Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1862 Page 4
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EvfcfUJNti STAK. Y??#lft?i7 ReMi ftnH GriMRil Omlv u Messrs. Editors ?I rtJ?d the editorial correspondence of L H T in regard to the bouth-Down .heap of Mr. J. 0. Taylor of Uclmdel, N. J , with much interest, cot only becroM it giTe a vary interesting account of Mr. T."# ?outh-T)own?, hat alao on account of the sound ar^tiitcnt in favor of mutton 4t?heep husbandry.** WWl.-t I by ih> mean* think the SouthtUowBi the roost profitable mutton sheep lor the farmer to raise, jet I freely accord to them great advantag; orer the common native fhetp. Their fine foim and distinct features rleariy mark them as a peculiar breed that entitle thetn to bs ranked among the firtt class of biutton sheep much to be admired. I do not, h-j?e\er, tcgard them a* profitable as the larger bred*, lhe Leicester, CotswulJj, Ac., shear ruoro wool, make more mutton, are more i.ardy and prolific s* I conceive, and therefore I give them the pretereace. Uut I d<*iot propose at present to Jlncuss the peculiar advantages of a*y particular breed?will leave that if necessaiy U> a future article. There is Another leature io lhe same article that I wish to allude to, and that is the importance of feeding roots to sheep, which I consider almost inJUpensable t:> fuceessful sheep raising. 1 fully endorse the advantages derived in the aggregate, but never made the te?t to ascertain the relative advantages of the ruta baga as compared with the white turnips; 'hut Mr I. having done so, it is no doubt correct that rata t>9gas are much the best. My plight experience has caused me to think so, hut as 1 can raise other varieties, especially the Globe and Nor folks at so much less expense, I am satisfied with th?m In this connection there !s another feature in the article alluded to, that I can by no means subscribe to. The writer says that turnips h'-tild not be given to breeding ewes, until tie lush* are a fortnight old. This is entirety at variance with my experience on the subject, and a* 1 profess to be a practical man, having but little regard for theories that are not fully *u*fiined by faets, I enter my protest must eojphatioslly. My ewes are quite lat, several of them weighing about 20u I t?s , and some of them considerably more. They have eaten about all the turnips they vcculd since iksi of November? having nearly al! f.f Umu dropped their lambs with the l.?ss of but a single twin lamb; and never having my ewes and lambs do bettor I am apt to ihi'.k there is some mistake about the de rimcntal effects of giviDg breeding ewes turnips. Ihis too i? in accordance with all my former experience on the subjsct. One thing more. 1 cannot see the advantage of feeding corn mesl to sheep as recommended by the s?me writer, bat on the contrary can i-c't ui?i>jr aisdavauiagcs?sneep grind corn better than the miller, and do it ranch Cheaper. Thus the toil ia saved &a well aa the perplexity aod ether expense of milling, to s*y notnin^ about 'he future waste of corn meal in windy, rainy and muddy weather. On the other band, nearly every grain of corn i3 picked up by the sheep when fed whole, and id much pleas&ntcr on eTcry account to feed. I have thu* given a little of my experience in tbia particular department. Am always willing to compare notes with my brother farmers, bopiig all the time to learn something, wbicb I 2nd I very much need. I. D. Q. Nklsox. E'w ra*lt near Fort T\'ayn*t Ij.J. {We "hrtpe Mr Taylor will respond to the above remarks upon his system ?f Feeding, giving more felly the reasons npon which he bases it- We need scarcely assure our corres I. a U- M-i puucui. j;r. eison. noweTer, that Mr. Taylor is ia u!i respects practical man/' and ha* ao thtoried." accept those based upon practice.? Country Gfn:ltman \ ??^?a???? C Uli E?COUHS?BUNIONS. MR. rULU&lAl, tfurieon Chiropodist, fren farm, t?ja to inform 70a tn&t he 0*11 efeotu& r rerajva Ouni aaJ Haai?na. witbont >aia, k> t'.i'. jiio? cm be worn immediate! j al'cr the vp?rfr.on, without lnconver^riioe. AIM remove? \\ krusLd citier aupertlRua! flaeh frott U18 hand a. o t*iit i;,tj arm ?pp-ar area a-wl de.UUn. No. If 4 - street, near Cuj HaL. CLa/rea <a?uarate. JH7* Hefera to the doctora of Waahugton iener*' >. wh I t/ 500,000 lol",DS KOt'SB TALLOW and AHMY GREASE WANTED. fcr vM the hifh??t pnoe will bo paid at the Na r.jnal &-.U Cadle vVorka, Green street ?n<l Cut!, Geortetovn, D. C. ich U*-lm C. B- J ? <V K LL. Proprietor. F'O.1 A3MY A.ND NAVY MKN.-Naey Bine I acr.M-, &c4 tunm?r?i, Arn ? fUt?? f :<it.. e >, 0'ctln aid C&ESiincrea^ cl t.?" f r<.<v*r q sluiee (that will hold the oo'or.) A!?o our uiu&l iii.p e steak vf a 1 other kitJa of l>ry tico?l?. f?r am liM ail aoa.*'ke?pari. om price o*lf. n ar.e.1 iq uiaiicet fafrraa. Au n?au.?Lt)t of ?t^cs i I| obi catuAte pnra*-a??. ftiJt H V <k IjHU, hp 9 >t P?ra. av-coo ?n,l Nitth al. J^DAXtr Eli'KLftd COMPANY. VOT1CM OTKSMCTTAU ?* 1 T::? Cc .t? r -act wf t-v*:a cooiM*? d removal j fTcn i .ird street taltie large decern B Mr? at, W ari * < "iaa^-rf I KtUBtK BOOi~ AND Silv>i.3, All litoi. at J. V. PUiiNKY'S. >i4 Peau &<oiiU?, bacs of ? Pry Goo<U SL %1LYS CURiikU niwi-ra i'J AND 9? ,->F? At J B PBDNE' / *' f* *' *? F?BB. W. BX* utot*. I/O ' * A IK- \ p*:r <J Tf?ry h*c Uor ,a ,;.ht ha* r CARRIAGE HDKsli!i-b?ttWf t>? th- Le??i in ?i? lti*u ci?bre? ir IjVn d*rnp?ii!ra; 6 aadT rs*r? old. Can V. tr rsppWicc at the N&va! Stor . iw?? u?M W??hiortoi?. D. C., between the * .our? o*'e I ? * " " * w.h u li??* SILK DRK&JE3 FOR JHK hkkhknt AND A rrK <?ACH! \*? ? ?a"5n ow r^htne* M our W'oTTt.ifeK; Oie ?rioe on'y. tie actual -t-a^d mis* mariedinF^nfinircB. a was, m. w tr ' K'tUY A BROTHER. ro lr i-a *?>?r.n??nri Ninth at. &.OT1CB. I M ADAMS'* JEXF4KM COMPACT." ?': 11 Coir.*?* j of j ? t.ia jntMia'* Unseat iM iT.ur*# f r %z? 9t'.t Ana Qaick Dispntah of tit+rr K e.( au, r&cxues,,M?*.ey, 4*. Ac,, t?> a.. .at- o; t.'i? t r it3d Steles. .? j -w^a b> *l4 frorn tt* North and West dat^i'X neat ku Arrive iu WMtu3?toQ daily, A-- Kxir 'ses A S J_ (Urjs uf MjNrsaue* ?Ml v?itA^i? Messengers. .. t'AOAAr" f? r Ti? EcIJisrs onme? at "*?ra Ba U?" our uu! rsU ?. A;i for tli* so-?ai!*d "OaiifWeraW S'JUm7' ?c>2 fc . "CosirstAiJ ?f Wk ' will t* Kinin. Our KxprtsAtJ >ase New Y?rk at P. M ^Airlr{ji .2 V* Ati.Jituc At A* i. Uti tJm 11 P- H.,trri?uii in W?AkJitl%Uli<{'.K,kW t *i?r*?ses !*? * ha t!an V iU A. X. and a ?. >1 , warici in to?Ahi??j0& at a A. M. a&4 sj? hiirMidi hr nil North and West Imts W A?h.rt ua nt 7 JH \H. anl tJo P. Id. daily. Spec-el Coct.?cu p>r Tares aqantifeja of Frstrkt un-.<7 V j. Ju*r?->UGE M> Ull i All CioocU cs*.?w for deiivsred Jrtt <A hi Ira I *n*rIM. K. * , TARSUKS, I Saj't Aduna* Kxprsci Comply. WMhitffn, A af?t * IMI- ? W-tf Ki:*B W, r^DKriSION^D AC* *?? , DR M.VELLNY'S PRIVATE HOSPITAJ . in l:?? rticok, orp.>?t? thfl ?)ocerai F ... *:-d FMent oifi**. Room A ?? at?ira. coru _ uf 7th and F at* , \\ &xaui(tt>o? t?.0. KtU Urbeu for the r-<ippr?a<toii ol Qv xui i I h# only R*sui*r Ffcjaionn Ad**rtia!r l>r. M. V?:i .t'e long cxpenaaco mboaplt -i t.c* WTTViu biiti !U ?Aj:n? tuat he om ,iartMi?r ? ?riT%terinre, or bo will f SrtA.t . X inn oi i?e bur.di*d do ere. WI** ? i &li and aoe aim. No o&arr* f?r?otUT ? A V' < t rMMk MriMtKl mm onJ7ulo?r . >?- or Tftrjf jra* | troATT,^ fc^VKSS^. 9 low 32 ?* w A.ia, oia&r itj.m of La? ,' . ?... ., i? W tilinul k B?vU, UX ?'h v ~ Ml1 tlMM' ,J. fJaSMKr-" )"?. rtwae I HB[*?wtaw^ a. of tit* K?beU*n; i jJ*?? 8*?toha> Ol?. of to i?d ? thP" '?il7 o.rJ'Hx p. cf Abi^JT?ht(2uJ^h raw '' B'ttV.!.1" WU * am ntftriui/n a tibcu ?<mA>i>r I " " * ADDITIONAL TKSTIMOMAL9. * FEW or THE MANY TESTIMONIALS FROM TIG riTi/t^is nr vv?sm\i;. TON TO DR. TVMBLETY,1rHE INDIAN BfcRB DOCTOR. Dtploraf/U Conditio* 4/ Body and Mini. I was almost dead with pain In my chest, back, shoulder*, side and bead; waa debilitated that 1 could scarcely walk. My mind was continually mtlanrboly end gloomy; but were it not for Dr. Tnrai>!cty>a skill and hl? remedies, I would have r>ee? dead before tbU. I am now completely c?tr*d. Thomas Gvuttix, P street, between 16th and ifi h. WalhinjjWn, D C. E'fitfJilaS Cured. Dt. Toitbi*tt?Your herb remedies are the paraxon of all that Is great in medicine. Tbey have rwed me after being given bp to die of tfjtlpelas. Mrs. Emma Kerkali . Fairfax county, Va. Cwrt ?f Coughs, fain t? th* Breast, Dysplasia, uiitk great XYtaknAt. This la to certify that I hare been troubled with th* ui>ove-namrd complaint* for several years I tried some of ?ur moat eminent physician* In Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown, but rewired no relief. 1 was persuaded to try Dr. Tumble*?, and in a very shor* time his herb medicine* cored me. J am as H Beam., Blacksmith 9hop, Nary Yard. and Livtr Complaint Curfil. Charles \V. Harman, Metropolitan Police, Washington, D. C. Cttrt of an Vlttrattd Son Leg with seven hoUt. Da TrMaLiTT?1 have been using your hsrb medicines to core a bad leg. with seven running sores, of several years standing, which the dortors thought incurable, and amputation was regarded as the only ultimate relief. 1 can now "Bi? art wru as rrcr. i am cunHi. S. C. PABKISH, Seventh street, Park Hotel, Washington. Consumption Cured. Mrs. Edward T Tuplpett, Navy Yard, Third street, between M and 1M. Scurry Cured (a very bad cat*.) I Jas W l.ark'n, Government Printing Otflce. Washington, April 9, lbiW. IJi^ndncs Cured -? in to certify that 1 have bee a blind for twj years, and bv the aid of Dr. Tnmblety's tmfrnpnt I ran vt 1V mil ??o? out a guide. Seventh street, ular d. To ike Ladie*. My wife has been afflicted with a disease peculiar to ber sex, for three years. Had tried various physicians without anv benefit. Dr. Tamblety his cared her. \V. Trcxi*. Alexandria, Va. Consumption Curid. A vegetable course of treatment presented by Dr. Tuuiblety has cured me of Consumption. Joseph Esksiusk, Brigade Wagon Master, 19th street, Washington, D. C. Difemti ?/ Ike Thront. Francis Scale, Esq.. leader of the t'. S. Marine Band, Navy-Yard. Strofula Cured To all hfflictrd wiij Scrofula. Try Dr. Turn biety, tbe Indian Hert> Doctor J. E. UrTCHTlfHO!*, Patent Office . s ' Ktv. J. Curtis Chrti. 1 would aecommend all who are troubled wltb General Debility. Dyepepala, Ac., Ac , to try Dr. Tumblety, wbo haa cured me. Rev. J CcRTia, Baltimore, Md. Canttr Curid. Dr. Vamblety haa cured my wife of cancer by hla beif> rrmedlea J. Capkn, Near Fairfax Seminary, Va. Sort Eye* Cured. V. Maher, Bridge itreet, Nary-Yard. Prolapsus Vltri. 1 iMr Tumbl*tv'a H?rh MMttrlnr haa cnrnl mr . [ *1tx 0X the abo*e-mentioned dlseuse. CAPT. Ocsmikoham. Georgetowo, D. C. Fill Cured. Tita brought on by Weakness, Dyspepsia, Comtlveness, Night Dreams, Ac., Ac. Jams* Davi?, Alexandria, Va. LargeJTwnor Rtmoved. Jjiiiiea Klnz, G street, Washington, D. C., had a ia/*e tuuior of a cancerous nature reiuoved from hU head without r? turfing to the barbarous pract't. of cutting wltu a Jt.-i.fe, as is usual lu such cases. Ft malt Coxiylzint Cured. Mr*. C. W. Blakeman, Lang** Hotel, Georgetown. Curt of Nervous Debility Frederick Robleder, F utreet, corner of 2J, Mini Scrofula Cured. J. Malooey, corner 4th and H streets. Enlargement of tke Heart Cured, t uowm, 343 ttth street, Washington, D. C. Scrofula Cured. J f?. Lateman, Sixth street, No 419 Consumption Cured. J Laird, watchman, United StaUs Capitol. John Clark, Camp Duncan, D. C. John C. Day, corner Second and D streets. Bad Ca?e of Jaundice Cured. Joan Hnrtl, No 500 New York avenue F?r* Cured. David Dllon, 47'i F street. Nervous Debility Cured. J diii Dobobo, No. 506, corner C and 3d street*. C4?*fle?i A. CuurveUer, Navy Yard. Cured of Ckromir Distant. f Hill am Sulllvajt, eornee Fonr-and-a-Ual/ and U > trveta, Iron Fonadry, Navy Yard, D. C. <V?re*/ of Iftbxlilf. Charles Wllsou, U 8. EeguUr. Dyptfun Cured. B?*J. Horsey, Twentieth street, below Pennsylvania avenue. Cured of Pimpl*? on the Face. James Reed, Twenty-alxth and L atreeta. Chronic h \ sm Cured. HI I! UAW..A Ilx-l n? ? ?1. u . VV*VIW| a irnwj ur? a CUlllftTauiS ivenue. (i4?(Ama a/ttr all tk$ l)o<tori Failed B. J. White, No. 453 B street, tooth tide of Ctpttol. Ca*e*r Curtd. J. bU* kburn, Georgetown. Bad Drcmm? vitk Nigkt Sutats Curtd. R. Hetmeeh, 4f7 Seventh street. h Curt I J.J. Kane, C itret t, between ?th and 7th. THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR will deserts* dlieuoMd tell hl? patient* the aiture or their eosapfietnU or lUneaa, without tMtlf ti|uy lgf?MtioR from then. No CK*rgt /or CmmUtation or Adtne*. Oioe, ff#. 11 WuttagtoaeoUdlags, Penney 1*; vaala trea^e, corner I th atreeit, ap tt-Ow* D OR. JOKNBTOR, OilTIMtfl'I LOCK HOSriTAl, Bit MtimrU the mni Ctrfim, Sftiii mmd t%lf I Atrntdf <m tkt We Id, FOR ALla DI8EA0K8OF IMPBVPKMCf. hMT NO FALSE- HFLICACT PhCtg jfr. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. i ?M* WARRANT*!), OS NO CKAKVM, IN FROM ONB TO TWO DATS, WMJUMirf Uf lut, IWItOH, AflllllHtf u< tl? ft iu ?.?aa?? ..jnivuc u>tcnirfti, in ni D?M>ltf, In'iwiii, HjtUuui, Cn(uw t llwi. Uv Ifir.u, fiiftuuM W lb# atari, Tlciidiu, TftmWictt, Diti-ottt af tif at ( Siddmtti, Ditaui ?r tit ltd, TtrNl.RMt ar kio, AlttU*.t W t-i? hwys, lt??ut *r Bawait?'.? ?? Ttmkla DiMiuin trii'i | fr?m Mil|uj Bakiia a/ Vnr.b?L)?ttim; tad Ot?'.r?c.i?t f ?%aiku ?biit U344I Mump IbmiiIMi, aad iltuitt kill Mr ud M:?d. TO VXO MEN Bipaaltlly mlt kara kttarai lha ric J*t < lallury Yl??, Utl d?t*dfkl tad dttiracU** bafeit w'-Ul alkali; tvttpt u u ttUali) (itTi tbtuiu.diaf Viir|M?atf tht bmi tukid talaou and krtiUant uiutltc:, wha aifhaatkarviit Itrt auiraacad watt&icf B? wit* tht iiaadtrt tl*. iihm ar vaktd la tuu?r Ik* Utibx lyr?, ai; ?'.! w;U i Ml MtUiatt. MJLBLKIAOM. MOIIH rUMr?,t( Ttla| N?i Ml!ta|l||l||t Mu rlaf*. Wtlpf mil *f hrtleal nUuu, VTfUt't etHlitf, da&fiaiuat, ?*., rpatJilt aattd. Tht tliui biruaaif aadar Ik* tut t( >f. I. at? rtlir*.aaaly aanlda in kia katiar aa a ftaiitaia aad aaaltitatiy nly Ma tklll u a phytlaia*. OFFICE N*. 7 SOVTH FREDERICK ST. la ft ha iiri aLli aalat fa ana laltnaa^a attaat. a fa* * Ua aarnar. fill Mt I* ikilivi uai uj' iiakw Lilian MH PHI inuti a ittaf. DR. JOHNSTON, Mk?l af tht E?yci Callaj# af irxavia, Waatfaa, rnitv au ftaa ana af tha raaai anuuaot Caliafta in tka lau?4 luui, and tha riaaiar pan af whaaa Ufa baa aaaa ap act la III haaaiuUa af l*ndac, Pari*, Pniladalphia and alaavhara, baa afactad aama af lha naat aatanlahlof tarn that vara tit knava) ainf traaalad with ncfirr tn tL* kaad Nil wkaa aalaap; fraat aarvaaaaaaa, itm| alaraad at iadd*o (MBit. baahntlaaa with fraqaacl blaaaicf, aitandad aaaailmaj vita daraafa -?u ?f auid, win una iaaaAiattly. TAKE f ARTICULAR NOTICE Yaaaf Mao and athtrt waa hit* lajwkd witnim l^i artata pr?c$lca indalyad in wfeaa alaui?a haul iraoaauilj laaroad fran: aril eainaamana. ar af aehaal, t>a afacia a> wh:ak ara tiffJy fait l?an vhaa taliap, tad if net carad. taadara aiarnaf* impaaaiila. au?l daavn/a baik aibd tail adr, ahaa'd apply ln?ra?diUaly. Taiai ara aaaii af ita aid and iraltEthaly afatla aradatH ky aariy babla af yaatb, ?ii i Waaknaaa af (tia Back and blaka, raitia m ?ha feaad, Dimnaat af B:f hi, Laaa af M?*? Pavat, Pr.ipiuuar af ua litn, Oftpifij.Rutata I'r'UkiUiy, Darapf tmaut af tha Ui[ia'j't Ft .i.nai, ?iL>tii; ability, yn.piama af Canaaop^ai:, As. Mix f a lli VWa 'aaifai aftcu ac ik? n Isd it* aack la ka draadad -Laaa af Marrary, Cacfaaitu af ld(?a, Dapraaaiaa f aptrtd, X?il ParafcadUfj, Araraiaa af lasiaiy, ka'.f Italian, Lara af Mitadk, Tii.iluj, ?l?., art rant af U? ??lla aradwaad. HIBTOH BII!LITT -tkMt,>i,i? ? --H .. _k. i I. Ik* Matt tf ihtlr d?e!irja| bt-Jlfc, iti tj t-*iI "'"t?r, k?:MB* *r*ak, pal*, o*t???* ar.d tr.ttitatl, ha'-tf a *: (?.tf j iytm>* ??*?'. ik* ?|U, taifk *f **rcp:tmi *f |m?^ DISEASES OF IM?R VDEUCE. Wkte tt* vs?tf?<lid tort lnpnitrt rtur* af ?;*ttn>* t-4i k* kt? iisbiktu if- Ki t) af lh>* paiofal d:**???, ll It* *!t?a happto* Uj*i an ilt-U rad cm* ?f inar ? drtid *f d.i:*?? rj daitn kira fram afj'yinf ( din* vha, 'ram adatauaa $n~ rttpietaaili'.p, ?ao U*n* *?rriv<d hut. S* .'all* iut* Ik* kud* af lfri*r*at aid prr.atidtrt, wha, tat*ar hi* f t*rirjr, licit hi* p*eK~i^rp aiiarjanca, h**f Bin tr.finf MDth after, > a* l?tf a* U t *m*i!*>; ft* can k* ah Uiatd, tnrt in d*ipatr l*a?* ktm with raioart haaltk u tirk *r*r * jraiiiof ditapra'.- vmtat; *r sy tbo ** *f that d*??l? Ciaao?Mircarp?3a*ito Ua tau*uiau*0ii v--'-*Er' at thft rrlbla dutui, tath a* Af i-i'?r,i af ii* *xr.,Thraat, *?'? klo, At., prarrauicf v:th fnf htfal rapidity, till dtaU pau * >*fi?d la tli ?ra*dfar *mf*>U.|* bp aacdia'f kiaia :fcat mJ!.*>*?trtd t?B(Tf tnm wk*i* iaui* aa (nfi)n rtiarat. DM. JOHNSON'S R?MSBY FOR ORGAN? WEAKNESS AND IMPOTEX&r By tki* rtti ud laMiun r*atdp wtakbtw ?f u? iiiui ait *pa*d<l7 ??t*i anil fill ?tj*r riiiaiart. Vk>it*-idi*7 Ik* Bail airvaa* tad daalliutad, ri* bad laat all kapt, ka?t k**a laiBtdlattlT t*lit*t4. All l?p*ii?*a;i .? Miuitit, Fi;j1*i1 r Mtatii ittialUtatlaac, km af Pm*f*ill*t Tiwit, UtiTta* Iirlttbfmr, Trtatallaf aad Wtakattt at >UtliU*a af lat kmi bad apaadlip (trad. ENDORSEMEN7 OF J UK PFESS. T* Mtir Tiaifirn or*rt at tbU ic<;HatUx v'tkla I tkt !*j; tt**ti*<a jtai*, aaO tht a(ia?rau mftrtul ?irf. 11 ifiitutkiiiiKmiCkT U? Jtb^t w.TiutiitJ ?;ui NHruri ?f iti )t^?n u4 uaf iikti Nnou, iittitf t! vpUk tar# ippsara] agtla am! j'tln ktfjr* tit pn-lia, k? a'.4t? kia tuadMf ai * tf cWrtgt?r ul itniwl Mil IT, 1* ? a?fl?la?t nt'u'.n u ua iluul Bar li-lj AN SOMETTHINa KKW ! s vai# ii 881 C f? -??<, x33?# !/?? 2 Jt?*i ft ^ OY8TK&B bt^AKrn 11 tie 5ieH ?t? InoTcaxhly Crx-kei i ter mMrier to A r?ut) in i?< /?iitit ftmi m ft****. Call tee. The uderucu*! resacct.'a.Iy informs hiifrieaii la tha iiiatriolf fca- victors to Ils Oily, that lie baa refits lua old a&d > ?i.i. x.scy/k m a bmi liioroat" mat-sr, aru i.r.s ir.ade oura jlete armnemeuie to fu.r&i;h OVSTEKS in an; trie aiid to any %uaiititj. ?0?> to KC r* !or.? thuokea fr tiky. !,<*?> to 1,000 r^-.a cf Seiced and Kr33b eel ay dai.j?oaut berEietically teaiod. Farmaiied fa lite aueii by ti.? La?hei or barrel. < Feraoaa v*ahib{ to f-sve Oyatern fcrniahsd reralarir throujh tne wta?*r, at J3a;tu:iertj arioos, without lear cf la.inre, *a>/aid cat! and mats ?r ranfecie&U &( oom. i-'iaishi. time, and money ur?j by parchat.n* of u.o. u 1 fcrt.?a an articl* 2ual to tr.s oelebrated liaiunoTe eiubiuLmeote. rriMilutu low. TO Sl?i.E*S. Caztued MeaU, Lou?(?i?, card'EM, Clama, Str*wterri?s, Toraatuej, Pic*' Feet, 'J' A?, *3., Ac. Alio, Fiokisn, Cataop, ba.aee, tfrtzdj frwhd, 4s. A;?o? **an:? and Fr*?ii Pl?h. Ti rtle?,lerra>;!?,Frwu {.-obfttflfe, Cod, Halibut, A*. la I&ct, overy tinnr for ?aie <n the Northern market* always oa haraf, at roa*,onabl? jrieea. HoteU and families auyplied with oysters, delivered without ciiarfe to any ?&rt of the Lhsirist, I is eaaeon, if the moaey u sent with the order. Ai* HJaD.Unraent le o?6U Iru.fl ? a. m. to II at allht, ?*ery day, except Sunday, when 1 olose at Mo'olooka. a. jaI tf T. M. HARVKT. mgmn '01-UASt'o gar* wEsti i m e m 1 # js r r w x k c*&1b KAN9b ACTOR T, 489 8K7KSTB SiairT. WAcuits*t*D, U, #, Bti?er Medal awarded by Mary.ard .'natitlU ? Baltimore, November ia?n, AiM? Medal fci Metropolitan Men'ia'uos'lai.itilA Waitungtoz, I). C? ls?7, I mi i?n*t&at'r a&xtnc, bed hsva ei iu4 ?{ the L?i notarial, fry ; fill Bole LoaUser, Iran Fiim?. fcadier' Drwii W?i Bor, arl Fackmr Tntc*-, P*iUu?r, Can-vis TrfcToaae ??*r?, SaUool 8a?i?i7r., hi. II ! *** Friett. Member* of Cotrreeaanu traveler* vill aair.ire 11:/ stock t^fore #L.rmu.emc i ffranka ttatare r.i*<ie la otfc&r ein??. Sijeavr Lettnor aiid ! ?*? Yr?r.kf *ad# 0i^0r, TriVifce ooyered *c<1 r*:*'red tt shart nottea. dabrered frea of cliar^e W>a;.yt>?ri of tkf titr ??rt?towt, HJvl Alexv'Kiii*. * JAMKg S.TOPHAM. GIBBS' HAIR STOKE, No. U49 Pa, av.,jit. 12.a aw? !3th ?7?, aPXRVOMKH r, f? 14P VjiMJiCURLiSWIHS ALrwiss, PklimEs, *o. a f?u ?u>c? vara on htcd, or made to order at tbe ehoriaa aatie*. Hair Work repaired or tenaD??>?l. M. H ? 0*1 r l>?e?r is *ke nn.w?i;?f?ra (jilt iB ?pO MILITARY OFFICER a AND OTHERS. BJLTCHSLOR'S QKhUlNR HAIR HYM, Tne Best In the Worid. TktGnlv RilUJkl* uU H*\r Dyt Xtum. Bold by ail DfUfiJtU; tlxo, at Hi*? *rc"'? Patent Medioine Store, c p. OIm, cor. F -i 7th, Mu it iaia'a Hair 8tore, Mtl Penc'a avenae. when Ladiee can hav# it appltrd, if dratred. Faoten?81 liaro'a? et. (late TO Broadway) N. Y. on f-lr TRIE3MEIMC A.X*. ProUcUi if Royal Ltttfwt Patml cf Engiani, *nd i*tur*d bp tk* S**li of Ik* Ecolt dt PKari maeit d$ p*iii,*?d ikt Jtnftnai GolUg* / Midtcin*, Vitnn*. TR1E8EMAR No. 1 la the eflo^taal remaiiy for Rblahtiow, !*? *ILA VOUUBQtA |UW KXBAC*TION OB IBS tifS14M, TRiTSKMARjVo.a, Completely and enttiPfy ?rad:oaien all traeeabf tuoje uuiofders, for whij.a Gopaiva and Cnbeha ha^ generally been luCi* h? an antidote, to the run of the health of a mi i^prtwa of the population. TRIESEMAR No. 5 } the great asd aure remedy of tr.e uviiiped world or all Imparities of the aretem, aa well aa ssconlary aymptoma, obviating tho deatruetive uae of Mercury, as well aa other deietenosa lBcredienta. and whioh all the Sara&parilla la ttie world cannot remove. TaituxtR .Not. l.X and 3 are alike devoid of taete or ameli. acO of ail fiaaieatinr anaiifaea. The* are to the form of a loaenre, ana map lie on the toiiat table without their aae beinr auapeotod. Sold in tm oaee? at fs each, or four t!oases i? ona lor ?9, asd IB 9zt oaaee, the* taring |i,m i srsx&s: I ROW, 104 Blaocker street, (4 doors from MaoDoagal atr?M). New Vork. Immediately on reeeiyt yf rMBitt?no?. l?r. Umow will forward Irbmntr to Mr wrt of tie worid. aeonrelj , M?k*d,Md addraeaed acoordlng to tba uutniotiona Ci tha vnur, i*abli*tied alao br OR- BARROW, that aoaolcr Ud i/?aatifal(T itlnstratod medical work, tinman WubinfioD. ^ dell-tr I'RINe OREL'S OOUD9.-Ma.Df new and C5 oboiee Ihmga. , . , Alao, our luiiall fall ttoo k of all kind* of Foreirs Uomeatio Dry Goods, for the ourrent wanta of Uniliiaand hoa*ake*e?re. One price only, markad in jlnin figures, tk* at tual tMtk 9*lut. lri7 tr Niatffabeat. Real paris kid qlovks, for ladies. all aizaa aud cvior?,ra y byt quality. Also, out usual /nil fitoolc of oij Goodj.ia &U the department! of z*miij wautm, ntfcM <t v Fa- nva. and rflnth atraet. ane very niob rosewood ohlckV erinf Piano asd one oeib for gale varr ^ . ofcaa?,oo aMoinmodaUnc laruia Aiao, eRaBSS large aaaortmaot ot Stain way A Sob*' aoc'IV 111 aw*msAaiir *u* """.wr 1 4 |TBAV?i^LKR8, PlKEUTUHY BALTIMORE k OHIO RAILROAD. SSHHH NOTICE.

CHANGE OF HOURS. M A. WD AFT** WEDSKSDAT , Anil *, IHW, the PA.*sxses& IU:IU BKTWIIN Of ifiiitmiriw.? ? - - ? . ?? ? - * ? ? ItAb I AN0 THE WEST Will ruoM followi: f;? IMtij IVawi Xm? at and D*port from Waskintton Daily dwrint lX? wait, m*d two on Sundays, For PHILADELPHIA an-1 N*W YORKL<*?e W atlungtou at t>a. in., 7.49a. *i, 11 a nt. and 5 p. ia. For ANNAPOLIS?Leara Washington at 7.40 a m ati" s oo p in. For FKK.DKK1CK?Lrave Washiniton at 7.40 a. m. ana 3 SR p. m FOR ALL POINTS WKST, And for Harper'e Ferry, Marlintlaig and Winohafcler.ldav? Washington at 7.** a. in. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. I Le?v? New Yort at 7 a m.; PniKdelphta U.?? a m.; Halliniore 3 50 p. m. Arrive at W aldington 5 40 p. r.i. L<*Ave New York at p m.; Philade'ptiia 10 50 p. m ; Baltimore 4 30 a. iu. at Waahing.on 6 20 *. m. Le;\ve \ot Yo'k at 11 p. m ; Philadelphia 3 90 a. mi Hat; more 7.40 a. m. Arrive at Washington 9 25 a in. Loc\l Accommodation Traira leave Baltimore at 10a.m. ami o 10 p.m for Washington; arrive there at it a. m. an<) 7 oo p. m. 0- Sunday# at 4.30 and 7 40 a m. on'y from Baltimore. No Annapolis or Fredenok eouneouona on Sunday. Paaaecger Traina leaving Washington at 7 40 a, m and 5 no o m., and Paltimore at 7.40 a ro. and 510 P. rn.. irake < ireot MMMaiiAM for innkknln M the J ur.ction. The 7 40 s. m. oo;,r.eets at Relay for Frederick. Hatersiown Harper's Kerry, MartiaHurg. SVinohMtar, Whee inc. ParKersbari, &0..?xo*pt Sundars. J raim leave Antyolu for Ua t.moroand Waihmfton at 6 SO a. ni. srid3 40 p m. P*snfr.<e. Trains ieavii ? W ashmt ten at 6 on a. on. 'I a in. aid 5 p. nuand Baltimore -.t 4 S"and 7.40 a m . and 3 5) p. m , will 'top only at Annapolis Junction Way PAMteiirera must take the Arcnmmodtion Trains Only. W. P. SMITH, ap2 Master of Trass portation, Ma t. lSfcd] THE fl?68 Penney Ivan ia Central Railroad, s?n (witb Us connections) 13 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO AI.I. THK WKKTKIN riTlKS SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! 9TONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THKOU6I FROM BALTIMORE! THF.IZ rAILY T*AIN8 FRO* PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Two of them making eto?* coi*N?c7Toi?i at ha&rimvi* with train? on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE rsoM WASHINGTON A>D BALTIMORE to ail pmrte in the wi^i, nobik-wist ^kd sojih-wiit. (D"For T rcnjh T ; <sf?,&pp!y at the 0?o* ? tne Northern Central Rati K j*1 Compar.y. Caitert Station, BalLmote. Splendid. Si?&pt)ig Cars <ni ail Night Traxiu amoving Saioon Cart on ail Trains. KKOM WASHINGTON. P6s?9rjrerB rates mo ? a. m. and S p. m. trcica, arriv j :), ija.;>i:':ur8 at 7.&J a. it. and b it p. in., wiicr > oioue C'j'iLejtioue are male with tr&ius on the Northern Cent-ai K. K ..and arrive in Harm| burg at 1 p. m. and 1.45 a m , tut-re oonuectiua i who tue >.r&ins on tne Pennsylvania Central Railroad for ail parte of the west. FREIGHTS. By this rofr*iehta of descriptions can be forvrariio ; ! and fr??m any p<>int on the Railroads of Oido, Kc .ti^kj, Indiana, lilinois, Wisconsin, low*, or M^'ioarl, by Kai'.road dirtct. The fcnrsj vnrta Central Kailroad also oonnooU at I'ittsbMre v ;ta which Goods can lx? forwarded loan/ pojton the Ohio, Muskincum, Kentucky. f ?-ine*see, Ccinb-rland. Illinois, Mississippi, v? :scon=in, Missouri, Kansas,, ar.'i k?<1 Htvtrs; ami at Cleveland, Sasidusky and Chicat0 with steamers to a'.! North western Lakea j Merchant* and shippers entrusting tha trampor- I tat-on of their Freijht to this Company.can ral* wms Gorxaecoo on .ta *ces<Jy t>aiikil. THE R*TB* OF FREIGHT to and from ant poict in the West, by the Peansjlvama Central Rn.ilroa'l, ?m at mil es fatormbl? as art tkarftd b-j ciiit iinxlrood Cov-pan it$. H7"i>? ?\rtiouiar to mark packacea "via Pim c*x*balr r." .MA OH AW A X.OONU, Freight Agenta, No. *0 North atreet, Raittmore. ENOCH LEWIS, Bs-i'l Huparint't, Altoona, Pa L L. HOUPT, tien'l Ticket Ag't. Philadelphia. II. H HOUSTON, Ven'l Freixht Agent, Phuadelpma. >a 4-dty j^UKldKii.N CKNTRAJL RAILWAY. Ti< Skfltil, i^uitkal and Btst Routt from ?*M cier< is ii< WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. WINTER SCHEDULE. CfiAKtK 05 TlXS. Ocas'! a!ter SUN PAY, 24^ November, PUM? *VI Mivum Wiil WilTO ?UU VSfin i:?KQ UftiTVU Station as foiloirs: liiui: noxtu ls&vi Mail &: e.S0 a. m. t p. in. i'arktoo A02osaujuJ?iion ? p. m. Pittsburg and il&rriB'uarg Lx?rei? I.W p. m. 'fuiss Suctu Aseiv* Pirkton Accommodation at 8 a. m. liaSilo Express 8.20 a. m. yailMu' fcUd U&rrul>arK tx>re*" >) * The ( a. in. train from Washington connoeU with tho t?) a. m. train from Baltimore forth* West fcnd for ButTaip. Kimira, K*>ohe?t*r, Dunkirk. Canadaigua and Niagara Fails, and lor New York city, Tiio 2i a. m. train from Washington oocpaotz with ti.sJ#. in. train from Baltimore t-o West, North and N 01 tliWMt and Elnura and Buflaioaas Rochester. The i p. m. train from Washington connects witk th-S.yp. in. train from Baltimore for Piitsourg, Hariur.iir: and the West and is a direct oonceo ii' u luf b'.uMi'ji;, n+hiun Aiiebiown ana i\ov York ti* Central R^iuotd ci Nov Jeraey. Tn Uu route for New York. C7"Tbs only train le&Tirj: B&ltlmareon Bindai ltjne 2 p. ni. t'Mn. for Harriaburg, Pittaburj, Cfef cjljo and th- WmI The only Uaiu arririnoln RMtimore on Snndaj la the8.30 v ?a. train. JAM. O. CLARKE, no 96 ly Snp^rintecrfept TKUTIOK TO TRAVELERS. BK PoaimMfr #?n?rftl hiTing ordered tkt ?ti. aams* t>?tve*n \Va?<an?t??n, Ba.ti>nore,?r.d OIil t'olnt (For{r*aK^^?*j|^^? j:4our->e) to be returned, on am1 Monday, thejnth inatant, ti? Uaj Lice of cteamere witlleaTe Baltimore EVKKY PAY (exoejtHun dar) from their wharf, foot of Lnion Dock, at Of e'ciook p. m., or immediately after the arrlTal o: the Waainncton Tram, waioh ieaTea Waahicgtoi at IK o'olooc p. m. mfr-tf X. N. FALLS, Prea't ik Towbrs. J. M. Towim, J. U. Tovui, L. TOWERS & GO* STf JLM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. Contr Louitia** icnu axdSxxtk tU The attention of the buHiceaa community is re ap'-etfuily irivi.tvj to the New Book aid Job Printia; Est&bhahment, which has been fitted up with new in?C?ri?i, in the nK>4t complete manner, ia bow propared to exaonte, in aaatiaftotory style, every variety of Printing, viy: Hooka, Speed.?. PaiapUleta, Co;4a, Clroalara, Sutiera' Bianka, &0..43. The attention ol members of Contrast ia espeeialJy reaaegted for oar ?uilitiea for printing Speeches, ag we have the Imrittt ateam power is the o:tr. deT-law6m raRV GOODj FOR "THK FOI.KS A* Lf HOME,"?Wfflcers and othera needing Dry Qcod* of any kind for tiiefolka at home, are aoljotteU t j inspect our atook, all t#w, and the prioea marked in plain lit urea. the actual oaah standard vaiu* Ail paroela for the interior, properly packed for forwarding by expreu or other oouv?Tatoea, free of charg*, . ? PBUYt BRO., ap 5-tt Pa. ave. ?nd Ninth ntfft. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 3'2il Pkmnsilvaxia irim, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, WE OKFER TO MILITARY MEN a larie aaaortmeut offiRKY ana BLUR FLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAWKRS, CAMP B LAN MKTS. HALF HOBK,Jto., whion v? icrits a.l caah puroiiasera to aiMUM b??forMBAlUDi th*ir fpi?otinn . WALL. ?TK1**HNS A CO.. in SB S49 Pa. a*77W ?MH aixi Kit* ??a. f CASH NOTICEAN Conaoquenoe of o?r L trine to par euh for very article of t ooua wtinrthus, v? arc forood to rMaoaoar hnncnito Caah exclusively, for tha snr&B^ivsjf ^BSirw^a saf.'ssfir'"0 wraHMftps i??sr* fJOU?H?. 00L1>|.IM? SKNB88. M. aomroutiD sisif or bum arabio. This ilea Bast and popular Cough Rcmody haa tow ao lone known aivd agkuaivcly aaed that most ii A ft rilBIRI* cnnum WorcMtenihire lance. Pr?MiM?d It jB EXTRACT OKffOISfBVfS B "O*" *?0D Jk. TV^tTu. ACCf." M?jg9HI itWarMtt:. (gjg -wifivst. n^HFrai thAI ?HHI |i?OES | ?fa i7yY ~t?m?d VARIETY kflPM^!>abii, m veil M OF DISH. BB9P* <> * wMmott.C ^gQPSOMMthatUmade." The above SAUCE u not only tha uitand mort hhui eoxDiMMxr known, bat th? n>o?t Mummm U4- M a lev drop# in Sw&. (fro** or with JtU i and ?old Jmmu, ?<?/ SmU, 6??m, impart aoex^uir.te Mat, vbtoh ?> i jnrir'r-* Sanoe oaaafacturer* have la vaia endeavorod to Oa the Br?krmit, rwiinim Dim**, or S?r*?r TmbU, a cruet eor.ta.nia* M LEA * PRRRINS* WORCESTERSHIRE &AWCE" H ladiapeaea Ma. To appreciate the txttUmU fuAluiu of thla IM timu preparation it ia only neoeaaary to purohaee a email bottle of the immm, of a roepeotable era oer or dea or, ae many Hfl and JUtiawraiu pro prietore eeldom plaoe the P*r? Sauoe before their cuetts, bat eabetitnte a renaiae BettU fcliod vitfc a ifwrt?w mixture. For eate by 6rooere and Fraiterart everyvbVa. JOHN DUNCAN A RONS, Vairn SfMr? tuU Utk strut, An* York, Bole Wholeeaie Acoats for the United Statee. A Stock alwaye in elora?Aleoordera reoeirN Ferdirect atupnier.U from England. CT Bmmrt tf 0?mml*rf*Ut mmd g HM? SMITH ASD BROTHER'S NEW YORK PPPPP A A LL EEEKEKE PP PPP AAA LL EKEEREE PP PI'P A A \ A LL EE PP PPP AA A A LL EE PP PPP AA AA LL EKEE PPPPP A A AA LL I EEE PP AAAAAAA LL EF, I'P AA AA LL KB PP AA AA Ll.LLLL KEEKEEE PP AA AA LLLLLL BEEEE1IE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx XXXXX XXXXX xxxxx XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX fcfe ipiigg AAAA" LL EE A *AA K Li, EE AA AA LL EEEB AA AA LL EFEE AAAAAAAA LL EE .AA AA LL EE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE IBFKSIOE AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, In Wkolt, H*lf, md Qu+rttr Cmski, BREWED FROM TUE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, lSUi Strait, bitWMi 7 tti ui 8th Avium, NEW YORE. fe tr-dtjrt III. O. HOOD 3 f!or.iia?tly receiving, and hHtlnri an haad, a full tup?,? ct all tae uaojt osiebrated W AXCh iih taii are n:%unfiac;ureJ in Kufla. J, Sw.tseriai.J acd America. both .ntio.cAf an 1 Silver cm??. H? also keeps a 'arte (took of Sine JEW ELRYofthe moit aeeirable sty 1m set witn L':at-.iondi, EiR*ra!ai, Rubiaa and ail other Uemi. He it alio manuiactonut a.l klndi of toolid Staudard Silver Ware, and keep* Swordi. Revolver!, tivurd Belt* ard H&siici. Uovit Ku>ml KAiori. Sai??crs, Gold, Silver and Steal tfpecU ? rrrat variety of other thin*e nasally Wept in a Jewe'r* Btcre, and a'l at the very icweat price. No. 33B i'a. avenne, between ?tt aad lfth atreeta. fe lfc-tf pENSlON OFFICE. Jcwa 6th, 1M1. TO ALL WHOM 1?MAY CONCERN. Applioation .Savin* bm ir.aue under the act of 23d J una, I860, for the ren:?uc of the Land Warrants deacrit>cd herein, which area:>ged to have beeu toat or destroyed, notice ia herebv given,that at the date fotlowinr the description of eaoh War rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be isaued, if no vaud objeotioa isouid then appear. No. 57354, lor 160 acres. issard under the aot of Maro:i 3d, 1858, in the nime of Jacob Brsder, and waa c ranted Aucuat 19th, 185&? Mar 3d. IMS. N". 46,432, ior li acrea. issued cnJer the act of March, l&i$, in t ie i:a<se ol Charlotte widow of Walter Cole, anu waa (ranted January X, UM? May 17,1852. L*nd Warrant CerUfio*t?, No. 75,147,for 190 acres, (act 1847.) in favor of Patrick Brady, Pnv?? of Company K.2d Hej't Li. a. Iafa- try, Mvincdate Slat Hooeiiiber, 186>? J use 94,1883. Mod Warrant Certificate. No.77 ass, for Mb acrea. uaa?r the not of lith t-ebri<aiy. 1M7. in favor of Thomas pi.vate, of L'apC Hunter's oompanr, Batta.ion of Mem,on Volunteers, issued ISth April, 18S? ?July il. 1863. JOSEPH 11. BARRETT, mh gT-1aw < V>?r m !? oner. EIHVERY PERSON'S INTEREST?That fine stock of Clothinc for sale over Gaits' Jewelry | 8 to re is now offered it lass than wholesale at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh a*, reel. opjoitu Poat Office w *?- ? THB PEOPLE'S <"LOTHlNG STORE, No. 460 teventa ai. Alvay auead! N*w arrival of Sprint Good*, all the iataet atjioa of Clothi&c, at No. 4o0 Seveath aueet. nea.- F. (?tt Sm FOR &ALK?A fice ktock of Clotrunc, Furniah luc tt?jcdi,Truak?. (lata and Capa, at vhol* ale prioes. at No. 460 Seveatfc airect, opaoaita Poet OBoa. fe T1 3m GENT'S FurL.ahinc Good a. Trunk*, Clothicf, Truaka, Hata aud Caps, ail at Northom piioea, at the Pecpie'a Clothitif %tnr?. No. 460 7th ?tre t SHIRTS, SHIRTS. SHIRTS!?juat received C9 i<? liosea Siurta. ? u;aii we otfur at o!J pricea, at SMITH'S. No. 46Q ???veptb?t fe |Ai BOOTS?8U0E8! rAj f U Cosnsa Tkhth St. a.h? Pa. av.feD WJ9HINGTON CITY a*D EASTERN MADE Ladiea* Ti?ped Balnorala 61-25 to ftil G*nti Htimflftii ft sf\ to PS veEir r in* um ttocta f 100 to #?00 All tindaot COOTS anJ SHOES twj ohc\?. irr Hoou made to order in the b??t manner, by roh ll-lm* cHAKI,?* H. MORSR. I IPKAMU HAIR DYE'.-TOCOLOR BLACK U OR BRO JTiV?Ot^ly 3t? c*nta a bo*. Three boxee for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair can be ohanged in a few eeoouda to a jet biaek or brown, by naing Upham'a L;?aid Hair me, the beet and eheapeat in the world, producing, the mo meet it ta aaalied. a nou naturat a#eearai>oe. Kaoh Box of L PHAM S HA IK D VL u warrauUd to contain aa much k*i* dvt as cthsr* aell Tor mm dellmr nolo by I#. C. UPHAM, ?<>3 street, Phila deUoia, anil ?. CALVERT FOPi), oorcer 11th atreet and Pa. are.; in Aiexandn ?, by HJSNRY COOK A Co.. Orngguta. eeyEeoly DE?fflrmiiSfNA6R-fl?LAJtl,^ERead the following anaohoited etxoml flE7t ama: Wf i "1 oancot commend them too highly.** W. r3 "They are the beet female Pil.a extant." "1 have uaed them with oomelet* nra?u." "Would not be yritbout thain cfon any consideration," "TLay operate aaeedi It end ?[ ." Fnoe #1 Sfent by wul, Moid by ? C. L'PHAM, 403 Cbeanut ;re*t, Philadelphia, and in Wubinjton by S. C. KORl'.oorner 11th ct>?et and Pa. avenne.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * CO., DrcccistJ. noM-eoly I \R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE U GONORHKtEA in aix dara No^^^ ohanieoi diet remaned. It la aa En*tiah Syeciic of aixty-fiTe years atancinc^BHH? and will not harm the moat delioaU oon-^^K^^ ititation. It oontaina no m4m*rmls. Price PI. Bold by B.C. UP BAM, 4# J Umititmt, hiladei?hia,and In Waahmcton by 8. C. FORD, eorner 11th and Pa. a??; m Alexandria. by HENRY COOR 4 CO., Drncciata. ao? eoly AH PULL AND COMPLETE 8TOOK OF F?loj and Staple DRY GOODS, now in atnre, aaaptad lor the aanog and auminer vanta of femillea and houiekeayar*. Our nort&Arn and eastern oorrespondenta send aa n?w supplies daily. One prloe oalf. the astaal oaah ataadard valae, mariexi in plain 6* are*. An inspection of atoet: aolleitad from ?tracrar?. 3M1URBI-* ?nq aofearaen; It *tU irap'.y no ebfigaoatorarehaea. . _ FHlKY k REOh ap 5-6t Pern. arenas and 9th rtiwt pKClDKli BAE0A1N8. Linen GooUa, a Ml aaaortmaat ali klnda oi tk? hMl BmbroiuVr^ an 1 Pocket Handkerchief*, reoeal marked in plain ficuree, Uteaotaal oa*k etaadard r?lue. - "wtrgawig?^rL'' THE GREAT AHkKKA.1 RKNU1M," Kiowa M HELM BOLD S ourunrs preparations, ti?: HFLMBVL D'S EXTRACT "EUCHV" M SAHSAP AR1LLA ? IMPROVED ROSE WASH. HELMBOLD*S GENUINE PREPARATION. -HIQUL Y CONCENTRATED" COUPO VND FL VID EXTRACT B VCH V. APMitiT?M4SM*i? Rom*? . For DitMMM of tho BLADDER. KiDNEY%, GRAVEL, ud DROPSICAL 9 WELLING*. Thu Modtoia* laeratMi the powor of DtfCftion, tnd cxoitc* th? ABSOR BENTS into hemlthy Mbon. by which th* WATERY OR CAL CAREOUS 4**oaitiona, ud all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS at* red a cod. a* wall aa PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and is good far MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. if* HELMBOLD S EXTRACT ETCITV, For Waal mn? Anaiac from EiamM, Habiu of DtaaipaLaat Early ladiecr?tion or Abaaa, Atttmdad with tkt S>wy<?wIndisposition to Exartlon, Loss of Power, wwnr' "tSSJISS: Bormfcf IMeease. WalafmaM, eiiBBWa ol Vwta, Pais m If Back , airsrsal Laaaitateaf the fya'em, not Hands, f '.nahiaf of ths wt Drjnsss oftfce Skin. Fractions on lbs Faoo PALLID COUNTENANCE, These srmptoma. if allowed to go on. which ttta msdioiaa invariably remove. soon follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, in on* of whioh ths patient may vpir*. Who o&o say that they arskoot fr**neatly followed br those "DIREFUL DISE\PRS.M INSANITY AND CONSl'MPION." *\ny are aware of thscaase of the.- s?fl>rmc, BUT NONE WILL CONFK8S. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS, And tk4 Mtlwukoly D:zt\t by Contvmrtion, bur aicrt-a wiT*?sa to thb Tar in c? tht? asaaatios. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE APKECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Rs?uires ths aid of medietas to atraacthen ud liTi{or|*t th? Cjrt?m. Wktck HELklFOLD'S EXTRACT LOCHV tni-nrimbly f??j, A TStAt WILL CORVIHC* Thl *0?T IIITIKtl, % FRMA LES- tEM A LES? FEMALES, OLDOR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIF.D OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGK, Im many Aff$rtiont ftemhm to Femaltt, the Extract Macho ia unnualial br ur oth*r r*mi* in Chloria or Retention, [rratu.arit*. P? ioiulneta or Sappraaaion of Caatomary V raoa' ationa, Uloaratad nr Soirrhon* atate of tha I tern*. L*aorrhA* or Whltaa. Sterility, aM for all complaint* lnoidant to tn? aai whether anaiec from lndiaeratina, Habita of 1)imip?(iob, or m Ua DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. 1 cis 8tmftom* NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! M nv Hi'bB 1'AUPAHI i?l ?V I K1 V ITLia abt MBDtClHS* Wob VBrLBAtANT and DAKOBBOCa MH>? HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV cvRia SECRET DISEASES ( all thair AMcaa, At iittla Expenae, i-jttle or bo obanca is Dirt, No lLoonvauienaa, And ? Jtrpanrr*, It aaate# a fruuent dear* and fi*aa etrer.fth to Urinate, thereby rerr.oTint obatrvotions. Prereutxi and Cnncf Stricture* of the 1'rethra. A'layitif Pain and 1cflam-natiec. a? freqaeetiB theoaaiof dieea?ea. tad (xpailicc nil P?iimmu, lh$ta$td and worn out Mn:t*r. thoccand# cpoh THOCeABM WHO HAf'M BEEff THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS. and who havataid hbavt rtcato be oared taa hort time, have found they vara deaeived. and the* the"POISON" ha*, by the ueeof' powurrL ac t*i no an re," been dried up in tha ajetem, to break out in an Ml^areted form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. cib H?! mbold'* Extbact Brcirt for a'i aCso tloua atu (Uee&aea of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether uiiUdi id MALF OR FEMALE, From whatever oaoee orif ivat^r. *"<1 no matter of HOW LONO STANDING. Dikum uf these Oruni require ta?a,4 of a DIURLTIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE ORE AT DIURETIC, uncertain to have tne desired eff*ot ia a.i FOE WHICB IT 18 EF.COMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOOD' BLOODf llelwikold'a Highly Con cent "at -d Compound FLUID EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. Thia is 1* an affection of the blood, and ATTACKS THE BEXl'AL. nac**? LININGS OF THE NOSE. EARS. THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES, Ibhll iU appearance in the form of ULCERS. Hdmbold'a Extract SaraapanUa, Pari&M the Blood, aad remove* ail Soaly ErnptioM of the Mlia, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It baing prepared expraaelr lor Un e Mi of ooropiaiuta, ito Blood Partly ing Property- are >? eervedtoaireaterexiart taaaany other prewar** Uon of Saraatarilla. . HELMBOLD'S ROSA It ASH, An exoelsnt Lotion for Dteeatea of a Syptu.iOo Natare, and aa an iiuootion in Dieeaaee of iho UnnAJY Ofcunirtiinc trom Wain. ? ? -- ?? w? ueed in ounneetion with the t-.xiraut* Bljlu or in anob Uiimmi u reoom mended. Evident* of ik* moti rtliabh ami ruroastbl* tkar?ut*r will mtcowipti? ik* wttdu uuj. CERTIFICATE OF CtRE*. Fimm * le 2u year*' tiandmt With Na.mii taowji to 0CIENCK AND FAME. For Medical Pioprietiee of BUCMV.aae Die penaatory of tbe United State*. See PioFeasor DEWEE*S valuable worka ok tbe Piaetioe of Phyeio. Pee reuarka made by the late oe.abratad Dr. PHY81CK, Philadelphia. See remark* made by Dr. EPHRA1M MoDo WELL, a ee *bra'e<i Pfiyeiciau and Metier of the Royal Colieee of Kurjeoiia, lie.aid. aiU 9ibiiehed la the Traneaotiona of tie Kin* ana aeen'a Journal. See Madioo Cbuarfioal Renew, aubtiahed by BENJAMIN TRAVERS, Fallow of Koyai College ol Soreeona. doe moat of the late Standard wot ka on Madiei ue. K*tract Baaha, 11 00 eer bottla, or aix for & m. KItreatSArMku 111* ai ie ... ? ? ?_ ? . W ? r"> wui>, wi in iur tat. ^imrrotm Rom Wuk, SO per bottle, or ill lor Or, bilfdowiofiMk lor |UN, whtoh will be oAoient to oiire the i?.o?t oUUuu OKI, if 41 reotions are beret' to. Delivered to Ley Adcreea, eeonrelr ?ooked Iron obeervatiou. DESCRIBE SYMPTOMS^IN ALL CUMXUCtmeikrutMd! Adrioo 6rttu!! AFFIDAVIT. PertoMllr Mf?re4 before me, on AWienau of the city of PhUOO'fhio, H. X. Hslmkolo, who bni| aely ewers, doth ur. hu jre*?r*uoL? eon tain bo Mrootie, mo erawy.or other uy*rio*? wl"" helmbolo. Sworn Hd rabeorlbed before me, thi* SSd day cf govomber. mm, wm P. HIBUKRU. ilderou, nuia wrwi, Mm 1>W| AMim totton fofinfonn&uoc to miU?m to D*r*> {wiaKaskv?ss? BEWARE O9 COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DfcALKE*. Who odwrof m diayo? *?o? T*?m awa"aad oraaa" utklm oa tu uminoi in*?* B, Heboid'. H . l^lllTOd ftOM WMh. laidbT ALL DEUQ0I8T8 EfEETWEEEE. ASK POR bh.mioi.D1 TAKB NO CTREE. Cat oat lk? tlmtiw?* a&d Mad for U? AND AVOID IMPOJjJ^ON AND EXPOmktMr

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