Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1862 Page 2
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eyeing star. WASHINGTON GiTY: FRIDAY APRIL 1% 1*6'J. |?7* Rndlr; matter on every page. See outaide for Interesting telegraphic and other matter Though Til hTam to printed on the faatett u-am preaa In acuta of Baltimore, lto edition l? to large aa to riculre It to be pat to preaa at an eariy hour: Adrtni'rwitMlf, therefore, abould be ?nt in before W o'clock otherwise they may not appear until the next day. On FirisM at the Tart on* military caapa tad position* ?1U cornier % Crror by keeping u* posted a* to morementa and affair* la their vicinities. lE^TLe new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan news and gossip, and choice literary reading, la nowin onr counter ready tot delivery to the public. Embraced In lta entertaining content* are the following articles: A *plendld Military Budget, containing full aorotinta rf the great battle at Pittsburg; Capture >t Huntsvllle; War news of ail kind*; Opinion* at the Southern press; The Laat Bout of the Merrlicac, and la teat news rf the progress of ihe siege of Yorktown, 4c.. &<*. Alan, all the local news and doing* in, around and about Washington for the pas' week; Congressional proceedings; Commercial and flnan rial newi, and all the latest telegraphic news of Interest. poetry, Sketches, humorous and otherwise; Rich, rare and racy articles; Latent peace news of this and foreign countries; and extracts from Brit ah papers; British opinions; The President's message on the emancipation bill; Items of general news, and laughter-provoking witticisms. Household recipes; Agricultural and horticultural matters; (."sefnl domestic recipes, and mnch useful matter for farmers and housekeepers. This is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to Feud to theTf friends at a distance. Price only ihiee cents per copy, or fl per annum; postage prepaid by stamp* when so arranged. Spirit mi th* Maralag Prats. Tne Intilliffnttr commtnts upon the battle at Pittsburg I.andlng. and sums up " what seems to be tbe authentic result of this stubbornly contested battle " The h?j vlli;fin notices thai the arrest of ex^erretary Cameron " has led to the suggestion that s bill should be passed by Congress inJem all In authority," for nerci sing authority beyond what the courts may Judge them to pones*, and comment* upon the suggestion. In the opinion of legal men, we believe, a general Indemnity act will not be valid, and each case will require special legislation. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. M. MEKCISR. The Norfolk papers seem puizled by fhe current visit of M. Mercier. tbe French Minister, to their port. That 1*: to account for the fact that be was passed through our lines to that end. For their information, we state that long aluce this 4iovernment concluded, a* an act of courtesy to other governments, to allow their war ships free egress to and Ingreaa from our blockaded ports under a pledge to carry neither passenger* nor mails, except official diplomatic and consular communication! between their own government cdMal*. This arrangement was first made with , l.ord Lyons, and immediately afterwards declared general In its application. M Mercier has, ten to one, simply availed himself of It to rommaalcate In person with the French consnls In Norfolk and Richmond on matters In that quarter Involving French interests u a v.-1 \a 1 ( vt A deserter from Penwicoia reached Fort Pickem on the '.Oh of April. He reports the Confederates In a bad way on xhore there, a fact pretty well demonstrated by the following circular 1? ued by the Confed commanding otttcar at Penaa< ola: nictLii. I/ead'/vartrr? Army tf Ptmncola, > March 31,1*62 > For t\?. Information of all Concerned 1 bere ar?* certain lounging, wortbleaa people, white a* well aa black, who frequeot the nelghcorfiocd of FtXitacol*, and have no obserrabl<> occupation Their Intentions may be boneat, but the Colonel Commanding does not believe the Xa.^t: ar.d as he Las no uae for their presence, they we warned to Itave, or the ronaeqr.ence# reat on iLelr own head*. Ttse fallows la erected at Penkaroia, and will be In constant u?e after the ;td day of Aprlt, 1.-02. The town ! under complete martial iaw by order of Colonel Jone* (Signed) J H Bctt. A. A. A iien. hot to bk hp!?n Onr fellow-eitliena will b* gl*d to learn that ti?e relative* t?ere of Mr. S V Carnal, wbo It waa alleged tonne timeilii^ewm tiled and condemned as a ?py In Richmond, are. now satisfied from aubaequent information that the alorv wan a tanard. savt ta*o. 1 be Jacob Bell, after taking In a cargo of coat, left yeaterday ait-moon The Reliance, which in company wltn the Bell and othera, made a reronnolsaance up the Rappahannock, came up for ccai laat evening, and left again tbU morning. Financial.?New York papera of )e*terday r? port an improved ton? if ftellng, but without much activity. I S Sixes of I registered, and coupon* of the same year quoted at 93^; t'aup>*iia of l-**- f?'? * . Attheaecond board the ?/s advanced Tennessee* quoted at l&\\Myly vsltu an advaiu.e of ^ at Ihe second board. Misacnrl <"s American gold Is steady at 1U1V Foreign exchange la firm; bills on Loodon selling at 1 Haitix foe documentary, and HlXalii\ for commert:Ul. f?7" Ye*terd*y morning, the ?teaoi-tug Wide Awake, belonging to Hyde and Davidson, Of Georgetown, D. C., was burned at William afreet wharf. Philadelphia. Machinery will be saved Insured for S50<iy. In New York. w iiivn?i.?vvi nic>9 ana wue, 01 l,0EQ0n, | itr ht Brown*. MsJ W P. Stone and Capt. J. K. Hswd, U.S. A; Dr. A. C. Strlner, U 8. j N.; and Lieut. T. M. Dungtn, L' S. R. 9. "Hercules," urat WliJardt'. !T7*Oa the I lib ln?t?nl Adam* Array Express brought swsy from Newbern, N. C.,tbe large wbi of ?430,(J0>), the contributions of burnslde's soldiers to their ftml lies at the N orth. L |?7~The transport steamer Albany arrived at N#w York yesterday, wltb tiro hundred aad ?fty rebel prisoners, captured at Newbern by General Uarostde. [C^Mr. William Mills, aged TO years, hung klMAlfM M A 1 ? ?- ? iiuuvci* vu raumwj i?i, ua an mm owr Uud* bridge, Md. No reason assigned for the act. 27*There are dangerous tea dollar counterfeits oq the Corn Kichange Bank of Philadelphia, Id atrculatloa. Tax tficairtiT or ma IsTiaioa ? A few days ?go we partially confirmed In these eoluaans rrrUlu reports a.ludrti to by a coatemporary reflecting upon the c ttclal fidelity of Mr. ftulth, Secretary cf the Interior. We did this la the full belief that certain sUtementi made to aa some time ago were to be fully relied upon. A strong eeaaur* directed at the Commercial Advertiser by a Washington contemporary of high character, awakened a suspicion that he had bma deceived and bad been guilty of a wrong to tbe JVcretary while we supposed we were only discharging a pnbllc duty We thereupon laatitated Uq'ililes which have made susplcioa certainty. in accordance, therefore, with tbe principle* which h?*? always guided oor editorial coarse?never intentionally to commit a wrong ad If we commit one Inadvertently to acknowl wage u may au?l rectify It thoroughly?we with* draw our unfavorable comment* upon the oflkclal conduct of the SecreUr? of the Interior u entirely unmerited on hia part. Aad we do this the more cheerfully, u la the course of our inquiries we have learned that Mr. Saalth 10 held la the blgheet personal and oflcial estimation by hia colleagues la the Cabinet and by the President A. V. C?mm?rci?l Adrtrtittr. Mobile, Ala., is threeteaed with ft mine aad editors roqueet the country people to atad tbeaa anything la the shape of food?core meal, sweet potatoes, field peaa. pumpkins, aad all farm prodneea that appease hnmaa hunger. ' fTTTbo Turaeraof Claelaaatl larltad WeadeuPhllllpa to lector* la their hall, bat lie declined. fT7"Pii hundred aad forty-alae wigruti itpeed at New York last wees LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. LvtcM from Fortran* MonroeHeavy Cannonading Hetrd in the V lr?.m> uirrcuoii di iuimwwu. The following baa been received at the Wat Department: Foktkks4 Moxxok, April 17.?Nothing new today, though heavy cannonading haa been repeatedly beard In the direction of Vorktown. It la rumored that a colonel of a Michigan regI ment was killed by a thell laat night. The weather la like mmmpr. The aky la cloudless, and there la no wind. Nothing haa been teen or heard of the Merrlmac The Surrender of Fort Fulaiki. General Hnnter's Official Report m Thirty Hoars Bombardment 47 Cannon, 7,000 Shot and Shell, 40,000 pounds Powder, 360 Prisoners, large quantities of Provisions and Email Arms, Taken! PotT Royal,9. C., (ti'a Sandy Hook. N J.) > April 17, IHttt. J Hon. E<iiem AT. Stanton, Sttrt'ary of War : We opened onr batteries on Fort Pulaski on the morning of the 10th. After thirty hours continuous firing a practicable breach was made, and preparation* for storming were about to commence, when the rebel flag was struck. We have captured forty-seven cur.s, seven thou sand #hot or shell, forty thousand pound* of powder, three hundred and sixty prisoner*, with their small arms and accoutrement*,and agoodaup'ly of provlslona. One of our men waa killed?not one wounded. Davit> HrsTaR, Major General, &c. GRAPHIC Acre in T OP Til t PITTSHI Rl. BATTLE AS WITNESSED FKOM THE GCNBOATS. The following spirited deacrlptlon, written by a Washington boy but fi/tten year* old, will be recognized a* the best yet written?so far as hi* limited points of observation extended?of the battle of Plttabnrg Landing : Pittsbbro, Tenn., April 7?Monday night. My Dtar ; Yeaterday and to-day ?ai fought the greatest battle fought during thi* war. It Is Impossible for me to attempt to describe it, for as yet we know nothing positive, and I suppose that the first details we will get of the fight will be through the newspapers. I will give vou an account of what part the gunboats took in the flght; and Gen. Wilson and all the officers acknowledge that but for 11s the enemy would now be in possession of Pittsburg. Yesterday we were laying at Crump's banding, (about three miles below Pittsburg,) when we Ledid cannonading up the river, fton? of us thought anything of It until a steamer came down, and called out in passing tbat they were flgbting up at Pittsburg. We then got under way, and stood up the river, and came to near the Tyler, which wa? laying about half a mile above Pittsburg. We saw soldiers coming by two* and three all along the bank of the river, Mime with guns and others without. The cannonading In the meantime was incessant, apparently about two miles back of the river, and occasional discharges of musketry. We sent a boat ashore at Pittsburg, but they could tell us nothing but tbat Gen. Prentiss had been surprised and six of his batterie* taken We hailed the men on shore, but they all told different stories, somesaylnp tbat our troops were being cut all to placet. When a*ked why tbey bad left the field, thev replied tbat tbey bad been *ent bark as being unable to dodnty. Ner.e of them evidently knewanythlng, for thev had run away without firing a gun. In about two hours as many as two hundred fame tbrocgh the woods to the river bank, and seeing the guuboats felt thit they were safe, and most of onsirwoeu lu'-nmeivt** om ;o ine a snooz? Fverybody on board wis highly exasperated with thein. We returned to Crumps Landing about 12 to see It we coald hear anything of Gen. Wallace's division. The bank* of the river frorr Pittsburg to Crumps were lined with the cowards; some lotuging along towards Crumps and others laying In the shade und-r the trees and bushes Very few of th?m had guns, an tbev had thrown away everything to run faster. One big strapping fellow wa? standing staring stupidly at the boat with nothing In the world on but a white flannel undershirt. I was glad to notice one thing, that Isthttnota a ngle officer could be seen among tbem. Arrived at Crumps; no news of Gen Wallace, for not a single one of bis men bid come t *_ 1.1.1 am ? ? ? ?' - 1 | uu i. r iam lurrr uu o \) ill y WLPli L6&fing j the roar of cannon Increase, If possible, we got I under way and stood up the river; bank* lined as before with our tnav solJitts. \\ e went up a 'Httle above Pittsburg to join the Tyler. We lay to a abort time, when a shot came whizzing over our boat*, and then they.commenced to fall around ua In the water prettv thick. We opened fire?the Tyler and this ve*ael?In the direction the ahot came from, and for about a quarter of an hour we kept up a vf ry brisk cannonading. (At I write Capt Shirk hat Just returned from the Tvler, where he haa seen Gen?. Grant and Nelson He say* that there are at least nu.tXH) men thU night laying dead and wounded on the tleld of battle; and the steamboat! lavfng here are full to overflowing of wounded; but there will b? a good many place* vacated to night. It Is just dark and raining heavily.) But to resume; no more shots came, and as we were afraid of killing our own mea, for we eould not tUl to whom the cannon that we heard belonged we ceased firing We dropped down to Plttsbunr. and thrtf got word from Genml Grant that oar men were rapidly losing ground,and that theenemy's shell were already foiling Into Pittiibiirg. There Ik a f&vlne aeparutea Pittsburg from a hill about a tbouaand yard* off and the en? my bad gained poasesaton of It, for we could see the flashes of their guns aa they fired Into a bctterv which waa replying to them from Pittsburg. This was the time that we, by our lire, aavrd the whole army; for just as we opened fire on the rebels our inen were beginning to abandon the battery in Pitts burg, and thus all would have been lost, for they?I. e. the rebels?would Lave completely outflanked our army on the left, got between our center and the river, and all the steamers and tores assembled at Pittsburg would have fallen Into their possession; in fact they would have bagged the whole army, bead and tall; tut, we poured such a heavy and destructive tire into them that we dismounted two of their guns, killed a great many of their men, and although our men were ?o cloae to them, or net vtrn?, that. ma we have since learned, we killed about 20 of our owd troops, we checked tuelr advance entirely. All oar tiring bad been altogether at random, for the foliajre and tree* were so thick on the banks of the river that the opposing parties were entirely hidden from our view. As one of our officers said tc.bight: "Our shell must have bten guided by the hand of God, since they achieved such great results " it was by this time dark, and the firing had nearly ceased on both sides. We got orders to lire at iatervaisof five minutes all night The Tyler to ire until one o'clock, and then we to take It up until daybreak, but as we orjy had about 120 shell all told, snd nearly nil of them five second fuses, we only fired every fifteen minutes. And thus ended tne first dsv's Mgbt. General Hurl's advance Lad arrived a few days before atftavannab, and his main body were and ar? arriving iou?tantlv. I auppoae, of course, Gen Grant Immediately sent for reinforcements; for about one p. m. troops began lo arrive from a tea-miles' march from Savannah, d?taiy and fired; for all daylong toe sun had been intensely bos. Generala NeUk>u and tb*y aay Buel arrive were ferried over about 5 p. in General Nelson, on his arrival, we(4 Immediately Into the tela, and alept all laat night under a tree, with mother earth for a b<d, and dark and lowering clouds frr a canopy, and thunder and lightning to lull him to aleep; for I never heard It ikln so heavily aj U did last night. All night lent;, boats continued to arrive with troops; hut If it had not been for the ganbost*, It would have been too late; for, to bow yen bow utterly unprepared the army was for this attack, the rebels attacked On Prentiss' division early in lbs morning, but Gtxeral Grant AkJk Q. 1- A r-rv _ ltiu iivi biiiic iv viui DVviUUU UlllJl IU >JU M, BB | U BO cue thought of aendlng word to him to come up; and lie I rat be heerd of tie ff ht wi? bjr tie I an tired u?, and it It la getting let*; M I WtU Write en actoost of te-day's fl^bt to-morrow weening. The position of sjftlrs to night, as far an we can learn, la this: fie t i?aiv bare retreated five miles beck. Oenrral Hun, wtlii a fresh arniy of 30,gt? men, Is ready to paraae ibena by\)tp*jf. of da jr. General Beauregard 1* rumored to am been ta)cea pruoner, with botb arm* slot of aui 0 _ his bead tucked under hla left arm , and General Prentiss has been taken prisoner by the rebels; for when ?U his men deserted him be refused to leave, and was taken. Go>d night. Craves'* Lands*, > Twtn'.u milts btloio Pittsbvre, April S I THE SECOND DAY OF THE FIGHT.' I bad b?fn up until two la tbe morning, watching tbe firing and bunting of our shell, so when I went to bed I sleftf pretty sound until 7 o'clock, when the steward wota me up, saying that ever since 5 o'clock they bad been fighting like devils. 1 Immediately dressed and went on deck; and uch terrific firing was new heard before on this continent. The rattling of musketry wis lnce*!?ant, and only equaled by the roar of the cannon. Although we were within half a mile of the fighting on tbe left wing, where it was most severe, we could not see a single Jlilng. The enemy's battery on tbe hill opposite Pittsburg was charged early in the morning by Nelson's division, and taken. 1 bad forgotten to make notes on Sunday, but on Monday 1 did so, and 1 will give them to you Just as I wrote tbem. to show the contradictory reports we received of the fight, and In what suspense we were all day larintr within hulf a mll? nf th* flc/ht uritKAnl w?? ?^ nilUUUI knowing bow It mi going on, or being able to participate in it From 8 to 9 beavv and continuous roir of artillery. At 9 one of the two partus charged on tb? battery t bat had been 11 ring all the morning, and an I write the rattle of the musketry i? awful, while every scoond is heard the deep boom ot canr,on,succeed d by a deathlike stillness for a minute, when it Is broken by terrific cheers, shrieks and yell*, and the cannon and musketry commence to roar and rattle. Men coming to the bank. Just hilled two of them. One without his gnn. They report I our men lotting ground. The artillery suppo*?d to belong to us They give no reason for leaving the field but that the rebels were ceasing our men all around. The musketry h*s recommenced, having ceased for about three minutes A cannon ball just whistled near n*. 1 fjar the day Is against ut There la one large gun out there, at least a M-pounder, for every time It fires the conrusalon shakes tbe boat. Three men appear on the bank (10'n} a m.) Reason for leaving, out of cartridges. (Tto.?e men retomed in about 15 minutes, and went in tbe direction of tbe fight.) They say the artillery belong* to us, Gen Nelson commanding. A steamer arriving at Pittsburgh, perfectly black with troops The cannonading gets nearer and heavier. At II dropped down to Pittsburgh to ask for n?wj. T?ey say?"It's all right." Firing of both cannon and musketry terrific. Captain (Jwinn has j'ist returned from Pittsburgh. Reports that we are surrounded on three sides. The firing as heavy as ever. It is now 12 m and the battle commenccd it 5 a. in Two more boats coming uploaded with troops At 1 p in the fir I ns commenced n^aln heavily, It Laving ceased1 on tbe left for half an hour. One 01 me iwo raruea iiiuai ue iiiiini' nn ciuics on a battery. The Tyler had srni an officer on shore; he returned with news that Gen. Nelson Las been lighting the enemy on the left all morning with men, end that Buell h-s just entered the d'ld with rw 000 Irfsh roops. We * tar teil for Hamburgh at 1.15. Heavy tiring heard back of Hamburgh. I,"ft for Pittsburgh and arrived there, sent a boat on store. Boat leads of troops constantly arriving. Rumen of Johnson and Prentiss killed and Beauregard taken prisoner. On our left wing the musketry has rcas- cl tirlrg, but the cunnon are heard at intervals. On Sunday night, just before dark, we heard some body calling fcr help on shore,but we had no time to pay attention U> It. It ct/imr.enced again in the morning, ?o w/sent a boat on share and found a corporal who had been -hot tbrough the leg and the bone broken. He had crawlcd from tue field as far an the shore, but could get no farther. About 10 o'clock we iaff a man going on allfours slowly and painfully through the brushwood skirting the hill beyond Pittsburg. He must have wen us for a considerable tirue, but preferred going It on bin own hook; but as we saw hi* journey would soon come to an end, for tbe p.ith he had been pursuing wa? broken a few yards further on by a land-slide, and the hill was too steep for him to crawl up. Wcaenta boa: on shore and conveyed him to a hospital boat. He had he?*n shot through the leg at two p.m. on Sunday; bad crawled a mile and a half to the river, and had slept in the swamp during the rain, and h&d set out for Pittsburg In the mornlug; had an old piece of cracker hid in hts ab'rt. About eleven, observed a man with a musket, supporting a comrade, who, with his bead falling on kla breast, and his long and matted hair entirely concealing his face, was staggering slowly along. The soldier had his musket In one band, with the other arm round the wounded Mian'* waist, and every ten or twelve steps he would lay him gently on the ground to rest He soon came to the plare that had stopped the other man. when be went nnd lifd hi* mii?ket ?nH at. tempted to drug the wounded roan up the hill. The Captain said he would wait and lie if he could get along before fending a boat on shore; but as he only got about ten atep* in a quarter of an hour, he sent far hltn, a* the man was evidently badly wounded. We saw them get him with difficulty into the boat, and th? other man go up the bill, get his musket, and strike a bee line f->r the light. When the boat returned we leirned that the man bad been shot on Sundhy afternoon through tbf mouth, the bullet coming out at the back of his head, and alto through th* right brent The man th*t went back had l ad nothing^ to eat since early Sunday morning. lie asked the oifl'-er in the boat if he had anytning with him to ej?t, for he said be bad uo time to go to Pittsburg. 'I he officer had nothliig with bim. So the man, although he said he was very hungry, went to tight again. The banki of the river at Pittsburg were strewn with the dead and dying. The lighting l^at ' have described and beard was all on the left wing, and In the center and rlpht It was ju?t a* severe. We started down to Cravens this morning to get some provisions. W. IIIOHLY INTKREftTllO FROM 1I1E SOL TH. From the Richmond Dispatch and Norfolk Day Book, of Tuesday, the 15th Instant, we compile the tollowiug interesting summary of Southern news : the fall of fok i pulaski. Consternation <it Savannuk?Citizen* Draugi,l to the Field?All Hcpt Hone?The Rt^et Fleet to bt Sunk?The Property Carters J. [Special Correspondence Richmond Dispatch | Savannah, April 12?The telegraph has Informed you of the surrender of Fort Pulaski, and the conn.juent state.of excitement you can well imagine The evening of Friday passed In huspense, but no f?-ar wcs felt tbat the gallantry of the garrison had caused the silence of theenemv'* guns, which had not been heard since'J p. in. yesterday. I cann&t devote much time to the bombardment, as little is known about It here? more hearsay rumor* from one who left the fort ^Immediately previous to the surrender?without a word from Colonel (Hmstead, commanding tue post, and 110 Information 1 f the condition of capitulation. There la no question that the fire io welch 1he fort was subjected wai Intensely severe. The wild report of steel-pointed shot Isthe merest nonsense. aid Parrot guns that pierced a solid wall (well constructed and firm, of near sixteen feet In thickness,) at one shot, Is a Munchausenlsm too glaring to Impose upon any one. I can give you but a faint Idea of tbe consternation the capture produced. Since the abandonment of the design by tbe enemy to bring In guntxata from Wall's Cut, the confidence of thecltlzjns became more assured, and the wisest hoped that tbe fort, which thereupon became tbe key and safety of Savannah, would b? enabled to detain the enemv for an Indefinite time. The blo\y bi-s l><*en sudden and totally unlooked for, and equally unprovided for. The enemv will not wait long to ettack the batteries about Fart Jackson. Their heavy ships have entered the river auovc ruiaskl, as LiSkIi a* Venii? 1'olnt, orly ?even miles below, ana are In plain view of the defences of the city of Savannah. How long they will be able to withstand an attack, let Pulafkl be our teacher. We will be driven from them br surely as we now accept the fact of the loss of Pulaski. The city has been in intense excitement between the bold aid rapid advances of the Federals and the terrible unnerving tap* upon the shoulder which the Brown satsiltes. under Gen. H. R. Jackson, without form of law or authority. Inflict. Our citizens (the few who remain) have been arrested on the streets, dragged to camp, bown a tent, and informed that there their habitation should be. And this bas been done by a parcel of beard lea 4 boys, who have been mustered into the State service. Cotton ba^ been removed, such as remains In tore here, to the railroad. Ordnance stores and every variety of equipment has b??n thrown out and carted to (be mam receptacle for Government stores. Schooners have been seized, and some already filled with earth are readv to be sunk below. In rnmmni,?k bulla of Com. Tatnall'a fleet, which will lietfr ?ore venture beyond Savannah river. The Flngai, Which now Ilea near Fort Jacbaoa, la alao to M n*. fcnd the gunboata?one of which la nearly ready for lai;OC>.lng?will, If the en*?my aooaer advances, be gljren to lue deyourlng flamaa. Women are leaving, and property of all klnda la belag aeot off, and will aoon line the Central road from Savaanab to Macon, rendering every Ua.VAnaA* 111 * * **" "*"4oir" mm nun uniiK The anjlety to leprp tb? fete of the garrlfof) la Intense tod general. Evrry home in Savannah a*n mourn the sad Ion and long parting wfclch they have to endure, In addition to the three montha of absenaa In which they have been cut off eb effectually aa If la California. The garrison number ftve hundred men, Colonel U1 instead commanding. A targe amount of storaa fell with the fort?provtaloDB for at least three mouths, ammunition, shot apd #heU; of one hundred and thirty rounds for awh gun on H?e post, not onefourui 5*4 bt*c expended. Our great Napoieon la ftiu asleep. tH* vrrTsanao battlk ? bkbzz. d*taii.???bh. ras>tits best south. The Knox'MUe Register, of Thursday last, aay? that the ;ebe troops were compelled to fall bach 0 / ??m*?ma?????? upon Corinth, on Monday ever. I n?, beranae thev had ran short of ammunition. The pr'.annera taken on Sunday ?-?>re sent under guard townrda Corinth. Burll tent a brigade of cavalry to attempt to rescue tbem, but a body of Confederate cavalry and arllHvry, from Corinth, not only frustrated the movement, bat alao captured the whole brigade of Federal cavalry Tbe 19th Trnnemw reu'ment aw? ??IH tn captured the entire 221 Illinois regiment. The following dispatches we alao flod In the Register: ? 4 S^hiloh, April 8.?Both aide* are too badly worsted to renew the fight this morning. The enemy fell back last night, and to-day we are returning to our former lines." The Memphis Appeal, of the bth, gives the estimated loss of the Union tr>?op* at 13,000 to 15 UD0-, 2,000 to 3.01V prisoners, about 100 pieces of artillery, and '?0.000 small arms, with tents, wagons. Ac. The rebel loss Is given at 5,000 killed, wounded and ml-slng The capture of Sandford's Mississippi Battery, except one gun, Is recorded. A dispatch to the Atlanta Commonwealth gives the rebel loss at *41,000. Up to the night of the 9th Instant. 7,000 Union prisoners had reached Corinth. The ammunition captured wu destroyed for want of transportation. BEATSEftAKP AT FITTftBOKO. A correspondent of the Memphis Avalanche, writing of the Sunday battle, says 411 moved to thf> l*?ft trhoeo J ?4 ? - .?- ? uv.? unifiai ucauirvaiu >di on it slump 'moving the whole scene.' ' Bring up that artillery, and we will soon break their line*,' be exclaimed. Feeling that bis words were word* of doom, 1 asked Col. Tale the hour. It wh just one minute after 10. tliudman receives bia ammunition; the foe tliea before him; a sb *.11 bursts In his horse and hurla him in tbi: air. The victory

la ouri." FCRTHKR FROM FITTSBriS A member c f the 5th Texas regiment, who had arrived at Richmond from Pittsburg, states that 8.000 Union prisoners had been taken, a part of whom had been aent to New Orleans and a portion to Memphis He passed Corinth on Tuesday evening. Eighty canuon belonging to the I'nlon trocps were captured. "One of tue Tennessee regiments had suffered most neverely of all, and tbe Kentucky regiment of Gen. 3reckinrldg? was extolled by every one. I's nob c commander won for himself a name which can never perish Another fi^ht Is expected, but tbe belief was tUat tbe entire army of tbe enemy could be captured, with all their boats Batteries had been erected which would prevent their escape. General Van Doru, with the army of tiie brave 1'rlce, Is approachlag.'' The Plspa'ch savs that the Hon. Mr. TIbba, who arrived in Richmond from Chattanooga on Saturday evening, report^ttae victory at Pitts our'.-, cr auiion, at ids K?Dels term It, to* have been most gratifying, not lets than 15.0041 of tb<? Union troops bad been killed and wounded and 7,000 prisoner* He alio states that nearly all the ammunition and s'ores raptured from the Union troop* on Sunday, and which Gen. Beauregard left behind him when he retired to Corinth, had been saved by the -'gallant and Indefatigable Morgan ." The Dispatch thinks the rich fruit* of the fight almost incalculable, and the blow indicted perhaps the mcst stunning which the Union have yet received. A BACK-DOW*. The Day Hook terms the refn-al of the Monitor to attark the Merr'.mac on Friday, 1 a Yankee back-down,'' and says that on her last two trips she occupied the same position she did before, and was net under the guns of Sewall's Point. spy CAUCHT. L.ast night tome of our men caught a spy, two milts above Falmouth, on a a'olen norse. He had or. a Union uniform under his outaicte suit. He left Washington a wtek a^o. He waa brought to town to-day. Hang him.' arrival from Mrxico. Tbe New Orleans Delta announces the arrival of Col Pickett, from Mexico, who confirms the report of the withdrawal of Kngland from the tripartite intervention In Mexico. The Mexican authorities have lmpoaed a tax of ?lll a hale on cotton brought to Alataznoraa In transitu. '1 here it alio a charge of a bale for U^btera^e. arriftr. Five citizens of Orange Court llouae have been taken to Richmond for disloyalty. qkx. prrstis? probably to b2 sist to sichm02id. The Diipatch states that Gen. I'rentts* and hi? leuow prisoners were sent down the MissWsippi, to go to New Orleans, but that It wai rumored that there wa? a probability that the General and forty other officer* would be lent t? Richmond. CUJSGlirESXlUilAL. IXXVlIth CONGKK**?N?c?bU Skxat* ?After our report tloaed yesterday? The bill providing that the voters of the District of Columbia stall herttftwr bp required to take an oath of allegiance, was passed. The bill to establish a Department of AgrlcuU tare was taken up and considered. The bill innklng appropriations for the current expanses of the Indian department, and for fulfilling treaty stipulations was taken up, and amended so as to eLange the course of the Government in the insurance of goods In transitu. Several other amendments were ottered and ordered to be priuted. TL" House bill to establish a branc h of the IT. S Mint at Deliver City, Colorado Territory, was pasted. Mr Crimes submitted a resolution rcqucatlng the President to commuiiic ;tte to the Senate the testimony and judgment of the recer.t court of inquiry In rase of Lieut. C&arles K. Fleming, l> S. N ; also the testimony and hiding of the Naval Retiring Hoard in the case of said Fleming, and also requesting to Inform the S.;nale whether the findings have received his approval. Adopted. The bill to establish a mall steamship line bttwstn California and China was taken up, and ipff nnflnlnKu/l Knalnoss House?After our report closed? Tbe disciiMlon on tbe l'aclflc Railroad bill occupied tbe remainder of tbe day. FIFTH WARD, ATTENTION ! -There 0 9 b<* a in-eiui( rl the Um.n Democrat* 01 ihA Fifth Ward, at th? h<>u*eof 'an as Caapari*, on TO MORKOW (Satufda?) EVliMMW.at8 o'clock. Conie cnp. o?n.a all! 11* THE UNH?N FORKVKR8" nOtt* UNION LITERARY A9SOCIA TION.J H The op nine aririreaa ofths I'nion Lltararr A uuciaoon will be de'ivered by th<? Rev. T. B. MoFi!M. "B MONDAY EVENlMJ. April 2ut, at 8 o'clock; also. threading of the naiette ofHie AfiociMion. The public are reapeotluily iniM *-I O* lull k'-U kU OVlUi U> UJ U1UD' W.M. H HOOVVR, Rao. Seo. J. T. CLKM E.M'fi*. Jr., Pretident. ap la 2t* [YTSF^NOTICE -The Stf okhrldera of the Waahington, Alexandria and trejrtetown Railroad Company. are here -y notified thatameeMcg w:ll he held a< the office of A exander Har. Eh ? No. 301 Peuns?lv\i.ii aveuue. Washington, u. C., on aAlUllUAV.Mv 3d, ,862,?t 11 o'oiock a. m Al.KXANDKH HAY, ap!6tltt JOSErH rriOHN ION. Purchteen lY?-?EVj;RY ONE'S INTKRE3T-T0 THE I CITUBXS. STRAXUERS, AND SOLDI ERS1 havejuat received a very large and fine asaorirnent of Spring Clothing, which 1 a*n oflenrg at our usnallow price*, at No. 460 Seventh atroet, oppoaite Poat Offia*. near F! f^T7-Sm iWEf THE UNION PRAVER MEETING Will be hold en every day thia weok in the LutheranChuroh, (Rev. J. G. Butler'a,) at the oorner of Uth and H atreeu, commencing at i)i o'oiook p and oontiuued but one hoar. ja SO J7* KKMOVAL. J H. A H. J. UHKUURY, in oonie^ueaca of the late Ere, t.ave removed to *01 Peni:n!vania arcnus- between 9ih atd loth atreeta, vheie there maj till be found a complete asaortuieut of TIN WABK, HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES, Ao. ay 18 ____ _____ gUTTER U U_U 3 E. NEW G04HEN fil'TTKR row rM?i?ir.. daily. Kutter of all graces constantly in Stoio*. aud for tale at the ioweet Mai ket br U K. DUTROW. No. 430 Eighth street, ay 18 13?* near Fa. avenue. <^ELLINe OFF AT COST ! SUTLERS' AND FANCY GOODS STOCK! OFFICE AND STORE FIXTURES! CLOSED FIRST OF MAY! Si LOUISIANA AVENUE, op 18 3t* Between 6ti and 7th ?t>. AKtFHlUKK ATOKS NY Perron cannot tail to teeati'fied wtt>? \ R EFM lUERATOR teleoted from a large KB aasot tmeut kept by ESSSl E. H. ?. H. J. GREGORY, Kill 301 1'ennty.vania avenie. South ehfe, |> H Between 9:h aed Kith etraef. A A RARE CHANCE! AS I have made up By m<nd to ?mba:k in other bu*iaeia, 1 rf?th- tiOOD WiLL and FIXTURES of the HOTEL on tha oorner of Sevanth anu i BirooM tor aaie. mere ia but little ? in Baking an* oonmoautabant the all who iov anything of the *Jtuvtion know that it la/aa food a plaae for Hotel buameaa aaanr in Waa*inftoa. P. W. DORSE Y. a? 18 2weo* Corner 7th nod I ata , Waahiniton. KX INORDINARY ftti INDUCEMENTS f|l TO 8AVE_MONEY. ? 40,000 PAIRS OP BOOTS AND SHORS will be opened a ail ready for aaia at tha Old Stand, goraer of I and Seventh atreet, on Saturday Boral"f JadaSteririn?dD^ ault orery bedy.beth in price, |t,tnd ?uality, and to rhrethe pnbho and idea what the* aa? expeot, I will mutioa tha prtoea of a fav artioiea. Lartiaa' fi a Haal Gaiters and Ba'moraia. at 01, tad #1 IS, woi th a moat twwo at maoti Laaiee' fttoroeo %ad Kid He?l Slippera from $? oanta, id fl Use 30 oni S.lpper u worth at Iaaat LsdJoa* t Upper a withovt fieel*. tf and ft) oenta. the ohaaaeetTever saw. Chi dreca* Patten kit Boot# at 86 o?nt? par fair, auohaa yo? hava been ?ayln< 90 ceeta tor. I A?d 'verytbiBj alia that can bo found laaay , * P. M. MAGRUDRR, [ ap 18 St Comer of I and Seventh itrni OFFICIAL. NO PiMIKSKR TRAIN TO MANASSAS. wti Dwutnint, ) UJUt Mvl t Dutftfmd bnp'i Ratlre^ds.U.S. > IfutMtlM, Aprtl IP, |m(M ) Nop uaenger (rains will be ran from Washingi (am *1 ~ m-?4I a. -*l | ?vh tv Wf ?tl UUM< iUUBCT BWICr D. C McCALLL M, Military Director andSop't Railroad*, U. 8. | *P18 FOR SALK-A atoftll GROCERY STORK, irqmre at the store oorner of lth and H eta. I ?P'7 *' I^AUOE MAPS j KORG1A, SOUTH CAROLINA. ALABAMA. FLORIDA. Cblnhad by Ui? State tforer nrnanU on a Tory anl?d aoala, moantod on viotk tn a portab'o form. M 17 FRANCH TAYLOR. Wood: WOOD! l.nno eorOa of aoasoaodaad half aaaaoa>d Oak. Firo &Dd Hiokorr WOOD oa hand aad wi 1 be to <3 in iota at lair pnoes to oontraotora, ottiaaaa aad othorr. Jflo. A. GRIMES. Afont, apli lw _ Caaal Wbarr?. AS!* EM BLY'S CH URCH-FBI DA i aad 8ATUKDAY KVKNINtiS. Ayn! II aad 19. AT Eiokt O'CLOTK, ftf li Btntht 0f tki Ckmrtk ' PROF. MERCHANT'S STtRfcOPTICAN. or SCENES in Eu'opa. America atd th? Holy Land. *n latorMBBf ana d??eriHi?e L?ct?re by B. P. Woroeater. Adauuion ?s o*nt?: fcr.c'rtn 10 cent*. ay n ?t* A JUST RECEIVED FULL Aaaortmaat of Sttaw Boraata. Hat*. apa and Flowara, Botnet Frame*, Huohaa.^^Pt Ac Hoaiary, Gloves and Notions ol evairCKp doaoripiion at W.P.8HKDD8. ap17 St' ?W Kierocth atreot. |ND1A RUBBER GOOD?: .Merchants who sell any of tha varioaa alylea cf lr.Jia-h ui'!>??r tiocxii. will do wall to call on Mr. H A. HALL, aa ha la oloaing oat hia extensive itock at leaa Wiaa mauataoturera' pnoe? rather than remove thani to >naw Yoik I he India Rut l a- YVar*hoa?e la at 308 Pa. avatue, between 9th end Whet*. apl7-l*t WUI1K DANII! WHITE SAND!* Just reoaived a Tea Ml lo-vd of tfce beat White Sard, which will be aold by the barrel, buthel or psok; suitable for floors of res'amranta,, Ao. For aala ai J.J SULLIVAN'S Lima and Feed House, corner 9th aiid cat*I ata , opposite a> 17-9t* Market gouae. THK COPARTNERSHIP Heretoforeexiaunt between the underairned, in the style or rr.nse of Force & Co. i? Una day diaaoiveJ by mutual conaent?Mr. Middieton leevini. HKNHY ft. FORCR. WM H. Mli'DLKTON. THF.O F. Kb I CHAM. f[7 The bnaineaa of tha firm will be continued b> the reiiiainlnc partnara. aa 17 St* pROFO?AL9 FOR STEAMERS. N* v? Dipaktvvit. April 16.1862 PaoroflAL* will to rtotMtd by thia Department, by mail or telegraph. to the 30th itiatatt, at noon, wit* general apeciEo * on* and plana, for the eon truotiou of o' e or m"?, up to four, i ron G unboata for the .Miaaiaaippt nver and Gulf aerYioe, with two turrets on the plan of the Eriouon Turret, for the ll-ineh gi na, the thick neat of the iron of whioh t-? b-> e ght luotiee ; the arJea to be plated with iron of three inohea thckneaa in one or two tayera to extend two and one-naif feet below the load line The vee?ela to be not ieaa than ISO feet la length and K feet breadth, and not to draw ove' aix feet of water 1 ?\de<l ready for arnrioe To be propelled tiy screw*, to ensure a apeed through the water of nine knota or aea milea per hour. Proposal* will atate toe prioe and time of oonipletion. ap 1? 6t EW YORK BREAKFAST BACON! We hare juat received from Niagara oounty. New York, a small lot of exoeMent country cured Htmt.&c , wlnoh have been oured expreaaly for boiling and fry lug. KING k. BURCHKLL. ap 16 Corner lath at. and Vermont av. OFFICE OF THE BOARD OF HEALTH, U Wa'hi.nstom, April IS, MM. In oomplnnoe with a reo?nt enaotmrct at the City Counoila, the &.oretary of the Board of Health hereby uvea eubiia notioe th\t hereafter be will be in attendanoe at hie office, in the City Hail.(No. 3, baaement, weet wine.) every day from 2 to 3 o'clock p m... ''for the pcrpoae of raceivinf ad reoordp c" a'l complaint* retarding vio'ationa of the eanitary relatione of the citv, "daly made by eitisena or aor offioer of polioe:' and that at all other time* may be found in theomoea'*oomelaint boo*," in whieh thoee interested are reeaaeted to reoord all eoih violations. with the view to their peerfy examination, and cnoh redree* aa the present lawa atto'U. O M JK)VE. M.D. apie St geeretary Board of Health. P CAUTION 1 REMll'M MINERAL WATERS -Having notiotd o>h?r watona than onrs running around in I Wa*hington and teeorcetown, with aicns on then aa foijowa, viz: "PREMl CM MINERAL WATER 8, MLVKU MEDAL AWARDKD. As.." we would inform the pablte cenerally that there la but one eat* l>iii lucent in the District of Cournbia where Prtmium Mineral WaUr la inanu'ao'ured, and tnat i? at the oorner oi Green and Olive ata., K?or<etown. Tho nt.eoi Frtmium waa merited fcy us in tavnj a Silver Mulil awa-oed ua by the Metropolitan Mecnanioa' i&ati tute in the year 1855, and a Diploma in 18 >7. We would therefore give noticethat onr Mineral ti:...?* ??-*? ' ? ? n si-ku* ii'x au;a inaer zsogua Ktfr??Bt?tins, a? some others ate. . AKNY A t*Hl!NN, Union Bottling Depot, ap 16-1 w Wo fl7 Urean at., 6e .rgetown. T^NOTICK. HK <3TKAMEk 'rHOMAtf COLLYER Will re??me her tripe to Mount Vernon jp?k on Wedaeadai, Maroh *th and run every Wednesday and Sateraa?^^^^^**? nntil farther nottoe, leaving her wharf &t the foot of 7th street at 10 o'olock a m. Fare for the round tiip on boara the boat m\ so. SAMUEL 6KDNEY, Captain. N. B. On the payment of* cents riaitora will ba admitted to th" room whioh General Washington oocupied and in which tie died The manaion and ground* are oloaed to viaitore on Snndaya, Id^The diaturbetf atate of the hntnoeiof the ooontry having reduced the reaouroea ot the Asaooiation render tbia charge necessary, for theprs*r*t, lor the m&ii.tenanoe and precervation of Mt V ernon. ap lS-lw* M CHAIRS MENDED RS. WELLS, ttT4 C street. (north aide.) next door to the corner of 11th |* reet, oontinnesfft to RESEAT CAM E-BOTTOMEDUl^ * CHAIRS, with neatneaa aid dispa'ch, and Ml at low ratea. Thoae having Chaira reqmrng 1^1 auoh rOttlri. irt irifn,m?i ?k?? ??1? r *i*ai ouo i cvau ui r? cat* them aa good a* new, and never fai l to civ* satisfaction to (hois sending juoh work to her, a; 5 lw Or? INCH HEAVY COTTON PUCK. 27-inoh Heavy Cotton DueK, 10 4 11 eat y tirown (iotton Sheeting, * 4,10 4 aid 12-4 Hleached Cotton 5nesting, 4 4 Uleached Shirtings, 4 4 tirown Shirtings. With a general stoc* of l><iin9itio Dry 6ooaa, all at the lvwest prioas for oash WM. R. MILKY * BEO? No. 36 Central Store*, Between ?th and sth streets. np 15 1<H ospo Canter Martet. 1 JUST ARRIVED, direct I rora aa Eastern aaa- i tion b?n?e one handred pieoei CHhCKKR KD MaTTI *G. asvortment of OILCLOTHS and CA K PE1S. together wi.h a large ?uanuty of CROCKEH.V of nlde^sriptloae. , I h??e on hard NEW VKATHRBi*-? aV TKKdSEt* and BEDSTEADS, with a large lot of New and &?oonl hand Goode; IS good RcTugeratora, but little ill. AH of which hare bo d bought lor ouh aiid will f e eo!d at a mall ad vanoe. R. BL'CHLY, 4<5 7th street,<ea*t aide,) a? is 1b' . Between 6 and H eta. IU CARD! DO Hereby return my ainoere thank* to the ir?men. provoet guard, and friends ane eitizcne (?n era ly, for thei< kind ende&vore in saving a poil.on f my property and the rcecce of my (uniiy from tne fire of theTtb ic?t w COHEM. I aieo request thoee in my debt to oall and sott'e. lnowh or sotH, ae now ia the time friend* are wanted to 'end assistance Ca<l at No. 3*4 Pennsylvania avenne, bttveeu 6th and 7th itreets. my *iair*.)over Gait m Rrn *? I? ? ?" ?ki.? ? - ? V.WV1VI0IMH VUIIfV Vour obedient servant, a? 15 M R. COHEN. CB UAL! COAL!! COAL!!! Jut arrived and uLloatfmg aercral eargoee of Coal. O Tibraoiuf all the various ktnoi f >r general faintly use. T J - fc W. M GALf, ftp 14 833 Pa. avenue. pet llth aad 13th eu. TfCE! ICE! ICE! UE Subaeiiber having made hia contract* with refponaibie northern dealere la aov prepared to famiah tbe oitiaena ol Washington and Georgetown with the beat *c&Uty lee, (wholesale aad re tail,) end guarantiee a fall eutfly during the eason. having al van la alote two to three thousand tone Peraona teaming oat of the eitr limlta ean get their auppliea lrom the Offoe, whioh will be open all day. L. J. MIDOLETON. D,p.U. Kob,.. ler'a Wharf, fctt of Wh at aonU a? II eolmV TOE PITCHERS! 1 ICE PITCHERS! A new lot jaet reoei ved,at remarkab y tow eneee. O. W. BuiRLKR * SON. M?t eoM >1*. Iroe Wall. F1ANKU1I * CO., |4? Pe?m*MT?(Xtt ?<UJ bLtLfftM Utt **. KYF.6LA9HE8, MARINE AND FIELD 0LASSES COMPASS**, Ac. > Ay**- ?-* - *** ' ; fc^&a?w7^1S'iJ%C8>n!l? i LOKE* wUfh?T??h?r?? oftha?m wtflforth* i aotioa. Thankfol tor p*at f*vorat wa iHUMiitTor to man! their oBtinuwioe Sl7 UV4V* A. SEEMULLEK * SONS. AUCTION 8ALLS. THIS AFT KR NOON TO-MORROW Hy c. r. L. CROWN * CO., AiotooaMt*. ~" Hor*k8 at ai ?rriON -w? w<;i MHatiM tion. t>B S%11-' R l>\ V MC-KN N?.? L ??(., at9o'elooka > . at 0 M or?? c??r ?h? y..>^ ? ... ?.C?, ? ? L-r< ve 1> urn II' ?*?. * "uciOf to Low & Co 1h(^? in want ?( It* H?nn, are tantM to atterd (be aaie. aa ihoy w,:i b*NM witboat fireo. Tmu oaafc. C 1 L. CROWN A CO , A Beta. l>? ft* No ItTtowrWh ??<I avmina. By GREKN * WILLIAMS, ABOtmuaeta. VOUN? BAY MARK TAKKN AS AN F!?1 HIT, PtiMiko I xrnmir1, Henuoi* RiTeatii hi'iini, at al? tiou.?oo MAfl KDaY. the IHli initant w* aba! m'i in frectofevMer*. No. fil? MevnU ?tl? o'alock a in . a younr dark hay Mar*, tagm ap aa an eetray ai<d ?aly adre?*i?ed ta witit init with Ue lav.wiU be aold to pay otarae*. fha la ib good eood itioa. AGRICULTURAL IMP1.KMKN I'd. 3 Ine R'.cced Harrow*, 1 P.ow. 4 Caltirator*. Iron W haw'a, 1 ?arden Enema, Pcythe Scatha, ether a*tU!ea in that lire. 4 barrala Sauerkroa*. 1 anno. Secitea. x Vttaga'. China. Via*a and Crockery ware, with a large aaaortment of Mahogany and other Hoaaata^d Faraitara. Tarrna ca* h. ap 17 at flUK^N * WILLIAMd. Auota. : By WALL A BARNARD. Auatioceara. Comer South rid* Pa. ?*- ?*4 Atari xrm UOR9K, Bl'96V AND HARNF9? AT At'Cn.TiOH-ua SATURDAY MORNING. April 10. at lao'alock.wa will a?il at oar Aao.ion Hncina. without raaerve, the owner ..aring ao farther aa* lor there. 1 ycanc, a?ucd, an] axcx.ant \\ - rfc auj Sa HorM, 1 Top Hugcy WMon.cfirlr t?f, l cat 8tlv*r-moont*d Harnaaa, 1 No-tjp Bun? Wajon Thaabuvaara in aioallant c oadiUon, aad Wiii bai?*r*mptoriiy Tar ma oaata. ap 17 WALL k. BAKM A> D. A note FUTURE DATS. Br BOTKLER A WILL&ON, Aaotiooaera. DKRKMPTORY SAL" OF NKW l.l MHkN R a* AicTiow-ua MONDAV WORNINo. April flat, at II o'clock, wa ahall aal. poailiv* y withnat iwrrt, in lota to avit purobaaer*. about " im OOHI;ID(Ma common t'uhiae. Tim lamher i* laying, p?rt on Maryland avenae. betWMn 7th and nth atreeU, acd the arj*>r |oitiuu north of (he railroad and H street* The ta'e will ooinmecoe at the latter plaoe. Term* caah. a?l?-W BOTE' ER ? W1LL*QN. Auct*. By J. C. MoSUlRK A CO . AibtioEMra. kl&LL OF C HOICK ROS?KS, , AT Al C? Tio*.-On WtD^KBOiY AFTERNOON. April t o'clock, at the Auct.on Koom of Jaa. C. McGnsre k Co.. I thai' ceil atout oce thousand of the ehoieeat kind* of hardy. frpetnal Moommi Koim Macao taa. Cameiiaa. Japorteaa, Ornameota P an'#. PhraNe, Kiuit 1 reae. K vrr creeoa, and a treat many other nev aad rare P.anta, Ice. The atteaann of airattura la inv.tad to thia ta.e . which em t races at fine a oo'laotion ** ??; vae offered ia thu oity A. JaRDIN, PlorMt ami Nureer? man. . ay II J. C. MoGL'lRK A CO.. A eats. _ By GRKKN * WILLIAM?, Auctioneer*. HOU8KHOLD AND KITCHKN FIJRNITC*E AT At'CTio!!.?On MONDAY, the Slat mutant, *e ahali aetl at the ?aaideuce of Mrs k :a Canten, colored. at in ?,'clock a. ti> .tu the a Vy near *ou h B street, betwe-n Nev Jersey avenue ard First a'reet weet,(the tia* vill deauuate the I p'aoe.) an ezoel'ent assortment of Fnrn-tnre. viz: ..lahocany S*ofa. Ppricc seat Chair* and Rocking, Wa'nut Bookcaae, Bureau* a d Waah C oaeta, Walnut Hich Poet and other brceteada. oak tii&ce Chair*. Cli na.Olaaa. Crockery an J Ftove Ware, Plated Caatora. fpooua and poika. and Ivory Handled Knives. A lirce lot of Beddin*. Wm<(n? >1 "? ? traaees. and Carpe.s, Tables, Clock, Motm. with a good lot Kitehen Kminm. Terms out ?H7 3t GREEN h WILLIAMS. Auots. By GREEN * WILLIAM?. Auct onrni SALE OF DAM *?K.D GROCKKIKS AT Acctios ?On TUESDAY, ihftid irstant, we hail at I* o'ojfick a. m . in the l>per Koom <n the Store of W. n A Co., No 41V fni sylvacia amue, smith side, batvoen 'lhird aid roar atd a-half street*. an exoellant assortment ofGrooeries saved from the fire at the store of M r. J. B. Wiieon. 39 boxes of Mb mm A Anchor's ChatnyajLs, 11 caaee vary superior Hollani Gin. SO boxes Adamantine Candies, test brand, 10 boxes Parafia* or (%>a> Oil Catdiee. o?>*i t?r?nay reachea, L>?m johni Old Rye Wtiakey, SUM half cheat* o&oioe Uiaok Tea, GrtMTaia. in oiDiiifrii 5 boxti of VoutUie De* ud Virginia* To^acew. 13 boxea cf Olitrea and Camera, beel braodr, Tenthooaand tapeuor Cigara, Dttdelion find other 6rouud Coffee, Lot of Lav A s*on'a imported Money and Brow j. Win?eor Poap, With a arge lot of other articlee in theflrooe-y Line which we deem unneoeaeary tjentimerate fermaoaab. he inoat of the abo .e-mentioned good* are caicinrel and of the beat quality of Family Gr^oerira. aplTd ORKKN A WILLIAMS, aucte. By GRE?N A WILLI AM?. Anotjooesra. Household and kitchen hkmTfil AT Arcrum.?On WEDNESDAY. tt>e 31d inaiant. we atiali tell at 10 o'clock a. m , at ue residence of 8 B. Beach. . No. 310 Ninth etreet weat. t>etwMTi _ _ . > voia uui iu.ft gt a?aortai?nt of Farttitare, .*? Mahotanr Sofa*, Parler and Rocting Ch%ira. Do Diea?inc an<lothe? Bur?*u? and M%nJ?, i>? Outer other Ttb e*. ? Cottage. and other Bediteada, Handaom? b-? oa*e;ie v> indow u taiua. Cocking, Kaisa'or. and other Stovea. With agooo lot of Kitchen Kr*mai:ea, acJ mauf other artio ea which we deetn Loneoe??a*y to enumerate. Term* oaah_M?Jl7_d SRfcbN & WILLIAMS Aaole. Br WALL k. BARNARD. Anct.onrera. INCLOSED LOT AND STABI.K AT AUCTION ?On WtKNfcfD\V. o'olook m , 39J ratar t w? ?i 'I ??H - -* ' w. ii- iivmi ?./1 iun p1 rni'b6I, p&rI ? of Lot one, ^uri Ha, fronting S" <?<*? on i?th atreec cut) near corner of "outh Carolina aven' e, and running baek J SI f?*t 9 inoftee. A good ienoe inooeea this lot, too atabie Ter-na ma a a known at rale. ay 17 WALii A KARNARH, A usee. /GOVERNMENT HALF OP HORSES AND Cortl)EMN?D MULES. There will beeold at Pablto Auction os THI Rs DAY. April 34,at the Corral near th? "servato a, P and 1S1 atreeti. a tarce lot of Horaet ar.d a nlea, conuemaod aa unfit for public aei vio*. Terma oaah, in Gov*rt.irient fond* J. J. DANa,Cap'ain, A?*i(.Ui t Quartern.aite U.S. A. ap 17-td MAWSh A LL A. PAW E. Aaoia. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue ot a writ of fien taoiaa, iaau?d from the o'erk'a oftoe of tie oirent ooartof the Diatrictof Columbia. for t?a courtj of Waahington, and to ma direct?. , 1 will expoe* to pablie ae.,e, for eaah, in front of laa Ba .k cf Wash nctoa. in tha city of Waahi.iftoii, on SAT URDA\, the X ti day cf ^rii, iwaat. c jn mencint at '< o'clock a m? thefcilowirf gooda and chattel*, to-wit. vizI Black. Hair-c oiti 9<>i?e, War-at, S Do do Ciaira, do, I Do do Arm Chatra, * a.r.ut, I Marble top Canter fablea, Walnut, 1 Tapestry Ha lo/Carpet aud 1 Riu. ?? t >d and levied upon at the gocda at.J oh%tt?'? of Win. W. Campbell, aad will be re d to *s ?fy iudlcial No. 106, to May term, IMS. tn favor of W ?r . F. F raaier, aae of Philip T. Berr?. ur a n ii ii ? f? AHi/ B1 LAA1U>, M 17 dtda U. g. Mar.tyk.._ Br J. C. McGl'lRK * CO., Auctioneara. ttt'I'KRIOR HOUSEHOLD I'lRNlTlRK, V, ?5 Family Ciuugi, Bcsit. Horu, Haim, tr, at mjblic Accrioii.-iin tl) kslia y MORNING, April 2*J,at la o' the r*ci deBoooftia Mod. J. 1>. tfnghUoB lfttn (treat, t* ivmd PcBLS] 1 rWI |V?r?e ?Q.1 U tlr?*l, W8 ?U* . ell iii? luruurc ua ffa u, comarumj? Kowvood S*vao-ocU*a Pianoforte, ftmcC?oti?Crimon Brocataiie corarad Sofaa. Inn. Parlor, aad Kaae> Chair*. Pair of large vw F reach p a'.# Piar Ciuuc, Haadaoiue Mirror baet htut't. Marble lof Center and SalaTabica. i'rimtoB silk Cnrtama. Cornioe, Lftoa Cartama, and Fixtarea, biacmni Bronx* Mautel Clook, wiC: Brung* Fiivw. French Rock?r,He??ption. ud Fane* Char*. ttrVod M*tti 1 ^*rPeU> *???. Oilo.olli, Oik H&il 8at,B&all*Ftor?. tups nor Wiloit Sideboard, Extowoi Dinin* W<JcatVirtue Chaira. Bid* Tabl.-a. Eleiant Gilt c?otr? tiaoa, for T?bia, with Cauda labraato match, B?p*rior Mirrar frunt Wwdrob#, HuQiuim^I cot Mar b.a-top DrNtici Roraaaa. Wardrobaa, H?J?teada, Toikt fiata, I ?aitier HfOi, H ilaWt and Pillow*. Hair and Hn*k Mattreaaea, Biaxkau. L-<?ai?taa. Kmj Chain. Rookera. Cooking, and ottar Mom, R?frif?raW>r. _ _ Tojmi <t with taa aaaa! aaaoruoani of Ktttfcaa LBSsS?"?"s?is:^'*?M d J. O. M?6UUtK A PP.. Aaote. ULACK BILKS! * ooix>?KD aui^c? B1L"r ?... COLORKU eiLIS! ?sar , AmmUM *Pt?ffiJuH MS? ""fltTMwEArrme., tt I ? ?-tr Ft*. ?WW? *w?U> tXrnm*. I Wtimitfos, April W,IN. A. :?{???. SSESsacs v PMt dia, Ito., iKhlWtt COflM It OOM. If U?f 1

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