Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1862 Page 4
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EVENING STAK. FOB TBI &T*S. TIE PAST WKkL BT VBABK TUT. Tb* wearied week has laid Its head Upon Et*rnltv'? warm bed, And aleep* a tleep: O. w?ek : ?? fall of car* and strife, It bad been better were tby life Not lived to deep How many a burning, cruel stain, How many a ghattly aln 1* lain Upon tby cold breast! K.acb bour contains a tolly trace, Kacta day a crime?and ao we place Thy form to reat. No brord, no dirge, no aolema knell, No voice to utter on? farewell, Hoor week, o'er thee; Yet daya have graves?the week a borne, Ay. and a resurrection morn, \ Aa well as we. And every act stamped on thy hours? The good, l'.ke sweetly perfunud flowers, The bad, like weads, Shall perfume all the coming life Or polaon with its hellish strife As are oar deeds BelleTe not that th* Past is dead, Became Its houra and days are fled, And pasted away; Nay, nay, tbat we-k. with all It* aln, With ev'?*ry atain, ahall meet you la Th* in/lnm*nt m ail a y. I)ISl'NIO.> PLUtTlAtiSIN EUROPE. Toe Inttlligenctr has a fcntoh of " contraband letter*" found on board the Confederate stexm?r Caihoun, captured bj our blockading quadren ?n she wa? in the act of running the blockade of the entrance to the Missi&uppi Tiver on the 23d of January last. Among them are the following: [PriTite and Confidential.] Xaw York, April 10, 1^61. Jhn. . hitler hm/r, Pari.t?Dear Sir: Vcnr3 el the 2oth ult., from London, rescbed me ywterday. You have no doubt received Mr. J. W. Hail's letters directed o*re American 9H*itter, Paris. * * * * Tht? day Fort Sumter will be attacked, and before this roaohcd yea Pickeus?then all the slave St ites will rush together, a separation will of course IsIIow. and the Confederacy acknowledged; then capital will follow, and we Ctn carry our plans. I have enlisted in this matter with a will and determination that knows no tiring. You and myself are the only ones that take that determined and confident view of it. Yours, very truly, T . vvnLCS. Af.jNTXEAL, Thursday, Jure 27, 1861. ATy Dtar Mr Kmg: After much peril in the ice, but otherwise an agreeable passage, 1 krrlred yesterday at Quebec, and thence last evening to thi? place. To my great relief and pleasure I met here Mr. D F. firiabie, of Norfolk. Vi., who brings ma late tiding? of my family, who were, thank God, well ten days ago. Mr. F-riibie goes out, aa you did, with the c ocfidei.ce of hi- Suite, and with cot altogether dijiimilar views. I beg to commend him to AAS/^talllf aa o aAnllai.>n?> ? ? ? A1 * ? jcu "b uuiuiaiij n ^VUilC 1X1UIX WUflO^T 111 a// rtspeotA of your confidence, conference and personal esteoia By the way, a* I have written thus mu*b, I recollect that he told me he w _s a^uainted with you, and I will only add, therefore, that Mr. iiruLie is a mcmler of the Virginia Legislature, and one of the most seuive and intelligent promoters of direct trade in our State I have told him of your tremendous pamphlet, ani I have taken the liberty to promise him that you would read it to him. He will take to you most interesting intelligenee from the South. We have whipped the Moundrels in ihtet. imtnices, and, what is worse for them, though Ittur lor us, we havo proved already their utttr inefficiency to cope with us. Not the least gratifying element is the threatening aspect of England and the United States, or rather tho rotten Government at Washington. God grant that it may lead to a rapture, and that "John Bull" may blow ifceir blockade iky-high. If he deea this I will forgive him a load of his seliconeeit, arrogance, and hollow philanthropy If 1 find an opportunity I will write you after nay arrival in Richmond. Till then, and always with high respect and esteem, your sincere friend, Bkv. Tucker. B.?The Government is at Richmond, and I shall not have to go to Montgomery. If yoar sons happen to be there I will see them at once, and be Kind to them. B. T. uotel itoyalk, dlki'pk, thcrbfiar. if ., r* Af- I'- f ... jriy i/cjr txj.fig I VCTJ gl&U 10 hear from you and to read the good news in the papers I can do nothing abfeut the Times, cxcept point out to job that you had better visit th? Times' correspondent in Paris, 2 Hue Lep?s!e?ier. 1 gave yos a letter to him, if you remember. You must ?JIow that alt my rred'etiona hare l.een verified. It will, I think, be all over in January at the latest; only, I wish they would take Washington; but I appose they wish to make mre oi Missouri, Kentucky and Tesnest>ee first, ufJ i i tfnt they are right 1 should not wcr.;l?r if tho Western Sta^e? secede, and that ' Maina" j >ifis Canada. Did you leave jour letter with Sir C. Wood? Yours truly, E. Peibs* W*DSI?DAT. My Dear Sir' I 1?-ts read with much interest nil the correspondence frcin the disunited States, and have come to tho conclusion that the w*r will break down in the North for the want of iuude. There's a most important rticlcin'he Times again, that has arrived thia morning I find the Confederate Generals are \er_r tuueh blamed for not havine eaDlured Wa-hi.^ton that Sunday evening. President iMvi*, insietid of returning to Richmond, aiigh: have tupped and slept in the White il juse. I k.ipe jwu-Sou'.herncrs will not allow the .Northern army 10 be reorganized, but I ?ani.ut account for the inactivity of the ConIcdeiate General* You will be laughed at if you do not advance 1 am pure Ku^ieil's letters will create gre&t sensation in tb3 SoutU. C. PfclKSJJ. PECUNIARY STBAITK. Mm Dear jylr. Kinp Since we parted yesterday 1 have scan Mr Greene. lie will take no draft* on tba Sooth at all ; so that my calling on you tbi? morning would be of no uae. Indeed I csn i?ee no way of raiding money here but by at once ordering remittance* from home. Nu matter what a t^an' means may bo there, they are n*t considered here I have been hero in several great crisej, but ^rer in one like the preaent, and 1 hope I may e? one again. Ezeuw writing, and believe me, very truly, yours, June - 1" 11 M. CALiioi:v Liverpool, August 27, 1*61. ?? I shuld feel greatly obliged if you could rive mo the auires* r.f ^lr. Thorns Uatler King, of Georgia, U. 8. Perhaps fought to bta!? that I have instructions to direct my solicitors arreat him for a considerable dobt. I remkiu, recpcetiully, Korr. llaTCHI80>. Yancey, 15 Half-Moon street, Piccadilly. . soldiers' money am9 allotment drafts. THL ADAMS EJCKJIKSS COMPANY WILL FORWAK.U^S'^MKRtt' EJCMITTo their F&sr' i * %t any p'ms oc th? llgm of their KX?re?? &t * on&'C* of TWKNTY-FIVK CENTS Fo* ATT trx WOT IXOalD'.JIO FlFTT DotXAB*! Ami & B'o?ortlotAt* >Lk>.r?? tn rancUad by oonaaoung txirei*?t. """ Tlrf rMnittanoa. vh#thor Ooid, Traaaarr Notot, or ailotmac. b? aaaloaed in an >ve toocrely acaled, an?i imve the full addraaeUoeiiidie* town, foet Ottoe.aaJ Mm and ineiuaauactra-??nnu number) of the poreon to w^on lo fce k^li, aaa iLe amouAt legibij ariufced tberacn. < r.Teiojee t>r thta ynryoM m?y b? had at our ^^faeiiitata proao?t da irerr tike oiurie for ra - *5?* 1*? \ P'&VE'E* r a KS* COMPANY. jMitHBBg *mn 9(1(1 AKJ> WOOKOJLO ftOLUIKRt W MfllU. PuUistsd ? eonforvUiy with tAt resolution of tlu &4nat? of July 16,1861. At Siminmm ntrritui, Gtorgt<MH, April IS. 3d V.6.hiMbV tf|77tk W?W York Vol... 9 2d Ik!aim Volunteer* . 1 86th do do....63 id do do 1 93d do do.... 2 7th do do 4 ?7th do do,... 5 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 ?oth do do.... 7 O'.b.Musaru'.iaetUVol. 3 3d New York Artillery 13 18th do do.. t? 3d do Cavalry. 4 Xid do do.. 15 1th do do.... 3 Mockton'B Mich. Vol.W 5th P*nn. Volnnteer*. 1 4t'n Michigan Vol 9111th do do...... 5 5th Wlacontln Vol.... 1 12th do do...... 1 1st Rhode island Vol. 4 27th do do 1 2d do do . f. 36th do do 1 4th do Art. 1 45th do do...... 1 114U V?... V'A.V 'Jrtl A tt.iA A - 1 ijiu nrw i VIm* ? v* i utu uu i l'th do do.... 7 71th do do...... 3 10th do do.... V 75th do do I 17th do do.... 7 isld do do......IS Sith do do.... 3 *5fh do do 3 42!>th do do.... 6 93d do do 4 33d do do.... 2*0e?h do do 4 3rtth do do.... 1 09th do 1 4.Jd do do.... l nth do Reaerve.... 1 14th do do....14 4'M do do...... 2 45th do do.... 1 1st do Cavalry ....S3 V>th ^r? . .IflilVI Ha Hn 1 Mth do do.... 218th do do 14 5-lb do do.... 2 Sth Cameron Dragoons 2 5.-Hi do do.... 4 lirth Indiana Vol..... 2 ?$->d do do.... 6 Ofiicer's lervant 1 fifith do do.... 2 fi-th do do. .. 7 Total,...........375 7Jd do do.... 1 At G-*ntrc.l Hstpitsl, Union flotsl, con*r Bridgi iind Wuski%fto% struts, Gtorgttovm, April 19 l?t Ner* York Art. .. 1 ^34 Penn. Volunte?ri. 8 1.1th do Vol ...1C 90d do do 4 l~th do do.... 4 I CM do do 1 2-ta do do.... 1 K.4thdo do...... 1 29th do do.... 4 1st do Artillery.. 1 T;d do do...4 5 Knr?e'? Rlfl*s 3 4tth do do....21 7th Mw. Volnnteen. 1 4.5th do do.... a 9th do do...... 2 49th do do.... 1 '22 d do do...... 9 ??th do do.... 1 -2d do Sharps'!*.. 1 55th do do.... 1 -2d Mnlne Volunteers .Ifl ?2d do do.... * Stockton's Mich Vol. 5 fr'th do d.-> 13 2d Michigan Vol 1 h|?t do do.... 4 4th do do 1 9id do do.... 3 Td FTcelflor Brigade. I 6>h New York Cavalry 3 1th Vermont Vol;.... 2 Oth do do 1 5th do do 3 1 ?t Penn. Cavalry,... fi 6th do do...... 3 3d do do 2 *Tott'? Battery 1 Pth do do 4 Cameron Rite* 1 l*t do Volunteer#. ?! Harris Light Cavalry. 1 3d do do 1,1st Lons? Island Vol.. 1 4th do do...... 2 1st U. 8. Cba*?eur?... 1 6th do do 2 1st do Cavalry 1 7th do do?.... 1t'h do do 1 9h do do 1 |3d do Infantry.... 1 12th do do...... Ulith do do 1 Stith <*0 do..,,,, 1 Sth do Artillery.... 1 49th do d?. 1 ?'.irr?Tan'? Battery.... 4 61st do do 1 White's Battery 1 62d do do 8 7t?t do do 1 Total 197 A* Qnurml HoipUm.1, (CirtU,) Watkitigton, April IS. 1st U.S. Cavalry 1!lttNfw\>rkArtillery 1 2d do do 1 3th New York Vol... 3 VJb do do 1 oitu do d?.... 1 5th do *dc< '2 -rith do do.... 2 Sth do do 2 Mil do do.... 1 1st do Arillery.... 7 3d fcna. Cavalry.... 1 2<1 do do 6 vfith do Volunteers. 2 34 do di- GiOl/th do do 1 4th do do 2|BSth do do...... 1 5th do do... 5jSSlh do do 1 2d do Ir.f7.ntry lft 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 I M An Ar- ?lw i 4th do do 1H lit do Cavalry,, i <Hb do d" 3 lat Mtane?ota Vol.... I 10th do dn 4 1st Kane Rifle# 1 llthdo rtn 1 fttb Maine Batttry.... 1 I2tb do do 5 I 17th do do 'J Total 101 Jt mt Columbian Colitgl, ff-.lkmgtom, Afrtl lb. , t!d V. ?. Artillery... 1 V'U New York Vol... l yd do Cavalry ? /?t*? do do.... 1 4th do dv 1 hlit do do.... <> 5th do do 6 do do....13 r.tb do do do do.... 5 .'id do Infantry.... l;Xh do do,... 1 14th do do 9;iOi>th do do,... 2 2d Maine Volunteers.. llltf*d <Jo do... 1 lltb do do Vil?:NewJer?eyCavtlrjr 7 7th Mas?8cTiusett?Vol. fillOih do Vol.... 3 10th do do. 111st Penn. Artlllpm ? 1 IP'h do. 2',ad do Cavalry.... 4 2d Rbcd* Island Vd . 2 4th do do 1 id WxmoiitVolunteers 3 5th da do 3 3d do do 2 6th do do 37 4th do do ... 13 42<1 do Volunteert. 1 Sth do do.... 4i.-3.Jd do do 13 Sth do do.... 7i5fiih do do...... 4 lit New Ycrk Artillery 2,7iit do do 3 7lh do Battery. do do 1 *2d do Cavalry. Ijlfftd do do 2 *th do do. ...13,1041b do do...... 6 9ib do ?io.... 3 1 lUtbdo do ..... I 17th New York Vol... 1 McCielian l>ra^ooua.. 3 2U:u do do.... 1 =tb Michigan Vol 1 <Cth do do 1 19th Indiana Vol 2 ma <10 do.... ijut- w !?<oR?in Vol ... l 37th do d <?.... 1 '"M D C. Volnntrrn.. 8 3>5th do do.... si iid do do.... 31 Total............239 At Mount Pleasant (JeiUTal riotpital, J%fril IS. latNewYoik Artillery 5j301th ?w York Vol..13 l?t do rinse'rs r.;;th Maine Volunteers 5 32.t New York V<>1... ijllth do do.... 7 33d do do.... i|Uith New Jersey Vol. 2 37iU do d>.... 2 5th l'enu. (tavalry.... 9 4-iU do do.... i;57th do Volunteers. 4 44th do do.... Vu3d do do I do do.... 1 ;73d da do...... 1 i^'iA #1<? Hn I iKilh Ha ?1 . . ^ v - <noa * - '?? ?"W UU ? ?J i'.th do do.... I7jl'sl?t do do......10 Cut i!.> do.... l'Ifnd do do 3 do do,... 1 KU'fiuo do...... 1 ??th do do. ...1(> lUStbdo do i cht d.? do.... 4 ttii Vermont Vol 3 ?5ta do cjj,.. n 5lh Mlcblaan Vol.... 1 1-^i 1 do.... n. Ct'u ULoic Islr.nd llat. 1 USd d? do..,.W ill U y. infantry.... 1 S>J.h do do.... Ujf-'h do do J <*>th en do.... Tjtitbdo do 1 I toth do do.... 1; lM. 'u do do.... 4 Total 130 luid do do,... 3; A! Stone General Hcspits!, April 19. 11th Mslni' Vcl-. f?t^r?I I i"7th l'p:in.V<#lunt?r?. I l'J'nMactrhapettaVoi Iji-'d do do 7 ?U<h do do. iiiVith do do...... 1 VJ-uNevr York Vol... IjS'TCJ do do3 .VJth do do....?7|104:lido do. 6 J'tl do d<>.... 1 0. O. Volunteers.. I -o:u do do.... 5 ? l <* ? d O. . . . 6 B Totdofian f 3 100th d~> or.... C At Douglas Hospital) of I strut a ad Ntw J nay avtxut, Airil 18. 1st B.^AMIUm i ~II1. v? v -.. w ir~i , , _ w mmmm a ; '??? . IV*' t VI * ? U1 1 3d do do,.,..... s;m?:U do do.... 4 5ta do Cavalry..(a) o GDtli do do ... 3 3d do Infantry liTGtb do do.... i 6lh tto do do do.... 3 )2ih do do... do do.... i 17(it do do do do.... 3 l?l M"inc Cavalry .... 3 H>3<1 (Jo d?.... 1 6th <l.i Voiunt'pr*. *2 lottb do do.... 1 .',.11 N . Hnn.fuvi'r Vi>i 1 j lit N?>w Je'ieyCavalry 6 td VermontVclumei ri ' iCamirott Dragoon*.., 3 I ItU do 1 i?t Fuiii. Cavalry..(e) 3 | 3i Maawcliuaetu Art . 1 jHIu do do...... 3 !5th do Vol. a 3d do Rnerve.,,. 1 fii'.h do do.. lj:id do Voluoteera.. U t*d <io do.. 3jltb do do 1 ibu s ?i. i. Aruiicry liiltb <lo do 9 Jjt.\'cwYr,rk Artillery 4r?3d do do 6 1th .Nev-York Cava'ry l|27th do do 1 5th do do. .. ft -ll*t do do??t* * 5 let U. S. Chaateura ..13 46tl> do do...... 5 Wt lA>n.r Island Vol. .10 Old do do...... 4 Vd New York Vol... 1 61st do do 2 Sth do do.... 3 71th do do S 17til do do.... 4 ?tb do do...... 1 -l*th ?2u do.... 15 Uisl do do..,.,. 1 2>uh do do.... 7 uJd do do......11 UJd do do....II Mtli do do...... 1 3th do do.... " I (Kid do do 1 31.h do do.... 4 l(!7thdo do...... 6 41st do do.... 8 ^d 1). C. Volunteer* .. I ; . . _ " ? - u" uo.... x sia micuigan vol.... a 4.ii do do.... 3 5th Wlsewn?1n Vol... 1 4S:h c!o d?.... y Andrew*&harp??fa .. 1 Sttti do do.... I ? SMll (lO do.... 1 TOtal..l|.a.|iti>fi}J G31 do do,... ii (?) C*apls!n. (*) Captain. (?) Adjutant and Second Lieutenant SUM mmaiming im Ikt Hetfitml fm trwjtiM DiMMUS, mi Kmlormmu, April 18. Ctb L' 8. Infantry 1 72d l'enn. Volunteer*. 1 Itth do di)...?a.?. 1 d6th do 1 M do Cafairy 1 107th do do 4 fth do do 5 llth do Rawn?.... 1 2d VeraoontVoiuAteeri i Mi Wisconsin Vol.... 3 lctMlflll^hliaPttfl Vnl - 1 1 QfV? /?<!? * v?! A lat New York Artillery 5 27th do do 1 Kth New York Vol... lltd D. C. Volunteers.. 1 lit do d*.... I 3d tt*fdu Hham'ra.. i Slat do do.... 4 Oneida Cavalry ...... I WCth do do.... 1 Independent CMgW. a 101st do. do.... T UuarterauMter>i Dept 1 4th Pena.CtTalnr.... 1 Cltixett .... .......pp. I Sth do do 1 Contraband*......... t I 29th do Volunteer*. 1 ? Wd AO do,,.,,, t I At IndimtM Httpitmi OJkt), Wmtkinglm, D. C., April 19. 1?h Indiana Vol .....30|?th New York Vol... 1 13th do do...... 1 S3i do do...* 4 9th Now York Artillery 1100th do do.... 1 ! let do do.... 8:63d Pran. Volunteers. I ! 8th do Cavalry. 5 (list do do.... 1 ! 13thNew Yoik Vol ...ll'91st do do....12 33d do do.... 1 93d do do.... 1 HJth do do.... 1196th do do... 1 , Md do do.... 11104th do do.... 4 511 do do.... 1107th do do.... 4 54th do do.... 8|14th U. 8. Infkntry ... 1 57th do do.... 3 2d D. C. Volunteer* .. 1 Slat do do.... 6 Clttten 1 <Wd do do.... 1 llth Maine Volunteer* 4 60th do do.... 1 81stPenn.Volunteer*. 4 Cameron Dragoon*... 6 IstU 8 8harp*hootet* I Oneida N. Y. Cavalry. 4 4th Mloklgan Vol .... 1 34 Virginia Cavalry 1 5th U. 8. Artlllerr.... 1 lat Rhode laland Car. 2 5th do Infkntry.... 1 7?ih N?w York Vol... 2 3d Michigan Vol 1 77th do do.... 2 BUt do do.... 1 Total. ,140 93th do do .1 A* Onural Hoipitml, (Eekington,) Washington, April IS l*t NewYork Artillery 1 103d Penn. Volunteer!.10 ?th New York Vol... 2 1st U 8. Cavalry 7 11th do do.... 1 '2d do do 6 20th do Militia 6 6th do do 14 23fl do Vol... 3 l?t Maine Cavalry.... 8 97th do do.... 1 3d New York Cavalry. 1 '29th do dr.... 1 4th do do.... 3 39th do do.... ? 3d Virginia Cavalry.. 1 41st do do ...10 6th Penn. Cavalry.... Q 45th do do l;2d Maine Battery.... 1 a Ait ? - ' - * VJIQ QO oo. I|ja flo dc... 1 6?d do do.... Ij4th do do...... 2 68th do do,... l|5th do do 1 89th do do.... 2 7th do Volunteers. 1 77th do do.... 3 1st Minnesota Vol.... 1 8l?t do do....lo l*t Bcrdan Sharps'rs . 1 93d do do.... 3 id do do..?? 1 05th do do 4 7th Michigan Vol.... 1 9Gth do do.... 6 2d P. C. Volunteers.. 2 !U3d do do.... 5 5th U. 9. Artillery.... 1 102d do do.... 1 17th do Infantry.... 1 107th do do.... list do Chasseurs.. 1 1st Penn. Artillery... 4 5Hh do Volunteer*. 3 Total..,,, US 75th do do.,,,,, 1 At Qntrtl Hospital, AUxmmdr-.M, April 19. 2d U. 8. Infantry.... 7j87th N?sw York Vol... 4 3d do do 1 jwSth. do do.... I 4th do do 5 <h>d do do.... 3 6th do do s'itfd do do.... 1 11th do do 3ji?<th -do do.... 2 12th do do Ulimth do do.... 1 14th do do ?'l*t New York Artillery 9 17th dO do /Ia Arx 1 lit do Cavalry 3 3d do do.... 1 1 5th do do 5! 13th do do.... l j 6th do do 6 nth do Battery . 3 | 1-t do Artillery.... ! l'ith do do.... l | 2d do do 8 lndep't N . Y. Battery. 3 3d do do 2 1st New York Cavalry.20 5th do do 4 2d do do.... 4 1st do Sbarpt'ra... 1 4th do do.... i | 2d Maine Volunteer*. 1 oth do do.... 2 j 3d do do 11 dth do do.... 3 1 4th do do 7 lit Penn. Volunteers . *j , 5th do Oi n* ; 6th do do...... 1 3d do dc 3 7th do do 11 4th do do V) 3.| do Battery.... 1 5th do do...... 2 5th N. Hampshire Vol 12'Gth do do 11 6th do do. 1 7th do do......12 2d MaMachuaetts Vol. 3 Sth do do 7 12th do do.. 1 9th do do 6 13th d? do.. 3 Kith do do 8 15th do do.. 2 llth do do 23 l?th do do.. I'i2th do do.?..,l$ 2id do do.. 5!$-th do do...... I l?t do Hat. l|46th do do.....* 1 2d Vcrir.ontVolunteeri C;49th do do 2 3d do do 2 52d do do 1 4th do do 15 j 53d do do 7 5th do do ll|54th do do 2< 6th do do 1 ntk A'l " 1st New Jf?eyCavalryl7(GM do do i 1st do Vol.... C.63d do do 7 31 do do U.G.tth do do...... 1 3d do do 52 7id do do 3 4th do do 17!?l?t do do 0 lit do Art 1 96th do do..,,., i 3d do do 1 93d do do 3 3d New York Vol... 4 96th do do 33 13th do do.... 1 With do do 5 13th dj do.... 7 99th do do...... ft 15'.h do do.... f> 103d do do...... 4 lflth do do....38il04thdo do t 1?ih <<n ?* ? ~! * - -* I - ? ?*V. . ' I IVMUiUO f> 18th do do....13 1st do Rifle* 93 2U*h do do.... 5 1st do Cavalry 14 2lat do do....10 2d do do...... 1 221 do do.... 1 3d do do 1 23d do do....24 6th do do 2 21th do do.... 2 11th do do 1 23th do do.... 3 1st do Artillery... 8 2?th do do.... | I9th Indiana Vol 17 ifitt do d<?....3* 27ib do do...... 1 29th do do.... 2 l?t Michigan Vol 2 31 it do do...,3*> 2d do do 3 33d do do.... 16 3d do do 13 33d do do.... 4 4th do do...... 4 35th do do....24 5th do do 35 37th do do.... .1 lit do Cavalry. 3 3Hth do do....lf 2d Wlnrt.Min 39t1j do do.... 4 3d do do...,. 1 4tith do do.... 7 5th do do 1 43d do do.... 2 6th do do 10 44th An .1.. It -'V- * ww UU| (It t A I < IU UU UU. 5 49th do do ... 6 Plb Illiuoli Cavalry...51 auth do do,... 3 1st Minnesota Vol 3 52d do do....lO.lstUoiinecticnt Art...13 53d do do.... 1 Cnnoeron Drnpoons.. .W 55th do do..,, 1 McClellan Dra/ocns . 6 57th do do.... 12 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 2 <51*t do df! 10 mcrn*! f?nm? ? 83d do do....13 tjuartermaiter'i m ! ftith do do....14 ployee*............. 6 Mih do do....42 Citizens 4 J9tb do do.... 2 Prisoner 1 irth do do....10 ?:th do do....U Total.... i*W Slat do do.... a 1ZJT Washington pj.yera plma* ccpv aad tend bill* to tlifl Wer Department. apr v?4?3t SOMKTHiN* N t. W ! /" S ?W8M""T?.li?VMT it aai n tki Tkimt\e7rr""m OYBTERS STEAMED 11 tli* 3%a'J *=4 Tnoroui^iy Cockm lixr ?a??;ier t* * r*w*) lr ivimmiiu. tut /?*.??( l??? * rttsrrf. Call at j eaa. Wha ardarmrrad reajeclTaiiy i Uia tnsiuia I ia tr-a Iiistriot, and *iattcr? to tie oitr. that he hat ra&ttad tua olb and wiLL-iaav* a?TA?u?:u:Bi?? m a iroat tj.oroach manner. and haa made complete arraDfamOEls to ftrniah OYSTERS in_a?if atr!? and l# atj ;ninety. '*- to ton faiionai>htfSkr4 ror Gay. t,6U) to t;W i?a.? of tty.oad and fr'rnah ut ay daily?o:-r? herxet^llr a*5k;*J. Farmafced In the ahbii by the buaaei u t-srr.l. i'araons wij&lu to litre Oyaiera fenuLad reftarli through tue irlator, ;.t Bs tihiore pneea, without fear of ffciiare, ahotid sail and make ar-astemeuta at opca. FiitjU. tlmo, and cared by rorohatim af ine, u I ferriah aa article Sual to the celeb raud Baltimore aaUbiiaiu&anta, prlaaaiaataaluw. *0 ssrurxe, n>r u*i vr .. . i .v.i.? ~i?" vwuwm wvwwt Strawberries, Tomsto??, riaa' Feet, Trite, *o. Jco..fto. A>0, f ickijs, Vafiims, Bracdj Peaches, &o. AiJtf, C&jpc ii-1 1 1M1 Flail. Tartlet, T<?rra?ine, Kre?h Loi-elora, Ooii, fikiit-ut, fee. In not, erory thu ; for sale in t.i* Nor^iern iuark?u el vara on Land, at reasonable yrlaae. Hotels end ?fcnJ!:ea aafjTTjJ witk OjtUn, deliYsred without aharre %e aay ?ar* of tee Dlitnet, in asaeon, if the mote? la aajit *iUi t-o order. My eatabJiakment is oaen from t k. m. to 11 it aifht, every tfay,eie?jftSeaiiey, wkeo 1 close at lo o'olook a. n. la? ? T. M. HAJtVKT. THZBSXaMAZl. Pro net ti by Ltiitrs Pmst ? 2(13*4, m?d ticundby tAt 8*%la of Iht Etolt dtt/i&r Wiacu at t arts, Mi IA? Imptritl CoiU(i if Mtditmt, fw?M. No. 1 ( ihe offaotaal r?m?ar f< r Rilaxiyto*, Sfm*ATOBKU<?A and KxHAVatlOTI OB TH? Stbxxm. TRIKSEMAR No. 51, . Completely and enUr*iy eradicate* all tra?a*of Uiou disorder*, for wh:oh Gopaiva and Cabeb* aafS reseraliy boon thouiht an antidote, to Um rum or th? health of a >ain jartion of the fopaialop. TRIESEWAR No. S, li the c:?at and ?nr? lemedj of the ciYillM* world for ail imtariUea of the j?tom,ai well aa eeooadtry symptom*, obviating the destrcotive use of | Marfliirr ? J tnd wiiton alftha tarntBrUle m the world oBnnot temove. TiiiiUAt Mm. 1.3 tad 9 its devoid or taate or ?nveh. and of til n&hie&tini auallDMi To%re ib tAB form of % lotence, Bud mmj Ue on tne loilot table without their bn being rat ected. tk>id in tn eUH it|) eaoh, or fomr fa OHM in one for t*>, lii in $ii OBses, thBB ?4rlnt |f,u srvfesj: araftnirraiffc ROW. 194 Bleeok-ir street, (4 aooi# from Mao UottfBl ?troet). New \ork. fnimedtatelj on re oet?t of. remiitaaoe, Dr. Bbb&ow will forward J5SS5S. adX?JS.SB&SM 3P3ae3fiS?a^6i?i Da t*?m?ra?Uc Bmb Per?.S vol#.; 80o " ' De Oetavoir? Le 0*?tr?t dM Norta; 33o L? de !t Comtek** ilartha; Da J'h?ane & Puudllc; 8uo 8wm iyou mJo?i aoo fc * { Off fani?L'Utootue; J0? DumM? Un? A.UM ft Pioreno*; 39c ? . P?? Lft Oftptl^Bft Aim; *Do , . \* Duv-Emntou m 1m borda do Rkln, I vols, t MirfM? Oiymn; *>o wa?.wa,. UA1NDM IB HKRK'^W^exhtbitMM.%^ R.SMSASM fesf i TRAVELLERS' "DlRECTOBY, j BALTIMORE A an 10 RAILROAD. iiMHHIHi NOTICE.

CHANGE 0 F HO V RS. Ow AUD attrr IVedxmdat, APRII, t, 186t, im riMtiwn TIA JK bbtvtssk WASHINGTON, BALTOIOKi, AND THE WMT Will nun follows: Kf>4 Dmtty Trains Arri+i mt and Dtrmnfttm VtUwiiM Dmxly dwrttn ttu *m*, mmd iwo mi Stmdavi* For PHILADELPHIA Mtd NEW YORK-* L??? WMlu&Ktoa at6 a. m., 7.40 a. m , 11 a. m. and Vor ANNAPOLIS?Laave Waahicgton at 7.4? a m ar ! 5 W P m. For FREDERICK?L?av? Washington at 740 a. m. and 3 an*, m. FOR ALL POINTS WFST, And for Harser'e Ferry. J.JartinsK 5 and Winoh?st?r, leave Washington at 7.?0 a. m. TRAINS MOVING SOUTHLeavaNev Y?rt at 7 a. m.; PhilMeiphla 11.?ia. m.; Baltimore 359 p. m. Arrive at WMhiagtou * ? P Loave New York at 6 p. n.; Philadelphia 80 p. m IIbIm?.am i ia ? 4 "* 1 ? , U.IUWVK i?u? tu. ?i ?> asaiDfion 6.2D ?. m. Leare Nov Yo'k at 11 p,m ; Phi ade jhia 3 an a. m , Baltimore 7.40 a. m. Arrive at WMhiafton 9 % a in. Lf'C?: Aceomirxviation Traist leave Baltimore at 10a.m. ana 610 p.m. for Wuhiniton; arrive there at 12 a. m and 7.00 p. m. On Sendars at 4.30 and 7 if a. m. on j from Balt!mor?, No AjutapuLa or Frederick ooKceotiom oa Sanity. Pa*??crorTr*in? leavlnc Washington at 7 40 a. m. and 5nip. Ri.,and Baltimore at 7? a m. and 5 ln p.m., ir aire <*ireot crtineotK-ni /or Atnip. ; o.. ui9 juuui:i?ii. i ne 7.f?j & m. oofitcoia K?t*y f?*t Frederick, Ha,'er?lo?n. Harper's Ferry, VartiB?to>r*, Winchester. Whee.u.c, Partersburi, Ac..except SusCajB. Train* levreJr.mtpolli for Bait more and Wuhinr ten at 6 50 v rn. ard 3 40 p. m. Passenger Trairs leavii-i Washington atfiOOn. m. il a. m. &n<l 5 p. m., and Baltimore at 4 90 and 7.40 a in . ar.d 3 5) p. m , will flop only at An*apolit Junction Way Pafseogsrs must Lake Ute Acetmrnodrntum Trains ?**?. W. P. SMITH, 2 Milter of Tr*Ti?nr.rtJ?.tlrm m?.? lseaj the risoa Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (with its connection*) IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! a fONfi BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! I BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! I T7TXKX I>A.ILT TlillW wnw PHILADELPHIA. TO PITTSBURGH! T*o of them mnirir.i losi ccsskfio*? at biie:s?*m with trftlai or: the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIL ROAD. and formir.e THE GB SAT CENTRAL ROUTE rxoM WAIUlNflW? ASD BALTIMORE t# ?;i points Ic t*1* Win, North-wist aj?o Scwth-wbst. icr Fcr Thro'Jta Tiokate, appij ?t the Orf.e* : tuo Norihcrn Ce&triU. Kui Uoid Com jany, u&ireri Ptaaus, E&ninote. SpUndid SltevtHg Cars on all Nirkt Train: Smoiinp Saloon Cars on all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. pMKCEtera w:ii Uii! 6 a. m. and & f. n. trar ? arriTint m liainir.ore at7 J? a. m. am ?<s p. tj;., wnereoioso conseoiioue aie nia^e witii t/amf on the Northern Central X. R.,acfl arrive iu Harnat arj at 1 p. in. ana l.?5 ? ?n , there connentir.j Wita ?r,v tra<ra on tiie ltnr-'jivauia C&ntra Kaiirovl fur all of the waft. KRIH3H78. Ht this rout?, freifhis ol a!! deeeriptions can b* ffertrsrdod to and lio:n any point on the Railroads of Ohio, Kentuoky, inoiana, Jiiiroie, Wiaouusin. lo??. or MtSBoiirl, by Rtiiirofd dirtrt. Tu? 1'enx.ej>.".uia Central Kaiiroav a.saoor.aect* at l'itubu.i with Hteamars, by trujoh Goods ru f>e for-ararCeU to anr porl on the Oi^o, Muskmiorr.. K?umc:?, Tennis*#?. Coinberiacd. iiunois. Aitss ts?ts?i, Wtutors:a, Missouri, Kansas, A.rkMtM. acd KM Piw and at Cievniaau, SaiiJuskj ani steamers to r.!! Norttirestem i akec ATeioiiauts ard ? hip pars entrustian t.l.e lrait<-portat.ofi of their Freight tothm Com?aay1 cau reiy irith confidence oti iti ?}?6?iiF trausit. THIS HATCH OF FUfclGHI'tp anJ front art r>int ia tl:* Wmi, tij the Pcniist???uia Centia abroad. ?r? mt all s*?u? m/ f*xor?bU ?i ?r? tkarttd by *i?ir KuCrotd Ctmnuiiu. ir~TKe usutar to saark >aok.-.res"v?a Fixx a. R." _ MAttMAW ft Fr*if)it Ageiita, No, SO North atre^t, Kvtiroare. ENOCH LEW Id. <*en'l Suyennt't. Altoona. F? . L. HOUFT.een'1 Ticket Ar't, Pinladets>hl?. . H HOUSTON, tten'i Fraitht Agent, FhU*de!?h:?. 4-oly J^OltTHEKN CENT it Ali RAILWAY. Tkt Sktrttit, QuithiSt ui But Kmtifrtwi E*lti *t*i i tO i*i Wh8T, NORTH AM) NORTHWEST. WINTER SCHEDULE.> or 'fiui. Oa as4 after ,Mtk Noffmhr, Puin sr WiK arrive at-i <vnrt !s?u Cairarf liauon a foliowa : Xiiuii fi05.SE LSjLVX Wa? 1 at ( ?)?. a:. fi?Ji?!d Kxjreaa t ?. rn. ParttoE Aoeoiuifto-jfcr -it? r. SB. rltUKOTr ei'ri Hairiabnre Kxyreec I JO p. TaA>?9 Hoi ru Ati a) va Puri toe Au^iuiaixlaliou it I a. u. Biltio fcx^reaa 8.2i' a. m. rnt8i-a?i an^l Harnabari l&xf .-mm S ?, ?. IfcaU f. in. Tie a. w. train frcui TVa%Linit?r< eoniweta with the a. in. train from ltaJtiniore f.r lue War J for ilcfTato, Klmira. K..ofce?t-r, i)uaSirc.Caiiadait'ia and w;s.?-.ra FaMs.aadlor Now or* ei>?. Th? *. n*. traia from Waahictton eonreofc. vith tiiote. m. train from Baltimore to Went Noilh t^nr1 KArih?Miii'jl * !...>?? ??3 *.** U4W m BiiU iiuuii.U kUI I #toc;i?re.-. "t *hp. <u. train fr^m \Va?liyiiton<x>nnecta wit* J tha Si: 5- in. triiu from U tit. wore far I'itts-v'i | Mar.isburj and the W est acd is a di'eot counustaon for Lebanon. Fusion Allentown and ? Yorir via Cshtr&i Railroad of New Jer*?y. *r? tin roate fur New York. SrT!.a only trtu lu&virp Baitimareon S*n<1aj ? ; p. m. train, for Uarrisborc, fitlaburi, C?i o?? > an i tii? Waist Th?onl* tra.u trriTiiifein ll4!tin?or8 on Sundft* Is Ihf 8j2v ? m. train- J AS. C. CLA RK R, coit?-lr 8at.ari^i?uU^at. TNUT1CK TrO giiAVfc.LERS. ZK I'oaitr& iisr-erwi having ordfr?1 lit ?a:lsarv<o* Wa?Wc*ton, aa^njOiO.imd Old POtal K.:ri.ri?zi ,i oi;rurt) to bp rMuotf.1, on an?! fcftf'r-*1-1-1' J ar.ilAt- *?- ? * 4? ? ?* ,4-w ?K..t .1?. ?uu o?r L/ii.COl BlCB!"?n will IfttTt Baltimore EVKRV DAY ( ao*?tS<)n <1*-; fr;;u thair \?i,arf, foot of liuion Dock, tt 4H 'olooi. p. ia., 0/uriiaOtliitsiy alter ta? arrival o thf W ash ::rto2 True, lrliljb :mtn WMhingtei at 8K o'v-.iHtk f.?. _ . cfr-if M. V. PAT-i,a, hggt L. Yowiki. J. M. Town!. J. B. Towut, L. TOWERS X CO? STEAM BOOK AND JOD PiUIiTINO ESTABLISHMENT, Corntr ??i 9tf?A H. The attdntion of Uia bu?ins?i community i? r? .*%?r- ? n?-i J -?- - * fwuu'.it iw mo ft'iu juu rnni" ice Katabhuhment, whioh has been fitted up with new material, id the ouit complete manner, la now prepared to execute, ?u a laUajactorj style, everr variety of Printing, via: Book*, ttpeechea. Pamphleta, Curie, Circulars, Sutler*' Blank*, &o.,4?o. Tho attention of members of Coccreaa i* e*pe cialJy riuecteJ lor our facilities for printing Speech#, aa we have the Imrutt steam power in the citr. <le>-ianom DRY OOODS FOR 'THE FOl KS >* HOMB1Oflteera and other* needicf Dry (jcode oi any kind for Iheioika at home, are aol.oited to inaptct oor at'>ok, all new, and the pricea marked in plain bcuiea. tLo actual oaah ecaudate At; i??ro?i? for the interior, proMrlj packai for forwarding by eiprou or other fonvrTanoes, fr#e ofch?rg*? _ PEKR Y & BRO., a>E-U ' Pa. a*e. *nd Nmth WALL, 8TEPHENW * CO.. T" !)4'J I'msduvasu Avnti, MILITARY AND NAVAL WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large MiortmwM offlREY ana BLUE FLANNEL OVER-WH1RTB, WHITE IRTflk DRAWERS, CAMP BLANktCTS. HALF HOKE, Ac., whion we lnnte ail p?mil.a?er? to e*aj.iine before making their e.eonDB . '' ? ? Wth&'JitlK/Wj. I CASH NOTICE. to reduoe our bumnea* to Cuh axoloalraly.for tbe prsaaoL We have in aiore a very (arteassortment of KfcADY-MADK CLOTHING Tor men and boya' wear, whiehaf*eaUlacjat a muoh lowar rau *?. ROUSES, C0U>3,H0A*SKT?6ft. ** OOMPO VJfD 8 ) KuPoF HUM ARABIC. This pleasant and popular Cflnfh Ramedy bu ban so long kccwn tun *xU:.ur?ij f sad that moat parson* have baoome famihaf with its ai traordi f k,s*. Ji'dTviJi'*, i. fc SOiriTAki AU ?!(.?<':' '? V-. f ,?r:t r. 5*:i4y Mi ?U? R*wuif m U4 ft*id, ten. ALL D-fci,Sh8 OF 1MPK?DBN?S. ijrr /??/ ifjirr lAtrMMT. AtfLY IMMEDIA1KLY. A VAX WJLJUIAXTED, OR I/O CAAAQM, IX TJLOM OJfK TO TWO DATS. VtttlMI r" iklfeU, lilClfM, UMtelrf *< B*tin ?sd Btaidtf . iMUi> OatMifU, la^UMf, mi Dm n.llnfMBiH, O/tfpaj, kuna, CnIWn ' M???, liw Ipim, m U* *u. T!ai4itf, <(>, !> ' I.?u*f t f k; *r J,nu? W lil III!, ??* *. *! : v-? l>.p. Bumut w Ini i-iMH fimk'.i lK?M(r? ini' | fria hfr lu; laki.i ?f Yanfe?;*t?? Dm k?l u4 h?f ihm ?(.",? rtaUu Mm-If* Ib^mi?.?,u4 <M(nf Mt MralHM. ror>e ar*ir wt? art klt?n< tk* *'.? ..?? ?f MKuy TH?, tfcti : *a< 4ttjnc.:'t ktWt vMU uta.i; M u un i y (?? *.i *j? *f T??rf Mtt ' lk? txaUrt hL?2U ?u< hr . wk* mifkx MttrvtM i ntiuMd i . j i? - .?? vitk U?Uu4tnil t IIKII *r u iwiUf Ut u?iajr Irrt, at; Mil wMfc Aul inldoti. MAK.ALAOE. HuMt? rui^i.M r?-tf MM Ww rUfa, n tf fi?i|U niiiiit, Wfu:i 4*kttUyt dtfrriol.'d, *.u, (yttdi.T (Utl It vfc? ? -t?? ??(f icdirtti ?ui (T Vi J. aay r?U*V HIT (1 tl? 1! ' Ln?I > (WilMU U4 Hlll(itl) ??lj <HC lkit .:ui rtifiitiu. OVPiCB N? 7 SOUTH FKELXKfCK ST. UMiuid ft.if'tm ItlMtrtittfiL few tonlM Ik* Mrnii Fui ? ; twu'i tuu . - ? iiakn. I? Bltl pua Hid t IVUS?. dh johxsro/r, wtntf Hi ttyil C?.!?p ?' bxdN, ml* ill 'nu i.Tjiibt la U? lalta4 uu<i ir'thf ntfllfl-.lf f'HI !:'l ku liu IfWt la U* af fc?*a rm?. i;?.d?!pMa aa4 alM?k?ia, kit tfact* : aan? *' l'.a ??i i?l -g ?irai t*ti van ??r U?k; ct*i.y ???.? ?a w.'Jt nnfiafta U? la>< u4 tin viu (rm ti^<Hu ih, mm i1um4 at Kddtn lu^h.Liii fii fi?.??. t klaaSii.f, *iua4a< h:?'ot.h ? U 4??u|i . iu af au4, ?m ?*i*4 tauaaHUily. TAKE FAHTJCVLAK NOTICJK. T>t>{ Mai aa-l ??* ?*< wfca ?*r? uwal AiaulTai I; 1 HrUia prtaxita ?d tn vfcaa alaaa a UMt fci iiii.M nam i?'l ul fv .ii i. a* it nu?i, Uk k/iMk *f vkUk in alfV jfiltirin wk?a M'.ttp, Hid if in iuiL ri>din ffirrt-fi i-f?n i>4 to* ate4 ul *4v, *ka* d apply Iwuidii-iW. Am art Miat tl u.? utt (.<: ntiaaktoly kfnu Bradlkk* ky in'? ktb.n .'?? >K, - i: Wultm ?' ~t t*(l u4 btikki, Nl;i in tbl III! 1, U.c .m *f ht, L*M af ywiAl Pa*?r. Pilpr-iUaa if im fc?s-., Otije;??, H !'?* trrnakiiit<, ui'j-af#: th? : ritirni, i*i?ml 0?kii".T, yinpunt if Ca- u.puao, A*. l"? l?.?Tb? if icu m tto BUi ui MU U ki rr??''i<??L?r? if i'k^hiM ' -Hi, Uiiiihim if Bpiriu, EtiI rinWv ft, Aiiitin ' Satiny, '.fDla .r?it, Lim at tun-iiu?. (?., ui *? af tki l?il* tad let J. M?B Vr<*i .... . i.ii i.-rnwuii iu Jl MHI ftMu C I In. J., kin*i-g wttt, ft'*, o?r?t?t >:( ittiUua, i ?u/ti*J ^Huu?i ik*n ;i? tytt, tnfk > ija^rni ?f MtiiapDISEASES OF 1MPR VDEIfCK. W k j . :*a art fit .<* ?jni r|,i ?li >*ury ; f turn Ml k* *?? :a- . i ?? :? ?f i- i ftu fti tt im tM* ktp?tc> ik;-. *n I - . ttl 11 ?f ?m itrliti'trciM'in ddtTi hint'-?n> if p > tnf t* th?M v*?, fr*n ?C4U?* (H rttttu?.L-j, ma ?j? fctfr-tcd b:n ft it li'J It# kuittf i -r*ts <u.d d? r rsMuJ*r?. vk*, tattMbU f tii r,l (h Kt ?t.?: -.rT UHIUU; till kta uiliaf M. Jlif.Jr ki l?;j :t lot irat 'tat f?t iaa k? tkUicld, u:<! la ^tt-iir lit r* km *;;k kf'ti tt itjtk t'tr *:?*?:. r tt ky 'kt wit ' thai dittly ftirc.ry? ?i?o i>.? m"ic.iu?ul (7111111am ' tkfa it>..*: iittut, tKku/lfiuilutf ikt K*?n,Tk*tftt,Bta< ltd), tk. ml 'thlsf ii> '< 1 p>HI t?ij II !. I -.: "j by bial?ik*iMd4?t?T???3 ;#? i- ?it .? kl. .UttU<I IMI'.UU. DX. JQlTXEOyS HEMSDT FOR O&GAltH WEAK J \D 1 iiPOTENCY. Irtkli pr tr nftmutmtiy *<ain>?.' Ui arriM iltfftliufWlljl' ! (V) * f . Tkluuitllltl m*t\ ttrti- ul ;?d, *> h?< M lie nmdu .:rn..t'(<L ; <; i*f?di*#?u t? tui: r* m hh?i ?? ! IMI tf fiw.iiii HirTt<i ir*.i?fcUiT. U? Bill (uia <iai tt*e4. ? EJfDOKSK MFV* ???" - ?? ? v v? A WW I r<J tt APT t Mtll?l IIII4 tt tk.'t '?? U'.M ?'Ull i (ll iMii>Ml!ia ffn.u.' Ill iiimiwi tajtrtul hifl1 s.1 i;mjui^i.traii^ Pi. MLNM, ?:u>**?*4 ky i? ?|*?-i?n * ul r*>ln u4 wrf wl'im ft krs >(>U ul i(tl> ?? ? 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IStli Strut, bttweev 7 th *cd Stt Atibui, NEW YOKE. f? t7-d(jet 5 a. o. hood ? rorctsitlT reoAivi.x .&qo kuftlw&ya oa h*sd, ? fu't si>?p,y a'! t:.? isoit ce.ol>rfcted !K V, ?i * ;?Ui. j tun ft;c ii .?r:iiift?!tur6<3 LB|SvitzrTlavl % u Aciei 'oa. beta ia GoidflBK fr.dP'lverfj;f-. ta v.?o k^eca&i&rge mS of ?>ne JEWELRV of the taott c^irit' o :ty!te #? Wlt.ii I *? ?1?? 1 - till UlOUn ?cua. Ha -a & 30 >n?jmiictaniic?il kin.1t of Bond Sa dftrj rtii*vT Wva,ud kp?; a Svorda, R?volTir? Sward Halts sra Si<iiP?, Bowie Kci*??, tL&sorc. Scis^cra, ?c;d. Siltrer utl t5t:?l Speot*? ai l & trail v&ueiyoi other taires bsb&IIt tspt m a Je?? ry iilcxf. auia i it ti?? *ery ioweit >ne?. No. 33? i't. Irene.?, LetTreeu ?tt. fcai'stb acreate. fe It-tx rj'O XiL* Ati ? CfVIVLKti AND OiELi?, BATCUMLGrSS GSX7IM KHZ ST-3* '?L? Lt*i to too WorlJ. l-i Only Mi IJirviUst Hair D.i Imot. So'd It l':i Drr.?l?ta; M B***i?g?'a Flte&t MccitiUd btc . 6. c,. rU?oe.c^r. V * 7?k, I udct iZiita'a Rur Store, t!?* Vson'A ?vtz-e, vkari LaWiee r*-n ar? it asi^UoJ, if deSit-J. Fwtarj?B? b*rU?>at.''?t8 miiro*dw*T)N. T. r-sv ft-i * IThH'3 HA IK U V K '.-TO COLOM. BLACK J VX A HO IT A 'Utii J S cftuta ? uut. Tkrao Mi for ot:? dollar. 6txj, rod or liAxen kftir on. chs."*:* in ft fsw *-cor,ds to ft >? blftsk or oroirii. by qstc Ufhvn's Lna;s Ii~ :r J>je, tee bf M tu cM'sTont in the trodvs'.Br.tne monMint i* ftfpUMi, ft rirk utuni ftfp?ftrftno?. fcftch Box of L'niAK S 1IA1K DYE le wcuftntod to ooatftic Km ronoh *a>r ev? ?s ctlifra sail for e?? dollar I l<l by d. O. UkMi AM, 403 Viattscut ?Ue?;, Pk:!* delpluft, 5*:d 8. CALVERT i'ORD, eorn?r litis trt*t ar.2 i k. AT9.; in A.!?*u?nm, bj HENRY POOR <t Co.. Urct|i?K ?? Moty HR. UCPONTA sroAB-Oft**""* u ma r.? k kgX" la ifr* VILL%"" MbE\ Re?'i tte following tt??ouoit*i e&oomi QE/V int: , . Or f "I cannot ooitrmend them too highly." W. rJ UTiiej Art; U ? b?tt h ain&ia Pill* ext&ct. "I ha?<? 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An insy*>*t<Hi of ?u>?k otie*.ted frr a tfcareera, tesi'tanta and sojourners; rt will imy'yno ooinatton to poroliMC PKRRY*BRO? ay 5-M Pen*. avena* eadStk street jjECl ? D B Ajl GAIN*. Li&m Good*,? fill ftuortMftt fth kfcfr <U tS? bMl Em^wSjatl? and Pocket HftuUarftiUfttai rNNt AU of.Hu??boj??* ?u pit?Twfti?lly k*r wutt mirk*c w pitta leans, tfcaftstaU out DMdwf fllM. ^ /\>K VERY N1CR ROSEWOOD CRICRvj^mtcpk ?gp?IP??^ THE GREAT AMERIC AN K; Mtl'IKV K?VB4i ULLMLi'?LD H OMnJIM P&EFABATIOD 9, RELMBOLirS SITRACT BVCHV," " M BAkSAPARlLLA " 'IMFROVED ROSE WASH. HELM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. -HIOHL J COttCKNTRA TED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUChV. A PmmIto ud BfM'io Ra??fly For Mmm of tt* B I.AUDFR. K' I >> i > i*. GRAVEL, ud DROPSICAL 8W KLUNfct*. Ttau tfkUiM isemw tn? r^vor of t>if*atiott, Bad?z?ttM t!-? ABSGU HKNTS mi ?> *thy lotion, by vhiok the WATF IV <?fl CAL CAREOU8 dapoaition*, anJ ail UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS aro reCuood. a* troll aa PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and m food f r MM*, WOMEN, QA CHILLISX. HELMEOLDS EXTRACT B VCHV, For WafticritM Amur from Eiomm, Habiu of I>.u ?n ?z. Early ladiaerrtioa or Ab?M, Attmdadmitk tktftlivwma Frmrtvmt'? CiisfoaiuoB U> umion, L<^?? o! r<.w*r, MOfNMMrr, Difteaitr v>f HrMthinc, rtNanr*. TrofnVnr.g. Horror of Dims**. ? tllODNI Ol VlllOB, rnn" UoiTorMi L*Mita..e of tbo Kt?". *.r " ' "w. Dat Hindi, Hn?hir>t * *.h* * Drymioltttnii, FnH:nn?o"tli?Mni PALLID COUNTKNANCK, ThMtsraptoma, tftBow*d tofjor whicktfcfe madioine iBT?riohlf tttijotoo, ?c?r f ? I IMFOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILKPT1C FITS. * - - -* ?" ? * - * ?" ? www >1 WU90 ! ? fkuroi IT.M WW ou ny th?t they ?r# not frf<i?nllf fo!loved br Uw>m"DIREFUL DI?E\r: ? " "INSANITY AND CONRt MPUlN." Muy in mr? of t^? oiste of their i-.ffnc*. BUT NONE WILL OONFE9#. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. And tk* MtlmktKtln D?tks fry Con tun pram, 1111 A VP LB WITH??? TO TBI TKtriH Of TD!I THE CONSTITUTION ONCK AFPi.CIKU WITH ORGANIC WKAKNK-r. Re^viret the aid of mMielne to otrenithon acd Inciter**# the Sy Which MKLMBOLVS EXTRACT BCCHl ?m racial:* d?u. A. T*1AL WILL roHTlMl Tfc m lint* =????'*' FEMALES? FEMA LES~ FEMALES, OLD OK YOUNO, 8IN<JLR. MARBIKI) OK CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In many i/?r;tMi yten.tar to the Extract Waohn it Bi>?eo*'e^ fc* *?>? i-tsor remedy, at in Ctiloris ot Rowninn irr^*. P*icfuln??? or tiurpretftii,B 0f , , V v?cu?tun?, OleeratMi or Scirrhous ?tat? of tf>? l :erun. Li'ccorrl.ap? or Wkitee. t*?cn'itT. for a.I vcmftair.U inc.dec to the ??x ether artaing from Indiscretion, Hahite of Diteipahor, or in tne DECLINE OR CHANGE OF L!FK. mmnmai *?ov?. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! J Taki ho koki Bal?ax. M**cr*T.o* rNFt*?*- < awt Mitnemii rot vntlia'ani os l>a*obk-i? Miuah HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BVCHU cnn BECRET DISEASES is all thrtf At UltKtMr* Little or bo ohaoro in Diet, No incoiiveaience. And m Mrpeturt. It oUim ? fre^DBLt deei-e and t:vee otroattfc to Urinate, thereby renxmnt obttrnotu'na. PrnMtBi and Cirmi Btrictnrfis oI the Urethra. A la Jim Pain and I nil am-native. e* fre*u*r.i :n theoiaeeof dieeaees. an 1 ex p<vhni e 11 Pcttancnt, IHnnttd md teer* cut M niter. TBOCIAHDf CPO.1 THortANB* WHO HAT* BE EH *HS VICTIMS Of Q VICES, and who have eaid h taw rr*t'n he cared tea hort time, hare toned ther wore de<vre<l. end that theMrOI?ONw hae. by theueeof' rownrri. t*Taine?!?Te," been dried np in the t}?ier... w real oat in an accravated form, and PEhHAPS AFTER MARRUOE. 1 11 P?1 aiLKlOLC'l ExTSACT Ccccr for ft'.! tuNtloni ud dia?Me? of th? URINARY ORGANS, WblUlI nl*tirr W MALE OR FT MALE, From vkftt*T?r c*n?? onctn?tiB*,&r<i to tri'.ler c! HOW LONG STANDING. DiMMM of Ui*M Or r?E . r*?uira lii? t:d of ft DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT FI CHU J* THE GREAT DIURETIC, Ard u eartain te> havo u? detired effort ia aJ FOR WHICH IT 10 RECOMMENDED. BLOOD!BLOODfBLOODf Helmtold'i Highly Concmtrat'd Compiv-d FLUID EXTRACT 8ARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. < Tku la It an affect .on of the Uood, ard ATTACKS THE SEXUAL UKWAN*. LINING* OF THE NOSE. EA*8, nuuAi. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MVCOVS SIRKACts, VT?-kiwy ita appoarauoo lE tb? form of J ULCERS. Helmbold'a Extract Baraaftrilia, Pnrifiaa tba Blood, aa<i roiaovea al. Soaiy CrufttoL< of ttc Skm, I GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLLAR AND HEALTH if COLOR. It KaInm ? 1- * .. r.wr?<? vtpim,! n?r m:? r *? r J c<vrtialnta, lU Blood Panlying ft* p?r.\ta are ?i?asrrsd to a greater extern tutu 4ij other tion of Saraayarilla. HELM BOLD S ROSE WASH, Ab exoaileat Lotion for lhaeatea ol a ? Nature, and aa aa injection in U trust ol u.e Urinary (Jrgaca ariainc Jrum Hao.iaof Uwk.pati ueed in oonneotion with tha tx:rac:a bu?u* 01 oaraajarnia. in anoh Diaeaaea a* leou.uti.crCec, IfUtati ii< atiif rtlimbls ami rupmilU tkarattir will attomran* tk* tnidutiti. CtETlUCA l t,B OF CULL*. frtai 8 ra an tun' uu^nr, With Naiua mows to For Modioli Projnotiea of BLCUU, M UIt poaa&tory of tbo United t>t?tea. boo Piofwaor DEWKt'D niuli works on tfc# PiaoUpo ol Pfc j no. f Hoe remark a rande by the inte oaiotorfttod Dr. PHYS1CK, Ptal*ue;?la*. bee renuki made bj Dr El'HLAlU MCDOWELL. ? caieUnteJ Pt.jE:<uic h.i . Meoiter of the Royn Co..eje of t*nrieona, De.&.d. e...d enWiahod m Ike TrftnMeUot.s of tno Kmc ?n* qwoa** Jo?r?al. 8m Wodieo Chimrfiool Renew, vnl. itked by BENJAMIN TRAVtM,K?!i?w of Ko;?> Col.ef e of Strf eota. I boo moitoftkalataHtu^n* ? ? w-wt mmvrmi iUWIOUlO# Kztract Baoba, fl W per bott.e, or ax for fi ?. Extract aaranjnr ilia, 91 W) per butt 0, or aix tor Waah, * ft bott:??f or fix for Or, halfdosaa ofanan for 9tt w>, whioh wtII t-a aafioiant to oara tba most obatuata cvuei, >f ?i racuona va K^carixJ to. Dal.Tared to nay Adoroaa, eotrail hoIm from observation. DESCRIBE SYMPTOMS IN ALL COMMUNICATIONS. Curea <Jaarai*toad : |MM 6nUiit1 APP1DAVIT. Paraoaally aaaaarod bafora ??, aa Aid*rre*a of tha city cf Ptilada.^ia, ?I. T. fini-MolD. who baing anly a worn, dou aay.hia ir?Farnti.>a?. ecataiaao oarooue, ao aweary, or otaar uuanota "?"a ?. HtLMROLD. Swore and aabaoribad bafora vajk't 2W day cf rfof nr. mm. wm. r. HXttMKC t?. Ai-ioru^, Hl*Ui BUMt. frbOVO lUMiTUktl^i. AMnm iMnte WMMin in ooaftdoMo to on*. .VWSttfffcV&SSt nut BEWARE Of CO UWTEhFElTS nl) unprincipled dfcalcm. VkiNi?m to M^om -of tnti ow*"?t 'oTin'1 uncm on rut ur*TATioii intmai " Essa*?.. ; . Ji I B*ldbr?L?DJt UOGISTS ITEMY1WHERE. AM FOft ULMIOLM * I ;- I AHA ATOlf IMPOSITION AND KlfU

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