Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1862 Page 1
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9 V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, I). C.. SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 1862. N2. 2,864 * irtE EVENING STAR ? ? FUBLIfiftKl> EVEBT AJ?TKKNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BC1LDI]T09,'< Co~**t 9j Etr-.n-y.vaw2 ??. awl El.vmtk ttrut, BY I>. WALI.AOH. Paper* erred la package* by carrier* at 14 a year, or 37 cent* per month. To null lubeerlber* th" price la 83.50 a year, tm advenes; S3 for alx mcntb*: f l for three month*; and fo? le*a than three montha at the rite of IS cer.ta a week. 81agle coplea, ox* rnt; In wrappera, two csnra. D" AtvnTminsTi ?hotild he aent to the rice before 12 o'clock otherwise they may Bit appear until the next day. CIIA1GE IN THE HOUSEHOLD ' There'* oo use trying any longer to wit I*aac Pars^ne," muttered that individual'* hotter half, as she sat 111 the corner of the farm kitchen, rf pidly divesang a chicken of its feathers. "I have worked and slaved myself to death for him and his'n, and all the thanks I've had for the last fifteen jeers has been short woHs and general growlin' and faalt findin*. ^ictil now I -am jost determined to stand oat and have my own way. or let things take their own coarse, and he'll find after alf, Meli?sa TaJcott has got some spirit in her that can't be crashed oat with all his abn*in' and aggravation." ' To think he ahouU have the heart to refuse mo a net carpet after he had sueh good luck with his wheat crop, and just alaved myself through harvesting, a&d got along with one girl. ' The more tho man gets, the stingier he irrows. ani there isn't a woman anions mvao quaintatice that would atnuj saeb treatment, and I won't. I'll pat down from this moment," petting down most emphatically that solid member of her comely person on the hitchen fljor, "if Isaa^ Parsons won't some to term*. I'll quit him?that's all." Mrs. Meli^a Par?on3 hnd been a remarkably prettv girl in her youth, and thirty-seven ...? ?>a ?? har f?ir cnrl nr, moi, nvuiuu. 1' er hu'band was a somewhat phlegmatic mto, stubborn and opinionated. and as his early life and soeial a'.mospaere had not enlarged or softened his character, tho hardest and most disagreeable part of it expanded with his years He loved money, and as the asthetio part of his nature bad never been cultivated. he regarded it aa wastefulness and extravagance to indulge in much grace or beauty of surroundings. Still there was another side to this man. His affections were deep and tender, and a judicious woman could Lave reached and inliaenced him to o.lmo^t any degree through these Eat Mrs. Parsnn3 never understood her husband. She wss impulsive, hi^h-spirited, and really a warm hearted woman, with a good share of petty social ambition, and she and her husband were constantly jarring each other. Yet all these years the barns and storehouses, the lstrds and gold of Isaac Parsons had increased and God sent children?two boys and * girl?to soften the hearts of the fa' her and n sther, and to be to them angels of a ax covenant of household peace and tenderness Eat al&j, ala#. tha sweet fa^es and the L^aatital ministrations of childhood hai accomplished their mission, and with hearts and tempers fretted aid soared and wr-rw Mr. and Mrs. Parsons counted the years growing over them, and both felt that their intrriaa3 had Leen a mistake and a misery, and wirL blind eyes that would not see, and hard hearts that would cot understand, each blamed tue other, and mutual recrimination ..? 1 mm g> mn !? r? ^ rl V.iltA*no:fl VUIjr j .VUU.O-4 live U * Uvl il V-?iJ . At last a crisis sam?. Mrs. Parsons had set her heart that autumn upon a ucw parlor carpet, which was in no wise unreasonable, and in which her hnaband had indulged her, bat the manner of tha requust, wtich was in toality a oominacd, at ouce roused the stubbornness of the man. ap J he flatly refused hor. Then followed passionate words and angry rotcrts, till husband and wife separate* with mutual bitterness and rage. * ' : Boi now as Mrs Partem took up her denuded ohickes, and plunged it iDto a pan of hot water, her eyes glanced on a weekly paper whieh lay on the table, and they settled on this pawage which completed a sketch? Who, whan he waa reviled, revilad not again, but committed bia causa to Ilim who judgeth righteously." And these words stole, in a at ill, serere, rebuking voice, through the stormy soul of Mrs. Parsons. She had read them innumerable times before, and tfcey had for h*r no special message or meaning, but now God had sent 11 is aa^el to drop thorn iato hor heart, and in - ? / ii - c i 1 * f _ a moment Roiaainm^ 01 me rem sin 01 nor iue. rose up and confronted her. She sat down in a !ow chair by her kitchen table, and rented hrr forehead on her hand. The hard, fretful angry Icx.k went oat from heT face, and was ?ao<*eeded by a s ft, thoughtful expression, anl the sur.ihine hang in yearning golden, shifting bennty about her. And then tie won:an'3 memory went back to her first acquaintance *iih I-aae Parsons? he had oc> .-en her from ttnon^ r. score o( others who envied her that good l. rtuns, and how thooe early day; cf her ooa/uhip cam? over the softeued he trt of the woman, as th< first days of rpriog eome up from the South and go softly over the bare, despairing earth. Tu?3 'he saw herself once more a shy, tremulous, joyful bride at tho altar, loaning ?n thi strong arc! 3 a i tender heart, to whom sh< gave hericif glad iy and trustingly as a womat shooli. And she remember* 1 that morning, and I little later, when her proud end happy young husband brought h?r to tho housa which La^ * ' - * '? ?j v .? r_ r.iii *l? reen aie inner ?, hi: j u i* ior a .iiiio nutie uji thought of ber being the mistress of the greai oil farm-hovse, fairly frigh'.enei the wits oui of her She mean(*to r:ak? it a and happj home for Isiu- l'srsons. Fie roznecbarp 1, m though it had teeii but yesterday, the litth plans and contrivances she had m&de for hii surprise, and their mataal comfort. Bat the (jaarrei camc. How well she re membered it, and bow clearly - he s*wnowtb< foolish and sinful part she had borae in that If she bad controlled her Uuptr then?if sh< had only been gentle and patient, furbeariaj and forgiving, instead of being proad acd pas senate, freaul and stubb rn ! If she hid c olj borne her wuui ta * ka^leris, and done a wo man's daiies iiere thi wife and mother brok( diwd; ?b? burrif i ber face in ber apron, toe cried ilka ckliJ. Mrs. Paraoai was ac anergasia, determined wom-in. and irhen she enoe had mad* np he: mind up"Q any ccarta of action, taa would nei shrink from it. V. hit vent on the softened woman'* heart tbat vr.ornizf, as the with liej apron at her eye*, an 1 the soba in her r?okin( to and fro in ber low chair, and tbe afreet rest le?a fUDibme all aboat her?what weut on ii tha softened womaa'i heai t?only God and hi. aageli know. "Are you tired, Ifiic? ' The fimer was wipfcg hit face and bend; on the brown crash towel which bung near th< wiadow. 11a was a tall, stalwart, maaoulai man. ana-browned and weatner beatao, yothi had keen, kindly eye*, and the hard feature) bad an honest, intelligent expression Mre Partem waa catting a loaf of rya bread at tb< kitchen table. Jicr hiuba&J tamed and look ed at her a moment u thosgh he half doubtet whether he had heard aright. 1|1? wife'* fae< was bent over the bread so ho could not *ee It but the worda came a aeeond time 'Arayt/U tired, Iaaao?" It waa a loag time ainoe Mr Pnnins b?c beard that m*Cl. a? iot roioe. ft ?lo?e ever hi hear* like a wind fr^m the fan J of his youth. 'Well, j?, 1 Jj feel a ki?i A tuckered ?mi* ltd hard woi* .? set iii all that corn witb orIj one hand be?de R jgar." i I reek -Dei te; ul I tbcagbt I d broil th< chicken for tea, tad bake the awett potatoaa as ynu'd r?1i?h them beet ?d." i!r Pv33ca did not sty a wijrd; heaat dowi and took tba weakly papar oat 0/ bit eoakat bat hit u u/bu wera to buy to let him reai cue word. He kaaw rery well hia wl/a'c aver ion to broiled eiuakona, til aa tba kiiehei bar ondieMtod territory. ba was obliged to tcbmit end ntra the chiakan ttaired, pvt* I toee Mrvod as la <taa3e. notwithstanding ab< *u perfectly'airare that ha yireArtSfl the for. war broiled, and the latter bnfeed.; and ihu uniuaal deference to kit taste fairly itn?k th< farmer daoab with utonUboueBt, ask* sat still And watched hi* wife u sae harried Iron th< pantry to the table, in har preparations foi L tea; and than there ease acroas him the mam 917 '04X; spoken daring their quarrel that morning, and tot words smote the man's heart. And whilst Mra. Parson* was in the midst of Uking np the daintily droiled chicken, two boys and a girl burst into the kitchen. "Hash, hash, children," wound in among the obatreperrus mirth, like a silver obinae, the soft voice of the mother. "Father's bo?j readies the paper, and you'll disturb him." The children were silenced at once, not ui fear of the reproof, bat in wonder at it, for the wife seldom consulted his wishes in the small., every day matters which make the happinens or irritation of oar livee, as he did her's. In a few minutes the hungry family gathered round the table. There waa little spokem at the modi, bat ft softer, kindlinr tmnanharw seemed to pervade the room. The ehildrocn felt, though they did not apeak of it. "Are yon going oat thia evening, Isaac "Well, yes, I thought I'd atep round to tbo town meetin'. Want anything at tho Btore ?" i continued Mr. Paraona, as he tried to buttou kia collar before the amall, old faahioned looking-glass, whose mahogany frame waa mounted with beugha of evergreen, aronnd which scarlet berries hang their charm* of rabies. But the man's large fingers were clumsy, and after several ineffectual attempts to accomplish his purpoae, Mr. Parsons dropped bis hands with aa angry grunt, that "the thing would not work. C'Tftf ma fef ai> '' \f*a DanflAtia uov uiv vi j j A BVUV4 . iu i s . * nisvitg CIU^|^CU quickly to her ^husband's tide, and in a moment her hand had managed the refractory button. Then she smoothed down a lock or two of his black hair, which had strayed over the sunburnt forehead, and the touch of those soft fingers felt very pleasant about the farmer's brow, and woke up in his heart old sweet memories of the time when he used to feel them fluttering like dreams through his hair. lie looked on his wife with a softness in his face, and a softness in his keen ev? wWirh h? little suspected.' And the softness arid the smiles stirred a fountain warm and tender in Mrs. Parson's heart, which not for years yielded one drop of its sweet waters. She reached up her lips impulsively, and kissed his cheek. Any one who had witnessed ihit little soene would soaroely hare suspected that the married life of Isaac Parsons and his wife counted three quarters of a score of years. The woman's comely faae was as full of shy blushes as a girl of sixteen, end Isaao Parson.-* soizad hu hat and plunged out ef the bouse without speaking one word, but with a mixture of feniiizement. and aomethinar deAnnr < n !.i : face not easily describe!. Tjut at la^t bo cleared hit throat, and muttered to himself, "Melissa shan't repent that net?I say sho shan't!"' and when Isaac Parsons said a thing, everybody knew he meant it. * * * * # The sunset of anothar autuma day was rolling its verduro of purple and gold about the mountains, when the wagon of Isaac Parson* roiled into the farm yard. lie had been absent all day to the city, and the aupper had been awaiting him nearly an hour, and the children bad grown hungry and imnatient. 41 0, father, what hare you got there?"' they ell clamored, u ho came into the hou<?9 tu*gkig an immense bundle tied with cords. ' It is something for your mother, children,'' was the rather unsatisfactory answer. At this moment Mrs. Parsons entered the j kitchen, ller husband snapped the cords, scd j a breadth of ingrain carpetting rolled upon ti)o floor, through whose dark green groundwork trailed a russet rine and golden leaves? Cfc uiUJ b uciciui ouu ? I OU G i U1 jjabiuiu. Issue Paraons turned to his amused wife? " There, Melius; there's the parlor carpet you asked tne for yesterday morning. I reckon there ain't many that will beat it in West Farm3.'' A (^uick change went orer Mra. Parson's j face, half of joy, half of something deeper. ' "Ob, Isaac . She pnt her armi around the strong man's neck, and bur*t into tear?. The trio of children stood etill, and locked on in stolid amazement. I think tiu sisrht of their feeea waa the firrt thing which called Isaac Parsons to himself. 44 C ;me, come, mother," he said, bat his Toice wu not quite steady, "don't give way now like this. I'm as hungry a? a panther now, and want my sunpir before 1 do anything but put up my horse;" and he strode a ff r\ f K a f irr netiant r* ?i a rl m r\*r1 t?t I v > ? lr uu IV VUfl?V ILU I Vjuiuiupu IU IUO uat& r yard. So ihe new carpet proved an olive-branch ' of peace to the household of Isaac Parsons While others admired its pattern or praised its quality, it spoke to Mrs. Parrons' coart a ' story of all that whieh love and patience may a?oomplish. After many strangles and much ' prayer, the triumph over pride and passion, and evil habits, was at last achieved; a/id this was not accomplished in a day, or a month, or 1 a year, bat the "small Leaven that anleaveneth the whole himp," working silently and sorely, completed at last its Dare and Derfcct work, and in the farm-house of Isaac Parson* reigned the spirit of forbearance and self: relii c^aishment, of gentleness and lore, which was given unto those "who fear God and keep Hli holy commandments." r j Prem Alexandria. } AtEXiftVltA, April 21,ISM ?Editor Stir: Blr: i Can jou Inform the citizens of Alexandria as to whether the civil law Las recently been suspended' As in ail elliee, we hare caees of brracb?s of tfce peace,such u aasnu.t and battery, drunken| nrss, ft.c , for which ample provision is made In oar mate and mnntctpal laws; but partita are very ofen arretted (civilians) by tb? military, and instead of helng tamed over to tbe civil authority, ye locked tip in the military guardhouse or aeut t j jail, without the oaual formality of a trial; the coatfo of which la, they undergo an amount of privation and suffering not Intended by the law.makers, or In accordance with humanity? r.ot b lag served with rations, and their Xri*-n8s ijehig Ignorant of their aliuatiop. Now, If such partes were turned over to our worthy Mayor, ha would immediately summons the witn*?s -s, try tbe case, and dispose of the accused in accordance with tbe law and the evidence. Thus juatte*would be met, tbe rights of humanity vindicated, tbe policy of the Administration main> t*!ned, and all satisfied Until recently tbe military and civil author)/] ties moved in entire harmanv Hnw ih? ?ini. 3 ilbrlnm has been disturbed for a abort time past I will not enquire. Of one thing i feel saiiitl d, the Government. according to my apprehension, will be best served under the present state of 1 things, by maintaining the civil authority In all 5 Its relations, as It has heretofore done since It re* r ceenlxed the goveraraint of Vlrzinta as restored ? by Um Wheelln* Convention "You know ma I well enough, I iSlLfc, to believe mo when I ?ay that 1 heartily approve every net of the president I t? pat down this hell-born (as I conceive) rebel, lion, and 'tis that 1 feel jea ous of his honor that | I am not willing hi* agents (without LlaknowW 1 edge or oossont) should transgress the authority ' of law and their plain instruction* i Oae other quMtton (? la there any necessity for tfc? cttliens or Alexandria being subject to ttttzi alter the clock striken 10 (p. m ), bocanae thof I tit 10 not the countersign? 1 believe you h^va ' ne?er been snbjee; to It In W?sblrg?on. We -' low, since the occupation of tha city by the lit Michigan, ioi wucox, (a brave and gallant ofiUor, whom U was my good fortune to know f well,> and the New York Hre Zonre*, (oom. nnnded by the noble fcllswortb, the first martyr I of Virginia's wrong doing,) up to the present time; wUcb was obviously right at one time, I, but now that our troops are appronohlng tttaun. t*a, by the valley pike, keeping the rebels be1 ypnd the Rappahaaoock on the liM of the J- angs Land AhsuBdria Railroad, and to front of, If not occupying Fredericksburg, might not the ratrlo . <k>n De removed, to the great comfort of Union , men here, wilfcff* My danger Horn tke rebels la [ ocr midst l Vmiok. 1 ATTA.CKIRO TBI (itfamn ?The Bejesh prisoners I ( r.imn Mnrlnn I I. A . II ^r?t (Vk ttlUPA AM* Tuesday night, on aocouat of tbf'good news" I received from Pittsburg Landtag. and mnde an r Attack um U? guard, tulag beat bone* for club*, i .Mb? emard tied, wounding roue, and the artlllerv . -WM load ad with grape ready for uae if required , TOe question Is, where did tt* Baeash get tbejr 1 ^ ?v*/ * v o 4 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE TENNESSEE RIVER. A Battle Thenjht ta be In Progress? High Water, and the RlYrr Still Rising?The Federal Ganbsats Pais the Mascle ftheals ?Great Orirfltw ( the Mlululrpl. Chicago, April 25 ?A ?p?clal dispatch to the Times from Cairo says: Passengers by the steamer Belle Memphis sav'that at Savannah there has I'vn beard heavy firing in the direction c>f Pittshuror I.andlno: that the r.annonadln? was brisk and gradually grew louder, being heard for milts tbta side of Savannah It 1* their belief that a general engagement had been brought on, and the belief is strengthened bv the fact that on \Vedncada7 significant preparations were made by Gen Helle**k for an attack. Otir gnnboata on the Tenneaaee had effected a pas?3ire o?er the Muscle Shoals, and penetrated as f;>.r as Huntsvllle, Alabam*, where they cap xiirr n a quacury 01 r?*nei commissary siores. Cairo, April 35.?The steamers Belle Memphis end Choctaw. from Pittsburg Landing ouThursday morning, arrived here last night. They were fired Into 35 miles below Pittsburg by a bsnd of guerillas from behind adwelllng on the left bank j of *he Tennessee river The Choctaw received seven shots, and her mate was killed. The Belle 1 Memphis received twe've shots, mortally wounding one negro boy aboard. The roadr. in Tenneseee are Improving,and skirmishing between the pickets continues The Tf nnessee river at Savannah is still rising. The lower Mississippi is fearfully overflowed, causing the greatest loss of property ever known. [sbcond dispatch. | Chicago, April 25.?A special dispatch to the Tribune from Cairo says that the rumor that a fl.^ht had commeikred at Pittsburg Is disbelieved at headquarters. Dispatches frcm Oen. Halleck. riat?d yofiterdav, mak<* no mention of anything cf the fort. FROM FORT WRIGHT. The Tleet is the Misaias'ppl?Great Diatreta Amon2 the People. Gunboat Flotilla, cff Fort Wright, Aprli 23, (via St. Loots )?All Is quiet here, If we except tw*> mortar boata r^rminlng in position, which occasionally throw a shell over at the fort. The r?b*l3 ha*e not replied to day, and none of their gciihnats can be teen The weather la fair, but tbe flood on the Mlssisatppl baa overrun all tbe plantations and housea aion_j the river Grrat distre-a prevails among the Inhabitants aloup the banks of tbe river, aome cf whom offer to give all they possess to have their families removed from their houses which the water threatened to carry down the river. * i.?. iiMi.i.i. n. * ?ir ivrvuuiaiu mjrpurtiurni* Niw Youk, April 25 ?The Times' Wheeling despatch says that General Milroy overtook, on Monday, the rear guard 0f the rebel cavalry. ?lx miii s weit of toe railroad near Kufl'alo Gap. The rebels !??< , and were pursued by our cavalry. Genera) Milroy learned that the main body of the ratals slopped oa Sunday night six miles beyond llufl'iio Gap, but ?>einij cut off from Staunton by Oer.eral Bduks, fled southwest through Bath and Alleganv counties for the headwaters of the James river. Klaht rebels. iocltidin?z the truerllla liar J, wore captured In IVndleton county. COKGR FSSIOtoAL. IIIYIllh CO*?K? KS?s?ui?a. rs*AT* ?After our report closed yesterday? Th* Senate spent some ttlM InexecuUvesewion, and adjourned. ?After our report c'oted? The House resumed the consideration of the report of th? committee on Government contracts. Mr Dawps dt;f?-nded the committee from thg IIt! k1: rnadi* ili thnif nhn-t.^e k? \1 ? < *?*??*** , t p? Mr. McKnlght aaid be bad protected against Mr. Cameron being called to tbe Cabinet Mr. Moorebead bad rncommended Mr Cameron for a pl-jf-e !n th* Cablnet.and (bought the appointmr-nt a good one for Penniylvanla. [Laugh'er J Mr. b-iWM snld tbat tb-? ex-3e< r?*tary bad mdeavortd to reach tbe committee. When a fraud w.i? discovered, they had taken the evidence of rjch fraud and laid It before the Department, which would co-operate with them, and yet Mr. I uau (."UipiI.UlU ?U?l mr COlunilllfe DEO | sp-nt the money of the people. In one contract S investigation of the committee had saved the i tiovernmeiit ?1 ^00,000. Old political feuds bad been heeled by a home contract and celebrated by a supper; $400,010 ia badly expended to heal old politli al sores. There was Indubitable evidence tb'it some ?n? bad plundered the Treasury. Mr. Kelly, of I'a., replied to Mr Dawes, stating that he was no friend of Mr. Cameron, having never voted for or assisted hint to any position He defended his character as an individual. He stated that when the war commenced a citizen had been requested to co-operate with tbo?s In authority for ihe benefit of tte army, hence Mr. A. Cummtngs, of New York, furnished hats and pantaloons to the army. Mr Steele said the hats and pantaloons were in a1 / ? * ? * idc yuarnrnimifr depot; the pantaloons .nut served, and tbe bets too small for any soldier to wpnr. A lot of coffee was. also on hand, not to Ue distributed. The House adjourned to Monday. paOPOSAL.3 FOR JHOK3LB. DCPO. QUAHTKBiltSTKU's OfFIfl, ) cormr Utk a*d O $is., Walking/on, > Apru 23 1862. \ Pbcposal* "will b? r?o?!ro<l at this Ofliffl ...J . ^ - .iL ? -i> - ? ui:ut oaiuruay."uo lum u&y oi jMSJ, ftl (2 o'clooic M-, tJr torni?h;:< thn tjov-rnment wi'h (1.00") TWO THOUSAND HORsKS, of the foitowm* Cfsci iptioi>s, viz: CAVALRY. Ft * Tawlht -(1.0??) oii8 thouaand horses, from (U) t fteen to( >6) sixteen hands hifb, between fivo an t e ght rc*r.? of are; of dark colors; veil broken to the taddle; oompactly built, and free from all ii?.'eo:a. ARTILLERY. Fo* ART1L*.**T-(LCOO) ono thousand horaea, fimm il.'X) Elte?n ard one half tot ! ) sixteen bands hicht bet?rern live ard e*jbt yeara of ace; of dark oo:t>rc; ires fo.r.alt defects; compactly bailt; wetl broken to harteaa, and to weigh not less (ban 1,100 poundBi PROPOSALS. Propo?a!a nmt specify dourly whether the bid. ia for Cavairv or ArtiUsry horses, and im no east oil it both ba bid for on tho s&aie ta?er. it e."i b'd ler mthes to propone for both classes iie must forward two disnnet sroponais?one for *ach c!a?? (ompUtt im ana having to reiot 01 es to auy oth6r proposal by the *arue ptrty. 1 f a bid is in the oaine of a firm ti e names of all thej>*!tneri must appear or it will not b? eonsid Proposals moat be addressed to Col. 0. H. Kuoker. Quartermaster U.&. Army, Wa>hiii(toa. D.C , ltd nonet be p am!/ n.arkoj "Proposals for Horse*." ,,, . GUARANTEE. Tha ability of the bidtfer to fill tbe contract, shou'd tt to swarded to him mu*t be guarantied by two r*p nsib'.eperson*, wboie signatures mast be appended to th? guarantee. ^ '1'lie reBDon?lhillty of the rnirintnri mm! I.a sbowo by the officii oertihoate of th? C!?rk of the nea'cot *>istr.o: Court or of tbe United State* District Atom** Bitidera nouit be pr*eeet in person when the bid* are opened or their proposals will not be considered. Bond*, in the fum of t:n '.hun?ajd dollara, aigned by theoontiaotei and both of hia guarantor*, will bereaured of theaaooessfal bidder epon feigning t.:e a >nt. s.o?. A? tbe bond moat accompany t Je oontraot, it will h? iice*-arj fo bidden to hare their b Jcdsmnn vrttii them, or to have bonda aigsod n anticipation ard ready to be produord when the oontraet ia Uriel. Blanks for bonda oaz be p-oonred upon application being rosde at tnia nfiee, either per soeaJj, br letter, er by telegraph. Fom oS Uviraai^. Wo,?--.of the count* oi , and State of ?, ats1 ??* %<tt Ue ojnuty of ?, and State cf ?, do hereby gnaraute? that ? is able to nxlftl a oon iroot in ftsoaraniio* ?iw (fl? l?rm o| bl? proposition. fcuU tiiit, snoD'd bia proposition b? Moeptad, hit wiii at uao?eo*?r iaU- % ojncraot in *ooordanoe tajr?\rit!?. fhuuia tbasontrMt b* awarded him we ?re prepared to tMo.ii* hi* ?eo?ritiea. (To thie iiirtntM m??t be app?n<ie<i the ojleial ctrufatte above mentioned.)

INSPECTION. DELIVERY. fcc. , 11 horaee oontr*cted tor ander tkia auvertieomenl wut be anbjeoted to rifid inapaetion, tod iho?* cot oouormicg to the ap?o.hc<r.lou will be r?ftoU4. ' . . ?? marts !? m r*o<M vM. rhihorMiBiittll b? d?liv?r?l lathisoitr on or bol?*e tiat*id*y, tk, 31 .w day ?/ May, and?? extension o/Umi Will be sr*at<Ki oa itt mt*St Parm-nt to twmvla n?on th? oom?Utioa of t-aoh SSX&VJSi'Stk'W,M "" u"" 4?'A?'9rin*li*3J, ?U tn? bit", or Bon-oonfenaaaM 5E'b!r e}g.%5ajA'',,,-w- * " Quartan* aatar aiould dsen. a for the i&tarmt oi int> O-mrnn**t to asoeyt ?J?Tf?r autnb?r7 .Tli* Dep jt Q dfcrUrniUf itMTMp to himMif Ue Iiftt to rtjMtftBj or *11 bid? Uutt b? ui d*?qi 1 #?"mwi " ColmiUMmrtm. . OFFICIAL* TAEPAKTMLNT OF STATE, XJ Washinctoh, Jannary 85,1381. TW Secretary of State will hereafter receive Member* of Congrcas on burinem on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, the drat of meat month. JUKHI WILLIAM H. StWAKU, t1tae department, VV JlMUIT si i ims. Oitnn, That the War Department will be oloeed Tuesday*, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business hut that which relates to active military operations la the laid. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to tlia business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, jaM-tf Secretary of Wat. PASSENOKff TRAIN TO MANASSAS. Wil DirilTMIHT, ) OJJUt Military 8up*r\nt?ndent Railroad* U.S. > WasAsagto*, April 13, 1662. ) No Pasienger Train will be run from WtMhlnjton to Manassa* until further notice. D. C McCALLUM, ap 18-tl M. D. and Sup't Railroad*, U. 8 EDUCATIONAL. ENGLI8H AND CLASSICAL BOARDING SCHOOL j FOK YOUNG MEN AND BOYS, Mt Joy, Lancasttr co , Pa Tb? location la <?mt o; sooe?? br railroad, &t,d very healthr. For cirouia-a ap?N Ij O. W. am*!-. Louisiana %r., tatwoen 6th and 7th afreet!, or "adareas the ?*rino.p*l, ap 19 ?o6t* E. L. MOORK, PLAIN HELD ACADEMY. nur ca*i tsj *, pa. Thf>S2.1 se**len (20 waelrs) commence* Mat Slh. Terraa #70 per a??aion. ''iroulara at Star OiBoe. To fill a few vaoanoiea addreaa R K. BURN?, apt ImN) Plainfirfid. Cum Co.. Pa. I HE SUBSCRIBER HAVING LATELY a returned from tba Philede ?hiaand New York trade aaira, can now ofl>r Bound Boofc*at great in Jnoemtcta to a!l who m*y desire to sorchue. WILLIAM P. RICHSTFiN, Nut ir A1 Rnntr hf/;r* No 879 FBr.nijiva.nia avenue, a?19lw* Washington. P. fi. CARD PHOTOGRAPHS AND ALBUMSYYna.e reoeiv.rg daily and kce> constantly on hand Card Clotures, of all tue pro" insit m^n of tha Nortlianti ? outh. Alio, t><a larfeat assortment cf Fancy r?rd Pictures, of choice fing raring*. ! retch Prints, an>i Cctuio Caii Pic WII.LI A M F. KICHSTKIN'S. .National Book Store, No. 27 S Pa. avo., Washington. D. C. ap 19-lw* gUTTKK HOUSE. NEW eOiHBN BUTTER now receiving daily. Matter of all constantly m Stoie, and for sae at the lowest Market rates, br 1J. E. DUTROW, No. 430 Eighth street, apl8-12t* car Pa. ave'ine. ' I |M)1A RUUiJKK GOODS! Merohan'i ?no sell bjij of the various style* of IcdiA-K ubber Gooc's. w..' well to call uuKr H A. leu doner tmt his aztesmve stock at lint) than manufacturers' pricc rathsr ttaii remove ihem v?*w Votk. 'i h* In-iia Kut>l.c' W %r?*lioB?e is at 30? Pa. av erue, betw^^n 9ih an;< ?Hn lit*. *p <T-*ot Q/? INCH UEAVV UO COTTON DUCK, 27-iiiOti Heavy Cotton iiuoc, 10 4 Hea?j Urovii Cotton Bhoetinr. 9 4. lo 4 aid 12-4 Hie&iLed Cotton SMStine, 4 4 Blettubed Hh'rtitKS, 4 4 Grown iMiirtuito. With a gensral stock of Domsttio bry Gaaos, &)1 mA t Ka liia.isf afi/iAa " ? *? W v I ?wr 1WI vvtl I W AL H. K1LKV A BRO., Ni>. oo Centra! . . Between 7th and 8th streets. ftp 15 10t op?o. Canter .Var**r. Jl'bT ARRIVKD, direct irom an K?*t?rn auo tioo house one hundred pieces KCKi-.K >- u MATT1 >(i assortment of OILCLOTHS* Mil CA "rlPETS. toreth?r tri.h a lar<e nanrstw i-f OKOt'KLKY ef a l description*. J h%te on hard piKW FLATHERS, A1ATTRh??5EH and BKDXTEAD4, with & larjf lot of New and bpeond hand Good*; U good KrMjer* tori, but little use. A l of wuioh lave ba-n boucht !? ' cu.i aud wiit ha uoid at a xmslt advance. R. BUCHLY,4il*7tl ?tr??<t, (east side.) up IVIm* Motwfwr W ?r.d H ?t?. WKW ARHIVAL OF BEAUTIFUL STYLES SARINS C L O T H I N (J, At Astokhhixg low Ph:sk?. Whole SuiU eiejiLtiy cot n? at 4U' &n<1 jjlt. At BAR * BKO., >p 3-1 m* Corner K aud 7t.ii tra*t?. A TAKE NOTICE! LL BOYi. from the are of S n?. nan now be fitted out with taste and oc n'mj at' BAR * BRO.'S Fashionable Clothing Estab lshmast, mb 84-1 ro* Corner E and Peventh sta. SOLDIERS' PAY. HARNDEN'SEXPRESS WILL FORWARD 80LDIEHS' REMITTANCES. Whbthxs Mojtrr oa Allqtkknt Drafts. To their Families at anr pl&oa on tbe hnea of tnelr Express at a oitsrje of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS For any sum not exoeadiug Fifty Dolara. (350 ) And a proportionate additional charge for plaoea raaohed by connecting Fxpreaaea. The remiUanco, whether in Gold, Treasury Note*, or Allotment Draft*, ahonld be enclosed n an envelope, and aecuielj cealod, ana have the fall addrent, inolnainj the town, f o?t Offloa and ou?ie, 01 in" frnun 10 w oe aetii, ana 111 amount legibly marked thereon. p.n*?lo?es for this purpose will be furniehed at thia cgio?. Money reoeived to be forwarded at the offioe in Washington, Third atreet, second door below Pennaylvania avenue. apl-lm F. 8 BM1TH. Agent. COAL! COALil C O A L!!! Jnst arrived and anloading severaloargoee of Ooal, embrao:ng all the Tarioui kinaa for general family ace. T i fc W. M UAL.T, ap ! Pa. a venae. bet ltth and l*tn ?u. r*1 P ? M fT D P DUiTI J a u u u r/A I HE Sub?ori*6n deteriuneti to tcooinmttdAte all person*, either m pieanure or liuai-? Mm. i? nr is. hate toi.e to a large es pente in th ?VxjX&S purahi.?<- urCarnarea, Buggie* &e1 Sad-J* ~ w ' dlo Horaes, all for th? uae of th? pubiio. Fanmiea wuting it, eaa at all timea procure a uiea carriage with cect.e horaea and a good anil oarefnl driver. Order a a?Lt to tiia atabloa with atreet and number Tfi'l be pi omptl? Attended t >. Chargeaa? m. derate m aw urin win aiiuw. ngrses laheu at livery, J C. COOK & CO., Sixth street, one blook south cf *P U lm* Ptcqt. avenue. WAsgiyQTON, April lo, 1862. HEREBY Reipeotlally *11 persona who bare open aoauonU, d ue bill*, and cctea due, past doe, fco., and due me to come at once, if the; oan. with the u&sh. and s- tue. aa 1 desire to par ofi ail aotes aj.d outstanding aooouets anunst me without delay. JESSK B. WILt*Q*, Office Washincton Building, Koon No. 4, U-<w eoraer 7th and Fa. ay . north aide. EVERY PERSON'S INTEREST-That fine stock or Cloikmc for sale orer Walts' Jewelry 3QiiVJ!JBLaW? ?rl0? Fcit'Ol " nH> *"v ww"1 T*9B PEOPLE'S CLOTHING tSTO&K, No. * S#*Bntti |L Alf ! N*w?rmril 2 S'srtis|?OR &ALE?A fin? *(ook of Qlotmnf* Parni?h r, >D( Goods, Tiink?, tUU ud Cayat ?t whole itt'ftKV","> ?" "? ""Vsr^" g KENT'S FurniahingOooda, Tranka, C!oti*ing, IK1 fRIRTS. SHIRTS. KRIRTfl!?Juat raoeirad 1*4 do* en tthtrta, which we offer at old arieae, No. 4<OW<itf(>Bth?l, yyET SHOES HAM. HHP BY TUB FIRE. Nov ia the tin* for Ladiea* Minn' and Children'* uuun and saoee to ba bought at half eoat fgr aaah. Pnoaa from 24 to 74 centa. Cad aarlr. m*wm COHBN'8, M ti-m 3" rSRtttttSSU. ROAMS' KXFKEM COJifAHY. " NOT ICS OS MMMQTAU tt \ DENTISTRY. i>l JbO?V"{?, ?afl pturus on-s MINERAL PLATK TKKTB, ti ws.ub p?r?p?iR..:T kt hi. wfto* j* thl* oil? Jwa Mint pern as ctn te*f thwe teeth wonViixi' ml:.sot vev othere, ud do ponon cab vwo4fc?r? who hbot wear these. re:*vc# ex..'at uruy oqwhi rw uoacimoauM 1 with m-.T rty'e tn/i jri*e .?f Teeth they m*y deeire. b?? to thoae *no are ud with the jnreet, slaaoeet, etrongeet, and most eerfe?t ceptcre U.?t %r\ ou trodnee. the MINERAL PLATK wUI be more fully wirr&cted. Room; in tiu o;ty?IVc. S38 P?.treats. tetveet vtb uwt 10th all. A,h, ??T Arofc street. Ph'..?.> >hi* !ri*r4-Iy |^EW ANi> IttPftOVhD 1MVKWTIOH AZTiyiClAL CH&OTLAST1 BOSM V B K f I, ft Men Ubtax Plan at Claim. DR. B. B 8I9E9MOMD. til HfMiwy, .Vn? rrk-ti60 A* MM. MtNN UfA wU 1214 tU , Ctlil the Attention of tli?iuhlm tn tha In nvlia advantages of bis lmprovmi system: I. 'She iMth of Ms mtnofkntirt wiJBJKB never oorwie nor cLwu* eo'.or by any***'"* vi.ii, twu thre^- fccrtha iijttsr than ar.r oth?r. , t. ffo teoth or r?v?ta need be "T'raoteo, as u* brtibfliAl otm?8 oan bo iBsarted over them. ?. The roots viH be maoe isof emive, u as vet o aehe. 4. No torn fur try uetc are needed, aa peroaiect dai OA-., b* nAde immetl ate t, *:,e;e?>y jreienr;: the Zitura5 ?r?re?.?;cn of the fve. which and* the old system la fre^centlr d-?f, jured. ft. Thia work ha# been fehy teeted over five yean ay mauy of tae first ohfrria ana ph'aioJaia of tau wutiy. Dr. s. tu k'.io mvezilea ? wbite ainleatruoti v* ?et?l fillinr, with whioh th-mr>?t ser;j!tive teeti uo be filled without pair, and can l?ni <? ay a le* :eat, so-J :5 tonti. on any s:de rovt?, whiob will las'Ihrcvrf TM " i al rMMMM CWW&?to I?t. V. Mott; l)r Doreicu?, frofwi?or orOnetni?trj, N. %Hoe Jud?* Wayne, of thsSafranteCourt of Watiucr ten, ?nd tliovaasda of otn?:?. Call and MM1M for yoarielf. bo S la OAS FITTING, Ac. k WSf ?. DOVK * CO. Arm M?? rre?*T*4 ?? ??e< ? *ay wlli ?si?h hAr m*y t? f?Tore- iatk.? ffcliXBLPtf, ?A? OK ST'.vA* KitTiKt j???;NK8S. f? Btart ?n CJs ?traot, % ?#? <33n aartx. ( fi ? ?-Lain sitm i?ua ra>Mt4a?aorancai f CkANDKLlER4* u<4 Uer /$.97KAM a?' tTAVKE FUTWIM. ?U CAB FIX VV KK5, E H*T9 ;l atc rs. and tredki.y reoairfrc, *1) fllTCRESotBCtVeijr Nfw a&d Dr?'rn? fcLOf-ician, ?np?nf>r iu atfl* to ?jiyt!ii"c h^reloftrr io tiiii m* tot, Yv ? ir.ritf aifcafua tsaeraj !T t5 BXi *T,J 6.l;>! re &C.T Block of 6u ftaa Wilf ViX'- t'Ct, t &>at. eul ;n?l wa kit* Ui ?.*C'.*d Block it W&,'rUfirioa. >.;! Work u> tfce ?N>?e Tiaa U fir t%r* Will Ir* jrojtly K?tan^?<l t?. MYKBC * N??fiNi Ukri-M *T? 0 CKCRKT DI3KA9KS! SKCRKT Di?fcAafcS! ?3 MMARITAN'S GIKT! SAMA RI'i'AN'S C?FT! The. Most Certain Remedy Kver Used. "Yen," a positive cur? for Wbl'U L'T liisrist'd GONOH Kiili; V. GLEET. STRICTURE?, &?. Cor.taiitano Mineral. no Balaam, no Mercury. Orly ten pi Is to b# faltan to eiTaet a cor^ Tlitr ***entirely Tr**tAb i?. h*Tic* n > ainaK nor any tirpi-a-ant tiat ,aad *:'! not n any way injure the a tenia*, h or kowela of the ruO>t de ieate. Cur?a iu fr>m two to four daya, and reoent cimi ic"c?eaty fou'hotita" I rpp*r?d by a trviua'e of ths ti-iv*r?r.y of Pjrt*y'.vaj.;a. ?m of the most eiM'neut Doetire and Otiem'"* "1 tha pweut day. SAMARITAN'* GIFT Wi'l care ar>y ease in from two to four uaya. and ,t-ca-i oaiea^ja,.VTv rrmo iinnum A if iji* i v w <i*' v i? o i Kc expcsurt n ) tr cuble, no chant* is a af&ttr Lettt>oiC who h?ve detpvrdH oi g*ttinij cur?d, or wh j 1 avo g'jrtwJ Ocpavis. wr Mercury. a: cbm try tr.e HAMAKITAN'9 QIFT. Feet bj rrai, la a. plain <*nrciope. Price male i*ck?te7? 92 Prioe famiie B&JT*.jaa, 93 SAMARITAN'S KOltl AND If R U JU!CEf?. A HPtEDV AND PliKMANFNT CI'Kr. F?>K S>Yl'HIL.i* OR VFNbKJIAL UI-EA8KJ. Here it * positive cure?no Mercury?no Poison? K.It r'.-a lum. A wn? m H>kw- vi n.v<'?a ?uu IIOI IK ooabiswl. Thl* fern cf tN# d..?e&8? m%ke? t*? utHrtic in ore* ou :-.eortac* of tPB-r?*i*ja ortti'j m*f occur ?n other p%rta of ihe budy. whnh t'^opt-c* mostly on t.i? troins, and very often ax u vera of :tie flivntii, ?p >tr, c&riat ani ne<t** u' tt e liuiiet, ij &o Aiit acd all of ajuptoma will n'ou Tioid to the samau.tavj koot and hkri: jucfs. Sect by sxpre3". Prioe 81a buttle, <>r t bo?tu? uf ^samaritan's CH ancre WASH. Price iS oecta Fail iir.attoag. liF.SMONi) A CO., Uox 151 PuiiaJelpUaPcst c ffme. row ajr, t.n,vr,Ki tuit 1/.corner inn ana Penn. avenn*. J H. KATUN, ? Sooth Kictth str-et. Philadelphia. as SB lm 1* NOTICK. I HF STEAMER THOMAS COLLYFR Will rernma a?r tripe to Mount Vernon on Wednesday, Mf.rohifta aroirri^^WiJ rnn ??wj \V>d_.e:dftj aud until farther ui>tio?, ietvint v harf at the fo .i of 7th street at 10 o'oiock a ra. Fare for the rouctf t. i? on boa-: thu r? \* %' M SAMUEL ? EDNRV. Casta; n. N. B. On the garment of 2ft c?nta Ti?itora will be admitted ta to? room vbioh General Waahiugton occupied ud in whieh he died Ue m&nnoitLd grcacda i?re cosed loviaitoraon r-urdare. f?7"Ttae diaturced ata'.e of the finances of the oonnt-y ha?ir.g .educed tiie reauuroea ot tho A*a. elation rendsr thia ohirie ne??*?arr, for the * tut, for tha mau.teuanoe and preaer?at:on < f Mt Vernon. ap 1S-8W (t O YSTERS?OYSTKR3. vHEHJ PEAKE Sic&rr4fd Oyater Saloon. The uhacrihi r hmrin* h ? > Steamed Oj*ter KaToon, u i-ow to lure ?h to oiti*eis?, ?t iLm-. ?. v the pn?ho ice?i3ral!T, with Oyetera ooukeu l?y the new ?rac?? of g'eaminr. Tiie t?ei.t Or?ter? tue Manet o*n afford ?i>i alwm? t>? on htcJ, a: the Cheuepeake ?i*am Orater HaIocb, No. 403 U street, near 7th, and east of Ui? Patent Offioe. roh3f-lm WM. P WEBB. Proprietor. 4&(5 ^an^D'F'RAM 486 C&;c Photoeraahs id var, n?. inoiudia* oo?.** c; Choice Pi-trrca. A'io CARD V1SITE %.,a o\ AL PICTURE PKAMHB, Uia 'arre-r e.sfrom the tMt manufactory in tii^ocu-tr^ for oath, it J. MAKKRiTtk'S, No. 4 ?6 tknrenth fo It > door* fcbov^ < ><id READ WITH DECISION AND ACT WITH PUKCAU HON! DR. M. VKLLN V*S PRIVATE H08PITA.U in t.e Federal B^ook, oppo?it? the General Po?1 auu Patent O(fio?, Ro.-m 24 up sraite. corner Ol7tKir^ P ?tfl K?Ublmh.vt for th? *uppr???ion of Qai~iiery T&s Only Ke* jl?r Phjs:oi*u A-T?rtr?inj. Dr. M. VeilnT'a lone fi??rier.oo in LocpitaJ p;vstice w?r,fc:.t? ' m anying ta?t baoia oiret'i dis Kt-c fc pr T&te Ukture,or i.e wiii ferldit ui aum of five hundred dnll&ri. C&li ?nd soe him. No o)i&rg? for err.iu i?t on. A perfect *aa radio*! ours aerfectad tram age to foai euro or* n?h n tn' 2,uih) *hls>oaltiJ. P. fakthoLow. ,,ua Ajricunnrml Warehouse, Sif* 3*v*n?h *tr?*t. h?low Fa. fcvem*. GARDEN '^J-jSS^K SEEUS. hSWUbf^ Foraftlafey jTf. BAkTHOLOW. <** S?!T?uttfFauMrSuMb fa*sw2s.'!t.,:k8fl9s3si/"!?,a ba? ~ V. YT B A KT BOLO W, Acricu.turai W?r*htiu*t *? 5-*>2w <3* itfat. belo* Pa. it. 0 8PKCIAL NOTIOIS. N AND AUKR TUESDAY, APRIL 1, i lfci, liw trkiu ou to* ba.uc.oi? a^d Ohio P.aiTroau ooui&Moe runciDg daiij, SuiuUj* txcepiod, leaving thta ?tat:oii st 7.?n a. M , ilJ ooauvoliajt at Wa*kirjton Jnuotion With mail train for arta of the W?t vta Park?r?tnrf or W ft Th.-ouch tiokeU ?oid and bat^ge i RMfc?ter ?f Traaaportation aa4%kio _ > ?*n W"7 ~ TRAVELING TKU!?.KS, Affius TTus>M.ns"^g {& , CUr?*t B&c?,Tteich w?ar? now Uwyl#*^^, ojtrnLiB C UO,i Sg* P?a. >m?>. __ THE WEEKLY STAR. TMBeeoeiieel FwellreB* Nrwe Jw v ??ft telmUf a (into variety at I ?? i ?i ^ toUiac tku can be fomaA la ay *tber?I* paciu^l oa FKiav moral of. >ua>?i #?, , I* P'.agla copy, per anauci *2 m Firt copies.... 4 tS Ten copies. 9 ?v Twenty-are copleo ?> w? It Invariablyeontelna tbt1 vs a-L .^i. V -jt? ? that haa made Tkt D*ilt Krmng <* o generally throughout tte co'jntrv. ID" Single copies (In wrapprral ran be pro cured at the counter, Imir.ediately after tie 1m of the MDar. Frliw THBvr rrvrn ? r -0- ? - ?^* f, SN riNNITLTlllU ATkAll. EHILE DTPRE. list Rwlvd u4 Opeul, A !trv? l"4 (i>Lj>l>ia mts to ?# ivknla* FAMILY OROCKRIES, eoaatating eft 8U#AKt,*f allfrUw, fEit, COFrFC, BIVVBft, LAFD, FLOUR, MAILLARD* CIOOOLA1K, fee., * , *c AH a! wtlob te offer* at low?at eaato prloea. PIKE'S CELEBRATED MO barrel* Majjno^a, 6Wt barrela XXX, 5W> barrela M'llera Rye Mou&ag&Lcla, WK) b*rr-l? tae Old R r*, SCO barren fine Old Oorrb-n, IT CINCINNATI PRICKS. All tbe favorite brar.d? *c champagne, Mcma Verxmy, 8rm Hrldskk, which, be'.ag bought low, w offer at uBusuallf * u,w mm. a jo. Sole agent for PIKE'S ARMY OORDLAL. teh 14-tf PHIVATB. PRIVATE I" 11 IV A T B. DR. LA BONTA harim removed tucnC*.*to Koam No , adj?lr.i??c tin s-ulvIm Chromol* <.ftoc, in Wi^aiaiU's bu.'. )inc. 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SHOlLDJtR "T*k:~*. * Al'NTLKTO, fcLOVlitt.A* 4c4 rr vfcrwtj at S UAVE CLOlulht. At E-**?cautu.fc i <?. WALL.SRKI'RUN"? A CO . 9ii y?ii^'nEi? ?T*.iUo. t?t?*??j*u u-te1.. ktet'v* ? <_ & _ _? I A It O K M A V S li c? -^OKGlA. SOUTH CARUUNA.AL' .? . V L?>P'f?A publnbed >-t thsSUtf t>"v n i. *; n \ t, i?rj?a toi.r. niu^iiisJ on r < i el . i?. ?.o 17 KKAMK TA Vl.ittt iv KW YORK i> IIRKAKFAST i!Ar(>*< : W jnit r#;.:.-d from Niiitr* cor;?,, \<Mr York,* ?n?*.. .oi <>f fcXi>f ,#r,t c ... .1-. r. ? n?T;?. .Vo , wiioii hftva Our til .u bothar andfrjir.t. KINO ft b)iPrHMIX. ay ifi Corner ISih it. and Ve. wrut *t. CU. RIVARl * CO. 81LLKHY CHAMPAGNE DF.PC RKMOVKI) TO 8. t?, Corn** of Pxnx. Avinbb aub 8ixra Si., Ciarfndoa Hotel Uuxiirt, n. ?r H, R08KY, AerKT, N*w JAM KB MOLAN, A ? * ? . Win D. f* BHERRY. 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