Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1862 Page 4
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KV ENTNSTAR.11 IKLKH or FREDERICKSBURG. Fredericksburg is the chief town of Bpott- , fjWania conntj, in Virginia, and is sitnnted i urn tVi* r4?K# Ktnk r t |Wa 1> ? 2 t ?? "ft*** V* luu Aiapp?U?bUUv& 11 Vor, J *t the bead of tide water, it U between fiftr. j aei sixty miles from Richmond by railroad, j and sixty-fire miles by the turnpike, in a north- ' r\.y -lirection Turnpike roads connect it 1 Miih Falmouth and Newport?the former by a j f-irry across the Rappahannock?and another 'arnpike leads through a wilderness to Orange *>ur? House, where a railroad connects it with '^ordousvilie. The town itaelf is pleasantly m mated in a fertilo valley, and. has advantage* for commerce and manufactures. The railr?*d turm Washington, ria Aouia creek, pass- < ce through It, and thereby a large traffic and trade was done pnvious to the rebellion. As th? through trains generally stopped at Fredticksbnrg station for about an hour on each trip, a not inconsiderable chance trade was oinud thereby in the immediate of ti>e depot It i# fliitant from Aquia cr^ek bj railroad abvut fifteen miles, from which point part of the Potomac river traffic used to be carried to Fredericksburg- A good canal had also been constructed from the town to a point ob the Rappahmnock river about forty miles above, by which large quantities of wheat, fl jir, and tobacco were received for exportation. The river aifured extensive water power, which, however, was not much used. The bills in the neighborhood, varying in hipht from forty to one hundred feet, abound in fine granite and-free stone. About thirty jears since the prospect of Fredericksburg bcsng a r?pidly rising town was vefy great; but iteuddenly stopped in iti prosperity, and after, at it were, standing still for about twerty years, it gradually retrogaded in its impcrtncce. In 1310 its population numbered nearly four thousand ?cu!s. and in 1360, ten years af ter. it naa only increased eighty-eight per?ona ?Ujs than nine each year, and being about two per cent in a decade?a remarkably small increase. Before the rebellion it contained five churches, one orphan asylum, two seminaries, four newspaper r.ffises, and two banks'. The county in which Fredericksburg if fruited has an area of four hundred square miles. The Rappahannock forms the boundary on the northeast, the North Ann river on the south west, and the Mattapony rises within its limits. TliO eurfaco i? diversified by bill and dale. The *oil is generally fertile in the vicinity of bo streams. Two gold mines were worked vitbin the county in JS50; and,as before stated, trcostone and granito aro abundant. The caaal running northwest carries the river traffic far above thi falls, and the country is interacted by the Richmond and Potomac Rnilr?-ad. Spottsylvania was crganixed in 1720, I ^ m. ? _ a A - - i: ! sam?a m n;>noroi .^lexanler opottswood, ?t that time Governor of Virginia The capita; of tho county is cpotujivania Court House, a J _?at v'.iis^e on the Po ri%-er. nnd situated ? vcr e:ity uiilcs nearly duo torth from which it is connected b a turnpike rjatl. The list return of the population gave nearly fifteen thousand pcreons, one-h*lf f whom wer slaye*. The adj->iDing counties .f fctfcS^rd and King George run along on the i-joeita sido of the Rappahannock, and, together. h-iTo an area of four hundred and t W'.nty-sii mil'ji. The surface of the soil is hilly, partiaUy fertile, and partially arid. Their united porul-ition, at last rotates, aoj^acted to ]3'J~c>, over one-half of whom *-?er9 ?!aces. Granite, freestone, and gold I ^ _ ? - - - nave a:so oeen lonnd here?the two first in creat inanities. The former i* * Tery old county having been formed in 1*75, and naiu*d after the English county of the s?m? danomination. Tru water-pjwer and drainage <-f Stafford are vrry good, and, if properly used, would have been twuroei of wealth to the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The beforementioned railroad also inter?eats Stafford e ntjty Faa|nfer county adjjins Stafiord cuuu'y en its western border. PfiSrONAL ?(ien Slgcl Is stilt suffering jrrea* m'scry frum a sever* rbenmatisai, contracted by rinoaure In the Held. Visitor* are not admitted to bt rcorrs Even bis friends d? uot j^a'.n acc "i! to blni \'ize I'.-estdcnl flaml'n bas purchased the flne > /use r^ently owrfd by Mr. Milliard, on Filth ?*r ?t. Iri Banger, ard will transfer bis residence aert- before r?-tuirln|( to Washington. A."fcb:sbo? Hugh* writes that Le expeeta to reta?a hvuie abtui thj 1st of Ma v. C7*Mr. Bo^rcicanlt, In a letter published In American papers, boa denied ibe report that t" bs.isVd ?. Stcrsstcn flag over the Adelpbta Ttsstt. Tbe I.oudon American declares that r.ji* iu ziiaiD2 ii>i<ceDial,tbe"JJ(arsand Bare" CM fi.-> t th'ra, oat tare been removed ?ln<*e the r*w? tf ttie Ua'au ?ucce?*e* rtrached London. Coc>tKitfbits.?The Karri.bu;v Patriot end Uatou eJvic?s :be public to rrf>j?e bll one* ontbe Karm?'?' Bai.k of Reading, Pa., aud all twos on Colnrrb a. fa , Uaik, aa taere are so many well eaecHUd b^gua cofea of tLf*e denomlnations in circoUlion llios Max ?Col. Morrow, of Gen. Hun ?*' ?utf. corroborate* lUe repor' tbnt wttrsl U?.?onJ?t* who vestured to ?Uy In tbslr home* at JarVsonvtile, Fla., after (be departure of tien. IV .4 kl ?? *- ? ...en , one uuoif oy me ciuraiug rcDfii. Eleven bundrtd were taken twav by our vessels. |?7* A rp?oTatlon passed the Wisconsin Assembly on the Itth :p?'ant tendering to the President oftie United Ststes an urq jallfled approval of his court- worn th? day of bis Inauguration to the present time. There was but one vote against It. j,-T Sam'l 3. Rlggs, who wu Imprisoned in the jail i f Pleas-.ats can.y, Va , npon the charge of sss'.stiug In the murder of the collector of taxes frr that cocntT. ?i*cetded In making his escape a few ca,s ago. fly A resoiutlrn to refund the sum of one hundr< d thousand dollars, exptrded by th* Govern neut tor the protection of Baltimore, one year ago, \r .s introduced into the Council of that city on Monday ni^At. Report* fr<rm Ohio and Indiana say that the wheat crop has not l?es so promising for many years past I lira in Fu ler is writing pamby-namby let.era from l."?* ? Ia ?w?. M.?> v?? _ .. I, wv .ho * vi a f?pfri, in wbtrh faisaecc ralon sympathies stick oat '*? fe?t 117" Tbe grain crcpt In Pennsylvania look very fVMDillllj. HAVE YOU8UB8CRI BED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE? IT 18 THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! I T8s WASHINGTON NEW# 18 UNEQUALLED! IT* GEM.AAL NEWB 18 UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDP.ED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. IT* HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL 8AVB TEN riMKB ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. , .* Th* A*jmbtrf*T ihv* Weei, to b? out on Fri my AIomtMf?ptico Tkrco Cemtt ,*ill a remarkably iv/Uretiing on*.' fir"-* Person tU a distant* wko would iecf Pasted trith rrftrenes to what it really C' ltK; hem m lJi4t* interultimas should rtes**c it regularly. CALL. AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND tJLlWCHlbL FOR IT. SOLDIERS' MONEY ABO ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. TRK * n ? W? VTBD W? - ?- ijAi nc/c-cj \^U3irAWY WILL ^RVAin SOL DIKES' REMIT TANUM To LLctr Y&av' im it *.i'r p ;?o? oo tha Una* ?f their r^xjrria Cu*rj? or TWKJin-nTK CKiNTS Foa AJrr ?tr* sot *xo*iPi*a Firrt I>oLL&fta; Ae4 ft a'oponiadditions! aLarge to piaoce r?vfed by eoaoroticf Llxtreaaea. THe imIMIM,*IKk?rTreeearr Notea, ?f Ajlotroeot DrA/U, abuald be oucloa** n m en reiupeetd ?*ca.el? aeeitd, ?n<i o&va tba fuU ad ilrfM iiuoiudic* town, Ki?t OIm. u.1 fuu lad neimeth*atr**?5<l lumbar) of Ua paraon to wfKia to be a?nt,?*ti tb* Mtoaut le?it>.j marked ^KavalofM far Uw p?r?oee aty bo IU tt oar delivery Ike ebarge for re ] "bITSM^0 ADifffflStPEIiMCOMriNT. 1 fmmmm V | | v , j ^4W euppbi?0-1964 '?>3. !**vi Dp?iT*iirT, J fi?M? (/ iVMuimi m4 ft. tkimr, > April 3. IMS \ PiruiTi P*oro?xL?. waled and endorsed Pro^cM a for Mary Hapf'to-/* wilt be reeaivcd it thi? 8urt>aa ami 9 o'clock a. m , r.o Wednesday, tie snth day of April rex, for fori ishtnc and deivarir.g (on recaivis* t?n aa>*' notioe. e*oeyt for t>i*cci-, iwt yrhioh fire d*r?* ioM?? shall t>? fiveo lor every thirty lltOL-faad eoacds r*a-ir?'> at the Uuued staves Na?? Yards, at ?> ha rtesto wo, MasFaoha*ettr; Brrokfyn, Pie* York: and PhUa?bia, Peuwylyaxis, iui ?aantiue? only of th? ro i>wic* artiole* as in\j be rrssirrd or orderfd from the contractor* by theohief of <ht? t<areaa, or t>? th? rei?<*ott?e com!?*ndnu (>iDoer* of the said VlK Vuiti . 4nr. fi J/ ?.? ?**r Miilim lana 1363, vl* : B'srsit flour.riee.dricd ap pea.sugar, tea, col!>e. hNDi. mo Mi'i, ri'.MW and wfiiaky. 'I he b roait ahall be reads wholly frora sweet aepe-fiae floor, of tlx* mac a facta re or the year 13S1 or l'fil. but thai! <n a t oasna be marufaotured from flour mad? of the crop immediately precedinc the Oaiea f the teqnisitions f .r the same; and shall I e fa ly 'qual in ?aa!ky, and conform in am and rh*??, totne afmpiee wfcieh are depoaited in the ?a d Net* Yard*; shall he properly baked, thoroughly kiln-drird, well paoktd, and delivered f eo of oi?ar?o to the Ur.ited Ma'ea, in gocd round, wail drifd fcrij ht floor barrels. witn the h-aJ? well secured, or in air and water tight whisky or spirit bai-raia, at t' e option rf the Bereaa. Ta^ S 'Ur aha'1 be equai to t ? beat Riohmoad and Baltimore branra.atii of the mana'aoture of wheat gr- wn in the year 1881 cr 188i; but ahail in all ca-'eb* minefactnred Irom pare, eoand,fresh erour.d wheat < C the orop immediately proaering thed&'escf the requisition fur the tamo; * hall be perlejtly iwwt. cnl in all respects of the best 2jaiity;an<i ahail be deli', ered in good shipping or or f.-^eola Icfcargoto the United ?tat;>e,iuth9 beet new. wall ?<Maooc4. aotiud, bright ba~reis, or helf barrel*. aa the oaae u ki be?th* ataree and heading* to be of red oak of the beat qaa'ity; strong ar.d we>ll hoo?e<j, with 'liiog hoops around each head, ar.d equal in q*a!i?y to eample barrel at t ie sa;d Navy Vard*; two half birrola to f e oonaidercd as aba-re!, arid not m ra tbai one-tiiird ol the require 1 quantity to bj in haJf l>arrele. The lie* ana 1 bt of the rery bert qna'itr and ci ne crop nnra*<iiar#!j precwins thedat?a o: tae rtv i?ittoMfortt?a?ma Tr.edn'ca? le?p!i?li be of the beat?cau*y. fc'-d ihi:l b? prefirfdb' f* rfryt?f only, and of the <ir?>p of the antuinn itninaiiauly jresedirg ths (Utfai-fthe rc<o>-itioca tor th? ?axe; end ?hall be drl??e*e?1 in pa^k^es containing net mortthan t'~we bundled pound:Tne iron ncop* on tlia bsrrcls and halfbvrele containing w?.?key, nu'Mi:i, and vn:gar to ha we'l pa wed wi:h red !oid. '1 ho cucsr fthA 1 be dry nn ) fit for packing ?td t>< u*l in qaa iiy to the t*at H*ran% mg&r. ) he t*? hub 1* of tooj qj&ny Oolong, e^nal 10 tb<? ean)?le< tt tald Navy tarda, an J t-e delivered inmiinn <| ariar che*.a only. The o. tr?e ?l>a . bo ?qua; to the beet Cub?, aocorrtr < to i&m; e. Tl e beuta rh\ll he of the very best tuaHtf whits bfanc, and aliall b* of l^e orop immeui&'^lT preceding thi date* of the requisitions for the itnu, 6t p >BCur to te iak?n a< oue hua:<e!. The n obu'fs rball be 'miy equal to the rcry bett r.f New Orieem mrW?ee?,a3d ata'l bo de l.tfrodHMW.wjll <**a?oncd .e-i -oak be.rrela and l.i f *>* retp, ?nd wi?h white pine he*d? not lens t- au 1* icoh thick; the ?t*TeR n >t ie?? than % irch Uuok, ia-> iiarrtU' hilt barrels to he ihreeqaartjrn ho >jsd. and, in addition, to l ave lour uon !<oo?b one on taoh biige, 1>? 'nch in winth ?mi 1 wii irjon miri, mru one on eao."i cnima 1'4 tm h in wi :th and 1 >6 h inch thick, and rhall ho tho.'onjiily ooopcrrd and (!wd in ti e beatah'p biut ein Iitlnn. ce thed ifietnantity to le in half barr? a if r^aire'l by th"* Hu cai. Th* ? r e'r"S I b? < f th* first ?ua'ity, e^nat to th- of the i cited States Pr.arn.aoipaea ard >hai: oonta.n no other acetic ao;d?, and 'ball i)-* delivered in ba-rela and half barrels airuilar in al. r?*?peoi to tuoa* rc^ui eJ for mc>laaat?, w fh the fyc.ep'irn tuat *ekit* tab a'av. aard hada anitl lk ? ?' atituUvd for red oak i'ivm ai,d white pirp hr?i!-. a*.d in.*." be thoriuchly coopered and placed ir.' h beat rhirpinj order; one third to bo in half tarrHa I'd# w.iiak?T aba'l be mada wholly from Kfain, round ai.-.l rner- Ji-n al Is. ar.d be fn'l fi at proofanootdint to b?t'n ted 3'a'es on'om-hnute a'and a-d. ar.d aha! hi donb reo'ified. itahah te delir red 10 cocd.rrw gonad- i>r icht, three quarts-* hooped, vre l e*aaoned white oak barre n acd La'f-bvrf s. with wclre rak h-ala.ttio hepdi to bemsdaof threenace he?din(. ana well pointed: the ?wv ?cet ob1* '??? thau %,-in h th ok, aid ih> h-At.ii> rot l*aa 11 an ihaa ?i-U'oh thioa; and ?a?h barrel and half barrel ah ! be oooperfd. in addition, vrh <>ne three penny iron hoop cn eaoii b,!** 1% inch In Tru?ti, and 1-I6th inch tnicc an 1 on* ttij>e peuor li-o? f n ?a-.h ciii't.e 13i >uoh in wuth &td 116tn iticn'hi< k, a* per ("iairni Th> whoio to b put 111 itod chipping oidT. free of til oha ze to tho L'sited r:att>e; oaa-third to be it ha f Nrrela Ail the foregcin* dreoriheJ artio'ea. embracing ca<?<s. larrea, hail-b*.rreia. ftcd box-a, aha 1 bj auhje*' to auon iRaseetn-n m the C bi?f ?f the * ure&u of I'r.viMotupJ C otliiup: ma* <Jirrct, trie ln-pacritg cifiier to bs apton.ted by the avy Department A>l intpeo'.iona to i # at fhe pliwv* of deiive-y. Ilia c.t may, iioweve-? ha lD?p?ete<J %t the 5 ?'? ol manufacture, bat wu) m ?li oaaea ho Mi'j.jctto ft fin?l iriapeotuu at Hie place o; delivery h for* the hil'a nro aignad therefor. I c icoa r.f *.j i|:8 forego ng artiolea to be t^a sihlo ih'coehc.ut tli- y-ar, and bid era iray ctf r to: net ui in <ro article*; and hi* offer will b* ao for tint yardicr ?tich ha proposal may r* lowest, tnd wsore mor>? than or.e artiole ia awarded to a bilker tho artio ea will b?? emb aod iu one or more contracts, at the option of the But*u All the ca.-ki, barre'a. aaJ ha'f-barrela boxea or packarea, ?i.a:l U> M.*ik.d with their oonte t? aod tho cout-?ot??r'? i am Al < the bar re a ?n<i na f bar'e'a of flcur aod oread aha<l bavs in addition to the above. tb>< year when maauiactu:i-d or put u? ma'ked upon th'-m ( I ha ?Arup!oK rfferr. d to in thia adrertiacmrnt are thos* r*lectjd for the enrtitn* fieoal y**r, and Ai?i no "fdTtiut Itsmc&si kav? btt+ preciouily txkti'Wi-) % be ty of theae artioiea which wil! be requi'e-1 cannot re prccitrly stated. They *.;l probab y be about? liiaoait 3.00ft tfo lbs. flour 4,1**1 bt?!s. p 1A;4 _ _ _ A!?) Al-il IK? l)rie<i Appte?,? Ibe. MU?r_ . & *>?? I h*. "J50O1 be. Coffee I, - 75,'M) lb*. !!o\r.? - IrC*** bntbela. Mr''asB*e._? 5 t*0 gallons. Vins'tR' ..... ....... Vt*'?i (t*! ocr. WUiakey ... * allocs. 1 h* * UMit t'^a of any or a') m?' b? Inereaaml or dtmiouli*J. Th* coDtraote will therefore be male, not l?>r cyectfio qnantitiea, tint for auoh qoaatiliea k? tne ?orttos mar rcjuiro tj be delivered at thoae ISary > a^Jr, r- epectivey. ?. ontv&ctcra not reaidmr at the elaoee where de livoric* are le^mr^i 11 u*t o?ta:iliah agencies at iwli>w?. tUtro d-lay roa? a-i?o in woiahirg what be rr? aired; and whan a contractor fti a p-omptly to ooiny y with a refiiiMUon, the Cr.-ef of tne Hurrau cf Proviiiona and I loihir.t haii be anthorz*<t to direst turcase tote made to >upp y ti.e oefioienoy . Kn<ior the fn-.aitr to hi expreaeed in the contract; ue reoord of a re*n aitlon,m * up it r i" copy thereof, at the Uareao of I'roviaioaa a> d C oft in*, or at either of the Nav# Varda aforesaid, aha t bee<idenc*that aaoh re*ui ition l aa be^n n.adea'.d re?*i*ed.^ t^ep^ate ofl>r* muat be u"vde lor >ao*i artlole at easn ol t?:e at>re?sj'l N??* V*rrf?- ?ta . . - . - , . ? . I I* V UJVl 9 Uun. on'- a.tio'e i.? eor-tiined :n tl;o offer, the Chief of tke Bureau \rill have the risiit to accept. on? or mot* of the artu lej contained In cuoh effer aeil re Jsctth? remainder; and bidd'ra prcr??rals are aocept<*t (ar<i none oiher*) will te forthwith n tifie.i, and as en.r\j v practicable a oontrtct will fo traneu-ittec to them fjr execution, whic n contract mnrt to ret .fted to th? bureau within 6t? dara, ex-la?iv; of thsiiir.? r qu red lor th? ietu ar traoamlrsion of th? mail i wo or more app r.wl nr' a lam e^ual to th? estimated amount of the re*p*cti >e ooctra.U. will be r"?uirrd, & ?i tweatj prr centum in flditjoc wil- be withse'd f/om the amourt of ail on acoonut therecf a? ooi'atoral teourity, in a^tdit on, to secure ita pe.-fornatoe. and cot in any yr??t t j bj paid until it is in a.l renpeoU complied Unit form* t f prop<>?a a may b* obtained on ap ! oat't--? t*> ine Navt AgfiiUat Po'Umouth, New Harop'tine. Boston. New York, fhiiade phia, Oal timer?, and at t:>te liiKean. A rc?-rd or dupioateof the I-tier informing a brjder of th? a.ireptnnc? of hi* p'oportkl, will l>? doomed a m>tifc--*tir.!t tii?r?of, witfctn th? meaning of ihe so'. oj 55w, a-.d hi* l> d will be mid? and aorepterf Ip c-?nl jtbh!t with tbi? uoderauvrdinc. tStnr oif?r mvi? must te accompanied taadirect^d in the aoi of Ccicreea manr* approtna tjooa <or t'is ae-vic? for 1346 '47. approved 1'th of Aceuer, 1M3> by a ?nt en ruirante*. i?ned by we or inor? r^'POBfibl* L * * ?' r ~ ' "* "? ?v ?uw ?ucv? tliit h* or ttcy uno?t ?ko thitth* I id !er or b.dwill it bis < r their b;d I e aco' rt*d. enter it to an ohiirfttion within ft ve days, with <"od aid ?ifccient to furnish the supplies propoted. The bureau wiJI no: !>? obligated to ton-i'ler t ny pr.?>0'*l unless aocurcpsnted by tii* luaraniec retj :?w; the ooiupetanoy oi the guarantee *o be oertifi' a by t/ o N&tt A rent, Uistrict Attorney or Ce'.ectvr of Ike Cn"oiw. Tk* attention of bidders ?? tilled to the samples and dtsri ip! ton tj article' rrqvirtd, nr, in (A* tnrp>'lion Jot rteeytitm. a Jmt tut rwitf com;>arisc'* ttnl tr wi'uit t'tictcH Me artult* of tied and the tarnpii and ronlrutt reviving ncju that fall Ktlcte rJktTi; and tko>r attention. it attn particularly pi Ttct'd lo t Vjoint rrto-ution of&tk hlartk, 18M, and to the att tftkt Vih n/Avtust, IS46. sp J-iawiV OgPKCtAL NOTICE. n and aktkk ti'kbday, april i, I9M, tho Wains ou tU? and Ohio Kailrota comrneto* raaninf telly, 8undaj-? exoeptod, liuivinr ration at f # a. M , and ooonaotin* at Warmuctoc Janation w:th mall uain fur au parts of ihe W??t vi<w Parkorakarf orWKNllu, Tt/oaji Uok?U told and bactag* oh?ckod w.pbmuh, Mwtw of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Rattfo?l. ap l-<Uf B"C" 1 BMCI BILES I OOLO^??aitfCOLO ILMi A foil aacortmact cf the boat i r&dM at our pro erl ?*!!? l<?w p*i?M BPIllNb SMAWL8! HMt RHAVU r?ew eupthee at mmt moderate prloee, SPRiN? WKAPPINQ"! , KPHINO WRAPPINGS! New esppuee dai:y One prtoa-oni j, the aotaai oaak value, Marked la plain ftsarea. PkRRY & HMO , apa-tr Peca. anoie and 9th atsee*. J^DAJW RXPRE8B COMPANY. HOTICM Of MXMOTAL, nijillwu eflMifAla upwi uttawNl EpOR ARMY AND NAVY MBN.-Narr Blaa > oi^h?pro'er' uHea " U^t?wiff he?d tfeooSr7)*-' ? ? Praa. ITNU uS Ntitft ik ili k f1*81m ? . CIU?Atl9 , Worcestershire Procp. rrfmatM b* ' ?5 SXTHACT CONHOiPSEVf S |Tf ?f i L**ct flr?* 4 * U ***""' BmtUmm w ' 1 r> hu ernkn ?ISjgttB| m Worooster. M4,"llMllMi l^f -H - r^i mmvmv r323iti|'Mi* th? their ?S?*w BtKKY r hietily ettcentfM ........ ISa^^ln !n2i?, and in, u TillhVT |^Vl^i^fliiiTO*icioD<th?ino?1 iMBf ilMHP'*11"11' " " vs<lt4 />p niRH a?--~J5|tk* nort wholosonM <r mnn. cixfttramad#.* ?he abor? SAUCE is not on'ytfte Biara-xT moa roraiaacoittiiCiftT kac.?ru,bctt.ti? matlEemom Ua' M A feir ffroja in Vim*, 6or Witt .R** 1 and oolJ Joints, Bnf Sttmb. Gmwti, t?n ftr.par a.^ex^ttiute test, hich un*Ti*s\*lni ^'aaoc rasa ajasturera hare In *ala endeavored to Oa the LmtX*on% JH-.r.r, or 5'*rwm r*iU, % cruet tontaiuo^ "LEA ft PERRINS WORCESTERSHIRE SAW CIS" u iuiiisfeM* Ma. To ajjreoiate tho auillmt fu*Utits o! thii 4*0titmt ?r*?aration it ia only cocessary to pnrctiaai * cma.ll bottle of the rn?M, of a rerjMt?M? gr?oar or dea er, aa many iiottl an.1 Ku:a*t**t provictors B?ldom yl.vce th? Fvri Sauce before then juests, t>nt av.tav'tataft fOnaiuO SoiHi filled Witt a Mwrtcau mixture. Far s*Ie by Grocins *n?i Fr?1?erer? everywhere. JOiJN DUNCAN * RONS, Vnion Smmrt lit I ttrut. Art* Fork, Sol* Wholuata A genii for the United A Stock *lir*r? in itore.?A iso orders receiT*< for direct ehipro9nt? from Eml*od. CT fiwoi t/CmMf/?tU Imi'iiHMI.JH amf%~\i*o notice. Baagm&mmm MADAMS* KXFa?M CO MP ANT." J'liis Conner.? offers to tue rublio " Une?aa'.!e< ra.cU.tfti for fne C-iick Di?y%t<vh o kin\ij Freight*. Pao?&'?i, VfcimiiIM, WODJT, * * Its,, to ail ftrtn ot tie united States. Exvreraos to *-.d from the fvonii to J VV <-?t de and arrive In Washinjton iir.ce daiiy, AU Expresses ere 1? o^ft^ze 0f r-?< rtIt%bU MMierr^ri. All Packages for Ik** oarriM at "em" oar nrr*'. mte?. AH Oocda for the xv-eel'ed RtJtea' and all Artio e* " Coaualaad oi War" will ti IniiK. Oir Exvresaee 1o?t? New Yerk at 1,*. a?(f V M^arrivuic ia w*?ii;att&n st 5 A. SI. end U '(sxtreMM leave Philadelphia ?t ?.J0 A, M. 6t< II1'. X? arriving in Waabliigl >a fct *4 f. M. au (A. K. Exprsoe^a leare Dir. nore f\t 4.T0 A. K. S F M., arriving in ^asaington &t < A. M- udi.) P M< Kzareaee for all point* Ifortli a&t! \Ve*t lea* Washington ati.y, a\l sn^i2.20 ?. r..OAiij. SpeoimT Contr?st.i f?r .ktl* ^naclic.ea of t retti IU b's inMs on *?9-ie*t:cn to th:s' !*?? . All Ooeia catie l for fc.i ?:6 ircri.1 /r? / hx?n aargea. K. W, FAK3l'$S. P#p't Adams' Bxpresa Go. Waahltetsn, Autwst 71. !?i!. ?rts-tf |>LAD WlTli iMXlSUON AND A'.f *17? IV I'KEOAl'l fON 1>R. M. VKI.I * V'ri PKJVV! K fIO??MTAI'. in t!j? Fedeal K'cek, opposite tii*?i?neial !'<?? and Patent oifioe, Kern 24 tp ntairs. comer of 7th ard K eta , Wanfiiiiition. !>. C. Eat^luli^a for tr.o ^ iipprc~rion ' 'Juftoksrj TfteOnip Keg .Jar Pli;a.ei&3 Amortising, Pr. M. VeMnr'a l->ng experience ,n >9?plta! p?*c t're w?rranta iwti in *s?iT:g ifi*t hecej o.rp a diseases >.f a pri*a?e cAt<j-o, or he wt i forleitU: ora of five hundreu dollar*. Call and aeo hin<. N'> o^nrg? f -r ?v>ri?u!tat'On. / perfect atii r&dmei cur? ocrie-ifM Iroin on? to fan *r* or- mh 17 Sun* Mg| VUfUAM'b P**U3 raSa t * % h. i * *i r r if n z man r. im mi.iix ?n?*i7, r? ATff, &, llmMMnl Or Mtrrir?<i Jrjrttfat* |I*.Uw~r^, Novcrofvr W$n, AiM, MaAlli bj Metr- . 'I'.zbw-W iwe.UtV* Wtafciccn-n, b. C? I %s>. I .i*v? et ka?4 of th* r-tlfrl*l, ?*?rj *n-3j?yn?a *t riaecol lT*JJ Kr?w?. * h?A?' J?:<?OT, fael-nt rarir?, C?n? f.v cc Ctit, f-ahuBi it Z.M Prif ". M?nb*;c *1 Centre#* mh' vill ?;njh axftiaine wj be'.-ro elirciieri tfranki that *r? T:tnie in "vhwrnt ??. P?t?rior LeaUiar ?&' Dr??j T. irks au^? fa ?;ick? ftoTfTKl ?od i???J r?? at anail i?r?!??. acia deliTfr^d fr*? vf e^r?? #f Mt? it* * ^rjewwa, aad JJrxawna. _ iAii;-:> 70r3A3t. /I liii.Miiuii nitrvpa Lyp^T itoroblr sole iiiirror*! * #lf;re C*lf - do ?-32 & Alto, *:i Olh?r of Lftdiea bd4 Ai;a?es tJooU.thft ohet?'et v; d t ?v<oitroe:J In Utecity, J. KOaENTMAlN ?*o. 15 ^irk^t S^&ce, J?7 #o bwnmcti rii. ar^ sr.'' xt?. iwx eoMEvmna roiw i xSgsr dl 2T1 C fir it t, *rr?iiti >^Sr 1*4 OY8TKF.1* STS4MED la U? Sh?U ?c4 Thcrcuzhlr 0o?'v <f*r miy?t1?i to ft rcut) ia ??r? t.m fasuti ii*w #5* rtfA. Call and jco. nv iMfnijuw rc-.ycout. y jr.lorm* h'afnendi IB the Ifcatriet, ?n<t visitors wo the cut . tut ha dm r?IUt*d his OLB *D-J Wr.HMCWS T STAB! !?CMBW1 id a most thoroKCD roancer. arwi tits ir,a?l? out fiet* amnjemonrs to rnuim OYfc'I i'.KS in atyieacd in any tun.t:ty. < >C to fXrutiou >er day. |,uco to t,not) c&ua of Mrcfi Frci) rit as daily?cana herm',.ic&^y *.*?. eu. Paruute-: In the hell by the bar^s.' or barr?!. Persons wishlst to h>ve Oysters famished rera tarlT throajh tbo witter, rt anoe* without foar of Itiisro, naos a ra'.i asU ci?Yo ai rantemecta at 012.2s. Treicat, ; uj, ac! r?cu?i saved by a urohavrx ef ir*-*. a? I fare'.eh an ?.rtiol< e?aal to ta? oelcbraiad HCLiuj;* ealatiieiuaanta at prises jaat aa io a. TO a?*LE*LS, Canned Mean, Lobstera, Hirdij;**, Claras it raw berths, 'iomatoea, fiit' JV^t, Tr;p?, si, Ao.. 4e. Alao, Piokla*, CnUrup, CfcJwa, Bur.:] peaakjMt *0. Aleo, eains ?". ! I-rsst K.'ub, 'A* Ilea, Terrapins, trwh !<oi>*ter?, C.'d, Halibut, ft ? in faot, every tli cr for sale ic the Northern uer cats at ways on hauX, at reasonable (noes. Hotels and fami.ies supplied With Oystera, delivered without c'.art* to \r.y c^rt of the Dlctnet in aeaeoo. if the iuvn?y is with ti, j ord?r. Sr aatabiislimfct ie errn frcm t a. ni. to IS a t. every tayicaneytiias'ixy, whan 1 close & to o'oloek a. ra. la? M *. M. HARVET. TRISOEiMAR. ProUrUrt bff Royal l ittirs Faunt cf En^ltnd mud ttturtd by tKt Stilt of tk* ?t?U (ft f4ar w'w dt Part's, ud tit. Jmftrici Col'.igt ? . Miiitim, riMM. _ THIE3KMAR N?. 1 is the HToetaal moody for Rsi.aij.tion. Ptk* tLA.TOaBH(BA BIJ?t F.XB tfPTTON OX TBI StSTKX. TKiliPKiuAIl No, 9, Coirj'.etely k&d entirely eradift&tCT all t-?rs 3 lit gap disorders, for whioh CupaJva and Cnbehi barb cer.orally txwn thoucht aa aijUiioto, lo thi rata or ti?eh*aiUof a *Jut joruoc cj :L>o poi-vla *** TKifySEMAR No.3, I* the pr*t ftcd ?o: * r>,nfH!? of 0 viliaad worl< for all imr-ir, tir? 0/ the sycuiin,** *- ! M tOooad ary syiuptom*, obviating iho de~:r.i<jlive seo o Meronry,as weii as otU?i (irlejeti'ias mjrnJior.u and which all tho ASiipariila u tho * j-id onnno rtmaw. Tk!P<ikak :?ur, 1.2 and 5 are alifc* a? void of taste or smalt. a&4o/ al! r?.nseatinc aua!i ties. T!i?? ar?m -ha form of s ioacr.59, a.w. :r.?] is on the toiiet ta*>Ie v.thOwl tU*ir t*o be: a* >us miad. tf?!d tn tin MM* at 99 each, or (car 3i oa??? f 1 one for f?, aad 10 &n oases, that sarlni ft). ai administered bj Val^s^jLiJloniajM. Koaa. fco. 4o. WhoioMW and nkailFy Dtl. H. aTfak oeiyf of. remittance, in. Fu*xow w..*i fur wax TriMnur to any fart / IU3 wort4, ac^e'i Meked^pd adtfrMMMaoctmilislo tee iaetmcucui * PitWUiJaJaa by DR. HARROW, iha?-rp>?laj aod bMwiiitaily ilinatrated mHioal vnrktB;imr.i

Frailty. PrioeSioaaU. Trieadcitr and flon!. oat be obtained by ?eou.: aaibarity from 8. C. P<>Ki> Wtrtmrtw. I*. <> DFROM PAttm. X ? UKRNAB.ii?^e Par>?it;?o Ob "ernanl?Un Bean p?w.l*o'i.jiri D? BeauTOir?Le C?b*(*t amtiorit; ?*a Dumae?La Boatlfle de In CMUim Bortiif j ?>o l umw-J. haore ia Puoei e; 3 o Oumac?Trota Me Beorge trand? L'I'kjms 30o Unmae?Une Anreea Piore&oe: 33e i'umae?Le Capnaine Arenaj 30o wy?fcxonraioaa a?r let borda dn Rhm,8 vola Gftorga tiand?L? Ft IcoU: 30b K?.rr?Clovw Goaerho; ?.>o Marger?Mad(wn? OlymM; L>? ii?:L?rd? L9 Paratocu-nt; SOo M15 FK ANHK TAYM>H? 3prTn6 , t'Kfcsa OU^ixv-iliuT b?w Im O oavi?? tliSc**. Alap.our u??mll fall atox* qfall kin/a ?f r?r*iu 6Ml)omealiol*| (roods, for iha ourrtnl w*uta ol oafl^ntlxfcad U'?UUa ftfVMt li' <M ?r,Eau,??&?. <ii Pa.avft.tiMlN^thftrait 0 * f~ ih,J,.X j " difljbutuky BALTLSlOltS A OHIO RAILROAD shbiam NOTICE1 C R A J1 Q X Of HOURS. OS A no AFTER WkpnKSDAT, Afbil t, I8M, TIII rAswinsn. tJLA;]M ?nwi*n WA9UINOTOK, BALTiMUKC. AM) THE WCST Will ran m foll?w?: | F.ri P*ila IVomj irH?i ti wl P*r*tt/torn [ W*s*i*rten Jii%fchf th$ wilt, f%v# Ml Sifurftfyii I For PHILADKLPHIA ?b4 NBW YORK? > Lea'e^V ft?hitcto* at 6 a. m.,7.49a. m , 11 a. na. sl<J ' 51 ANNAPOL1B?Leave WaAlngton at T^O i a m &ji<1 5 oo p m. 1 For FR KDKR1CK?Leave Wa?h?ntton at T40 a. m. and 3 3' p. m KftH ALL POINTS WEST, i And for Ferry. fcarticvbu'K anl Wlnoheator, leave Wacfcinfttm at 7.41 a. m. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH, r l/?ave Ne* yorfc at?a. m.; Philadelphia 11.30 a. > it..; B&ui ac. t 3 Jo p. u. Arrive at Wanhicgton 5 ?0 P I a?e New Ttrk at6 p m.; PhUade'phia 10 so p. tn Baltimore 4 30 a. m. Arrive at Waehincicc 6 20 hi in. .' Le^ve Now Yo*k at 11 p. m ; Phl'aJa'phl* S 30 a. p ; Ha. ti more a. m. Arrive ax \Na?bunon 9 ad a. in. I.coal Aceomirotlatlon Train H?v? Baltimore a? 10a.m. an-' 5 in p.m. for Washicgtoc; trrise there at 12 a. m ai-1 7 f? ? m. ' Os Bnndays at <30 and 7 4# a. in on'y from Ba'ti* more. No Ancapjlis or Freileriek oonneoUoni on Sunday. M r, Pu?t)!r?r Trains learirr Wifhtniton at 7 4* a. m and ft m p. m., and Baltimore ai 7 40 a m. snd 5 10 p. m , make i ireot connections for ? j at the Junction. The 7.40 ?, m connects at Relay for Frederick. Hajerstown Barker's F?rrr. Martinebarg, W'nsjrwUr,, Faxaersbnrg, | <5f.. ?xoept tanoaia. 7 leave Annapolis for Ba'.t.mcre and Wash injtoa >16 50 a m. *"d 3.40 p m. f'asserjer Trams lefttlnr Washington at SWa. m. M a-in. ai>d 5 p. rn., aod Baltimore at 4 30nnd 7.40 a m , and o 5j p. in , will Hep only at Annapolu | JunctionWay Fassecgeri must take the Atcorimodmtio* Trams only, 1 W. P. SMITH, 1 ap 2 Master of Transportation, tta t. . is6?j . the fisea t PennBylvania Central Railroad, (with its connections) l IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES j i SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND J FRFE FROM DUST! 1 i D aos AGE CHECKED throu6b . t FROM BALTIMORE! THEXX PATLT TBAIN* n?? t PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSttrRSHI . Two of them making ?M!I CS^MXCTIOHS AT BAXS!9S*l? 1 wiiii trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and forming j- THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE run ! WASHINGTON AND BtLTOJORK j ? ^ to a!i point* in the *? *?T, nOitK-WUI iKfi BOJTH-WBT. K7" For Ttwsiun Xiok?ti, *?P'T the Cfiio* a the Ncrihem Ceatral Rail Bead Co;npii-T, Cairct Station, BVfinsoi*. I 8j>l*ndid SlefPtrtg Car* <m all Ntrf-1 Trams Unvoting Sziocn Cars on ail Train*. i FROM WASHINGTON. Faiaaotart wu. take the 6 a. in. aaJ 6 p. in. trnina ' . arrj*int in liai'imor? at7.<n a. m. ani *?S p. mi wh?re oles* c- r.Pfir.?ons ar? m**!* with trains pc i!ie Nortii?>~r. Central R. K ,a;iuatrive tn H?t:s si % ! y. ?a. ?fiu i.?o 3, in.inoro witn tn? iraiin on thp Prtin-?ylv8fl!? Occtrfc Railroad for all parts of tu? vial. FREIGHT*. Bj UilsrosU, freight* of ail -irecr-piio?* Ma f< forwardH tt< n.ixl from aby pou?t ca tha Raiifadt of Ohio, Koittjokf, Ja<li*ua, liliooii, W i soon tin lo*a,r.r Muaour't, bv llatircad di'tft. Tl.sPo .rej TauiiCentra! Railroad a!?<*oiunrct. ?t r'ittdtrw ? w;tn re, t?j wh:eh liqoJ ot t o forw&rdeu to any port o& Uie Oh.o, M>!.*kiceura. KentuckT, TeunouM. Cnm^riend, fliraoi*. Mim lasipp;, wisoorssr, Kacr?.3, Ark?Lra?; i Rei Rivers: an<1 at Oiov.-lnH, f'nnduiikr ?u;o C.imaeo with et^iiTior* to ail I<orthVMt?rn l i e* Merchants ar. i -hippon .' liUuet.nt t.'x .racrp*rt*t<ou tLr-r h r?i*lit toti's Coratacr.cin r?it > with ootiSv-1 en '*4 'wordj tate:*. TH8 f. AX fib OF FRtilfcli I to aa<l from anj ' r~:rt in th? iVfst, by the I'ecMjlrax * Oatr* ' Htviirjfiil, ?-< ? ?? nil 11 :-ni? <*j fr.vo**:i* at ?r? UffW ei tr /iailrcui Cr^ira^its. I I r>* ?)|I ?a* f"! AM 1 f t a m?rb ?aa 11 w* a 1kr ? ~ ? ?? ? r ??- r va ? ?* * m g\ j% Cmrmjit. K K." KAPR/.W A MOONS, Freight A trr.U, ' No, *0 North atroef, ENOCH LEW ften'l A!U>on?. f & . L. L.rf?>T:i'T,G^t3'! Ticket ArJt. P?il?J-,lPf'i?U. H KtUJb'ioN, ean'l I reifht Aiect. I'hJ* ) doiyhi*. ;a idly > J^CIITDERN CENTRAfc RAILWAY. t X"A? Sktrttt*, Quidtttt tmS Etst Romtt/rcm BmtHmsr? 19 ??i WEST, NORTH ANi> NORTHWEST. ; lS^??iLai I txt r *r??fn n a^irfenn* ** oi nn u u?,A, Cximi OF TIKI. On*r^ tf?n SUNDAY, *4ti NoTember, Pmhi ?"r Trama arrive asd <*>&;*. Jrera Crifert r 5'*Uen n* folloim : tZAIM NoKTS LliTI Mail at 1.20 x n. Eifrwf f, m. rarktun Aorommodfttipn 4j. m. rilUbarg and H*rrisbitf< Exrrera 1.99 ?. m. ? ? T*ait?9 Rom AKX:V? Ps-'kton AfJc^mirodRiiontit 8 t, x. Ba^lo Ex?r?ae 8.:?> a. m. I J liicuius tllu *x*iTiiaarj LaXJTCB* I f. B. Mali 1.5' J. SB. Vii? t- m. train from WaiMccUn so^neota , with 8 JO f.. ra. tram from Bi.kimor? Jvr the and lor BrfV.o, Elir.ira, jJ<?oh??;?r, Dnnr ki'c, Canada1 fua and Niasva Falls,?c4 tor New ? York oijj. Tlie 21 a. m. train from Wufcinrton oddmo vth thai*. m. trtia from Baltimore to West North a?-i S orthweet and fc Imir* ar.'l Buffalo and goohcater. ' 'JThe b ?. ?a. tra:n from Waahuittoc eouneera wu? . ?' ! 3j?.p. hi. train from li*!tnuore for Fitterarf . J Harnshur< aid the WmI and t? adfrent ooqijeo i liira iur iifu?T.3n, ramie Aii?ui9Vn alia IX 3V . York Tift UoUtr&l P.Mlroad of Nev Jeraer, Tn till* route for Neir Ycrfc. UTThB onbr train leariof Ralttmare ot Sinda* w.The 2 ?. in for Harritburg, l';tt?burt, Cbl t oseo and th? VVeet t Taec^r Uftia amrlac^n Baltimore on Panda; 1* the&W*. ifl. traic. JAJS.O. CLARKE, 1.0H It Scporint?B<ipot. q* NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. JL BL-S Pastrojetsr ?enerai hsribg ordered tki , w?n?#rrf?t' hKi???u Was/anftor, _ JT**'>. in liiiivre. ima t.'ia roini < i* Monroe) to 1>? rMarooa, on and Mf'tulay, the9,'*h ianiant, th? Bar I.tnacf ?tea<ner? will leara BaitunT? JSVKR Y OA Y (eaoepttfcn d.*.y) fror.i tneir wlt&rf, foot 01 Umcn Dock, at tit 'clack p. m.. or iuunwliatatT after tit* arnval oi th? WiwLm* ton Tmrn. wfaioh Iutn Wvt'iBitoa It Is. o'clccs f. IS. f T3?>-tf w M. N- FALl,a. rr?'V 8 ?? s L. Twjm. J. M. Tovnii J. B. To waif. U IOWJKKS it CO* , BISAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING *8i tan a. n? wn w* AABi^MUUB J", I Comti Ltmuia*? ?vn?i mi fftrf A iU i The nttenlion of the bniinoM community U ro pecttnliv invited to the New Dock &>iu Job Fritting KstAbJifCineut, which h?a tx?Mi fitted op with j new m?t*nM, in the moat complete manner.u cow . p.efr.rcd to ?xfcate, in *afcUaiketory atjle, every variety of PuuUog. via : 1 iiooks, Speeches. Kfcmpbleta, Cards, Ciro*l*n, i Sutlers'iilaake, Ac., Ac. The attention of mombofW of Coifiw la eepoeialiy re^netted for our faoilitiea for printing . SpoAohea, m we h&vo toe iar*Mi ate&m power in Itaeoitr. ' ' aeT-lAWgna VXD V Q/miM If/So anTuv <?> M ? r t w/v */ r vi* ?nc X" "L- rV3 AK li HOMK."?Officer* ud others needit>| Dry U>:oda oi any kind for the folks at h?ne,arf??r 1 .cited te Insaeot ovr stook, all new, and tr.e pnoes s marked is plain hgu;ee. the aotuai caeh e.sudarai , All paroela for the Interior, pr*p?r?y packed to: forwarding by expieaa or other oonveyanooh free - of oharge, PERRY ft BRO., | ' Fa. ay*.?nd Wmth ttr?et. wall, stephens ft co., ; "*-tf We OFFER TO Ml Li TAR Y MEN a janre aeeortment of5BE\ aedBlUE FLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS. WHITE SHIRTS. DRAW. ERF, CAMP MjANttlttt-JiALP HOSE. Ac., whiaa wo inrite a l oa?h puroLaaera to maraia* before making tlj-ir sa.aoH- n . _ i Wall, SI k JWHN9 ft CO., mU 189 Pa,aw.hw awl k*> eta. 1 IN Cia???SAo9fao50fflrt?^?w^fc, . ererr artiele of roods we pvrehaae, we are forced to roduoe oar baa.nras to Cash exmnairely,for the "h'.yrrt'irj; '."tv himy m - ?*?n t ??OV3HS. C'OLl>t5^irog|SKfffi88. 4m. 2."' i, OOttPOWirj) SYRvFif 9VM AhAB10. Ttii? ft ?I? -tmA popalftr Ccufh K-mMy hM i | u t>? i?>ttii*r?N, 1 UAAriMUt I los* Hoinrtli AM MnmttrU tii Wf CirMte, 9r?uhr a?4 ?Up Xftttm*I Ztm?4$ im >4? WtrU, ( rem ALL P1SKAME8 OF IMP* tPKMCl. ; Air .vo Jttx&ff fl?i,/rjcT fhmtkwt. ajpLY IMMgQIAJgLV. j rr.v* *MRM*r7i?. oc jro chabom, jv mo* ohm to two datb. Wnh'ttW U? bit, liMmi, ttMiMM ?? 4k* IU IV? icl liAdr*** ..trtiiaiAft DutfetiaM IniMtftatB. Cm. I mi Da ' u, Nat.?*r?i ? ?, 6jmw, Uatiw, te'Ma < f . jtu, Lr* Inrtv ? tta liwt, Tlarfitt, I1w*Wu.p: Din^xtf litl, Ml>:.. ilr.tMMtf Ux k?p. torn J >lt ? Irval*?0>**? Dttardai* una'cf frwn f M| RUi'aW Tna .'.iii Cmtitl u4 [Hitmu't Poti>im ?b:ck rulir Htmm iai?lWi, ul talk M; ud Mta? ro wye men t hyMUll; ?! kt(?M Iti itoUanT fcUufj Tlaa, kkat ?r?%dfd u< ititnui'i taMt vkUk aacaally iTHfi 1 la uu?ilf (n<i Lb??Moii af T?r( Mwtf aa? C uU?<i Ulasiw ui4 kn.lUn:1^talim, wta ariffct Mtervtai a UM frtnuM# hiunlBf ata* ?1vJk d?? tkaadan af at*- _ ??ta? af ikiotMCiiur ita liftoff ?yf?, mkj Mil vUk ' fsii JUM/iflf. itailM PUM??, ?a Thi>| Nu aaaMSfiaOar " rtafi, kaiaf awita af aukiHt, arruta ?tn?\j daAra&e*, *e., ?y*?<;ifT tart** ?h? rl?c?? k'T??/ tkaaaraaf ?i. i. ?af raUaV ? ?!? ?*>Mi tn kit ta-.a? aa a nil iia i u4 a??14?aUr ? '? ifm kia aStll aa a pkytUtav office tf>. 1 south fm.sdeb.icl st. lafttaoJaMfjatiicfraa Bahuaar* lev tatnfM ' tka mmi vii! ik?tta?ka*?> ? -i - ??* Ml k* pvi4 mi ik,u!i a atuj. DK JOHXSTOX, 1 Htm*ai a( Ui l*ni (.?Ui;a it ttriNnt, LmIm, mil- j M* frtra Kt rf Ci? ?W *c'r,?M <Ja:l?(>? ta u* 1>M4 \ Iu'ji. tr.i it>? ;?r. a: *> ? Ufa kuhiotfu t ll | eh* ??oini? at L?r>?.: ,T-.ri?. P>iilad*l;>hla ar>4 iIutMH, . >? ?t?? . <! MM af IM (AMI aafaa thai | t*it kaaae; c.4 r imkUd v^'i ni fii j la Ik* k**4 ul , a?r* ?*?.. fraat rti'HLnu, >?uv* iltrnit u * iddti. ua<>, k.oTalocia "-it1. fr*<;**nt kl iah>i>(, ?uard*4 I ? acnite*! *'.> fat af ?'?<, ? > *ir?J ! * 4Ul*ly? r/KTICULAR NOTICE. ? T??i Km ut?dintUU?t isjuad iMulm by * . artua ftx'.U'.* irrfk;ka4 mi wb*a ilaoa?? toaV.l j * katrutd .Via *?il t? -ipaaia?*, ar u tckaa), tba if?t'i a( vk'.tt tr* alftjj f?ti *vao vktg a?l p, and ?f aattinw rtn^fn Mfttaft f.nraw k!?. a*4 dMtifi bath aiatf *a? . dt, tlwiM ([j!f iium^iaub. * l;tn tn ?ain* *' tn* aari tad mataaakaly *f*?U ?rad?*?? k* ??;? kakua ?f Tciik,r.u Waako*** a( lb* aad bur.ka, rsiut inlh* W??d, rh.~a??i ar kif*u, Lm af Maaca^ai Plan, Mjii'jUte ff ts? Inn, Pytpapaa, >wn*i ?m*aMHta, D?r*nfamti.t *1 iSa D<f*au** fwnaal, *a*?*J S?V:*itTv Syrr. *uae-? *f CanaaropuMi, A a. MMT*U<^>T1i< f MI I fa. afitu at tka al>i ih auk ta k* rtrtadtd?I.jat tf SIiniarT, CabTaalas af Hita, Dapra?*?aa *? f?rU?, *?i! Par?k?4t\f>. ArtrtiM */ KMUty, itl?-D!?- | Jttt, U>| *" Balttaia, ti< , tn MB* af ik? *Tli* fftiiltli. , Harvest ?in^:Tr-nH4i>itu >t*|il|i ttilk ' Ikt tim if listu datlu.lef m?!.V, U<l.ix litir ?t|M, V?iw ' ?r v*ik. ) -.?tr?*at ud ki'ir>| ? i 'rrdmtl (kNt 1*1 ?l Itrif ;? ( IHI?yPISFASES OF 1MPR ffDXNCM. Wku ?S* *od tft.fcr?d*?,t fiUfy*f pU?? ta<t 1 ?? k**trtfc.fc*a is* hki ?f tfc-i ftu. ' I diMM*, M iw ?h?? lfc*t &at!l-u>n?J>*ui* tftUnix <ir*ad*f dUtaatrv <itk*r? fc.m tnu kf} ir\g ; lhr?t fhi, frtr. *d*c?UM u4 lui ki'ri'J 4m. H falU tut* tfet kMU it i(c?r?.r* ? i ri?vi|cir\{ fT?.?ad?r?, wba, UiipiVU ?f t?? nf. fci* ptiicur? tkiwi, tut Ma uiilci a*rth if.?- roamk, ? u i*?f tri *n>iil*ti ui k* *k U.L-.d, tad .a r*??ps.:r !ht? V.ri wUJ> rsictd b?*Jn u lift mi i t r^-!u3f d'tippatumtriw ar kj tfet ui af Au d*a<W j M*rear;?fe*ti*n tk* **ii*titau**al yrr,at*?** a# Ikli l?rr.kl* i:tt?**."??ca rt Afituou?rim > ui, Ami,liU, ? ?, At . with tT f. raploiia, till d?atk p*'.i * Mr?i It i'j Jriuifid it(ir<3|i k j slvif klat ikai ? i<iMftr?l lau.Ji frata ***. kaarn* m uiTiin mini. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR OHO AN 14 | WEAKNESS AND IMFOTENCY. tj t?'J jxil ud tmtwjIriMd; vuloiutf Ui tnui ?r* rttiu/ t*f 1 icu 'ii; rljri TWuuti r tkt >r.. Limn n't dtVlllwitJ, wk* kad laat all wp?, ban k??a wtlU'.atfrslttTad. A.!! lart^Miilt * Mxrltft. rartVaaJ *? Mtaul It^aal ?, ??, ? . . . 1 in imipmwi finVibr ??; " > *( U* ??< f?il? tlfti unl. i bndoy.zEupyr or ike fkebg. r:t i Hixr r^?7*?7i?t m?i u ui* ?nu? i>l !?Jt ??n, ?j tin >intn?i Infwtul lullul Di. J*ka?tM, titiNNi !;& *' til MF'I ul micy tin rc?Ml MtilH at ?;f ' kin */>??; 4 t| -.'a isd ip!? ktfirt iki rr^Ht, k??]j.-tk:*ru' '-| ? t {hi'im; ?f itimm ?i f ? ' if?<ntl r'iui? w l?i iB'iiid. buIHt I *5 M X T XX Ay d BROTIISR'S NSW YORK j PPPPP *A LL KEEKEEK PP VPP AAV >\j FKEEEEE , PP PPP \\K\ LC EE 1 PP PIT A A A A A, . EE PP PPP A A. A A X rA Ell PPPPa^ A A A A iX EF.KE rs AUAMA EE ii n t\ ixix Ljxi r<ft pp aa aa lli.lll ef.reree j pp aa aa llllll eeeeeee m m \\\ m #?; xxxxxx uxxxi XXX XXX i WW \\W Wff ; x\WA AlWk x?x?x\ 1 #/ \\\ St &F \\\ aa ll eeeeeee aaa ll eeeeeee Aaaa ll ee i avaaa _,l ee aa aa ,l eeke aa aa <l ee ee 1 a a aaaa aa ..l ee aa aa il ee aa lllfefcfe eeee^i 1 J\A LLuLuiiL djCCtuCilSi ivrnun _ AMBER ALE, PORTER, A5IO EXTRA BROWN STOUT, 1 Jn WkcU, Half, mnd Qnmrtm c?u(, j brii wed ? rom the choicest BAKLEY MALT AND U0F8. brewery. 19U ftritt, b?tw?ea Tift nod Btk AmM, new york. j fefl-dtiot r n. v?. tun fir IS CootLattly reoe?yiei.and butlnn on hand, a full ipp y <f the fiost ctebrated ->v WA rCiitS t'.eu ve ruaicfcetnred in Koi- Ml laid, *w;t*fr'a a *rd A:rertoa. ' oth in l ard Siivftr cm*?. H* a.eo keep* a arte atoik of <i t n? JKWi.l.RY of the mod ceeirabie etyleeaet wit': hm~;aJa?, R>:bie? and ail other Gum U? ?* also aaoufactcnu* all kiMiaef Bolia ] fe;at.dard ?uvar U are, ai <2 keopa Sword?, K?to1r?. i?word BelU ara ?a*Aea, Howie Hr.iTM, lvaxor?. Soia?orf, eoirf. acd Pteel t?t?vU CiCs, ar<l a r'eat variety of other thir.t* usually 1 kept in a Jew* rt Store. and a ; at lie very loweel price. No. 3:i9 It. a venae, between tth ad loth ( lirmlM. fa l>-tf 'jiO MUJ7AK.V OmCUB AMD G7H1M. ^ BATCH SLOP'S ttUfVlIfJB HUM. JSTM* The IKnt in the World. 1 Tli Cnh RslMlt ftU Ifmm.tit limtr Dm Ium i i i So'd t>j all Dr?ci'.?U; Pttati Medicine S'.ora. it*. FtMat Oioe, aor. V *? 7U, a?l at . :??'? Hair CU.L*, Pern'i ?vrne. wkeri { Lad?es r~?s' !? it jfhed^f desired. _ f Kl IM DiOMIVJ n< T ' o> <-lv J |TPI!AM'? HAIR DYE 1? TO COLOR BLACK tJ OF. BHOWrJ'Odj 38 c?uU ? box. Tiiroe 'ton* for cno del v. tirt#, -oo oz fifcsen bur c*c bfl ck&t i*i it sl few ?ocot:<l* M a jft bt&cic or brown?t-j &?ie* C> jwr.V L:?ot4 H?ir Dye, the boot fod ohAftpeet m the word, prrwlnolnr, the bodmbI it ** &ffKM. fcjich o*r*ir?l .tppe&r&noo. Etokloi of LThAM'S HAIR UVKiiwvr.u.Wtooo^taUt u much h?tr d\? u otnera sell for mm dolimrl ttrrn tod Pa. ? ?.; ill Atosandna, toy HEN RY OOUKJt CVv. Umwuu. ??*-froir RMd the foilotri&s uuoliottod enooori-nVU ini: ^T7? "I ooanot eamireiNl them too highly.** ~** i "th?t ?r? th? k?.t h? *?!? p. 11- ..?..? " i *'f fcavn oae3fthera with oompiet* auooeaa." M Would trot be without then apoa any ooander- 1 atk*." I "Th*7 okrale aaeedlhr tad effeati * ]?." Pnoe SI B?t r>r ma. J.J fcr 8- C. UPHAV, AiiOfcoarut atreey?Vlhid?l?l!ta, ud tn Wash- I U W^iSSlS*^ ' ijuif? oi diet r?*iuml. It ia an Km lUh6?ec:titi of eiXtr-fiTa rear* atanc isi^HK I and will not harm th* moat oalioata thttnoB. ltwDlafiMMiMraJ*, PTIM ' i fIsLrSf Sw^iiSt feTs-VBHS wnm lith etreetaad Pa. a?e.; la Alexandria, by C H F.N R V COOK rcn? PratciaU. wo U *Sy k'^OLL AN!*' ' OMPLrETE STOCK OP A F*toy &ndt>r?^lsMlYs!0008. bow in etcr?, .. adapted ?or the apnea and amuanr waata of fami - t U?a and hoaaekeepera. . j. Onr nortara au4 eaatera ooceapondenta teod marked in plain ntureo. An li)f paction of atook aolioitai ftoa itrngwi, f r*etdeat?st*l anjoaraerm; U will itnpfy ao ebTifa- f tlT""" ??.jsrEA,Bgat I\ K C I D K D B1IIAIN8. Lun MmtmnitU kladta ?tIM batf KeS^Wiw uul PMk?t WNI ^ Sfll^rolPBlHESEusa ' ~4=?vmss&r ONE VERY NIC8 EOSEWOOD CiUCEfesgatom rHB GREAT "AJUUtlCA* &INKVIKV Knrwo M HK1*MB0LD*8 HOTUm PKKPABATI0N8, JELMBOLV'S EXTRACT "BUCHU," ? ?? BAB.SAPAK.1LIA ? IMPROVED ROSE WASH IRLMBOLDY GKNUINK PREPARATION. Hl&NLYCOXCMXTKATFb" COMPO UXD VL DID MX TRACT B UCHV. i Poettirx and ?m? fis KmMT for DiMM of tfe# BLA IH>KR. KID.tKYf* IRAVKL.and DROPSICAL S WELLING. Ttan Medicine mores ?e? th? power of Diffusion. Ud exntea the ABt?OR BKNTH int.) healhr aotioo, by viuoh tae WATK R V OR CAL?ARK'>U0 de*options, ud ft!! UNNATURAL SNLAK8EMENTS are ridiofd, ki wMi u 'AIM AND INFLAMMATION, tat ffootl far MMX, WOMMX. CM CV1LDMBX. HELMEOLDS MXTRACT M VCHU, For W Lm bi fron Ri'Mttn, Habita of Dim. iarlj laliaerftion or Abaee, A'mdfJ with tk? feUewxnf Bdiepoaition to Exertion, Los* ot P ??r, of Memory. Diftcu'.tr of M'oathiMf, VMk ntmt. T'omMtoff. I orroT of Dieaaae. Wafcefn ? , )imnMicf Vismn. Pain in Oe Baok, Twvanal Lauitadeof the DCcoentar fyetem. Io? Hind a. f laebtnc o? in* )(7MM ol tk? Skin, tfraptic&ft on the F M PALLID OOCNTBMKCE, T!i?M arvptoRia. if *Uow*d to rn- vMeh t? la nedioia* lerarifcHy r*nior??. ?oor fo'lowa MPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT?. In one of whie!i ti?* patient irilt eiptr* Who cum? that the? ?re not fre^eertlf falovedbrtboee "DIREFUL DI*E\*KS." "INSANITY AND CONHUMPIOX." lacy ar? ??re of the oanes of their tuff ring, BUT NONE WILL OONFKRJ*. THE KECOR 1)8 (IP THE INSANE ASYLUMS. A M _ b# _ a _? . i a ?? aiwiwy iMa: i ( o? '?cn^r <m, I1AK A.XFLB W TXUS TO T?I? TRV i If OF TR AlltttlM. rHE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED Willi OR8ANIC WEAKNESS, KeiairM the aid o( mMleine to tr?cethm ard InTiforR*? th? 8rrtim, IT?uA HELM FOLD'S EXTRACT E CCHV *n variably rfpu. A TlliL WILL CONVINCE THE *0?T HKEfTICAL. FEMA LES- FEMA LBS? FEMA LES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In manf Jtf'.ctions puuhar to FemnU?, he Extract Ko<*ha i? nn>qu*"e4 t? ?oy otHer ,W)<r,tiiaOhn* or Retention. Ir.'ca1*ritv. fMcfalne** or Sapprereion of <>?ton?^ry - v*cuktiooa, L loerttid ? ? Sorrhoa? ?f?t? <.f the U L#*neorrh?% or Whi"?. ? ? ?!tty. f.>r a'l )^m?lair.t? mo <Jen? ?o tit? s?* aria- j Voin iDdinwrl 'B, Hatitacf l'mi^ us or m u>e DECLINE OP. t'H A%6 K OF LIFtsi. in (TMrrc!i> above. *0 FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Taeb yr> E?(| RAL?AM. M (nr mT.oK CM.BA#L**T MBmCINSS FOB ffKn.EieA.Nf A.M. I)A (i *n jr 4 MM. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV cr*B? BECRET DISEASES a all thatr At iitle Fxpc??. Lattit or bo ehanc* ia Diet, N o iuooc voiuer.oe. And mo /zrfJtri. t eaa?B? a fr^o-nt tfee;-e and gitw etreocth to Urinate, thereby removing oStrmtiona. PreTer.t'.n* and Cnncg Ftn*tur?? of' He Ure,kira. A layioc p*in and Infl*nn>a*'.oB, ?* f.e^ernt m hec'aeanf <li*eaees. htH expe l:ct *11 Pt.: nc**. Outmstd mmd worn out THorsAfD? rron thowi?ix WHO HAYB BEE* ""Hi VICTIMS Ot QUACKS. wd who ha?? mid hiavt pkcata ke e?r<^l ir i ihort tiros, hare '<?nrd th-? wer? <: end bat Uje**POI JON"bM t^'heaeenf' rowmrri. LBTmti??w?iT?," bee a dried v? n tiie ?y?;ani, to >re*k opt in ?n as?r?v?te-.l form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE Dai HfLMBOLS'a RxTkacT Btchc for ail ?ffe?aeua and disease* of the URIXARY O BO AX 8, JVhPther eiltt.rr in MALE OR FEMALE, Itom Vhalareroaneeorir'na'ir ir a-'4 no natter o! BOW LOXG STAXDIXQ DlteatM of the?e Orrarr require the aid of a DIURETIC. RELMBOLD'S EXTRACTBUCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, Vn<Ui^eertain lo have v&e dejired effeat la all FOR WHICH IT IS RECOMMENDED. BLOODfBLOOD!BLOODt ' Helmhold's Highly Conc*ntrat-J Cjmpovnd FLUID EXTRACT 8ARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. f Thta la la an iffootioa of tha blood, ?nd ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGAN*. jININCS OF THE NOSE, EARS. THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MVCOCS SURFACES. % Uiku4 lta appetnuooa in t'.a form of ULCliRS. _ Helmbold'a Uxtroct aormpari;l*. 'en&ea tho Hluod, and r?move? Oo*.j Erup | tiona of tUe tlt.n, JIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLL'AR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It boinc p reared eiprt** y lor ttua o via rf mb > ainu, iu biCKXl I'mii/tib* Prrpemsa art pro*rv?d lo a greatr extout taaa any oiksr propaituw of teiiMwiA * HELM BOLD'S ROSE WASH, In *esi:?Lt l.ction for I)I ?*>? of a Stphi i"? Satire, and aa an m,?cti' a m 1< icacea ol i.? binary Organaanting tam uabua of Di*a:paUcti, mm'm connection tha fcx.'aou bu <r n or m ?ucfa LMttaaea aa iMwnn n tnU SruUmct tj tkt tnoit reiiatlt and rtsromtbU dkarMltr trtll acccmr+ny tkt wudu imi. ctariMOAXts OF CIRLS. F*om la 30 ran' iumUu, With Nun t*own to 8CIKWCK AND FAME. For Madical Picpnetiea of BUCMO,Me Dia enaatory of tka Umwd btat**. . Sat ProfMaor DEW??'8 raloabla vorke on Ue > 'raetioe of fkyiio. 8m rMnarka mads by Dr. EPHR AIM Mo DOWfcLL. aoatobralM Pnyaioitn ana Member k5?**' J*.yt-'n*' .l'.**'0, and - - - - - . - . - II vi | ftui lltM'l JHTUI. See M edieo Cbirer* ieal Renew, fabliahed by JENJAMIN TRaVtRtf, Keilow J Roy^ Coiege ol Surgeon*. Sea noet of the late Standard wotkioc Medicine. Cxtraet Baofea, tlttaer kette,ore * for #5 . t?UM> Baiea+arUla. |IN OoU.e, or eix lor In^rerM Reee W'aeh, So per boOie, or tut for Or, half dosaa ofaaoa for ?UM. vhiefc will he eSateet to aare tae meet obetiuau* raeea, if di eeUoaeare adhered to. Del.rerad to any Adore**, eearety mcM fro* obeer vaoon. )KSCR1BR SYMPTOMS IN ALL COMMUNtOATlOMi. ^m6ur?nt?)d! AdTle* 6rati*) AFFIDAVIT. PorfomIIt ???*arod teforo no, ?o AMmmi ha eilyof FiUBdelFki*, H T. Hklmbo^i), vIm ill Calf worn, dotli Mr. kit pr^to'tuob* eon * MS M Mrtotit, mo ?0'0?rj.or otfcor u.'k;i?u / fid, bit ftro ?if*lr vocouhto. M. t. UELHBULD. Bron ui nbtwiM bofo-? nr, Ui? 9d <l?y et a Rsta^Sfck.r^tsL"*"""' 1 AMuh lottat* for uJorition in miM?m to *?. flk^s^Kwasa rkLit. I ?* MEW ARM OF COVNTERnm AND UNPRINCIPLED MALKt^ | *o ?a?yoo> -or tram owi">?, f iT pIpHrltTf^I FT'Tiiii | r 1 44 " IwyroTMSuCCeU. I S?i4kv41.L0*PG8/ST5 STMRYWHMM ASK POft 1ILMBOLM . TAKE NO OTHtJL f Oal e?t Ito khwtiMat^t led mmi tor it IP ATOtP OPgMOli AND KXrO- j I I

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