Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Nottck ?Mr k. W. Bate?,tb?iMj*a?litg agent ? tha Si?'i rlmlatiaa la Gtamlan. wilt hereafter a 1m act as the Stmt's advertlaiag anal there. Any Georgetown adverb semen ta left at Dr. G B Barnard'a, corner of High and Bridge itmtf, or with 9. Crandell, No. lfl Bridge will mwt with prompt attention. Airuancnrra To-siear. Fonn'a ATo-night, Manager Ford produce* ? Ksat Lrnne," a thrilling five act play. f?nnded on Mm Wood'a powerful story of that name, which ha* been produced la Baltimore and elaewhere with great sucreaa. Mr. Ford will produce It In flrst-claaa style. Gmovia's Thiatii -Bnurclcault's drama of the "Willow Copae" met with ao great tncceaa 1 ??t ilffht that it will be resented to-nlarht. The arene of the "Banks of the Llewrn" is the worjt of Mr. Get*, the scenic artist, mod waa painted f x press lr for tbla piece Tbe cast U aa excellent one, and Include* Messrs. Tllton, Setcboll, Rogers, Ward, kt , and Misses Denln. Heugb. Parker and Germon. "Your Life's lo Danger'' will open the performance. Coxtim?!it4L ?A sterling bill la presented for to-night, with tbe entire force of tbe company. MIm Walton'* pleating ocmllim dengnia o*r audUoce* bugeiy; whllath^race of the dancert, and the lau*tter-pro*oWB?eocentrlclttea add mnch to the nightly attractions of the Continental. Oaitmimy.?Manager PerrlTal produced last night "The Virginia Mummy." with Prank Krower aa "Ginger BUM." It was recel7fd with abouts of laughter and applause MIm Millie Fowler la graceful a* ever In the dance, and Ml*a Duval'a rweet song* are ever roclferoualT enrored. The company altogether la undoubtedly the best of the kind ever gathered in this city. Council. PBOCK&D1S0H, April2?.?Beard of Aldmmtm ?Th*Pha1r /Mr nrMMitMi i rom. munleatlon from tbe Mayor In reply to a resolution of Councils calling for a statement of tbe floating debt of the city; referred, Tbe petition of Meaara !*teane, Boyn'on, Webater. Denmead and others; an act making appropriation to flag tbe passages of tbe weat wing of tbe City Hall; and an act for grading and gravelling Tenth street weat. between E and F street* aoutb. were appropriately referred Mr. H rod bead Introduced a bill to give tbe asaent of tbe Board of Aldermen and Council of tbe rlty of Washington to tbe construction of certain hmn^h rtilwivi thrnnoh th^ rltv In thii rnn. nation Mr Brodhead made a statement of an Interview which a committee of Council* bad bad with tbe Director* of tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and which waa entirely *atlsfactorv. and In view of tbe Importance of the aubjcct, moved that when tbo Board adjourn, It adjourn to meet on Thursday, May 1, at five p. m,; and that tbe bill be made tbe special order for Uiat day. Tbe following were pa?aed : An act for the re lief of Kdwvd Coruelll*; an act for repairing Twentieth atre?t west, from E street north to the boundary of the city; a resolution to meet in joint eaalon on Monday next at 5 p. m., for the purpose of electing commissioner* to serve at the ensuing June election; a resolution requesting the Mayor to call the attention of the Board of Health to the nulaance caused by half-buried dead animal* on Four.-and-a-half near M street, and reaulrlnir lta nromotabatement; a resolution reaueat lag of the Mayor aliatof all arts for the Improvement of avennea, streets or alley*, passed since 1949, and which have not been compiled with; and a reaolutlon requesting the Mayor to Inform this Board whether any officer receiving aalary 1 from thla corporation Las failed to comply with , the resolutions of Councils In reference to taking the oath of allegiance. Mr. Bohrer presented a paper purporting to be . the report of the Washington Asylum, for tbe month of March, 1862. Adjourned till Thursday, at 5 o'clock, p. m. Common Council.?Mr Emmeraon presented a hill making appropriation for repair of Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, between L aid M streets, and Twenty first street, between K and L streets north; passed. Mr. Ranb offered bills of various individuals a<*?laiat tV a f m fa r ? ?UC LUI ^VIKtlVU) I t |C 1 1 Mr. Richards presented the petition of commissioners under the emanclpaticn act for tbe use of the Council Chamber for their sittings. Mr. R offered a resolution granting tbe request of the commissioners; adopted. Mr. Shepherd presented the petition of property owners on M street, between Ninth and Tenth west, for a water main in that locality; and introduced a Joint resolution authorizing the laying of the main asked for in the petition; adopted. i Dr pfMiion 01 tawiia uoeiz wu reierred. Mr Prnke pretested a bill making; appropriation for tbe repair of Eighth atreet ea?t from PenMvlvmala avenue to the Navy Yard gate; Mr Lewie, from improvementa committee, reported the Aldermen's bill for the improvement of Judiciary Square. Mr Kdmooaton moved to amend, by adding tbe requirement " that the work aball be done uuder the supervision of the city surveyor." The amendment and bill were rejected. Also, a bill making appropriation for plana, apeoiAcatlota and eatimatea for repairs of Center Market; laid on tbe table. Also, a bill for aettlng the curb and paving the footway on K atreet south, In front of aquare paMed. Mr. Lewia also reported tbe surveyor's estimate of tbe coata of Improving the *tre*rta, and asked lu reference to tbe committee before Congreaa Mr. Mohan moved its reference to tbe chairmen of the Diatrlct Committee* of Congreaa; laid over, bv consent. Also, a bill to repair a tlig footway on K street, from Twelfth to Fifteenth street east, with an amendment p-ovlding that the cost be paid from the Sixth Ward fund. The amendment was rejected, and the bill passed Also, a joint resolution relative to the removal of the walls of certain burnt buildings; adopted. Also, an act to revive an act to grade and gravel Tenth st. west, from D to E stree ; paa?ed. Mr Shepherd, from the drainage committee, reported two bllla authorizing the Water Registrar to supply certain adjoining tenements frcm one service pipe; passed A Lao, the Aldermen a bill to lay a wat<>r main on Seventh ?tr*?t; pasted Alao, by consent, from the select committee on the bill making appropriation for the completion of the central guard Iioum and pipe yard, ttie Aldermen's bill making appropriation to pay the debt Incurred and to complete the work; paaaed. Alao. a resolution referring tha rial ma of th? contractor u> the Oily Attorney for his opinion relative thereto; adopted. Mr Given, from the claims eommitUe, reported adversely on the petitions of Taylor k. Hutchinson to be refunded money erroneously paid, and of Patrick Jordan for remlaslon of a Hue; which where accepted. Mr Grinder, from the police committee, reported an act tt establish tne price of gas iu the Onter Market, caused MMurtagb, frcm tt*?? ar tools committee, repor'ed tbe following joint resolution : tit it tmacud, ft , f hat a special cimnltUe of two member* from tba Boatil of Aiderwen and of three members from tbe Hoard cf ('oonoa C aw'l be-.-ppolated bv tbe two Hoards as a Joint commit:?* for tbe following parpoaes: 1st. To select ?evra building lot*, more or leu, jur pu?nc acnooi p-rpoaei, ascertain me coat of earb,and report the tame through tb? jrlayor to the two Hoard*- One of tbe seven lotiaball be lo ated in tbe moat desirable and available post* tioo In each ward of the city, which ihalt besufflf cWntfor erecting upon It a IJnion ward school bxldlog, aero-Jig to tbe mo?t approved modern a'.yle of school architecture, of aufl;lect capacity to accommodate 5'JOpaplls To o#er Sigu for plans and tpociftcatlona of W.. ! iL^ J.I m _ ubwuch OTHUJng) wuitu i? w 0c (OF uiuuci tor ail the other* kuomtd. That when the aald commlttM la eonDctlun w:?h tbe AJayor, shall approve of any plan and applications, tbe fttsvor ahail be authorised to pay tbe mm of flop to the successful architect, ut of snv unappropriated funds. Mr. Csilaa mwrtd to amend by Inserting after "public school purposes" the words "for education of wblt-j children;" passed. Mr. Kuoiiloa moved to strike oat (>flOO" for tfee plan, i*4 Insert "f-50 " Mr. Knuaeraoa moved to lay the bill on the table* last. Mr* M alley moved to etrtko oat "9100" end 1b. ert " 5" for the plan; passed, ud the j?lat reMtiOM ae amended wae adopted. Mr. Mnrtagh alao reported the Aldermen's Joint resolution discontinuing departments No 3 and 4 of the 4th achool district, with an amendment establishing In lieu thereof primary schools C sud 7, in the dlkrlet; passed Mr Shepherd moved to reconsider the vote by which the bill to Improve Judiciary square waa 1 r?Jected; which was sgrotd to, and the bill was passed. A bill to gravel Fourth street eaat waa passed. Mr Wtlaon frnm Itw win and mmai mm. mine-, reported Aldermen'* bill appropriating * I, W? for deflelenry to pay for printing and binding; ptwd Ai*o, Joint resolution of tbe Aldermen rem onitrabng against tbe pnange by Cnngreaa of sundry intendment* to the Metropolitan Police bill; P?ivd Al*o, bill Increasing tbe compensation of cor tain oAcers of the corporation; postponed. Alio, a bill to lncreaas LUe compensation of the w*rd physicians. Mr. Kdmonston moved to postpone; lost. Mr. Konmon moved to lay tt on the table; lost, tad the bill passed Mr. Wilson morrd that when the Board adjourn U be till Thursday at 5 o'clock p. m, to roastdsr tbs report of the committee of confer (be director* of the Vara nor* ut UIM t ISTA " / Jot at bmiiv of the Bftri?*MZt Mob4it illera ooo at 5 o'clock, to elecfromSLonera of VlectiM, wu ur'eetf to, aa? the Board adjovraed to S7Ue^n^"7111 o ci#ck p * "I"* * * Fovbth Waid Union MsiTina.?An enthoelantic meetlne of the unconditional Union men of the Fourth Wild wh held 1m( evening at the Metropolitan Track Houee, end wu largely attended, the hall being crowded to over 11 owing At eight o'clock the meeting wa? called to order by Dr. T. G. Clayton, who nominated C. H. Ut-rmeble, E*^., aa^halrman, whowu nnanimoualy d?M. Hi E4?Vd KCklCD WSB caowo wretary Mr. R 9. Davis state* that the meeting had been called fcr the purpose of taking tome steps towards the approaching election; and In theae tiroes he thought that party spirit should be laid aside. The duty of the American citizen was to preserve Intact the Union, and it was a duty to be proud of. He offered the following resolutions which he thought would embody the sentiments of the meeting: Whereas the events of the last year have shown that, to maintain the Government as bequeathed to ua^by our fsthers, it Is expected that only men of undoubted loyalty should be plaoed In positions of executive function First, to encourage true and loyal men, by being placed In positions of honor and profit; secondly, because only true and loyal men can vud hmy administer me iawi and protect the Constitution and the Union And to protect the Union It has become necessary for all loyal men to absolve all line* of political parties and battle together In the great cause of the Union as but one party, to-wit: "The union of the Unionists for the sake of the Union;" And whereas the Hon. Richard Wallach, as mayor of the city since be has been elevated to iu* urni f vi iimyui, u? uiuwn liiuivrII irue iu " the Union, the Constitution, and the enforcement of the*,"and the mayor of tb* city and not of a political party, hut the friend to all true Union-loving men : Therefore. htsolvid, That we, In meeting assembled In the Fourth Ward, do hereby endorse the conduct of Mayor Wallach since be baa been acting as acta. Retolrtd, That we regard Mr Wal'acb aa an officer fully qualified to act aa Mayor of the city of Washington at the pr<aent crisis, when pure patriotism is required, and one possessing tbe required quallficatlona necessary to entitle blm to fill the office with ability and fidelity Ketolrtd, That a* citizens of the Fourth Ward we unmlmoualy declare Klcbard Wallacb cur cho'ce cr candidate for Mayor for the two v?ri next ewuln)f, and that he ia her*-by nominated n* our candidate, and we will use all fair nud honorable means to elect bluiat the next election; and j we reapec fully request him to allow hia name to : ix* used aa aucb. Dr. Clayton seconded the reaolutlona, and spoke at length in their favor. In tbe course of bla remarks be adverted to the cauaea of our preaent I troublra arid the dutlea of the true citizen, and palia high compliment to Mayor Wallach, who he said had fullr auatalnea bla reputation alnee he bad been Mayor, and it waa the duty of tbe voter* In view of hl? faithfulness to elevate i blin bv their votes to tbe nlare In whtrh h? hu been serving through the suffrage* of the Connells. Dr. C. closed by hoping (bat the nomination would meet with a hearty endorsement In the other wards, and that such a majority would be rolled up on tte first Monday In June aa would convince him that the confidence of the people In him was unshaken. Mr K. O. Campbell arose only to endorse the resolutions, which he thought covered the proper groand. He bad known Mr. Wallach from boyhood, and had always found him one of" Nature's noblemen, an honest man.'' He hoped iuai me oia teurm ward would give blmi unanlmou* vote. Dr. Oeorge' E. Tingle, of Indiana, stated that be was a stranger, but tbat be felt It his duty. In view of tbe conservative spirit wblch seemt-d to pt-rvad* tbe meeting, to congratulate them. He wa* glad to aee to many voters cast off all party ties and come out for one purpose?that of nominating true Union men. | Tbe Chairman said that he recognized among tuoae present many or different political opinions to himself; but that party spirit bad been thrown ! aside. Their erred now was the Union, the Constitution and the Lawa, a platform broad enough for all true loyal citizens The resolutions were then adopted unanimously by a rising vote. A commiteewas then appointed to nominate to the nezt meeting candidates for Aldermen and Common Councllmen. Mr. Patrick Crowley waa then called on and delivered a few remarks of a patriotic character, which were heartily applauded. The meeting then adjourned to Monday night next. jdtsteiinc't Suicidi?Yesterday afternoon, Coroner Woodward held an Inquest over the body of a stranger, a German, named Bebrena, who had taken roooru at Conrad's Hotel, Pennavlvanla avenae. south aide, between Fnnr.??i. a-half and Sixth streets, and wai found dead In his room yesterday mornlnz The testimony of tbe Inmates of the bouae only amounted t? th* Identity of the person aa a man ?rhn Kail * IrAn Im)u nna * "* W-' ? *1? ' WHV ?* tv W MOTH UC1UI6 1U IUC hotel. No one knew him personally. Mr Smith, a druggist, testified that the day before Behreni applied to him for a throat gargle, being t filleted with a sore throat, from a dlaeeae that dlatreased him greatly. He appeared to be macb depressed, ana declared that he thought he would never get well, and said he thought hwould commit suicide. j The chambermaid testified that when ahe went in the room ahe found htm lying dead. He waa apparently about 35 years of age. Several shirts, an overcoft and other articles, aanirsted with blood, were found In the room Th** shlrta had the appearance of having betn cut off the body, and were in a closet The body was washed. No marks of blood were found about the room Kxamlnatlon of the body exhibited a large wound In the right aide of the neck, but which did not sever the inirnlir v*ln: a ?#?K In i.e? ? ? .|*C KJI side of the neck; another In the forehead: and a fourth wound In the right breast below the nlppls. Twelve dollars In money were found upon him. and a knife, supposed to be tbe Implement of destruction used by hiin, was found upon tbe floor, tbe blade opened and bloody A medal uraa /nnnd whirh mmm* fiarmini ? evidence of membership In a Uernaan musical association In New Yo-k Tbe jury returned a verdict of death from wounda inflicted by bis own hands. To bi Sbm Hox? ?The body of J. M. I'pdeKr-ff, *4 tbe '2Qd New York Volunteers, who was killed accidentally bv a sentry at Mana|s*s, about two werks ago, has been troijgfct to tbl? city and embalmed by pr. Holmes, rwho gave bis gratuitous services,) to be transmitted to his f.rmt I .. ? <- -- ?w_ ' - ' ' * iaiMiif . ii < i m icwi >lkCU M ?UT iUIl UI 1 WlUUWfQ mother, In ?lmlra, N V., In very moder.teclreumatanres but highly rm pec ted Hia friendi, apd the member* of a ire organisation to \yUljt) he belonged, ??*ut the per Mr. Cr*ne to M&nau aa to hare the body removed at their ezpenae A?mvid at Cartfr'a wharf, (foot of 13)4 street.) r u> oners r. u. Worrell, Hubbard, from Havre- I Je Gra- < with lumber and Anal for V I. RHti- I Anna Virginia, WbeaMaf, from Philadelphia, Willi t rar/o of coal for Ju Prater; F.uphrate*, net. with a cargo of coal for Oeorge H^ui, Koxanna, , rar^o of coal for O J Palmer tt * Nl-IUthPftH V IrKu fr^rn PhlU/l?lnKt? a*,,u , . V* ( VIM Uiwuripuil, WI1U a cargo of coal for J. E Miller 4r Co. Kilmd 01 the R ailroad ?Jobn P. Smart, a youth about fifteen years of age, and a resident of Georgetown, D.C., In the employ of the Quartermaster ' department, at Catlett'a Station, on th? Orange aid Alexandria Railroad, was killed on tbe'jftb last, ?>y attempting to jump on the cm mklU In mnlUn Tk. >im> ..l.l. -* <- v ' .unv.-nu.un ?.iur? aim on the neck, and killed blm Initantly. Fociit Picked.?A toddler, while purchasing at the post ofii:e yesterday afternoon, bud hid hi* pocket picked of hla parte, containing &9. He savs, as be wm getting the stamps a m*n t n Mrh ilrfa r%t V. 1 r*? nr?aMi? V I *? 1 "* 1 - ??? ? m. ? m t mi a, out uc didn't know wbtl kind of fellows they wtre, that could take lii? money without his knowing It. Ckhtial Udaedhoo*! Casks?B'fort Jmstia Tkompton ? David A- Connor and Mlcbael Farrail, aoldlera, turned over to the military Wm Smith, taken aa a vagrant, but eonfraaed a atrayrd aoldler of the lit Pennsylvania regiment. ___________ Musks. Wall 4 Baksakd, aold yesterday uwrupon, a? ?at|r auction roonrji, a part of ? tract of land adjoining the Seventh atreet tollgate, fcnown aa "Fleaaartt Plain*," with lmProvemenU, for four thousand >nd ftfty dollar#. urchaaer, Daniel Mebrllng. Accident?A young man nam*d Matthew Cur- I ran, employed In the ordnance department at the I Vtvo.VaxI k?J l>t- ? i J- m * ?! awa utl augco C*U|BI ID ? IBIUC II which he wm working yesterday afternoon, and two of them cut off. Cents* Mmn.-We observe that workmen are baally engaged In th? removal of the rnoaseovered shingle from the Center Market and rei __ a .v iai ? placing mem win a new covering. Dimin Locals.?See oatatde for deferred local articlts. Pennies AND mall Change msy always b?> bad lor exchange at the SMr offlre counter. tf Coin*, rrc?All persons afflicted with Corns, whether bard or n^fl K and all afflicted with nanions, V/iiuwine*, ciuo end ingrowing toenails, may And great relief tod be satisfactorily benefitted by applying to Dr O. White, 4*6 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4* and Oth atreeia, Room 7, second loor. It* Tai Ixstaa Bias Docroa (F. Tumblety, M .D , from Caaada,) wilt describe diseases Ad tell his patients the nature of their complaints or 111* new, without receiving any Information frotr. them. No chaife for cnnitatlon or qdvlce. yn"e, NO. 11 Washington Uuimi#g, renmyl tnts ?venae, coraer of Tch utreet. ap 29 Tii?iiat comic km but iali of good* from New York Importing home will doae May lit See *d Kftitconit P?-? 1 Thb Emahcipat;on CoMMtasio*ift? ? The Board of Commlsalonera appointed under the act aboilahlng tlavrry In the Dlatriet of Columbia, Mt this mnfil I n r* In lk? 0f|ni1 itirv rnAm. in thr City Hall, and proceeded to bu*lnes? by appointing Mr. W. R. Woodward clerk. TheSrat petition filed waa that of Mr. John Harry, ami the second of W. H. Klbbey, Eaq. During the mornIns some tblrty or forty persons wafted on tbe Board for information as ta tbe mod* of procedure. Tbe Board bas prepared proper blanks, wblcb are to be tiled up by applicant*, and will be ready to distribute to tbem In a few days. PsasoHAL.?Capt. W. C. Carroll, Pittsburg Landing; Capt. McCrae, U.S. N; Capt. J.J. Capplnger, U. S. A.; Salgnouret, France; Gov. Morgan, N. Y.j Hon*. John P. Vsrree, H. D; Foster, A. K McClure and 8. 8. Wharton, Pa Goy. W. A. Newell, N. Y., and M. Strakoscb, are at Wlllard's. H. H. Day. of N. Y.. ia at Browns'. Llnnena Child*, of B rton, Maaa , la at the National. l>imi ! LiMt'' l.1MXTbe tubfcnoer naa on hand oni thoucand barrels of the best wood-burnt Lime, which can only be bad at his lime kllni, be having dissolved all connection with any other place or eatabllabment for the sale of Lime, Cement, Ac., and wbich will be aotd at SI per barrel. [ap ?-tf] W* H. Godet. Mayor's Ojfitt, Gtorgetown, April 19, 1BSS. This Is to state that, mv hearing bavlcg been much Impaired for tome time past, I placed myself under the orofeaalonal treatment of Dr. Von Monscbzlnker. After a few week* of bla care, 1 experienced a very perceptible Improvement, aod at tbla time my hearing la as good aa It baa been at any time wltbln my recollection. H. Addison, Mayor. Dr Von Monacbrlaker,Ocullttand Aurlat.glvea bis entlrt attention to tbe treatment of tbe Eye and Ear. Office *27 Pennsylvania avenue. It* India Rcbbkr Goods. We advise all our reader* (at we know tbe? are obliged to purcbaae tbe above named uood*) to embrace the prevent opportunity a* Mr. H. A Halt Intends to make a change In his buaineas and wtti tell bis extensive stocli of K ubber Ucocfi at manufacturer's prices, dad i-o family should miss tbU opportunity to moply theinaelves For inatance, Mr. Hall will a?li Men's Rubber Overshoes and SandaU for bO cents per pair, and Ladie?' Overt and Sandals for 8?) cents per pair; India Rubber lied Protectory for Children'* Beds (an article that no family should be without) only 54) centa, for ten days, at the India Kubber Warehouse, No Pennsylvanin ave , between y.^ and loth streets, Washington, D. C. ap ri-tf Ant person wishing to procure a loan of a few dollar* on satisfactory security, can do so by calling at 46<> Eleventh St., between G and H. aplt Startling ! But True.?The Volunteers ere braving the dangers of Fever, Scurvy, Wounds and Cholera. Many a gallant fellow will leave bU bone? to bleach, who by the aid of Holloway's Pills & Ointment, would have returned t n 1> \ m f n n> 11 u ot'/tno a n e\ Ko?lthu ttn 1 <11 ^rti rv U * lUlllllf BIIU t7VIUHin J them ! Unly 25 cvnta per Box or Pot. 2*2fi. All pkesons ran And the beat stock of Clothing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 170 Seventh *>t., near F. fe ir7-.1m M AMR IK II Ap'il 23th, on the I?]*'d, by He*. J W. Hoover, Mr. JOHN H LO\G toMiwMAKY J. PHAr pu f, both of Washington D. C. * 1)1 KII. On Monday pveninc 23th inat, n' u aartar pant 8 o'clock, K*TK MAIIKk, wife of Pan iok, * na'ive of Connty i^imeriok Ireland aitera painful and lingering illue s <f about e x months, which she bote with a true Chnatian fortitude and mwi extraordinary pat'enoe Her funeral wi.l take on Wrdncad&v next, atSo'olok p m, Irom she residence of Mr H. T?ohr, No 486 l'th street. Navy Yard Her frienda and acquaintances are reapjotfully invited to at er.d. She is gone, and no more we'll behold her. The gentle, Kind tear a 1 *i,d Iree; Feace to thy sinmbers. mr Katr. Ja.ewell tnea sweet Creshla Maehrea. I have lovei thee on eirtb, and wiU mset tLee in heaver* . * In this city, on the :cth instant, Miai SARAH H. BREN a, aeooni daughi-r of the lite Robert L. Brent,of \lon!coir>err o<>unty, MdThe ftienda of the family am invitaJ to attend the funsral fro as H: Patriot's Charon,to-morrow morning, 10H o'clock [Biito papers copy.] * In Georgetown, on the 29th instant. HENRY C. MATTHF;vv?. in tta?65t>i je?rof biaaie flu funeral will take place to morrow (Wedcerdit)aftern ioD. at4o'clock, f-om hula u residence oomer of West and Washington sta. 1 he fue da of the lamily are invited to attend * On the 24th inatant, JOHN 8.. only aon of gam'l an<l Martha Smart, axed 15 yeara and 6 daya. (Baltimorefcun copy.) * Beautiful tarleton, tulle, anp LACE DRESSES. FORVTHE MAY BALLS AND PARTIES. r In the Stook of Consigned Go;da flfcra l*i lart* jrn rurimi n rm ?? ?* f??ir lor* will De IOUSO aome ol the uoueac atd moat elegant Ureases, ?ui table for the may festivals and evening parti ESi ever offered for sa e in this city. Theae gooda are of the latest des gn?, warranted I fall pattern*,and have ex?uiaite Trimmings to match. Tiie ownera in New York have ordered the above 6ood* to remain on raleon'y until the let ot M&j, aLd they lave iuatruo:ed us to ??'l the in from 5 i TO #18 EACH Thebean'iful PAH IB liH tasEM actually coat the imp >rte a to land them in New York more than doable the prioe they will now be to d at l?uics who ou me in pine loiainc in me "nifjry M tr d&uoe" wi!l take the hint and profit by in e&'fr c?l:f u ttse ohoico&t patterns will coon be disposed of, CLA6KTT & MAY, ap lii 3.if 894 Pa. ave . bet. ?th aid 10th ats. I COAL OIL LAMP8. HAVE A Lerge nssorlu.eot of Coal Oil Lame*, CkimaiM, Paper tfhadet, Wick, Ao., which I ( Her todealere at the lowect eastern price*. Hav ng the agency of a large class factory, dealers may Le assured to purchase at the lowest ratee. Chimnies ai?a?a on i.and t-y the barrel. Coal Oil ot ti?e best brands (warrautedlby the barrel. Orders solicit d for Glass auon as Tumblers, Goblets, I.jjer Beof | mucb? 9 c. m laqiory priors. j i,veru?a j itno, 4?C 7th ktreet. opboaita Tltj roat Oitsa, WMbinVdh.p. C. ' a a-lw' HKNKY BA.Vt.EY A HO. R*AL PARIS KID GLOVES- For Ladies, all aizes aiid colors. 100 piocea of Lawna, cents p?r yard. (tea price only. * PEKft\ 4. BRO.. ap26-6t F?. ave ?ttd Nimh ptreej. POK SALE.? r v STORE FUTURES. at ki LOUISIANA AVKNl'L*. ap 8q-8t* LADIKV SUN UMBRELLAS. 7n FaKASOlS ANli SUN t H A DE5*. A Urge taaorhrunt now in Store, of the boat crtde?, and it the lowest prices. J.W.OOLLtY, p A 6tif ft'i 1 7th atrewf, nwar Fa. a?*. i 'w UUAHI cniuAit bio I AND DKAI.LES. ftOOO Bnah'ls OATS. 30(M? Buthel* COKN. 140 Tuna or Prime TIMOTHY HAY.* J u?t ar n v? u an i lo<- aale At TA V L" ?K '3 Wharf, nrar the Tana! Aqn -Juot, G*urr etown, B. C. Apply to A P. HINT. 399 loth atreai,or a. tu(t Wharf. from 9 a. m , to 1 p m. ap rf^O TMt LADIr.H 6KNKR A LI.Y. AN O ALL 1. ad.mimkkrt ok choice pi.ants. to, , FARTICULAKLY.-FO/{ SylLi?-2.S,tA!6x tra choioa Hard* Pe pauai blooming Ho n. Or* narn-nt\l bbraM, P.rlor and C'lmLint PiirJs Magnolia*. Khciio^indrura, Ereri reena. 4o. 'iTie oolieotion ooir.priirs ail theohoiaect tied* known tn blare?* or Ainerioa. All tlaLta warranted true to name and of fint *?ahtx. A J&R1XN, ? ? _ Florist and Nurcerriran, ay 2S 2w* Connoo'ioMt > , oorner of M at. T, NOTICE * HE Copartnership heretofore existing in the name of claubtt t Mat. ha< been dissolved bj mutual AAna?n? Wi m ?? A A. *4 ? _* loi'l I I Mutual vyuaouk >iuuo npin im IUUI, M II Cllimi a*ain?t the lata firm w?U beiettled by J. B. Claiett; those indebted to the late firm are reeuosted to make payment to hiu. J NO. B. CLAGETT, JOSEPH J. MAT. IV^Z!r'*' ""j**1? tnder?i;nsd will eontinns the 1^ Dry 'ioods business at the Old Stand, and hope' to merit a oontinaanoe ot the liberal natron a(e beret jfor a beets wed aeon the late firm. 4NU B. CLAGE I T. 384 Pa. ave. WOTICK.-Ali pertona bavin* aooonnU with the lata firm tof Claasttti Hay. who do aot wish them to be presented, will find them ready at tiie deck until Mar let. a'ter whinh tuna tk*? ?1i upon, when it is expaoted all claims will be settled upon presentation. ap?>lw J. B. CLAQhTT. 394 Pa svs. AW ATC H K8. LL The newer stjics of SOLD and 81LVKB WATCH KS, by ttie most oalabrated it.aaufactnrMfl. Also, reliable Tlmekeepara, by icaa notable makers, ftt vary tow rates. A arja Maortnieut. M. W. UAL.T A BKO.. Jewellers, ftp a It 334 Pft- ftvenae. COAL! , COAL!! COAL?!' Juat ftrrivfel ftnd unloading Mwr?. oif|o?i of Coftl, e.nbraolnf ftli the ?anoua kiaqa l?r family Iff- J ? W. M 6 ALT, ap U Pft. iTenne. pat, ltth aad iftii ata. IWaaHiROTON, April 10,1862. HEREBY Keapectiuiij r??|a t *11 pereona wao nave open aoeounw.dua bill*, and nctudnj, put doe, *?., utdHmto oomsat on?a, if UHw an. with the cash, and settle, U1 desire to par off 11 notes and oatstandiog aocoticu acaintt me Without de ar. JKSsSK ti. WILSON, Offioe Washington Building, Room N.o. 4. M H-3w . aornof Ttk and Pa. av . north si da yykt shoes dam_jsedbytbbfir?. .?,?.??.u;coiiw " hum "4 * 'ww,

y i WAOT8. WANTEIX-A 6I?L to do t?e?] homework. M at No. 39B L ?t, t?two?n Hth ana 15th. If WANTED-A SERVANT to do wasting, irorint and cooking- Rrfsranoa le^airect. A<1dras? note to "a H 7* Star Office It* fuzz's?EE? B>? r4spectab!a woman a SITU " ArlON as chamb#rTnaid and to do washing and ironing. lnsuire at 334 K st. it* U/ANTED-A SITUATION (tor an active oolw? oran boj betWMn ISand 14 j?Ms o'd. Apply No. 38618:h st. between K andL ap S9 g Q7ANTED?A 01RL to wash and iron, and ona w? to atsis! in oookmg, at 34T Penn??1vin a T. " a?39 2t* A SITUATION WANTJ'D. by a respeotabie sirl to do oharabarwork and sew>ng. or to assist in washing. Call at the oornsr ot K. ard 'i2J .4. . _ t 11 S A6ERMAJV WOMAN ie in qont for ft Si'uation as obamberm%id or tod? general homework. Inquire at 880 F street, near Thlru*nh street. *9-3f WANTED?ft ( od journeyman BARBER. To ft steady man good war?? wl!! be given, at 9. MSHhR't*. 491 B*renth at., near Maryl*nd avrnaa. Island. It* TWO ROOMS RENT FREE l-OR f?X months: furniture far tia'e. oash 373 Mew Y ork %venue, betwWn ISlh and 1Kb afreet. ?r? 3t? | ^ WANTKD-A GARDENER. (either Ge:man or Italian,) and i AUNDWKSS, i German -r lri?b,? well tfoommend.<1. App.y at Mr Cock'a Stable, on Sixth street, ualow the A^eaur?or Mre Scott ap '>9 2t* \\7 ANTED TO SELL?The Storlr, Good Will ?? and Keoipe for malrin< an ?riie!e aiready e?tabluhed, raying frcra $49 to $50 par w?elr; will be ro d oteap, aa tfce proprietor haa other enitatr *?enta to attenJ to. Apply &i 3"?e> la street, n v 12th. It' WANTED?A ycutt G1KL from 14t>16 reer* of age, ta d" light ctiamberwoiif ina*mal farr.i ? and attend to a littl* girl 6 yeaia < f Me. Atpi?, with re!ereooee, at K atrial, betwrej 9th and 10th; j.pS9 2f_ WANTED?By a r'apeatal.le tir!, a SITUATION a? nnrse or ?*}:*mterai*ul in a privve family Good referenoea Ki?eii Wou'd p:ef*' * a tuation in Georr<vown. A?ldrefs * M. * ' G^rtetOTrn Poaf'ttice. U* a l.thv ritnYt pmii.a hi. a WtIim ?? ??- ? % v? i'i m it ? >?? >> is v?? ra ? - itu&tion *s ftr??sfnak?r, ei.her at obi driu'i or l*dioc' dresses ; a so. hdjtfd.issfs's-a eo^crt nt hard. Addrerg a uots to WM. Gl>H , Wil'ard Botfil. ap?9 2-.?_ WANTED !.VMB!MATKf.V-Cop?? of ?ho daily Evening ?!iT ^(p eml<*r 14Ui, UC;. and September foth. ISol. The copi?s must' ? uui an-' p-rfaot A liMrai prio^-*!'! letiven for then, on app'.icahon to theStar'flHo. *p2i tf W AN I KD?Bj tyouDg nan ao > iegegialin. o, a SITUATION a* c?i?y?t. o!?rk or eir.p'07ment in roir.e other respeotab e coeupation. Ha? no or.iaotion ti ItSTier th?r.itf Mmt tiinibl* reference eitod. *dd;e a, a.atirc p rtca fcra "D. A Ht,"at*r Oft ? ep '? WANTFD-A white WOMAN tor iok, a*:d iron To ope that o*.n c >iue well rtcoromecded. $ t per month wi!l be pa d Apply at 41 Dumbarton at., Beojeiown ap .'S V. VtTANTRD?Tohire i??ned:aieiy,four MOl'SKS ' "" of medium t ie, between 7ch and <h h itre ta north Kor me. several superior Houses id th oitr, ard va'uibl* Fa'ma in Virginiaand .Matj Inn I Aiso. Heal Katate to exchange. Appl? to HKNKV L. KIDEK.Kea! eiUU Ur k -r. uttioe on l>th at., next R gga A. Co. a liai.fc. ap23 St* a a at ni.i W a .L i. . r> i it r r W?ni e.u?r\ wiiiio unvi, or ?out,f ?omn r I rwod character, to attest a t>aoj. li.^uir* at tliig offioe. up 3'.* ALADV I>E0L1NIN? HOUSKKKt PINS wisbea to obtain Situation* f ?r h*r two ecr VMitg tojetiier. One an xp?rier.o *?? cook. t>-e oth'r a? chan.barmaid arid * a ter. Both are wil line aid obHgmc. ind thoroornlj unJeretmd tt e.r busmen. Irgnirea'- ?:&'ogio?. >p t3 * OP F.N FOR A SITUATION BV THK 1ST of Ma', as or hour kf eper m a ?hoo iters or reneril insrohamliaf; i? w* I r.cqmntfd with Washington city, sni has had ?e eril yea-g' expsriance ia business for hiime.f. Addreas, for uir?j<* cit?.--umines*, - ^iTy roai umoa. ap28 3t' _ WA.NTKD?Two f?IF!<?i to do peroral homework in a sinaii fami!'. Intmreat 516 14th trAfe'.of Mr G H WAHD. &? 26 St* IIOAKD WINTEP f>r a, ?m;ll fa-nily (thr?e 1) adult*) in ?cm* *ui*t locality north of G street and west of 7 h A hoes? where ih<"-? are few otsrr b ?arder? preferred. Addresi Bux Post Off>oe? cpas st* WANTKil r\1MKDIATELV-A midlloanel Geriaan WOM AN to dft the oookicr, wa-h IBS and ironing for a fain ly or f"ur p ra-jna; nm-t brinj t'K>d recommendations Applr at No, 431 Eleventh at, between G and H, west aide. sp e<2t WANTEU-A MANAGER for a farm. One with a ?m*!l fain'iy and *nod references as to ir.dustr*. honeaty and -obrety will, with the privilege? t fl>rrd, meet witi a good home I alao want throaorfoo' Farm Handa.and will havenoobira tion to tma'.l fami ie?, provided the terms cart be agreed upon and goo-1 'eoommendatinn* T>rriuut. ftEORGK W. YOV'NG 'ttiaboro," near ettv, ap?6 at* Or 43a 6th at. wett. betw E and F. WANTED? A modern DWKL.LINO UOISK containing > or 10 rooina. within a f?WMyares of the State bepartmsnt. Addreaa, atat'r a looaHnn rant * - U V < 111 .U I." J, /"f I 1 5.J w.f VM>| WV t vv W I r IIreeath^L ap24 1w? WANTED?A WOMAN to do waehmi ar.d ironing, and make horte'f senega.lj u a* fill. Applt at 44s* 12th Hi.. he'we?n G a,.-1 H. tp 21 -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN V 1 "m? an office and take the wholeaale ajdnof. in dVery State, for all of Lloyd's Great Miii'-ary Maps area by our Commander-in Chief. The or.eap' at maps in the world. A fcrtui eoan Umvlo on these maps it each State. 3 ?0,3u0 ouy i*? of one of mT man fc&Te a'iroitlr haen sold. Alan *. m*n to to Calilorcia, Enciand and Cuc>?. Acent* want?d in overt county and in evtrr rajlrzaEi in our army. Send for circular?. J. T LLOYD. mM trr.ayl 16^ Rroa'twaT. Nay Vortr. WANTED?l??&ry jiaraon to knoir that I am in tLa iiiarkot. rft.v'y to pay cash for all article* in the hOUS8lurni>bi&( Ur>. Thoee leavint th? oit?. or having a aitfilus, will do well ta c?-ii. R. BUCHIiY,4'i* S*T0bth st., t>et?ceu U and e:a., (east biU?() Dealer in Nov and Second Lauo i- u. niture. we. 14 tf WANTKD-V-V tre l< v butimr SECONDHAND i likNl*UaK74oi'OVE3kiid Ut.DI)1NQ, Tor #!i!cl ire i-ajipj ?i:e hijl eat WiU prices. Kr. L >ue^kte^:i^-, ?r Uatiuc a aurviua of forniture, will &od it tj uili MlruUi* to give a* a oail. IIONTZ fc 0KIFFI"?H, to 1?-tf No. SftB nh ?t.. h?tw. 1 ar.rt K ?Uu VVANT^1>?To Mil. Ii0noervt?*('1, 5W barrei. " and half barrele of Ale evtf-y week; alio .the tame ol Beer, i^r kite Baltimore H-ewory. JOI1N OAVNOR, A rent. Corner of S'.ttaml O eta. Orders m the Poet Office will be o&ned for it ? a. in-an c 2 p. in. ag7-lro* WANTBD -To have even one know that thet cap ?na \ha bust p'ook ol Olothinr, Hat* and Caps, at the very love*i rates, at SMITHNo. 460 Seventh street, Mlow i-', f?SJ Sin iiUtiT AND FOUNliT IOST?Yetterday, a Memorandum BOOH.eoc* iai'iiu a eoldiern'degoriptive list ar.d other pater*, of no ralue toany one lut th?own*r. 1 ha fis.ter w It ha libera ly rewar ed h? Uaviup *h? bvrie at the Union Hospital, ?iaatg>tawM. U* CAMK TO MY l'JUCMi >K8.. n Monday, Apr:I 21 h, a red At j vhus COW. TV iijuTi < otc?r ^*n have her by oiiiir.K at 171 jpin feou^h kf ?t.. betw?ec <?.ta ar<l li'th, on tli? N'a;d proving property and p*?i-n uharte.-. lt? STHAYKU FROM THE OWNER, on yaMird*y. April S?>th, a large, d?-tc brind e .** COW. with rnn? *tt?aHj*T tn K???? Any per<sc& r?mrrlrg her to South ii [.(.,?&? between 9m anil 10th, on the Ut.d.vri l be liberally rova-ded. U* /CHEQUE IOST-On Monday. ll 2BtH. a v> ^HtQUE, on Rites k Co.. i'r<?n br Phi p k. So!"mon, for one hucd>ed ar.d ninety six (ftllG ) dollais, pna'le to Louis Fraiii*. All pera^LS are her tij cautioned agams. re?eivirg or nerooiat'Bf the tame, payment baviw; oeea (topper! at the Bank LOWS kRANZEi ap Sfl 3t? 38Q C street. ?>REWARD?Strayed or sto'en,a imall torre 1 HORSE, four white feet; loan e\ tall; thioK manr; had on nadd e and b-idie. 'L-Jvl ttnppoteJ to bave been stolen on Saturday 'tci nuht.JG'h instant, fn m the front of C?tr Hall. The abcv" rewaro will be paid for h'a return to JOHN GRINDER, oorner of l?t and L streets Met. ' ?p y-3t? LOST?On Hunasy. the S7th instant, between Rev. Dr. Ha I's Church and tha Cut bound*r.. by way o( 16 b street, a U 'Id BRACKLfeiT, with levoyng oenire peiof, oameo sft;*nd ?iaoef?? bur. Ari person'eturnlnj tbe same to/No 446 Qth street, between E and F eta , will b* svilahly rewarded. ?M 8 * WAKEN UP-On the 33d instant, a white J. The owner o&B reoeive h#r #V-_ by pvyiPi expenses. 1 Tr CHARLES MADE8, ap 24 8t* Corner Pa. are, and 3d st. C' 4 A REWARD Will be fiven for the safe $ ?" return to roe of two bay HQK*?K*. rv wbioh weretakenfrom Ksy' Ouarter P ar.tation on Wednesday, April !?J, or in thf?XZX iu(ht before, 'i tie larjest ene is a brif ht bay,With a<ma 1 star in bis forehead; the other la darker. U^*L ? ? ? * - * * -_**? Hutu uui>na mi ui ua wcu groomsu. 1 will give 20 reward for tiths,- of them CHARLES C. HILL, i ollmgton Post OCca. a? 26-lw* Pun? Maoris's ftowsty. Md. ?en Reward?For ty s?prrfcen?as (sou ^tiU delivery tow? al fiiv'engftur*, Maryisnd, or leourrd in any laiMQ Maryland, so TO thai 1 get k'.si,}ofNB<BRO MAN, Lylse. law the property of Usury If. W?rrmr.oaaeMfd, Of Pnneo Osorgs's oonaty, Tjr i Md. Bylvseter is of copp*' complsaios; of stost sUtae; sr.out six feet h>gu; uJ ol p!e*? nig oj?untensB3e when spoken to. fisis woU kuQvnin Waihi'gt n city, and is no doabt l?r*JM intbat plaos or its yiemitr. I Witt glto the Ihdva rsward no ? Wm ?k?r? SW A TAKB NOTICE! ALL Bi>Ti.bomtbtl|??(l i?t U KM ?.< W.U. lu? M ?ojo?j ^ i . T? % f=? BALLS, PAKTIE8, *& sas?s srfew trr*y.m tskVrlw on tH(JRM)Vir't;V?Mi?0;WI Mar 15, atth? H*<1 of tfca Kraukitn hrgice Houm, D at., near 2th. T""k?tJ ceata. a-iiir.ttinj a t#u ll?U lad iadioa. Paruculan >n f?n*r? adv?rtjaomuta. Br order Com A'ra-tuemacU. a?23 2t* rr* MAY* BALL! 1 HE HICKORY CLUB AND THE UNION FORKVFR! Ttie m'mberi of the Hickorr Cloh take groat jleaau 0 fn announce* t" tk#ir m?nr friondi oft and tho pnbhc tenors! t that tr?f wi'l ftvo wt their fcifhth Gran-i Ha.l at T*<n??rano? H !,#?? K tt'est, between 9th ?uil Tnth, on rHl'R9-Mtfak DAY. Mar 1st- Tioi?ta 31, ad mi .t eg a geaUenun ana :?die?. Committt* 9f Ar. aurrm-Xf. M. Molsare, J. Loi ch. R. Coleman, J JohL-aoa, R. (ohsaoa, J. Mi'ihr. A. Do a* as, I MoConne', A. TatT. F. E. I earrUn. J. >iatthew, H. MoW.1 i?x?. ap g-at* A GRAND ANNUAL EXHIBITION MAY _ ,M A LL wih lalc?_p ao8 ftt ,Ten j>eraoc? ?? Hfcl, fc, Bt . OD 1 I'fcSUA Y nitttll. J>1?T a,--. D&noicc br Prcf H*rue*' fopii* fmn hi? J? thre? a-adrnuea, T.-om 8 to o'olvok- 11UA vrhicli 'ut hour the &adieno? wi'l rontiLuTih> dinori for the nirLt Prof."%ff>rrs Ar'hV fu ! bacd it enrared for the coaation. Ticket* $2 admitting a fnttfman t nrt Udiw. ap 28 7i* 1/ MAY BALL! riRST6KAND BAI.L CO. "C." NAT?UNAL utAKD, io t.-held at AB Or>? F?l*.ow?' Ha 1.1. NirT Vabd. isa TIK'kaUAV, May Ut. Ttokets oae Jo;;ar. admitticg a tonlictisn and ladiea. ap ?9-?t* WA ti K A N1) PIC NIC ILL be given by the HKNfc.VOLF.NT SOC*KTY of UeorgJt->wn, ?.? Green Swrirr Fa * vi'ior,M?f'?r, Thi?b*?ut I'll p'*oe ! si situated about a tuarw of & nu>* above/tin Georgetown, farmer s k<*pt br Mr. Khrnun vVl trout Tbs niem??e-a w.It stare ro rami n*>r expenEO to mate the day one of fl?wur?to* 1 w t o m?y favor tbem with p.?-?. nr.?. fioid coli1lot n u?io ti ill be in atte.vai^e. 'f i< k?U ?i> oen'a, a<in>i?tin< n gs t!?:?iac and >adies. folic* w;!i Le on hand to erere.-ve roe/. naift Si The i.i:?waKY ? > ;*?ir<ATu?\ti o ? v.--^r<3r^ ^.nwv^ oftli* PntnotofCotum '*'r < I>i* will a I.K VEF. for th* l}?u?>lit of th? ir Li!r*ry MONt?*Y KVj MMi, Mat 5 l^ (Md FeM ws' Hali Seventh Mrret. Tioket* %i, in future Mvsr'ifetr.tniU. up ? > 3? I VV F. H. LABiJK > ILL GIVF. - .MAY FK*TIVAL At tkmpkh *xrr hsli_ Ofl T U UK 5? DAY, M A V 361, F. R. LABBEhM the hor.or of informing the iadies end f.-tlemen of Washmjton and vieiu t* that h? wii j<vd 1 tirauJ Fe*tt?al at the *bo?? p ace an<) lirno ap2>td* 1 1 ' i ? 1 FOB SALE AND HhiWT. F*OW SALfc OH KKNT-A ?rf? thrfe ra-y BRl oj ataJ forta^telor toar-iine tiouae; with or without a Grocery ttore attached; a arjr* yarU to a. e'mmcdate couttry wa^on ; with or without ?to?k arid furniture. Term* oasti. Situated on luh it e?t, between l* at <1 < J itreeta a?^?5f BKQ. M. NtOHOl.t*. Pr< p i?ter. 1,U)R HA I.K-TWii mWlinwi m>mm (ItfilltlL U - - ' ? ?- ...w >? 111 -? m W ?n? VUI.C 1X1 ^ 1 plratant r>i(M o" ooil; withrn ti?e ii< wa'knfthe Patent ? rfioe, and ? ??*?*! jirst oiacf dwoiiui<?. A w, ??vera! tqnil HlAMKs,ca trie ! ;?? '1. A i p'y M Hi;* street, iietweeii A vera* asd r. ar <?- r Th.M .v l?UK 8KNT-A IUKNJ8HH) HOUdK, eon" ta iinp lo iooii^, t- esrartii* treated in tie Fii: w&id. ?.t ldi H and 21?t ?t?. " >|gj? I^OR RKNT-On th? He:?hu of Georgttuwr, a comfortable C>iTTAfiK, 1nrci*fcr4 or cn furnii-hed Lcqatre on tho preu.ifw, Ksje'te at. ??ra St* I^O LKT-S a vel7frrr.:*be1FRO>T ROOMS, Sfiady en# of tha itr<?ti (very Parlor, lieo room and Kuchea rc*u"U? -a<5 the Ko >na at 353 1: * eet, between ?>? and 6ta. <?p stairs Al?o, 8iirndnl Samrair HeJio>ir:i t- r g ot otn^tt, at No 3i< Massachusetts aveaus, n-v o?rn?* ol Utii f?._ a?> l?0ft PAifK?An eld entab uhed UOAfiUINU I HOITfe>, on Ka ave . now doinr a sood ban nerfi it has a fine tTa.-:v*?t curto-n, a'd would m*ko one of tne be*? *tatd?in the cny for a ?r?tC'ass rc?'atira:it; w.'i ba soid cli?ap f r Qj.h,the Pi?a*f?t ori?nri?lijr K??-??< ? ? * 1 _ , u '--I' -> IV ?li^UU to. /d Jrt_8 'tnterpjrue," Rex I'jBF. O. &28 S.* FOR RKNT?Four FURNISHED ROQMS situated on SiventsactJi street?No. 4tfi?1>?twefp H and I. up 3b-4t? F'OR SALE?Sma'l E?MCK HOUSE, Ni. 44*i L Rtroi t i e-r >s h. For terms iuqu re A Q, HAI L. G<* Offi-e. jKembl a??t-\y rro SELL o? L.KT?a u?. f 1 - w* ?* c?u * Oyster and tow do-ag a good business. near Wiii&'il Ho1*1. To % *x.d caterer with a uiai! capUa', ihta is a jochI ehanca. Addiasa ,lB. X Star Office. a; 25 3t* FH OR RKNT-A :arcear.d very haitfaoipely furI iii'Oed three story brck DW Kl,l.l N?i. with baok building, and hath room. No. 193 YYejt rt, fceorjetnwr:, contaiturz tr* r3r>ms. c*s Cxtv? or.n.ploto ajjfl In the ya-<1 lrqurc PfXt?'n"r "ft**. apS8 eoa * HKHTTlFUL COUNTRY KKSlDKNCkf<?K R NT?'Tho iut>?nnh?r with*s to rent (au.'. fg >u?s?iun iivan n ir.?uiat?iy; 'o.-ra^r a! residence, ootitnin-.ns e:x kitchen, And aeepinj rooms for errvuii; &iiu%'ol oc in e.-runeao? e-a-viy opposite to tne N*v? V?N,rnm. rfiaUmi th* fiue?t new cf Mninpton City, Georgetown Kei?lit<, S" i ti?e *urrunmhnK ooantry for mi es, knovii m tiua never f\ilin* prinjs. q{ ;?o put?*t va??r, vwy l.eer tai hou?e; ?*:fc ict for lour ho-???i 'c>? h ;ose; emoke couse, tfltO shed for five fc^j.l of cattle. To a raspjasoie a~d prompt tenant, *c J nor.o ot! er nee.) e-pp ?. I will riiike too Wrmt aooir.ia":liailo*. For >a-t:cii *rqair.s at the %*? ?om(?6Doecl .VJr-. Jve W>'.'uiuj,or to dfo. Matti igiy, resi Ji' R in F ttrre'.. who Mil b? atieto live at-> o her ml jr nu.; t-ej n.?f r^a1:# CEO. W. TAI CURTT. . P.' ? ? y w-nn>- t.tir tr? !\t*f Yir l Bridge. fH;tt jlL N I ?I'jnr-sU ry L.KICK DWELLING,'M * p>M*i't*r.d fcetitnfui p^t pf tltf oit? Wll.'i &: e :r ohairit;?-r? {imuri, Lilti r.'i>;:i t'l ~r ..eJ vr.'.!, l.j.Irf. .t WV- . f? ' throat>x.ut; o*:rta-* , .to m u- e . -> Tttin i? a .vatde rea.Ja: cs'.l . ? i C. or Govern ii Sut 6 y oyo? in "itu-t <'ne of the lifpart iii'jC^s. l^?uir? Rt :i?4 hievenlii Btiec'., fcst-w^n K L. fru.ll S tn fi - m ? " m- w t: TTuNfMER KKSIHENCK FOX HKNT. v-pvn C* {A- ''trim hlitn FarviS' V. C-, aiuui 1>* mtlti a'.ire ('sirgitcion, (Htjr -<ii. Lomtlborougti'.')? A tic-?irahia taroiaiwJ Uoubls tlouee well ?uau--J, Sue water, Jtw , with eta!><iu<, cir:i*f o-houBe?, *c., Ac- Tkeattention of MMulero of the UabiLflt. rureisn Mmiaiera, a> U i?nt:em?n with (ami y is e??*ci%!ly mviteJ to this advertu<>in?Et. For mwaitioi of tii* f a??iy fa tho maiiarer II M/in tho fm rm / U - 1 ? ' _ , .mw u?i v i jnuimu DIIilM S--Q lur IL I tj,?r Mriioaitrs a?'il r-?s Captain \\ . A T. M A D- I DOX, U a. JW . laao r-pruoe etreet, | P%* 11u JI- iu Vm ATRARE CHANCK. ALL'ABf.K eitCK OF PROPERTY FOR aleoc Pmn aveuu-. between ? -4 aud5<1 ?tiecte, south e de, witu fcjj'oveni#r.t8 two en ?!l f.air.e hous-e, 'rontinj on avenue, in, Square A. 30 jiel, runn'iie back to ar al!e? 127 feat 5 inches, ffoo?re fe??3,Hi.r? I rar further iniorro*VOAapp'*to Jt HKl'H F. KKI.I.V, Atent.oaitfc street No 361, between 1 and New lurcar. ap 22 2w* BOAJiOINx*. HOOMS AND KOAAoTwU" a Northern IMHIly m. a p!ea?&a- lo?? ny rt^ar tho Department*. N;w hons?, furniture ani i lmg. A :ew l&ba ){"a(1?r3touo'i ?ujdfttea <4A Iwrllth a r??t,between ?;hju K. Bp 2-* It BOARD1NU?A rB^tieman a.d itdy, or tw.> (ontemeu o?n ba Mcuinwmtiated witt> a l&rre front K< H?M anJ Uoirn, at 40o K itrea*. bJtw*?n Sd and 3d r.orth. a pnvato family. ap St* BO.\K 155KO.?Geutlaman with or without their fimilies. visiting 1'hi'itUa pais. on hu'iueaa or insure. \? 1.1 ?n" eDpericraoooirmio<lai:~na(atona na:f Bo'ai aricesj in the moat tieairat< e location. No. 1204 Oheanu? street, iiocvpciaut Vo bue'.crsa ami ail thi public p.aoea of intareat. Permanent ami transient at 28 aw* GEORGETOWN ADVKKT'MTS gVCKSUN 6JLO VEH! Ramsbarg & Ebert, t Aft u . - ? a ? iw# ni?n CTHIKT. UKOKGETOWN, L, O. Whacniy m&cufaotvrera of &?ntine BUCKSKIN j&VWBh i."{tfisa Oficera' tJauntieta m&da to onl*r. Boot akin [)r%y?n ?.n<( 8hirU U It ?u / oaivad % amjpij ot U>i ?ho?? Ait, Wbinh Vi IJi -- - __ ".T1 ? ?~ |V O" Wi wj cprnor <uu- I ity. Persons myhir to torokace, Ly uumt u?nadiau i^.oAtiva. o?a berenitbMi. i|N? X BHlNN, Ml U?VERY PERSON'S INTEREST-That fin* ?i ?u>oic of CtotLinc for Mis over Salts' jewelry Store it raw oilerei at lee* tbau wtu?!e#aie prioea, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Heveath street.oepcaito kkMt U>ce I? ?7-?THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING SrOIlE, No. 1 4SO Bevoath *1. M*aji aaead! N?w arrival of ?prmc uood*. all the latest atrial of C!ou>m?, at No. *60 S ??ntmrMtt. nuar r fe Tl in I^OR fine etocfc of Clotbing, Furnish r in* Oood?^rm?k?AH?t??nd Caps, at whole ta^te.,'w ?"* **? ..-gg? ft^TOFar^n^ood* Trunk*, Clothin*, and Cap, all at Northern prtoM, at til* Paoole'a O Oihin* -flr.r* \<1 i?nnk Mm ? CH1RTS, SHIRTS. SH1HTS!?Ju?t reoeiVM 0 liOdosen Shirt?, whloh w? otf?r W o>d ?noM, atftMIIH'M. No. 4ftO ??. *>W-?n Pf MILITARY GOODS RESENTaTIoN 8WOK1JS, R'ch Kmbroid 17 ttathoi, Belt*, and Military Md Naval Uftc*r?' Re?u of every date lrtiot-a larg* aaaoitmfttil, oi very to per .or ?u*h'T. M. VV. OALT * BRO.i Jawtlfa. 1 n?K mrivalniiiivwM, I J f v "? * f I. I * ( % SECOND EDITION. THREEO'CLOC*, f. M. L#.\ L5T rRO" rvLUXWi Th' War l>?partment have diapatchrs from Gen. Bank* ccluir.n, daUd \-iKrdif evening, wUen 11* advance waa tonf e^ht or tsa #'.#* beyond Harrisonburg, la IbedtreUioe of Mnuaten Kverythlng *u prof r*** lag well WitU ti LATEST VROM PREMO%T'* COMMAND. The War Department have Information from the column cf tieaertl Fremon'.'a e?rp? d armee commanded by G?n. Mllrov, op to tlx day before yeaterday, when U wa* within aeven m'.le* ot xaunton It therefore ta wlthlu etay striking distance of the army of Gen. Ba-.ka?that*a evident. Mnnv r?in* ?" f ? ? ?? ? ft K W MEXICO. The following vru reeel v<d here to-day Kiitui Citt, April 3 Hoa. Cdwin M Suetoa, Secretary of Wat: Tbroupb Saato Fe mati, with datea to the I'itb, La? arrived. Col Siou^h and Gen. Canby formed a Junrtio* at Ualoato on tbe Utb. Major Duncan, wbo *?# In advance of Gen Canby'a a3vsr.ce guard, encountered a large party of Teiana, and routed tbem. Major Duncan wsa aitgbtly wosnd d Tbe Texan* were tbtrtv mile# tootL of in full flight from ibe TerriJocy No doubt ! entorttlned tl? ipeeiy r&ptarr of Stbley1* rommini, a* tl^jr tie rnttrely destitute Ot ftverytblug. THE LATEST FROM CORINTH. Skirmish with the nemy's Cavaliy, 80,000 Rtbeli at Corinth. The following wa? received to day at the Wir Department: Pbvex Mite* from Tenn., Arrlt Si.? Flvrcompati'.eaof our o?v airy Lad aaklrmUh with the cnerm'a c?.*alry,' Wi> nr.l:e? In advance. The euetny retreated F| ee of ?Vui were killed, one of them being 4 cn&j"(. EighWn p-taonera, with hor?f. or.d arm*, wrre cantured. and unw In ramp. Oneoi tu-r prlaoners naned Vaughn, wu fortTiMlf fo'eman in the ottJ-e of the Louiavlite ban. v rat We had one man wounded, and nose killed Our forcca are In r?p<u> aplri:a The prwoaera ny that the enemy hare cpwarda of &>.000 men at Corinth, and will fi/ht. They are entrench Injr, and mounting large ?<m?. A PIOHT tfit Pillt ?h??i TUU forenoon the Navy I>eputcb?*t received the following Interesting r ffla~rount? of the recent fight in the vicinity of I'ort K.yal: rl.?fl),H!F WllUII. t Port Rnyl Harbor, 9. C , April <2, 1sG3 \ Sir: I hire Ibf honor to iD'lnre ? ropy of a report from Lieutenant Commanding Rhtnd. of the Cm?ader, detailing the clrcnm?taf?rea of a concealed attack upon one of Ira boats, tn wtii >U ?,.?l-rr M>>' T\ I ? xi. ??u- nunwi ?? ??i. *? VIMM woa wvfrny wounded. I.imi. Com'g Rhlnd. wltb the co-op?n?tl?a of Col. Fellow*. of the Army. command'ng the pr??t at North Kdista, planned i liigbt attack upon the enemy, end, though not successful In nprliin^ them, hid a abort engnjement with the rebels. In which he say* 44 the l-s? of the mut, I feelsnre. V3i sufflclcnt to punish toem fx their cowardly attack on our boat.'' Tnree of the Otmader'a men were wounded tn tLU tk'.rmtsb, wl*: Gustavc Wa-ker. ordluirir seaman, In the right arm and breast; Theodore Peterson, seaman, wontded slightly Acting Maater \V. D I.'ran who wm ttred upon In the boat, wa? wounded tn the left finger and right wrlat. TUe finger haa since been amputated. M Lieut. Commmdlrg Rhlnd speaks of him as an excellent offlccr. He la disabled for some W..* ? A ? ? nine, uui an du amtr to !?*? * The name of James WUunn, Baa^avyain'a mate. is alao motioned favorably Very respectfully, your obedient a?rraut, 8. F. Uv Powr, Flan Offi'^r. commanding South Atlantic Clockid'.afc, Squadron. V. S. Htiavkb Civutsi, ) [ yortk KHitto. April*0 { Sir : On tbe IStb a partv of the enemy. concealed In tbe wood* below Seabrook's plantation, flrrtd on one of our boata tent tbere to assist M i Eteyanida. Government aent, tn securing some cotton. Acting Maater Wm D Crann. who bad. charge of the boat, wae aevereiy wounded in the right arm and l*ft band. No one of the en^my was seen during tbe flre, which waa promptly returned by onr boat a er*w. 1 nl ann?fi in r\s*A if inn f n ri fktura t h* nart that flight, and called on Col. Fellows, romroandlnt the pout here, for some men to assUt ma. He promptly afforded them, e- d enshled m? to land a psrty of ahiot alxtv men, Including otLcers We marched through the swamps to twc'plantatlons where 1 expected to Bod the enemy, reaching the farthest place about 3 a.m. The enemv discovered our approach aid fl-d, receiving the fire of a platoon of the .'5th Fa. Regiment, under Lieut Bedell, of company K. We halted there to rest our men, and shorily after daylight discovered a considerable force of mounted rifleman approaching rapidly to attack us. Tbey opened fire upon us boldly, but tied rapidly as they advanced, after a smart vkirmlth of twenty cr twenty-ll?e minutes 1 had one howitzer with me, and the first Are from II brought them to a tuddea halt; the third and fourthdiaperted them. Three of the Cruaader'a crew were wounded in the affklr The loaa of toe enemy, I feel aure, wu aafi:lent to punish them for their cowardly attack on * our boat. Their r.umbera were variously cattmated at from #0 to 100 We returned leisurely to the ve*aei, the enemy not attempting to follow, though all wer*? mounted. I em under obllirattor.a for Lli rrornnt rMtwiiiv to my rail, to Col. Fellow* ; and to Capt R C Dow, of Company If- 3d N H,, and Lieut E Bedell, Company K, 55t!i Fa., for their cord la t co-operation. I enclose tbe rercrt rf tbe Awla'tnt Surgeon. Very reapectfoliy, your obedient aerraat, A. C. Uhinl, Llent Com dg. COrMH. ass HJHA it. ? UXTIltb CO?l?KK^????? < Htuiit. Tpesdav, April $ ?. StsiTi.-Mr Kaie prearuted the remonstrance of cersaln Gjaniifsctnrers of wool a,;a1nat the propo?ed Uxod woolen maaufacto-e; referred. Mr Ilnu'arH nr*-&Ptir*rl a rvtlflnn fnr the ?n?t+t. mcnt of a general bankrupt law; referred Mr Grim*** reported from the District of Columbia Committee a resolution directing tber the recent communication fn.m tbe Secretary of tbe Interior enumerating ?br blares In tbe District of Columbia, &c., be uanamitted, under seal, to tbe Commiaaioners under tbe act fmiv 4 cipatlng tbe slaves In tbe said District approved by tbe President; laid over on motion of Mr. Sumner. Mr. Latham reported from tbe Military Committee a bill for tbe establishment of a Uaaapcrtation bureau of tbe War Department; committed Mr. Wilson reported from tbs umt committee a bill to create s clothing bureau of tbe aanir De partinent, comtultteii. Mr. W also Introduce & bill to amwd the ronfi?catlon act of the lut **??s!on of Congre*; referred, Aiao a bill to diacbatge told ten on account of thoracal dlaability; referred Mr Grlmea introduced a bill providing that tbe wbool tax collected from colored people In the District of Coturobli abail be applied to the <d? cation of colored children I herein; referred Tbobllt to Incorporate the Mount Oiw-t Cera rirry uvui|?iiy Ol iue UiSUlCl OI iuinn.bll Wjl biken ap and pa-aed. On motion i f Mr. Hale, tbe pending resolution authorizing tbe Secretary of tb?- r*avv to dia barge contractors after futiltngtheJr contracts was tb?-n taken np and debited rouvertationaliy by tbe mover, Mr. Sherman and others. Hoc-t.-Mr. Blatr, of V?, lx. QUI red of Mr. Potter on what authority be > sternay predicated bis charge of disloyalty against Judge Pitta, of Nortbamptoa county, Va Mr. Potter rep.:?d, the addles- of Judgo Pitts to tbe Legislature of Virginia. Tbe address was sent to tbe Clerk* 4eik and read, in li j udge pitta refera to tfct action by tb* Leglalatnre to drpow tins wltbont giving him an opportunity for defense. He plead mot guilty oC dmoyiltj to tke Itoutk, iml doibud not that bo could triumphantly vindicate Almaelf from e*ary charge. Be protested agaloat being removed by extra constitutional meant. The cooaideration of tbe report of the Cms* mlttee on Go vera men t Contracta waa returned & M W *?? ? atroota, " 'Si . * i . . a

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