Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1862 Page 3
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% I ? LOCAL NEWS. None*?Mr A W. Burn*, tb? managing agent of the Star's circulation In Georgetown, will h"T?*I*PT BMO ?n v lor Atar i iBTrninng ucm there. Ary Georgetown ndveTtlaementa left at IV G B Bamatd'a, corner of HIgb and Bridge treeta, or with G Crandell, No. 149 Bridge at reel, will meet with prompt attention. AHuatMCKTa To-mavT. Fo*?'a ATllMirn -Fcrd a pleasant Atbenenm la?t nlebt waa crammed, of conrae. to wltneaa Porreat'a rendition of * Spartacua." It waa a wonderful piece of acting. The drama of " Mli cbael Earle" will be presented tbla evening, and tbe performance cooelude with the farce of tbe u Dead Sbot " W*aRt>otom Thiatib ?So great wan tbe interest manifested laat nlfbt m Mlaa loce'a re pre sen tat ton or 'mary mewart " uai ojr univemi request the management hive termed to Its repetition to-night. Tbla evening cloaca her engagement, and thone who have not seen this talented young performer (hoald be present. ? Ot>t> Pillows' Hall?The Nightingale Troupe continue to delight the frequenter* of tola popular place of amuaement Several new acta are pro lded for this evening, and the great feature of the liluatrated dloramic phantasmagoria will be Introduced for the laat time. New acta, new dance*, and new scenes every night On Monday night Mr George Kunkel, the populkr manager, will take a benefit CASTrairmT.?Owing to the unfavorable atate of the weatber laat night, the management changed the time for Mtaa Mortimer'a benefit to thla evening. Thia waa very generoua, and the public will no doubt aid by giving bera large and appreciative audience. Tbla, too, la her laat appearance Dick Parker, the Delevante brother*, and the whole fun making force will appear. Wabht^otoii Academy or Mrate ?Free conoert* dally,commencing at 4 p. m. Mr. Albertlni, a celebrated baritone, from Naplea, la engaged, together with a fine instrumental mualcian. Refreshments at band. A*t bmbly's Chcbch.?The novel exhibition of snn plcturea will be given in this church again tblseveaing. IntereMlng objects In America, Europe, and tbe Holy L*nd will be presented; with an Interesting descriptive lecture by Mr. B. P VVor ester. Tin Balt'moks Annual Corf??knci of the African M E Church assembled on Fridav morn log (Its second day's if salon) at V o'clock. Bishop Pavne in tbe chair. Religious services were conducted by Rev. S. L. Hammon.and tbe proceedings of the previous section were read and approved Rev. Mr Shear, of the Presbyterian Church, and Rev. Mr. Lambeth, of the M. K. Church, were introduced to tbe Conference by Bishop ? Payne. The members completed their financial reports. Ricb'd A Hall and Jacob Nicholson, formerly of the M. K Church, were introduced to the Conference They will oe presented for membership during the sea*loa. The boor of 11 having arrived, the order of the day was taken up, viz : the preamble and resolutions offered by A. W. Waymin respecting tbe ' c-tiling of an extra session of the General Conference They were read bv the Secretary. A W Wjyman rose and addreaaed tbe Conference for an hour In support of the resolutions. John M. Brown spoke in opposition to them till tbe hour of adjournment. Tbe Conference reassembled at 4 o'clock to bear the annual sermon. The services were opened byainglng and praver Rev. John J. Herbert announced as his text l?uth Psalm, 6th verse? " He that jjoet h forth and weepeth bearing precious k seed shall doubtieas come again with rejoicing, bringing hts sheaves with him " His theme waa the labors of tbe Christian minister and hia reward After the eloae of the sermon tbe Sacramen? was administered to all the members of the Conference. The following appointments were tken announced for Sabbath : Israel Church?11 o'clock, R. W. Cain; 3 o'clock, Wm H William*; 7# o'clock, JobaM. Bfwn. K Street?11 o'clock, Wm Hopkins;3 o'clock, . W H Russell; 7* o'clock, Richard A. Hall. Union Bethel?11 o'clock, John O.Brown; 3 o'cJoek, H. M. Turner.7,% o'clock, M F. 81uby. Ebenezer, Georgetown?11 o'clock, J R. H?yirv; 3 o'clock, A. W. Wayman; 1}^ o'clock, R. F. Waymao Mount Zion, Georgetown?11 o'clock, Daniel Rldout; 7^ o'clock, H.J. Rboads All#n' rkiMl?11 A'rArk liimM Ovpna: fl o'clock, Alex. Johnson; 7# o'clock, Jacob Nleho!a:a. Asbnry Chapel?II o clock, 9: L. Hammonds; 7% o'clock, AW. Way man Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church?11 o'clock, H M- Turner; 3 o'clock, R. H. Cain. Pabdonkd ?Augn?te Helaler, who was con* elcted tn August, 1338, of manslaughter, in killing Marcelln* Stoops, and of robbing a man on Fourteenth street, and was sentenced to the PenlWntlarv for eight years for the first offense and s?v?-n year* for the second, was a few days since pardoned by tbe President. The following is a aopy of tbe pardon : To ail totchom tits* prtuntt tkail came, erett>ng: Whereas It appears tbat In August, 1858, In the Criminal Court of the District of Columbia, one Angu?te Helsler, under Indictment for murder, w?? convicted of manslaughter, and by said court ??ntenc?d to tbe Penitentiary of said District lor a terra of eight years; and in the same month and court w~l? also convicted for robbery, and received a further sentence of imprisonment for the term of aeven rears; And whereas a careful examination of these cases tenders It apparent that the evidence against said Augusta Heisler was of a contradictory and conflicting nature; tbat tbe chief witness against him was a notorious bad man .who has since been convicted of an Infamous crime, and It Is thus highly probable tbat the jury, misled by faTse (Mtirrnnv oivp an 1 m nr ft virlp n t vprHirt in ?ith?r ?J ) e?-- ? r ? ? ? " cm*: And whereat thesa'.d Auguste Helsler bai al? ready suffered (oar yean of imprisonment, during which time be baa conducted hlmaeif In an exempt* ry manner: Now, therefore, b? It known that 1, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United State* of America, In consideration of the premlaea, divers other good <11.d sufficient reasons me thereunto moving, have granted and do hereby grant unto him, the n!d August* Helater, a full and unconditional pardon. , In testimony whereof, 1 have hereunto signed my name, and caused the teal of the United Statea to be adlxfd Done at the rltv of Wafhlngton, thiafourteenth day of April, lbOa,aad cf the ladrpendence of tbe United States tbe eighty eighth. . Aaa ah am Lincoln. By tbe PrMldent: William H. Seward, Secretary of State PoLte* ?The Third Ward patrolmen reported yeatrrday: W C. J. Swartz, charged with an mMuit with a knife upon C. Weaver; diamlMed James Carter, allowing filth to remain upon hla premises after notice to remove It was served; . fined 93 28 bv Justice Clayton. The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported: J. W. Hugh?-?, driving over bote at a tire; fined 91 Jimei Riley, drank; do. SI. M. Fallon, charged with being accessory to a robbery; dismissed. G. A Sprtngman, erecting a frame building contrary to law; dismissed John Thomas and W. Johnson, breaking wtndowa; turned over to tbe military by Justice Walter. Dennis Mitchell, sosptclon of horsestealing; jail. John Gleason and R F- Kiumerson, assault and battery; dls> mused by Justice Donn. Nvisaxcvs.?The Corporation law In reference to filling the gutters with slope, and casting filth and foul wm:er therein, Is being set at perfect defiance In many porta of tbe city tbe gutters are perfect wallowing pools for swine. Are ourpitlsecs awsre that tEere is a law on tbe subject and pvna.iT aitaruca, ina iimi iuc migiimin mun euoroett? The warm weather lui Land,aid every principle of self-preservation from disease and deata demand* a rigid enforcement of the U?. la tome port tons ofthe city the stench from tat* source Is Intolerable. The gutters of the public streets are not proper placet tor the deposit of flUth and corruption, and It Is to be boped our citizens will respect the law, and thereoy save flues and penalties. Gaovta's Tbbatks ?This new and elegant resort will open oo the njght of Easter Monday with a brilliant and talented company Mr. John Coliln", the celebrated delineator of Irish character. has beea engaged This gentleman has won I applause; and hie histrionic talents commanded respect wherever be has played, and he Is considered unequalled In effective delineations of tbe Irish character. Mr. Grover has also secured tne service* of Mlas Lotty Hough, Miss Jennie Parker, and Mr. Daalel Sctchell,?all artists of acknowledged ability. AssatrtTSD ?About ?0 o'clock oo Friday night, i ss s number of colored people were on their way from church, whe pawing near the corner of Fourth street sod New York arenue, one of their number, named Acqullla Barton, was knocked d >wn and badly beaten about*tbe head and face. Barton yesterday obtained warrants against two ten sailed Joe Johnson and Kusenc Posey, charging tnem with tbe assault, and tbey were arre?ted and taken before Justice Clayton, when each of them established their Innocence, and were tflsralased Rvhawat.?This morning, as a sutler's wagon i'? ahifh ualW mnltfr nf Indies) was d?*odlD| Capitol HIU, one ot th? tnoM hecoalMf loo*, tbe horse* ttartrd at a frightful rate d*wa the hill TM Udlee rery Maelblj kept their plaeee, although they appeared to he cnaeh irtgbten^d, until the horsM were stopped near 8*cend (t.-eet, where the haraeee waa righted, End *hey proceeded an their way. 8*co*d Wi?? Station Oasu-Bt/er* Jntttc* A iic?ikiy O'bali.?About Bine o'clock lut evening, Ptrft w ayaen arrested two glrti named _ Marv and Maria Branson, near the Garrtaon, who * were drunk and acting In a very disorderly man- ' ner, cnrMng and swearing at every body. Ashe oj waa on hla way to the station with then, the . women residing In the nalghborhood rushed * from their booaea to the number of some thirty v or srora, and made a great hubbub about the mat- tor, tolling the oflear that ha ought to ba an- } gaged la a bettor bualaeaa than arresting women, y thereby melting im giro to ream. me oacer, f however, got> ftem to ttao station, where they I were left la the charge of ofloer Harbin, while J J ustlce Call was sent for; but before be arrived ? Maria smused benelf by knocking out the glass ?( from the windows, and oa Mr. Harbin attempt- l?K to get her away, she gave him a blow in the I 1 eye, patting It In mourning The Justice fined . Mary 91 58. and Maria tl-M for their conduct, ? and let them go. ' The oflicers In thst precinct say that almost , every time an arrest is made, ao matter what the f character of the offender may be, the women run '' out on the street, and by their remarks try to in- {, tlmldate them. Ciktial OdiasHovii Casbs?Btfort Justice i Wmlttr? Michael O'Drlvsoll, W. B. White, A. 1 Dnrand, John 0mtth. Patk Sweeny, and Patk t< Forrester, drunk; turned over to the military. 8 * Chane, arrested for belag drunk, but he prayed to be a teamster who was severely injured by the 1 running away of his team some weeks ago. . The ?-? a- vt? * ? -J tL.k L.- m - A lujury iifcu ui> urau ?v tuai uc iiruuruuy irci? . and staggers like a drunken man. He was dli- .? mlaaed. Jerry Maher, J .ist oat of the workbouae, drank and disorderly; sent back for 90 days. J. Mack, disorderly at the theater; dlsmlmed. Patk " O'Brien, drank; fined SI ?8. c Declihis ?" Ion" writes to the Baltimore \ Smn : " Kx Mayor Berret. of this city, who was nominated as one of the three commissioners to act under the law for tbe emancipation of Blares \ In (h? Hiitrlrt hai that n<Sr? Ho ttitM ?? ? ?v?j Mvvtt u\ ? uu wwv va aav bit reason* for thii course In ? letter to the Preal- ? dent. As be does not approve of the law, he can not conscientiously undertake to carry It Into elfrct, but be thanka tbe President far the confl- 3 dence tbua repoaed la him, and for thla recogni- _ tlon of his loyalty." _ i Psason *t -Capt Mavraw, of the United States ? steamer Freeborn, la at Brown'a. j] Hon J. R Gladlng* and daughter, of Ohio; and E. B. Bell, boatswain of the frigate Camber- " land, (who was one of her gallant crew when she , went down with her colors flying,) ar? at tbe /j National. Mr. Bell was aeriousiy Injured In tbe action, but la recovering, and will soon be on ' duty. Gen. Hitchcock, U. S. Army, la at Wlllarda'. d I Svjpicion or Hom?s Stirling.?Yesterday af- ternoon, two aotdlers mounted upon a horse, " pass -d through the streeta of the city, urgi ng the _ poor animal to Its utmost speed. They were aeen * and followed by patrolman Kelly, who succeeded In capturing one named Dennla Mitchell. ~ The other escaped. Mitchell was takan before * Juatice Donn, who committed him to Jail on aua- 0 pic I on of horae atealing. The animal was pro- ( jerly cared for by the p trolmin. ^ u FocaTH Waid Station Casks ? Before Jui- \ lire Walitr ?John Fustner, drunk; dismissed. _ Frederick Sheubert, suspicion of robbery; do. . . G P. Adams, aaaault; fined 82 Fanny l.yon*, s drunk and disorderly; do. *5 58 L M May, "I sleeping in a wagon; dismissed W.A.Churcn, 1 do ; do J. G. Shaw, P. O. Convert, M. McNa- j, mara, John Morgan, G. Sweenev, drunk and dla- o orderly; turned over to the military. Cordelia t< Maloney, do ; fined ft. & I Ammivss at Carter's wharf (foot of 13)f street,) " ' schooners Leevln, Capt Livingston, from Sails- & bury, Md , with lumber for Samuel Norment; " Col te tor, Capt. Bounds, from Philadelphia, with , cargo of coal for Measrs. Chapln & Bro.; Mary t Prlscllla, Capt , same port, with cargo of a coal for Me?ars Castleman A Bro; Maria Foss, Capt. , from Boston, with Ice and hay for 1 L. I. Middleton. t An Alakm.?Yesterday afternoon, Id the height { of the gust when the air was filled with dust, a i cry of fire *u raised In the Second Ward, and It cauaed considerable alarm. The heavy shower 1 succeeded and the dust laid. The cause of alarm waa discovered to be a burning chimney on Thlr- \ teen and-a-balf, near D street i Cotillion Paety or thi PitstvxiANri En- i bine Company ?On tbenlsht of Ea?ter Monday, I a grand Cotillion party will be given by the above Company, at Temperance Hall. The satisfaction \ f;lven by this Company, at their former parties, s a gaurantee for the success of this one; and 1 thev have spared no expense or trouble, to make It tht party of the season. i Photograph*?Those collecting picture* of \ the notable* of th* time* for photographic albums will always find at Wm. F. Rlchsteln'a, Peona. ? avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, an admirable collection from which to make a election to please any taste. t Staibino Case.?This morning, a negro man named James Bryan stabbed a white boy named Willie J one* with a knife In the arm, lnllctlng a severe wound. Bryan has escaped for the " present, but no doubt will be arrested. What motive he bad for the act la a mystery. ^ Ciiciit.?See notice in another column of a 5 meeting of the Washington Cricket Club, aouth i of the President'*, on Monday afternoon. i ] Notic*.?The Mr. Maxwell reported In the j Star of the 16th Inst, a* having been assaulted on Fi teenth street on Monday night laat, was not J. 8 Maxwell of No. 184 Twelfth *treet and 32S Pa. ( avenue. It Thk Monitor ?The Iron-clad Monitor Rotary ( Refrigerators are on eihlbiUon at C Woodward's j tore, No* 318 and 320 Pennsylvania avenue, be- a tween Tenth and Eleventh streets. f 1 Ms*. H ( RTrmioN iNn 12 PpnntvlvRnIa venue, between Eighth and Ninth streets.) has j just received from the North the largest, tineat, f and heat stock of Fancy Gooda, Embroideries, ( Lacea, Bonneta, Hata, Plata, Ribbons, Silks, \ Flowera, and Millinery Gooda generally, that nh? I baa ever bad ; to which ahe calla tbe attention of * the ladles of Washington and Georgetown. apl4-6t J Dah't ?nv IT ntt tnl mmilii nif hut mil 9 at once at the ''People's Dollar Store," No 438 Pennsylvania avenue, near Four-and-a-Lalf St., and aecure for tbe small sum of one dollar, one j of the many beautiful articles of jewelry, stiver- 1 plated wars, 4c., Jkc. ap_M-M,W,F&S?. Any fiiios wishing to procure a loan of a few dollars on utlafartory aecurlty, can do ao by call- 1 lug at 460 Eleventh St., between G and U. apH * India Rubber Goom. We advise all our readers (as we know they are obliged to purchase tbe above named j<ood?) [ to embrace the preoent opportunity as Mr. H. A. * Hall Intend* to make a change In bla buslnea?, and will ad I bla eitenalve stock of Rubber Goods * at manufacturer's prlcea, aud no family should g mtaa tbla opportunity to aupply tbeinaelves For instance, Mr*Hall will Mil Men'* Rubber Overshoe* and Sandals for 80 cenu per pair, and l,a. dies' Overs and Sandals for fit) cents per pair; India Rubber Bed Protectors for Children's Bed* (an article that no family ahould be without) only 00 centa, for ten days, at the India Kubt>er \ Warehouse, No 308 Pennsylvania ave., between * ?:h and 10th atreeta, Washington, D. C. ap 12-tf _ In an anotkkk column may be seen a few o; ( the many teatlmoniala from well-know citizens of v Washington, and they apeak loader than any- a thing we could aay. It fa with pleasure we lay j mem oerore a candid ana appreciative public. 1 Oar people are tired of theories. When a man la t alck ne want* tbe physlctsn who preacribea rem*- h die* that are aure to care htm, and aueb a person ? la found In Dr. Tumblety, Indian Herb Doctor. ! Come and see for yourselves ye lame and suffer i logi Oh ye rhsomatlc and dying come and aee, Llfbt shall again the faded eye Illume, ? And rosy health the pallid cheek resume. * Thousands rescued from disease and death, Invoke God's bleaslnga on Tamblety. ' I desire your proctrate hearts to lift, a Your bleeding wounds to care. t. And with the treasures of nature'* gift t Relieve the rich and poor. o TBI INDIAN HUB DOCTOK will deaerlbe* dlaeaaca and tell hta pat ten ta tbe J nature of their eomplalnta or lllneaa, without re- t celvtng any information from their.. 1 No ckargt for Consultation or Advice. Oitce, No. 11 Waahlngtoa Bulldlnga, Pennsyl- ' an la avenue, corner 7th atreet. ap 12-3 m* MAKKIKl/ 1 On the i?th the Rev. J. W. K. Ker, Mr. BAMUkL KEK. Ndeet eon of the offioiatint , mi^tar toldiaa MARY HUTCHINSON, bolh [ DlMVt * On the 11th laetaat. alter a lingering illneae, . SI BIN A T. L<KIBIN. la the 17th year ol her age. Kair flower, thou haet laded toon? K>e thy yoaag I M had reached Ita noon ; < Her lunort will (aire ilkAt from tha rulilu/K n? k" uml?, Umtt Jul, No. 4 J? Eltrnih .traai, betwMa O tad H. on to-morrow (S?Bdaj)after zoon, it S o'oioak Kncada mdMUiituwi oi tna family aia ra?p*ctfalljr iavttad tu attaad. t Ba Unurt San oopy.] I Aftor * koara tl!na.a, RALPHELIA ADA of iMiwtiM of ik? fcrau. m?T4 yaars, S montka . "saa1 rill taka ptaaa to-marrow (Bandar) at I ] ii o'oiook. from mr Mraata' immmm. aortnaaat ' oorn#r of v?th im C Mi. ' . IntAiaottT.ontkair.kwat.Mr. JOSN 8INON, J UO.J rM;d?Dt oroutity,*t*dTiyaira. H? tu I a uitiTt of tk* oaaaty of LiBMrMk, Tr*la*d. and ' baa b*an a r*apact*d oltiiM k*r* for ovor to ijtkr*? rim Me fcta Mi a wifa u4 a lari* oiroia i of roiatiTM aad frioada. May ka raal id mm ! ?ia fuaaral will laka plaa* to-morrov (daaday > i raooa. at w Mat oaa o'oioak, from kia lata i jraadwaaoe t>6 itnM, i?r Ik* oora?r of Mary% WANTS. 3I7ANTED?A (food MEAT. and PABTRY '* COOK. Apply at Clirendon Hot*), oorner f Hutu t.aad P*. *t. &? >9 >t* A/ANTKP?A BOY. Ap?lf to W. D. WYL* VI^L.P^ier in 8toT?*. Ti n and Shfetlron r are. Wo. I? pa. areata, nor x ? if JkJ ANTED-One good COf>K for nitht work. nT librae irit riti WAITERS. Apaly at Now ork Fating Room, 474 tSoroath at, oppoitta oatCffijo. | RESPECTABLE OIRL Waata aSitnatiro X aa ohamb*rm*id; ihaa bo objection to aaal*t ia aahing and ironing. Addraaa Box 84,Star Offioa, >r two daya. ap 19 ?t* \AI ANTED?'Tkroo or f"ir ROOMS, aafar'* niabad, iaagood noicbborbood. aaitab'a for oaaekespin*. by a amall family without obildran. tddroaa "T F. R.." Star Qfloo. lt% \ HOUSE WANTED bra parmaneni tenant "V R*nt not to azoaod thrao or foar hundred dolira. Itmaatbo neat and eoirfaitab'a, ard in a iaaaantand healthy neighborhood, and within SO rnntae'walk of the Naval Obaorvatory. Addraaa M. P ." at tha Star Ottoe. ap 19 6t* I7ANTED?1To engage a Gentleman of good " baameaa ability ana familiar with Waaking>n City, to attend to loma oat doo* baaineaa. ipply to JOHNSON. FRY * CO., 476 s?even h t. ay 19 Iw* ER7 ANTED? By a oonpla gentleman, (or parIf v D<ii d ni \ja ..<1 r nn^i vfc u V lim*m DUAI\ tuu IU quiet family within a few nuarea of the War apartment. Termi >o be moderate Address A ," at th>a offioe, statins tenna, location, Ao. ap 19 eo2t* LVANTED-An honeat, reliable COLORED ' ? SERVANT to wait epon an ofloer and take are of a hor?e. A pply at Star gjaa ap 1? 8t* L17 ANTED-Feur or five mtellifent WAITING l" GIRLS Call immediately?Clareoden Con art Hall, oorner 6th at and Pa. ay. aa 18-St* 117 ANTED?A" BLACKSMITH. Apply at J. W. THOMPSON A CO ,869 Pa. avenue, etween >0 h and 11th ata. ap l?-2t kl/ANTEDTO BUY-A email HOUSE, oon' taini-f from four to aix rooma. Addreea Box , Star Offije, a tating loca'ioa ana terma. ap 18 3f Ll/ANTED-A food COOK, WASHRR and vv IROMER. Apply to J. A J. T. ROBINON A CO., 349 Pennaylvania avenue, opposite trown'a Hotel. ap 18 3t LVANTKD-A FURNISHED HOUSE con v v ?ainii>g from S to 7 rooma, with?n on? mile of lie Ca|itol. Rent not to exceed $40 a month. iddresa' A. ftCity PosUffiae. ap 18 St* L17aNTED TO RKNT?From thelat of^May, " a furniali?d or partiallv furnished HOUSE, uitable for a email family without ohiMrea. Adreas. atatinc term*. 1-H>ality, Ao., M- S. C lox ST4, City Poat Offioe. ael8St* L*/ANTED-Thre? rood DRF.8S-MAKERS. '? Th? beat of wacea will be paid. None but ood handa neea apply?K afreet, near the oorter f Eighteenth at. aa la ?t* MRS BTKWART. LV ANTED?k SITUATION, by a ateady, aober * " and induatriou* young man, aa olerk in a gros;y atore. or aa bar tender. The beat of refereuoea iven. Please addreaa -* W. C.," Box 10 Star Ofoe. ay 18 8t? |7 ANTED?A good FARM HANI>?one aooua? tomed to market gardening. To a aaltabie eraon fair wagea and a comfortable home will b? iven. Apply t>MARK HOWLANI), Boundary treet. n?ar 13th. Waahintton. P. C. ap '8 2t* Wf ANTED? A FARM ?By addr*??ing Bo* No. 37* City Font Offise, deeonbing the firm, loation an1 prioe, nifty be found ft parohuer for ft u'tivated (Vm of 100 to fico a"re?, within from one 9 ten milee from the city of Waahiuctoo. Caah o be paid upon poaaeaaion being given. ftp 18 2t* i\/ANTED?At 31 Indianft avenue, ft oolored "? WOMAN, well recommended. to oook and gaut in waahing and ironist. ftp *7 3t* A GENTLEMAN AND SMALL FAMILY wiah to rent ft ama!l Houae oonta nine from 5 o 7 roorna, in tome piMiaot part of the oity. Call t 391 Fa a*enne. at Conrao'a Hotel ap 17 3t* 11/ANTED?A SALESWOMAN for a fancy store on the Avenue. None need apply unleaa liey have a perfeot knowledge of the buaineaa. Lddreta Boa 633 City Po?t Uffioe. ftp 17 at* UU ANTED?At E street Howling Saloon, (No. 395,1 three WHITE BOYS agedjroni 13 to 6. Alao,one WHITE OlKL.ftt 48T Tenth at, ged Irom U to 14 ye-rr. ftp 17 3t* tvANTED IMMEDIATELY-A COOK, and * ? YOUNG GIRL from 12 to 14 jreara old. Nona ired apply txoept white p rroua. wi'h good reoomnendttiocs. Appiv to Dr. WM. P. JOHNSTON, to 3-9 H atreet, between 14th ftnd 15th ata. ap 17 at* E|7ANTED? A gool llOUSE, witli wfttsr ftnd (fta, ooutau.inr fr?ra 12 to 5? room?, acme rhe e between 6th and 13th ?ta and L and Penn2lvaniaav. Poaaeaaiou to be given by the 5th of ay. Addreaa Box No. 473 City Poat Offioe. ap ?-lw? \\J ANTED?To aell. henceforward, joo barren * * and half barrela ojr Ale every,weak; alao ithe ?mi 01 Beer, lor toe mtimor* Brewery, JOHN GaYNOR. Afoot, L ? Corner of *1 at and G ?t?. Orders id the Po?t Office will be oailed (or ?t 9k d. an l 2 p. in. &p 7-jm* BOARDING. A KtlOM, WITH BOAR P. goitalle for one or ra. t ?o eentl?nian, at No 4'24 thirteenth street, >etween 6 acd H A few Table Boardeia oaa alio te aooomaodated. ap 17 3t* L^UKNI^HKD ROOM 8 TO RENT, with r Board, in a pleaaant looatico near the OapitoL rrao?i?ct Boarders accommodated. Inquire at Star OihcOt an Sl-tf IEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS r\ 100.000 HUSH ELS up *TONE 8HElL and OAS LIME. for tgrioultural puraorea; also, all kinds of MILL >nd GRAIN FEED, HALLl) HAY. MEAL, 7LOUK, acd POTATOES. Mo. If 0 Bridie at, feorcetown. ap 18 lw KIRKLAND A DOWL1NQ. f ^ EOK li E I OWN DANCING ACADEMY.I* PROF. HARNKS will open a l>ano:ng g% :iaia for Ucim, Miaaea aid Mastera, on flB WEDNESDAY. Apriia.aiS#. ra, at theJM la1,1 of Mr Korreat. oorner of High and GaTUH^ ts. All of the Kaahionable Dauoe* will be taught luring the quarter. Pupila thould enter thair iaiiiea aa aoou ai poaaible, to ootnroenoe with the am. Mr. Marnea rafera to the pa'.rona of hia rVaahinfton classes. Terms JIU per auarter. ap 15-lw* JICK8K1N 0 L O V E 8! Hamburg I ^ inj HiaH 8t*IWi _ J 1L*' ' %*r. w.? ??* ~ ?T Q UigjUH [SW1IW BBpiJOI UlOkVOTt All, rbioh we reooiumeud to be of a very superior dually. Persona wishing to purchase, by making ) aadtate application, gu be furnished. AKNY 4 SHINN, uT 0Mri*b>?a. FOB SALF AND BENT. For SALE?The LEASE. good WILL and FIXTURES of a store well looateri on Penn ylvama av. Andreas Hex TftT Post c tfioo. at IS 3NE OR TWO FURNI8HED. PLEASANT ROOMS!adjoining)oan be obtained, with or rithout Hoard, on application at N*. 349 Sixth f? near H. ay 19-6t* nOUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE, or L/ exohanre for a hoaae in the city, one mi!? from tie oity limit*, unrivaled for health, pure water and ortioultural improvements. Gooj buildings,with M asres of land. AbbIt to Prof. CHARLES G. 'AUK. Patent Offiae" " a* 19 6t FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT?The ad r vertiaer ?nl rent hia House, situated near the tate Depa-tirect. to a srivate family, for 6 month* r locier, at #150 ?er month House oonuins 12 ooms and nioely furnished, '.arje stable attached. idarosa "B. A E.." Star Offiee a? 1* St I O LET-A four (torr BRICK HOUSE, with back bnildingt and oobtainiac 10 rooms, ituated?No. 3. Ma p* avsr.ue. near the oornar of (a iiimi; ! pleasantly niutM, fronting the ?abli? round* Apply to Justioe Dcnn; Chas. Wilson, f on ths premises. ap 18-81* FOK KENT-A TENEMENT, ?uitable for a m%ll family, and very pleasantly situated on ha Beights of tfeorgetown, within five minutes' ralk 01the Washington and tfoort?towa omnibus lue Apply at th? o&oe of J, DENT, No. 460 "iltsenth ?treet, Washington. ap 14 lv' PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO., Philadelphia. Capital... ? . 1,091,409.89.

Trie Board hare declared a borip Dividsnd of Jkirty-fiv* percent, upon ths cash premiums paid n 1#S1, r nd ba?e decided to reosiT* the eonp DiidenJa of 1850, lfQi, and 1S53 in paymaqt of (rami iiiis now inuH wuu fmj uie pernio ma in out. Injured oall it the Offioe, No. 346 Pennijlrania itmo*. J* 18 ?.'?wlW JOHN R1GOLE9, Aient INCH HEAVY JO COTTON DUCK, 27-inob Hmtj Cotton Duot, 10 4 Heavy Brown Cotton Sheeting, # 4,10-4 ud 1J-4 Bleached Cotton sheeting, 4 4 Bleached Sh.rtin|?, ^ 4 4 Brown Bhirttcce. With general itock of Domeetio Dry floottl, kll ftt the lwweet prioee for ofteh Between 7th ftnd 8th etreeta. ftp 15 lot oepo. Center Mftrfcet. | CARD! I n/i n?.-?. ? ----- a. mi nereoy reinrn my siaaare thanks to the irs Mk. provost guard and friends aa? etUiui ran tra ly, fur their kind endesvors in saving a tort.on &rc.>^Kg?'i^& o^rssMr I also request those in my debt to oslt and settle, a oash or Botes, as now is tlft tin friends are ranted to lend assistance Call at No. ? ? t?ennlylvania avenue, bat*ess 6th and ?tk streets. <?? Mairsjover Gait* Bro's. Jewelers,and oblige Yoar obedient servant, _ ** R.COJIS*. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S ATHENECM. Je*H T. Kotp..... Proprietor ud Mm?i? Joan B. WutKT 8Uf* Maaa<?r w,? JffiUL"""'MICHAEL BR LB. Mlobui John MoC?llo?fh M*ry MiM Aonia 6r*k*m Eaiuo&O Gallon it m OieHiim THE MAIDEN ANP^lfc REBEL. To oonolada with the Faroa of THE DEAD MOT. ? . Louiaa ..Miaa Aaaia Graham "UMlifflW TWill m?M hit graat ohwaotar of THE GLADIATOR Poaitivaly tor tha Laat tuna. _ _ Admission. Draaa Circsla and Parauatta?. 71 casta P^curad Beats f 1 BbIoodt Seats it Orohastra Saata il Private Boxea < holding eight) $10 KFamily Cirola 25 oanta ' Box Ofice opan from till 6 c'olook. rsopan at 7; oartaln rises at B. It CHARLES E. FORD. Traasarer. f|DD FELLOWS' HALL, v/ Sex-ruth it., near Pott Ojfiet, Th* poan'.ar plaoe of aniuaament, patronised by tha YOUTH,BEAUTY AND GALLANTRY OV TRI CAPITAL! Change of Programme Nightly f MONDA r EVKNlntt, April 21, (RuUr Hoiidit.) CO V PLIM ENTARYBRNE FIT Toth? LaiiMind Manlier, MR. 6KORSE ? U N K E L. by ths tiiiziNa or w&aBiiiaroN, Wheu ?il' he offered Tk* Most Amusing Bill tS the Stason! Admiaaion 25 oenta ; Reaer ved 8 eat a 50 oenta. M 1? A. CASSEPV, A|ant pLARKNDON CONCERT HALL.! * ' FREE CONCEKTHALL. MUSIC EVERY EVENING, BVAPUUi BAND! BEAUTIFUL WAITING GIRL'', GMOD LIQUORS, And KYtrytkinr on tbe New York Stvla! aplllw* Corner 6th atreet and Pa. ay. /^ROVER'S THEATER. *T (THE SEW NATIONAL,) Pennajtvama Avenue, near Foarteenth Street and Willarda' Hotel. Bailt upon the moat beautiful modal for DramAtio and Ope^io Editcea, under the aupermtendenoe of M O I'UID I VC <1CT7 FrMtoed, Ornamented and Decorated in the raott and tuatefnl Btyle, Wilk Amplt and ComfortabU S*att for marly TWO THOUSAND PERSONS! ONE OF THK VERY FINEST THEATERS IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY. SPLENDID SCENERY, GRAND ORCHESTRA, AND EVKRY ACCESSORY! Will Open to the Public the Night p/ ! MASTER MONDAY. April ill. With JOHN OOlLINS, TBS SINIAL lElail COMIDIAM, and a COMEDY COMBINATION of the rarest eroellenoe: "?VSSfaS?iW?, MR. DANft^.EfCHK^^ Tor ether with a FULL, POWERFUL AND TALENTED DRAMATIC COMPANY, CAttainiTy; the nam*a of The very First Favorites in America ! Every effort vill be mad* by the Manager to make this enr aremeLt EQUAL IN SUCCESS to the one jaat played by MR. COLLJNS ?t Niblo's, New York. Better he oanrot tope to make it To this end the very first talent in'the entire oonntry apropos to the natare of the engagement has been secured. J*sicis or Abmissiok. e 75 cents Family Circle. 2Scents Orchestra Chatre. .31 Colored Sallery... .35 oente Colored Parterre 5? oents ap 17-lw CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! v> (lat? philharmonic hall.) GRAND OPENING NIGHT! This fine Hall vill be opened shortly with a company ol male and female performers une?ua:ed in their respective rolee in the United States The eiformanoe will oonsist mainly of new and attrao live Mnsio. vooal and innruMieutal, Burlesque Operas, and Fanoy Danoes, to Ulutrate whioh many of the aioat refined and talented artiata in the ooentry have been engssad. The prof raome each evemag will bsvaMea and att* in the highest degree. Dae notioe will be given ot the Opening Night. A( mis?ion 24 cents ; tentlf men unaooompanied by ladies, to orchestra ehairs 5*> oents; oolored gallery ?> oents. Uoors open at 7; to 00mmeooa at? o'elook. ap 17 at* CANTERBURY HALL.' V/ CANTERBURY HALL ' (Formerly the Waehlngtor. Aaaembly Rooms,) LAST NI8HT of DELKVANTK tfKUTHKK?. LAST NIUHf UK JULIA MORTIMER. OPEN EVERY NIGHT, Thb First Music Hall in tub Woilp, la point of Splendor. Talent and Meepeotabilltr! Brilhant and ifflminji meet it or tk* mammoth Washington and Baltimore com pa n i ks. Crowded to its utmost oaMoit? with an andienoe Cultivattd, Critical and HtAned. Establishing at onoe the laot tbat the perfonnMioe AT THE UREAT CANTERBURY la the beat in the oitr, Tbe artistes are of the FIRST TALENT IN THE WORLDT In evidence of a i;unniQiativn ur BiaiP! Observe this Brilliant Last of Nawies : the hucal of whioh o&n be nowhere found in the World ol AmueemenU. MISS MILLIE FOWL EH, MISS JULIA MORTIMER, And th* Cokst of Ubauty, M188 KKANK LA FOLLIS. M lHh H2'llE KRA.N018, Mi8S FRANK SKCOR, MI88 KMMA MII.L8. MI88 LILLY BRANDON, M188 JULIA KH'.HM^ND, _ AH U 1j' I I L r. KLLA. DELEVANTE BROTHERS, tub da1in0 oymn4.8t. The Ethiopian Comedian, A. J. IALBOX1', And the Funny _ DICK PARKER. M JEAN CLOBKI, JOHN HEANY, MASTER JOHNNY, aVLVAB CLARK. MON^t. SOL. JOHN HAMILTON. -BARRYJ. CARTER, LEWIS M. CLARKE. GIPSY'S I, AY! A New Programme, ia which *11 the Cum bination will appear in th?ir b?itaou. New iud{ by the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS lite bf?t Ethiopian Troup* tn tli* oity ! New l)ano6?, Ao., Ao. Tli* Ktbiopian Burlesque entitled tHE BLACK STATUE. Admission St oenta: OroUMUr Chair* 10 mdIi. Afternoon Entertainment t-or Ladioa and Families, on WEDNB8D*?M, 8Ao,y.,,iv APTKRa*n a lavish distribution of Klarunt Presents Is : Rich and Costly Jewslry, Book*. Fanor ArToys, Bovine Maohinoa, and macniloent The Sewinc Maohino wu trooontod to Mrs. R. B. Morgan on Saturday aftsruooa?ticket No. S4M. Admission 10 ooota : Childrou W sonts. uy f? w ashington academy of music, | No. 9fr9 Pa- Avbhub, Pouth sid?. Betwun 9Ik mnd wk its. Every mnioi a remarkably fine Free Cocoert, embraoing e.eotiona trom the beat olaaeio maaio, and the moat Popular Cperaa rendered in better atyle than in any other Amertoan concert aalooc. The oelebrated Italian Singer, 8if nor Antonio Tisibtirt, Prima Baritone lrom tne St. Carlo Theater at Naplea. haa been angagedand vill aenat the entertainment of the evening with the fineet Melodiea and Soma ever produotd in this The caeat and the publle are invited, and may rely apon having every oomfort they deaire. In addition to the Bneet maaio in Washington, they will obtain oa oalt from the attentive attend ante deoidedlT the beat Kefreahmenta lor aalein the Federal Metropolis. QfBoera oonitantly In attendaaoe to keep good order. Conoert oommenoing at 4pm rnm 19.M U L' M D V DltBVftlWIl At ?r ? *? nmi?i imcnnnn^rnifii PATENT OFFICE CIIRIOSITIES-Gaide to MT Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities and tiormmmeut fiardens, at the stand la Patent Olfioe: Rare Antiquarian Books; fiorernment Books; Doonments furnished: Railroad Reports; Military ReBaa's Laws; Amy Refutations; Panorama of toe Coast showing over ijooo stiles; many toouaand Cheat Books. Reool^eet ehee# rent Larce salee, tow noes. Us stairs, over Bank of WaahtnvMti itg-te* 'gntMrwifflMu pEOPOBALa POK BTKAMBRB. _ Matt DviiixnT. April M, IMS Proposals will bo roooi *ed by this Deptrtmont, by m*riort2e?r?pki,to ihsSOU iuttat, ?t noon, wltt isneril speoifioatioas and plans, for tfce sod trsouon of one or more, ap to tonr. lro? Gsnbonts lor the Mississippi river ud Gulf servioe, with two tsrrets on the plnn of Uo Eriossoa TmrNt.for tte ll-lnok ims, tkotkiskxese of Oil bop of wfcMfc to uo onai inotkM ; in* eiaee to m ?;atoa viu iron SaSKSMs-';:r,s?a.% w sa%? "the wiiiU to b? not t*aa than t?f**t in iaajith and W root breadth, and not to dm oror els (sot ofvaur loaded ready for **rrio* To bo pro?ell*4 nun a *p?*d through the vatar of alaa knot* or noa mil** ft hoar. Profocal*vul tat* the prion aad ttai of oonpletioa. a? 17 tt gfctffiua saw?..WJ^ SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. fretcrlikibirf Tikei! 8?vrr? ftklratohlnf la frui ?f ?. tovtll't Caluii! The talea Lmi ! The Btbtla Born the Frc^erltkikiri Bridge ! We km Information from tbe port on of Gen McDowell's army that on the day before yesterday marched from tbe vicinity of War rant on Junction upon Frederick!burg. Tbe distance waa nineteen or twenty mllea, wblcb It accomplished by 7 a. m. yea'erday mcrnluf. Ita progress was disputed by a rebel force of one regiment of Infantry, one of cavalry, and a batterv of artillarv. wblcb attemoted to make two distinct stand* They wwe however driven cross the Rappahannock after . dieting upon us a loss of dve killed and sixteen wonnded, (all cavalry,) Including Lieut. Decker, of the Harris Cavalry, killed; Col. Fltzpatrlck wounded, and a valuable scont, named Brltton, badly wounded Col. Bayard's horse was badly wounded under him. Immediately after making their sscape across the Rappahannock bridge, opposite Fredericksburg, the rebels applied the torch to it, and thus delayed, temporarily. our mmmi into the town By thli time, however, thatobfltacle t* probably overcome. It la not known what had been the Losa of the rebvla In the above mentioned aklrmlahtng LATENT FROM YORKTUWN. We have Information, via the Eaatern Shore telegraph, from before Yorktown up to 10 o'eJock last nlgbt, at which hour the weather wai bioi1 propltloua?the army aa buay aa beea with the Incidental la bora of the campaign, and Ui fine KiMltK * r*A ?! (? w - ? * ? * ?axv 11V a^UUDg WU Uim on. swom or a skcish editor Col. Marrow, formerly of the Third Ohio regiment, but now attached to General Hunter'a staff, arrived here to-day with dispatcher to the War Department. He brought with him the aword belonging to Captain Simms, (editor of the Savannah Rtputlieam,) who waa captured at Fort Pulaski. As the friend of Hon. John J. Gurley he has presented to him the sword lately possessed bvYhe flffhtln<r edltnr TUB LATEST BT TBLBORAPH. LATE FROMYOEKTOWN. A Small Union Advance Party Badly Cnt Up. Gen. Smith to Ha nnriftr arr?*t [Per Telegraph from Baltimore ] Baltimore, April 19, (from Fortrea Monroe, April 18?Thli afternoon there arrived here from Warwick 81 wounded men, and the body of Capt. Reynolds, of the 8th Connecticut?the fruits of some mistake made on the night before Last la fho Tint An Aiiftwtafa TK?? <AmvaM detachment?183 men In all?that waa sent to bold c?rtain of our rifle pita. They were furiously attacked by the rebels, and loat 33 killed and K3 wounded, aome of the latter being bayonetted, It la said. Some of the wounded here complain that their disaster waa the result of failing to aend them succor for an hour, when they mi^ht have been sustained. They also say that Immediately alter the occurrence Gen. Smith waa ordered under nrrest. As yet It is entirely unknown here upon whom the responsibility for th? result of this skirmish rests; but the prompt arrest of Gen. Smith, If it ba so, ahaws that the Commanding General means at once to check such occurrence*, by holding hladlvirion commanders immediately responsible for auch affairs until they search out and bring to dne punishment the subordinate offlcera who are juatly chargeable wlth'dlsaatroua neglect, If tbey be really the culpable parties (Special Telegram to The Star ) BiltimuBK, April i?, (from Portrena Monroe April 18 ) ? 1 have Just received lnfoimatlon satisfying me tLat the accusation of some of the wounded on the night before last against (i?B?-rai Smith is unfounded. The Norfolk Day Book admits the rebel loss in the affair to have been About MB orpit 11 nnrc* in4 tar* hMr frnm VVfft. wlek that no arreat of any general officer ha* been made, and that in the camp no blame la attached for it to aught but the ? fortunea of war." The truth la, It waa a hard conteated hand to hand skirmish, In which both parties displayed moat determined courage, and met with about equal loss. Latest from Fortress Monroe. ? * mi TI t_ ? Tf'-i.. a. _ n me rrencn minister xiinu 10 Decesn that French Tobacco must not be burned! Norfolk Still in Flames! The Rebel Loss as heavy as ours in the affair of the night before last! Baltimore, April 19, (from Fortress Monroe, s _.n <n % rw% \ fei m iw n m _ * ^ April id )?me noriou uay 09m 01 ywieraiy, speaking of M. Mercler at Richmond, speculate* lu relation to the objecta of bis mission, and saya It Is "an event fraught with grave significance. The most probaule solution, it aays, 11 that a French monopoly of tobacco underlies the whole mystery. We believe we declare the popular determination when we alrm that the Confederate States will not tolerate any diplomacy which places them beyond the pale of public law, and attempts In their very waters their very nation llltf 1 jkl ltd Kilt Ka t rn* Ia am* Waha* mm A MV? ?? W?* ?rv k I UV fW VUI HVUVI I ?UU W? ball it least win the acknowledgment of posterity that we deserve to be free." The Norfolk Dsy Book of to-day mentions that in the skirmish of laat night, Colonel McKlnney, of a North Carolina regiment, and tweoty-five men were killed and seventy-11 re wounded. There was a very extensive Are In Norfolk last night, and It has continued to barn all day. Several buildings were destroyed. The natural conclusion from the Day Book's article noticed above Is, that the French Minister, M. Mercler, has distinctly notified Jeff. Davis * Co., that they must not burn or remove the tobacco, now In Richmond, long since bought and paid for by the French Government. The tone of the !> ? Book proves that he has probably accompanied his notification by an Intimation that in case it is not respected France will surely "bring" Jeff, k Co. " np with n round turn."?En. Stab.] f titiuu nvTuitni ur unti' COLUMN. RETREAT OF THE ENEMY. THEY BURN THE BRIP0K8 AS THEY GO. Sfabta, Rockingham county, April 18.?Ocn. Banks' advance column arrived here this noon, driving the enemy from the bill with hit artillery and cavalry charges. Six thousand of Jackson's troops passed through the town last evening, and encamped a short distance beyond. Last night It was currently reported that Jackson's army would be largely reinforced between here aad Staunton. A body of oar cavalry came upon two squadrons of Aahby's cavalry drawn up la a line of battle. The latter suddenly broke ranks, and his artillery opened open our advance. Our cavalry, standing In line of battle, awaited for oar artillery, which soon arrived and scattered the List night Aahby was encamped mm New Market. Gen Banks ha* occupied the Inn La lore*. At 7 o'clock this morning, Aahby being threatened by our artillery, sst lrc to his camp and mtreated In grent haste, leaving thirty butchered beeves on the ground; dolsg what he has never done before?burning every small as well as l?g? turapUt bridge south of New Market. - - ~ r> VtveMit PrH?rlckib?r(< {Special Telegram to The Star ] , 0? Road Mink FrtdtruMibmtg mmd > Aq** Crttk, April IS, I** ( We occupied the auburba of Frederick>btirk, oa the left bank of the Rappahannock, at aevrn (7) o'clock. The troopa ander Ike Immediate command of Brig. General A agar left CaUettt atatiea fiim day, and mode a forced march acroaa (be country of M m Ilea. The advance ander Lieat. Cel. RllpnUIek, at theSacood New Vork. The Ira Harria Cavalry drove la the enemy1* outpoata, and charged and raptured on of hla camp* Lieut Decker, nf the 9d New York cavalry, wae killed by the enemy In the charge. The troopa poahed on the next day at ? o'clock la the morning. The advance ander Col. Bayard, lat Pannavi. vaala cavalry, waa attacked by a body of iafontrv and cavalry, aad had a hot aklrmlah, la which we loot five men and fifteen horaaa killed, and had tlx teen men wounded. Severs 1 of the enemy were killed sad woondrd la the charge made on them by Col. Baya.d. The number not reported. The Colonel, whn II ??m? ! 'n some mark of having been 1b the thickest of every fight In which he Is engaged, had his horse shot four tines The command then drove the enemy's forces, which fell hack without farther resistance, and which consisted of s regiment of infaauy, one of csvslrv and s battery of artillery, across the Rappshanaock, hat were unable to ssve the bridges, which were prepared for burnlrg by having tar, shsvlngsaod light wood in the crib work, and which were fired ss soon ss tbe enemy crossed. INTERESTING FROM PILAHKI. PARTICULARS OF THE BOMBARDMENT THE NAVY'SPART IN IT COMMODORE Dl'PONT'S OFFICIAL AC COVNT. The following fifthly Intoreatlng deapaVue* rear hod the Nary Department thla formoor,: FuaSair Wtitm, t Pori Ro*al H*U*, S. C , Aprtl 13, MM. \ 8l* Th* dMMleheii from th? fMnsu^ii.# general of this <ieparUneM to the Hon Secretary of War will convey the gratifying Intelligence of the fall of Port Pulaski. It wu a purely military operation, the result of laborloua and scientific preparation, and of consummate skill and bravery In the execution It would not have pertained to me to address you In reference to thin brilliant and successful achievement had not MaJ. Gen Hunter, with* generous spirit long to be remembered, permitted the Navy to be represented on thla Interesting occasion by allowing a detachment of seamen and olllcers from this ship to serve one of the breaching batteries. I have thanked the Qeoeral peraonauv tor una Eioan*?a; ana I desire at tbe aame time to expreaa iny ackno vrlcdgertw nt? to Brig. Qen. Benham and acting Brig U<>n. tillmorc for acta of consideration atovn by them to my oflcrra and men. I encloae tne report of Commander C R P Roger*, who bad tbe bonor to command Battrry Slegel on tbe aecond and Important day. Very reapeotfuUy, your obedient aerrant, 8 P. DTPokt, Flag Oficer Com'd'g 8. A. Block * *q'n. Hon. Gidion Welles, Secretary of tbe Nary. D? .? iir - . a amir ?? AMIS, I Prrf Ktyal Harbt, S C-, April 13, J Sir: 1 hir^to report Ute return of the deu. fa. ment from this ahlp, which had the good fortune to take pert li the bombardment of Fort Pilukt. It reached Tjrbee on the morning of the luth, Ju?t before tha fire wae opened, and the batteries being alrealy manned, oar men could not participate In the action of the firat day. General Hunter, General Benham, and General | Glim ore, all manifested the moat generoua dealre i hi riTr ilie navy a snare in me gooo work ; and on tbe 11th, tbe most Important day, four rifled, gun* In battery " SMegel," one of the nearest and moat exposed batteries, and consequently one of the posts of honor, were assigned to the men of tbe Wabash. We occupied It at daybreak, and Wup a steady and well-directed Ire until the hauled down Its flag, at * p oa. Tbe ol&cera and men behaved well. I beg leave to commend to you Lieut. Irwtn, Acting Master Kobertaon, and Mldnhipmen M. S. Johusju and F. H. Pearson, Lewi* Borm, captain of .tbe forecastle, and Ge?*ge H. Wood, quartermaater When tbeenemy hoisted tbe white flag, General I Ren ham most courteoualv InvttMl m? in - naval tAcer to accompany the oflcer sent by him to arrange the terms of the surrender, aad I s#?r,t i.lcut Irwin upon that honorable ?luty. I spent the flrst day of the bombardment In the tranche* with General Hunter, and In visiting the different batteries, which 1 caused to be visited by several of our officers and men, that they might profit by the experience to be acquired. The bombardment began at 8 a. m on the 10th, and continued during the day, but at flrst, while procuring the rangea, It waa aomewbat Inaccurate, many of the artillerists being quite untrained. <)n the second day, In apite of a high wind, the firing from the rifled guaa and coitimbladi waa excellent, the former boring into the brick face of the wall like augurs, the latter striking like trip, hammers, and breaking off great masses of masonry which had been cut looae by the rifles. The four upper batteries wera above sixteen hundred yards distant from Pulaski, and quite beyond the distance at which It has hitherto been held practicable to effect a breach, but whith Droved an easv breaching ran ire with th?u wnn. derful projectile! which we now pow When th? fort au rendered the barbette guns bad been allenced, and many of tbem bed be*n dlamonnted, tbe breech wu practicable in two place*, and could have been stormed without doubt Oar projectile^ were passing through U. and were knocking down the opposite wall which protected the main magazine. ? that tbe garrison was convinced that la an hour or two the magazine must be blown up. The heavy thirteen Inch mortars Inflicted much leas Injury than 1 had exptcted Tbe case ma Us did not seem at all abaken by them The parade ground bad been formed into deep furrows. Into which the shells rolled and burat, without tbo power of doing much harm. Tbs guns used by the men of the Wahaah were three 3u-Dounder Parrotta ud one 21-p.>UD<Ut limftt 1 am, very respectfully, Ac , C. R. f. RoKfit, Commaader Flag 0?w 9. F. DC Pout. BALLS, PARTIES, Jtc. WFSTKKN HUSK CO.. No. I. ALWAV8 IN THK F'ELD ! Tba NINTH 9KAND B ALU of tb? Wmwd Hoc* Company. No 1, will b? givw m track- ** ypfeymfSia."'" -A XiokeUOulkltr. GA Con.mutt* of Arr**ftms*t?. C. W. Drury, W. a Haroei, T. i. P?Uer, Ttiot. MeNaaay, J. Poor., Wm. Gibba. . ? W-4t* ffOVOUUn CftTILWiN_PAETV of * kuri.aBc.<z.RAnv;bftnuiiti;u., A No. *,to bo (two on KA8FKR MONDAY, M Aaril Slat.UTtnipmsM Tbo DMcabara %,f u>? ibrn Com pax y ra Ml p*otfu..y aoooiSMto th?ir inaay fi tacda. ana*lo Piblio in genera;, that their K^arth Grand Cot Ion art* will bo (Iron at the above-mentioned Mali, oa barter Monday, the Slat last. The aai?ereat aatia action given by thia Companr at thair fo-iuearuee la a aura guarantee LLai tint om wiU te ike rarty of tie aaaaon The Ladtee art oordiatly invitad to attend en main, aa tnete will bo ao itntationa iasaed. TioteU H> oonu, adimtung a gentleman and >adi#a. Committee of irraamuaii Win H.Oiborn A.Glaeagov, John Diokereon, lot't V. Hetrf. Gw. A. a?lT if THB HIAWATHA BOY* IN THK FIELD AGAIN!?'T|ie ??nt?n of the Hiawa- M iha Clab take aieaeare la uioulc.hi to JH tboir many frienda aad tho pabUo in in>n:M Ibftl Ulay will a fraud kaater Ba. iltfl Fran il Hail, oornar of9th aUUaU.,oihviMDaV KVtiMlNG. A^nltl. Tha m ml oars of tha dab iladra IMMrTM that naitbar troabla Dor ispMM will b? aparad to maka this Hall acr*a*b>a to all Uom who honor tham with tl>air praaanaa. Hare's oalobrotod string bond has baca iiiuai for tha oaoaalon. Rairashinanta will M fa ml shad by SohoAsw. T.okfta |1. Commitin a' irrssisGodard. Kob't mWay, juasa bam. Mli.'W ^ ???? IiOST AND Fonwn. | 08T-Al?4y'c SOLD WATCH, JLi proba.b r batwaan eth and ?d MratU wast a.aj Missouri imai. Tha late will bs imply raWrt?d by lurliii it No AO Mi Moan avacua, or at tha oioa ofuia Star. m?-v f 08T?Oa Friday, llth. is Ua Nor Lb arc Libar L JM, batvaaa Ttk and 14th atraata. a POCKKT sSrfeafsr Srm U atttiaCtair) ??. a?H f t # C REWARD, ud all raaaoaahia akarfM, wU H. M:?H? v*m> %

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