Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1862 Page 3
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.. ?? LOCAL NEWS. M 4 \X7 Dh... (V? kaMArlfeC IffMlt twuva in n. tt. wm ? u? ^ of the Star's circulation la Georgetown, will hereafter also act aa the Star's advertising agent there. Any Georgetowa advertlsementa left at Dr . Q B Ba--nrd a, comer of Btgh and Bridge streets, or with ?. Crandell, No. 158 Bridge street, will Beet with prompt attention. Axuamara To-aieat. Foah'a Atbuibvm.?Manager Ford, according to the load rail of the public, has determined to give another representation of "Metamora," with Forrest a* 4be noble savage. Miaa AlbfM takes the part of Nahmeokee, and the piece la well cast throughout G no van's Tri?tu. ? The capital three-act roroedy, "The Babea in the Wood," will be presented to-night, for the filst time. ,M'.ss Denln, Mrs Germon, detcbeti, and Ward, will aid in Its representation. "The Loan of a LoTer,"with Ben Rogers aa Peter 9pyke, will conclude the evening's entertainment. A great bill! CowTinnwrsL ?Miss Walton has made a great hit at the Continental, pnd Mr. Leraount's fine tenor to1c? cannot be excelled. United with these is the graceful dancing of Mlaaee Marshall and Clifton, and tbe side-splitting eccentricities A# Q MAka> AftA anil TTn 1 Vw\f Cabtbbbvbt.?The excellent acting, tinging, dancing, 4r , combine to render the Canterbury one of the moat attractive place* of resort In thia city. "The Virginia Manmy," with Frank Brower aa "Ginger Bine," waa received with tremendous applauae laat night. There la nothing like It to drive away the blue*. Mkaa Duval's tweet songs are continually encored, and she delights her audience hogel?. An entertainment for ladiaa and fa mil I aa will be given thla afternoon. "STBAiaHT-OVT'' KBFCBMCAlt MlSTTNe, 9*v? bvvb Wabd?Pursuant to call a meeting of "rtralffht-oui" reoubllcana or the Seventh Ward iu?mblf<l (to tbe aombtr of 37 pe?aona all told) at Potomac Hall last night, and organized by rail* lug Mr J. R. El vans to tbe chair and appointing Mr Hosmer leenUMr. Tbe Cbalr stated tbe object of tbe meeting to be to get together all who were In favor of attaining eTery act of tbe administration. Not ?u?Uioto? It In port and demnrlng to certain acta, but upholding It In all it might do. On motion of Mr Northrup. a committee consisting of Mews Nortbrup, Bacon, Lycett. Gunnell and Clark was appointed to draft resolutions fi|iHslrf of tbe sense of tbe ?meetti<z. and reported tbe following preamble and resolutions : Whereas it is eminently fit thai a political organlzaMon soliciting tbesuffmgesof a wbole community sbonld distinctly and unequivocally declare the principles for tbe practical realiza.lon of which thev labor: therefore. K**?lv*d, That we, the citizens of the Seven Hi Ward, will maintain the union of the State* and the Constitution of our country, (aa bequeathed to u? bv our father*,) now and forever, without any mental reservation or equivocation whatever, and, so far as practicable, will allow no law, custom, institution, or* Interest, however sanctioned or sanctified by time or u?age, to militate oiinaf lh? fcif aiKin^nt rut fhifl *n H S. That we cordially approve and will give our cordial support to tbe administration of President Lincoln in every measure whjeb may be necessary for vindicating tbe laws, punishing treason, and restoring peace to onr distracted j country. - j 3. That as universal education and Intelligence , are tne handmaid* of virtue and religion, and the surest safeguard asalnat poverty and crime, we favor a liberal appropriation of money for educational purpose* in this city. 4 That In order to secure an economical expenditure of money raised for public purposes, we must keep a watchful eye upon all officer* entrusted with its appropriation or expenditure, and hold eaeh and all to a strict accountability. A ixj"iiuu wan iwaur iu auvyi iur irauiuiiuus. , Mr Van Vliet de*ired an explanation of tbe tbtrd resolution He wanted to know what tbe committee understood and meant by tbe word mircniil. Vr Bacon said he bad used tbe word in tbe abstract He wanted education to apply to all? to rvery one Mr. Van VIM wanted to under?tai:d whether It meant that all children in tbe city should be ruuciwii. Mr Ba' on did not think the meeting was to determine whether It meant all or not. Mr. Van Vl>t had no objection to the resolution* ; he hoped they would be adopted I bat be would like to know the sense in which the meeting understood that word untverfl. He was for the education of all?for unirtrfl education. In it* broadest and most significant sense. [Applause ] The resolutions were then unanimously adont pd; and the meeting adjourned, to meet again on Tuesday evening -next, at the same flme and place. Th* Spwdat School Uktox?A meeting of tbe teecberaof the Sabbath Schools of the city wi< held in tbe room* of tbe Yonng Men's Christian Association on Monday evening, in obedience to a call for tbe purpose of reorganizing the Sabbath School Union, which. It seems, has not held a meeting for some month pest, owing to the secretary (J. Hall Moore) taking leave of th? city for the land of Dlxi?. The following school* wen? represented: Foundry, H't^rn Presbyterian, New York Presbyterian, Wesley Chapel, Fletcher Cbapel, Thirteenth street Baptist. English Lutheran, Fourth Presbyterian, Methodist P'otestaot, Ninth street; K-Mreet Baptist, First Presbyterian, Waiigh CVap^I, Methodist Protestant, nary yard: Baptist, nary T*rd; East Baptist, Sixth Presbyterian, Seventh street Pre*byerian, Providence (M. E ) rhapel, Young Men a Christian Association, Mission, No. 1, Union Chapel, and Calvary Misslon. No delegate ? represented tbe Island school*, owing to the feet that their Union met the same evening. Mr. R T Morsell called to the chair, apd I O. C. Wright ww appointed secretary The delegates, after a full Interchange of opinion, resolved that the anniversary sh'aid take place durinr the month of May, mndiritead of a procession the city should be divided into bS inajf #nt>? <1 J I Ks a>?VlAAlj BIlsmKlalll i irani ivui ui n.?'\ auu vuc i.iiwvis ? w:sa?*#a?; *sa sorr.e church to each, the exercises consisting of singing, prayer, reading the annual report, and an .iddre** or two would take place. The following committee was appointed to mtke the necessary arrangements: Mr Haynes, E-street Baptist; Mr T. P. Morgan, Union Cbapel; Mr. J. H. Bradley, Trinity; Mr. J. C. Clayton, Ninth-street Methodist Protestant; Mr. Rock. English Lutheran; Mr. M Bradley,Sixth Pietbyterlan; &dd Mr. Richards, East Hapt 1st 9tol*!? Pkopsbtt Rkitoiis.-Yesterday, Spencer Carry, Henry Jett and Mary Jett. col., were takes before Justice Walter upon a charge of stealing tweboraes and a wagon from J Ran*>v, of Va. In the coarse of the examination, It appeared that the accusal were slaves, and ran away trom the complainant about a monta ago, taking two In* hcrsea, a wagon and harness Tbe Lioraea were sold for fttiO each to T Addison and?-Brown, cat Tbe Justice ordered tbe money to be returned, and told tbe owner tetake his property, and dismissed the case as having " no inrUHtrMnn whrr* (1W nmtinn of nrnn. erty steals another." A Dumnncr-Last night i crowd of perku gat&etrd In Thlrte*nth-and a half street and the streets crossing It from the A venae to the canal, searching for a colored man named Butler, who It wis alleged bad asmulted a white I man named Lanchlln, with a swingle-tree. Butler escaped from th? crowd ofparmrr* under the projection of the police, and was taken to the Second Wsrd station, and subsequently released upon M-euruy lor i lurioer Hearing Mioff jUHicr Clark. A* to the cause of the aaaanlt nothing U known to the police, except from atatementa on both Butler saya It was begun by Laucbtin throwing atone* at him and breaking the lamps of hla roach (he la a hark mac). Paoraaao* Pabkib, colored, waa to have had an exhibition of ' the manly art of aelf-defen<e,'' alia* "a regular mill." at the corner of C and Thirteenth street*. laat night. He bad enpaged room*. and printed his bills, bat bad not thought about a license, eMseqnently, wbea the crowd otvboulder-hltter* and others of the fancy, black and while, gathered about the apot, they fonad _.l (. \ .J a^ 11 .-^il II /\J JiM poucv on oaiiu w ?spou apvn -- uuuij enough', Parker %d Inadvertently sel?r*ed a ball directly over the station house of the Seeond I \\ ard police. Auiiciltviu Division or tii PimrOr ?ir? ?Tke arrival of upwards of fourteen bonded busbela of cotton seed from Newborn, .North Caroline, yesterday enabled the enerfttlc administration of this Important bureau to call Into srrvle* upwards of oae hundred worthy wo bfs, whoee employment Is to peek the Mod, so tbst. st the eerlt??t poeatble period. It mar all be \ d'.at/ibuted to wmbm of Coagrew, Agricultural ?*" S*orletleo, o*4 enterprising agricultural late, whooe Inperlmcnta thereopoa will be lavalaablo to th* country. "mail Pox Coaraa ?YoaWday moral Kg r ma '.vis found la the Catholic graveyard oa B< i:i.l?rv atreet, near Third street, aaluterred. containing the body of ajroong vawu who had 0of the ?m?U-poi. The coda waa not thera ataevea o'clock the prevlout evening bat was probably placed there ikorttjr afterward* Patrolnun J< Luoua hod tho coAacloood, aad the eorpae interred. I Piliu?k pMsUiaat UbmIi hfi itJSTiI ' Nathaniel 9. Lord,who wu convicted, at tbe laat ??' <* tbe Criminal Court, of tbc lawny of coat from Reuben SoUday, and ?aUnoed^o^be are, that Lord la tufferlaa of an lacarabia dlaaaae ! 1/ and rannot aorrtee m :ca longer, and pardon la vrented him that be may go Lorn* to die among Bit kindred " ? mmi fixates aid * mall Ciimi ma/al waft be bad turei'baageattbe Star oSce cauntcr. tf _ SBVBST* WABB Unconditional UKIOHMBBTme ?We are requested by the unconditional Union men of tbe Seventh Ward, to invite all trtM Union men to attend their meeting oa tomorrow evening. Democrat*, Whlga, ArnerlM* Renublleans, elf arc Invito* to come who Will ilk party and labor for the single purpose of preserving the integrity of the Coastltution St kMioffto ?Amony the names of the gentlemen composing the Veotry of the Chare a of the As* centloa (Rev. Dr. Plnkney) far the current year, as published la the Star some days since, wis that of Joseph F. Brown, Esq. We learn that Mr. Brown resigned as Vestryman on Thursday last. Dsclikis roSiavi ?We learn thst Mr. O. D. Hanson, one of the recently elected vestrymen of Trinity Church, waa chosen without his knowl?? ? ?*.-? apllkaiil auralflnar ?Srl>l nin IM Hvcui f aau iusi w????rw? notification of hi? election, be addressed a note to the vestry decllng to aerv*. Mr H?n?on li well known as an out-and-out Union man. Maksiass liczm^A^The clerk of the court his lmrd elghty-tbre* marriage licenses during the month ending to day. We are Informed that aince the lat of ibe month the number Issued da! I v hu materlallr d#crra?fd?a fact probably owing to the departure of tbe troops. Thi Emancifatiox Commissi05kb* ?The board were In session thla morning, bat were engaged in no other bnalnesa than giving information In imrd tn th? mrwia nf nrnpMnn Th? blank form* have not yet been delivered to the board. SiroMB W abd Station Casbs?Btfrrt Clark.?Charles ButUr, col'd, charged with Bleating a ?Uk skirt; held rer a hearing. John Butler, col'd, aasaultwltha awl ogle-tree upon a man named l*anghUa; security for further bearing. CbSTBaL gcabdhotsb Casks? Bifort Justin Thompson ? Thomas Igo, begging In the streets; workhouse 30 days N'trholaa Welsh, drunk; dlamlaaed. Kdw'd Missies, drunk; fl W. ataxardata atyaibs ?Got. F H Plerpnlnt, or virgin'*, win laamn inr union Association at Alexandria at Lyceum Ball, thlaevealng at 7 + p.m. AlfT ON* having ropie* of the Feemng Star, date September 14 and 2?, 1861, will confer ? favor and receive a liberal compensation for them on application to the Star office. Abbiviv at Riley's wharf. *cbr* (Jaakell and Salisbury, with coal for Warder & Stuart. * A YaLVABLB 1 jfPIOVlMENT IN ObDINAR* S*\V Mbdlks ?We have been shown a need'e oa whtcb a putfiit has been recently granted in England to a person In this city, and whl<"b premiums to effect qul'e a revolution In this useful and ludlapenslbl* little article. The Improvement la In the construction of the eye. which Is so arrant&l that when the ceedle is threaded It can neither slip nor cut the thread by chafing. TbMhresd need not extend through the eye of the needle more than the eighth of an Inch, and Is firmly held by the wedge shape of the eve, thus %ffectlog two very desirable objects, viz : Tbesaviag of'thread and the vexation re threading every tin e the thread happens to slip We predict a blessing on.the head of thu Inventor from all who use needle* It# Limb ! Limb !! Limb !!!?'The subscriber bn on baud om thousand barrel* of the be?t wood-burnt Lime, which can only be hid at hla lime kiln*, 1 he having dissolved all connection with any other place or establishment for the sale of Lime, Cement, &c., aod which will be sold at SI per barrel. [ap i?-tf] _ Wm. H. Godbt. Thb India* Hebb Doctor (F Tumblety, M. D , f?om Canada,) will describe dlseas s and tell his patients the nature of their complaint* or 111. neas, without receiving any Information from . them No charge for consultation or advice. CUBce, No. il Washington Building, Pennsyl- ; nnii >vf>nn?_ r.nrnpp nf ntwol ?r> >>a Thk6*sat coxaigmmknt ?ali of goods from , a New York Importing bouse will clow May lit. I See advertisement. ap23-3t Clasktt & Mat. India Rcbbke Goods. We advise all our readers (aa we know they are obliged to purchase tbe above named goods) to embrace the present opportunity as Mr H. A. Hall Intends to make a enanee In his business. and will Mil hla extensive stoci of R ubber Gooda at manufacturer'* prices, and no family should mlaa this opportunity to aupply themselves For instance, Mr. Hall will Mil Men's Rubber Overshoe* and Sandals for 80 centa per pair, and Ladles' Oven and Sandals for 60 centa per pair; India Rubber Bed Protec'ora for Children's Beds (an article that no family should be wllboat) only 50centa, for ten days, at the India Kubber War?hrtneA \a OICi Otknna?l??? I *? ? V WW VilHBf tvau ia U ? '. | l/V. ? ?? ' cii 9th and 10th atreeta, Washington, D. C. ap 19-(f Aht pszaoN wishing to procure a loan of a few dollar* on natiafoctory aecurlty, can do ao by calllag at 466 Eleventh at., between G and 11. apl4 Startling ! Bot Tecf.?The Volun'eera are hravtnu tk? rl tncort r,t Paw** flrnrvir W.mnHa ? " ,MH * ' |^v?? V* I v I ( k-A. Ul I f j ?? VU MUB i and Cholera. Alany a gallant fellow will leave | his l>one? to bleach, who by the aid of Hollo- < way'i Pllla it Oiotment, would have returned to hla faiiiilv strong and bealthv. Soldier* try them ! Only 25 c?nt? per Box or Pot. 220. All p?80ss can find tho beat stork of Clothlag, Furnishing Good*, Trunka, Hat* and Cat?, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh at., sear P. fe str-3m DICOi In Georgetown, D. C., April 23;h, Mra.JA.NE CAi VfK r. ag<*I 14 years. Her funeral wl l ?*ke pla*? th:a Wedneaday) afternoon. at S o'oiook, Irani No. A Potomac at. On tr.ei9Ut wtant, RICHARD EDWIN,eon of J C.anri Mary Bima.agea 9 tears Hia funeral w?U take p aoe frcm his parents' reaidenoe. No 14 13J6 atreet, to morrow afterncou, May 1st, at 3 o'oiock- The friecds of tbe .amily are respectfully inritrd to attend. * On the 27th iustact,of ooiunieption, JOSEPH L N ALLY.eldeet auu ofbafien w.Naliy.m t a 33d year ol nia age. * In t 911K * air r\f Kia mm* r.t #w akm.l f. < ?? a* a m ?aw j v i vi uiv wi ?J ^wvim ? CI ?| the tecdenoe of hia brother, 011 21 at atreet, n?ar the oornercf 1 atreet, on the iborniax of the sotii mat, 6KKENBUKY, eon ol Mar* Ana and the late Kinaer Griffith, of AiexanSua. Uia funeral. whloh hta friend* a*d t^e friend* of hia family are it.v.ted to att nd, will take plao* on Tbaraoar < to-uiurrow) the latof May, at 4 o'oiook p. B. The *xen plary li'eand aff?*otiocate deposition of thia joung nan gained for bimthe warm re^arU of many frieudp.ard for hi* widowed utoihsr the kindest ?j mtathy in her ii?ep aorrow for the Ion of a datifu: and aifootiunftte eon. Kind Heaven gava ito oar wnh This noble aoul ot pnceieea worth; Hut loon it uvial Mrth the ens* And bore it to iu native ikua. % Brtfht in mind and pu-e in hear*; A um4 wit hoot a aiaio; Inlaainc him v?tii oarMlvM, W h?Q aual 1 v? ?? t is like a(Ui ' llBMllic*BC?r and Hilt Sun pteaae ocpi I * On tb?Mtb in?tant WILLIAM A thaoniy Hon of William H. aid Catharine A. Hillary, M?d 16 mot. Mm ard 2uday? I Baltimore pipere plea*# oopj ] * Ta card. UK GREAT CONSIGNMENT 9AI.K OP GOOD8FKOM A LARGE IMPORTING HOUSK ... , , IN NEW YORE, Wll! pOtltlVAlj CIOM on the 1st of May. Those who fail to profit uiernielves by not parchssing immediately I'om this large oomir nm-nt wiil bavs osas# to regret it as ths goods will really be sold at fifty oenis in the dolia' on the oo?t of Importation. In the assortment will b? fonnd? Rioh Moire ABti?iee in white, rose, pint, anil Riob W&tered Silks. Tatiota strife in inalae, lilac, rose, and nrowa Elegant Silk Robes, in whiU, roee, mane, and eorn <*lors. Plain Tatfe aa in fink, rote, r*een, maiie, oanary, straw, ofcerry, aud modes froMfteente to 91 to bjk*nu of eheae. striped, I|nr*l, and Plaid Bilks, for Spring. frem So oenU to #2 per lud. TstT*?e Recinaa, new style or ao xla, at 87 o*i.ta Pi; et qua ltyCbina silts, serleet (Oodi.attti ola. N?w etyle Foulards, in plaids aaa stripee, very cheap. _ ria n %nd di?o? urenaaine or tternannt. Cbictte Ki(? ed Greuaainea, in biaak and colored (TOUdl Wklte, blae. and rod oolored Grenadine Robea firaaa da fane. in vmce, flak. blue. roaa.and drab. Mourning gilke, ia akaaka p!a da, and atriyaa. ektap. Berate albina, new atylea, two jarda vide. Tor ftaawlt and Dreeeea. ChaMe albaneia, two jarda wide, for do. Baraare. vieene. Grenadine. aad Orru d? Bubi . fall M?ortiii?Ql of ?tj 1m ?u?l oolora, varj cheap. Figaiod. atripod, and laaoy Bartgea, from 13 oanta to .7 MQt'. Hiim b?r?cM in all oo'ora. Norwia* PopUna chaap. Mm Kt?mIi Fofliii, 5-4 wida, vary afcaap. fw* Fraecti all wool i*olaiao?, m link oolori 17 ?MI| Manr of Ua a bora good a hara Lmd radaead in prion at ana oar aat urtfiicatnt, tha objaot bn ing o.os9 iham ont ohaap rathar than to rotarn tiiMa to NOV Y org _ _ CL.AG FTT k MAY. M? K ?<4 Pa av.txt.9Ui and loth atn. PROPOSALS FOR WHARF. .t Sy w^^oronapn for^^iWng^tlin wharf on boinoohrM at tho oajaaaaaamg oft ?t . , tToa up to 1! ^tliMk &? .? > Ik* Jkt uf Uu MX Llaat. Colo**! !*> ?Idt??. yy KT 8HOKJJ UAM_*eit0 BY THE FIRE. Nov la tha Ub< for Ltdiaa' MLaaaa' ul OkUdran'% Vutcra and baoaa to be bought ?t half ooat for oaah. Prioaa from 36 to 75 eaato. lad aarlj, .tkr COHEN,. ??? ?MM?^? AMU8EMENT8. mi (1>? ATHKRRlin J OH* T. Konn Proprietor ud Manager if B. Weight ... ??. .Sta<6 Manager FIFTH WEEK OPipWIN FORREST. u THE LAST OP THE WAMPANOAGS. Mctamora ? Edwin ForrMt fitaarnold...... Joha gi|?C?'lo?ih K Tint ton ? _ .W H l*>4k TruuL. ? V B HkrriNn Mordaunt M Lannuan Walter h Bejka NakMokH Mua Atb?na Ooeana Mrs. Ada Parker ElCHELltul'oRVh^^UNaPIRACY, ASMiasion. Dim Ctrela ud Par* aette 7i cer?i Beoared Seats ?? f 1 BftioocT Seats? J1 Urohestra Seats ? ??- #1 Private Boxe? (holdint ??? _?a?fi? Circle .25 cents ITT Box OAoe op?n from 9 till 4 c'olook. itoors open at 7: on-t*i? st 8 ft PHILIP WA RREN. Treasurer. ^ROVER'S THKATKR. " T (THE HEW NATIONAL.) Pennsylvania Arame, near Foarteena Street and wiliarde' Hotel. LiQNAts Geovik. Leeaeeand Manacer H. B. Phillip* ... Stage Manner Third Ni**t of the GRAND AUGMKNTED CONGRESS OF CJMEDIANS! . MISS '^'Vibs^ott^houuh, HAiUK.K, I 1 mas ?"ffSHyQ;a<8lh ??? ? 1 I MRS. OBUMONt^^g gl)WARD9? I MR- E. U TM??UN?ETCH|UB'kN roGKRS.I I MELDRtM, |?HlLLlP?t * WAItU, And a Large and Able Drama'io Companr. THIS KVKNIN9, will be performed, forth* firat time, the naw and heauti ul t*re? ant Coip??it ?"-?itled* THE BABES IN THE WOuD. Larif Blaoohe Vuakton ?Miaa Suasn Den ? Jeremiah Ueet'e ,..Mr J) Satchel liari if Lazauby Mr H H Phillip" m. aim?l. mt | u |v.><< ?tl ik7liuvi| ? ? ?... . ? -?. . . . n* ?r *?? * ? " i u Hti Beetle Mr? G C Gwmon Trottor wiiasS. p leOimber Other Characters t>y the Company. To conclod* with the humorous Com*difttta. THE LOAN OF A LOVKK < interase aed norrerous aorj* and tut t?.> P?terL?Tke_? ~ Mr Ben Hoiera Gert'aae?_ Mi'8 Sophie G in her Earneatin- Mi** Julia Nelatn Hik es of Admission. Dress Ciroleanu farquet c'iroie 50 o'nts L'annl. rr_t. M Villi I J V/ll VID.. .. 4^ uniim OTohoatra Chair* 7jo<ntH Private Bcxea??? $6 Sweats in Private Boxea_. ?....Si Colored Sallerj.?25o*nts Colored Parterre. _ -- ?..s? oant? Doora will be oten at 7 o'clock ; to commecos at S o'olco*. Box o?oe for semrmt eeata o??3 from 9 until and 3K no til 5X o'clock. CONTINE N TA I. O PER A HO OS E! CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! Pennsylvania Avenue and Eleventh St. Pennsylvania Avecne and Kleventti St. Penn?yl?ania Avenue and Eleventh Ht. I the8tar9 ark here THE stars akk here! OUR POSITION IS ESTABLISH F D! OuH tOiiiTI'W IS E&TABLISHEu! thk voice of the PUBLIC the voice of the public Deo'ares in unmiatakeable tone* ihatiheCoctinental ia the beat managed and conducted place oi amusement in the city. THE CONTINENTAL COM HINATION ! the continental combination ! miss ma r ^ walton. miss mah v wanton, mjss wary Walton. The pleAcinc Vco&iiat from the Nnnhero the Vera. this evln1no, ani? all the week, mi?H Kate Marshall, MISS KATE MARSHALL. miss lucy clifton, miss ll'cy clifton. charlev Fletcher, chaki fy fletchkr! frank lemount, frank lemolnt. master willie, master willie, Atd all the Stook CoaiD&n. Ard all the Stock Con.p*')*. The (:rth?tt*r in tke City, 1h? him.<t OrcheMtr in tur City PROF. Gfe.??"GK N AOfI MAN, Lrader. PROF. GfcGRUE NACHMAM, L?a?!er Th0 9tar? To-cifht! The star* To-night! Cnangeof Procaine? Kverr Night! Change of fVogTamins Every Night! Cards of admiesion, 25 oenta; fentl'in?n on aoatmpameo uj au.ea.i* oroneatra ou&ira >'oentt; ooIotm taiiery *S oents. IL^Fro.t imu invt'iab'.y revived for lad eg. LK>cra open at 7; Oonc? t to oomine. on at 8 o'olcok preouely. UK- 6. B. HAnKISON. ap?B 4t Agent and Treasurer. I^ANTERBUKV HALL. S Vy LOUISIANA A V., niar SIXTH ?T. j A BRILLIART ~pixFORMA?iCE ' I'i'HL THE IMMENSE COMBINATION COMBINATION or TALENTED ARTISTES! ? TALRNTFD ARTISTES'. To-nirht. the Great Etbint> an ComoUr, VIRGINIA MUMMY ! VIK 'UN IA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! In which FRANK BKOVVRR, ? FRANK BROWEit. Tuo Forrest of ths Ethiopian Urami, Till appoar ID till crtat oharaatar limnn> Ri it? t M1S8 11>A DU VA U, The Sweet Operatic Songatreaa ! WISt4 MILlilF, KOwLKR, The moat beautiful Daoeeuae on the American the American CrBxa! PRAiNK VVVANT, TheTaleowd pi an Comedian! DICK PAKKKK. The Waabinfton Farorito, will aiaiit Frttk Brower in hia Bnrleaqv.e, DAMON *ND PtTHlAS! Thi Covbt or Bkadty in Niw Daxcis! The BeauHful Hal let. MADKI6AL8 OF Si'AIN. The People'a appreciation iaeviooea eaoh niiht by tne Public Voioe, the Public Preaa. Tne ele rant journala of the day unite in pronouncing THk I'iNTk'IIHlluV Tbe Kirit Mu*io Hall of the Are! CHOWDEl) HOLSKH! Shouts tj Applause and Hoars of Laughter. The Matac rrs are ever on tne alert to seoure the HE3T TALENT IN THE COUNTRY. The; Er<>w no Limit*.' Tney fear no Opposition! They Maiace for the Publio Taste ! IDT No person leaves the Hall and regret* his money aid time apent there. Doors open at 7Jtg ; performance at 8% o'clock. Adnueeion ii oeuvs; Oro tester Ckuuia eu oeau. AFTERNOON ENTERTAINMENT ? For LaUiee and Fain lifts, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERa, j NOONo, at 8 o'ciock, *n A lavish dietnbatiou of Elegant Presents te ec Rich and Costly Jewelry, Hooks, Fancy Artiolee. Toys, *35 Silver Cake Haeket. I Mra Uobh, No. 987 K atreet. received a aplendid 935 driver Cake Batket, April :6'.h. Admtaaion *j muu ; Children lu eenta. ap S8 S NOTICE. EA.LKO PROPOSAi 8 Will-be reoeired atthia Otfis* until 12 m , of 8*TuaDiY. M?r 31.1882, for a ooniraot lor the buritl oi drorMel aoidlerr, the oontraot to terminate on June 30th, 18f<2. The oontraotor to prrpara tba bodies for interment, die the rrav, and furtuah the coffin and hea- ae The eoldiera to be buried at the "boldiere' Home." Theterma of the oontraot will require that the oomn furuuhed ehall be ol loaadpne or poplar wihhi, or?i; ma wen maie, ana io r.e atained or paiotsd tbe ou?tome-j oolor, and that the gravoa hall b? not leee than Bra feet aiz iz>a*ea iu depth. If a bid la in the name of a firm, tr.e nam?a of all the parties muei appear or it will not baeonaiaered. fropj?* ? vill he addreaaed to CAPT KDW. L. HaR'IZ, Ae?iatact Q carter maver U. S. A., corter of 18th and 6 atreetf, Washington, 1). C. StfA RANTKKK The ability of the bidder to fill the oontract ahou!d it be awarded to bim, muet be guarantied by two rMponaible peraona, whoea aigna area maat be ap pended to th* guarantee Ti a raaponaihilltr of tha guarantor* muat be akown by the official oert'floate of the O erk of the neareat Dut ioi Coartor of tha United btatee Die triot Attorney.

Bidder* matt be precen* in m^d when the bid* are opsned or their propoaila will not be oac icered Bond*. in the 11m of one thousand dollar*, tuned by the oontr aotor and both of bin guarantor*, will be repaired of the tuooeuf*I bidder npon signing tn? o on tract a the bond maat aooompacy the will be neoeeeary tor bidder*'to hav* their bondsmen with thrtn, or u> have boude signed in anticipation and read* to be prodaoed when tbe oontraet i* i t ned. B ask* for bond* oaa be jrooared aeon application Mine made at thia offioe, either peraonally. bf letter, or by telegraph Form *f Ouarantet. We cf the ooanty of , and State of , and?-?, of tuo ooanty of , and Hl?te of ,do hereby guaranty that la able ?o fulfil a oontraot ia a?oo'danoe with the torraa of Jua proposition, and that, ahould hia propoutioo beaooepted, bo will at enter into a oontraot ia aoaordaaoe therewith. Should the ooutraot bo awarded hia we are proeared to beooifte hia nciritiu. ' Ut?jpappended ttaecjKrui/ TBE PCHOONB^ImeVlW"CHESTER la ^ra,*?SKto 1^ <?& 1 PETER BERRY.*" lyWlt Wo. 81 wilwrt.,8?of|tUTi. yBsswmmssje0 bdoai' Ju?t raoaivad" Fwraalabr ' f M^aosui MIJUUY * BMIMES, 1 # i ' 0 * WANTS. W ANTED? \ filill. to t.nke charge of twoobil " dten. lugmrc at ft09 .Ninth ?t up 30 at* w AltTED?A HOUSE. urfnrn'abfd, ?he rent * of which ?ha!l not cxoeed ?4 ?. Address Bo* 386 Pc?t Office. ep fO St* ?J!X HANDS *V ANTEO immedittslr *1 8. P. ?3 H EKMAVS Mi!!mery Store, opposite Browe a y el If EMRST CLA8STABL*: BOARD?445 Twe'.lU r street, between G and H Meal hours. 8 ?wd j 7 o'clo-ir ap 28 ly WANTED-A rood GtBL, to do general housework. Afp.y No 367 D ftra t, between 9.h and 10th. It* W' ANTED TO RPNT-ROOM8 auitabie for ?? ? ptircicKn'a cffi e ; location ?id r?nt oi'9-ip. Aodrem* j-hT?ioi%n "Stv- ffio* It* WANTRD? A BOY toloftrnthf hlaakemithirf bu?;n?e?. A?p y at the HLcrnix CsnUfe Wcrk?. i orn?r o< i; ami t*;xfn ?t?. a? S) 3t* WANTEO?Scmj?b!e HAND3 to ?? at fire inus!s-? and fio up '&o? good*. Aepiy a' Mr? S CfiL'KTKj t Lb'5.4?? ?t. ip 30 2tj WANTLOTU HlRlC-A HILI.I ARDTABLE with tr.e privilege nf i?nrcht?irg at ?ne expi ranon 01 t?o mon'.ns. Aaarega rcu uracs box 856 If YV ANTED?A? *??n * * W9 1 loo 1 ted llOt;?K, suita'-'e for ? 8tt&)! ftm' jr, wo?ld bar th* Fiirnitnrd. A"!<ti?ss Vvx 463 Fo? O^e. tat nc ? low and irptlifj. It* WANTH L'-Four DRf-S 'MA KERSat No 359 " I3tli ?tr*e , between ?1 ?n 1 I B^re bet food har-d? re>d apfij. A^sd, a Voani G:rl to Iea-i> r e ba?i egg. ap 30 3t* IA A NTKD?To pu ch??e to'cvh a Toung fea** tie HliKSr. Hi liGV anl IIAHNRSS. or either. A(*dreM "A B," Mar office, stating iroe ard where to be nee a It" \17ANTED-A WOMAN to wa h, oook lad Iron ard to do g<>iier.\l hou Siwork Mcdeia'e wage* * !! b* eive-? Apply imireia'e'y to M' 6. W DR.&AV, No. 899 Pa,. aTeme, between 9tn *nd Ifl h Mr. n? WANTED?By two yonng women, SITUATION??one a? ttrrt ?a?e oook, bread *nd pastry makor; tho u her rrjircne ir*'d. C?n oome well reooir-nended. AJJieui "E. F St?r Ofhoe V WANTFL'-A eobsr, boE<?Jt, active YOUNG MAN to drive a miik ?a:ou ; mu*t unc'or stand trie ca"* ?>f fiis hnra* a d wagon: s tn. rr ilk; mast come well iec3im?.end? . Am> two Men to work on a f*rir. a*ply %t Locus: Hilt f arm. ith a?? *.m A Ak * ?, a < - ^ * *.v 1 - . - a *. Q * Dt>i c*- ou iiiT iii ev <7 Df< a < WANTED-A well ejected. experience sad fie* looking V OU >'G LAD ?, who is wiilirj to uit t ia t^nd.i'g to Sr>t class c'n^ room* On* who eu!t8 will fi"l a pleasant n- m? best 01 w.?# ', Address. 1 -ill,days, P.thlo Oxor^enai, care of A. H.. 113x60* Oi j 1*. O. apSO 2t* WANTFD?At a fart in the vicinity ot Washirjttun &COL*>Klui> BOY ?c cook lor an officers'm?-'E of frcm tw.i to five persons. 4?p!f lor two rays to Ml ward," at the St. es Hi 'H \Va??iinstoc, hatcrecn 9 ana 10 a in ??d 4 ard 6 p m e p >' v.* PV.RM WANTFD?Wvit?d, aa improved farm in ?tfon*?'>in r* or l*r 'O lis.-ris'ii contin. M?r*!?nd, with a JO mil. s of t^o ei'y, for which cash will h3 paid. App'T wiSho?1 ii? ar at th* Isw cmc? of j> ? . foleyi no. 3, Colo >2V"n Wagim.rton &p W AN IED-A SITUATION for an ns>t17a col"* or-*' noy between 13and II trars od afp'j No 33616th it, between K ft d I.. ap r9 WANTED-A GIRL to wa.l> and iron, and on? to in oookins, at 317 I'enusTi v/ina ar. . . a?S9 2t* A GERMAN woman is in quest for a Si'uatiaaasohamb8rm*iii or tod<* r?n*ral housework. Inquiro at U'rO F Ureet, ntar Thirteen h street ft p 2'.* T WO ROOMS RENT FRFE f OR month*: fiircito'o for aa'? $'2? casii 373 New York avenue, Letwaen .21ii ai d 11th ?tre?t. >p23 3f , VV ANT' b-A GARDLNER, (e.tiiPr ?? or Italian.) ami i AUiVDKKSs, (6erir.&n r frith,i weil rcooir.niani- J. A;j>!j fc* Mr Cu k n Stab!.', on Sixth street, balov lh? Ave'ti ? or M'sj?oott. ^ #*i92l* WANTED?A y.urt G'RL from 14 t) 16 -eert of age, to do hcnt oh*tm?erwok in??rna'l family and attend to a litt!<* zirl 5 y?va < f age. Apply, with referenoas. at 5ft5 E street, b^t^nea 9th and 10th. _ gp S9 2t* A LADY FROM PHlLADKLPHt ^ Withe* a Mtaation at dre*nmaknr, e< her at 3hi!<lr??n> or ladies' dres*?t; a *o, liOArtdreit't?a w tetent hacij. Address a slots to WAX. GUili , WiUard llAUl mm?? t - ? ..y*. * WANTED IMMI.l'iATKi V-Copn of the daily tvfr.ic? i*tir .ia;rd >*p emb^r Hth, 1?6:, and Peptunber Wtfi. IMi. T!ia coti- s must' ? iood am' p-rfect A libera' price *-i I be given for them, on ppiioaUoato the ??t*r "ffh*. ap23 ff WAN TKD-By ? yourg man * graJaa e, a SITUATION t^oop* ?t. c'erk or eir.p'oyRiaut in FomA other re afectab e cooutation. Ha* no ofjeatiou t? leaving thecitr. Moat uneic.fptionibl* r?(#reno*e mvo". ?ddre s, r * f\ a ti n - n<r ? ? - - (igu>ai e n ii ,, CW?i ' III U Bp ^ WANTH>? A ?bilt WOMAN toe >o)r, ua*h, & dirji' T" ? : # ti.ti'24U o .'rae w?.! r conitnentied. $ 1 per rroljth W:i! D? p& d Affir 43 Dumbarton ?t , Qeo ge own &t??3 3i. WANTKD?A whit*GIRLor?ouRf *om&i of chiractor, to at*.o:.j & !>&uj. Ir>^?ir^ %t thie offio*. *P .* 1:* 0"":'K.V KI.< A Si l l.?rl?>N nv = HK laT of Mt?. Hi ?s.ioiT,j*in or bnnlr !rrovnn*?h?? atora or jener? i* w-1 with \V*>hinjt<;ii oitr. j?m tin !i?v.1 iC .-p:ai jea-a' fxpmence in Iuhices for Addiejr, for thre^ day*. "Buju esii,' Cry ftfat tiffins. >P ;s sf AN I'KU? A modrri UWlL. I v? HOLSK oontnu lug 3 or 10rooBi* ?;thio a :<stt *<4 .Mes of U e Mate De^ilnu ut. A-Jdrowp, ei?t>> e tioii* rent. Ac, JAY ? OOKK k CO., 4.*,2 Kifleentii it. & p *4 1? * ?11'. I ?AGKNTB \\ A Nr L i) T<? OPKN 1 UU. an ofRc* ard tain- tn? *ho!*r*k? itg-Jtcy, in every St>te, for ail of L'o?(.'* (Ir*at Mi'itarr Mi?b, uses) b> cur ComniAndar-in Chief. The ohwpeii raapa in the world. A fi*rtunooa& bs wvi? on thoke inai>s in eaah Ptai#" K.CX^Ott'oepi?* of one ol my Niftyts La?e a1tav.1v umu told. AUo a nun to to to Calilornia, En*i*nJ nnd Ceba. Agent* also w&i.tttu in evei* coulIt an I m everr raeimoat in onrarmr. ?*end for cnouiara. J. T LL.OYI) mh< tinsel 1fi4 tiroariwar- N?w Vor't. rANTliii?Lvery psrsan to know that I am ~n the market, resdjr t . p&y eieii for all artici'e in the houeraorr;t>li!QK line. Thosa Icaviae th? OHf, or tiaYini ? s!irj will Co well to o*l>. R, BUGELV, 4siS?. . ?e?8Dth st., between (J and H uxa., (cut aide,) Dealer in New ?n<l Bucond hand Furarure. m? t< tf WANTED?To toM, heuueforward. <W? bar-eia and hall Iwrmli of Ale ever? week; also the Mine ot Heer, lor tt>e Baitnnorn Hiewery. JOHN GAYNOK, Arei.t. Corner of 21st r&.i u et?. Order- the Poet Ofiioe will U> c%?ied for at y a. m. an c 2 p. w. ap ?-!?? * WANTED?To have even on# know the.t they run find the heat stock tff niotiiinir. Mufa unrl C?h. at the very lowest rata;, &.1 SMITH'*, No. ?CO Seventh streat. h?iovr F. fo Tt 3?n LOriT AS p"rOUZD. FOUNO-Caineto m? prmni?ei on .Vonttar. 13th or Apn't. a i?i auU white uu with horns, which the own*.- ca-i have! >*2*5 hf Driving proper?r R'rt p*ymg expr-ng'c.VuY^f n.ii * n mi vtrnni fj n?... _ >/ .* M>i W ?>?ii a*, f nni< ivui r ir f i>u n lu ?? bnwwa and Cth tta, I?ta;.d. iip g> gt? STRAYED FROM 'i'HK OW.NK&'A O* 7 S*tnrii'af- *pn! SCii'i,a inr;;ebriodie COW, vi'h iop* att&chrd to her h<>r ? Any on? rAtnroine her to N<> 171 south B street. between f?tr, and loth, on tha lsian i. wi 1 b* liberally rewarded. ap SO 2:* I OS r?On "*aturdar tno-mnc last, a pair of 81L J VKE SPECTACLES, in an eld red leather pase, the pr? perty of a pror vontu They were loet between Mr. Cohan's shoe btore over Mr. Gvt'a. on tha avenue or Stn atrrot to 5i.ii and a iu. I mowbm viil be truly tnnciln. t any "tie leavir.g thein at this oBise or at Mr. KKA TI NU'c Oroc6ry Store. comer of an ) *i sts. U* f^AKKN. ca tli*2?th ittiant, (tupsosed to Lave * been sto 6e, i a lay HORSK, 14 hands fls, high, about 8 years .. Id, with government oondeinneil mtrk up>n him. The owner is < ri notified to ocme forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him awav. B W. FfcKGUdON, J.P, a?3ii 2t* Crrnar Pa. avenue and First ?t. dfe CnKEWAH l? ? l.r #t on the 2a h mat, tb? foi ^DU.owircCKRTJPlCATKHOFSTOPX to., v!* : gunbuf & E'i? Railroad !?crip,?7 0; St?ubonvill# 4. itdtana K abroad Stock $?*>; All*ghanr V?i!f* Haiirnad Sterr. SAU>, Letre.-i and Papers ?.f no relu a exoopc to m? o?a?r. Br tear* me Uio abora at the orti ?e of <iie C ar lloiao. Washington o.t/.'he ab. vereward will be paid aod no questions aaied. apt0 2t*_ /^HKQI'K L09T?On Mun'ar, Apil ?H?, a V< CHiiQUG, ou Kl{|? 4fc Co., dr*wn by Fhi!? M Solomon, for one hundred ai d ninety aix ( ?l'-t ) dollar*. pajaMe to Louis I i at.n. All persona are nvi louwuiiou iouoivu,| it up|"tmuuj the Mine, payment having t??en t.opp<?'l at the Bank i,UUiS 'HAN/.G. a?S9 at* 32Q C atree?. ?C KKWARD-Strayed or sto en, a unalh eorre i HOKHK, foor whits feet; loot c\ tai ; thick maor; had on t>add e and undie. ?appo>e-1 to have been ?to:en on raturday cifh'.iC h instant. fr?ni the front ci Cit* Hall. The at>cv? reward wili be paid lor h-a return tt JOHN (iRINDKK, corner of lat and L ?treeta WMfc- F P QJH KKWAKU Will be urn for the (tie return to in# of two t*y HuKSK'*. *v wbioh were takenfroruK*j'sQuarter P!an->3 tat ion r>n Wednesday, April ?d, or in night before. I ho largeat aae ia a brigltt bay .With a*nis I at*' in hu forehead ; tie otbfcr ia aarcer. Both fioriea were fat an l well groomed. 1 will give tu reward for aiUier of ?h*ia GH AKLKS C. HILL, t ollingtvn Poet OiCce. ap SG-lw* Prinee Qeorte'a eonntt. Md. A P Ik IIKWftllL.k\<r lK? aap*h?naiAn /in<I $DU dellVeryioIn.kl HtadeMSW. Ma-,7 f Lftae. law the properly tpurj^H. Warno/, deceat'd, of Pricoe 0eorc6 county, ' Mi. ?jlve?t?rla of oopper oomplexior.; or atoat tttue, atK>ni hi fMt hifu;ana u< fiesaint ountaaanoe when sp*t?uto. fie iewatl kiown in W?siI'gt netiy.aud i? bo Coabt larking id that plaoe or iu Tioinit*. I will five Uie above reward no matter whar* taken. DIONYaiLIS SHERIFF. ay lft In* Kxt'r o 1 H. H Warrini, H?iNMd, % H SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M LATEST FROM NEW ORLEANS. THE CITY CERTAINLY OURS' Fall leiiut of the rregreu ef Events There! . Tk. Ik .L.I V _ 1. - D._, mc nrpri vcicutci uu lite ruui* chartraln Euftaltd ! They Barn their Ganbo&ts, BalUliff, Stores, SteiBtn, &(.! Mrs. Lincoln's brother killed In battle! treat Suffering for Food la Vtrfolk! Arrival of the Families off Paraon Brownlov and Boil. Jlr. flaynari! r a ? a a # mpaiiiwa > an mion imiiici; iron Cast Tennessee, lie., Ac. [Per Telegraph from Baltimore ] Baltimore, April 33 (from Fortress Monroe, April &y).?The Hag of truce from Norfolk to-day brought down the wife and family of Parson Browalow, and also Mrs. Maynard, w'feof Mr. Maynard, the member of Congress?the party consisting of four ladles, two gentlemen, and six children?all from Tennessee. They bring a re port that all the U nlon families of Tennessee h?ve been ordered, by proclamation, to leave within hotirfl P.lffhtwn kmi/lr?H fTnfmft man lafl Kentucky " week ago l**t Friday. Of a party of 400 attempting to leave, 100 had been killed. There can be no doubt of the rapture of New Orleans The southern newspapers apeak of It :n a most dismal strain, and demand that the mystery of the surrender of the city shall be explained. The liny Botk (Norfolk) tn an editorial saya that the fall of New Orleans is by far the moat eerious reverse of the war. It suggeat* (it declares) jrreat future privations to all clasaea of Society; but most to be lamented of all, it threatene army supplies " The raising of meat end bread, instead of cotton and tobacco, is earnestly recommended by the dl*oor\aolate editor. | The Richmond Di^atek of yesterday sjya that when tbe enemv'a (Union) fleet arrived ? n. ' r po*ite the city, Gen Lgveil refuted himself to xurrender It, and Ml back to Camp Moore, after destroying tbe cotton and store?. The iron-clad Miatiaaipp was burnt to prevent her from falling Into tbe banda of tbe enemy. Nothing was said about tbe Louisiana, but it ia anppo <ed she vrai rattled. Rnmor saya ahe waa sunk at the llrat Are. Camp Moore la at Tangipatere, 7* mIlea from New Orleans, on tbe railroad to Jackson, Mim i ne iouowing are iLf latest dispatches In today's Virginia papers: "Mobile, April 27.?The Vtnkee Commodore Farragut promts* d the Mayor's Sec'otary, who visited the fleet by a flag of truce, to make a renewed demand for the surrender of the city, but had not done so up to this hour?5 o'clock. Our ship, the McRae, caine up from the forts under a flag of truce, with forty of our wounded, who communicated with the Federal flag-ship, but the result is unknown. It is rumored that the i * ? *? i *- ?* *' rcuciau inumi iu firruiii BT 10 rriurn. I US rumor that Fort Pike had been evacuated and blown up ia unreliable. In aconftrence held Willi one of tbe Federal olfl< era, afler the correspondence between Mayor Monroe and Commodore Farragut, tbe ofilcer left, declaring he would shoot down tbe flag on the City Hall f not hauled down; and actually brought his ship within range, but haa not fired thus far. It is reported that French and English men-ofwar are below, and have entered their prote?ts against shelling the city it IB believed tbe Yankee veaael* are short both of proviaion* ai d ammunltlcn Ti e city (New Oriean*)!* remsrkablv orderly, but the excitement Is :mmea>c,ind the fe^llu^ of humiliation deep. " Richmond. a^rll i- ?Th* following otB* 1*1 diapatr h wai received thl* morning by Adjutant General Cooper, Irom Gen l.ovell, dated Camp .Moore, April '27 : ?' Forts Jackson and ?*t Phillip are at 111 ir good condition and In our hands The steamers Loulalam and M<-Rea are safe The enemy's fleet are at the city, but they h'.ve not force* to occupy it Th<? Inhabitants are staunchly loyal." j *" .Mobile. AprilSs ?Tbe forUon Lake Fontchartrain were ell evacuated cn tbe 25th. We have austained considerable ioss in supplies and v...? ? -? > ? " ui>i?aiiiiiu|i, uui uui u?nv>iu|i uur k un>> mi I on Pike. All the buildings were burued. including tbe telegraph office, and tbe operator bu gone to the limits of tbe city to open aa office, if possible. All our gunboat* on tbe Lake bare been burnt by our own people. Tbe Mobile boat*, Whitman Brown and several other*, are running troops, ptores, and ordnance to Monac'uock; after which, we fear, they will be burnt. Tbe Yaukee fleet were at Ship Island, and are again returning to that station." In a local article beaded ' Tbe Maikets," tbe Norfolk D iy Book mentions that tbere U a very mull supply of edibles exposed for sale there, and says it btcomes a question of grave uomeat as to where and bow the people ate to be fed. The death of Hamuel H Todd, the brother of Mrs. Lincoln, Is announced. He died on the buttle-fl-ld, from tflfcta of wctinda, at Shllob, in the 7th cf April action. The Chaileaton Mercury, of Saturday, saya-thit nine schooner* left that city on tfce previous Saturday, to run th? blockade The Gnide Wave and two othera were captured. The crew of tfce Guide Wave landed on Glbbs' Island on Wednr*. day. On Friday they were teen by picket* and fired on, being supj>o?ed to be Yankees. Pavid Kaupper, of Augusta, was killed Tee other vessels were aent to Port Royal. The gunboat Mount Vernon arrived from the blockade of Wilmington on Sunday nleht. She left there the Jamestown and Victoria The Cambridge sailed h^neefrr Wilmington on Monday. 'I he Mount VernotaM boilers are defective, but she will return to her station In a f?w daye. There is but little news from there. Fort Catwell Is being strengthened by the rebela, In expectation of an attack. The schooner Kate, from Naaaau, was raptured by the Mount Vernon about two weeks ago, while attempting to tun the blockade. It la reported by the flag of truce that the Merrimac haa steam up. It waa expected In Norfolk last night that she would come out to-day She has not made her appearance, however. It Is now raining. # congressional. . UlTllth CO!<?R1?S-?kw< ImiUb. Wedkksdat, April TO Sktutk ? Mr. Morrill Introduced a bill far the Incorporation of a Washington and Georgetown horse railroad company; referred. nir. v* lison luiroaucra a dim ior ii?r unirr organization of the Adjutant General's [)rpartment, referred Mr, Wade, from the committee "on the conduct of the war," made a partial report?relative to the rebel atrocities at Manama; ordered tn be printed Tbt Homestead bill was taken up, and wu postponed until to-morrow The resolulioa of Mr. Poweil, calling on the State Department for detailed information relative to State arrtata in Kentucky, waa dlacnaaed be Mr. Poweil In Its tavor and Mr. Wtloon gainst it until the expiration of the morning hour, when The pending ronlvatlon bill was again taken -up, and Mr. Wlimot commenced speech upon It Hon? ?Mr. Rolllaa reported the Senate bUI relating to the opening and keeping in repair lie roads of the DlaUlct, with amend menu, which were adopted .and the bill paled. Mr. Wtckllne asked leave to offer a resolution Inquiring on what authority Gen. Hunter Issued an ordor manumitting certain alavea In the man Mmn. Lorejoy ind flutckloa objected to IU conaldera'lon. The consideration of tbe report ot the Carom tteeon Government Contracts vh reaiiaud-tbe qaeatlon recurring on Mr Stevent' notion to lay tbe whole aobieet on the tafelf; wbkb was loat? yeta 17, n?r* . Ml: J?lh> I ft ? kti ???MBW??? LATEST FROi JMWS* DIVISION T> a i m. A. .# A A xwcpuneQ arren 01 me uoTornor oi North Carolina trtft tlLMUM.J Har*ii?*?c>s, April SO ?Oea. DarA~ vi?.ted Gen Willi ami' divlaioa here iaat nijrbt, arid rfturnrd to N?w Muk't to-day. \\ hll?? b^f b?* received a d.spatrb fr >in Wn\h'ngtor. cijcving the L'nlou occapatlon of New O'irinn Tb? Intelligence cstiaed greet jo,- airionj ocr army. a: d a corre*poadinjj depus'ion among tbe Inhab'Unta. who have far day* p?*t been ronj. ratuletr g ttein*elTt* and each other that tbe neat .**? ? would be our defeat at Yorktowu. A national ralute In honor of tbe eeent will be tred at noun to-morrow Through aeceaalon channe.* it it learned '.tat the Gareraor of North Carolina waa arretted end ifiiprlaoned in Richmond, rbout two wecka ago, on account of bit Union urntimmU It waa cbfrfd today tbit Jackaon bad m<vrd hl? wagoa train back aome aix mile* nc* t-rday, indicating an lottnllon to retire alt.I fur* ther rwnn.d, o: entertaining a dread of at;a<.* by our forcea. A iqusdron of eaYalry wu the only rebel force discovered tc-dayon the right %ld?of tbe Sbeetcdo ib Tb?"*? with one wagon entered the vllla?? 0* MrQingLeystewn, where they reiaalned unt'l about dark. They came b7th<? I'urt Republic Mtlf# We hiw nothing confirm ilory of (be report of the occupation of S-aunLoa by QeS. Mt'ir?y. Tb* rlverlaallU too high t? htteir.pta ?iu< safety. Adrnae incLe waa aeen In tbatdtac* tlon to day, but the e?a?e ta unkanwi LATEST FROM YORKTOWN AND FORTRESS M OS ROiJ. Kirby Smith at Knoxville. m fPer Telegraph.J Fobtres* Mokioi, April 30, S a. m.?At thia time all appears to be going on as uauil before Yorktown?nothing oeenrring of noteworthy in. teest. Wa aa yet aee notbtr.g of the return of the %fer nuiac hi nampcn i\uo?i| iqpu^u hi bppwr in t?k?- II. for granted 'bat ahe ussy momentarily tfiake her appearance under ateam, la thrdl?t*oce. The weither 1* romewhat dlamal and threatening, jast now It wiiOra K'.rby Smith who ordered the fun Iliea of Parson Brownlowand the H'tn Mr. Mavt.a-d to leave Tenneaaee. under a proclamation of like ordera to the families of all Ui Ion refugees from Tennessee to leave In thirty dava, tinle*a they returned In that time and took the oath ci allegiance to the Southern Confederacy. KKLCAStD Justice J 11 Johnson this morning administered the oath of allegiance to Henjamln 8 Cross, of Seneca, Montgomery county, Md , at the O d Capitol prison, and he was r?Ws?d It will b? membered that Cross was arrested near his rest deuce some sit months since. RiTCtwiD ?John O. !ay,K?q , the P.-faldent's Private Secretary, returned this forenoon from bis recent h.p to his hoce In Illinois, ard has resumed the discharge of the duties of I la ! i.s i_ n.._*i__ a?.....J k ? i?t- ?-i pvBtuun in gicouy jiiirjiu^ca u-a.tu, Oil DVUIToui friends among as will be glad to learn. PnsoKiL ?Gov F. H. Plerpont. of Va ; Go* W. Denniaon, of Ohio; Gen. D de Gnicour'a, of N.Y.; Jtte M Marja, of Mexico; E. Crojvrell, of N V , and John R Ire, of Pbllade'p^ia, are at Wlllard'e. . LATE LOCAL NEWS. A RtTtasEO S?t-8*io5ist Aaar^riD ?3ergeint Cronln and offl~er P>n?r1rk of the Foart'r, Ward, arrested yeMerday afternoon Frank Hatcbins (who retun ed to tbecity fr.ra Fred* tit ft?wni? ?-ii t^uuuaj hh?iin 114; 7 on a warrant 1 ^*ued by Juttlce CI*vton,'cfcarglne hlir w *h ' Biding and alvttlne tb? mennte? of the l*n!*ed State* aguinat tte peac^and dUnitf of tteUn t-dl Sues" The odleer* arretted blm at the <orneof Fourth and I atreet*. and took him to Jnj1??e Clayton who turnrd blm iiuTcdtatelr ver to the Provost Mvshnl, who sent b'm totbeO'.d Capit.u Prlaoo. Hutcbii.a Is about fi.1 yeara of a$r* Hwaa tte icavei'.^er of the Foirtb Ward under tue late municipal adinlnl* retina; and U well know i inthtacity. it it flle/?d that at tLe r^mmen, of the troubles he ;o?k port with ?h" Soutli, and-that among other of bia art* be tur'-atetied t?> boot hia fcon who had joined the Metroputi'an I RiIlea (Cap?. W H Nallry) In the three month* Lim^Si^n, If he did not wlthl raw from the coir . pany, and wh'i he l*f; the citv 1n?t one year ago betook fci* am with b'm en I w r south lt? also itot'd that he r>id before be ltf< that b? wi< t/o;ng tooth and it he ev?r cs<ne hack to Washington it would be to pUot the rebel arirv Into city He sty* that be h%* been lltr'ne In Kr<derieck?hur^ au J rer orU th it bora toorr' p-j.ter, of thla city wat killed at Bull Ku-; B.?b Dure U a' Richmond, and Ben Koby and hit ton, and Jir?- ph Hutching are at Yoikto *u. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. ^j^^^lcRANn^LEV^RK ASirJP^^ To be h?:a at Cid Fellows' Hall, 7th UriH, On MONDVY KVKNING. M*? 5 h,l&3, FOtL THS BSNKriTJ)*' 1 HE LIBRARY. Th? Committer * I A'rat(ra.?aU woald re?*.ot1 ni.y inform th* f-nter- try &c it? tri?nJ? that tbe Graud Lc\?* and Feat val will beheld etths&Vv* ha'lon MO.Nl?Av fcVfcNINtt.Ma* S.lor vluch t':e most ooirp ere arranteoiPnt* h??v? t.e? i hmk.o tor the oomto.t and p'ea ure ol th >?e who mar favor th#?m vilL fh?ir mimikii'v. The Entertainment will commence at 8 o'ocek. vitr, aUr&nu Prcru >tade 0jn?6rt by P. rtoawri'a fir. * hsLd, ai-d at 4 o'o ock a eaort A.ldr?sa wii t>deliveied by itae tirard Master. TU# Con oar t wil! be oontinued atu 1 o ? wk, whao the **lo'tn wili b* taken iicuarse by tin tijur mana;er? t, r the eijoymentofthoaefcnioftae p!ea*uraaoi the dacoe. * Ticket* ONF. DOLLAR? adB.tttter a [eitw m?n md ladiM; t> be hal < ftae Committee* ?.f the d tfj-?at Lodge* a"d hroampmenta. a?3>-St EXECUTIVE COMMITTEK. A BALL WILL BK 61VKN AT WABh's Bat uiac, orner o' K &o?ylv*t la ar?naa m\ ard ^PC">nd I'reeC.onTHt'RcDAY fcVE- M MJVO, May 1-t /T& no<et*9l admittici ft e*itl? m in ai* * mbA diet; to be obfTd a? the floor. ? p atI^HK MEMBERSOF THE KRANKI I \ ACTIVE ASSOCIATION ekpeo>;?.,j in ? form their friend* and t'.e *whhe ta?t rhe.r Jfc4 *nr?al MAY C'MILLON PAKTY w ':/? t*ke plao> on THiiRADA '?* EVENING Qmk May IS, at the Ha i of the Fruklin ? it ce House, D !., near Seti T oketi iucjti a4mittiE|t a ten, tieman and ladies. Parucuia-e in future ad v?rlnementa. Bj order Com Arrangaaeau. ap2?2t* A GRAND ANNUAL EXHIBITION MAY HALL will take pace at Te-rperacos <A HaU, K at, on Tl' ESDA Y NI9HT. Mat S. ftt Danoing br Prcf ??rie?' CkfiIi from k;> tore* a->adenura, from S to 9V4 o'oioek. at (m which laet hour the aadieaoe wi I ?omtn > e the danore for the nifht Prof, toeorgs Arh'r fu I band ta encaged for the cocaaton. Tioketa %i a/mu'M?>k a gent'ennan and ladie*. ay ? TP Fmay wall* ball CO. **C?" NAtToVAL GL AkD, A 1o t>? bald ar One FiLLowa' H?ll. N*vt Ya?D. um TIKK?DAY,MV1iL J'tcketa one dollar, admitting a centieaan and im> ap 8>~4t* WA GRAND PIC NIC ILL b? (iTM bf "? BENEVOLENT SOCIETY of U*o <atr>wn, at Grtn Kane* P? M i'iun, May 'at. Ml Thia b?ant f it ylaee la JM i tuatao about a quarter of a naie a'>?nl9 Georgetown. f >rm?r'y kept kr Mr. Ehrm?n-MMk Tfc. ?.?< m I' a aArA T>i i itinfl oa/tr a*. peas* to mi? the day me <>f pluturo to a ! ?bo n>V> Ckvjr them with U?elr tree*nee. feo-v) ooti'len wueic will t>? is etteoraiie*. Tiakete 60 ? , admitUnea geotiemaa and iadiea. i'unee wilt be on hen*] to wwwTe order. . ? >8 ?t WF. H. LA?<BK ILL ?IVF. A MAY FESTIVAL At TKMPKmSCB HALL, On THUKS0AV. MAV ttk. Mi. P. ft. LABBK Ui tke kom of laforaiiaf the lad tee ?na g?ati?fn+a of Wtakiurtoo anJ vtutattv that he wfcl give a ?r*ai Feetital at *|.ov? p'.aee aad time a? M t4? mi HAT.B INn RWNT. L, C)? ftSNT-TtoFt'lNiSBCX) HOUSE No. ? 1810 atrMt ?#n. ro?Uttioa iiimU ???. Wo. <?T am ??. ?*>?< I^UKNIBHbD KUOMe TO LKT-?*nn r ro*ma *iiMl ixmrd. tit frr tetlnMt loottiov raitftM* tor tiff ! or w 1*4 (toiiemea, &! b* had by ?fly Mfiioibn it 4?? a t*%!ilL *f?"' . Md CJto., 1-lLd. ToarooA^ r^rt^

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