Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1862 Page 4
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EVENING 8TAK!* jjcrr oavis* ihii'uuraiicx. Rtcaxo*v, Ft? ?, ltfla. a'.r?Buna'. of Sir jala Nft * t board, not a Jiyoua lau^h, A* r->< r Jtotbe v'.Htfmin they butrled, F- r t'u? chivalry knew by the telegraph W hat in Tfnneuee had occur-red. Tt-ev ?ir-ve him !n, wh'.le he lnlv?wore? The fiam from hit l?nk jaw? churning, A?id a no<tM- u-imrd dmrpUng hi* eyeabefore, With ti ?t&xy 'crath it taming. He thought hr* the foe. in the far aou'.hweat, & 1 S+ W ~ J I- i ' n II u - !i r?i MfTpifii riLLOW, A' .1 hcvFtn vi>.of tbe white groae-feat her crest, Had b?en Footed over dale ar.d bill, oh! The Inaugural job waa irarce Lalf-way done. When the concourse with dread w;-.s shaken;. For a tr usage w*a brought by *omeaon of a gun, that Nashville, alas waa token i i. ??- J - ? ?. - - ?- ?? y >* L> r <?i?i u u rr * uw i iiy Adthf people with queattont b^red bim, T;ll ibey uw by the way be msundered on That >ue tt-mbi* r.ews Lad floored a.m. Only tte man tf tbe Richmond Whig \Va?cruf I trough to upbraid him, II i* hm'.ld riebt on*, the ungene.oua pig! "Jrr? had r.tced tbe people who made him!" F?.dly the nccu-nfnl mummery passed, *. m:d the rnSnf-il !riiner.tat?o-;?, > t.-1 r<. . in of tope rfc?ered tte flr*t and last Ot JHcetsIon Inaugurations ^"n. II ani God' we ihall tcr 1h? end t>i Rebellion's riercon storr. And :b - t'r.!i>u Siars. u* fir t they rose, ^baJ! ?h!ne aloxk la ti?elr glory [Va&ity Pair. FK^TICEANi. The rf-Kcl Confederacy has enacted free trade. Ii is Hot spider in a corke.1 and bnttia trttlinrruisl v dnnlarincr linrftjtrint. * '. intercourse with the whole world. Thf Editor of the Mobile ilegis'er ;aj? that he ;ra*:j ihit in count hid fingers. Ay, fcu' who can count the plander9 they-have written ' The Richmond Whig csll.i JitT Doris r;. ??. ' A clod *h'-uld fce something shove JptT. . T! -k n.?^. T? n ~ i. u.cuaieac ?bv iii?i uixiijr ?M tb - .1 - . ?' to ILf> S iith by Floyd when lie v - t. ry of Vk t-t ar- perfectly w:>rthi<?;3. ir? i>e don t ?te:.l articles f<:r their \uiue tut tor the mere pleasure of stealing. Floor i3 remarkably eh?>9p in New Orleans. I cSIm : r twenty-five dollars in Southern ??i say, to twenty-fi*e Cfent3. Jeff L'hvjh's appointment of a day of fasting, hoffiili-itioo, and prsyer. will do no good. Tl.f. J *n - - ' - .*? 1% r I a> t1 ^ * * 4UV a ? '/gw (311 v rait 11171S V'lUCiif i?c;r liniu prayers and tuc> Lava t got any salt. Phillip* fujs th?t he tLsnka ti.*i for hsvhi* created tien Beauregard. We V.irr ta doubt that Beaurrrard thanks Gjd f,>r having created Wendell Phillip?. A orr?'p~T"l? nt in the mountains says thai price picked Union tr^pa are in search of l! 1 .... W finej jiT-imi. ?? s piij'j-oso mey warn I t*> see the elephant. Ibo rebels tiMerly hn*?? Kentn^ky. Wo i have r- ib-iibr. th?.t, if {hey iiivjule her ngfiia, | r y 1 iu"ry vrill j-how their rpUc n^ainU Ltr by bi:iu^ tb? du*t. . A Memphis p.'tper praines Floyd n? a "scar- i re?l warri r." Let the editor i>pell "starred' ' with hu r the l?ce and he will tell a truth the m>ro. I The 'frj ent i>f treason at Nflehville d?re?co t! / " ? ? " ' i- .liir u:-?. iiuFirr.iT Si a miiiwrv tear of ' the eesd >*f the wouan.'1 A ii?diU>r ?n Tl!in?ia i? surprised ihii vo ere u -t killod. ib't?k" wo * mast Ltve n charmed lite X-?, cot charmed bu< cba:m.r.?. 7' it'ii,w ii: Philadtiohia, who was final a Lvi;:Jr;d dcV.-.Tt la?t v, eek ft>r bit:ti?? ?ft' a Bu'i ur, paidl a bi.^ price for it mean diccer. I-ef c tli's war > ended th? rebels will sec t . cM then tii-'JO c:i I heir ' i/ and l>ok f it f.-'.u mere substantial bars. Tfce C.mfe.lcra'e ="r:r: i- r legal tender in the S uthcrn C.ul.:deracy. A preuy tough tender, cbou!-| think. Tec , J el-, -r tr.o Approach of thfe Union ?r< if. ?. . of tfceir cstic? and fit. Id*. Urea their forts, if not dtfeerti, are deserted. T# U-! ' * " " " 4i u? icuuecnn pwhjiow ise siortes or ttseir srgisrs, 'tis no wonder tbeT can bolt eucb uD?>ini-.;?blo whisky ?s they get. Wa huve taken a large number of punsfr?m the reb*I Confederacy, tut ns?t s fourth part as many ij- a single rebel Vieneral named Ficyd t ok froga ns. A good m?ny cf the young rebels who went fr^ra k-r .ucVy have ha^n n.nkins; incursions ir.t<- the routhern y?rt of the State for the yurpya* < f eotr-?ie?iinj{. Some of the young ri.iCal? might to steal their mother? Thi" r?';el CAafadarw ! ?? > ? ? ~m* 1 - j j <- - v ??o gvuu n chia ? > be c~:?i'cie?l t ?e j>r<>tcot<.r acd champirr f S'ate rights i.? King lit rod bad to fcfc ciilcd tJ.e hi.i chatvpion of tho cail.iran of Lid kingd >ia. The C nf. lerate pipera are longing far "Yellow Jr. a" ar. ally to rebellion against tSe L\ lera t. I) >*i tbs Confodem-v mtfci to .c .l ner* to ncgotiatu ' We ri.:.ll h&ve *?cat ran?c of joy when the rel.< H a b:p 1 ""k to their allegiance, but cot iinif .? rreir ?2 th?-y v. ill. EuLop I'olk. the v.oi.ersl, ran away frotc (lpn Pono ?t V.i In Tk- aj?k.? - - r - ? ?v. -v. a uc p CttQ I S6t> him'tlt nj> r.g-iinst the Pope i afortunuteTj in tho rebel Confederacy the ii.*c of principle ar? uot the principal men. Tl.c E-iitor of t^e Richmond M'pateh s?ve 1Lar h* will <yei.k hi* mind. He ou^ht nut ;o be guilty f aiy such iudtcecey it a rt~.ore?i that the l>evit. in compliment lo tuo rebel Wf-atn, haa c?.Qo!uded to leave off uh breeohc" 2^4 wesr fbttisoau. Th" rt! -!r ilinnt the star3 and bars upjn *?? _ a ? turn : g. we sn;.il pu" oul their stara and let dowb their b-?r?. * ]uo j- i era announce that the rebels are pre#?in^ i>:;ger*. It u an old habit with S'Jtl? of lilCUi. A correspondent of the Jackson Mijsi??ipfian j roni-^9 to tuke the ?tump to rai-"e volunteer? \i hi* fi iends wili Cr. l I'm a borte. CcrlMnly it L? tioti take the niuu,p, hid frieuid will find h:iu an ?ji. rtt . JL* ?T PL'DMSHKD. k *? *?-? * - . i - r ii,.:. buae".' * ?.or SWet*h?t r! . ik - : L... ; it*: ti.:Tf lor ti>?* oirr oft ?: ' 4 I . iorj ?o ilier. P..tiliah<-J hj J >L? i*. t'ltA<cLi<?. hi.i.*ae!?fc a. mi4 fur ?.*. "Tr Jo* S?lU.r?GTO>. -lit 13 4,'a St. ?ii'l i*R. i,r,0u,t;(;0 p 11 u s "3 CMAff CtiEAXh *!?!> I'OVCU TALLOW WANTED. 1- -^Uth tl?? bt;V*at Cutii p;!rM wiil t>? i.' - 5 tre; - *? M*a> 'so'^ty, 164 &t<i ltb Water onwwn, li. ii. *? J lw-n? l>A\V?tf?W k CO. LQLDIERS' MONEY ASD ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. T il ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL rtJiLDlt-RS' KKMfT TANCZd To taair at so r p<m^ vn lh? iioaa of ti??ir t- sprc<u at a cii*rg? of TWeiNl Y-FIVK CKNY8 To* ?cs* m<?t f.rrr Do it ass; A., * p opfmioitftf* o.arja to placra 1uc 1 f'7 c.:n fCUm txprej}?*. < (;# rfxr.itrarMr wlatt^er Ooltf, Tiaaaarr Notaa, - ?? ;? r..t * umi ^0 ?":lo?e'I "n UM 1 w ei; -t atatfd, ruC Ltve the fail nrniur? nciD? lowa. Po>(t t.ia;e. tr.i ar.ti i iti*a t- ? Rtrw*< */>< i 'i*ntmr) of tLo par?cti to v ..oiu t> r? teut. it id .to aniortt leji&lj t i. I * LV^I>f^?fr>r tr.n fVTg rs mxj ba at our c t. 'at? dMlTery thaoutrga for ra Jitt 'hotj'.J 1 *.r. js in h'.Mf l.XPXES* COMPANY. / .\F.xa ijkadv M ADK gaumI 1 LVli,. o.- FuNU QlALi rr. n offp* J-J atrusrcia t Jit a*?-jit < -111'> * ?-h a!rt, I)K t JMJ4?A ft. HLfcf > , ^f?>Ai-N f? A> fALOl N? and VCSTH oi i.:; c0iOt< utd ^ai tn ia*v? in. ?,.uh to * CO,. iefeSBeaS*. > > v PAR'S KID GwOVK8,FO& LADIES. II .! rize* ?, Vfj ?aailtr. t 1 bur UUI fa*'. ?U?* i>f Dry Goodi.m *U of ik^oi.T \r?nt?. .... _*J 7^,'m.O, sitiXet !?*. * and Ninth ?(r??t. Ci A MP FL'BNITURE AND T1.1 WAIK OF / ?>i kid* w be 1 ol _ ?W *. EAKKOVK1, tHB II \ ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIALS. a FEW OF TBB MANY TESTIMONIALS FROM THE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON TO DR Tl ILLBTY, THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR. * DrplombU Condition of Body and Mind. I wn* aiunoft dead with pain In raj chest, back, shoulder*, ?'de and head; wan debilitated that I could *raroelv walk. My mind wai continually niClanrholv and gloomy; but were It not for Dr. Tumblcty (kill and hit remedlea, I would have been dead before thl*. I am nsw completely "ured thn*4? Gkttfi.i, P street, between 15th and 16.h, Washington, D. C. Rryfijulas Cured. D*. TrMBL*TT?Vonr herb remedlea *re the paragon of alltbat la great In medicine. They have cured m? after being given up to die of erytlpel&i. Mrs. Emma Kkrnaxl, Fairfax county, Vl. Curt of CoitgKt, gain in tk* Frtast, Dyspepsia, with great Wealcnttt, This Is to certify that I havebef n troubled with tii- above-named complaints for s?veral year? 1 tried some of our moat eminent physician* In V* st bloc ton, Alexandria, and Georgetown, but received no relief. I was persuaded to try Dr. rjrabiety, and In a very sbor> time his herb medicines cured me. Jaxbs H Bull, Blacksmith Shop, Navy Yard. Dysptptia and Liver Complaint Curtd vowm >v. ttarman, Metropolitan rollee, Washington, J). C. Curt of a* Ulcerated Sort Leg ieitk seven holtt. I)a Tcmbi.stt?I have been u*ln;? your berb ib<dlcUies to cure a bad leg, with seven running sor?-s, if n?*ver.ii years standing, which the doctors thojgbt incurable, aud amputation was regarded as tUe only ultimate relief. I can now walk as well as ever. 1 am cured s. C. Pariisr, Seventh street, Park Hotel, Washington. Cvn*u>np:ion Cvrtd. Mrs Edward T. Tiiplpett, Navy Yard, Third tieet, between M and N. lir /"%? *? .1 tn ****** ? \ wviii W&M ^ > VSf J 1/iUI l?U .f? , / . Jju. W. Lsrkin, Government Printing Odire. Washington, April ?, 19<W. Blindness Cured. Th5> Is to certify that I have been blind for two years, and by the aid of Dr. Tutnblety's treatment i can wafk all over Washington without a guide. Mra McDuwkll, Sevtath street, island. To the Ladies. My wife has been afflicted with a disease peculiar to her sex, for three year*. Had tried various physician* without any benetlt. Dr Tumblety hi? cured her. W. Tccksr, A * ? ?? Aiexaaaru, va. Cj*!vmj>ti?n Curtd. A vegrtnhlc course of treatment presented by Dr. Tumblety bu cured me of Ccnaumptlon. Jonrn Eskridok, Brigade Wrgon Matter, ttrcct, Washington, 1>. C. of the ThroK. Trancl* Srcia K?q., lender of the L . Si. Marine, Navy Yard. Strofuli Curtd To fill With Srr. fiil.t Tr' lir Turn. bU-iy, the lj.d:an llerto Doctor J. E Httchiujoi*, 1'aStnt Offlce. Rto. J. Cvrtit Cured. 1 world rrcomairnd all who are troubled w!'h Geaerat I>eblitty, L)ycp?*[ ?ia, Ac , Ac , lo try Dr. Turablety, wLo baa cured m?. Re* J. Curtis, tfaJtimore, Ma Canter fund l)r TumbMy has cured my wife of cancer by bt? herb remedies j. Capbm, Near Fairfax Seminary, V?. Sort Eyes Cured. P. MaL?r, Bridge street, Navy-Yard. Prolapsvt Vttri. L'r. I'ureblety'a Herb Medicine Las cured my vr\lf c( thr above-u.entlout-d diabase. C*PT CC!?WI?IGHAK Georgetown, 1?. C. fits Curtd. Flu brought on bv Weaknew, byapepata, Co?tlvrneaa, Ni^L: iir. aim, \c , Xc. I i uri IhvTa Ai?-iandfla, Va. Lirg? Tumor Rtmovtd. Jamca Klax, G street, Washington, D C., bad a lar^e tumor of a cancerous nature removed from his Lead Without resorting to th?* barbarous practice of c^Uikg with a kuife, l* U usual In such i Mr%. Flmal* Complaint Curtd. Mrs. C. W. b lake mo.:;, Lang's tlotei, Georgetown Curt of Ntrvout Dibilttp. I're.ieikk Koitieder, F street, corner of ta, ItiUd. Here/vie Cund. J Moloney, corner tth and H stmta. FHlc.rt*trunt of t\e Ihart Curtd. r. uown?, >U titb street, Wiulilngtou, i). C. Scrofula Curt J. J D. Lakfir. an, SljtU street, No. 439. "onfutr.ption Curtd. J Ijj!r>i, WHtt hmr.:., United J-'titea Capitol. Jil.a Clark, Camp l>uncan, I). C. JoL:i C. Dsv. corner Second and D str??u. Bad Cast of Jaundia Citrtd. John Hurd, No. 500 Ntw York avenue. Fits Cvrti. DavM Dllo n, 472 F D'bihty Curtil. J oUn Done tnu, No. corurr C and id itretU. Cfcaries A. CourveUer, Navy Yard. of Ckrmic Distatt. William 3; tllvan, corner Four-and-a-half and G slreets, l.ou: Foundry, Nary Yard, D C. Cttrid of Utbxlitj, CLaries Wllaan, U. 8. Regular. Dytptpsia Cwtd. B?nJ. D jraey,.Twentieth aUeet, below Penn ylvunla ivenue. Cured / Ptmplts ?? the fkct. JllTlOB T.-? * ? -t-*U * * ?* A - - i?sc?) ? wcmj-uiia ana u aireeia. Chronic RKtumaiinn Curtd. M. G Howard, Tenth ntreet, netr Pennsylvania ivenue. lA'thrr.n after mil tkt Doctors Failtd 8 J. White, No. 263 B street, south side of Uaj-ltoJ. r%m ? r** j J. BUckbura, Georgetown. !> ./ Drtanu with Night Swats Ottrid. R H?u.i-*ch, 11? Sertnth #tr?et. i Fmj Curtd. J.J. Kane, C street, between 6th and 7 th. THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR rill describe dJaewura and toll hla patlwnia the nature of their coaiUloU or llla-w, wttfcout receiving any taformatlon from them. iYo CA*rgt Jot Cmutilation ar A4mU?. _____ "r I wT2?5S^*u41,^'5!KSrv I THE GREAT "AMERICA* REMEDIES,* Known u HELMBOLD'8 ? GUUUE FKEPA&&TI0H8, [ HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT ?BUCHV,? " " SARSAPARILLA " IMPROVED ROSE WASH. 9 HELMBOLD-S GENUINE PREPARATION. * HJOHL Y CON CENTRA TED" COMPO USD FL UID EXTRACT B UCHU. A Pocitivs and 3peo:fio H cir.?<lr Por Di?aa?e? or the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, ud DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thi? Medicine inorea<ei the power of Olfaction, and exoite* the ABSORBENTS into healthy action, by whioh the WATERY OR CALCAREOUS demolition*, and ai! UNNATURAL [ ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, at vail M i PAIN AND INFLAMMATION', and is good fcl MEN, WOMEN, CR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT B UCHV, For An*inc from Exoenoa, Habits of DiaaipatioBf Early Indieoretinn or Ahnso, Attends// *M-'th th .'siiWrftw ? ? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss ol Power, L^ss of Memory, Difficulty of Hreathmr, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horrorof Dise&M, Walrefu ness. Dimness of Vision, Pain in the Back. Lniversa i.assituJe of th? Muscular Sys'em, riot Hands, Fiu*hine of the Body Dryness ol the Pkin, Eruptions on the Faoe PALLID COUNTENANCE, These symptoms, if allow?d to go on, whioh tfeis madioine lnvarial?iy removes, soan follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPiLEPTIC FITS, in one of which tUff pationt may ex pire. Who om uy that they aia not fresu^ntly fol lowed by those "DIRF.KUL DISEASES," 'INSANITY AND CONBL'MPKlN." Many *r* awtre of tbe cauts of tK<?ir pnfTrnng, BUT NONE WILL CONFER*. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. And iht HUiancholy Dtatis by Consumption, BKAR AMPLI WITNESS TO THS THUtH O* THI? ION. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires ths aid of medicine to trent'.hen aril t_ ? a *. - iETHi>-?T?ir>9 syiiam. Which HF.LMBOL fi'S EXTRACT BVCHV in variably dot*. h TRUL WILL C0SVIKC8 TBI MOST SKIfTICAL. FEMA LES? FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOl Nfl, yiNCLK, MARRIKO OR CON rKM PLATING MARRIAGE, In tftnny Affettiont pt.-uliar to Fbmal'S, thft Kxtraot Ba?l u it un'qutile) 1>t any, other i mi rv nri;;i ru, ifrr<u ir.iT, P? ii.f'ilnen or i!uppret?ion of Customary ! v;<c!iatioca, U'o?rat*?i or Scirraont elate of the U terns, L^urorrhfp,* <?r Wkitra. S'orility, anil lor all oomp'ai^t-* iDoiJei:* 'o tk* e?x vh?th(" nriaipj from lndi*crs!i'>n. H-vMts of Luaipation, rr in the DKCLIiVK OK OH \NGK OF LIFE. *KK *tMPT?M? ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT! Tar* art *oh? Kat.i> v, M??.c?ty.of. tr??rMU?AST MEDICINE" FOi CNPLSA?AN1 AND DAT S *ROCg DISEASES. HELME OLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU CVE.ES BKCRET DISEASES I.. ?ll ?k?i. u:? A A ? A * ? *? iu Ail umi Ai ns*? ftipcr.r't LiUla or no ohanre tn D ?i. No li.oonvenioaoe, And no Tryoivrt, [tcanrea a frc^uont iem e ?ni |it?* Btrejajth to Urinate, thereby rerr.oviut obitruction*. Preventing and Curing Strictures o( th?> Urethra. A !ajirf P?!n an<l Irflirrmati^n,if frequantin the c!ae? c.f*, * * rjcpn.linf all Fo-cmous, Dat&std <ia .' wo n out Mailer. THOUSANDS TTPOK lHOtJSANM WHO HAVE D FF V "rjl S VICTIMS Of QUACKS, and w ho ha?e aaid hkavt vxca to be cared lea liort tune, l.ave f'>uud they were de<wived. ar.H that the "POISON" ha*, trtheu*e of' pownrn ASTaisoitTii," teen drf-d np in the ?;atdui, to broalr oat in ?n ai cravnted form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. t>* KsrMBoLti's Kxikact Cccittj for a!'affections viid dst-ns*- of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether eiiitinc in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever cauee orieirnti^f, ar.d no natter of HOW LONG STAND INU. UImum of thee* Orean* le^mre tiie aid of a DIURETIC. IIKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU IS THE Gil EAT 1H U HE TIC, Anil is certain to h&va tue ile>?rsd effect la *1 FOR WHICH IT 13 Rb'.COM.MENDKD, BLOOD!BLOOD!BLOOD! j Iftlmbold's Highly Concsiitrat'l ('ovipoirnS FLUID EXTRACT BA11SAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. This i* i? an affection of the blood. And ATTACKS THE 8EXUAL ORGANS, LIN1N??3 OF THE NOSE, EARS, .Mil n * rw+ i nnuii i, WINDPIPE AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES, Making its appearance is the forat of ULCEUS. n?list>G!U'a Extract Siraapafi^la, Purifies tbe Biofld, ani reraovaa all Sua! j Erv>tio&a of tiie fckin, til VINO TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It t>?iag prepared expr^ajslj lor till a o ;wi of oompiaint;, ita Blood P'jrifjir-g Properties aro preaervad to & creator extent tiiac any other preparation of Saxs&?ariiia. KELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, An axcaileot Lot'.on Tor f)isp&?e? cf a Syphilitic Nature, and a? aa itjecti u in D mssp* o'the Uricary t?rjan?arislr:? rroin M&bltaof i>ife;p*iion, uand in ocimeotioa wiih tha Uxuaota iiu?!iu 01 Baraap& in buq/i a? reooimuoLleU. EiriUtu* cf tkt ~ioa rtliabl* and rupomiblt iharatt*r will accompany Ik* meJuints. I CKKTIFICATI 8 OF G'UJtJSK. | From 3 to if) vets' standing, | With N'amis inow.i to bCI?NC? AND FAME. Far Sialic*! Piopristios of tiUCHU. aoe Di? peuaatorr of ?he I'cit-d States. See Piofearor D r. W LK'S valuable work? on the ; Pi&oti&a o{ Physio. remarks mad* by tie late o?iel<r&:*i Dr. I'll YSlcK. i'ju:*ap;?hi%. 8f? remarks ictJ? by Dr. EFHRAIM MeDOVVKLL, a oelebrat?i I'liysioian and Momber of the Royal Coliere of HargooEa. Iielaid, and ptt. iiKheU tu the Traucactiuas of the King an* Queen's Journal. Be* Mrdioo-Chirnr<io%l Renew, Mbliahed by OKNJA.M1N TRAViiiu*, Fellow of Rojai Collece of Hureeons. 8ee moit'of the lata Pu.adi.rd voika on Medioine Extract iiaoha, SI W per bottle, or s'x for $&oo. fcxiraot t?ars*panll?, 8H? per bottle, or six for 50ft. IffiprorM Rom Wash, fc? per bottle, or biz for 9% 66* Or, half do sen ofeaon for #12oo, whieh will be sufficient to cure the most obstinate euei, if dl reotions are adhered to. Delivered to any Adurees, securely saoked fro on obeervation. DKacEIBK SVMFTU^dS^N ALL OOMJdU Cutm Onwictasd! Adrtoe Gratia !! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me. aa *? ? ' j eitj of Pmlarfel?lua, h. r. H*l*bold; who' being Uuij sworn, doiii ?ay.his prorations oontain no naroudc, no nitsroury, or other lomnom driif,, bat are purelj vegetable. uywion. H. T. HELM BOLD. Sworn and subscribed before m*. this lad of Address Utters for information in oonfidenee to Desot. .. _.r ? . ?? u? wt.vuetQHI'UJIi BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS JLNJ) UNPRINCIPLED DfcALJSRt*. Who endeavor to diapoM "or init own" an '01HB2 ' AATICUM O.l * ? UPUTXTtoa ATTAJMS^ Bf H.i?boU'.OanjuM|ra^^oSa. m " SumMnTa. - Imtrovad Rom Wwh. gold br A L L D R V9&1ETM EVERYWHERE ASK FO* HEL.MBOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHJER. Cut oat the *1 v?rUa?n*at Md ml tot It, NO AVOID IMWHION ANO KXPOMktMr *' ? I 5 * boat ROiriTik, mm* ihwwh im mm f7"'? M Mi| EfuMfi liwi <y m lit frM, PO* ALL DISEASE- OP IMPJLVDKfcC*. UP JTO FALSE DELICACY TRETttt. APPLY IMMKUlAmLY. i iiiti itakaitvtad. ox ao ertAMoa, in jt&um oa*j? r6 riro da rs. VuIuh ?r ttt luk, kulttsr**, tfnUmrf U? IMMJI ??4 IllMll JlWUUIt DlKlUfM, li?yx?B?T, ?r*J D*Ui!ty, Itn'iMM, DrffJ, ktrjM, f Uua, b?? Ipnu, rn^itUM m til Httrt, TuaMit*, trtnninj*, DiiHtuaf k|iui iddtoM*, D ttui W Ott ftHi, TUMI, Rni m ?k<n. 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Tknuaiii af U? a>l aar<??? u<i daki::?at?d, ?k? kid '.art ?!1 kaya.'kaTt I ke:? lw??adl?t?!y ralitrad. All l-spt4L? >a!a t? Uurj;i, PtjaUa! ar Htatk.! 'a^aa', fc-*? *f ri tiwr, l^nrtii Irritability. r??a..->4 ax Xiikaiu ? luiuil>\ ?l u I a*a?l fatrfa! | tuo afsa3i:y ?srtd. *T V Hi'] t: r r u>? jl-w <->? ?* ? ? ?. .i? r * * v/jr */u rafon. T?1 HtUT TC?VIA7?I \*t?i it IM* v'lkta I U> la?l it >?j.*?? jtin ??d to ???rtrtu til eytrr.'..*** f ?rf?r??i! ?? D?. JtkbilM, v!tc?Mt J ?y i*t t:t ' jltitn ud ?? / ?U*? ?er?* t, Dtlit'i ( *?l?i h*?t iftta t?u ljiuB ki'fra lk? fitl't. '?? | t!i!li kit t'.udUf 111 ftatiliMa ?f Utritiii tad | ?Uit, <> t taStitit (tuuut v? tkt illtttl. mk U-It ? JVt X T XI A5D BROTHER'S //AW roific PPPPP A A LL EEEPKKE | PP PPP AAA. I. L FKEEEEIS PP PPP AA1\ LL EK PP PPP A A AA I.L KB PP PPP AA AA LL .EKEE PPPPP A A AA LL EC EE PP AAAAAAA LL EE ?-P AA AA LL KK PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEF.EE PP - AA AA LLI.LLL EEEEEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX. 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He alco k*o?e & arts etosk o! i~.UA J t \Vi?LHV ul tLe rcoat iie?ii?0i? 8t?irr set wJb P Amon<]?, i'.msralu*, Kitbiaa aui Mi oltn* 6eu.^ li;i ? ivlco manof&otorinc Ul kinds of *Uv:oa'd Silver (Varo, and keeps **worua, RotoI*&.?. lieita asai t*a?ne?, Uo^ne Kru??? K*sor?, 6oi4, tj;lver ard bteel i\aLd a srest varieij oi ctitar thins# ecaaily kept iti ft J p*-70'tt 8tore, and a i at the very k we?i p-ice. No. 33d rA. aveuu?, bt:vorb tta fctJ :otli _ fa I V tf '|-<J MILITARY Oi'FTCK&? BATCHELOU'S CMyVIXK HXiZ SIM, The iiest ia tie WorU. Tkt (in'v a?U rV?. wlcii llaxr Dyi juemm. ooi.t fjy t-ii ucitiiMvt; at i:\zxrror'i F?.Uti Krdkit* KU>ra. op. Patent OAae, acr. 1<" * r.Ji, 3 r.'J * t liiu'i Htir r>U.:?, \}4\* P?nil'* irssae, v^er* Lal'm can uavo it a??ueJ, if <t?sired. Fi?Urr?fc 1 ii&rolaf ?t. (IAU tfcJ iiroAJwkr) N. T. w> 8-fr UP RAM'3 HA.1K DYEI-TOCOLOJI SLACK O/t iiiiO W'iv/?1Ouly 38 cant- a box. Throe hose? for <>i;9 ualiar. Sr&r, i?d or Hasan hair can to chunt60 in a lew oeovada to t, j't Naok or prow;., vj neiaf lijhaiA'e L.i?uid Hair J)je,thr anJ oheapeat in tha world, producine, tne moment it 1* ? jpiioc!. a r'.olt natural appearance. Each Hex of rhi**i >1 H ii A.lit D VK :? warranted to oonta:n ai> UiUCii ta?t dyt as othnr? %cll for on* doila*\ tto.l l>f S- C. DPfl AM. 403 <;r~rru' ?trost, ! a:!a delphia, anl *. CALVKRT FORJ). oorntr nth ?tr:el au-t 1 *?. s.ic.; in JLlexaudna, by HUNKY COOK & Co.. I>rotf 1?U. ?c? DBR. DUPONT'P FUGAK-COAT.ED FEI MALK KKfclFLATiNG PILLB Read lii* followmt uii?oli cited enooml MU "1 cannot oonrmec-J them too highly." "They are the bent t errials rii;* sxtai.t." "1 l.*r? u?ed them with coinplate ocoesj," "Would not bo without them upon any eoaaideratioc." "Tray c-KrataeeMdily and effeotirel*." Trice Sent by mil!. Sold by S- CUFHAM, 01 Creanat atre^t, PtU&de'yhU, anu id Wwbiocton by 8. C. FORD, corner 11th atreet and Pa. avenee.; in Alexandria, by HL?N K Y COOK * CO.. Dnmnli. noaa-eoly DM It, GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE 60NURRI1CEA in atx data. No obanfaof dial re* aired. It is as Enx-^MMW luan S#eoi?o of aiatirfiv* jean aluein{BHK and wi!! not hArui the tooct delicate oop-^^K^^ ftitatiou. it oontamajae mi*trait, Prioo Pl. Held by A. C. UP HAM. ?Wl Chaannt atreet, hiladelahia, and in Waabintton by 8.0. FORD, Mmer 11th atreet and Fa. a??: in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK fc CO.. Dnu?i?U. no ?6?ly A FULL ANU ?OMFLETE STOCK OF Fnni>f And KUnia BB V finflflSI adapted )or ue eprin and summer tun of farm lies and i.cusokeepers. Our northern and eastern correspondents tend ds new supplies daily. , , One prlee only, the aoUal null standard va.De, marked in plain finm. An inspaotion of stook eohoited from ?trarrers, resident* and sojourners; it will imply no ?Unation to pur oka**. FERRY ft BRO., ap 5-6t Penn. aveuaa Mtl 9th street |}KC1J)KD BAKCAIMB. Linen Goods, a fall aseortaieBtali kinds of the bed Embroidsrl* and Pooket Handkerchiefs, reaaat supplies m all cradeat Pine aa* qndinm White Flannels, plain W H'c end 1'iaia Caabties and Sfasllaa. j^uitssa^nxaa^vasi TllM. Aaa tneesshnr mM ?- -a-.. - ?sa?? - ?'TsiwrKrr mil T?t PMTI awBttSaiumllSl ANB VKHV NIOB ROSEWOOD CjilCBV snag Puno and on* (Mb for sals vary otamp, on aooommodstmg tarns Also,a|HHH| bug* Mnortmeiit oi t?Uin?a* $ Sobs'anufTTTTl SNjr&*a4?r'"* J r > KM A. * f ItAlll1 Worcsaterabtrc Sauce. \ o? jfi simor ?2?MC:S5J5*M ffl ?f* >. ^ ?w- II M*Uml BtmUmm - OWfcT #OOP ^ Hti,r**r 583 " ! U*S*-? I *vh?T ^37^,iHKTT PfS^P'0,mi0? OP DIBM. | Tkiabove SAUCE w not only ?? ,M' MFWtA.* o!I?:kei*t know a, bst the mow It" UC *' a lew drupe is Sow. 0v**w? or wita i and o*>ld Joitux, Bttf 3t**h. ',-1 "apart *rexiui?i? ??, wk*oh *auoe?aa*f?tarere have In vaiuMiffcTor*! to On the Brttkfmst, ??**. ^?rpr TVi.t, a oraet containing " LEA 4 PESHINi WORCE3T '1H8HLRL BAWOJi"' u l?4;?MMa bis. To ?>pr?eiit9 the aceattaa* tumhtut of tfcia datteitmt ^ropar&tion it is on'j neoMsaxT to paronM* ra*l! bottio of the (? * ?, of ft r*ap?otftbla *r#oer or J*? or. u many Huttl m<J JUjimtmi proviator* seldom plkae the Pun S&aoe before tteu rn68U. DBt aat-etitute ft CftBHiA* ?*iU filled Witt %?r*rto*j rapture. F?>r u> by Grooara ltd Fnlterera turrwUr*. JOHN DUNCAN k, S0K8, Sflari 11U 1 itk strut, Ntw York, Sol* WholMftie ( eta tar the luM States. Siook ftivftya m etore.?Alao crdere reoeirM tor direot atupmecta from E&f iftad. irrjMtni/rjHllr/iii.ui lailakiai m epMy^o ' * flBa VOPBATA'S BUM QBa r * m x 1 * m ri vjri V MAXVfACTORT, tfc? ftrrotrx bniit, W^ibimt?h, 9.%, i?-T<|?d t/ lutltvU itbiUir&i?, No* IK. i Jt, M*4al br McrrcyoliUcMwiis.ktaa'laautata W uhicitcsiD. C., UT, I an ??i<bU?Ut na*la*, ard tlnn kivi kui e. Uie t>?*l uiMn*:, rirr 4**4r>U?a *( VIM tto-9 LeaUar, livu niiuiwi LLC *' ? Ocx, *r.4 fttkuic Trvakt, r?:'o*-.*r.C*r?*t.wt4 CMTU Tr?*e'mi Cart, S*hsol teu?&, * . tt L*m Priui. Msabtri ?f Coccr??? and tr*T6>r? Will ?Imm rry not* bv.'ore purchMUif tluvitn ' Trvnki lh?t art in other oit:e?. Stpenor Loiter i>rMa Trink> uil t* *Tr*nt ftOTertd and rowuret it short s?Uml ' aada frM of n<.m.rr* t?. ? I lt/ ^^ri?toV:j,and A exar^ria """ J A .M Ki* H lOfMAM, C>. BALMORAL BOOTS. TOAT Tipped l)uuvie ivle Balmoral?? ! CO Calf Kid co do do ii oo lore calf do St m Aiso, a.l other (tries of Lid'.ee and Mihm' Bhimoral tiooU, Uie ohsapsst a&i t<e?t M*ortment in tliecity. J. OHKNTBAL. Bo. IS Market Sp&oe. J?7 e? t'enn. arena*. ?th and ttfa m. NOTICE. tADA.NS> EXPRESS tOMPAHT.'' J-hi. Oonaany offera to tb? >nbU?M Cno?aftiM for ti.s Safa ana Qaisk Diapatoh ? Hoary Freithta. P%oca|*r, Va!a-?nifs, Mon?y. Jao. fcc., to Oil part* of tho tV.fced State#. KnniHi to and frocs (ha North and Weil dopa-' froj; and arrive in Waahi&c.on twice daily. JLl! *.r? in charge ef nwniawl mmd ri??aM? 'I*9BSzg9?z. AH racha<en for The S*i?ia.a earriM at "?ww mAV?" car Bi^al ratsa. All Gorti for the *o-cad "CvsAdarato Siatea" acd a'.l Artioiaa " C?tiUat*JU oiWar" will bo m ?9?a??. "oVr".r*ret?*? !<? * Nev York at 1.1, aad P. M., fcrr.ntx Ui Wujiumd at A. M. ud U) mtj Phiia<??i#hiaat 'Ji A. M. aad U P. Wl., arriTini m Wai-icrtou at Mi P. M,a&4 C At M? ExprMM :?? ? J>?taar? at 4JO a. N. acd I P. M.^arrijriitg in wii! i?jton at A. M aad Ui hii/MiM for v.; point* NorU aad Wnt 1#?t? WaarunttonAt 7J*) A. M. m.1 tjo P. 34. 8^01*1 CoLtiaali for ia:t? ?ea&ubea of r ratffct an ' fl on Mr-icalion to tku < '#*?. All 6ood? caiiad for and dahrered fru of kltrt lUitM. E. W, PAIlSOjf?, 9ayt Ararat' i.zyrtM Coir,>%nr. W^?h*.nrUn. iituta. ittt. a?t*-rf /^bomevhin# ?tw: ?WfU4,7ntemT 1< Ml o twit, arr**4u Ui 'CfMttr, , .. ., CY^EUS tiTEAMt.U It tfco Rk?il ssJ /horosjh t CaokN (Sw iiHrtw * I rHiti m i?i M?n(4, :?< f*tuu timt hi Call bb< ?a?. *P? lnsd-Bitt-bU rteMCtfal^T !tfo;=j hiafriMla ' a the, atd visitors to the c.'-,t\*t Ke has fH\#i hit omacd WKIX-EMWWK KtTLMUKnUMm ;n t mo?t Ct-5'otjh fcnl Lu made oonv?i?ie arrcn/antra to .'t.-xian OYBTKK.8 la act tyle and ;l any quantity. <ct io Mi calioctafcackM f?r ca*. S/vu to 1.000 c? . vf Sj'.exvl ard Fr?sh at e> ('nlj?cxi.i hcrmtUc*, 7 ?e*-e?i. KuuitM itttii? *:>.? Tby tn? batiie; or barral. Pitku viiii,t-t to Oyst*rj fsrniahed rtfttar'/ tue winter, at iit uruvre noes, vitlioat 4?u o( ^srev^toKM Mil and bus ur*nr?nifl"te tt asoe. FrMfLt. trie, and mcpey ut?J by purahtairr : u>?. m J ?*rnis?i an article MCli to t^e ee?e^rai*d H*-.Caere establishments, at erieee i*'* u ! > . YO Cat tad Mmlu.*. si-Hkm, Clime, Strawberries, fo nator.t, pn** To;;, inpe, 4m. Ae.,&c. Als?, I'iok'.as, Ca:?ni, bt^tea, rirtady K'k1?4, & v, \1io, ki\ 3L\i i'roisa Fis j. Turtles, TBrrafina, Kresh L'stsiar*, Co4, Halibut, fce. In fa?t. 9vcrr ih:ne t is tne V rti-crn marit*Ui aivftTj an hand, it reasonable friot*. li. teat i f?:r.i':ea atf;:;? ! Tr*tH Oyttr-i, ?eIrreied %r.uoaioh?ri? any t?yt of tie Cistnat, in a --1890. if Lie Liana* le ?;.** tt>i *w? mJ?* Mr i,; . ? i. m. to 11 at n fLt, ?iiif u*j, uwjii wUoa 1 a\? at 10 o'o;Oi>k ? a. _ Ja i t! T. M. EAKVJjT. Black ailks HLACK BILKS! OOLORKD S1LK8! COLORED 81 LID! A Ml assortment of the b?*t cradM at our proI ? ? i. ? - ? - toiui .iij ,o* ?rias? fcPRING SHAWLS! SPRING SHAWLS epR^Ne'^RAP^NG^^ * i0M" SPRING WRAPPINGS! irnQ itti HAI ? One prio* only, the acton oaah valn?, marcetf ia plaiatnuri*. I'hBSV 4 liKU, &p 8-ir Pern. a**".tue aaa 6?h ?tr?o?. FOR ARMY and navy men.?nary Bin* Fiannsi*, v. lotLs. a&U Oa*?;iu?re?. A'riu Hiie l-",\s:ncj?, Ciotiif. and C&aaiiaorw, cf ixf- proper (that .will Uold the oolor.) A'-<> oft usbsi eirpe t u ok of a 1 other ki&d< of Dry Ooodi, for .am;li?* and Uvaewke^pera. One prioe ol.t. m cfr.icct f.rre?. An pximiinationof stock implies no oblnatloB to fnrcl.**e. PKKRY A URO., ai> ? tt P?T-r. av^ron and Ninth at. thisbbmjlr. FreUiHi bf licy*l Ltittrs F*itn: cf turlmd, ?* / ttruritl ky tk$ St&li / tk$ Ecolt dtFkurwuhU dt Parts, mmd tit ImptruU C?iUgi tf Mtiititu. funn*. IKILUKiMAK !%o. 1 [a th* effootnW ren??dy for RilaxatioWi 8p*e 4*0&xh<2a ?d?1 kxh aystiotv ob tbi 3tstxm. TRlfctiEMAR No. 9, Completely and outirely enaioatea all traoaa of UiQX9 diaordera, for wiuoi: Copaiva and Cabot* titve |ener?!!y t>o?r. thought an antidoU, to tM rum of tiio health of a rut portion of tie popal*Mti t&IBSEUAA No. s Is the (real acd ?ur? remedy of the e'n'ijai world for ail uiivuriuei of the system, u veil aa eaeoad%jj symptoms, obnatinr the do?trooti*e nee of Mercury, us woit aa other deleterious luiredjents, and whioh all the Sarsaoarilla in the world oacnot remove. Tx:i>ixii Nos, 1.3 acd 9 are alike devoid of taete or stneii.acd of all nauseating eaalttiee. They are in the fom of a U>*eu*e, aud may tie on the toilet table without Ufeir aee baiag ?*a^old'in tiB eaaea at f) each, or foar #t oaaee la olb for #9, acd ib # ca*oe, thaa aaving .aa &WSSUg HIKSirti"8S? bBi^f t KOW, 194 Bieaeker street, (4 doore front Maaoucal atreet). New Vork. iuiii.outataly on receipt of. remittance, Dr. Biuoy will forward Trfeeeraar to any fart of the VoFld, sooaialy .and addressed aooordiag to the 1Mffwbu PROM ?* ! CDC _ WVOTMMM--IA FI'MHft She E*rr?Clon? QomaIIs; Xto *f1 - FKAXMCKTATLO?, 8il* "sffimmuanr* - M oar ?roTerwI ?f??r o e x. Uw eMk eUoieri *!* , J ^KJAaSMfcCk 1 T&AVjhLLK&S' lUKEOTUBY. BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD NOTICE C HAH9E OF HOPlff. O* Aire trni Wdxuut . inn ?, 1W, nil pinimo rum UTVIU WUHlB?TOH. BALTinOKf, AND TUB WkIT Will rms M t?U*wa: A*" r or raiuiuBtrma m?f tuvkL?a*0 feaihincioaatta ..r^a ,11* m. tic Vor ANNAPOLIS-Lmt* Wuhisitoi tt 1AH a m and 500? m. For FRBDKRlCK?Leave Wa?fcinrtos at 7.+> a. m. im S an t, m. FOR A LI. POINT* WMT, And for Harp+r'* Forry, Uartlnabori aad Wts iMtter.luT* W&thiactoc at7.?A a. m. TRAINS MOVIN9 SOUTH. I/?t? Now Vnrkat 7 a. a.; Patia4oi?hia 11 Jf a. m.; Ba?Uaore 9 AO f a. Arrive at Waetaiagtoa I < '"Leave New York at! p m ; Phllade ?Sia ! ?. in ; Baltimore 4 90 a. m. Arrive at Waehixu.on 9ia.m. Leave New York at 11 . n : Pkii?4*;?hi* l ar ib ; Bait i mora 7.40 a. nu Arnr* at vfaaking ton 9 .25 a. m. Looal Aooommodation Traita Batmor* at 10 a. m. aao *10 for Wa*hicgtoc; arrive th*r? at II a ? and 7 fo p. m. Ot Bondan at 4JD nd Twaa only from Ba t mora. No Annapolis or Fradariak ooaaactici on Sunday. Paaaavcer Trafnt lcATtoc Waahinrton at 7 40 a, m. and 5 CO ?. u., and B? timoi at!.# a a. and S 10 p. maka uraet aoaaeotioaa for Annapo:.? at the JuDct.on. Tfca 740 a. n? eorceou at Ke a? for Pradeript, Hac?r?U>wn- Bar|??T'? Ferry, Mirtiatbarc. wlnobMtar, WhM.i&i, Par i?r?bcf, Ac.. MMtt Boodaya. teave A naap&lia for Bait.aora and Wait. L&rton at G SO a. m. a.r.d S 40 b m. Paavaef er T'tica leavr ? Wwhmton *t ? ? m. 11 ft in. IM ( p. m.. ted B&'.ttmor* ?t 4 so*cd ?.?o a ro . ud Hi p. in , will it or only at Junction. Way Pumeiiti moat t&fce th? Accommii+tis* IVihu ?Id. W. P. SMITH, ap I Matter of Tnu.aportu.on. ua't. ISM) THE riMS Petniylyania Central Railroad, mm (vitk iu ooneotiooa) 18 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THK WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMPORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FB EE FROM DUST! I* BAGGAGE CHECKED TEROUSR FROM BALTIMORE! mn Ijailt t l aim no* PHILADRLPHIA TO PITTSBl'RfiH! Two or th$w mUiBi (IMl CONNECTION* AT MilllllTU with trwua on IM NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAU, and forminx THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE raoM WiiymeTO?! AND BALTIMORE to ?ii points lb tM Wilt, NOITB-WBIT A.KB StITB WUT, fTT*For ThroBjh Tiok?t?, a.ff!y at t: ? OSm m Iks Northern C?&t'v Ki. Road Com pacy, Uinrt btation. liaitiinoie. EfltndiA Sleeping Cart or. mil Is'xqki Trmint Binottng bcioon Cart on mil lTf??i FROM WASHINGTON. PuMsiera vtil UM the I a. na. and t t m. tratr.e, amvim la BaiUincre at 7Jft a. m. and ? U p*. tu.. *ii#rf oioee oocceciioz:* iri nultfii. the Northsra Central R K..and arriv* ib Har-.iburf at 1 p. ni. ate 1.45 a. in .there Witt> the train* ol th* Potr^j raaia Ctsta Kaiiroad for all part? of the *nI FEEI8KT3. By till -onte. freijf>? of a.i deaortptiojpa oac " * forwarded to and from at.y p< lr.t on the Ra. roa^i of Ohio, Ken took 7. Ju .lia^a, Ii i> >i?, W:aoont u, Iowa, or Miaeonri, bv lia%lro+d a.'trt TheFeoiuy.raaiaCentral Rai.rua>i a.aeec .ueeU ?i ruuLrurc wiii pu>aai?Ta. by wtiioli boo<?ru be forwards! to any port on Uip UL.c. Meak.ccuin, K?nt?otr, Tecneeeee, Cumb*T.a:.d. il :t.o;e. Nlisaisaippi,WImociid, MiMoun, Kilui. Ark&r.aa*. and Red Rivera: ard at Ci9v*:and, Sandntky * 4 Ctuoacr> with ateamera to alt Nort;.western l.ik<* MerohfbU and cu??*ra eniruat.ns tM tracaportatiefc of their Freight to tiia Company, oan e.y wtth ooa?d*:>oe cr< \u mi**C7 t'*LBi?. THERaTKS OF FRE1SH r to and from ary paint in the West, by the pei.niT1vim.a C^ctral Railroad. w? mt ?.( imn ?i / * *: ,< tj era ?kmrt%d K ttkrr HMtirmtuL Cmvmuj fir" Be to mark packv?ee "via I'tKtL CWT?AtlLW MAVMW ? ftUUNI.FrMlLtAfMtl, _ No. SO North atr*?t, Ut tm<ore. ENOCH LEVV 19. V?r*. ti t. A toon*. P%. sr. yssmma^visis j^OHVHKRN Ck.NTKAli RAILWAY. IV Simrtist, Qmickut mmi Fit: R mUi f**m F*Mr.<n 10 ill WS8T, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. fiusntL^ vrwrw o/tupnir? "cuwi or Tim*. oi bdd titer hlnoavtjiui n0???h?r, pumiIUiSSSo" **?*" "?* t3~" l^" bsfkl.j eiv-;j tf. m. cf^k!wb 4 ?. ?n. vitubarf ?:?i h?rri?nirc eurnitjl^ m. _ .. . t*a"*s^8orth ak?:. j aetoa,..^u?uclmi v a. W u&f I o 9-. Hi* M!*! ty* *Ju0 umslari KirM I ?. ?. Th? a, m. train frota Wtahinttan ovtcmm irith tee (ju a. in. frrm iIk '.i.ot* for Wn: and pr litua-o. 1 . u .ra, k<>coe?:er. I->*o|iT*. Canada^aa and Nia^ra Fa. j.atd wr .* ? *oti atty. Tii? >i a. m. train frca Wai^ Dfton roi.T?et? vita tiia t ?. m. tra.c bon Baitoir.or# to >* .?. NarUi and N orUVMt and K:nara ard Bella o au keoheatar. th?*?n from W^h^rjtoo ijonae.'ti win tv* "v V*#u Bfclimore fSrPittt urj, h ?'Vnrfll' ?? 18 * dilfct eoiib?v SL AtOB AUajSown ami New SriaiBE'^jof n- j*~"?" ,J.*C.TU ?^?T *1?rir-* Balttn>*r? CB Bandar ?|VLStL Harn.Lan.i iiuUrr, UJ?I iiMiKtkipii D? oB?r? w ? la tke tJD a. ax. tmta. JAB.C CURKk, no H-ir 8 apermtecd ett T? Notice *O iiAVEia#. fl. MS Peetmaaisr 8?'.r'i. iaiili order** IM uiInttin Mvmb Wa*Mnr*or. .??? ^ BfclUmere. ud OM **ain? t ^mwi Monro*) u bo re^una-l, oa acd Uoadar, the l&Vb luatant, the Uu Liu? of it* -.e'B will leaveBaltimore KVtR YD A V cay) from tkeir vLa.rf.foot of Utios Dock, at t* e'cioek p. m., or ifhreeJiate'.y aftrr tLe ailTC *! the Wnahinitoc a;..c-L .**re*WaaaiutiJi a?*X c'okool p.m. inso-tf ** * - - - - ?*?? * nuLiCs rrwv L. Towns. 1. M. Tovui. 1. B. Tcvr.t. L. TOWKK8 * CO.. 8TKAM BOOK AND JOB P&INTDV6 ESTABLISHMENT Cmmm LmuU?? umm m4 Suli it, Vh? tttontion of tfe* bauceaa ooacrnumty it re MOttallv lLviieo to tbc Nov Book Job Pntilnc Kstabliiliment, wfcioh Lm bora fctted ( vitk dov kaMtuJ, in the raatl ootxipiate maarer. la mow IohmiU, in oafttiaAotary stylo, every <**- c"n:n The attoctiou of Boutin of Ooorron is ?** " oioiiy ro^eMiM for our feeihtiM tor pno^m SfOOj>he?, Mtr* h?v? tl? lartui bmIoJ&2LEAJtVl*- ** l?ood? of ut kindTo? tfeofolka m komo.traao. .ciudto iciNtl oar stock, n.. uv.iiUtlit rnoo? Mrkod tn plftia k* th* nctnn. ouk ?uaci*ra JUmwh f?r tho interior, proper'.y >*?k^ 1oT forwfidinj toy xprtM or utfcor onvovnmoM, tr? mH" ^JHBKABSa. | ** W? OTFKE TO MILITARY MEN a U'r? ,y jfytMfnjof gaKv MM! MLv<rflannel Pyft-kuIBH, W U i ! } PH'KT?r5i?AW. ?RS, CA^P BLANEh ir HALF Bu8fc..fto, ygMBBKS: r ~ CASH NOT1CK.~~ In prnmmrn e f ??r * ??>? to ?*y m*k for wrvtitkftTe of go?4b * PVttaM. w? *r?teroi*i trniiM Ml lahwiii Ihrt T>fSrA?Lr ?> ErSkuTHF: QOMD. OOUWJO?.r. *?. oomtotvd aiivf or oum amabhx. ]

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