Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1862 Page 4
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$ CITY PROPERTY TO BE BOLD FOB TAXES. COLLECTOR S OFFICE, Oitt Hall, Fx untaxr 25, 1862 CMXMMESC1NG ON THUESDAY, the 22d day of May next, the , 1. lowing lift cf Property will be sold by public auctioD, at the City i I* 11J \ it. n*.4. ~r av* ?i u vuiui^r,; IU mo v/iij ui n o?uiu^^uu, vu miiiuj m* Corporation ?f said city fcr Taxes dm thereon as stated, unless the said i"?xe? fce previously paid to the Collector, with such expenses and fees a* nay have accrued at the time of payment. Sale to oommenoe at 10 o'clock A.M., and to be eon tinned from day to day till completed. Terms cash, in Treasury no Us, coin and Corporation certificates of the denomination of fire dollars. \Jf~ILLIAM DIXON, Collector. i 3 " I Years due. ?5 ?65 ? z, 1 Ij ? 1 a- 0 I ; sm Sfg * | TO WHOM AJJ3E38ED , * S J? S ; 18C0. 1861. g a Sa | o a o o a? * as X I I b i-> ? 1 4fe 13 A<U:r.s. Aitxanier part 14 and Imp Paving t*t, ob latere* f?- c r. larch us 186: .. 38 38 38 36 38 M 77 part 1 and Atz, Ciia im C 7W 5 83 28 ? 88 66 Imp. BexlftRtn;? on north 1 areet 1? feet eest froir the no'thwe.*t corner o? the iut, and running tkenre ea?t 13 feet j thpt.ce bo'j h feet 11 tnche#, thence west ? feet 7# Inches, llifcci ?ou'ii to the extrenu utnth#?rn llnpnf thi> lr.t thence west d feet4Jjj incLii, and tb^nci north to the place o! beelula; T?x for paving alley, on 15 71 Intfre^t from Nov. 6 1MU. 110*2 65 and Imp. Ash ton, C. II. 5 33 5 ft! C (H N. W Irttto 75 .5 :**i 8 )i AVaton, Charles 75 75 75 i45 23 and imp. Alexander, Columbus *? 5 !# < 12 45 12 45 4o3 | part rf and ;Ar>der*on, Klin H Id M? '^| 2?1 21 S2 , imp f Beginning for the fanion 9tU street west. 2o f?**-t fcouth from th? norftwcM corner ot sjiJ lot, and ! (U. lice t :\ii !?l ft-el H | lnc Ufrt, iticntc 2i' ttrnirc at ll?hl sr.^IrM wilh the las" llur y| |r*-l lu iochrs lo 'riJ U.?*iice t?. beginntag. I,t?htio>.: tlif street .. 1 CI 517 part tai ?nd Appltrby, Geoi^f \V .. 4 W 1 <0 4 93 Imps. B?, n!?!hi>WMifn? U;f?-tM <1 incite* front -f su.J lot r>y ino tleptii there of. rn >1a-?achuaetN avenue. MS part IT ar.d Andro*. Horatio N. 3d He 30 9r 30 Imp lieiny tUe ?outh 2-? fee> front by the ae,>ili of the lot. 7iW .1 and Imp... Allen, Henry J 8 71 8 71 8 71 pan 14...... Adams, J&uies, trustee 7 M 5 C7 13 tfl 13 03 the west :u? feet fiout of su;d lot by tkr depth thereof. on* >,.k J* A ilamu InVn 12 OA .\. m ri Ml i :u auiai', ?uau : ^j?l O 5H re?l I ?nbjsf....... Ditto I 35 35J 447 ?'Ji? ? Ditto 1 4e 1 14 2 62) 4 Ditto 1 43; 1 14 2 ea a. D.Uo 14* 1 14 2 6-2,1 . B37 5 Aduu, James, Ttuske.. ... 4 89 4 4 8# 881 parUof 3an<LAdams, Janie# A 8 4*2 8 42! 8 42 4 and imps Being the w?>st "J feet 7 inches front of lot ? &?id tijf ct?t t<i fret ?nchr?front of iotNo.4 t>y the depth thereof. MX Mrt 7 and Adairis, Juu:ira ann cliicr- ... S3 R1 -1 'istpi Be.iij; U.e north "2i feet r luc.a-1 lecul of said lo: by the depth thereof ^ Mft g ai.d Artel, J< bn .............. ... 5 '9 s 5 69 lJBps Ue^inui:.* 4a pciut ci. Vlr^iaia avenue tiS fee 6 icchesfrc-ic the souii west corner o1 'h? U-' a a d rucniiif thenc* wtstwarrily with ;tL< line of said avenue 4.; feet, the nc* north a&C parallel with the we* linAfif the lot till it r. aWea tbe bask Urn tl?wf, thence ?aii with La.k Hue D feet.acd t: ucewith i> straight Une to the! place of fct2!nDiuj<. D I VV X 9 and Arnold. Mary F J .. 7 JO 7 50 7 50 (yw) ' 'Alig, M Pump Ui ... 3 1? 3 10 5 71 2 D:?. ... 1 PI 1 94 3. Do. ... 67 6T ft A'exiD^er, Robert 2 Oti 2 00 2 Cf? Iriit 29........... Abfrt, S 1 haver.......... ... 5 65 5 651 5 65 I) part l i and Aciti-., Sirub .. 35 1> 35 13; 35 13 Imp* Beginnlrg a? th<- northW'fst corner cf lot li ard ruuuinc ttcnr* DOrill <& Urt 0 iachr* ti.euce ea<! l(<y t'cnce sooth 22 f?*et? 111/*> ?*? mrm* Ito tae |?a.':e of Ix^in alug. g Austin, WiiJiara 15 33 13 82 19 82 1 **** * * Lljfliiinix ... 3 4? r,., riart 1 b>d Butkma?, AdiH:.?r E 7 4<i 7 40 7 40 ltfH* " Being tbe <nst '-*) frfiut i>f the we*th?!f oi Xtie lot fronU u on nor L N r.reet, cud ruiininn back with ttsat wldtL tbc di pti ct tiie lot N . W t,1 No a^ry, Aagac' ;:s l ? Tru? 10Yn'<1'.Mips U.5fjrj f atdweil... 4 Vt 3 71- 8 72 9 72 part v and Hay?. ^ ' 4 HI J TV cJ II uy 11 imps llie ao'.-h 25 frlrotii by tb? ueptli o: tbS lot. Due for 1353. *5 t/1 for i=&), ?. Pavi.-.jj thx en interr>i from Nov 1-', l^&o, *51 Gc 3-4 parts cf 0 an<i B?.j*ruhi K <Jg 23 29 ? ) 6t> 09 69 |7 and Imp.... B*?* ?fce wart j? faM frout m !ot o, aad tb ?s?t 1 foot front of Id' 7 by it?e deptn of tli? lot. J.IghMng th* stw l 2 31; 2 3! . . I'M. ?? ? 11/ 1 r.? ?..i A.i ? ? ? ? ;il3 I in J 1 itipi^? I ? w*r;; jiic.i v ? .to *,j n hi 71 7^1 7a 72 l.Stf tiling tlie ?trw 5 13 5 13 A \V * ? w., Jr.... .. 44 56 <7 3^ 5tn,7 Imp Ditto i.lj.liliug ?tre?! .. 2 af: K \ 7 Dltf.v. .. ? 511 12 31 i-tfcMIng Hrwt| .. 2 80 et?l part 3 and How^n, rurlm M ( .. 71; <j Vi 7 1 imp g at the outl l?i:e of Mid k>t, at It-. Intersection with th-l mrwt l!ne of Fourttj lllcrt Wn!. i.1 J Iim-I r.Su^ thence i tt,> feet l> loi tiri, tbmce nortL (I :h.? dividing 1 :ntr b* twceo lots 3 and 10, 4i? fee t, tbcnce Vint St. feet 5 In* li?s, tbenei south 40 feet to lbs b? ginning. 430 parts 1 and II Boy c, Crrnel!n? 33 29 26 3b 61 4; 173 26 and imp.... B?gtnniu* at the "utfc west corner of said los Nn 1, end running th-nce aerth85feet3h. ch a. thenc- cast 20 fee tnchts.thenccsoatfc 95 feet 3 inehrs to nortL E s:f?vt, thence wesby and wiih the lini of said E ?tre? t 20 fee: L a> (1,... ? ? .V.A 1 I _ I IW IUC Willi- I in-. " | H^Ltla^itree'- ?> 491 rrrta n and Ditto 4? x, ?., " WandlmD.. Be^lnutng for thesarr. at the northeast au^i< of aiid lot 24, and run nlmr south ?2 feet 3 In che?, thence west 36 feft, thence northwestwardly 30 feet 3 IncBe* thence northwestward lr 30 feet * inches thence northwestward ly 5 feet 3 inches.three* north 11 fret, there. 125 feet to the be glnnSn^. if Lifting the .tree. ! * , * j 4t? I/lttO.... ................ II ~| b uu on an m 14 ;Qoy!e, Cornelius * K. P ,7V ? W <20 ?fl| | GoodP. 1 1.5 IS 92 IS W A ^ BHld tecum, l>auit?l .. * * U! 7 Id 140 ? ( . ... * a* r i| $ :: .? jg ^ 77 Isrown, Elizabeth 9 ? 7 0? 16 31 1C 31 -*7 ^"7" debbey. EJuabetb K 10 (X) 12 6* 12 OS 2W ww*l,,| Ughttng atreei .. 1 hV ,.u|l tm-i ' Soro^t. Enoch..* .. 13 73 L* 17 92 '414 Olf|* ' ?-| B?Sag the east 41 feet 4 iBCbaa front on north 1 ?w* extending - P back with thai wldu 65 feet to the north lln? j j _<*!?* I KAfi o ?? 4 1* 4 1# ^ * B'Idk the north 8U fw Wont aa4 l ftck Willi that wldtl 69 t**t 4 tnche* to liu east line of lot 7 - II L i.. Jnrd, E'wi'? 78 7 53 17 31 S3 <3 4lt 18 * imp ... Duto l9& ia 34J J , Dttto 1 59 1 a * 8] *5 Br*nt, Fr*ncl? N 8*1 l? U? U77 *" Bfulnnlng at a point on ,. ?| aouthera Um of " I ' 9 I \ H35 $ 5 O ro WllOM jLB&?8d?D *? " ^ 6 * 18W- 18#l- 2 3 H" 8 as b* g-* Brent, P. N., continued... Mid lot, No. 3, itoBtedSO fret we?twmrdly from the otrthe**' corner of Mid lot, and running thence north 67 feet 2# inches. thence to a point on th? northern boundary ol Mid lot, No. 3, alto A Ai? ? A m I..W*. ilea iiu icri w muw westward I y from thf northeast corner of nald lot, No. 3, thencr westward ly 20 feet thence southwardly 67 feet 5 Inches, thence southwardly to a point In the southern lfneot Mid lot, No. 3, situ a ted TZ feet 0 inches WMtamrHIv frnm outbeaat corner - ?1 Mid lot, No 3, tbenc* 60 feet to the beginning. 6X0 7 and Imp... Behrena, Frederick 94 11 84 11 u n Paving tax 011 lntereai . from Jnne 6, lbfiO Hit 1) and Imp.. Brown, Gustavus 4 AO 4 00 4 60 :? 10 and imp..jButl"r, George A 4 Ut 4 fti 4 03 part 1 and Bowen, George (col'd) 7 1W 7 10 7 10 imp........ Being the south 100 feet front of the lot by thr ' whole depth. 514 part 9 and Boiling, George (col'd)... .. 4 06 4 08 a m Imp......... Being the ea*t 25 feet I fMat txf ?tM l/\t Kit tK< II vu> "? vuiv wy ?u< depth thereof. 369 29 Bell, Horatio i 3 44 3 44 3 44 Re* 12 7 and Imp... Bond, Hugh 1, 133 74 ltr* 80(236 62236 62 900 41 1 Bradley, Henry 73 75? S 16 4 2 Ditto 72 -2 4 3 Ditto : 7?2 72 5:? parttt and lm Brook?. Henry (coi'd). du? 3 06 2 3C 8 2& 8 25 for I8.'i9, 92 H3 Beginning at tlie north cait corner of the lot tbenre running west 14 feet, thence ?ontb 122 jeei '? iiu ue*, int-no : pa?t 14 feet, nortb 122 feet 2 iis. Le? lo tbe place of bepln- ! nliig877 31 Biisrhrr, Henry j 32'i8 Paving tax on Interest froui March 28, 196J .. 16 1ft 16 13 Ditto Itf 11 16 11] -- 9 Breckinridge, JoUn A ft 06 5 35 5 35 i:W 1 Bright, Jew 1) 3 07 3 07 14 14 | i i Ditto i 2 00l 2 00] | I lutln i o rol o *ol V ' ? " ? ?-> (I ^?I 4 1 Ditto j 5 54 S 54i 79 19 and Imp... Boyle, Juntos J ., due for 20 0& 22 26 78 25 160 15 1150, S-20 83 20 Ditto 12 14 13 15 10 12 05 4l' f.,14 2 Ditto 18 i* 20 57 15 83. 55 49~ 64 partlandlin Boyle, John 6 0s* 4 6? 10 76-3W 37 Being the south 3^ f?*1 front of said lot by th( depth thereof. <51 it 1 and Imp .. Ditto 4 61 4 61 376 2 Ditto 21 70 19 00 43 70 40G 4 and Imp.. Ditto 69 71 53 63 229 76 Lighting the street 4 06 4 (ili Paving tax on interest from Dec. 21, 1S59) 9? 3u: part 5 Ditto 6 87 5 28,4167 Hf?!nrr thp innth i front of said lot by th< depth thereof. Tavlng tax on interes' from Dec 81,18jt>l 32 77, Lighting the street *2 03. 2 03 ! 1 Ditto..due for 185!> S17 17 19 61^ 14 31 SO ?? 3 Ditto j 7 i8 7 4" ott I lv Ditto ! 77 77, i 15 Ditto 59 5!) | in Ditto ! 44 61 I 17 Ditto ?6 I 18 ' Ditto 751 7V I an (\l it. i I ' 57j ' part T and , Bcrret, J ***,-> ft. and \V. A 3> 41 27 2? #2 7i?; 6-2 70 ! impi J W Arnold Being the east 21 feet 3 i ] inches front by thf depth of the lot. 514 part 3 and 1st Barr, Jaac A.............. 30 48 <0 45 58 731 58 73 | Commencing fur tbr ! aame at point 23 feet 4 inches from the south east corner of said lot and running west 22 feet 4 inches, thence north 85 feet, thenc* cut 23 feet 4 inches. thence south to the be ginningLighting the street 2 40, 2 40 406 3 and ImD .. Brereton, John : 28 83 97 81 97 91 ,W V Lighting the street 3 25 3 25 Paving tax, on interest fiam February 11,1S60 62 48: 570 c and imp.. Burche, John C, iu trus- | for Catharine Burche. 32 02 16 94 41 40 41 40 Lighting the street 1 22 1 22 6M8 oart 12and 14 Barron, James 17 90 13 72 53 7C 53 7fl Mr , , I t??_ 10r/? aid k*ti- * - - ' ana imps. rui Aoavi ??" l i j $11 yi> Be"lnnln2 P# feet from the northwest cornel of tnid square, on south A street, and running A*- ?"? A lucncr buluu i.j-? leei t> inches, thence east 15 feet, thence north and parallel with the first line 131 feet 6 Inches to south A street, and thence west with *<Aut A street 15fe?'t to thr beginning. 555 1 part of tnb # Bcck, Jos. W............ and liiips Tax of litfii, S3 tf. \ \v 3WUS?TlS9 Bee'.unlng 75 feet soutb nam the northwest corner of tho *auare. and rnnnlng thence aouth SI feet 9\ Inches. and fxiendlug bach with that width tht whole depth of'lot 904 7 Bullua, John 5 b* 4 68 10 88 15 97 8 Ditto 3 10 U 43 5 69 fclH land Imp.. Brvan, John A, (colored). 5 44 4 20 9 07 9 (17 MO part 13 and Baker. John H ns 2 91 0 89 0 C9 Imp. Beginning at the northwest corner of aald lot and running theaci south T-! feet w inches tbence eaat 100 feet. thence north 22 feet Inches, thence west lot: ?. feet, to the place of be ginning. 158 W.x? Beard, I.ewU o 81 , ^ 3 gs 3 ftA W ^ 10 final Howie, nlarv. frnlnrwl * o at, ? aol n ^ ^ mm i ?, r ; *?/ " ? < ^| ?J W 571 ' 13 II. ? 39 HO W 80 34 80 14 ...I Ditto 4 00 4 80 7j4 3 {Butler, M., In truat foi ' Rcaanr.a Stontatreel. .. 5 OS 6 05 5 06 <Htl nub Fand lm Bvlngton, Marlu E 3 SA 303 6 W 6 97 jij-I natt 12and iin Brown, Michael, (colored) .. 3 12 3 IS 3 12 j living ttie weit 20 lee! front by the depth ol I* the lot. 76 1? BuUu?, Oacar and Edward .. 4 70 4 70 4 TO 289 ! B tad Imp.. Bestor, O. H ; Paving tax, on ln*ere? | from October 23, UtU. 7 5s 7 53 11 60 ! Dart 15 Paving tax, on Interea' j ^ from October 23, 1860 4 ?7i 4 ml Being the we*! 5 feet 5 inches front-of said lot ' ? by the depth thereof. (? 10 and imD Bradley. l'blneas.For 185? 434 l* ana imp.. ? fof ^ 9, for 1S59, flO 51 11 40 8 77 44 ?7 138 17 ?ry? narti 1 2 3' DUIo...?..?Ducfor 18od, TX Iran ' *5 70:1853, *27 3*, ana imp. | ^ M w ^ ^ M ^ ! Beginning at a point 36 ' feet due north from th* 1 southeast corner of the square, and runnlas thence north 71 feet thence weft 09 feet 4 Inches, thehce south 71 feet, and thence east 99 feet 4 Inches to the place of beginning. im u 2 and Browning, P. w > 57 07 43 90105 8Gi927 3? 'imp. Lighting street 3 19 1 70 I Ret 10 t and Imp... Ditto 90 85 74 5^17136 A I and Ibd... Ditto ' 1 *~ Due for 1B5J>, in th* ** ** name of J. B Klb, I*?- *21 8? ? 22 33 25 Lighting street, *14 37 7 30 7 30 Paring tax, on intern" from May 2, I860! 104 63 w. # 7 and Ditto...... 5, 17 39 ^ Ufl ^ imp. Lighting street 2 80 2 80 Pivlnv tir. on fnU?A?i from May 2, 1&?^ *1 <* Dlfo V.7........ 32 80 25 24 89 23 W.X?tna U1 Lighting ?tree> 2 66 2 68 Imp. p??1b? tax, on Inter** j 7Lz?? .iss ? ** a rv;."1 ?&tons-J l " 1 HVMW *IVMI W J MAT depth of the lot. . . L!8&tin* th? rtwe. 3 61 2 61 Paving tax, on Interest from May ?0,I960 U 43 37 tad lap.. Ditto.....Due tor 18M, In ubm of J. B Ktbbey 910 90 30 8tr 23 75 54 aa 36 and Imp.. Ditto...t.Due tor 18S? 54 ^ In name of J. B *lbbey S10 60 90 88 ?3 75 M 03 ?80 p?rt7ardlm Ditto it 51 7 12 i? a}1 Being the north 31 feet t Inches front by th? depth of the lot. 9*3 part? and ! . Dtuo ? i? 34 MM (geacviMifftu in mribuuiirj 1 w / i l AUDIIION AL TI&TU10NULI. A PEW OP TBE MANY TESTIMONIALS FEOM THE CITIZENS OP WASHING. TON TO OE. TUMBLETY, THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR. DtplorabU Condition of Body and Mind. I was almost dead with pain In my chost, back, boulders, side and bead; was debilitated that 1 oould scarcely walk. My mind was continually melancholy and gloomy; bat were it not lor Dr. Tumbletv's aklU and his remedies. I would hare been dead before this. I am naw completely cured. Thomas Okivvin, P street, between 13th and 16th, Washington, D. C. SrytiptUu Cured. D* Ttkiutt?Yonr herb remedies are the paragon of all that la great In medicine. They nave cured m? after being given up to die of erysipelas. Mri. Fscma. Kbbnall. pnlrfa* naiintr v HillUA LVUHtj | V M C?r< of Coughs, Pain i* tk* Buatt, Dftpftia, with grtat Wtakntrs. This li to certify that I have been troubled with thi above-named complaint* for several years. I tried tome of our most eminent physician* In Washington, Alexandria, acd Georgetown, bnt received no relief. I was persuaded to try Dr. Tumbletv, and in a very short time bla herb medicine* cured me. Jams* H Beai l, Blacksmith Shop, Nary Yard. JJytptptia and Livtr Complaint Curt I Charles W, Harman, Metropolitan Police, Washington, 1). C. Curt of an Ulrtrattd Sort ieith ttrtn holts. D*. Tuxblitt?I Lave been using your herb mrdtclnea to cure a bad leg, with tteven running sores, of several years standing, which the doctors thought Incurable, and ampntatton was regarded as tbe only ultimate relief. 1 can now walk aft well as ever. 1 am cured s. U. Parri?h, BeTentb street, Park Hotel, Washington. /* ? i i. urea. Mra. Kdward T. Tuplpett, Navy \ ard, TLird ft reft, between M and N. Senrry Citrnl (a very bad cast.) Jaa. W. I.arkln, Government Printing Ofllrp. Washington, April i), 18&>. BlinJn*s* Cured. Thli !< to certify that I Lave been blind for two years, and by the aid of l)r. Tuinblety'a treatment I cau walk all t?ver Waahlngton without a guide. Mra McDowell, Seventh atreet, lalaad. To the Lndies. My wife hu been afflicted with a dI-ease peculiar to her aex, for three year*. Had tried

varioua phyalclana without any benefit. Dr U .. - J L.. It' a uuiuici) uji tuiru ucr* ?* a Alexandria, Va. Consumption Cured. A vegetable course of treatment presented by Dr. Tuiublety has cured me of Consumption. Joseph Eiirimi, 'Brigade \Va?on Master, l'.?th street, Washington, D. C. Di**a*t of the Throat. Francis Scala, Esq., leader of tbe U. ?, Marine Band, Navy-Yard. Serofula Citrtd To all afflicted with Scrofula. Try Dr. Tumblety, tDC Indian Herb Doctor J. E. Htttchiicso*, l'steut Offlce. H$v. J. Curtis Cured. I would recommend all who are troubled with General Debility, Dyapepala, Ac., itc., to try Dr. Tumblety, who haa cured me. Rev J.Cvstts, Baltimore, Aid. Cancer Cured. Dr. Tumblety has cured my wife of cancer bj hia herb remedtea. J. Cap*.1*,' % Near Fairfax Seminary, Va. Sore Eyr* Cured. I*, Alaher, liridge street, Navy-Yard. Prolapsus Uteri. Dr. Tumblety'a Herb Medicine has cured my wife of the above-mentioned disease. C APT. CCKNlHfiHA*. Georgetown, D. C. Fits Cured. Fits brought on by Weakness, Dyspepsia, Costlreness, Night Dreams, 4c , Ac. Jame? Davis, Alexandria, Va. Large Tumor Rtmavtd. Jams* King, O street, Washington, D C., had a large tumor uf a cancerous nature removed from U!i Lead without resorting to the barbarous practice of cutting with a ku.fe, u Is usual in such caaea. FtniaU Complaint Curtd. Mr*. C. W. Blokem&n, Lang'? llctel, Georgetown. Curt of Nitvohs Debility. Frederick Robleder, F street, corner of M, UlaiuL Scrofula Cut id. J. M&loney, corner 1th and 11 atreeti. Enlargement of the Heart Cur id. P. Downs, WJ tith street, Washington, D. C. Scrofula Cured. J. D. Lakeman, ttlxlli atreet, No. 4.TD. Consumption Cured. J Laird, watchman, United State* Capitol. John Clark, Camp Duncan, D. C. John Ci Day, corner Second and D streeta. Bad Case of Jaundice Cured. John Hurd, No. 500 New York aveuue. Fits Cured. David I)llon, 472 F street. Ntrrouf DtbxUttf Cured. John Donoho, No. 500, comer C and 3d atreeU. Charles A. Courveiser, Navv Yard. Cured of Chronic Disease. William Salllvan, corner Foiu-and a-hal/ and G streets, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. * ? Curtd of Dtbility, Charles Wilson, U. S. Regular. Dyspepsia Curtd. BenJ. Dorsey, Twentieth street, below Penn ylvama avenue, Cured of Pimplts on tk? fkei. June* Reed, Twenty-sixth and L atreeta. - * I Chrenit Rheumatism Cured. M. ?. Howara,ran street, near renniyiTania avenue. lAttkma m/ttr mil tht Dotltt FdiUd 9. J. While, No. 253 M itmt, south side of Capitol. Canetr Curtd. J. Hlirkbtirn. CearirMflwa Bad Drams with Night Sweat* Cur id. R. ftaunsch, 417 Seventh street. Km Cund. J. J. Kane, C street, between 6th and 7th. THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR Will describe diseases and tell his patients the nature of their compUloU or lUa^, without WWlilllll 1 liis-iallnw #Misn tkam No CKmrgt /or Consultation or Advitt. , " M - * Dice, No. 11 Washington Building", PfJinayl* nu? ivww, onw 7ih kmi ?p w-aw* J^AVY SUPPLIES?1M3 f3. PcriKTHtrrr, i Btomn */ /V#rwtM> ?w< rt#?A?a?, S Ami *, iKi S PiruiTi, Piorouu. ,m?M and ecdoraed Proposal lor N?rr S?fpliea,* wlll M iinlwi at thlV~Bure*u until ?o'clooka,m .on Wed**eda?. theSOtb day of April rex . for furriahin* and d? livmn* (on reawtjcr teaaaya* iwtjoe, except for hieouif, for vhion f r*> daT?? cotiee ahali be river for every thirty thoaaaad po?nda ret d re#) ait cba United 8t*wN?fj Yarde, at Ohtrleetova. Nwcaotutetta; Brooklyn, New Yofk: aad Piulaaipaia, Penney Iv&nla, recti ?aactiuee of tie to loirini artiole* an may be repaired or ordered from the oont nust,-** hr the ahlef nf thia >* ?* Ft the respsoti** eommndinc oftoera of ths and Navy Yards, daring tae fiscal ?sar ending iaaa at, 1868. via: Misouit. flour, nos.rfnrd appe?. u|ir, u?, ooffse, besx.i, mo'ust i, utiMV and wiiiiky. The birouit shn.ll be roads wholly frcir aweat suM'fine floar, of Uie manufacture of ths jeir 1881 or 1861. bat thai! in all osc* be roanafsetarrd from floar n?d? of theorcp immKi'.wir prseedin* ths dwM i f ths requisitions fir tss same; and shall t-s r*oai in quality, and eontorm in ki? and eh*?e, to Uie lrhloh are deposited ia the said Navy Yard?; shall t>s proper.j baktd, thoroughly kilc-nried. veil naoked, and delivered ... ?.W. W, - vunvu r*MT IU ?U* U . 'UU U"J I won dried bright flour barrel*, vita the h*a4? well * cured, or in air and vvti tight whiaky or epirit barre!s, at tue opuoa < f the R^reaa. Tb* flour abalbeeqaai to t e baat Riohnoml and Baltimore branfa.and of the maru aotare of wheat rr-.wn in the year 1S51 or IS62; t-'-t fhall In all ea*?ab-? ream?aetnr*d lrora par*, tonnd.fraati ground wheat rf the oicp immediately preee^iac the da'e* of the rrqaitition f^r the ram*; ?hall ba perfectly ?weet, ami in all re peeta of the beat II lalitjiatid enali be delivered in good anippitg erer frreof a'l charge ?o the 1'nited ftit -e.inthea*a? new. wHl ee*aooed, Bound, brigt.t barrei?, or half bariele a* ih* ease war be?the atsree and headlet* to ?fr*d oak of the l<aat reality, atrong and veil hooted, with ictoghooM aroaoU eub head, and e*uai in ?ua ity t.i rampie barrel at t?a aaid Navy Vard-;tvo half bsrrelato be considered aa a la-re1, and not mor* t. an one-third oi the raa mra nna n ? I* trt Ka i ? Wa'f I a. ?? 1 ? ^ HUU> ' / IV I/O *U UOil LNIi I Oil. The tio? cht'l b? of the very bett av?!ity- tod of ?he orop immediate! t preceding the dttci of tne re?M?moo? for tfce e%rns Tne an*c ap - ie? sua.; be mi the bent tcau'y. acd hill be pref&redby *** drftHf ijlIjt. and of the orop o< toe autumn liumeu Mfly (recdicc the d-.t? of the tt qii-it.OTi*: r the rame, ?nd rhall be dt?li*e-e?l in packaiee cunlair.iLc not more than t'vr'e hundied po_.::C : Tne iro- roup* i n tLe t*rrei# and hall barrela oontaii>icg \rri'?key. mo aassa, aua v; at gar to bs we.l pi ote<l with /ed levd. The tu?er ah&<l t-e dry an l Ct Tor paokinc. *td e?ual in tusf^totba teat Havana euja.. I he t-a *ha!i! e <?ix oi a.ny (>o.o: j, e?uai to the aampiei at said Navr Yarda, am be delivered Ui hail an <i cheat*only The o it *8 er.a . i,e rqua. to the t*8t V"1'*. *>Cor<h< r to sanit e. TLeLeina ai?*H ieof ibevt-ry i?e.M tuit.itr white be&ci. ai.'l s ^11 { ? of i^e t rno ?>? online the d?ta<if tho r.-f .iadona ior timr 04 potnda to !e taken a* oue hu?^e!. The ur.o!at?ea fball I* '1117 fqo&i to tt.e b??t quality cf New Orlecna mol?te<*?,3^ 1 t? de. I liT*red in new, w;lt ?e%ion?d e.i??k t arreia ar.d h&.f b*Troi?, ?i;d ?i?h white pice h^aJa cnt a?a than 1;; itch thick; the fta*ts n>t .<*? ; iaon fuck, th? ha'rrla 'ar.d n\if hvreU to be ihree<jua:tfl-a booked, iwt.litjos, to ?are ftur iron hoops one on each, IX nch in wicth &:.c I 16th-inch thiok.iid rne on not. c!un>? ]W inoli in vi Uh tnd l-1b *1 irsh thiok. &&J ?t?II {? thoroueuiy uoopfred ftnJ intra tieatthip piujt ocnlitio:.. one thi >d tiio f \utny to te ta li?tf i b?rr?'i it required t>, tli* ltu?e& j. Tli? ?ir?r*r be < fth? C-st ?i& itf, eaa*' t? the rtacdard the t rit-nl mmm Pfc&rn.ajrpnft. u<i cor.ta u no other ti.&n actio acidi, and ii&.l t>? delivered id t fc-rfc.?*r.u bat b&rre.a ?iir.ilar in All reepeo'i to tho?? re^ui 3d lor T'lTtf. vah the exception u.?t uiut idftiavrtaiKi heada kali i a aiiKati ?n?a.l - I iuui -jo i>ubwu*vi0w ivt icu uftft **VB8 1QU WHI 19pite t ealr. and shall be o-oparaJ and placed in the tost o-der, one tnird to b? in half barrels' Tne wuitker aha. 1 be made wtiol> from gram, sound and merchantable. and 1>? fall Hat proof accordirg to th? Uu ted 8'atei ci?<ora-houae stand I'd. aud shall be doub reou?*?. it anali t? tie- < hr'red in food, rtw sound bright, three quarters hooped, well ?ea? >!;ed white oak barrels sod half-barrels, with wi ite oak hials.the heads to be madeof three-piece heading. and well pointed: I the utaves not'o be >eca than 'i-in h thick, aid the head* rot leas than than thio* each foarral ana half barrel ?u.l be coopercd, ib ald!t:or\ with one three poaay iron hooj on each bilg* 15? inch in wi<?tr?, ami 1-?6?h inah'itiok ftr.d one three-pprrir hoosrn each chime. inch ?n width nod l-lbih inch thick, aa per diftgum The whole to )>-> pur in icod shipping ord?r. fro* of II ciift to to the Umted &tau-*; one-Uurd to be is half Wre!s .... . Ail theforegone ftscribed artio es, eml>raoiEg cc.s'<a. t.arre a, h&if-b*rre!t, atd anal Im? tubjaot to *ao?i iua; e'-t'nn a? the 0 hitf of the * i?- I reau <-f Ft*? >? iobb au-1 Ciottinf ma* direct, tna | ir-tectiug ctfij^r to bj apsointed by the ^^VJ department All inspections to be at :he pleo* of deliver! Biscuit par. however, hi inspected at the pia^eof manufacture, bui %ui in ait caaea be aul jtMJt?? a f?ni! iiiapt-ot'oa atthep'aoeof de iverr b'fi.reths Hi!!? ere wgrjed therefor. | fli? "f a!i the for<*ro:n* arlio.oa t? be th* rates ihrouahoutth?y*ar. and bid_era iray iff r kit u:.e ui niur*MVCiH| ana nis oBer wii. b? accepted lor il at jard lor vfcicb h:? proposal may t.s Icwett, aud wnera more than one art'cle ia awarded to a bidder the art:e ea wiil be emt? aced in oue or moie contracts, at the option of the Bureau All tne cask*. harre'a. and ha'f barrela boxes or packages, aiutll be marked with their oocte ta ard the contractor's rau.e. All tne bar re a aid ha fbarrels cf ti<>ur and bread aha 1 aar% :u addition to the above, th^ year when iuanolact*i?d or put up ma'ked upon th< in (The samples referred to id this advertisement are tho*e co.ecttxl lor the ensuint Ltoal year, rtmd kiv no rtfertnct totMkat hart bet4 jntrimulg j hn quant ty of tLe?e artioiea which will b? r?4ni'?d cannot bo precis?.y stated. They wiil probab'y fce about? Hmouit 3,0f*i.nrx) !b?. Flour 4.nno bb'i. Hios . ewweib*. Dried App.ea.. ... yvuoo Iba. Busar ?N ooo lha. T? I - - TSUI ih? Coffee . .. tSJM ibe. B?mis la 0?t bushels. Mo &;sea ? Si tro r&ilona. Vinetar_.5U*? fftl'otia. Wtiiakejr . JVM?) g&llona.^ of an? or ft!! tn&r be Inereased or dii'iniihel. Tfce oc:.:rare vi!' there'ore be, nut tor ??eciHe ^vj&.iutir-s, but for auob ?-anutiaa an the Eir*ioj re^aixe Ij be deiive.-ed at tiioee i !< >; j ?r- u. rrvfeouva y. coatriwtors not ies;l;n< it tL.> p'*<5?? where tie ] liv*re? &ra re^mr^-'1 : u t aianc ea at ?v jli p'aojs. t .at e?? u'.ij !>-ay a i-e is f triahinc what may Lo resj-ral; an! wf;?n & contractor faa a ? cmrt y to oo:a> y v/itri a rc?Bt?iuoo, tte CDiaU'l t- e J-1; a ''r. -.1 .ate ai.i Olaiuing i.s!i be au':ior 7 : > u.-'oot tu. j-i*>> to be r_ad? uj mpp y the ceLaierey uiufer th? yeiaity to b? fxprececil l:: tho oofttr.c ; tte rsoorJ of are?> tior., or a ocplicsi* cory tt.ereui, at the Boreas cf Piv>vi':io?<a a< <1 C i.trit or at either ol tie Nav? Yards *fora.?aiJ. b,.a ; 1 c?ijecof ilai auok rotai men nas m;C2?Td received. Sffpvttr cff-?r? irnrt b~ irsda tor mo\ a-tiale at eaoh oi tlie af>rei8!U Navy \ ardr; Rstf iscsm ir.ore tl'in en* artio'e i? co:.Mn-ed >n the offer tue Chief of tne Jimied xr il 1 have lb* iif ht to aocepi caa or morf of tits articiei oontu ..ed iu auch re or auU re jtcULo raniainder; tu?i b.dd^ra a b^ae aroaosala *re aoceftsd (and r.uue otbfral will t>* Jorthwuti notified, and as winy *a practicable a contact will t? tranamitted to them far exeeatioa, vmou contact ma?t i returned ti the bureau within five data, rxoiauva of thetirae r>qmred tor tb? re* tiao?iu;."?iuno! the Ml. i wo or inoie app oved ai r ties, in a sum equal tette eeti Mted amount of ibe r? aecti ?o Will t-6 re^uirtd, a: u twenty p*r otIuu in addition will La with&s'd from ths aaionot of a!) pstmeota on acaoaut th?r*f.f a? collator*! security, in addition, to aciura its v?-forrraao?. aud not in any eveat to be p?.U auti. it lain a.l r e?p*oU complied wi'h. U.miIc f.-rrr.s cf propwa may b* oltain~l oo a>Elic&t.on to tr.e Navj 4 gcnUai l'o Uioouth, New lamp?h:re, Kcatot. Mtw York, f hi.ade ptiia, hiaitiuiore, and at tMs Uursan. A word or dap'iesteof thel-tter ieforminf a bidder of toe an. pt*.r.ea uf bit proposal, *i!i ha deemed a notiLoat.uu : er?ot, within tie meamcf UI iiiP r.ufc uj JO K?| ft: U D1C UtQ Will DO I&IQ0 ft&flftO* cepred in conlormity vitii ihie urdersa-diBj. Every oilarmaile muit te accompanied <! directed in the e-at of Cc ir;**.- < ap^rotna tiose for tnei*a?v Be v:ce for approve/1 lfth of AusUBf, J.846) b? a writ *c niaranto* ijned by one or itio.-e re*pot-u?le the effect rftat h? or tliey under at* th*tthe tidier or b:rt-1 deicvil'. if hie or their b i > 6 accepted. enter an bbi;-alu>Q witfci- fcve da, s. wtir (rod and > &oieut turr'iee tu lnrcis!: t;.s uuppuee f rapored. Theburean wiH not be cbMgated to consider any proposal uci<*er {icconipsciM by the (uarac'.ee re- j tuirru ot itvj ma oi>?ip?wncy o! ?o be oertitf <1 by tr.a N?.v? Ageht, IMtrict Attorney or Collector of the Cu*foar.?, The attention of bidder* it eatUd to tie tmmpits and description of arii.'iii ttfvirtd, at, in tke inspection for reception, a j?K but rigid compausc* will be mnde between tiu articles offered and tk* fav.pli and contract, receiving none txat fall btit .o tktm; and thnr attention it aiso particularly di rtcted to tk* joint rt solution of&tk March, UM, mnd to tk* act of tke 10(* of A*g**t, 1Mb. M Mlfl* SOLDIERS' MONEY AM D ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES To tboir FmuUm it any place on tho lioM of their txpreu at a oaarfe or TWENTY FIVE CENTS Fol ANT er* NOT BX0KK&1M4 Pl?TT OoLLAmt; And a proportionate addition*! charge to piaeea reached Of ouiiuroUcg Eipreaeee. The reoiittanoa. whether Hold, Treuurr Note*, or Allotnteut l>ra!lt, thou id he e?oto<e*i 10 an eavelop? ?ud securely eeeied, end Lave the fa Li addrMKineladmc t^an, Poet Offaoe.euJ ftaie. and in oitiee the fttreeiai.d number) of tbe person to whom to be eeut, and the aaioant iegiUj mat had tnereon. Knrelopee for thi* purjoee may be had at oar facilitate rroir^t tfelivary th? eharf*Car t? mittaac? ikon J M?r?pa:d Bh 5? u? ADAMS fcX PRE86 COMPANY. W? offer olaMiUand (Musrt a lara port of all asd fuautlM. M?al W uaka aatf Inuiitolfc-beatoyatoaystl^^ . __ w v^sgro Mtffi #rss 32*01. jy^as *"-? *Tt fiSf??J\ "travellers' director?. BALTIMORE 4 ORiO RA1LK"AD NOTICE. C HAN* S O F HO U MS. On A WD Ami fV OTTO DA T, Anil t, 19M, in faminu mm utwih WASHINGTON, BALTIXOKF, AND THE WfST yWiU rmoM fcll*va: Am Dm*2m 7V?mu Arri** ml mmd Dwmn Am* fwtaitn Dixit ?wr\ms U? witi, mmd m iwdov*. For PHILADELPHIA *nd NEW \ORK iiMve waehinjtonat 6 a. m.,T4i>a. in ,11a m. and 6Vor ANNAPOLIS? Lo*t* Wnahltfton at 1A.* For*FR BX&fiCK ?Lcava \VaaLin*ton mt 7.40 *"** WV^LL Pr.lNTP WLST, And for Harnw'a Ftrry, Knrtmatarf and Winchester, leave Washington ?t?.?? a. m. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. LNn Not York at 7 a m., Pmi^o^Uia It &> a. m.; Baiumo-e 3.5J p. m. ArriT* at Washington 6 ? ' Not York at p ?.; PaUadojpUa l??r ra ; BaiUmora 490 a. in. Arrive at Waaiiiafu>a tJOe. a. Lea re Not Yo'k at 11 f. m ; Philadelphia S an a. n? ; Baltimore 7.40 a. m. Arnre at Waahtnfftoa l?aa. L<>o\! Aoooaunodatioa Train leave Ba timore at 10a.m. aaa h lu p. m for Waetuuitaa. arrive ; kb., paucifi. Train* iatra Anntpolii for Bait.more lad WuHin it or, at 6 50 %. m. a'4 S 44) p. m. Puirspr Trtiu leaving W aah-tglou at 6 oo a. m. 11?. n. im 6 f. in., and Baltimore at? soaad 7.40 a ra , &nU 3 53 p. m , will $:ar o*i* at JifUfNw. War PMi*g|ma?tUk?tk* IV?M?? 0???. W. P. SMITH. *> > Master cf Trar?pi>'ta?i jb, to t, 1W??1 . TUK [1?6? renntyiY&ni* Central Railroad, fiaaiHi (vitb iu oortpotiona) IS A FJRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WI'STERN CITIES SPEED. SAFETY AND COMPORT! STO.NK BALLASTED AMD FBEE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE ChKCKKDTHROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! mu daily i Lima not rMILAOKLPMIA CO TITTfcJllRGBl Two of ih?o lmb conxacriom it iiiinnu with trtiaa on lh? NORTHERN ckn'IKAl. Rill. RnAO. met formiuc THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE , nov WAUUNSTUN AND BALTIMORE u ail poista is the Wut. Ntm-wuT un Mitt-wm, l S^,KS'iSM*c2S*'" pt&r, C*;v?rl Station, Baltuuot*. Sfl*ndid 8le*mng Cart on all Nieht Trains Smoixng Saloon Cars on alt Train*. PROM WASHINGTON. rwM|*n win ui? the 6 a. m. uu. I p. m. traitn, amvinc in Baltimore at 7> a. iu. and e tf p. ra.. w&ere oioee ooanectioaa sue ni&Je with train* on the Northern Central R K.,au?i irme in Rarn*bnrj at l p. m. and l.?5 a n , there connecting wita the train* on the Pemoraa,* Cei tra. Railroad lor ail part* ortha weak ? MJJ 1IIU IVOM| UV;| .1U W > t^UObl GU ?'# forward*! to and from any point ot tli* Kai!roa_j of Ohio, Kentacfcy, Indiana, iilinoia, Wuootisia, l?*t, or Missouri, by Kmxfrotr<f df . t The P?nn? f; van if. Central Railroad ale* conn-mta at Flttaharc with wr ich oaa t>? forwarded to any port on tieOlro, Kentuoky, T!ua?iw. Cumberland. II.icon. Kiai*a:*pi, Wisconsin, Miurun, Kn^eaa, Arka. au. and Red Rivera; and a: Clev aid, i-acdc^kT ana Cfcieajo with eteai?iera tc- al! Northweaiern l.ak*<a. Merchaats and ahippera en'.rnstinf the trac a porta: tun of tnetr Freight totlia Company, can rely with oottdenca on ita 'peady traiait. THE RA TE* OF FRLIGH^ to and from any Point in tie W eat, by the Peuuyivania Centra. Railroad, art at mil im? ?s /eaoraiU aj art -* ?1 tm Milt RailnwJ ' 1 cij?",?L ^ 10 nmrk "riA Pm, SZVlAW * EOONS, Fre.cht A?m>U, de^JuA. t% 4-di? SORWHKRN CK.N'IRAh RAILWAY. I Slur tut, Quubttt Mi B*it KmU/fni ?*MA ND NORTB W E3?. WINTER SCHEDULE. Cumi of Tim*. Oi aad aftor 8UNPA yTmUi .'-or^bw, i unc (?r Train will arrive aaJ tc>m fr?? caiv*rl Station m foi ova: Vm.tM. ??* V Mai; At I.# i. m. I BaAao Ex?res* >. i^, | f trkton Aooommo%u.ion 4 f. m. rilUjurt ? lJ Himnburt Ei^mi I je p. m *> w? ? TAA.auJSojBTflAtuuva I PArktOB A?woibzic(!aiic& At I A. la. BeflAio EtfrM 8 iP A. a. JESS?/*! "Wi* Kz?rMB ? v. 5?' COTUM!* itli Ci6 5.7u P-. ru tisiH. IIOL1 Lfcluiucr* lor XL4 Vv?t: tad tur Ectilin. R luikuiu fin , _ lurk, Caztadainu tad niagara tails, aadlvr New Y or* oitr. The 21 a. a. trait: from Waehlritaa ocrtteii With theSe. iu. trfcii: from Ut.iUuto.-e to Wml Ncrth r?oit^*e*i fci?i iiu . o iu Rochester. The i p. u.trits from WathutftOB oo^r-cts with the m. trajn ims Rt.cp.ore for I'.tUba.r: ma: n?:?ox< aad tie Wwt ud j ??iireot eonswEfor Lebanon, Kaston ib:< New k via Qektrai Ra> road tf New J taaey. Trr roaie tor New YoraIf ^Tkt cnlr Mm ' ?*)?? -? U'^t>e?LSthL trsia^&f U^n?b J7r.1?TtubiriTt ?^f b *ooly wain arrtTiaf <1b Baltimore oa adty is the ?JK> a ml tram. JAS C.CLAKkE, no?-ly SppBrintocdacl T^m NOTICE TO TKAVELE1& h K PoitEMt?r Sonera: havrj urtorad Ui uilMrviM botvfen WundMlot, jr? ^ BalUmora, acd Old Vc il ?Kortreti aonroa) to M, on and ailer*?**""8"0 onday, tbaieth iuUil U a Hit 1.1 a* of ataauterg will leare Baltimore EVKkV OaY inc^t Hua day) from thair arh&rfTCpot of V -..ion Dook, a( 4)4 o'oJoe* p. ia., orisaiseJiately after tne a-ma. 9t taa Wuhini too Train, wi.cli laarac Wait xtwi ralAf >'"U M. N. FALl ?.PrM t Lt. Towui. J. M. Towni, J. B. Towns. * L. TOWERS * CO-, STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTLXa ESTABLISH MKNT, Comtr IwiitoM ctniii mmd Sixth M. Th? attention of the bm,oat* ocmtr.uutT is r* ?P??Ub!1t inirli* to too New Book ?i?J Job PHbIiBc E?UUi?luu?ct, VBich ku be*a Lund ? tr?U u?w u t?e u^t; ikU.tN, u bow prepare to ex?o*ta, in* ?*t;.1loM,rj it err r?riMT oi rrinuax, rxx: Booke^Spo+ebee. P^tr.jhieta, Canle, Circular*, The attoauoc'of member* of Cofifrm to ??pocia.,7 re? tutted for par Uoiutie* for ?nauni Ppeechee, as we have tie Unui ninm eower ia too out. >l?f-Uw?n n*? ?OOD!| FOR "THE FOI-PS AW U HOMK."?OftMri and otktn Dry Goodi o( uj kind for Utalolk* at L>ine. v ?o lietted lo laeeeot oar took, all now, awl tit* prioee marked ia ?laia iturai. the aoluai oatk etaadam TA*??aro?le for the Inte-ior, froporlr faekoJ for forwaraiag k; eifitw orothor ownvora aoaa, tr? vi inn|^ PERRY k BBO.. P*. W?-wU WmliiaT?C W*^kf?gi?w * co. , I OKFfift JO MILITA*/FMKN fc I .TT_iU'm * ' J*4 V'eroumi u>?xa!mim In O ?wn trttoM of Ktoda v?jure im, ? foro^J to rateo* oar btuiaoaa to CMk Wfaiittr.fct u* VVL$k&g gg^sSRrsgq c?*? 0OL'fi?ffium'a* **" oouromi lUnM ant aiamk. Ml<mu hftvtMMU iui> ii&r vtU ito ?Ktr**roi

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