Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1862 Page 1
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7 r-?c?33? .jRgmr at > i.jHni ^ . '' ? firming Pfe i , V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 18G2. N?. 2,858 - . > THE EVENING ST Ait la PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, {SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BCILDINOa, .< r... __ J BT wV. n. WALLAOH. Paper* tarred in paekagea bv carrier* at ?4 jfu, or 37 cent* per montk. To mall twbacrlbera ifee price la 3.50 a year, i* *,iva*c*, Ma Cor alt mentha; 91 for ttree tnontba; and ta ten than tin*# mon'ha at the rate of 12 centa a week. Single copua, o*a c?*t; In wrappera, two rswTa. ~ . tT7- Ar.v**Ti?*ie**T? ?honld be aent to the ? <*e before 12 o'clock otherwiae they may not appeer until the next day. a sigmf1camt article. to Frana n s?th?ra Paper. T3I RESt'LT TUB BATTLI Wl fFiom the Norfolk Day Book, April IS ] . At the present crisis, when the apirit and prowess of the Confederate arm> have been so ii^nalij vindisated, tj tt not a favorable timt m fo- the Confederate povtrrt ment to propom to to th? Government at Washington a testation, of t\e t>aTir. and uttnaiursl strife which hat 3. tzat'rtd our ?<,il trith blood and tears, and darkened the annals of our country's his tory' pi tVhat dignify and sublimity in the proposi- ^ ; ^n. c.nungtr.m the Confederate government, row bri?r 1 ine in readiness for the dire conflict which fanaticism and wrong haye forced upon J. CJ ' . th \V V ? - ? 1L. n A - A. t?r?v tu i - ?? u/ i: i smj mi too uuraromeQi m jj aaw ^ ington? IF* are countrymen and brothers; Qu eo me. lit u t reason together; let us terminate y thi? murderous controversy, and settle our dij/ieulti's without thirsting for each other's blood. Is not the preeioas blood already spilled poured <ot from the heart* of brothers and countrymen, enoagh ' Are not the hecacombs j~ of father?, husbands and sons already made bc iufc.-ienc to appease the vile demon let loose m amongns* ca Does not the weight of anguish which now re oppresses t?o many weary hearts, sorrowing for en their loved ones, whose death sigh3 have been tb; uttered on the field of war, move the sympathy * of the world.' There is but one way if settling jn! the que ti n at L?iue between us; that way is pt not by battle and blood. A people resoled to p( be free oan never be subjugated; centuries of N< war, o<?esr? of blood, will fail of the vile ohiect Se , to ens! :ve v.*. \ If the North has such tenderness <?f con- * ' gciacoe as not to be able to bear participation in what * called the sin of onr peculiar insti ition, then let us arrange for an honorable separation, like civilized beings?like Christian people. An absolute separation has ul- tii I Tealy taken place, and every year of war K widens the breach. When fully separated W from us their consciences will be relieved. We ^ will engage to attend to our own affairs, and leave the North alone in her moral glory. R Where i? the man of virtue and honor, on p| the surface r>r the wide earth, informed as to Se the nature of oar present strife, who will not B< rejoice at its termination' Heaven and vir- Ni tuous earth must frown on the fraternal conflict bow going on in our land, and must 1) i-mile when the fierce struggle is ended. The 111 S. u'.h mu't and will be free from the shaekles of the phrensied dynasty seeking to bind her; peaaeably free is certainly her preference? u certainly'free, by whatever means, U her sure n( destiny. F Fl A Sbarptheoter'i Sterjr. nUTERESTISG LETT tit TROM OMR OK BERPAX'S pj ?W TORK Stf^RPSHOOTERS. p. We find in the Albany Evening Journal a Fi long and very interesting letter from Wm. L. FV > iLk-?y. a member of Company B, of Berdan's Jp lit Regiment of Sharpshooters, now on duty jj before Vorktown. The reports of the efficiency p cf our ridemen are fully confirmed bj this L modest narrative. We copy a few passages. SHARP PRACTICE ON THE MARCH. Whon w? arrived at Big Bethel our regiment f0 I was sent ahead to reconnoiter, and we had to ifa carch thrjagh a horrible Virginia swamp for Oi Iave mues.woea we discovered eigbt rebel batteries oomnandiag the road. We waited until St the whole force cuie up, and reported progress jV We were all pretty tired, aj wj had marched j'J ?hon? Cf -Kn miles with our heavy knapsacks, and the day being very warm tne perspiration c. rolled tff u3 in streams. Gen. Porter ordered a cctnpauj ot the sharpshooters to go and take Ci the p'inripal of the batteries Colonel ikrdia called for Cempany H, made H & =hort sprccti, sayiflg that he had more conliHN in n ?Naa any otuer company, and p( gave us the honor of the first brush. Well, we p started, tired a* we were, and proceeded to i, within about aquarter of a mile of the battery. Gi I I b* rebci* paroeivinj as. ?ont fair shclU, Ci which paf?c.l bnrmleidly over oar huai* and F exploded a short diftance from m. The ehelU made a very load aoiae. and when ? heard thcia whiuiD2 toward a*, we all dropped tlat ot or. the groutd aad thua escaped We imme- tb diately deployed as ?kirmishers and oloa?d in w towards the fort. There were only two pieces j*( of artillery there. ?u.l m fas' a? a head woald t" n. pear over the earthwork oar bojra would Uim <ti As we all took caver behind m stusapj and other friendly projection*, the re^eia could Lot see anything to shoot at, and -eesied to ikiak it hizh time to be off Thav a I hitched up tbe b^f*w7to the cannon and left, " A we could not tell Low. J" There waz about a uandrol <?ar*!ry ju?t be- ;f hici the embankment, and they took to the *" ru-1 11 an alarming speed. Most of them j, tiirow ces Kg ever the saddle and laid the ^ other si le el their bat when wo commen'el to fire upon them we left many an co up'/ saddle- I tired fire ;hoU, and am well ( satisfied that I fiuUbed the career of two rebel* It got ?o smoky that we oould not tell Ki whether car shots took etfect or not. The ov enemy mujt have thonirht thera a lar^a H b^dy'of us, a we etch bad a ??e-*hooUr. lhe rifles did good execution that day. COLOIBL BUD1.1 BPR1 RI? OCT. In front of Yorktown we bm.'t huta for oar- ** eelvei tr^d (!ept sounily, I assure, for we were 11 vary ured- The Colonel alept in the hoi- j low of to immense tree, wnich from some rea- f01 sua or other caught fire about twelve o clock, t\* and u a number of our boya were sleeping , around tue foot of it, we were rouaed out an3 an , ^ forced to make oar beda elaewhere. The tree la burned for aeveral hours, making a very large blue, which eaaaed lieu Porter to ride over ea to ??e what the matter waj. mi a RsconsoisaAxrc. The rebel batteries arwund here number 42, an an! aurr ind aa in the shape of a tiorae-ahoe. T1 Veateri^y wa? a nasty raioy day. and this ia aboat the aarne. There ia nothing of import- f tr.'fl ffflintr An. AAIV DA J ?.! B d / -" ? ??* ul?u * ICR IUV&I ' are exchanged between tbe rabel Latteries and oar ganitoats on tbe York river. Yester- 'V day about eighty pisked men of oar regiment were *ent out with Uen McClellan to reconnoitre Thoy bare not yet returned. , Tk* Leaden Timi ea the Menltbr Again. ^ tVe are Hi that iron-cased vessels eannot be ?ent to sea. We anrwer that the Warrior to *nd the Olorie have proved the oootrary. ?, TLty Lavo both been to sea, and the former ~ :t. vesj worst weather. We ere then told ^ ;L?: -amll ships cannot possibly be plated with s>< 4i - _ i;? ?- - ? * ? - Iii s. >? mcir ujiumusiod* wonij oe insufficient ha t jpport the weight of the armor. To this J" reply that the Monitor is but a 1.200 ton m tiikI. Traa "bo is Dot a sea-worthy ship, bat I does anybody suppose that this defect will sot lo oversea* 1 Will the inventor* who have | , t" tho# far be enabled to ge a step farther ? | In s few months' time the Americans have F? c r.i rafted a vesaet fit, at any rate, to go { r -:sd from J7ew York to ljsmpton Hoads in tei t-tlf a gale of wind, and there to fight a sno- 1" etvijl Settle with aa iron-eased advemry f?, taree : ues her aixe. is It to be imagined that an tie? will be long in making sueh Teasels fit to _A put to tea like any other eraiser ? And whan pj this is dose what becomes of all oar sloops and ms corvettes ia commission, and of all the sloops as aad -- ?l-1- _ ?? * "r 1? vvilwM? w u it; u w o mrw MUI ip?DaiD| y money upon at thU vrj hour oai 'Jojerte what fuliowa from faeta plainly aJ- **?? bitted. OuTernment baj given up building * ., woodea liae-of-battle abip?, and confaaea that g all sach ahipe nut b? of Iron. Bat, if it i? no M nse to build new ones, of what as* ii it to kotp T? , ?. i one* afloat? O ran tad that thej are better the tLtn nothing ?o long as iron ahipa cannot be Jao aen* againat them, U it not obviooalj our pol- 5?' ley to replace them with ires abtpe aa quickly XX f we can' There ia no n?ad to maintain the V Mrne numerical force. A couple of iron-aidea ' Wvall be atroojer than a whole wooden squad- Ji?| n. Again, it is perfeetly evident that wha tpliaa to on* fighting abip applies to anothei id that * small man of war without armo auld b? joat m helpless as a large one. All that can be (aid ia that at present n an has been devised for making an iron ated ahip nimble enough and seaworth lough for a long foreign cruise; but, one ore, iet us aak how long that problem la likel remain unsolved1 We now Know beyond aj leition that if ever a little vessel like tb onitor should be able to make her way t stant ports, all the ships on any given statio Quid be completely at her mercy. The argu ent of ministers is that no such voyage ca ) made, and, consequently, that wooden ship ay be safely, and indeed necessarily, etc oyed on sueh service. But directly the ir intion receive* on* degree of improvemec is calculation is upset, and then all our ne< tons and corvettes will be inirt u ua?Iaai a rline-of-battle shlpa are oonfusad to be.-" imu, April 3. A Table ?f Distances [Prom the Richmond Whig J At a matter of convenient reference, we publi* e following table of air li*' distance* (nillei tween the moat Important point* In tbe nelgt irhood of Norfolk The measurement* ai atbematlcally accurate?being the remit* < refill trlangulation If we have any captloi aders, they muat not suppose we are giving tt emy Information, for we cull the item* froi e charts of the Coast Survey, hundreds < bich are among the archives of tbe Federi iboon himself. The table Is worth presen om Norfolk to | Prom Fort Monro* to >rt Motiror........It 1 Mill Creek HMdge.. ) pwport New* |U^ Rip Rap* 1 well'* Point 7 Hampton.... -2; :ean View i Wlllougbby Point. 'i) ndy Point. 4?, Jewell's Point 4 8 Point Newport Newa t!j msh's Bluff ?andy Point C; asey Island 4 Craney Island ? unbrrt'* Point.... 2% Pig Point yj sval llosnltsl Point K From Stutrir1* Pm.i r? itapton Wllloughby Point. 2 ip Rap# 10 Bouah'a Bluff a J liloughby Point. Kip Rapt j 'cm Craney Iilamd to Rip Raps* 3J ewportNew* 6 Newport Newt ."> >rt Monroe 8 Hampton 5] Ip Rape VromWillvugMy P'nt I g Point ..4 Rip Rara tj well'a Point 4){ Fort Monroe 2J ?uat?'s Bluff 2 Hampton 5 aval Hoapltal Point 3# From Naval Hoapltal Point to Bcush's B!u i luilea; from Sandy Point to Camp T#lbott ilea; from Newport'* to Wllloughby PolntGj Ilea. The a tar indicates the dlatance of tL iwyer gun experiment. Taking Richmond aa the center, the followin ble ahows at a glance the dlatance at diiierei >iata in Virginia from there: rom Norfolk to Richmond ia !??> mil< rom Suffolk to Richmond la X> " rom Cape Henry to Richmond la 150 ' rom Hampton to Richmond la 03 ?' rom Fortreaa Monroe to Richmond la.. 00 " rom Yorktown to Richmond la 70 " rom Wllllamaburghto Richmond is., f.o " rom Fredericksburg to Richmond la.. (m " rom Waahlngton to Richmond U i:?0 " rom Wincheater to Richmond la 1.0 " roin Oordonavlile to Richmond la To " rom Staunton tb Richmond la V.'O u DISTANCES ON THE MI* SI4.S I TP/. A* public lntereat !a now directed to tbe Mli sippl Valley, the folio win/ table will also t tind of in'ereat avihowlng the dlatanre betwee ie towi.a along the river, from 8t. Louia to Nei rleana: MtU? | Mil' . Genevieve do Memphla " Mary a L?Jtdtn^ .. 12 Moutb St. Krancka beater - Helena I Ibertv 10 Mouth White 'llkinioa a 10 Napoleon ; >pe Girardeau 30 Columbia ;mmerce 15 Princeton : itro 16 Lake Providence *. imimuua w wiibiir^ Ickman 17 Grand Gulf I land 10 2S Rodney 5 ew Madrid 10,Mouth Red River....? olnt Pleasant 1*2 Bayou Sara ' Iptonville 8 Port Hudson I land 14 12 Baton Rouge ; lyose H Plaquemlne ...s iruthersvllle 2'Donaldsonvin? t ort Pillow 45|New Orleans JET^TUe firmer* and traders of Loudon an her counties in Virginia are, beginning tomak eir appearance in Baltimore and Washlnvto 1th considerable amounts of colli and Ban >tes, which they burled at th? outbreak of U suriectlou. One man had t-^OuO, another fclu* id so on, all which bore tbe evidence of tL rthly receptacle to which they had been con itted for safe keeping. A Spt Htso BT thk Rkhkls ? Price Lewi" former resident of VValcottvllle,Conn., was nun a spy at Richmond, a few days since. He ha ade several trip* to the rebel camp? successful . but was caught at lait and uianfiUlv nald tL naltr'D"A number of the distinguished serosslo lil"tn of Islington, Missouri, have bren take 9'-.- l.ouls, to stand trial befire the liulte ales District Court, on charge* of treason an Ksplracy against the government. Cass of * So* " nis Fathsh I fine, on Monday, the ?tb, Charlts A. THTnn] ppubllran, was elected Representative, over L: rn father, who was the oppcalte c^ndldsie.artford Prtst. Lifk 1 ssviahcb.?A report of the affair* of 1 > Insurance companies doing business in tti ate or.MassacbuaetU,sbowsthat they have at rls e nam of S153,UUG UOJ, while their net assel jount to $20j00,00u. 117" Tb* Navy Department has Invited propt a for the construction of four iron gnaboal r tb? Mississippi River and Gulf service, wit ro turrets on the plan of the Errlcsson. IO~Tbe Maine Legislature baa adjourned ler if weeas session. it has passed 75 acts am 5 resolves J^7"The Russian govf.nment Is determined t re every rouble possible la order to apply tb oaey for the fitting out of an Iron-plated tleet. Kxcsllsxt Woiis Pope's K??ay on Mar d Pope's Kssav on tbe Rebels at Island Mo. U hare are flue passage* la both. |T?" Kansas la full of Mlraourl contraband) Deir number is estimated at 6,0(JU, of wboii juu arrived after ths rebellion broke out. Tbe labst accountsshow pretty conclusive tLat tbe Great Exhibition building cannot W ady -t tbe appointed tires |^7" Allen A. Hall, tbe veteran editor of Ten tee, Is (be Government agent In that State t aat trade permits. UT'Gen Slgel la lying dangerously Hi at hi iidenee In 8t. Louis. (p~Tbe Welland Canal, Canada, was open* navigation yesterday. |R. J. H. 8CHENCK. " . . ... This distinguished Phv ;iaa, whose brilliant and wide-s#reid re?ut?Moi a been aoeured b? ?* >atmmt of Conaaaiption. even in eaeeeabiol re be?a retard*4 and pronounoed incurable b; ? regular Imi tr, will b?at his Koomi No. 444 K1011TU bTHKKT, A ft* doors above PENN8VLVANIA AVfcNUK, VoUtartM Cirjr. On WklDNKPUAV, (be -?J or Am', reouiltuioa and to examine the mMoi o i patients. lis great experience, derived from long and ex ntve yaouoe, oioae study and devotion to bn >fe**ion. tojstfter with ibetjtutauoeofihem i instrument vita vhiah aiaexaniiBationa ot u>< (irt ei'dejjMbie bin to detect tne eluhtea treat nedioin'a. hi* PULMONIC Kl H.dEA WKKO TONIC and MANDRAMk LLS, bate been ae widely celebrated as remote lor dieeaeee of tne Luaja, Liver and dtomaor bw own ret station la the management and cure ^.5>SS?aMd:^,rr^r,ce. u I a yon bin ae abota. ?>?* an examination 01 ? luuta wiia the raaMrowatarHaoh?r.? txrt for ar^iurr uuiMtiom and adviaa ItKllit tut iwlHMlt ? CAarff u 7/iuJi n t?oiie?c* fojl ?ri?#'u't 10 ,,u0UtP%r'?nU ukl oailoa itta^anag iua viatta to^ntir otti??, I th? h?ae&l ilidanoa^ to hiu3?ada cl ^aatfarftra from?l"'l&r raaaidiM U>fMb? alrJU. " tsom gu badlraoted to hia room br eal!>ni nmeifi, 8,11. VVAlTfc. oomar 7th atraat atd maiaaa ftTonaa, vhsro IInou t? f..uo* a full V? of tu? Madiomaa, ay 14 $H* t TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. i 1 * FROM YORK TOW!*. Particular* ef Ea(i|(n?at ia Wednee0 day betwtia the Veraaent Third aad the i- Rtbrli, in aa KlUrt te laytare a Battery The following dispatch waa received here yeaterday evening s U Headquarters Army of the Potomaer( e April 18. J Anoffl;lal report haa been received at head0 quartere, gi vins a Hat of the killed and wounded n In the engagement between the Third Vermont I- and thp f>npmv nn WMl naaHlt/ a KrUf alltialnn a to which was made In my dispatch vesterdsy. ig The Information, aa far as received, piita the loaa thus: Killed 32, wounded 90?ten of whom will . probably prove fatal. The conduct of the Vermont troops on thla oc11 caslon !a spoken of In the highest terms, earning w for the Green Mountain Boys laurels only to be a worn by the brave. They arove fearlessly a ?u" perlor number of the enemy from their fbrtlfled position but were forced to relinquish It on the rebel* being reinforced. The lots of the enemy In this engagement must have been heavy, as the well-directed fire of our artillery mowgd through acres ofthem. h Yesterday afternoon, while Lieut. O. B. Wagi) ner, of the Topographical Engineers, in compa.iy i- with a squad of men, was making a survey of the e enemy's works, a shell struck the table on which )f lay the paper", and instantly on exploding the left is arm of the lieutenant was shattered, and subseie quenMy was amputated. He is comfortable this ii inorninsf, and no fears are entertained as to his >f recovery. J'-seph Sulber, jr., of Bristol, belongil lng to the 2d Rhode Island regiment, was probar blv fatally Injured. Daniel Painter, of Berdan's sharpshooters, mentioned yesterday an wounded, Is dead. < particulars or tub surtik or Thursday might. About one o'clock this irtorniirg, the enemy in W force attempted to crom the dam In front of our '4 lines, evidently with the view of capturing a battery of our artillery, which had given them eon< siderabie trouble during the last few days. On < the rebels making their appearance, they were opened upon by a well-direcWd Are frbm a body ^ of Infantry acting as a reserve to the pickets, ' forcing them to beat a retreat, leaving their dead nH urnnnila/) n?? U.a ...l.t-V- ' a _ _a ...v. nviinucu VII IUC UOIU, WUU'U lUfV IllCCfFUfU < in recovering before daylight. l/oth partlea op?Tu*d with artillery, which ha* continued atln^ tervals up to the preaent time. None of our men were killed. < FROM GE*. BANKS1 DIVISION. ? Oca. Llanka atill AdTaicla?-Occapitlin #f New Market. The following waa received at the War Departfl ment laat night: Ifiatt'iuarttrs Department Shenandoah, f < April IS, 8 p. m. y Hon. K. M Stanton, Secretary of War: Our troops occupy New Market to-night. There ha? n been *nm? artillery sklrrniahlng, but no loa on our aide haa occurred. We have manv prisoners. -* [Signed] * N. P. Banks, Mr-jor General Commanding. particulars ot thk advance. Movst Jack?o*, April 17.?Thla place waa occupied thla moraim?. as nrevinmiv mnnnnr?( by Gen. Banks' dispatch, the rebels showing but feeble resistance, burninsr bridges as they retreated. The advance was made by the turnpike and hide road, Get). Shields taking onw and Gen. Will lams the other. The cavalry were sent out last night, at one o'clock, to cut i-B' the retreat cf the rebels, bat were detali.ed, and arrived only a short time be? fore the advance on the turnpike. The Vermont >e Cavalry duhed through Mount Jaeksoa to pre-1 u vent tue burning of tbe Dridge across the creek w beyond the Uwn, and captured several rebels in the act of tiring the bridge. A lieutenant of Col. * A*hhv'* Cavalry.who was riding with the colonel hlimtlf was captured,and Colonel Ashbyonlves!> caped from wearing the uniform of the Federal It) "cavalry. 1 The bridge across the Shenandoah was fortuM nately saved by our pursuing forces, who are in\ >5 New Market to-night. Major Copeland and ?0 twelve of the escort of General Bauks charged through the town in the rear of the enemy. > Col Assbyand his men are outside the town. >J Ja< kson, with his infantry, had fallen tack to!0 wards Staunton. >5 Lieut O'Brien, cf Ashbv's Cavalry, was capto tured at a house on the road. The cavalry comm pany taken yesterday was commanded by Capt. > . Harper, who was absent. His three lieutenants ?0 wsre taken. ti Some of our officers believe It possible that an r* action win uVu " "* * ? ... n.c piauc wuay. urn W?S In command of bis rorrve. and gave directions for . tbe right tlank movement which caused the enemy's retreat. The locomotives and cars, and every destructible appliance of war not transportk able, were burned by the enemy. STEAMER NASHVILLE AT ifiViAU. i- Nkw York, April lb ?The steamer Nassau i- with papers of the Otu lust., state that tbe steamer T. L. Bragg, late tbe Nashville, from Charleston, arrived there March 30th. She had been puri, chassd by a private company. The rebel acS counts cf the Aletrimar's success in Hampton Koads had been received by tbe Nashville. 1- The highly inflated accounts concluded with a e statement that the Merrimac cannot be boarded, ua-hf throws a large stream of boiling water. . That she is prvbab!y now at sea running Jjuh ' the northern coast j The steamer StMhwlck, from London, with an assarted cargo, probably to run the Southern blockade, arrived at Nassau on the 1st The Nashville cleared on the 5th for St. John, J1 New Brunswick, under the name of''Thomas L. '? Bragg," wl^h an assorted cargo > J* if stated that the steamer Nashville has not ~ only changed her name, but hoisted i'nglUb colon. Her ansorttd cargo consists of arms' ? brought to Nasitau from London by the Kngllsh e steamer Houtbwlck, purchased by the rebel* in k England. She sailed on the Cth. Is The steamer Economist had arrived at Nassau on the (>tb, from Charleston, with 1,100 bales of ?. cotton. IM b 1 UK WAR |N atUftOVHI. Fot*TTH, Mo, April IB ?Judge Murphy and L Dr Johnson, of HunUville, Ark-insas, have aril rived at General Curtis' headquarters, being obligrd to 11 v since the battle of I'ea Ridge by threats of the Texan Hanger*. Judge Murphy was the only member of th? Arkansas Seceding Couventiuu wuoae vol* was recorder txi cast against secession. The Union men at Huntfville If HP tttnoh H * ' ?? ' * . w uui uruig ?ware 01 i&c recent ' Union victories. Receiving no mailt they are made to believe the basest falsehoods by the rebl. e!s, which are generally believed, none having n the hardihood to deny them. Governor Ilector Is bitter and wolfish. He bad called a meeting ? of the Legislature, and lo hit message recome rounds an act punishing with a heavy fine any person who even expressed a doubt of the success ut the rebels, and that the second cfiense should '* be called felony. Also, that an act be passed lin0 posing a tax of thirty dollars per bale on cotton, thus favoring the production or grain. s . Affairs in Arkansas. * Fobstth, Mo.. April 13 ?Col. Wright, of the OStb Missouri-, has returned froj^ a successful e* poditlon in 8outbwest Missouri! Several skirm* ishes occurred, in whlcb several prominent reb* - ?is were killed. One hundred and twenty-five a prisoners were captured, etc. All the rebel gangs ' not capturcd have been driven to the lint of the 1 I-Ji - j nuia.'i i erruory it is reported that Pike la at ' the bead cf 1,500 Indians fifteen ml lee below Buffalo Creek. A r rival of Traaaara fraaa California.

N*w VoiK, April IS ?Tb? steamer Ariel bas f arrived from Aspinwall, bringing 9617,000 In treaaure from California. Tie U. 9. frigate Baranae and tbe Moop-of-war Warren were at Panama oa the 2d Inst. [ Pr?t>abto Capt?ro a( Fart Wright. Chicago, April IS ?Tbe Evening journalsaya: ?ffi Isms from * - muivv* urn oiwaiiw u?? Fart Wrl? fat was attacked by Com. Foote'a flotilla [ on Monday and fata been captured. We precoma , oui Informant la correct, aa It cornea from on* at Cairo who la well Informed." Hrjeiclaga a| VrarMaacti I, PaoviDBNct, April tj?4 cltliena' aalute of 100 guna vm fired here tfala afternoon, In honor o( lb* abolition of alavery In the District of Co* lttmbia. I? WaaaixsTOM, April 10, lgat. HEREBY Re?pfct:ul!y retuaat all peraona who have open aooounta, d ae biua,ana acUs da*, - paat due, Jto., and dae me to oome at ono*. irthej *an, vita the oaah.and aattle, hi deaire to pay of all note* and oatatandinc aooounta aiaiuat me without de ar. JESSfc JJ. WILSON, Offio* Washington Building, Room No. 4t ap ll-jw eornar nh aad fa. ? north ait*. [. orricuLi -p^KPAETMENT OF STATE, JUn 1 \Va8HIW?to!?, January 35,1909. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Member* of Congrem on bualnem on Saturdayi, commending with Saturday, the Irat of nect moath. Ja?i7-U WILLIAM H. SKVVAHD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JantaiY 21, 1?3. OtniaxD, That tbe War Department will be aimed Tuetdaya, Wedneadays, Thursdays and MiaM a>nl..l .11 .11^. 1 - w..* lk.t ?VI .1. * ???* ?? oil vuiri uuaiiicw wui ?uai whiuh relates to active military operations In the fold. Saturdayi will be devoted to the business of Senators tod Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN R1 STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. FALX FRERES PRorsnrKAUX. RENCH RESTAURANT-277 P?*ssvlvaMIA Avbnub. WAKHIN??TON. MEALS AT ALL HOURS, Day or Nleht! t.adies and tfentlemer.'s ' _ PA1VATK EATIHQ EOOMS! IL7~Order* for fornishint Parties proc-ptiy att?c<iaj to. ICH CREAM! as IS 1w* SOMETHING CHEAP AND USEFUL. SOMETHING CHEAP AND USEFUL. 2 Sharp's Carbines S17i0 each. I Ladies Gold Cha.n ana Charm and Cross s ui 1 Fine Sold Lever,Chronometer Watch?.5^.00 1 six Barrel Revolver....^ 7 on 1 Fiue Gold Open Face Lever Watch tr, 00 1 six Seat Close Carriage.. . tooo Apply at 4 Sti Uth strest, between and H. ap 14 1 w rrHK UNDKKSIt.NKD Wishea to inform hu 1 friends ami the puMio that ha Las upeued a Saw l-'ilinc Mid Uepmrtug Shop on the oorber of 7th aud H xtrrets, and believmt, from a long experience in the busitwsa, tnathe will b? able to pieaee the wood sawyer and the butcher and every mo cliaoio that aaea a taw. and hoten, hr a not at U-ntion to business. that he will met it a ?hare of the publio patronage. mli I8_1ra* JOHN KfcNNKALLY. ]\[KS. RU88BLI/S RK8TAURANT. The popular Keitauract and DintCf Haloon for ladiee an<t rent emeu kept by Mrs. L. A . ? A Russell, 49a ?tli street, sd jrds an oppor- VcMaw tanity for oitisens and atrangera to cetJ^JBI.L meals at all hours, served ap iu tne styie for wtiioh Una es'abliahm'nt ia famous. Visitors may oount upon cood fare, courteous a?tendanoe,andall the requisites for a well-regu ated first class homae. apl2-lm DFROM PARIS. E BERNARD? Le Paravet t; 90o Ds Nernard? Un Oeau Pere. 2 vo.s.; 60o I)e Beauvoir?Le Cabaret dea Norta; To l)amas?La Bonillte de la Comteaae Herthe; 90o lluin&s?J'hanr.e la Puoel'e; So Dumas?Trois Mai Ires; Sfto George Sand?L'Usooque; *?o Dumas? Une Annee a rlorenoe; X>0 I'UIWUO unpniino Aronti ?W0 DmiiM? Exouraiona aar lea borda da Rhin,t volf; 6)0 George Sand? La Fnleuie; 30c Karr?Clovia Goaaelin; Sjc Murter?Madam* Olyinpe, 30o I)e Bernard?Le Paratonnerre; 30o apis FRaNQK TAVLOB. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING"DELICIOUS. SOMETHING DELICIOUS. SAVTON S WASHINGTON BISCUIT, AYTON'B WASHINGTON BlSOUir. To be found at our BAKERY, and at ourtUud ? in MARSH MARKET. ALSO, ALSO. Ol'R EXCELLENT l.EMON PIES. OUR RXCKLLKNT RASPIIKHKV P1L3, OUH EXCELLENT 81ioed Apple PIES, 1 CALL FOR ONK, 1 CALL FOR UNK, CALL FOR ??NR, CALL FOR ONE, DAYTON'S BAKERY. 4 56 F.Ievecui Rtreet, *p 1?-lw fret**en G ant H. ECOLE DU CAVALIER A PIED. 16c?nU. | Cavalene? Bum de l'lnstructioa, 87 o?crs. De n rdci?Avu>t Pastes de Cavalene i.ecere. 9 is. Mauuel d? Mareohalerie. 50 oents. Oavaier!*? Guide de l'lnstructtur. 37 oents. Csv&lerte?IusUuotion a Cbevftl. is cents. < Cavalerie?Bur le Serried des H.aoee 13 cent*, tiililioiuftne dn Skius-Offlcinr de C%?a!rie. $1 55. I Mi'cellaoees Militaires? Par le General Grand. < 75 oeots. 1 De la Caralarie-Par le General Rsrard 67 oents. i ? .-'-T- *- " ? w nui~*aivuii o in l/WVinik 3 v j'I, ^9?t7. Sohant>nburK?I>e I'Kir.ploi (1* la Cavmiatus a la b'jjrre. 1 vol. and AiJaa HI 75. Pireodan?De iaCavalene. 63oeiita. VVarr.erj ? Keu.arquea !*ur laCavaloile $1 C.V Cavaierte?Inatruotion Proviaoire anr laCaTa.erto Individuel. Woeata. apil-li FKANCK fAVl.OK COYSTKKS?OYSTERS. HKS/FEAK.E Steamed Oyater Saloon. The aubaorib* r liavioc oomfletei l:n^. >?^ 8teaned Oy?ter (i&Toou, la uow r?&u|V% ( to iurn ah to oitnena, atfangera, aodmSA^fl# ilia pal lio cenerallf, with Oratora cooked by the new eraoea of ateamincThe bei.t Oyatera the Market can aaord. will alwayabo on hand, at tiie Chesapeake Sto.\in Oyater Haloon, No. 4US O atreet, cear 7th, aad eaat of the Patent Oifioe. nib ii-im w?. r wan o mm ?, * M/piJDlur. 1 1,000,000"'" UN 08 " ; CAMP GREASE i AMD KOUGU TALLOW WANTED, J for wiiioh th# highest Cub prfoei will M pan), at the Fancy Soap Mauulaotory, lb4 and 16t> Water street. Georgetown, D, C. i ap a li>t?o* UAWgON A CO. ^ 2 000 BUtfUKLKoruleV?t!" 3LED OATS> * ' J. p. barthoLow, i Agricultural Warehouse, Pevenih ptr??t. Mlow Pa. avenue. [ G1IDKN SEEDS- t PEAS. BEANS, Ao., Ao.. ' Fresh and Getiuiae. For tale by JVp. BakTHOLOW. Agricultural Weret.ou*#, ftSS Beventa street. below Pa. araiiua. EURMIN8 IMPLEMENTS. PLOWS, BAR- , r HOWS. CULTIVATOR*. Ao..Ae. ' J. P. BARTBOLOW, Agricultural Warehuuas, a? S-fo2w Seventh atr?t. halow Ha. ay. 1 New arrival of BEAUTIFUL STYLES SPRING CLOTHING, J At Aa?ohi98ixw Low Pmics*. \yho!e Suiu aiagamly got up at Aloaud #11, At - BAR A BRil., a ap a-lm* Corner E and 7th atresia. a UORSK AND WAGON FOR SALE.?An ? 11 axoallMt ROKRK- H?l. ? for a family horse, will be told separate from the wagon, or with it, u dreired."-** V Both are well suited to the ase of a Sutler, as the _ vacon waefot up for that u?e. and*is neai ir new. > Knsuire at tjie Stable of Messrs. KELLIEK * F t YWELL, on 8th street, between D and ?. mu-"* r IT" D CANT BE BEAT! ~ " ^ 1 HE Subscribers ueierimned to Mcomm( J ate all persons, either in pleasure or bneia?B. G n?ss, hate (one to a large ei peme in tlietogSggjP? oi purchase of Carriaces, Bsifietand Bad * ' -* ? die Horaeet ail for the aee of tfce public. Families u wisnini it, oan at all liatee proonre a nioe carriaie with gentle horeai aad a food and oareful driver, m Orders eeet to the etables with street and number o wii 1 be eromptlT attended to. Dhariee as laedsrats u vhe timae will allow. Horses tabeu at livery. oi J C. COOE * CO.. Sixth street, one block south of ~ a? 14 ! * l*en?>. avonr.ft. ( ?MW*if.?-?oiir ANDr.Avr. g4 u ments are sold at lowest fsotorr pnoe?OT^^M le HaBKi w"mwr,?",,r#r!Uk " ai^Vnioii(ii y!p*jm?nU^,r* bMB HM<i 'w A NBW STOCK OF A)*Y eooi?-w? !? ? xTL in "torj and %r? daily r?o?iviag a Tiir(t itoot A andUui# ?U>ok ofKiubroiiier??, li ?7.-aBaSBBg t i 1*? c'jftffisri'iijfis a*,u *m wa" t ."'"WSjjtti J mmamtmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmam * PMLNT181EV. Mmm nm I LPOM1S.M. D.,the inventor aol ftha MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at laoda personally it kia oftoe .n Una tit'MM Many paraona can wear theaa teeth wco^"ITP Mbtict wear uthera, and no panoti oan wear ctfcara who ounot ??ir theta. Paraona calling at my oCoeoan b? aooorcraoaaM Wiui any atyleard price of Teeth they mat ceeire; bat to thoae who ars particular and wlah :hejrfr??t, aieaneat, atrongeat, aud moat perfect denttfre tuat art can produce, (he MINERAL PLATE win ore raili warranted. foomain this oitr-No. SS? Pa. avenue, betweei and 10th its. Also, V07 Aroh stroet. PLiladai ahia. mar?-ly.M |^EW ANl) IMPROVED INVENTION AMTlfitilAL CHEOFLAST1 BONE V E E V a, Wintn Mnu Pun aa Ouan. DR. 8. B 819ESMOND, It BruadtHky, iVim York-'460 Piumrtlvmmirn 4? mm, bimttn \ilk **d ISM tit., WmtkL*Ho%, Calls the attention of the public to the !o;low;a? adva"taee? of h.s improved system: 1. 'Jis Iwtti of tus manufacture ? g|M never ourode nor change oolor by any^**** aoida, being three fourths lighter than any other, I. No teeth or roota need be extracted, aa tkt artitoifcl oa*s oan Le> ics?-i?xl over them. S. The roota will V mtd* inoffeiufcre, aa never aoh*. 4. No temporarv tAeth are needed, as fsrmanest enes oan be made immediately, thereby preserving tLe natural esaresaion of the face, wkioti ander the old system Is frequently disfigured. I. This work has been fully tested over fire years by many of the first ohemieta and physiola&a or this country. Dr. S. hu alao it vented a white aadeatruotivs meta'. fill'ns, with whioh the most sensitive teetli oan bs fu:ed without pain, and oan baild up a aer feot, sour.d Sooth ol any aid* rv.Hi, whiah wiJ .aat tlirouid ' fstiiaa. The t>est of >-efemM>M riven?to r.. v. Mah Ooremoa, Profeaaor orCheroiatry. N. V.; (ion. Jcdge Wxyrt.of the Suarente Court ot Waafcicc too, and thousands oi othera. Call and nikiuius to/ ooraelf. no Ca GAS FITTING, Ac. A _ HU V.lK/VKtW. . ... . Al B N?v ftmrwl to exttiii ui rtaf vltk i Whian they nay be favored in the rk?MBl*#, ?AB OR^tJTKAM P1TV1M* PT SUra an ft* atreet, a few door* north af Pa, fc??r <e, where may bo feaea a e?m?.-?teM?>rtmeBl WSAS FIITItKI. C Have in a lore, *Ld are dai y recMrier, Vi? J1ITCKMS of entirely New pMiemaaad Deeic su and Finiah. anterior m style to anything heretofore efer^d in thta market, we inviteoitii&ca ceceral It te eaii and examine omt atook ( 6u and Watei Fix? tree, rooting oouMent that we have Ui beat e.eoted a took in Waamnxtoc. All Work ;n the above line latrnttod te Mr eara wiub.nwUrMUi.irft.. - i * VtVfca | SOLDIERS' MONEY AHD 0 ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THE A DA M 9 EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMIT- * TANCES I To their Farailiee at any place on the .inea of their : Expreag at a charge of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Fo* AWT scm NOT IXCIXBINO FlVTT DoLLaU; t And a proportionate additional charge to piaoea reached by connecting Expreaaea. The remittance, whether Gold, Treasury Notea, or Allotment Draft#, ahould be eooloaed in an an velopaaud aecurely sealed, and have the fnl! ad dreax'including tuwn. Poat Orftoe. an ! rtate and in oitiea the str??w and number) of the peraoc to whom to be aent, and the amount lejibly marked therein. Knvelupea for thia purpoae mar be had at our oftoe To facilitate prompt delivery the charge for rein It t&noe ehoald be a*epv1 mhttlin ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. | Dr. I. U. SEE LEY, JS* 8? Sole Manufacturer of the fp HARD RUBBER TRUSS, tj jj D? ^ under Rifts & Qji.iyear's Patents. 1 Rubber H Jflioe lor the RaJioal Cure of Hernia . ^TRtSS# or * ??' . 4 ^ ^ J 1^6 Clark at.-eet, Ciuoago, Illinois. ^ Tbia i R L'S3 u Laving a mooes*, in the Camilla jf Remans. before unknown in the hiatory of rniaaee; unlike ail ot&era ever uaedlnthe follow- l rig reapectaIt trill never rust.<?h?? ?prmg heing joatdd witU Hard Rubber. > U*ll nor Blaur, . ?il' notaiip or move. oaa be aeeu in bathiog.ia iiwn a ('?: j/i , anu too J aa n*w. ik>ea not rrm or the Cord, nor overatretch and enlarge tbe j^ning. but conaiantlf acta to oooitrtti and [reatlf benefit the worat form of Kuptur*. The to MUM ftlili can be mule ??r? ihf or limh" ? :&?emay require, it r.fia been used *?t over3.<?? , persona In ino North-west the put two ? re^ri. arvl haa never tailed to giv* latiafaotion in lUti of tke wont form, fw Truaa la r*oomraenuet. ai d used in prtjettnr' to all ot*ert, b? all ?ro?nin?nt Surgeona in Mew Yort City, anionj rlinm ar? Profeesnrs Mot', "arker k. Oarnorhsn, a ll?o iu t&? Wast by Hroia. U.-b;;.* d, Kea, Kreer, >f Kneli Medical College, Frola.N.S. Davia, E. Midrewa, LiuU L'civsrmty, l>oot Woleott, of Viiiwaufcie, Wia v.J i>oo*., of Jao??o&iriiie, ill. Thia Tru?? ! \* received Medals over ail niters in use, and is guaranteed in a??ry i?--?prct . :o be aa represented. Teraosa wouiu< lit La in- J< itrumeut oaa be fitted by senoinr sue, in inches iround hips m line of rupture, to UK. 1. B. IS KKL.E V, Mai nf/vturar and Proprietor, Cliioago, iilM f. O. H'iX 4:t?4. DR. SEKLEV will be at J. W. NAIRN'S ).ug Store.ooruer ot 9th and I'*. acanue.Iora n iw daja. Call and IMIII iur youratlf. I apVMW J^OR TdR MOUTH OK YELLOWSTONE C KOKT fcENTON/MJSSOURI RIYLai. " Thesteanux- KM1LIK, J, C l.aBaxei, Master, 111 ml leare on or &boift tin tttn ol Ipril. To Bafaun* ^VI o" Oregon* and the Territory ? <Va?niogton, this ia the most desirable route, parlouiarly to Washington Territory, Laving fro? ort Benton only 150 miiesof taccf travel, owri oca road, 10 the mo it desirable part of the Tern ury. In connection with the Emlie will be a vary r if tit draught tide wheel Le*mer, wluoh wilt leave i?re a^oui the 2-th, delisted ta ran from the V !- .. owsione to the Falls of Missouri. Forfreyhtor .. ????e ?pptv ou hnanl. wih ?-3w SOLDIERS' PAY. * HARNDEN'8 EXPRESS W VILL FORWARD ^SOLDIERS' REMIT- ' WltlTHM MONIT UK AU.OTKIXT DlATTS. * To their Families at aay place on the linee of their ? Express at a eharga of L TWKNTV.PIVE ? w . * M w JUil *?7 For any nip not exeeoding Fifty Dollars, (f 50 ) " tnd a proportionate additional oherge for place* at reached by oonaeotinc Kxpreain The remittance, whether m Gold, Treaaary lotea, or Allotment Draft*, atiouid be encloeed 'n n envelop*- &:.U securely eea.ed. ana have the II addreaa, inolndlna tne town. Poet off.oe. ana late, ol the peraon to whom to be Mat, and the . moantUtihli marked thereon. , . J Envelope lor thxa purpose will be farniated at *r. nia ofto*. Money reoeivad to be forwarded at the oSoe in ? Vaahiniton, Third a treat, aaoond door below r ennaylvania avenue. I a# 1-lat K. 8 SMITH. Agent. ?~ SPRING PILKS.a fill: assortment, figured a ' Piain _ _ Withonrnanal full aasorttsmt of all the Cry p ooda requisites for the jeMRral and apaotal wants Vf fa.!iuii?a ??ur .Northern Mid Eastern oorr*a>on<ienla aand bl n#V tnppliea daily. ... One ortoa onlv. the utt?l owk iUad*rd v?!m. [\ tr*?^ m^plun 1.xurea ; uauca Do yurah&au u All peroata'tor tka aitar tor property peeked fraa Bl "ciuri*. rKMRY A BBO., egMt P*. eveoeeend Ninth at > )N AND AKTK'E ^UKSDA^r, APRIL 1, treiaa on U>a Baltimore tad Oble K tuna eoasiMot ronainf duly, Senders MMttad? fcTifif thla at&tlon at f.St A. M , IM oanneotint > Wfcihirfton J u not ion wilh nifcil trim for ad ^ , irta of the Weat. Ferkertbarg or wWlln?, Throutk tioteta aaM t?T btutii eheoked I* Uute ml TmmmmmmmtmH, I .Ul'JL?'HvL- - - ?~ H I TAKK NOTICE- y ILL Bays,fro* U* M* of 3 TMri ap,MB sow ft _ , bARABftO.'S M> FfhloMfcU Clolkiiu K?UUxlUw?L Ml hSUm* CriSr E aad Ha, m< Y8Tlt*Mh-OY8T**b '0^ _j SgSfeH t abmw***' AYKES h CO. |? IOM8E8 FOB. BALK, THE WEEKLY STAR. Tbiaaiaaaast family aa4 NrviJwu. eoa talalaf a greater variety t w<li| thd ni be loan* lm Uf ? Friday moralng. Ts&xa?CajA, seeerie**, ? m*?mm. Biaf le copy, par MM .41 ? Fifiwptn 4 71 Tea copiea ?u Tweaty-ftva copies IU M It lavarlably contain* the?WaahlnglM Newt" tfcat baa mad# 7>? Dtiiy F*nw( Sur clrcula'a ao generally throughout the oountry [Z7~ Single coplw (la wrappers) caa be pro rnred at the counter, Immediately after tbe taiua r*tb? paper. Price?THREE CENTS. S?0 PENNSYLVANIA ATCNDB. EBIILE DrPRli Jut RntiTrd ui Opntd, A .arge ao4 tret-clue eteck of cbolM FAMILY G R pC K R I US, eontlsttng eft SUGARS, of ell grs4ee, TEAS, COPFKSt ivmi, LARD, pinna MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, AC., AO, Ac. Ail of which he offer* ?t lowwt each prloea. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. MO barrel* Magnolia, 800 barren XXX, SAO barrel* Miller* Rye Moeotfthtla, 800 barrel* fine Old K ye, 600 barret* toe Old Bocrboa, AT CINCINNATI PJUCtS. AU the favorite brand" of CHAMPAONB , Murcm Veneny, Grewa SetJ, He;d*lch, tllfb. bf]nff hr.usht ln? ??- * , D B __| W? va? si uauanuif low rav-a. aim, Boll) Agent lor PIKL'S ARMY CORDIAL; fcb 14-lf PRIVATE. PRIVATE JE* R 1 VA T H DR. LA BONTA taring raraored b!eotiko?to Room No. i.adjMtin* hefcunday ChrocioU oftoe. ta Washington Bullae, Pi avenue, oor??r of 7th street, ta aov rtwr o on re a I Dieaaaea a Private .Nature, without ha nee of oanrarow or d'.aguatinf drnge ot anr and, and no iBterfe?-noe with rour bnaiueea aroftttona havinf dev-ted ur whole time to the tady and oure of Pr-rate Ihaeaaei of both aexaa jad to Chronia * ffWiUoua ol the Womb, (jirw, Lidneye, Skin Eru^aooe, ao . end eradnatu ? in ha beet aehool in tb- world, the New Votk City loapitMa. under P^fa Chilton and Parker. ti> rhora i moat ra?paoi*fcUy raier. I wiU H> ).<*?' o the aera?n farni?tiinc n.e a oare of acy of tha bore dta-aaee whto? 1 oaanot eyeedily and perm* lently cure, let tha o?aa be old or new. No diet -ir f-aaired ; nothing duatreeabie tn any part of u?a reatment. I^Aww lta?m? *- - - , ii ,mm u?- buorltjtj Room f (ftnt fl*or) WuhTftor Bni'dinc. WihSh-lm* Pm.. ?-??> and 7th ?t Wall, Stephens & Co., military and naval M RRCUA N T TAILORS, ans dbilvbs .? swords. sashes, belts. epaulets. shoulder straps. gauntlets, gloves, A*. ind every variety of a a AO T MA UK CLOTH!*?. at kuimaui rtklii wall, stephens a co.. lltM p?uv;?uia tTtnai, between il l! |lmu*M?M t'i taJ ?i. FURNITURE! f7\ fv 1?7t1> vi1ttd #< ? __ i' kj xvif i JL O A A . FURNITURE I alssa 'Kre'ry^IriSV *f WPBOLSTERIN4I preK?U? do neatly eaooated. Store open day ana eTealag {or tUe netenmada on of the joblie. Purohaeem vui etudr their inter eat to Mil before iQkipg elaewhere. iatttra' CM. K1VAET * CO. SILLER Y CMAMSAUAIE JJEfOT RKMOVKD TO , B. Coinib ot Psmt. Aviivi aid But* tir., Clarendon Hotel BeiUinc, Workington. II. ROSEY, AetxT, New YostBMEB MOLANt A?iht, WiaBueTon. D. C. SHERRY, PORT anJ MADEIRA WINE*. HNS OLD BRANDY UiI WH1SRY. \sr 4 liberal dieount to dealer*. PHICK AND THIN FABRICS mail kintl.u L Monrmnt Uoo^a. Alfo, Hhe/nerd'a Plaice, ?x.d Black an J Wait* Uecfc.aoi Fm"< Si'ka. ??ar ateokof Mouimci Good* ia fall and eom?te throuchont 'ha enure Tear. Oar Moruiern auJ Ka?leru corra?ponja.U eenJ i new ?upfhe? daitT. One yrtoe only, marked ia )lain tjurea ; hence > purchaser ia overotar<ea An ineeeotion of etook eclieited at a:; timee ; no >U(aaun thereby tnonrreJ to eurofcaee. PEKK ^ * UROm Peta. aresue and 9th at. ?COTS AND SUIT 1HK We are now manvfaotarinc all kipda of BOOTS A UUoL'ki J ? ?. pny*5,0, uq OOMIUlf reoeivUf ??ly of extern u*i. work of e^rV 'nP?! *o*<l*?*Fr??*iT toorder, anc old lo?W prtMtfcfcn hu btn* IL noi^fore cii?jj?U in Una city /or niMh |&S?ru>r feu: Ry.tJisa^'.ar^ssr? ?... ,w? .?IfcF^ ki S-r 91 a r>r, JT.. jj * "*2:? 1* OYBTKRB-OYSTliBB! OTEL8, RMtwruti Prirmte Fimliee .n heftup>uedd?i:y with ? Mk from the ahell, dry m?unr?, J tAB lOVMt POO*- V\LJ# PIMM (ire Mm oftlL AVRKfl A CO., No. *011 Nlatk ?t-. l>i*m? D U? A*. H^Oy?ter? of ike beet <uiitr B?ieed to order. UBT KKCKIVED ATL.A. BKAU.ACO.'S. A BEAi-t, A CO "S, No S?1 seventh etreet, IAUD JSUBT HWMbKK gOOX* I AM) IMOO, All ailM. kl J. B. MiUISYV Nlftu Mwaa.tMtaf Ct?? Dry 8oc4i MM tim IM ?OOM DMOI. A*snr r^w? >TH WW ^ W? u uov** curniNt. 0, mbnnac all atriaa of Imp prtoad. Mink 1 fca* < aal?iM, vkMfe v* arc wUiat at rmj ' * oon SUM PaIj5rW??M nth aiM )?u ?w iB Mi.*l?al tumpHKWjfftiir ??iaw"-aU aolora aad ?nalhi?a. ??aal la iaaSa aM 4 to U* t**t outon work WALL. STKrufchB * 00_ fotmniir-ga. '

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