Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1862 Page 3
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> LOCAL NEWS. Notice?Mr A W Hum*. tv>? managing anient of the circulation in GeOr^rtown, will h?-rra:ler alao act as the Star's advertising agent ther*. Any Georgetown sdvertl.-ements left at , Dr. O B Barnard'a, corner of Hlgb and Bridge strsets, or with G Crandrtl, No. 1? Bridge street, will inert with prompt attention. Amvsixkit* To-ntoht. Fonn'a ATHixrrv.?Mr Fcrrest appears tonight as Spartarns, In the celebrated tragedy of the 'Gladiator." Thla ia one of hla moat celebrated characters, and hla rendering of It Is thrilling Indeed. Mr. Forrest will be supported by such artistes aa Mr. McCulloch and Mlaa Athena. Waihixotoh Tbhtii.-MIm Ince !a becoming a great favorite of the Washington public. Her representation of Partfcenla lant night wm received with every evidence of satisfaction and pleasure To-night ?he take* a benefit; appearing a* Mary Stuart, In the historical play of " Mary, queen of Scots." Odd Fallows' Hall ? Kankej'a Nignuigaie Troupe present another of their amusing " Soiree* d'F.thiope," with theme nster concert, a la J alien, thla event og The augmentation of the ore heat ra givea a powerful effect to these burlesque concerts. C*i?t?*bp*t?Miaa Julia Mortimer, the pleaaI ng vocallet and general favorite, take* a benefit to-night, and to-morrow talll be her last appearance. She has delighted the fun-loving public hugely since her advent here, and we doubt not all her frienda and admirera will endeav?r to til "* - * * A -* Will I ? #Mn TDf COQIP ir-Dl^ai A j^uuu mu inoarrruui lua, frolic, muMc and dancing. Dick Parker and Jean Closkl will present their bndgeta. W*?hi!??to!* ofMtsic.?Slgnor Albertinl, with hia rich baritone voice .continues to amuse (be freqnenters of this place. Free concerts at 4 p. in. Refreshments at hand. Ambthblt's Cbukch ?A novel and beautiful exhibition of ann pictures will be given in this church tbls evening. ? Each tiny photograph la magnified five thousand times. Interesting objects In America, Europe and the Holy Land will be presented. a descriptive lectnre will be given by Mr. B P. Worcester, a gentleman well qnalitied by education and experience to interest an audience. A Frail Wife and ah Unfaithful Husband. \ tsterdny aften.oon, officer J. F. Parker arreted a soldier named W. C Jacob Swart?, In a hou?e In the upper portion of the Third Ward, on the charge of assault and bittery with Intent to kill a teamster named Christian Weaver. 1 he parties, Including a woman who had been living with Weaver, were all taken before Jnstice Cliytor, where it was with great difficulty that Swartz V- 4 #.? ? >tt..kl ...Kvs CVUlU ur irsuauiru iiuui aiwtftiu); n ca ?ri, wuv be said bad ruined bla peace. They all aeon became greatly excited, j*wlng at each other at a savage rate, and the justice finding that neither of them could talk Engliah fluently, sent off for an Interpreter. In the examination it appeared that both parties had formerly lived In one house, in Lycoming county, Pa . Swarf z with a wife and three children, and Weaver having a wife and five children. Some time aince Pwarlz enllated in the army and has Wen stationed at Winchester, and Weaver left hla family soon after, coming to tbi* city where he obtained employment as teamster. Weaver thinking It moat comfortable to go to housekeeping, reated a house in the Northern Liberties and aent for Mra. f?war;z aa housekeeper. Mrs gwartx bundled up herself and children, and without delay joined Weaver, with whom afae has been living for anrne weeka aa his wife. Mm. Weaver hearing of the faithlesaneas of ber husband. wrote at once to Swartz at Winchester, Informing him of tbe facta as far as abe knew them. Swartz procured a furlough, and yesterday morning arrived In tbe city In aearcb of his truanf wife and -'the destroyer of bla peace." After spending aome time in tbe aearcb, be came across bla little bov la tbe Northern Liberties, and was Informed where bla wife and Weaver lived He at once entered tbe house designated, and found tbe wife and the teamster both present, when be seized a large carving knife and made at the latter, but did not aucceed in reaching him, not, however, owing to any disinclination on his (S.'a) part. Tbe knife was by some means wrested from him, and he then went in with hia x fl?ts, but officer Parker coming along, took him In charge. Weaver premised in the office to never live with tbe woman again, and effered to make an affidavit to that effect, and Swariz. on tbe other hand, wanted to swear !f he ever caught Weaver at the house he would kill him. The woman seemed very loth to go back with her husband. She refused to give any but her maiden name, In tbe office, seeming disposed to take the name of Weaver, bat being almoat afraid that it would lead to trouble with Swart z The juatice gave tbp parties some good advice anddi?mfaaed th?n Weaver immediately mide a bee line for bl* teams, getting out of the office and out cf sight before the othera wvre on the street; and after Swar'z and his wife bad talked matters over they quietly proceeded boinewarda. C'0!?TFRl?tCt0FTHE AFRICA!* M. E CHTBCH ? The Baltimore Acnuii Conference of the African M E. Chnrch, aaanubled yeiterdav morning in the Israel Church, South Capitol atreet. and waa called to order by Biahop Payne, who conducted the religious services by reading the scripture*, singing and prayer. J SI Brown, secretary of the last conference, ? ! I t ha rnkl a nH maiAtllu e\f fV.u mamKara I KM UV I ??Mj uuu u (M3JVKIJ vi tU< UI^UI WIS answered totheirnam s. J ame* Lynch was elected secretary. Henry M. Tamer assistant secretary, and A W W?vmf.a reporter. The usual standing committees were appoL-ted, viz: On Public Worship? D Smith, D. W. Moore, J. Lynch; to Extmine Candidates for Orders?I,. Hammond, J. M Brown, M F. Sluby, A. W. Wayman; on Finance?p. W Moore, D. Smith, i. Lynch, A. W. Wa yuian; on I Mission?Henry M Turner, Wm. H Hopkins, H. J. Rhodes on Memoirs?J J. Herbert, S J Byard. Wm H. Waters; on Education?M. P. Sluby, R P ?lbb*. J M Brown, Jas Lynch; to Publish the Annual Minutes?Jas. Lynch. M. H. Turner; on Memorials?J M Brown, Wm. H. Williams. R P Wayman; on Temperance?D. Redout, F R Wayman, J. Mills; < n the wish and wants of the Churches?J M. Brown, A. W. Wayman, J. J. Herbert. The annual sermon will be preached at 4 o'clock this (Friday) afternoon by Rev John J Herbert; iirr wnico, me aiirranjeni wui dp administered. The Conference agreed to meet at ^ o'clock a m. and adjonrn at 10 o'clock. A. W. Way man presented an extensive dnaument respecting the calling of an eitra general conference to aettle tame episcopal questions; which was laid on the table and made the order of toe diy for Friday morning at li o'clock. The remainder of the session waa tjkea up by the members making their financial returns ft# Conference then adjourned UuDi Stialim.?Yesterday shcinooii, two young men, named Joseph Bctts and 3. Bir'.lett, belonging to the Second District Regiment, wh? were on tbtir way to the Chain Bridge with the l&ail of the regiment, stopped at a store on Fonrleeqih street he?r p, to g#t some sejjars. While Ibey ware in th* *bPP, tyo ycuag jr;?a, (tanked Charles Poaglas and Thomas Carr. jumped Into the btxrirv and" drove off The affair W?? pnnn made Known to ctfioer King, who pursued tWm and captured Donjfla.* and the horse nnd buggy; Carr jumping out and running off. Mr. Betis, 'n the meantime, procured a borse nod started in pursuit, and finding oiUcer Jobnscn, put Lim on tbe trail of Carr. who was found near tbe corner of Twentieth and M strrets He ran into a boas? near by, and locked himself In a rocm JoUnson soon got a key, however, and brought blot out and took him to tbe First Wsrd station, wbere be left him, bat while tbe olgcer was looking after tbe witnesses Carr broke out. bat was recaptured again after a short race. Douglas was held to ball for bis appearance at court, ani Carr was La Uli tywuiiHcu ?w J**1' J a*. ?A few w?.n slnr*, Mr PaUlek Riley, who realdea at the Navy Yard, left his home and took away with him aome ?223, which hiawifr nays was the h-.rd earned profits of the firm of Mr and Mr* Pat Riley Hut "riehea ha?e wings," and Pat's money was aoon gone, and he returned to hta home and made friends with Mrs Riley and the rhlldren. Yeaterday afternoon Patrick, to show hla lore for hka wife, took one of the children out to walk Mrs. R. bad In the meantime taken a little wine, as she aays, to drown her sorrows, and thinking tha conduct of Patrick hypo: rit'.cal, pitched Into him In the moat approved style. One of (he policemen rnml an tlonu ho?fw itnnwH lh? *? ? taking Iter to Justice Cull'* tflee, when, after having the evidence, the Justice la view of the mitigating circumstances flaed tier only 91.5m. which *be paid. J hi flur Ma*1* T?l Aij*y?Yesterday after a a drunken adiale*, niS^C A. E. Morris, accoaled oficer Mc[)?vitt In an 1.-. stilt tag manner on toe Avenue and aa uaaal with ail drunken soldiers, proclaimed htm self to be the best man la tbe army and able to whip anything, from a Lilliputian to a tioiiah A* tue day w>u remark* ably hot oficer M concluded tfat? the beat man la the army" would enjoy a good shower both, and therefore escorted him to the central guard* house, where a bath waa obtained gratCt. Ill T*i>tix0 bis Family?Last sight, oficer Clf/ke arreeled an Irlsbmaa, named Thoa. Kellly, on tueebarga of Mating his wijaand ill-treating his children. Kellly realdcs near the Upper 1}ridge, on tho Eaafafs' Branch, and if said to Mrnaa himself very often In ihlapwlms. Justice Cull committed him to tail in defiult of aacuritv to keep the pnrr Mn:ii o* a BiHDU'Taaterday, I marine \ ha Ting more moae* tban ha kwv what to do with, invented It la 'tang Woof' wblakjr nod proceeded to the Capitol gate, where be diverted r'asself of roat, ahirt and boota, when be WM arretted by the Provoat Guard and taken to the guvdboace to get sober. Chaklit Fishes** m Tkocua ?On Wednetday eTtpinf that enterprising driver, Charley Flanetf&a, the Prealdent of the " Night Liners' Aaocfatlon," ?h engaged by two marine* to hark them about the city, and accordingly tbev took their eeata la the beat cooch of the "llns," and were soon being wheeled about over the atone* of the avenue la a style creditable to the turnout. But after a time tto ocrses got tired, and the occupants dry, aa well aa Charley. The tram was stopped ia front of a drinking saloon, and the party went in to take a??smile " While dls. culling the best liquor In the establishment some person took one of the hones from the traces and made off with It Flnnegan, on coming to the door, seeing bnt one horse, expressed some surCie, but with " Indomitable energy" started on t and soon found a substitute for the missing "msra," which he hitched np, aad Flnnegan wan again ready for any road. Tne party then atarted towarda the Navy Yard, and on the way one of our policemen, being offof duty, hailed the coach and got in with them. Flnnegan havl ng an engagement at 4 a. m., started to the place-the party inside, CIceman and all. In the meantime having fallen ? the arms rf "tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep"?and arrived at t?e place designated some hour or mora too soon Not being in a humor to drive to hia borne, turiey quietly dismounted fron bla box and found ? place Inside, without dlatmblog the passenger*, and soon tbe fonr were vlelng with each other as to which could anore the loudeat. A patrolman seeing the carriage and hearing tbe atrarge aounds wnlrh laaued therefrom, opened the door and Inspected tbe load, and not being cognlzaut of any 'aw which aiitborlzea hackney carriage* to be used as lodging house*, mounted the box and drove them to the police atatlon. Here the party wererouaed from their alumbera and Introduced to Juatlce Cull, who fined Plnnegan t'J JS for being drunk, and dlsmlaaed the othera, Including the M P. The fine on Charley having nearly confiscated tbe entire profita of the drive, he cussed some, and threatened "to appeal," but finally thought better on't, and procured a warrant against the patrolmen, who made the arrest, charging him with stealing the back, horses, driver, and passengers The case has been ruled for trial. ' Third W*mo Uhcosditionsl Uhton Clbs ? This Club met last night at Temperance Hall, twenty-five members present, Mr. Richards In the chair. Mr. Cleary was appointed aecretary pro tem. The Chair atated that in accordance with the requstoftbe Club, Mr. Grime*, the chairman of the District Committee, bad introduced a bill requiring a test oath for auspicious voters. Mr Coombs said the Senate having acceded to their request in that particular, he was disposed to try them further, and therefore ottered a resolution that Congress* be requested to pass a law allowing bona fide citizens of six month* residence to vote. Mr. Richards stated that that matter bad been before councils, and that they protested against It as being inexpedient. Mr. Coomb* auppoaed the object of the Unconditional Union Club to be reform, as well in council* aa elaewhera. He waa not aatlafled with being called merely an unconditional Union man All otfice-aeekera professed to be aucb. He wanted lomi teat. Mr. Shepherd was opprfd to the resolution. He aaid there wrere a cla?4,*uch as teamsters, 4c., who would come under the operation* of a *iz month* law, and auch voter* could be bought by any unacrupulou* ot&re bolder who would spend money and buy plenty of whisky. The resolution waa laid over one week. On moiion, a committee, conalstln^of the President, Mr Scrivener and Mr. Shepherd was appointed to have notlrea printed and notify voters of the next meeting. Adjourned. SacoND wiid Unconditional Union Clbs ? A meeting of thlaClub waa held last evening at German Hall, on Eleventh street?ten member* being pre* at. After waiting until paat 8 o'clock, the chairman being abaent, on motion of Mr. Clephane, Mr. H. B. Croggon waa called on to preI aide. The mlnutea having been read, Mr. Kllwood stated that be had observed the proceeding* of the last meeting in the Star. He doubted very much the propriety of their proreedings being made I'uouc; idu aiaira lami 11 guru was to be me i itr they might ?? well throw open their doom. He understood that the object of the Club wan to prepare for the eomlng flection, and objected to the detalla of th? meeting* being publl?h< d. Several other* took the tame ground, but had no objection to reporter* being admitted, if tbev would only atate that the meeting had been held, and wa* attended by the prominent voter* of the ward; who. after holding a conference on various subjects, adjourned to meet next Thursday night. At this juncture, fearing that we might be to make a raah promise, we withdrew, leaving the gathering still discussing the propriety of making their proceeding* public. 8ico5D VVa*d Station Casks?Befor* Juxtite Clark ?Susan Dlggs, drank and disorderly; workhouse AO dsys. Susan had hired herself out for "a levy a day,'' and got drunk in anticipation of pay day, and was ordered away front her employer * bouse, and she was picked up for annoying families In the Mt-cond VYaid. Susan is an old pensioner on the Corporation, and *h? <*av? ber house Is anywhere she can stay when she gtts out of the guardhouse. I m i ?> m ? roi.ic* ?i lie intra w ara pairoim?n reported yesterday: fmtth Pettlt, running a wagon without a license; dismissed?by Justice Clayton. The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported - Ellen Cohen, assault and battery; fined il.SS. \\ M. 9 Hopkins, selling liquor on Sunday, ruled for a farther hearing, by Justice Walter. Geo Usher, assault and battery; ruled for ? hearing, by Justice Donn. ______ Foc*th Wan Station Cast*?Btforn Juntiet Walter ?David Leahy, Wm. Moody. O J. fanton, John Rabbzer, drunk and disorderly; turned over to the military. Christopher Mfades, protanltv; dlsm'ssed. John Hays, drunk and disorderly; fined SI- Robert Hay,?*l??p In a wagon; dismissed. CINTRAL GVaKCBOCSE Casss?Btfort Jwlife Wrnlttr ? John Dunlng, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. A. R. Morris, do : John Jones, do ; turned over to the military. Louis Velten, drunk and profene; workhouse 00 days. Roger K'nneday, asleep In the market; dismissed. Thk Mokitoe ?Tht lron-eltd Monitor Rotary Refrigerator* are on exhibition at C Woodward * tore, Not 318 and 3-JO Pennsylvania avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. J Opthalhic aid Acial Is*tttctk, 2*7 Pennsylvania avenue,devpted exclualvelvto the treatment of all maladlea of the Kye and Ear. Deafneaa. noise In the head, speedily cured. This Inatitute la In charge of Dr. Von Moachzlaker, oculist and Aurlat, and baa already secured the patronage of aome of the beat known citizens of Washington and lta vicinity. ap M-3t# Mas. R. Q. Etchisom (No 12 Pennsylvania avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets.) has just received from the North the largest, finest, and beat stock of Fancy Good** Embroideries, I Area, Bonnets. Hata, Flats, Ribbons, Silks, Flowers, and Millinery Gooda generally, that she has ever had ; to which ahe calls the attention of the ladles of Washington and Georgetown apl4-Ct M itASLEf are prostrating the Volunteers by hundred*, the hofplUla are crowded with them. Soldiers be warned in time. Holloway's Pllla are podtlvely Infallible In the cure of thla disease, occaalonal doses of them vrlll preserve the health even under tne greatest exposure*. Only 2-5 cents per Bo*- 221. Coemi, ?tb.?Those amictea with these troublesome thing*, whether bard or soft; also those troubled with Bunion*, Callosities, club and Ingrowing toe-nalls, can find great relief ana satisfactory benefit by applying to pr. Q. \V bite, 146 Pennsylvania avenue, Between 4# and Ath streets, Room 7, second floor. * Don't pot it ovr rot anothik oat, but call at QQce at the "People's Dollar store," No 43H Pennsylvania avenue, n?8r f oar-end vtalf at'., and tecure for lie small sum of one dolUr, etna of the many beautiful articles of jewelry, sliverplated wars, ?c.,?c. >?p 14-M,W,F?S*. Deakx's Plantation Bittsi*. 8 T. 1x60 X. It Invigorates, strengthens and purifies the system, Is a perfect appetizer, and the most agreeable and effectual tonic In the world. It la composed of the celebrated Callssya Bark. Roots, Herbs and pure St. Croix Rum: particularly adapted to dcllcate females: cures Dyspepsia and Weakness, and Is just the thing for the changes of seasons. Sold by all Grocers, Druggists, Hotels and Saloons. p. H. Deakk 4 Co., ap 1 eo3m* >8 Broadway, New York. Ckistadono's Exclusion Dn Is unrivaled In the world. No other Dyeba? been analyze^. 5?o other Bye prodaoes such'faultless colors No other J)ye can be applied ao rapidly. No other Dye la so lasting in Its eftects. iua Atkjk. rv?. I-.-.A.?* * - * * w?uci x/jc iiu^ruTra iur tenure oi (Of QBir It bHben Atutiyg$d iy Dr. Ckilto?, Chemist to tbe Croton Water Board of New York, and c*rilled toy Ulm to be aa batmteaa as Croton Water. HU certlgcate may be aeen at the eatab labment df (be proprietor! 'Manufactured ty * Ch?i?tado?o, ? Aator &WM "'rrw^ "4 * file* 91, SI 40, and C3 per bo?, according tq alie. No. Oaiavasoao'a Ha in PitaniiTiri, It Invaluable witfc bis Dy?, Mlt Impart* toe utmost eoftnena, tbe meet beautiful gloat, and great vitality to tbe balr. Price |ft cente) tl, and > per bottle, according to 4W. If to9l? - iifpia Rrisn Goods. We advise all our reader* (aa we know they are obliged to purchase the above named goods) to eiubrace the prenent opportunity aa Mr. H. A. Uall intends to make a change In his business, and will aell his extensive stock of Rubber (ioods at manufacturer's prices, and no family should inlas this opportunity to supply themselves Tor liutat.ce. Air. Hall wiumu mens nuooer uvershoes rnd Sandals for 80 certa per pair, and Ladiet' Overt and Sandals for 60 cents per pair; India Rubber Bed Protectora for Children's Beds (an article that no family abould be without) only 50 centa, for ten daya, at the India Rubber Warehouse, No. MP Pennsylvania are., between Oihand 10th streets, Washington, D. C. ap 12-tf Ba<* Ball Plat*** can be furnished with bats and balla at A. Adamaon'a, Seventh atreet, opposite General Poat Office. ap 16-31* In an anothir column may be a?en a few o; the many teatlmonlala from well-knowcltlzens of Washington, and they apeak loader than anything we could aay. It la with pleasure we lay then before a candid and appreciative public. Our people are tired of theorlea. When a man la sick be wants the pbyalctan who ^reacrlbea reme ai*s insi are sure 10 cure mm, ids iucb Is found In Dr. Tumbletv, Indian Herb DoctorCome and m for yourselves ye lame and suffering, Ob \ p rheumatic and dying come and see, Light shall again the faded eye illume. And rosy health the pallid chee^resume. Thousands rescued from disesse and death, Invoke (jod'i blessings on Tumblety I desire your prostrate hearts to lift, Your bleeding wounds to core, And with the treasures of nature's gift Kelleve the rich and poor. TBI INDIA!! 1IFXS DOCTOR will describes diseases and Ull bis patients the nature of their complaints or Illness, without receiving any information from them. l\'o rkarge for Consultation or Advic*. Office, Np. 11 Washington Buildings, Pennsylanla avenue, corner 7th street ap 12-'J?* litMl! Liki!! Lim*!!!?The subscriber has on hand on? thousand barrels of the best wood-burnt Lime, which can only be bad at bla lime kilns, be having dissolved all connection with any other place or establishment for the sale of Lime, Cement, Ac., and which will b*.sold at #1.12 per barrel. [iuar-29-tfJ Wm, H.Godiy. All pkzsons can find the best stock of Clothing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hats and' Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, Hear F. fr iT-lm IMKtft On tHe 17th trst&nt, suddenly, JOSEPH A. RIHCH. in the Od year of his are, oldest ?on of trie late Kemigias Uuroh He leaves a w if a and children to mourn his loss. None knew him bat t j love him! Th* friends ot the family ere invited 10 attend his fnr.era!, on Saturday, at 3 o'clock p. m., from hit Iste joo, on New York avenue, between 4th and oth eta. * After SGhouia ilineia, RAPPHELIA ADA,only daughter of John W. and Angelina O. Phillip*, at ll>i o'clock, on the evening of the 17th initant. of congeatiun ol the train, ajed IS yeariS nionthaaod 13d&js. * On Tfcuraja* .tn* 17thica'aut. PETER PR ESTLEV, mly son of Henry and M&rg&ret Haynr, agM ? vearrf. 9 rronths and 22 day a. T*e funeral will rake place to- morrow at 2o'o'.'k, at the resid*noe of hie father, on istatreet, Letwf en >1 an ! N Tt.e friends of the family are rebooted attend. * On Thursday, < he 17th instant, at 6H o'o'ook p. m . at the rrsi(*anie of hu father, JOuN W.? a?tcd son of J. E. and A. A. Rees:de, in the 18th year of his age. Hu funeral will tike p! toe at lon'olook.on Saturday, ;h?'9 h in tani, I he frienls of the family areinvitfd to atlen i. " On Tuesday morning. 15th instast. OSCAR M, Dv'/IEK. formoriy ol WeitmIreland oounty. Va , aged about 19 years. [ Baltimore Sun copy ] * WANTS. ____________? WANTED-An honest, reliable COLORED 8KKVANT to wait upon an oftoer and take pare of a hone. Apply at Star Ofliae. ap 18 2t* WANTED?A GIRL to ooolr, wa?Uand iron. M The b?it OHy referenoes regime*. Apply at 4 48 E strewt, between f>th and 7th sts. It* WANTED? Koor or five intelligent WAITING tiJKi.S Call immediately?Clarenden Conoert Hall, corner 6th st and Pa. ar. a? 18-3t* W ANTKD?By a respectable young woman, a " SITUATION as cook, waiher or ironer. Address Box ll.Sta* Office. It* WANTED-A BLACKSMITH. Apply at J. W.THOMPSON * CW,a69 Fa. avenue, between '.0 h an?) 11th tU. ap 18-2t WANTED TO RUY-A small HOUSE, oont&inr* from four to six rooms. Address Box 3, Star OffiM, stating location and terms. , ap 'a 3t* WANTED-A good COOK. WASHER and IROftER. Apply to J. * J T. ROBINSON A on.. 349 PennsTlvaniaav^nna. osnoaita Browo'n Hotel. ~ 'ap *8 at WANTED?A FUKNl!>HKO HOL'SE oon tain ng from 5 to 7 room*, with'n on* mi!e of the Capitol. Kent not to axoned a month. Addre*?* A U ." ?'ity Host < flia?. ap 18 at* \HJ ANTED lMMKOIATKLY-Ainod COOlT, * A^HER and IRONKK lor a email farm r. To a f< <> I person (food war"* will ha vivea. Call at 310 d ttreet. l)^t?B?n ?3th and '3th at* It* WANTED TO RENT?Pron the lat of May. a ft>mi?li*d or partiail? furniabed HOUSE, ?uliable for a amall family withrut ohildrea Addre*e, Matin* tern*. locality, Ao., M 3. C Box 374, City Foat Office. a> 18 St* tVAN'^N-Tbree cood.DREMH-MAKKltS. " rne riett 01 wa?es will be raid. None but good hinds neec apply? K street, uear tho oornur of Eighteenth et. ap 18 If MRS 8TKWABT. WANTED?By & respscHble young Ctrl. SITUATION a? foot, washer ana ironer iu a private 'amily. Please apply at Sixth meet he tween K and L ?ta.. on the Island, Washington City. It* W ANTKO? A SITUATION, by a steady, sober v v and industrious yoan; irtin, as oietk ina groce;y itcre, or a* bar tender. The beat of reterenoes riven. Please addraes ' \V. C?" Box 10 Star Office. ap 13 2f WANTED-A food TARM HAND-one accustomed to market zardenlnc. To a suitable person fair wage* and a coinMrtab e home will be glYen. A;p:yt>%UKK HOW LAND, Boundary streft. near 13th, Washiniton. D C. ap '8 2t* WAN I'ED-i FA KM -By addro.nng Wox No. 37 4 City rost Oflne, describing the??rra, location an-1 prioe, may tx? f >und a porona?or fjr a ou tivateo iVm of)(?to a?ne*. within from one to ten mile? from the oily r I Wastingtoo. Cash to be paid npon possession being given, ap 18 2t" WANTKD?Two good HO^TLKHS. Apply at NATHANS * NEWS New York i.ivery Stables corner of 12th and sts. ap 17-2t* WANTEI>?At 31 Indiana avenue, a colored ?? woman, we i reoon: mended. to oook and aaaiat in with'nt and irnni"g a? ?7 3t* ACKMTLEMAN AND SMAM. I'AMILY wi?h to rent a amall containinc from 5 to 7 rooms, in tome p'.easant pirt of tiie ottj. Call at 383 P% a?enn?. ?t Conrv^'a Hotel api7 3t* WANTED-A SALESWOMAN for a fancy tore on the Avannft. Nine nisi apply unleae ?he/ have a perfect knowledre of the tmaineea. Adoreae Box 633 city Po-t Ofliao. ap 17 St* WANTEO-At E atreet Bowlinf faloon, (No. 344,-three WHITE H JY8 a*ed from 13to 18. A!ao, one WHITE OIKL, at 487 Tenth at, a?ed from 18 to U ye-.r*. ap 17 3t* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?A COOg, and V <>l'N6 GIRL from 13 to \\ yenta old. None ueed B-piy rxoept whit# p-rrona. with rood recnmmeodutocs. Apply to Pr. WM. P. JOHNSTON, Li? 9<a a ?A??1 t ? i?>> o-?n n nirai, uciwoeu itui anu iam ei*. a? n 3t* WAN TKD?At M. SI HQ EL'S Fancy Storfc 10U4H?t'??t. la'and.agood MILLINER ; none others need apply. Heat if&gea will be paid, a p 16-3-* WANTED TO KENT?For a permanent residence, a good DWELLING MOUSE with a r trior, dining1 roura, Icitoken and toar or iveohamM'i A > ouse annate t la the northern pari of Waahinrton or in Georgetown would be preferred. Addreta "A. X ." Box v4 Star Offi e ap 1? St* WANTEIl?A pool HOUHK. with water and *T gas, oontairinc fr-m IS to ao roomi, acme whe e between 6th and ISth ?ta and L and Pena-_ Hivani* iv. roHNiion to Dativan I>y the 5tk of ay. Address Box No. 473 City Post Olfioe. a>? lw? WANTED?To Mil. henoeforward. too barrels and half barret* of Ale every week; also .the tame of Beert lor the Baltimore Brewery. JOHN GAYNOR. Agent, Corner of 2lat and G eta. Orders in the Post Ofltae will be oailed tor at 9 a. n.acc2?. m. aj7-1m' ?liWt -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN <JP IUU. an oftoe and take the wholesale acenoy,

m every State, for all of Lloyd's Great Military Map*, used by our CoromtnUer-ia Chief. The ohAoest rairs ;n tie World. A fortune oanbe made an ttfesa mass in eaoh State, l.aoojuooeopiea of one or my maps have aneadybeen sold. Also a man to jo to C%lUorr.ia, England andCuoa. Agents also wanted in ever# county and in ererr regiment in oar army. Send for oironlara. J. T LLOYD. .wj? uiwyi wyi TPri? W ANTED?To hiTd riry on* know that tkw 460 Bovntli ?tf?t.nolow P. fe 71-Sm KJKSSBPKSaWi! tTWMi It M VV ANTtCD? Ef ery fnwon to know that I am a ff tie mvkti. teitty to Mr qwh for all arbolM In the hoi&furnUhlpi liar. Those laannt thi mmmsmm gitye, Mlftf D1N6, for which wo are jayinj tb? hlghoat T7T i p - AMUSEMKNT8. FORD i innira. i {ohm V. Fo*d proprietor ud nuk|?r x okk b. waisht ..... stac*m?bk? tuidh urvvv ?\af una-in vllhu v4t 'nil u ?? ??r?n vr I v* i Who will Mt?*r THIS MrEtriNU, A 8PARTACUS. In Br. Bird'* ? l*br*t?d Trmcody of _ THE GLADIATOR. I PhM&nus. John MoChIIobih Pi Cnui*..? W. H.LokK A Sonona? Mis* AtfeoM ILT Box Offioa op?n from I till S o'oloek. j _ AD*I?8I0!?. , O Dr??*Cireleand Parqucttg. ... 71 cent* m floured Hr&u fl ? Baloonj S?**u ft V OrchMtrt H?tli .. 11 ii Private Boxee (holding eight)'. 9*10 v Circle _ 25 cente g wa8hin?ton theater, "* i'oixii 11th and '* 9t??1t<. Lee?*ea&d Manager Ma. Ubobsb Kvhksl ? . THIS EVENING ^ Z Benefit of the Ta'ented Vooni Tragedienne. j MISS ANNETTE 1NCE. 1 Who will arpd*' ta-night ai J MARY STli ART, ? In thethriHtor hutonoa' Var of MARY. QUEEN OF SCOTS, <{ Supported by the entire e\oel!ent company. ? Saturday, Farewell Apyearauoe of MISS INCE. L Adimaeionai and 50 oente and <1. It Z f'LARKNDON CONCPRT HALL! 5 > FRF* CONCERT HALL. A MUSIC EVERV EVENING, _ *i BY A FULL BAND: U BEAUTIFUL. WAITINO ulHl.y. eooi) LIQUORS, f Acd Kverjtkinf on the Ne?r York 9t?le! * ap 18 lw? Corner 6th *tr*et and Pa. *t, y /IKOVEK'S TUBtTKR. f? "T {THE NEW NATIONAL,) a PonrujWama Avcnn*. near Fourteenth Street and o Willarda' Hotel. Batlt ipon the moat beantifal nuxiet for Dramatio r and Operatio Kdifioe*, nnder the linarintiinfiAnAA r?f * MR. CHARLES GET/.. | Kressoed, Ornamented and Decorated in the moat 2; e.rgantand tasteful style, Wtlk Am pit and CotnfortabU Seats for Marty I TWO THOUSAND PERSONS! ^ ONE OF THK VERY FINEST THEATERS ]" IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY. ? SPLENDID SCENERY. GRAND ORCHESTRA, \ AND EVERY ACCESSORY! , Will Often to the Public the Night of d HASfER MONDAY. April il, I Wi?h c JOHN COLLINS, THB OBMIAL IR1?H f OMSDUN, ? and a I COMEDY COMBINATION < of the rarest excellence: ' MISS I.OTTY HOUGH, ? M1S3 JENNY PARKKR, ? MR. DANlEr. SETCHELL^ Mk e. l. til ion, } Toretberwith a FULL, POWERFUL ANDTALENTED ll DRAMATIC COMPANY, Coitamir^ the ?mri of The vtry First favorites in America ! F.rerr effort will be mad* by the Manager to 1 make tins encasement _ 1 EQUAL IN SUCCESS a to the one jmt played by MR. COLLINS at ~ Nlblo's, New York. Better he oanuot hope to ' make it. To this end the very first talent m the entire oonnt.y apropos to the nature of the en- ' facement has been seoured. Pricks of Admission. 0 Dress Ctrole . ? 7i oenta ? Family Cirole.. ? 2-Soents I Orcheetra Chairr? i>t * Colored 6allery - .25 cents Colored Parterre? ??... .50 oenu apl7-lw i CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! I v (uitmuumm itu.) " GRAND O P K N I N Q NIGHT! Thia fine Hall will barp#ned tltortly with a oom- j pai.y et in&leand female ?e; formers une^nalcd in 1 their respective role* in the United states The J feriormaioe will oonsist m%ir !y ?f new and at'rao 1 ivaMuiio. vocal and instrumental, Bmleeque Opera*, and Fancy Dances, to Illustrate vhiob many ' a f tha mnat vafinA/4 arH fa lantafl Arhata in n/->n n *?* II1W III I VU UVU IBi. U MBtVUMU Wl I U ?UCT VVVU" try bave been engaged. The programme each ere- ? mi| will btva'ted ar 1 att in the higb*at ^ decree. Due notioe will he given ol the Opening * Night. At mission 25 oenta ; gentlemen unaoooni- r yarned by ladies, to orchestra ohaira so cents; d oolored gallery 25 oenta. Doors open at 1; to oom- ~ meaoe at 8 o'oloclc. ap 17 St* r ODD FELLOWS' HALL. a Seventh it., near Po*t Ojfitt, t 6bokos Kunkki. Leteee and Manager I Third Week of the G'S*d 1 Combination of the. Stars of Minstrelsy, ' Kunkel'i nightingale Opera Troupe \ In their Kefineu and Aiiinsicg b SOIREES D'KTHtorn. a THIS EVENING THIS EVENING a MONSTEK CONCERT. k A LA Jl'LIKN, > With a Grand Augmented Orchestra. Aziniiaion aoeuu; KturvM seata so oenta. ap l? A. CASBEPY, Agent. j f^ANTERBURY HALL! t ^ CANTERBURY HALL! 1 (Formerly the Washington AtaerutWj Kooin*,) li Lut Night but OLO of the Deievantd Broth ere. Last Night but one of Julia Mortimer. J ' c Silver Cats Basket to be given away on Saturday, b OPEN EYKHY NIGHT, '1 Thb Fust Music Halt, in thb World. e in point of Splendor, Talent aud Heapeotability! n Hriihant and immense ?*cce*t of tk* u MAMMOTH WASHINGTON AND BALTI- _ MORE COMPAN1FS. , Crowded to iu utmo*t oapaotty with an andienoe J Cultivated, Critical and HeAned * i_ ; ? - A. - i * * - # ' xj?iai;u?nui ?t unuo mo i?ui mat mo p?riorl.;iEOe T AT THE GREAT tJANTERDURY 2 11 the be?i In the oity. The artiatea &re*nf th? ? FIRST TALENT IN THE WORLD. J Inmdenoeofa " COMBINATION OF STAR** ! Observe this Brilliant List of Nawies : B the tyuAi. of which can be nowhere found in the tl Woridof Amu?einent?. ? MISS MILLIE FOWLER, P MISS JULIA MORTIMER, , AND TH* CODET 07 tfJUUIT. I MISS FRANK UA FOLLE. o< MIS* LIZZIE KRA.NC18, U MISS FRANK SECOR, pi MISS KMMA MILES, ? MISS LILLY BRANDON, MISS JULIA RICHMOND, AND l.'TTLE ELLA. DELEVANTE BROTHERS, thb daklno uvmnast- v Ttte Ethiopian <'owed l&n, > A. J. VALBOTT, * Auti the Fancy & DICK PARKER, W JEANCLOSKl, i JOHN BEANY, / VlASTER JOHNNY. tx SYLYAS CLARK. IH MU.'N >" . SOL. JOHN HAMILTON. ( BARRY J. CARTER, | LUVV18 M. CLARKE. X a IPS T'S LAY! . A New Programme, in which all the Combination trill appear in their be?t acu. Neweong by the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS the beat Ethiopian Troupe in the eity ! ? New Danoei, Ao.t Ao. E The Ethiopian Burleaaae entitled -1 THE BLACK STAT JR. ' Admiuion V oenU; Oroheater Chairs io oeaU. T Afternoon Rvtertainvuut AFTER- ^ Wheaalaviah diatribution of Elegant Preemta la ? made; Rion and Costly Jewelry, Bo..Me. Pacoj Ar- f Uole^Toya* Sewing Maohinea. and magnloent The Sewing Maohine waa praeented to Mra. R. b, U. Morgan on Satarday afternoon?tioket No. J4V1, K Admieeion SO oanta ; Children ie eenta. ap ?4 q **7 TUP ? W A8HINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC. t No. i)69 Pa. Avwvi, couth Sinn, V Bttwttn 9tk mi4 10tk Us. CI Every miiti a remarkably fin* Free Coooert, ambraouif MlMUou from the boat olaaaio riiuaic, H and tbe moat Popular Cperaa rendered in at better atyle than in uy othar Amerioan oonoert di aalaon. q The oalebratod Italian Sinter, Sunor Astomiq on IiBikTiHt, Prim* Baritone Irom U? 8|. Carlo Yi heater at Nay lea, haa been eo.acad ana will ae- i aiat the entertainment of the evenieg with tbe fin eat Miloitiaa aMWiiia war p roduotd In ttua f aitfi * ! T&* west and the pnblio arc invited. and nay rely apon htnci every comfort they desire, la addition to the fmnst niueio in Washington. the< J nil obtain on call from the atteapve attendants eoideulj the b*et Refreehmsnts Tor aale in Che S Fedornl Metrcpuhe. fi Smoera conrfantly in attendance to hM? food , er. Concert oommencinj at 4 p. m a> H-* - HENRY ROSENTHAL. Profo _ PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Onid# ? A XT Patents, Catalogus of QarloeitMo and Oatemmrat Gardens, at the atand ill Pataat UKoe; Rare v AnUsatfrian Boon s (fojenuaent Books; Dooa- lt, eSftllrWihed: RahrdCI Rsporta; MlliUry Re J forty; Imnt PvtalfOSoe Reports; Chens Books farn^shud to Pedlar a; Miliary Trials: Military i Law*; Army Recusations; Paaorai? of IMCosd ? s *+rr Tiitdtj ?t?. v?am oiua %t iiTLi&^txjYTidij vmk, J BW.ui*.,?a& nj? i 'PI' v ? BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. JlAND COTILLON PARTY! J AT It TSMPEHANCE HALL. it On Vk*I1)AY KVEffNV^A'oriUfth flL L anoint to oudhmom at 9 u'o oot Prof. Tth'? band u Miac*!. admltt'ng a ratiriBan Ud lathe.. Prof C F. it A ft N KS. M '7 W* MlUfff. 70UKTa_eRAND COT1LLON PARTV_o/ | me r r HOI .11> *>v-< lo. f,to befiren on KAt* f F.R MONDAY, ,?ril Slat, at Tetnperanse Hall. M The mtmberi vf the above Com parr r* MB ^ootfu'.ly anrouneeto ?h*ir many fnonde, aodthe ublio in general, that Uioir Konrth Glaml CoOlloa artj will bo givon at tho above-coeuoeod Ua>L n baiter Moodoy, tne i'et lost. Tne oni'oroal itii'aetion given by thi?Coi,i>*rt at their former irtieo it a sure guarantee that ttu one will to the 'arty of tLo season. Tho Ladioo aro oordraiy ivited to attecd rn wia.<??, n tboie will bo bo isitauoni iutod. Tioketa 5? ooow, admitting a entU<m?n end ladies. (Vmwihm of JrraMtementt Vm H Oehorn A.?!*Mint, Jo tin D.okoroon, Rob't V. Benry. Geo. A. Ifrtritog. ap!7 it* LOOT AND FOPNP. OST?On Thurooay evening, 17th April, a -J PACKAGE OF PAPF.RS. wraeeod in bio ?h 'kite paper, tied witti co ton oord. They wo<olo*t etwem tbo General Teleeriph OAo^ and tho Vaehington Grninaoiuin. They oon?i?t of two rawing* on tricing o o li, anil a epooifiaatioa or eecription uf tlio dravioc*. A ruiuble reward rill bo pa d ob their being dolivortd ( > MK VN 11 .1AMSON, Day VYatohmaa at the Uppartmert of tate. ^ ap 17 S-? OST?On Wodneeiay laat. a o-tted COACH -J IM'C.virh 01 rec eye and me whit -?O . rewar of 92 .%i will t>? pud if retarnrd^ij^X ? H. t\ BEVER1DGE, WMLiniwa ? louse. ap n 81* 'TAME TO TUK 8LB*C?tHKR, oa thPUtb J inttsnt, & SOW, and hid a lire orjfTK^ ouDg ones on Tueeday morning, the 1Mb lit. The owner it repeated to tonedUwl irwa-d. prove property pay oharree, ana t?k? her way. Apply at the atablea of the Capitol Kakeiy* n Avenue, between tet st. and New Jeraar av ap 16 St* J. OAKROLL. FAKEN UP?On the 12th inat. an iron tray I HoRSE about 7 yeara old. Thearv wner la rf ?ue?ud to oome forward, proveTJTrk ropertr. pay oba-fea. and take him away. leu at B. MORGAN'S Dlaokamith Shop, oorncr id and H ftrret ?p IS 3'-* {,'fj REWARD? For the appreheraion (and p?J\J delivery to meat Bladenaourc, Maryind, or teeured in any jail in Mary land, ao fflf oat l get mm,) of NEGRO MAN, Aylveiter TV .ylaa. latA-the proparty of Henry H. War iar, aeoeaefd, of Prinoa Georre'a oounty, ) J i lo. Sylveater la of copper complexion; of atout t%tne>; ai>out aix feet h.c: ; and of pleaatng oounteanoe wlten apoken to. fie ia well known in Wub'|t n city, and la no Uonbt larking in that pi?ee r ita*,. I will give the above reward no matter where ikfii DIONYSIL'S SHERIFF. ap 15 lm* Ext'r ot H. II- Warring, deoeaaafl. ?1A REWARD?Stolen abont 15S o'oioek m? Jl" thie moraine, a m-diam aised grey fy lORSE. with government aaudie and j|-T^ lankot; horaehad no ahoea on; and larae^tZX r? left foot; branded t. S. (Id vr&a ato.'en from ont of Atgler'a Reatanrant, O at. An; inform* on oonjern'iDf him will be reo^sTed at Mr. LUler'a. <ap l-tf? PHILLIP */<ITTLi?~ run SAXlEJ AJiV 1UAIT. FOR RKNT-Without board. a BACK PARl LOR furoiched aa a chamber? No 33a 18th treat, between H ana I. at u St* j o LET-A fonr-ator/ BRICK HOL'SE, with back building, aid oontainmr 10 roorar. itnated?No. A.Man* ar*r?e. n?ar the corner of tn itiedt; le >le??*nty situated,frontinc the ?ehl>o rounde Applj to Jnatioe Dcnn; chae. w ieon, r on the premiee*. ay 18-at* [7UR RENT?With Board, a PARLOR and l CHAMBER, on the firat floor, an! other moi. Table Boarden aooommodated. 3?1 E trtet. ay 17 ?t* G^OR RENT?One FURNISHED ROOM, wi'h l taianlloard. in a private fam j, on aeojiul oor. ath, between G and H atreett, No. 40SI. ?P 17 31* POR SALE-A FRAME OWKLLINO P HOUSE on M atreet,(No *"i,? between 6th nd 7th; ooutaining 5 iooitu, with a large hall. For arma inquire within. ap 1C 3t r| O LET?The BRICK HOUSE, with Funu ture, on the north aids of P*nnaylvaniaa*enaet etween 191:. and Sr?th ata , and reoently occupied by Jen'i Keyea. It containa about ?5 roc in*, ami poaeaa*a every oonvamense to make it a comfortable aa'danoe App y to M. ADLER.No. 49, \V in er'a Building. ap 16 eo2w* rHE ROOMS FORMERLY OCCUPIED AS the headg uartora of Brigadier Gen'i Pa iner re now vacant, and oan be rented on aaplioatlon o No. 19t 9 atreet. between 19th a*d 2-uh atreeta. teferenwee required. ay 'fl St* F| OR RENT-A beautiful COUNTRY SEAT for rent, with all toe unprovem'nU, atabing ,nd oot-biild'nt?, within ten or fifteen minuter ralk of ^lat at: hea tlir and fine ir^n water; can ? rentel wifh t urutture, or without, upon reaa in*bleterm?; contain* ???en acre* of ground, tu , higii iMt? of cu tivUion. The place la wr it nown, having long been the reasdar.oe of Mr. hvan a he view ia fina. Apply corcer Slat and Boutdary ata., op petite Vif ard'a plaae. a? )C 4t* FOR RENT?A TENEMENT, suitable for a " ski:: fa;uuy, and very p.ea?ar:tl? situated on be lietshts of Georgetown, within five minutes' raik el tho Washu.g'on ami 6eorget >?i < mriitua ma Applr el th< ?(Gm of J. OENT, No. 4S8 fifteenth street, Wasmngton. as 1? IV [TOR RENT?A furnished fonr-stcrr BRICK " UA'KLLi.NO,'R& pl*a?ant and healthful part if the city, with large chambers and parlors, ath room supplied with hjdrari water, as .J (as brouihout; a carriage-house and stable attached. This is a desirable residenoe (or an M. C. or Ovvrnment eirp ejee in either one of the Depart lents. Inquire at 374 Eleventh stteet, between [ and L, from 5 to 6 p. m. ap 11 SUMMER RESIDENCE FOR RENT. ?po? 5 IKf'Hltn Elltn D. C, about 1H ??/?* b?ti Oecrgttcum, <???r Mr. LouxKtorough'j)?A esir&ble lurcuLad Dcub!" Houao well shaded, ne water. Ac , with stabling, oarr:s*e tousoi, ;o.,Ao. The attention of Meirbere of lbs Cablet, Foreign Ministers, a- d iemergen with fami-y i especially invited to thia advertisement. For Kammatioa of the premises apply to the Kicuer pon the farm (Mr. Jamei O'Biian,) tsJ for nirler sarlioulars address Captain \\. A T. MAD- t IOX, U 8. M , 1330 Spruce street. Philadelphia, a. mhSMm* 70R BALK-? KLEtf.iuarble a:aba, a*d arrapgemeut < ampiMc. Those desmnr the above will study iflir lutereat by cal'ine itumetlistety at the Karosar. Hotel, ewrner iltn a.refet and Pennayivama ir?nae. u?h 6-tf BOARDING. , JOARDING FOR FAMILIES AND GEN- ! 3 TIjKMkN?Desirable Rouun m>w vacant at 1 i C eireet, corn*r of 4)4?Oud of the mvii <i?s ir*. elocutions in Waahtmton. ay 17 2t* I RO'?\l, WITH DOAF O, suit*! Is fu; or 1. two *?Lii?mun, at No mirtceatti street, ' >t?een 6 and H. A fe\r Table Boar)ai? o?:i a no taccomanodatad. ap 17 ">t* i ?URNISHKD BOOMS TO RENT. w:ih \ Bt*vdi .u a>leaaant location near the Capitol, janal'ect Boardera aoooinmodated. Inquire at lar Office, ah ti-tf EDUCATION AJL j JLAlNfriELD ACADEMY, I Niii CauaLi, Pa. The sa?l aeaaion (SO vaeka) oomme^oea May 5th. , erraa #70 per aeaaiou. <'irc?lara at Star Olfaoe. 1 o fcll a few vaoauoie* addreea R K. BURN?, apl-lmeo Plaint eld. Ccm Co.. Pa. - ? I IEO&QETOWN ADVgKT'MTB j \ 100.000 BU8HKi& If STONE *HKLL aut GAB LIME, for gnoalturai parpora*; KUo, all kinds of MILL fd BRAIN VBKtfTBALED HAV, MKAI,, LOUR. ud POTATOES, Ma IY0 Unag* at, 1 ftorcatown. * M 18 lw K1RKLAND * POWUNQ, 1 GEORGETOWN DANC1N0 ACADEMY- ! V PROF. DARNE8 will oaan *l*u>?inc *X laaa for Ladiaa, M;a*aa %na Muitn, oa JH IEDN K8DAY. A^ril at S a. m. ?t tk?A 1 bH of Mr. Forraat. oorner ojTUi?K*na ? a. A,. 61 me Fashionable Daooas will bataucnt j iru>c the ugarter. Pupils should a*tar t*atr . Win M IOOO II lOHlbla. to Aommenaa with tl.a Ms. Mr. Barnee refer* to the patrons e? hie rMhiofton cltuM, Terma f 10 per quarter tp 14 1W* | VCK8K1N Q_VU V E 0! ?WlhHri ? Ebert, Bn<fr tfrui&rilrera aad fttaita. 1* l? m A88KY, COLLINS * CO.TS 1 PHILADELPHIA OKA 99HT ALE. We hftTe Jut reoeived a tuplj of the aboT* AM, kuoh ve raoommeod to be or * Terr Mpertor teatHi ?Mriei*n. CAH D PJIOTOQ1AFHS A OX! v/\# Anil MLADICS. tOU I ' Card PhotofTiAto la TariMt, luuluJiui oomm at 1 totu FwUih!aIio CARD VltfiTK and OV AL f ICTUKH rKABCKS, tM iAT(?at aaaorOsaat, 1 nth* taatlaaaanotory 11 tbaaowtrr J&roaib, J. MAKKKiT fik'4, >14 aheap. Aiao, two CAJtRIaefc.V^^ j OEttEt?, CAHHlAGtS and Uaib*?a; M . >th eomaiatt. Apply to BU9KY kgU# I AkNAEft, Bridfr atraai, aaai ! NTfUm. ?9]l>tv SECONDjPTTION. thhhe U*CLOCK, r. m THE LATEST BY TELEORJLPB IM-FUHTA-AT FROM YOEKTOW*. Ti? Eaca? AIUbH ? IMilfkt it* ualtii^m B?mM v|thL*M. 9 Oar krmj fiaialif Cr?an4 H*?rl). The following di*pau Ln wrrr received to-d*y it the War bepartaneat from Uea MrClellaa : HutgtiiTiu Amur Potomac, April 17 My position occupied yeaterday by HmlU waa entrenched laat ntght to that we have bM able to prevent Ac enerfly ftom working today, and kept hi* guna allent. Tbc onr mult at the b*lterlea at Hyun'a Mill*. Yerktown ahelled ear gnnboata and tomt of our barge* to-day, without ( bet. Good deal of firing from the Yerktown laad haliMlM ueasqvitrit* aimt Potomac, Ap.ll li. At abont one-bail bonr after* mldntfbt the ru mj attacked Smiths position and turnip ted ta carry his gnns. sroitfc repulaed ttaera haodaota*> ly, and took aome pri? I have ?o detail* vet bat will forward then aa aooa aa trv alda rtrnrn Tba flrlng wa? wry beavy. All la now quiet. The Hath villa Turned Up Afiim! Her Adventures 8ince Last Running the Blorkide! f Special i rir^ram J Nrw Yon, April 1", n^Tbf RfM steamer NaahvllU arrived at Naaau, N. P., on the 13th of March, and cleared with aa aaaorted cargo on the Sth Inst , for. aa alleged, St. John*. N . U., Laving, aa alleged, been aold to Brltiah suVjrctn. Probably tbla la a blind LATEST FEOM THE PMTIN8ULA. Jeff Difli Takes ( <! ! Ike FleN! * m !l. Mereier Leaklac ( Re* I! The Rebels Working Like Belter* f They Attack Ci la Buty Forte! Thej are IcMbt^vlth aicfe Lmi t Baltimore, April 18 ?Thefollowing 1s from the Fortress Monroe correspondence of t&e l<Mf\rtm Just received here : There are no Indleatloni of tbe reappearance of the Merrlmac, though the weather la very favorable for her : rata, with high water. The French steamer Gastendi Is still at Norfolk awaiting the return of the French Minister from Richmond, where It is presunw-d he has gone to secure the tobacco purchased by tbe French Got* era meat. At Intervals last night and this morning heavy cannonading could be beard bere from thedliec* tlonof York town a "* a?? * - -- r???j ?cktkti WOO CUDC 1D10 OUf llDff report the arrival of Jeff. Davit la the rebel camp, and my that It was understood there tbat he would take command In the approaching battle. They also represent the enemy to be la great force, and that the work of eatreorhlng Is progressing throughout the Peninsula. Reinforcements, they my, are constantly striving there from Norfolk. Fredericksburg, sod even North Carolina; and that the rebel Generals openly declare their Intention to make this tk* great battlo of the war; and the strongest conviction eiprtased of a triumph over the Federal forces and driving them from tbe Peninsula There is almost constant skirmishing going on by tbe rilemea, and occasionally shot and shs.i are thrown wiih great rapidity J ant as I close this letter J ioarn there was qait* a heavy skirmish this morning beyond Warwick Court-House, on tbe James river; tbe enemy having attempted to turn our left lank. i BPir a Mark wu made in quite heavy f orce, bnt they were repulsed after a brisk artillery engagement Tbe enemy's loss U thought to have been quits heavy. We lost about * dozen in killed and wounded CONOtthSaiONAL. ? ? XXXTilth CONOR FM--J)*c?b4 Iswin. ? FmtbAT, April 18. ?A bill to estabilah s land oflice In the Territory of Colorado wa? taken up and paaned. Mr. Hale reported iron the special committer to inquire into the destruction of the Norfolk navy yard and Harper's Terry armory. Report ordered to be printed. Mr. Hair's Introduced a bill abolishing sundry customs cAres at Albany and Troy, \ Y , and Increasing the salaries of the customs surveyors there. Referred Mr. Sumner Introduced s resolution calling on the superintendent of tbe census for s list of all ilaveboiders In the District of Columbis snd for certain statistics concerning the slaves they owned. Adopted. The Senate then took up the bill for tbe relief pf FtinrU Unrt?s. ? * * n, which was dfNM By SUtiarv Senators. Horn ?Tbe bill making appropriations for tandry civil expenses of tbe government for lbW tnd additional approprlatloaa for 1862 was taken up. Mr. F A. Cockling offered so amendment pccridlne thtt ao part of the spproptlatloa should t>e paid for gas cocauoied lu the Capitol restau rants; rejected Mr. Delano mnn-d to amend by Inserting aa ipproprtatlon of dViy per month for watering tba tvenae from the Capitol to tbe Executive Man ilonj rejected. Tbe bill was then passed. (This bill appropriates 1300,000 for completing the wast winy of tbe Treasury building; ff?,0nu Tor painting the old portion of the Capitol; $19, 10 supply a deftcleucy in the appropriation for lighting the Capitol and public grounds; S3,0Ut> tor the completion of tbe Canaan] The Hons? proceeded to tbe coast deration mt private bill*. LATB LOCAL NEWS. F just an ? Last evening, a woman went to the iter of Juatlce Dona, and made complaint that Mr Oeoree Usher * ?* .. - ?? mu II Mttery upon her A nrrul vm iaaoed and placed la lUe handa of a polletmaa to be aerred, ud the e?mpUlaut took a ml to await tki reiun of tk? often ?ltb tke wcniM. Intbemeaalime U?e n?ked far a glaaa of water, aad Detective Miea politely rone to accommodate Iter; bat bad tiardly got the water wbea the young woman tainted and fell upon the leer. 8be wae aetaed irttk eon Tuition a, which continued tor over aa aour, b otwltbetandlng the mtoratleea applied by he attentive c flic en She waa uaabie to glee rl deuce. and the caee wan ruled for a hearlag. K phjrairlaa waa aeot for, aad the alck woman rnaoeed to her home. RniBTAHCi of 4 Fauci Orricaa ?Yaetarday nornlng, an Italtaa named Leoa Poppara, who a engaged la aelliag ptetola. cattery, *c., weal o the Soldier* Reel, near the depot, to aell hta [oeda to aorae of the 11th Peaneylvaaia regiment, ind, aa heallagea, be waa palled la tba llaeaaad oar revohrera taken from him. He immediately ecu red the aervioea of oAcer Copeland, aad weal tack to the place, where one of lUk i pistol vu'pointed oat ta the otecr OtftlitA itwnpM to imd the an, hat be was iwie4 ion him, ud hoik be and Poppora were forcibly Jrclod Iron tbo caap. Tbe i?tan araa lam*Uately reported by tte poUoa to tbe Pio??? (far* Ml. AnqmuSna -Mam. Btrtteru<Doqam, formerly of Alexandria, were irrmu* m ?p)? fftd?ai?T moral n* aeor Pilrki Coart Kmm, rhlle on ta?lr way to DUte TW Atoaaadrto tianaodentaalitkit Ma* were faaad apoa ham of decidedly dteloyal (hwacto, baatdoe a irge amount of CoafrderUe aoooey Whna. airwtrdjc*(Mr?u> tte On IIIMT" Sj^W^lu5m*lforiUoa^w?ay^ ?JST ^ *4*g^the Mt, irroM blaasd loakWa Mm* u*tic? CaJL, wteo ketittapiai Hunt kt?> *U by ?Utta( ttet UmIi cpw gl biikii 5ss wTRii s5uji?? firs sifjrssr' ? -

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