Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. *!?* ? M ? A W Pmo g tkj> mar arrl nfT " "w \* I I*. xm . ? i#ai w-j i"t ui? n>??, ? of the ciiculat'Ksi In Georgetown, will h?-reafter *!?e art as the Star's advertising agent ther* Ai? Georgetown advertisementa left at Df G E Barnard's, corner of High and Bridge streets, . w'th B Crandell No 1?* I'ridge street, will meel with prompt attention. Axr?itxwrr? To-rtiaH*. Fonr>'? \tH*^rrx.?Kn^wlt-** celebrated tragedy of ? Virginia*" will be presented to night. Tfce "Vlrglnloa" of Forrest it a representation to be rfiwirbt-red for a life time The Intenae parental lo^e. the aa Intense hatred for the tathor vt bis daughter's calamities, the acorn, defiance, Ml desperation of the hnal art of the tragedy, are depleted with a lifelike vividness almost startling. nr. Forrest's engagement 1* drawing rapidly to a close, and la to be Improve! accordingly. Giovta's ritaa tin.?Another large audience laat night at this agreeable plaee of amusement, with It* brilliant eomedv company Sweet-fared, versatile Mrs. Hough and comical Mr. Setr hell have stepred at "r.ce into pablle favor, and tbe company, a? a whole, la undoubt* edly the best comedy company \> eahlngton tu ae*n for many a day. Mr E L. Tlltun, In bis recitation Ja*t right, (Stnkspeare's " Sewn Ages,") E'.v* the audience a high idea of bi? capabilities, and hia appearance will be looked for with interest. To-nigl?, the whole force of the company In the play of "?he Stoops to Conquer " anl the local farce of "J. J. of the War Office " Cai*T?BBr?T?Manager Perclval prod ores a number of favorite piece* to-night. Mr. Brower la one of the beat dellceatora of the negro character now on the afc?ge, and wins very great applause; while Miaa Duval's sweet songs and Mlaa Fowler's graceful movements In the dance, present very superior attractions to the lovers of amusement. Continental ?The opening last night waa poetpored on account of the non arrival of some of the actora There will, towever, be no disapnointrr.ent to-nltrht A fine bill Is nreaented. and the management are determined to spare no pains to make this one of the moat pleasing retorts In the city. Cotillto* Pa*ty.?The Perseverance Engine Company give tbeir pleasant party at Temperance Hall, to-nleht. Thm a fine opportunity Is offered to "trip it on the light fantastic toe/' Wist*** Hos* Compact's Bali.?Franklin Hall will no donbt be thronged to-night with the fair and the gallint, on the occasion of the ninth grand ball of the Western Hose Company. A piea-ant evening is offered to all the lovers of Terpsichore. Odd F*llow?' Hall.?Manager Knnkel'* benefit takes place ttlsevening, when he wiil appear, supported by his entire company, In amusing bori??qtie*, choice ballad*, and a heavy budget of fact, fun, and fancy. Willakd*' Hall.?Mr. J W. Griffiths, a Al 1 _V 1 V. II J ? ? ^ ' If 1_ A 1 1 .11 practical Buipoiiuo?*r 01 .^evr t ora, wm aenver lecture at this hall to-night, on " Flotatlve Science and Iron-clad Ships " A Tery opportune ubjtct for these stirring time* l-iranr Asyli**?The Sitters of Charity continue their fair at this Institution They have a very fine display of attractions, and offer a rational fr? all trhrt m*u r?lt nnrtn tV>om TV*a fair is on Vermont avenue, near H street. Thi Acc:b*st at th* Arsksal ?The explosion, which we briefly noticed In the 5tar yesterday, at the Arsenal took place about half-pat one o'clock on Tuesday In a small brick building of one room abont fifteen feet square Some eight men ar d tova were seated round the room on benches, each engaged in tilling fuse* with the composition, which consists of m>al powder, nitre, Ac., which 1* r.ot considered dangerous to handle, vet the utmcat care la taken that an accident may net happen. The catin? of the fuse Is made of paper, wblch 1* placed in a hrle in the centre of a piece of Iron, and the composition Is put in in small quantities with a spoon, belli" driven down very hard with an Iron punch. It is supposed that in driving la the composition there must have been a bit of gravel in Jt on which the punch struck ar.d produced a spark, setting fire to the powder near by. Tbe powder of one of the men having canpht t.A Mf. m rtto/l tn IV, ?A Uf If f r, m Vim n/4 all tW <> UV ??? ?v ?utv w w ii vui uiui j auu ar iuc fn?e powder In the room became at once Ignited, barning rapidly but causing no report or explosion The face and band* of the men in the building were much burnt, some of them btlng perfectly parslyred and unable to get out of the building. The clothing of nearly all ranght fire, and one cf them, a yonfh n*nr.ed John Adam*, wa? yery severely burned. When taken out and carried to the hospital, where his clothes were taken ofl, hi* skin peeled off la many places with them Adam*, who is the only child of a widowed mother, and If abcut fifteen years of ase. appear* to have be?>n the mo#' seriously injured; bis face, left arm. and side, be!o^ much burned, and it la feared that his "yes are destroyed Oliver Hilly, a vouo2 man of nineteen, residing on south G street.near F(>ur-ar.d-a-haif,ia badiy burned in the face and band and about the eyes. Michael Desmond it serloua'y burned about tte left arm and 1w Jamet .Noke*. residing ?t the Navv Yard, Lisd his face and hindi bamt, and James Dawns, ita.ding Bear the Arsenal, wa* burutd in the srre mnnner. Three other pswi wtr? In the hep at Jbe but escaped W^ifc slight barns on tb* fa -e. and w?fh bavin? their fct'r se >rched. Tte llr.?t th ee usmed are seriously injured, but It is though; witt treatment they may recover A n r.Urm wn at < nee raised, end th? worimfa, with the rrrr pany of Harrison Guards, Captain Fjtwlmr, WM ape dolaz guard duty at the Ar*en*l. hastened to tb<f sp'Jt, and after rescuing the Inj ired men extinguished Ite d">mes, which bad might to the rafters of the buiiding. Tii<? wounded men Wrre at once removed to tie Loapilal near by, wh?re eveiy attention waa at once bestowed to theno by the commander of the post. Major Ramrf, Dr. MIddleton, the rjrlieu In charge, acd bla efficient assistant* Haily and Du*m were yesterday removed to their bofn*-a. leaving Stokes and f)e?mond still > In the hospital The other three who were In tho building at the time were able to go to woik yesterday fMi. Hale's Jt*t Bill voe tri District ? Mr Hale, on Monday last, Introduced a b111 In the !*ena?e amending "the present law !n r-htlon U> the sclectW-n rf 1 iro'8 to s*:ve In the courts of this District. whir h wa< r>ul twice and referred to tbe Judiciary Committee It provides In the firs' see ion tbit it *b*il be the duty of the Register of Washington city and the clerk* of Georgetown and the Levy Court of Washington county, within one month of tbe passage of this act, and on or before the first of February in etch year, to make a list of such of th* whit*- male citizens, tax payer*, residing in ?belr jarlsdlctions ns they hall jiid^e best qualitl'-d to s-rve, and that the lists shall be kept by them and be delivered to their ?ucre*s?rs In otfl e The itsts sha'l contain tte names of 4<0 persons from Washington, S) from Georgetown snd 10 from the county. Tbe Ma\orsof Washington and Georgetown, all judicial and sal tried officers of tbe Government, tbe Com miss oner* of the Police and those connected with the poHre snd fire departments, counsellors and attorneys at law, ministers and priests of every denomination, prart'.sing phynl. clan* and surgeons, keepers of hospitals, asylums i or other cLaritable institution* created under the ltwi relation to tt.e District, capUias ai>4 persons Irnploitd on *?-?s?la navigation the waters of tbe rJ. a w??? ...Kit. -v.i> i? IV I a. v? vi vtiv 41JI irB( suit. UV exempted from jury duty, ?ad their names shall not be placed on the lists The names on tbe lists shall be written on separate slip* of paper, and placed In a box by the Register tr-d clerks and afU-r being thoroughly sh ken, shall be delivered to the Clerk o tbe Circuit Court, and they shall all meet at least two days before tue commencement of the court* at the City Hall, and the Cierk of the Circuit Court hail break the seal and draw therefrom tho number required. If the Junr li intended for the Criminal Court, tbe Arst S3 persons drawa shall be tbe grand Jury, and the M neit drawn shall b* the petit Jury If the Jury is for theClreait Court, the ttrst *5 names shall b? the jury for that term If before the next drawing one of those drswn diea, removes from tbe District, or feeI comes otherwise disqualified, the Kagtst*r and Clerksahall draw augiher name The persona so dfftwn shall not be i.ahle to Jury duty for two *?.*? tk? lar m I h?c <**?? A 41 ma Jri: * ' " w hivw j ?c n uur o/ Mu 1? laapoat-d for a failure to attend the court after being noli led of election a juror by tbe B)tribal It also provide* that a J.iror shall be from il to &S veara. Penalties for collnslon In tht drawing of jtmra, 4c , are iiupo?e4. Th? Hialth of thi City ?It U tbe duty of ?v?ry one, eltliena and otftrlala, to comply with * tt? sanitary regulations of the city; and tbe-eby prcTr..t dtaenae Complaint la made that fieq f-a'lr, dead animal* are allowed to remain two or tbr?e day a, without b log properly disposed of; aod It ) known tbat tba carraaae* oa F.near north Capitol ?tree .have been there several woika. The police cannot bo blamed, for they Invariably notify tbe proper nflcUla, whose duty it la to *t. lead to tbe removal. Speedy attention should bo given to tuck matter*; io<1 tbe UUme of non atten4?nce res. upon tbi Ws4 aI lb# darellel p*rty. A New Wat *o Beat Iloaaia -We noticad a few dan aiace, near the penitentiary, tbe c?y. cams of iomt twenty or tbirty ton? with thalr hndt burled li tbe u.tb. If iu(T<red to rtQiln unburtrd, or barled ob tbl< "ostrich" plan, much ?!. > ? will arl*? u waraa weather approarbea We hop* Ube proper auitor.Uea wall aee to tbe ?? matw Tm Taunt Cihch Jucti?l -W? me?tioeed yesterday tbe chau^ra made la tbe Teatrymen for Trinity Church at the election on Monday. Tti< vdl rr? of the church aa elacied now ara : ? L Childa, Jca. II Ur.tdley, FlUhueU Coyie, J*? M. Torbtrt, ||c#j Beati, John B Blake, Ingle, and tinman D H*n?on, v a./|Hie?; W, Mldlietoa and L U . wa de. ?. I g- . ? ?_ ? Th* Pais at tii Invent Alticm ?The citjten of Washington, or the sojourner ia II, cannot aprnd an hoar of tha day or evening more agreeably tban at tbe fair, now open to a generous pnblle, for tbe benefit of tbe Infant Aarlutn. Every rentk-man and lady, master and mtaa, baa a few dollara that It would gladden their rbarltahle bearta to five for tbe rapport of aome fort tender lufants. dependent upon public charity. And what charity can appeal ?o strongly to onr sympathetic nature*, an that of an orphaned or deserted infant, picked tip whilst a violent storm Is raging, apon toe open common, or perhspa In an outhouse, filthy alley, or pis sty ? This has happened more than one* In the experience of this benevolent Institution. The Infirmities of human nature repeat themselves with Increasing cruelties and c rim as. It Is the Christian's duty to provide sgalrst tbe perpetration of crimes, and to relieve human sufferings and wants The conapicuoua charity of the gocd Slater*, In receiving and caring for these watts of hnman exlatenre, la a shining examp'e of Christian virtue?a disinter eated charity, wbox good examp e, It la hoped, will not be lost upon the evil passions that so barbaroualy rule th- world. No onecan have duties so preaalng as not to be able to visit the fair once, or oftener, during Its continuance, snd familiar. Ize themaelvea with Its purpose* and objects, and el ve encouragement to thla great work of charity. No sum Is too smail to be thankfully received and to do it* share In the Chriitlan work of preventing erlme, relieving 'offering, and saving help, less human Infanta lives There are artlclea for sale to suit the fancy of the sgs and the puraea of ? ? ?* _ -m ? _ > ? ni _ an who patronise me 1 mania rair. i ce managers of (he fair would b? glad to have tbe big-hearted, generous gentlemen In uniforms, who are at all time* liberal with their money, pay tee fair a visit. It la also a matter of Interest to some to know that there la a lnnrh room, bountifully firovlded with tbe beat the market afford*. Tbe nvltatlon la to every one, old and young, to vlait the ffclr, and they will leave it wlaer and happier than when they went. Ccoas Fistns ?A few days sine* Thomas Raley, realdlng near the brick bridge on New Jeraev avenue, procured a warrant for the arrest of Wm Sadler, Catharine Sadler, Barney R'swlck. Samuel Jonea, Andrew Chrlaeldlne and Rebecca Burger, a lot of children aged from aeven to ten years, residing in hla neighborhood, charging them with being no'ay and wl h throwing stones. They were all arreted by officer BarkelVy, and the trial was ruled to take place laat evening at the atatlon houae, and when the time came round tbe children and the neighborhood turned out en masu to see wbat would be done with tbe disorderly young-ters. Mr. Rale? waa present, but unfortunately, owing to a wedding In the family of one wltneas and slcknens in another, tbe case had to be put off until tnla evening The women who accompanied the accused children declare** that they were much better behaved than R airy 'a children, and that before he complained of other people'a children be ahould correct bia own Mr. Raley then offered to give security that his children would k?-ep the peace If the othera followed hta example; but thla they refused to do, being content to let tbeirs stand the trial and bear tbe ? consequence*. Mr. Raley then asked to withdraw I the cLarge, but this tbey would not allow him to do, and tbe Justice requeued the officers to have ail me wunei#ei present iqis evening. Mxcosd Wiid Station Cask*?Be/or* Justin Clark.?Jno. Baker, disorderly; fine, SI 58. Jno. Brown, colored, vagrant, taken In to prevent bis death In tbe street From hta own account, be ' was brought to this city from Boston as tbe ser! vant of an rfflcer In a Massachusetts regiment, j Went from this city into Virginia; wis taken sick sod dltmlaaed, and sent te tfcln cltv, and aa a favor desired to be sent to the wcrkhoute here. He was sent down for BO days Richard Jonen, assault: security for court. J Dayton, charged [ w'.tb txerrlstng the bualueasof a pawnbroker in this city without a license; fined 945. and costs. 91 51. Israel Dayton, deserter; and John Voung, Geo Blrdlt and Geo. Phelpa, drunk; turned over to the military. Geo. Jobnaon. Charlotte Walker, Ellen Co eman and Martha Brown, all colored, disorderly; f I 94 e*ch. Geo. Phillip*, disorderly; tl W Foc*TH Waid Statios Cask*? Before Justic* Walter ?John Heany, formerly a boarder at tbe Exchange Hotel, waa arretted for robbing the proprietor, Mr P McNlebwl It appeared that Mr McN. waa aaleep upon a ?? *a In hN parlor In ?be night, and while 1 vlng there he was awakened by the accused rumaglng hla pockets Rising suddenly, be canght Heany drawing hia hand with about S3.) In It from hfa pocket. Heany let go tbe money and acattered It over the floor. Justice Walter aent him to jail for court. ?rsr*criB to havi bken Stoli* ? A female lately committed to the workhouae for being drunk and disorderly, had In her poaaeaalon when arretted, a large and valuable white crape abawl, which ahe bad attempted to pawn In thlaclty. ghe alleged that the abawl waa her property, and that >be bought It In New York. If any <f our readers have lost such a ihawl and can prove It to be tbelrs, they may apply to Justice Tunmp. on, No 485 Eighth street, between D and E. AiuriT a?ii> Battery ?An old colored man named Samuel Posey, realdlng on N street, near Ninth, was attacked on Tuesday night, in hla own house, by a colored man named William Adama Adams, It appears, without any provocation, went to tbe old man's room, and after bating blm very severely, thruat him out doors. Adams wa* arrested yesterday and committed to Jill by Justice Clayton, to answer the charge. To "Justice" we have respectfully to say, that In our den!re to give tbe aide he favors a fair stowing, we have already published more of the correspondence tndica ed than we could well at} rd room for juat now. If be examines our abatract more deliberately, he will, we think, agree with us, that It covers all the mattrlal points he mentions, ri*r*al Gr*ir>Horm Cases ?Btfor* JuHtrt Clark ?John Clark, profanity; fined SI 91. Geo Flora, disorderly; dismissed F. E. Etward, disorderly conduct; fined Mi.01. E Welah, vagrant; workhcuae 60 days. Thi* McKtiden, William i; a nip ceii, jonn nanu ana jonu v, une, aruuk and disorderly; turned over to the military. Exhibition ?Prof. Merchant1! Stereoptlcan will be exhibited rt the school-room of St AU ovsiua church thla evening Scenes In America, Europe, and the Holy Lnnd will be presented; and tlnv sun pictures will be magnified &vo thousand time* Prof Worcester wIU deliver an entertaining lecture. Delicacies ErictrBia* ?We are Indebted to Mrs. Ruasel, Seventh street, for some fine red ripe tomatoes, splendid lbbaters, and a liberal sample of delicions turtle soup. Mrs Ru-sel's larder Is stocked with the very best the market affords, prepared In the best and most palatable atyle certainly Psmohal ?Col. Keyes, Major Seymour and M*jor Farnaworth, U S. A ; Sr. Don Knrtque Lavedati. of Havana; John Bntterfleld, of Utlca, are at Wlllard'a Malor G H Chapman, Third Indiana cavalry, ana Captain E. D. Muon, of Shield'a division, are at Brown's. swrmc ?we are bappv to be able to atate tbat Prof. Alex. Wolowakt la continuing attll hia coorsea with great tucceaa. Aa a Profesaor of ainglng and piano forte he baa done wondera with K'eat many of our cltlxeoaby bla excellent new method. All tboae who deaire to become In abort time line alngera or good performera ahould not neglect thU oportanlty. Prof. Wolow<kl'a realdence la No. 431 Tenth atreet, between E and P. Ant rtmao!t wishing to procure a loan of a few dollars on utlActoiy aecurlty, can do ao by call lag at 450 Eleventh ?t., between O and H. apll India Rruu Good*. We advise all oar reader* (as we know they are obliged to purchase the above named goods) to embrace the present opportunity as Mr U. A. fifth Intends to make a change In his business and will sail his extensive stock of Rubber Goods at mansfacturer'a prices, and no family should miss this opportunity to supply themselves For Instance, Mr. Hall will sell Men's Rubber Overshoes and Sandals far 90 cants per pair, and Ladies' Overs and Sandals tor fit) cents per pair: India Rubber Bed Protectors for Children's Beds (aa article that no family should be without) only at) cents, for ten days, at the India Itubber Warehouse, No 308 Pennsylvania ave , between Mhand loth streets, Washington, X). C. ap lS-tf All psasoitt can fad the beat stock of Clothing, Furnishing Goods Trunks, Hats and Cape, ti smuo-i, no. %jv inuail mm, MM v. fe n-2m AKRIK1I. On ?h?2*1 inatant, at St Patar'a Church, by the Rav. Patnar Koif*r. Mr. JOHN T. I.aViS to MimSaKAB Ia>?E B\RNK8, tba iaat dao(htmr or Martha B. Barnaa la G j rjatown, on Tnurad*y vanini. Aanl t7. hy Re* D Krani Maw ALr XANUF.R CAMP BkiLL, to A8NtS L CUNNINGHAM. [New Yort HaraJd oopyT] lMtUi On tha 34th instant. aftar a linianng iilaesa, CHYLON 3. BOUGH ION in tha 4id ya*r o'h a ui Ha Ti< a f?>tfifial butbano and kind fulmar. Haiaa??s a tare* oir??la of friaada. by whom ha vai i>?laT*d, to woarn hia loa?, Hi* ranaal win iu? iim? to-morrow (FtId**) ailaraooa. M I o'ctiook. fto*JUa Uiaraaidan<y, c? L. kUMt on:# batva? 7-h ?ud 8th oa?t, Mia frt??da ltd M<|uutusnarc iaa?cotfally itad to ftlMac, * Ob t>?#mo tini oi tha24th ltttuLit I o'olojk, Mr JOtfN Kufe.MLKK,?n*ti*aof K xtiBfraioh, ^ nMabuf.wnMti. . , . . . Hi. taaaifti wttrSfc* f\%a?lrom kit lftt?raa? d< aoa/^onw 1 lalftod, at t o'eloak <?n ih 2nd lmatamt. at II o>aloak a m.. of aaan itua.a, 4?JUN K. KAttUfTi, u tfetttiA !??f ol H w?#/*c?r?J will take ylaos from ku la*.* miCtic*. Mi tfe tfatt, oorMr ?f N, at > o'oiock en fc and*/ *Itwnoon, lhe?Hk mat * Oatk?4(kinataatPETEft HEWITT,foraer1t o^Ai??win*. duuot Mvwai ; in a iMioa&t ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIALS. a FEW OF THE MANY TESTIMONIALS mum tbc ullkibiid it "jujmnwTON TO DR. TUMBLETY, THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR. WMV * Dtplorabl* Cmditim qf Body and Mmd. I wu a'mt*t drtd with pain in my cheat, back, ahouiders, aide and bead; waa debilitated that 1 could acarcelr walk. My mind wan continually melancholy and gloomy; bat were It not for Dr. Tumblrty'a aklll and bu remedlea, I would have been dead before tbla. I am now completely cured. Thomas Gairrm, P atreet, between l&tb and 16&, Washington, D. C. Erytiptlai Curtd. Dm. Tumblbtt?Your herb remedies M? the paragon of all that la great in medicine. They have cured me after being given up to die of eryalpelaa. Mra. Emma Kibsaxx. Fairfax ooualy, Va. Curt tfCougka, Pain ia tK* Brtatt, Dytptfsi*i, wir* gttat Wiakntts. This la to certify that I have been troubled with th- above-named complaints tor several year*. I tried soma of our moat eminent physicians in Waahlngtom, Alexandria, and Georgetown, taut received ao relief. I was persuaded to try Dr. Tumbisty, and in a very abort time hia herb medicines, cured me Jambs H Bball, Blacksmith Shop, Navy Yard. ^ J f /lAMatfaaal Chartes \v. Harman, Metropolitan Police, Washington, D. C. Curt of an Vletrattd Sort Ltg wilA uvtn Kelts. Dft. Tcmblktt? 1 have been using your herb m?llcinea to cure a bad leg, with seven running sores, of several years standing, which the doctors thought incurable, and amputation was regarded as the only ultimate relief. I can cow weik as well as ever. 1 am cured. 8. C. Pahkiih, Seventh street, Park Hotel, Washington. Consumption Cured. Mrs. Edward T Tuplpett, Navy Yard, Third street, between M and N. Sfwrry Out id (a very bad can.) Jas. W Larkln, Government Printing Office. Washington, April 0, 1862. Blindness Curt J. This Is to certify that I have been blind for two year*, and' by the aid of Dr. Tuinblety's treatment 1 can walk all over Washington without a guide. Mrs McDowsll, Seventh street, island. T? lJU Ladut. mm. k.. . *m I .?.J mUU ^ x ...... i'l J WIIC UOM IWB tmiriru WHO UlTCWr UT* eultar to her sex, for three yean. Had tried arioua physician* without soy benefic. Dr. Tumblety his cured her. W. Twin, Alexandria, Va. Contumftio? Curtd. A vegetable course of treatment presented by Dr. Tumblety ha? cured me of Consumption. JOSBFH ESKKIDSK, Brigade Wagon Master, 1Mb street, Washington, Diitatt of Iht Throat. Francis Seals, Esq., leader of the U. 8, Marine Band, Navy-Yard. Scrofula Curtd To all afflicted with Scrofula. Try Dr. Tumblety, the Indian Herb Doctor. J. E. Hctchinson, Patent Other. Htv. J. (WltJ Curtd. i 1 would recommend ill who are troubled with I General Debility, I>yspepala, 4c., Ac., to try Dr. Tumblety, who haa cured me. Rev J. Cvnrtt, Baltimore, Md. Cmnttr Curtd. Dr Tumblety haa cured my wife of cancer by hu h?*rb remedlea. J. CiriN, Near Fairfax Seminary, Va. Sort Kftt Curtd. r. roaner, bridge street, Navy-\ ara. Prolapsus Uteri. Dr Tamblety's Herb Medicine has cured my wife of the above-mentioned disease. Cm. CCNIUNaHAM. Georgetown, D. C. Fiti Curtd. Flu brought on by Weakness, Dyspepsia, Coetlveness, Night Dreams, Ac , Ac. JAKH Divii, Alexandria, Va. Largt Tumor Rtmovtd. James King, G street, Washington, D- C , had a large tumor of a cancerous nature removed from l.i bead without rrtortlng to tne barbarous practice of cutting with ? knife, ft* U usual la aucti cim. Fkmale Complaint Cur id. Mrs. C. W. Blakeinan, Lang's Hotel, Georgetown. Curt 4/ Nervous Debility. Frederick Robleder. F street, cornel of 2d, Iaiind. Scrofula Cur id. J. Maloney, corner 4th and 11 streets. Enlargimtnt of th* Htart Cur id. P. Downs, 343 8th street, Washington, D. C. Scrofula Cur id. J. D. Lakeman, Sixth street, No. 439. I Consumption Cur id. J. Laird, watchman, United Steles Capitol. John Clark. Camp Duncan, D. C. John P Hav rnrn?r and H Bad Can of Jaundiet Ourtd. John Hard, No. 500 New York avenue. FUi Curtd. David Dllon, 479 F street. Ntrvous Dibilitf Cwtd. John Donoho, No 506, corner C and 3d streets. Charles A. Counrelaer, Navy Yard. Curtd of Cironic Diu*u. William 3uUlv*n, comer Poor-and-a-half and U stroets, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. Curtd of Dotyitf. Charles Wilson, U. 8. Regular. Dfsptftia Cured. Benj. Donty, Twentieth street, below Pennsylvania avenue. Cured of Pimples on 14* Dm James Reed, Twenty-elith tad L streets. CXronic KKtumaStsm Cmtd. M. U. Howard, Tenth street, near Pennsylvania avenue. \Astkma aftor all Iks Doctors FaiUd S. J. White, No. 253 B street, south side of Capitol. Connr Cur id. J. Blat kburn, Georgetown ___ t Bad Drtaint with Night Swait Curtd. R. Hauntrh, 417 Seventh afreet. Fits Cmtd. J.J. Kane, C street, between 6th and 7th. THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR Will describe dlaeaeea and teU hU petlentt the wmmrmm lowfwiwww uiw. wimom NedTlaiuy Information from taeo. N? Ckargi Jmr Consultation or A4mut. OMet, No. 11 Washington Munrl* vaaU iteiM, ?m? 71k aire*. ap M-Jw* i i I / $ WANTS. ? A M?n*v A a Ai'iua'flll Mia n. i .ft Willi IM'-A (OM rLAHoi ?ir.c^. ' m.i aNo. 4*T Twelfth at.. two dtora fr?m F. It* WANTED TO RENT?A STORE, by the loth v v of May, on rennaylv?ntn avenue or on tth gt. Addre?a*B.C.."SUrO?? It* A lady ab??ut to leave the citv vWm to Mil the Fnrnitere of a Bona? oob ?unu>? 1Q roow. Aaply to M. MUN8TKR. S?2 F ?tr?*t. betw?n loth and llth ata. a? 34 2t? \JU ANTED-A SITUATION, by aa elderly wovv mao. to do dairy work or tcnke heraelf ceu erally na-fal. Apply at 47T (Maaaaohuiette avobbo betwaen <th and 6th at? U* WANTED?Ajoanr. reape?tnb!e tirl wiak-a to v 0b Bin a SITt'ATlON to do e-ther ohambf rwork or ni-ainr Gx>d referenoea *iven. Addrena Bo? 10 fetar Ofl?. It* U/ANIED-By an Amerioan tirl, a 8ITLA" TION aa chaiaberanaid and pi vie sewer in a anvate fajnily. i* e*ae adUreaa Box 10 Star <>(. fioe. It* YVANfKD-A DINING-ROO* SERVANT, ** on* who ucderatanda hia bnaireaa, eitter white or oolorel. Apply at the Hertdon House,

oorner 9?h ?od F ata. ap 24 Si* WANTED-A W OMAN who tan oook, wash, iron acd do reneral honaework for a very ama'l f.-.mily Kecom nendationa required. Appiy at 9S Fayette at., B?or?etown ap?3f MRU. ANN tt. O'NEALE1X7 ANTED TO RENT?From the let of May, kDWKbl (NGoon a'r.inf from8 to? rooma wttbjas, between 10th anllith etreeUand K at'e*t and Penny ltanlaftrenne Addreea "A J.." 233 Pa avenue ap ?4-3t* WANTED?A modern DWELIJNfl HOl'SE oontaicing 8 or 10 rooma. witUa a few sgnarea of the 8tate Department. Aadren, eiatirc location. rent. *o . JA\f lOOKE A CO.. 452 Fifteenth at- apS?lw? WANTED-A NURSE to take oharte of three ohitdren App y at HARRISON'S Permdioal St^re, P*. avenge, near > 1 at ap a-?t* WANTED-A cood OOACH TRIMMER, at Vt No S46 D street, WALTER * KARMAN* *S ap 23 3t Can tap Factory. 1*/ANTED?By a respectable German woman, a SITUATION aa ohamberrr.aid or to do reneral housework. App'.y 42* SOth atreet, between Eand r, MR qyppEB. HOU8E WANTED?Wanted to parobiua a Dwelli'i* Hunt north of Pa. a*enoe. to some < Mtr*hl? locality onnUmmc from 8 to 12 roomi, for wbioh a fair pnoe t* task will be paid. A oot tage preferred Addreta tor one week. with fol! partioulara, prloe, 4.0 , "Houae," 303 Per.ns^lra maaT. ap2??r I7AMILY HORSE WANTED?The advertiser r will ezohan^e afa-^ilr Horse 12 jeara old, of nnaurpaaaed diapoaition, but a'ow for one of eanallr ?afa qualities, not lea* than 16 hand# high, nor more than 6 ve&'a old, atyliah and faat; or will tnrohaae auob an one, payable in va uaMe land on ,*ke Superior. Addreaa, through Poat Office, ** johuan." ap28 3t U/iSITEU-At the Billiard Paicon ooraer Pa. VV av?t.ue and M'h a?reet,a VOL'NG MAN l-etwaen 16 and 22. white or aoiorad. ap 22-St* i AN EXPERIENCED LADY Wiah?a a pace . aa tiorae In a re* p so table family. to attend dur in* a?d afteroonflne<D8Ct Good r?ferenoea riven. For pirtionlara aodraia 139 F street, between 10th and 11th. ap ?2 4'.* WANTED-A WOMAN to do vaahinii and ironing, and make h?ne'f jeneraily oaefuL Apply at 44112th at., be*ween 0 and H. ap Jl A HOUSE WANTED by a permanent tenant. B-nt not to exoeed tk'M or fbjir hacdred dolia>?. It moat be neat and ooir.ftmal*. fd in a pleaaant a*w healthy noigh'-orhood.acd witnia an m<nu'ea* vaikot the Naval Observatory. Addreaa "M. P.," at the Star Offioe ap 19 6t* \*7ANTED?Tn enta<* a Gentleman of good " bnaineaa ability and familiar with Waal melon City, to attend to some ont doo- businra* Apply to JOHNSON. KEY * CO., 476 Seren h gC ap 19 lw' ?inn -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN ? lvU. an ofloe and take the wholesale agency, inevjry State, for ftll of Lloyd's Great Military Mapa, oaed by our Commander-in Chief. The wtu in Ik* wnrl/1 A fn^tnnA nun hn ih&/1a on these m?M in eaoh State S odo.twuoories of one of my maps ha?a already been eoid. Alio & m?s to go to California, Kdi .and and Cuba. A font* also wanted in e?er? oouiity tud in aver* regiment id our army. Sand for ouculars. J. T LLOYD. roh4 tmayl 164 Uroadysy. New York%1|7 ANTED?To have every oue know that they n oan ficd the beat atook of Clothing, Hats and Cap*,at the very loweat rata*, at SMITH**, No. 460 seventh street, hatow F. fe 37-Sm WANTED? Er#ry person to kr.ow that I am in vv the market, ready to pay oa*h for ail mrtioirs In the honsefarnishing line. T-.ose leaving tta oitr.or havinr a sumui, wtil Jo we;, to oa!l. R, PUCHLY, 498 S^vftetL at, between and M ata., (east side,) Dealer in New and Saoond har.d Fcrnitcre. no II tf WANTFJ).-We are now boring SECONDLY HAND FURN ITURE, MP V ES and BED DING, for witlob we are paying u* hijbaat sash prioas. Families declining hoasakeapinf, er UT1U k anrpiua ai nruiiars, wiu auu it w uau UrntM* to ?? a call. BONTZ & 0RIFFITH, Set ith ?L bMv. I tiid K ik 1JI7ANTED?To cell, henceforward. SflO barreia " and balf barre ?of Ai*??*rT w**f; aleo the same of Beer, lor the Baltimore Brfrwerjr, JOHN GATNOR, Corner of Si at ana G at*. Ordera in the Poat Office will be oailed for U 91 id. an o 3 p. m. ap7-la," LOST AND~?OUSD. Ij^OL'ND?A PORTEMONNAiE with a au&Jl urn of money in it. The ojrner can have 't again by paunc the eukt nf thia adv?rtieein?t. if he wil' Isavp * d?anriation of it and it> entente with Mr. WHITKHILiL, tfopenrt?Ldi'it . | Agjonltaral Diviaion of the 'enaua Rur?aa ay8|-3t" I HAVE A LARSE BROWN HORs*E, Which waa taken up near the railroad depot in ry the latter part cf February The owner repeated tooome forward froyejropsrty,*^-'"1 >ay oharrea and take him away. A?#!y to Major C. M ALEXANDER,2d D. O. Vo uateura. ap 3? at' ?Q RE WARD.?8tra?*d, ou tbe 13th inatant, a ?O a k iicwn IHlK^E, TritL. whitea i? ay in the faoe. uijare<i m i,ee>e. government TiJ# ooadeicnoo ma:b on f< :e houider. I will*^*,-? Kiveth* a>>ove k *%rd if returned to me, JOSEPH 6 CAR HULL, Butcher, tear the Navy Vard. ap w-sr TVSTK1CT Of COLUMBIA, Wisui!(9T0M If Pt-tJXTT. ? This day personally Bp- jry p-ared Wm Knight, to me we 1 known TJTJk and mad* oath, ia due form rf l?w, that, on**-^^ t!<* 33d instant 'arly in th? moroirg. he founJ bar HORSE, apparently between th?ateoi ?ard 9 years, irersaiairg u?'?n hia enclosures, in the o ty of Watnmeton, near the Lorg Bridge. Tt e horse is branded llU. 8. C and the ovo?r or owners thereof oan have him by proving property and paying the legal ohargee. Given under my hand and seal this itch day or Aartl, . It. 1882. ? JOHN H. JOHNSON, J. P. E1 ST RAY.?Came to the fans of Mrs. Emily ?j Heall, torh of Bonpdary atr'et and^Ft^i the Capital, on or ne?r theMtii of Maigh.VU^ a large red COW which the owner eanSH* hare by proving property and paying expense*. tp?-?f CTJIAYED OR ?TOLEN-On 19th ins ant, a ? ohestunt HORBE, blind in one e*e;?\__ white fao?: white legs; tail ai.d mat e oat ace ie to 12. Any per ion returning him to&Zl THOMAS 8HkA, 46 a treetsjatb, between 1st and Sn naiitnl Bill. Will )> lihArallv r?w*rrlr<1 aptt 3t* _____________ CA REWAR1>?For the apprehenaion (and d#il?ery to meat Hiudeoauurg, Mary- juB land, or ieaared in any jail in Maryland, ?o OB that i iet him,) of NfcbKO MAN, Lfylee. iau? the property of Henry H. W?r- V) nnrtaeoeaeed, of Prinot George" a oounty,<-U? Ala. Sytve?ter ia of coy par oomplexioo; of stout etatue; about ia foot hign; and of eleeaing oonct#? roioe whenapokento. He ie well known in Waabgt b city, and ia no doubt lurking in tkat place or iu vioimtr, 1 will gire the above reward no matter where taken. mONYgjjll* SHERIFF, up It la* Ext'r of H. H. Warring. deoeaaed. BOA&D1NO. pHOICK ROOMS, (oomm a moating) with Board, oan be had at N o T Indiana avenue. Aleo. pleasant ROOMS may be had May lat at dwftillug ooraer D and 4tu atreeta. Apply ae above. DOARD1N8 ?Gentlemen with or without their D families, viaiting Philade'pbia on bannees or pteaeere, will find eaperioraooonimodatiorurfatone half Ro*el prioee.) iu the moat deeirable looatioo, No, 1909 CheenutatreettOtuvenleat to buiotea undall lh? publio plaeea of inter eat. Permanent aid transient apg tw* HAr.T.Q PAPTTKa AST 8RAND COTlLLON PAR'JTY ! Li AT ! TMMPMBAIfCM HALL, S (E at, botvften 9rh and Kan,) /M On PRI0AY EVENING, April 2Mb fin Daojicc to oomntiM at 9 o'clock. fiof. Arth will lead tha muio Tick? a ft, admitting a ' *a?mT* l*ii* Pr?f ? ?% BAJllIaa?? fT? P09TP0NEM nNT. 1 BE COTILLON PARTY of tha PERSEVERANCE ENGINE CO.. NO. ?. which A vaa to ooraa t f on Eaator Monday. th? Stat JK In*tacit ia ?o?iP jcrdontjlTHURSDAY.> the/^B Mih. at tha aaM ha L P?'??n? holdmf llik-Hi ata of tha Uet will b? (ood for that mill Bj oraar Co?if aa of Arrapf* tnta- ayg It* aaoaoETOWN APVBBTms ttiTnavr Uf fTONfc ?HKlL u??l ?A4 LIME, for Aino3!tuiai parpo* ?; *l?o, ?l! k:n<l? of MILL n5l GRAIN FtJfeD, BALlii) kAY, .**4F* FLOUil. umI POTATOJlb, do. 1T0 Bildfe M, BMHIIOWD' *MU lw K1RKLANP A DOWIJWC. AUCTION SALES. Tit IB AFTERNOON TO-MOkkO'W Br Wall* BARNARD. Aactlcfl**rs. qPRUSTEE'P SALE OF YALUABLK REAL J. liiTATI "t JHI Cor.ITT Of Wa?BIR9'0!*, IT o.?T't Virtue of ? de?d ol tru?t, da!?d on th? J iao? mmaf/IaH An (K* 1ft* A mm I U?1 VI <1 U|HV?i 17/1 , V(l? ,VTV>. w?. v. * '? ? ! ofNnvtn>Ur,l 57 In liber J. A P.. No. >41. 'olioi 23<. J35. J3b aod ?P. one o!tw i*ii rffjonU foi Waatuncton county. in tie Diatriot of Ctoiaaatna, I will Mil on THURSDAY, 34th day of A?nl, 1M ( at 5 o'oiook f m , at tie Anotior. Houae M wall a Barnard, earner kii utreet aod ra arena a. la the city of Waaliinctoc, tie fo'Iowim de/cnhed tract of lar/d, with baildinfa and improve;;. en'? thefeon. aituated in the oounty of Wathin|top, in the Ihatriot of Columbia : 1 The aaui tract of In?ul h?gionin? at the end of the fourth line t>f a tract of land raMad New Seat, ar^ running thenoe Booth 15 ?erchea.ihc>co? aouf U I degrees, weet 96 jerohee, theooe north S6 degreee e&at 145 perohea. theare aocth 6? decreet ?a?t5lH Rroha* to |U intersection with the fifteenth line oj > larger traoi of land oocvfyed by t>?e heira and deneeea of David C. Part'er to Edward Swans, ' tbenoe south 49 decree? weat M perehea, thence i aL. Ac t - a. _ , _ J iim> _a _ uuui o u"|rwi, ? ? ii perrin ?r? t?i ( perch thenoe, aouth 81 degieee, weal 45 peroties to the beginning, containing 31 teres, 1 rood ud 17 perohee. The terra* of Una aalewM be one-third oaah; ba'&aee t>??rtnt iniare?t?c4 payable m e<gal i&* ataunent* at?, i3 ud la moiitha. the deferred garments to be aeouied br a 'ten on the land. One hnnired do iara of the ca-ii pajmen* lobe pa d down at the plaeeof aa e; and in o&ae the purohaeer or a^roha^era rafnaing ao to do the property will at onee be reeoiu at tne riaa ana eoet of tie defaulting pnrohaeer or purehaaera. K. C. MORGAN, Truatee. mh31eo&ri-> WALL A BARNAW P. An eta. FUTURE DATS. A FINK WOH be eo!d under I filh# M*r*at Houee, on the morning of SATURDAY,86th mat if B? J. C. MeGUIRE & CO., Anoboneera. U OV8EHOLD FURN1TURK AND ? F ma r! . n at rtnic * urno* ?On TUtSJJAY MOkMVS, Ajrti 89tK oommenoint at 10 o'o'ock. we thali No <00 D etoet. t>etwein Jd and 3d. ft (nod a?fortment of Household Fart.tore. Nft-ninj in part? Mfthorft y Uftir-oloiK 9offta, Rookm, ftca Pftr.or C airi, Marble top Centre and Side Tftblea, Walnut VV hfttunt. Arm Chftiri, Mahogany Hftt tr?e, anl HftU Oiiolo'ii, Lace end ran act Window Curtaine, and Gilt Cornioe, Velvet M'ftrth Rug?, Mftnte! Ornaments, Cane Seat Reoep ion and chamber Churs, Maro e-top Bureaus and Watftttatds, I M^Loudt dn <1 n Two Mahogany Hook Cases, Library Chairs, Walnut and Cottw BMsteads, Hair and Husk M*Ur?ssas, , M%hor&ny M aboard, uak French Dining Cha'.ra, China, tJian. and Crookerr Wars, i B ui<eli, three pit a ;4 ingrain Carteia, Ve ..ltian - lair Carpets, OHo! >th and SUir K0H4, Clumber Tab ee ar,d "toree, Coukiut Jw?m, ana Kitehen Requisite*, k0. Terms oasb I a?24-.:Ui J. C. McSUIWK ? CO. Auo?a. Dy WALLA BARNARD. Auotfoneera. Soul* corner Pa. avrnut and 9tk tt. nr RCSTKK'P CALK OK A LARUE QL'AN" T1TT or FlBUMD UtttWM M4Tllt.fc.-Oll TUfc.sDAY MOsfXiNb, iH n inat*nt, at Un o'clock, we will a?U, at fi69 sevanth street ?ou?h, 1 opposite Centre Market, the antir stock oi Corning * Bon, late Hamilton & Co..oon?isUng ?n part of- I ?o Window Fr?ires. diff?nt si see. s.rrnt window s*a?h L.ghU, different iIim, 6i) Doorr, aasorterf aiaee, ;*? pairs Blmda. aaaortoj aizea, 1 .MO fret Bsmd Slata, 2>t0 feei Moulding, different aiiee, A 4aaUitr cf tat Bed rub. Blact Wainut and Yellow em* Balaatera, Mahogany and Blaok Wamut Neaall Poata aid Braoketa With many article* nasally kept 11 a 9aah and Bli d Factory, off ring rare inUuoementa to tuildera. Term*: All euma under oa?h; ov?r that I anoijut ft credit ot aizty and nicety data, lor DJt*a atiafaotonly ci.doraa), bearing luta-aet J NO L. SMITH. TrueUe. ap 24 Wall. & B ARWK P. A acta. By THOMA81DOWL1NO. Georgetown. fXCBLLKNT QoUbr.noL>D an J KIT^BEN MlA FFBHITUBB Af Acc ionUD WKDNKfcDiV. tn? : tn icatant.1 ahall ae!i,at 10 o'clock a. m . at the re.iaenre of ?a.nnel Kinmnona. haa.. No. 40,8th between Faiett* and Frederick aireeta Treat of and n*ar tee reaervoir, a good aaaortment ol Furcr.ure. vn? Mahogany sJctaa, Tet$ a-u>te?, Otlou.a&a, Tartar and Rooking Chatra. Mali >Iar. I* top Dretaing andoUer Bureaaa and Mdetuarda, Mahogany Manle-top Waah-o'oaeta, Centre and other fabl*a. Mahogany French, Jemy Lied, and Cottare BeJ teada. Walnut Hat trt#. r*acer M*ofce, Rout and otber 'lablcg. Fine A ab cter Mental C cog, Girando eiaid Viae*, Fine F *nch plate ?i t Goihto frame Mirrora a&d U racket*, China, * la?a, Crockery, and Flaud Ware, Ku;rei au<- Foika, M fctnui E^tenaioa Table, Wardrobe*, <' tt,c? and other * a.i* ?tat Cb%i e, Fine yard wide Velvet,Three p:y acJ fcg:am ai d Siair Ca<p vta, P%4*9g* Oilcloth and Hearth Rug?, Feather Bed? ard Fei'd eg. Hair and other Mattreaa**, Cooking, * adiafora and other rttnee^. V. jth a |cpd let of l^itc&'D Hf*ui>!tea. Alro a lot of tiarp'n Implement*, Wheelbarrow, Ao., Ao. 4 crn? o*>n. ap:< 4 THOMAS TOLLING. Aaal EXECUTOR'S 8ALB-A va'uable FARM. OOQtaiciif av>otS6 acres and i6 pe-oh*a rn>re Or i?M, in the L)i?triot of Co'griit ia Br virtue of the power veated ic ima? exeoufor of the 'fcit will and teat&meLt of Alexander Ban-owe. cecraaed.I will offer for a*'e. on the pern. e? on THURSDAY. 8th ar of Ma> next, t'~at b*ai'!fu' aaJ hatxime located Fai in about V>* Kiieafrom *?eor*?tows.D. C. lyi&z os tjie vn( sild of theturcpik* row leading to Kcck*ille. and iciioin.r.; Mr. (J, lioiui ''? on the >outh aide and H. Lufboroagh and W D. Murdook, Ktqa . on the east aide. Terra* of aaie: On* third eaah. one third aiz mmitbf, and the ta'anca twelve mo- ths Deferred ;aymen:a to ba aeccred by ft deed of trnat on the properly. A" oonv?rau?;he at the exaeaae of the pu chaaer Will alEO be kofl at the ?ame time the ferae al property, oonviaticcof 1, larmlif, lot of Hay, OaU in the Straw, 4 < . ap;4-i0 ' J jBN DAVIDSON. fir J. C MoSUIRE A CO., Auotioucorr. TKl'STKE'H SAI.K OP Bi" H?iit?P . I i!taLoti!?iHi P:i?r W?si-tiaTBlK8- , DAY, ;ne j;d Jj,y ot M??, *t 4 o'clock p iu ,on the (reuiiaea. by vrtue of & deed of truat to the ?ul> O'ib^r. Jftied Deaeisberad, 1&>(, and duly recorded , in Lihe<-j a S.^n 118. folio* 392, et aeq . one cf the laud record* lor WaahiqctQa c>uutr, I). C . < 1 ?h?U i?i! tj-.e watt i.?il oi Lot nan<ber*d five, in 8<u*r? numbered e ?htj (oar, frootinc & feet oa Nrw York avf nue, between ?wh and 31at atreeta, anJ ru Dim taok 115 f.-*et, together witiitleimP'ov^iiieata. oenniticg o( a amall Frame liwelan; Houae Term* t Ope third oaib, tit* remainder la 0 and 13 n.ontn?, witn interest, eecund by a deed of trad on the premisea All oonveianoior at mrchaaer'a eoat I CRAS ALBEMT. Trustee. i ap?l 2%w&da J C. MoGOlKK k CO . Ancta. , \f AR*HAL'8 SALE.?In virtue of a writ ot 1 T I f ftri flA< a laena^l '*?? ?* ? -* a"r ? o oia oibov O, ( oiront eourt of the District of Columbia, lor th? < eounty of Washington, tad to its directed. 1 will expose to publio ait.e, for oaah, in front of tbe Bank of Wa?h niton, in the oity of Wash tutor., on SATURDAY, tbe 36 b day of April, wis'ant, < oomn>enoinc at '0 o'elook a m , the folioving goods I and obatttl*, to-vit- via? 3 Black Hair-oloth S'Mae. Walnut, 6 Do do Chair*. do, 3 Do do Arm Cnairs, Walnut, 2 Marble top Center f able*, Walnut, 1 Tapestry Ha-lor Carpet, and 1 Rue. 8?. f >d and lened upon as the goods and ohaitela i of Wm w, Campbe:!. and will be sod to sa'Ufy judloial No. log. to May term. l?a, in favor of Wuu , V. Fracier, use of Philip T. Berry, W41DH. UMON, 1 aplTdtds U. t?. Marshal. < 1 FOft 8ALE AND BKNT. L'UKniSUEU K 110.113 TU KJ-.NTfWlth |U I r acid Hoard in a priv?'a iami j?Eifhth atreet. brtntenOand H.No.40a. iiHtf 1[M>K Kn.Ni'?A tare*, oomm dtoaa. vail fat- ' mabei HOUSE, ehjibly loo?ted amtabla lor 1 a boarUint hoaae. A?p y to PL.OKK*CE * CON AN T. No. 21T F atraat, r?kr of VHllard'i HoUl. ap U n* ft/OR HK.N'f-A vali furniahad, tmiil HOUSE, r on 3i?t atraat, oomar of H, raoattly oooapiad by Caat.Card, O. 8. A. Rant ft5 p?r montii In<nn of Capt BOYLE, oomar of iami atraata, ap ;?t' r|B8IRABLb ROOMS POR FAMILIES , and gentlemen. now vacant with Board,at < ST 9 C atraat, ooroar of ; one of tha moat piaaaant iooatione io the oity, lor peraona iataadiag to . remain in Waahington daring tfce aummer. apg ?t* < FOR RENT-A flrat-alaaa finely FL'RNI&HED ! HOUSE, coLtaiainc all the mode-n improve- : meet*. Centrally loot tad near tha City Mall; IT room*; an elegant aaioon, parlor ai?d larca airy 1 nhuiili?n-k hrink uaSI* It wi K* ? i private family, for 4 orS months or oanr. **omm- j ion ilven Ut ot May. Addra*a *8. ED,' Box '29 ? City **ott Offioa. ap a?t* FOR RKNT-a two atorv BRICK HOU8K, oath weft oornrr O atd 18 to atraata Poaaeaudb civan oa tha lat of May. Apply lift far at, gaorgftown ap a ?? IT1 OH RUNT?A fnrniahnd four-?t. rv BRICK r pWCELLINO.'.aa pleaaantand haaJUiful paxt of the oity, with Sea large onamtwra and parlora, bath room sarpliad with hydrart water, ?ud iu throne boat; a carriaja- honaa and stable attached. This la a desirable raaideooa tor an M. C. or Gotarn meat eoipoyee in either one of tha Daparc meets. Inquire at 378 Eleventh strael, batwaaa y aa* t- from ? toft a. ro. aa 11 SL UHMtiR KKSIDBNOK TOR RUNT. *p*m ' MUm Fam?_U.C, ate*a Iii miUt , dMtr&Me tarnuoad l>ouMa Uocm vili lUlod, in* water, ft a , with carrt?*?-ko??p?, fto.,fto- Th???t?rt?on of Mambora ofUt* Bttt, Forrltn Mmlaiera, and cantiaman With fxiru y ia aarooiaily icnud to tkia advrrtiaem< lL For x&minatioa of ths pre mi tea apply to tha n>iui?r upon Uia farm (Mr. Jamaa O'BiIm.) aad for fir. SEOMfEDITION" ^ TIIRLE O'CLOCK, f M. OUR MILITARY BVDGbT LA TIf T r?OM ISI IM* I OMM 4!*l>. TV _ ?? * * ~ IUC n ar usptnnxBi HTf trlrgrtmi from Oea. bhlelda' command up to early tkla morning. They conftrm the fbct tkatJacksja kaj abandoned the Valley, tod continued to fall back toward* Gordons vllle Nothlagof particular litrtest ku occurred La bat quarter the laat prevloua ad etc* vcirit. TbU morning, between i and 1 o'clock, W J Ralaln. formerly In tb? rebel army, t, it mir a political prlaoner arrested for dlaloyal acta oa the ?a?trrn Shore of Maryland, manage <1 to escape from tbe old Capitol mlllUry prison, by lower ng himself from a window wbUe the back of >be asntlnel on duty near by waa turned He baa not been retaken; nor do we believe that tbe fuard have any Idea which way be turned hla iteps after bla escape. TUB LATEST BY TBLBsRAPH. LATEST KROJTYORKTOWN. Steady Advance ef Our Position* ? mi., n .rn 1 p? me vue 01 veacrai zuxiui. A Mutiny in the Rebel Com;*. ? Two Rebel Regiments Firm* In:? Each Other. The Enemy's Strategy. (iVr Telegraph from Baltimore ] Camf Bipors Voktow*. V* , April >3-40 3. m ?I have barely time t? write you that everything la progresalng satisfactorily here You have no Idea of the immense labor of tL* campaign at thla point. It la however cheerf rly performed day and night, by the whole army, a* all rest under the conviction of Its necessity la Insure success, and that it will s? Insure It. Hourly our works approach thoee of the enemy We have already constructed s >me well within the range of the rebel fortifications, thanks to oar ihsrpshooters, who unerringly pick their m-n tf whenever attempting to work a gun to atop tte progress of our earthworks. So fatal and constant Is their fire, that the rebel* seem to have abandoned the Idea of opposing our pcccpttlon of pointa from which to make Iho grand Inal attack. The charge of drunkenness In the late Lee's Mill engagement uttered against Gen VV. F. Smith, turns out to be utterly unfounded, it has been disproved by many of the ftrst and 0>oat rt'lable officers In the army who were dos? by him throughout the whole affair. On Monday laat there waa firing betw?*en two rebel regiment*, cauaing much commotion In our cam pa. It ceitinued ao long and was ao sever?? that It was mlataken at first for a regular aaaaui* on our outposta. One cf their regiments w&s firing Into another, which returned the fire with equal aptrlt. We could dlatlnetly aea them carrying cfi tie dead and wounded The affair la believed to have been a tuutlny, and measures taken to quell it The Virginians now being conscripted ? forced?Into the service at th" point of the bavu net, resist as far at they ran, more espt-c 1 ?ii 1 being drafted and forced into regiment* froui otuer States, to 111 the latter to their respective quotas. It t? v..ppoaed the mutiny grew out of something of the sort Prom the best information we have here, the Rebels are collecting aa large a force as pcitlbie at or near Gordonsvllle, to the end of a sudden movement either on the columa of Gm. Bank* by the time that makes its appearance at Btauu ton, or on that of Gen McDowell, If necrosis the Rappahannock at Frederickaburg They have a railroad to both points, you will recollect. Their situation h?-re is desperate, tfa^y know, aid doubtless aim to strike name such blow before the great fight her* caa come off. The Merrimac on tin Rain page 4 gain. How She Expects to Di?po*e ot the Monitor. How 6he Will Be Check-mated. (Per Telegraph from Baltimore ] BaLtimobx, April M, (from Fortress Monroe, April 23 )?From the refugees that reached here this morning we hear that tbe Merrimac Is being plated three feet lower <uad?r water) and sunk lb the water f foot deeper than before. We also !<*rn from them that ?K? ??' ? lo wMrd the Monitor with twenty mm ar n> d with mallets and wrdgea, prearranged, to wedge up (spike) her turret port hole* In ai instant. ThU ?u expected, and I am fcappv o be able to aay, has been thoroughly guarded against by changes made In the Monitor's means of defence CONOR ESS JO NAL. XXXTilth COMQK r>V-W?X Itu su Thceseat, April 5? PbnaTI ? Af?*r the prevent tlou r.f retltlor.s. [among them 423 separate petitions bv SwW 5 rimes, from lager beer manuJart. rers and others igatnstthe proposed tik aa their u-??rage ) Mr. Powell moved to take up Lis re^.M-.tson railing on the Siate Department for detailed in Formation relative to political uiutl of kentuc k lans That resolution was <i batr-d at tenpth bv Mr. Powell for It and Mr Sumner against It, ucUt the hour arrived for the consider ,; on of the bill for tbe recogVtlon of Liberia and Havtt. That bill b?lng taken up, wm dlsco*sed by Mr. Darla against It ?d<1 Mr Hum^r for It, until the expiration of tbe morning boar. Tbe pending Confiscation bill ?u then taken up, and Mr. Collamer addressed tbe Senate at ignlnst It. Hook ?Mr. Vallandlgham rff-red a reao'.utlon calling on the President to furnish. If not Incompatible with tbe public Interest*, such Dor espondence between the French and United States Government* an may have been received during the last two months In relation to our prevent troubles, referred. Mr. Aldrieh. from tbe Committee on Indian Affaire, reported a bill authorizing ?reatle? to be made wltL the Indians of Utah, w:ti a view of purchasing their lands. Also, s bill author!z ng treaties with tbe Netrsjoea, defining their limits ind extinguishing their titles to lends outside of the United States; referred. The consideration of the confiscation bill was resumed. ?___ LATE LOCAL NEW8. Frsiisx or Ma job t ?Major Theodore I. Talbot, Aaalstent Adja ent General. USA. md late chief of Gentr*l Wsdsworth's staff, wu Buried tkli after soon at Mouat Olivet Cemetery rhe funeral services were held in St. Alova'.js Church, and conducted with the Imposing aolemJ it tea and cere moo tea peculiar to tbe R oinau Catholic Church. Mozart's celebrated requiem res performed by the choir. Tbe coffln, wblcb iras of mahogany, and very highly Inlsbfd, w..? placed In tbe centre a tale of tbe church, and beautifully decorated with the white 111 y On tbe top ?f the ecli la a plate In the shape of a rroM, on which la Inscribed tbe name and age of the debased. Tbe arrangement of the ceremonies was inder tbe dlrretloa of Major Besufat. of tbe laipec tor General's Department. The order <-f pro*seloa waa aa follows : ?Tbe escort, a battalion >f the a 1st regiment, Pennsylvania voluntrera, inder command of Major Toe. Theeorpse. w!ta Majors Miller, Crawfod, Tea Braeck aad B- ckatih, nnd Captain* Haggles and Sei'ta as paUfcearers. Tbe friends 01 tbe devea?Hi. Gr_.r.i: Wmtawnrth and staff. OAires of the Army. Aaaisr ajrn Attsmpt rv Rkarn a Pa. mat fhis morning, a pateetsNsa from tbe Sink W ard unvoted a person named C. C. H Daalels upea a barge of robbery A solder named Rlcta.d taw iwTiflH a mi iH?mptta u> r?rw .hr prltooer Pertaattrir patrolman Leach, of the Fourth Ward, ?ru bear, and aa?laird the S ith W'urd (fierr and wcim Oaate a, aad tit? roaitablea Hurdle and Bush*? arrested and swart-d the notdlrr. Both Wi re taken to the Fearth W ard nation, where they are locked my fur trial who% :*c witowMs li Ml MM 1% wcared.

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