeMlvat r?, froa 1 Garden Engine, Pcrtk* S. a'.he.t ther articles in 4 barrels taucrkren', I sncc. 9?nit?*. * Vie?iar, Ck'na- tikes an* Crorkery ?* e. with a. vge assortment of Ma.Hoff?nf and othrr Hoascfce'd ^ Fa re i tare Term* o**h. ap IT at B?F.?N? WILLI AMU Aeota." By WALL A HAFNAKl), Airt ower*. I'ormrr S< *tk nit f?. mr nn<t /VtVfc tltrtl UORSE, ill 6GY ANDHARNI?'*TAI'CnL tio* ? un SATURDAY MORMNG. A|nl 19, at la o'clook we vi!l -II at on. Koon-?, witneut reserve, tae owner . a*.ri ao farther use (or them. 1 ycanc.e:n-.d,st.d exorl!*nt Work enl Sa?lla Horse, I Tup 4*ur WftroD.tietrly caw, 1 bet tnlT?r-ntonnt*a Haineas, 1 NO t 'f Rilffv VV?rn? Ihenb.veare in excellent condition,end wit; biip^ren.ptouiy ar.t. Terira utth, *>17 WALL* BABN??D. Ae?U. By GRKkV A WILL I A**, Aeeiicaere. HUlSbHULD AND AITCRFN K1KNItrni It ArcTioir-On MONDAY.the }1M matat.t, weahalieed atth" teeidenoe of Mr* El'xa Cantec. oolored. at I* o'clock a. ir . in meal y , near foihB at;e*t, l?<?twe-? New J ?r?ey avenno and Firat a rte*. w??t.(!be flu rl' dvioatt th? piaoe.t an exoeilent aaeortroent of Pernituie. *it: Mahogany Sofa, tp'in a eat cha>>aaod Rookim, Walnut Pookoaee, Bureaua a d Waah C oaete, War/it ?.ifch Poet and other ti< dttatCi, Osfc t/loe C' aire, Ch na,, Crookery and fteve Ware. Plated (r autre. r-pooaa and Foika. and iTory Hand ed Kmv*?, A Ivrge lot of Beddine, Window Shade*, Mattreeee*. acd Ctrpe f, Tal>!e?, Clock, Slovee, with a grt-d lot Kitoben Reeeieitee. Terma oaah &p 17 31 GREKN ft WILLIAM?. Aeoia. By GRKtN ft WILLIAMS. Anct oceera SALK OP DAMA6KD CROP* K IKS AT Acctioji?Oa lUFSDA^ .ibf 2Sd uetanf, we ehal at M o' a. in . in the I ppei Moom ot the Store of W. II Lppe: k Co., No 419 Peon BTlvacia arei ue, e< ntu eide. between (bird aid Pour aid a half etreete, an rzcei ?u aeaertment ofGrooenea eaeed from tbc fiie at the et?ie ol Mr. J. H. Wiieon. t * Si bozea of Mumm A Anebor'e Champagne, 11 oaa^a ver? rnrer.or bolanl Gin. 51 boxes Ademattine Cand -e. I.ect br*nd, in bozea Parahn* or Coat O I Ca dlea, ow*a B enny Peaoher, Dero johne Old Rye tYtickex, SO; e half ch?at? o^oioe B ack Tea. Green Ins, in ca 3 latere. & bozea of Moaiitatn Dew and Virgimne Tobaocc, 1* bozea if 0!i*e? ana Capere, beat btandr. 'i en tbonasnd mpe lor Cigare. Dacdelion end ether Ground CcfTae. Lot of L<aw A Son'a imported Heuey and Brown Wm-eor toap. Wdfc a larc* lot of other *rW?? in tte Grocery Mm which we ae*ni u_Loceir*rj to rncmer Term* o&ah. The ini>?t of the above n^'itioned |ood*are nn? mjurei and of the beet qu*iit? ot f?mi i Grooertee. ap 17 a WKKfc N fc WILLI A Mt*. aaoU. By GREEN 4. WILLI A >1!, A uctioreera. HOUSEHOLD AMD KITCHEN KKNItni it Arciion -On WEDNfSOAV.tHe 21d matant. we ei %ti :ei itt in o'eiook a m . at the residence of 8 B. Uta h K?q . No 310Mt>k utreet v?t. between L an<l M iucsti north, a *f <> 1 aa?ortn>ent of Furniture, *;z ? Manoian? t*o:a?, Parior a do Rookms Chair*, Do Dieting andothe* Bureau* acd Staadi, l>o Outer an oilier Tables Maple Cottage, and otbar BecrteaJf, Ha-'<eonii? b < eve le Window ? urtaib*. y -j. ang, H alia'or, and other SU v?i, W..h a gooa lot of Kitchen Ke^auree, aod mar? other article* which we deem uoneoeaaA j t j enumerate. Term* cash. _ap l7 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. AueU. Bt WALL fc BARNARD. Aactocrera. INCLOSED LOT AND HTABLK AT AUCTION ?'?n WK|iNbel)\Yi 12 o'eloek in ?3d watart we wt 1 tell in frout ot (he premsea. part of Lot one, Square ?45, fronting sn feet on l?<h atreet eaat, near corner ot -outh Carolina aven> e, and running baok 1S1 f et 9 mohes. A cood fcnoe ncoera hi* lot. ami (table wi maa? knovn at ??!#. *? 17 WAL'- ? "ARNARH, ABPH. (GOVERNMENT 8ALK op fJORSE* AND * OmDKMN^D MOLES There wi'l lie aol i a*. PoMio Aurti nonl HUH 9 DA Y, Ap'il 2?,at the Corral near th? imerra*"rr, F ai.J i31 atretu. a lar*e lot of florae a ?nl Mnlea, ocn einned ? ua6i public mi v e*. lermi oath, in Government fund? J. i. DANA, Cap atn, Amii tint < ( unrtern^xater I). ?. A. ay 17-Ul MABSbALL * PA?E. A net*. \1AR*HAL'9 SALE ? In Tlrtn ot a writ of L~? fieri faciaa, ia*ued from the o erk'e office of tie oircut court of the District of Colombia. fr?r the county of Waabiccton. and to me direoteo, I will expo?e to publio bp .e, for caah. in front of the Back cf Wa?h n??on. in the city of Wach nt'on. on SATURDAY. U>e ae *1 day cf A?rii, infant, c >mmencint at "Ot'olock a in , the Mowirg rocda and chattel*, to wit- viz ? 8 B ack. Hair o oth S >iaa. Wa'nai, 6 Do do CI airs, do, S Do do Arm Cha re, vVa'cut, 2 Ma-ble top Canter iab>?, Walnut, 1 Tapeetry Pa-lorTarpet.anl 1 Ruf. He-z.-danl levied npoc ai the good* and ehatte ofVVin W.Cvtnpbell.aaU will be rod to ra'Ufy judicial *to. 1(*. to Ma* term. 1862 in favor of \Vm. t\ Fraaier, uaecl Philip T. Berr?. WARD II. LAMON. ap 17 dida U. P. Martha. By J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer. SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD Fl'BMTl RK, Eamilt Cab*iag?. Brest, H< b?b. Hab*ib?, Ac. at rraLic Autio.i.?1?" *4 L KSDA\ MORNING, April *A),at 19 o'clock, at the residence rf tie Hon. J. D. ringDt, c.n IStn atseet, tetween Pf n, ai Ivaei* ?ve"n? Anrt u ash kU lnruitar j acd atfe tr, co-?.pu;iQg? Koaewocd J'atei.-uoU'e fikiiot' rt*. Hand tome Ci i m son H rooatelie < o v?r ed PoJaa. 4 rm, Parlor, and Farcy Chairs. Pair < f large size French p at* Piar Glastee, H&ndaorae Mirror back Kli?? c. Marble top Center and Sofa fables. Crimton Mlkiur'a m. Cormoe, L?ce Cortain*. and Fixtarre, Elecant Biorse Mantel Cio?k. with Bronzs Ficares. Frai>oh Rocker. Be?ep*i<Mi and Fane*'?, Braaaola tr.d Three p y CarpJte, H uta, Oile ot'j, and M* ttinv. 0*k Hall Pet. Hal If tore, tu parlor vvaltut Pideb.ard. Extetaion Dining T?Wi Walnut Dt'icg Chairt. Si te Tab>?. I<"*ranl C.ll < *? ? ..... I? >- 'L '"* ?.? ? w>-? vy VHI i w |FIVUC| |U| W!H ViHW" lat>r?? to mateh. Superior Mirror fr<.Dt Wardrobe, Hacdaome *> a'nut Marb.e top Dreattog Birftu, WwuttaM. Wardrobe#. Medateadt. Toiltt Set*, Bltaer Beda, Bol?t?r? and Pillow*. r and Hoik M&itreaaea. Blacketa. Loonies. Emj Caana. K- oker?. Cooking. ar.d other rtkovea, Refrigerator. Together with tne vasal aaeortmtnt of Kitehen Kr^u aites At 10 O'cicca. Ic front of tbe p-fraiH#A large and tea eome Hamil? Carriage. Bapenor Blooded Uoiea, 6rey.tag>*. vcrka ftac!y la aiCftle or doable Harntea, Leather top Baggy, Harneaa, *0. ferr.ii cai!. ap >*Td J. C. MoGUlKK A CO, A acta. WOOD! WOO 0! lOOOeorda o? *ea?nned and half aeaton'd Oak, Plaeand Hickory WOOD on ban 1 and wi 1 beao d inio'aat fair pi ices to contractor?, nitiz"naaad otherr. JNO. A. G*1?K? Agent, ap H lw Oanal Wharrea. RVZIS ^XJLP0**}' A*U- haven, BA V wun m. vu -D oeienratel luitri rata are told at loweat factor? for oaah and approved p*Mr. at the Mb-* " * ne Store ?I W 6. M t l /. r.RUTT, corner of !lth rtrwt and Penn ivtni*. Several Ptanoe that have been aaed for eaie aao? aaay mon i, y paymanf. M '? Anew stock of d?y eooo?-w?k*re ib etore ud are dai!? rocuvin a larre Block of Drr Good a oocmtioc o( &iiH. Ladie*' Dreaa Go^da, Cloak*. Saoka.and Maat.llas; a very obaa* and larje atook of fc rabroidenea, HuBv?ke*?ie* Goods, Ho?i*ry and innueatioa ta icnrra , to wtno!> we invite the attOLt'on of paroba?*rk- ' and examine oar alack (.flora en^hasinc elee where. _ 8.TTWTWlJYfc n BKKW. 48 Market Baeoe,(Arei>Be H; aae.* a? II It iletaeen Tth aad ?t? gk f WtamraM* ? ? '? sp.^teassai.'araasis tejtvsr. ^k&xtil^1 " ^Jw*5l!!!?i Bii d D|", Iom& 4, *? ornr 7th MX P? a? . BOTtfc w?V <?OUTflKRN EXPRESS COM PANT. J?'1,(^'.lyT' ***** ?"Ur *rfMis?l Ud r*BALTIMORE. NEW YORK m4 ftt low rat.. .~i ~ - ?_ BA81 EKN CITITS g ?? f*TOr?bT<? t?f Oil u Mr w- si fivffu^?r^7raissif,w" __ Soitkcrn E*p Co. P?Mij!fMi? ftretoe, VV?*fe. i*?khi; ** Bnmdwmy. N?w v?Ht. m l*-lw DK BU1K ami r?nwr <> tji.- bdm gjjii.sfc.-si csgjfr-ar..?itjjjaat %

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