Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1862 Page 2
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0 KVPNING STAR. - - a nrT T\'nTir\%T nrnr?TT \ji II. TTi* AY APTtlli 29, 1M9. lUT1 Biding Milt on every page. Bee ent Ide for !r??re?tlnp telerrarhlo ?r?d ?ther matter. <ca nxiu at lue vxrivoj mliltw? caapa ar.O pcatUcxij will confer a favor by keeping aa poatfd aa to wioTmrnta and alftlra la their lclnltlea 07Though Thb Stak la printed on the futcai ? prtaa la u?? south of Baltimore, Its edition > ao Ur?e as to r.vnlre It to be pr.t to press at so arty boar: Advtrnstwitnts, therefw, should be Hit 1b before 12 o'clock m.; otberwlM they may aot appear until the next day. ftptrttsf ttao Moraiag Prm. The Int?lltgim*T baa a congratulatory article on tbe passage and ratification of tbe late SewardLyons Treaty. Tbe Rtjmbhran argues tbattbe Southern Rebellion la emphatically " a slaveholder*' rebellion," and aaya It will be ao designated In enduring bl?tcty. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. LATttT PROM TORT WRICITT. Tb!? forenoon tbe Navy Department received a dlapatrbfrom Com. Foote, dated la?t evening, from bla fleet opposite Fort Wright From Ita roatenta, It 1* jnd?td tbat the tlej?e of tbat fortification waa tben progrewlng without tbe recent oreorrenre there of anything noteworthy. He had at ?hat time evidently not beard the news of tbe fall of New Oileana before our naval forre*. LATIK FRUn IIIIITUWll. I.aat evening (be following telegram from Gen. MrOlellan reached the War Department: illADQFAltTKRg A * SI Y OF PoTOMAf, April i> ? 11 I. m ?To Hon. F.dwln M. Stanton, Secretary of War: Nothing of interest dtirirg the night. No firing on our right, where tbe work proceeded undisturbed. On tb?* left tbe enemy tired a good deal, but burt no one; nor was the work inter ? ? * - ? U.I J L. rupiM ll*ve Jlisi wni j ursvy unu inun^ iu stlenre a gun or two of the enemy'a that Lave b-en Innpertlrent tbla morning but bave burt no one The weather baa improved, and we are making good progress. G. B. McCi*ttA!?, Gen. Com'd'g. *?w oitBATta ta*tt. Some of tbexe around us are doubting tbe reli ability of tbe news of the appearance of our Gulf fleet In tbe Mississippi opposite New Orleans, and the simultaneous abandonment of the rlty by the rebel military, that has come to us through Virginia newspapers. There need be no apprebenslon whatever relative to Its truth. Its eil'ect upon the Southwestern troops serving in Virginia ?- tn H* tAA H1 Mttrnna (a (holr r*n?p tn aa'mit the poaalbllity of Ita publication In &ece*ata u/ileae H were uaeleaa to try to conceal It from the pub'lc there. That we are In fall possesion of New Orleans la therefore pcaltlrely true. The United States having the entire command of the watera aurroundlng it can boid tt at will with not more than five thousand tronp?, oar navy there being worth garrison of a hrwdred thousand men to that end. We have no space in whlcu to explain in detail how and why the presence of a small naval force in the river and about the lake is likely to be so much more effective there thsn elsewhere, further than to say that for two hundred mile* It is approachable by a land fore# from ap the country only over a strip of land nowhere more than half a mile wide, as level as a parlor floor, and without any shelter of dense foliage. In tbe rear of this strip la a awamp utterly lmpasasble for troops, of erylng width and capable of being made a dc*pfei wuie lake any wbere and at any time by half an bout's labor with baJf a dozen shovels. No army could march down tbe coast ?trlp mentioned above with onr gunboats raking It; wbHe without a naval f superior to cur* in that quarter no army could men&rp the city from the rear?v!a Lake Poucfcartraln and ILe shell road. Under these clrraiMUww, to take It, it to assure Its possession to the I'uikd , Lir,on<i ait peradver:ti!fe Witn the city fast In our po?<tes?ibii, mand "the Mutation'* in Louisiana alinc*t as thoroughly as at this in New Vork. CONFIRM*!* 'Ill#' Senate, In nwallTr s*?>lon, yp^lerdav confirmed a large nomber of military nominations, Including the followln^-nam<-d to be tlrlgadirr Oenerai of TolrCterr?: Col Ma* Wflm, ffN. V.; Col Geo S Gren, of the f-Otb New York volunteer*; Col. John Caldwell, of the llih .Maine; ? apt Trtin.nn Sfvmoar, of the fttb artillery; Col. lKaa<> P. Kodman". of the 4th Rnode Island: Col. flerry Hoh'.en. <t i'a ; Paymaster Henry Price, U. 8. A ; Capt Qulncj H Gilmore, cf the Corp* of Engineer*; M?j. Al? lorn Batrd, Asaiaant Inspector General;" Geo. D. Bayard, l?t PennayWama cavalry; Col. Th-a U Crlt'enden, of a regiment of Indiana volnnWn, Col. AWiB P. Hovry; Wm. P Benton, of Jnd ; Jeremiah P. Sullivan, of li d ; Janr.ei C. Vlairh,of !nd ; Pliant A B&rkl?, of Ir.d. Ofta'l liolmta, of Pa., wua confirmed aa bri^*dr *ur??on of volunteers. NAVAL APPOINTMENTS Tbe following appointments were made wa'er *tmy uy lue !?4vy utpcriiwni lienry v ?*ort*-r, tA NVmtlngtun, Acting Paymaster, ordered to fort Kuys1, 5. C ; George A biitUb, Acting Mutn at tbe Brooklyn N.ivy Yard; Charles C Bunker, of K^uUtrket. John A. Gurdcn. of Seaport, Maine, and Jatnn F Alroru, of Boston, Acting Msatera, and ordered to ILe Cbarlestown Navy Yard. Fr*AJirt,.T.._New York papers of ynterrtsy re pori a aecideu improvement in atorkaof all dearrlptlonn, but Government'* especially atroa^. At the cloalng prices of the ttret board storka of all kloda advanced. Registered C'? of lt"?l are quoted at M?,, and coupon* at '.C; U. i 5'* of lA74,H?)f; U ** 6's, one year ctrtltt'atea, *a 30Treasury notra,IO"X; borderStatebond* are advancing: OLlo O'a quoted at 1U0; Illinois coupona of 1*77, 9(i; Tenneiaee C'a, M*56%, Mia our' fi'?. California 7'a, foreign exchange la nominally firm, and commercial bills a i ?am -a- M _* <???. K.UI.C, Aiucriciu goia quoifa Bl iui Thi lati Railboad Accidint.?'The accident on the Philadelphia road fortunately bea not proved a* aerlou* s? wai at ttr?t anticipated. Her Mr Zi nimertunn and family are now In I Baltimore, ai.d attended by Prof. Miltenbereer. at the eipense of the Railroad company. Mr. Nelson of New York a:.d Misa Kate Clarkaan, niece of Dr Cuamln^aof Baltimore, whoae in !? *%? iivivo vruuua n ai uri? apprcapnaca, have been conveyed to Chetter. I'd , where they are receiving every at ention. U7The War Department has issued an ord r relieving the Chesapeake and f'hlo Canal from the mlirary sopervlMnn heretofore placed over U, and restoring It to the exclusive control of it* president. Alfred Spates. K#q \rr From Hudson r*ylor. 3H Pennsylvania avenue, we bare Blackwood's Magazine for April. A good comber. ^ CT A Frencfciran named Moses Menard Is an <ki Hint m Buiua, coirgta wiiB murdering fell wife Thursday morning. He proteases deep sorrow on h?r death, and asya that he shot her supposing her to b? a burglar. |fT The totally illiterate adults white males In all tne Northern State* are not half ao many aa their #50,000 volunteer*, whil e those la England and Wales, with a Bint lUr population, are almost three times 650,OCO. || ^ A I.LU <_ lk. ?la- I ? - ? MM in mr iiiutariapuil* Journal report* thai more than a perpeodlcnlar root of rata fell at that place between tbe 1st ef March and *Oth of April. [f^Tbe U S steamer Eunice was run Into on litridiy night, by tbe steamer Commodore Carry, off Aablard, Ky , and sunk. She la toul lw. rrr The United Stntea Court was reopened In Naabellle, Tens., on Monday laai; the patriotic 4 UU^O VSVVH piWUiM* . 1IJ?We aee by the Buffalo papers that Dean ftlehmood, Eta , has presented S6G0 to the Buffalo Geatral Hoapital. (?7 At Greencastle, lad , last week* man TO yean old was tried la the Clreutt C -urt for wifemurder and aeateaced to the State prt?ou for life. C^Oea Tea Thumb to again on exhibition aad le holding his levers in Plitaburg, Pa. fTr PIity errea we e'a have arrived at the port or rniitaeipBia.aunng me present fry rue d?Uw in DaUtaore lu( week sum I Wrcd*. 1 *. * . - '? .1 lam fi ** * I.ATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FORTRESS MONROF. Hew OrlenRfi. ? Crporitd UcMtBttlon of the Rebel Iron (*ut)boat Bear Sew Orleans by the I*. 8. Steamer Pensacola. ^ \on-appearanee of (he flerriiaac* K?hri finnbAtia JttteniDt to Shell our Encampment. Baitimo**, April 29, (from Fortrws Monroe, 2Sth )?A flag of truce to-day took dispatches? package* of letters for Union prisoner*. No new*papers were received, or at lea*t none came ln4? the hand* of tbe pre#*. The city of New Organs has been taken by the t'ntnn fmrH Th? toteorsnhtr nnerafor* havlntr left there ai previously reported, no particular* had been received. H la atated, however, that the operators subsequently attempted to returr, but found the flty In possesion of the I'nlon troop* It I* poMlb> tbe city surrendered wltb^ out re*l*tanre, after the fleet made their appear ance. There Is a report that the enemy'* much l?oa*ted Iron gunboat, built there, a second Merrlmac In Its way, waa destroyed by the If. S ateamer Pensarola. Tbe weather and tide to-day were very favorable for tLe reappearance of tbe Merrlmac In Hampton Road*, but she atlU delaya her coming. It Is reported tbatamne rebel gunboats In Jamea river attempted thla forenoon to abell some of onr canps this side of Warwick. THE ARMY BEFOKE YORKTOW.1. [Correspondence of the N. Y. Evening Post.] w n . ... n " I* i r ? i n? IN lAJir DSKIKE 1 OKKTvWI*, V A . , A pf 11 V.).? A rebel desert^ to-4ay reported that we have killed one rel?el brigadier general, two raptainn and severnl lieutenant* alnre wa bave been In front of Yorktown The number of killed and wounded Is withheld from the rebel troop*, but it is large, and many of the rnetry are bit by our artillery and sharpshooters earb day. (Mir gun* Keep up a u<-suu<>rv tinny, ana the rebels ocraalonally respond Tbe pnnnv opened a broadaide at a point near our picket* yraterdav, and continued it for a few rolnutfs with great rapidity, but elicited no reply and did no injury. A rebel spy, dre*f.ed like a California Indian,' waa stopped by two or three ahcts from one of our gunboats !a.*t night, while paddling haatily up tream; but he will give no account of himself He la a complete puzzle to our "detective!"." A survey of Yorktown yesterdiv showed that the enemv were at work in two directions; one party of workmen constructing new earthworks, and the ot! er removing every movable thtng Into the woods In the rear of their work?. All the in. fantry has moved back The rebel* show Indication* of uneasiness in their present position. It la supposed that tbey are either making preparations to evacuate Yorktown, or else meditating srme scheme of attack tipon u?. All toelr the left of those in tbe iminfdlate vicinity of Yorktown are silenced, or at least tbey make no rep'.y to our puns. A larjre number of shot and shells were thrown into their works yesterdav. Several rebels ar?, however, seen hovering In the vicinity of these leaser works, watchiiik. our movements I B'lbfr from Verktoun. [Correspondence of the Philadelphia Inquirer ] Camp Wikfiild Fcott. near York town, Sunday, April 27 ?Colonel Crocker and Major Ca?utiy,wbo left under aurh auaplciaua clrcumaUncea and weni over to the rnt my, are now thought to have gone over aeliberstely with tr?a*onable deaiflna Their papers and remaining effect* were examined to-day, bnt nothing was found tending 10 mow anv it'*inyauy. i ne ( Ui <tj in tbe regiment thlr-k that it was a f-iol-hardy recoono(??ance on their part, and (bat they were caught bv the Rebel*. The picket teatiflea tt at tbey approached him in an ur.dresa uniform, without sword, pistol*, or arms of any kind. He said; "This la tbe outer picket " They merely aaluted him an* parsed on He tursed and apoke to the S^r^eant. "Tbey nriat pot go any further." said th?? Sergeant. "Where ere they?" "There," said the picket, snd turning tt.t-v were not seen. It was but a short durance to the Hebel linea; no jjun waa Br.<* tiiev either were ,-ecelyed with open arms bv Seceeb. or wtilket) Into Rebel line* I nnawar^s. What could have been th?i r object | ;r? ti-U" rt^scrtiriR, If tbey have done ?o, U hard to roaj?? Sine. They Lavfbten In position wheie IL. v roi;IJ ,-.a."'.re little or no infnnurvlon which will Le . t leurat to tL^encmv, except the politico o( their own Brigade or Division. Thia morning, abonti'^ o'clock,a?-cf tboi;?Lt ue rw aome men tr.arcbioe iloar the edire <-,f the wondi in fmr.t of Ynrktnwn, and.frc.nn the nnmtior. i(?f po?ed they were for *oi;ietbinu else be idei plrkf i d:?ty. P#rhap? the tLo?e!? and plrkt on the men's Btuwlders were fhongbt to be uunfceu^ry for plrket duty, and to :hev opened tb*ir batteries for flve or fen niiautrs The abell flew so ilvrfy that It wa? thought in camp tbVtan attack wa? to b? on u? at onre; but some of our artillery returned tL* flrc. !?rd seceiL wsi soon gl^d to qnlf. Tiie'r shells went over the be*d? cf tfcenen, an?l tiplnderi In the woods TLe troops kept on w'th their to.'.if, and we presume. a? tLer^ are no Sunday.* in time of war. that tbey will not remain !die a'.l dav. FROM FOKT PILLOW. | From Corrctpomln'-e ('b1ct!?o Timn, A r Ml 25. j At Kort I'll low the operat'ona of tLe flotilla are rcirl',* Mis|xr,tt'J. An orrsuioual abell I*U??til at the rtbel fortification* merely to l*t ibe enemy know tUSt Ir.vpitsaent still continued. Ah already Intimated, the boai'>arUiueiit of the fort will not be commenced untl af-er the de'cat of Beauregard at Corinth. The gun and mortir boala, bcwever, are kept constantly prepared for action. This is necewiry.tbe mnre so from the tart Ifaat the enemy are known to bi*.ve a Beet of tLelr own around Craighead'* Point, aud there Ij a chance that ;bey may venture out with their boats to attack our An important dl?patch was received from tbe War Department yesterdny by an otli' ia! In t&H place, asking w briber Com Poole Ciiid communicate with tbe department by teleuiapb, and wlalilng an immediate reply. A wae lr?!ni.i!v dl?pat< bed to tbe acme of peratlens at port I'lliow and ('cm Foote I* eip. rtr-j here to-morrow to bold tit*: Jeftrtd conmltatioo. TbUaurely has tome Important reference to tbe fleet, but i f what character It U lmooMlblc to aurmiae A spy tent to Mempblc and New Orleans by On. i'ope returned via Mobile and CoMntb lie repr??eiiU that tLere ia tbe most Intense anxiety throughout tbe South to bear tbe retult oi the coming battle at Corinth. Everything?lives, money, property?la to be a'aked on the cont st, which will De aa deap^rate ax it decisive. The people have entire coufldence In the ability of Ueaure/srd to achieve a victory which la to reclaim 'I'enreaaee and nave the sinking fortunes of iLf uomeaera'-y. ? ue mrceai corintn v/ai toeing greatly augmented ea?,h day, and every man abh; to bear arms was (summoned to the grand rally. Nor 1? lfc!a all. Tia^le and bunlbcu are *uapendtd,tbe wrir.en meet dally at churchrs, In halls, to manufacture garmen'a for the soldiers, bells are recaat Into canoon, while the roll of tbe drum la?umuu;iilDZ c rowda of forced levies Into the service. There ta no Union sentiment, but ev*ry man, wumaii and child enter Into tbe cauie with a devotion seldom paralleled The entire South la In fearful earnest, not atmply the leadera. ............? ?? ?- - inn iu< iimmti, iuu uuc anu an nj-'y aeciare im y will dl?put? every Inch of territory, and fight for tbe cause ''to tbe bitter death." At Memphis, on tbe 17tb, Hear was selling at 815 per barrel, corn at SI 30 per bushel, and other supplies In proportion. Yet the people are willing to softer every privation, do huffer it, and yet there Is no algn of i*ntteuce. My Informant was at Corinth short ll.?. I..III. III "-V. - ? " - ??? aaid IUS o?mc VI riHIUUIg IUU, lUOU|(H nOl permitted to divulge any information respecting the strength of the enemy's fort location*, is free to coufesa the belief that the force under tf tauregard numbers fully 150,QUO. Cammenta tl the Rebel Jnrula theNew Urleana News. r mm * - ?>l-l 1 P * * ??? i r rum iuc nxgmuou r.i.nuirrr, April HJ Allaire are critical at New O'leana tbla time. On 1 haradajr, accordlag to Intelligence received b*re, two cf the enemy's gunboau puaed Fort Ja*kaon, and commenced to make cautloua oba rv.tkoDH la the rlvor above. Tbeaame Information elated that tbe Loalalana, the Iron-clad bat Ur?r, waa In position to realat them. un yritotday there were reports that an additional number of the enemy's vessels had run by the forts. Telegraphic intercourse with the city of New Orleans *u very difficult, on account, It was stated, of tbe excitement prevailing there, which bad caused a general Interruption of business. Conviction or Doiru, thb Fobgis ?In the Superior Criminal Court, of ttoston, on Friday, the jury lu the case of James Unryea, tried for forgery of bank drafts to tbe amounts of S14 (WO, leturned a verdict of guilty on both indictments. |p* The work on tho vessels at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Is being rapidly pu?b d forward. The Monocgaheia and Juniata are fast approaching com pie0:1, and tbe keel of tbe Hbenandoab will be laid very shortly. [?>" The tax levy for Baltimore waa Axed by the City Councils yesterday at II? cents on the 0100, Including the war tax of 16 cents, being t cent? on tae iiuu lets vtun last year. I m TRIE ATTACK OW ?ffW OR LK A TVS. Ofir?ti*ai *f the Gall FlMUEMrriai Ihe Mi?*<?*ippl Rlm-P?M?F'i Mcrtar Fleet and Other Vessel* Aislpfd far the Attack. [Correspondence of the N. Y. Evening Poet] Gwib^at Comrwrictrx, Orr Sair Sunday mornlnsr. April 13 ?After a cm Ik of ^ crai wteks In the water* of the Galf, we aw again rn our way to the North?unluckily for many of in who wtat to atay to nee the fun and wlmtM the downfall of New Orleana. Prcbably bef<**e tht? letter reache* you the telegrap* Will have flanhed over the land the Intelligence of the downfall of the greatest rebel city. The great Gnlf fleet baa already paared the bar of the Mla Utlppl, and la nnw before Fort* Juckaon and Phillip, the grinning Cerberl which guard the entrance to the Hadea of Seceaaia. The fl<>et > a anlendll one. and dnrln? mv cruloe in the Connecticut I have enjoyed ample opportunities of examining it. The flag-nhip Hartford la the ocean home of Commodore Farragut. After the Hartford cametbwaloapa of-war Penaacola. Richmond and Brooklyn, and the old w* el Mississippi?a veritable old war sea-horsearmed with heavier Runs, borrowed from the Colorado. Xhese vessels constitute a most formidable arm of assault Tbey are probably provided with gun* as no vessels were before; besides tba usual complement of twenty.#lx Runs, hovitxtrs art plated in tk* top*. [The first cross-piece on the mast ?Ktl.? ] Resides these there are the Iroquois, Oneida, Verona, (of twelve gun*,) Miami, and the sailing sloop-of-war Portsmouth, wblch is towed by the Mississippi, who has taIron ko. .. nJe* ? T1*-? - - am an uuurt uci vuin. I urn t'OIIW IUT gunboats W Issahlckon, Winona, Owaska,ltaaco, Pinnla, Kennebec, Sclota, Cayuga, KataLd n, and another who* name at tbla minute I cannot recall. PorW'a Mortar fleet 1? a little Armada of Itself. The Spanish Armada, If I remember aright, consisted of somewhere about one hundred and thirty vessels, and Porter has no less than twentyonf bomb schooners l^den with death-dealing mortars?Implements of war. for one of which inr ieaaer* m me oia r?pannu would have bartered any dozen of their best ve?el*. These mortar schooners won id, however, be very much like an umbrella without a handle, or a how without a string, were it not for the three ferryboats Clifton, Westfl Id and Jackson, whicu are doing the state more service down here than ever they did on the Platen Island route. They tow the sluggish schooner* about, accelerating their motion to n degree which quite amazes the heavy laden cr^ft, if they be sensible of amazement One of these ferry-boats c#n tow two or three of the mortar vessels at once. The mortar fleet 1* divided Into three divis Ions, known reapect1v< ly as tbe Ked, WLite and Blue The Harriet Lane la Commodore Porter's tlag-sblp. Before I arrived In these water* the lleet bad b"gun tbe great work of entering tbe Mississippi. Those only f imlllar with the Hudson know little of the difficultly of the task. The Mississippi river consents to leave Seceasia for the Gulf only with an ungrateful compromise, and In theahap* of a bu^e deposit of sand?the famous bar which hlninastPrs lhnw<?r mr% mtnw 1 iwr\?oo?f<Ana An Tfce lieet entered the river by theHouthwest Pasa. There bad been tome intention of trying to reach New Orlean* by way of Lake Ponchartraln, but the enemy became prematurely advised of the plan, and so It was abandoned and ttaeSonthwrst Paas essayed. The water was so shallow tbat the larger vpssel* could not pas*; and the cannon, anchors, aud almost every movable article on board the Hartford. Pensacola, Richmond and Brooklyn were transferred to ll^ht schooners. Tbe heavy \i'i 9 vcaatila fKtie I l??Vi tano/1 > * * ' ? ?... ? imir >ip;uivuru aoiiru iiiiiaipaanu) over theb<rand reshlpped their armament higher up. Tte Colorado, being too heavy,waa leftoutaide. The passing of the bar occupied tome three weeks, the last vessel crowing only the day before me Connecticut sailed from the mouth of the Pant* The fl'st veseels which passed the bar took potsesslon of the deserted Tillage of Pilot Town, which In the flush days of Louisiana was a famous watering place, the Long Branch of New /\.i ? ? * " " wm?, iHf ptace wu arieriM and tbe spaclout hotel wu at cnre orct;p!ed by ourfcrgeons, and fitted up aa a hoapttsi. A* the flret lay lu the river waiting for coal? tbe want of which delayed the expedition some time?picket veaael* were tent two ml lea ahead 10 notify ui If tbe rebela ahouid aend down burning raft*, or other unpleasant meiuengera. One day the pickets reported a rebel tleet of aeTen veasel* coining down. A few federal veaiels gave chu?, and the rebel teamer* took to their heela, or i rattier to tnelr (paddle) wheel*. Five were sr>on out of sight bevor.d the forty, and the other Just ficaptd The last however, wag not so lucky. Seeing our vessels gulping pn theip, (be lqg^ard ran to shore, was set on ore an4 deserted She was a good sized steimer. |f we ta>e Forts Phillip and Jackson there is llttl* to prevent our fleet from goinj* directly up to the city, at Fort Leon Is of no account The rebel* have stretched a chain acrcs* the river just below tbe forts. It is supported by four barks lad^n with cotton to avoid destruction. Thl* chain is a nulsan-e; but we hope that we can silence the forts Jirst, and tbe* cut the chain at our i-1 jure ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. THK REBtt. DirSXCX* ON THli ?CLF. Conversation! with the <>tlWr* of the gunboat Connecticut, who arrived here to day, Lave ell clU*d additional particulars of the condition of allalrs at sew Oflears The tri* I defences trf-iuw the city, sccor4ing to trustworthy Information in their poaeession, were very strong. and could not fall, Ir well served, to Indict vast injury upon our vessel*, If not cripple many of them. |'p<.n the two forts,( Jackson and Phillip,1 more than *2imj^u3s were mounted, and butteries lined tLe tmnks of the Mlsaisalnid (mm Fort Jackson to Now Orle&ns. He-.ides, there were vrry formidable obstruction* In tbe river, consisting of chains, stakes, and boats loads d and bound with cotton, moored In tbe rtver. (In either side and above tLese obstructions b^terie* were erected, wblch could rake la a most deslruclUe mwner the only pa*si?B through the st-kes and l>oats Tbe officers of tbe Connecticut believe that If the attack on these defences was successful (wblch there is now no reason to doubt) tbe failure to cope with our vessels arose from cowardice on the part of the rt u is rather than their weakness PREPARATION* FOR A LAND ATTACK ON NSW ORLEANS. Preparations for a land attack on New Orleans, in rotijuiu tion with that of ibe fleet, were made by ben. Uutler. aud the embarkation of troops from Hhlp lalaud, supposed to be for New Orleans, waa In progrtsa for several day* before the Connecticut sailed It waa understood that these troops would be taken through the Mississippi Bound to h point above the principal rebel b..tterl??, and co-operite with the Beet when It should ascend to the designated point. At the litest dates of the Conneetteut no Information had reached Ship Island nor the fleet as to the onera. Hons of rbocetroof a. Tte correspondent of the Philadelphia Prtss g\v? s the lo.lowing Interesting particular!!: 'i be attack upon the forts will soon be made The forts, Jatkson on llie left Land side and I'hlllp on the rl^bt, have the dtfrnsr of the river committed to them. '1'he former (Fort Jackson) Ik casemated; the latter la au'd to be not?are situated twenty-one miles from the bead of the passes, ana titty mllia from the city of New Orleans, on the bend of the river; they are each mounted with 147 Urge 4'2-pounders, besides a variety of smaller guna, 4 000 to 5,COO men are said to be In ttc. e forts. The parade ground. In the center of the forts, has been dug out and filled with water. The guns of the forts commaud the land and sea for three miles. These sea-coast forta are furnished with furnaces for beating redbot shot, a weapon equally destructive with our mortar*. These furnaces can eaaily accommodate from fifty to sixty shots; a twenty-four pounder can be made red hot In twenty-Jive minutes, and a thirty-two and forty-two will require i few minutes longer. These are dangerous missiles. particularly against a shlp-of-war; a red-hot shot retains su the lent beat to set Are to wood after having struck tte water several times. A number or these shot, fired with small charges, so as to enter ha'f way only Into a ship's aides, would be, I may say, almost utter destruction. For landing troops, there Is hardly any suitable plac? around the passes of the Mississippi. For miles extended la a continued swamp, marshy, destitute of trees, excepting coarse reed stems which grow to tbe height of four or five feet. It was generally supposed that no troops were to bs landed, until to-day, when it was understood that General Bu'ler waa to be kept In readlneaa with twenty thousand troops?a favorable Increase to the eiDeditlon. Oar oniyiM?ti? a**-? ? without doubt, to throw all the obstacles they can against us. But we ars fully prepared for them. The other day a log of wood came floating down from the direction of the forts, between the Brooklyn sad Hartford, it stnek upwsrds as If it had something at the end, looking Ilka an Infernal machine. Before our boats could get to It to asi? ? ' ' ? " .mam wmi i? ww, ih iwiii current or tbe river carried It oat of reach. The plan of tbe attack I have not yet learned, although numerous report! are In circulation, one of which la that the mortar fleet la to begin the attack, and after partly silencing tbe flr?t fortJackson?at a given signal the ships of war are to advance; tbe flagship Hartford In the center, tbe Brooklyn on tbe right, tbe Richmond on the left, the fensacola and Mlasiaslppl bringing up the rear, taking position in the manner described. Tbe gunboats scatter bee and there, making themselves generally uiefol. Th# rrnll will h* th.t ?ft-? ?? ? ? -? '? uum Into our bands ?nd are l?ft In tha rear, other ob 'teles will spring up to obstruct the passage at the ships. KngllsbUiwn, fifteen miles trom the city, on a wt narrow bend j>t the liver, with deep water, 40 to 6p fathoms, strong current, la supposed ta be wejl fortlfiyd With tu*t capture, an eaav ptsjage to Orlaans Is Mfara us; and then, and not till then, can wc proclaim th* victory. Mabch 2i. ?The ships sre all preparing with vigor for the engagement, Improving the gun8 placing bowmen la U?e tops, and patting a jickej * 4 / / f of Iron chain on tbe ai<l?of the Alp for tbe pr?- I lection of the boilers and ateam drum?the volI nerable pointa of a man-cf-wv, and If left ex i p<*ea may oe greetly Injured. March SP ?Capt Belt, of the fleet, in the ranboat Kennebec, ventured within four mi lea of the

forts, when the fort* opened upon bJm, and to hia astonishment the abot * track alcnzaide of the gunboat?eriden-lf m 100-pound rifle ball. He then beat a retreat nfler finding oat aa mack as be could obtain. This show* that tbalr guns are four or Ave nolle*' range. Capt. Ball averts that tbe abota tbat were flcod?amounting in >11 tn sixty?were tred with preclmlon, ma If directed by experienced gunners. It la thought that Gen I.oveil or Oen. Dnncmn la In command of the for'a. One of their contrivances la that mil the logs mod branches which float down the river in enormoua quantities should be collected and made ready to let down on the fleet to retard their headway. It la scarcely possible that mnv power can hold us long back?we must go ahead. ' rr^ATTENTION! WASHINGTON LISHT ; I 3 6UAHD ? Y ou mr? hertbr ord"*! to m??t at your Armory, on THURSDAY MORNING, Mit ls?.mt <> o'olook.for smrmda mad i arret armo tioe. Msst for drill WEDNK8DAY tVKNING, ftt^o'alotk. P. A. H. MARKS. Jr. ?? g> at* Cmst Com't foww.t. |> W" THERE WILL. BE A MEETING OP ILJJ >he Unconditional Union voter* of *everth Ward, at Potomao Wall, on THURSDAY, KVK NINO, l?t of May, to organize for th* coming J*M election. All opposed to the Republican party come up. _ ap 2?-3?' ANT1 REPUBLICAN. THK REPUBLICANS of the Seventh |lS Ward, aca all who are in favor of the policy of the piesent admir.iatr*uoa, are invited to meet at Potomao Hall, on 11JLSUAY NIGHT. theS^tii lint., at 8 o'cloot ap?St? rr^?NOTICE - The Stockholder. of the WashLL5 lngton, Alexandriaand tieorretown Railroad Company, are heeefey notified that a meeting trill be held at the oflloe of Alexander Hay. Km . r*u. .i->i r?un?TivMJi? avenue. Washwfton, D. O., on SATURDAY. MftySd, ?MJ, at 11 o'olook ft. m ALEXANDER HAY, >?16 dtd JOSEPH THORNTON. Parohaaers , I EVERY ONE'S INTEREST?If THE IJJ? CITIZENS. STKANUEHS, AND SOLDIERS I hftvejttai received ft Tory larte and fine assortment of Spring Olotiiior, whioh I am ofi'erinK at our usual low prices, ftt No. 460 Seventh stieet. opposite Host Office, near F. fe Tt am fvW?THE UNION 1'RAYKR MEETIN0 Will J.jf be holden every day ttiis week id the LutberanCliuroti, (Hev. J. G. Butler's.) at the corner of 11 th Rml H mtrAAtm ftAimnftiwin* * AA/ ? ? _ _ . .. W..MHVHV1M1 ? T/l V VIWK P- liltf *r.d continued but ona hour. 1* to /^F.IITIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, \y Uuirie muicn' Check* and Vouohers, 7 3-10 Trf??u-y Notes, United Stale i Bonds, Bought and sold by HI fTKNH<lU*E, FANT * CO., ap 292w Bankers, 333 Pa. avenue. HP HE UNDERSIGNED, harm* opened the old x stand lormsrly occupied and ovried on by the la'e John Bphlajer. is deeiroui of informin* the public that, on the Wth instant, he vi I open a first dllll PrO?i?iAO AlOr* t- --- " " *' ,.?VM k/ivi w iv??inilU| W lOTp AH ftrUQiOl uoh aa Marketing and Muu of all ki'.d*?hoping to reoeivea foil ?ria ? of tb# public patroaace, by SiTing fall utiafaotion to all who inaj give ui? jeir outturn apg 2t* DAVID C. BOHLAVBR. N GREAT BAKU AIMS. FW GOODS JUST tPuNKl) !-A large stock of F.M KRdink'Blva i iwi'" ? uk/? uiiibii nrt 11 UAEill CHlfcrS, LACK WINDOW CtR?A!N8. PARASOL.S, Willi a central atop* of Lad if a' DKKSS WOODS. HOSIKRV. GLUVfcS. Ac. Also, a large atock of SILK CLOAKS, MAN TILLAS and SACKS, to whici we invite the attsntion of th 3 Ladier. S. A W. MKYENBF.RO. 48 Market Spaoe,(an-ier Av^r.ue House,) ap39 3t Between 7th anil 8th >u. S NOTICE. GALED PROPOSALS W ill be reoeived attaie Of&Jfuntil IJ m , of S*May. 91..1362, for a "? k** ' 'J J iwi ?ur uuiiti ui utoruei soldiers, tLe contract to terminate on June ?th, 18R2. The contractor to prepare the bodies for mtermo, t. dir the grav?, and furnish the ooffii and hea se The soldier* to b? buried at the "Soldiers' Home/' Theterma of tha contract will require tiiat the coffin fun i?L"d shall be ol soird pine or poplar wood, neatly and well ma'e.and to he s-ained or psictfd tne austoma'T odor, and tnat the (rayes sha'l b? not le>s than five fret six ico^ei in d?ptb. if a bid is in the name of a firm, the names of all th? parties must appear or it will not be considered. I prrpr-sa ? will t,e addressed to CAPT tl)W, L. HaR 'Z. Assistant Qasrterma* er U. 9. A., corner of 18th acd t? street*. Washing-on, D. C. i^IT A D i WTt'nri . ?> vnitmi x rj r< rj I Theabilitr oftheb'dderto ft 1 the contract.ahou'd 1 it beawarded to him, mmt he guarantied f j two locponaibl* peraona, whoie aicna tfrea nanat be ap randed to tjn tu?rant*<? Ti p reaeona biltt- of the cuarantora raa?t be ahown bv the official cert-finate of the O'erk of the oeireat Dutrioi Court or of the United States Diatriot Attorney. Hiddera nr^at be preaont in pera'n when the biJa are opened or their propoaila will not b* oonaitiered. BonJa, in the mm of one thou wed doilara, aigotd by theoontrustor and both ot hi? guarantor*. wi 1 be require t of the auooeaaflil bidder uponaigninf the oontrnct A m 1 * 1 .... ,v.iu iuuk vouiurtcT 'no VI11 be ueceasarr lor bidder*'to havs> their hoctfimeo W'th them, or to*are band* alined in anticipation and r *&*!? to be produoed when the contract ia lxnoJ. U a' k? for bouiso\n beprooarad u?od ap?li aiinn beioc rcaoe at tbia < moe, either pera_naiir. by letter, or br te'egraph. Form of Guaranty*. We , of the county of , and State of .and , of tie eojntr of , ana l*tate of , do herebj (bar*btr that ia ?hie to fulfil a contract in a?oo danoo wth the terms of bi* propoaition, an<t that, ai ou.J bn propotition be aooepted, he wilt at otoe enter into a Oo&tract in accordance therewuh. Shou.d the oootraot be awarded him we tre prepared to become hia aecaritlea. (To thi* guarantee muat be appended the rfie 'al certificate above mentioned ) ap ? HP A CARD. ?Hi:6K KAT CONSIGNMENT J?AI.E OF UOOD&FILOM A I.AKQK IMi'ORTIPiO HOUSE IN NEW VOKK. will positively o!ot? on the lat of May. Those who (ail to profit IhMnselvM by not pur ohasinj iuii:it<2ivel) I'ura this la^t* ooumtam*ot wi'l l.a*a estiee to re;rot it. aa the gooda will really beao'd at fittr cents in ihe dol;a- on the oott of importation, in the assortment wi!l be found? Kioti Moire Antiqaea in whit*, to*e, pink, and blue. K io-I Watered ^i'tka, Tad^ta Stnpo in parole, mai*?, lilac, ro.e.and or own Elni&nt silk Kol>ea, id white, rose, mams, and o >rn o* lore. plain i iHe in in pink, rote, r*een, maize, canary. iraw, cherry, and mode* fromb7cenu to f I 50 Hea'iti/u* line of oheoe, iitriped, lit"red. and Plaid *Ukt. for Kpring, from 60 c*nU to #2 per *ard. Ten <ta Rf (iua>, new style or comia, at 37 o*r.U Fii et quality China eilki, ?erfeot toudi.ttai ota. NaV ftfvl* ViinkrH" in * 4 Hipw, very oh tap. PlA'ii and black Grenadine or flernanni. Ctiictze F'gu eu Gren&oinea, in black and colored ground*. White, blua.and roae colored Grenadine Kobea 6rspe da Pan*, in wlitta, pink, blue. robe, and drab. Mourning Hilka, in cfcecka p'a'da, and atripea, cheap. Berege Albina, new at}lea, taro jarda wide, for HhawUatid DreeaSf. Cli&!!e Albintia, two j&rda wide, for do. Berezrs, Tissue, G.eaadine, and Organdy Hob?e, full aa?ortm?nt ol atytea *n J oulora, very oheap. Figured, atnped, and l&noy Bereges, from 12 btn'.a to.7 oent?. Plain Beregea in <UI oo'ora, Norwioh PopHr.a ofceap. Pins Preach Poal'nr, 5-4 wUe, very cheap. Pine French ail wool uelaipe*, in uoh ooloraS7 ziArtta Mm* of the abovo roods have been reduced m rioe sinoe our last advertisement, the object be tat ioo;os? them out oheap rather than to return them to New York CLAGKTT k. MAY. apS8 3t 3 J4 Pa av. bet 9th and loth su. M FRENCH MILLINERY. R8. THOMAS, From New York. Room No. 9 Del?van House, has iost arrived with a se-^K leot stosk of FRKNCH MILLINERY of^B} tke la>?st styles ar.4 fashions, to whioh ih(3w rsapeoiiuuy invitee tbe attention of the ladies of Washington. apS? lw* pROPOSALS FOR WHARF. Si*lis Peofosau for rebuilding the wharf on the Potomao aids of tn? Washington Arsenal will be ieoei?ed at the ooir.minaii.g ott er't oftoe n? to 11 o'olook a. m., on the ltd day o! May. For further information aptly to OKI* D RAMSEY. a?2>-d LI cat. Colonel lowmapdluf. ?H6ALH1N 9 THE DEAD. DR. HOLMES'S AMERICAN PROCESS. Thia trooeee, vithont the ate of potions, die* oovered thirteen years ato, and praotioed tinoe that time in Che wirmett maimmib ?w ivfi'tr ?Sk'5 rMonunevifttion of Thu mod* of Kmb*innnc Dra,d Bcdi?. tai du2?iSl^l?,&b,ft Mr*'r An>*?owi- *? iirflh M.? , M !^Jr ' *" ?l;"?i?J r*. tS^J^SSL^KSL-?L?? ?i r win s7222.-..., { .? Wbui'mto thS J?** J85?f'"j *?'' I ** oVoi0^ ??> /. / 1 will aiao rabunVMliM by 8uo?uet'? French aystMBftt tlOftMOM This prooeaii I ooa'd hawe need liMtUdrop Terr of infr OW? had it ba*a U tool or better. The Kranoh Atadtmr of Hctrcce atiukcLUftl iittiax bo'd on the i 3d of March, lS'i. j?bliah?d t notaet7* lyrtem to the world,? oopj ol wbioh 1 hlT< fereona wishing bodies embalmed by either fromu will apply to A. Hactety. Undertaker, SOjPfc, mbm; Joeeph Burn*. Undertaker, ?*org?ova. 1). U ; Metry Lev. 41) Ft ihbii No foi-ote meed. yMlm' wwtsfss p,wS5Pi!T^rfi^;?. * *r^ > v ^ * ?????? ?? | AMU3BMEWTB. FORD'S ATHKIIKCn. I: First aS?ht in jg&sn'ssu. Moral Play eabFTTnnh, T H K K L O V EMSiNT. 3tiucr.:i t Moral Lossoc, is uli. bald ? ?? John MoCsVosfh 4 . Mim Aeb'* Grthim M Corner -- Mrr. J R. V.aoe t Wileon _ - Mm A nderacs ftart*ra _ M aa Atn a Hoi|M Wil iam Lilt!* J? ia Laoj?? Mim Ratio Wednesday EDWIN FORRL8T will Mpoar. Adhissioh. Dreos Circle and ParaoatU 71 costs Secured :WU f 1 Di.i'tinj 8mu ?|l Oro!.e?tra 9<-ata 11 Private Bo*ee(ho dicf ? #1# Family Circle ? S oenta !Lr Box O Aoe op?o from 0 till 4 o'oloek. Doora open at 7; oart*ln rieee at ft PHILIP WARE F.N. Treaearer. rjIOVEEH TBHATfll. 1* (THE NK W NATIONAL,) Peanejl*ama Atnm, near FoartaeaU Streetaad Willarde' Hotel. Leona*d Gaovia Leeere and Manacar B. B. PmLLipe ftace Maaa?er AmabiI Niakt Af Ika , AUTJMKNTKP CONG HESS or Cum EDI AlfS ' MISS SUSAN DENIn, MISS LOirTY ROUGH, MISSEFFIEGER*^* * PA"" MiSS JULIA NELSON. MRS. GF.RMON";,S8SO?1,,,i ,MBEBMR. E. Li TIl.TON, EDWAMDS, MR. II. BETCHELL, MELDRUM, MR.BENR08RR8. PHILLIPS, wa K D AnJ a Large and Ab'e Dramatic Compact, ' TBIS EVKNINO. Will t.e rrpfa ed. uj imrfrui request, the Bl4lY.HL AND THIILLkhe DliHi, lo tiVimct*- b* l)io-> Honro n%-i t, enut:e<i the W1L.LUW COPSE ' With the O'and Scene of lbs BANKS OF THK i-LKWYN. Paint'd etpre?alr for thia pi?oo br tireat Muter of s*oenio Art, mr. Chuli* 3 6*t7 Luke Fie ding Mr IS I. flMoa Rote Fielding Mr* K L 1 ilton Me?. ? - Mui Lour leagl The performance will con msnoe witk the oharainc Faroe of YOUK LlFK'fl IN DAN4KR* John Strotg Mr. Ben Rogora Pmicta or Asmimior. Dreaa Ciroie and Far*net Oireie. ?SO ernta Family Circle ? 25 oonta Oroheatra Chairr 74 a?nta Private Brxe??.? li ?eau id Puvata Box* ft Colored 6fel?rr ? mu Colored Par Mr re? j? aeata Door* will be ofec at 7 o'olook ; to ooumm at o'oloo*. Boi oSoe for eeourmj Mats of from 9 aatll 1, and 3H aotil 5H o'olook. In rebearral. THE BAHK8 IN THE WOOD! CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! UUN TIME NT A L OPhRA HOUSE! CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! Pennsylvania Avenae and Kleventli St. Ped*jjivar.ia Avenue and Elevantb Si. Penn*7l?aRi* ATtuai aod K!aranth St, the stars are herb tb k stars ark ukrk! OUR POSITION IS ESTABLISHED! OUR FOStTlON IS ESTABLISHED! THE VOICE OF TUF PUBLIC the voice of the puslic Dac'area in anmiatakaable tone* hat ihaOontinental is toe beat managed and ooadoctad plao* of amaoeraent in the ettj the continevxau combination! the qontinkntal combination! Miss marn walton. miss Marv Walton. miss mary Walton. Tha >lMiioc VteVUt from th? Northern theaters THIS EVENING. AND ALL THEWEEK? mi;8 iate Marshall, ' mid j kate marshall,; BIS fc8c? &1PJ8IJ: And I . i A QfAA If Pn m n W-> -? VUUIfWHJl Ard all the Steele Company. The Raul r rtk**t?r t? (4? Pit*. 7?< FmuI Orchtsttr in t*? Ciiy, PROF. OKH-OB NACHMAN, Leader. PROF. 6EGRGE NACHMAN, Leader TheStare To-nitht! The MareTa ni?M! Cnange or Prolans**# ETery Night! Change of Every Night! Carta of admiuioa. it oer.ta ; geetWeieo mn1 aooom panted by ladteato ore heat re hair* Howta; colored gallery IfcoccU. lO" FroLt eeeta Inva-iablj raMivtd for ladiM. Uoore open at 7; Conceit to oomraejoe at o'clock precieely. 1>R- 0. B. HAkKISON, | ftp $ 4c Agent and Treaearar. f'ANTERBtiltY HALL. V/ LoUISIlllA AV.? tlWAM ?IXT? ?T. THE IMMENSE COMBINATION COMBINATION TALES TED ARTISTES ' VTHtiTPJfA Mil w ifr i r t '<4<xn 1'i C iU j'l I VIhGlNIA MUX MY ' I n v fcicii FK4NK BKOWRR, FKANK BROWKR. . Tke Forrest of *ho Fthrpisn Pramv will appear in his g-?at ohemotor Gikges. Blci ! MISS IDA DUVAL, The Swwt (>?e ?ua Sontstres? ! MISS MILUK rO??l>K, The moat beautiful Dmteune on the Amenoan slate?the American Cxjbas! FRANK WYANT. The Ta'er.t-d ttl iopian Cornelias! DICK PARKEK. The Wathincton Favorite, -will assist Frank Urower in his Hurler sue, DAMOU 4 iVD P l TH IAS! Tui riitur r?- ? ... ..... . i >n tow 1'iflll Tl.o Heauilul ?i?llet. M ADfiItiALS UF SPAIN. Tltfi Pto?le'< apprac &tion i?evino?a weh Bight by too t'ab 10 V< ico, the Fnblio Free*. 1M Tli* First MiMoHallof the Age! CKOWDKu UOLSL*! Shouts ?/ Arflautt and Hot* Lautktrr. T!i* Mtupri are ever on the alert to ttourt the iiaDi nii&nr t;x iHti UUHNXKY, Thay Urow no Limita! Taey * Mr no Opposition! They M?l*je for the Public TuU! (17 No p?raon Imtn tba Hail and rat rata tua nunay and tine apeat thara. Doora open at 7* ; parforroanoe at It o'alook. Adiuiaaioa tt ocuu; Oriaaaaai Cuin m aaaia. AFTERNOON ENTERTAINMENT For LAdiaa and F&iriliat. on WEDNESDAY AND ?AT I* DAY AFTERNOONS, at t o'clock, Whan a lavish distribution of Eler&nt Prumb Is made: Ktoh and CosLj Jewel'j, Books, Fanoy Artiolea. Toy?, fi 25 Silver Cake Basket. Mre Cobb, No. 367 K atreet. received a splendid 825 silver Cake Barket, April ie b. AUnuaaion 8u oenta ; Cnildren II* oenta. ay M DATKNT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Gaide to A Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities and Geverament Gardens, at the stand in Patent Oftoe; Kara Antiquarian Books; Government Booke; Dooamentsfnrnisbed: Railroad Reports; Military Ra orta: Uarnt Piunt (HE l??nr??- < rarniahed to .tef stow sxgis:d?mss& Booki. Reooheot oEmi rent. .Large esiw, lew ttsJF =? pOTATOES! f .500 but hell White Miroer foZtMi arrived M KUe?'- Wh*rl, fWt of luTA^V; 1 *'l*?' frcm Ml ? ? ?>" D3 SO id Y?r? O V IB nil In aail W? a? M lw* O- tha oaptaia OB board. M11E8 KUSBKLL'B II popalar * EST A U E aVt E^4^)ININ0 lo'da u opportunity to cit stra lirfilfll swpsas aSi^mssiSsSA" ? Viaitora but ooont apon cood far*, o^artaoaa attaadaroa. ana all tfea re*aiaitaa for a wall-ratal aU4 ft rat ciui houae. af U-la r|PKRA. FIELD AND MARINE 0LASSES. \J Wa oail ai taction to o*t at air nr*** UM'*? Mold, and Marine 6lasaea at* try low trioet, M. W. OALT A bBO , JtvaUor*. a> ? 6t 3*4 Fa >m?. PROFESSOR ALEXANDER WOLOWSKI4 | la oo&uquie* kia oovraoa oa tho PiANu AND IN &1N61N0, bf kuuf and sinif lifted Method, at hi* ro?iita??. No 411. TaaU ?tro?t. bttw. taKandP. Alltfcooowho dooiro to biioai lM liinnor oxooiloat pwlorran, sh.ald avail lliiaiilTH of ki? now i?t?m of laofaugUoa. i?>Ha THE*CHOONER EMEL1N* CAJG8TKR U aov loadiiu fir tko abovo port. >jtv_ For frclxmU& !* ?? Nnra(KMLimii i Zd^CikoB. I I , j ! AUCTION 8ALE& " TBI* AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW I Bl TIONAIItOOWUNr I?XCELMtNTHOUWS?"aJ>A!ij EIT"?EN Ci fnnmi ay Azr i>??va w?dn**. 0 a V. fa* ?th tcatar.t J ab?U ?ah. at ! a olor i ?. m-. at th? raat?ai?r? of ?a~M*Ti? irora. Km.. Na. 0,8th rA??U- MM Frctianak arraeta. VMtoUu n^rtis rMtrrotr, a good aaaorUn at ? . . _ . Mah~|fcny i*ofM, Tata a-UtM, Par .or Mah^yy^Mjm' I *tc> *6rw aicg aaJ otWr Diwmi iany Man la-top Wui aloaata. Centra u4 MahfiaaT Fraaoh. Jmbv ulaad Cottata BadWaj^VfU tiaa. Paper Maata. Boat and cthar Fine Alb'ittr MuW Clcak. fiirario m ?"}<! Vum, Fix* F nM plate t>t Ootlilc frame Mi iron U4 ( Mraanta, I China, * 14m. Crook#17, ud P Lttod War*, KbItm W atnat*Ex*?i?io? Table. Wardrobes, Ofio? ut other <*sae teat Ckaj e, Fin? yard wide Velrat, Thro* ?ij and taenia u4 Sutr C4'P?U, Fivm(9 OHftloth and Heath Raft. Feather Bed* ud Modd rt. Hair and Otkar Mb.tire mm Cook Uk, A frdiaror* ud oUer &t"TM. W ith ft good tot of fciUhft* KmalutM. A l?o A lot of Uard 1 m*lon*nU, Whe* t*nrow, 4o., ko. >Mt'd ' THOMAS PO'yi lNO. kmct. By 0BEBN 4 WILLIAMS, AMttoawr*. Excellent bolpkbold fcbnitli At Acciion?Ot. WlfcDN KtH?A V, tho I tA tut. v* shall Mil, At tfc* r?aidOB?? of? v?nt u d?olininj bo??- o? th? Aorth '<! ?< L. botM? n Ninth *l<1 T?iui tr?1?. at io?,'ci<?k A >.,u *xc*.l*ntuicrtmmtof F*rnvtsra,Tit Mfthocuy Ml?, P?*Iot u4 Rock nc Chtira. HUoiuy Pi'oboard, DtmsimwxI oth<r Bvr?Atr, BrowtcU* Wutdov CartAina. Writing D**h. n uiaoi, n v ud c rockfrr W ir*. V?int and otkor C*rp*u, and Rugs, h'MUtr gfdi* ill Pruw Looting Gltw, Mnrb'o-te? Tit> et. Cook i Of iu oth#rHutm. Bednttttia. Kttohoc and otisor KhbiuKi . jt o., * ? TM2S 6RKKN 4 WILL'AMS. Avott FirrURB DATS. Rr J. c. MoCUIRK a co., Aubuixtrt. Auction salk op choice clow krm in rloum-oa thi k-uav aktkk NOON.ooiiMMiiKit So'olook atlki Auction Koomi. *i ?hki. ?? 1 (Mi of the boat kmda of uarUf p?: petun Blooming Roaoa, known in t.tro|* or Am?no*. full Bad*and Bloom. Cuwliti. JtfOBMM, Ortnit txd Lemoi Ttom. Rbododcodram MngDoime, vorlODna, 6?r?mam Heliotrope Clu bmg P.uti, Bhrnba, Dihliu. Ac. This is ike taal aoilaotioa a?or tffrr.j la tkia "La- Jaidia. FlorHt, Coasoettoat arenas. ay.9 d J O ModOlRK k CO- i??U. Br WALL * BARNARD. AutboCMri. Comer South *i4? P* ?*< ?< mmd Ntmtk ttrtu INtf. May lit. at 10 o'clock, w# will Mil ii front of tlii abc ion Boom, ttroconea, Litaors. Ao.. oo&siitmi of? Harroli segar eta S*irap Boxm Soap, Star oh. t<p*ra aad A (lamas tine OaadlM Boxes Tobaero. budlM ?moki*g do. aid Segars lm boxM Hams*. Cthiim aid Figi 2? bassets Chairpacne Kit* Maokerti, Cicennati Bimt | 0 boxes Hirricci, barrel* Bernngi I oaiM Civalry Boot* CaaM Whwj, braid?. Gin aad Madura Cherry Wi"e atd Hitter*. Mind Brandy Barrels WMakr, different Brand* | Do. Bottled Ale atd Po.ter. Terms oaik. | tn 23 wil l * m M ? ? 11 *??- 1 ^==~ ??? I Br i. C. MoGUlRE * CO. Aaotioneere. Furniture and effects op the mansion Boca* at FraLio Arena*?oa thlk8uaY morning, may uvoommoui Btioo'olcok, we tali tie entira ooaienta ol tw muiiob hoim mo. <44 p-bujituii ?t*., bnvMD Uth and lKk atrecta, ooBiained m iboil 17 room*, embraoinx? Painted Cou*te Cheater S<Bite?, Wi oat end Mehoitij Preaeh Bed a teed a, Bine e M.d Doable Cottace Bedtteada Wei not aoc Meho?eny Uiiaua.w4W?ikatud Marble-?op Caster euu Bide Tabjea, Hair-eloth end Ceae Beat Ccaira, Faetber tied a, Bol'tera, ud Pillows, heir Mettreeaea. BoliUra aad Pillows, Husk ud Cotton, and Ha. k Mattreeeee, Hlenketa. Bkaete, comforts, aed Qeuta, Laoe and Dunaik Certa>ns, Chamber btoves. Ao . Ae . Tocetfeer wltk Ue Oftee Fmmitare. Teanaoaafc. apll-da j.c. MeCUltK a co.. AbMl By GftfcKN * WILLIAMS. 5j5?j? DAWIv BROKERS SALE-ISAAC BEBZi Oiiit rm?? b*li or Vut>?ii Kmiimhii Piimii-Ob TIlKbUiY UHNiN*. Mat la*. U 9 o'elook ?. m , %t oar A lotion Room, No. 3*0. Ttk led O otroou. wo h?U offer for ul* the Boot uUhit* utortant Gold and Bilvor Watoboe. Jeveiry, U udi. tod Hieto a. Uold Feb and Nock Chains, var;et? ot Sbhwia. ucotbsr with W?fc-icf of every deein>?*i&AAC HKRZBERB. Pawnbroker. eiREN ? unni*"" ? ? tv iMuiaraO| AlOkA) gg By i. C MoOUlRK k. CO., AaetioMOT. EXTKNMVK HAl K OK I'NIMPHOVFD PieniT Ob THURSDAY A KT t K NOON, Mm )'t, at 5 o'clock, on tb? prMBia- a. va a of Lota ia Pqiaraaaabarad two hand rod aid five, froatinc iaap?ti?aly Fcortoflnth atrett wait atd Do-tti T and U ati?U. A'ao. at the at i;n >l?oo va aba.: i* ih? whole of VLB Iini nrw: ?lu LlTT. *DC I Of t %?r?\s*.sLF "" ' ttS* Till# perfect. ,^/L" i. 'J,ri8 ?Mhith? rewiAadw in biz t?4 - wltn mterest, Mcmwl by a dead of tru?t on tha premises J c. McCHith & CO.. A acta. Br J. C. MoSt IKK * CO.. AiotionMri npRUjTKK'B HALE op CITY LOT8.-OI * TkESilAY AF fLRftOON? iliV 1? J1"" o cii?ort ?? the prrroitaa. by ?irta? of two SH1t0 th; ?Wiber.o?,e dated JtnaJ? steHsa ^ AJSi'viiSgS J2A P* ?" w* >*^*11 eel one andivided ??rt of Lota numbered I, i, i 4. l ? ??< t >. 5?oar? neraberetf 8?, fn.ctin* on Wf fcatriot! btt^eeen lith ud IStu t'rMti wail ((aland I Ter?a: Oq'-ha'f each; the baluN in aiz fa* ""?! by a deej of tAat wu uo ^ ah oo". MH-totii J C Mc?iUlRBft fcS^AaSta. E^JhH?!0,t,iL ^ii'^-A n'ubi* farm, 25KSSgW ?X;3?K5??JsS1 SS'vJR% rs??jE i?L^ JU?* Farm about rtloa from 8a?. f'.fi j?' If'M <? U>" waat aula of tfca turnafka ro?d tfadtcg to Roekvi *, and I&ISi Mr ? *??}JV D. Mardoek, K?t? , on ths Hit aioa^ inuii ui ni*: un? intra flash. om tkird MX mootba, Mi tke U mc? tw?lv? mo* tba Deferred naj imbii to be mou?4 by a dmd truit on the property. AH onvtyuoiu at the UHUM of tbe firelmif. Will alnobenoH at the tain* lime the pornoi al property, oor.aintinc of 1 borne. .anei:g ntensila, lot of Hfny, Oat* in tba 8tmw, *e. _ apsjW JuH.N DAVlPgON. By J. C. MoSUIKK ft. CO- AueUoceare. 'I'liLJiRfB PAI^E or FKAMK HOUSE the^dJr.^ifo^ I rtall Mil tlM ?Mt i*ll of Lot ?in.t?r*a iv? u fflHv"J,b*f*i eHLfewr, frociiM *> fMt'ea EST"*- c<>:u,rtlr,? * film : On*-third e??h-tk>? i- . j y-rracawoHB. I1I1?HIe -5KKKS.?3nSK?.WS?Ei. jm?^Tc?.s!?irajB5 ooMition to be obeerrwi. My b* MA oa "??? M rMCTiat Ma Is BJiS"* lB5S^"."-. _ ?.?.JL&SVi. II?K*f 4 Ckroa < all DKAUT1FUL UPllNO , DMRSeeOOMI. ???* Twl WOOLBM8 of <W IMMT kledi TUr ^ aswsr*? b %K5St2Kii3SS&, . ? 1 ..? % *N4 * "

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