Newspaper of Evening Star, 22 Nisan 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 22 Nisan 1862 Page 3
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liOCAL NEWS. N"ttc* ?Mr A W. Bom?, ft*ma?a?}?igaft?Bt of tbe Star's circulation In Georgetown, will a!?A arI m IKa QMr'* a4?*rMai ?rr a#attl there. Any Georgetown advertNemont* >ft at Pr G B Barnard'*, corner of High and Bridge ?t**ets, or with 6. Crandell, No. Bridge street, will meet with prompt attention. Ammimsnts To-sisar. Foki>*? Athemecm.? Mr. Forrest t'jwfed hla great character of "Soartacua" last night, and the opportunity was made much "( by hi* admirers. Manager Ford produces the "Octoroon" to-night. t This play ha* bad remarkable merest ?Vwh?re, and Is to be produced here In the came attractive style. Gkoti*'* Theaim. ? This beantJful resort opens to clght,wlth a brilliant company of comedians?Mr. Grower haflrlng. In the selection of his company, a tpecia ?ifw 10 comeay. n? p*ay selected (tte "Serlotia Family") la one which will orcifv the whole streneth of tbe comedy combination. Mr. Dablel 5*ctchell tahea the part of Amlnadab SWk. Thla gentleman 1? pronounced. by those who know, to be ibe funniest mm on the ?ta*e, and, since the death of Burton, ia ?atd to orrupv the blsheat rank ta (he country as a comedian. MU* Lctty llon^h ustalna the principal female character. MIm H was tbe special pe? at L^nra Keene'a for tbe past two aea?on?, and ! said to be the *ery f r?t soobrrtto on tbe American ?'aje These are supported by performers selected with great care, and from tbe best now on the stage The parfbrmance of tonight wlU conclude with tbe local farce of " J. J , of the War Departtnent." ued rm?wi' niii. ? ADoinrrnew prrgamnn? la preaented for to-nlgnt?.' Robbing tbe Mail," " The Hungarian V\aibl?ra," and "Hunting on tbe Potomac " Notwlthatanding tbe unpropltlona wither la*t night, Manager Kunkel re ceiird a lively ceeting, It being tbe cccaaioa of (Lii benefit Casth;bp*y ?Tbla popular reeort waa wrll attentrd la*t night, notwithstanding the Inclemency of the weather The new lUra, Alias Ida Unvnl and Frank Brower, appeared, and wtfe loudly greeted. A new and apleadld enteiUinmen? 1* offered to-nigh^ WASHiseron Acadcmt or Muetc.?Slgcor Tl foertlni continue* to delight the f-equenter?of thU resort bv hi? vocil pcwera. Tbe concert are fret. Refreshments at band. ComciL Frocttvyan. April 21 ?Board of AU d'Tmt*?Tbe Cbatr (Mr Brown) presented a communication from tbe Mayor, announcing tbe approval of " An act for tbe protection of stopcock and fire-plug cover*,*' also " An act author* I vtfirr IKa r?. r Ijr t r?i nf A r a n? mr ' ' The following petitions ?nd eommnnlratlons were received and appropriate lv referred:- A communication from the Superintendent of the Metropolitan Pcllce, a>klog a furthrr appropriation of 91,54)0 fcr furnishing, lighting and paying the rent of (he severil station-houses; rctlMitnaof IX. H Williams, P. Borland and (i Killian for remission of fine*; from 8. F. Mllllgan relative to flre-englnea; from Jnattee Walker,asking a reconsideration of aetlenof Councils relative to the flue of Kdward Cornells. Kiila passed An act making appropriation of lo for the repair of the bridge ou Nor h Capltjl street, bftween N and O streets; a bill for the relief of Henry Lee; an art to trim and era re i I afreet north, from "Vventh street west to Eleventh street, an a t f r tee repair and Improvement of n street north, from Seventh to Thirteenth street west, a substitute for the bill la relation to white and blacksmith shop*:; an act appropriating to pay the rent of the Metropolitan Hook and ladder Compact; and an .ft to repair tb?? gravel footwik on ao'ith >id?- of K street booth, from Twelfth to fifteenth aire* t ea*?. Committees were discharged from the further COMldpratlnn of th*? rx?f ttinn nf ('alvrrt ?ni) ft *11 In relation to aprlnkflnc Mrati. and cf fierovd Bryan tot remWslen of a flur. An act Lulborizln? the Resl-trr to praM a license to Gee. btdfclcr t? k**ep a llvciy *table was recommitted. Mr Flabrr Introduced a joint resolution for the r?|?ir of tic roof of the. wta'era wing of the City Hall Adjourned Board of Com i* Council.?A communication waa rfceived from the Mayor enclosing estimate* for cleaning the gutter* sad alley*, which waa referred. [Tbe estimates are Si ?*m each for the First, Second and Tblrd Wirdi; 2,50?> for the Fourth w ara, and cach Tor the Fifth, Sixth and Sevei.tb Wards.] Al??, informing the Beard cf tbe approval of ?ri?!n'.!t. * Alao, a communication enclosing an estimate from the City Surveyor, stating that tbe sura of 943,727 will be required to put in repair tbe avenues, streets,sidewalks,gutters, Ac , damaged by Government trains. Mr Shepherd presented a petition, asking the laying of a water-ma.n on Kleventh street, between O street and Pennsylvania avenue. A bill to revive an art t-> improve M street and boundary street between Six a and Eighth streets eaat, pjv>ed. Mr Wilson, from the committee on ways and rn?ans, report'd baek the bill Increasing thecompen?ation of Ward Pbyaicians, from one to two hundred dollars per annum. Mr Edmonston offered an amendment, Increasing the salaries of the Tax Clerk and Book-keeper and the Secretaries of the Boards of Aldernen and Common Council. Mr Wilaon was opposed to bringing the salaries of other officers in this bill. He thought thst If the gentleman (Mr. Kdmonstcn.) wished the salaries of tbese officers he named increased, tbe purpose could be accomplished by ar other bill. Mr. Edmouston w*s not opposed to increasing the compensation of tbe physicians, bnt thought that while tbe sa'.ary cf oneotBcer was Increased tbe ralarles of officers who had their duties in a m t _ * a ? a _a? ? rrriiru aua inrir uua in cut Gown, i&ouia care their caaipeniitioa rftorHt. The amendment of Mr. Edmonston was adoptrf-yr? ?, nay* 7 Mr. Rauh moved to lay th^ subject on the tab'e; lost? yeas 3. nays 14. Mr. Wilson hoped that the bill In i's : mended form would not pass To pa*s It would be to repeal an important bill recently passed. He would like to see the subject referred back. Mr SSepberd moved to recommit the bill to the comml'tee of ways and meant, witb instruction* to report a bill embracing bcth cases; carried?ye*? S, nays ft Th* following bl'ls were paxsed ; To repair H*ventb street from L street to Bnund-ry, and appropriating *2 000 for the purpose; appropriating for the repair of Eighth street from M street to Rhode Is'and avenue; to repair the e??Wn lock-up; to lay a water main on Eleventh street between the avenue snd C street; appropriating 9150 ta pay rent for the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company; to pay certain bills against the fersewerarce Fire Company; to grade H street from Fourth to Seventh streets Mr. Lewis, from the Improvements committee. repor.t-a tun ior ciennini; nna itmlnj; the street*, aiirys. putters, Ac*; passed. J I bit bill appro prlifes 1,290 firh for the First, Record and TMtd Wards; SI,MM) for tbe Fourth Ward; aod #7M) each for Fifth, ?txth, and Seve*1h Ward* J The joint resolution In respect to tbe removal of the walla of a burnt buildlnz on F street between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, aad the Joint resolution asking tbe cooperation of the iiOTermnent In the establishment of a stcim ire department, were passed. A large number of bills from the Hoard of Aldermen ware referred; and the Buarl adj uraed - Ax Old Citizi.i or \V ashixcton still in the R ibsl Pai?on at Richmosb ? Abcut a year ago, Mr. J. Vlaaer, an old aod well-known clttfcen of this cltf, was aelaed near Seneca, and without preliminary examination hurried off. to Richmond, wilb no foundation for bla arrest except, as Dr Day (who Is now JisUf held In Ufee Old i. '[Miuil wKmra, -ii ? Bfli 14 KM Blin U> H irhroond for f?r he might do tome tonl" He wm ronflned in (he old tobacco wtrtkM**, wttta boat wren hundred other* \V ben brought out for examination, nothing wavell<*|tcd against blm except la at he bad a ana la the U alted stairs #eeTtce. and that be himself had oace taaea the oath to aupport the CoartttaUoi of the Uallrd states, hla adopted country; and nothing *honld Induce him to desert It. He waa (bee aent twek t? prison, although others who were arrested at the a*one ilnae were discharged Among tbruwaa an old gentleman of nearly seventy year*, a Mr, Blahop who wa* dragged all the way to Rich* ii ond from bta little heme on the Potomac, near Penera. Hat tb* hard priaon fare and the unusual riritrmriit were too much for hla r rem hi I no limht He ?u liberated, but died before rrachlng home. Probably nowhere on the border have tba (Jaloa p-oplr ?uftt?4 ao ranch from m?llentat secemlon persecution, M la the vicinity of DraiotivHie tad MMCI. A PiiTiim Lorn ?Y eater d?y mooting a colored man, named Tom Chaae, procured from Juatlce City ton a warrant against a colored girl n?mrd Fanny Currv, charging ber with threats of violence; witn having a rial of vitriol to throw on him, and with atoning a hack which aboaup> poaed he waa la. OtBoer Parker arrested Fanny, and brought ber to the offloe, when it leaked out th-u Tom had been paying hla " d'.ttreaaea" to ner wm mm am yon, wm% mmm wwf gica hrr a'together. Hbe ?t?d (kit ih? could tot kelp getting cffuded wben she n* him walk lag win other girls, tad thought It would serve blw right If the threw vitriol oa bin. She acknowledged tbatsbeaad stoned Che carriage. The Jo?ttce dismiMei the peace warrant, u4 floed ber 91 38 for staaiag the carriage. ?Coroner Woodward this morning rusnuoaed ?a laqaeet oa the body of a a?rwly bora male lafsat on tbe rteer shore asai the Mo^ttmrnt the bead was crust*t in, and the >4y b*U sppar?aUy been la ibc Water sowedajra i J y rattder^d a vtrdl t that tb* child wm D- irderod ttartly afltr lu birth and *n>wu late ?.*/ nrtr by *omt person iAkMjr?. Taa Biltimoii Amrtr&l CcortURci or rat ArticAti M K CetJicH iswrnbled oa Mondiy moral ag it ? o'clock, BMop Payne la the chair. R*ltgloot aerrlret w?re conducted by Rev. R. F. Way nun and Jacob Pftcbolaoa. Tbe qufrtlon of local lor deacoa ordera waa taken. A rtttminnditlAS from the quarterly rreotln* conference of Frederick City wm preeeated ana read In favor of Lloyd Benson. It was ruled Ml by the Chair. Ktlaha Johnson, of Baltimore county, was alao recommended, and waa referred to the committee for f lamination The fifth question waa called, rit: Who remain on trial* 7. Watera, J Mllla and H. Landla were continued on trial. Tho atxth question, who are admitted Into fall connection, waa called, aad Dennla Davie and W. H Galllard were ao admitted. The aevsnth question waa taken up, who ahall be elKtrd and ordained elders thla year? R P. Glbbe, H. M Turner, W. H. Hunter, R. H Cain, and D Davla were elected, they having been recommend d byaomeof the mem beta of the Conference. Rev W. E. Walker, of the Baptist Church, was Introduced to the Conference by Blahop Payne. The order of the day was then taken up, vis : The preamble and reoolutlon offered by A. W. Way man on la?t Thursday. * a ? Ji -a?? _ ? .?M ^.41 .1 ..i.J A very wn^ioy mi?cmuru, prin;ii?avcu In bvJ M Brown, M F. Sliiby, 8. L Hammood, W. M. Waters, J.J. Herbert, and James Reed. The whole matter was referred to a committee of Ave. to be appointed bv the Chair. The following were then appointed- J. M. Brown. A. W . Wayman, S. L. Hammond, W. II Water, and J.J. Herbert. The Conference then adjourned. Central Guabchouhk Casks? Effort Jutttct Clark ? Samuel Hurbert, drunk and disorderly; wnrkhoute 60 daya. Jan. Brady,profanity; fined #1.91 Clinton Smith, col , smashing bis mother's wlndowa and threatening her with violence; held to security fer a further bearing. Focktk Wat Sr atiok Cask*? Before'Justice f?H?r?Michael Mr-Nemair, Geo. Peck and Rlcbard Eckfield soldtera, drunk and dlaordeily; and Cbas. Gallagher, deserter; turn^ over to the military. Al:ce Cole, drunk and disorderly; fine S5 00. ricKPOCKBT?OBcer Campbell on Saturday arretted Joseph Callahan for picking the pocket of Patrick Phillip* of S33 In money. Thirty dollar* of the money and the purae waa found upon Callahan. who waa committed for court by Jnattce Stratton. Postposid ?In conacquence ef the nnpropltlon* weather laat night, the ball of the Prraeverance Engine Company waa poatponed until the 21th ln?t, when It will come off In A No I a'yle. Th* Niw Yoai citt French regiment, the ''Enfan* Per in*," paraded the BTenne to-day I hindaomely unllorir.ed, (chaaseur.) but unarmed 1 ?yet. I a The** baa been another arrival of new and beautiful good! at the People'a Dollar atore, 438 Prnuavlvinla avenue, near 4# atreet, embrarlng everything aplendld In jewelry, allrer plate. Ac. Drop In there and inrett a dollar. ap *t-ec3i* Coktih. ktc.?Tbo?e afflicted with thcae trouble oin?. thing*, whether bard or soft; also those troubled with Bunion*, Callosities, elub end Ini growing toe-nal's, can find great relief and satl*fartory benefit by applying to Dr G White, l*i I Pennav I vanla avenue, between and 6tb stree'a, Room 7, stcond floor. * Att*>tio? SoLDiBSt!?Protect your health; no sensible man wM leave tbeCity without a aupply of Ilolloway's Pllla A. Ointment. For Wound*, Bruises, Sore , Feveraand dysente'v, these medicines are the best In the world. Kvery Kngllah and French soldier use* them. Only Jo ct*. per Vex or Pot. 225 As It la a mtstkkt to a cood many persona who have of late bought their ou<flta of Spring Clothing at Bar A Bra's Clothing Falabllabmenf, crner of K and Seventh street*, how It Is p??*lble to aril ready-made clothing, equal In style, miking and trimming to the best of tcoee made by merchant tailors, at such low rates, we will therefore give the following explanation: 1 We auperlnt nd tbe manufacturing or ail gooda ouraelvea, and bare found ttaron^h a good many yeara experience In thla branch of bualneM, and in this city, what atyles of good* are beat calculated for tbia market 'J We are contended with annll prrflt*. Our conatant aim la to gain the entire canfldcnce of tbla community for f ilr dealing, aa thla 1* our motto. We will continue to aell gooda cheaper than ever. Wehavejuat received a large atock, comprlalng all the lateat atylea ef boya aa well as men'a elotbing Every peraon can now get Bulled and ffifed with the moat dealrabl* patterna * Bar It B*o,'a, cor. E and Seventh ata. Fbom the high and reaponalble position of tbe giver of the aubjolncd Testimonial, Dr. Von MoacnziBKa* la induced to publish tbe wmf Afiysr'j Office, Gtorgttaru, April I!), 1862. Thla la to atate that, my hearing having been ' much Impaired for some yeara past, I placed my sell uaaer me proie?*inn?i irrauiirni m ur. > un Moachzlsker. After a few weeks of bis rare, I experienced a very perceptible improvement, and at this time my bearing la as good aa It baa been at anytime witbin my recollection. H Addison, Mayor. Dr. Von Moachzlsker, Oculist and Anrist, give* his entire attention to tbe treatment of the Kve Ear. Office W7 Pennsylvania avenue. ap21-3 ? All PIRS05S can And tbe beat stock of Clothing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Kata and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. fe 27-3m Ant meson wishing to procure a loan of a few dollars on satisfactory security, can do so by call* lng at 450 Eleventh St., between G and H. apll India Rcbbkx Goods. We advise all our readera (aa wc know they are obliged to purcbaae the above named goods) to embrace tbe present opportunity as Mr H. A. Hall Intends to make a change In his business. and will *ell hta extensive stock of Rubber Goods at manufacturer's prices, and no family should tnls* this opportunity to supply themselves For Instance, Mr. Hall will sell Men's Rubber Overshoe* and Sandals for 80 cents per pair, and Ladies' Overs and Sandals for <50 cents per pair: India Rubber Bed Protectors for Children's Beds (an article that no family should be without) nnlv V) <*?nta tnr tan H at t K? I n si I n Id nKK? r 7 vv - ?v Warehouse, N? 9IJ6 Pennsylvania ave., between 9th and 10th streets, Washington, D. C. ap 12-tf is ii another colcms may be ?een a few oi the many testimonials from well-know citizens of Washington, and they apeak louder than anything we could say It la with pleaaure we lay them before a candid and appreciative public. Onr people are Ured of theories. When a man is sick He want* tbe physician who prescribes remedies that are sure to cure him, and such a person Is found In Dr. Tumblety, Indian Herb Doctor Come and see for yourselves ye lame and suffer lag, Oh ye rhewaatlc and dying come and see, Light shall again tbe faded eye Illume, And rosy bealth the pallid cheek resume Thousands rescued from disease and death, Invoke God's blessings on Tumblety. I desire your prostrate hearts to lift, Yoar bleeding wounds to cure, And with the treasures of nature's gill Kelieve the rich and poor. tbi ibpun nxnn doctor will describe* diseases ud tall bHi patients the nature of their coaplalnta or Illness, without reeelvlng any information from them. No char ft for Co?*mltalion or Ad* ice. OtBee, Nc. 11 Wa?hlngton Buildings, Pennsylanla avenue, corner 7th street. ap li!^}i?# BMsrn. ?? On tie 2tat instant, after a short iHaass. Miaa RKrflvCCA TAkL.ok,eide?l aaa(htar of Rob at lavkor, Em. of the family ararr?uaetod (> attend her far* *1. at s o olock to-morrow, from Union Ck?f?US0tk itrMt weet. * ?? the 17th inatant. is Pnaoa Grorge's eoanty, Md, of otaaartioa. MaRY EUZABfctH, wait daatkUr ot Samuel H. and PruoiiTa P. Kr*etMd^aad^craoMaa<QUr of A. O. Dong las, la Baltimore, on 9aniar. at t o'clock, of ooaaamytion, JOSEPH H. MICKMaN. ajed ?l TH'I.?mootha,t da?. Hi* faaaral will take alaoe on Wadaaaday afternoon,*' hait-yast 3 o'clock, from hia roailenee, Mo 439 I4<h (treat, between H and I. Hisrela tive-. and the frianda of the fkmiiy are invited to a:xsad. * On Maaday moraiac, tharat iaataa?. MARGARET K., MM beloved w.te of Jiaob Plei?hu. and a*ughfc*r oi W>ela:e Att.aha-n and Klisabeti Wiae, of Aaaaaa ooani#, Penaajlvania. May aha real in * Har*faaoraPVill taka ylaoa to aorrevjWadaaadv?) murniof- ?d. at 9 o'oioo*. from ??. Fate.'a Cauroi. 3d atieet, Gjyttii Hill. I B% to. Sanand Jlanover yayeriooyy ] . U? HI mu IHUDI, 11 3* GO OOK IB IH mO'fllCf, JOHN KASDK?10| HfclDEK. mi ol Joan FioJrrtok todflk j h*i<tcr,ft<*3? jmts.4 miIu AIM 23 G4J9? lMfiml*lll tekiitftoo on Th* iter *terftO^f. Ztth tutftat. ?t 3 (/clock, from tko rt>n<lai.oft oi kift Iftifcor, oa Ttt nrMt,b?tveM L Md M, No. 81?~ Alt frioada v* reapootftli? invited to ftt?im OaRFRiS, tofouiw vi'k o IftrfO %aftatitT of ClOCKKtT of ft l4o?erifUoa?. A > &^xss&aa Nov ftod !Wooad bftixl Good* ; IS food Kefiigorft additional narnoniALi. a FEW OF TIB MANY TESTIMONIALS FROM THE CITIZENS OP WASHING TON TO DR. TUMBLETY, THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR. DtfltrukU Condition if Brif ami Mind. I wm almost dnd with pain la my cheat, >>?ck, shoulder*, side and head; waidebilitated that I could acareelv walk. My ml ad was continually melancholy and gloomy; bat were It not for Dr. Tumblety'e aklll and hta-remedlee, I would have been dead before this. I an new completely cared. Tboka* Oiirrilt. P street, between 15th and 16th, Washington! n n SrfsiptUt Curtd. Dr Tumblitt?Your herb reaedlea are the paragon of all that la great In medicine. Tbey nave cured me after being given no to die of erytlpelaa. Mra. Emma K?*i?all, Fairfax county, Va. Cum / C ought, Pai tit tkt Brtast, Dytptftim, toilk grtat WtaJmtis. Thla la to certify that I hare been troubled with th* above-named complaints for aeveral yeara. I tried aome of our mott eminent physician* In Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown, but received no relief. 1 waa perauaded to fry Dr. Tumblety, and In a very abort time hit herb medicines curea dm. jmiu b. hull, Blacksmith Shop, Navy Yard. Dysptpsia and Liver Complaint Curtd Charles W. Harm an, Metropolitan Police, Washington, D. C. Cvr* of am Ulctratod Sort Ltg with seven holts. Da. Tumslbty?1 have been using your herb medicines to cure a bad leg, with seven running sores, of several year* standing, which the doetors thought Incurable, and amputation waa regarded as tha only ultimate relief. 1 can now walk ?s well as ever. I am cured. t*. C. Piuisi, Seventh street, Park Hotel, Washington. Consumption Cured. Mrt. Edward T. Tuplpett, Navy Yard, Third treet, between M and N. Scurvy Cured (a very bad east.) Jaa. W. Larhln, Government Printing Offlce. Washington, April 9, 168*2. Blindness Cteretl. Thla In to certify tbat 1 have been blind for two yearn, and by the aid of Dr. Tnmblety'a treatment I can walk all over Washington without a guide. Mra McDowbll, Seventh atreet, laland. To tkt Ladiei. My wife haa been afflicted with a disease peculiar to her sex, for three years. Had tried various physicians without any benelt- Dr. Tumblcty hia cured her. W. Thcrrr, Alexandria, Va. Consumption Curtd. A vegetable course of treatment presented by Dr. Tumbletv baa cured me of CcnsumDtlon. Jomrn EsuairmK, Brigade Wagon Master, 19th aUeet, Washington, D. C. Dtuast of tht Throat. Francis Scsla, Esq , leader of the U. 8. Marine Band, Navy-Yard. Scrofula. Curtd To all afflicted with Scrofula. Try Dr. Turnblety, the Indian Herb Doctor. J. E. HrrcHiifsoif, Patent Ottce. R.T f Vrhl I would recommend all who are troubled with General Debility, Dyspepsia, Ac., Ac., to try Dr. Tumblcty, who has cured m*. Rev. J. Cvbtis, Baltimore, Md. Canar Cured. Dr. Tumblety has cured my wile of cancer by hli herb remedies. J. CartR, Near Fairfax Seminary, Va. Sore Efts Cured. P. Maher, Bridge street, Navy-Yard. Prolnpsut Uteri. Dr. Tnmblety'a Herb Medicine has cared my wife of the above-mentioned disease. Caft. Cvrkmoham. Georgetown, D. C. Fitt Cured. Fits brought on by Weakness, Dyspepsia, Coatlveaess, Nlgtft Dreams, Ac., Ac. Jams* Davis, Alexandria, Va. * Large Tumor Rtmovtd. James King, O street, Washington, D. C., bad a large tumor of t cancerous nature removed from bis bead without resorting to the barbarous prar. tlce of cutting with a knife, as U usual In such cases. Ft ma It Complaint Curtd. Mrs. C. W. Bltkeman, Lang's Hotel, Georgetown. Curt of Ntrrou* Debiliiv. Frederick Rohleder, F street, corner of 2d. lalind. Scrofula Cured. J. Maloney, corner tth and H streeta. Enlargement of tkt Heart Cured. P. Downs, 3W 6th afreet, Washington, 0. C. Scrofula Cured. J. D. Lakeman, Sixth atraet, No. 439. Consumption Curtd. J. Laird, watckman, United States Capitol. John Clark. Camp Duncan, D. C. John C. Day, corner Second and D streets. Km A r>m mm mf 1m?Aim* H^maA VW0? VJ tfuvnilll* VWTVIft! John Hurd, N?. 300 New York avenue. Fits Curtd. David Dllon, 472 F street. Ntrvous Debility Cuni. John Donoho, No. 50ft, corner C and 3d streets. Charles A. CouPreiser, Nary Yard. Cmtd of Chronic Dittan. William Sullivan, corner Four-and-a-half and G utreeU, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. Cured of VtMitf. Charles Wllaon, U. 8. Regular. Dyspepsia Cured. Benj. Doraey, Twentieth street, below Peanaylvania avenue. a _ + n.1^ t .- it . Liru aj rimpm pi nei. June* Reed, Tweaty-alxtfc and L etreete. CkrMtc JUmmcu'mi Cwrtd. M. 6. Howard, Tenth street, new Pennsylvania avenue. 'A>tkma mfttr mil tkt Ltcttt FhiUd 8. J. White, No. tO B street, south aid* of Capitol. . Canter Cur$d. J. Blachbura, Georgetown. Bad Drums with Night S?Wi (kmid. R. Hauasch, 417 Beveath street. Ad Cmtd. J.J. Kim, C atreet, between #th and 7th. * "' V TIB INDIAN BEftB DOCTOR Will twiiin dhNMiU Ml hie poMeata the I nature of thrtr rooaatalnU a? Ulnna, without | rm)rta|Uf lnrermattoo from ibr*. If* Ck*Tg? Jof Comtmltttien or A4*ici I *" ~WWmV: ? Tr'v " f wvsgfeur4wi 8"u " ? WjPSf^'^SSrl WCRs-SlR. ? IWW WmO, Whttoor aolftfd. \AJ AN rED?Tw? gooi HANDts ?? work on V. (t.iki, at SS7 b at., brtwaaqWhMi i"tH. II\JU ANTEl>?A SITUATION M oook or ikHh " A t>plj at 397 H atreef, bstwtMl ?'h >ad Tth eta. It* WANTED TO RBNT-A rmaii HOUSE, or ", two or three unfurnished Roomein A arrrate tamiJlT. Cor th? pnrpo?e of hoaaekeepirf Addreeg "S.," Star Qffije a?n?t* A LADY ABOUT TO LKAVE Ttfa CITY wl*h*a to a?.l the FaiBitare of Aboateocnri"in(l? rooma App'v to M. MINSTER. 328 , between lPth Ana lith ata. ay a AN EXPERIENCED LADY Wiahra a f *oe aa nurse in a "-eep wtable family, to attend dar int ard after oonfineflrent Good referenoea fireo. For p*rticulare address 383 F atreet, between Nth and lltb. ap*S4i* U7ANTED-A aood WASHER and IKONER. " Ci?b?r Germ\n or Iruh ) and alen A good HARDENER. German or Italian.) for Mr*. Poott. Call at COOK'8 Stable, Sixth atreet, below 'he Avenue. It% WANTED-a WOMAN to do waahint ad ironing, and make herre f c?ne'Ail? a?fful. A pply At 44a itth at. between ft And H. ?p 31 aJ|7 ANTED?Two good WAITER? and a GIRL ?? to *Mb and iron, it 341 Penneyl'ani* aveno*. Hp 21 It* WANTKD-two jwni rm?B TAILOR?, im" m di%taly,at No. 478 Ninth (treat, between

D And K. _ M *1 3?* H. RIBNETEKL AHOU8E WANTED by a pefman'Wt ?ara?tt. R*nt not to exoeed three or four hundred dollar*. It mnet be nrat and ootrfortabie, a-d in a pleasant and hea'.thr neigh'-orhood.ard within 90 minnto*' walk of tte Naval Obeervatory. Addreaa "M. P.," at the Star Oflioa. ap i9 ?f \UANTED?'To #niace a Gentleman of good bnsineea ability ana familiar with Wee'lngt"n City, to attend to lomt out hnaineaa. Apply to JOHNSON. FRY & CO., 4T? s??nih at. a?19 1w* Sinn ?AGENTS WANTED TO OPKN qp IUU. an offtoe and taketbo wholesale ' tarur. in every Bute. for all of Lloyd's Great fiilitary Maps, nsed by onr Commander-in Chief. The ehMpeet mapa in the world. A fortareoan fie maris on tbece mapa in each State. 8 COO.^OC coaiea of one 01 my maps ha,?e already been sold. Also a man to co to California, England and Cab*. Agent* also wanted in ever* aonnty *&d in ever* retimect in oar army. Sand for circular!. J. T LLOYD. mh4 tmayl 164 Broad wmy. New writ. WANTED?To hare every one know that the* " otin find the beat stock of Clothing. Hats and Caps. at the very lowest rates, at SMITH'*. No. 460 Seventh street, below F- fe Tl Im a/ANTED?By a conple gentlemen. (or p*r hus wore,) HOARDING sn-l LODGING in a *nief family wilhia a few r^narra of the War Department. T?rnn to be moderate Addreas "B at this ofttae, statin* terms, location, Ac. a? 19 eo>t* WANTED?Every person to know that I km in tne market, ready to pay oMh lOr all article* In the houaeforniskjoi line. Thoee leaving the oitr,or having a anrpTu*. will do well to o%il. R. BUCHL.Y, 4Sfc SevJjuei at, between6 and H eta., (east atae,) Dealer in New and Second hand Farsnare. no It tf i*/*!xtku.-w# are now httmi BKyoNDD AN D FU B NI TO R K, 8Ttl V p.?J and BF. D DINQ, lor whioh we are the highest eaeh price*. FsmtUeo deeV.filni housekeeping, ar having a surplus of nrntture, will ftq'I it to their a4vanta?e to jite it a oall. nOPTFX * GRIFFITH. le ll-tf No. 3ft9 7th It-. hM*. I fcprl K FU. \R/ANTEI>?To sell, henoeforward, birre s " and half barrels of Ale ever? woek; also ,the same of Beer, lor the Baltimore Brewery. JOHN 6AYNOR, A rent. Corner of 21s' and G sts. Orders in the Post Oflhe will be oailed (or at *> a. ap7 Im* BOARDING. IFUARD1NG ? Gentlemen with nt Without tho:r D fimitjei. Tifitirc Phi'&de pli* on business or pleasure,will fin1 ?ap*rloraooontmo<lat!otis(a?OTie half Mo-el tri?M,i in the most desirable location, No. ISO#Chrsnnt street,conTScient to bosinees aod all the pr.blio pieces of interest. Per "'?ne"? end transient U?URNJSHED ROOMS To RUNT, with r Board, in a pleasant lofta*ion near the CapitoL J'raneient B>ar4er? ?ocomm*iated. Inquire at tar Offio<s irh Jl-tf II . - " " - ' * - , BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. T POSTPONEMENT. HE COTILLON PARTY of the PERBKVERANCE ENGINE Co.. No. ?. whioh * *ii to oome < ff on Easter Monday the 21 ?t id'tant u ?oaipocd sntit TH L'RHF)A Y. the JIB JUh. a* ti e eai.e t a 1. Hereon* hold nt Uak-HA Atl nf th? 9l?t ?il I Ka ?AA<( tf\m tkat - - ? ? w fwvu IVI kliwv UIRH>? By order Comipit'ee rf_Arrarfe^ *nt?? Mt2 >1 WESTERN HuSK CO., N?. 1, ALWAYS IN THE FIELD! Th? NINTH BRAND HALL of the WfiUrn Hose Compaur. No 1, w II be gireo at Frank- M lis Hall, oornrr of nth and D streets, on JS THURSDAY, April 21th. /VI Tickets One Dollar. ufcim Ctmmitttt <J Ar: aniemtnC, C. W.Drury, V*. a name*, T. J. Parker, Thos McN?ney, J. Pocre, \Vm Gibbs. ay 19 ?t* LOST AND FUgNIK ?ff REWARD.-Lo*h M Pun'l&j erenint. a SOLDhoAR.K PIN, with white s'on?. can bo n??r as a stud. Thefinder will reoeive 1 he above rawarrf k* iMtlm it at >11 Ml.iV -? ^ n * "? ?? ? wiw niuni c t?f '"fcw C<JH n? avenue and l> at. acornd atory. wm it* ft If! RKWARD-Stray* from tlje Northern v?U Libeny Marfre* on S\tnr ay ntht. c\ % My HOR8L attaohod to a wagon hr viog VL^JT* * I'lfk eov*r. The ab ve reward will he n. ?i?en it br?u(kt to corner 25th hp<i F atr. pfa If r W^TMYKB. l^STK AV.?Cane to th? farm of Mra. Emily 1 a Beall, nor.h oi Boundary a'r>et aiid the Capital, on or near the 28th of Marob, fur a large red COW. which the owner oanJ^Aaa havs by proving property and paying expenaca. ap2<-t* UTRAYFD OR STOI.KN?On inaant, a O ohettnat HOkBfi, blind in one ?'? ay white fao-; wbitj !rg?; t&itanU m?:? out "UJR ue in to 12. Any p#^?on returning hitn THOMAS 8H?" A. #6 \ -.feetaonth, between lit ana Ja. Capitol Hl:l, will be liberally iewanied. ap?2 3t* .. I usi?ud naiurc&j i?m, a yeiiow nnn bx La DO?,?tnal white irarkon hii hea-t <*w-0 A anitable reward wi'l be faid if ?it"1! J m 11 to 406 1 atraet north, be; ween llib and-??? lfthata. ap 31 2t? TAKEN U ?'-On the Jtwh fn?tant, a whlt? ?nd blaok HOW, under kselin Ua aar. The is restated lo oont fur-TJkJB^ ward, prove p-operty, piy charges, ant* take bar atra/. J. C 6f.TOOMa*. Corner N and Sou'h Capitol it*., ?p?l 3.* Iolaiid. ?C) iO RKWAR.O^roraiunchnfKKYS.Ioat am Mivwa wii'araa' ana m etreet, of to ao omnibus r n S?a urd??. The finder will please to leave them at BLl rLKR'S reetaoant. Mth at., oppanite Willada' Hotel, ud get the reward. M 21 if REWARD.?Loat or a'olen f om Wn, V>1U Mander'a aUH, Onter Market, on S?;u~ <14j last a blaok leather POCKET BOOK- containing two craft* parable to 8eorge A'kinson: aim. between 81.0 and $140 The abov* reward will be given aid do qaeauoa* asked :Cl^lt at EMRIOH'S restaurant, or at Sial No. 31 Center Market. aetl STRAYED TO MY PREMISES ON THE istof April,* y el cow HOKSb.agrd l/> jrv years, whioti the owner can have dj oom- >31 inc. proving pn p?ity, fayicg (h%rge* nod lalisg him awsy. VAL.fc.NXINK HI38. Betwen fir?t toll f*te and fcp312.* Bsnmng's Bridge. | ?8T?A lady's GOLD WATCH. (eeneva,) Li probably between fiih an J 2d attaeU wet t an.l MlMouri avenae. Tne finder will to amply rewarded by leaving it at No ftOMissoan av?nue, or at tha o?o? of tie Star, ap i9 3'.* T CAUTION. HE Following Draft* payable to my order, and not erdorsed. ware stolen yestarda?: war Drafts on^Aisistant Treasuieret Boston dated Ap.u 19, a aaj r * IIS. d,7H, IVT 9 - J-906. M 1.4U0, ? s<?*. ? 1020 ^ UH6UOD bradley. M I?-St* (Balto. 8bp.] of Woraortw. Mmi. District of Columbia. wuh??ioii County?On tf?i? Jl?t oajo 1 Mareh. av . IMS b?iora me, the iut>*criber,? Jaauo* of the Phn in ud lor Mid oomnty. Mrap&?J If John A. Borland. dm of t?>? Metropolian Polio*. and road* oatb that b? took u ? on Fridir.Hvoknu.ll ?,? krojrn ttORfE. aa un iabS?lT*ra4 kl BeeeertDea and rworn Won m?. ^ H RKAVER, J. P. ,Tlje owner will >tm> cell, eev oherg ee and take the horte aver. Ceil et *16 llm e'.rtet. uftee M>tro?olitee Police. ep 1 km RKWAB1>?For the apprehension (%nd delivery to meet Hladroattiirf, MaryMa. tyiveaterie of *eyp?r eoafitiioq oritoit teter, eeoet aix feet kit*; end oI eleetiai ooente aaee wk*n a^okea to. lie ia well anowain Wetfci gt_icily.and la bo doattTarkiac inikatflaoe Uj*"*4' bw.rasj!r8sjairf~* M u laa* Fxt'r ot H H. Warnn*. d. Sin MWAHP-Bteienebow Wfto'elook m? a tt . M VI ti:? *ViY166K? FOB 8ALB AMD BJSNT, E>OR BENT?A #"r? BUCK BOt'BK, r aoatk *?t oornw G UMl Itth Hrwta ronli? ?on on tte? 1st of M?j. Afflj 00rt%tow ' a 9l\ ?r 1 Biav r??iA*rm ? At.UABLK PIKCK OF FBOPtjlTr fOt aa'oon 1'rnn imi> bct*oo*i ih ar.d M M-iUlKd*, villi i ry-rr?HMeU t?n im!! f aa* ?CtM, r-Tiing on Pmo aron?o, ui Lot "o. w, Hanaro A. 20 foot. runa'iu back to an al<o? W f*M Mooto*, (*aa?r? foot a.iM ? For farther tafe?rma> Hon apjjly t-? J^PKPII KFLL.Y, A'Wl, oa tU treat No 361, between IM Nov I ork av a? a r?* I?OR RKNT-BRh K STAB1E. l??e|ro at T TKANKI.IN k. CO *5,944 Pa. arena-. bo t?oen 'I'Land ??_?. C<0* RKN1-A B-atl, farauhod HOUSK cyar taiDinc 8 rrom*. throe faoa>o? from tn* War Depanirent. 6a? nrjd wa'er la tte lioaao. 1m u ire at No H Paten't ffTe Baroaa. tfTV An flkgant suit of furnished ROOMS, with a 1 tte modern improvnunta roanitite for oomfoit and oinvenienoe? o*tU room. ?o.. at 4<r< ?m ?t, s?ar tJity nai apTl atFOR RENT?A comfortably forniahel threeatory PRICK HUU8K, oontvniog 7 rooms. w??h gaa 'hroazhr.nt, vftter in kilohen? front, rde and bvs* ya-d-No- 483 Twe.llh at, bet?a>n 6iMF, *e*t aide. MMi' TO RKNT-A hfni?had fluU'fc eootainmi ? room* will to renteo to a tanai.t fo?*r moctn, p\?able in advir^e A famt'j without ohildrea r? erred Appiyat WALL STbfH?SAS k, CO , 3 3d Pa avenue, bet* e-n 'ih an1 loth ft*. The hoi to ia a<taat*d on H at, between 4 ? ? d Mh, north side ay 213* FOR SAI.K CHEAP?A Mr; pr?t r, nearly naw. medium aizel HOURR, brown foct >n tha moat deairabl# >*rt of the 0 ty. with wim <J i -te P3a*oaitnn Alan A hasritome Prep ?rly of isacree, Juat 0" thft altv ha*. Alao. a ?p and id Botal Pr pfcrty. ud raocnt Lota. Paitie < hav:nt real eatai* t" a*H Till do wMi toeali <>u the mbaoriber?oiRoa on i5th ft, next Rire* A Co 'w Back. aptl 1 w* HENRY L KIHK.R, Attorney. ruin mi if a amii nunrvav . rou k r inquire at the store corner of 8th and U sts. ap IT y* fMJUNTRY RR8IDRNCIC FOR SALK. or v/ eiohanre for a hou?? in th? oitr, on# mi from l.-.e oitr liatit?, unri wed for bral'h. rnre water an<l horticulture improvements. Geo J b?ildiuit(,wpji FX anree of lacd. *pp'y to Prof CHART.KB Q, PA6K. Patgut as 19 6t TO LKT-The BHICJi HOUSE, with Farm ture, on the n< f'h s>de of P^nmylvacia (i?miii?, between 19th and ?"th sta , and raoently ooci>pi?d by tfen'J Reyes. It ooi.m.s4 about '5 wm?. and po?s*ss's escry oaiiV?r;?r.-?e to m&ks i: a comfort%r?le res denoe Apply to M. AULKK, No * *, Windar'i Baiidirr. u16 k4v' Furnished house for RENT-The?d TPMiser wiil rest hi* Hons*. aitotted r??ftr tr* D-pft tn-ert. to a ?rivaie fur.i r, for 6 months or longer. >t ser month Hf>uee o'?ntiin? U toom* ftud tioMy furnished ; ftr?e *t%l>leftUv>hed. Ad raii 'B. A E ." Mar Office ap It St FOR RENT-One FURNISHED ROOM, wi ll ca?*nitoftrd. in ft private fanny, on aeo nd floor, 8th, o*tw**n G ftnd H street*, No. 409. _M17 6i_ FOR RF.NT?A formatted fonr-sfcrr BRICR DWELLING,:?) ft pleftsantaad heaJthTal part or the cilx, with 6no lft'roobftrr.bora ftnd parlors, hath room snrpiiod with hydrftrt ?*?.-, ir.rf pi throathout; ft o*rrift??- honce ftnd stable attftohed. This la ft desirable reaideno* for mM.G, or Government (T| ojm in either one of the Depart m?nta. Icquire ftt 3T5 Eleventh street, between K ?iH I., frpm 6 pm. ftp U I/OR SALK-Two firs -class MILLIARD TAl BLKS, marble a aha. ftwd er?r? ftrranzomeot oomplete. Tb^se desiring the above will study their interest r>? calling iminedifttHr ftt tu? Kmo peftn Hotel, orner Mth eireetftnd Peuner'aa-ia ?venae. w.h 8 tf UMf.tER Rk5*iHHNrtE fOR RENT, vwtm tk* "til*% hlltn harm," U. C, nbo*t IK ntUit abort GtorfUtncn, <*?ar Mr- Lcu*hbort>*tk'f}?K deairable lurnieted lh>uMe House well aiiftded. fine water, fto , with ^tabling. cwn?t? hoosf?, i?. The auction of Members of the Cabinet. Forfien Micisiers. m.J gMttamen *ith famt y it especially ir.vitnd to this advertisement Kof examination of the premises apur to the meniyt#f dpoo the farm (Mr. James O'Btiar.) and for father carUoalare add ress Cartain W. A T. M MVD<?A, U S. M . 1220 $pruoe street, Pbilsdeicha, Pit inl. 3llm* line an r i ^ n?o' i ttEOBOBTO WNAJDV E&T'M? S O 100 000 BUSHELS F f*TONE fHKU. an-1 OAS MMK. f?n AcxtooltCral p?'co'"t; al?<>. *ll ml* of MJI-L ao'l GRAIN FEED. BALED HA>, MEAL, FLOUR, and POTATOES, No. 1*0 Bridge st, Georgetown. ap 18 Iw KIR KLAND A DOWLLNG. /JEORGKIOWN DANCING ACABEMY.V* PROF BARNES will " eo.a Dancing aft C'.X ? for l^eoies. Mi sees and Macten, on t~. W EDN K?DA V. April 21. at 3 c. i? , at tho/M Bail of Mr Forreft. oomn of Huh and GaytflB sts. Ail of ihe Paihiunable Da^cei will betaught dorms the ouarter. ('usils ?ho>ild er.ter than r<nr?ee %t too'i m fottib v to con mono* with the o'*?e. Mr. B&ruee refers to the p&'rona of h? WsshiRC'on ?. Iweea. Tern.* #10 per autrter. ?P H it' ii ck8k1n s lp v e 81 ftftniRbtirg i Ebert, 10s hiflh 8tk*bt, OBOKUKTGWy. J>, C. Tfce only iwMVfactorere of &*ta.xie BUCKSKIN a LOVES, MILITARY eAl'NTLETB, *?< 1TTENB in the District. Officeri' Gauntiet* made to ordtr. Pnckulrir Pr?w>>Ta Shirta. la 1> m uvv ion i iVb ?. on :m i vvjuuinc v>v, r iTl PHILADELPHIA DKAOOHT ALM. We htT? Ja?t reoetved a ?u??'y of *h* above A J#, w veil *( rroorrmMxi to be c? a yf>r? superior quality. Person* WPhin* to pn:au*se, t-y making inamfr'iale eppi:.>U5a? oan !.? tarnishM, ASSY 4 SKINN, + 6*Arf?|AVVI pROrO?ALS FOR STEAMERS. NsVt r>*rA*TM?5T. April 16 1F82 riorosAL* wiil be reoei ed by this Department, by mail or telegraph, to ih?3"th mMVt, at noon, win central speoifiethons and plant. for trie construction o! o> e or mare, vp to lowr, Iron Guchoa'a f?r the Mississippi river aid Gu.f aervioe, with two turrets on tii<* plan of the F.riosson Tur ret. for the Ii-iooh ?trs, the tniokoersof the iioc of which to b? e (ht inehes ; the sides to be plated win ir. u oi Ihw ino'ie? th okness io one or two iajers to ex end two and oue-fca f 'eet below th? load une '#ne *ee?els to be not tees ih&n ?ofeat in !ea*?h ar.d flu feet breadth, and net to draw over six feet of w*t?r lotted re*dy for s-rviee To be proa lied br screws, to eneur* a epeed throajh the water of nice fcrn ta or a^a miles per hour. Proposal* will state trie prioe and tyme of oompietion. ap 17 fit |\1KW YuRK BRKAKFAST BACON! vve hare jnat reoet?eu from Niagara oountv. New York, a sin\ll lot of exoeUer.t country iar??d Hams. Ac , whioh ha*o t>3eu o^rtd exprsssly fo boilini acdfrjiug. KINO A BURCHF.LL, _apJ6 Corner 1j.1i at. and Venr.ont a*. nVKRV PKRC.ON'S INTI.HKX1?That ftna Fi ctocK of Clothing for sale over Galti' Jow?iry Store ib now offered &t lacs thaa vhoieeala price#, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Srvanth itrMt. opposite Post Oiw h n-?~ THK PKOPLU'd CLOTHING STORE, No, \ 460 seventh ?L Alva?aahead! N*?arrtTal cj Parinc Gooda.aJl tlt4 latest stjlea of Clothier, at No. 480 H^venth atreet. n??r V fet? an Ej'OR bALfci? A fine atook of Clotninf, Furoiah I. idc Booda,Tr*nka. Hata and Cape, at whola ale prloea, at No. 490 t>? Tenth atreet, opaoaite ro?t t> flu*. re 37 9m /JJKNTS Furniah.nt Qccda. Trnnka, C!othinr> vl Trnoke, Hat* and Caps, all at Nf>r'li?rn at tfce Peoplo'a Clothinc >tor?, No. 460 TtL re t. UH1RT8. SHIRTS, #HIRT?!-Jcet reeoiT* O 1*? doton Shirta. liioh ve oiler at old priooo, ttHMITH'ii. No. 4Alt fofl-tm BK BURfc AND COME TO TBF. BEST plaoo to ?? ' ?>;othin*? \o. 460 Soreclb itHwt r*ti4n 486 CA"JRff?iGSSfep 486 Card Photograph* in vari??T, i no iodine oo?i?* ol Choioo Piotor*a. A>ao CARD V It* IT baud OVAL I'lUTUKK FKAMKB. tne lutNt assortment, frenn tAe boat manufactory in thaoountry. for oath, at J. M A RKR ITER'S. No. IN Seventh atreo*. 1? 18 I doora ahov* Odd F*Hnw?' Hall. Q/? )NCfi HLa V V Ot) COTTON DUCK, 27 inoh Heavy Cotton Donfc, 10 4 Haaty Brown Cottin Sbeetinf, 9 ?. 10 4 a ad |i-4 M)eaarie<rCoUon fciieotirf, 4 4 Bleached Sh rtinja, 4 4 Brown Shirtiwa. ?? .4^.1 . ** 11.11 B (OI1VIM BIVVI VI iA'lllOf HO I/I J crwti, all at the loweet frioea for oaeli WM. R. K1LKY * BRO., No. 30 Central Btoree, Between 7th act 8th atreeta. ap IS 1M otto. Canter Market. travelling iku^kd. E Offer 'or ia? the larjret aaeortmrat of TRAVELLING TRUNKS to be fonad iwnwi tma oity. ocinprieinc beet Hole LeatherMnft Sliea' l)rcee and Packing Trunka, a. Carpet Baca, whioh we are now eaUinx " "" ""Wall, btephf.ns * co. >l?l 39J Pecn. arena*. MRB WELL?f??r ?<^eU?K.fnirtteide >n*xt CHAIRS, with neatneea sad diepa'ch, aau VOT at low ratea. Thoae having Chatra repair ng I J I uou iw muimoa iu?v muw i ?i?ai i vi ir a?Ma tbrm m good ai new, w4 a*Tor to giva atiafcotion to Uosa aendmi aook vork to her. ay ? IT PREMIUM MINERAL*'*WATER8 ?Having notic*<l o'her va?ona ih*a eii raeaiac sroaad ia 40m" wa womld inform tto ??bli? ?a?ar*!ly thai tuvrs h u'Ji uiwnuuaiaaigiiiuit uiiuiot h? Co uIT)fell wkMliVmtwiHiMnl W?ur ) m\n fao tared, and that i? at U* ooratr Brm and UUt* a*a., 6?wr?att>wn. The oca of friMiaai Mi man trri bjju la t nri&f aSilrar Medal ava-dal u? bj tK? Matrjpolitaa Meouamoa .naiflBta in tha?aar 5866, and a Oip.o VVatLi ar#J ' Vaolu andar* nt*^*,|b,aoBr Mineral MtomaoUiTi >r?. ' M l?-lw no. ilfm* IT 4 .TT?J . i , jPi . ^ mt hw? i . C Imrn* f 0 [SECOND EDITION. THREE CNS^OCK, P M. OUR MIUTARr BVPOBT~ . ? itmin. r?l Hnhxl ?. - ?.... . i,tn nf Ibr nil " rsturnM Ibis form on to his pnst l?tbf Ww Prparunrnt her* from kit rtcmt ?lalt to Forttrsi .Monro*. ritWRII Jnattrr J If irbiim t4ml?Mrrt4 (br Mrik ?f iU<f Iwkt l? M*hM' ' WilwwUl. ofSiritqgi rountf, N V . political prliww ? the Old Capitol primn. lie hi? parol" of honor that he would not aid the reb#;a Id my manner frerntt Mar>hmr> O/Hrt, I Wmthmften. D C., April ?. 1HW ( Special Order, No 7#. Anonymous communications will not be roorgii H at throe Headquarters Co?plelnta of tll?tf o* of depredatloas committed by soldiers. m?j?t be sccompsale-1 with proper ?lgua?ore*, ?UUng residence of complainants. By order. Major W fc. iVwtrr, Provoel Marshal. Cn*a. fc Rt>a>.x?oit. Adjutant. We have received a note from W B Wa friend of Jeose B. Wbartoa, who waa iM on the night before laat !n the military priaon. denying the corrector** of our statement of (he fhrU of tha caae ai pceseatrd in )e*>rday'a be; alleging that ho did rot previously curno the aentlnei, nor did be r-fuse to obey the latter'a ordtr not to lean out of the window , but , admitting that he denounced B*her for a coward, and dared him to shoot. Oar statement waa made on information obtained through the invcatl^atlon lafclltutM by tta? Mil iary Governor; far more likely to be correct than information from any other aource, we tp preaena. While we ?vmp*th rf with the fairIIr of Mr Wharton, and ai nee rely hope that the party reapmalble for killing him may be duly piiniahe?1, we hive no doubt that the disloyalty of hla aeatl. rarnta and hla evidently ungovernable p???lon, were atralned to the utmnat to incenae the ni?n who killed hltn, and the rffl m over him CONGRESS TONAL. I1IVIIU COWRM*-Utn< Xitlta. Tpe?D* V , A pill ti. Pkwatk ? After th* presentation of pMKIoaa? On motion of Mr Anthony flvetboneaiideoplea of the report of th? epeeml rommtttc* on the io*a of tb# Norfolk Navy Yard and Harper* ?>rry Government work* wrr^rrd'red t" be printed Alr.Cluke reported f'ora the JudlHary Commlt'ee relative to tbe rh*r*e airainat th* loyal v of Senator rttaike, erf Oregon. Ordered to b*> printed The fl^aae resolution of inquiry reJativr to th? operaiiona of Gen T. IV Sberman wh-n in e-fwmand en the South Carolina G oegla and Florida eowti, ww taken tip and agreed to. The bill to ?n agilenltiiral oureau vsa taken up. and th? ?uhaiitute for It propoaod by Mr. Wright wa* rejected The bill waa thendiacuned by varta jaS*na<or? upon a aubntitote moved by Mr Foater ntiith-? expiration of the morn;nr hoar, wh*n tte p*nding condition bill waa taken up, an.'t upon St Mr Davis addreaaed the St-nete agaiaat Ita en*ctmen*. Huf?i ?Mr. MrFheraos preaented a peUUon In favor of a profc??orahlp of i.ffmin, in the I? H. Military Academy at fV'eat Point, on th? r# ?* . --1 .< IV.. .I..A w mm m A la. ImIIh. kivauu i?i i ui. 'aim vi ?w^ "i mu ? u" i ?iw.i^?i?ir . i?s practical utility In view of the number of Cjermara in the Army, and the rlcfaueaa of Gcta,aa LUfraturc In Military arle:?*e A communication w*a receivr-d from tb* Prew Ufrt, transmitting th? correspondence betwen Benjamin nrew?ler, of Philadelphia, and tba Secretary of State, relative to tb* arrest of lion Simon Cameron at the ln*ta*?e? of Pierce Butler From the correspondence, II eppears tbat M*. Petard, under direction of the rMMtnt, atro?s that it was by hi* authority that Mr. Unsnn, when Secretary of War, caused the anest of Pierce Bntler. of PQ'ltdclpb'.a. Tie couitnunication was referred ' i i / jrr r r\r< A ? VVV1I i<ai u i'" " ? ? Thk SHoottMof Rl4DS;i?Smniiay W.*rk ? Atfr~d Turner, who la charged wttb * hooting bonis Bladen on the l)?h Instant. end whrw death we nr.tlcefl yesterday, bid a hearing before Justus Giberson ana Clayton y-aterday afternron?Job* L. Ssnlth. Faq , appearing lor I be proarutior, and J. E Norris, erq , /or (he 8?vrwpd Q?iite a number of witnesses w*re examined, from whose evidence th? facta may I* at ?ted as foi!o*s On 9u 'idav. the 11th Instant, Turner and ."*tbera started !0 go a Sshlng, and Bladen, who had fcla gun along vrilh aim, vent !n company; and aflrr spending some time fishing and shooting robin*, they all Started towards Turner's hous?. Bladen, on lb? way, pat caps an the gun m?veral times, nnd Knapped it nt the otters. When they reached Tufaet'i the gtin was load*d and Bred off McDonald afid Turner went Into dinner together, leaving Bladen outside Bladen afterwards came in and got his dinner, and went out and sat down by a tree. While Bladen waa a-ttlng against the tie*, Turner came to the door and picked up lb* gun and flaccd a cap on It, wh?rh did not k? o9 He put the am" cap on a aecond time, and holding tt towardi Bladen at a charge, aflapv^d It, when It went off. and th? load to:>k efT*ft In Bladen'a face. Turner, aeelng that he Lad ahpt Bladen, exclaimed, "My God. mftber. f?e abot Loula, 1 did not know It wat lotded " The m<Uher came cut. an-i Alfred held Bladen whll<* bla mother wiped the blood from hiaface O e of the wltneasra teatlled that a f w minute* pr? vioua to the affray he saw Bladen wtth powdir In bia hand as If in the act of loading ?b- gun; and anotbt-r who waa with Turner ti-t!JT iutt b? (T ) did not load it. The boya were all ongooa term*, although oae witne?a teatlfled that about last Chrlcttrai he heard Tamer aay that if Bladen got in bla way he wonld ahoot him. hrarlng the evidence the juatlce* decided to hold Turner to ball In Uie aurc of B3M to an. awrr a charge of aasaolt and battery, riaultlng ;n death. bad 1'ha?k or Lin ? joeephine ni?r wm yeeterday before Justice Btrattd*. cbarprd with prostitution! the charge was pnwii an<f?he was sent to the workhouse for ninety daya She wii brought from Philadelphia by ht r lover, a soldier in the 91?t P V., about three wr?k* a^o, and tiken to Matilda'a rsnche on tb? Inlaid, where tbe scoundrel kept her until la?t Thuraday, wheu he robbed and df?ert?"d her. Money gone?reputation gone?and deserted by {iim, she thought her beat friend, ahe plunged nto a course of crime. PoLicf?The Third Y> ard Patrolmen reported jcattrduy, Fanny Curry, colored, who In a moment of anger, threw atones at Tboa Cb'ae. !? th? atreet;>>be watfluedSl 53. Frederick Hydcr, foraaaault with t hatohct upon Jo?epo f*nole??ki. Wit held to security lor peace lu toe ium m by J uatlce Clayton Lool? Heri*g, Midler, turned over to tbe military. Fiom Bcaxsiri's Cohmahs -Bran arrival at Fortress Monrce, from fisttexss ana Nevrbern, It was stated that t*e attack upon Fart Macon was expec cd to commence rn tbe 19th Inst., ar.d onr men were sanguine of success with amall lots. Nine deserters from the fort had comc within our lines, and eighteen more were desirous of leaving, but could nnt procure the neceeaarr boats Col. White's force bad b*n entirely rut off from communication with tbe main land, t>u* tney are sUUtrell supplied with meat, flaur sod word. , Outhe night of the 11th Instant, WO of the New York 3d were surrounded near rwansboro' about 35 miles from Beaufort, by '280 Rebels, under tb? command of Colonel Roblr?soa. A skirmish look place, resulting in our m?n cutting their way through, brlagiag with them the ooloael and several other prisoners, a large number of hors-s, and as many trophies la the shape of pistols, sabers, Ac , as they ceald conveniently carry. Skirmishes were constantly occur Ir.g, and every possible opportunity to destroy the rallro?d and bridges was embraced by tbe Rebel ao.d.ers A rumWr of fugitive* have recently returned and taken tbe ottn of allegiance, an 4 cohM*nv? la In a great measure rralotrd. The work* for tae drfenae of Newborn arc nearly c< mpiettd. Oar trcopa are erjojing excellent health Fijiakcul.?New York papers of yeaterday re port the Stock market veryqelet, end prlc?a a little better, but with no important cbee;r I . 8. of 1 *1, both rtuMrrtd a d coup ?a, quovn at 00*; U S IHefWHtHfi U.S raeftf?7at Mi U, i*. 6*i, one-year certifteatea. f7\; ?3? Treaaury note*, per. border Stale boo 4a are **-, Teoeeaeeea quoted at 5Srtt*; Vlrg nia Ca, , North Carolina i'a,43)g, Mtaajerta. 48U-.o 6?B, Wjf, and IUlaola war loan, W*. ? - * * ?I OW mm n A# W lli Boff t#f Bute bmo4? u tdnnct of * richu|? inn. AmnU** n*m%. ICT Fran J. ^MUtngton, 04?m BulUing, vi> h*T? M *?riy copyoX lt?? f r M*T-, .* I | AHO UOiu ww ?K UMi i?' ^TC ? a*)4Smm Mt. i .

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