Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1862 Page 2
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* EVENING STAR. 1 --? ? 1 I WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY APRIL 19, 196S. IT7- Rfading matter on rrrry page. See ont ! Jf for Interesting telegraphic and other matter. IZ7" Though Teb Stab ta prlaMloathiftiM team preaa la n ra aooth of BaMaaora, ita edition l? ao large aa to M^nlr* It to ba pot to prewataa Mrlw I Ail* 4//auvia?a<aJttf( t%i ? afna m akAitIi tut 1b before 11 o'clock otherwise they may not appear until the next dat. Oaa F&:iMsa at the various mllltarr caw pa and positions will conifer a ftvor by keeping on posted aa to raoTeasenta aad aCklra la their vicinities. Spirit ef the Meraiai Preae. The Intilliftnur notices the legal asptcta of Mr. Secretary Cameron's arrest, and saya the ault raises two very Interesting questions?1st, the power of a State court to arrest an offlrer of the United Sutes who Is under orders of his goverrment; and -d, the "rule of law which regulates the responsibility of Secretaries of the Eiecutlve Departments for acta which must be prceumed to .4 O Kit A>i4af M i X uvur U| V1HCI v4 mr i rn luru ? The K'publiran talks of?-'military monntei.inks, who have given their highest proofs of ] fortitude, not In the field against the enemys bnt In a stolid and brazen defiance of the contempt of the com.try."' and says : 'The attempt to impose upon the conntry the belief that the enemy have 100.000 men, or anything near it, at Ycrktown, will matter how many nalloena and spies are employed in the business. The country understands that aort of thing very well As the Btrubhran sometimes finds it convenient to deny an) disposition to abns? the army of the Potomac and Its officers, it Is well enough to stick a pin here ' OUR MILITARY BUDGET. DOS' f BI VltlAPY. 1 NrW York Times, HtralJ, tt at, a re taking trouble on interest It seems to us, In fretting over iae alleged Inactivity of the columns of Generals Hank* and McDowell. It is evident to all here who watch the military movement* of the times, that both (and also the rolumn of General Fremont) tre performing Important parts In the programme or the current campaign In Virginia What those parts are ^ Is not proper for na to *ay. In due time, how ever, all the world will comprehend them, and will realize that they are performing their alloc tea tasks with due vigor and efficiency. FOBT PILLOW. The n-w?papers are evidently obfuscated over toe location of the Port Pillow now being besieged by Commodore Foote and General Pope. Here, It Is understood to bealtuaUd twelve miles above Fort Randolph; which is sixty-two miles above Memphis. It Is thns In the Immediate vinnuy or the town or -village or Milton, Teun. The ronfnaion relatiYe to its poaltlon arises ftnnri ' a mliUke r&ade by Uatoa map-maker* in loca- i ting It. m m m ( Fosd's Athimscm ?Mr. Forrest baa every rea onto be proud of bis pnfnaional aneecaa In ( Washington Coming here at a sdttson (Lent) traditional!; unpropltiona to all amuaements, and especially to thote of a theatrical character, he h*?. nevertheless, succeeded in attracting, by the force and brilliancy of hia genin*, nightly over- . flowing audiences of " our boat society," who t endure with patience and with equanimity toe rowdlng ard Jcatllng with which their enjoy. ib<>nt la partially purchaaed, for the gratification *?f beholding the most eminent tragedian now upon the F.ngllab or American stage. And really Mr. Forreat'a efforts are worthy of the enthualaam they are now exciting. HI* genlua, mellowed by time, lend* to hla maattriy Interpretations a richand aoftneaa of tint which more than comp*-n?aui for any diminution of Impulse which may tje deU-rted in hla tfforta. The popular verdict aeems to be, that be never appeared to bett*r advantage; and our own Judgment fully endoraea that conclusion. Mr. Forrrat la very ably atippcrte<l by tL- stock company. In whose clever performances we recognize,we think, the tultlan of a w&?ter miud? It may be of Mr. Forreat him eir On Monday, Ibe stirring tragedy of the Cladlator Is announced for positively the laat time. - 1 Ey The Irrepressible and uncheckabie Com- < xnodorr Foote la reported to have taken Fort ( Wright. TUU F?rt la situated on the First Chirk- ' ui? Bluff*, near Fulton, a (mail town on the < Mississippi aide at the Junction of tUr- Hatehlr < liver with the Mississippi. It la abint seventy mllea above Memphla. Below this point the rt-b<la have fortifications at Kandoiph, on the Second 4'blrkasaw Hlutfj Fort Harris, at Islind No. 40, au<l Anally Fort Pillow, at Memphis. The susceptibilities for dt-fence decrease as the river Is dritcended, and neither of these points la regarded as formidable. FihahciaL.?New York papera of yesterday report the Stock Market aa more aotlve, with Indications for a more hopeful tone. Prices had for niptin nnurapH liai*n/?v If A dUaa roupoM ot 1931, a/e quoted at ; registered C a for the wine year, Wtf; U 8 6's, one year cer- \ tlflcate-4, 7 .To Treasury notes, par; Trewury , C per cent , two year*, luujf; Border State bonds 1 are advancing: Tenneasees 6's quoted at 57; VirKinla'a, 60; North Carolina's,C3; Mlasouii'i, 47',; \ American gold, 101\; foreign exchange rioted i Meadiiy, documentary bills on London, Ulalllj), 1 commercial, ili\sll?t: bankers, USi^al 12,S'. IC7" Will the writer of a communication upon the Kansas Impeachment case* favor n? with an ( Jatervlew > i ??? _ I A Word raoMUxifsaai. Mitcsill ?The New i York Commercial Advertiser publishes the fol* lowing telegraphic despatch from the gsllant \ General Mitchell, addressed ty him to a friend ( and relative: Hs*wcaktcks Thud Dir:a:of?, ) I Hmmt/rillt, April 15. s T?e entmy have burnt bridges to"stop my advance opoa Chattanooga, aod baveuaed tte tame 1 brilliant strategy to bold my col a a a bark from Cortntb. Bet fcr this, we ?hould this day have 1 entered Tuscumbla and Florence We have 1 penetrated a magnificent cotton region, have ' taken and now bold and run more thaa one hun. dred mill of railway, well atocked with maebinery nr.d in floe condition. 1 have abandoned I tbe idea i f everromlng nrarer to an enemy than I if nfr cannon range Thl* 1? the third Bute 1 tbroiigh which 1 have hunted blm without sue- ' O M Mirmu, Brig. General. < CONGRESSIONAL. ! ? I mtuth Ctf!iOKgft??? ?4 teaalem. 8b*at* ?After our report closed yesterday? The bill for tbe relW of FraacU Huttman waa recommitted to tbe Committee on Commerce. Mr. MrUou^al ?n boil tied a resolution calling on the Secretary of the interior for a statement of moneys paid by tbe Uovernceat for legal eervieea In proeeeutlng Investigations of 1 nul titles, and , alao wbat turns were paid for making researches , In rf>f#rPnr# fn rtllfnrnia " >?uvi in.i? 111 %uv ??ijr ui | | Mntco Adopted Tte bin to ntiUlili mail line of ateamahlps i^lwffn California >od CUlot wan kku up. and ru>i being dlacn?aed by Mrtin. Samaer, Latham, ^?tM>ndme.ui jfcPoiiRal,the aubatltute proposed by Mr. l.atbam waa adopted Tl? Confiscation blU wu considered, and Mr. Howard delivered an tHumeat In favor of Ue bill; after wblcb tbe ??natc adjourned nntll Monday. Move* ? After our report rJoaed ? Tbe consideration of tbe Paclflc tiallrtad BUI vraa reeumed. Mr Wfclte balled tbe measure wttb dellgbt, and regarded It u especially ftuiag to tbc present time. Mr. Sblfleld aald tbat there are times and sessons foe all tblnga, aad thought tbe project would lavoivf tbe Government Mill more la vast expeadlf area He tbonvhl ih* M du*? xoebt *u U> put down tbe rebellion and restore t ib* Union, while ho waeta fceor of railroad* he < wu opposed to tte puHft of tbe bill at tbe prra- < oat tiiao. I Tte farther consideration of tte hill Wat poet- t pan?4, and tte Uooae adjourned. I tDTIt U rumored at Newtern, N. C., that tte 1 Ooofederatee are constructing ai Norfolk two t iron-clad iteamera, of tight draft, to aaread the i / anal and attack tte Federal Sort la Paaallro i Bound. J i e .. ????? -ATE NEWS B? TELEGRAPH. Latest from Fortress Monroe. M. Mercier't Visit to Richmond. A Fire in Norfolk Lrrival of the Union Wounded, Ac. [Per Telegraph from Baltimore ] Baltimos*, April 19, (from Fo-tre? M nroe Iprtl 1?.)?M . Mfrcler (the French Minister) will eturn from Richmond on Monday. The French rar steamer Cattlnet will sail on Monday for Iittc, with dispatches There was a considerable fire In Norfolk last' light. A flag of truce to Norfolk brought papers 0-day, but they are In exclusive possession of the <iew York H$rmld,s agents; contents not made tnown until after the boat sails. There is nothing from the Merrimac. The 1-Mther Is claar and wsrm, but the wind to ight. steady firing was heard last night and this norntftg from the direction of Yorktown. Eighty wounded soldiers, with the body of Jsptaln Reynolds, fi'h Connecticut, arrived this venlng. The number killed In the engagement vu Tl; whole number engaged on our aide, 1-tl. KRTIIKR PARTICULARS OF THE CAPTURE or roRT pula*ki. Niw York, April 18 ?The steamer McClellan baa arrived fiom Port Rftval, which placeaheleft >n the afternoon of tbe 14lb SLe ?>r*n^a full particular of the bombardment ind capture of Port Pulsakl, already announced t?y the Southern papers. On tbe mornlnz of the 10th, Oen. Gilmer tent a Hag of truce to Port Pulaski, demanding [he unconditional aurrender, to wblrh Col. Olmitead, the rebel ccmmandant, boaatfully replied :bat be waa placed there to defend, hot to surnnier, tbe fort, whereupon our batteries immediately opened Are on Pulaski. A few rmu.dsntot awav their lip si, but It waa replaced, and tbetiriny kept up till sunset. tien. tltimer then placed a battery at Goat Point, only 1 ?^X) fards from the fort, to breach ibe walls, and rommenred flrln? at midnight for ihat purpose with LN Parrott and James guns. On the evening of tbe I Ith. two breaches were dlscoveied^ on th?? aoutheast face of the fort, whleh at noon h id as- timed huge proportions, and sbo'jt i? o'clock the rebel tlag w ai bauled down and a white flsg displayed, and the fort unconHIHnnillv mrrpiulprpil I'nl < ?? (?.. j ...... , v v?. v/ t ii.ot' au 9%ailll^ that It was Impoaaible to bold out longer, our rilled cannon abota reaching the magazine, and moat of bia gun* be I np disabled. The garr.kon having surrendered, the Seventh Connecticut Ke^tment took poa*e*slon the eame night, the gloriousStaia and Stripes having with zreal entLu?la-<*n been again n stored to 1U place sbov? tlie battlements of Fort Pulaski. The Unlm lots In the engagement was only on* killed and one sMgbtly wounded The rebel Ions la three badly wounded and 3f?0 prisoners (ine bund/ed and five prlaonera came hither on l>oard the McClellan In charge of Col. Morrow, sld to 6ea Hunter. Among the pB?*engers by tie McClellan are Lieut. Badeau, aid to General Hunter, bearer of despatches Oapt. Ceeley, of the 26th Maasachuletta; a guard of twelve told ten of a Rhode 1 aland regiment; alto, Mven discharged aoldlera and mechanics. Tbfl McClellan alio brines the good news of the lafe arrival of the frigate Vermont at Port Royal. 3ne was being towed Into Fort Royal as the McClellan left Jacksonville, Fla , has lieen evacuated bv the Federal troops, who bad arrived at Hilton Head in the steamer Cosmopolitan, on the 19th. ADDITIONAL PASTICVLAB8. The New York P??t of last cveni.ig has the following particulars of (be raptrre of Pulaski The preparations fcr the bombardment were in progreaa on Tybee and <Joat Islands for more than three mnntba before the attack began. Heavy cannon were xhlpped frcm th!sport for the reduclon of the Fort, and among them were several 'ormldable lu? pounder Parrott r'.tltd gun* There are re also Parrott 30 ponnders, Jamu'i cannon, -.olumblads, and a considerable number of 13inch mortara, cast at Plttiburg, The batterlea were meetly constructed under over of the wood*, and wera fifteen In number, mounting, we are Informed, but thirty-six vuni: but the#*? were nearly all of itnmen?e size" ana weight. The heaviest were situated on 3oat Island at an average distance of leas than wo thousand yards from Fort Pulaski. Our batterltB were manned partly by the crew >f ihefiigate vVaba*h and other war steamers, und partly by the Rhcde Island artillerist*, and a r-w toldirrs from <>th?r companies. An Immense imount of ammunition had been provided for the i >ieye, and on the 10th Instant all he preparations tvere complete, and a siiifirient number of troops for tLe occupation cf the fort had teen landed at Tybee Island, In expectation of the capture At seven o'clock and tiftv-two minutes on the morning of the 10th instant, the attack on the 'ort be^an The rebels at once replied; and the iring slowly opened from the diflerent batteries >n our side. The orders of onr men were to lire >nlf/our fkots ptr hour, and to continue at tkis 'ate witkout intermiftion Th<? rebel* f!r?J rapidly and fiercely, endeavoring to alienee our I guns, ur compel the evacuation of the batteries; t>ut as the fire opened along lb? line, revealing aew batteries, the enemy apparently si rprlsed at .1)0 extent of our works, redo iblrd thelr flre, aud la an boo/ tbe fl^ht wasconducted with t ie utmost Operation on tbelr part, but wUhuuteti -ct, their ihot either felling suort, or passing over >ur batteries. Aa a proof that the rebel* were not acquainted with the localities In wl.icb ou batteries were built, It la stated (hat ttelr fir. followed tUc opening <>f ours from the dlttfent polnu In reuular order, until all uur batteries jad [>pen<ri, ana then dMrll-uted their florts, keeping up tbtlr rapid and desperate tiring for two hour* and a baif. Meanwhile our tire w;ti coutlinied from Tytee end Goat islands as it bad be^un; and the rebels falling to do any execution, relaxed their ettjita. Much enthusiasm was manifested by the Federal forces, and as (be effect of their best shots were noted?tbe brlcis and mortar cf the fort occasionally flying la all directions ?the men iumped on the batteries aiid gave loud cheers. These demonstrations of course subsided, especially a? thera were no correspoi.dlng ones from tbe fort; and towards (be middle of ibe dav. the Bring ou both sides became regular, the rebels, bcwfver, tcmetimt * retiring from one part of the r?>rt ti> toptl)?*r, a * the range of our guns grew better and their position# daugerous. Tbe effect of the Bring wa? visible on the fort from tbe ilr<*t, but no breach was made tbe first {lay. One or two guns were dismounted and ome rf tbe embrasuren were Injured, and it was not until ten o'clock on tbe morning of tbe 1Mb that any tmporta:! breach Hi tkt wails of tbe fort was made. It h** been stated that tbe projectiles Bred from ovt gun* went fct cnce through the walla, bat such was net the case. Second and third shot', which wtre aimed at the same place with extreme accurrtcy, did the wotk which the rebels attributed to tingle shota. Tbe spectacle of the b Jinbnrdment w:i strand. Our gnns discbargt-d rltie shots and shells, the cdect wu a continuous explosion Inside the fort; fragments of sbt?t and <-hell and of tbe works of th- fnt, srmetiuH* tiUlrg almrat tbe whole area of the enclosure, and compelling tbe rebel* to remain in tbelr casematis, bat for which the loaa of life anioiig i.'itm would have been fearful About noon on tbe 1 Itb the rebela tire suddenly Increased, and they worked at all tbelr available juns with a pexsls.ency quite iqual to, If not surpass! ng, tha'. with which they began on the tlrst lay. But tbe ltmren*e breacb In the fort. In an ^gactllneuUb the magazine, threatened to be tbe cause of tb-'lr tot*? de tructlou through an explosion, and at eighteen ixjlnute* pa$t two I'clork in the afternoon they hauled down their lag, which hrui been once sb<>t away, and ran up a hag of truce. The tiring, of course, ceased tb ance on our side, and it w?* not until near evening that two hundred n.en accompanied by tbelr ottcers and General til more, went over to the Tort to accept the surrender of tbe garrison. The correspondent of the N. Y. Tribune says: " Three butidrvil and eighty-three prisoners, roftf'fteven r-nnnoti, and la^e qaantitkr- a 1f inuunlUon and provlsl >na we e ruptured with the 'ort. AH the siories about deficient supplies were without foundation. No: l?rt- titan 40,UK) pounds >f powder were found tn the ma^a.iue, with ahot uid *hell lu prcporil n Three hundred barrels it ttref and pork, W.tMJ pounds of hard bmjd. md rice, sugar, rotfee, ai.J other store* showed iirtBclently that the garrison was not staryed out. Tfcra why did they surrender' The answer U t bf found In tb? condition of it* fort. A hrescn had bc*a made 10 the aoutb-rsst face near tbr ingIt| through whtrfa tbe (hot and abell bad t>eg?n to rake (be Interior of the fort, endanger* ng tbe magazine which waa diagonally oppolite, and In the walla of which a formidable jreach waa already begun. Col Oimatead surendered because he believed that the Are of ac>tber hour wonjd have blown up the fort. Not >ne of thegarrlaoe waa killed and only three irera wounded. Tbe result of tbe effort* to breach a fort of auch itrength at sueb a distance confer* high honor on be engineering skill and aelf reliant capacity of 3en. Gilintore Failure in an attempt made la tppoaltion U> tbe optulon of the ooblast engineers a lb* army, would have destroyed him. Suewaa, wblch In this caae ia wholly attributable to tie talent, energy, and independence, dcaerves a or responding reward. Tbe reduction of thU Tort baa no precedant in ihe history of forttflca* Ion, and la likely to effect a revolution in the lyatem of land detenaea equal to that produced la laval defuses l>y the conflict of tbe Moaltar aad Itrrlmac. Brick la auonger tban atone, but ? neither can stand against rifled artillery. The una which contributed most to the breaching of tbe wall were those which carried the James projectile. That was the testimony ?f 'he officers in tbe fort, and In tbe thickest of the rnlti* It wss always these shot which wc fourid most abundant. Inside the fort Its appearance was nuflclcntlv ruiaoua. Eleven sans were disabled, tbe parapet and traverses on all sides shattered, the area torn up by shot aad ahell, and covered with bricks and fragments, the blindages over tbe caaematee of the gorge-cnrtalaa splintered and ablvered. and tbe brickwork everywhere was rent and crashed by shot The wall of the magazine was badly craahed,the casemates In the rear In rains, and to mach rubbish under tbe blindagea that Ik was difficult to paM beneath them, over tbe angle where the breach* was made, the wreck was nearly complete. Another hour would probabU have opened the wall from parapet to hue. The ditch, twenty feet In width, wm nearly filled with the fragments of the wall, and the storming party would have-found a bridge already made for their advance. In the casemates the guns were buried out of sight, and the arches looked jaat ready to tumble. The shot which damaged the walls of the magazine opposite, entered through the casemates of this angle, not over the p:rapet. It ought to be added, that the capture of Savannah need not be expected to follow as an Immediate conseauence of the reduction of Fort Pulaski. The channel oppoalte the fort Is obstructed by hulks, and the passage for gunboats uncertain. The harbor and entrance to The river are now, however, In the complete control of the naval ana land forces under Com. Dnpont and Gen. Hunter, and the batteries of the river erected to cut on Pulsskl are no longer necessary for that purpose. At all events, the capture of the fort releases for other duty the large number of troopa hitherto employeddlrecty and Indirectly for Its reduction. flf^REV. JOHN PIFRPONT Will Lroaob ' " In the Unitarian Churoh, Tft-MUR kiiW (BUD' ft) MUKHINWi M II <.'?IOClC, and ffi )i?t* at Vea^ar aervice, at ha!f-p&*t aeven in the evening. 11* CKiCKKT?The Knnlere of Ue \Va?l1 mtton Cricket rim are repeated to at tend on MuNDaY AflKRNdON rat (fmr o ui<>ok )on thegroundaaouth of the rreeideni'a Mantioo, for praotioe. A meeting cf the Cluo wm aao be held 10 theeveninr < f the tame day, (eight o'clock.)at tht Ragle Hotel, fennijlvauia a*e., near I7ih aireet.for the purpoaeof electing uffloera, eto , for tha ecaaiDK uuou aj? IJ 2t* W CA OM AN. Seo'y. IN COMPLIANCE WITH A KKSOLUl'f tion ouMjimounly adopted,aocrrdtal ra?ue?t ta thua extended to the 0*?cera aiH Teach era of tl e *everai J-abt>atb rohoola of Una city. to meet in the Rooma of tne Young M na Cimatian Aaaooiation, i ait MONDAY KVkNINH,at eight o'o uok, for the purpoaeofionmdering Uieprepn?ty ot having an Anniverrary of the Sohooia thia year, and ceviaing aouie meana tl.e'-tcr. 1U. U MILLKR. ap 19 >t Preat. Y. M. Oh Aagooiation. ir??UMON LITKRARV ASSOCIATION.? lAJ? Theop ning addreee of the Uiuou Llterarv X a.iAia' lAfi Vl'l .<4*1 i tri( fl I l.? >ka LP ^ ? T 11 n l/w ^ nw ItC V. 1 III MoPsU.?,ou MONDAY EVENING. April Slut. ltM3. at 8 o'clock; ?;??>, th' reading of tlia bazette oi'he Association. The puhlio are roepeotlully invited to attend. By ordar WM. M. HOOVKK. Kee. Kn. J. T. CLEM KIM'It*. Jr., Prendont. apla 2t* (YTp^NOTlCE - The 8?< okh< Idera of the WailiUJ3 melon, Alexandria and tteurtetowu Kailtoad Company, are here y notified that a meeting will be held a; the office of Alexander Hay. Esq , No. 381 PecnsilvM.ia avenue. Washington, U. C., on 8AIUK1J * Y, Ma? 3d, II o'olook a. m. Af.KXANDKR HAY, ap!6 dtd JOSEPH THORNTON. Pnrohaeere fWifr?OKFICB OF JOINT COMMISSION ll5 Uwitid States AND COcTA Kica, Wjhh ifforow. April 1. 1*6? Ordered, That this Boa-d will he in session on the 14th day of July next, for the purpose of considering and aoiinc upon such o&set as may be then rvady for adjoaioauon. aHl lawim CHARLE8 W. DAVIS,See. '? EVKRY ONE'S INTEREST-TO THE iJLX CITIZENS, STRANQBKS, A?lJ SOLDIERS 1 havejust received a very large and ftne assortment of Spring Clothing, whion I am offering ?t our usual low prioes, at No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Poet Offioe. near F. fe ?-Sm )> THE UNION PRAYER MEETIN9 Will JJf be holden every day this veek in the LatheranChuroh, (Rev. J. 6. Butler's,) at the oorner of UUiand H streets, oommenoing at 4K o'oiook p m., and continued hut one hour. Ja to 1PEW CUSHIONS*. HAVE On hand a few t-i the above Caati na, whiohl will Mil very low. L. J. ROTHROCI. ap 19 3t 4 60 Mnth atreet, ptar E. T FISH-FISH-FISH! HE Corporation Fnh Wharf la now located at the loot of Eleventh street, < Rile*'* Wfcarf.J where the public oan be auypiied with Fiah and salt duiinc the aeaaon. ap 1? 4w MRS. T. RUSSELL, No 49i Smrtyrw la daily In reoeiptof LOBSTEH8. AsPARAfll'S. TOWAToK*. and ail the delioaoiea of the eeaaon. Isotic* ? On Sundari her dininr ta oou and ?r. ate papers a-e open tram 7 a. m. to 4 pm. Entrance Private Door. ap 19 S.*m 1 HE SUBSCRIBER HAVING LATELY I returned from ths Pbilade ebiaanl New York trale aa:e?, oan nowoflVr Hound Hooka at great nduoeinf nta to ail who may deaire to porohaee. WILLIAM F. KICHSTE1N, Natiocal Book Store, No 27s Penn?v!vana avenue, ap H lw* Waahintton. I?. I ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL BOARDING U SCHOOL FOR YOUNG MEN AND BOYS, flff Joy, Lanratttr ca , Pa Ihelo-atiun i* eaay ot aooeja by railroad, acd very health*. For circulars ap*ly to (>. W. A men, Loaiai ana a*., between 6th and 7th atreet?, or address the f rlnoipal, ap 19 eo6t* E. L- MOORE. CARD PHOTOGRAPHS AND ALBUMSWeae reaetvice daily and keep oonatantly on hai.d Card 'icturee, of all tne pron mwt mrn ol the North and J-outh. Also, the largest assortment cf Fancy Card Pioturee. oopiea of choice Engravings, French Prin'a, an? Clinic Card Pic turea, at WH.LlAM F RICHSTEIN'S, National Book Sto'e, No. 27 S Pa. ave., Waahington. D. C. ap <9-1 w* rpO QUARTERMASTERS AND DEALERS, SO00 Buahela OATS~ 3000 Rnshela fllHM 160 Ton* of Pniui'Tl.\l<?TH Y HAY. Juat arrived an I fur tt t at TA Y l.OK'* Wharf, near the Cara! A?u<daot, ?e >'g?u>?rn, I> C. A pply to A. P. HU.Vr, 309 fiTteeLtli street, or a< the Whaif, lrom 8 a. m , to 4 p. m. ap 19 1 w? V1/A9HINBTON CITY, O. C., ** apbil 17rH, ltki2. Editor of Star .?Having be*n grievously meu ted without otuM Ly & fallow ctfioer, (LieuG Murphy of the let California rug-mo^Ml demanded aatiahotion forthe iii'u't tiven This was refns d upon fnvo ou* andabsjnl ground*. t am t ere I< re compelled to publish him as a oovard, and o? e nnvortb? ti wear the uixiortn ot an offioer in the irvioe of the United States AL U. HYNK9. It* 2*1 Lieu'. Pp. ti. lat Cal. Kf g. SPUING STYLUS op PA PKK HANGINGS. KIKE BOARDS, AND WINDOW SHADES. Attention is r<auoet?d tn the new and beautiful tto; k of the abuve Uoods whioh 1 am n >* reoeivtuy. The* have open carefully s?leo edanu puiohaaed at tne lowect prioes for pub.and 1 ahsll ctTjr superior induccine' -a to those in ?|U>t uf on same terms. 1 h*ve also a |w d atook of Fioture Cords, Loo pa %nd Tassels, >'hade Cord *<id Tninininga in artnet* of ool&ra Lonng?? Mattrfaara and Pillows of every dtscrif ti-in kept on hand and made to order. Paprrhanginc and (Jpfco'sterv work done prompt. ly at low prioM. Matimj !a:d by a ooinpevent workman. A? 1 find there iiKmt mieapprehenrion on the part of the public. I vnht< rfmtiuo'ijr that I am do longer in busineu with S P Frank m, tut ?m r'oat eB'letv irint to build op a bubineti at 469 9th strer t, Lear t. ap 19 3aMjr I, J RorHKOO^. E REMOVAL. i H. 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AND SHOES will b? onu4im raady tot aalaatthcOid Stand, oornar of I and S*T?tJ? itrtot, oa Satardar aoramj. tha l?th uwtant. ?k?t th?T Btr UH?t, rwill mntioa the ?ri?N o*il*!u $l*F?* aovtoipu u worth at Im* *L*4tM* tUwwe Be*l?, 39tad MeMta. ^&Ss&sers

oU*r Sfco* Btor*. p MAGRUDR*. ftpU-M Comer of 1?IT*aU rtw*. w ? lllft AJ1I> WOCN0K0 MbOlBHI IN 1 OiriTAJL. i Pxibluhtd in conformity wUA ik* rtioiiUiom of tk* SoMtt of July If, 1861. At Si ?< ) Hoifitml, Pw|il>?, Afrit 11 M U. 8. Utatre 3 77th Now York Vol ...11 Sd Main* Volunteer* . 1 96th do do....SO 3d do do 1 93d do do.... t 7th do do ?9Tth do do.... 4 xa Vermont volunteer* 2 98th do do.... 10 1 9th Massachusetts Vol. 3 3d NewYork ArtUlory*2 j 10th do do.. 1 3d do Cavalry 3 3 18th do do..11 36th Peaa. Velanteera. 1 ? 19th do do.. 1 45th do do 1 8 23d do do.. 19 Md do do 1 t-toe k ton's Mich. Vol.23 83d do do 20 2d Michigan Vol I 85th do do 4 4th do do 9 88th do do 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 93d do do 4 I 5th do do 1 99th do do 4 1 2d Rhode Island Vol. 8 99th do do 1 4 4th do Art. 2 I02d do do 1 3 13th New York Vol... 6 1st do Reserve.... 8 14th d* do.... 8 Ith do do 1 1 17th do do.... 9 Uth do do 1 * 24th do do.... 1 42d do do...... t 3 25th do do.... 6 1st do Cavalry 35 4 33d do do.... 1 3d do do...... 9 S 36th do do.... 2 8th db do 23 2 42d do do.... 1 1st do Rlftes 3 3 43d do do.... 1 4th Cameron Dragooas 3 4 44th do do....21 19th Indlsna VoT..... 2 ? 55th do do.... 1 OAcer's servant I 1 59th do do.... 4 . ? 1 OCd do do.... S Total 386 1 kith do do.... 2 1 1 At Qtmtral Hospital, (Mm H*Ul, tormtt Briigt | mmd Washington itniM, OmtiiImm, Aprxl 11. . j 1st New York Art. .. HSM P.r? * nth do Vol.. .16 93d do do 4 ; 14th do do.... 1 Iff.'d do do.,,.*. 1 17th do do.... 4 ll)4thdo do 1 " 2Pth do do.... l 1st do Artillery.. 1 33d do do.... 5 Kim1! RKps 3 4lth do do....3? Tth Mass. Volunteer*. 1 * 49th do do.... !i 9th do do...... 2 ~ joth do do.... 2 22d do do IS ' Mth do do.... 1 3d Maine Volunteer*..19 J 62d do do.... 4 Stockton's Mich Vol. 6 ? him do do.... 4 2d Michigan Vol l ? 93d do do.... 3 4th do do...M. 2 Gth New York Cavalry 3 3d Excelilor Brigade. 1 * 9th do do.... 1 4th Vermont Vol 3 Ut Penn. Cavalry.... 6 5th do do...... 3 3d do do 2 ?th do do 2 * Sth do do 4 Mott'a Battery 1 ! let do Volunteera. 2 Cameron Rifle* 1 ! 3d do do...... 1 Signal Corp* 1 ! 4th do do 2 Oth U. 9. Cavalry 2 ' 6th do do 2 let do Chasseurs... 1 ? Tth do do...... 1 1st Long laland Vol.. 1 ' 9th do do 1 Harris Light Cavalry. 1 7 Jfith do do...... 1 3d U. 9. Infantry 1 49th do do...... 1 11th do do 1 f.l?t do do 1 ith do Artillery.... 2 (hid do do...... 7 ?? "Ut do do 1 , Total. \9* At Hufitttl at Cciuwibimm ColUf, Wtiktmgtm, April 11. 2d U. 3. Artillery... 1 77th New York Vol... 1 2d do Cavalry .... 4 91st do do....2ft 4th do do 1 Mtk do do,... 1 5th do do 4 92d do do.... 1 6th do do 1 93d do do....15 3d do Infantry.... l|96th do do....10 14th do do 12 98th do do,... 1 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 100th do do.... 2 Uth do do 2 I02d do do.... 2 7thMassachusettsVol. 4 103d do do.... 1 10th do do . 1 1st NewJeneyCavalry 10 l<Hh do do. 2 10th do Vol.... 1 1st Rhode laland Art.. 1 1st fenn. Artillery... 1 2d do Vcl. 2 3d do Cavalry.... 4 2d Vermont Volunteera 3 4th do do...... 1 3d do do 2 Sth do do...... 3 4th do do.... 17 6th do do 50 5th do do.... 5|42d do Volunteer*. 1 4th do do.... 10 49th do do...... 1 1st New York Artlllenr 3ls*d da d? 1* 7th do Battery'. ^',56th do do.'.,'... 5 8th do do.... l|7tst do do 9th do Cavalry.20,93d do do 1 9th do do.... 3 (Kid do do 2 17th New York Vol... 1 lulthdo do 14 SUth do do 1 112th do do 2 25th do do,... 1 Stursla Illinois Rifles. 1 90th do do.... 6 McClell&n Dragoons.. 2 37th do do.... 1 Stb Michigan vol 1 3Sth do do.... 3 19th Indiana Vol 1 4id do do.... 4 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 41th do do.... 1 3d D. C. Volunteers .. 8 56th do do.... 1 <Wd do do.... 1 Total 3?2 76th do do.... 1 At St. Bliaabttk Horpital, Eatttrn Brantk, April 11. XVth New York Vol... 1 54th NewYork Vol... 8 SthVermontVolunteeis 1 85thPenn.Volunteers. 6 22d New York Vol... 1 73d do do 1 4l?t do do.... 1 68th New York Vol... 1 Cameron Rile* 113th do do....11 I Excelsior Artillery Vol 1 43d do do 14 KJth NnrVnrVVxl 1 I*"? ? . . V. . . . a F?u ? IKVUmn T ui O 0th N . Hanipahlre Vol 1 4?(L Penn.Volunteera. 5 78th New York Vol .. 1 6th Maine Volunteer*. 4 57th Penn Volunteer*. 6 lat U. 8. Chanaeura... 1 ictta New Jeraey Vol. 5 bdth New YoTk Vol*., y 5 tub New York Vol.. 4 4th New York Art....XI 21 Maine Volunteer* . 3 58th New York Vol .. 1 Total 110 At Mount PUasant Qttural Hofpital, April 11. ??????? i i i ??i??^ l*tNew York Artillery 4 ?oth New York Vol... 1 lat do Chaaa'ra 4 100th do do 4 lat do Cavalry.] u?h Maine Volunteer* 2 5th New York Vol... 1 7th do do 13 31d, do do.... 2 5th Michigan Vol.... 1 37th do do 1 5th Penn.Cavalry 3 40th do do.... 1 5th do Volunteer*. 7 44th do do.... 1 63d do do 1 49th do <lo 1 ** > Ha * ,V2d do do.... 1 N?th do do 1 66th do do....15 lOUt do do 0 til it do do.... 1 llttd do do 3 06!h do do.... 2 105thdo do 1 73d do do.... 1 Cameron l>ragoon? ... 1 77th do do 111 1st Rhode laland B?t. 1 fclat do do.... 4 4th Vermont Vol 3 H5th do do.... 9 I fit U 8. Infantry.... 8 ittd do do 17 2d do do 1 93d do do ...23 Uth do do i 05th do do.... 3 06th do do.... 7 Total 174 At India** Httfitai iPattnt Ojltt), Watkiagtm, D. C , April 12. lVth Indiana Vol 64 bi?t Peon. Volunteer* 5 1 13th do do l[9feth do do.... 2 10th do do 1 IU3d do do ... 1 13th New York Vol...11 5th do do.... 3 57th do do.... 3.02d do do.... 2 ?th do do.... 3193d do do 1 5M do do.... 1 104th do do.ill 7 61st do do.... 6 fllst do do ... 1 91st* do do.... 3 56th do do.... 5 8th New York Cavilryll 107th do do < 6-d New York Vol... 2 91st do do!... 17 7th do do.... * 3d Michigan Vol l 95th do do.... 3 4th do do 2 03d do do.... 9 llth Milne Volunteers 6 50th do do.... 5 1*1 do do.... 1 100th do do.... 1 OatldiCinln 0 77th do do.... 9 MeCltllaa Dragoons.* 33d do do.... 1 14th U. 8. Infantry... 9 1st U S. Sharpshooters 2 Cameron Dragoons... 7 2d do do 1 1st Rhode island Cav. 1 . New York Battery.... 1 1 3d Virginia Volunteers 1 Total ! Citizen 1 At 9<o?m Qimrol HtpiuU, April 11. 2d U. 8. Infantry 1 1?Kh New York Vol.. 6 19th Maine Volnnteenl* t7th Penn. Volunteer*. 1 19th MaasachutetUVol 1 Wd do do 6 80th do do. 2 ~tth do do 1 * 2l?thNew York Vol... I 103d do do..v.. 4 56th do do....36 lOithdo do..f... S 031 do do.... 3 ? 96th do do.... 5 Total.............84 i fltith do do....10 ] \ At Douglmt HttfiuU, eonur / I strut mmd Iftw Jtrttf MMM, April 11. f 1st U. 8. Artillery.... 1 63d N*w York Vol..; 3 3d do do 8 Mth do do.... ? , 5th do Cavalry..(?) s Mth do do.... 4 3d do Infentry.... 1 50th do do ... 3 . 6th do do 1 79th do do.... 1 { 18th do do 13 66th do do.... 9 ? 17th do do 4 Mth do do.... 1 1st Maine Cavalry .... 3 96th do do....1 6th do Volunteer*. 3 101 at do do.... 3 5th N. Hamnahlre Vol 9 l<Od do do.... 9 i 8d Vermont volunteer* 4 104 th do do,... 1 j 4th do do...(6) 1 lat New JeraeyCavalry 9 i 3d Maaaachuaetti Art. 1 Cameron Drasoona... 3 15th do Vol. 3 iat Fenn. Cavalry -(d) 3 80th do do.. 1 8th do do...... i , Md do do.. 3 3d do lUaerve.... I I Taft'a N. Y. ArtlUery 1 3d do Volnntom.. % DiekeraoaN.Y. Art(c) 1 11th do do 1 r MNwVMhirtlll.>.liM J- *- - 4th New York Cava*ry 1 87th do do 1 5th do do.... 8 91st do do ? ti Ut U. 8. ChMMQta ...15 49th 4o do 7 lrtLong lalaad Vol..11 53d do do 4 I Sd New York Vol... 1 tut do dol..... 4 ?h do do.... 3 74th do do C " 17th do do.... 4 86th do do...... l 90th do do....11 ?1? do 4o^"" 1 ?d do do?14 gad do 4?:^::.ii i ltth do do.... 3 UMd do 1 1 34ih do do.... 4 lU?thdo do...... o 4Lot do do.... t id 0- C. Vdnyoon.. I 4M do do... 2 7thMichntMf?r.::i ; fl* WtaeoooU Vol... 1 S2 Z If:::: ? j 88th do do "* J Ttm be* rmmtmmg m Ui NtrfUml fm KrwpH? IHMMS, mt IIJmim, Afrit II. 4 U 8. lafaatry I Ml* New Vork V?l... 2 (k do 4? 1 Oneida Cavalry I d do Cavalry * 4th Prai Cavalry.... | U da do ....... ? *M da Volcatren. 1 V ? ? * ? -a. uu HU. ....... 9 W OO 1 t Mtlao Cavalry .... 1 107th do do 4 ' tMawtehaaettoVal. 1 8d WtoeoMla VoL... 3 1 th do A*.. 1 18th (aiiiMVai 1 , M do 4*.. I td D. C. Volaitirn.. 1 , U N.HuBMhlrt Vol. 1 M B?Au 8horfa?n.. t t Naw Yark ArtUlory 3 UwiUnDMlrr'i Dept 1 *th New York V*l... 1 CttlMa 1 , 7th do 4a.... 1 Catiahmd 1 lit to do,... 1 ? W do do.... 8 Total.............48 I At Otmtrmi , (C%nU,) Wmtktmgtm, at U. 8. Cavalry..... 1 8th New York Cavalry 1 I id do do. 1 13th New York Vol... 3 1 ih do do. l aad do do.... I ' th do do 1 88th do do.... 6 *h do do 3 lat MinnesotaVol.... 1 J at do ArttUary.... 7 88d Naw Yark Val... 1 I id do do. 9|3d Peaa. Cavalry.... I d do do. Mth do Valaafcara. 8 ' th do do. 3 Moth do do 1 th 4* i. <!* ? d do Infra try .....81 73d do do 1 id do ? do. 1? seth do do 1 th do do 17 9Mh do do 1 *h do do 3 3th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 oth do do 4 3d VermontVolunteen I lttado do. tlat do Cavalry.. 1 tthdo do S 10th MaiMebDMtuVol 1 7th do do a I at New Yorh Artillery 1 * *!... 129 , d do do.... ll ( if Q*n*r*i Htrpitml, (Sekri?{!?*,) W4ukt*ftm, April 11. tNewYork Artillery l 103d Penn. Volahteera.14 th New York Vol... 2 lat U a. Cavalry Oth do do....14 td do do. 3d do do.... 3 0th do do V 7th do do.... 1 l?t Maine Cavalry.... It 9th do do.... 2 IstNew JeneyCavalry 1 1st .do do? a lat Michigan Cavalry. 1 ith do do.... 1 4th New York Cavalry t , id do do.... 1 8th Pen n. Cavalry.... 2 < Pth do do.... 1 7th Malae Volanwvra. l ;gth do do.... a td do Battery.... 1 lit do do....IS 3d do dc I ftd do do.... a lit Mlnneaota Vol.... 1 >5th do do.... 3 lat Btrdan Sharpa'rs . 1 loth do do.... 6 td do do.... 1 Old do do.... 1 7th Michigan Vol.... 1 OOd do do,... 2 lat do do 1 07th do do.... a 5th U 9. Artillery ... 1 at Penn. Artillery... 7 17th do Infantry.... 1 J 4th do Volunteora. 3 ad D. C. Volunteer*.. 3 tid do do...... a 5th do do 1 Total 14t At Omurml Hupitml, AUmmmdri*, April II. !d U. S. Infantry.... 9 87th New York Vol... 4 id do do........ 1 sBth do do?... 3 th do do........ ? yad do do.? 3 >th do do 6 Wd do do.... t ] 1th do do 3 9ttth do do... 1 athdo do 2a 94th do do.... a 4th do doT. 6 lat NewYork Artillerylo 7thdo do 5 ad do do,... 8 at do Cavalry 1 3d do do ... 1 th do do 1 13th do do,... 1 ith do do 5 11th do Battery . 3 Ith do do T 12th do do.... 1 at do Artillery..*. 1 Indep't N. Y. Battery, i Id do do 9 lat New YorkjCavalry. II Id do do 2 2d do do.... 4 ith do do 3 4th do do.... 1 >th do do 6 6th do do.... 2 !d Maine Volunteers. 2 9th do do.... 4 Id do do......11 lat Penn. Volnntoors . 3 Ith do do...... 7 2d do do 10 :?W A ~ A. o> * ? r *u uu M 00 M 3 Kb do do 1 4th do do 11 rth do do 14 5th do do 3 tth N . Hunpthlre Vol U 6th do do 5 1th do do. 1 7th do do 13 Id MMMcfctUftti Vol. 9 8th do do S ittt do do.. 1 9th do do 3 3th do do.. 3 10th do do S 5th do do.. ? llth do do tti ,3th do do.. 1 ltth do do ? (id do do., fl 3*1 do do 1 Lot do Art.. 1 44th do do 1 id Vermont Volunteer* 4 i 49th <do do t id do do S]2id do do 1 ith do do sola* do >tb do do..... 13 Mtb do di:;:::: i Hh do do 9 57th do do 6 1st NewJer*yCaralry2l cist do do 3 Lit do Vol.... 5 Sid do do 9 id do do 8 ?3d do do ? >d do do 27 (59th do . do 1 Ith do do 19 72d do do 8 rth do do i em do do 10 1st do Art.... 1 83d do do 1 *d do do 1 93d do do 2 id New York Vol... 3 95th do do 18 12th do do l 96th do do s L3th do do.... 7 99th do do....*. 7 14th do do 1 103d do do 9 15th do do.... 9 104thdo do 1 l?th do do....27 109thdo * do 13 1? ?* 7 l* ??o Rlftm 33 18th do do....15 1st do Cavalry 13 ttrth do do.... 8 3d do do 1 list do do....II 3d do do t 13d do do....94 6th do do 2 14th do do.... 2 11th do do 1 t5th do do.... 1 1st do Artillery ... 5 Wth do do.... 2 19th Indiana Vol .....IS tfth do do....25 27th do do 1 Kth do do.... 1 id Michigan Vet 4 Wth do do.... 2 3d do do 15 JUt do do....*7 4th do de 9 ad do do....10 9th do do. 49 Bd do do.... 9 let do Cavalry. 1 ttth do do....29?d Wisconsin Vol....It Rth . do do.... 4 yd do do 1 K*h do do....14 5th do do 1 19th do do.... 4 0th do do 10 W?h do do.... 8 7th do do 9 ad do do.... a 1? Connecticut Art...14 With do do.... 16 Cameron Dragoons.. .23 I9ih do do.... 5 McClellaa Dragoons. 6 -Oth do do ... u Stockton'* Mich. Vol. t >id do do....1? Signal Corns 1 3d do do.... I 8th Illinois Cavalry...48 Ath 4 a ? *-a mm a - ' - v ?? mv uu.... i in luiaucKKl vol 17th do do....IS Mm. tibirpUootort.. I Hit do do.... 8 quartermuier'a emOd do do.. ..15 ployeea...,. 6 4ih do do....lit Citlxeaa 4 ttth do 4o,...SI Medical Department.. S ?8ih do do.... I Prlaoaer of Wkr 1 wth do do....21 7th do do....*) Total 1273 H tt do do.... 1 it Ad*mi Houte Qtntral Ho*ptt+l, Bmlttmft, \ April 12. < - 1 th Wlaronaln Vol... 4 5th Maryland Vol....12 1 5th MaaaachuaettaVol 1 l*t do Cavalry 4 < 7th do do.36 Dli Light Infantry... 2 J th Michigan Vol...? 1 tlat Indiana Vol 2 ! ith Vermont Vol iiOiik p?? " 7th New York Vol3 H7th *do" "" do....!'.ll { ltd do do.... 1 07th do do 8 : >th do do....2U lOlstds do 1 ill do do 8 1st do Cavalry.*... I th do do.... 8 td U. 8. Cavalry 1 A do do.... 2 Sih do Artillery 1 J, at New York Battery. 4 Steamer Kaatern State. 1 OtU Maine Volunteerslb Citizen t at Maryland Vol 1 ' id do do 8 Total 153 CT Washington pa pen pin copy and and i tlUa to the War Department. apr 19-31 ] rASIKNGKE TRAIN TO NUiMil. WLB. DtfilTMIIT, ) )Jk( MUttmrjf Suf*ri*t*md*ut Railroad* U.S. > Washingim, April 18, 1803 ) No Panaenger Train will be ran from Washington to Manassas until farther notice. * D. C. McCALLl'M, j ip 18-tf M. D. and Sup't Railroads, U. 8. T AK0E MAPS l^_ OF I IE.UKUIA, BUUTH CAROLINA. ALABAMA. \ >abliab?d by tba 9UU 0OTwn*anU cm ? yarr an"A""" ?" * mpaffisar DK7 O O OI _ ' A JUST RECKIVKD fl PULL AMortBMtof fte*v BMMa, Hau, W.P.UEDDt. 1 M'Ht* ? aSmrmmU Iragt |NPI A-E UBBKE COOPS! wIhmk 410U ata. MlHK , W ** 1 TK B AN Dr IZZ28S&LX*'" "^SM5 ? : - . .tha** li-ni* * i em, .# * **. w,- J ' I * ' HI) * 4 (w >4; . AUCTION SALES. THIB AFTERNOON * TO-MORROW. Br BUTELKR * WILLMiN, Aa?ti?B**rc. DUB KM PTOB V ?*!> ()f M VV LI MK1 K ft at Atrcnoa ? ? MONDAY M0RNIN9, April flat, at 11 o'olock.we afcal Ml, vitkoat r?tr?l. it lota lonil ji'tr aeera. aVat UMM fMt S?ut lM *S4 Coniioi t? I;M. TMliBktrMlMlM.rrtoi War?.aad areaae. imilH 7th a?d rk atra*U,and tr .Brier foiUot aortk of tke railroad as-: H ?tra*u. Tkiu i will ooumm at tae latter y.Mt. a^W^BOTEtBR A W1LLSON. Aeoie. |1 Ot&KHOLD* AN^L!4i%*BN0njiBMIn ten at Jvctiom.?Oa MONDAY, tbe net ilrtMt. T* kail Mil at Ut imhwm af Mra fcnxa Caaiea. colored. at 1? c'otoek U?al*f ?lBoe.) aa eaoelleat aeeortamrt of raappa via Wftlijt Rica Port aad other tf?!*ttida, Oak Oaoe Ckaire, Ch M.GlaM, Crockery aad Bton War a, 1 lv(t lot of Beddinc, Wiadow fkadM, MattroMM, and Careata, Fable*. Clock, BtavM. witk a (ocd lot hi token Rhimi'n. Terma oaah. 9 a?ry? BRBEN A WILLIA MB. A acta. FUTURE DATS. By WALLA BARNARD. AactiuBeera. ? mtk .!W Pa. ar. aa4 MA iiriti. ("? ROCBR IBS, Ac , AT AVCIloN.-??a V TUESDAY, the ?M instaat. at ! oVocfc, we vUl oIom oat. at A action, a: of Taofcer'a Buck tared from tka Sre. oc mpnaiat ? Barrel a Snjar aad Simp. Koxm Tooaoao. Cirara, Baas, kits Mack a *1, Smoked Hi bat. Boxee aad barrrla Harrinc*. Boxee Staixc. Soap aad C aad lee. Cateup. Piakiea. and SaaoM, * Caeee Wkiakey. Brand j, Wine, Hitter a, 6iae*oktail. * o.. Barrel! Whiakey, di(T??ent braada. One-eifktfe and one esartea Brai..?. a Lao A aaanUty of Batler'a Snail Htoraa. a l?0? CtM Boot*. Undarakirta.and Hanukarehiafa. magadan, Boxaa. as. alac? b: in Giaanrtr*. M I* WML A HARNAH|>, Aao<a. By 6KKK.N A WILLI A MB. AitUot e*ra 2 hah hkrpetl'al. blooming kobkh .UuU or tat fi*?t Vitim iim ointt ?H*rBBt?*T at Acciion?Ot TfcfcMIAV. tha (31 mat am. w# ahall aa. in troit of err ^Uirrt. r nar el 7th and i) alroeu. no. aic, a*. 11 o'oluok a. *000 flaa Beryotual B.ocmicc Rou Baahea. id ota. oaxti lot ooBiyriairif a fatiarai variety. The aaoho ia ra?feeUitly incited to the aaJe aa ltiaa wt choioa aaaortmant, and will be aoid withcat reearre. WllNtli 6BKKNA WILLIAMS. Aaata C7"WILL BK a UUKD TO THE abovk aa.* a larje ranetr of Frmt and other H a- ta. via DO Carrant and M loar aeaeota Kaapfcerry Baahea.^ ? t m, uwHum i?". 9) or.oioe wrap* Vidm, ?# Spireaa, Vigeleaa, beutaeea * c. Persona wiebing to parchaae plant* of thea'>o*e kinda will do wea to attend th* i ale, and pieei* be punotaa'. to the tine, ai we Lave a long road to ^'tepida GKEfcW A WILLIAMS. A ota._ By GRKKN * WILLIAMS. A act oceera. CALK OP DAM4GKD 6RQCKRI1-B AT 9 Auction .?Ob 1UK9DAY, the 23d n.etant. ?< ahaiTat 'o o'clock a. m , in the Upper Koom ol the Store of W. H Ippwmu A Co., No 41V Penn arlvaaia avecue, eeatn aide, etween Third at d Post ALd a-ha if etreeu, an ezoellent aaeorUnret ofttrooenee ?*ed from the Ire at the etore of Mr. J. B. Wiieon, Ti?: bo zee of Mamaa k. AncLnr'a Champagne, II oaeae very eaper>or bo'lanJ tiin. y) bozee AdaaAatine Card.'a. heat brtad, |0 boxee Para&aa or Coal Oil Ca^dlee, 10 oaeea Brand* Peaohec, Dem johna Old Bye VVtietey, 1 One half eheeti choice Blaok Tea, Oreea Tea a, IB CSmitWSa 5 bo zee of Voaataia Dew and Virginiaa Tohaooo. 13 boxee of Olive* aad Capera, beet braada, Tenthoaaaad tape ic Cigara. Daodeaoa and other 6 round Coffee. Lot of Law ft fcoa'a imported Money aad Browc Wia?eor foap, With a large lot of other article* i? ?i.?a~>? Liaa whioh wa 4?en ux:taoaaa*ry to cnuiner' tU Termi cut. Thi moat ofUia abov*-maotionad (ooda ara ?bmjarad and of the bMtiatiiii of Fainll* Grooortea. ay 17 d 8KKKN A WILLUM8, An of. Br J. C. MoSl'lEE * CO.. Aaetlosatra. CALK OF CHOICK ROSES. Ao . AT A UC? Tiop.-On %VfeD*E8DAY AFTERNOON. S o' th* A set on M oon.? of Jm. O. MoGaire A Co.. 1 thali Mil aboat on? irxjaMod of tba ohoioni t ,lJ? of hardy. perpetual blooming Kovn Came '.aa. Ji^ooiou, Oraunciitt1 Pach. Hhrnba, Fruit Traaa, Evarcrtaaa, aad a irwi many othar naw and rara P.itli, 4 c. Tha attaa'.ion of amattura :? inr.ted to Una ?a>, WDioh nit-raeaa aa &ne a ooMaction aicrtrwu offarad is tAia atty A. JAKDIN, Florittand Naraaryman. af 11 j. c. mogvike a co. Aanta. By GREEN A WILLIAM?.Aaotionaora. Household and kitcbmn hjknitubs at Acrno*.?On WKDNtSOA V, U>a ad ioatAul, * buaII tal at 10 o'olovk a. m , at tit* reaidano* of S B. B?a?h. Kf<i . No. 310 Ninth wtwMd L. a no M BUOeta north, a Jcoj aaaortiaent of Knrtiiture, r z ? Mehoiacj So!a?, Parlor ana Rooking Chun, Do Dteeains ami ?the' Uur*-anc aod Stasia, I>o On tor ao1 other Table*. Mlfle. Cottage. and other BMiutdi, U&LJiomi b i w mdov ?'artaine. Cooking. Radiator. end other Stovea. With a fooe lot of Kitehen Kequiaitea, and mac? other artiolee whioh we Ueeia unneoeeaari to ^enumerate. a/l"d 6BEEN ft WILLIAMS. Aecta^ Br WALL ft BARNARD. Aeot.oaeera. INCLOSED LOf AND STABLE AT AUC1 Tioit ?Oa WEDNESDAY. 18 o'eloak in* tart ve wi'.l eell id front of the eromieee. part of Lot one, Mure MS, lronticg So feet on teta treet eaet, Mar oorner of pooth Carolina a veuve, and rannief beok tsi feet 9 inohea. A goo4 feuoe inooeea ?hie let, um ataHe Terma made knovn at aala, ay 17 WAl.l. ft HARNARO, AaoU. /GOVERNMENT SALE OF HORSES AND VI Cu^DEMNK D MWLES There wt'.l beeold at Pub'ie Auction onTHURS DA Y. A pril 2?, at the Corral near the ?.> tworvaUi rr. V aad '.aa etreeta. a lot of Horaea aad oon lemaed ae a nit for au bite eei r.o*, 'karma nuk > ' 1 .. >?>U? ?> J.l.DANA.drtftin, AaaieUnt QvrttraMlir U.S. A. ft?17-td MAltBHALLfc PAWE. Anoie. |V1 AK9HAL*S 8 ALE ? In virtue ol ft writ cl LTI fceri fftoifta, laaned from the a erk'e otbce of lL* 0?rout court ol the Dietnet of Coiuium*. tor ti e pointy of WftahiiigUtft, and to n-e cireoL?i, i will expoee to pubno aa.e, for o&ah. il fiout ut tte MtfWMh'uloa, in the city ol Waih'tiftvu. ITURDA?,ttte X-h dftj of April, uia'ftnt. Bowraenotng ftt 0 o'olock ft. m., the fo iowin* i^oda hod ohftttalt, to wit via? I Biftok Hftir-eioth Hoiaa, Wft 'it, ( Do do Chftira. do, * | 1K> do Arm Chftira, Wft'nnt, t MftrWe tor Center tftb'.ea, Wftlnnt, I Tftpeatr? Kft'lor Cftrjet, ftnd 1 Kii|. a*"Z?d and levied neon ft* the gooda ftnd ehfttteit nlWft W. Cftmpbeli. ftod wi.i be m> d to**i?fr atllciftl No. M, to Ma* term. lKt. u favor of W n_ P. Prftftier, ueof Philip T. Berry. WARD H. LAMON. ftp H dtda U. I- Mftrahfti. By i. C. MeBUlRE A CO., Aneboncers. SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, rnilT Cuili??- Br"? _ _ . - ?? a | ? v???, ?1 ABJfl * J 6c. #* r??uc Acctiow.?*??i TlKI>bAY [ORN1N6. April 10 o' ike r??iInMoftktiloi. J. Ol on lV.n ittitt.H tvm PwU] ITUU ?v?n*e u< 11 ktrMt, w* ska.. Pa bis ( roitare ud #ff* u. cow>pruiuf? oarvood 8?*m-voUm Piancfort?, RiadsoaMCrtsnaoa Broottoliacorarad P?f&a. Ant., Parlor, and Fancy Chair*. Pair ef l&rge um Fr**oh p M Pi?r Oiu?M, llml ?i* Mirror t*ok bUtrt, Mvblt-lef Ontor ud Sol* rablea, Criwoi wlk Ciritiu, Coraioa, Lio? CsriaiM, aad Putort*, KUnat BrosM Mantal Clo.k. with Brats* Kb* VSZ*^ Kaoaptioa. Pelot CUii. (JbrpMs, Kufs.Oile.oU, Oak Hall Sat, Ifclltov*, bip<*nor toaiaat Eidabuard, Extaeaioa Dining W?aat I'itijbi Chair*. tU?l? Table*. Bl*f*nt Gilt C*nu* pi*o*, for T?b;?, witk Candaiabraata iu*:qh, !*np*nor Mirror front Wardroba, _ Baaaamaa Walaat Mark:*-toy Draaslng Baraaaa, W%?hrtaad?u Wardroba*. Badrtaad*, Toiket.BaU, Feath*r B*a?, Boi.t r. *:.d PlA? w. Hair and ink M*ttr?f*?. Blaakata. Lrcaagaa, Em; Chair*. Booker*, Cooklag, bad attar Mot**, R*fnger*fc.-. _ ? Toi*u*r with taa aaaal auertant vi Kttabaa lUliJttn. iMtn***.?L!?Zcun- t rM^im^Saiiff worka kaal r j LaattTtorBaigy. Hamw, ka. a/tTS J. C. MaCUIBK * PP.. A?*<*. O LACK BILES! _ I I* pi ?nv ? i OOLOEKD ?lirV" "U*? . . ? . COLORED NLKBI ? 8MLING SHAWLS sito?flBJ^|!wEAr^s, . j Mil W *lS5j?? f fSSffirtt I Mk r??ttr* M? [khtaM tkM at* raMUra ?r r* 1

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