Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1862 Page 4
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KV EN IN It STAK. FI RE I5FLCK7ICKS. Ob If no faos were behfld on earth, Bu toiling rcau&ccd, pnd repialng age, No tr>?rTine e-?-? of isnoctaet' ard n.trtu To Io?k u( a vs vSo wosli i Tl" t-.oc.u . b?Ltl x* r t'icj?elf tloae * Or ic?* lh?daik of the o't-rhauplD^ cloud Look v*!st?uUv for l'ght? Who would cot groan Breath hit daily tetk, and weep aloud ? t?- ? ? I ? t A a out i'uie csuaren rnjoy me uana. Ami K8z? tru?tlul cbw into our eyes, Patience and fortitude bold* us stand. In w man's sbape, and waft to bear n our ftilibl Tbc ^ntUlts** child bold* back tbf arm of guilt Upraised to strike, and woman may atone W :?b ?! less tors for sins of man, and melt The damning seal v ben evil deeds are done. [t'rtderick Teunyio*. UUl'llllCLB RECIPES. KC050MY A>D SP05GB CAKB. Era. Pb juris Farwf.r:?>*oticing an in quire for an "excellent S?poDge Cake, ' I herewiiband one I hare u*ed ever since I kept b- Jfe. Alihcngh not many years. 1 have in the meantime tried several oiher recipes, bat prefer this to any other. As sugar is on a raise, and Lice iug*r cake cost* money, the ladies icy-'t be crreful not to send too many recipes, ej we like to try them all, and freuue-?t!y. on takintr tbeia from the oven, they lull and fall until none but pffegv tastes of its nice quality; however, the recipes may be good?perhaps it is the cook's fault?but we dare cot try it again, it takes so many cups of sugar. Therefore, we must be very cautious hat our recipes will prove good, when first tried. I should like to give you a chapter on bruad-making, but as I am inclined to Quakerish notions. I will have to wait until the spirit moves, then you may get the article. Upoiize Cult?Beat th<j whites of six eggs to a stiff froth, then add a coffee cup of white c<.'?*e sugar. Stir it well five or ten minutes, adding a few drtps of e^ence of lemon, a cup of sifted tiour, stir it lightly and just enough to mix the Hour in. as too much stirring after the flour is in, will make the cake tough. Bake in a quick oven. The yolks. I um?lly use in making Jelly Cake s follows : Beat the jo-ke with a cup of sugar, then add a cup of, a teaspoonful of cream tartar, half a teaspoorfui cf soda, a little nutmeg and flour. Itphiuld to spread ihinonthe baking ting. When baked, plice one cake above the other, with a layer of jelly between?the jelly should i v i L *i . il. __? _ t ?. _* i _l oc -preia wane no csko is not, D?nea in a i common fjaare pie tin; this will make three j Isyers. SWEET POTATOB COPm. Second, my manner of economising in the c^ffse line, I take the small Sweet potatoes, "" h as would be thrown away, waah them and cut them up in tinali bits, and dry them either by the fire or in the snn; then, put theul away for uae, brjuuisg as other cuffee, a small <juantiiy at a time, and mix when about to grind, Bay half of each It makes an excellent fla10red drink, which I think superior to any substitute I have tried. W1IE 0? A SVBSCRIBER f* KANSAS. Los Traikie Farmer Enclosed I *end y; a few recipes ? Wr-/r S'w/r mc f in* Mart r.f mrl ao-?e An*. -1 . vuu ua^' v* Uiv/i OkOvct vuw t'i:f cup of J'Ugar, one-hali cup of butter, one cup of Firm water the butter melted in it. A small tcarpuoiitul of ?rleiatu.< dissolved in the Trater. b'nd two tenspoonfula of ginger. ] The dough should be st'tf? roll it thia, and cut i in c*ke3?bnke in a moderate oven ' liOthrr.?One pict of molasres, one cup butter, one teaajotful of falcrutus, and tableproonful tf ginger. Boil tbem together, add flour to m?:kii it ntiff. roll in thin cakea, and bske in a ^uick oven I u?e the eorghum moI^ssff?. a j j !ike it better than any ntber, particaliilv .Yo/* ( M f? II Wood hull, 111 . Ft b 21 th. CORN GRIDDLE CAKE A!mo?t every one is interested in knowing b' w to unke corn ctkcs moat palatable since ? ! much of it will be used in these straightened timed, 'ihe tollowing i- said to be an excel1-at recipe: scald at night half the quantity > i nienl v?ia are going to cue. mix the other w h c i t ttsex hitving it the eonsi'ttrcy of t'Mfk batter; ad-1 a little? -alt sad eei it to rn?e; if will need no yeast. Ia the morning tho cfckes will be light and crisp. Skimming*, w! -re meat h^3 been tailed, is best for frying tlein :a. Frv il w!r. ? ? ^ ^ l?7" Frcm a Pa'lianseatury paper on accidents n o .l m wi :<hhr.? bi en issued In Knpland, It appear* (Latin ?e:iyears, ending In le^U, no <- r'uai -r-?; per*9ns were ktll-d if.lning ?pra*it> 11 D'irlfi? !> ? nmn period the amount <>f <-nal raised wm t?>5 154,MO tons. 12T* Gh O. !H. Mitchell, the soldier astronom< r, marshals tht hosu of the Union quite i< wrll a* ? h.? oi._ ii rsha'.leJ the bo?ta of heaven. It !i t- that ll-s jakt made iLe swoop down into Euntsville. if 1 h* Governors of Indiana and Illinois hav? aiid'- airai ^eaten's bv whi< h soldiers cf their &t.\t? jjoir.>: bouie on furlough, Lave a free pa*s over the railroad*. JlT" P?cl Hemy, sou of 4 wealthy merchant in New York. b?* been mulcted in W UUU damage* for ?td<i- !u^ a servant girl in bis father's Louse. gj1" Theolo^lacf, pulpit polMcians, Ac , are d!v dfd s* 'o whether ileary Ward in a ? ?? 1- * ? -* ~ 1 . r ! i-i Dt>is?r? xiiso oi xiie art oi playing billiards. L T-f R10L11 '?cd WLi/ contain* a dlspath h L :jr.< 11^- tc.?. tLe itt-el ?>eiierai Gladden loat h? J irft arm la the battle of Ssnday. JD~ Tne Tradea' I ulona of Trance intend to a-u4. reprear to the foithconiing Fxtilbtt!ou m Loudon. HAVE YOUSl'ti^CRlBED FOR THK WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE! IT IS THE DEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE world: its washington NEWS 18 UNEQUALLED ! IT* *5 E N ER A L NEWS IS UNSl'RrASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITH AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES? ITS YEARLY COST. if* HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL PAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAlf TO ANY FAMILY. Thi Xu-nhcrfcr this Week, to be out on Fn day Morning?jniee Thtet Cents?will be a remarkably interesting one. fcVi Person m <? distant* who would ktef P ./.r>? re/'rtnre to what is really ,: >! r 'i here tn these interestt -v ti -nes fhcttld receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCEJIT THE STAR OFFICE A.i u si tJSt KIBE FOR IT. VOfltAM'b BBS WHS f IXMJ ? TM W M ? U MAJfVtACTOMY, 199 lifUia arun. >vAiiiMfta,A (, 9: * * awarded b? Maryland laatttcM P? luncre, No??.ni>?wr I, 0. * ? *?> 1 UMMtacUT ma*in*. acd alvayakin mkiM oi toe beat itiu;!*!, trary 4anri?*#B 4 Vs.!* Soil Isatfear, ir*o Krama, Miliar' DraMb W?M fyu inr Traata, j|l Ltw !*?ab?ra af Coure** aatl navelara will ylaaw tftniM Br atoca bofwra ruobMlac *bairhar? Viifiti UmIii? rvituoiiifr cium. Sa^ariar Lp?I!;? u4 Lreaa Trauka wUi I* rrfa.-. , , Tii iii Mr#?l and r?Mir?i at nofioa. f 4mitw?4 L-m of eii^jge to aajlwl ef tk*i JAMES MOfiAM, 1^182* KAift STORK, . Sites?? ?J**yi Ob U-ia.ur nut lo order ilUl khortM a??>e? H*ir W?rf r??irad ?t V ih-WllM1 Mvi." ln?4 tB lit aCBtDAtBTB Jo MJLLl'JAKY OrriCKKb AND OTHKlf. FATCHMLOJt'B BAi* #T*, TU fieat la U* W*rW. n. C?i? ZtiimlL tuU HirnUtt Htr D# MmIM \ X . , \ \ N ADDITIONAL TtVTIMO.YIAL*. a FEW OF TI1E MANY TESTIMONIALS* FROM THE CITIZENS OF WASHING , TON TO DR TUMBLETV, THE INiHAN tl r D U IWkPHAD nui\u i/v/v/iun. Depltrablt Condition qf Bod* and Mind. I ?ru almost drid with pain Jn rnv <Ae*t, back ^boulders, s'fle a-"1 beart; wai debilitated tha\ f could scarcely walk. My mind was continr^iy melancholy and gloomy; but were * rot f^r Dr. Tamblrty's ?kill and bla remedies, 1 wonid have been dead before tht*. I am nowr completely cured. Thomas ^Jairris, p street, between loth and lliJi, "Washington. D. C. Erystytlas Cured? Dr. traslett?Your herb remedies are tha ptragon of all that la great 141 medicine. They narve cured me after l??-lug vtveu up to die of erysipelas. Mrs. Emma Kkkkall. Fairfax county, Va. a/ C n uiri r /iim SSM lia 27 m* a t> 71 ?*???,*.? t WJ V v?5 I ircfA Wtnkntss. Tht* Is to certify that I Lave been troubled with th* abo%e-named complaint* for several year* I tried soane of our moat eminent physicians In Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown, but received uo relief. 1 was persuaded to try Dr. Tumblety, and In a very ?bor' time hla herb medicines cored roe. Jamcs H Bxall, BlacJcsmith Shop, Navy Ya:d. Dfspeytin n*d Liter Complaint Cured. Charles W. Harman, Metropolitan Police. Washington, D. C. Curt / an Vlctratmi Sort Ltg xcitk seven holts. D*. Tomblktt?i have been using your herb madlclnea to cure a bad leg, with seven running ore*, < f aeveral yean standing, which the doctor* thought Incurable, and ampntatlon vra? r?>ga/ded as the only ultimate relief. 1 can now walk a* well a* ever. 1 am cured. 0. V. Pakkish, Seventh street, Park Hotel, Wnatiington. Consumption Cured. Mri. Edward T. Tupipett, Navy Yard, Third street, between M and N. Scurry Cured (a very had case.) Jaa. W. LarkJn, Government Printing Ofllff. | Washington, April 9, 19(W. filini*exs Cured. Thia I* to certify that 1 have been blind for two yeara, and bv the aid of Dr. Turublety'a treatment 1 can waik all over Washington without a guide. Seventh atreet, laland. To tht LadUs. My wife haa been afflicted with a disease peculiar to Utr lex, for three yeara. Had tried varioua phyalciaus without any benefit Dr. Tumbtety bi> cured iier. w. Tucker, Alexandria, Va. Ccmumption Cured. A vegetable course of treatment presented by Dr. 1 umbltly ins cured mc of Consumption Joseph EsKHiKJE, lirigade Wagon Muter, lwth street, \t <utilngtoii. D C. Uufuit of the Throat. Francis Scr?'?, llsq., leader of the U. t?, Mariue Band, iNavy-Yard. Scrofula Cured To elt atll'cted with Sen fula. Try Dr. Tuinblety, the l.dian Herb Doctor J. ii. HUTCHIJISOH, Patent Otllce. Rtr. J. Curtis Cured. 1 would recommend a:l who are troubled with General Debility, Dyspepsia, A.c., Ac , to try Dr. Tuuiblety, who hu cured in*. Riv J. CCRTIS, Baltimore, Aid. Cancer Cured. Dr Tambiety hat. cured my wife of cancer by hi> hi rb remedies. J. Capkn, Near Fairfax benuuary, Va. Sore Eyes Cured. 1*. Mahtr, Bridge street, Navy-Yard. Pflnpsu* L'ttri. Dr. Tdmblety'g Herb Medicine has cured my Wife of the above-mentioned disease. Cah Ccrsihgham. Georgetown, D. C. i Pr/i Cured. r?i?. % - U* ft t?? ? t\? ?* - /? - i r I'J uivu^oi un ny ?? ra?uc*?, vyape, sia, V^(>Btivencas, Night Drtson, Ac., Ac. Jamk? Davis, Alexandria, Va. Largt Tumor Htmovtd. Jamn King, G street, Washington, D. C., had a lnrjde turner of a canceroua nature removed from hia head without rtBortlng to the barbaroua practice of cutting with a kn.fe, aa ti usual in auch caaea. FtTtale Complaint Cured. Mrs. C. W. Kiakcuiau, l.ang'a Hotel, Georgetown. Cure of Xrrvoui Debility. Frinlprlck Kohledrr. K ?bw>( rnrn #?r rvf Uljitd. Scrofula Cured. i. Malouey, corner 1th and H street*. Enlarge mtnl of thi Iliart Cvrii. T. Downs, 313 Oth street, Washington, D C. Scrofula Cured. J. D Lakwan, Hlxth street, No. 43W. Consumption Cured. J. Laird, watchman. United J?tate? Capital, John Clark. Camp Duncan, D. C. John C. Day, corner Second and D street*. Bad Case of Javntiei Cured. Intin II n>/< V (Ml V l ?.l. ....... wwu MUIU} Hf. VV I'L W ( V"(A a*CIIUV> Fitf Cured. David Dllon, 472 F atreet. iV?rro?3 Debility Cured. John Donobo, No *?06, corner C and 3d afreet*. CUarle* A. Courveiaer, Navy Yard. Cured 0/ Ckmic Dinar*, William Kulllvan, corner Four-anda-bslf and 6 street*, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D C. Cured of Utbtlity. Charle* Wllaon, U. 8- Regular. Dytptpsia Curtd. BonJ. Doraey, Twentieth treet, below Penn ylvaula avenue. Cured of Pimpltt on t\t Fact. Jamea Reed, Tweaty-alxth and L etreeta Chronic RKtumAlitm Curtd. M. G Howard, Tenth atreet, near 1'ennaylvania avenue. [Asthma a/Ur nil th$ Doctors FaiUd S J. White, No. '253 II street, ?outh *lde of Capitol. Canetr Ctrtd. J. Blackburn, Georgetown. Wink* Cuuiiii A|? .J v? ?? * uwcwi9 VVTCBi S. Haaoscb, 417 Seventh street. An Citrii J.J. Kane, C street, between 6th and Tth. THK INDIAN UKRH DOCTOE will describe disputes and tall his pstleau the nature of tbelr complaints o* Illness, without rt-cp|?tngany Information front them. Ifs Ck+tgt far Consultation or Adwiei Uflc*, No. 11 Washington Buildings, PenuyU wli avenue, cornel 7tb street. ip M WAVY BliPPLIfcS-IPfia '*3. Navt DB*>*t**NT, J Bmtan nf Frrciuoni nU tlctkint, > Ajnl 2. I1** N , I*??isati Pitoro??t?. ft!*'! fttd e.-.-iorw * Propoea s for Nftvr hnpflioa." will M i?t tt>i? Hcre&u ?o oiock ft. n> ,t>r "Wedr r?<K?f ttiASMh d?r Apni i.fti .f 'r tarr istuuc ?n?l ?! ltr?riog (od r<M?i vicg notioo, cicert fof L-itocit, for vhioii fir* days' hotioe ahali tetnP?l for every'.anty tfeovsacd jo?o<1? rfquire!) at th? Ucited>r*t Yt: 1b, ftt ? Kftrlftcrriwn. filfts Brroij yu, New \oik; ard Phil* elPiNjiiiT'.YaLU, mfih quantities only of the f<> towinc artiola* sft ?niy he r^qaired or ordered '.urn the contriet-n by the ohief of ihi? bnrean,of Wthe r**p?cti?e comtrandtnt officers of 'US eAid * ? Yards, during the fiscal y*ar oDQing Jane ?>, 1S63, vit: Otsci!U. float, tie* -!ri?d arp'e*. scrar, tea,coot*, bearn, mo'Msfe, Vnetarand whnky. The hiretut shall h? made whol!? frcm sweet sape-ftte floor, of the ina'iU'atfUi'e of the year 13t'l or 1?K2. but ?hal! in a!l cas^s b? rrarufactored from flour m*d?ot theorop unmet'iiteiy frecedine the rt&tes? f the requisitions f->r tae san.B; and shall l a 1 ... --- ?* iu u < if >i3 in ?cu conif)rri ''I * ?V^ ?h*pe, io the e&mpiee wtiick are deposited in the ud N?v* Vard?; elitil l>e p'O^erlt ' skrd, tnnr?"?thl?Jsiln-dfwd. w*i? psckcd, anrt deitvorrd fee of cna(#p to the United M?e?,in nocd >011:1'!. *'? dried bri| ht Hour t urrel*. with tbe henU weileeourrd.o tu nir&n<i wV?r ti*ht whiskj or ?pirit b?rre!?, &t tto option?f the IK r?i?. Tb* Bonr shMl be e<ju*l to tie best Richmond and B& tiinore !,ranc?.&aJ of the t i%nu &cture of wheat jcrown in the jeir 1851 or 186?; but ?b*l; in all r&?f?be nnonfeotund liom pure, *chd(1. fresh (round wbeatcf tiie crop !mm?rti*tFlr n eo*>< mi tiieria'eaof the reqniaiubn for the > am-; 'h&li perfectly ?*wt. ?n l in *11 re pvc'.a of th? bett Sua ity;aod shall badolitered in to<-d shippiniorI er freeof a'loharj^tothe United Rtat^a,in the new, well sesaoned. s iind, bright ba*roi?, or half barrels, as the case ir ay be?the stave* and heading to b? of red <>ak cf the beat quality; air. ng aid well hoored, with iLlag hoofs arouud esch iiea?:. and equal in quality to rample barrel at t-;e sa <1 Navy Vard?; two half b-rreiato t e considered a barrel, and not m .ra tl ar. one-third 01 iho requireJ quantity to be In half barrels Trie rici alia 1 b* of the very be?t qia'ity- and of 'tie crop immrdia'oiy p.-eceJing lh9 UaUa of trie reqi-i'itions for tbe s?m < Theflri'Cap lethali beoftho Leet quali'y. ard shan bo prepared bj sun drying onlv. aid cfthe crop of the autumn limnyjiattly treaedicg 'h? datf s of tbe requisition* t?<r th-tav.e. sad sh&:l bo delivered in p&okages con'ain.Lg not morethau lir-o hundred po?nd*. The iron hoops on the barrel* and halfbirrels containing wh skey, mo:assra, and vlntpar to ba we.l pa ntej with red tevd. The sugar t>e dry anl fit for packing ard equal in quality to the beat Havana sarar. The t-a !.&!, 5,e cfgooU qia'iiy (to <>, t, p$ual to theraninlA!i*t?*i?i\i??r? ' ? * 1 * -J , i lui i? univtrc nihalian q :arter chestsoniT. The ootids ?MU1 be equal to the Vest Cuba, ?ooori'i' ({ti? e. Tho o?ar;? ?h*U ^e of th* very best qoa'lt' whiti bfanvfcnd sha'l b? of t*0 cr- p lmnies'iatelj pro oedir.* thi date* c f the rf qui li iior.s for the r*-ne, fit sounds to l e taken as oue tus;e'? The n.o!as?es ?fiail Iw'? y fqu.*l ?j> the t?t? i est <l\i*titf of New Or'esi.s mr l*tsos, a-H skR l to tie iHftrfrtinBtw.vl! seasoned rftJ-tuW I arrcls and j ha'f h?.'re!8, erd wiih white pine h^adt not less I tiar. I)j iEch thiok; the staves u t iefs tiisn V u:ch I think, ih?barrels "and htlf ba'rels to be i^.-ceI ?Vr. I * " " .o. o iiirufm, ui'ii ia i^nnio:;, to I.&V9 tour iron hcxiPB one on oaou bilje, llj n?h in winth and 1 16th inch thiek. atd ore on each chime inch in wi Uh and l-i? h inch thick,and ihall lis thoroughly coopertd ami placet intr* beat ahip ping ocnlitlop. one thud ihequactity to le in half barre'a if required by tin UU'da i. The vin?|f?r ?'mbe < f th* f>-st t'la'Uy, &qua! to the tandard of the I citMl States I'rarnavrae:a and ahail contain t>o othf-r than ac?tio no^a.ant *ha!l be delivarea tn barelaar.d bait barre'a similar in all reepro'a to thoa* requi'??1 for m ilaeeea, with the exoep'ion that white i ak a'av-a and h*a<la aha. tie eubaututed for red oak a'avea ar.d whitepin* head*, and ahall be thou uglily o opered an?i placed in the beat cbippiuc o der; on# thud to b > in haif barrel a Tua wii laker aball be made whnllv from grm. tound and irerth?n aM*. aod be fn 1 fi at proof according to iha L'n ted o n'om-hoUkC a'and a*?l. and ahail b? doub e rectified, itahali re delivered in sood.nw aom.'l nr ght, three Qrartera hooped, we:| e?uoneJ white oat barre'a and ha.f barrel?. With white ?.ak tu a la, the heads to t>?inadeol three piece h??dinf. and welt p1 inted: the #tt?vea not ? be >*aa than *{?in h thick, atd thi aeada rot )eaa?har. llia.i ^-incli who*: aid Iro ii oarrsi %na na'l r>*>rr?i sh 1 t>e C'*op>?r?it. in aMitiort withoae three pcuny iron ltooii rn eacb bilge inch in wn'cn, and l-ifth inch ?li'e-c ani oiio nr-'e pe>nn? hoo? ru earh oh; ?>?, )>? >uol> *n wulth an<l l-lfcth inch thick, a<i per fling.The vhole to be put in cco<l shippiai; t.-rd-r frse of i II ciia +4 to the United State*; one-third to be if hail barrel* All the loregomc dfBeril ed art'o'e*. ftmnracing cat>'?g. t^arre's, hau-barrela. ar.d ! : x ?. sba 1 be isubj to r>io;i msreeti-'n as t!ie t !:.? i of the urnu of'iniiaRil C othirg lot; direct. ti;e m>pocting oflijer to b? ap?oii.lfed by the r>avy Depirtim-nt A-l !nrpec*io?i3 to be at the p'ace ol delivery. fiia-uittnaT, however, b-> inspected %t the p of manufacture. but will in a!: csaes Is a ti^jeet tf> a (mil luaprot'oa at 'he p'aie of de ivtr? o? fore the hil'a are iigied therefor. The price* of a i ibe fo.ejo^ng riielea to be t?<e r&me throughout t h * y-ar. ai.d b.d-erairat (If r fo: one or m ire articlea; and hi? offer wil! bi aooaptod for that j ard !.or ?iieh he proposal may rm !owe*t, Birl *tiera inoro than one artiole m awarded to a bidder t;<o nrt:c'cs will emb aeed lu UK* or mnm - 41 " ? ?vi?tavi9| at 1119 op-ioa Oi ItlO Butpru All tm casks. S#rre!i. r.ud ha'f b?m!s boxes or p&ck(i(eit, shall be wiatkcU ari'h their ts at d tht> contraotoi'e ram A' the b*r'e * a-d ha ( h?r:e^ cf ttnur and bread tha'l h%v . in addition to the above. th-? year vrhen uiaiiulactu.od or put up niR'ked upon th'in I I he sarop'es r?-f?rr?d to in thin adVTtiecirent are those relected (or the enHiini fi.-eal tear, ami hive ho Trfertnr.e ttiMi/ias Ma re brt t preeiouily ishxbtftd-) # he quant ty cf the*e aitieien which will be requt ed mnnot be ptecutij ?t*>ted. The) wul probab y bo about? Hiecuit S.nrsn non !bs. Flour 4.i?n bVa. Kit*. 6WWIM Dried App os -, - T SKM-no Iba. trujar? r*t'.r)|h?. 'Jra.._ 7.i?*)?;b?. /V CT- - . ..mrm 11)6. Beans li W> borhfla. >?o'ajg?8 5i?o sali'ins. Viu?>t?r v l*m *a: ogi. Whiskey I5?,'0i gallons. Th* qu*ut:ti*s ol Mir or?'i ma: bo inoreased or dimimahe i. Tho con?rao'b wib turelore fce rtia'e, not for < pocifu q'lart'.t'ta, but fur sucti quantity* as the b v?.c& way repair* to be detiwrea at ti;oie ftavy * arc*, rupective *. ? ontra^ton n<'t residing %t the p;ac*s wh?re do liver;e? are required n ust oataNinh acetc ez at arsh p'&O-'t. that co d?I?y mar a i-e la f rushing what be require"!; and when a contractor fars promptly to oomp y with ? ifqupiuon, tl.e Coiefot tne l!ur*au <f Provisions audi lc?:hi.i( thall be autnor z?d to direct ru cf a*e tote marie to iupp j t ? ( eho^cncy. nniior ihi jn n'tf in li* expresaed in the c<j,itr*< t; tn? r-*oord of a rfqu si* t;on, or a oBplicate copy thereof, ai tJiO Bureau < f Hrovtaiooa ard C'ottitoc, o at either ol the N*vi Yar<1? afore aid, aha i b<J e-itlence auoh rrq-u^i'ion t aa be<>o madea-.d received yep**a'o oil' r? must 1m u *df> lor each f.'tic" at each of the *!<>re>aid Navy Yard*; ard in ca b im:;? thfin on A arti/? a ? 1 ? *' " ?,?, . ? i v aM' fci >n rnr i ner, me v m#?i of the Bureau wilt have the right to acoepi cne cr mors of tne article* contained in auo^i i iTer ami re jocttlie r? iraifcder; and bii'd'rs wh- ce prorosala &;e aooepted (and none utlier?> will to forthwith n tibed, and ai *an? vraclica^io a oontraot will t o tr*n*nBitt?rt t? them for execution, winon contract inuet te ret >rurd t ? the Lureau within five <!*??. ex3lut iv ? of the time r quired lor the teguiar ttanemiecionof tne mail I wo ?r more app cved ncr tiei. in a aim equal the e?ti mated amount of the re p?cti*ecor.tra ><a, will be requir# d, ant twenty r*r cutum in a-iditioa wil be withne U from the aiuouit ot ail pariiionts on aooonat ther?< I a* collateral eeourity. :n ad Jit:on, to secure it* perforn anoe. and cot in any t> out to bs paid unlit it is in a 1 resp^cta ooinclud wi*h. Blank f>rnifl of propo*a'a may b' ot?t*in~1 on applicat on tu tne .Nav? At'i.Ua; F-> uno'i'h, >?w* fJ.? v--. r?_ ? w? ?#vaavut ivvw rH1HMW ?l 4ft 7 DM" timore, acd at this Rarrau. A rtord or dup'io&teof thel'tter ii>forii;ior a bidder ol the acceptance of his proporn.., wih It* Wined a notifi^%t:i>n thereof, wi( air. the meantr* oftheactof 1M6, a'.U hi* b d will be in vie and accepted in colorfully with this ui.dannai dtu?. fc.very offer in^t'e must >e accompanied i s? directed in tne act of Gor src-*B n<atir>r a?p*o*ra tir?ii8'or tjeD>v?e( ?ei\ioe for 1''.6 '47, approved I tii of Anjust, 1?43) by a <*rit en *u%rante<?. sirnrd by one or more re?por. ibis peren^.t.i tbeetleot that h*or they underaVe th*t the id ler or b:ddi :s will if h ? or their b;d t e aocpted. ?r.i;r it t) an oblitaticn within five days, with food and Buff.oient avretiea to furcian the ai'pphea piopurcd. I'h5 bureau will tot be obligated to ion>ider t iiy proposal unlet* accompanied by the cuarai.'eo retuued by law; the oompelenoy of the marar.tea ?o be osrtifi'd by tne Naw Agent, District Attorney or ?'olieotor of the Cu??oni*. I JTk - --- ?- - - - ? - ? . ?. <r?iinn- f ouiaerx tj eailcd tt Ihr tamr'/* and descrtptiun of urtiel't required, a*, in tKe inH-e'tion /or recption. a jutt but r ifl co/nrartt' n re-ill be made between th* articles offered and the sample and contract receiving none that fall below them: and their attention is al*o particularly iti rectid to the joint rr.'o'ution oj Slth March, 18i?, and to the act of the lOfA of A*Ku*t, 1646. ap 3-i*w<w SOMETHING NEW ! "> nK;1" *,g7lijf At sei U strut, oppoiitt . . OYSTEKO STEAMED la th* Bfcftll ftna whoroufWy Cooke* (f*r U ft ruit) in two mmute/, tk* fmiUtt tt?M on retard. Oa]1 >n<i au The and erected reajritfally in!orra? his frields Is the ihatnot, and visitors to the eity, that Le hM [?atVM his OLD ftnd W1U-MOVK IIT4U ItHMB^T in a moat Uioroaih manner. and ku made oomjiete arrant amenta to furiuab OV8TKFS in any trie and n> any quantity. *00 to 400 faiiona abaokei per day. t.009 to S^ju oana of Sy;o?d and FmxI ant ip daily?oana hermetiovUy eeaiei. FarniabM Id the ahell by t^e baahei or barrel/ Persona wiahiaj to bare Oyitera famished r?f*larly throach the viator, at Baltimore arioea, withoat fear of ntllara, aiioald oa and male arrancamaota at opoe. Freight, time, and most? aarod by ?arehaai&f e< no, aa 1 rarask an artiola anal to the oe,<sb rated Baltimore eatabitshmmu, yrieee )aat aa low, _ Ou$et , Maat?? Lo?7ton * Ijardinea. Glama. I Dinwownw. AomMpea, JQt? In ict, rrerr thinffor ?ftl? la taft North* r* BftrraStsSglSwiK^^: M* ect?b!iahiaeekit?>Mafroni i ft. m, to 13 ft* tiiBt,ev?ry tor, *? ?! bftwUJ. wL?a1 olows ftt lo^'c.ooltft' M. W. M. H Alt VET. nMS VERY NICE ROSEWOOD CHlC*mJ triDM FiftuoftnU or.a Goibfnr a&!a ver " - J - " tTKA V ELLENS' DIKEOTOKY BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD. NOTICE CHANGE OF HO UHS. Ok a?id aftfe Wfdsksdat, Aran. X, 19*2, THS PlS?I.5?XK TkAlKt MTWIH Wmi.lGTOK, BALTIMOKI, AND

THE WtST Will tu as follows : F.r? Dmtly T"?ci*i 4rrt>< al a*-# 'Uiwl from tPaskiHrton Dat.'y during tkt leuk, *d two on b*ndav>. For PHILADELPHIA an<1 NEW YORKLaare Washington atea. m., 7.4*1?. m ,11a Tor ANNAPOLIS?Leave Washington at 7.4" a :n an<1500 p m. For FR KDKR1CK?Leave Washington at 7 49 a. m. and S 5' p. m I-OK ALL POINTS W*ST, And for Harper's Ferry. .Vartinshnu eni WIechecter, leave Washington at7.? > a. tn. TRAINS MOVING SOUTHL*av* New Vi-ri at 7 a m ; Pniwde'pina 11 J* a. m.; Baltimore 3 50 p. m Arrive at Waeiiiegtoad <6 p. m. Leave New Vn?k at 6 p m ; Pbilarie p^ia 10 V p. in ; Baltimore 43oa. in. at 6 2n ?. m. Leave New Yo'k at 11 p. m; Phi'adeiphi* 3 90 a. rn ; Ka'.tiraore 7.40 a. m. Arrive at Wacbicg'un 9 26 a m. L< c?i Accommodation Trsir g leave Ha timer* at 10a. m. ami ft 10 p.ui for Washington; arrive there at 12 a. in. auH ? oo p m. Ou Sunday# at 4.30 and 7 #> a. m. on'y from Balti more, ino Annap. lis or Frederick ooktecUoLS on Sandny. P amercer Trains learine Wukintlnn (I 7 4r> a. in and 5 u> ? m , and B&!tinu>re at ?.40 a m. and 510 p. m., < irect connections for Acnapoln at Junction. The "7 4ft a. r? eoitcccts at Ke a? for Frederick, Ha;erslo*n Harper's Ferrr. Martmebnrg. Winchester, Wheeiuti i'aricersburj, A- /* aTAAtt S n a:J ? Tram* Imya Ataapolia for RVt.raore and Washlntton at 6 ?* * m. aid 3 40 p m. P&aaeDcer T>air s lfaviuc Wiihitfton at 6 no a. m. U a m. ar.d 5 j. ro? and Baltimore at 4 S"?nd 7 W a m . and 35> p. m , will ttop otly at Annapolis Jnnrticn Wny P%?pcngera mast tafce the Arcommo>I*!ion Train' only. \Y. P. SMITH, ap 2 Master of Transportation. uvt. THE fl*69 Pennsylvania Central Bailroad, fiBH (with iti conn*ot:ona) IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! THXXH PAILY T*AT!fS TOO* PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Two 0[ th?m mtkini Loss ccn * ?ctio*? at Riatmaii* with trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and formme THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE rioM WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all points in the W*?T, No&tu-WXST AND So*TH-WB?T. (C^For Throoih Tiok?ts, apply at the Oflloe ! the Northern Central Had Road Company, Cl!v6rt Station, linltuaope. Sfbndid Slermig Cars on all N'gk* Tratru Smoitng Sstoon Cars on a-ll Train*. FROM WASHINGTON. Faf?ec*cr? will taka the f. a. n.. ! s p. m. train*, arriving in il&itimore at 7-50 a. m. ?n<1 6 4* p. ir? wnore oiose connectioas are rcftae with traits cc tne Northers. Central K. K.,ai;uarn\ * in Harrisburg i p. m. and l is ft m .there ?5onn?otir| W:tn the trains on the Pennsylvania Centra. R&iiroid far &1! <>i ' thr. mm.t I PGIttHTS. By this ?ont?, freij tits of ail descriptions "an Ss forwarded to an-1 from at? point on t*? K?;lrri^!? ofOhio,Kentucky. Indiana, lii'.ncis, Wisconsin, !(> &,or Missouri, by Rulroed 4i*'.ctTne Pennsy Irani* Central 1* ailr?vi a!?o connects at fitUbvri w'th Steamers, hy which 'joodscar be fci warded to any port on t 'eObio. Mu*kin:~tn. Kentuck-r. Tennessee.Cnmberland. Jlilnnis. Mm issippi, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kcusas, Arkansas, a&d Iltd Rivers; acd at Cl?v":ari<l, handusky and CDioaco with stenriers to ail Northwestern i ?uea Merchants a'id shippers ei:!riis* nn the transportation of their Freight to ibis Company, can relj with confidence GQ its ?peedT t ausit. TDK RATL3 OF FREIGHT to aid from any po:nt in tbe We?t. Yj ths Pennsylvania Centra. Railroad, art t.i ah us fuTermtlt as ar< ikant l b', an* vc*d I'ompmuf. trriio ssrtivriar to i;iark pack**** "ria Pi** Cinm; K K." MAOlAVVi KOONS, Frfijfct AfnU, No. iNortn ?Ue>et, t more. ENOCH LEVViij,8?n'l y<:9?rmt't, Aitoora, Pfc L. L. JIOUI'T, ttan'l Ticket Ae't. Puilad?!'pf ?a. a. II HOUSTON, Ger/i Fre'cht Af<?r!. Ptn!a deiyltia. i& 4-diy J^ORTHERN CENTRA I. RAILWAY. Tkt Skoritti, QuithMt aa-i Kttt Routt frett JaoiH ir. or* to tkt WEdT, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. WINTER SCHEDULE, C:iah?? or Tin*. On and ?1?r SUNDAY,tith Norther. r?M?* cer Tr&ias Will fcrrite an J fr?ra OalTSrt S*Uc: u folio we : 'laatm? Noi?B LBavb Mail at *. w. Bn(fc!?> p. nj. PHr'tton Ac>5orrrio.l?tion 4 f. in. PuUburc ?i?l IJumsburt Lxrre*?* S.S0 p. mtra-ms south akbivi r*rktcB Acoomr<?<Hiatica at i a. ra. Baflivlo Sixteen 3 2? a. m. Pitcsburc ?:id iiarrubarf lixfreet 1at. i&iu f. m. The I ?. m, train from Waei.inrton ennnrot* with the 8.2? a. ni. tram from Ha tiir.or* for tl.t West and for lluaalo. Klrnira. Rochester, Punkirk, Canadaifua a-id Niagara Fails, aad for New k'orfc city. The 21 a. m. train from Waehincton eonneoti with the3?. m. tram from Ha!t:mor? to Weet North a?>d ft ortnwfjt and Kiraira and iiuilalo i ( Boofcceter. The 6 p. m. train from WMhincton oonneots *n) the 8.90 p. m. train from Haiti more for I'uUurrt Harneoure and the \N>it and n a direct connec ti-in lor Lebanon. Kwton Alleutown and Nei York via Centra! Railroad of New Jereey. In thi? route for New York. fr7"The oniy train le.irin* Baltimareon 9and&> ls.tue, tr&iu. tor Harrieburj, 1'itteuuri, Cm 0**0 and tli- West. The only Uair. ?rriTiLfiin Baltimore on Sur.ciaj la the 850 a. *1. train. J ASS- C. CLARK I", no 2t-1 y SnppriBtewloBtTWUTICE to TRAVKLEK3. HE Poaimaotar 3'an'il ha*m ordered tV? nftil service between Wanfcingtoa. w . Baltimore,aad OiJ Point i Fortreaa ^i'n'irir Munroe) to be r^eumett, on ar(<! artemttmmmmKea Monday, the SCth instant, the Bar l.tneof ste*iner? will leftre Baiti>noro KVKR\ DAY (except Hua cay) from tho'.r wnarf. foot of JjMon Dook. at ro!o?lc f. m., or immediately ftftsr the ftrnvftl o the Waati.nclon Train, whioh bares Warhioftoi at ttt c'clcoK f, m. m??-tf Rl. N. FALi-3, Prea't. L. Towifts. J. >1. Towns. J, B. 7owkks. L. TOWERS A CO., 8TKAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING 18TABLRHMKNT, Comn Louisiana avtnu? and Sixth it. The attention of the b&siness community is re speotfttllT invited lo th> New Book and Job Printing Establishment, wiiich liaa been fitted up with u?w material, in tbe inoat complete n.auncr, Is now prepared to exeoate. in a satisfactory style, everj arietr of Printing, via: Books, Speeches. Pamphlets, Cards, Circulars,' Blacks. Ac., Ac. The attention ol merubera of Cong res* is especially requested for onr facilities for printing Speeches, as we bars the Imrtut steam power 11 the oitr. de l-lxvsm n ? w*_s ? ??""? ** "" v" -" ?* - ? Unt run. "IHK rutKs AV HOMK."-UfMr? acd others needioc Dry Good? oi any kind for the folks at home, are sol:Cit?J to tLtpcot our stock, ali n??, and t,ie prioea marked ia plain biuret. the actua. cash standard VfW' U4 All parcels for the interior, properly picked for forwarding by express or other oonveiai-ces, free of chargo, PERRY it BRO., *p 5-*t Pa. ave. ?nd Nirth street. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 342 PxuHSYLvaiua Avairrt, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND KEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND KXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. WE Of PER TO MILITARY MEN a lane ?? aeaortmaot 01 w k b > ua utuc hLAnntbL OVKRHHIKTS. WHITE HHlRr*. 0KAWKR8, CAMP BLANKET*, HALF HOSE.Ae., whioh w? invite a I caah purohaaera to examine before making tn^ir a?.eutirn . _ WAUL. 8TE#W8 A CO.. m St 129 IV ?t..m '??hFto-' i?tti tinCASH NOTICE. N Conae^aenoe of onr hiring to p*r ouh for every article of goods ve purchaee. ve are foroed to rednoe our buain<-aa to Casta exclntivrfor the >ren>ut. W e have in atore a very !%rge auorunent of RlsAUY MADE CLOTHING Tor men and boya* wear, which are sellirg at a muoti lowar rate than usually. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., - saa *r??c wn ^JOUSHS, COLI?^HOAKSLNK88. Aft. COMFOVND SYH UP OF V VM ARABIC, This sleaaant ami soeular Conch R.niMi haa JhKA * T Z H H l? ?* cm?iro TTercwtewMre Snuce* PT08?*wd bj gj EXTRACT ONHOIPSK C ?8 5 ! 9i ft L?*t*r fr<?w ft to ft JH# fe 1 *#i?* .5 \ *t Mulrti -mur nun*** AHv f." Bg? MWoroMitr. gg -iwi&ftT* EVERY Th^fS&mSi ^53-rTT- n India, and i?, i* VARIETY * m* of.mon,til* WiO?4 Jy* *1 ?a'ia?bH? ? WUM or DISH. ^^f^rytSfSC* *hs aN>r* ? K CCE u not only tne IWT and moal r?r?tAse?^i::w*K*kiiomi,b?ttfc?ino?t Ettmemm*4 < * t ft* <5r? jf in 5e*p, Ormvy. or with M-?*. i and co!?l Bnr Swa*. Ga?M, ua^art a.- rz^aiuto lest, whioh njrmetrUd Pfcaoe m?r. tfacJufrt Ii?tp in tvib en^eaTored to On thf Z>ttoMfast, L*mk$*n, IH****, or AvM, % cruet cor.t&irirt "LKA A I'ERRJNS' WORCESTERSHIRE 2AUCE" ? inliiKl? Mb. to Mpreeiat* th? tottilsni ? *''' * of tin dM io?s preparation ii ia only nooeaeary to paroUaae a Bma;i botti* uf the nmrnim, of a reejeotfchie ir?e?f or <*ea cr, as i:\xei Hottl ami tUHmwramt fr? Kietors B?!do*n plare the Fim Saco? before their (uestfl, ret i>u'-?ut.-te a lenaine EottU hiied witk a tr^ctc*! ir;xtnr*. t'er sa.a bj tfrccars acd Fruiterers rrwhara. JOHN DUNCAN * SONS. Unisn St*ar? ? * 14tk strut. >?* Turk, Fc * Wholesale Agents for the I'uMd States. A Stock * **'* ta stora.?Also %rd?rs raosiTSd {or direct shipments from England. EOTBiwtt sS CoxnUrfntt m%d /tiMitm?m ?r? J-Iy,?o BMITH A1?0 eiiotiieii's NEW rORK PPPPP AA LL KEKKKKK PP HPP AAA LL ihEEEEK PP P?'P A A V K LL JE PP >rP AA AA LL iE PP PPP AA AK LL, tKKB PPPPP AA AA LL ?KtK PP A A AAA A A L.L EE PP AA AA LL EE U U ? i * iftris t'i' AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXKX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XX XX XXXX XXX JL XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX, X \ X X \ X XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX A A LL EEEEEEE AAA LL EEEEEEE AX A A LL EE A AAA A LL EE A A A A LL EE EE A A A A LL EKEE AAAAAAAA LL EE A A AA LL EE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE AA A A LLLLLLL EEEEEEE tcri&ios i^nra nr. piimtkr. *111 htri BROWS STOCT, 1* Wkoh, Half, end (juarttr Ctkt, BKE'.VED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND 110F8. BREWERY, l*'h Slrret, between 7th and !tb iTtllN, NLW YORK. fe 37-<iljp* I H. O. HOOO IS ncneta<t!j receiving, anJ but vafi on band, a fail tiipp y of & ,1 ths rooit celebrated Jv WA f cH ti-3! are manufactured ir. Em- IM S.L I. tirjijerltod ard America. l>oth in Gonft/mf a?.d Silver oases. Hp also k?e?s a large stock of ti n* J K Vv i.LU Y of tin most aeeirabie etylea set with i>iamcr.ds, EntT&ids, Rulie* aad a.' other Cioms. Hp ?* a I no ir.acu factor! ut a'l kinds of Solid St* 'ta'lS.iver Ware, ar<d keeps Sworda, Revolver*. rtw.rd rieiu and Saares, Uowie Knives. Kasnrs. S^:z>ors, 6old, Stiver and Steel zz-i a treat variety of ether things usual> kept la a J*w<* r? Store, a^d a l at the very lowest price. Mo. 33r* Fa avenue, bctw^n 9th and loth htrnAt* fia I I ? v-vtwi *V IV ptNSION OFFICE. Jcsi 6th, 1961. TO ALL Wff03tlr MAY COSCEKy. Application having !?s macs under the act of ?Vi l?*?o, frr ta* reiasue of the Laut Warrant# d??cri!;(? t h^rciu. which ar?WAileged to have t.eon io*t or 'iestrovod.notioeie hereby jriven, that a* t':a fo;'--Tr!:'; the devoriptioa ofeach W'ar| rant. a new Certificate, of !ik? tmmr* will be t*? ea^d. if no valid objection eboa.d tuen appear. N<>.ar,3fti. f, r i??t ^rres, ism*d under the aet of Marc.i s.i UI5C. .n the n*me ?.t Jacob B'?der, and Wis Auca.'t ? h. ta56?May 3d. 1862. N". 45, U. r Ii > t>crea, i?kC?<l ur.der the ait of Match,13fe,i&tiia caiueoi uh?'io:te widow of Wal'M (v.l*, i-d via irai?t?<l January 26,1350? .Vv IT, 1??. L'li i W-r.&nt Certihc*H, No.75.1?7.for lEOacree, (%c! to./ in f'vorof I'atrici brady, Fnvat* of (' iv;.\ut li. .i H't't U. is. lofa try. bearing data 3'a; neoei' l>er, 1S5 ?J use 24. 1H6Z. L*nd We.-rant Certifi a:e. No. 7> 8Vt, for 16" acrra. uioT tte act ui lith rebruaiy. 1G47. in favor of 'I horn a* II rrbaiii. e'lvate, of Uapt. Hnnter'fe ?ori<r?n?, U :nn of Mnfrr.on Vi>iunte*ra. iaBatd ??'.h April, <T53?Ju'y 3d. 1862. Jusbi'ii to,. HaKRETT, mh?7-1tw Cnirm'w'onmr. EVMCY PKft SON'S IN rtRKWI-That fine stock of Ch.Uiu?< for sale over Salts' Jeweiry Store i* now o;i -re J at eee than whoie#ale prices, at Mvli rti'c, iio. 4tv Seventh avreot. oppoait* Poatt-ffiie fe IV*" rriu L" ni- > k>?i ? 1-nr< rr.urijD r 1 LjU I n 1 > PU'llf., INO. 46rt ><*T?n'h ?i. Always *u??a! N?w arrival of ^pnnc Gootia.ail th* latest stylea of Clothinf, at Nv. <60 seventh str?#t. ?i?a.- P. fen 3m FVJR f?ALI??A ioi ?t*?ck of Clotmnf, Farnieh itj l?ood?, Trucks, Hsis ar.-l Caps, at whole si'e price*, at .No 460 teveuth street, opposite Post (?ffioa. _____ " 5sn ("* KNT'S Kiraiikint Goods, Trunks, Clcthtaft V Trnd*?. IIV acii Cap*, ail at Northern pioea, at the Peo,>te'<? OioUint vwm. No. 460 7Ui atre I COURTS. SH1KT8. S^HIK rs!?Just reoeired i>4<loaen clttrts. wbish sre otter at old pricea, r?rs. No. <ha * fe n *m wSjM LOOTS-SHOES! T Coanxa Trtth St. A.5D Pa. Av.J WASHINGTON CITY aw? L.ASTRIIN M\DK J aH?e' I if pit H&lir.orals... $1.25 to ?8.i5 6fji?' tt*!iu?ra i ..-#i ? to a 3 <? G-Mitt' Fir?e'"aif ? >ots. 9*(j(^o#iOQ All knids ol BOOTS ail SHOES very ohea>. ID" li'O's n aile to orlor in the >>"st "-anue^ by n7h ll-liu' CH*K?.?S H MORSF.. I IPMAJVI >5 HA!K 1)V El-TOCGLOH BLACK a; OH HHOTrjY <?u!y 39 Mate a bo*. Three boxes for one d->' ir. Gray, red or flaxen hair oaa bo oiia!iC4cl in a few eeconda to a jet black or brewn, ??j I'pcam's L'*aid HiurDye, the best mr-.t ~1.'?- ? . * >L\, ? 1A - ?--? ?? nu<? i-uvu^vok >u iuo wvi mi flvUHU!tt|? U1V ITH'IPCHl it i? as^iiec, a nch ryomi appe*ranoe. Each Box of CpiIaM S HA1K DYE ia warranted lo contain as iiiunh A't>? tfyt ai other* Mil for m dMlmr! tv>Ki by 3- C, UPH AM, 4 03 Cheannt atreet, Philadelphia, au l 8. CALVERT FORD, oornor llth i*rw and Pv Mre.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK A <V?, Prugiiwtf. aept-eoly l\il. DUPONT'S SU ti A R-COATED FB19 MALE REGULATING PILLS Read lue following uaaolioited enooiai-^HU imi: Mf f "1 cannot commend hem too hifhly." ~ " I'ney are the boat l-emale Pilie extant." "1 have mm them vitn oomplete aoeoaa." " Woaid not be without them apon any oonaiderattoiL" " I hey operate aaeedilj and effaotiTely.M Price 91 bent by nail- Hold by 0. C. UPH AM, 4tM Choenat street. Philadelphia, and in Waahisftnn byS. C. FORD, oornor 11th street and Pa, arecce.; in Alexandria, by H K.N & V COOK M CO.. Dructieta. aoSft-eoty IMLGODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURK ?r OONORUHlKA in six data oliarieof diet re^uirM. It U an Kmlsa specibo of aixty-fcve yeere atanciiif and will cot harm tLs moat delicate ooa- UV rtitation. It ocii'&ira m??ar?i?, Prioa at. Sold by a. O. UPHAM.403 Ibacavt street, Philadelphia. and in Waahingtoa br ?S. C. POKIJ, o^raer lltb uraetan'l Pa a<i; in Aiaxaadria, by IfENRV COOK * CO.. Drntciata. ao tt ?>ly PUi.L AMI ? OMPLKTK aTOPR OF Pane* and btaple DK Y 60009, now in atira, adapted tor the spring aud summer want* of (a?ull*s nn'i housekeepers. Our uortbnrn and eastern correspondent* land ca n -w supplies Uaily, One eiioeonly, th? actual oash standard talus, marked in plain lucres. An inspection of stock solicited from strangers, residentsard sojourners; it will imply no oMig*. tioc to purchase. PKRRY * HRO., ap 5-6t Penn. avenue aad 9th street. |}?C1DED BARGAINS. Lines Gocda, a fali aeeortment all kiada of tba bast Ct?M, Babrotderiee and Pocket Handkerolnela, reo?*l anpptiea in ail rjaaea, Fm'- on-* medium White F aanele, P<aic Wui?e and fiaui C&uionoe and Huliat. A!! of theabovoat one prorerbia..T lot m?. nmkoa in plain fixnrea, the aotaal cash atandart An laoMttOB of Hook lmpiiM so obHratfoa I* pjrottaee. PKKEY 010, wh 7-<t Peon urmrw* and Mb el BAKNUM 18 HKIK!?Oil free exhibiuva. ??o fc irat fctock of Ciothiac la the cit*, at the Poo?:o*aCiotMnr 8tore.No. 4fe0 BOTentJi atreot, opposite r<xt Oflm. N. B.?All of tb* above |AAt< for ?? at t?m kmm fm fi ?? THE GREAT "AMERICA* REMEDIEV Known aa HELM COLD'S ^ GENUINE PEEP A RATIONS, Til: HELM HOLDS EXTRACT "BUCHU," " ? ?4RSiPil/L?4 " JXPROrED K'JSE WA*H % HKLWBOLD** GFM'INK PREPARATION, *HIGHLY CONCSXTK A TEW COMPOUND FLUID EXTItACTFCrWt\ A Poaitira and Rrmf^y For riifMM of Uf BI.APPKR. KIDNEY*. SRAVEL.ud DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Tin Mediciaf ittrMHi U? po?r of l)i|N Uofi. aad exritaa tfea A BSOK BENTS into haal thy action. by wtnoh tha WATKRY OR CAL CARKf>L8 dopoxtioa*, and si! I'NN ATt'R AL ENLARGEMENTS at* r?4aood, a? vail a* PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and I* caod for MEN, WOMEN. C.JC CUlLDAEX. V HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU, For Anting fro-Tt Furim, Habit* of Diaaipatioi, Early In liecr?ti->ii or At^uae, AamUd wirk tktfoUovtmt &'<* *t Indiepoeition to Exertion, Lot* o! Po??r, L-^ea o< Memory, DiEcu'-ty of ?'enthtnt, w*k Nwm. TfW?b!int, Horror of DUeaae, W*tefn neat. DinnMi of Vision, Pain in Oe Back , t'mverea' J .altitude of the Mn'mlar fya'am. Hot HaDd*. * iuchmc *? th? Po<1t Drynees of the Skin, Frnp ion* on the Faoe PALLID COUNTENANCE, Thes? symptom*, if a.lotr'd to go or wh.oittl.a medioineinvaua'>y removea, ?ocr In'Vnwa IMPOTENOY. FATUITY. EPJLEPTIC FITS. In one of whioh th? patient may oxpira. Who oan eay that they are not fre^aently followed Lt thoae "DIREFUL DISK * UK?." INSANITY AND CONSUMPION." Many are aware of the eaa?? of thei- anffrrinc, BUT NONE WILL CONFKH*. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. 4m Im Mtli+rhw* IHail* by bar 4MrLI w1t5sm to tki TICll Of 11:4 THE CONSTITUTION ONCF. AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Repair** th? aid ot med-cine to atreggthen ard Irricrs'e th? f>rrt?r,, Wkirk HELME OLD'S EXTRACT BCCHB tn d?t. A TBIAL WILL COM'IRC S TBI *0?T SKEPTICAL. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR Y->t'N9. HMU. MARRIED OR CONTEMPLATING MAKRI4UE, Jm minf AJfirhOHf peculiar to tha Extnkot Kieho i* nn*quVe1 bj an? otl*r remedy. a* in Chi*?ria or Retention. lTocu'*nt?, PMtfi!n?'i or ^upprwiion of Or?ton?*ry ? v*ei?ationa, Qloeratvln' ?cirrhoti? ?tat* of the l':eru?. Leaoorrhoci or Whit**, Sterility, and at c<un?!ai-it? incxlert to the rvx whetne' aruitE from Indiscretion. H tMa of Dim potior, or in the DECL4NE OR CHANGE OF LIFE, en eiMPTOM* above. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Tail no *obe Ham**. MiRcrtT.o* ANT MEDICISE* FOB rftPLBAfANT AJ?I> PAReBBT* DtaBAeve. H EL MB OLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU CTBB8 SECRET DISEASES la all their Stacee, At little Kipecae. Little or no oIian*e in JVet, No ii)oonveaien?e. And no Frpesttft. lto*n?et a freqneut cni etoiliiTfi atresgth to Urinate, thereby removing o!w tractions. Preventing and Curing Mrioturri of the l*rethra. A laying P*in and lr>flann>a?t<->n, -< frequent m the o ui of dieeaaea. an4 ex?e ling mil fe.jcww. Jhttaud and tcorn Ml Mattrr. thoc8ahd* rrojf tiiot?*!?d* WHO HATS BFEf THE TICT1MS Ot QUACES. and vho ha?e aaid h*avt ri??to be eared ir ? ahorttime, have fouid th*y were d?o?iTed. and that the"PO|-ON" haa M 'hsnaeof* p< wnrri a?fniko?^tt," been dried up id the ayaten, to break out in an atgrawted farm, and PERHAPS AhTER NARRTAUE. I'm H*t KxT*Ar? BrcHr for all affee bona n?<l dues*** of the CHIyAH Y ORHAPIS, Whether exictinr in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oace? originating. aid no matter of HOW LONG STAXDWG. D'.teace* of these Orsaei require tue aid of a DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, And it oertain to hare ue desired effeat is ali FOR WHICH IT 19 RECOMMENDED. BLOOD'. BLOOD' BLOOD! Helm}'old's Highly ConctntrmX-d Compound FLUID EXTRACT RARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. This i? is an affection of the blood, and ATTACKS TdK SEXUAL ORGAN*. I.ININGS OF THK MUSK ! ? ? THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES. < Making ita appearanoe in the forin of ULCLR8. Helmbold'i Kxlracl Satmparilla, Punfioa tha ttlood, aa<l r?ni?vN ti. S^auj Eruption* v( t.^e s-k;a, UIVING TO THE GOMPLEXiON A CLEAR AND HEALTHV COiAJR. It bMK rrtMrM ei/r?Mty lor thia o nu of complaint*. ita Biuod PunlyiBf Frepertias arc pr?aorved to a graator extant Luaii a&j ouwrr prepaiation of Saraapaiill*. HELMBOLD'S HOSE WASH, Atl tlfi?! cnt for ?' U?L. .h. ? I S7JfBI !Wr Mure, and M ao injection IB 11'IMiei of t b? rinary Uigtm iritmi trcin Hibm of Divaipatioc, used IB ?ubbmiiob with 111* txHBoU b??i a ot baraapari.ia. ia ?u?b 1>inmh ? rKomutiiCM, Mtidtmc* cj lit m*H rtitallt amd rttpmu%bU tkmtatitr wtll me torn*am (4< ?n(i<uui. CfeRTlHCA ThS OP CURKS. ftca fa 80 yaarr* ttmmdmt, With NiMK mow* to SCHICK ANDFAMK. For Ma^ioal PtorrwtiM ol BLTHO.aee D:i I penaatory of iba United htatea. 1 8aa Piofraaor DLWKl'S nlMUa vorki aa U>? Practice of Pliyaio. Baa temarka made by the lata celebrated Dr. PHY81CR. Phiiaaelatoia. Bee remark* ??d? by Dr. KPHRAIM Ma DUWbLL. aeelebratec Pbymotan and Member of tba Royal Co..ece of Pargaona, Ireland. and Mbltakad ia the TraaMctioaa of tie Ring ana Qaeen'a Jaarnai. 8a* dadioo Ckirarfiaa) Rariav. pabliakad b* tfKNJAMI.-M l KAVt.JtB, Follow Ot Kof?i C*l!?( at Bwrjeon*. tSee noit of the late Standard wo: kaou Medioma. Extract Baoha, f 1? nr bottle, or a'z for 96 on. Kxtraot bar aapar ilia, 911? per bottle, o? la tor * 0. Improved Rom Wash, 50 par bottla, or biz for tfb. or, half tfoaeo ofeach for |UN, wkiok will b? enftotent to eure tii* moat olwUi?atr tai?i, If dl reotioaa are adhered to. Delivered to aay iMrm. eeoureiy pecked from o boor ration. DESCRIBE SYMPTOMS IN ALL COMMU- J NiCATlONS. ! Carat Gearactead ! Adviea Gratia !! AFFIDAVIT. Peraonallr ap* wed before ma, an Aidermea of ?ka -? - ? a- ? ? ?1 - ?x vnj VI (HIMIfMl U 1. riHHA VN boinj oalf rvom. duU say. ku? pr***r?Ui>B? ? - , taiaao saroouo, bo M ein, or oUn uuanaae 1 druifbttirt mtlr B. T. HKLMROLD. J Sworn Bad ?ubeon bed hefo'e mr, thie TSd d?r of Rovember. MM. WM f. IllbHKKP. AlleraiBB. 4 lata abut, above Maoe, fbiiadelpkia Addrwa IMri for iafonaatioB la BoaidaaM to Depot, BEWARE or COUirTKkFKITS I AND UNPRINCIPLED Dta.ALfe.ft5, Wkowd?Tor to dlapoM "ot Tins ovi"ut otiu anon os thi ummoi attaim By BHgiboU'g Qmiim Pro?r?tujc?. - - 'fiiipiitjt. M ** lmprovaa ft cm Wul (tout by DM VOUISTS MWMMTWHtMM ABK FOE HELMBOLD'S. TAKK NO OTHER. AND AVOID IMPOJj^ON AND EXPO- " I i

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