Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1862 Page 4
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I m?mm?mmmtmm?rn?mmm?m KY KMNC4 STAK." A Deicrlptlva ! <he YtrkUua Batteries. The ?pee??t cornkpondent of the New York Ttw? [! <?? th?fn!tow1ng d?r1ptlon of tbe re ue: worn ai ? oiiiowr nan uioucesier roirii: Rr?? being disposed of. mv bout Informed m- tbat th<re wt? a point or York river back, a mile or *o from ocr c?inp, from u-Lich 1 could j-e? a good view cf V?rkto*.vn and Gloucester F"lnt, cn tbe cppc<He shore, and I gladly acceptcd his pllotageto v'alt tbeppo*. It wai con aide red a very little hit bszirdou*, as the point was In " V ranqe of tbe *nem> 'a shells Whether for tb?s r^a*on or not, 1 do not know, but tbenrireon of the GrtBIn Bat'cry volnnttered to accompany us. I fhongbt be mlrM he nffal. aa well ?a an n^re^able men.her of the party. We headed two creeks in cor ride b-fore we could make our desired position, which wax a large frame farmbouse on th? shore cf York river, not more than a ' to ar il a fca!f from the mnt formidable redoubt ?f tbe Yorktown fortifications, and not or ore than h >lf a mile I/om uur c imp, ttougb we bad ridden three njl.'cs to reacb It On rearing tbe bona^, vrc -rrf directed by "or leader to eppfonrh Maglv. and to He our bor?ea in separate piece* A x " solitary bcroemnh^oi&v l>eaa iiriportaut feature In ? no?rl ?>f Mr. Jam**, but It tak<? several men .and h?r*ry to be vi orlh a shot from a bitterv Tbe farm house brfosp* to * Mr. Farmbo't He bad t^fcen refuse in Yorktown, frcm which we Inferred blarrhrl p.d|t'cs. Fr??ni the ??? oad-atory windows of this b"?i?e, tbe a'.d of glasses. we pot views of the )muven* 'earthwork* of Yorktown. 'I bey srem to te wonderfully strong. The wall* are high and *b!ck, snrr?unded "by a moat, and having aally port* and draw*. I! ?cemed Impossible that any army c< u'.d carry tbe fortifications bv es?anl?. They mu*t be reduced by slegs gnn* and morl*r-?making them, by the flight of hot shot and > bel! over the rampa5-?, too hot to bold their def-nder*. There nre tfce usual defences of inask?d *s!'eri?-s and rlff? pits onM(*e of the works ITeivy 1= or 21 pour.d coluoibiada, placed em bar , cemmara me river ana sure ap(roerD. <rhi!e a ws''T batWry can rake tt.e wjit*-* la any E rection. York tow a atancU on a bluff 3) or 10 t"> t ti^b, apparently. Gloucester Point orpea'.te, about on'he ram? levrl. It has la'.ely been r. wned with?;rong earibworka, and ha? on the Vi-'-.rh, Imr.fd'r'rly opposite tbe Vorktown vb-?.rf, a beautifully eona'ructrd water battery will, seven rmbruum. The river just htrc la c:i!y aboat tare? quarter* of a mile wide. Giouce ter wa? the flr?t place telied by Gen Washington. tn his celebrate d fe!?e i>rd ciptim of the British army, nt Vorktown, In the Revoiu Moa it w?' a part ?' 8n. UcClfllu'i plan to b;ivc M.lz J It also; but the rLtnarkal'lcebxDy of tbc liiri-j c-f hi* IV p*rlnnnt, and the dlctrtloi if the f'eopit to annther tl? Id, after he went f?rth to ronmrva'r hi? campaign. *sld her? tob^ve thwrrtrd hi-, purposes. With cur I, from the Farm bolt Ilouw, we could eas.Iy tracc the o'd en thw vk* by the British, nowcovered with tbe * moti, green ?ad We could ?ae the c'.d'rrs and contr .br.uds lrzlly loung n,{ oa tbe^a of the water-battery, or loitering on tbe wiirf, i; z do^vn 'he liver at four ol our uunlyinj, like blsck wstch do^s below. There were two pcbooncrs at tbe wharf, that hr.d appirent', j';?t b?>en di*cbnrg?d. whr'h?r of men r f xHlj <ve could not tell. i bert were, In all, twentv flYc i bmitr* and other vrntcr-rraft In * ?;ht ibe ?r??jor'.tv of which bad no doubt bern '"<i lo bnu^ reiiiXjrtcnuuU of rcbcla to Yorktown. ' tuts mrr*. A f'tr an tour h thr trua -ir atrinir Ai><t uot?V ismr it proud to w.n thfin,? A' ' for t>?t ncvrr fI*?jr, lint a'.e icii i at, Ih'ir m**it ?n ni ' I ' |". W. HuLMES. *r>*Or.e hundred and two b.tndl.i?a are now ii. ; i tea* of rrf ti. nln Cincinnati, at au e*tijint?d < r* oi yjoj.oco !'u7" Th?* County Trcs?ure'? of Wl? ont'n ere *nl J- i IT in arriar* to the S ate. ta aj-peau by a report to the Legislature. !! /"In ivMlnd, 50 per cent, of the cl-tlrtren b-rn rtia under Jive years of fl^e. A TAIKNOTirK! ixLL lioT?.fror* the *?' ?T j y?ra np.ean tow te kUe*i out tiete and eo-n >n?y at B VK a iiKO.'H F*ehiosab!? Clot'mr.* Kst v> Uhwient, mi M-lm* Cornerfe iVid >ev?nth eta, 500,00010UKur ROl'SH TALLOW atd ARMY GREASE WANTED. for which the hichtat price will tc p-u 1 at the Narccai a." J Caadia ?\ o:ia. G/etri^ atren and Ciui, G?(i;[etcTS, D. C. nr.ti m-lra C. B. JE *VFLL. Proprietor. |,*UR ARMY AND NAVY MKN.-IHavy DIno 1 F:a?:r.?u, t;lotta. ani i'a?Mnv;r??. Aran Hits Flaiicela, C atd ("Bhaimorfa, t j l ie prater auaiiUra lihat will hoia th? o >'or.) A.'ro iur ns *r"9 Mrck of a 1 otb*r kicda of i'.-j tjo--<s. |.?r iaiailiM aul a<-js?-k?''prra. Ou*> pri?e on f.<?^t uis.inct hfviea A'l ?XRT2i 6v.-'BCf at Iropli:* DO obil/fitinn to parchaa*, ffcKHV * HKU, ffc s? at Ferj ^v*?tnif ?.pH Ninth at. H0T1CB. g?awgg?iwmhMi " VW-' *U' t XfRIm-.y Cifrlr.\H2.? tiiiO .'Bifi' . cunt to UiC /abac" l/cStotilH / i t ik* ^ua Uaict Dieted vt s Vvuoiw,ilonoj,&*. i < ?ii pMU c; ;?? i.xe?? ?-"l ftcai tf.a from ar.i Wwtd?j?.-:r i:,(ou Aih'nclon tTiostiai.;, A>1 Kiirsuei m in e&&rl? ?f imnnu^ tu All for 7k* C?l<li*ra oarriM it "t?i i.A.Lt" o*r ??asi nlw, All f"r t?i? ao-Milsd "C?iWeriH Pt*t*V' tnd ?.i Aruslf* w ir*24 oi W*r" will b* U*r kxrr*?*? <**.* ? Nrw "Vo-f M 1.1. ?ad I P. j?l j urha< in W??hi?(Von ti I A. (1 via Ui " Kxfrts#**" :?t? Phll?<:elfi?Uat tJ# a M. ?r.4 11 p. M* unrieg in t it U I\ A ? K(|i?ki B*. tini-rr ?t 4-? A. M. *p4 t P. M . ftrrrr rj >a \S t.'.-.inji.a ?t A. M- ?aU JO P. M. Kx?r?w?~* for Ml K'fU North U4 W?t M wh'Lt'-'B ?t TJil A. ,>1. *T. < U?* P. .V. Cc&umou in isr*? ?asaVti$* of Frtifki _ ~ r ? ?rr *"'i ?' '?-J /.ii G--wnl* o&llca for *..d <iejyer??d frt* of Lztr? (urn. E. W, PARSONS, S??'t A'Unw' KxprM* CoaM?r< timi a im. * t?-tf 0 LAD WITH DECISION AND ACT WITH IV PRECAUTION! UR. M.VELLNV'o PRIVATE HOSPITAL, in t;>? Fecj-*. rt >ok, "?po?i!e ths treoer?l Post t-.d P*t?nt Olfi ?( ito. m M op ?ia.r?, coruor cl7J??r.4 F n?., Ww^i'iiW-, i .C. L?^?'for th? Mi??r??*u>n of Qasckery The On j R*(d)&r Phj?iit&n A4r?rti*iuf. 1>t. M. W'=-"a?*i i- ne ?j?ri?no? in )i?>Fp!t*l fnw> t cr w?rr*nu . a? it. ?n%t fe? o?a osr?&!i < i * pi ti?turo, cr he wlU furfeil Uie ?i;n: <1 fcvo hni.Ureri dollar*. ?;V %-i %<> ohA'C f <r <v>nm'tAt>on. A frrrct it .: ouiC ?< > footed Irooi or/ lo fom ?!*? or - ir.h 17 im" 1~ BALMORAL U?H?T5?. 1 KMTTifHUo^le KltBtimcrftl - - fl * %.! M<1 do 4o ?*:> 81 ?*> b ?#?**? <io f?f I,*.m?? *n?t Jkl lit'wHi: Uo u. liis cbi'irM' tod i ? ? t'vortmrat J. ROSENTHAL. *o. 16 AUrket <?" r?i?ii. l.gtwvi ?lh nyt 1th ?l?. \ NKW! A /^\ A1 191 C Tft\H " v m *c r> :% 5. > * ? .1 >3<-,M>t:h!j i '<>?*** (?*r aar?ll?T ? * ??Ui) :a HMMMkUl, 1*4 / ?!??( !! ? f? )'<'<, t;*:l *t>4 '*# fb* t' *' :*r??Oif?M? inform* i - ' I' it 'ov. ?n to f?? ?*>??. la#t J.*? |fh ? <! . loMiUi'iiimt , Hj.l Ufc? ittde eora r ! - > . >'t.i" f:;r "!??. in ?ni fcttl- J : U % 1 % *? *i,r. *">10 |A'fall?TMlj?*OBM r-r :.'? ?< ?,'A> ?ar4# of r'nc#*! ?r<1 hr*?? r *?t r f*nu*fc*4 1.t>- j?*'i Hit b??h?i cr l*rr*i. vitiiuu to ?? * Of?K"*? f?uu?<t?d 4 * t o#ga l.-.fl ftt ?rio?. ?ar< ? : ?r -f ?ho%:i o?J; ??<t m%kt> ?.r ?> ? opr^. time, ??4 en** b? f ar?HM?ni #f n*. m I f?rni?h U artu-U fir? iV. r*iji ,???u impart nuMuamecls. M )' t'l I Af* m k>w, ? TO IIVlRIli ^ Ca oa*<ln?>c. C'.ama, . - ii". JoWiio**, Pif4* 1'eet, 7rip9, *0. A j-.F-ca. -.*, Caisar. ?>?-?, braadj ? ??.- *. A ?. A #0, 6*m?A;5a riuli Fiah. T?rttr?, Lck**f, C+4, Halibut, A*, la a.01. ?* (? for uu? .0 ;n? Northern autuniUM tcppue<l viUt t'T?fr?, 4 al-vf -i wit., .-a io acy ?art ?>f u? DMnat, it. c?*A'?a. if t'.?? no&^i is muI *1 M? the or*or. V,? *?t%V lgnmWJt la 0?f.n #TO? i ft. II. to U ?i r. (ht.?or? tor> t SiMiri vkn 1 ?tt*n at 1? ?*eK>ck a. ou >?Hf T. M. HAEVET. ri' JU"T PI HL|i?HKX>. i (It. >#? I ei?ti bMiiaof t toewi?a,nr PkoiriiM oftbf ttun* lor the Ui?n 1? 01 r r ?. or t? ??n?t o I'nHuto <u*r. 1 uhA?ii?<l br Jvllw i'. CUAKL?'?.\. l;h aJdrhl*. iukI f?r Mh>* of JOB HHluLINeTOf*. ni'i 1? <k>3h? ?fc ?t. ?n?i Pa. nmoo. alSMA^W# uBer oibMeUud ?trfc4f*r? ? UUe unn j# ii- tf u4?r tf r* ?? . - *s - '.- ;.?t i-fa . tiu ?nu nutftui.u tuUiji&t ia HOSPITAL. FuiiUkU ?a conformity with tk$ ruoivtion of tK* Senatt of July 1?, 1W1. T At 8*wr*m*'f Ooorg*(mm, April 11 id I'.H Infantry 3 77tb New York Vol ...11 2d A!nine Volunteer* . I do do....50 3d do do 1 "31 do do.... a 7th do do 6 "7th do do.... 4 '2d WrmpntVolnnff^ri 4 Wth do do Ml 9'b MasyhuaettsVol. 3 31 NewYork Artlllery*2 lftth do do.. J id do Cavalry. 3 nth do do..11 Wb Fmn. Volnoteera. 1 19th do do.. 1 iltb do do...... 1 22d do do IJl.fiid do do 1 t toe k ton'ft M?rh- Vol.83 83d do do 20 2d Michigan Vol 1 Fflth do do...... 4 4th do do 9 <*th d* do I 2d Wisconsin Vol.... i g)<l do do 4 5th do do 1 9stb do do...... 4 24 Rbod* Island Vol. ? wth do do...... 1 4th do Art. 3 I02d do do 1 I Mb New York Vol... 6 1st do Reserve.... 2 lllh do do.... 8 1th do do 1 17th do do.... 9 uih do do...... 1 -1th do do.... 1 C*d do do 2 'iith do do.... t lit do Cavalry....3* 3*?d do do.... 1 id do do ..... 9 3*'h do do.... 2 9Th do do 23 IJd da do.... 1 1st do Rlflw? 3 i:Kl do do..^r 1 4'b Cameron Dragoons 3 llth do d".,..!l 19th Indiana Vol > ?Mh do do I wfflctr's want...... 1 cm u JB.. o'.n u n? qu.m, 1 ? ?2d do do.... 9 Total............3t<J OG'h do do.... 2 At Btn/'tl Hospital. Union Hot*!, com*r Bridgt nd Washington (Mill, Gtorgttown, Aprtl II. IX New York Art. .. 1|S3t Penn. Volunteers. ft 13th do Vol... 1ft (KM do do 4 U'h do do.... 1 tl-'d do do...... 1 17th do do.... 4 lclthdo do 1 Wth do do.... 1 l*t do* Artillery.. 1 fid do do.... K&tlf1! ......... 3 41th do do....22 Tth Mau. Volunteers. 1 V?th do do.... 2 <> h do do...... 2 M?th do d<?.... V ?d do do 19 :>yh do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteer*..10 fi*2d do do.... Stockton'* Mich Vol. G 81*t do do.... 4.21 Michigan Vol 1 Old do do.... 311th do do 2 Otb New York CtTalry 3j3d Excelalor Rrtgade. 1 Kb do do.... 1 Uth Vermont Vol 3 l?t Penn. Cavalry.... 6 5th do do...... 3 3d do do...... 2|ft'h do do...... 2 Bin co rto 4!Motif Battery 1 Ut do Volnnu-er* . 2|Cameron Rifles....... 1 31 do di> 1 Signal Corp* 1 1th do do 8 6'1? IL 8. Cavalry 2 fith do d.-> S lit do Ctia??eiir?... 1 ;th do do .... 1 |l?t I,onc 1 ?Inn t Vol.. I !?;h do do 1 Harris Light Cavalry. 1 JSth do do...... I '3d U. 9. infantry..... I 41'th do do 1 Uth do do 1 f>l*t do _ df> 1 5'.h do Artillery.,.. 2 Md do do...... 7 71*: do do 1 Total ...1(9 il Hctfifl at Col*wtbinn ColUgl, Wntkinflon, April I'. 2d U. 8. Artillery . . 1 77 .h New York Vol... | 2>l do Cnvalry .... 4 Slat do do....28 41 h do do I foth do do 1 I Mh An An A a >-* - - M - *" *" ?? .# -t ;r.i| I1U <?<'. | 6'h do do i wd do do^.,.15 3d do Infantry.... 1 ?>6th do do....l<i IJthdo do 12 i)Mih do do.... i <M Mt?ne Vntutite*r?.. i *.(i<wh do do ... 2 llth do d" - |n>2d do do.... 2 ?th iMa^M'-buseUi Vol 1 mid do do.... 1 loth do do. I utNvwJrnevr.aTalrvlo '9?b do do. 2 !0'h do Vol.... I 1>? Rhode l?lau<J Art . 11 ? ? retn. Artillery ... J ?d do V?1.2;3d do Cavalry .... 4 M Vermont Volunteers 3 1th do do 1 31 do d'? 2;5'-h do do 3 4'h do do.... lT|<iib do do 50 Mb do do.... 5 12*1 do Volunteers. 1 Sb do ' d?.....1(t |r?h do do I lit New Vork Artillery 3 52d tto 7?i? do Battery. 0|56'.h do do] 5 Kh do d?>.... I|7l?t do do...... a *th do Crralry.2t>,*jjd do do 1 5? h do do.... ;; 11134 do do 2 nib New Vork Vol... 1 ioitbdo do*. 12 2?>tfc do do.... 1 112th do do 2 h do do.... 1 Stnrcl* Illinois Rifle*. 1 li.'h do do.... ti McClellan Uraeooni., 2 -17th do do.... 1 |>tb Michigan Vol 1 j-ia no no a i?tb Indiana Vol...,. I IM do do.... 4 5?b Wiaronsln Vol ... 1 41th do do.... 1 ad D. C. Volunleera .. 8 5flfh do do.... 1 A-.'d do do.... l Total .....3V2 do do.... 1 A' 61. Mi*abtlk Hotritol, E<%*t*rn Brmiuk, April 11. | 2Wh Npt7 York Vol... 1 54th New Vork Vol... 9 i:taVennor.tVolant?-ers I HSth l'enn. Volunteers. fi ttd Ne**- York Vol... 1 73d do do 1 4l-?t do do.... 1 n^th New York Vol... 1 Cameron Rifles....... 1 nth do do....11 F.xceUior Artlll?>rv Vol 1 t*)d do do....14 Mtfc New York Vol... I sib Wisconsin Vol... ? 6th N Hampshire Vol 1 1?rb Peon Volunteers. 5 7fl*b New York Vol .. 1 <Uh Maine Volunteers. 4 07th Penn Volunteer*. ? 1st U. t*. Cbassems... I Itth New Jersey Vol. 5 ^tb New York Vol.. f) 6t>th New York Vol.. 4 1th New York Art tt St Maine Volunteers . U S^'h New York Vol.. 1 Total... 110 j At Mc*nt Pl- a-nul Gf.nt ral Hosvtlal. Arril 11 1st New York Artllltry 1 tfcJh >icw York Vol... 1 Ut do Chui'rs 4 tooth do do 4 lit do C?*alry. I ll*h Maine Volunteer* a 5th New York Vol... l 7ih do do 13 do do a 5th Michigan Vol.... 1 :i7th do do.... 1 5th Penn. Cavalry.... a 4"'h do do.... ] 5th do Voluntrers 7 4Uh do do.... l fi3d do do 1 K>:b do do liHSth do do.!!!."! 4 Md do do l ^,th do do * "* l 5?th do do 15 lOUt do do!!!!!! 0 ?l*t do do.... 1 KOd do - do" 3 firi'h do' do.... a K"5thdo do*. l 73d do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoon* ... 1 . <th do do.... 12 l?t Rhode Inland Bit. 1 K|?t ?0 do.... 4 4th Vermont Vol . ... 3 Kith *0 do.... <1 ut ir.?. Infantry.... n Wd do do 17 2d do do ... l 93d do Uthdo do...."" 1 ?i'h do do.... 3 'II yr.tb do do.... 7 Total 171 At jmimi Hofpitai (fount OJJlct), Waikingtem, D. V., April 12. I'Jth Indiana Vrl At,Slat Penn. Volunteers 5 13th do do 1 f*th do do.... 2 16th do do 1 l?rtd do do.... 1 13th New York Vol ...11 5th do do.... 3 57th do - do.... 3 624 do do.... 8 l?th do do.... 3 Wi do do.... 1 Sid* do do.... 1 101th do do.... 7 Cist do do.... 6 Mat do do.... 1 do do.... 3 56th do do.... 5 frtb New York C-.valryll HCth do do.... 3 id New York Vol... 2,91st do do....17 7H? do <io.... 5ij3.t Michigan Vol 1 9V?h do do.... 3 tth do do 2 Ml do do.... :> I tth Maine Volunteers 6 5":h do do.... 5 l?t do do.... 1 lUl'th do do.... 1 Oneida Cswalry ? 77th do do.... 2 Met'M'an l^rnpooos.. 2 3-jdl do do.... IjllthL'.S Infantry... 3 IM(J S. Sharpshooters i!Cair?-ron Drsco^ns... 7 1 do do...... 11 Ut Rhode Island Cbv. 1 New York Kattriy.... 1 ? 3d Virginia Voionlcci# 1 Tc'al..,.,,211 Clt.zen '1 At Biont litmtral Hotpital, Ajft 11. 2d U. K. Infantry I. lOMh New Vrrk Vol.. 6 I2tfc M?l<><* Volmit#*r?l:i.t7th F?*nn. Volnnterra. I ID bHWM'uUMttiVnl J W"! do do...... 6 JO'-h do do J|7-?ih do do 1 mNtwYwkVol... l|l?3ddo do 4 6rtth do do....'JO lOfhdo do & Kit do do.... 3 ? :?;th do do.... 5 ToU)...........,.61 V*th do do. ...10 At l)o*gt i Hospital, tttmr of 1 ttrut and N$w Jtrtty attmmt, Apri^ 11. Ut 1' 8 Artillery.... 1 j&Jd New Yoik Vol... a 3d do do a filth do do,... 6 iib do Cavalry..(a) 5 Mtk do do.... 4 .11 do lcf&ntry IMXfe do do ... 3 . - ? - 1 - - otn no ao. I ITVth to do.... 1 (2th do d > laKth do do.... a 17th do do 4|91th do do.... 1 IU M*ln? Cavalry .... 3 96th do do.... I ?;h VoluuWi?. 3 lout do do.... 3 5lh N. Haropablre Vol S Ittld do do.... * *4 VermoBtVuluntern <1 104th do do.... 1 I 4th do d??...(fr) 1 lat New J*wyCavalry 31 Mssurhoactts Aft. 1 Ciaeron Dragoons... 3 15th do Vol. 3 I at I'ena. Cavalry .(rf) 3 I *9ttt do do.. 1 ?th do dOfl.tti* 5 \ ulA do do.. 3 14 do Krter??.... 1 Tafl'a N. Y ArMllrry I Id do Volunteers.. * llicktraonN.Y. Art.(c) I 11th do do t ]?t MewYork ArtlUery i )3d do do 7 4(h New York Cava ry 1 'I7ih do <?.,??? 1 Mb do do.... 8 3!?t do do ? iat IT 9 ChnMeitra ..f.i 4*th do do...... 1, lat l?ong Island Vol..11 5Jd do do 4 vd New York Vol ... 1 it;st do do 4 ! t-th do do.... 3 74th do do 17th do do.... 4 60th do do..,.., 1 20!h do do....ft Offct do do.,,,,, t .34 do do.... 14 034 do do......11 vttk do do.... 3 100d do do 1 jt q CO Ao**?? 4 i07tb do 4UI do do. titd I). C. Volantc?r* .. I 4*4 do do.... 2 7th Mlehlitui Vol.... ? Od do da.... 3 SU WtocmialB Vol... 1 44th do do.... 4 Asdww* fthorpa'ia .. I 4TIU do do.... 1 ?? (mU do do.... I Totlt adut do ?*)?.. i ( K<??T>Ma (kveopialn. (c) FlrttLleutMUt (d) Ad^uuut tad tifcond Lieutenant. -t i, 1 tt fit ? i itt Suk riMMnMf ?* iht Horpu+l ft* Kruj>tim$ ; DtH?>??, tu April 11. 2d U. 8. infantry 1 MU New Yotk Vol... 2 (th do 4o........ 1 Oneida Cavalry 1 2d do Cavalry 2 4th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 ' Mb do do ....... S 5id do Vcloofeen. 3 th do do 5 72d do do 1 lit Maloe Cavalry .... 1 107th do do...... 4 l?t Maasachuaetta Vcl. 1 2d Wltconaln Vol.... 3 ' 19th do do.. 1 13th Indiana Vol 1 Wd do d?.. 1 2d D. C. Volunteers.. 1 5th N.Hampshire Vol. 1 *-d Berdan Bbarpa'ra.. 2 1st New York Artillery 3 lta<irtermaa>r'a D?p't 1 12th New York Vcl... 1 Clllten 1 37th do do.... 1 Contraband 1 61?t do do,... 1 " ? Slot do do.... & Total ^43 At Qnml JftijtM, (CitcU,) Waskxnttm . jBTtl 11 latU.8. Cavalry 1.6th New York Cavalry 1 2d do do I '3th New York Vol... 3 4th do do... 1 ?M do do.... 1 5th do do ljH>th do do.... 5 ?lh do do 3 lat Minnesota Vol.... l l?t do Artillery.... 7|92d New York Vol... 1 2d do do 9 rid P^nn. Cavalry.... 1 91 do do <l .'6th do Volunteers. 2 4th do do 3 0?5th do do 1 5la do d? 4 W'h do di 1 2d do Infantry.....21 -3d do do t 3d do do 1? ?"th do do 1 4th do do.. I? 'H?ih do do 1 rttb do do a Mb N. Hampshire Vol. I 10th do do.. 4 3d Vermont Voluntwra I ltthdo do... 2 lat do Cavalry.. 1 12th do do 5 10th M&f-fraohuirttaVol 1 17th do do 2 ^?t New York Artillery l Tctal 129 2d do do,... 1 At Umrti (E eking tern,) Wajiimgicn, April II 1?tNewVork Artillery l ?th New York Vol... 2 lit V S. Cavalry rt yoth do do....11 '2d do do A 23d do do.... 3 5'h do do 9 *27th do do.... J' 1st Maine Cavalry....12 OfMW -1 ? J ~ O ? -? A! ? f o:f\u uu in-.... ijim iicw jrrw'vuavniry I 41*t do do.... 2 l?t Michigan Cavalry. 1 45th do do.... 1 1th New Yo-k Cavalry 2 Kid do dr.... 1 3th Penn. Cavalry.... 2 08th do do.... 1 7th Maine Volunteer*. i r/uh do do.... a 3d do Battery.... 1 Slat do do....18 3d do dr 1 n:?d do do.... 2 lit Minnesota Voi.... 1 !*>th do do.... 3 1st Btrdan Sharpa'M . 1 fith do do.... 6 id do do,... l 10M do do.... 1 7th Mkhlgnn Vol.... 1 11)34 do do.... 2 l4t do do 1 W7th do do.... 2 5th U 8. Artillery.... 1 l?t Penn. 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'I I ?t Connecticut Art...11 44th do do....Iii Cameron Dragoon*...?6 4#th do do ... 5 McClellan Dragoons. 8 30th do do.... (^Stockton's Mich. Vol. 2 1.Vd do do,... 12 signal Corrfi 1 53d do do.... I 8th Illinois Cavalry...4* ,55th do do.... 1 lit Minnesota Vol ? i 57th do do....12 Man. Shnrpsfcoott r?.. i j Al<?t do do.... b <4nar'.*rtnaat?,r'? cm I ft hi do do....15|? ployen* 6 1 <Hth do do....l(> 3'ltiuii* ...a IIWKh do 4a..,.*2I Mfdtcal Dep?tmeni.. 2 63ih do do I PrUoner o( wtr 1 CWth . do dO....!ll 77th do do 20 Total 1278 ei?t do do.... i At Adami House. Bmernl HoipHal, Ballimort, April 12. 4th Wlaeonsln Vol ... 4 .">tta Maryland Vol.... 12 13th MaaaachuaettaVol I 1st dn Cavalry 1 17th do do.36 Ulx Light Infantry... 2 6th Michigan Vol.... I *Ut Indiana Vol 2 5th Vermont Vol 1 5mh l*??nn. Volunteer*. 3 17th New York Vol... 3 f*7ih do do li 2li do do.... I <>7ih do d? ti 5th do do....2?? toist d# do 1 !>th do do.... 2 Ut do Cavalry.... I 4th do do.... P 21 U. t*. Cavalry 1 Jd do do.... v 5ih do Artillery 1 lat New York liiMtry. 1 steamer Kittern State. 1 10th Maine Volun*eer?|i> Citizen 1 Ut Maryland Vol..... i 31 do do. t ToUl I'M IIT Waahlngton papers please oopv and tend bills to the Wsr Department. spr 10 -31 thie Ptltrud by Homml I,nun Paiisf of K*sl?n4} mnH by Ik* St?lf tf (As Kr'*l$ tli Pk&r?n?<-is <ts Fmrii, amd ik? Imytriml Cell*ft tf JisdttMM, Fhsss. TRIBRKMAR No. 1 la the effeetaal reined* for Rilaxstion. HranHAToaSHtHA End KaHS VSTIOII OB 1BI BlfTSM. TRIRHKMAR N0*tt? Completely and entirely eradicates all trace* of ihosf disorders, for vhion Oopaiva and ?:nl>ebs nav* (eoerallf l>een thought an antidote, to the rain oi tha health of a vast fortton of tha aotalft """ TRIE9KMAR No.X, la th* treat and aur* rroiMi of the oinHiM werl* for all lraoaritiee of }he ji?cm,Mwell u eeoosdKT ermftoma, ohTiatinj the deetreetive vae of erenry, m veil as other dMetermua iDareihenta. ud which all the 9araaparilia in the world oanm-t remove. Tkib?ihae Not. 1,2 and 3 are alike devoid of taate or amali. and of all mvueeatiac eualitiae. The* are id the fora of a loaente, ann maf i? on the toilet table without their aae being t uer<8oid'in tin caiei at as each, or four fs ea*e* i? no for #P. and ta 9T> caaea, Ihua aaviof f?,aa ?rv?K&8 ROW. 194 liieooker etreet, (< doora from MaoDoacal at root). New York. Immediately oaraeaiit of remittance, Dr. Bauv wili forward Trfeeemar to any part of the wond, arcurnly yked.aqd addresaed aooordinj to the isatntotioca Pa&Uhed'aJeo by DR. BARRPW, that topvtar Hftl SMH t? obt?ln#d by Moo!*! Mtharity KaST^TTJ * Kd", wuktuXi.U.a d*l?-tr SPRING ORES8 600D8.-M*ny new ud ohoiM thingsAlio,

our stusll fall stock rf?II kinds of Foreign Mid Domestic Dry tioods.forthe current wants ol families and hoiMkeoMri. On? *r?o? o?lj, marked in ?l*in figsr#*, tkt M m?u riKSKAfKifc P RAL PARIS KID OLOVKP. FOR LADIES. f\NK VERY NICE ROSEWOOD CHICK1/ mui PiusudoMONkforHlinry-a^ Iv^Aat'oIrr-" *1' 'i ?*< > ? "j I r / mmmmmmmmmmmmrnam+mmm?mmmmmmmm TRa VfCl.l.KRtt/ mKKtrmRY ? I BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD. IlMSSSBH NOTICE. CHANGE OF HOUKS. OIf AND AFTER WrDMUDAI , APttL X, 1882, TBI rtiotmn TftAIfW lITWlkJf WASHINGTON, B?iTI?IOKl, AND THE WrST WHI run m fp'lowt: Fit? I)*ilf 2V?i?i A'Mti *l n*4 Dwi/>e? K'amhw* IM%1\ UwtHt t\4 wuk, *mst tmc <m l*n-iav*. For PIllf.AOF.i.PHIA NEW YORKLeft-e \\ ??hiii*(?.n fttba. ra,7.?i. m , 11 ft m. And St-ra For ANNATOLIS?LfftTft WftchiaitOQ ftt 7.40 ft in aq<I 5nop in. For FjCKl/KRlCK-Leftr? Wft?hiDttoftft| T?i ft. m. ftca 3 3n p. mFOR ALT- POINT? WFST, Art fr\m L LI..I...J U .. niiu ?> ? M?I rri ? ?-! 1 J mat ll> anBi? Wi If 1U~ I Chester, leave Wa.hirjgton &t7.4" a. in. I TRAINS MOVING SOUTH I?eav? New Y?>rk at 7 a. m., PttilSMleiptia It y? a. ni.i Baimnuie 3 X p ai. Arrive at Wa*hu>|toa 5 ?0 p. m. Vo'kMM or; Philadelphia ln&'p. m ; Baltimore 4 30 a. in Amve at Washington i 9* ?. m. Learn Now Yo k at 11 p. m . Fh? phi* 3 T a. m i Hatimoie 7.4" a. m. Ait've at Washington 9 ? ? a pi. L<'??1 Aroominrxlatioa Trains leave Ra.twi-^re atioa. m a.vt M" p.m. for Washington; anive there at W a. m and 7 00 p. m. Oa Bundwys at 4.?>and 7 4" a. ni. only from Baltimore. No Annapolis or Frederiok connections on Sunday. Fa*ser/er Trains l?avinr Washington at 7 #> a. m and 5 CO p m., and Baltimore at 7 40 a m. and 5 10 p. n., make < ireot oonnestirns for Ancspiu.s at tU<? Junction. The 7.40*. ra oonneots at Re.ay for Kredsnok. Haeersto?n. Harper's Ferry. Marticfburg. Winchester., Parsersburg, Ao., ?*ce?t Sunday*. Train* leave Annapolis for Bait more and Washington ai6 & * * m. a^d3 40p m. Pacsearer T>ains leaving Washington at fi on a. __ 11 . ? . . .i I .4 u.'st??- - ? a a a~ - 1 ?? III. i m- in. .7 p. iiiM nu'j n'v.nmiiir r*i i j snu /.v? % m . And 35) p. m , wj.l stor only nt Aunapcli* 1 J*ntt if* Way P%*9Pnrm must tike the Accflmmtxtttim Traint only. W. P. SMITH, ?p2 M?vst*r of Tran*portati?n. u\.t, J 1968] THE flS?? PenmylTinia Central Railroad, (with its oor.nMtioat) 13 A FIRST OLASS ROF7E TO ALL THK WKSTERN CITIES i SFEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! BTONE BALLASTED ANC FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THR0C61 FROM BALTIMORE! TH?R XU.ILT T1A1K8 FHOM PHILADELPHIA TO FITTSBUEGHI T*? of thorn rwvVInt 1.9*1 C0t.tBC7Io^? AT 1URKIMTK0 with tmirn on th? wortukrn ckntkal rail road. and forminc TUB GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE fio* wasiunoto!* a*i? baltimore to oil point* in th? w*bt, noeth-wkht 4st) so?te wl?t. fT^? or Through tiok-.t?!.*?pi? *t th" ??fll<50 : lh? Noitborn Ontr&l K*ii ComM''T, t'?'?e;t at*'ioa. lfo!timo>e. 8p/*.'i4t4 Slrrping Cars on all Nirfit Trains Snioiinne isaioon Cars on all Trains. from wa?HlN?ton. , f*M??ncon? ?m l\fc? Iho f a. in. *n<1 A p. m. tr*,n?. in {jKiumor* At 7.4** ft. m. an<t fcii p. in., wrier* oi?;?e oonneotiont are nivje with trmtdi oo the NotthernCentral R. R..and arrive in ilarrm nurj tit | p. (ii. and MS % m .th?re oo meeting witn tit* trMni on the Pennsylvania Cecil* 8%iii'>ai lor ail parts of the west. FREIGHTS. Br thin root*, freijl.u of all description* o*n t* forwarded u> aod from any point on the Rail">a<l? of ij'mo. Ker.tueky, Indiana, IHioom, Wisconsin, lows, or Miser.un, by HntlrnnH rfinrC. Th<? Veonsylv*n:s< eptral Hailr ^ad alsooom^u at Pittsburg with Steamers, by which ?i<tod?rnn be forw^rdnd tv an r port on the Ohio. M o?(ir<f tim, Kentucky, Tonneseee. Cumberland, Illinois.M; ? issipjji, Wisconsin, Missoori, Kansas, Arkansas, anfi Rr<d H.rni; and at Cleveland, S?ndu*ky end C&ioaco with stean.*r* t?all Northwestern Lake*. Merchants and shippers entrusting the transportation of their Freight to this Company, can rely with contden?eon us upeody transit. rr II i.< r* 1 III r ??? ?? ? ??*'?* -- - # m n r. b/vi r.3 or r n> ti i to ifon tni P>iit la iti? VVMl, f y the l>nn?T!T.\ri* Octn korokl. ?<? > oli txw\tt as fmrrrmblt at mrt tkmmH tr*j c:ktr hoil'tmd Comp*n\i*. IZTU* iv'ioo.w tu ni&rk pack?i?s " via Fix* at K. H ** MVORAVV \ KO<?.N3, Freight Aee-nti, No, fcO North ?tre?t, Ka'.tmiora, ENOCH LEWIS. 8en'l Soiennt't. Alt^ona. Ft L. L. HOtlFT,9eVl Ticket Ag't. Pi.iladeiph;a, H. H HdUBIDN, Seu'l Freight Agent, Fiiii* doi^hi*. Ja 4 ti 1 t ^URIKLRN CIINTRAV RAILWAY. t%# Sktrtitt, Qmidtttt mnd B*?t Rtmttfrom Baltt n?ri to ?*? WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. W1XTKR SCHEDULE. Ceinai or Tim. On A?i<t *fl*r H'J N [)A V. 2<th NoT*raS?r, Pur-em rer Ti*>o* will arure end 4rp&it fitta Gftlvtrl Station a? follows : XRAIM NOITI LlAVl M *il at .*> a. m. tJaflal.'" a p, m. Pf.rkton Ao?on:.T.odauon 4 f. m. FitU^arg ai:d H*rnab>irr h xpreaa i,|? p. m. Txaina Booth Amuva Farkton Aoccminodation at I a. in. IS atlak'o Express 8.20 a. m. Fitubarg and Karriiborg Exptmc t p. . Mail p. m. * re a. ra. train from WaaUncten e?cce?U with the gJf' a. m. tiam from lialtimore forth* Wm'. and far HnfTilo. plmira. Roeheatwr, Dunkirk, Canadaifua and Niai%ia PaJla.aixi for New York citr, 'l'ne SI a. in. tram frnic Wwhlncton oont^ta with their, m. train fu>?n Haltmiore tn \\>*t tJortharxl Noithwectand KUniraand fiuSaio *ui loohe?:cr. The t p. m. trair from Washington oor.necta win IhA fl 5ll m m train fO.t r, .... i I vui i/anuuvio IVI J lVHSi:u?|| Harrmhnrg ar.d tho Wait Jind ia a direct connection for Lebanon, Ka*t?rn A Hop town and Now York via Cchtrai Railroad of New Jortej, Try Ui* roate for New York. |E7*The only train leaving Haitimaroon 8?ndaj iCtuo 2 ?. m train, for Uarnabvrg, 1'ittahurg, CU caeo ana th- Went. The r.nlj itAm arimofiln Baltimore on Snr.dai la theA^t am. train- JA8. C. CLARKE, no 2> ly gnperintendent. T?r?1 ICK TO TRAVELER*. flfi I'oacnafller ?oteral having ordered tk* ata;i aarvtc* between Washington, jpw h Bait!mora, and Old Point I F?-r:rern^^2^|c? Monroe) v> he rnaumed, on and Moudav, the j>?.h inatant, the Hay Line of ateameri Will K'ave Ka!t.more K VERY I)AY (exeeotgun oav) fnim thotr wharf. foot of Union ]>ock, at 'clonk ?, nu, or imnie&ately alter the arrival o! the Washington Train, which Imtm Waebmctci M f> CM)OI r 13. n?vtf M. N. FALl?B. Fwt Li. Towui. J. M. Tnwiii,"" J. B. Towm, r,. T'lWKHS * CO.. STEAM BOOR AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Cmntr /y?mits)i? srinM m4 Sizik It. The atieotinn of the bH?tne?s e*?ramanitT is ra ?P?otfnllT invited to the New Book a>id Jot> Priatis< KutaWiM'tneat, whjeh h?*? fitted u?> with new niAtcriAl, in the most oomplet* r.m prepurt-d to rieonie, m a satisfactory style, ever? anew yf Printing, *iz: Jlooks, f*pee?h?e. Pamphlets, Card*, ClroilkTI, Sutlers' Blanks. fto.,4c. I The attention of members of rmgre*s i? e?poeiaily requeued for our facilities for pricting flpeecha?,ae we ha?e the Imrtw ataam power in the pity. de T^UjrMn Dry gooiw for ?*thk folks aw ! HOMK.'*- Officers acd others needing Dry (Joods ot *dj kin1 for ths folks at home, are so hoited to intaeot onr stock, all new, and the prioea marked in plain biares. the aotaal sash standard i mIua. All parorl? for th? interior, p'operly parkod for i for wurrtirn bj eip.eaa or othffr oonveiaDoea, frae i of charge, i af 5 't Pa. av<v ?pd \ * tip *r**. , WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. ! 3'i9 P?nrtjTi,TAma Avxxvi. MILITARY AND NAVAfc MERCHANT TAILORS. I at> a-t/ WE OPFF-R TO MILITARY MEN ? larie ' aaaortmoot of SHE V and BLUE FLANNEL i SSStWSXS* W&LTJ5 WWTOIIAW: , K* i\ Of V?A1U r DbATlAC HALF llURISi ftO*t which we loTil* o.l ouk f"r*H""-T *~ ?T" before mokiog tn?ir eiooncn . WALL, STKNpHNS ft CO., n ? IMPk. m*..W teSiinud l?tt ?M. I CASH NOTICE. 1 N Ccdm^iodo* of oar boring to pv tuh for . overr ?rUol? of goods vi tiiraMM, wo ore forooa J to rednoo omr busin?u to Cooh e*?l*miTeiy, for Uo , sra^iwif ^BRgx-sra i QOU9HB, OOLXW, KOjtUKNSM. ft* cnurovxD aflufir ovm atubia Thui ileomnt u4 oomJv Co?gk If***? bi | been m long known ondeitaiifliTety food tkotaoet i i/ wk jwitnaivR, ; UlliTliaOR JtOii noiriTAlki Mu?*mU ti* *??ii RrttSy m*4 mUf Rrmtdf m (i? W* Id, I rOK A Lb PI9?A??SOr IMTlfPEMtTt. k%T HO F4LSK OFf.rrArr rUMfMMJ. a pcf v iMMb num i v *% U A ? "l i*i ?- riA IV Li ? I #r/?* WAKKAirk'n. o* rto rnAAVM, IN FROM OHM TO TWO DA TS. VtUiWi af tk? ?m?. ( Ikt WIIH 1(4 ImpMVPIT. *? in. 1'iwiiij, r?T.f?rv. i ?^?i * < Idaaa, Uv Iftrii, ?;'f*l?il?i af tM *, rrtnMmp, [kitotiK' t>|kiw IiW'mu, l>u?w? Ml ad, T?r*?i. Na*? tki ImHi h? J Ik ? Intli-thMi Ti?r.H? OiHf4m rw?*ffrMt bfr I *JJ llMU ?f TNlk-liNl PMfMll >n4 OxinKLl** Pia* km ?Mtk mirt Mtrr vf* htywlllt, ia< Iwwy M ' lady Mid M:a&. rorya Mxrt , BrpatUUj *k? U'l liMai Ika rttdM ) MHuf VIM, f k?t 4ra?dfkl and 4irmt'T? haali *W*kncMllf avaapa * u liuatl; (rtn ihaaaandaaf Tmt| Mmi( tfca MM ( HtUad uiinii u4 krll'.taAtlnuUttt, ?fca vifkt Kku?M a i*?a n'juti4 lnuTnf lintn vnli IM ikwiin af . Biaaa n wakad ka maif Hi U*.ag lyn, Mf Mil ?Wk 1 i HtUltlt. MAKR1A9K. Him ruiiri.N lH.( V<I Matia|hto| Hit rtaja, tain* * ?? *f ^ri'til aukiiii, it|ui? dak'knj, lafa?<at*aa, 4c., ?## < ? ??'?4. Ma ?ba ?i?im kliNilf ?o4ar Iki mm a# 9*. I. m?t r?jt?v mMi i" *>'t u i iuiIiwi a*4 inMaiu) apao kl? ik'll aa pkTaifa*. OPTIC* H, 7 FOCTH FKKDFKICE ST. ah kand iMi fr??? Cah<~ata aa?aat. fi? Inn '? * .ka MrMi. f?il *a( it MMiti aiai ud nakw. buna I > 1 ka p?t4 ?4 ihu>i nu*r. /o?>sro^r, I aaakai wt Ika *?yai Callaf a ?l ImiKi, kntaa, na4? oa fun araaf Ua ir.aat amiaacl tat ika Vaha4 | hataa, uiiki rumrutif ?kMa lift kta lau i???l ka > ii ?. ' L. i.- p.. . > .j. -l ^ . .... a M attend nm af tha Mat iitMltaf lira ikti *(M I >ti? kcawa; sutoy traakiad ?ttk ruiftar la tka kui im j iui whan *?: ?[: |?nt mrvfiiLiw, kiiu alarmad ai ! raiim ituli.kukh'MH ? U 'raoaaiu hiaakiof. at-.andad 1 ia?atiT?a? vlu iirufi mi af bIb 1, vin larad >? ? tlataiy. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. , Trti| Mu u4 r.t?n *k? inlarad iDiw?I<m k; i . Noli praftita Indl!|i4 la *bw ala?a?a kiMl fraaaaaiiy 1 faamid !rw ?nj wirfuHM. at al kM, idi it* at akiaa an rljk'Ja fall a?aa vkaa aalaap, aadif mi mat. landan laarriaj l.-npaaaitla, iW (annji katk ata4 aa? . a<??, aSaald apply Immadlatala. ' Tinii an aaraa af tf>a aad aad iaalaa?kalT afaau aaadaai* ?? aarlf hakita af ravik, ait i af tha let aad j k!~ka, Pai'.i lr. tha lard, Dtmaaaa af >'jki, Laaa af Ma??Kaj Paaai, Nipiuuao af i?a Inn, Dyapapay, Maraaaa irraaWUty, Daranfamant af Ik a Di*aati?a fuauaaa, CaaaaaJ akvBl*, ymptafra af Ca^aanrtian, *a. I ? ? tj i.i.t.?Tr a faartal ifru an tka a>ta< ara Mat la M ar??'iiu? MM ! fltmmrj, twxw M I4UI| WprMMI af Iptnu, It-J ra**kadinf*, AuruM af facial?, tlf-Dto- ] if m, Lar$ af St'ui * , Ti?iiitj, ?u., trt hm *r U< t?tl* UliaiTT-nMMl'lIU *?) <{ vkub tka tana af tkatr dtfi.Maf ktaHk, Urnf tfealr ?1fat, ktta?* j[ vtik, fait, cwtiii mi<1 tr?tiak?*, ka'iaf a ataffiiaf | trratnttl ????1 Ua ayta, ?a*(k ar tjmfW** a( ??am?yD#&? DISEASES OF 1HPRVDBNCE. Wktt tka ? and ia>frw\n,\ Tatar? af plaatart ?<? 1 kt kt* i*kear. t*a aaadt af lk>a panfkl diaaaaa, H taa aftak kt ppaea tkn aa ill-tiaaad HU*a(iktiM at draid ?f tnwan 4*ttta kia fraaa aypljirf la tkaaa *ba,(rw adataiiaa ul raapatt-.klhtj, *&ji t>> a kafr.and biia. ft: la Ul* tka kauOa af ifnarant *ni rtaa'fni'.j rra-.tndan, vha. taaaptkla a< an'nr, I tk kit p^cmirj kaaa kit* tmtiaf aantk iifiar taar'.k, arai Ucf aa tat aaaallan fat ua ka aktaJaad, an 1 ia dttpa:i !aa?a kin ?iih riinad kaalik ta aurk arar lun!li?| kiaappt'.rtn att; a> k7 tka ua af U>al datdl* j p?:iaa-Mi(itrj-?wtia in laaatkauaaal ay malaria af Ik fa Itrrikit dlataat, aa?k aa Aftetiaaiaaf Iha Bain, f\ra?t,Ih<, kla, *?., irapaat r.| vitk fnf?t*?' rapHtty, till daatk pall ranai ta al* tfraadfal aafailrf a k| aaadl?| klat a ikat ? ??rtn ' ? wkaaa kavraa aa ui'ilai num. DM. JOHNSONS REMEDY mR OKUANM WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. I I* (kla ratal aad Inaartaal raaaadr vaakaaaaaf tk? taraat i ara a?aadilT tad Ail! ?i??f ra*ia**d. fk>a<??4ia( tk* | mi aar>m tad <w?u-uia4, aka kad laat all m;?i ki'i , kaaa 'maailaitlr ?*H???d. 11! ! <?> .'<> U..J.? ?V ?? ? ' ????? (?. r?ji ' ^ * * **' *T*'" iIiii'mi, U< / rmnttlfi N?m, *< ? Intunll'Ti Ttt? ??1 WtikuHH Sxk*Mll?*?< tkt l?f*t fwvnf ? ( | KHnORFFNFttT *)t 1HK rUKSS. Twn Hill Ts?ri*v*? ^ r?<a. m ikl* IwWiUn !?< lk? ! ?. ??? ? ???. ??d tM rairinti Ml ?ar?v?*> f?rUi<~*4 k? P?. >*??i?r., wlig****4 ^ ?? ?> '! *1 Iki PM" MM' ?mwi, e?HH t$ kl?k kin inii'tl (* io4 (fill k???r* ik* mMIi, k*(!<;** k? > ( !) ? ? ?r tkintwr mri?< < mu?, u (?>>? ( * w ik* il'kKii. li-tv I ?m"itec Ann BnoTnnn'B AA JV ro/iA" PITl'P A A I.I* EEEKEKE CP M'P AW l b KKLLEEE , PP PPP A A \ A EK I I'P Pi'P A A A A I.L EE PP PPP A A AA LL EKEK I'PrPP A A A A LL KEEK PP AAAAAAA LL, IE PP A A A A LL KK it ri a a. * ? ?* < ' * ** * ir BA AA uiibl.lili r fcl l'-KM, ri' AA AA LLLI.Ll. LEEEEEE XXI X\ \ XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xxx jCxx XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX , XXXXXX X X X XXX. XXX xU XXXXX XXXXX XXXXK XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\X XXX XXX XXX X\x XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX A A LL EF.F.EEgK AAA I.I. EF.EEEEE A AAA I.L EE , A AAA A LL. EE AA AA 1.L EFFK A A A A LL FKi;K A AAAAAAA I.L EE AA AA LL EE A A A A LLLLLLL FEEF.F.FB AA AA LLLLLLL EEEE^EE 1 fvrnios AMBER ALE, rORTER, AMD EXTRA BROWH STOUT, In Wk?Ut J 1*1/, m4 Q??rl?r Cmtkt, BRBYVED FROM TI1K CHOICK3T J BARLEY MALT AND UOrS. BREWKRY. * 101k Street, kitwtti Ttk a?4 Stk Atiiim, nkw york. fr In. o: hood s Comtt?tlT reccivinn,?B<l htitlvtri w ku4, a fall mips t < { &'l the most o?!ebrtt*d Fv \VA TCH h.S thai are manufactured m Kmlard, Swita?ria<.<1 *'.d America. both in *ioic'4NV and Siiv?r oaae*. iln also k-ee? a lane a took of 6?ne J KWKl.R V of the mo?,t aeairahle Miieaeet with itiain.ud*. rmeralai, Ruiaea and ail other Gftn?. II* ia ?!?'> nianuTaotm int ail kmdaof Solid Standard Silver Ware, ant! keepa Sword*. Revolvera. Sword llelu and Se?he*a Bowie Kcirca. Raiora. 8cia?ora, Gold, Silver and Steel Spectaelea. and a freat variety cf other thinra naaally kept in a J eve ry Store, ami a'l at the very lowest price. No. 33? Pa. avenaa, betwoeu ttti aid mth treeta. fe l?-tf M1UIAKV Omi ElB AMD UTHKM. SATCHULOR'S oHlfVlSX HAIR HTM, ] Ths Heat In the WorW, i n? C~nl\ Rtli*klt ?id HmnmUtt limit Dvt lawa Sold br all IVpicj'rt*; alao, at Riwiareir'a Patent Medicine Store, < p. Patent (H&c.eor. F * Ttk, aod at iim'i Hair Store, Ml Pwb'? avenaa, wkert Ladies oan have it a??liftd, if d*eired. raeteri?91 BanlMaLiau SB Broadway) N. Yoa ?-Tt TPHAM'S H\IR it Y K '.?TO COLOR BLACK OK BR(t W& Only 3* eenla a l?o*. Thraa lor out dollar. 6ray, rad of flaxen bair caa ha changed in * (aw aaoonda to ? iM Mack ot r>iown, br nunc t.'jham'a Liqnid Hair I>T*,tjiobeol and nhaapoat >n the world, prodncicc, tba moiaant il i? applied, a rich natural appearance Kaeh Ro* ofUrMAM'8 HAIR HYKu warranted tooonlain aa nmrh Aotr H\? aa ct?n aeli for oms dMm! Sid hj {*.C. ITHAM, 4?3 Chaanet atroet, Philadelphia. anU 8. (JALVKKT FORD, oorner UU atrial and Pa. ava.; in Alexandria, by HENRY OQOK \ Co.. Prn?ciaU. ?T t-aolr D~R. ?UPONT^ BU8AR CUATBD FKMA1.E KKGULATlMfi PILLS Read the following aoaoholtad enoom^^V^ ?ma: V7 "1 canno? eorrrmand I ham loo fclfHIy. ^ "The? are the beet I- arnale Pit I a extant." "I rave st?l th*m with onmplete swooeae." "Would Mi ha witnoat them i^uui oomi deration." "Tbay operate seeedt I j ud efsotireli." Price ft. sect bj mail. Sold by ft. C. UPHAM, 403 Cheanit street. Philadelphia, and in Wa?kincton bj&C. FORD. eorner llth'street w4 Pv avense.; in Alexandria, b? HENRY OOOK * CO.. Urimiiti. ; no M-?It i Dr. Godfrey's antidote will curb , GONORR M< K a la six d*Tfc No^^. sh&nre of dial rN?ii?t. It la aa Ki|-^Bk liah Specifio of sixty-five years stanslnx^^BHfe u>d w ill not harm im moat delicate fcW'iMSAM^S*C?..7TtLs ' KibMjhia, and In ^M&la(ton br V 5. FVRlfc icrncr 11th street ud ; ia Alexandria, by HENRY COOK tt CO.. Dmatwta. ao?-s?3s < a idapted tor the iynsi and aaounar wuti of Canities and housekeepers. I Oar nortMra and eastern correspondents rend | is new supplies daily. I One fnee only, the aetmal eaah standard wlaa i &TKM ID yitln tidrWi . _ . An inspection of stock ?olieiUd (iroai rtruim, -Mkd?nts%n4 enjotrnort; it will uaplr ? . jo* to rvrebAM. fE**YJfcBEOw ' ay 5-St r?in. arena* and Mk nmt QKOIDED B AE SAINS. Uib0d Goods,? fail ?rtwiat alt klnda ot tfc* bm elaaa, rum {MSHLS spssa? sncssr^t e P?o?le'? Clothim &tor?,~Nt>. 460 tMT?Btk itm. gyg, * vJ.'tr mi GREAT MANKllCiH RKM?DIU,'* Known M HFl.MB"LD*9 jEHUIRE PREPARATIONS, fix: HtLMBOLD'S EXTRACT "BVCHV," ** ? SARSAPARILLA " JMPHOTED hU?E WASH. XF-LM BOLPV GENl'INK PR t pAR ATlCtff. //;? wl r coyrnNTK a r* /? COMPOUND Ft.VID EXTRACTBUTHC. i Po?tttT? tnd i-> RrmM* 'or PlMiw of th* RLAPI>K|. KlD^I.VP, >R A VKL.fend DRrPJMCALRtVfcLLIN?*. Tfcw Mrdiolo* taorMW th? p*w*r of iai, ud f ititN th* ABl?ORBKNT8int? k??l* hy nation, br Thick tk? WATERY OR OALPARLOUS 4#fo*iboB?. tod a ' UNNATURAL UYLAR8KME.NT9 %>* r*d?o*d. u wril M 'AIM AND INFLAMMATION. ?ic1 t<>?d fot ME!*, WOMEfl, C* CUlLUREK. HILMhULD S MIT*ACT MVCUU, For Wnliufi Innai fko? ?f DudHMM* c*ily IndiMrf tm?i or Ab?w. Anrm4*d with tki ffUcwmi jdiimitioB to KINUOD, TOW*', E?9Ecekswwss. _ r-r^igis-. Timrul Lftautad* of t)? *?,c".lar WSLjlot Rudi, f !?kl?r m OrjBMa ol tfct 5ki?, Kr?fno?? ?? tA? F?o* n a ( f in fVii'VTl'S" iMTF.. I A Liii * 1/ WV i' a v. w?. The** iyMyxoma, if ?'.!owiJ to fo ? . which thw n?fioiB? mr*ri*My r#m?v??. oooii f?? ow POTENCY, FATUITY. EPlLKfTIC FIT*, is on# of whioh ?M f*tiont m*f esptro. Who oum; thttt&rr ?r? ?ot fr^B^tJf fclo*?t hT Uiom"DIREFUL Dt*K" 'INSANITY ANl> CONBrMFION.** lUar *r* ftv?r*>pf too n?n?? of thot- ??f>rir?, BUT MONK WILL CONFES#. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE A?YLI'KS. And Ik* tf?i?nr\t!y D?nks fry Cmmmp turn, IU1 AMfl.t WIT*?M TO TBI TtVlH < ? Till *M?m?ion. rHE CON^TITl'TION ONCE AFFRCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNKSP. Rc^uirM the urt of maditin* . Initrraitlmtrd Inyir^r*'* th# Srrt*m. Wlkitk HKLMBOLD'S F.XTKACT B Ci'Ilt *m rfrimhty 4M?. A TRIAL WILL COKV1KCB TUB HOIT RBirTICAL FEMALE5- FEMALES- FEAT*LF.S, OLD OR YOUNG, 8IN0LE, MARRIED OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. Jm m*ny yrrwhar to FrmaUr, lh# Eitmot U??hn i? an'qai'.lftl bj any otS*r r^w^ly. ?? In rblnrin rr K??nMnf. (rrHi^nlf, P?irhl???? or hupfi'Mionnf <'u?tnn>?ry >v?mltinn>, l'lr?T?txtnr S<Mirh'u? ?nt? of th? I'lWt". L^wrvrrho>* or Wkit?a. t*If>rility. %?<! lor *11 f?infl?int? inculer* to tW" ? * Miamc from IndtKT^ii^n. IKt'l'i of Ui??ip?Uoo, rr id th? * DECLINE OR CH ANGE OF LIFb. ??? i?rt'>N? ?aovg. NO FAMILY PHOULD BL WiTHOL'I IT! Ti?? vnat r?-ri.ej ??t Mgmcipa* ro? rprli? >*kt aj>d *>*!>? *<n% DlggA??t. HELMBOLD'S EX TR ACT BCCHV ctr**? BECRET DISEASES In *11 then t*tacee, At little Little or no eha?ge in Dt?*. No iacooTenierioe. An4 mo It etm>M a fr??o*nt deei'e a?4 gxrea ?tror?ttl to Urinate, thor*hr removing ol^tnftmn*. Preventing aad Carint MiwtaiM of the Urethra. A'lafing f*JB and I r.ta rotation. ? ? fre^nont r? the e!ae? of diM**"*. ni't 'jips iirif oU rou*nr*s? PlitoHd n*4 tFt>m opt THOCSASM tron THorsAKP* WHO HATB BFKN *HK VICTIMS Of QUACKS, itrxl who hi?? nid h??vt riuto ho eared in % nhort time, hare foard the* deoeirod. tnd that Un?"ro|?oN" fcae h* the aaeof * rowaarrt, TIIMI'TI." r-een dried up in the not-m. to break "at in an fo'in, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Un* H?t F.xtkact Brent for all gfleeboc? and of the URINARY ORGANf, Whether existing ib MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oaaa? orir<natirg. and no mat'or of HOW LONG STANDING. ' DlifMM of U>?M Orr?n* r??oir? the aid of A DIURETIC. helmbold's extract bvchu is the great diuretic, Ab<1 it cert&in to h?v# we duittd rtTtil is *11 FOR WHICR IT 18 RECO.M MfcNPED. 1 BLOOD!BLOOD! BLOODt Helmhold''t Highly Covctvtrmt'd Ccmpovrd FLUID EXTRACT 8AR8APARILLA. SYPHILIS. Thia ia ta an affection of Ik* blood, awl ATTACKS THE FKXt'AL ORGANS. IJNINGS OF THE NOSE, EARS. THROAT. WINDPirK , ANDOTHEK MVC04J* SURFACES, Making ill MP?ir*i>oe in th? form of ULCfcRS. Helmhold'a Extract Sarearvilla, Piirifiea U?e Blood, and rtnuvat a.1 Soaiy Eruptions of the i?kin?, GIVING TO THE COMTlAXlO* A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It being preeared uyrtN.? lor Uu? cara of mmplaibta, ita Blood Parifying Properties are preserved to a irenter extent Uu u; otber preparation of tteraa*aril;a. HELMBOLD'S ROSE *ASll, Sn xoollBat Litton for Dinun *( a Hypkilitio atBie, ui aa aa inject*- n id l?>aeaa*? ol <he rinary <?Tfan?ari?iac irom Mabitanf aaed in ooaBoatioB with lb# fcurMU Hi?i ? or ib r?oh UltMMt ? raconwiU?<>d. Evidtnc* 9/ lAi n?il rtiiablt ?d t**poni\tii Jkurmtfr tritt mec&mpmny tkt mWkiui, CL&T1 FICATbS OF CI UK*. Ft em ?< ? y?a? j' iuaimi, With Nm?* news to BCIKNCK ANDFAMK. For NmIimI picjrimm of Dii(CMtori of Um Umtrd VlttM. 9**Ptolw?M>r JJEWfct/S vaicabl* works on U.? Practio# of Fhrai*. P** remarks aaade by the late celebrated Dr. PHV81CK. Philartelyhia. 8n rMMik* mad* by Dr. EPHRAIM MeDUWKLL. a ?elebrato<l rhyaiotaa ?n<S Member of the Royal Collie of Pargeona. IieAid. ard r?t>iiebed ib tw Traaaactioaa of tM Kmc bo* ?|*ili M?-Ckir?rctn?l Review, f?Wi?k?4l l>r JAMIN TRAVfcR?, Follow of Key*; Coil?C? ol Btriww. ?o* moit of lb* l*t? Pund&nl ww W* Ob Medicine. KxtrMt Beeha. fl hotUe, or a'x for f&m. Kx?r?<?t t*?r??r?nli?, tl M per belli*, or m lor |iMi I?|iroT?? Roee Willi, ? f r bottle, or tlx for Or, kaif 4osea rft+e* fet f 1J ?\ wbtoh wiII b* imtUiNrilltiiwt otxtiBM* ??e?. if <11 rootioa* ?re adhered?? *-* caaraty VMked from otawntioa." DESCB1BB BYMP^ONI^IN ALL COMMCCaraa 8ur??t??d ! * Adnoa Gratia !! AFFIDAVIT. m "x.' un?LM?*H.Br^i?? MO( ?aly r*ara, 4oU aay. ki* ^rMvtltvu ?u&ia ao a*raoUe, ao m?>ea.Tj,ot other uutnvu InnWmpnUm^ BELHDOLP. ( on mm) nU?nM t>efo*e mf. thu TSi d*t ol *ove?ber. I?M. WN P HlHHKKM.A,J?nam, liatt felreei, above Baoe, Phiad^hi*. * A4dia? latter* for iaJoraatioa ia ?cnfcdceea te bmi ftAJ9NBei&!9S& r-* beware or counterfeits AMU MMll-n?ai an am Who wiaw to diefo* " ? tiui own*" lal '? ??' aticui oi tu urmnoii intiu By MjpM'l e~?lM " Bold by ALL DR VOOIST8 MTMMTWHMAM. A81 FOR HftLMBOLira. TAKK NO OTBEft. Cat omt U? adrortiMmebt ul uM for It, N0 AVOID MIXTION AND EJLPO- <

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