Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1862 Page 2
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* J# EVKNING STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: ^ ed*r*oiy.... arail 30, isrq. CT Rti dia? rnatier cn ?T?ry p?ee 8e? cat M* fnr It t-jest'ng 'eiejrrtphic tpd other c:lW p'.rtt ?f tl.? Br*M. The itieJligtnttr notes that a portion of the ?old'ery of Pcuih Carolina are so tenacion# or tte tradition* of''State Rights,'" tbat they refnse to eave the State; aUeg'np that they were enlist *1 for her defenee. TL? htfttUumm cr^ies ?Laf if Con|?r*s* neg!a nA(t ? rnnfl<u?a(:An art it w*ll !?#> iimnk* i thr extrrWe c.f a "fal?e rlenieacy." J?m? Rrdpatb, 11 General Agent of F.mlfrrV'.wn to.Haytl," pJtrbe* Into Jcteph E. Wliltaiea (eelared), General Agent of Rmieration to Central Amerirauln the H'publiean ot to-day. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. ? T ATTST Flo* TW* VAtl.1T. 'I ue War P"partnient have telegram* from . B?ak> aimy up to ve?t?rday morality. It* j. " 0 i? ?iy was iri?n ?i iisrriiotiuurg. *.'>u:ing ?.r paxtlc.tiiar Interest Lad very rec^htly orrnrrrd !h trial qaartfr. ~ i.ati"t p*i.m yobictown. The War iiepartment have telegrams from l.ffi>re \ urktown up to la<t evening, when mailt rs w?tp pri?$?rf?saing there a* throughout the y 'I'b<* r?hH? wic getting hourly more tidgett^," rnder the rapid progr**a of General MeCJeilanN a>ege work*, attempting. more than 1 #- - |a n*tll> I* Vnt (.?nnrn. miC'ti'ir w iiu ii uy ?i? jn inai * uhuvu iUir.o; qnirklv how^vt-r. In ail < a*??, ? , ? :k artillery a??l * La r pa boo < era NAVT *AHI>?MftRE rl?ORU<. 'l l.p Mount IVa^Uingtdn arilvnl about four i.Viork v??!erd3v afternoon. frcm tbe nuuitb of ilh |{.ip(aLaaD?ck. SLe hromrht up live p<i?. j ' - - * ' ?--? 1 a \* ?.?* U * u r )i u 4>r?> /? ?? *_ I ? 11 ? ?! I |?r I unntj t " " ' " * * ' '.?( I .red ok :? ti ii?H>n<r bouod 'jpto rrtderickfthurg, on Sundiv uuninv. Three of them comprise l~e crew if tbe schooner. and two were pasand are sjppo?ed, from their general juJ appea.ance, -to ?? Confed itli.eri I *o of Ibem ^ave tb??ir mmet aa JoLn Burton and Kv:-and slatei tbat they were from tLic I . l>ut one of them i* thought in tbe Y.irJ to )>e a man named Hak^r, residing in \? if>iniela".d county, Va. Tbe crew stated tbat Ibe only work tbev could oet to do was to freight f-'ftUe South. I Le faj.tured schooner is oa her way lip. in tew cif the Anacoetia, and his a car^o of hcop skirts and army More* pat up In boxct, direr ted to Richtuird, and no doubt they were unaware of tbe occupation oi Fredericksburg, where they ntecdtd to land them tor transportation to Richmond. The prisoners were placed under guard, end v. II probably be sent to tbe OM Capitol prison, rive more prizes have oeen recently captured c.n tu?? Rappahanaock, three with corn and two with wheat. SeveuUen prisoner*, ciad in the usual gray licmespnn worn by the rel>el troops, were landtd at the foot of Eleventh aUeet, on Monday, and put In quod. Till' I ipti hf or KV\r nm vtss We learn from Fortress Monroe that Uapt Millward, the Pui! Captain, who un Monday went up to Craney IsUnd on a flag ?f truce, was assured by the reoel officers of the correctness of the rumored fall of New Orleans He was unable fo ob'afn any particulars further (han that the Federal troops were In possession of the city on Saturday las' On April 23d Gen. Dancan telegraphed as fol1 Ati~a Ia Can f aw?I1 Fo*t Jackaoh, April 23 ?I have to report thin irorninr tame upon nine. The bombardment 1? still go'ntf on futlouilv They have kept It up X>ir1oo*ly by reliefs cf three divisions. One of their rhreemasktd ganb at*, paint?d gray, came at-ove tbe point this morning, but was strur k and rttred'ed \\ e are hopeful, In good spirits, ard 1 ran not apeak In two high praise of all my < fllcer? nad men No further casualties to report. I.*' tL ' p??f?le have faith and fortitude and we will not disgrace tfcem J K.I>rsr*n, Bilgad'.er General 1 V k M i r i A f fAinmin/llnrr I L> p>rtiR?nt i f l.o'ilsiaca. N?-V.* Wr.l I AN , Apr.I ?Tilt d? y*t t. v/m r*? rlvrd IIDB I'ol* Jnck Gu to iliy ?> nv ii:U r., t'r.'.tfMl oorr br.r<1iii-r.t all ir_Li, i I pr<vi?-T.,;n-r No f-iither ra?iiaU'ir*. .-v ; ? -wr. ir.< n stlp !:l:y v*cuuni.t Cn?t Is rttlaiaiy t.ri i-j vv rb**e'. ial. acd l.ive ;:n abldiiv i la nut mtio:aU- (urrra li'- art wrxt.?? ;?, t (it M ' K< <<*%. ? ? birh*>lie^UCS arf??'it 1 uirk order Mus.uf i/ur.1 ha.e tftn t!t ti< v Tk? i i?t. , r ?t ? j 1 ur brrt: U 1 . r iit> -j-# i UUIII'ir^ Twm tv ivr tl i'"?! (1 l's-!nch ?belis hav* h<?e-/? li- ><! hv ?:.* entH'V- 1 U?i< f which fr!l In tL?*f(.rt. TWv wn "ihcuft themselves; if not, v*^ Tin st::nd us i^n*' t? they ran Urlg. liturral J K. Dujsr*;?, Omiuindlrg Tort Jackson. Ti f imr f | our ruortar boats is evidenced by It* foltcwif ' rs ract from th* N-w Orleani'e.'.'s, of ^ j.ri! i : . * m. it i * a i > nwrnnr" wni juanirn. roira fTCiir.wy ? . cpa<rjr n.y f. r; * tbftt would attempt toapp:o*: u. Uerlty, My t-iy rwtii frftn the lake; but fu.i> tt* irou / hi nno.fitr nj/atr. \\> hope ?L?- ire *r in** j rttr'otle imjfea and Uat-b- ttmrn-tl ?? if at will be willing ?? sink rf^ht *<-r(ss 'L?- eLaancl, it ev*-r the attempt i? m~de '* 'f it Tiev OrUftos Pi<*ayaiuof the IG.h print* a ?pr> Jalor * account cf Ite Urnt attack iaj?le by : I ;iioa f.?rre* na Fort Jirk*on It wn on a l. r.i.t an<l plefc-^nt S'iii<Jj?y morning, tLe I itti of A r I tbI I l.a rui a1 11 <*n Ibinx^n / I .i .i <. > . i i^k.. * ur ii ?nr i t.r-i 'irn . i?";r ^i* tl|-*::u*r?ru v? - ? f war rrniing up tL?- rivpr l)i prsiV . 1 f dffi> \*ere -st onre a:.J s?tijfu!ly 'I ui> ',n< a[ tbr fort wrrr iiiinwii. The nr.ok!~ %fr, iir&w>i up In L*ttle array. *>ne of fi.eia,sent to reconnoitrr, WK flrtven ba< k by the j; .n? of "oin KitTaiut. f.vifiitiy 4 blvk knll en?frgej from Wyond Jiinfu' ?f ifae Wui Jh, and> d to at a ?l 'V'ncr i,i tv.'.j m'.le* A t'-w iiiofiieiil*?a p'. K . f iiiKki'-wd :h?- Crit ?Lrll koatrd over ti I'-rt tr.U leM lrf*twf-ei? lU will* Soaf twelve -1 > ii'tu (luripw n?e (( ir-iK>oii?i.y way o? ? trit; -? racire No ?-?prrlai dnn<at(f wu ti TLrti ?L<?'s were flted by tbe winy from - ~ In'b rifled i;?u. TLen the I'alcn gunboat i-t :*& lo the ttt? t. Soioe anncyanct- wa* stuttered from rebel' *Larp?li?>?>teri, concealed among tt- treea, *nd lo: several baura the Union vessels pt "P n? intermittent cannonade of the ahoie F.s-.r. ut -Nrw Yo-k paj?tr? of yeaterday reyor: more activity and v'rcogth in tiovernmei t _ *1 k.. _ ? . m rv.t * - ;c.c- i i.r nr?* ifom i^rw unnn* uia a vt-rv encouraging ! :i flue ace, and diffused a cbeerfi.wta ?.I f?ciiu?.. Governments advanced l,s4 a d if ceiita, and border Hta'e 'ocks immediately becane firm, advancing Tbeyord rflect of the new* was apparent in every operation. We quote I IP4*!, registered, y&.WXi L'. 8 c?, 1?*!, coupons, 97*U S 6'a, one year r^rtlficatea, 9s- \: 7.30 Trcaaorv notea. 100 ira'oi w: 4>i>-on war loan, half yearly. 90; Ohio tt's, 10c; Illinois coupons if 1- 9. 'JIh'JI;,: Ii.diana war lo^n, I'l; Teniieaaee #'?, 57a57#fMlMouri ?'a. 50; < ?itfori;!s 7's,-7 %; Am rlcan gold 10l>,; fareljyi Cictobge teWy (t lUtll'2^. Uottschalk and Opera.?Our music-loving read. w'.ll be glad to Lear (bat M'uie D'Angri. tiie Ki-al contralto from (he Ntw York Academy of Brignolt, Marcus), Susini, Muzio, and the favorite pianl*, Gottachalk, will visit Wash n ntx; wfti, lua^iTciirw or rneir orullant entertainment*, Including a Grand GoturLalk Concert, and tome of the princif^l gems and art* of the n.od*;n opera Particulars will be duly announced. P**aoiAL.? Mn. Parson Brownlow and Mrs. Horace Majrnard, with tbelr fjmille*, arrived in Washington tL!? morning Paraon Brownlows son says that thousands of Union men, to avoid tue ifflpremrt- .t now br!u;j enforced in tbe eastern portion of tbe Stale, are making tbelr way tbrosigb t# wooda to tbe Union line*. ' Thi'' or Yahkbb Land?The entire army la the expedition against New OrIran* (of tbe land force*) la, we believe compo>?*d of New Knglaudera; the Geaerai lo com. iiiuil U also a Boston boy, and one, If aot both, of tt?e Laval commander* hall from New England. lO~ M^ntrrey, Tmneaaee, wbere a aklrmlah 1* reported, la a aaaall peat village la McNairy rouoty, midway between Hamburg (on tbe Ten nrwwrm titcij via r irsiagion, rawwii>f>i. i oe Village la almost on the Troneaare State line. x ? LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ANOTKFR r0*FIR*IAT10* OF THE FALL OF NEW ORLEANS. Pitt*bpio Lasdins, April 29 ?Ttaff? w*? i > nivj iic.vv qiiiik a' iui* l/icft lictm ?ui? iuviu I ir.gj cauaed by artfi'rrY practice with the rabe'a I hy our cdvanre gnu j?, who, alter a alight tklrm* !r. which wa captured eeveral pria:nm. occupied Pm Rldce, and at 9 o'clock occupied Monterey, twelve or fourteen mile*from Corinth A very Intelligent ?allor, formerly of Boat.ia,. who dn?rtcd frcm the rebel* thl* tide of Corlnih, report* that tbe capture of Kew Orleana wu geo erallv known in the rebel camp? on the morning of the 27th Instant. He also states that, on the 1-th the time of two of the Louisiana regiments, that were enlisted for twelve month*, expired, but by the new conscript law. th*y were required to serve two years longer. On being so informed. Loth regimen^ laid down their arms ard refused to tight. wlen Beauregard detailed four regiments to gnard them as prisoners It was rot known that G n Halierk waa in command here, but It waa the general impression tbat Gen. Bue'l was at the bead, and that our army wss retreating to Nashville. Col J. C Kelton. A A. G.. arrived here to day, relieving C?ipt McLenn, who wa? obliged to go to Clnrlnnatl on account of 111 health. Losisvilli, April ?One hundred and seven prisoner!. capturcd by(?en. Mltebelhat Hung villa, arrived hire to-night, <n route for Camp Cltise. ________________ Thr t aptare ?f Cdtnel ('racktr aad Majsr I'auMr* * _ t _.:t l\A a ? n a II . ar i i. m \ y, n pru zv ?a lewer irnm ? ap<. nirwit, of tbe .''Id New York regiment, given an account of tbe rapture of Col Crocker and Ma J Oa?*idy 'I'bey ief? rump on foot on Thursday evening, and were last st*n in tbe line* of picket* Hallooing wu shortly after beard, and they donb'.le*? fell into an ambush and were taken prisoners FRtni PlITMtl RU AND HUNTSVILLE. [Front Special Correspondence Chicago Times ] lyAiKu, April ?iur sirnuirr >icV/ipnan una arrived with Pittsburg advices to 1 p. m. on Satu.-day On Tt.nMday there wa? considerable sharpsklr- 1 tiilsb!ng wltb tbe er.eniy. which extended along cur whole llue, antt which threatened at out time to hrln^ on a general engagement. During the ?kirinWt/between the advanced lines-.1 portion of McCook's division wa* tent out to rmke a rwcounolssance on the Purdy road, towards the rebel en; ainpment, where It was leported General Hrajjg wai posted with a ttronj, H>ree. A fcwaHti fiom our army, our troops suddenly can.f j;t>n tbe iam|H> of thre-'' iebel regiment*. The rebels dr.tat our approach, abandoning their ramps, arms a ,<1 equipments Fifty-nine prisoners wre raptured, and, without attempting to purine tbe retreating lebeis, our troop* satisfied tiiem^elves with burning tbe encampment. Tbe arn;s tbat were left on the field werefound to ??> F.nfie d rltl's, of late manufacture Of tb?-.">l< prvscners captured, it should be mentioned tbat 4? voluntarily surrendered, and were anxlons to enter our work*. They had been imr-rfSM d int) tbe rebel service. They report that Heauregard Is slowly withdrawing Lis force to Coriotb. and that a large portion of his army i* now conrentratei at Jacks..n, Tcnn , ana at MemphU It Is the programme to make a stand at Corinth, and then, if nerea*?f?,fell bark cn Memphiaand Jackson, between wticb points there Is frte railroad communication. As s'a4ed previously, every able-bodied man is bflTi^r forced into tbe service, and tbe rebel army ih buii? daily augmented by the arrival of fresh levies. Tiie new recruit* are drilled eight hours every d;iv. 'J'he skirmlshex on Thursday were renewed on Friday and Saturday. On Friday there was a heavy fall of rain and (he roads, which were improving, were again In > 11 unfavorable condition Our army has teen slowly advancing despite th ' mud, ar.d our pickets are now full eight miles from the river. 1 Urn Pope Las advanced hi? division, which Wf? stationed at Hamburg, a distance of Ave ujlles further into the interior. 'f urchin's Urigcde of Mitchell's Division, hat ev^uatcd Tuscuinbla, and is posted at Huntsvide. Southern papers ar<? rece ved at the headquarters of Halleck, almost dally, and though they are silent respecting Southern military move-' I. I I 1 ? # A* * * - iijt iiu, iuii luiuiiiisuon can oe gained irom tiiem in relation to the popular sentiment Amoo^ other 1 tents of Importance. Is tbe announcement that the operations of tbe railroad between N?-w Orleans and Memphis have been almost totally suspended by a crevasse near the former place, by which thousands of dollars worth of property has been destroyed. The country is submerged for miles. At tne late battle Capt. Roes, of the 2d Michigan battery, wts captured by the enemy. The officers and all the private*, ?icept seven, were tik?-n prisoi.era. Ti-p r?n r.f u/?r l _ _ r . ?.?.* ? how >".ni iniri dl>:?d l?y fLe rebfrl ^overninerit ? ir gunbo its on ti??? Teoiiewe? have lately madt? I?f..i iripnp the tlvt-r h? far s? HaaMrilftr, A'a i h'-v ' V?*r the Mu?cl* SLoali abovt* I' .oi Wf, tfcp water beln<( ?o high a? to enable il.-iti ti> rl'-ar the bail \villiout ditfi'-uity At i; ..jtevi tbt-y tLe reU-l gunboat Alfred U^l.u, a itc-uul . My Ut-dnsnght, fu*t-?allinz c jI , mounting tva run* The er?-w of the latter, previous to their turrcodfr, threw ovrrboard tLf- ar:nain?-Tit of the ve?a?!, rou?,?tlng of one alx and Oif twf tV" :,(u. n't* r A nn'inHlu ?"">" ii.tion storm wrre a!an t ten, our gunboats returned to Pittsburg. MUbtll, according to laUtt atlvU fa, was nt luita, between Decatur and Cerlttlb waiiu unconditional JJj ( N I if.?'l'he re* u ar w?e'? It inertiu; f ?lie i uL ?i 1 r.c a*, itribfto Ma litti iireet, kltova P. on ') HUk^DA v fiVKNihis ,>iv i-I. ?.i i oVi-iOlr A i unoocti.tioiiad Union in?J f-f I ' \\ s (1 fcie c?>rd:? :y ir.v.lrJ to fi* prufi.t ap 30 ^t* Yi?Ai l tiNTION ! WASHINGTON I10I1T til A* i) ?V P3 *r? tiernbf or^-ed to me?t at y i;r, on THtiMOHNIING, *Kt li'.s o'i na.ioT r^vie ?n.1 'larget priw tics. M'?t for ?!rili WKUNtSDAV KVKMNti, ?::S"'cO(k. P. A. it, MAHK^.Jr, ?; /??{* Oatf Cuin'c f'oinpa'iT. rr'xr- I Hl.Rl-. VVIL!, UK A MKKTINB OF 1>. ? tl o Uuct ndit'onai Union t t?r< u *e/ei ?h KT'i'tstCotecae ti*!i,?n TIHJK^DAV KVli l ^ - ? - - iMAi/, ii> ??i rtiti), tu or^aii Ij 1 or ttis oirjint J-C8 r |<*3 ion All ofpuattd tu tne Republican parly rulito U?. ap :< at* A NT1 RKPUBMCAN. (Y*j-?NOTiCK -The Stt.okhcideri of the WiehJvJ? inct'>u, *in>?fcdria ar.d ti?orsetoira Kailrufel Gotipanr. are f * *r notified that a meatict will be Wd tfwiiiw of Aiexan-'er Har. Ee< , Nu. ;t*l ('eLiiHTlv?iiia avenue, \\ asninfton. 0t'.,ou3A*'tii:i)A V.Mir *l,lt*a,?t it o'oluok a. it, AI.KXANDKR HAY. aplo JU JOSKl'll THOKNMM. PurchMers 170tf *ALK-\ p%?r of l?r liOKSKH, KX I' I'KKS-* WAUOM, Wi'ti double eel ol?X_ It AH N KSi.all com* l<-w. The above will a > U chetp (or ostit The a;. j>? oau be at *"JUUi IKL.D r* SUi.le.uu' E ?t-e*t, abowa 14th atre< t 1t* ATTENTION, LADlbS.'-MRf. S>. COLPTKII.h', 4o* 11th itreet rt-oetrfd by > t earner from > jru n, cu<<;c > a??oitineut of L&diea' Unctercl'>lh i.?, Onut&^J ?raoe o Hoop s*kirt?, t( rj ur:or IViLt. Point a pp.'a, ValeLcim.:ea ? irpu'e Oiv'a-a aid Siw, liar; e?, Coitfurea, V?i a e c ? irnd >e* up yvst* fVllll, XI! IIMI^II lUl'U U ? It'J'" - = , _ - v_. ii -vj u a i nni/CiivciU X over three hur:'irn1 new styles if Caia Pito {.tie *r.|raviLs?, Comio Pictures. raphe!*, V??tonu?s,\j. Alio, a new supply of lud1 some i liotojr*piiic Albums, at V\11,L.1AM K. KICHSfKlN'8 Nsti'>nal Bookstore, rj No. Penn. avenue (M)ME <'NK- COMK ALL, and b?y yourcui/t / ? f 8PK 1 >U at.l etiiMKK CLOTHINU.M ih* c.ruer of K and 5*evor?U sts. The sight of our I trie ?t- ck of !*iet'? ami Boys' G.othinr will relieve a ! s?p e^encioi. of n?t temj able to tet unfed or fi t>"i at our establishmentI ?2. i?a D ft O - no /\fin ?-"? - * - 1 " *' i - U I ..i r? a. l.nuinLim UIH, HO lll?' Wll % * z.\ k do wlni i? mlil. ip 10 2m* \ItfS HKNKy WOOD'S NOVKLS ? The i'l h\, Kut Lyase. Caate Wafer and bail's lieira; 7*p-?r, each S1 oents. For ?ale by WILL.* AM F. RICHSTK1N. NstiOTa! B oo k?tore, No. Pa IT. I N. II. W an;e<1?th? 5ta volume of the 2u aerie* Jk'ed SfEik*' D.p.omaiio Correaponc!e..o*. apt" at* I NOTICE OK REMOVAL HAVk Removed that portion o my Btook taved trom the fire to No. 470 Ninth ?tre?t, between D tiu K, tvii tqnit-ea frjm P*.avenue, where 1 am el.inf otf remainder o' my atook. A.I pircona indebt'd to me are reapectfally ra,??Ud to 0*11 and aeti.e U?r a?30 6t 4 79 Ninth at., beiweenDud K. XOTICIi -\\ ? wou d invite ap?cial atUnt on to 1^1 th? tala of Furniture, e?o , to take place at tue Manaion Home, No. 314 Pa a*., near 15th atraet, to morrow (Thuraca*) morning at 10 o'olook? tue oor.tenta cf twsutj roo*? a, but raoently furnuhed. c?naiaiin* of lino Hsdatead* Bed a and Mattraitea and Bedding, Bureau*. Bruaada, Ingrain and Stair Carpet*, Matting, k.o , 4 a., all cl which la to be sold without r?ir?? apau 2t J I'.MoGnikfc*. CO., AacU. DM KKM> MAK'NU ? Mm J. G ARTHUR. Faehiona!?'e ltteta Maker. reepsctfully iniorniM the ladiea of vtaaluntloa tha- ahe haa opened a dreia making eetabiiabmeiit at No. 410 ? ? s?r-?t, between H and 1, a.-d la prepared to aiecite ail ordera promptly and in the iaie?t etylee of fa# In on. Cauing and fitting dun , and pattern t old. Wanted Im?ediat9ly.?Young ladiea to learn Preaa Making a? S -lm* I# LjA K FUKHS tUK THK KMANOIPA13 TION AOT ? Wo fav? v ubluhed ?ad for ela ih? proper Bi?nk Form to pia <ed on rooord by th? oirrk oi th? cire?itcourt,?nd a'ao th ? form ??thorii J by ?6o Boo d 01 Cow miM?oner?, with direoiiuua # to !'. > ii ?rnifr of fill uj u ? P*? aoaa nrchMing th*M wI! Mfl lunob trouble ud W D.1UJ MOSRlfrON. v i 3?* 440 PM* 4VMM 1 CONORBaSIOtfAL. ixxtiiu cuhcbm-aw>k imira. 5*wat* ? After onr report cloaed vrsterdsv? The consideration of the confiscation bill wa? returned, and Mr. Hrowmng aaaresseu Use senate in opposition to the bill. House.?After oar report ctoaed? Mr. Roseoe Conklinc (poke aga'.nit the action of the committee on Government contracts, and replied to the speech of Mr. Dawes After speaking tome time, Mr. C inquired how much tine he had left ? Ttae Speaker r*plied about eighteen minute*. Mr Dawea.?Time will be extended to the gentleman. Mr. Washburne, of 111 ?I shall object to thtt. Mr Conkling?I knewthit. Anddovouknow how I knew Ft? Became the gentleman from Illinois istbeonlvman In this House surly enough to laterpose an objection in such a case. "Mr. Washburne replVed, but it was lost in the calls for order. Mr. Conkling?The gentleman from Illinois nnderstand* the rule* of the House, and must understand that thl? Is not tbe place for personal altercations, and the proper place la outside tbe*e walls. Mr. Washburne, excitedly ?I know It. I am ready. Tbe Speaker?"Order. t?~. C -nklin? ?I call the eentlemsn to order Mr. Washbmne.?I call the creature to order. Mr Conkllng, reiumlng. aaid be would stand by what he bad said until convinced of bis error. Ha animadverted on the expense that the committee bad coat the Government. Mr. Waahbnrne replied to Mr. Conkllng, atatInst that he bad ninde charge* against the committee; let him make them and meet tbem as a man and not like a skulking coward. If the charges were true It wai tLe duty of the Honae to discharge the committee and brand them before the country. Mr. Holman spoke of the caae of Ale*. Cum orngs, and spoke at length on the horse contracts. \Vbp;i Governor Curtln called a convention of railroad men to reduce the cost of transporting troop*. Gen. Cameron waa present, and steadily voted R^ainst tbe reduction Tbe report shows that while Gen Cameron w*a surrounded by tbe contractors and brokers he I .t out contracts amounting to to be ful tilled hereafter. Mr Dawes defended tbe committee, and asksd for a vote on the resolutions. Mr. Olin defended the Chief of tbe Ordnance Uureau. The House then adjourned. THIRD WARP. 1 MUNICIPAL ELECTION. The following ticket vri'l l>? wupp^rtaJ h? the Union men of turn Ward (or re-tltmvn on the fir?t Mnn<l?T in June next, viz: P?r Mayor? H 1 > H *K ? WALLACH. For Alderman?JOSEPH F. flKtiVVN. For uu'imon '*oiin< il?THOh IjEWIS.AI.KX. R SHKPHKRU. THO?. A.81KVKN?. For A?f<?'8or?IIEHRY u.CL'RTISJ. a9 >i ftat. THE SCHOONER 1 SARAll ANN VV*: 1 l<i prepare,! to take freitht an>l paiuengera ( ULjeotto he nupecv ?ton of the Provost i,is. Marshal of the District of Columbia) ^&Sf AUUIA CREE'K AND HACK, Oil TO-MORROW. May 1st. Start from loot ol Uth atreet A pply to It* . JAS. O'CONNER. WK RESPECTFULLY CALL THE ATtention of the pub'ic to our advertisement in the National Inte liseiicsr of ?a e by E C.Morgan. Ksq , t'ust*e, by dooree of tiie Circuit Court, ol Her I Ks'ate. coiixutin< of several improved Lota an i ^euares variously situate'!. Aa thianal*. whioh will lw? at the auoti< n rooina 011 Monday af teruooi., llie j:h instant, at 4 o'clock, will he peremptory, rare inducement* are ( tiered to tlicae wishing to invest in r> a oatate. WALL* U\KNaRI), Auctioneers, ap 3) Vouth corner Pa. av. and 9th at. ^ALL'8 OLD ?TAND, ~ The best p'a^e for oheap and desirab!* Qoods, in thia oity, is tho Baltimore kakgain store, ^ II7 5 Seventh street^ _ # v? o uuiup O.U hUB 1*1 l/ieaaa wooai. f>o" eat;ca at lsat y**ra' Pnoea. 'lah Libera very ohe&p. Bun Ura1 re:'nani Paraaola, 'rom Auction. A a^lsDdid Lmeu Handxe:oliief at I2>? ota .worth 2s "ta. Gent.' Colored lis.-dered Handkerchief at 35 ota . wo th T>* o'p. Be t Trheail Gautit'eta. at .5 ota.. worth M ota. H'-ai quality Kid Fmiah Bilk 5<)ot?., worth 87J5 <J?. tlooa Biirta at Fact^y pricoa. LANBUliRSH *. HROTHKR, 373 Seventh ?tr*?t. Hoop Skirt Factory, 119 Liberty ttreet New York a? y?1W PUBLIC NOTICE 1SHERKBY GIVEN, that or,ti 1 othtrwiae ordered. the Cofimaaionera unnor me ao\ 01 i;ongr-*ts ol th* 16th ol April. 18)3, untied, "An aot Tor the re'.ene of certain persons held to s?rvioe or labor in the District of Columbia." will hoM their sessions in the City Hall, in the City of Washington, on Monday, Tuesday, W?iM?diT, Ttu.ida*, and Friday, of every woes, and that alt persona. loyal to the United States, hotdtnc o!aiir>? to ?ervioe or labor against persona i)i?cha*geJ theref o? by ihat aot n ay, within ninety da?" from>the past ate thereof. (-hioh will exsire <>n the 15th of Jn'y nrxt.) but not thereafter, present iolheCoiiiini*?,o cr? their rMpeo ive statements or petition* -n wntint. verifjna by oath of atttrir atmri sotting foith tb? lamra, ages, and per sonal detoription of ?uoh r*'aora, the m%m*r in wh ch tne pt titionrr' ao*urfii suot; oUim.and ar>y fa^t) touch re the va u<* thereof. and ?'e -laniis his nr ii?r ai.egi*nee to the Government ot the United States, anu t?ar (he p-'ni >nrr has not brut e arms against t' e Unite I t?tst*s durinc th? rre'f nt lebei lii u " or in any war c-ven a:d or comfort the^o. An. I notirt ?j wriiy futur tiren, that?he time nat-itd m t- e 'Jch section ol that aot. for filing a r internet; in wnti- g or 1? wi'h the * lerk of t* e Cirouit Court tli? l"st let of Colombia, by the seve al otrners or c'aimants t > t> e services of tk/> J .,i- f-? K_ - ?? - - MW IFVI ?wua iitb?u?7 iiou ??y V BOl| COIUQJ Itnn III? uarati, ag??, sex. ai.?l p?rticu ar decortptmn of auo'i per?ori? verailT. is iit authority riven to the Comir ijhuiitj. br th?t ait, eitend-d to tie lit df of J a tie next. '1 h* ('ornrtii?*ioner8 are p*oh'l.ited from %l "win* tii* claim of unjr par?or. wl o felt&t! nnsl^ct to hie Pdeli utatemeat c r jlierfule vitti 4511 Clerk, acocDlini t.. tua ic^uireioeuta of that keotioa of kmJ act S K. VINTON, DA NIK I. K GOODLOK, HOKATiO KINS, Commiaaionera. WagliiDtton, Apni 2?, 1802. a? M? tf Tt?/kO<kUA I u I'"" * - - 1 " '** ff in/i ij'' ** * |\ PjH 1 lili A WRW tUK XUB I Ml'Kl) STA i'tS SERVICE. otdninci Office, i WASHINGTON. L). Cm April 29, 18?2.\ PRn?os*i.s w.l! b9'M?iveJ by th'a Department, nutil d p. in. on the o -e.-int of the 15th of Mar, 1882. f*r inanai?u>uai g, in tua Uuit*u Sift tea, for the ?overri'i?nt. witMn one yf*r from that date, the I ?:iowin? de*c ipton f arms, vix : Spr.ngfield Hillj Muskets, ino.lcl 1856, Harp.-r'a l-'c-Ty ftifles. with sword baronets and steel soibbirde, model 856, Bree?n loaem* Carbides, for oav&lty, Revo ver Pistols, arm; ni>, H?bre?for lifht cavalrv. Non-ooniini??ioned Oihoera' siworda, / ateel seal Music.ans' !*W"rds, \ bards, eol scabbards for riflid musket bayonets. ?ropos*ig w lI state? ror mum*'* and tne prioe for 2<)"00of either. arm tite reduction proposed, per gun, lor each aciditiucal lu.tfW to 2i> o t>. For rei-clvet* &'.d rtirbinti, 'he kind propui eJ.ind Uie price for 5! "?. and reduction, p- r pUtol or cir bine, for ?aor. ad itioaal r>.i oo to CO coo. For smbre tieordi and scal/Un- dt, the prioe of each of I he prescribed pattern* to the nnmber of 5 ttOU each, an"< * so for eioh additiotal 5,MO to 2n,<x*>. All the fire-ar-r* are to b? furnished with the regular appeu< n^e. The rifle inurketa are to ba in all respeots identical with tbat manufactured at t il) U S. Armort. ^ rirfiil' &?-.-* 1.7 . --- - , ..... V ?VMU - U VCIVBl BI1U are to inte. chanio with it, and wi?h tach other, in a: ttuir parts. Each of ;he itMr kinds cf fire arm* must also iuterchaigo witta oce another in the tame manner. The matenaia (or these win' must be 61 the very best quality,and no mtlleabia iron parte will be allowed to r>e uaed. All the artiolea mast be subjeat to the Insreotion presoribed by tne Ordnance Regulations, and must be boxed,-resdr for trans porta'iou, at tne ex?<*nse ol the contractors, in a oh marne' aa may be directed. Inspections will be made at the faotonea in lata of not leaa than l.tmoaaoh. Proposes will state the name of the establish hi ?lt ir.akini the rlfer, tne nuiuler and date ol the first de i?ery, and rate of de.ivery monthly th reader.

Failure to mate a delivery at a specified | time, or any attempt t<> irtnduoe malltshit i??? ?i otber inferior materia' ..I > the work, will aubjthe wlioie nuinbor of anna contracted for to forf. ltuto at the option cf the Dcpa.rtmeut. I re Department reaeivea to ltaeU thenjht to rej >ot an j bid, and wilt oocai'er none made through atjr agent, broker, or ptrty other than the regular inacniaoturera. Propoaala will be addreaaed aa follow*:?"General J. W. Ripley, Cmef of Ordnanoe, Waahington. U C and will be endoiaed "Propoaaia ioMuiketa," or riflea, aa- era, to , aa the case mar be. ap 9* dtf ay 16 /^ERTTFIcATES OF INDEBTEDNESS^ V/ Q uartei tnaa tera* Cbeoka and Voachera, 7 3-10 Trfai?7 No lea. United btat ex Bcnda. Bought and sold by HI ITKrtHOUSE, FANT * CO., ap? 2w BaiAara, 383 Pa.e-Ta.i. a. THE UNDER810N ED, hiving opened the o d atand formerly oo"upled and o%rri?d on by the la'e John Bohlajer. is daairona of informing the p jhli# that, on tha 19th matant, ha wi 1 open a firatol ?aa ProTlfion Store intending to keep all artioiaa auoh aa Marketing and Meate of ftl kibda?tiopiag to reoetve a fail aha e of tha public patron** a, by gtvlac full aatufaotion to all who may civ* ma their ouatom. ap? 2t* DAVID O. BOHLAYEE. J\I URBAT BAHGAINS. i weooi>e<JUBTijPKNKpT-A lartsatock MaAvtewwoWKI^"-?? UatiMi of tli* Ladio*. .. u W. MEYENBREO, m jy*""~ Mrs. Tgao^wa ?.. 9 Del'van Hou*?, ha* just arrived vita as*Ml atAvfe *kf L< U L* i u I / ll?ft AND WOVRDBO MUHUI IK OMITAIi. PuUisA4d in conformity with tk.9 resolution of tk$ SonrnH of Julf 16,1861. At C?w<?iy Hufitml, OtmgtUwm, Apr* 25 Si U.S. Intontry I 97th Ntw York Vol... 5 7th Mtlno Volattgm. * 86th do do.... 4 9tbMtMBchasettlYal. 3 101st do do....35 18th do do.. 3 3d N?wYorkAxtlll?ry 7 28d do do.. 7 3d do Cinlrjr. 4 Mockton'* Mich. Vol.15 4th do do.... 3 ifh Mlolilsali VaI O IUV Doa C 1st Rhode lalud Vol. 4 19th do do 1 lid do do . n 27th do do 1 11th New York Vol... 2 45th do do 1 15th do do....10 Oid do do 1 17th do do.... 2 74th do do...... 3 2Mb do do,... 0 75th do do 4 rod do do.... 1 83d do do II 14th do. do....10 Mth do do 3 45th do do.... 1 93d do do 3 90th do do.... 13 98th do do 4 54th do do,... 2 99th do do 1 I -tr. oo ao? 2 I2d do Reaenro.... S S9th do do.... 1 lit do Cavalry 62d do do.... 6 3d do do.Mi?< ^ 06th do do.../ 1 8th do do 11 68th do do. .. 7 5th C*m?on Dr&gooo* 8 73d do do.... 1 19th Indiana Vol 1 77th do do,... 2 OAoer'a servant 1 8?th do do....89 - ? 93d do do.... 1 Total .976 At Omtml Noifitml, Union HtttI, eomtr Bridgs <tnd Wmthtngton struts, Utorg*to**n, April 25. lit NewYorlTArt. .. 1 26th Penn. Volunteer*. 1 1Mb do Vol... 4 6*24 do do 3 17tU do do.... 2 7l*t do do 1 2-th do do.... 1 do do 1 29th do do.... 4 HF2d do do...... 1 33d do do.... 3 1st do Artillery.. 1 44th do do....13 Kane** Rifle* 2 45tU do do.... 5 7th Maai. Volunteer*. 1 4t?th do do.... 1 22d do do 1 Ulth An An 1 M M.I? * w ?? > | v%t tnuin7 ? wi Muvrciv - ? 6'Id do do.... 1 Stockton's Mich Vol. l *'.?th do do....12;2d Michigan Vol 1 M?t do do.... 1 tth Vermont Vol 2 Kid do do.... 1 5th do do 1 !>Tlb do do.... 4 IMott'a Battery 1 th New York Cavalry 1 Sherman's Battery C lit Penn. Cavalry.... 5 lat D. S. Cavalry .... 1 wtti do do 1 #*.h do do 1 lat do Volunteer*. I lat do Cbaaaeura... 1 3d do do...... 1 1st Long Island Vol.. 1 4th do do 3 Id U.S. Infantry.... 1 ?tk do do..%?*. 1 Hth do do 1 Wtb do do...... 1 13th do do 1 Total. .....IDS At Gimtrml Hetpitml, (Cirtlt,) W*sk4mgtmt April 95. lit U. !*. Artillery.... (i 4th NewYork Artillery 1 '2d do do '2 13th New York Vol... 3 :\? do do 4 -tith do do.... 9 4th do do 1 l?t California V'l.... 1 5tb do do ? wed Nrw York Vol... 1 Ixt do Cavalry 1 4th Penn. Cavalry.... 2 2d do do I vMith do Volunteer*. I 4th do do 1 SMh do do 1 5th do do 2 wth do do 1 Oth do do I 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 ??.! l-a a *? ?*-? ? ? - ?u uu luinuiry v: la Vermont VOllimeeri 1 3d do do 6 l?t Minnesota Vol.... 1 4th do do 14 tit Kin** Rifles 1 6th do do 4 6th Maine Battery.... 1 10th do do 3 ? 12th do do 4 Total .>5 17th do do 2 At Httfifl ? Ctktmbimm ColUgt, Wttkimgtm, April ii. 1st U.S. Artillery. .. 1|4*d New York Vol... 3 xa do do 1 ?i?t do do.... 6 2d do Cavalry 8 93d do do.... 9 4th do do 1 05th do do.... 19 5th do do 3 96th do do..., 3 6th do do.1 96th do do.... 1 3d do Infantry.... 1 100th do do.... 1 14th do do 8 lOlst do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 lat NewJeraey CaralrylO Uth do . do !2 10th do Vol.... 4 7th Maaaarhuaetta Vol. 4 lat Pens. Artillery ... 1 10th do do. 1 3d do Cavalry.... 4 15th do do. 16 4th do do,...*. 1 lutb do do. ? 5th do do 1 20th do do .10 6th do do 26 1?t Rhode Island Art. 2 42d do Volunteers . 1 2d do Vcl. 2 5'M do do 10 l?t Vermont Cavalry .. V Mth do do 4 2d do Volunteera 2 7lst do do...... 1 3d do do,... 1 aid do do 1 4th do do.... 9 103d do do 2 5th do do.... 1 KMthdo do 6 4th do do.... 4 112thdo do 1 l?t New York Artillery 3 McClellan Dragoons.. 9 7th do Battery. 7 7th Michigan Vol 9 2d do Cavalry. 1 19th Indiana Vol 2 3d do do 3 Sth Wisconsin Vol.... 1 8th do do.... 5 2d D C. Volunteers.. 4 9th do do.... 3 Citizen I ivui new York Vol... 1 ? ?5th do do.... 1 Total >53 Wth do do.... 5 At Mount Pleasant IJtntral Hospital, April 25 Maine Artillery... 1 49th New York Vol... 1 TIL do Volunteers. 2 SAth do do ... 4 tttti do do ... U 57th do do.... 1 lat Rbode Island Art. 181st do do.... 4 1st Penn Volunteers. 1 Stld do do.... 1 7id do do 1 s5th do do.... ti .-."Uh iln Sn llttM * - - - ? ?? ?V. f I t t <'*%> MU Utl, 2 llilst do do 3 Md do do.... 3 lu'id do do 1 WSrh do do.... 1 loth New Jer?ey Vol. 2 9tith do do.... 1 fid BerdanSharps'?*.. 1 tOM do do.... 11 1st U. 8. Ohanteurs... 2 ltWth do do....10 5?h New Vork Vol... 1 KnfanU Pardn 9 6th do do,... 1 ? 15th do do ... 3 Total....' 79 40th do do.... 1 At Stont litntral Hospital, April 25 11th Maine Volunteenll 100th New York Vol.. 6 19'hMMMchusettiVol 1 27th Penn. Volunteers. 1 VU?h do do. 2 Sid do do ? 3d New York Cavalry 1 74th do do 1 29th New York Vol... i Uttd do do 3 60th do do....2Ti 104th do do 4 931 do do.... t 2J P C. Volunteer*.. 2 #5th do do,... 2 loth New Jeraey Vol . 5 96th do do.... 4 ? 9bth do do,... 6 Total .......?1 At Douglas Hospital, torner of I strut and Nnt Jtrstf avtnut, April 25 lit (7. H. Artillery.... 11631 New York Vol... 3 3d do do 2 51 lb do do.... 4 3th do Cavalry C 66th do do.... 4 31 do Infantry.... 1 C9th do do ... 8 6th do do 1 76th do do.... 1 18th do do S nbth do do,... 8 17th do do 4 <Wth do do,... 1 81 Maine Artillery ... 1 loUt do Ao.... 3 lit do Cavalry.... 8 iu3d do do.... 1 6th do Volunteers. 8 104th do do.... 1 5th N. Hampshire Vol I lat New JeraeyCavalry 5 8d Vermont Volunteers 4 Cameron Drapoona... 3 ?.? - - nil ao ao l 1st l'enn. Cavalry .... 3 31 Massachusetts Art. 1 8th do do .1 15th do Vol. 2 3d do Reserve.... 1 ??th do do.. 1 3d do Volunteer*.. 3 22d do do.. 3 4th do do I Taft'a N Y. Artillery 1 11th do do 1 l*t New York Artillery 4 23d do do S 4th New York Cava'ry 1 27th do do 1 Sth do do.... 6 31st do do...... 3 1st U. 8. Chasseur* ...13 49th do do 4 lat Long Island Vol.. 9 53d do do...... 3 2d New York Vol... 1 (lit <in An a 8th do do.... 3 74th do do ***** j 17th do do.... 4 88th do dol l 18th do do....15 9tst do do ..... 1 20th do do.... 7 93d do do!.....11 23d do do....10 94th do doT.... I 28th do do.... 3 lttid do do? 1 34ih do do.... 4 107thdo do 5 41*t do do.... 2 2d D. C. Volunteer* .. 1 m do do.... 2 7th Michigan Vol.... 2 43d do do.... 3 5th IVlaconaln Vol... 1 45th do do.... 2 Andrew's Sharpa'ra .. 1 5lth do do.... 1 ____ 56th do do.... 1 Total............222 At Otntfl Hospital, (Eekiugten.) Washington? April as. It'.NewYork Artillery 1 7th Maine Volunteers. I Kb New York Vol... 2 lrt Minnesota Vol 1 1Tb do do.... 1 Ik BArdnn Sbupt'n . 1 *20:h do do...* 5 id. do do.... 1 '23d do do.... 3 7th Mlchlgmn Vol.... 1 27th do do.... 1 1st U 9. Chasseurs.. 1 24th do do.... 2 17th do Infutry.... 1 39th do do.... 2 5th do Artillery... 1 41st do do?11 l?t Peon. Artillery... 4 i 45th do do.... 1 Mth do Volunteers. 3 I Md do do l *?i *? ? 08th do do.... 1 I03d do do!!!!!!lO 6?th do do.... t lat U S. Cavalry ? IT? 2? f0?.!!* *? 4 H.t do do....13 ?th do do......,,!* 83d do do.... 3 lat MalaeCavalry.... 8 96th do do....22 3d New YorkCatfe I Wh do do.... 4 4th do do..'. 1 10td do do.... l latNewJersayCavalry 1 ItOd do do..*. 4 8th Paaa. Cavalry.... 2 107th do do.... I 3d Vlrglala Cavalry., l i 3d Malae Battery.... 8 4 th 4? 4? * Totals. is8 5 Ul ?IO do 1| At St. EUmmtotk H?piUU, gtuttm Brmuk, April 85. 8Mb New York Vol... 1 MKh New York Vol.. 1 f tk Vermont Volnntoen 1 M Main* Vtlntan 1 ttd Now York Vol... 1 Wtt Ponn . Vol osteon. 1 41* do do.... 1 I3tk New York Vol... t Cameron Rlflm 143d do do ... 1 BxcoMtor Artillery Vol 1 Sth Wisconsin Vol... 1 Mtk New York Vol... 1 4?th Penn Volunteers. 1 1 57th Pen"V ol uateen. J P Y?rk Vo1 "ll ICth N?w Jersey V?l. $| Ml... ' At ffmrti Hmitml, Jmditimry 5f??r?, f?M< ??#? *, April U. 34 U. B. iB&atry ? ** N?w Y?rk Vol... ? 4th do -do- I ?4 do do II 5th do do 1 04 do do ... l 8th do do * Mtb . do do,... 4 8th do do 3 99th d? do ... t 14thdo do. SiMStV do do.... t lot do Crnlrr <4th>irwTcrk Cavalry. I 4th do do 1,9th do do 1 lot do Chumn... l;f?h do BatWry. i 5th do ArtUlotr Mot do AUfctT3 2d Maine Volaatoan.. 1 td Now Jorory Vol.... 1 fth do do 4 1st do Cavalry 3 7th do do 3 lit do Battery l 11th do do 1 7th P?ia. Volnatrata. l S?d .N Hampshire Vol . 3?<?th do do 3 1 iriai n t IT iliniltTl 1 Ja I M do do..*. 3 S7th do do 1 3d do do.... 1 Slot do do 1 4th do do.... 6 73d do do 13 5th do do..** 4 74th do do 14 6th do do.**. 5 75th do do 7 lat do Cavalry. 1 77th do do...... 1 3>t Masaachoactta Vol.. 8 83d do do ! 9th do do.. 1 ftltth do do 14 19th ?lo do., t 93d do do 1 19th do do., fkttth do do 3 9*1-. 4?. 1 *** 40 2 4ia Hboae l<land Vol. littfthdo do 3 lit do CtT. l.M do Reserve.... 3 l?t New York Vol... 2 *d do do I 2d do do.... 9 31 do do t 3d do do 1 4th do do 4 4th do do.... 3 5th do do 4 8th do do.... 7 8th do d? 2 13th do do... 1 ?th do do 4 14th do do.... 1 ^th do do.?..#. 3 15th do do 1 ><?h 4 16th do do,... 0 12th do do 3 l?th do do 3llg7thdo do...... 1 1Mb do da.... 1 w do Rra.Cav... 3 97th do do,... 1 4th do Cavalry.... 3 2.'th do do.... 2 5th do 4o,ai?M t rth do do.... 2!?th do do 39th do do....14 lat do Artillery... 1 4 1 it do dfl 9ll?# iMUnii * 4-M do do 4 8th Illinois Cavalry .. 1 36th do do,... 1 1st Michigan Vol.... 8 44th do do,... 2 7th do do 1 45th do do,... 1 16th do do 1 49th do do.... 2 id Wisconsin Val.... 8 51st do do.... 1 tt D. C. VnlnnWra... 8 5id do do.... 1 KxeeMor Battery.... I 5I*.h do do....22 MeClellan Dragoons . 1 5"th do do.... 1 3d Maine Battery 9 G2d do do.... 1 2d do do 2 ?ld do do.... 3 do do.... 1 Total 330 AA. *- J - -? or'.u ao ao. ...13| At Jndimmm HorpiuU (P*tmt OfiU*), Wtukimgtm, D. C., April M. 31 Indlaaa Cavalry... 2 New Vork Battery... 1 13th do Volunteers 1 Oneida Cavalry,(uaat.) i 16th do do.... 9 56th Penn. Volunteers. 5 19th do do 27 2d- do do 2 1st New Vork Artillery I 91 st do do.*.*.. 2 4th do Cavalry. 1 wist do do *27 Hth do do.... 6 D3d do do 1 '>tb do do.... l totb do do 9 13th New York Vol... 9 104thdo do...... 9 14th New Vork Art... 1 ltfthdo do 3 33d New \ ork Vol... 1 Cameron Dragoons... fl Sid do do.... 1 3d Mick I gan Vol 1 511 do do I 4th do do 1 56th do do,... 3 Uth Maine Volunteer* 2 57th do do.... 1 1st Rhode Island C?v. 4 dl.a ? - " * * ? win do no.... o nrw MlglUtlilTliry I did do do.... 1 intbMamarhustUsVol 1 76th do do,... a Citizen I 03d . do do.... 4 95th* do do.... 1 Total...... .144 I 8uk rtmmimimg to tkt Httpitml fm Brmptim Disttuu, ot IikiM, April S3. 8th U 8. Ihfantry 1 SM Prnn. Volantietl. 1 lath do do........ 2 73d do do 1 ad do Cavalry 1 107th do do 3 8th do do 6 10th Indiana Vol 1 id Vermont Volunteer* 1 27th do do.,..n'l lit Maaaaehuaetta Art. 1 2d D C. Voluatoera.. 2 l?t New York Artillery a ad Berdan gharpa'n.. S 3d do Cavalry. 1 Oneida Cavalry ...... 1 lath New York Vol... 1 Uuartermaater'a Dep't a 61?t do do..;. 1 CHI ten 1 81?t do do.... a Contraband 1 oath An An ? 10th New Jersey Vol. 1 Total............. 39 4th Penn Cavalry.... 1 At Bmurml Hotpitml, AUmmmdrim, April 95. 9d U. 8. Infantry.... 5 93d Now York Vol... 1 3d do do 194th do to....'3 4th do do 4 104th do do.... 1 6th do do 9 tst New York Artillery 11th do do 13d do do.... 7 13tb do do 7 11th do Battery . 3 14th do do 2 19th do do.... 1 17th do do 9 Indep't N. Y. Battery. 3 1st do Cavalrv 2 m | 5th do do 3 2d do do.... 7 Ith do do 3 4th do do.... 1 1st do Artillery.... 1 6th do 1 id do do I 9th do do.... 3 3d do do........ 2 1st New ioney Vol.... 4th do do 4 2d do do 9 5th do do 3 3d do de 49 1st do Sharps'n... 1 4th do do 14 2d do do 26 lit do Art 1 3d Maine Volunteer*. ? 3d do do 1 4th do do 7|Ut do C*niry35 Sth do do K' lit Pmii Vo!un'j*ri S 7th do do 11 2d do do......' V 3d do Batterer.... 4 3d do dr 4 6th do do...... 1 4th do do..*... 7 5th do do 3 1st do Bat. 1 6th do do Id' 2d Vermont Volunteers 4 7th do do 19 3d do do 2 9th do do 4 4th do do 15 9th do do 8 5th do do 9 10th do do 10 6th do do 3 Uth do do 19 2d Massachusetts Vol. l|12th do do 13 ritb do do.. 1 fctb do do 1 nth do do.. 1 46th do do...... 1 15th do do.. 1 49th do do...... 2 IStb do do.. 1 S'ii do do 1 2>d do do.. 5|5Jd do do 14 1st do Bat. 1 5Ub do do...... 1 l?tConnect!cot Art... 9 57th do do 3 'id New York Vol... 2 Glat do do 1 34 do do,... 1 Aid do do...... I 13th do do.... 8 Old do do 14th do do.... 4 Tid do 4?...... 1 15?h do ia A.ftA J- J leth do do....84 8!>t do do ? 17th do do.... 7 b8th do do 18th do do....m 93d do do S 20th do do....23 06th do do 19 8l?t do do....13 96th do do .. .. 8 Md do do....85 99th do do...... 3 2? 33 103d do <*-? * 2? w 104th do do I 33th do do.... 5 105thdo do 4 8?th do do.... 1 lit do Rlla 83 37th do d0i....34 1st do (->m I r? 111 28th do do.... S M do do . I 2Vth do do.... 2 3d do do" 1 3uth do do 11 eth do do* . 1 31?t do do....20 UU? do do." I 32d do do....11 1st do Artillery ...10 33d do do.... 3 4th do do 1 35th do do ...3* 19th Indiana Vol ia 30th do do.... 1 *?th do do . . 1 37th do do,... 3 Ut Michigan Voi....i 1 3?th do do....11 id do do 3 3tHh do do.... 2 3d do do "Mil 10* do do.... 4 4th do do "!I. 4 gf. ?*h do do ? id f n A a Jk in ?_* a. m ? ?? WW. .?*1V in ao V/lTUty . 31 4Uth do 4o,... 5 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 1 50 th do do.... 4 8th Illinois Cavalry...60 5id do do.... 7 id Wisconsin Vol.... 8 53d do do,... IfJd do 4o i 55th do do,... 1,6th do 4o 17 57th do do....10 7th d? do 31 61st do do....10 lstMlnnasoUVol..... 3 ! 63d do do.... 10 Cameron Dragoons...3i 64th do do....30 MeClsllaa Dragoons . 3 66th dn do....18 Signal Corps 1 08th do do,... * Quartermaster'a emftvth do do....10 plnyees S 77th do do.... 14 CItltent 81st do do 1 Prisoner of war 1 (ttiV -?- * " SJ1 Mi UU QO . . . 1 H8lh do do.... I VdWM 1*7 itfd do do.... * ICT WatWngto* ptpen plana* oopr and Mad Wllatotha War Departs**!. apr 30-Jl gMBALMim THE DEAD. DR. HOLMES'S AMERICAN PROCESS. Thu proo***, witbowt tfca in ?t polaoaa, 41*ooT?raa ^ thlrt?^reare^i^o,^ aiulijraAtlMtf United fetat*?, la nftsitnt rMommwSltiot'(J itaelt. This mod* of fonbeiMlnr is to lorsigo lnvsaboa, bat pwljlknnlttn. ho*satse? Ss^?asai?ja7S!af a dmo tostodbro lores cinbtt of pkyiiuui and ohonuatain the annoirtl alboaof tko Uaiom.Md ElafeSSS ariTftta soldi art fomt Sfmj to Us ostl'sati Jas tion of thoir svrriTiBK rslotirso tod rneeds, a/staoi zs, 'sS tl iu wiutl rittiay h?jj &nfftL riUt ODA?*MM?"? \ I AUCTION SALES. I TMIM AFTRBJIOON + TO-MO ML* OW Br WALL ft BARMAID. AMtoMra. SA,"0S T*2SRf.WO. M?j 1?t, ?,t 10 o'e.v? viliOTi le lr?r.: t!^SS3V ,00,M ? A. . lWrrHi g?f?r aca Btrsp BoXd"?boM 8^^' ***"" *** A(Un&atuM s,MaarTBsrM Bmu ; 11 0 boin Bfricii, torrala Btrilin KwSSaBfe- I r'"i5^ *5S '?C^H33* I miv I ir BOW no. Bit r>BaaylTania ava., hMTNt l?tk?ad^iau Itmto. MBtKMd IB BbMl pitntSd i^tatacfaakbar Snita*. Wmi(u4 Ma^Ofanj French B?U:aa4a, Bui I udMibii IMIUMI WaiBut ud Mahogany H?'ua.u4 W?-k?au>4 Marble-lop Orator tad *i4a Tabtaa, Hair-aloth and Cane 8aat Chair*. Kaathar Brda, PoWtera, aad *i< l?wa, bur Milirwii. Bolitri aal flllorc. Mask ud CetloB, Bad Ha k MBill mm, BluMa, Skrati. lomlorta,?od Qauti. P a la, iBtrmin, Bad Thraa tj caracta. fiwn snot Ctrftt, OilaMk* LM acd Duauk Cam<aa, Ch?Bb*rMot?i, fto .A? . ThM? vtU ti.a Oftaa Karnltrra. Siga* j.c MoCUIEB k CO., A?U. By ?RFKN * WILLIAM?. iMtioitm, DAWKBIOIEI'3 SALE?ISAAC HKRZ JT ana'a 6mat rnii* Bali or Vaiioli CnifEUU rL*Ma? - Oa TfltksUAV MUVNiKti.Ntf i?. M lo'tloik a m , at oar / Aaction Room, No. AaS.Tta ao4 0 atraot*. ? hall oflar for aala tfca Boat ubwn aaaortMnt 9oM u< Rilnr Watafaaa. gggfiB, uriMy of tfbtvla. Together viik W (&ria( ifftrt. of eTtry dMony ??i?AAr HERZBKRfl. Pa*rnbr?wtar 6BEKN 4. WILL1A&S, Aaeta. M8A9.SI j FUTURE DATS. M*,,,AL 8 8ALOK A I A?6K LOT or Hffe Bf Tirtao of Doereoa ol tba Diftnat Coart of tta Uaiteo tMt oa for tbt In.U ot or ('uJaat>?. I wilt Mil at pab 10 *>?. for ouk. at tba f'HM or r iiU at. wurf.or. th? Pot II,N? rivar.on MONDAY, tba M^aayoi Ma? a?it. va.aonneDCiiic at 11 o'o.uat. a m , the utrio of Ua*otooa?r "MonUra*oon uUqc of friltiatre. Copper. Oil, Hon* lid btx of Dry bo ^iand ottar Marolwadiaa. L Alao.atth* tu? tiata uo iIm?, tha ataco of / tb? Mftoonar "Lovkost," culn hili aU/ai ?,3W> l>Mk?li cf Cora. i Al?o,at ibaaam* tin.? and plae*. tba earn/of th? aolooa*r "Sarah Ann." a ntain rg at*?at 1 >0u 1 baahalaof Cora. WAKU h LaMON, _ip ? aoAd* I). a. Mar?aal. P. C. ^ I "LK?P VESSELS DT WI UI IB# uircmt conn oltki United MM for ike Pietnot Mil at ?ub:io Mi*, lor suh,tt the lo t of sixth itrMt whtn. *o the Fo unMri|rr,oi MONDaY, \ tli* 12th day of May next. IKi, oommeociri at II . o'cloolt.a. the follotrixf Min d vtaeei*. the.r tukwiBduMie . Tit. hcbovner^sZtly N?t a " Sonc oi,er "John Hem) ton." Bohooner "K??on " end a ouoe Also at the Nary Yard in thte eity, at 13 o'ojoofc on lu9 Maw day, the Mfaoont - Be *aa Vi?u " WARD H. i.AMDN. M?o eotmaU U. 8 Mtrehal. WALL ^ BARNARD, AiotloMn, ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF IXCELS'LTM WiU, riNrl pl?TI Miieobi, lion Safe, and oihii 9ftaltf?a??5,L?fMttniH* TL hSUA Y MoK.Nl>?. tn? 9th Mftj, o"idbi ooioc at mi %S'A^?J , ^lu* *?Ur* of Hook* no. Jrtju"?rwu**TeM#oetr th? N&tion*. H1U1. Throe ifindid Sitat Pitebcra, oat faso 5L;i\^rAsrea?"?5fe,'"'~- ? ?*" Pmr FreLch P .*t? M1 rmn ?? u T?o Mliooa Corarad 1 eu a-fetaa two folks, WAtaal Miiti. Wmt Marba top and otter Sidtboarda. | Marbl* tc p Centra ud other Table* too Core-a. Pit* a'a^ut Rapt Cartaiaa, F>xtira(. u< CorOne ttcgaat Makof any Extension Table, 14 feet, P*rlor, Arm aa* Dulti C\aira, Table La D?n, Kreaofe Ckina, Slaaa Wv*,i?d Table C*t'?rr, Qh(i| and Meal L>iabe?. I TipiatfT. Braaeela, ud other CirnU, I Rack, and otleloiha. BadtteaAa. Car (xl Hair ud ?haek Mattreeaee. | Haboja-* Bareaaa. f roc HN, Tiltoi. ft MoFtnuc'i, g?*l*fr'??f*g>rV Mat fig. 6m F irirN. fr-hSy-Tf"0 1 ' W 'StST <X?riM??th* BOt *? ,,? X. HA V, AdBiBiatrstor. WALL ft BAlWiRU. ?T J. O. Mo6D||L' ft COH AwtloMcri, A ICTKTN BALE OF CHOICE FLOWERS NOON. SSTrnTncn" nt T&Kfa? tk >AAMUM * * "?? ^^t?I Bloo?;M " Bonee, known in buroi# or abwIi^b "H CwmIm* Jmobiom. Oruit fc&d Lemon Treee, BliodoOecdrom MnjuoMnJ/V' Kfrumn Heliotrope Nt| P-anta, ^r'lirie ik?,lbJe:*co.leol.o? e?ei effertA In tkle A.I* ..... i From k. Ja/di?, Floriet. Coci>*oticut ave?u?. M;>d J C MotiClRK k CO.. !?< ? By J. C MeSUIRK k CO., Anotioaaora. 17XTKNRIVB SA1 K OF I'NIMPMOVED Cj P a o r 1a t Oe TVCIlMV AFTl*- i NOON. Ma; Ul,?t 5 o'oloek. on the ahallrell a i. amber . f Lou la ft a are Eimt*r*d two b a nil red and five. iron.t* reeywtt?e?y oa Fi urtesotl atreet tut and oortu T and 17 ?tr#*u, Alao. at the ai me plioe we aha!) eall t*e whole of Miiara numbered one hvsdred at.J fcfty. and ( oot ,tr~u I JL??? ImVth*. tk? r?Tl?-?<J?r IB Bix BBd St?tK b? ?&* of -_ ^ ^ _Jj^^jl?GttRk^4^COH Ax*t RXKCUTOR'S 8ALK.-A *??,b:? FARM. VS^i.*6 M5! ^ ,# *or?h?a. nor* fhitJT-Jt ot Colrnnn* By Tirtaa of l?ln# K *??"'or of Ui? teat wfil of Ai?a?Bd?r Barrova. dtoMWil. I -wvn, iw wi. OB Ul? D rVRUt M OB TH I K SPA\of**y nut, thftt bMMtifi! Ud kind tafca-SLS^ &?"*? in..t o? u. ?7iSrt,: ' ?** '* JOHN DAVIDSON. gl^UTlFUL^TARLgWJ^TULLK. AND POM THE HiV Ril l* lun did?.?. la the Stcok of CtuifWd Go <! frop tk* hut* Impftimt Mmm mi Afra Yarfc Will ba tomut1 mmm SUM riohMt ud HodtlffUl Dnmi, raiUMo AY* rXSTI VJLLS A ND EVEN I NO PAEmtm offorad for is Uu laity. TkM foo?i? ?ro of tho Utoat dorgna, wvraaud fell Mtt*ru,u4 h*ra ax ? aiaila Trtmwnfa to ^ho ovun ip Now York k*T?orUor?d tbothoTo Gooda U> r*aain oi Mlatal; uui U? lat o< Mb*. w ? l u^. Iron ? B?g|?SSS&Sses ..- ..' ... ^ CLA?ETT A MAY. flasasss&rsjfcs? Mthost Win 6oy>fi?>fct Wwwwm. *r>? W&r?hoa*?a by U? Kftilroa4. os 6 atrMt north. ?KlsS ondittoM lata to? b? Mi Mf?? ptfll _' * S? ^ ^4**" - EH>R tALK-Two BILLLAftD TAr lLll^irU* alkb, ?k ma maiMMt CPvrM*> Aon Mtrni QM ftbov* vUT iMi th?r nIt ?t tk? Kiro

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