Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1862 Page 1
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w ^????? .. . ; - ^rw-- ? Jp * I -! t' ^ . V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, P. C., FRIDAY. APRIL 25. 1862. N2. 2,8fi3 THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED KYE&Y ACTiRNOOH, (8 VXD AY EXCEPTED,) AT THE SHR BUILDINGS, Cmi? / PtnMffhtinta art. and EUventk rtrut, BT A*. U. A'ALJ -ACH. Pa^prii f-rTrd in packages by rwrlsrs at t4 a yetr, cr 3" rents per month. To mill subscribers tbe price It 53,50 a year, t? adtanct; S3 for tlx menths; 91 for thrc? months; and tot torn than three months at tbe rate of 1* cents a week. Sin(i> ccples, osF cist; In wrappers, two c*?ts. At>ra7ifBMz?rTs should be sent to the ctise before 12 o'clock otherwise they may not appear until the next day. THE SIEGE OF YORKTOW!*. nu??l ? I lk> ?< ? W _ IC>k _ 1? v. jtv. ? -?*? ? mo iu?u?* Uimri Particulars of tbe Artisa [Correspondence New York Tribune ] Oh the P**nmna, V*., April 10.?It not n?frequently happen* that tbe value of a movement or action cannot be estimated, or 1U results fully comprehended before the lapse of several day*. Harh is tbe rase concerning the affair, an our front, of the Idtii lTp to th*t day, oar extreme front was npwsrc' of a mile df?Unt from that of the enemy, the i tervenlnc: territory b?occupied it times l-y *he skirmisher* of 1 oth side*, but practctlly In po*r-s*ion of tht enemy. In forcemore or I'M numerour thrown out In front of their ln'.renr bed work? On the moraine of the I6tfc, on.* i rre of.1nfar.tMr, supporting that of artlHerv, wa* thrown fcrIdly forward, clearing th!? disputed territory of the enemy, who were driven back to th?:r entrenched position acrou the ?tream,on the further bank of which It la Itoa'ed Thla bold and vigorous movement was followed In the morntns by planting oar artillery directly in the T*r? of those works, at a distance of 1,-iOo yard*. wnlcb, after a fierce cannonading on both side* for two boars, were practically silenced At the rmi> t:rn-> a fnnll body of Infantry was thrown forward to fe?l aid recoanolter the intervening space. This was don-" wUh a boldn?ss, skill and ?ucr.e?s w. rthy of older soldiers, better there could not well be than the sterling Vfermooters to whom th ? hazardous duty was confided i.ster !r. tLediv,tb-s Important ?dv m?sg?s were Improved by advancing oar artillery still farther, ana within ii<0 card* of tbe enemy's works, to a point completely e? mmaading them, at the same t me cover'ng onr infantry. These rapid and vliroroa* movem~nt?i pushed the enemy to the wall and rendered their works almost un'enable. XVe had nearly exchanged positions, our own having beea securely and lirmly taken. We have since mainUftned it and we can hold It at \v111 I Meanwhile our Ipfmiry pn?bed the reconno'.s ance to within pl? ol-shot of tbeenemy'a work?. theprine'pa! fttnrc in the rrenyth of which was ti fronting them, flooded by datii?, and Clo sed by bruab and felled trees. To obula a complete knowledge of these otw tructt- ".a, and if possible, a netr^r view cf th-i enemy's works, ai d especially a knowledge cf the extent of the rifle pi's that stretched along the banks of tbe stream above end below the Intrenched p-*itl<?n of tbe enemy, wta at once Important and hazardous; important?.nay, absolutely necessary to the prosecution of future operations, end hazardous be.-.;<>se in the very fice of thousands of the Rebel itfmtry lying in wait at short ran^e !n their plu cad lntrenchments Ta make this ren nnois.?ance, to tak-? this near view, tomaketfcis examination, wis all that was contemplated by tie orders cov?r!ng the operations, unies^in un g ibmii i! BGoaia nj ptur xn.\i by the fi ^Li or weikies^of tbs ece-ny it wsi practicable to occupy tfcelr works. Such an in. saneiic.ias th:t of - ss-.u:i."?_; the strcuy position of ttA?? enemy with th saoili force advanced, a mere rooor.noitering party, waa at no time con%t tr. plated. Theoij-ct?la v1<-w w*re accomplished with f m!n-n? ?jcc??-, and the result Is, we now not only < oictnr.nii the Rebel w.>rk* both by our artillery and iiifaat.y. but ail th'.t 1* uece>Mry to perfect kno*lfd^e ef th? enemy's works, and the various appliances reUri on for the protection of their defenaive operation* hn* been as -ertalned. The count.-* Lid ? = a too many lnatmcesof important operation undertaken wltho-U previous ascertainment of tee petition of the enemy, end the character of their defecaes. A repetition ef the blander hers was not to be a par' of the hlatory of tbla campaign. The principle If a good one that rniny times the coat of t th vou^b reconnola?ance of a atror? position will be saved la succeeding operating This present case 1? net an exception. knowr our ground. We kfliw that of th? enenj v's. We practically command tbclr poaitlcn. We have chosen our 01 n. We can no*.* act nnderatandln^lv The revert" was the fact prev oua to the operatlocaof the 16:h. a*u f??nfo ftf tha nrwra(ia?a a?? i*?v? ? w VII" 1/U iun ivm 4 3 worthy of mer* par:ica!ar mention than has been made of it- I refer to the masterly manner in which tie daah cf Colonel Stoughton and hia men ur** covertd bytuearti!lery,m,der thedirectloa of Captain Ayr-a. Col nel H:oa<jh:oa, with r 4e or two hundr.d ir.en, had be?n seat Into the Wv>-(l;f:i ojr r'^ht, with the v ?vc rf rrotjing ove: to rur iat mediately in frant r>f tbe tnemv'< Wvfhr\a^ down t> tbe wru., for the p-irprv > t 11 ?tr)4 an e^tuiiu.tioii oi <ue ('hoi and trip frr.i.' f l::t en-m;'! i'feavi At a ?iven moment thry ?mera^d /roan tfc<? woods on she rl; t'. wlti >. r.h?ter. ai.d rmte^ ; .m 'ie Ulll In the f?ce of the pits, a single volity Kom which wonld n j ly have cat down every man The ?*aie instant, Captain Ayr? direct-d the artillery t#? open ra the enemy's pl*? and works. The order w.i o*>py??d with terrible energy, twenty guns lauccblpa nncesslng ihowr of shells, every one exploding, with unerring precision. I rue ions; liae of Recel wurki Llazed with a h-'-t of tldir.e 'I housai da cf ri/let aiwve the ramparts, but Ins-end of bolfcg discharged with deliberation at our inen In frotit, they were generally elevated ?o as t? firr into the air. The i pi act ee of tte artlhery was perfect. The^ > *?.? 4l t n r xir m 1 n rl o rf KaV. TKa va?? iri* .. n Oi iUC u. * ? ^ ?.?v . a Mr *wai t? <u uu~ ceasln? a cloud of smoke and dust roa? from the crest f>f the K-Wi works, wtere with not so muck m Iwhct's ct.-??.ittou.gtlj^?hell? exploded. No troojs cou!d fdcc and ta? endeavor of the enemy to plant a v(k volley Into Col. S.oujjLiou'a m-a luust h^ve cost tbem many llvts To our men It ww a tcni&c ordeal, as well as thelrsafsty Toe *helis of our artillery were almtd tiireslly over tLem, and the attack of the flerv shower cou'd not have exceeded tea feet, and probably was lew than that distance Wawa lV?if \hVPF K-?*I upM !?i*rtf * mAra li'J* V ?MV ?? .WW * ? ? I ^ ?* V V dr'lcate or inportaat rui-aioa to ^erforai?a dout>> and dlfenr duty; cf so hr'.n^ as to avoid on* sflu h'.t tne otber? bo b being in the sime rar>g# Oa.* men pi*s>d and repassed with but light loss. fc*7icfc bat two or three killed and some ta'.f d l-n trended, Col. Stoughtou fcrin^Ing off one on bis bark A? the res ilt of the jK'.'T of the 13th, we h?ve emphatically the eoei&v's works In a -'tight place " Tsey can neither man what guna they have, no* mount more. There is a *L?i/yaUo.jt. r for every bead Our a tilery men ure continually on tli# watefa, ni-fat and day; and now and tbea afaell is planV-d at will, - a a r* minder that ti. v iEOTemen,> oflViwlTr or defensive wiU befoi!o*rd by a deadly atowt r. Wtat and probably wculd, have coat di>? ?..<i to aecqroplUb by a If?a energetic and bcld meuu/f, fats be-n accomplish? 1 in a few hours. ai4, what la mere important still, at tfae coat it fcuer live?, bv far. We bag the enemy, arid it ia Impraaibie lot taeia Ui Qf^i mr uiuwi i?n wuitu in*:) weir ^rc^a;iL^j giving to man advaata^e of :he greatest value two o'clwc* to-day, a flaji w?a rained ob the rvbel t irtiilcatiuna, and ?horUy if'er 1 Wc M Levy. bearing a mtt*sj*efrom Brig. Gen. Paal J J?emine?, n. ;de hUarpear*fte? at the dam. where be wu met by TTurrle of Gen. 9mtth'a staff. The irurur^e was addressed "To the Commander of the Brigade tu fron'," and it* purport wa? that there were several of onr deaj lyle^ unburled oa ts*at s.deof the stream, to bury whom a ce?sit!on cf hostilitiesfjr two hours was aakd Ti.e rep! v of Gen Smith wu that he would prefer to receive the dead at the darn, that they might b? burled by tfciir comrades. The mes?ea?er r<?turned with tbla answer, and tub* ecuentlv reappeared with the assent of Geu. 8?mm*s to the proposition. D-flni; the later.'!?w *on>e conversation took Elace concerning ine a< t'ort at tu# itib. Col.*vy paid a hl^hcoinpi nient to tlx Jl Vermontera; who he sal J, wete upon tHem before they were aware of it, and actually reached the Urn rile pit and engaged the ocjupauU oy ciublog tLelr t^uns. The 6:h Ragim'i't, he s?!J, wjs bandied with great ?klii and judgment by Col i.ord, and Webaved with exceeding bravery. At H st Col Levy said that tac num^r of ou dead was 21, hut It turned oat to be 29 TLe increasH arose from the far: tbat so tl^nt (so to speak) bave we since beui the rne?syTs position in our grasp, tbey have act boru ab u> biivj about, even enough to ascertain the rsal number or rn^a even tte wounded they know to Ur within a short Ustaace. a fi?r f he As? of trnr-? na?*e 1. the number una 1 awelieJ to aiul 4 wcu ided, who h??? kern to tbr ennny'a honpiUlA, and wUo, U :a bUevod, will recover. Their name* are gireu Nearly or qalU aii U.e above k.lVd were Inr'jded ia the prev:<>H} account* of casual tie* our offtcer* proposed ttf #eel*re ibe ?iw.i truth with reference to our Iom, Levy declined to eichanzo lioree. At ftfet hsuid iu?y suflfcred >1 J nKawiiiritIr ihatthp'r loea wu "vfcry ereat " our artillery S*jni? be paid the wt/mfit (ribnta of j>ral*^, reu. iriiuZ laat a eooi4 uot be excelled. U?<U, :ua*td, it wt| perfr~t la ev<*ry reape<t l'.dej-nd-Tit of tb!? taatliuoof, we have flood reason for ifce brllef ttut the enemy'a l->aa was between Mb or i.UUO, or four limea as great aa our owa. Nm Vobktow?, April 17 ?Tfce ak-ga ad ??ntn lUtaiir. i&i nuuv w#rn My ?ow be eon?ld*red rrgulsrlr lrve? e*. Tt?? attack i? d*Uf rwfwrf it umi p?Ut tUif tfac iiM. Military roidj ue cat Un-ou^ti the woods, tad Uld with loga. Trees crash to their fall, and Ares mark the aoldlers' bivouac In ell directions tbmujrh the forest. Oo the river, the gunboat* are Bring upon the northern shore, to pat a stop to the erection of batteries by the enemy which might obstruct navigation. At Gloucester Point, opposite Yorktown.tbe rebels work incessantly to increase their defenses. Near the Little Wharf another earthwork la going op. and at Dolnts alone the shorn ar? others in pmgrew. Sot so formidable In character aa those at Yorktown. they are ret powerful, presenting an extensive front. From nil appearance*, however, thev are not efficiently mounted In the water battery, which presents seven embrasures, there la apparently not one pn mounted. On tbe littie earthwork above it, two runs are aeen en barbette. Beyond tbia again a long curtain connects with the worka on the bluff, an intrench* ment croons the bank for nearlv a mile?it may be more?inclosin? the huts and buildings or. cupled by the soldiers. In thecenter of th?se the rebel standard floats from a tall pole. Coderneath the woTka linea of rifle-pits extend along the face of this bank, with an occasional redoabt, for flanking Are. Below tbe defenses the shore, broken by Days and marshy creeks, extends as far aj ihjt month At the Yorktown wharf, roach activity la vialble, landing atoraa and ammunition. Their men they land apparently at aome oth?r point, oat of view. Near the wharf, they have & wellbollt water battery, mounting aome heavy guna, and lnclnaiog lo< barrack* for the gunners. In this Work tb? mivitliiM >r* mnrh Mnnu-f On 4h? left la a wno ba^ battery, with one entbra ure; no gun visible. however.* Above, along the edge of tbe bluff*, la a cha'n of hensllymounted works. inclosing tbe town and cajnps of the army, over which float Rebel flags of all sixes. There la tbe uaual accompaniment of rifle pita, long ditches, la which the men are co-vered from our flre. D ice in a while the Rebels thr^w a abeli up in tbe air, which, bunting apparently at It* gr??test altitude, leaves a cream white ball of inruoke, very unlike the broken black wheel with uucertain apukes, and no tire, by which the m?j or'.ty of newspaper artists represent the explosion cf a shell. * 1.. I - s J? -? mvuuu mcv/iriuui's ufaoquarvpri are c^iuapea tbe regulars,with their low shelter tents, an A the Duryea Zouaves, in the old-fanhioned wall tent*. A number of others, collected in the vicinity, mikf up a perfeetcatnp scene. In the center of which is the General's quarters surrounded by tte white (ents of thedlflerent officers of the staff and other General's headquarters. We ought to be proud of our army?it nevfi was in finer rendition?its behavior Is a credit to i s intelligence A.11 the foreign officer* combine in pratMiitr its bedutiful pffin!?nrv! pv^n th? hlantiMi Pnolith have to admit tbat tiii' boasted rank and file do not come up to our standard. The utmost auiet and order prevail, no noise is mad*; everything moves like a piece of massive machinery. Even the regimental music Is silent, and the calm moon rises each night upon vast bodies of men who have sunk to sio->p without noisy tattoo, to rise, as nearly all do here, at dawu. DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. Faca TBI Billioomtotbi GrA?nnor*w ?A young mm employed a hackrnan on Monday night, at an early hour, to dM*e hlms*lf, n friend, and two ladle* to a hail at Franklin Hall, and re main there until 12^ o'clock to take tbem home. While the young man and his friends were enjivlng the dance, the hackmm was outside, pacing up and down, and endeavoring to keen himself warm and comfortable. At a'fitfle after 1-4 o'clock young gent appeared, and requested th" hackman to wait a little longer, promising to pay the whole fare. Some time after he came out ag?ln,and said hi* friend had the money, and requested to be carried to Seventeenth street to find h'.m. Te hackman drove from place to place, and about 4 o'clock a nr. brought up In front of the Klrkwood House, and demanded bis pay. Young man refused to pav; professed to have do money, and grew profane and abusive, which course of conduct resulted In his being banded over to an officer and conveyed to the Central Guardhouse, where hl? continued profanity and abuse canted him to be locked up. The prisoner was brought before Justice Clark the next morning, when with a show of dignity. ne r.nerra i<> pav me uui, proviaea ?ne nisciaii!>. would swear to it. Racktnan did so. when voting man banded over a 95 and demanded bis change; but the hackra?n Innocently replied. " TM? !* ju?t right, air?SI 50 aa per contract, aad PI per hour for the balance of the night employed " Young man felt that he win badly aold, and aidn't feel any le*? ?o when the Juitlce requea'cd him to KflnH nvor OA ft\r tK* nrinUAno Ko l>?/4 " ? ? ? ? ? pi'lltgv (UjVJIU of using profane language. Moral?Don't try to '-splurge" by not footing honest and Just debts. Potic* ?The Third Ward patrolmen reported ths following rases yesterdayBefore Justice ntl JT% T - M J I a J i uuinpaoD?ts. i_.:onara, aruna; aitea U ZV HIlen Kuiwll, disorderly and profane; do ?2 W Kdw'd Vandergrifl*. profanity; do. 83 12. Sam'l Leckman, fast driving; do {-0 12. Before Justice Clayton?John H Tbomas, col , carrying a concealed weapon; fined 820 94. fhm'l D:.r*ev, col., assault and battery; jail Ham'I Posey, col., do.; dismissed. Taorrai Jone?. col , drunk; fined 8191 F. Rickmyer, Indecent expo ure; do 81. The Fourth Ward patrolmen?Abr&in Meal, col , was charged by Fanny Butler, a colored bride, with baring Insulted her the night before, and with using profane language. Justice Walter fined him 8% 56 for profanity. This case b?ine settled, the new husband if Fannv wm charged wlt'u bigamy by Virginia Butler, who claimed to be Henry Butler's legal wife, having throe children by bloc, which family ahe brought before the magistrate. J*he exhibited no documents or other evidence of their marriage, except the certificate of a former Mayor thft upon their arrival Henry Butler, hi* wife and three cMldren had complied with the municipal law The Jus'ice decided that the simple declaration of Virginia was not sufficient evidence, and dismissed the caw. George Alcohon, aesaolt; d'smldu<( V? n/inn A nrfua I 'K?.n ?< D...k D.ll i > i wj j/^vm u. n ?? v*uo?c mm r lauA > c ^ col , assault and battery with Intent to kill AquMa Barton, col ; held to bail for a hearing in S ?'j0 each by Justice Clayton. Anoihkr Chaham ? Miss Mary Moore, who we noticed yesterday aa having unsuccessfully prosecuUd her neighbor, Ann Hull, a colored woman, for using threats and cursing, beln^ determined to proiecuto tbem, had her bustand, Edward Uall, arretted yesterday on (be charge wf firing a gun In the strait. Edward was brought before Justice Clayton, and Mary testified tkat .L. ri.11 M J -i ? ? S * * ue anew nan orru a (on or pmioi, lor toe unra the report; but Edward proved tbtt be only ttrt^d a Are cracker, and the door? having b?en clon? d It perhapM mad* a notae loud enough for Mary to mistake for a report of a gun. The Juatlce dt*mtased Hall, and Mary bTd ad'eu to the tqulre, itatlng that there la no justice In the Northern ? I hart la?a iH ha??a/f?r aha urlll l"4? rl~v M ' ??!** get UCi I i^UVl at ion* down town office. I^O QUARTERMASTERS ajlD DEALERS. 3?00 Buh?la OATS* 3000 BuaLola OQR1V. ISO Tom ef Prima TIMOTHY HAY. Juat art *?0 and tor ue at TAV LOR'H Wharf, near tLe Caiai A?a'4uo\ Wt^ttorD, D C. Afplr to A' ** Hunt, 3?s I'i'Uenth street, or a: the W Larf. from 9 a. m , to 4 p. iu. an It Iw* HK tfUB^CRlBER HAVING LATKLV I returned front tbs Philada hiaan'' Nf* Vork trv1? mIn, oan now offer Bonnd Hook* at treat inducement* to a 1 wbo nny <ieairo to aarohaaa. WILLIAM P. R1CHBTE1N, Natior al Book Btora, No 979 Pann?rlTania avecua, ay 19 It* Wmhimttm. 1) C. C'ARD PHOTOGRAPHS AND ALBUMP ? s We a.a raowvioc daily ar>d keep oonatantly on katd Card fhtarea, of all tne pro? mart man of the Nortn and >outh. Alao.tae largaat asaortinent t>f Fancy rtrd Piotwraa, oopiaa of ah?ioa lAcrarinca, Fretan PrinU, an* C?mj3 C* ? Pio WI'.LMM F RICB3TE1N'!>, National book Store, No. 37* Pa. ava.. YVaatuacton. D. C. ay >9-lw* Or* INCH HEAVY 'X) COTTON DOCK, 87 inoh Haavr fVrtton 1 ? .!?? I# Hrown Cotton bheet in*, i'A? 4 Mf 18 4 Hleaahed Cotton Sheet, nc, 4 4 Uie8.ohe<i Bhirtinji, 4 4 Brown Shlrtlnc ?. ... J1400* of Domwtio Dry 6ooo?, all at u* loweat ?rioe? foe oa.h WM. R. MILKY* BBO? _ . No. 36 CaotraJ 8tcrea, Between 7th and ath atreeti. *>" ?W Center Market. | N 01A-R UBBL B 9 ODD BP Mtrotoatc who mU ?i of tho varioia y e. of I?tfb^fT?bter?oo<ifl. *'?)?? veil to oali on Mr il A. HALL.M koia c oaioc out hi* extenur* etaoh at I am tWi MnltNtinri' ?noe? rs?h?r ihanreutOTe thea to New Y?ik. TBo India Enbbtf W h.r?)koa?a ta Bl SDH Pa. ttnna. b?ark edioih ata. . MtVlot I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE MOUNTAIN DEPARTMENT. The following dispatch has been received at the War Department: Whkklinq, Vi., April 24.?Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War:?A telegram from flpn. Schenck that a muad of flvp Infantry, sent from Romnev by LUut. Col. Denney. to look after tb* guerillas, waa attacked vmterday morning on Gap Lick between Lost river nod Caraplon by the rebela, forty strong. Oar forces lost three killed, but drove the rebels, who took r* fuge In the house of one Palland. Colonel Denney went with a reinforcement of cavalry, but the rebels fled at his approach, carrying off several dead and waunded. among the latter Col. Parsons, their leader, and Palland, th^*owner of the hous?. Col. Denney reports that toe Interior of the house was covered wrth blood. Ue burnt the house, and pursued the flying enemy, taking five prisoners. Gen. Scbenck sent a reinforcement of 160 cavalry and one piece of Debeck's artillery to come on the enemy In the rear. They m ust have reached the place about 4 o'clock Vf sterday afternoon Our messengers passing to and fro between Gap Lick and Romney were Bred on four, six and *even miles from Komney by the guerillas. j. C. Fremont, m*jor General, ??* FROM YORKTOVVV Headquarters Army or the Potomac, near Yorktown, April 24?The weather is again i p-fnsani, ana ice rnaai are DeginninK 10 improve. The preparation for carrying; out the plana of the Ci mtmnder-ln-Cblef are being rapidly pushed forward to completion. Two deserters from the flth Alabama regiment cam* within our lines yesterday. They were originally from Pennsylvania. They represent the rebel forces at 100,000, and aay they are busily constructing works In the rear of tneir present lines They had no knowledge of the arrival of Jeif. Davis, as report** d. On Tuesday tie rebels came out from their rifle pit* In front of Lee'a Mills, killing one of our pickets The officer commanding our reaerve tb*n ordered his men to charge on the rebels, which was willingly responded to, resulting is several of the enemy being killed, and one token prisoner. Two men were killed cn our side, and two mortally wounded. Frem California, Ac. Francisco, April ?The U. 8 steamer Narrayansett has ssiled on a cruise. The Indiana ar?ag*in showinsr symptoms of hostility on theeastern alope ~>f the Sierra Nevada. a nartv of u'hltei wpri> kll'prf vu ?v>*m nn i:)th.on Oweiii' river, In F.smeralda district of Halt Lake It Is reported that thev have destroyed several mall stations, stolen much property, and killed several employees of the Overland Mall Company The malls are temporarily stopped, and the telegraph Is liable to be destroyed at any moment Salt Lai* City,-April W.?The Indians have s'olen the stock (mm nearlv every station b^tweeu Lirnmle and Bridger, and killed several men, burret one station, and threaten the entire destruction of the Overland Mail Company'* property The company has, in conscqueuce, coneentrated til their employee* and property at a Jew stations for protection, and have abandoned all attempts to carry the mail for the present. The Kebel Deftness ?n the Lower Mississinm - N'*w vork, April St.?The Havana Diaro states that persons from New Orleans report the ret*l defenses to hav.- been much exaggerated?and tbat Forts Jackson and At Philip bad been abandoned and the cannon taken away?alio that there Is nothing to prevent the Federal fleet railing directly to New Orlrani. The Diaro, however, doe* not vouch for the correctness of theae reporta. tifn. Mitchell Advances to Tnscambla, Ala. Cbicago, April 24?A special dispatch to the Chicago Time*, from Pittsburg landing, says that Gen. Mitchell's division has arrived at Tokourtibta, Ala . and that he has now possession of 200 miles of the Memphis and Charleston railroad. Xavi|t^i?a> Collikgwood, C. VV , April 23 ?The steamers Planet and Luii, of the Colling wood line, from Chicago, arrived laat night, they being the first of ttjf season. Mcnthsal April 23 ?'Twotteamboats, the flnt of tne aeasoa, arrived la port to>day. Frnm Salt Lake City. Salt Lakk Citt, April 19 ?The Legislature of Lieseri t assembled In thii citv on the 11th tn accordance with the proclamation of Governor Young The Governor's message was very patriotic. Two Senators had been elected. British Troops Returning to England. Halifax, April 23.?The steamer Adriatic has ailed for St. Johna, N. 11., to embark British troopa for England. AFFAIRS 121 DIXIE. CWIO!* FBT.LI50 IW WORTH CAROLINA. I virrrr-jwiiunir1' ?i lur reieriourg r.xpreta J Suffolk, April 18.?The account given in vour paper of to-day by your South Mil It correspondent of the romse pursued by the vandals In the vlcinity of Kl'zabeth City it enough to excite the filing* of every man and woman in the whole country It is painful to learn that all along the coast of North Carolina there are persons who welcome the lnvadprs and encourage them in their wicked raldi. Until we can put an end to such encouragement. we shall Lave trouble at every point where the enemy can possibly gain a footing. thb sb:lob battle. [From the Richmond Dispatch, April 1W.J An official "dispatch received yesterday from *U . ?U? - * ' vviiiuu oi a ics iua? iuo itrpui IS OI U16 KTCTll COH1mauders abuwi that In tLe engagement at Shlloh our troops captured and brought In fourteen piece* of the enemy's artillery and twenty.five ?tand of colors. The number of prisoners taken cxcwdi three thousand. TKERI3LK ?IR1S? OF TBt XO.IITOB. Speaking of tne d.;ma?e to the Merrlmar In ber fl^ht with the Monitor, the Richmond Dispatch says: In some places?from the b?at and weight of the shot?the olates were wtlded in other places the plate* were broken, but hut broken through, and the damage was repaired by taking oft the 1-jured plate* and putting on others Her prow, which wis made of rast-Tron, was broken when she ran Into the Cumberland, but ahe supplied herself with a better oue. EXPORT 0F COTTON. [From the Richmond Dispatch, April 19 J A correspondent of the Kiaminer, writing from Charl^ton, under date of April say* that 3,000 bales of cotton were shipped from that port during the preceding week. Thi* cotton goes to the West Indies, where the Yankees buylt, and thus supply their own mills in spite of all we can do. \V ill Congress adjourn without passing some law to put an end to this crying evil. TBI SCBRZXDlft or ISLAND NCMBSK TIN. [From the Richmond Dispatch ] The rln'iinnit inopfl />nnnaofcA *ui?K ? _ TTIIU iuc luricn* der of this position, with all it* guns, ammunition 4.C., are humiliating In the extreme. The daily bulletin from laland No. 10 for many day* represented tbat the enemy, after ?n lnceaaant bombardment of magy houra, Lad ln^lcU^ ao InJury. We were constantly assured that the pltce waa Impregnable, and that the enemy never could paaa It Brigadier General Mackall assumed command of the post on the 5th in a faming order, In wfcicb he prcnoijnced bitoaelf "GenenU made by Ueau regard?a General selected by Qenerala Beauregard and Qragg ?' Two day* *ft?r ho UU?i< *? ? -* - * * * * >u? luuiu >u ?uiiEU|?ini, tuaWHO It, according to the Federal Commodore foote, aarmty cannon, varying from 31 to 10U poandtrt, rifled It may be that Foot* desired to magnify his own achievement by representing the place stronger tbaa It really was; out, then, did notour own accounts, and the vain boasting of the Memphis telegrapba, make the defenses just as strong and impregnable an tbe Commodore does? They certainly did; and were It not that we have been

so surprised by tfce surrpndej of foUs and forflflcaflons that were boasted of as impregnable, we should Indeed be amazed at the surrender of the famed Island No. 10, which has furnished so IM*ny paragraphs for telegrttphiag. fiat e*pu the furrepdff ne*4 not have carried naceasariiy along with H tbe ammunition and the boats. Could tbey not have been destroyed? Why add all this, and the provisions to the new proem 04 cannon w> toe f ederalist*' Qur glfti of cannon have been tulle munificent?even to impoverishing ourselves?and w? seed not add so liberally of other things la Mr offsrloga to tboae who are better applied than we are. We do not know that we wou'd Inquire Into time matters- we are utterly disgusted with these lkUndi, and trust that they are ended With Island No. 10. They and the lost forte were nil fruitful enough of dimppolntment and mortification; bat island No- 10 seems to have capped the climax, nad by right excellence ooght to wind op thii miserable hietory. ' OFFICEAX. TVEPAJtTMENT OFSTATB, XJ Washiiwton, January 'i5, IBM. The Beeretary of State will hereafter reoeive Members of Congreaa on bualneaa on Satardaya, commenoln* with ftatnrdav. Int nf month. Jan J7-tf WILLIAM H. BFWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JiHiuT SI, It**. Oicnn, That the War Department will be eland Tuesdsys, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Fridays against all other bualnees but that which relates to actlre military operations la the laid Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. ? Mondays to the business-1 of the Puhlle. edwin m. Stanton, J* SS-tf Secretary of War. PASSENGER TRAIN TO MANASSAS. w? Dktartksnt, ) OJJlct Mihtarf Superintend**: Railroads U.S.> Washington, April 18, 1S0S ) Mo Paoaenper Train will be ran from Washington to Manassas until further notice. D. C McCALLVM, ap 18-tf M. D. and Sup't Railroads, U. 9. AUCTION SALES. Br J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneer*. TEUSTEK'8 PALE OF CITV LOTS.-On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. M?t 27* 186a, A* tlz a'aIaaL- a. .... |._ _1 * Z v vV| V W1UUB I <'U klio piOIlUBOli UJ T 11 IU" Ul WWW d-*o? or trust to Ui?suo?o-iher,oue dated J?nu*ry S2J, 1369. and recrd'd in Liber J. A. 8 , No fulio? 246, et se? ; th* other dtted J '1:T 18th, I860, and reoord-d iu Liber J. A. tt , No. 2u2, io ios i41, et seq., of the Land reeoros for Washirgton county, D. C.. we shall sell one undmdod naifpart of Lota numbered 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. in Square numbered 299, fronting on J*"U-h K street, between 12th and IStn s*reeu west (Island.) Terms: On?-haif cash; the balance in six month*, with interest, tecured by a deedottrnst on the premisesAli oonvet acoinc at the oo?t of the purchase r. THO. J vi?HKR, Trcst-e. ap 12-eoA ds J.C Mo^UI RK ft CO.. Anon. Hy WALL ft BARNARD, Auctioneers. ' TRUSTER'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMi. pkovkt) Rsal Estate at Auotiok ?By virtue oi a decree of the Cirouit Court <>l the District of Columbia for the ooncty of Washington, fittics as a Court of Ufcanoery, dated 321 if January, 1862,1. E. C. Morgan, will sell, on MONDAY, the 5tti of Ma*. 1862. at 4 o'clock p. to . at the A notion Rooms of Wall ft Barnard, south oorner of Penn sy.vania avenue and Nintii strict. ! ? the oity of Washington, ttie dwofiM Real F state, naineir : Lot*. 8, 9 an4 in, in Square No. 68?. 'these lots front oa holUi F street, and are bstvaen First I'jMt west tunl Heoond s'reet west acd 011 art of the*e lots are foor good frame hoiues, whioh will be sold separately. 1 will then sail, at the same p>.oe, all of Square northcfiMuare No. 842 This square la bouflsU bj l>eliware n?ena?, Virginia avenue, Half-street west, and south F street. 1 will thee bo !, at the name place, 8*uara No. KH. This sauare is bounded l.? north Dttroat. I Kiftith street ?iL north C street, ar<l tevfiU'i I i(,e?t ru:,?3d is ai4 out in aixteen lots, wlucli I will bo sold separator. T 1 wil; then so I, at the same place, L.ot No. 9. 'a Square 6<S, at the oorner of Delaware awnue anJ south G street. All o' tae ioregoinr ltea! Estate is situated in the oitr of Washington, D. O., and wili be sold under aforesaid deorne The t?rms of these sales will be: One- third o?sh; baitnoe in six. twelve, aod eithteen months. I> ferred pajmeets to bear interest,and beseou.-ed by tt>e purohaser or purchasers* rotea, eidorstd to tae satis.action of the Trasteo. ?. C. MORGAN. Trustee. apll-Staw&ds WALL& BAKN AR D, Auets. UTTER HOUSE. NEW GOiHEN BUTTER now r?*:vitg daily. Butter of all (race* e^n?tant!y in Stoie, aud for sale at tue lowMt Market r*u>i. br D. E. DUIROW, No. 450 Kifhth str***, ap 18-lfr* r.ear Fa. areJUST ARRIVED, direot from an Eastarn ano tion Loum one hundred pieoat rHKl'KKHhD MATTING. AI?o,au assortment ofOl! CLOTHS and OA RPE'fr*. togoth?r wi h a tarje quantity of CKt?CKEKV rf a fdebcriptioas. _ 1 ha?<* on ha-*d NEW KLATHER?, MATTH K<44I.'VI inH UPlMTV A !? -itl. ? .? . w-fc' ??> L# > < - < &j > iv , n Iiu a mT)i7 ii>| U1 New and ripcond hitd Good* ; 12 good K?friger& turn, but little t'sn. A'l of which ha/e La c bought lor own aod -will he Mid at a rmall ivanoe. R. BUOHL.Y,4'i?7th strrc t, (eaet aida.) ap l.S lm* Rr.twr*n t? Mid H >'?. IVfcW ARRIVAL OF il BEAUTIFUL STYLES SPRING C*L OTHINe, At Abtonishix? Low Paics*. Whole Suita elegaatir 5?t up at Slo and J't, At BAR A BRU.. ap 2-1 m* Corset K asd 7th ?ire?ta. C* OYSTERS-OYSTERS /HESiPEAKE Steamed 0??ter *a!oon. The eubaonbfr Living oompletel ~x Stoamed Oyater Saloon, it now readr^FjA # j to lurn ah to oitsienc, atraagera. ar.dVi'Sf the pal lie grcerallr, with Oyatere wfiy oooked liy the new graoe? of a* earningThe bent Oratera the Market can afford will alwaia bo ou hand, at the Cheaepeake Steam OyaUr Pa. 'on. No. 403 0 aLeet, near 7th, and east of the Patent Office. mh 3'-lni W.M. P. WFHB. Proprietor. A TAKE NOTICE! LL Boyi, from the age of 3 year* uy, can tow be fitted out with t&ate and economy at BAR fc BRO.'S Fashionable Clothier Establishment, mh at-lm* Oorner E and Seventh sts. SOLDIERS' PAY. HARNDEN'SKXPRES8 WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES. WHiTHn Momst oa Allotment Dkxfts. To their Families at anr plaoe on toe Unes 01 taeir Express at a oharge of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS For any rom not exceeding Fiity Dollar*.($50 ) And a proportionate additional oharge for plioee reached by connecting Expreasee. The remittance, whether m Gold* Treasury Notes, or Allotment Dratu, shomlU be er.oiosed a au envelope, and seomeiy sea.*!, ar.a h/i??? tb? full address, inoiading the town, t'ost Offioe ai.d state, ot mo perecu to whom to be ?eiit, end the amount legibly marked thereon. hnvHoyee for Una purpose will be furnithei at thie ctfie*. Money received to be forwarded at the office in Wa*hin?toj?, Third tUoet, eeewd dear Uww renbarlvatua avenue. ap I-iia K. 8 PMITH. Agent. 1 COAL! COAL!! ; J COA L!!! jui. onuci aim amoaatag HWIIoa.'geea of Coal. e.*.braoing aU the vanoua kmc* f r general family u?e. T J A W, M GAL I', M 1? 89a Pa. avenue, bet, llth acd 12th eta. T CAN'T BB ?LAT! 1 IIK Subscriber* determined to accommodate all persona, eitaer in pie&aure or busi ruflnrna Hf?i .bate roue to a lares e*pan?e in theVsaKJftyr 5 urchaae cfCarratee, Buggies and f4a^.--Bc=^it? i le Hor*??, all for the o?e of th? public. k amifiei vising it, can at all timet procure a cic? oarritg* witn gentle boraea and a good and oarefci driver. Order* e"ut to U*e at*L;?a witb atr??t and nnraber Will Brnrakllf tft J , W-" vu?ibva?s Ill'.uonie " u? d?Viii sav I Sixth street, out blcok south of 1 ap 14 lm* Pfii^n. avenge. IW4SUIM?T0?, April lO.lde?. HEREBY Re?peotlu!ly re?a'#t ail persona J who fc%T? open aoaountu, a m bt ii?. ud ncire d*s, pa?t due, *?., and due me to come at ocoe, if they o*n, with the oub, and aette. aa 1 deure to pay off J ail note* mod outaumluj aooounta agaitut me without delifT JE&L B. WILSON, Oifioe W uhi'ncton Buiiatnt. Room No. 4. ap ll-3w aomer Tth and Pa >t . north eida \ Y?r jjT Ifltiii DAM ' 6KD BV THK PlHk-. now t. tk. tim. ft^jarsad/su 5 <** ? ?U?*r? and ?* ? *? I* bo?iM ** ??? c~. ?? ? ' ~i mtib rnoM rrom 85 to 7? Mat*. C?U ?uij, J *? Ui*r ibiut b? ?io??d ?ut,it ^ i R. COHEN'S. I 994 Pft. KTHa*. v? ttaim, owr fi?lt A ftro ora. ^DAMS* tXPRliS*i COMPANY. JHUTiUM U# KMMVVAL* DgNTiSTBY. tepci jsrioc^j M hli ofioe .n Uui city AJKS Mur pereoos oin v?i theee teeth wa0s*1* ' ~ ?jLtLot vetr others, *nd bo yeraon ou veer other* who o&nnot *e*r theee. Paittoct ovi.^nx at my oftoe can b? *?oomnioa*t*4 with m.7 ik&d prioe of Teeth they ma* deeiry .' i tv ilium wnnani muutuw ahu wwa uiv^uiim, wsg^^Siarmifi@F2 more fa. y vs.rrt.ntad. Rooiaa in this oily?No. SSS, betv&w Mh aa4 10U sU. Also, 907 Arch street. Pfci.adc; akia. mar \yj>? |^KW AND U&PftOVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL. CHKOTLASTl BOXB V B E V a, Witiviv Mnu Punti CULtra. DR. 9. C 819ESMOND, 910 B't+dvxy, ,Vm Tvk? JfcO Pimmtyl?Kim 4? n?m, UtA sa-i lis* Hi., WmjA*mrt<m, Calls the itiiantioQ of the pablio to the loilovlai advantages of <us itusroved 1. The Teeth of his macunotnre vlt: AflRSe b?t^t oorode nor eiiange ooior by aay^?-"*7 Afiiill. hftinr lbrA*- fnnnh? ii*St?r than w WIITBti&Vof ert -eiy Nov Patterns and Dertni anaFinish. superior in style to anything beretoiars aferna in thia market. We invite oitisena general ij to aa11 and examine nvr stock ol 6m and V. iia F:c tr?t,tce:iLg ooLfi'V.nt Uat va a?a Ua baai aaieotod stock in WMhing ton. Ali Work in the a do ve ,.ae litnatat ta oar aara via ta Kaaptly attended ta. myvrb * me?can. uri-U S74i)stra?4. SECR etdiska si^vkcr ET~D!SliA?fea! 8amaritan'& e??- t! SAMARITAN'S The Most Certain Remedy Ever U<"1" Yea,** a positive car* lor HKCKKT J?I8KAHKI?. GONORRTHE V, CJLEET STRICTURES, AC. Contains '.o .-licertl, lo B?!s*m. cn Mnrcoty. Only tfu p; 1? to be taken to eff*ot a oare. | 'Ilier arfeCtilirelT v?get*b e. kwicg no cuiei r.or any vr.pUaiant tast*. and will not n any way inI iirfk th<l lti?m*Ah I.r hnvala nf , # - . VUw?.r- VI VI W rtiW'fc U?ilV?Wl Cures la from two to four dM>* aud reoett caiea in"te?aty fcarho?r?" frep^fiVl tij a sraruate of tb9 University of Pecn?v!vaa<a, CLa of the mott eminent Doctors &t i t'neir.w-M "( the p. e?ent day. . SAMARITAN'"* GIFT Will cure an? case iii from two to foar d*j?, tnd roee&t oates in TWENTY FOUR HOITRS! No tipo.'ietf ft i trcublt, no rkantt toiateeer. Let tfcoro who n&\ 6 <Je?p%iic?) ui k?sUii.c curtd, or wh > have been toreM With ti&lum Cop*..a or Mercury, at cnce tr? tr.e SAMARITAN'S til FT. Kent l y irau in & plain envelope. I Price male paikaeee, 93 Pnee feraaic vackagee. 83 SAMAKITiM'MKoiri >vn utuii ? ? ? ? - - - ' ' m m ' LV (i r atl JUL LC, A HPKKDV AND PEKMANKNT ClJRr. FOR bYPHIL,!* OR VKNKKKAL DJSEA3K&. Here if & GO.ltlV* n-m.rv ^ but the Juices of Root* ud Herbs oootbioei. This f.?rm of tho diie&ae nukes its ajrea-aice in ?ores or. tneoi r*r:* of jen> rVion orth'y n;?T occur <~:i other pvrt* cf ihe bady. which happ-n" nu etlf on tr.e er .itu, &ntJ very oft*n & u'.oera of tte moDtti, tatters. rputs.oariet and ncdea of the bot-e.Ao 4o An* and alt of Ui?se sytrptoina will ecoa yie;d to the 8\MAR,TAN'S uOOT ANDMRRB JUICR8. by express. Price $1 a^bcttie. or fe boltiea 1 1*SAMAB1TAN?^ CHANCRE WASH. I'rice ss cent* Full dTeotios*1> ESMOND it CO , Box 141 Philadelphia Poet C ffic*. Sold by S. CALVERT FORD.eorner llth and Pent, avecne. J 11. EATON, a# South Eicfcth attest. Philadelphia. ap 22 Ira r|* NOTICE. # 1 HR STEAMER 'llOUA?COLLYER V/ili reiuwe aer trips to Mount Vernon <r"" ^ on Weduesday, Maroti Dtu au?l vi.l - - n-m. run every Wedne-day ai:d Satur.ti^^5**^^^* until further nr, :?avine her ?ha?f at the foot of 7tli street at in o'clock a in. Fare for tie round t ip on beam the boa' * l so. SAMUEL OEDNEY,Captain. N. B. On the payment cf25 o?nta visitora vi'l he admitted to tn? rooTC whioii General Washington oooupi~*Uand in which ho Uie<l. 14.e man?tonai.d grounds a:* oioned to vtaitoraon ^undaya. lll^The distorted state of the finances of the e^nnt'y ha?inj reduoed the resouroea of the Asso ciation retider tbia o..irje neceaaary, for tHe r>> ?t, for tl?? maittenanoe and sreiarvation cf >lt V #*rnon ? ? ap n-?f Read with decision and act with PRECAUTION! DR. M.VELL.HVS PRIVATE HOSPITAL, in U?? Tc^eiai Block, opposite the??en?.-*l Peat and Patent office. Roum '2i up stairs, corner of 7th and 1 kU , \\ ashiLf toe, u. 0. Established for the Puppres>ion of Uui*?Wetj. TUe Only Retuiar Physician Advertising. Dr. M. Vfllny's long experience ir hospital jraetioe w*rrarte him in wyint *hai h* o*n ctreall diseases i.f * priv&te War?, or he witi lorlau Ue am of five hundred dollars. ft'io cm Mim. .Mo oiiarie for coneultat'or.. A per foe', and rad^oai Q*ro **rUctad It one to iviu c?<? or nih 17->;j* IyvtUY PKKSON'S INTKiiKSr?'that is* J stock of Clothinj for ?a!* over fcrft.U' Jbwsuj Store in now offered at i?? uia wuo.atai* prio-j, at SMi IB'S. No. 460 Seventh atraet. oppa.Lo PoatOffo* le r i fTHK PKHPI.KN ?M " " ? L No teeli. cr roots naed be extiacte?, u tkt arnfioi*'. one* ou be inserted over them. I. Th? refM will be man* lBofieasire, u asm wit, 4. No temporary ttst'c are nee-lad, at permanent dm am oe made immediate, j, thereoy preserving the i.atunu exsreaoon of the face. viuob uto the ?lc system is freeaentiT ditfc cared. (. This wort um t*?ea fa ly tasied over Irt ye?r? b) iufcij of Uie Orst caem.sts and physicians o? Uui eoantrr. Dr. P. hHklM invented a white andestraotivs metal filling, with whioa U.s moai acnaiuve teetfa oan be filled without fain, and oaa bu:ld ay a per feot, sound toot a on aay aide roots, wh'.ah will >asi through lifetime. The beat of reference-rirea?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doretn:t?, Prt.fbssor or Chemirtry, N. Y.; Hon. Judce Wayne, of the Saireme Coart of Washington, and thousands of others. Call and examine for yoaraelf. nol?m OAS FITTJNU An. A WM Y. DOVE * CO. J&.R.E How pr?Mrw< ic eiMit* any rdwi wlO wa;?h ?h?r mar b? hwrid in ?s? fkWHiSlmt, ?A8 OR P1K1X tiTTiWt B 9BINKJS. CT* SS?r? *n Kh a fsv doom lortfc # p? vnnre m*T be fo?c? a oe ; p ?t? M*crta-.?*r f CH A NDELl fcRi* ?><i *U?r AS, 8TEA V. iz: H A TrX KilTUSKft. U?7-\* W? A8 FilVf RE8. E Mi*." IB itors, and are dai ? reoeiT^nr. - m wuvim:i9 C A O. i 1 4 00 ^Tonth ?l- Aiway?ah?a<l! N*w arrival el" Siriiif iv.i tbe i?wnt ttT.M of CioL\:?t, i hi No. 4?o iWenth cm- F. fa t7 ijb >R SALE?A fine atoolc of Olotbint, Furnish ' luc Good*, Truiik*. Uati itd Cip?, at who;# , ale pncee. at ;*o. 460 seventh tireet, urt^.a Poat OJloe. fa Ifam CKENT'S Furnishicr *Jooda, Tninfra, C1othi&c? * Trar.ka, Haf? *30 Cap?, all at Northern ynaea, kt Uie Poopla'i Clothmr ttnre. No. 460 Ttii atr? i. < t<Il!RTS, SHIRTS. SHIRTS !?Jujii to^X6n ' C5 liOdoien btnrti. vrhioh we eU'tr at old pricoa. tlBMITH'S. No.*M iUvmhIim. i - y>-?w a SPECIAL NOTICE. N AND AFTER TUE3DA Y, APRIL 1, . , the tr^ina on fho Baltimore and Ohio Raiiroaa oomrae?ca ruuninc u?i y, handait exoapteJ, , le&vicc Una atation at In A. M , and ooufettai , ai Waaki??tAM I ?*L _ WHO iraii VrJLiU for all I part* of ibe West. Ti4 r*ritor?U5Tj or Whea'lnj, Ttioaxa tickets bold atd baftage chalked ? t? Ml f H? Matter of TruuportatiiMi Daiumore aiJ Obto ( RailroaO. ay I dif L?LACK BILKS! , E> BLACK SILKS! COLORED BILKS! ? COLORSO SILKS! < A fall assortment cf th* wsal trades at our >r?ft{Ju IBSwls! I Aprino 811 AWL# I New sutetles at most moderate ?noee. i SPRING RASPKIING'\VRAPPIN88! New supplies dsi y j Oes price Mil* maww oash va!v?, marked ia 1 >lain ft tares. PKRRY4HKO. ay s-ir Petn. avenueaca 9Ui stroe\ W TRAVELLING TRUNKsT" . F Off<?r -'or r?.e the larseat assoitaa&t |of i rRAV TRUNKS to be foe lid umiiiu . ills oaf, ocmprisins i>t*t hole Leader HSmK .adies' Utub and Paokiot Trunks, Va* *' joet,C\rprt Bats, 4.0., vhioh we are now se.hnt A rerr low SXKPHkN8 4 co., |||| Hlliw - - * F%iVii?? ?iJ?{,ESlftS?Sa,?,i,S^f j v? th? tn?it in tin Dtatr o??br?<! in N?tr TyP 1 a&d 7 r*sra nld. Can b? Mitu* |-v J &3s? Mr s \ THE WEB.KLY STAR. i ? TkliatdlwiPMillTWtKMnMni talKlsf |i?? nrlUf mt ^ tku <? to f?mi la tar ? H ?Mtahil <m Friday morula*. T?xi?Cm*, Single oopy, per annum 00 Five copies 4 H Ten eople*.,.. V du Twecty-trp copies , 30 ? It lnvarUblytoatalns th**1 Washington Nr?n" tfcit bu made T%? Dn.> Et^nta? St** elreulat* o generally throughout the oeimtry. H7* dingle copies (In wrmpprn? can be pro cured at the counter, Immediately after the la* of the paper. Trice?TIIRLE CENTS. ? V 399 rCRNSTLVANIA ATtlDI. EM1LE DTPIIC. J?*t Reeelve4 wl Opened, A inrff ul Inklui ?Uck of cfcolee FAMILY Q ROC X R 1 R3, MM'Ktlag Alt ttf AKS, Of all gride* fKAB, f^rrKB, NIVU, LARD, FLOUR, MA1LLAR D*S CHOCOLATE, A.C.. Jk.P - *n Ail of wbUkk he offrrt u lowmi mtk phea. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WH19KIK8 906 btrrelt Magnoila, Ei.0 barrt-U XXX, M6 barrel* Miilrr* Rv? Monongtl.e.i, 600 b&iTrU fine Old R ft, 500 birrelafne Old Beurbot, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. A11 OohM'lu. ^ MM wicauo VI C H A M P A G X h , Mumm Venteay, Grren Seal. Rdlslck, wfclcb, being beugbt Ir-w, vtc offer M nar.?e&Uf low r*t?. Also, Sole Affor riKLi ARMY COB DIAL. leb 14-tT PRIVATE. X- Jkri I V A. T B P n IV A T B DR. LA BONTA h?rin* grooved bl?*>*i??u< Room No fi.alj- .ti i thetnndv Chronic!" < B'." j inc. 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