Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1862 Page 3
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J LOCAL NEWS. Nonet ? Mr A W Burp?,t??f managing agw?t ef the itar't circulation In Georgetown, will hi-r^fier alao act a? tb? Star't adrrrtlalng agent there An* Georgetown advertUementa left at Pr G B Barnara'a, rorner of High and Bridge ititH*, "r with 0 Crandell, No Its Bridge treet. will meet with prompt attention. AacaiHUT* To-W.oht. F?*D'e ATHF.iErw ?So great waa ?b* In threat % nianlfeated in tbe play of the ' Gladiator" on 1- rldav night laat that the management have agr??d ^ to ?ta repetition. ?o that all may have an opportu" nity of aetlng Mr. Forrest In one of hla gr?ndcat b>rs. tera Thla too, will positively l?e the laat J I time of Its presentation, and ail, therefore, who dealre to wknts* tbe great character of ? i?r>artat'j?" adequately represented must be at Ford's to-nigh'. One Fbllowb' H all.?The moat amusing bill of the neaeon ia eff-red at thfs popu ar teaort tonight on tbe occasion ?,f .Mr. Geortre K tinkers b?-n?tit. The full force of Mr. Kunkel's Ethiopian mmraoy will be rir.plnyed on an entirely litw bill of fact, fun acd frrlic C*AMKKBriT ?Manager Perclval purposes eel, ebratmg Kavter week by offering to tbe public one of tbe meat attractive of hi* fun making and iau^Lter provoking bills Frank Brower. who Is ra'd to be untxctUcd in Ethioplc eccentricities, nnki his first appearance for the spring season tn-nlght Miss Ida Uuvil appears for the flrat time In this city; together with Miss Millie a 1 a .j n a ftow:rr ana tue V/Ouri 01 neeuty. Comlon Paktt op tbi Piiiiitiiawi Ensis* Co*?ai?t ?A line opportunity is offered the lov?rs of the Terpslchnrlaa art to ''trip It on the light fantastic toe." at Temperance Hall to night. (The satisfaction heretofore given by this company at their former parties Is a guarantee of the success of tbia one. Tlckcts, admitting a gentleman and ladles, 50 cents. Hiawatha Bots' Ball ?Franklin Hall,rorner - ot Ninth and i) streets, has been engaged by the above club, for tbls evening, and a grand ball will b* glvsn. 11 a ye'a celebrated string band bas been engaged for the occasion. Washington Acsdimt of M csic?Slgnor Tl>vpfMnl PAntimiM rr> Hpliokt fr^nncntfri of th{.? (resort by b?s rich baritone voice. Tbe Instrumental it'w?lc In also of the tlrst order. RefreshzriT.U a! hand. Meeting or the Fifth Ward Usios Demochak.?Pursuant to a call, a large number or tbe \ I nlon Democratic voters of the Fifth Ward assembled at the hous^of James Casparls, on Saturday evening last, and organized by railing Mr. TJiomas Thorn'ey to the chair. Mr. McKlnney was appoint* d secretary IThe Chair stated tbe object of tbe meeting to be the nomination of candidates to be supported at the municipal election in June next. While on ta?* tloor, he would refer to tbe fact that a teat oath Lad been pnscrlbed for voters lie, hlmaelf, would not hesitate to take the oath, and did not suppose there ws< a man there who would. He believed that the law, In Its Inception, waa lnf 'ended to drive men frim the polls; and said that If challenges were made by a party, In party spirit, they could retaliate, end by challenge force tbe oath upon their opponents. On motlcn. Win A Miflloy was unanimously q notmnsiea a* mer.itnaii>iif 10 oe aupponea lor jjgk Alderman of the fifth Ward. domination* wen? then in order for candidate# for Common Council, and Messrs Tho? Thorn1"V. O-r-rge Hl'i, Thomson Van Keawick, and Dr W. F. Wallace were proposed?the two laat being a>?ent Mr Duffy aa!d he was opposed to ihe nomination of any ?t*a!er?. Th* y shoutt b? hear to ppeak heir aentimeu's and acccpt the nomination. H? would vi*e for do man who did not attend the mrfting for fear r.f ? fl. ndln^ the friend* of the administration He wanted men nominated who would not bei-itateto proclaim their principles Mr Mallovita'fd that hla nominee, Mr. Va.i Rt-swlck, hid agreed to accept the nomination If tendered htm Mr Duffy thought It wou'd be br?t to *dj?nrn IoTer on* week, so that an oppoMunlty co ?Jd be had for consultation with nomlneca; and made a motion to that etl?!ct. M. !. If, Ik. n.ottnn . r> A VI P r?ui? IHUT V wh - UC UVliUU ? KiiU ill. Duffy then withdrew It. Mr Tbcrnley begged leave to withdraw bii asm*, but was refused, The balloting was then proceeded with and Mmmi, Thorcley, Vau Keswick, ?nd IIHz renived all the votes except one, which was cast for Dr Wallace; and on motion the nomination* v??ri' mtde unanimous. Mr Wiiliam Harper was unanimously declared j th? nominee for aMttscr. Adjourned. - * Baltimore A^.irn Confsrrsck of the African M E. Church a-aembled Saturday morning, (third day,) at 9 o'clock. Hlshop Payne in the i ?>air. Kellgloui service* were conducted by k-v. Alei Johnson The flfth quest on of tb? general iulnnfes w^s taken up, viz : What p.'ia;?ers are admitted on tria! ' H#v Ht*ninm!n T Tanner !* #? nMtnr nt th? F>fl??utb rttrft rresbvtertan Cburcb, wu preirnu^ by V- W Mwf for admission. A lengthy discussion arose as to whether Mr. Tanner waa to be received r a a minister In full connection, or as a proi^ationist. TLe Chairman decldrd that be would hare to be received aa a probationer In the conference. Htcraae waa then referred to the committee on aImlnlon. Kl<-bard A Hall, of Frederick city, was recomm ud'dbyS L. Hamcnd.and was referred to tbesame committer. James A. Usr.dy waa also recommended and referred. Jac4.b Nlcbol?on's recommendation was ruled on* by the Chtflrmin, on the ground of informality. Re* Mr. Pipes, of the M E Church, was Introduced to the Conference by Bishop Favne. fR(?. Wm H Wllllama presented to the Confcence for Inspection, tbe act of incorporation of the church at Ciearsprlng, Md , which was exam I tied and approved cf. iThe older oi the. day we* called, viz: The preambles and resolution offered by A. rrapecting the calling of an extra General Conference. J M Brown, wbo vra? entitled to tbe floor, a'd as tbe time for adjournment waa near by, he culd not now dlarufs tbe queeMoo. Jamn Lyi.tb tLtn mcvtd tbe pre7ioua question. Tbe whole matter waa Anally laid over till Monday. ^ The Conference, afterhearlnj the appointments reaonounced, adjourned. Cevtbal Ocasphoc** Casks? Btftrt Jutite* ffn'k ?Sunday ?F. "tdinvrr, Aug Cox, John \ N <|Ui!d, and Jaines Daly drunk; turned over i?? tb~ military. W II llarrlwn. disorderly ron^ ft. Ji ? a- ev ? ? a ?. ui?!uihvii jdiiui i/ouiturny, ao.; nncfl l?W. Gwge Young, throwing Hones In the markM, lined f"Monday -W m Brown, J. II. Evan*, Robert Ktum, and Alonzo ? Perry, (col'dl boot-blacks, disorderly: dismissed. It appears tbat tbe 'Bootblark Association" baa regulation* by which to rontrol Us meu.tH's to practicing tbe profession Tb? penalties for Infringements gf tbe rulra are m->re or ieaa severe, and are strictly enforced. One rf tbe members bad beea guilty of a palpable violation. and was seized by tbe committee. Uken into tbe market-bouse. and gently ' robbed"?an operation ?o disagreeable to tbe criminal tbat he i appealed to tb? police. Tbe justice seeing tbe 4 good humor of tbe committee, dismissed It with a cau'lon to be prudent la future. Jaa. Carttery, J %_ O ? ? - ? nruna, a?iea Meiijanun waters, ao ; do. 81 SM. For?TB WiinSaiiMCasks? Btfvrt Jmttie* Wolitr ? tfurtdsy, Robert R Miller, profanity; lined II. H Smith, do.; <1o W'.V*. John l,*mroiaz, John Ryon, Jamo Gai!a.;ber, snd M Don oghue, drunk; turned over to ?he military Ellen Green, drunk, workhouar 9(tda)*. W.H Roman, do; do. [todays Won Hutchinson, drunk and rtlscrde-h; dlimlsH. J. H Caldwall. druak, dismissed. Monday?Anna Wtillam*, charged with the larceny of f*>. held to ball for farther bearing Kobery Hay. drank and disorderly; dismissed. Charles Smith, (col ,) assault and battery on Prlacllla Gray. (Col.:) fined *5 **t James Daly and Ma'.hew Lltfce d-unk, turned over to the military. Edward Wright and Aleiaeder Taylor, (c?4.t) disorderly gathering, dlsmtawed. Oiru?' Cocet ?The petition of Mr. HuM. > ef <i?orgetown, for the binding of a free colored cbi.d named Brow|?the mother of which child wja free?came ap f.>rtbe decision of the Coart on tviturday. J ud^e Puroetl held that, the Preaidect hSTl-ki. since tbe laat sesaion of the coart, I approved th1 act for the sboHtlo* of slavery la the Instruct of Columbia, this eais assumed an eatlre new feature. Tbe fstbor of the child la aow a # j ? _ -- - __ a i ?i .J s ?. ik. ? _ ^ -a V i'rr mao, ana, a* uru.rnuu^i iv vur care idq 4 ristody of bis children, unless It couUI be shown 'hit he is naflt to have the cus'odjr tad care of them. The petitioner ws? permitted lo withdraw his petition. U'jri?T ?Coroner Woodward held an isqoest v?s?erday ifWnoon at the Foertb Ward stationbouse, to inquire leto the raaae of tbe death of a colored man named l/einond Sbe*ton, who fell de?d shout b o'clock the nJgbt before oa the ?orner of Seventh si. tod Pennsylvania avenue. The jury returned a verdict of death frsoi estgemtion of the longs. Tbe deceased bad tbe repu'attoa of a sober and le#eelrtee? Man, and bts body was taken la eham by reasmlttoe of tolured Odd Fellows, af which order he was a n*nt>er. XuTtMov S*U4?i School T(Acnas.-A uertlngoi the officers aod teachers ef tbe Sabh*tb ^c boo la U called, at the rooms of tbe Voung , Men's ChriatUa Association, this evnsln*, the purpose of considering tbe propriety- of having an eantvrrsary this year Intel Litiiai AtsoeufutW -R?f. T. B MrFuiawill deliver the opening ad drees this evriilng, at 9 o'clock the Gazette tf the A?o* Ii?t;oa will also tw read. Pbiiorkb Baof at ftt Old Capitol Piiro*. A boat 11 o'clock yeoteriUy tnornlnjr.oneof the political prlaoners, aimed Jam B Wharton,who w?? ar re ted ootne months since near Hagerstown, and confined In the Old Capitol prison, went to a window on the south aide, overlooking the ?varda' yard, and he and the gu*rd on Post No. 13 MM>a entered Into angry conversation with eoch other Pnrtnf the dtarute. the caul (Ambrose Baker, of Company C, 91at P* regLnir.M,) almrd ht? pier* and 1 red?the ball taking ?ffect In Wharf on'a head. The wounded man was at ance taken In hla bed, where he .lingered until near 3 o'circk, when he died; previoualy, however, accnalng the oflcer In charge (Lieut MUllgan) of being the cauae of hla death, as he had given ordera to the guard to ?boot any of the prlaorma who put the))'bead* out of the windows. Mr. Wharton'* wife andalater*, who ha* b?cn In the city for aome time paat. were Immediately aent for, ard were preaent when be died. The body will probably be taken to Hageratown for interment. Baker and othera aay that the corporal of the guard from the d >or immediately brlow the window where Wharton waa atandlng ordered him toanoot Wharton only a few minute* before he did It The auperintendent of the prlaon. Mr. W. Wood, Immediately reported 'he .*.1. . oho will n mi 11 ?v ?? v II ?? our wvi ?u 4 " *?"? ' mv^? order an Invw'IgKion. Baker was at once placed under arrest. Psbcoiial?Najor General McDowell arrived in town yesterday. Hon Cyrus W Field, N Y., and Col Bavard, of the lit Pennaylvanla cavalry, who bad hta horae abot under htm In the en$r*gement near Frederickeburg laat week, are at VV 11lard*s Hotel. General Cooper, General Van Alen and General Hartsuff, U. 8. A ; Surgeon General Vanderpoel, of N. Y . and Captain Gardner, U. B. A., are at WII tarda'. D?ad ?The youth Lou la B'ad?n. who waa abot on Sunday, the 13th Inaiant, near Rock Creek Church, by Alfred Turner, aa stated In the Stir of laat week, died of bi* wounda-about 4 o'clock on Saturday morning. The examination of Turn* r on the rkarite of ahootlng blin. which waa to have taken pi ce before Justice Clayton on Pat jr. day afternoon waa, In conaequeuce of the death of the boy, postponed until tnls afternoon. ' SiroKD Wa*d Station Cases?Btfort Justice Clark ?Sunday?George Smith, disorderly; fined 81 W. John Doe. vagrant; workhouae 00 dava. James Gray, assaulting John Butter; fined 81 91. John Henry Dan els, do ; do. L. Tbellman, keeping a bawdy houae; aecurlty for court. Poltc* ?The Third Ward patrolmen reported Saturday: Richard Jonet and John Rollins, larceny of $5 from Mr. Hough; dismi??pd. Jot-n Wallace, tiring a gun la the atreets; lined 81.91 by Justice Clayton. Connnrn Orm* Hocm.-This place of amusement (late Philharmonic Hall) has been fitted up, and will be opened to the public on Wednesday evening, April 21, with a large and w?>li-selected company of stars, and every rffort I will be made to make this a pleasing resort. I L* Eos To:* and Monthly Report of Pari*. ' London and Mew York Faablona for May; also. I I I _ _ 1 J I J .1.4.. niifauru fjburniv nuu ipi^nuiu iwmuu ^uairi. , For sale at Pbllllngton'a Bookstore, Odeon Bull, ding, corner street and Penna. avenue. It Those ckltbkatkd Brazilian Pebble fcyeEla??ses, Improving an^ strengthening tbe weak *i?ht. are suited correctly and sold only by Franklin A Co . opticians, 211 Pennsylvania avenue, between IJth and 13th streets. It Fbom thinir.h and responsible po?itionof the I civer of the subjoined Testimonial, Dr. Von Mwchiuki* is induced to publish the same : OJfirt. Uevrgitowu, April 19, 1NM. This Is to state that, my hearing having been much Impaired for some years pant, I placed myself under the profes?ion?l treatment of Dr. Von Mucbzlsker. After a few weeks of his care, i experienced a very perceptible Improvement, and at this time iny hearing is as good as it has been at any time within my recollection. H. Add-soi*. Mayor. Dr. Von Moacbzliker, Oculist and Auilst,gives k i *nti llontiftn (a t wo tsrfttmont i> t (ka 1-* i-a uiv vh>ii> uvn. II II'II ?u uv. in amiiui VI mr i ? n Ear. Office 227 Pennsylvania avenue. ap2l-3'.# Drake's Plantation Bitters. 8. T. 1*H> X. It invigorates, strengthens and puriies the system, la a perfect appetlrer, and the moat agreeable and effectual tonic In the world. It Is composed of the celebrated Cslissya Bxrk. Rood, Herbs and pure St. Croix Rum; particularly adapted to delicate females; curea Dyspepsia and Weakneaa, and la juat the tnlng far the changes of seaaons. Sold .by all Grocers, Dniggiata, Hotels and Saloona. p. H. Drake ft Co., ap 1 eo3m* 202 Broadway, New York. CtiaTADoao'a Excelsior Dt* Is unrivaled in the world. No other Dye baa been analyzed. No other Dye produces atich faultless colora. No other Dye can be applied so rapidly. No other Dye la so lasting In Its effects. u. _*1 rt.a i i .... ? m ?i i _ nu uiucr mjyc iuipiuvci mc h avuic vi iuc uair. It ha* been Analyzed by Dr. Chilton, Ch^miat to th? Croton Water Board of New York, and certified by blm to be as harmless as Croton Water. Hi*certificate may be ami at the eatab ishment of the proprietor. Manufactured by J. Chrhtadoro, 6 Aator Houae, New York. Bold everywhere, and applied by all Hair Dresaers. Trice 1, 91 50, and 8J per box, according to site. No. 2. Cristadoro'b Hair FrK'ZRvativ?, is ]nv?'uable with hia Dye, aa it imparta the utmost softness, the moat beautiful gloss, and great vitality to the hair. Trice 50 centa, 11, and 92 per bottle, according to size. ap 2-eolm All rtEsoiis can And the beat stock of Clothing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hsts and Caps, at Smith's, No. 479 Seventh street, sear F. fe st?-3m Measlis are prostrating the Volunteers by hundred*, the hospitals are crowded with thPm. Soldirrs be warned In time. Holloway's (Mils are positively Infallible In tbecure of this disease, occasional doses of them will preserve the health even under the greatest exposures. Only 25 cents per Box. . 2U. A 5 r person wishing to procure a loan of a few dollars on satisfactory security, can do so by calllag at 43? Eleventh at., between 0 and H. apl4 India Runts Goods. We advise all our readers (aa we know they arc obliged to purchase toe above named goods) to embrace the present opportunity as Air it. a. Halt Intends to make a change In his business, and will tell hlaextensive stock of Rubber (ioods at manufacturer's prices, and no family should alas this opportunity to supply themselves For lnatance, Mr. Hall will sell Men's Rubber Overshoes and Sandals for 80 cents per pair, and Ladles' Overs and Sandals for 60 cents per pair: India Rubber Bed Protector* for Children's Beds (an article that nofhmllf should be without) only 50 cents, for ten daya, at the India 8 ubber Warehouse, No 306 Pennsylvania avc., between 9th and 10th streets, Washington, D. C ap 12-tf In am a hoth si column may be reen a few oj the many testimonialsfrom well-knowc1tiz?ns of Washington, and they speak louder than anything we could say. It Is with pleasure we lay them before a candid and appreciative public. Oar people are tired of theories. W hen a man is skk oe wants the physician who prescribes rentedkit that are sure to cure him, and such a person Is found la Dr. Tumbiety, Indian Herb Doctor. Come and see for yourselves ye lame ahd suffer Oh ye rheumatic and dying come and see. Light ahall again the fsdedeye Illume, And rosy health the pallid cheek resume. Thousands rescued from disease and death, f . k im W I i An T..mkUlu lUfvio uuu virwtu^i vu a uiiiuicvj . I desire your proatrst# hearts to lift, Your bleeding wounds to care, And with toe treasures of nature's gift Keller* the rich and poor. TBI INDIAN Hill DOC TO* will describes diseases and UU his pstlents the nature of their eoaplalal* or Illness, without reoelvlOH any information from their. So charge fur CumUmtxon sr Advxtt. omee, No. 11 Washington Buildings, Pennsylanla avenue, corner Tto street. ap Vi 'im* DUO. Onthsimh instant. MARY DELANY, in the 641 year of Mr at a. ai'sr a loot nad painful 1 tineas. The fanrral servieea will 1a*a p nee at Us isaidanoe oi bar daaghtor, on 1 attest, between Uth and l?th su.ojTaeedar. 9 o'oiook. * Oaths irk. of tMimoua, K I R K W O O D ROWaN m'ant aon of J.W. and Agues Rowaa, J J RlOQtkSi * On ths 1Mb instant, after a b I'f illness. M1NNlt LL, Z&bKrtl III A Si. iolant caujh'er of J.ff.aod . A. Busnoy, age! 8 moatAs and 1 day. Bno's gone! aao's one from enr ambraoe, Altnuagh we lovad ber so; For God, in love. Ma eaJlcd ber Mae, From safforiar, sin aaa wo. At a gal now, m ttoavsa above. H?r%ur?l will take r'toi lro? Um 'mmUbo* of h?r r?r*n ? To morrow, U tea *'cloak. April ad, comer of 7tk tad L itnMi Oa Moniar Mriiaf. 21H ia?tant. Mis MAROaftfcf K. KLfcl?MfcLu,dfta<bter of il>? lata AlxaUajn and hbaUetk WiM.ofA4anu eoaaty, J**aa?f ivaaia. Am reatfti will take ?U?o on W?0bm ta* mora id(, 3m icet, kl 9 v'sloakTfroei 8t ?f*ur'e Ckuroii, Oritol Mill OB u? M ieet. at 3 (.'olook a m , WILLIAM ALrtKU kaV,?iMM;hii a>Ki month* Hi* remain* will Fa tikento Baltimore mr inter est | Daltiaor* mf?r? f 1mm oojm ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIALS. a few of the many testimonials from the citizens of washington to dr. tumblety, the indian herb doctor. Dtplorablt Condition tj Body and Mind. I wu almost dnd with pain In my cheat, back, nbouldrr*, atde and brad; waa debilitated that I could scarcely walk. My mind waa continually mclsocboly and gloomy; but were It not for Dr. Tumblcty'a kill and bla remedlea, I would have bren dead before this. I am now completely cured. Tbomib Gftirvm, P atreet, between 15th and ISth, Washington, D* C* Etftiptla* Curtd. Dm. Tcmblitt?Your herb remodlea are the paragon of all that la gjeal In medlcloe. They nave cured me after b?lng given opto die of cryalpclas. Mra. Emma Kbkrall, Fairfax county, Va. Curt of Cought, Pain in Ikt Breast, Dytptpsi*, mitk mat WtnJtn' MS. This Is to certify that 1 hare been troubled with th? above-named complaints for several year* 1 tr!ed some of our most eminent physicians in Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown, but received no relief. I was persuaded to try Dr. Tnmbiety, and in a very shor? time hla herb medicines cured me. JtynH Bull, Blacksmith Shop, Navy Yard. Dyiptptia and Liver Complaint Cttrtd. Charles W. Harman, Metropolitan Police. Washington, D. C. Curt of aw Ulcerated Sort Ltg teitk seven holts. Da. Tcmblitt?I have been using your herb medicines to cure a bad leg, with seven running sores, of several years standing, which the doctors thought incurable, and amputation was re gardfd u the only ultimate relief. 1 can now walk as well aa ever. I am cured. 8. C. Paekish, Seventh afreet, Park Hotel, Waahlngton. Consumption Cured. Mra. Edward T. Tuplpett, Nit/ Yard, Third street, between M and N. Scurvy Cured (a vtry bad east.) Jaa. W. Larkin, Government Printing Office. Washington, April 9, 186*2. Blindness Cured. Thli Ik to certify that I have been blind for two year*, and by the aid of Dr. Tumblety'a treatment 1 can walk ail over Washington without a guide. Seventh atreet. ltland. To the Ladies. My wife bai been afflicted with a disease peculiar to her sex, for three yean. Had tried various physicians without any benefit. Dr. Tumblcty his cured her. W. Tucker, Alexandria, Va. Consumption Cured. A vegetable course of treatment presented by Dr. Tuinblety has cured me of Conaumptlon. Joseph Eskkipgb, Brigade Wagon Master, lJKh street, Washington, D. C. Diuast ofthe Threat. Francis t*cala, Esq.,leader of the U. 8. Marine Band, Navy-Yard. Scrofula Cured To all afflicted with Scrofula. Try Dr. Tumblety, the Indian Herb Doctor J. E HrrcHi.tsoN, Patent Office. Rtv. J. Curtis Cured. t would recommend all who are troubled with rvnWiii*? n...rv.Mu - a.. ?- ?? r\. jiUMnt A/CUII1IJ. MJJ9au-) au , iu uy L/r . Tumblcty, who has cured rot. Rev. J. Coetis, Baltimore, Md. Cancer Curtd. Dr Tumblety has cured my wife of cancer by hla herb remedies. J. Ciriit, Near Fairfax 8eminary, V*. Sort Eyes Cured. T Mahcr, Bridge street, Navy-Yard. Prolapsus Ulert. Dr. Tumblety's Herb Medicine has cured my wife of the above-mentioned disease. CAPT. CUHRtMaRAM. Georgetown, D. C. fill Cured. Fits brought on by Weakness, Dyspepsia, Cot* tiveness, Night Dreams, Ac., Ac. Jams* Davis, Alexandria. Va. Large Tumor Removed. Jaines King, G street, Washington, D. C., had a large tumor of a cancerous nature removed from his head without r? sorting to the barbarous practice of cutting with a knife, as la usual In auch casts. Female Complaint Cured. Mrs. C. W. Blakeman, Lang's Hotel, 6eorgetown. Cure of Nervous Debihty. Frederick Rohleder, F street, corner of iid, Isltnd. Scrofula Cured. J. Maloney, corner 1th and H strecta. Enlargement if ike Heart Cured. r. Downs, 3I3 oth street, Washington, 0. C. Scrofula Cured. J. D. Lakeman, Sixth street, No. 439. Con/umption Cured. J. Latrd, watchman, United States Capitol. John Clark, Camp Duncan, D. C. John C. Day, corner tfecond and D streets. Bad Cate of Jaundice Cured. John Ilurd, No. 500 New York avenue. Fits Cured. David Dllon, 47*2 F street. Nervous Debility Cured. John Donoho, No. 506, corner C and 3d streets. Charles A. Courvelser, Navy Yard. Cured of Chronic Disease. William Sullivan, corner Four-and-a-half and G streets. Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D V. Cured of Debility. Charles Wilson, U. 8. Regular. Dyspepsia Cured. BenJ. Dorasy, Twentieth street, below Pennsylvania avenue. Cured of Pimples on the Pace. James Reed, Twenty-sixth and L streets. Chronic Rheumatism Cured. M. G. Howard, Tenth street, near Pennsylvania a v? line. 'Juhma afttr all the Doctort Failtd 9 J. White, No. 443 B ?treet, aouth tide of Capitol. Cancer Cared. J. Blackburn, Georgetown. End Dream* with Night Sweat t Cored. R Htuntch, 417 Seventh itrnt. Fit* Cwrtd. t J.J. Kane, C treet, between 6th and 7th. TBE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR will dnrrtbe dteiiw and tell hie p*tt*eta the natnreof their cnaiplatBto or lllnm, wtttent rtrrt Ting any Information from theea St Charge far Cmetuieattan or Advirt. OAce, No. 11 Wuhlngton Building*, Penniylugla ? venue, cornet 7th ?reel. ?p li-^wv $ ^SSSSSS^AKrS. r~ WANTKD-i WOMAN In do vtahmi and tropin*. and mak* fcmaif ???**ally awful. Awhw44*UU?t.h?'*MiiO?a'1 H. >p?l A NT BD?Two food W AITKBS an<1 *9IRL " to waak and iron, at 3?r P*nnsjl*?nt? tve?e. up 21 ?f WANTKD?A SITUATION, h* a rfw?i^M? iri.saeook. Call for ?hr?a daj? at JJ05 4'h traot. botw>an 6 ard H. If ? a if f c*rv n?kit3*? < *?? - m?/ i ?nut rr..(uniurrnneo i ui* r*n' or * ? which ahall not rxcowl $400 ; re*r 14 h an-1 I. p'#ferr?d. A*?ly, by nota only, to "B. L B r.hbitt Houm. 11* WAN#Du Two TAII?ORP, im- I in diately,at No. 47S Ninth atrrot, twlwcon D and K. a??l 3* II. R1BNKTXKL WANTED-A food MFAT nnd PASTRY " COOK. Appfy at Clirandon Hotel, oornar of Siith at and Pa., aw. a* l*? ?t* A RESPECTABLE ?1RL W&nta aSitaaMrn aa eharobernivd; h?a no ohjootioo to a?aW in w&abinf and ironing. Addraaa Box '41,8'ar Offio*, for two day. ay 19 at* A house wanted by a tacant ?.*. oui 10 exoeeo tn'eeor roar hnnriml dollar*. It malt be nr?' %nd oonrf.?rt*t> ?, ar-d id ? leuentand htelthr netftM-orhood.arri within *? nuno'ea' va'k of the Naval ObeervatorT. A?1<lref ? "M. p.," at the 8Ur Offioe. ?r li> \M7ANTED-To enlace a fi*n?l'?naB of fond " busmwm ability und familiar ?.ti W'mi mc

ton City, to Attend t ? rme osit <?oi>r hutinra*. Apply to JOHNSON. FRY <b CO., ?* h t. ap 19 lw* WANTED?Pour or Sr* intelligent WAITING GIRLS Call immediately?OlaMnden ?'oa pert Hail, oomer <th ?t. an<i Pit, av a> H 8t* WANTED TO BUY?\ >mall HOLME oon taloi^c from four to ?ix room*. Andreas Box 3, Star Offi ?, stating iooauon ana term*. ay is St' \\TAXTED-K rood COOK. WASHRft and I RON ER. Apply to J. & J T. RuBlNSON A CO., 34# reoaaylvaniaavpnae, oppnute Brown'?Ho:?l. up'? at WAn itu-A FURNt>Heil? IHH 8a oon twining from S to 7 rocf???, With'n cn? mit? of the Capitol. Reot n??? to fxoacu $40 a month. ' A- R " Hitr Pr?t< ffia*- ap 18 at* WANTED TO R^" NT?From the lat r( M?r. a fnrnmh'd or pamallT farniahed HOUrF, tuitable for a amall family without chlMret. Addreaa, atatinc t?rnn. l-taftlity, fco., 'M S. C,' Pox ST4,C?y Fo?t Offio*. a?^8 St* WANTED?Th?ee food DRKHH Makkhs *? The beat of vi(N will be pad. None bp1 good handaneea &yp! y-K I'.rMt, near the oorner of Eighteenth it, a? 18 IP MRS STKWART. 1*/ANTED?A fool HOUSP, with watT and " gaa, oont*n>inc fr*m 12 to SO room*, tome wha e between 6th and 13th ?ta and L and PrnnBTlra.n>\av. P<a?eaaion to be given by the 5th of May. Addr?aa Uox No. 473 City Poet Othoe. ay H lw' QUin -AGENTS WAN TKO TU OPKN 01"?? an offioe t*ke the whol?a?ie ajor.oy, 1 in every State, for all of JJoyd'a Great Military .Maps, used by our Comraandor-in Cln?f. Tha cteapeat mapa a the world. A fortttuftcan bem?de on there mapa in eaoh State. 5 oon,rc?copi*a of one i of my m^pa nave already been aoid. Alao a mm to I go vo uemorma, Kogland and Cuba. Agent* ano I wanted in e?er* county and in ever* regime* in i oar army. Send lor circular*. J. T LLOYD. wihl tmayl 164 Broadway. N?w York. XHJ ANTRD?To have every one know that they vv oan hnd the best a*oek of Clotlimc. Hat* and Can, at the wry lowest rate*,at SMii H'*. No. 461) HeTenth atreet. helow r. fe 71 Sm WANTED? Kvery person to kr,r.w that I am in the market, roam to pay caab for all article* In the houaefurniahing line. Thoae l*avirg tie citr.or harinc a acrpiua, w*ll do well to onli. R. BUOHLY, 4ii8 HxTsnth at., between G and H ati., (eaet aide,) Dealer in Now and Second hand Fnr. B'.fre. ftp It tf \AT%NTED.?We are now bq/inr BECON0TW BAND FURNITURE,8TOv?sand DEI) DIN?, for whieh ws are panni the hitheat Mih prioet. Families decluunj bou*?>keepini, ?r bavins a surplus of farnitnre, will And it t? their a4Yaniatetc pre us aoail. BONTr. k GRIFFITH, fe L*-tf No. Sift tth at.. t>Mw. I ?r.n K aU. WANTKD?To noil, henoeforward, S<tf barrels and half barrel! of Ale every w?i; a'ao the same of Beer, ior the Baltimore Kr???r?, JOHN ?AYNOR, A rent. Corner of 21at and G ?U. Orders in the Pott Oflioe will he oailad for at 9 a. m. an e 2 p.m. ap7-ltu* ROi nniwn uvfuMLrm vri (BURNISHED R 0~0 M 8 TO RENTTwith r Board, In & pleaaant looVinn near the Capitol. Tranaient Boardera aoocmmxlated. Inauire at Star Offioe, irth 31-tf BALLS, PARTIES, 4c. |% ESTERN HUSK CO.. 1, _ ALWAYS IN J HE FIELD! The NINTH 6KAN D MaI.l. of the Weafn Hoi# Compa iy.No 1, w II be fiver 11 h rick- M lia Hall, o?'!nr of uth ai.d 1> etreeta, on THURSDAY, April 2?:h. Tickets One DolUr. MM Cimmittt* Hf Arrangtvisnf'. C. W. Drury, W. a Mtrces, T. J. Pa'ksr, Tnoa McNaney, J. Poore, Wit Gibha, ap ?9 4f |?OURTH BRAND COTIM.HN PARTY of I' the PERSEVERANCE NGlNE'CoVjl " No. 6, to be given on Ea? r KR MON OA V , SB April 21et, at Temp?ranoe Hft.ll. The member* vf the above Crir.par.y re HB apeotfu |y announoe to ?h ir inv?y fuenaa, and 'he pa hi 10 in, that their Fourth Giand Cotillon rir<y will be given at the atcv? nentoned ila I. on Eaater Monday, the 11at mat. Theuniveraal aatia action given by thi* C< in>?n? at th'ir former parties i* a aure guarantee tnat ti n one will he '*? Party of the aeaaon. The Ladiea are cordiauy icvitei to attend en, *r t^e.e wi!l be no invitaMona leaned. TiokSta io cen:a, admitting a gentleman and ladiea. CommxttA of Arr**i(infnti Wm H Oaborn A.biawaioir, J.?nu DoVerann, Ron't V. Ilenry, G*o. A. Par ivr- apH ?l* 'PHK HIAWATHA BOVtf IN TtIK FIELD I AGAIN !?The memberacl tne Hiawatha Club take pleiaure in annr.nnoint to Jj* their many fnendeaod the publio in g n ral#^ that they will give a grac,d Eaatrr BaliatUMfc Bracklin Ua l.oorc** of 9:h and I) ate., on Niuix *Y EVEMNG. Aprfl SI. The unmt>era of the Clm pladge them?elvea that neither trouble nor xpenae will be rpared to make thia Bali AgrtMbi* to a;l thoae who honor th'tn with ts eir preaeroA. 1 - a _ I,. ... J . _ * nojo ? o->i?biiieo urirf i??Tin naa r>e< n eni?i*a for the oopanon. Refreshment* will be lu'n'tltM by 8?hifTi?ld. T ok?t? 91. Commute* t>f Arrmntemenu-win. Gtdird, Hob't Pioiey, Jamee ? * ham. - ap LOST AND FOUND. IOST-On Saturday laet, a yellow SETTER j DOtt,email wbi'e iratkon his b ea t <*, > A auitabte reward wi I be raid if re turned to406 1 atreet north, between ll?h ana " 1 Mi eta M31 ft* Oin RKWARD ? Strayd from the Northern <8> IU Liber't MarKei 00 fitter ay tUhf. ffv a r?y HOR9L ttaon-d to a wagon having *1 ? ft bia-lc never. The al> ye r??vd wilt be"?^Kl*en 11 bruoi lit to corner 25th and Fatreeta It* F WtiK'TMYKR. T'AKEN UP-Ontbe20th imtant, a whit* ?nd -1 Olasa y<?VV, under k?el m the ear. i he owxer la reau^aed to oom? for-71U?F? wari. p ott a opeity, pay oharKea. - ?< -'v 'kkehti tv?/< J C G. TOOMbj*. Corner N anu Hon h Capitol att.. ?p315'.* Uiand. ?C> 30 Rfc WAR D? For a' inch of K K VU, loat between Wtltarda' and ?X atreet, or in an omoibia cn 8a urda*. The &> iter will pirate to leave them at BUTTER'S reatauiant. 14th at., opposite Willi da' Hotel, and get the reward, ap 21 at* KKWAKU-liOit or atolea Wm. Munder'* stall, Center Market, on fa*'aat la?t a )>iaok leather 1'UoKKT lit>Oli, containing two oraft? parable to ?eorre Aikln'onj alto, bet wren fi.o and #140 The abiv* reward wi'l t>e given ai d no <ae?won?asked if Itlt at EMRlCH'o re?laurant, or at Sta 1 No. at Center Market. ay 21 ctraykd to mv peemisbs on the O lit of April, a jel ow HOttHE.aged l.s try frara, whicn the owner oar. have bj oom- X^P icg. proving pr< peitj, raying chargea and?*? ^ taking htm awaj. VALt-NflNE HIS8. Betwe n first toll gue and ay 81 2.* Pennine'* BiiQge. LOST?On Saturday, 19th inatant. bwweem ?>? and the Treaaaij, th? Cit gen Paptr. ?w "i sturgienoe ana i/'ecripuon 01 Henry Koeeter, of UaTiimor* The iader will reoe ve an ample reward by delivering U>? same ? Jnvtiat CHAKLEft W ALTBH, oppoeite City Hah. K? L?8fr?A lady's ttOLD WATCH. (Geneva) probabjr Letweeo ftvh an t 34 etrtota weet and Mieaonrt arena*. The ficder will be amply rewarded by leaving it at No ?OMi?Joon av*bue, or at ths oKoe tfthe 8tar. ap19 ?.* f OtoT?On Friday.Utk.iu the North'rc Liber L ti*a, between 7tb and l*th etreeu. a POCKET UOOK.pcntainiag abiat fit in notes and si Irer ooin The finder will ue suitably rewarded for ltving It at this (Star) Oftoe. sp!9 it* CAUTION. HE Following Drafts payable to kit order, and fint ALflfiraAd a* aU n ia>tar/)t* Wa? ?? ?* on^AtaiatantTr?aaui*rat Boston dM?d Apil 19, " 85'. ' *|-!S; L"p^c?7ofhoV?&^?3f^2l5 ittfiJt v hit# p*per. u ed with oo ton Mr* THTWf^t wsii,s: SSBUFis; ?vu\i ss drawings on tracing o o n, M4 a ?p*oifio*tion or 4M?ri?tion of the drawiuga. A ?ai>abia reward Will bfja * on tb??r baiu uallTarf dro MR Wl? LUMwN, Day WatchTuan at tna Urftrtaitt o( BUta. aim* ft 111 RK^AllO-AwiMatMBi i?*?'awt>k foKs^jsr^viSrJK biaatat; boraa had no aboaa oa; aad teata* rx in loft foot; braacad U. B. Ha vaa atu.aa from iron! of AiglarVRaatauraat, D at. Aay lcforcna|aa onnoaratng him will ba rao?ir?rf at Mr. Xi|lw> (a? I-if) PHILLIP ZITTLft. %? __ FOB SALS AMD BENT, j F?r". *VATs VJ&VIA'K J3K%? twwn 11. MXI l?h m. tytl t> I?OR RENT?A n**tlr f?rauh*d HOUSE c?n 1 t??niHlr<mii?,H>r**Hini?* (ion th? War NH?r<w?'Ninu? doom. inan>re at No 16 Patent ( ffi * HrHi ap 2'-8;* AN KLKGANT f* UIT OK FURNlRHKD K(M?M5*. with ? 1t?e modern tnpror. m*nta re?ni?ite for oomfort u4 aoa*?nienoe, t> Uh ro >m, A *t 4Q?I 4th at, wtr City H?'l M ? ?t* I?<*R RKNT?A oomforub'y fnrmahel three r itory PRICK HoU8?. oonU'Biai 7 room*, with km ihrongiirtat- with front, side and hfto* j?'d -?o. 4J3 T*e flh it, hrtwun 6 ?f <1 tl we*t Mil*. ap 21 54* TO RKNT?A furnifherl H^'U^K mriainini * roc nn w.ll t? robtM to * |ood tenant for Jf<> per month, pirable in adT\r.'-? a fumily wilboat ch'ldreo pre eired Apply nt WALI. BTfaPHfe^ I* * t;o , 3:13 Pa av?nue, M???n <?th anl l"th *t?. The hinee ta aluat'.d on fi at, between 4 h d &th. n ?nh side. i; ji 3.* Fj^OR 9AI.K CHKAP?A *ery pret y, and? n*w medium and H005K, brown f ort. in the moil aoairtble p*i t of the e ty. with mim diate y ns rB5i??n f\ n-*. m a?Dnv?mo rn p'ny u" 10 ?7rrr? j i?t on the citt lies. Also, a ?p eodid Hotel Propertr.and vaoant LoPartie* ktfiai rra *?!? to ?<?ii will do we| teo*li ob the *ub?nber-offcc9 on >Mh ?t, next Ricge A Cn.'i Btcfc. apll It' HENKY L RluKH. Attorney. ONE OR TWO FURNISHED. PLEASANT ROOMS (adjoiolpg) e%n be oht\meJ. with ot without Board, oo application at No. Sixth t.. MM H. By i; 6f FOR BALE?A imil tiKOCERY *TORfc. r.?ni re at the atore owner cf n hand H sU. a? 11 5<? COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR BALE. or exc5an*e far b house in th* oitf. one ini e from tie oity uatit*, anrirBled for beah'h. put* mter and hortioultnr&J improvement*. QcoJ bmldinga.wi h ' X aorea of land. .App'v to Prof CHARi>"8 6. I'AGE. Patent Cm *e a? 19 6t IT'URMSHED HOUBE FOR RENT?TheBd a vertiaer nrl rest hia Honae. aitaved near the Depa trrent. to & ?riv\te farm v, for B months or iong6r, at 9'50 ?er mirth Heat* oor.t-ina 13 room* Bod niotly furm*hed l arge itabloattiobed. Ad,reea'*B.A E.," Mar ufftoo * ? ! 3t I O LET-A four *tor? BRICK HOUSE, with back building, ana eontaieioc 10 room*. p:mvec? :\o ?. ma n? avenue, run me corner 01 6M utreet; la pie?a*nt'T ai uUM, fionnnj the snblio trounds Apply to Jaatioe Dcnn; Chft* W'leon, or on the premiaee. ?r 18-3t* IToH RKNT-A TKMKMENT, uitable for ft r ?mvl family, acd very pi*a?antlj ai uated on the Height* of tieorc<*to*n. within five minntea' walk of the Wuhini'on aua Georr't '*i omnibca line Apply at th? office of J DENT, No. 436 Fifteenth atreat, Washington. aa 14 1 w* f^OH RKNf-\VithoUtt>dftrtf. ft BACK PAR r LOR furniihsd a? & chamber?NO l*th etrect, heme in H ana I. ap in S;* l^OR RENT?With Board, a PARLOR tod r CHAMBER, on >he firat floo', and other roOTip, Table Boftrdera aooommodated 341 E aif ap n .* P)R ft KNT?One FL R NI3HKD ROOM, wi h ga*anitoard in* a.ivu* faTiy.on floor, 8th, betwesa 6 ana 11 atreett, No. 40W. ap!7 6t* tpO* RKNT-A bMHhfa! COUNTRY 8K*T for ren\ with a I toe nnprorwa u*>, rtabiioa and out'b'iildir.g*. within ten or fifteen miciit*?' walk ?f fclat at: h^a tnr and Cneir^n water; can be rental with fr arniture, or withovt, upon reea onahie terma; oontaifti pe^en acre* of ground. in a high rtate Of cu ligation. Th? p'aoe i? veil tnown, having >on* bsen the rfside'oe of Mr. i van *ii? v,?w ia fine Apfif oorrer *ul ana Boundary at*.. opposite Wii:a>d a ?;?( ?. ?p 6 u? f/JiR IKNT-A formatted fonr-aUrj HKICK P WKliLlNB.tft h pleaMhtaod healthfal part of the oity, wiih (ice large onafnbera and parlora, bath room aurplied with hydra&t wa'er, ar.* [<i throughout; a o*rriage hcnee and aUble afaohed. Thia ia a deairahle reaideno? lor an M. O. or Government enr.p ojoe in eitht ons of the f>epar? ra nta. Inquire at 374 Eleventh atieet, between K an* L. frrnn h to fi ?. hi. at II If?OR HALK-Two fira-claaa BILLIARD TA r BLKH, n.arble a aha. and every arrangement e^mflet". T?**ee de??rm* the above will atudy their interest ht calling imineoiat?i? at the Ecro pean Hotel, worner llth aireetaad I'ennsyivama avenne. mh * tf l^OR RKNI ? Meiropo ia View, the reaidanna i of the iMn Wa#Li-? tow Berry. For tarma, A o , apply to K J. MiDiJLe.l' City HaU. a? 15 cc3v* WUMMBR R WHKNOE TOR RF.NT. *>r~* Ej 'Ultn Elitn harm" I). C-. nitikl \\ abort (Jto*t'loirn. (n'ar Mr. I citthbcroutk'r}? A detirable tarmeliel j?oul>le House well ahaded, fine water, Ao . with atabling. oarn&ge houaet, ft",, An. T>e Attention of jvtembera of the Cabinet. Foreign M iniaiere. aru gentlemen with/arm y la eapocially to t!ua a<1 v^rt:iw>ni?Ei. F?? examination of the pr'tniwa applr to tli? nant*?r npon the farm (Mr. J&mM O'Bnan.) and for Kf.thar eartieulara autdreaa Captain W. A T. MADDUX, U B. M , 1830 tprvos atrert, hhi!ad?lph a, GEORGETOWN ADVEUT'MIS Ojoo otio BJ811EL8 F STONE *HM.L and bAS LIME, for Aurieiltmal purpose; a|ao, all kinda of MILL ud grain rkeD. baled may. meal.. FLO IIK, and POTATOES, No. 1T0 Bridge at, Georcetown. apUMw KIH KLAND k PQWI.lNfi. /JEOKGEtOWN DANCING ACADEMY.vl PROF. BARNES w 11 open a Dasoinc gX Ci*--a for Laalea, Miaapj and Aiaarrra, on 49 VVKDNKgDAY. Apr.l2J ai]r m , at theiM Hail of Mr Korrwt. oornt-r of Hi?h and Ga? uofe a'a. All of the Fashionable Da >oei will b^tauitat daring the qnarter. I'upils ?houM ei.ter tii*ir r.amee %: aoou as nusibie. to commence With the o'*?a. Mr. Bari.ea rafera to the pa'rona of hu Wftshing'on claaaes. Term* 31" per quarter. ap lft IW |^0OEBK1N ALU VE8! RniUKliurg A. Ebfrt, 104 Hish Htiiit, HKOKUETUWX. J). O. The only inannfaotarera of G*?noir?e BCCK8RIN GLOV|*t?, MILITARY GAl'NTLEfs, ax.d MITTENS in the Diatnot. Offio?ra' Gacntieta mvl9 to ordtr, Hnnk<km Dnrw>''-a and i*hirt>. la ' MASSEY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELPHIA VRAP9HT ALB. We have joat received a an/ply of Lh" alcove Ala, which we reoommend to he of aver? anperior auaJitj. Persona wiatimc to pnrqhaa*. r>y app.ioation, axa be fiirniahed. ARNY A SHINN. ao ' ?*orr?tavi. NEW YORK BREAKPABT BACON! We h?^o ja*t received from Niagara ooontr, New York, a email lot of exoeilont country oureq H%m*> Ao . which have been oared expreatly fo boiilng and frying. KING k BURCHELL. ap 16 Corner 15h at. and Vei mont av. riVHRV PVR SON'S INtCIKill-TKilIlM |!i iitoak of Clothing for sale over Gaits' Jewelry 8tore it now offered At 1ms than wholesale price*, it SMITH'S. Wo. 469 Seventh sireeuoptosltt Poet Office Ten-*? THK PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE. No. J 4 GO seventh sf. A!war* ahead! N?W arrival of Pprinc Goods, all the latest striae of Clothing, at No. 4o0 H-v?nth street. near F let? 3D I/OR t-ALE-A fins stnok of Clotning. Furnish . ing Good*, Trunks, llats and Caps, at whole sale priees. at No 460 seventh street, opposite PoetOttoe. {erf 3m f2ENT'S Furnishing Goods, Tranks. Clothing, 1 Tr..nk. P... . II ? Klnrfk... ? I CMJVa mil .1V'I 'MO. U f IVWf ik I the 1'eopie'e Clothing J to re. No. 460 7th atre I. SHIRTS, SHIRTS. SHIR ft* !-Juat r?*eiv?4 ??0 dosen Shirte. whioh we offer at old prioea. >1 SMITH'S. Wft. ? . Bk sure and come to the best plio* Iom* mr CloUusi-No. 4M Seventh IrMl b n-tn 4QH CARD PHOTOGRAPHS A Ofi 4ot> AND FRAMES. 4o0 Card Photograph* in rurimy. icolodmg eopieaot Choice Tiotare*. Alto CARD VISITE and OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, the largeet aatortaMfc from the t>a*t manufactory in KR*IT^k"8 ?*4*' No'. 4S6 Seventh atree*. fe U t doora ahov Oq<1 P?l'owe' Halt. gg INCH I1KAVV COTTON BBCI. 27- inch Heavy Cotton Duo*, 10 < Hmij H?wn Cotton Shoefnc, P 4,10 4 aid 12-4 Hloaohed Cotton aneeting, 4 4 Bleached Shrtinga, 4 ? Brown Shirtinaa. With a general atook of Dome* tie Dry Sooea, all at the lwwaat prioea for caah wm. r. riley k. bro.. No. ^6 Coctra' Store*. Between 7th and 8th atreeta. 1C 1M AaaA Oa.?aa Ua kat ?P liF IW1 VFfV. WVIVI l*J ' VV THAVELlino E Cffar for ue the lArr*at unitmeit o, TRAVELLING TRUCKS to ba fomd uttnt tma city, compriainr heat Cola Ma'ti'iMM Ladies' and t^uekton Trunk*, ltaoa. Carpet Baga, *?., vhieh vtue not sailing """l0* '"Wall, btephens t co? i|H 3g* Paon. srenae. i\| chairb mended. iUR8 WELLS, 87? Citraat.(norUwd? ) ?*? door to tha oornar of 11th i* ree", or>ntinue?fA to r kakat OamK-HoVtOMKOVL CHAIRS, with nentnaaa and du^a ob, udM) at low rAtaa. Tlioa* ha ring Chiira repairing I ^ I auoh rejaira, ara inforiuoa that aha rraaira or raaoata them M good Aa new, and never fniie to cira &u?r&ohoB to thoae Bending auok work to bar. v card! 1 DO Hereby retim my eiaatre thank* to tkt fcrame a. provoat gaa'd, and friends an? citnens g*n aia ly, fur then kind endewore in aavta* a poi t oa fcsy;fls?,iJ.y ?i 'sHuy 1 also re*nest those in ay debt to 0*1 i and a??tle, in eash or notaa, aa now ia the mbm friars am waalad to load aasiataaeo C*<i al No. H*4 rooaaylvamaavaaaa.bataaoattbaadTtb itioet*. < ? s(aira,)OT?rttali Bro 'a, Jewoiofs.and oiufo T1N WAk* w lU H, BAREOVER. Ul* , . % SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. *. OUR MILITARY BUDOBT. TBI Hn?:ciDE AT TBI ILITABT Military Governor Brig General \\ adawortS and Provost Marshal Mejor Poster haw l*ee? for aome hours engaged In an Investigation of the clrcumstancea of the shooting of J ease F Whar. ton, in the military prison on CapWol Hill, last night. From the testimony taken, wr bear, |: appeaia (hat the drcr*?rd violated the ml* of the pHn, that has up to this ttme l?cen wdt obaervod by the prisoners forbidding io m t? obtrude ttelr persons or heads out of the windows lie was ordered by (he sentry on peat No. 3 to withdraw his person within the window and reapeet tba well-known rule. Inatead of ao doin;, he replied with oatha and imprecations upon the sentry, who thereupon eallel the e?rpo ral of the guard ana rrported to him the facta The corporal ordered U?e sentry It reiKW his order to the prisoner lo withdraw hi* person Into the wirdow out of which he wa* leaning, and If be failed to obey, to sb?ot him The sentry renewed the order, wb*i the dictated bade him dehance, h-anlng farther out of the window, bearing hla'breM*. and corslng the sentry with awful oatbs?cillln^ him a d?d Yanhee s<vn of a b? h; a northern boa of n b?h; n d?d hired ncoundrel, too cowardly to enforce his order by shooting. 4c. The sentry then fired, ahootlng Wharton In the head, the wound proving fatal thl? morning Pt aII m I > ?a f c * m I ns I Ion nf tka -> at 'Kn M ( Tl lllll liai > ?V VHV * *? ?? H?t|VH VI ?M? vaat I corporal of the guard and the aentry wbt ired were placed under ureal rtOM l?U' COLVM!*. The War Department have a telegram from New Market thla morning, confirming the ut previous Intelligence from that quarter, that Jackaon had withdrawn hla force twelve mile* from Harrlsonaburg, In the direction cf G >rdonr. viUe, via Orange Court House It wai believed there that he might be aiming to " double on hU tracks" aeeklng to get In Gen Hhlelda' rear by tn?rchlng eait by the road aouth of the rld~a and crosamg li Kimewnere D^ar s-perryvuie or lac thoroughfare. TOKKTOWM. Owing to the prevailing storm, there ha? been no communication by boat to-day aero** the bay between Fortreas Monroe and Cherrystone. 80 the Utest nrwi from Yorktown iatbat received by the Baltimore boat and published elsewhere in to day'a Star. We learn that Co!. VelUe be* been transferred from his position as Provoat Ma-sha' of Alexandria. LATE FROM THK IVOTH. We have a late batch of Southern papers, fr jm which we glean tbe following: The Norfolk /)<iy Book of SaturOay ??>s of the evacuation of Fredericksburg : At t on the afternoon of Thursday the Yankees appeared Mi miles from Falmouth Our pickets wre driven In, several were wounded Tbe infantry and cavalry wre sent out to meet to* enemy, and twice repulaed them Tbe enemy being In Urge fsree a<1nnc*-d, and our troops fell back to Fredericksburg and set Are to three bridges serosa the river, alat burnt threw steamers and ii vessels loaded with one hundred ictossand buttels i f corn, and one hundred bales rtf rntfnn at Ihr At r> The panic of the Inhabitants wai trrm<-!i4mii Our troop* .evacuared the city Tbe enemy sent bell after them, which struck the eottoa factory, doing much damage. The rolling stock of tbe rail'o?d company wan all saved eicept e'gbtcara H ?n Richard K Meade Is dead. T be Day Boe'? claim* that " at least jOd of the Federala were killed and wounded" at tbe Sght at Lee's Mill, near Yorktowr. TM lilh North Carolina, 10 b Georgia and 2d Louisiana. were actively engaged In the lirht General Howell CcOb commanded. Colonel McKinrey, cf tbe North Carolina regiment, lost Ss'.e life In rallying hla men. The Richmond DirpatcA express's tbe fear that McOllan will defer bit contemplated aaaanlt upon tbe peninsula till the completion of the Iron gunboats "now being rsp^ly prepared at the Nortn for tbe ascent of our rlwn," and carta leudiy for additional defences for Juan river. Tbe Confederate Congreaa baa panned an act placing In the military aerrlce of tba Cot.federa'e Btitcs, for three yeara or the war, all persona between IS and 33 rear* of age. CONGRESSIONAL. IXIVllth COKflRE?S-iKta< Htaaiai. Mosoat, April S|. Sixatb ?After the preaentatlon of various pH|. tiona for etnanclp?tlon. the naaaage of a bankrupt larr, and for nejrro eolonintlon, la the ronr?e of which Mr. Lane, of Ind . aldresaed the Ornate at Irnctb In favor of the latter propotlMoc, Mr. Hale Introduced a bill In relation to thn aelection of Juries in the Diatrlct of Columbia; referredMr Powell ask<-d leave to Introduce a resolution of Inquiry relative to the number and name* of citizens of Kentucky who have been areeated by order of the Stat* Department, and the charge or charges against of them. Bat Mr Sumner objected, and the Mid resolution went oTrr The resolution calling for Information rrlatlvo to the r?uw of ?h? arrest of General 8tone, and of the delay In Irving him, was taken up; ard Mr. McDongsIl addressed the Senate at length In fstror of IU adoption In tb* c?n>ae of his remarks be was Interrupted by Mr Wade, who stated that hefore tbe arrest of Gener il Stone he was Informed by the Joint Congressional Committee en tb? " a a at? U7.. .11 Ik. iM Wa vonauc Wl .?ur *? . w? ??iC pviare en ?nv charges on which he was subsequently arretted. Hon*.?Mr fcliot aubmltted a resolution calling on the Secretary of War for statemen'a of moneys expended in the Department of the Weat; adopted. Kir Nixon offered a resolution aaklng the P?retary of War relative to the appointmmta of Brigadier Generala from tbe volunteer and regular aervlee, giving date of appointments, 4c ; adopted. Mr Cox ottered the following resolution Re solrvf, That the Secretary of War inform tbla llmiae upon tbe following facta: l?t. What has delayed the reply to tbe resolution cf tbia Houae calling for Information aa t? the ase. sex. condition, k.c., of tbe Afrlcana em pleved tn Gen. Wools department 2 J What number of slaves have been brought into thla Jilstrtct by the army officer*, or other agents of the Government, from the Smie of Virginia, el nee the enemy abandoned the pouewlM of Manaanaa and other tinea of the Potomac 3d. Wh>t number of fugitive* from Maryland and Virginia are now In the city of Washington; their probable eex, and probable age. 4th. What number la now or have been aent to Frederick. Md 5th. How many *re now fed and supported by the meney of the United State* appropriated by Cong res* to prosecute the w*r ? 6th. By what authority negrcea, oM and young, mala and female, were aent from Virginia by railroad to Philadelphia, and at whoae ex mam the amount ofeipeosessnd the purpose for which they were aent ? ffTth. If he baa not the mean* to answer these InnalrlM llial h? flk# the I1BC nw#iun ate na tn obtain tbe Information. Mr. Lovejoy moved to lay tbe resolution on tb? tab'e. Mr Coi demanded the ye** and nara. Tfc" resolution was laid on tbe table?fans ti, nays 31. * LATE LOCAL NEWS liimiTtilO)i?r?iKl or Eaitu ?Todey '? tbe renib of tbe Raster week, according to tbe reckoning of tbe Jewltb calendar. It la obHTTfd ly tbe laiaelitea, but for a different rea?on than that of tbe Chrlattana Thougn tbe entire Gaoler week la regarded aa boir bv tbem, tbe Irat and aereath day la obwrwd witb religions s'rirtnes* n commemoration of tbo establishment of tbe Iaraelltish i atlonallty, and also bfe. d?? their belief la tbo tradltlOMcauara tbem to recngnice and commemorate each returning Easter aa tbe aaalreraary of creation To day, tbo rmtk of Kaaler, la atrlctly obaerred by the laraolltea In thlaclty. V" Itbdrawing from the carea of b?*l ne?. thev aosemhled la their synagogues. and devoted tbe morn lag boar* to rellg looa diaeaarae ?4 Um reading at the tew Acmoltim a* Abut Orricii ? Laat Frt4?f alfht, a wtraauMBfd Herbert, uMulitd aed track Lieut. Kmi.iftkt U I Armf. Herbeit VMarrested and take* beware JeeOee Jofanaen wbea Lleat Kra?, *b? nnatj^la kl* regloaeai la a trm dar? aald tf Herbert w?nM a pole* lee l?r WLat |.r bad dune, be waatd be *aUal?s, tbovfb be araa Ifee to cmNb tb*i U be bad i?? araard it Uta Dm at ?be aaaaaU, be would bave abet tke negro. Herbert positively re fear d te apologise, aad waa held te Mcarltf Ibv bta ap peaMitce at 10 o'clock Patardaf morals?. wktw he ww coaunlttod to jatl 1? default ot ball Ntfa. " *** '* ?

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