Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1862 Page 1
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i , % . r f ' 1 . i ? - t . .... ' i ~ ' V^. XIX. WASHINGTON. D. C. WEDNESDAY. Ai'KIL 30, I of,2. N?. 2,8(57 * * I - - THE KVJBNIING STAR * ! PC'?LI3HKD XVXBT AJTXBJTOOH, {SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE 6TAR BCILDIKfllt Cmw 0/ fwmyltiH at*. ?U ElnmUk str*?tt T w. r>. wallaoh: Papera KTrrd in package* by carrier* it 14 t y*ar, or 37 centa p*r month. To mall aubacrtbtrs th>* price la S3.50 a year, n mdvmiu*; #S for tlx Kcaths; SI for throe months; and for leas than three months at the rate of 13 cent* a week. Single copies, 0^8 cK!ftj In wrappers, two'cshts. AcmTi'MiiTs shonld be sent to the oCce before li o'clock x; otherwise they mty not appesr nntil the next day. THE KANSAS EMBKOOLIO. Some days since thpre was published sn advertisement In tbe Star in tbe shape of a latter from Oct .Robinson, Kansas, addressed to the editor of another Washington paper, wherein in controverting various matter* incidental to what Is known as thecorrent Kansas embroglio.tha wrVer reflected severely upon Senator Lane, of that State, and gavs rise to the following refutation of h<? allegations, which we copy from the /Up?b Ikm u an act rf proper justice to Oen. Lane, who is evidently content to leave the c art of jostle* (before which, It it alleged, tbe csaeofGav R Is hereafter to he tried,) to vindicate him and hia friends in Its vordlct from the latter's aspers'ont: The Impeachmrst t( Governor Robiassn, of Kansas. Wasbikoton( April OS. ISOi To Ikt Kditrrtf tk? Satianal Republican: 1 OAitr# In th? <2tsam ,*"A"* ~ ... v* ?*. *?u tBfisni, a c omm tin! eat loo from C bar lea Robinson, the refugee Governor of Kanaaa. which i?ao false In atateir.ent, audicious in aasertioo. and characteristic In spirit, aa to call for a word of replv from me, In behalf of the Kansaa Legislative Committee, of which I bad the honor to be a member. And alnce tbia wbllom Governor la aeekin^ notoriety In s foreign field !><r the case in Xansas." in wbicb be h!m>elf Is the culprit, and the whole peopler f the 9 ate the accusers, a plain statement of facts will be quite sufficient to refute his falsi nc worm or nsiory, and exhibit to the public the fertility of bla fictitious Inventions, by which be se*-ka to screen his flagiant robbery cf the treasury of Kansas When Ch'arlen Robinson can succeed In blotting the unmistakable evidences of bis crime fiom the records of the State?now a part of it* history?and convince the people he has robbed that stealing Is among the Christian virtues, then, and not till then, can be sucae-sfully controvert the facts 1 now state: On the 30th day of January, ISftI, the Kansas House of RenrpseiitatlwM iin?r>lrrm..?v resolution appointing *n Investigating committee, and authorizing an lnve?tiRation of "all the facts connected with the sale of the bonds of the State of Kansas, and the disposition of the proceedi thereof, and whether or not State officer* hare been peculating In the indebtedness if the State of Kacsa*.*nd bv what autboritv tbe Treasurer of the Stat? reiefved f 12,400 for S31,000af war bonds, when the law authorized only the Issue of 9*20,000 ?f bonds for war purposes." AfT?f 1 Annr aiti) i*sH?fc? 1 " * " ...... . *vus ??? iinrsui^awun. exvrnalag up to the 13th February, durlngwhlch lime 6ov. Robinson, and trie Auditor and Secretary of Slat# (the three parties who sold ?67.2u0 of bond* at (* Jf cei.U ou thj dollar, and returned only 6<> rer.ti t* tb? State) where repeatedly before the commute?,tliey reported the evidence tik^n, and th; conclusion *d wbich'they bnd arrived Tbe report v.-** made the pedal order lor two o'el?>ck on the following dsy, wjen it was takm up, or^ red to be spread upoc the journal*, and at the c scutioQ ?i a i"' ^ ae jaie, in which no man to evtn apoing'te f.>r tb* guilt of Go*.-. Rr.blnfoa, the frl lowing resolution was adopted ?yeas 65. nar? 0: Resoli til, Th t Char ea Robinson, Governor, John W. Robinson, Sec-etiry of State, and Geo t* HiMver, Auditor of the State of Kansas, be inaf ^vbed for high iui*dr meanors in otBre The H<>u?e 1 m mediate: v took th#> nwenary steps t. provide for the presentation of the i<?ipeacbn.ects to the Senate by th?* appointment of a comm!ttee to attend to that dnty, and also by th- up poictir.-nt or a o- ara <1 inmajjer* Ti.? impeachment of Go* Robicsoa waa duly presented to the Sennteon the same day, and the demand mad*. that the Senate take order from bis answer to the same Oa the ISth cT Febroary the ?eaate took the n?c?3^-y act'on, and notified the House On tfce *3:h of Februiry, Air. Plumb, from the committee of marsgers. reported tae articles of Impeachment o* Gov Kob'n<on to the House, when tt?ey were adopted?yeas 33, nays 7; un<f. the clerk ir.J'f" f?-n f a\ i-nnllf* ' - * *L - - ? 7 wr?n?c IU?( Uir H uae, throo'b It* mana^'era, la ready to nreaeat article* of impeachment against Char lea Koblnaon." The Senate .(aponded, in a mnaage, by lu aecretary, that It would be ready to receive th ir.anarfrra of the houa* for that purpose at the hour of 7 o'clock on the same evening. The article*, li*e la number, were preaeated at that hour, all tie necessary prucecdlnza had, and at a aubaequeatarMicn the Sena'e having organized aa a fctg& Cvjnn i?peactiineiit, thf trial of Otarkf Roo'.aaon was sit for the trat Mondsy cf June next, at 11 o'clock am It U due to General Lane lauy, that h?had no conuectlon whatever with th'origin progreaa of tbe leghlatlya invea'.:gation, which resulted In the un*ni&ou3 Impeachment of Governor Robinson, fu'th^r lhaa being called before the commltu* aa a witneai. luatead of It being true that General Lar.e visited Topeka and told bia fr!?3li that '-they ciait get up an impeachment, whether Governor Koalnaoa wn guilty or lanocent,-' be d'.d not arrivj front" \\ aahin^ton till thr investigation vr*> nejr'.y 330Ciuded.? Before Ceserai L^ue arrived ?t 'iopeka, the evidence of Governor Rcb:k*>u'? tlif't bai a^aiuu La tad ao overwhelming! v, tint he found It prudent to Are froai the caplt ii, together wito au accomplice? Robert S Sn? as?and rt-nuin absent .eever&l diya, that be ir.Uht the juat Indignation of ttie ptopl<f, and the further arratiny of the ccmrolttea, he coa.d n< t otbe. wlia avoid. Nor la It true tbut the resolutions asking that Gen L<*ne b9 assigned to command cf the ' 3ou>kera expedition" vn-re "rejected In the l)?rer llout* " O i the contrary, aa Kobinaou Wbl k'i?w vrhet. h- p?i ed tbla de'ibarate falsehood, t*-prp? 'JTpPh h it tktrl'**. vaLji In Imtk to? legislator*, wh cb consisted of ??? Atimdred a^iinst the passage of the rsolutiona, not*ltostaudiag K?olii<>ou freety offered his brlbti> r.-jiu hi* ill-gotten gain, In his futile at* tempts to prevent this triumphant vindication o( G o l.sne i will only add that the purpose of Robinson's letter in the 8i*r of yesterday l* well understood. Impeached aad dishonored before the peop.e of and tbe country, and being no longer the legal G iYtrno.- of the State, under tbe Constitution, he seeks to cover up his crimes br an auda city wblcb would have done credit to 'tbe genius of bla great prototype, Monroe Flxi'di It U b-llev d, h iwever, tost Mi In.a^edlaU 7nr. pcae l? to draw frcaa tbe 1'nlted State* Government on an ey due the SUte (about flUCUi) for botds and military expenae*. cud tbm, under cover of LI* ataumpUeiu and falaehooda, Impose upoa tbe ctttier* of tbe Government, and enact an?.b*r aceut- In tbe drama of fnud and crime which All up Le c.cajur?of hit official hi?lotf. XUe lav?aUgMin?COir.m'.tWe so grossly ana! led by Gov Rob ..son. ru-d* no defeuce f.o.n me Corepaaed cf hJ^li iciiideiai.i honorable Kenilem*a. with wboiu i Wai proud lo be aMuciated, the people of Ktuu itcf^nU? their cervices to tbesuiein ttmnrmnea* an*1 *enae of duty which, in cpl e of threat*, criT.ieea, and faiaebuoda, re ulu-d la the foil exposure of the vll'alny, and the ttnsl downfall of Charts Robinson. Respectfully youra, Sidsxt Clabks A Niw Tores qtTXT ?Among the death-deal!n(r invention* of tue day, we ue apt to lose eight of life saving discoveries Hrm it one which demand* the grstitudeof the soldier and his friend* it is a small, compact t urnlquet, on elastic principles, wblcb may ba carried la tLe pocket fn lu small tin case, not mock larger titan a tobaoco boi, and yet 1s approved by our moat emlneat ' surgeons, as fully adequate to all tka appliances rf such as Instrument la tka course of war tboastods die an tbe battle field from mere loss of blood wklch tbis lastrtime&t will Instantly u-? r\. 1.11 ? _ ?. > t. il- n I j_ rr?i. ut iuc^iriiau, it.uet ui rir Ufarril, rfn> irks In hit Principle and Practice of Surgery, ttat 'mors lives are loat from It 'hemorrhage;, eith-r alrectlf or ladlreetlr, than from all other <'.reoamtoaeea eotablsed " The fl Id tourniquet, ? ? called, ! almplr a handkerchief, or cord, and a' at*, k. The proves* ta to tie the handkerchief ob tL arm or legators the wound, aad twiat It with ite it.c't till the Sow of blood la stepped In tfce a teiv. This nambotbe whole limb, a* Indeed do ni<*? toiif? qo*M. Vnrteua robwtltutw have ] f Inwted. rioted uauallf tP ??Uin pad* 1 rr nnedlat-tT orrr tb?- artery, and produce strong cimpr*-*en at ttat point Tt* elMttc tourntq :-i, U>e li??*ntio? <*.i* L*a?o?rt. t? tbe tnal a-cYry a ad *up?r?edevall otter-. By aaimple tdj irn?fli <rf iwo pleft?e mritt aneUaUc bad tbe co iipr*? c a on tbe artery 1* made and ratty r>. .? .*<!, ?tc,rlrv ?b* flew ef olood,at* yH Jeav: - 4 op*a tfcoetber parte of the aim for %jnJt< -at ppiv throoih tbe minor Yfeseia toauatala life aid pre rent painful nu?b?es*aa* not anvhrtlfrillnn It U tL&t a farge majority of arourds are found ta be lj> lUr exUcR'Ulta and ut ?a U( body, U>* HnporttDc* of rach u Invention u this cannot be ov?e?ti mated -/ ?>?' rf Cvmimtitt. ???-?* IZT Prof Horaford, of Howard Collagt, ia a recent lee tar*, clalaaed the Inveatloa of U? maaner of tbe construction of the Armatroac gon for Prof Tread well, oft bat college. {ZT~ Gem*. Burl; and Bennregard bavearraaged 9' *? excbaagv of wouaded prtaoaera. 5t{f( CaUnlzatlsn. Editor Star: I wish to call attention to an article In the Nttlontl Republican of theftlth Inst, with regard to Liberia ?. Central America, the land of promise fer colored Americans. I will just say for the benefit of the Llberlan writer, and all other* of like opinion, that the rqlored people of the United States, at leaat a greater portion of them, arsoppovd to Llberian colonization They maintain that the descendant* of Africa In the United States have no more right to migrate to the continent of Africa than the descendants of Europe In the United Stntes to migrate to the con- j tlnent of Europe. And we do not Intend to go to Liberia or any other part of Africa, or to Haytl or any other tl. The Llberlan advocate, ar.d others of like opinion, must remember that the American negro Is quite different from the African or Uaytlan negro The fcmer is closely connected wlih the white raceof thU continent We. have been tanpbt to venerate virtue, to strive to strain it; and though debarred from tbe rights of citizenship, our hearts none tbe U*s clire to the una oi oar Dirtn. we ao not want t? be exiled I bevond the ocean to look for a Lome when there . Is teed enough on the American continent We I am colored American*! and we want a home on the American aoll. We now number m manv ioul? as won the freedom of the white race of Americana from Brlt'.th rule We mav not now be as capabls to govern ourselves as they were but will with the *!d of the Government of the United States and with (Jod's bltaalnga upon us be aa zealous, and we will be tucccaful. We are well awi>i> of the fact that two racea cannot live in one familv together on equality, for It la contrary to the of races God la hla providence baa aep&rated tbe different r cea, and it la beyond our powor to make any amendment. Tbia being; tbe fact, we humbly pray for Central America for the building up of a dfattnct nationality of colored Americana from tbe white race of Americana There ia no reaaon why we abound go to Africa or Hayti to make ua what we ought to fe. There is no reatqi why colored Americana ahould aeek refuge under th?a? nationalities? there la no reaaon why we ahould be Induced by beartleaa apeculetora to emigrate to either ot the*" placet, where there la degradation and wretchedneaa, from which our fdth^ra were brought over bv the band of Providence We wlsb to sbnn those countries where t^n'ranc and vl.-e reign supreme I heartily pra/ for onr s-paration from the white rare, but M m remain on the continent of America. Talk about separating the twi raos Into two distinct na'iof alities by lending them to Africa or Haytl, Is a I uinbu??a plea for spectators Tlfe separation can b3 effected more widely by cfllonttlng In Ontral America. We rare nothing about the recognition of Liberia or Havtl. VVe are colored Americans and our xvmpatbl^s are at home with th* uass^n Talk ab<?it heathens to civilize! We kav^ nearly three millions at home to civilize before we go abroad. TWU U ~ 4 1 uia vuuuu V I* www ciuw uCU ?au cuiiTrtoanai wbo are entirely destitute, without rducatlon, without homes?mere pauper* iu our very inidst. We with to provide home* for them by procuring Central America, which will not onlv bem fit un, but thii entire nation. In Africa or fiayti we are cf do benefltonrselvea cr to the people i t thii nation. In Central Ain? r!ca we may aid in brlujflrjj to the United Statea that grjet commerce of the Pacific, which will atill further increase tbe wealth and power of the oeonle of tho I'nitrrf Stafrs | It la f*iy to gue?s from what loirce this Liberian project comes from It tithe dtflni; groan of tiifSf wiio have so Ion? apfeulatml In !b>? scheme of colonization to Liberia; from thcla who Lave levied on the people's monev f>r the furthering of this scheme. But Liberia Is not the place for us, and we do not Intend to go there. An American Nioro. T II T^\*> /\ "? C f i- ? ft ? ?? f - ? ?* ' n - - - *?? c? ? r 3 ci i or n a..i utRAnu a U EI^U ?31 ? The Philadelphia N >rth American says : The people of Philadelphia will be startled to learn that there U d injjer of the lo?? of th'.s preat charity, and attll a.ore astonished to know by what mean* It Is to be taken frrm them. A f?w brief. words la the pipers of Saturday, tindt-r the telegraphic head, anaonncd that the heir* of Stephen Girard bad recovered a verdict aga' the city of Philadelphia for lai.ds in Schuylkill county But few who read thoie word* fully undfcstood their serious Import, or rc*l!zed that, if thin ?rtl rin i? tnstaln<nl tt.? will nf M? l:l?U i broken, the purpo? a of hl? Uf* defeated, a-'d h'a great collie and charity swept away. The decision of Ja4ge Hegin-? was ia eff-ct that the tea*-ment of Mr. Glnrd. It aome of ita features, wa? aa "aggressive truit,n against pubMc policy and law, aad therefore roid; and thit In Urn eye of the law be died intestate, atd hla estate on the day of hla death vested In hla heira. Law ia claimed tf> be the perfectl n of rcnaou Yet what a p?rody upon reaaon is !t that a charitable u?3 which has aucc<fs?fulty reflated for thirty years all the a*aaulU that cufldlty cou'.d ilevlse, whicli bs* been attacked iu vsla by the greaUat leva! minds of the cotiiit:y, which h:.s b tu parsed upcn by the searching scrutiny aid armiun of Justice Story, and wUlch has been j aa>lsiued by tie highest tribunal ku^wn to the Co&aUtutioti and th?-laws, should at lait fall be. fore tue wl?dom of a county Court. startling a? la this result, it la eve-j lea* remarkable tcan the clrcurcatancea which ar?- supposed to surround it. It la aaaerted that a combination baa been formed In thla Sta'e, extending front Pittsburg to Philadelphia, and embracing men of professional and specially of political distinction, to destroy the trust, and divert the estate from the purposes to which the testator solemnly devoted It. Sp?ctj!atlve Interests, contingent upon taking he bread from the mouth of I he orphan. hdvx been spread far and Wirte, and evm (h? professional skill which atone time wns emplovtfdaud paid for by the people of Philadelphia k> jjuura mi* irust ia now round ,:p . tne tide of the heirs, engaged lu the rff >rt to destroy It. Aboct to th3 KNK*a.?Oneof our dry goods lrrns r?*ently procured the service* of a clerk who^ was a gr^fD Land at tbe bnslne?a. A y?unt> lidy entered the ttore one day lately to na?ke aome purchases, and tbe other clerks b* lug e;ioai<fd with emtomers, the "young'un" proceeded to wnlt on the young lady. Among other things, she Intnl. ?*d for ladles' hose. Tkc hoi/ nmn.1 Am. aired article*, and patented them for the lady'a Inspection. "Ho\r high do they come?,f ahe li.q-if red, after a short elimination The >x>t looktd somewhat confuted, Uealtated, but *t length Hammered out. "Well, 1 don't know, but I < they will oome about to the kneea " The vcusg lady did not trade with that clerk any more. |[7*Gen. Sigel, who haa been quite 111 for lome tlm# In St I.ntr^? is ia far -1'- 1 ?.. - ? J ?? ?-? vvv ivt?.U ?? IW wc Ultl , to take-the Held. It la reported that Ben. MeCullocb, during the battle of Pea Ridg*. aele^ted m^rkfiren from the runka of Lis aharpaboo'eri and directed thein to bring down the ?'d?d Dutchman " Bnt al hougU Slgel con tantlv eipoaed tlmaelf to their aim they could not hit him fU^The flrnt branch of the Bilt!mou? City Coanelia have made un annual appropriation of I AAA *W ? .J..?.lt * -? ? * * * vi.vuv I I IUC niucauvu Ui UCBi UlUWri Belonging t? that city. Qft iNCH HEAVY OO COTTON DUCK. ?7-inc& Heary Cotton Duo*. i 10 4 Ha*.7 Urovn CottongbMtini. 4.10 4 an4 12 4 Hle&oh?d Cotton bheet.Qf, 4 4 Blenciied 8hrtini?, 4 4 Brov-vSturtinc*. with a gea?r?l took of Dimwuo Dry Qooqi, nil ?t tho WWMt pnoei for ouh WM. KILfcYJk BRO., lw. oo i.acirai 9iorM. .. it im Bdiwaau 7th fca<l bu? atresta. M ls m o??o. Qatar Martat. JUBT ARK1VKD, 4Jfiot trom Eutara ho tmrbouaa ona kandml >ieea? OHKCKKRbl) MATTl>0 A!ao, an MionmiBl of Ui L CLOT til I'AHPhlU tof?'.h?r vi hi Urea au&nlit? ui CkuCKKKV tf*7d?M>nptioaa. ????"* ? i ui? on fcard NEW KKATHERS, MA.T5 .fSt'SJStfSSIStfiV,1?5' Its* * , BUCHi-Y, 4J8 7Ui atr?at,(a*cl aid*,) *> ** In* B?ttg<wn 8 and H ata. J_J U T T K R HOUSE, BUrTKII novr re04'vla* 'HTi Rcttar cf tii (race* oomtautlT in Stoia. MM lor BM* M IM towmt Mftrkst r%Um. br ipU-Ut' Ifar p?. aT?nu?. | NDIA KOBBKK 8QODBI W*roh*n!? yho Mil uf of th# Tft'loal ttylMOl I . di*-K?bb?r 6ood? vl!I do w?li to otll on Mr H A. HALL, m he 11 olo?iac o?? tiii ?st*cim . toe* it lew thin nM?lM'ir?ra' prio*? m'bn (liftn rentav*ih*m to >?w York- Th? lodti Knbl*S U M *** Mill*, W*MI Ml kOilOthtU. MlT-KH T* * . s TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FALL OF NEW ORLEANS CONFIRMED. The C'ity In Possession of Federal Farces. The following dispatch was received at the War Department last night: 1'ortrkss Monro*, April 29?Hon E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War: The following ap pears In the Richmond Dispatch of the CSth Inst: " The fearful state of auspensa In jwbich tbi* city has existed for two or three days has at last enaed. " New Orleans is in the possession of the enemV It was evacuated by ?jen. Lovell, who ha* removed bl? forces to Ca:np Moore, cn ti.e Jack on railroad " John E. Wool., Major General. IMPORTANT FROM fORRTO A M. [From Associated Press Army Correspondent.] H EAPQUAETKBS ABMT OT TH3 POTOM \ C, A pril SO?Tfrr rebels are apparently just realizing the fact that Gen. Mc'.'lellan is making extensive preparations to open thp second ?i?*t{e of \ orktown. Up to yesterday the works of our troops have steadily progressed, directly under the ev? of the enemy," without any response from their guns, except an occasional shot sent to iuform us that they were f till there. Our earthworks are now beginning to present a very formidable appearance to the encmv, ai:d ail day yetterday and l?st night th??y kept up a brisk Are on them with the vj^w of driving the men out. Occasionally r shell wou'dcome so close as to make it unpleasant, wk?n they would lsy close to the ground until It had passed over. No one was Injured, however, and the work protrrewe* as though no enemy were within rasige This morning the rebels opened with increased vigor for about three hours from their hitter leu n^ar th*> rlVPf. bill rPPoicuH nrt rfconnnaa o r\A ? ? ? - - . j ? v v. ? v*? *<v v.>??i ."v ntiv* ceased. Yesterday Gen. Hancock went out with a portion of his brigedj, /or the purpose rf driving the e:>emy fr.>m a piece of timber which they occupied in too close proximity to our wrrks Our troops advanced through an open Held on their hiridi and knees until Iheycame w'.thin close mnsket ranse. The reb-ls, who were secreted beUind stumps and tre??s, w< .imlnus to get rur men on their feet, and to endeavor to accomplish tlili the cflicer In command of the en-mv ihnu'fd at the height of his voice to chirge bayonets, supposing that oar frightened troops would instantly jump to tliHr feet and run, but they were mistaken In the men The command being given the second time tbe tvuito Uivvc. n u< u UUi nuu^l* JWIUini Illin lil**ITl rt well dln-cttd lire, causing them to re'?r?at, leaving their dead and wounded to be cared for afterwards. Daring the skirmlsha new battery which the rebels bad erected during Sunday night, and which Interfered with a working party of oar in n, was moat effectually silenced and the guns dismounted. The weather Is now warm and favorable for military operations, and the time Is drawing clase when fha Commanding General *.v!U commence the ta?k of reduci.ig the enemy'* works erecttd here to impede the advance of the Union t'oops. All sanguine a? to the result, and tht troops are eager to be let forward. rn <1 m rut' \ii?i'\tiiv i>j. ? ut h ? w *. * i* -i ? iin A Ct.u , Guerilla* ts be Tried and Shot Whkkltkg, Vb., April #8.?'The combined movement* ord.-red by Gen. Fremont ag?!n?t the guerillas in VV<b?ter cunty havt proved eminently Ideut. l.awsnn, With on detachment employed In tliti service, Lr? return, d. and others .ire returning. In a ?-v. re running light of sev?n mile*, L*wson killed seventeen guerilla* and took nineteen prisoner*. The town of Addlton, a email place, the only one <n the new county, being deserted, wti burned It h"d beea a bueriila haunt. A formidable organization iu Bra*ton, Webster and udj >!ning counties is entirely destroyed, the leaders p-oposlng to tirr-nd-r It In understood thegr.erlllas taken will be j promptly tried and ?hot , lien Milrov's scout*, on the 23d injt , attacked I the tear gutird of the enemy t"n On'tes east of th? 1 yuenanaoah mountain, the boundary of tbis department. Ttsev killed one Uen'enant p.nd two men, and raptar<da lieutenant and one man None of our mi? were hurt. The rebel conwripUare ueserllng In large nutnbe'*, swear!*.* L*nloni?m and returning Lomt? R eports fr<?ra >taunton say (hat the enemy's lck and wounded and large trains of aoldleri ure passing eastward by rail. Snow fell eighteen inches deep at Monterey on the tilth 5n?t. R*bel ^lovemrnt*. New York., April '29?A special di-<pitch to ihv I line*, dated Wheeling, to day, A ui?j acvui. *' 111 tui oy i?ej. nmroy, went within seven miles of Maunton, and fouis:l a r? bcl cavalry <cinpany, ar.d learned that, ibo. tlv niter having, the Shenandoah ni^unta i:s, wa* oru^rtd t>ack, bu*. replied that Its occupation by t'-n tliousacd Yankees rendered it Itnpoa.Mble. lie was then o:derrd to J In Grn Jaeksor, ea--t of the B ue Ridge, which was being rapidly d >ne. The same ?cout reports the lo:i? of n fjra^ln? pa-ty twelve miles from McDowell. While w?t?rbmr.d it was attacked by guerillas, and the wagons and h >rs*s destroyed yorn? men were badly v/our.ded and some killed Harper ai.d B. anett, two veteraa guerillas, have been sent to Wheeling. Maj. McRey, of the Garibaldi Guards, Gen. kpr'rt Dlwlninn H /.n I V v? ? | '? ' %? VU IV U KUki ) . I IMPORTANT FROM THE SOI Til WEST Cairo, April -20.? The steamer Isabella, from Pittsburg Landing, Las arrived. A reconnoissance on Friday discovered that the enemy were tionaly posted at Pen R idge, three mil<;s bt yond our Hue of picket*, but we did not advance to attack them There is new* from Fort Pillow. The mortars ti t lire occasionally. Refugee* from Memphis report a strong Union feeling existing there, and that the majority of the people are aniloualy awaiting the arrival of our force* io take possession It was not believed that tbecify would be burned, but all the cotton. Agar and molasses will be destroyed. Van Dorn, Price arwl Jetf Thompson were at Memch.s. with about 8,MX) miserably clnd troops. Tbey remain there to drive the people into sub mission. A? the conscription act la being; enforced hundred* of the inhabitants are leaving dailv to avo'd impressment. Most of the twelve months' men, whose term of service is about to expire, refuse to enlist under any circumstancca, aud are deserting in large numbers. Chicago, April 29 ?Pittsburg advices of gunday night say that the roads are improving, and fireperatIons for the coming batUe are pr<gresnng steadily. The pickets of the two annus art a. .. ul#^ ? ?ni " * _?-? wr? y -vmmj X* fri'ic uf/urt. j urrc IS J11UCI1 blCKHPIS among our troop*, the result of fatigue and exposure, and unhealthy climate. Refuses report "that Gen. Villipigne is still In command at Fort Wright and has a force ot six or e?^ht thousand men. The guns from Fort Randolph have been taken there. A large number of negroes are constantly at work strengthening the fortifications. There is a report,which is deemed relijble, that the r bel gunboat fleet is coming up tLc river to attack our tlotilla, and then will make a bold stroke for the possession of the Mlt-s.isippl. Ou the rereptlon of this report, a steam tug w is despq^cued to Island No. 1U, baring on board ganners sufll<ient to man thfc batteries there. Union clubs meet nightly at MetnDhls. sft<i ?? holding correspondence with similar club* in nearly every large city of the South. Qen. Prentiss, and the other Union prisoners \7ho had been at Memphis, rece'ved marked attention from Union people He was taken to Tuscaloosa Fort Harris, Jost above Memphis, has been overflowed by a crevasse, and much damage caused to the snrronnding country. The Chicago Tribune^ Cairo despatch says ! that rebel cavalry had appeared la considerable 1 force on the rtver, twenty miles below Savannah, J - * * ? > * " * auu a Kunuirni uau uern sent dcwn the river to watch their movement!. All the Tennessee river boats now carry brass pieces on the}r bows, and evb side Is also armed, with a guard on the burrieane deck, to return any fire from guerilla '- Mis. ' >,. FrtB C?a. Fstte'i Flstiiln, pAiao, April 29 ?The steamer De Qoto ar. rived here this atternoon from the fleet. There Is no news ?f importance. There Is no change in the movement* there. The bombardment of Fort Wright is still kept up by the mortars at loag intervals. A d* serter from the fort confirm* the fall of New Orleans.

The ft ?be!s Abaodti ItlU Fe. lAStia Citt, Aprils??Santa Pe advice* of thettth announcetfcitthe rebel* have abandon?d that city, leaving 180 of thtlr alck and wounded In the hospital* there. Sibley's command of rebel* would certainly be captured, aa they lost all tbetr baggage and tuppllw at the battiest Iflftoa Rancbe. ? < O r f I C 1 4 L t Df.partmen r or r.\ t e, \V*sni!t?TO!t, January '<?J, ISM. The Utctffary of little will hereafter recrivr Members of Cor/rot on V-u?!nan on Saturday*, ooBcriieatla^ wl:i S:.u:r<i y, the fir?t of n?? Oiith. , Jr-r. 17-if. WILrLlAM H SK W AHL>. \ s tar D? i A'U Mt:s i, j V? iiNiiMn, Uibs^BD. Thai t*>o V. r p-pyrtnieat will b? cloud Twtdiy*, Wctl-'tJcy, "Thursday* and Frldiyi agala.U buai&eu but lLat wtlcb fe!t.t-?to set! w motions In tb? fl?ld Sf.turdcvB will > * drrntpd lo tfa? butineM of S?*n7tor? end Reprp-?nta"VCT. M.c_?a\? to tlit- Laeit.cM of me I'ubiJe. KJ>VV1N M. FTANTON, Ja<a! tt gff r^t.-.TT of War. FASSE.1HEK THA?N TO M1HAMAS. WAR tsrxsTsrr^T, ) Military Sv pert ntaulr at U.5. > - *?-? *?3 ? ^.? t ii n.i 'i m j. ir;n, J Nn I'asvnyer Train will b r.m from WasbSn^tun to Man&sats until further notice. D. r. MctTALI.U.M, ap 1 ^ tf M D. and !*ap't Railroads, IT. 8 pROPCBALS ran liK RSte. DlPOT QrnRTiJRMnSTBR'e OFtIC*. f Corntr Ifafh an 1 li sts., P-a-sKintUtn, > Aon; 23 i8H2. \ Hka'.st) F*'Po3x: g will be at ih:s Ofc e rnt'.i sr*.. .7, he 1 Mi <"\j of M*y. at 12 ?* i?* -k V., ir 1 ! r: 1 .z itir hnv r..!:i^ut V!'h i2,tf'r) YW?? T IloUS/.M; ?!<>-;: t^S, cl the fuiiow.i: 1 descnfrioms, iu: CAVALRY. F' n '"xvjiLft - i "?')< > t .<!J m.'I hor??e. from l'j) ift*e '.o( <t>) mxi**' 1 \r .;-s nijii, h?tvreou -fita and e ght ? ?ar!? o' k?>f?. v ? . olora; ??e: i broken to tSo HjuiUie; oomp? ; - m t, ai,a Iree frciua.i UOiOO 8. AKfU l.tKV. F02 Arttlibhv .it--: one thousand tior.ra, frcui , fcne.?. a. . . '1*.' to ; r i ren h?n<3? h'ch, t?f t?r?vn five a> ?1 > -r*;t yesrs of at*;.of darlt floi-jra: frM f. ( n a'; fir'.-- re- .?.?nn ?%%-?*! !.?? ! ?r.. 1 brokWi to b&tLc.a, and t-~ vbi|h Lot :cm tt*n f,Ufl pouuila. PKOPORAIA P.-oyo*al? ?v ci!f cip%r y whft^fr tha hid la f<<r v'av?'r? or >.rti!:.-rr hi- in no case niL?.t i?o!n bi 1 f ?r i: tii? *r-:t.a mtrr. if a t h <! isr ti <h** to prnpoh^ for tvnh o'.iws^r h? niuit fur\rar i* > i.: ir ot c' ?ot\!a?ens f-r r eac!t n!a?* 'jri. /* u* xtftlf, una ! tvir.; no r?fe? o' ;! stir otf^r i r< <>-s It 'ho nun ? p^:T. I{ * Lid is in t..n t: v.:o uf a firm t: a >:?in->g of r. 1 th* pai mere rrtm r.p-ei-... .t v.i. wjI I. c, aoUi erf F-?po?* * muei l?* a ?.4r- ri-d ? '*o'. I) H. K aoVor, Quarter matter 'J. s. A rs,,*-, \v,v hi .ptor. I). (;, v.: 'ri. : st i>?-:j.:j n.arkca "fri poir'? ( ' Mt'tSS.." ThOftllllltvoft) bid . -n T ' < 11 r<v aViuM it b<? n-jr*r?;ed tn iiim ?:-j*t tij ircirr.rJie; i two rr p n-1:. ; < i :i?, v; i.o?e ru.v.ure/, n.tat Ls ?pto th r 'i- sDtp?. '1 rt5 rf?&'in? U.:it* o'-th-* r>i'nr?o'a Tr.a.'. t-d t.o a :i t.y th ( r>: a c.-.; m ? C. > k *.f th? i:< aTc=t iMtlr.oi Ooo jorol't'-e ?. r.iUu stataa Oi4trot A? ?; i* ? n,i' t s? rf i? t i? noreoa ^*ii?n tbn !iid? ar? ? piaeu or proe.- *! ? w*l! r.ii lo jou?i-J. r? li i t ) r-.i: i of t:a I- "An 1 4 1!ir?, kUcsI !<t thocont-aoto, ? fhi* r - a- :<>r-, w; . >>.< ttf^ii'rbil oi t-i.'aai.! - iiMj: i'jv.n t. e o uir<4!. A? tiro tot.' nil'' *.ca t w: ! b- nf c-?? Rr;. !;. ' ; y i. .*. .. :i?ir !> : 1 m?a wit.*: tirin, t>. to ' t. vari'dr r.atl-M?i*!c.n Uhl r?iui? to ' ? vhen th* r..>nt' i> ifcce3. ISlMka f <r t<- u'-'h c?". he p-oon'eJ u?nn av-P icatiOu l-'ine :n?<*e rf ?i.i? tf.ce, euuer jc-riue&if, b? if <- ' i* f.rjr, Form </ '.'MrtttlM We, .of ' : .'-l.;' < ?, \ \ of , i ?, of the o :ci>' * cf ? , i?' I i-ir.'o . , Co Lernb/ tu'-rji' : * ? ij to lu fci a 001 tract in li . . ti!% i a f * jior r lie. <1-. i tl rt, j! " ! . ? V " l" of ho TriUtT caoee-'or :.:f *.: *o-tf?l&uco th?r8W!*^i. Mi?h' 1 '.'r.n ecrtr'.r' b .1 >73 r. e^o to !*.? _tr? li ?? *' !.?.. (To tin- si 'ar-??* -it '-.I ti.e official oe.-i.toa*^ a ovj r; :? ) INrPi.CT f s. m;.MV H V. fee.. _ c->t > ra~!?-ii I >: ;:v. i nm?Lt uii*. J - v at: c. -r.! i- > ? > - -? - - 4 4 - ? *" ? tii?rpiT nvi. ?viuwiaiil.| iao SfOOIlUAII >1.3 Wlil U# rej :-c>U*l. Nv> .hnrt* will 1-e r ociv.''! Th- t*t ku:us a ' >\ r.-'l ~ n o!'? on or ii 'l.Mh f'atvida;, tbi Uls.' ilny if M-iy, nr-d r.-j M.' u( I'l lj wi . . >? ?r -i J.. \ny i r? ? > i Far .I* ii! to b." innie u- .n ? * con p'rti -i. ?f. a: b ct-titie.rt.u. t t . i-.crr.n t:,a ?Jn > ter(T;i?'.f-r # .?.. * ;r. ; A.n ii.'i/Pi.fcl \i i . u....o' n -n wi: ; ! nil. iftiU i ?lv r 11 -1 lii-at, \?l.. ? Lm; 'A t:.0 .Cj-Lt -ri-.O i?f"; ~V i.uff.H Vll i i'O ftWMd'J in ' r.f n-t una t?v) tw;< iii.i i -j tfcsh, ?"!>ss trr? I>< jet CJuti'.ero id < . it i-t f. i interest vf HiC G 'TfrvmB' I: J *n.vpt c. u.irrt>?r Ti.e i)?i> i <iuf-nt-rni-i-- r ?? - *?.-. to i innp'fl the t 'h; ?o rrj<?3t?.u/ u h l tiYn ' it .-n-n? t"0 hllll I' I. I *. t ;ilii tS ua>9 Co - : I? pc* w .l-t'tar.T.p >* r. 17 H t: M * 4 SIs> ?L jiiue?As<l9-MMn:ira ej (i: ii' . <M nrJ?W-rtiiiji jo-. Curpij - o'. <iaudi?Fort:fifiti . t!a < -r. . i,.,-. Pirrecr.t ;.r?}.? < ?;?.?- >1- .a Ar: uj I o. u; ' v h. aiiJ 2 At r.i r; ft(iS5 Firo-iv?v'? >??-. < o '??? sa J04 I'laca* 1 vol. ?n.1 Al'r?, ?115 WiltiO'" ? Do 1& K-rftlBoMJ f 2 26. Slit ?t? Frein I'. errcr.triro i'e Fo.tiic&t:oa v?o O^mpicae; 7> M%- a;v ? LK? i rter*-s." , 832S. rM8n7|9>?r?r?rort BT&ttoa I assijora. 1 vol.t&d A'I*?;87V.. : ;i in I'ortiCsitiuQ .'iloJcini 1 vol cud Ati."v?; ??S5. gyte!;.? d- ? < rt.'.i 4'i?n I V.jr*: oalo. 1 VjI. ac?l A las $3 ts. CotrMur !'t'.*? Ante -*iamo.r?.srie; 19i7.1 a? <:< i ? ANCK TAVM>K. SOLD 1KH8' PAY. SJARNDEN'S' EXPRESS WILL FORWARD !-v? 1)1 K k !*' Kl.MlTTANv'-.b. WSITHD MoN*T OP. ALLorM?fT USA?l?. Io liiw [ ar ft >'.*. a ?n l:n lu.ei ~i KifNUHt onsrj? of TW ENTV-VIVA CKNT3 Fot buj c-iJi uxoee lirn J)ui!krc.(950 ) And a proportionate &?!;? -i:a! r jrf* for pl.-o^a rt-AChsd I t C'i:r.<V"ti::T ' zpr- ,rce Th? r?rm*t v o?, " - in G 10, T?e&>'iry Noto?. or Aiio'ic-at I/rMH*. ?b' r.M be T.o'ostxi u an ei;V''i' pet r.r.j u;t<.jr, lui iilv i tb? fail Ra.lre-d.'iiiolcding th? t.;wr_, i*u?t UJioo and S ji'.h, 01 ih? *< ??>.;! to ?::cm to iOiJ ?, a a J the auioaut Uiibir nf'vfccd Ui?r*"L Kbvpiopes ior iiiis yuip ?? -jriil be furnished at tLi* otiic*. nir.r.A* V a a* *1-- - 00 - ~ ? -- .??, j a vvw t w t 4Wi w CVi UCU fii l>IO t? 1UOO 111 Washington, Third atrrot, second do?r bi-low PenntyivAma aveuue. ap i -un T8 HV;!TH. Atent. T?HK SUI'iiCKJBLKS DKING IN KKCEIPT 1 "i a supply of l%tn?t fai-ai-'ra'tio b?rtc< .a* U.)u<Js, the* reapeatfisll; s*>lt*it a oail ssuNji ih?ooi.tinuod liuira oi thur patioca and ftA lbs sublic toners! ?. I hf j e!?o ieqoeit ?pno??! att?rtif>n of th?ir ' anr? *r.d nary ecttomc-m '.o their supply of g<-oda 1 in tliftthne.ooni'B'irf { r voids, Beitf, btiouidor rtlrapa, EpauleliM. tjiVi* f,ace.', ?*%ja, fhape&us, &c. K. J. KK.UKRGKR A; Ci) . fc'U00o?/s? -? t'? li F. i.OU 'hIBt Co., Uititen an Alil'.tuy Xailo.a. Notio*.?All f ersona mJ?i>Usd to tiio l&t? firm of Loudon k Co , or tiieir ?ecc?*eo*a, areuigently retaeaUd to a^U ettio ran.o -* thuur delayF. J. HEiRKKUKU. t CO.. Suocettor* to U. P. L,nui'cn & Co., mh 31-ei.Vn citizen and Military Tailnra. Oul!NfEKpA\KA*rA full awort ? 113 1,111101 B.MI tfcln. T*bls Liuena, L.iron an 1 Pillow Linear, of ti;? pr ip-r wid!h? V.d qnahtien. 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Oidprs ?-rt to tufl mfe '? xr!th si'te'&ni! u r. irai vi.l t'ftj i.?. r .w. tor ?>< , . as he ;uu?4 will a icy. H">rsoa hi uverj. J C COOK A; CO., Silt- t.reet, one lilooi ot.':. rt ay 14 1r?* ex a*. ?C NMTiOK I Hi, i-.Tt:\MKil ' HUM ** COLLVKU. '.Vol MMlir.a nw Irir.r. tn blnui.i Vafi - * cn VVedr.o#tla>, Mr.iah Blli ' M' } Te*' ,j Wiu.3 uij ti.aS:.!'i: ? farther uotio*, lea-, wig har ?Lwl at the fo?< ( i 7tii *tr< et &t lu o'ol^ok ?. ui. i-tro for the ; -ui;d t id c a bairj Ho !'< a* ? i o>' SAMUEL ttEDNEY.C&otaia. N. n On iLn pajnifntoi25o?i.'9 visr v. i e a '.uiitt?.'! > th'room vkioh Gei ersl Wetmngtoo o.tmpi-a &n.i in w ..iol> be die.1 '1 tie niV.non &r.d (rcHi i.f ii'P t?. ?n.i'M?on KJr'C>te d:itor<iM e'i.ta of the iitiMMuf t!<? 0- ULtrr fc?v?tot Tedooeu ;j.? r< ?:. !<<*?* < ' the A?b:<c;?tioi. rwdor tbjechnrje r*c-?-arjr, for tte tit, lor Hi* ni.MLten*noo au<i j>tfa*rvbticn < f V t V 'rnoa twt!?ir.K8*<?i3T''Ki. 'KKi>? PfciAKK SrsAraod nr.wr T! ?ui 30ri!u' r hiving oonipleted i. a ^.r-v s"\ ?i.3&<u*d Oj*ur SsTooo, i? now to l?irn -!\ to cjukmh, fcti&i.gef*. * : VvljJS' ttio puJ i o R55?r?;if. 'with Oysters jooke^ i ti.JtifcW rtMMof e' 0A:..".f ul rhe ln-.vt Otftfre t' e Wai*at o*a tlicrd wii. ftl**y? bo <>n i. fc'. tlif Ch&.?ef c-v*e btMin Oysier *il<>on, N >. 4U>i G itmet, naa./ 7tfc, *;.d etit of tite Pstect Office. mhS-liu WM. P WEBH. Propritof. | 4Q(i CAMU rnOTOGKAPilS A ULL iOU AN I) KRAML!*. <*Ot) Photoerarhi in y:u;.mt. !'.:aindicj ooi:>-? ol | CtK'ic d Pictures. A so OA R I? Vis: i i PICTURE FKAMfcS, the largast a*?ortneet! from lite beat manufactory it laeoouctnr, |o; oAtu at I.mariThii'?H?. No. 4*6 htven'h ?um', f# \* B *<rx>n? ?N?vi? ?t'1.: H?;' U?:ad with dkcision and act * ith PH KCAU rlON ! PR. M. V ELl.N V'rt PKIVATK flOHPITA f.. in tae Fec'eral fl ock, oppotne thetieaaral Poit and Patent Uflios, Kocm 34 up tixus.^-tter of 7th acd F tti, Wubinctdc, o. Eitabluhtrt for the ?uppreMioc of Oiackvrr The On j Regular Physician u*in< Dr. M. VeHnjr'i lone experience in hc#pitai prs?tioo wrrauta him in sttinr thnt bo can osreaii dirrasec of a. pnvate nature, or j.e via loiieit Us* am of fire hundred doxlara. v*u *lu ??e ur.a. r?o ouarje for Mcniitaticn, A perfect and rUioal our? aerfectej irom cae to fr)ur uar*or- mn H-?u? OSPKHIAL NOT1C8. N AND A TL'KSDAV, Al'RIL I, idfc, the ? %!* ob th* Oaitimo'e aid Oclo KillTOAU comme*?* runnirf da<;j, SuLdaye excepted, leav;a| tin* ratios at 7.40 A. M , and oonneetini at Waxhii ?u.q Jauotian villi uiMi t<ai& I..r ail parta -<f the TVe?t via I'ark^rti ur? or W r,?e:u*. Through ticx-'ts ??id and checked W. P sMi i H. ftfattiT cf TranipoiU^ion Ua>Uniore ami Ohio RailrWj _ ap I utf WTKAVKLLING TRUM*. F (iSat lor u? the iarceat BM MtmeiiiK'f TKAVlLLiN^ 1'KUiVKSto befoard inKyr; tola onj, ccmpnainr !* ? Ho;o keainfijfiflll f7?dic^ L?rt?e u4 racking Trunk", u-xm. rui?, *3., wluou v*?'? ljv ?tve>rr low pnoe*. WALL, STEPilKNS A CO.. >?!> 58 j P?m. >waa>. ATl THU UK*T OOUtlN* MUVE8, fA HLL CITJLEK.Y, Ao, u t? 1*4 mf W.I.HUKf'VKt. 1 F?oAitoJ?6 ?KiiEK.RKSr.i'5fCr be th? Lo?et is tb- I?tktr cl?tr-4 in NcvTmA fUmjokire; iaZJr r?*ri oTj. cm m to kff.jlnf %t tt.a N???l Str.r*, N*ry V*r.l, WMhir^tot.D.d. kotwcM tii? fcoari o' \? >. ?r .4 s * m. t*>?i H Iw I |_| alalia , uf hall, _ ' THE WEEKLY STAR. ^ mii i Ta?? nr?; -kt tair-'y *. d f*rtr? jrrrv oca tVn'.ng * gr*slrt rvrle**. ?f !-?Kn ni>i| tfema ni be frun* u ?ny ? - f ,-m Friday iaorc'as. lui|?C U* iftf. 4m t.vtw| ^ ricle c^rf. per 91 Irncopi<* k Tvntf-lrrWftre *u w It lnv&rtably rccfeln* tti<* *-W MhlnjfUw >.?j" U-?t Ui nndr Hi /> ?.'jr i'rfiuif Sii? r'.rc* I ?o ger.n&ily U.r. n^Uout the country | 1X7* S'-.u'le cnlw ('.n vr ?t '?r?) cna ?* f ? J cared e* the MMBtcr^liRvwdttlrly aft#-r thi- t*iu? of the r*l*r- Pr1.*s?THRKF. CKNT**. y 9*9 riRRIILViSni ATBNOK. C.1ILC DIPBL. Ji?? n?oc ?cJ u< Ojk-uM. k Ul'm* nr. t fr?t. im aUcfc of ckolM FAMILY (IKOChRlESt eciitUUr* tli tiUti sKS, 1 -I'. crp??, mil* cor PEE, irvu, i AM|?, FLOU, NAILL?RD*3 CBOCOLAIk, Ae.. Ii, ftr. AU of wfeJab be ofl>r? 11 lovTMi cat p;'.c?*. ? JMSK'M CELEBRATED WHISKlkn 900 barrel* JOC b&rrr!* XXX, inv Barrel* iwuicrj Kre Moaoar***'! 6<? b&nrlt Ine O.d H v* SUC barrt-U Ice Old Baarboa, AT CINCINNATI PRICES 4U tbe (4?.^te brand* Pt C 11 A M P A a X h , M-mm Verssny. Green Seal, H?!d?Vrk, I wk! u, bela^ boazbt low, we effer at uiucually law H:??. A'ac, ?ole Agrnt lor PIKE'S ARMY COKPiAU 14 tf r? n. iv at 33. PIIIVATH i' ii x xryK 'x' ia. DK. LA BONT\ atrAir.r v-.1 h:? 2, V y :N?f.v'J ir-; Its* ;-u d*r Ohi Vin tV.o 1 U'u:. : it>-: ?>u u.c, CO'rt: uf # '??! I* <* r ? lo cere a I 1*4 ft Privfct - N*l.r?. Willi. ? t!.? UBf? cf CM-in: i?4 <.<r JifjBitiz* <J tf el r kied, *ad no in?e-fe-?-ii ? v.t\ your ' t'Uim * tv o::* hftvit-; <i>v-!ei n? vh -"? '.fi<? to ?> a rtu ifftriw caro o. |t ,-*c? ?.f U<U ? * ? to Cfi-nio 'ft"t :.? ' *' c \\ o.- t> ! vp . ;-ii< Kf-1-iO'.i, *o .en ' er*.-' j t , '.'a^'itun </ .n : - w ! '.fie IWpitftis. unfr P-ofj OM'.ton P% if. ' wbi'i;: I f rHw lvi B\- % t'? t!?e P< r*Ti I'tr.i. n> < n:e ?? " U ?r.J . t * n..jvi'Jie * . * | oivm 't ?? ?e.' ? * ii-l'.lr ?ul?. :rltl??o?? U- C ^ nf i "*. v r> -? .--J ; r.uihicc c- e IUA . v: v. . J treatment CcufliHUkUoDi trM Ilooaic vs'r er;v\i * . ? ?:< .. * .*'? a4 ~ u' ? i 1, FlKjZT*. 8??on l> ?l r.: ? ;. irha* 8i.i* v* t m. 8%eir>SeSM & to., MILITARY AM) NAVAL M EZC H A X T '1' A I LO ti 3, Axis Dialxi.* is bWOK: .% 1 ?.SH' i I f /. C Lr: i t?. fcLO'o L?)BR STtf A 6. S AUNTLfcTn. ?LO * A* And fw? r%r'*ty of UAjC'T-JUli* Ci.OTHr?'?, fT 1 * j A -L, STSi' iK X9 * C.v. f (C4 . "ft . <* ? it'i ' !Lf'** " * I A it ti K M A ?' s IJ ir UM'ltiilA, fkit'l'H i. K< ...N \. . I \ :i \ " * . tulihiM t-r tin i " liMiUt/Hv t .11u.f.L-1* J. . up IT ? N ' V I' ' ' NCVV ""K OKL AKJ '.VT RA.CON: \\> b&^? jnr* ' Pivcd ?*vrw \nr?r% covotr. riew York, * mail lOCOf ctirtrf ?U 1 k<* ? Wtalitl L*VC l*t*U Cirr4 fi prOfc f I.. I oiiios KINii Jt BUitCild L. nt IB CV. z*> 15 K f?. e;:d Ve- impt %r. i;n. p iv * H P *- ( ;k SILL FR Y CJJAm VA a lis DKM T RKUuVEU TO d. K. UkSU o* P^m*. Av t:re? A:!t? St., ( i:fn:oa Hotc! JttUdtlix. II. TtOSKY. A?in*T, >s\v Vobi JiJCad iliuLAN, A?m, VVi'iir-.uf, P. FHF.SRT, TOFT *iTT; A.DF.1K * WIN!.*. FINK OI.I> HSAVHYMd WSldhV. JT^ 4 'iter*? fl>o ?T3t t- u ir.l> ! f liill'f'W * v li ^ i". *?-s ? . vw ? o nnv ?: M/i.r. 9 t I i T h K X" \1J> Wear^n?* ?. ..;r'r??U kJrdaof HU-'lTS tnd k llOKH. a: ' oon'tnnCr . i?'n* ?aV>( eapp.r oi *a?l-?rr iMk c >i*fk of ?f*r* 2--RI2 " ma..e?rjrc??1r*'??>rd?1,uc w.liw " Lo ??iu at a mu jo tcvui r no? than fc?- v w ktrgtof^tt oa?/ecJ in U:l? t-it* w tn-? IB<*:-or art: ales. Person*m want of Bocta and SV' m of ?**u?ro cr oity mv3f? work. wi:I A'\rs.T- Sr.d a sc. >d a?*..ri r-cnun ?tor?> ?lu is t'.o .. ?P'.ce*. Otveca a cau. ?*IFF?N * BRO., r. ( r ? ' l. ... , . r? T%TVH <T>. f . UO V STK R9-f > Y;?T E ? S! OTEL?, K* 'acsnts and Private c%n Maupplittldi: j wiUO', , >. fre ti froRj Um shell, dry ra?astu?, a; tue lowoit j>r;<M. IQltiK riCMAfivaitaa oa!l. AYF.ES & CO? No. 302 **:iua at, D auo C7"" Oyciera of taa b*at tualtty sp'tei to frrCer. mh 92 JUKI KKrKJVKl;ATL * BK* f I. ? CO.>, No..'.61 bOTectit, setwwo I and K ? ?*?t?. <% new attack <f C'l.OTHlNii, FURKjgJltfttt HOOD*, TRUNKS. HATS ?~J CA?c. LA li KAi^? A CO'tf, too Sdl -*TWith l Mivi K. ! rb? ?. v>* to i aj jmr I'LOTHIM, FtR*lt?Hfi*? GOODS. XRCNk?. HA ltttulCAP^il New Hti pricaa rOMK O.Nt ?NI> M.I. AT L. A. RKALL* CO.'3. \'i i*? la v?ut^ ?tre?'. hWwn 1 I v < tCt *o tu? ivn tLO'I Hi..b, rtUNijitlAtf GOODS, B*T' traPA Pi*. VOW 18 ?oJR T!.*OK TO BliV YOUR 11 CLiOTHII*", FtRNJSHING SOcl'S. !IAT^ and CaJ S at rtrr ia?r ?rwm. u L A, BKALL A Co Xo. 301 $*vt>ulL, h?-.wo*a 1 k tri'i: IS W'K HAVK OfKNtP k LAROK fcTUCA of fit* W.p KfiS.MlRTs aw ?..?? "* r 40UV KtUUKI BOOTri ^ AililM,M A WD on. J. B. FLflNKva. S#l r?w ??.-;a, tuafc wj <-x *?'? bfi UtioJi bWra, IV<t EN M B umrkw nnntu .. AND HBOhS. . ? .. _a? j. a jFUImsv-S. * H tf *?? F un. ?v.. Hie}>. I^NTIUL bUiib F<?* LliMUf, Kfe-ADV -* nd and trmoi<m. oooiivi^i 01 n? >.?v u n-i moatehr..Mf?bri?? * 01 " * "rt* _ Also oar ml fa'] cr U Coir.p.#?# atftr.b of?ll tt.o ,?sirs'&^i:i^2s,5?,"v*e AE in^setioa of strck fioers ri rl.'uvir.B wiiJ* n FFKRV A JBo. *> 3 gt Pa.anti i rwl 11/ UiiVM) . rui^a ING.MobraoHrftM ?tT>? ? low r*icn<l, medftm, *n? fcw *** * * wh?k w? *r*?u.i?n UflTETBENB * CO., Svtf Ffc. u sbjtyyKi t&J liu >4. |.H>I A FEW I'Aye^LY.^jTmrinoTM I an ?u> ?^>c* 11/ CldJhicjr .ton oxer 9i t? f?v? 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