Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1862 Page 1
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V2t. XIX. ' WASHINGTON, D. C.. MONDAY, APRIL 21. 1802. N*. 2,859 ^^^^ I TI1E EVENING STAlt ia FUBLIBHKD EVERT AFTEENOON, iSUyUAY EXCKFTBD,) At THE Bl'ILIMR'JVi * C^ttur cj Ftmutivc?ia an. and SUvtmik stiut, IT I). WAlJiAOH. P>p?r? Mryfr<l In (\>>- V a? rarrtAM t Al ft ih v| *- ? ?**.?? ? w? ? 5t<?r, or j7 cen'a per men1 h. To null ?ub?crlb?ra ?be ptice U fj.50 a year, w? miimmce; Ti f?r tlx imnth?. fl for three montha; and foi it*# than Ihrrf inenth* at the i?l? of l'i rw(i a w?k. 51bj;le eoptoa, ortx test; In wrap pets, two cbnts. C/* AmiTi?**nT? should be aent to the oBee before 12 o'clock m.; other wife they may aot appear uniil (he next day. |T!IE ATTACK IT.>* JIEVV ORLEANS. T>ifr? ran If ll'tle HmM, w prewnire, that the sl'ick up^n New Otl'ir.i b?s been begun, and t? may be that ere tills th? Creaernt City b?a caWe hire already recorded, on Rebel autbol'v. the capture cf Faaa Christian, which wjg i?* doub' preliminary to the advance of one of orr <-olumn? npon the city, by tfte back wav of Lak?? Hor^nt* and Poncfeartraln. Tbl* morning, cn aliri'ar au'birtty, we l?-arn fbat o!h?m of our ?un and rr.n'ar hoo.ta bad advanced, by way of he r*?a?a, up ihe MImIm:pp|. An extract from tije New Orleans l)e!ta, without dat??, reporta two reronno:?aancea by onr gunboata, while, by way of Fort I'irken* *nk Knv ? ? ? - J * V?) w v ic?t U IU?I ?utbentle Intelligence has hern received th?t ten of oar mortar schooners and thre* ?>smen bad run toy Forta Jack?on and s*t Philip, on the Mints sippl, 'n ,he night, without receiving a fbot, and h d probably anchored at a sat* dinanco above the forts. till the time for hostilities arrived. From Richmond, vU Norfolk, came v^terdav the iifw< ihal an attack had been commenced upn ther? forts on tH?- !lib 1 :ist Th??, therefore, no season to doubt that the long-looked-for ad vane# upon New Orleans has really begun, and we at\y dally expect to bear that the; of fh? Union once more waves over the great eommerrlal city of the Gulf. We ?peak thus conllder.tiv, fjr while re may not, In view of th- ??rder ?f the War Department, publish the details of the great expedition of land and naval forces, which has been unions In preparation for this work, wo can assure our readers that it I* hardly probable that it can fail to acccmplish the object which tt has In view. The approaches to New Orleans, asl-?e fr'^tbe direct r >tft'j no the ri7cr- which t? - - ? - - - - - - ? by I'iirti J?*k*op and 5*1. t'billtp, are froir %\\*. iMlppt !?otind. Vessels drawing ni> ^"f^t m^y pass through Lake ?orKne, thence ' n,Vfi?r)|on River into Lakr P?nchartrai-< to Riuol.t* on ih. ^nth >.A" of whlco atlk ^ of the bayou, la situated t rrt Hkr. J LI , ? nmall brick fcr? t'.fltatUn, monntir.z one {{er ^ ememtttr ~nM ?cd .few ptccr-. Th# wrrk u ^.Ut rn * marsh. i?4Uw .rfMy "inapproachable from the land *|de. It f ftn prf,* of the ."ayou and T?*el? or . (Jfjjt imy approach close unit, r Its Tfcl-fortTnay be ea?l:y shelled by of l*?mtrodf>re Porter'* flotilla. After r V'ort Pike, the Union foice* will enroun batiprica at Likevllle. ?n the lake, just *n . jt tea: of tb? city, th?- terminua of a railtoad ?r 4 canal connert'rg Lake Poncha'train and Wew O'kani A aerord appro*'-h lo the Crr? ent ?'lty is at Pr?ctora?!1tp, on the southern border of Lake JB^rgna. Here Is the terminus pf the New Orleans and Gulf Railroad, which may be apr"??' hf?l within shelling distance, bv v?s?els *lrn,?inf; nine feet of watrr Proei'^r-vilie ii a TH'rt of wilry, and coiitluls ?-f a small village and an old tand f?>rt 'I h" land In the vicinity is low Anil nt?f?Ku *?<! ?- - - 4 1 - mm UUU I UV |7?1?\ B lOJI U? apjTO.iCQCCI bv laud f^tce#. The next acccaaibta point or approach to New <?rlean* 1j * canal connecting Bark Bay witn the MUstftalppt Rlvff, juat b*low the " LugMsh Turn " On tl.ia eantl, five m!Us from tb* fnouth. la attuated Fwt Duprre. Thia ia one of the old forta built in the list war, and can he approached onlv by via-ela drawlui; lea* than taan a?e fc*?. TUI? 1* at least fifty mile* above, and In tbc re-r of, the principal foils cn the Mia slulppi. Troce^ing ?o *h* i*?n'hward, there li a narrow canal, H*e mllM below FurUl'blllp and Jackson, conne^ttn^ the water fti the rrar ?f Bird island ?lib the Mlaalsalppl. The canal waa built for the purpose of a-ipplylnjj the a;ilt ponda In that neighborhood w'h wall Water, and ia surrounded t>v land auttclentiy hard to admit of the passage r.f land fi>rt? en foot. Artl.lery and cavalry cannot -i^a except ia a diy aeaaou. The bomb 0 ?t it a o^rat! bar. ktt 4 ? ? ? -- v.i iiettcnne w> xon mouth* or tbc MTaslsabtpl. At Fa*. ? L'Untrr, lk? principal entrance to the fivtr, eighteen feet may be rarrird over the bar, and f t the Soulhwcat Fass fourteen feet. All the come together at t&<? (lead of the I'tiMf, ornlfed From tht? pulnt upward, the eastern fcacrr? of the river ia suSclenily solid to allow n army to march. Ten miles np higher 1* a hayoa on th?> wpi! ?.d* ef the river, called the Jumps. Vessels drawing six feet may be Uken from the uulC through Wcat Bay and this bayou into ths river a' this point, but the grouudln the neighborhood la no mar-hv thit no foothold can b? obtained for even Infantry. The approach is also below Forta Philip and Jackson To the westward of the pass"* an* the cosat of Louisiana, is Uastian Biy, which, is ?onnectcd wHn th* Mit?lasippl by a ?iu*U baywj, pissable unly to boVi*. , " t<t:l? fur'ber to ih<? -.vestw?rd is Barr*'arit Ij iv. th? < rtranee t.? wL !i :s <1 ii i>w l*"or? 1 ' * brick coiiaiaiing o 1 ?'n* tier ofctKowto h fcntUry mouuiea fn birbrli?. i Hi* foil u itig'.ud condition, Weil manned; bnt still it may b-j aoproaclu-d iroin the iaid aide, at tbe *ame time ve?**ia drawing IS !*et may approach towithia two?.ad a hV.fimira, or eaa,- r?:ige of the work. Vesaela drawing nine i rt may enter BartaUria Bay, winch ia lo luiiei Ion?. t*?vcn feet of wnU-r iaty be carried to tLe nppei ?nd of "he bar, which co.inccu with lj?c Mi?-iaalppl In tae r??r of New O/leana, by mean* of tt? bayou Denn'.a, and a ransl wisi< b paasea tbron^ti (m ?hy land, tfc** water bcinj; fix feet d*??p. Thll titbe p stage oil of whicu sm^ll ?"?U-in-ladea in great r.ombe ? hive escaped fr m New Otleaus. I'.ia u?ed principally by ayMcrnicn In s'ipplvinz tb?? .New Orleans market wn& blvai?ea. The ?rorf oo eltbrriM" 1* m-ir?tiy,aav?- wteie Uj< a irf.ire is brckeu by clump* of t>usb<s, and lat.d f>?reea would aol oe sur^ uf a footing i,v thi^ roue At Bayou La Fouche, still farther to the westward. there wa* no fort one year a^o, aart none ha* been reported there The water courac tuai from tte Gulf of Mexico ia a northwest direction, and con 11 ret a with tue Mlaal?s!ppt river at D->ualdnoitville, (evenly inllea above the city if New Orleans 1 bla Bayou ta MTIK'.tfd by ateameri employed in traa?j>orti:ig lb** produce from the rich au^ar rejjlcn* to Nrw Orleans. There are warty valuable plantations on ltsaboies. The weaferaitirt a pproach to the great rotton port of the <i'ilf In at At U.ifalaya Dif, the entrance to which Is d-rfendert by bittene* at Belle 1*1?, Point au Fer, and D-*er lrltnd,the lttter belli^ at the mouth of the Atchafalay* River, to Wi4ch point nine fret may wlib great care be earl.r-?t Fifteen mllea above Deer laland la the ht-ad of Berwick's Bay, ab 'vu which passes the Jicw-t >rlean* and Opolouaaa Railroad Plea mora of live icet dr*ft and uuder go from Berwick's Kay through Bayou i'laqiemiue lute the Miaalssippi river at the village ot i'laqueinlne, or through 'be Atchsfalaya rlvei to tee Ked rivet, ana inence nirou/n e tanai into iti- ;.i;s?i-,sl ppl liter at a point one huiidfed and ?nty ?Ues above Naw Orleans. routes ptst through a rtcO ciunitjr, and sre constantly u>e.l for tbe U *aapoc< lallon of produce.?N. Y. Trtb**t. liiw Tbey wfri Kec?gal/?d. Tbe Pittsburg Landing correspondent of tbe Cincinnati Cixitle says Alf> rt Sidney Johnston's body, which wu not f jml *i 11 Monaay evnlns, wa* Brat tt< ognis*d by Brigadier Oeueral Melsou, who bad known bun when eh?> one was an honored officer In tbe old arrnv and tbe other wu a lieutenant of the navy. PrUoners bad be?u teU.nn of bla deatb, and describing btm aa dre??ei In a velvet salt, and when Kb a corpse waa fetind inquiries were naturally made aa to who kaew Jobuaton. Geo. Nelson wa? ?ent for. He at oacederived It to be Indeed the fle*d Coonmnder in-Chief, and bad tbe body r? moved to bla cvrn tent Oen. Rous?#iii wis subsequently *ent for, and he too recog1/ d the features Capt Chandler of tbe regular army did tbe name; and strangely enough there was a waeoa master there u to had beeu one of jotnsion ? teamsters in ine rimnui Utah expedition, who likewise remembered the appearance of the Chief toe bad lollowii on that disastrous march to the Rocky Mountain*. As pMty of our otlcers were riding over the II Id on T ueediy, tboy found a perjon of evidently more than ordinary intelligence aroonjj the wounded. He was dressed In plain citizens' clothe*, hut there seemed no reason to doobt that he had heenactivel? engaged la the battle, and that In all probability be was an t direr of aonvs rank The o?cer? were called up to see If be ould bi tdentlied. singling out Gen. A. McD McCook from the pwty, the wounded man asked that be mixh*. be permitted to see him alone. The rest retired and a conversation, lasting for some little time, followed between the two. After the interview Gen McCook explained that the wounded man was George W. Johnston, "Provisional Governor of Kentucky," wko had set la motion at RussrlvtU* the bo^us machinery by which Kentucky wss annexed to the Smjhern Coafederscy, and served as Aid, I b lieve, on the General Staff He bad made some personal rrqaesU. The "Go?*rior" *t? ttrerrly wounded i? t?? plan*. H? received f*ery surgical atu-ntiou, but lb? n'll diy be died. If^Tbere art- at th> <>m' 50,uuu more females Ha:i there are male* tn tfceclty of New >'<*? % FROM Y03KTOW!*. [Correfpondem-e Philadelphia tc^'ilrer ] Nsak VoiKTOvrit, April 17 ? During th?? r.i?t three or fbiir d?y* th? Rebe'? h<v?? bren ?ndVTVorlng to atirrgthen thMr work*, In anticipation of in attack from tbeL'nlon forces, now lnv?>?ttpc Yorktnwn Ye?ter<l?v mornlnj?. about * o'clock, one of our batteries opened on tb* enemy. The Bring <rr??w prHty warm nntll 10 o'clock, when ore of on? r."(jim<'iit? took potiMoii With ?^o farn>tt g?n?. !M?<?rat other Run# were br^n^ht to brer opon the Ketx>U. The ehrRiy on the iljfut fired only one or two snn*. On the extreme left fh? booming of gun* ccnld be beard. Tb? supposition win that the batteries attached to Gen. 's division were also en* <tunnlng repoVt? of the Union artlll?ry were *n*werrd occa?lon&lly by tbe enemy, who sent their hollow ball) crushing through the timber, frightening th? crows and buzzud-i, sending therA screaming through the air. Our Union troops stood tn tbelr guns, never flinching for s moment. The ptoro?t g-iiard kept looker* on at a safe distance, thus saving many bcdlcss live*. Two regiments pteVctrd the advance and supported tbe Union oattoriev It serine^ ** thongh the enemy were ^nfrlv ensconced It, ?? rat hole*," and would occasionally come nut and fire their guns, and Immediately ret^rat *o their places of safety. FOr upwards of two hours lh| cannonading was V??pt 'id on tbe Union side with great ard?r. A 1 large bra** piece, known a* the ' Napoleon" pnn, seemed tn anger u secesh" the most, as their flr?S at timet, seamed to be aimed at it altoeethrr feveral offl-.ers clambered a tree to look ovrr n wood at the rebel battcrle* Immediately a sh<Mi wsi sent wbltsing over their heads, raining lb)' " high mlhdrtl^ gentlemen to reach tbe ground 1 n a vp?y short space of time. Towards n- on the Union Arc slackened, aa It was not desirable to bring on a gencnl engace. m*nt with the enemy without they made a sortie, whleh wn not very probable, aa they keep well hid In their works. Soon after the firing commenced a dense smoke was obiefved behind the rtb*l front Thlawaa sappxed to heone of their signals Th? *m' k^ swriiud to arise from the bnrnlng of tar and resin. Up to one o'clock only one casualty occurred on the side of tfce Union troops A duty sergeant, belonging to Company F, 2d Michigan, was stinrtina on a stump ?f a trre, locking -<t th? enemy through an opera gl??a, when a ball fired bv hr rebels cut him almost ) twain. killing hl;n ln?t?nMy Tbe unfortunate man was a reaidrnt of Fentonvllle, Oenese* county, Mleh The enemy bad the ran^c of this spot, and It was a considerable period before the corpse cou'-d b? removed with safety to his friends. There were rumors of oth?r casualties late In the afternoon, but we could not get the particulars from the fict of the means of progress bring limited. The filing was kept up at intervals during the whole of tbe afternoon and Iste in tbe evening At 10 o'clock p. m , tte firing lias not censed Tbe enemy are much annoyed at the Union firing, as they ca not t'o on with the work < f strengthening their fortification*. \V hat damage was don# to the Rebels cannot be arrived at a', present? but from the fart of their slv kencd fi-e we are eonvinced that we annoyed them very iBu<b. The er.emv fired a hollow* *i:e|| filial with sand, and then pluyced with a pine stl< k Tho rrainn tha on Pint.* Hn-tA this anrft r>t ir.laxto was, from the fact, thil tb'ir fwould n<'? hol<1 out ?t long range, while th'J sh:>t went a considerable distance. A?-onf 5 o'clock tbla morning a heavy siege f!un was hroncht to bcir upon the Kebel work*. Up to K o'clock it b?s elicited no reply. The report of thla Run 1* tremendous Its echo can be beard reverberating for nillea through the forest. Nfti Vomtows, April 17? Vetferday our gunbjat* threw a few shells Into the Gloucester l'olnt and wat^r batteries, the fncmv reciprocating, without dolnt; any particular damage. Our scouts report that Jtff Davis is <u command of the rtb? l work*, snd baa WO,fNi<i men to defend tbem Many of these arc r?w levies. a>id cannot stand btfore the disciplined troops rf the Union army. The roads from the rami* to Phlp Point are corduroyed nearly the whole dlttancc. SwtniM sxe no Impediment when our gallant men b*gin to work. As It now 1*, teiuu can pas* through a country which a few daya ago was almost Impas*aH<s to man or beast The first gun of heavy callbrc, to-day, was fired at haif past m o'clock BrMge building. d*ick making, 6c., under the supervision of the United 5Mat?-s authorities, pro. grease* very rapidly. The old residents of the country will not know the i luce when the Union trooj s leave. .New road**, bridges, Kr.?conveniences the residents never knew Most of the old roads are mere bridle paths through hog and swamp, itnd over hill and dale?now In an op< n *p*:e, and then again loxt lu the dirk Ubvrin'ht of th* gloomy p!ne forest*. > The wholo peninsula w.-s fortified from llanip! ton to Vorktown, with earthworks of all deicilp tions, but many of them have beon taken. From f<hlp 1'olnt to Yorktow'ij a rt'itince of f eight mil's, there are no less than ei* heavy work*. 1 his Is along the river r?ad On th? : through Ureal Ucthel, fortification* of all i kind* ?r.d size* greet the eyes cf strangers At i Howard's Mills, they are Immense. 11 ? ?* t-krn i tbotssand* of men and a great de?.l of l-.lni to build these works?all to be dcs?-rfed at tlio ?pI Dfosrh of the Union fn;n 'Ihf ?n? mv h;?f( err; fltu? time to d'lll, all their apare moment* belli/ ' taken up in building and dinging. I Many of the male aervant* nbotit herr, Vivo, nt i thin a, worked upon the fori;Hot!on# l"wy escaped from the Rebel forcca by hid'.nj; la the wood* and a warn pa. Dn. j. n scusnck. ? Tbia dlatfn imaged i'h?a.oian, wLoae brilh%r.t and wit1?? apr?vi n>pn n. ion nu bfen anqnired by hi# eminently Bucceagfj! i (re%tc-.'iit ol Conaamption. even in caw.i i?hioh i h?v? b?*n rOK\rd?d and pronounced inouiable hy the reiu;a- faoa ty, wnl l??at hia Rooms No. 441 Kieuril STREHT, A few fto<>ra above PCNNHYLVANIA AVENUK, WmktifttcH City, ( On WEDNbM'AV, tha iS.1 of Apn'. For oonmllauon acd to examine ihe condition of Hi" |'4? ITLVli H n *reat experience, derived from Inij a::d exteuaive faotice. close study and devoir n to In* pr<>(e?*ion. together with the f snut\noe of the yrfect instrument with whioh ku KXtiminfttione of n.e ion<? a.e m ue, enable mm to deUot Uie alif UU)t>t 7 inptnm* of OMoasa. Hit three feat medioin'a. bia PULMONIC 81 ft L* f. HE A W fcKuTJMC and MANOKAKK PILL.?, have been aa widely oeiehraied a* re medio* Mr diaea?e? of tne Lnnca, Liver an-J ^tomnoh aa hii ovr repntvi .n 'a tne m\a%jeui0nt acl oure of ratioaia euflenn* under three d:*eaae*. We *-o*'<l adviaeall vno need hi* le vine* to call area him a* above. Ft au examination ot th* tone* with the reapiroiueter hechxr?e i* thru dollari, but for ordinarr examination* aud advice without tnat iottrunient no chnru-is mn t, !>-. scntnok v<-n'd i?el cratetul to suoa pstiflnta as have been beu'fitod by hta treatment if they P?INWlWliBH?im till vmr? to their rltir?, auJc*riJ., by written ttatementa, to the I.e. efit they h%*e teceirfd. Bestirs being a crra* rat ai lut>oB t<? him. aeoh eeri'lioaree teed to inpvt onofiience to hn'dieda << acff.-rera front mmhtr 1 wJion??(t only fstth in Dr. Schenck and ' Jit a remeliea to ?et ^e sived Persona can be dueoted to hia room* by calling i at his agent's,?, U. Vv AlTK, co-nor Tin street a'd L.oui?lana a?euue, where also can bo f un-*. a full supply of his Medioines a> 14 9l* C OYSTERS-OYSTERS. KF5P^ PEARE Steamed Oyster Saloon. The r>ir>*?fitM r having oompleted h'a^^ ,?v Steamed Oyrter Saloon, is now ready^Kt /_ } to lnrn'sh to oitisena, stranger*. and%?\^N4F tre pnl lio gererally, with Oysters xSflF rk)ked iij the new graoei of s'earning. he t>e?t Oyaterathe Market ean aflord Will always bo on hand, at the Cheae?e\he Steam Oyster Saloon. No. 403 O street, aear 7th, and uit of the Palest Ufloe. Bib 3'-lPi W'M. p. WE BP. Proprietor. i ftftAnon 'ouwTi GREASE A.WD HOUGH TALLOW wanted. r*r whioh the higtiMt Cult prlo** will t o pud, M |t<? Fuo; eo*> MAagfeotory, Ib4 ai.d ICO Wttor Uoot, tt(o>|ttovn, D. 0. M? ? DAWSON ft CO. 2 000 bu8bb1j? p*ims seed oats. j. r. b\rthoLow. . atrMlllini Wlr>knuM. <3? ??yo7>t ?U?t. tfiaw* flu VtVgus. QAlt DEN r^W*K &EED3, For m1? by ft. BA*THOLOW. Aincnit*r?l Wire! otM, M? Seventh rtr?t. beiow fm. * venue. Acriealtiir&l W*r*ho??<>. ip 5-eoJw f!6 Sirvaolh street, below f*.??. TELKO&Al'fllC NKWS. FROM Of!*. B VN US' COLUMN Iletrrat *1 Jack-on fro-n Matsanalteit Vil? l?fi Th'following dlapathca were rece1 red by the Sccrrtary of War yeatrrday t Ne'.V Mak<*t. Ap'll IP, 9 p. m ?To Hop. E. H. Stanton, 9rcr<*tarv of War: Tn-d*v I h*ve b'fn to thp bfidjrn on th?? aouth fork of the Shenandoah, in Maaatfiwiten Valley, with a force of m * . * if - - " iiiimrry, r.avmry ana artillery, to protect the two impor'Ant brldpes that crdaa the rlter there. We were within alght of LuraV At the south bridge a sharp skitialsh occurea with th* rebels, tn which Ihev loft sercrtl then taken prisoners. Their object was the destru* ion of the brldgea. Oae of the prisoners left the camp on the Rappaharnock on Tuesday morning. No fortifications were there up to that time. Other reoorta Indicate a strone force at Gordonavitlc, the whole resulting In a belief that they arc concen'rating at Vorktown. I bfliive that Jackson left this vallry yesterday. Hi I* reported to have l?ft Harrisonburg yef(fr?1ay for Gordonsvllle l>y ths mountain roa?T He camped liat night at *5c?iaugeytown, eleven miles ilarrlaonburg. N I*. Banks, Major General Commanding. (second dispatch j JSIkw Mafkrt, April 'JO?0 a. m ? Hon. E. M Stanton, Seoetary of War: fbc fl'ght of Jackson from the Valley, by the way of the mountains, from Harrlaonburc toward* Stannardsvlile and or mge Court Honse, on Gordonsvlil?, Is continued this morning by oar scout* and prismera. N. I'. Hanks, iMajor General Commanding. FROM THE MUSISSirPI. Ihe Bombardment of Fori Wright by C?m. ro?tt'i Flolilln. C*l?n, April 10?The bombardment of Fort Writ lit, by Com Foote'a fleet, continues The tight 1* participated In by the gunboat* of the emmy at long ran^e The enemy reply vigoroualy, but doing no damage ai yet. There la no expectation of the Immediate r<d uction of the fort, a* ih." high stage of water will prevent any co-operation cn the part of the land forces for some daya. F.very house In Columbus ia an r rounded with wat^r. and the tclepraph Hue from Cairo to I'lttabur?, Tcno.. hat been carried away by the h'nh water. At Cslro the rlvpr i? jiow wPhiu enefoot of the top of tli?* ievee. Moand City is entirely s'jl merged, and the water l? running into the l<?wer storin i-f the hospitals and dwellings The railroad baa discontinued running below Mound <-Itv- the track biing submerged and carried ? w a v. I 1 ' Mrgfl ?f F?rl \Vrlthl-Klr?n( Position at ihf ( onf.delates? General lirnj^ tu tout* in and. April 19 ?A sporlal despsteb totlje Chicago Tiibune, dated off Fort \\ right, a^ya the firing on Ixith sides on Thursday was vf>ry heavy. 'I'be morlira opened at neon, and tbe enemy replied briskly from th^lr lard bsttery. throwing ?bfll clear over us and nearlyae.rors tbe river. Thrir firing was very accurate, and from very [ heavy pun? The e'>"bo*l# St Louis, Carondelet and Cairo, stationed as picket ships near the rxI t:cml!y of the point, bad to move up the river to get out of range. The Briny vraa kep' up on both ?lde? until midnight. The gunboits St. Loula and Cairo were struck by sheila. but no damage wtsd >ne Veaterdsy, Friday, but little firing was done. In the afternoon the mortara were shifted to tbe opposUe side of tbe river for greater protection, as in their forme; position they were In great danger from prowling rebel bands, who (have already rut the levee in two or three plares to embarrnse the operations of the mortara. Deserters say the rebel batteries now mount about 41) gun?, and tbat (hoy have 00 more, which were b^iiig rapidly put In 1 position. <??n Brags has command th?*re, suc, i Ceding Veiiepagne Th< re are about G,(HX> troops I there, and four gunboata in the river mounting 'it ftin* 1 The Investment of Fart Micia-The Rebels Make a Sortie. New York. April 30.?The steam' r Fllen S. Terry, from New barn on the l?th, and Cap? 11stteras on the 19th, ha? arrived. She sailed in company with the transport Haze for Fortress Morroe, with dispatches for General McClellan. Hatterss light w&a lighted on the 17th. Four companies of the Connecticut?th regiment had a skirmish on the 12th, witu a force of 150 reb?!s, who nia lc a sortie from Fort Macon and drove in our pick'H After a sharp engagement the reheN were driven b.-Jck to the fort Capiain r*chatfl r and one private of company II were severe' y weunded The rebels carried four of their men Into the fort, one supposed to be drad. During the engagement Fort Macon fired venty shots at the engaging forces. The building of fortifl.atlons liy our troops was still going on. . The Terry brings eleven bodies of dead soldiers, also a iiumtwr of men frim various regiments at Newborn, and the fori of 050,(KM) s*-nt by the soldiers for th?lr firriilleJ. The health of our troops continued c<*>d. From Souther* Tennessee??eu. Mitchell's visitt? I)rcKtnr> Cmi ioo, A|>rll 10 ?A apodal Cairo riUpatch to the Tribune say* lint wbcn Mluhelt rinrbed l>--ciitur, Alahmnn. on nli late hrlrt^n rj. ptdltlnn, he took |x>?-?r?-loii ofth?t< le^raph ofllre mid rut the wire, leaving Decatur and Corinth '?;i 1 v li? telegraphic communication Fuhafqurntly fteaurc^ord ?rnt a message to J - II* Davu demanding K'lnfurccinrnta for Corinth, and declaring that oiherwiae he could not hold hla pr-aitloii. Gn Mitchell answered the dl*patcb and promised rr-inforccinenta. An Important movement hat taken place sincc the above?th? particulars of which cannot be published at present At the latest dates from Pittsburg Landing the two s r in it's were nearlni' caoh othrr ?loi?lu [ tCOWD DlirATCH J Caiho. April is.?Hperlai to the Chicago Trlb?n?. flrn Mitchell t* now at Juka, having turned the bridges across the Tennessee at D.catur and Florence. ?xtra*rdlnary Fre?hets. PpRijiariKLD. M , April 19 ? At 10 o'clock this morning the Connertlcnt river wm ntnOen I . v I k? .? t ? * *- J ? * ?ixi icu lutmavvwe mpw wiutr inmi, ana rising on** inch and a qnarltt an Lour. Tbe West Springfield bridge Is rendered lm p^takle at Hrattleboro; tbe river i) three feet and a half bi?h:r tbaaever before known, and ltrlsing at the rate of four inches an hour. Romi, N. V , April 1H?The whole Mohawk Valley Is Inundated. Tiaius on the Central Road fc- - * ' ' * 1 4 _.-U? U..? A I ? - wcic u^idiuca i?m?* nitgui? uuv caiiiv ?urP'J,*Q in* d iy, although several utiles cf track arc under Water. Albany, April 13 ?Tbe river ro*r last night over tbe piers and partially up Utate street. The damage done here is small. Tbe Central Railroad track Is under water some forty miles. Further from Fait Pickens New Yokk, Aprl)20 ?Tbe ste&irur PhlladelC>bla, from Fort Plcken*, bas arrived Tbe main ntures of her news have been antlclf ated via Havana. Deserters were constantly coming over from Pensicola. Tbe rebels bad not evacaated tbe place, but wtre moving their unit away. Tbe to#n wan under martial law, ana all ciltiens remaining there were forced Into the anny. Large Are* were eeen every night from Purt Flckenf, and It was supposed that tLerebrlti were destroying their property. A proclamation Issued by Col. Jones, tbe rebel commsnder at Pentacola, threatens all Idle people with tbe gallows, which he ?a;s will be In constant use after the 31 Fran the MtaoUla Department. Hbathjpartbb*, Wheeling, April 30 Hon. E. M. Sunton, Secretary ?f War: Intelligence Juet received tn ta Gen. Mllroy atatea that the enemy, numbering about 3,500, with two batteilea including two rifled gnna,are constructing fortification* uj?on the creat of the tibeuandoah. Kelt' fs of 300 men are coratanUy at work day and atsht. ? The rebel encampment la on the eaatern alope ef the mountain, eateading down flve mile* from

the Bummlt. A noted guerilla named Frederick W.Cbew&lng baa been captured by a cavalry company under Gen Milroy. ' J .C, M Jot General. Arrival il the Weanded u4 frliiKri at 81. L?? 1*.? St. Loci*, April steamer Imperial ar* rived last nlcht, bringing 4U) sick and wounded, 107 being prisoners fromPlttsburg, this bclr.jj tbe last at tb? wounded there. The Kteamer K vans vl lie ha* r.lao arrived with >50 rebel prison*r* from island So. 10. Tbe K*ansTtUa. we are informed, will sail to-day with the captive* for Prairie du Chlea. , . - :w ' v> - ' - Later f?ea1 Shllth. Cmraoo, April 10 ?A apcclal dl?patc.h to the Chicago Tribune fr^m Cairo aava thai U?n. Sherman moved h^a division ou Wedne?<Uy two mtloa further into the Interior, tnd after a sharp ?klrnilali, in which the enemy were difcat d with a loat of flfly or allty killed and .?? many wounded, heati'-cetticd In (TMl'italntng hts position. A fpeclal dispatch Irom t'alro to 4tir* Tlfflrl aaya tuat Gen. Mitchell la now at Julia, Mlulaaippt; having burned tbe brldgea acruea the Tennessee river at Decatur and Florence, it'cciu intelligence from Corinth confirm* previous report* concerning the mxfn'tudc of >be enemy's force. Reinforcement* for Beauregard were arriving at an unexampled rate. He has now a hundred tboo*and men, acd Is fortlfvUg Corlnth, building entrenchment* *nd con?tructlag an abattis. The rebels entertain bo doubt of success noxt time. A Skirmish at Savannah. Cairo, April ip, via i't I.ocm, A prll 10?A gentleman who has ju?t arrived from Pittsburg repor'* i bat nil the wounded bate b;-cn taken away from that point, A skirmish took place at Savannah, Tctin , on WftmnHy, bflwefn a detachment of our cavalry and (i rebel picket guard, Which %*a* posUrd uncomfortably near pur lines and very strong. The Cibels were driven tpek, having 5 killed and A3 wounded. Come of the refuser* report that the rebels arc fortvfvlng themre'.ves at Lock Creek, half wiy to Corinth, and strengthen! ng their work* at Corinth, and also that some !*'ale trains are arriving bringing freah troops through; wUllo others siy the rebela are sending x>ff their stores, preparatory to an cvjicutlon. Transports Ctrrd Into by the Hehe's. Cairo, April IS ?The steamers Minnehaha and Patten were fired Into bv the rebels yesterday while ascending the Tennessee river with troop* Upon the former on** man was killed and one severely wounded. Those en the ratten were uninjured The troops on thn Minnehaha landed and burned a row of wooden b'liid'ngion the blufTi near which the firing criminated. tslscel J?kn N Phelps ts Ketu-n Is Congrrss Ft I.ocis, April 19?Col John P pfcolpe, who peif'-rined a distinguished pa?t In tfaf b?"lr of Pea Rld?e, has arrived from Hpr'.ncfldi lie is In bid health, snffTlog f'om disoam* contr <rtrd r n t ho 1H Mu mill rr m?lr? f r->m #n<s* J > - ~ .< HV HV>W ? V 111 IKIC IV fl IT W and th< n proceed to Washington and take Lis s*?t 'n Corif rrB?. OFFICIAL. Department uf state, WABHTtMTOif, January 25, 1'-** The Secretary of State will horeaftcr recelst Members of Congress on business on Saturday#, commencing with Saturday, tfc? fir?t of next month. Jan 27'U WILLIAM Jl. SEWARD. WAR DEI'ARTMJSNT, JAF??*RT 71, 1^2. Oxdoiv, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesday*, Thursday* ard Fridays against all other buslni <? but tb*t which relates to acMre military operation* In ths Quid. rwiuraayi will be devoted to the bualneM of f*etjaU>r? and Representation". Monday* to the busing of the PuMle. EDWIN M. STANTON, J* 22 tf Secretary of War. PA SSfcNGEll TRAIN TO AU.1ANMS. WAR Department, ) Offirt Military SvrrrmieH'fmt Hiilroitlt V.S. > Washington, April l*i IW- ) No Pasacnccr Train will be run from Washlnjjton to Manan%ds until further notice. D. C. McCALLUM, ap 18-tf M. D. andSuj?'t Railroads, U. 9 AUCTION SALE& By J' O. MoOl'lRR k CO , Anotion?ers. TRU*TKK?8? HALE OP C1TV LOT3.-OB TUESDAY /KTKRNUON, M?T 27'.h "PS2. atfK o'oloolr, "n tho prfmi?ea, hy ?iitu- o( tiro d -*u? or tru?i? to th*??if>?OTib?r,oue d*t?<1 J?nu*rjr 221, 1V0. ?ndrreard*d in Liter J. A H , Na 69, f.illo* 2tft. at : th? f>thsr d%tM Jii'tIIIIi, IW\ and r?c*id?d m>?r J . A. S , No. 2?2, fn io* '.41, et ?<?v. of tho l.R'd reoorca f-?r Wanh'pfton com tr. D. C.. w nh&ll se'l one uncivil?*! hfc'.fi part of Lota nnmh?rM 1. 2, 3, 4, 8, 6, ?ni 7, in f'qnare numbered 299, [routine on S^'h E atroet, between 12th and I3tn e'r'ets vnt <l?!an<M | Term*: On^-hatf o*?h: the bVnnoe in aix rno?ta?, with intcreat, rcoureJ by & dee! of t nut I on the prrnvres. All ooure ancin* &t th? <jo?t of tUe ?aroS*.?9r. TBI). J rrcr.t- e. a? 12-eoibda j. C Met US R K fc CO.. Anoti. By WaU* BARNARD, Auction*?ra. rpRU8TEE_'S HALE OF VALUABLE l>t * rROVKT) K SAL E<?TATS AT APOTU-N ? Mj V.rtuo oi a ditctc* t'f the Oireoit Conrtol tlm Iri?u>c.t ofOolnmh'a for the eoimtj of Waalurrton, ntti'iK r.a a C<>u't of dated J71 < f JanuarT, IR J, I K. C. Morcan, will ??ll, on MONDAY. U>? 5iti of May- !" '*, at 4 o'clock p. in . at tho Auction RoomaoJ Walt A- Bai nard. eout.'i >tor c?i ofl'een ylv*ni\ Avem.? and i\mth atreet, t? the city of W&ahioguini t"? 1 <l:o?mr der.cuhed Rev f- RtAte, nvnely : [.< ?? 8, 9 aui lr, in S<uaro iV>. fcS?. I hoae lota front on aotjfft F street, and are l>etwe? n Firat itrf-ot west and Second afreet w?*t and on pari of the?e lota are four good houses, which will hseold aeparatcly. I w>ll then ?eil, at the aam.i p'aee, a!t of ?*uare north <'f Square No. S4i lhi? aquare ia bounded by Delaware a*en?e, Vir*in:a avenue, ha'f-mect * ??, and ?outh K atreet. twill thee aa' the aame place, Pquar* No. VH. Thia aquare ia b ud0?1 by north J) atreet, Kighih ftre?-i ea?t, north V atroet. and event h ?t e-t eae', a id ia iail out in atxUen lota,nrh'ch wi I be aola separate; jr. I will than ?e i, at the name place, f.ot No. *>, in Pquare6<2, at the corner of Delaware aviiiue and outh (i atreet. All oi the foregoing Real Katate ia aituated in the eity of Washington, 1>. C.,and will t e aold under aforeaaid deoree Jhet?rniaol tbe?eaale? wiUhe: One third o*eh; halanbe in aix. twelve, and eighteen mon'lu. 1>? ferred payment* to hear intceat.and l?eaeen'ed b? tee purchaaer or pi icliaaera' nolea, eid-Jta.d to tus sat iB.action of the 'j matee. K. (J. MORGAN. Trn'te*. apjl 3tawAd* VV ALlA BaKNAKU, Au0!l_ Br WAI.L A DARNARD. Aootioneera. T>RU3IEK'8 HALK OF VAI.MAIILK RKAL f.STATI IN THI ("OUfftVOV WAaPIFGIO*. I> C.?t'v virtue o| a deer) of trnat. dated on (he Jittl da? of Ancoat. I8W, and recorded on the i?th day of November, I 57 in l:ber J. A i1.. No. Wt. foiioa Zn. vas, and S3?, one of the land rfcorda for Wa*hin?tou county, in tbe Piatnot of t olaiutua, I will aell on THUK91JA V, i4th d xy of April, i??7. at & o'olook p m , at the Auction lluu<e >f Wail <* llarnard. oirner Mh atreet ami l'a avenue, ia the oity of Wa*hin(lor, tbe fo loeire de-oribcd tract of lard, with tmtldinM and inip?oren."nra therein, lltlAlad lb tha Annulf W?kl.m?l.i? ? iw? trict of Colombia: The Mid tract of laid h?g it.nln* a* the er?i of the fourth line uf a tract of 'and sailed New Seat, and running them* south 15 perches, thence tout" M degree*, west 26 p*iohea, tnence north St> degrees, east 113 pe-ohee. thence south 63 decrees, east SIX aerobe* to its intersection with the fifteenth hre of t' e larcer traot of land oonveyed by the het>* and devisees of IMvid C- Part'er to bdward Hwaoo, thenoe south 49 decree' west 68 perohes. tlio.noe south 25 degrees, west II peroho* a?d ?3 iw> of a perch tnenoe, south 81 decreet, west 4t> perch's lo the beginning, ooiitaming 31 acrts, i rood and 17 perohes. The term* of this salewl I he one-third eash; balanoe bearing interest and payable in ejnal tnsta'mant* at?, ?2snd IS months, the deferred payments to be aeoared by a 'ten on the land One hinJred do lars of the oa'h pa;men* to be pa d down at the plaee of sa e; and in case the par Baser or purchasers refusing so to do the property will at one* be resold at the risk and oost of the defaulting purchaser or furaiiase s. B. C. M??R??AN, Trvitee. mh81e?Adj W ALL fc BAKNAW l>, A sots. r_.." runiiKa rauisi-i. HiVli RENCii ME^TAL'RANT-277 FkN.itfLVA114 AVISU B. W'A?UIMT?W. MEALS AT AL>L> HOUR*, iMr or Nigktl I ?4ie?an<J ?*Ltiwa?n'? ?^^PtirdTtt aATMa BOOMS: IL/~Order* fur furniaMng Ptrtiu prow?t!? ?tteuiied to. tCrlORRAM! M K IW NEW ARRIVAL OK BEAUTIFUL STYLES IPRIN9 CLOTHING. At BAR A BR.U.. a??-lg* OomrfiHdTikurNk EOtBK AND WA60N PUR HaLE-A.1 uoallml BuRHK. 'oand *nd fcn,<i;<rv a family horM, will b? sold "r'""V7P ?tc? vagoc, or wi h it, u dfireJ.^fc ^ Bi>u *r? v?n anil**! *> th? bm of a 9uii?r, m tha *m?n vh cot ? for that ?-o. ud u on 1 n?w. ?"AU,:? II <h? Statute of Mwn KKl.LlLJt * rYWKLL,oa ?tii ?tra?t, Mvim D and R. aplt-iv* | <y::"iVp -yfir i , I / * ? .,.3 a ? v. / iy DENTISTRY. LOOMI9, .M. IJ.. ??Ti*r*rr patoctM flh# M1NKRA r? I'LATK TtffcTH. M M jgca ^!?on*!if at h<* .n ll?:> CitT.H~5ta# Iklnnv cur ??*r tb??* t^fth MLC-iti w?*r oth*r?, twt nn r"?3C *aa *'4TOUlri who??ann?t w?*r tli'**. <~%; iin ni i,i f ofi-pfl*1! voom,n?wialH With *ot pn<-? of 'he? iraj OM<r*. h?t to thc?? Wff> !*r? piwticiOnT MKi Ttiii th? viroct. e.#ai>wit, ".:? ) irj'J* roilt-t dentvie thai art cap fro<Sn?N ts* CR/. L I'LATI", mlF ra:!y warrants. Room? ia tt?i? titj?No. SJS I'a. * ??!?>, l+twwi Ittad lOtii tit. A..?o, 807 A-ok ?trs*t, FhiiaUei ?>?;a. ma*- ?-1y.w> ^liW ANU IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHFOrLAPTl BOHM TEETH, W:?s??f Mitai, PLAT* ?CI,A??S. I>K. ?. B S19K9MOND, *!'< >'(m Twk-iiwi /'mny.'MiiM 4t r**l, liiA anrf ISifc (If., Ifntmiim, C* ihe *ti*r.iior of thn prt>!ir to th? loilovtnt of hi* iinf I : <sfTS'**? 1. Il? T*?th of fe;? nAuj'vrtur* wi. Mtthaaf o?**r eorodp po- oh*nj? ooior Sy anj^rT-**' Mi 1a. b^iri thr?? fourth* !?s(iter t!i?n ar? !ii*r, t. No twh or roota tend b? ws?nu't?<|, m Ik* artiSciti onsn oa3 be :rr**rt?d ow tiism. S. Tn? root* ViU fcf m*4e uic'^rai??, Ml arrm rfe*. 4. No t^jr.tora-y t??tb ?r? n?<v?'f, at p<rTHj-?nt nte un N? irji'lfl !rr.niH"*t?ly, fr???rrtr.f ir.e natnral extwu.on of the iic?, ?h<oh MHtw the o!?l Is f,-p<jnwni!? ?. 1'ii'i w-->rl rut* (-lit ?? .?! nr?r l-r r.ifcn/ of the int oh^THU id of lhi? nat'i. fv. h?j- ??!?o ? wh'tc and^J!tri?c*i?? mftl ' R 11 ir ? * ?.. 1.--K * n Wi ? ii ' Ji *11^ 'M'",; f l P'HTr kfT'l | *?a *">1 **ti f nild iinnrvj toots on *;;? 3-<f> root*, whiatt wilt t.Voafh litoim*. Tb? l.fstor refertsora ?'. ???1? l?r. V, Mntt; Df. Oorerctn. Frofc*** t of OiiMi'tr;. N. V? Hon. W?ya?, of lh?Stf.cnM 'Joj.t of WMking ton, and ttjfwwvcds of otV.ert. Tail and ei*x.. -e for ??ur??lf. no J Cm GAS FITTING" AoT AWi* *. DOVE A CO. _ . KC !*fw Vgmn^at't ?tj i4?n Witt ?bi4h thsj m?? he hr&^lwxi tfc? rkPABUi#, (J* PtfcJkM BrSllEW. fTT" St?r? *r fti *?r?M a, f-ir ccrt* ?f f? ? *:> *. ?fh?rr n?? ? ?CtM a ^r*1' **?./ rtm?r?| ?T CHANl)t:Llt:ka *r< *n< ff iTKt KH /MRKW. l>. t~ <T OL' at!< FIXIVKK8. T? F B*?? :tl ?lnrs. ?!) ? %r* rtfti t J* *l\T9RKK9i*?tir?lr N?r P*tt??rn?WKl fV?'jo? ?o" unspp. m si?!* i-i a: 'iMnc |r-r'*l in th 8 market. V. a iavilr oit.ser* If to m!1 a?*t Mi;:i;De riook o? Uta ar.j Wat#, r li' oonSlrnt th*i ra kaTa tit* t?*f *a.*rtM it'v k in VV ?*biiictoxu Ail Work in th?*lrr*a Itnstst;<"*.cd Uu Mrt via to jrtaptir b'.'.cL'.t*' ta, Ii( KXS * H<?RAH. .U t U 47* D HiMl ZULDtKKS' MONEY AND ALLOTMENT PHAFTS. TBli AI)AM3 F.XI'RF.SS COMI'ANV WILL, H'RAAKI) *MLI>1?R3' rkmit TANCliS To thou I imi'iM *.( in? *!a*s *?n tSa !in?s of their 1 At a oiiarge of TWKNTY-FIVK CtNTS po* AMT JIOT *x^*|rni5? Fiftt D?ILLAW?; Ar-"! * proportional* ?harer> to p itc i rsi3h?<l l>f ooiin^ctlDf l.x?rea??*a. Tii" remitt*n?? whuhar BoM, Tr/?a*urt Nntas, or A'lottr.^at I>raft% Ffiould hs aiio'.oaad p an ?n v? lop* ai <1 trau-al* a**i??d, ?r<1 ti*v? Ui* f?ii ad nr??*R tnciuiiiiiK io?n, ron i;ni=e,an? :"i?ie k. 'l in citi<*n th? strer. a-d nutiher) i.f the to whom to be sei t, aad the amount l^jiMy tr.&rkr-U thern?n. Hnrelnpesfor this purpose mar he had at ocr offioe To fanli'at* prompt delivery the oharge for re mittxnoe thouid he wppa.i't uh 23 Jm ADAM? EXPRESS COMPANY. SOLDIERS' rAY. HARNDEV3 RXPRK.S3 WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES. Wctthk MOMIT O? ALLOTMFKT Dkaft?. To their Families at any place on tae line* oflhsir Express at & chart e rf TWENTY-FIVE CCNT3 For any sum not excoedin* Fifty Djllara. ($50 ) And i proportionate additional e?ar*efor piaooa r&aoheu uy connecting Expre^aca The renu'tioce, whether in 6r>U, Treasury Note*, or A!iorme:.t Dralts, shoul 1 be enclose-! n aji ecv?l'.pe. an"! securely neaiec, n^u >iav? the ta1) ad?!re?s, inolcdme t'is town, i'o?t Oilice ar.d State, ot the person to whom to re sent, and the amount IctiMy marked thernon. t.riTrlo.pea li>r tuis purpose will he famished at th'? tCic. Money tonmtM ti he rewarded at the offios in VtrhiP{t9B, Third tU;ft, eecor.J door b.*low Pennsylvania avenue. sp I Im E. S SMITH. Acent. j^OR THE MULTU OF VELLOW8TONE Tt)RT L?NT0N,*M1S30URI RIVER. TlifftMlMrfKMIMK.J.C I a R*?g?, Waster, Will leave on or alxtut th-? 2?th ?-l jro?. April To pnr?.,.i? d?cin??' o( ?->irr v' wi -fi-u Hi 3 ierruoi T O I Washington, tiu? ?? Ih* n.?j?lo*M*Rbl? roaUt. twtKit ar!f !< V> aj?hii:*toii 'ier;it.>.-r, having Irooi F-vt Hcntnn only 1? raieaol UlJ fravel, over & i<i--d read, ?o the inn?t dr-'.rr.^e p\rt of the Territory. In connection vritfc 'no Kmilio xrill be a very lie:it ( rauitht rut- wi:.?oi su amer, vhtcb wilt leave here about the i -Vi. deaieoeu to rnn f'om tue > ellovalaue to the Fails cl Missouri. For freight or ?**e&cc ippi? on board. dim *a-3w Sl'KlNG EILK-?,afall aaaortment, inured and p ain With our uma! fell e?rort?n?nt of all tl.e Dry Goods requisite* f;r tho general and cpccial waata ol faro i ilea ' or Northern and F.aatern oorreepondapta send u is I on puppurn 'ilfcliy. j One ptice onl?, tbe Actnal cwh cttrdard value, m?rkt <1 in p'Mn fiiurea; hpnce na purchaser la ?wouir|[?a. AH puroets for the interior ?rop?'!y parked free efeharK*. r Kit KV k. HKO.. ap 9 6t Pit, ava n?ai<1 Ninth ?t OtM'bUIAI. NOTICE. N AND AlrTKR TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 0*0, the trains on ih? Baltimore ar.<! Ohio Ka>lr^ai commence running daily, Sunday* excepted, lr*rir.* tfita Nation at 1.V> A. M , and connecting at Wa*hirc|oQ Junction with! urn for aTl p?rt? of tbo W?t *i* l'arkoriif>urt or w heelinc. Tuionjh liekrUftold and btrgM? ck^ksd W. P ttMi.fl, Matter of Tianipoitv.ion Daltimore auu Ohio R*ilro?<1. M 1 Jvf Wir^.T.'TrV^xM MAyvhAt-Tonr. ?tt BlTUfl Wjn&iMTtR, 0, ?, ll vir awarded bj Maryland Jnibtiu * H?ltimoro,Nu?*inh?r ISH. kjt. NMkl MiHtowiitanVpobainM'Jaaatlto wasUiacton, D. C., i -fJ. I aw ?<QclArV)T* *!wa\c q?t? kut I !h? beat triatrial, ?T?rj } Fig* ts?i? Lc*tt??r, f >VfWn* WmI Box.aca f T-aska, PoUUNOr, Carpet. a?4 | Cuni TrareMnt fare, Kej^l At l.** /Vmm. Hn^n cf Cotrrea* and trarelera will ?:?ae? ?anune r?T a too* lWore paronaaiax eleearkei* Pranks that are tnr.e in other eitiea. Scperior LhUisi aad Dtom Tranka u<* I* order. Traxka eovered ud reaaired at ehert cotiee. fteoda deliYeroa free of charre to anxifart cl tt> alt* *?er*etown. and Aieaaodrij^ _ JAMKS B.TQP1AM, DFRUM PARIS. E BERNARu?l-e ParaveM: #>o |>e "omard?On B^u Pere.l vo.#.; bft? Ikt Beanvoir?Le Csbaret dea Norta; 3~o Dunsaa? 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