Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1862 Page 1
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>*n ***?.? .:?>' - ? f , ; ' *. 9M' J i ! i,;t? ? ''j^r ! ir J d I * "j*l A a. . , A * r A. .^v A - "^ '""^IF . ^h ' .V H v H aS ^Bl j^B I W^r B Hj HH 1H |g |g J y~* m ^tk --J^l *^V' ' ^1 * ^1 A ' iH E? wuT' ,1 ^B- ^B. ^I- - ^1 |/lM,1fl V jw M J^m -wT ' y J^L.H JAi ^1 J^B /' B - K/ <; <*.'? '" " - > S> s '.. ' " * * 1 uit 1 < - *> . . 'f^ili* gr' " r' * i ?? i ???? % ? > ' i ' ' iii ii. i .... , T 1 V56. XIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. MAY I, 1862. N?. 2,808. -f *.''* 4 . j2B 55? THE EVENING STARi PUBLISHXD 1V1BY AmRHOOH, (SajVDiT MICMFTBDJ AT THK STAR BUILOIN8S, Cfnm / fiMifiMaM in. mU MUvmtk itrut, ?T VST. D. WALIiAOH; r < P?n?ra ?fTail lm ^ ? Iw at tl ? year, or 37 Muti per onth. To mall anbecrlbera the price la fMO * year, *? 4*a*ct; 8'2 tor tlx mcatka; tl for tknt month*, and fo? less than three months at the rate of IS cent* a week. 81agle coplea, ova cantj In wrappers, two csara. cr AtrttTimtiTi ahould be aeat to tba office before IS o'clock otberwlae they nay aot appear notU the next day. - NEW ORLKAM. The pollution of New Orleans, by the last census, was 168,472. This has undoubtedly, bean largely decreased aince the rebellion. The commerce of the eity, which was its main support, has been totally rained, and thousands of thg people have fled to the country, or any wnere tney could find a scanty subeistence, while other thousands have been drafted into the rebel army. The eity ia the emporium of the Miaaisai]ipi Valley, and ia aitaated oa the left bask of the river, about a hundred miles from ita mouth. The old portion of tha city ia built on the tonvex aide of a bend of the river, which hen aweepa around ia a northeast, east and southeast qourse. From this location it deriTee ita familiar soubriquet of the " Crescent City." In the progress of ita growth up stream, the city has now eo extended itself as to fill the hollow of a curve in the opposite direction, to that the river front presents an outline somewhat resembling the letter S. It stretohea or atragglea along the bank of the river some six er aeven milea, with an average depth of one < :i. : t : u 1 _ i?#* a - 1 ujiic. 11 uuir v?iug puniDis 10 uuna on me narrow strip of land lying immediately on the edge of the river, the highest point being in front, and then rapidly sinking in the rear until lost in interminable swamps. In the rear of New Orleans, a half mile, perhaps, beyond the suburbs, is the Metarie ridge, a narrow strip of high land two or three feet abovo high water mark, of an average of a half mile in width; then you coma again to the swamp, wbieh continues to the shores of the lake beyond, almost as dense as any in the surrounding valley, gloomy and peculiar, and uninhabited, cxtepi by alligators'and bitterns The front of New Orleans is, of course, on the river, and, from the pec a I rarity of the country and levee which serves to proteot the city from being overflowed by the spring riso, our fleet, when it reached the city, must have been above the ground on which tfte city is built, and commanded it as from an eminence. This circuiustanee.with the fact that the breaking of the levee by a cannon shot,or a few minute*' work with the spade, would submerge the whole place, makes Mew Orleans, with its ar?n/talAad ? tKa 1?* ? ? uvivhvviwm ? w-. , ?uv nvaao^i ?UU ICVl pTU" tected place of any commercial importance in the world. What has become of the rebel gunboata and rama,, of which we hare heard so is hard to conjeeture. The moat important railroads terminating at New Orleans, are the New Orleans, Jackson, and Oreat Northern, which, nntil lately, united it with the great railroad systems of the Eastern and Northern States, and the New Orleans, Opelousas, and Oreat Western. n- - -i a -12-* * otivuuiui wwknarui/ suun uisianoe mio Texts. The great avenue, however, of the trade and commerce of the city ia the Missis sippi river. Along the rirer front of the eity the levee, or artificial embankment to keep the city trom inundation, is extended by a continuous series of wooden wharves. A sort of esplanade is thus formed, several miles in extent, which, during the busy season, presents a scene of wonderful variety and animation. Cotton bales, sugar hogsheads, negroes, and mule-drays are in great abundance. Among the notable buildings are the branch mint ftf th* 1'nitaJ Sf?tM?wKiuli ?? - ? ? ? ? ? ?- ? ? ?VUV A WMVIB year ?go stole and a part of the coin?the custom hou?e, one of the most massive structures in America, but not completed; the Cathedral of St. Louis, and sixty other churches; the St. Charles Hotel, which eost $390,000; the hoapiuls, banks, and benevolent institutions On Jackson Square is a broDse equca * -* -C il._ F _ ? L_ _ L. ill ? # i i irna naiui ui <jeu. jucrsou, oj viark Jlllli. The New Orleanlaos will new remember <ien. Jeckson i! the man who Mid, "The Union moat and shall be preserved." The population of New Orleans has long Been remarkable for the diversity of its elements., About one-half of the whites are of foreign birth, and among tbe^ethe French and Spanish are predominant. There is also a large Lumber of Nortbernets. Those who know the city heat believe that it woald surrender when the forts defending it should fall. The maae of the permanent population ircomposed of intelligent men, and the commercial interest* bare always had a more clear idea of the folly of this rebellion tbaa the people in the interior At all events, after the forts alluded te fall, aod the gunboats, which are not really formidable, are taken, New Orleans is helpless?more helpless, indeed, than any other city can be. The commercial Importance ot New Orleans is so patent that it will hardly require statistics to make the fact apparent, but they will prove interesting. ft ranks next to New v.l?lr mwasi ika I mari/ta n a11 m fr T ? 1 VI a u|/vru kuv .a U1V1 iuau VVUIIUQUk. 11 19, UI bu been, th? groat receiving and distributing point of the V* eat and Bouthweat. It waa the moat important market for cotton, sugar, and molasses, and held high rank in coffee, bread(tuffs, and provisions. Its banking capital, at the time of seaession, amounted to about twenty millions, the insurance capital to about nine millions. New Orleans bu heretofore been noted as a eity containing a population extremely conservative in their political belief. From the date of the formation of the old Whig party, up to the hour of its demise, the city voted strongly Whig When the American organisation was formed, the frien Ja of that party oould always eount upon New Orleans as ? stronghold. In l#56, the eity voted by a large majority in favor of Millard Fillmore for President, and, in 1300, for Jobs Bell. At toe lajt Presidential election, Douzlai obtained a mall majority over Breckinridge, and it can hardly be doubted that two-thirds of the rapporters of Bell and Douzlas were unqualifiedly fur the Union The following was the vote Bell, 5.215; Douglas, 2 998; Breckinridge, 2,646;?plurality fur Bell, 2,217. In the year 1*57, we believe, the opposition to the American party of New Orleans determined to defeat the candidate for the mayoralty?Mr. Uerara eucn. mey got op a relorm or rigiUnee aeaociatioD, barricaded the streets, and declaired martial lav (Jen. Beauregard, then in the employ of Bueban^n af superintendent of the tonatraction of the U S. Mint, wae nominate^ aa the candidate of the reformers Bat, notwitbetanding all tjip exertion* used by the opposition to Stub, that gen (Jem an succeeded by tne (mail majority of ?ne bindred and fifty When the Secession difficulties commenced, New Orleans was firm for the Union; but finally, an eleetion for members of the State Convention waa neld, and Secession tieket it ia claimed, received a majority. The troth ia, the opponents of Secession did not exercise the ri^Eit of lofFarua but to t limits extent. At torn# of the poll* in theeity U^m m mucb u * man'a life *** worth to approach tb? ballot-box with a Union ticket. Altogether, eome six or aeven tbouaaad rotea were cut o?t ef more than twelve thouaand. Tbe capture of the oity will compel the mlela of the Southweet to tght their lait battle on their prcaent line of operation. Beauregard u pressed, If not already aaaeiled, by lialleok in front; Gen. Mitehell will prevent bia retreat toward Mobile; Butler forbids hia apnmMh to <) rl??n? tiwl onr ? ? Jim up the Mississippi and attack Measphisin root?acting in conjunction with Con. Foot# above The way is also opened for the gun b >ats to pass up the Red river and aoroaa the entire state of Louisiana to Shreveporf; to pus up the Arkanaas river, and through the entire Bute of Arkansas to fort Smith; and to pass ap the Yasoo river, and through a great part or the State of Mississippi. Iq feet, it opens up a passage through more than a half or the resonant or a Confederacy still nominally held by the rebel rulers. Thus, by this splendid stroke of our river navy, we see not only the tall of the Southern metropolis, but alio a moral and territorial gain for the national eanae which far overahadowa in importance a thia. if the newa be allowed to reaeh the rebel army at Corlath^and i< certainly cannot be kept from U for more than a day or two-it mint complete rta demoralisation, for it viU demonstrate beyond a peradrenture that the cause in which it fight* is hopeless. There can be no prospect ta the rebels of recapturing the eitj, for the railroad leading to it will be destroyed, and a descent by the river is impossible. The whole of southern Louisiana is ? vast plain, end in no event can the rebels make a stand anywhere near the eity. New Orleans is to the Gulf coast what New V 1_ 1 - 1. _ it ? V. ^ mm mm. orris 10 me Auanuc coast, its tall will be to the South a won* blow area than the captare of New York by an enemy woald be to the North. Through it mora than half of the ootton crop of the entire South passes to the world, while its exports of sugar, molasses, tobacco, and corn exceed those of any other Southern city. There is probably not much , v. - * - A%- ? f _ ? ? - ? kuiiuu iu?f auw, uui uuo iaoi mat we aiso virtually possess e great pert of the ootton-growing territory will secure its speedy export with or without the will of the planters. It is neerly half a century since an enemy appeared before New Orleans. That enemy was repulsed with a slaughter which renders memorable the plains of Chalmette. But this time an army captured the oity, almost without loss of blood, though it has doubled its population many times since iben fcjuch are the advances made by acienoe, and suoh are tbe irresistible powers wbieh the nation now brings into the field againat its enemies. The Mississippi is now virtually opened throughout its entire length. That was tho work which the men of the Northwest laid out for themselves a year ago. The West has done a good share of the work, but it has been left to the men of tbe East to complete it. FROM THE SOUTH OFFJCIAT. BKBKL CURIIIPONDCNrK It CO A R DINO til! BUMB41KMINT OP POBT HKKS0N. [Telegraph to tbe Norfolk Day Book. April '21 I Tbe following official dispatch Is from Major 6*n l.ovell,to (trig Gen. liuucan,commanding at Fort Jark*oti: N iw OuiiMJ, April 'J3 ?Say to your officers and ra>>n that their heroic fortitude In enduring one of tbe moat terrltlc bombardments ever known,and tte courage which they baveevinced will surely enable Item to crusb tbe enemy whenever be dam come from undercover Tbelr gallant conduct attracts tbe admiration of all, and will be recorded In history as splendid examples for patriots and soldiers. Anxlout but confident famllle* and friends are watching them mltl. .?IU?? L -1 1 * * * * MW-r, uairu uu mrir (Mini e\nibltlon thus far made of Indomitable courage and great military aklll. The enemy will trv your powers of endurance, but we believe with no better auccea* than already experienced M. Lovbll, Maj. Gen. Commanding. IXFOBTA.NT TO PLANTEBS. The Cbarleaton Mercury aaya: To baaten the construction of Iron clad war ateainera for tbe defense of tbe coaM and harbor* of tbe State, there la urgent need of wblte oak timber. The authorities call on the pUnters to assist tn<?m tn supplying this want at bare. Tbe timber should bo from 6 to 14 Inches square, snd If brought to any wster coarse or line of railroad, will be gladly received by the government Let each planter see to it that be contributes at least one piece of Umber to tbe Iron-clad steamer, and there will be abundance In our ship-yards. sale or nkobobs at auction. At an auction In Charleston on theStb, Wilbur A Son sold a woman, 40 yea>s old, with a hoy Ki years of ag?, for $S50; a woman 50 years old,with a f<im!ly of five children, aged respectively 22 yt>irs, 9 yaart, 7 year*, 3 yeari, and an Infant,'tor * 2.132, averaging ?355; a woman 40 years old, with a boy of ID yean, and two glila, aged 7 and 9, for Sl.Jiyo, averaging 9150; a bay, 13 year* old, 710; another, aged 15, brought 8775; and a man, ti yar? of age, sold for all caab transactions. THE BATTLK or KOAXOKB MLAXD. Previous to tbe adjournment of the Confed- rate Congrsai, theromn.ltte* appointed to Investigate the Roanoke Island disaster nr?m?ntn/t ? - ~i nous report, which concludes by saying that "whatever blame or responsibility la justly attrlb> ntable to anyone for the defeat of oar troops at Roanoke Uilnd, on the Hth of February la?t, should attach to Major General flutter and Mr. Benjamin, th? late ?eci?Ury of War." Going A wat.?Between forty and flfiy of the prisoner* now confined In the Atheneum. will be ?ent to Camp Chase on Tuesday or Wednesday. The fiaatlle. as thp smmIi r? i : it' has nrn Ka**<1 ,, ?, J -w? f - ? - wr WBIU" era than It ran well iTommodatr, whilst Camp Cbaae hu abundant room.? Wkitling lnulliqenMr. [?3?" \ very large and entbaalaatlr mating waa b*ld Id Crawford Comity, Missouri, on th? Md lnat Addresses teplete with loyal Union sentiments wer& delivered and tb? County pledged to the aupport of the Constitution and Union. Henry Seln waa arreated In Baltimore yesterday, ana taken before U. S. Commissioner Kldgley, fbarged with burning bridges on tbe Northern Central rail roadln April. 1861. Held In S2,5O0 for further bearing. j[7"Col. Jennlson baa been released on bonds p( d V '?tii to appear aud answer to whatever charges may be produced against him. Jennlson resigned his commission In tbe army on being arretted. JT^The Cape Ann (Gloucester) Advertiser says quite a number of vessels are now being tltted out to prosecute the early mackerel fishery lu Southern waters. tH7"Tbe Charleston Mercury make* mention ol the burning of tbe homestead of VV. Gilmora Simma, tte novelist and poet. S NOTICE. EALKD PROP09AI H Will he reoei**d atthia 0((i3.<-nntil li in., of Satukdiy. R1*t SJ. ISta. for a oua'raot tor the banal of dro?a*a.1 oluier*, the contract to terminate on June snth, 1#?2. The contractor tq prepare til* botlioj for inte~tnant. dii the crmv*. end furnish ih* nnfli? ??< hea ae The solders' to be buried at the "soldiers* Hom#." The terras of lb* contraot will repair* that tba ooffin farnithed ihVl be oi sound pine or poplar wood, n*atly and well male, and to beaiainedor painted the oustotna'T oolor, and that the graves bail ben?t leas than tva fret six ino*e? id depth. If a bid ie in tbe name of a firm, Uie namee or &1I the partiee must appear or it will not beoonaider^d. I'rop >ea'" will >>e addressed to CAPT Kl)W. L. lUK'iZ, Ai'iitwit <4aarterina?.er U- B. A., oorner of lath a-d tt streets, Washington, 1>. C. fiUAKANTKRK. The ability of the bidder to ft'l the oontriot.should it t?eawarded to bim, mait be guarantied L* two responsible persons, whose sign* ffres mutt Da ap p M.ded to tii? guarantee Tee rejponsi^ilit' of the gafcrantose mait be iijwn nut omsiftl oort fio*te of the C'erk of the nearest Dutuoi Couit or of the United IsUtee Hstriot Attoruey. Hidden uuit b? present m person when the bide ?ro opsu#U or their proposals will not t* qjb ic?red. . Bond*, in the r?m of one thousand dollars, ticned by theoontraotor and both of hm guarantors, will U rwjiirel of the sneoeesfai bidder uponsifuliif kil? UVUI> tuv Ai the bond mutt aooompaoy the will b? i.eoeeaary tor biddera *10 tiava thrir bond t men w.ih thcii, or to nave bonda airi.o.1 in anticipation aud r*&J? to ba produced wnen tba oontraet la bice*!. B ana for bonda e*n be prooured aeon appli aUon btiu? made at tbia office, either perai/nallr. by latter, or by taleiraph. Form of Ouara*tt*. We , of tKe county of . and State of v and . of the ooanty of , and State of ,do hereby guaranty that la abl? to fall! a oootraet in a?oo dance the tenna of hia propoeitlon, ar.4 that, ahoald hit propoutRm be aocepted, he will at one* enter into a lonraot ID accordance therewith. Should the oonu?ct be awarjat) him we $re prepared to become h|a eecuntiaa: (To tiiia guarantee muat be app?Bd*J thea#c-?J uoi uixn idot* niiniwBM.i ftp 19 PO T A 1 O K S? P O T A 1 O E 91! 3 500 butbala White Mfraer Put&toen iaat ariiva<l at Miiay'? Wharl, lout ol llta ?tr???, par n|moar Oarab Haian, from Baacor, Ma sa, will b.O. 10. ? . CO., oornar cf lath and B ila., ap M 1w* o: tha captain oa board. M AfTl'Ve. aGs.m UMTUDintof OiTcuftltf &sss,?ii *" wm'?' r^&TVOB h*od NKw KKATHERS, MATTRfcSiES and BEU*TKAl>d. with ?Ur?Iol of N?v tod HsooD(Tkud Ouooa; 12 g.>od Reirljar*tori, but llttt* IM< A'l Of Wtuolj htVO bO-B bought to,^ww.ras?sttisrsk> MU li' B#tw? t? ml H ?U. DUTIES HOIHE, ^ijgCT^ag^g mes "*&?r Mn i ill ki.ktk TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. INTERESTING SOUTHERN NEWS. ThfSntknatn Lniag Confidence in their Hirer Defenses, and think the Progress (I the Federal Army Can't be Arretted. Caiio. Anrll 30.?A refugee from Memphis report* that Hutiiboldt had b;en occupied by a ainall rebel force, who were engaged throwing np def-nalve work* He brings Memphis papora of Saturday, the 26th. They contain but little mat ter of Interest further than a confirmation of tbe fall of New Orleans. Tbe Avalanche grumbles that tbe rebel authorities snpprea tbe detail* In regard to tbe sffrlr, and saya that nothing but tbe b*re fact of tbe surrender was known. Tbe ?ame paper says that tbe Southern people are fast losing all confidence In their river defenses It Is generally admitted that tba Federal army can no longer be successfully resisted. a V_ -t l.?i *? _ ?- - ? -* a i ur AVBiBdcur situ imimawi > iici m rcnndrace In tbe stability of tbe Southern Confederacy by advising its patrons to Invest whatever money thev have in real estate wblle purchase* can be made In tbe money now In circulation, whiob la principally Confederate treasury notes. Tbe conscription law Is being rigidly enforced, and Union men are?ecretlngtbema?lvta,or Bylnp to avoid lta operatlona. Tbla refugee reporta th*t merchants of avowed secession procllvltlea are removing their goods to placea of concealment and security. Large numbers of families are mo a i? * _? ? - * ? - iUK away uaiiy worn mem pun tm iocs of burning the town bai been abandoned In eoni**qnenco' of the determined opposition of property bolder*. it ?a* currently reported at Memphl* that Beauregard baa not exreedin$? 81) 000 men at Cor) ath, and that there W no hope of ? v resl?flng Hallerk, who ta believed to have 200,000 men. Aa our Informant left Memphis It was reported that the rebel gunboat MetK from New Orleana wit In alfht. and were bound up the river to join Holllm1 fleet. MRtrnnit o( Rrbrl Deitrter?\ Flerre I klfit BMw?fn the Farli and the Fleet? The 1'itiou Citizen* Jubilant. ('BI0A6O, Apitl 3'l?A poilal ?li?f>ntrb to tbe Times from f-ort Wright, tinted tb^JStb irntant, t?ay?: " From deaertera I team that New Orleaus It now in rapt. Porter's quirt powrision The Federal fleet passed Fort Jackson on Tburvlay, after a desperate n .val euita^dnent, in urhlrh. arrnrd 1 no tn tHi? atnnnAn* a?.- 1 'was ?unk and arveral badly damnged " It wan auL>ri,t?^d t-at the Federal torn was very heavy. The rebel lows waa ?5u killed and 1*4 wounded. The engagement lasted part of two da\a 44 The Federal* took poaaenlon of the rlty without a atruggie on Friday, the rebel force* baying evacuated it after deatroylnit all the iteamera which they had no use for. They ^ok with them the greater part of the military uteres In the city. 41 The Union citizen* were very Jubilant. 11 The rebel force at Fort Wright I* atated by Intelligent deaerters at ^,000 men, under tien.Yll lipine, wno ha? not been superseded ax reported. They have seven batteries, mounting 2? guns." FROM FORT WRIGHT. Prabable Engagement Between Cam. Foate and the Rebel ennboats. fuinnft A ntil 111 A anarial P*Ua *4 4 W. v/ni< nuw. <||/| It uv.?? ? ?*& vauu UMLaK U to the Times anya an arrival from Tlptonvllle report* that heavy cannonading wa? beard tbrougbout Monday night and Tuesday In tbe direction of Fort Wright. There hoa been no arrival from tbe fle*t since Monday noon. It Is apprehended tb&t the rebel fleet at tbe fort bad been reinforced by gunboats from New Orleans, and probably attacked our fleet. Thla waa not unexpected, and at last ad VMNlMl the fleet Com. Foote was fully prepared to meet him. A Kkirmiik Kear (' rinlb. Cairo, April 30.?A steamer ju?t arrived from Pittsburg reports a aeiioua aklrinleh between <uc advance of the Federal army. 5,000 atrong, anl a large body of rebel*, ive miles from Corinth, 1b which the Fcderala were victorious No mention la made of losaea on either aide. The Federala took 29 prisoners Cannonading waa atlll hra:d when the steamer left. Fran* < alifornla. San Francisco, April 2fl ?The ship Joseph Peabody ha? been forfeited to the government |or smuggling. Trade ban recently revived to RUpply the demand for goods suitable to the Oregon and British Columbia mines, In advance of the antic lpated large emigration. Hualnesa with the Interior of the Mtate continues unaeasonably backward. Gen. \V right has tunned an order requiring the arrest of all persons charged with aiding or abetting, by word or deed, the rebellion. Such persona are to beconUnei, unless they aubacribe to the oath of &Ue?lartce The iteamei oonora from Panama, baa arrived, San Fraxtisco, A.pril 29 ?The steamer Panama has arrived from iVlazatlan, with dates to the ? Alt IVIO. The Confederates In New Mexico and Arizona ar? making efforts to bring the border Stateg lutu sympathy with them. General Sibley,commanding the r?bel force*, had Kent to Col Kellly to open negotiation* with the Governor of i<onora. Col. Kellly had tendered a supply of troop* to enter Sonora and chastise the Apache*, for which service he asked the right of wav oveilaud from Guaymas to Arizona, and also the privilege of purchasing supplies at Maxatlan. The Governor had entered into a long correspondence with Reilly. and sent > special messeneer to the Gov eftior of Clnaloa on" the aubje^t of hi* minion. No deflnlt" arrangement* appe red to be agreed upon, but Rellly had received courteous treatment from the government otlirlali, and, at laat accounts, had arrived at Guayinaa, where he boasted that he had been far more aucceuful than hp had hoped for . . . 1 ! . J_ 1 . -?! ? ? 'i he Latrit from Harrisonburg. lilMMNM, April 29 ?At noon, to-day, a national aaiu<e wai Urea in bonor of New Orleans from an eirflnenc.e near this town. Tfce regimental band* assembled at tLe court bouse square and played ' Hall Columbia;" after which the aoldlera gave nine cheers, which were followed by the "Red,White and Blue," "Dlile," and "Starspangled Banner." After a pause, the band* consolidated and marched through the streets, playing "Yankee Doodle" and " Dixie," to the great disgust of certain prominent Inhabitants. Three thousand rebels, under General Edward Johnnon, are potted a f<*w miles from Staunton, but In a position from whlcb they can easily escape, in case of General Mllroy's approach. Tte mot! reliable ne?a from Goraonsvllle Is to the effect tb?t only four brigades are there, not numbering 15.000 Lonratreet. with hi* mm. niand, hii cone to Yorktown. Should Johnson retire be will probably rnnforei; Ja< k*or, on (u? bioV?idg?. ' Apprenruslscs of the Klclimand Examiner. if a rbif05bcba, April 50 ?A copy of tbe Richmond Examiner, of tbe 221 Instant, found here, ays that, "In ett-ct, tbe destiny of tbe Confederary Is tr< mbllng In tbe result at Yorktown. If successful, it will us six month* fur carrying out tbe conscription act, nrmliisr aad equipping a lar^e army, and launching a fleet of Merrlruacs; but if unsuccessful, Virginia i?lott." The Troablaa si the Overland Mail. Salt I.akii. April 20.?'The report attributing me overturn man uimeuiuea to tbe employes oj the company Is entirely destitute of fouhdatlon ferson* Witfe wfconi We we personally aocualr.tec; have own In tbe ttgbts wUil tbe Indians' On the l?tb, In Mr. fowler* division, the agent and nine men, with two cowbM wltb the malla, were attacked by the Indiana near Spilt Hock, SI* mail men were wounded and compelled to abandon tbe mall*, coaches and animal*. Tbe Indiana afterward* burned Plant'*Station. Tbe wounded party left PaclQc Springs night before last. The telegraph operator at Pactttc Sprlnpt and another person had a fight with some Indians, and Mrrowlv tacsDed Their anlmala ?? ?>i? n ? __ , - ??? * *?n?? tl?u* with arrows. Tbe station-keeper at Green river wan killed a few davs fclnce wLlle endesvorlng to protect mall property. Thus fir four employees of tht company have heea killed. Although I be greater part of their atock la gone, the employees remain A force la being raised In thla city bv Brtgbam Young, under the authority of the Praaldent, for th? protection of tbe route. iBterealiag frena Nashville, Teas., April S? ?Bayley Peyton. ex-Gov. uimpueii. lion Win. B fkokM and Won. HI'olk, ire In consultation to-night with Governat ohnson, on Important matters. A fleet Union meeting is to take place shortly. ?? i i i Cel. Lee |id Wlnj Revere Exchanged. Boston, April 30 ?Col. Lee and Maj Umr* have b?en t xchanged and will join their regimtnts at York town turned lately. i m -1 ot ricul. Dkpaexmknt op state,

Wxshikstos, January 23, ISO. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Member* of Congreaa on bualneaa on Saturdaya, ooMmenolng with Baturday, the firat of next Jul <7-tf WILLIAM H SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, Janva.*TX1, 1MW. C&siBib, That the War Department will be eloaed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Tburaday* and Friday* against all other business but that wblch relate* to actlre military operatious In th? u?!d Saturday* will be devoted to tbe bualne** of Senators and Representative*. Monday* to lbs business of the Pobile. KDW1N M. STANTON, j* Stt-tf Secretary of War. CASSKN6KK TRAIN TO MANASSAS. Was Dkpahtmfnt, ) QJJItt Military S*v?rtnt(n:Unt Rail) oadi U.S. > Washington, April IS, 1NJ2 ) No Pa*ienger Train will be run from Wellington to Mana*aas until further notice. D. C. MrCALLUM, ap ItS-tf M I), and Siip't Railroad*, If. S g M U A 1. M 1 N 6 T H K U E A U . 1>R. HOLMES'S AMERICAN PROCESS. This arooesa, without the use of pcitons, discovered thirteen ?osra dto, and prautio?d inoe Unit time la the wauoeet sections of tiie United mates, h sufficient reoomuieu-iaiiun of itself. This mode o( Kmbftlminc Dead li- d'*e is go foreign Invention. t?ot purely American. hav i!:t discovered it myself after yetr* ol oi:?mi?l ro nf>ftrcn. Many of the residents of this 01 y will remtMi'hor ttvon ?ear* sino? the exposition ?f tbe body of a child emt>*lm?d by me Myprocea* h** li^ii tested Mr a large nuuiher of pnysioians and nheius8tn in the prinoipai cities of the Union atd persons ol the highest re?peotal?.Uif, who i.ava f i ven th'iir osrtihcatee, vrhich my pampti'et will ?uo?r. i'l.a body ol a Jog emlii in oicv^ii inoiitt s niuuvi ( ?? v?|?uf>vu bv> |nr */1 HID pikni BUIIi::i7l ( i? on vublio eshil^tiuu at 30 < Peon, avcwue, where I !.av? wibainie.l a large numta>r of oiboers and private soldiers of our arm* to the ei?tir<t naii.-lac tion of thoir survuncK ?elativ?s and frieatla. i alsoembalm todies t>? Muo?aet's French sjsteip at #lo a piece This pruo*?? I coald hive used tince the Ji coverr of my own had it b%f?u as good or letter. The Frenok AcaJfin? of Xcienre at it* annual eittmc held on the'.2d of Alaroh. 1452, published ?uo? net's system to the World, a ocpy of which 1 have persons wishing bodies emUlm?d by cither process will apply to A. Huchly, Undertaker, 303 Pa. avenue; Joseph liuroh, Undertaker, tieorgetown. IJ. (J ; Henry Lee, 433 Pa. aveuue. No poi*ot;s nsed. ? ?is- < ?* JNDIARUBUKK GOODS! Merchants who sell any of the various styles o( Irdia-Hubber Uoods. will ?1o well to c&ii on Mr. H A. HAIiL.ii he la olosinc out hia extecsive stock at leaa than manufacturers' prioc rather than remove ihem to New Yoik. The I>idia Rubber Warehouse is at :I06 fa. avenue, between tnh and 10th sta. ap!7-nn SP K 1 N U H T Y L K 8 or rAPKRHANeiNUh, FIRE BOARDS, WINDOW 3UAUE8. Attention is rrqneatrd to tha new and beautiful (tuck of theabovd tiuoJa whioh 1 am now reoeiviir. They have been carefully aeieceJ and puroint**^ at the prioea lor c\a.'i and I ?h?U i Her superior indnoeine ita to those in wan< upon th* ii*ri? terinp. I Kaire alan arn< it ?t L* ' ?-- ? - n??*? ? LUSJ 0 I"'* u CIW? U1 I l-JHii V V/VIUli L.U"P" and Taasais,HtaJe Cord a id Trimiuinjs :u a va rietr o! colors Lounge* Mattresses And 1*Howii'f tvjsrj description k?pt on hand and made to order. Paprrhasniuf aud L'pho eter r work iciis prompt It at low prices. Matting iaid \ j a Cwiiipstent workman. A* I find there la one misapprehf ntion on the part o! tue pubUo. I w.mi to ?ii:e <iistii.o'!y that i am no longer in tuauie?n with y P. Frank te, t,nt am alone en.leav jrinc to builJ up a bugitema at 4GO ?th struct, uear c,. _a? 19 2a-?4?r I, J ICE! ICE! ICE' HE Pubseriher having, i.iade iiuaontraof? with responsible northern dealers n cow prr-paied to turuisii the oititens ot Waahi'ijrton and tnwti Wills thA ItAat ati&litir lna I .?l. -?la * ' ?? tail,) end Ku&rautiei! a. full tupp.y dunn* the season. ii&vicf slmi in store two to three tnouo and ton* Persons residing out of the o:ty iimfts c*n get their iuppiiea from the n*ce, wiiioti will be open ail daj. E. J. MIDDLETON, <; til.e corner 12th and F ?-5Depots, Easby's Wharf, foot of ii tit. voet Oarter'd Wharf, foot of )3th st. south bp tl eolm* T^ENTLKMENB HEADY MADE (.ARM EN'FS, OK FINE QL'AHTV. W* offer oitiaents and stranrers a ,aec assort ment of?> V K R CO ATS, D R ESS CO A TS. til' S? J NESH ('OATH, I'ANTALOCNtt and VEtfTH. of ail colors and qualities, equal ie uiiie anJ inlsk to the Last custom work, WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. Mercian! Tailor* and ?U?tbf>ra, Ida Fa. f li tc.J wik n H ' a > DR.eODFREVS ANTIDOTK WILL CUKK ttOtyORKIUEA iu eix days. Mo ohan;eof di6t repaired. It ia aa Kxitlish specific ul antr-fire joa'a gtanc in CrKalBfc and will not harin the mofitdelioa's conrtltntion. It OOlilaius ?<> Mtntrait, Price ?1. Sold by S. C. UPHAM.403 Chesnat rtrset, hiladeichia,and in Waahmtton bjS.C. H?Kl), oorner lit): street and Pa. a*e.; in Alexandria, by HENKV COOK A CO.. l)rur?iata. <> * <>i1t DEATH, DEATH. DEATH TO ROACHK.8. BED BUG*. AN is. M.EA*. 4c.-L>o Moore'* lusoot i>egtrur*r T<? IfiWp moth fro?n yocr furs a- J woolen* use ifc?? ft&ine articie. lie will warrant it to be etteetual. I'rjce arid 50 eta. A large an t general assortment rf '-ru**, MediQinea. Toilet and other artioUa fur sale at MOORE B Weat bnd Uru5 s't -re. 113 1'a. avenue. ITT Partiouiar and personal attention tiven to th? preparing of phyaioiana' prescription* at \?* abovd xatablitniiient T CAN'T KK UKAT! UK Subsari^era determined to aooomnicd&te &U peraooa, either m ptewure orbml nfM, h??? joue to a large oipenre In theyflgjftigr Surohaae of Carnares, Rusgiesai:J 8ad-JKJ- JO ' Jo Hora?a, all forlha use of th? publio. FamM; jj wialiiut o&u at all timoe procure a Die? *ama j# with |tnt;? boraea and a good a;iu Carefnt driver, Ordera a*L( to the at*!;!** with afreet and nmnb*, Will t?o promptly atUnuau to. Charceaao moderate aa ihe lime* will allow, Iloraea tanen at liver*, J O COOK k CO., bixth street, one b!ook aoiilh o 1 ap 14 1m* Penna. avenaa. f|* NOT1CK. 1 BE STEAMER TIIOMA# COLLYliR Will remmo her trips to Monnt VaYr.aii mbb on Wetlneadaj, tyargh Sflh and will lU^WA run every Wejiufjar anq Baturdat1 ^"^ * until further notioe, iHvmi hor wharf at the fool ofitii street at 10 o'elook a n. Faro for the round tiip on board the boat f 1 SO. SAMUEL BKDNiJY,Captain. N. B. On the pajment of3& oenia visitors will be admitted to th? room which Gensral Waahingtou ooonp;ed auJ >n which he died. The m&naion and crouude are e.uied to vieitora on !*uiidajc. 11^ The dioturbed state of the finanuea of the Ouuulry kiviuf reduoed the reeouroes oftue A'sumption r^rder tbitoharc* neceaaarT, for tbeprts *t, tur the uiAintfi.atJud and preservation of Alt Vercoo apl5*w* COYSJT.KK S?O Y8 TKRS. HES/PEAkh ?teaindd Oyater y^ioon. The anbaonb* r having eotnpieted lna ? StJamed Oyster saloon, i? now r?adyjM$v /_ J to luii, ah to otti^ena. mr^hgera. inJlfAilF the pu) Ho gei e;allf. witn Oysters ^Bnaur OOOketf li-w llnnow ' J WJ . , The Ui.t UfiUri the Market oan afford, will aJw?j? txioo hand,ft the CkM*?oake su?ra Or?tar. Haioon, No. 403 U street, n?w Ttb, and aaat of the ' WM. P. WEBB. I'ro.rlfetor, 486 "WJ'ffli'SU''88 486 t'ard PhotorraaUa in YVi*lTi inalndini eoaiaa ot Ckojoe Pictures. Alao OAftl) VISITt aud <5 V AL JICTUKK KfiAMM. the larjatt astorUMiit. oui tka baat minunotorj h. ^ue oouiutigoaak, No. *S6*8*Minth ?trae?. I?U t doori ahov Odd Fallow*' Hall. IIKAU WITH DECISION AND ACT Willi II PKBCAUTION! nu Iff UDI wiilu **** *?-.??*?? ? mi t i o rni v aifi ttUBfl f AL? in the Federai ftlook. opposite tke fleneral Poet abd Patent Office, Room M np stairs, oorner ofttkai.d F ato , YVaantngiou, B.C. Established for the Puppreaaion of Ouackery. Tlie Only Regular Pkyaioian Advertising. Dr. M. Vellnr'a long experienoe In boi^ital prae ttoe warranto Kim ta aajiug tUi aewa earealt dmeaiXM of a private natare, or taa will forfeit the a^riar1 to ? perfect ami rat! 10 at en re aarfSoted troui oh to four m?w m> ii iwi' R ?f! 3f 355* UI t:d t^r^^o7E^?VrT Goou'',n " Ou. ?r.M onlj, o*rk?i >"^n _ * 61 P?.WWiSSfc, Proposals tor fjpll arms fjr the i'nited states service. OapxAWd OF?TC*, ( wa?HT*QTO!i. i). c.. ap'll ?, ?R*PO??Lll Will I" . V?>! L? t I a I*?partimnt, nntilC p. in. on t\a o ver in* of the 14th of M?7, for ma.unf%o<nrive, in the Sea tea, for the Government, aritrm o> b var fr< at tuat Calf, t.>e (oiloviic de?c- iption ?f arme. n? : Spr ntfifld Rtila Mnakete. tnod?i US#, Harper'# Ff r, Kiftee. witii sword UtyoneU and a*-eai POfcOMrvU, model 843. Brceon lo^mt Carbitea, for oavil-y. Revo ver Pis^ola, ar-*ij *i*e, H? bre' for licht osvilrr, iNon-oauimneioued Othaerd* Swnra?, / atee aoa' .MuaioiAna' Kwurda, S baida, S'eel Soabbarda for riflaU rcuaket b&yonela. Propon*!* will Mate? For muik'i* acd nrtts, tl.e prioe for 2-1 *4) ot w:hf>r. ana the leducpropoaed per tua lor ?aoh add tiorai 10 ?? to 211? 0. For nnU p?' a>.d rJirt>iae*,'he kind prop <i ed,%* hi? price 'or s imi, and >e.'uVioE, p r pictol or c?r bine, far ea?li ad iliunal to Su >01. l or ta^rt uro'ds a&d stabba-dt, the prioe of Mcb or the prescribe pattrrba to the number of ft ?>?0 e^, arM a a<< f.>r oioh additional S.d0 to 2?4uP. Ail the firearms are to t>* furmahed with the friuitr appen^ac'e. The ride rr.uakets are to M id all respecti identical with that manufactured at ttu? U. 8. Armory. S*', Ma??-ao^u*ettf. *i d are to interohaate with ir, ac J with taob other, tn ailtUrir parte. Each ol the otner kmda of fire arms iiiii't a!so with ote another in the ia?ne msrner. The inateriala tor tbeaenrni* iruet be of the *er? l-e?t quality,and >jo malleaoie iron parte will te allowed to t>e uecd. All toe artioW-a must beach jdj. kv IUSF?U>>UII firwvi?cwi uf n e un nmnce rteguMiodb. and inurt t<e twicd, iwdy K-r trto* port&lion, at the ei??ri?e of the coutractoie, id s ch aa ui?t redirected. Intpeotmna will be m&ie at the factonee in Ijte of nut eaa than I,!**! *?ch. P.opvaaia Will state the rama of live ee&Miah m?Lt ti iikiDi the tfVr, tue mini' or ar.J :*ic of the firnt de i?ery, and rate of deliver* monthly it. re after. Failure to make a delivery at & *p~cif<<"1 tinic. or r.n? attemrt t-> introduce raallea i* it. u < i other inferior material into the work, * il. sul jaA?thewhoie number of ame contracted f ir lo forfait Jre a* tiie o?>i.,u i^f t.i? ii>Mrin.??.? T?.e Deptrtroent r?wivei U? itself rherirtt t.i rr<'3t mi M<i, %r.?i ? il! o>n:Bi 'er none in* : throorli a.i ? ar?nt. broker, or yirtj other lltaua ti<er*iitlsr pitmilutarer*. fr -pr-HRin will 1?? address*.! as follow**? 'General J. W. h iLf. .Chief of OrlQ*, Walnut U C vaJ will t*? eudorsed ' I'roposa s tor Mti^tf-ts," or rifles, sa'ere, to, as ths rii\y !??. >y ? dtMay IS pKOPdSALiS FoR iHOKdt.S. PKPOT QT*EI SKM*stkb'^OT'ICI. ) l y: r?*7 ici/l and U i*3?i ) Atrii 24 IW2. i Ph??o**i.s will l>a r*ofi?fed at ?hi* OA"? until SV.urday,'he l<*h day of Mm, at 12 oWooli M , for foruMhinr the Hov??rnment wi?h TWO THOUSAND HOKsKS, ot tl?e followmf <:AVA!>RY> ' Fo* rAV4l*T.-(l.cno> on? thousand hor?*?. from (151 ftfu?ea to< <6> izte?:: baud* hljh, between l.?e and e.ght yearg of ate; of dark oolotk; tre!l !.roken to the caddie; compactly Duilt, and frM from all defects. ARTIU.ERY. VP? horse*, fronuUH) fifteen and one h*lf to<Ui sixteen Land* high, betwwrn fir? and eight years of age; of dark ooiors; tree from all dafeot*; oon paotij built; wei! broken to liarneci, and to weigh not itaa than l.Hio pom&da. PMdPOHA I a Proposals mutt sjaoifj olearly whether the UJ ii for Cavalry or Artillery homes. Mid tit mo ca?? must both b? bid for on the san:e ?a*er. If a'.y trdler wishes to propose for both oiasse* h? must forvttr.i two distinct proposals?one lor each oI&js tompult i? itsulf, and having no refer MM* t~ aaT otner pr >p.>ta: by 'he sains p*rty. If a bid is in the nan e of a firm the nam* of all the pa;tncrn mu:t appear or it will not l> j cousiderM. Propoea.s v.;c?; beaddrcsse.1 to Col. D H Kuc'ier, CJ.<ar:i\-master U. !*. Ari.iy, \\ a* tiitflt >ii L). O . ami most be p ainly marked "PropusMs foi Horidi." GUAKANTKK. l'hdai'ii'.tr oftLe i.-itijartnfc'.i . " it be awarded to him rau?t t ? fti&rantied I.* two r?*(i naib>e ppr*on*, whose mna'.u.e* n.nat i>? appeiidsKl t<> th > guarantee. The reap< n*:!>ility of the gi?ararto'? snuit be tiiown by '.he offia'a oertitmte of tl e C:erk id the ne& bftt uistrict Court or of the United ?t&:e? liistr:ct At'otn** U.J.lefg muct he pr??e?t in perer-S *h-'n the hid* are op-juau or thtsr ^ri^u^ t will not t*? eonsiderel. B >itd?, in ?h* ??'.m of Ieri -hon-aa-1 d > art, eigne.) Ly tte ocnvaotor and !? _?*h of hia guar&Ltom. wiil he rt.^mred oftne?ucwe*efu! bidder upon signing t. ? 0 'Uti \cf. As the !,o?d mustaoo mpfir* the eout-aet, It will h lieoeti.'ar jr lor bidder j to l.?ve hair btidi.uen vrit.i them, or to have bond*'J ?? aati station m rn) ?-? ' * --' 1 1 ? 1 .vou. ... US piUUIIO"U tilJit 111* >iU ll'Vit II tkuckJ. H!&uka for U.ui)< l? r ocii'?*u tipon app icati <>u beinf if.&ilj at tnia t.ftice, eitiidr per boo* iy, t'-T iet;er, or t.j u;ei>tpu. form (if iiuaren:t$ \V?,?.of tnooountf oi ?, &riJ Urate of ?, *..J ?, oi the oouuty of , and state < I , do hereby ?u?ra>.tee that ? la able to fu'ui a contract in acocr?2\:joe wit)* tne t'rn.i o( his jiupo?itior, ana that, ehou'd h'? prop a?.?*pte?l, he wi nt cr.oe t-iitor inf % cor :r&c.t i? accordance therewith, si. ju:dth6coi trav; b* ?w*raed hi we are pream rn I ?<\ 1 - I f m> vu 1?- Us, ifWHT III B 800" nil CB< (Tk thin acHiauteo ni"?t be apfeinleu tl.e affinal if.rttiica'* abova mftutioned.) INSPECTION. DELIVERV. 4c. A'ih'trsB? contraot^U (or uuut-r f is a<jrertia?uient will bo ?ubjen;ed to ? r.g.J n.'ipectioij, aii<l thoca uot cuutormiz.; to !" fepocili.;atK>na wili be rei'VtM. No ?;;?-?> vi!l > ? r<roei?a?l. 'J'*e hora?* mint Ml iiu ?!<sl;v*rpti in this r .'.r on orb?fore Saturday, the Hift i-< y vt AJw*. and ho ottimewtll be?rsnt-?i uu *uj tr?i?*si Payiiiont to be n;v!o np<>"th? ooinpittioa i >ack contract, or ao tuou i i11.... M ? ' ' teriiiiwter bUail I? in iur.iia. An? informality in the or non-ev.i.i>-r n.anoe with thi? term* of tbu adTerti?? west, will euaur* the rejnotiua ofthj propo?*!. I heoe horeea willIj a? a-ded in !olo ot iut mart than <**>> tvn hundred p*c(i. un'em the d??ot uartura fc?icr !?i deem u f- r tr.? iiitsr??t ol tP.? U"vern?ifli t to &o3ept a la'^er namljer. The i>epjt (^uarterniastcr reserves to J i-ub-' i th? ri(ht to r?joot anj or a . L-1!* ?:?*t 4 u<t< denu U.ohuh. i) i;. K. CKKft. aavS tm?9 Q..',onslau1 y?p??tOuartf maater. rw?/ ? - ~ ' 'I'U Hi! : !\ 'J.C.S GENERALLY, A M) ALL 1 AD.YUKKRS OK CHOK'K l'UNTS,45., , r ARTMV.' LA R LV.? h)K!SA LK?> . -?i ex tra ohoio<? Hard? Perpetual blouinnii Kuirt, OrnamfiitM SMiruhe, Parlor and C ,??.,??? Pi*n'?r>, Magnolia*. Khodi/dWidinr.. L .^'treer s. .'vc. The o'jlleutioii ooiuprisei ail ?? ciiuioert Hilus iuowii in Europe or Ar eniA. All piant: srarikr.led true to rams and ui brat uaHty. A J&K1MN, Flonat an.1 NureeMii>\:], ap 2> Conn-oMout av ooruc. of M at. ry. ' NOTICE, 1 hi' i? - - .. 111 B ? ?nwy noioiujuio r^nuri^ 1X1 Hi Earn* o} (lag btt * Max, lot* re*u ?naaol??d by i.'utuii oonaeni ainoe April 1st, Intl. Ail eiann? araiuei tha 6:<f! wi.i la ??tt!6d bj J. B. Cla^ea; tWw indebted to the late firm are rt*u??tej to uia*e pa; ineut to bun. JNO. B. CI.A6KTT, JQ?*Kf H J. MAI. NOTICE?The Enderfuned vriil continue tbe l>ry Mood* buainMt at the Old BtaGd, and ' hopda to merit a ountinuanoe ot the liberal p&ucii axe heretofore beetuwed upon the la'e firm. JNO. B. CLAUE1T, :?'J4 fa ava I N^lTTF'T*'1 persons having accounts with ?* ika late firm of Client* Mm, who do fcui wish their. to te presented. win find them rtadt at the desk until Mar 1st, after whioh t>Mte they w.ll |? ca1 leu upon, whan it is expeoted all claims will oe seltiivJ upon preHentaiian lw J. H. CbABtTI, 11M Pi ava. I _ W,5f,moMN *lST Hr.Ml.Bi Hcfpectluhr ro?u*et all persona who l ave open aooouats, due hum. and nctetdue, : ptfet uae, ao.? uu^ u\e to oome at oeo#, 11 iLo? (Mil. U lft? fhrt P1L m it All.! liuttl* a . A - ? ? ?-? sa 1 UOI1IO iu piT on all note* and ooUtanJin* aooounts againat me without de'ar. JESS*; U. W1L.SON, Otfioe W atlilBf ton Building, Kouin No. 4. a? U-3w aorner 1th and Pa. ar . north Bid*. pKNSlON OF HUE. Jcni ?th, ie?l.~ to a ll WHOM ~rr Ua y concern. Application having bee* uiaue under th? ut of 33d June. I860, for the reieiue of the l.aut Warrant! ticoribed heroin, vhioh a.e alleged to have been loaf or destru?ed, notice is hereby giren. t! *t at the date following tha <lu?m?t.nn nf ??/?h u .. rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, Tj.ii be u sued, u no valid objection ahoald tiea appear. for 1 Go area, iiktKCi ujider ui iai ai Maroh 3d. 1858, in the nt?M oT JaooL B radar, &j>j wae rrant*l An. u?J ltfth. IIN-Mu il. lsau. m u Mr??' ???"?ed under tr,? act of March, ?i, iu the uarue ol Charlotte, widow of Main 1*8?' W4J snnVsi *. L<Y? No. M.lrr. for l?j g?i~i k & SftW?ttf?~r liu ?^4"!EirN!2: S&. uDutr Lhaut nf ink : .1* ' oornpan?, B?tWii>n of Mormon VuluskMra u au*d Ifth ADrJl. 16&3?Juil U. IMoJ. L-*11'* warrant oert teate No H*a*>,tor '?) &->rto F*?-r0\ ,ri? *. ? A?: r%?ff,r or Th ff*r, a private of ca>t T?t. I?f company. Col. m?v*naon'a racimeut, Now Yort Vo uatjara. ao<l bMrtnc Ca e ?Mk Aari? I84J.?J ulj jflfit. " ?WU? _ JU""" "A5SSEL-. C^ffLSSSttVifS iNU ,,N WA?B ?' THE WEEKLY si AH. ThU etdCMt PaaUlr ?* New J?re*. ?oa talalag !* ? ? *vMf ?f imnil?| mHi| ttu ma tec foarf la ay otter?1? p*tu*te?4 oa PrMay moraine. Tnii-fu4, mNruMy, m mJmmm Blngie copy, pei 31 Five copies 4 76 copiM. ???? ? ? ? ^ Twenty l?e ooptea M 00 It l??art*bly cop%lBtthe "W?hi?>? \?w?" U.M baa made Tkt D*tlf ??? ??( Sf rlR.ifj aogeDtlliy Uirongbout tbeoenntrv liy 81*fle copi?? ,1a wrapper*) can W p.-:? eared at tbe e-ouatrr, ImmMlitrtr after Tbe \m .? ortta paper. Prtfe-THRKE CINTS S>?0 rEN^ITLVANIi IfKlllK. 1 EMI LE Dr PR B. ?? . Jut RfMlv?4 ai>4 opaacd, A large and trrtWaa ?u< k of chela* FAMILY OROCHRlhO, canst tUag of i B(j0%86: ?( ?IWfrt4?a. ma CUFFKK, BVTfll, LAID, FLOUR, MAlLLARDt! GHOCOUVK, A?., A? , Ac. All of wblcti be oBe.-t at oasb pricf*. I lkh'S CKLEBKAl I U v\ HIMk I KS SbO txrrela Mafr-?l:a, 500 barrel* XXX, 5w barrels Miller* Rvf M?oon/ab*!a. ?0? barrels Old Fvr, 500 harrola In. l,\A AT CINCINNATI PH1CE8. All the favorite brand* atf vhampagnh, Mums V??rcriij, Given Seal wfcleb, toeing bou. tt !->w, oft* at uuaeudif low ratea. Also, tfole Ager.t for PIEKU ARMY CORDUU M> 14 tt SOLVihRS' FAY. HAKNDKNH KKI'Bk** WILL PGR WARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES. Wuithir Monvt oa ALLOTWllCT Dum. To tti?ir Families at an? f ioa on tfcn Unas ot ti.etr FxprtM at a oiia.<? of TWENTY-FIV2 CENTS For any sum not exoeadinj Fifty Dollars.< IV ' A.qJ ? proportionate addittntu.: charge for ptao#? roaohed by ooctectii* LxprMM* The remittance, w!.eU,#r m Gold, Trea?..r Note*, or Allotment LraH?. si. .ui.1 l>eene.o?c. u at. euvftvpe. and seouie:? eta;e<i, aa i a*- t o full ad<lre?a, HiOiuUiL* the tawn, 1'oat Oi&oe a J State, of the person to vtn>n. to be bent, anJ i .*> ainou.;t legthlT tcarkeJ tl.ore.ju. f uviopee for Ui<? pBrtoee Wi . to turniiheJ at thm cffio*. Moi.ltt rtr*ii?H 1a >-? >/?rw?r g w Uiv VIOOC i Washington, Thud street, moudu ?loor belvw Ponr.ajlrauii fcvfi-ue, lll ln _ V. e WMITW.Ater.t Wall, StepfeeiiM ft. to., MILITARY AND NAVA1. M KKC 11 A N T T A 1 LO H 9, AMD I'liMll ill HWORD*. SASILKl*, BK1.TW. tyilll MU.IIII ! ? D urF.i ? wo a E>t '? " V iii'i.n P A X1. a r?. bAUMLm LOVtS.**. Ad4 rut ?tn?f of M.LADT MAUB ClOTHiro, At Kba?on^slb r*re??. CO.. I.W ?rtn?, b*l?oev till lli.t?:.4 !?; ^b.| M* *btl M! ate. , ?l j . . A * . , , , HlhLUKY CHAMI*AtiDili VhtO f Ri:.\iOVkl> TO S. K. ColKH Of PlNR. AVINIIiHD ('Iftrrn.lou Hi 1*1 MlM|( H. II. KO^tkV, A*?*t, N*w Vob JANiK> /tloLA.N, Aseht. ?VA?HIN^TUN, D KMI KK V, HOU f 4^4 MAUKIR A VM%> *. KINK OLD UiiANDV aaJ WUldkk. (17 A UbWll uiaoouct to dMlora. ?. l-? BOOT# ANU 8UOF* TO SUIT H H E TIMK.H. Wa&,'<? Lr.w ni&na!iu>tui ajI ktr.d? of BOOTH lad SHQK8, &r.J (M.i.ftiui f reseiviiit la^i aupplf of astern hi&?? work o( f>v?r; cription, m&iioex*.??Aiy i<> <>rd?r. willy Hi bfl old at fcft.uoh l. war >r\. . tja- ).% [ herrtuior* oii&rceU in thu e?t? (or ntaoU 'ufon^r artkJ**. I ^dr.nn? m ??r.t aI D? ? - ? w?u? vi vwm nna OI t*AFlOTtl , or oitf maJa vutl, ?ril ^ w??? Lad a tcoO mokI I mn liu ttureftuu at ta? anooa. 6i*o?a a call. , ajt-r a 14 l'?tiBn|nLH <??nu> HOVSIKKS-OViTKHb' OTKL8, Restaurant* ? *1 t>riT%l? Fe. ml Ilea car. i>e ?up*:io<) tia.lf ti"?OVSrtK,i^ ^ j fre?it from the shell, Urj i>.o&bBie, ai /_J at the loweet priae. H?v I'.eue civ* us a aa.1, AVRLS ft CO.. No.aou N'i 'tl. kt. l>?tw???>0 DaiiUAt. |T7" Oj?tt>r? of Uie b??i <ua<ity Micad to ou'er. "Hi itf IUIST KKCKIVKUATi. a IIKII I J No. 3t>l b*T6uia. [*etw?eu 1 K tiitt-u, m u?v stock of OLO THINS, FURKISHIN* feoOUS, TRUNKS. HATS ?nj CA?S. LA UKAt(.iCO'6MNo Sfel t>?vecth alract, l?twere 1 *nU K, la lh? ei&tve to Lui lowr CLOTH IN#. 1 tKMeiilNU HUoUH, tkUNtS. UAlli^iiJ CA 1*1*11 NjW Vork p~?* C^OMF ONe /Nil ALL AT L. A. UJKALL * j CO*H, Nu 141 Severn ?i itrMt, itftwr I &L 1 K, tM U! jo?m CijOTHlNtf, hlR.M^HIMW SOU US. HAT* 4?<f Ckf*. NOW 18 flML TO tiUV VOUR CLOTH1N*. FL'?NjyliIi%? tiOOU*. HA'1> ?r.J Oa/ s 4.1 **ii .o?r biiooa, M L A. HKALL 4 Oo.'-i, No. 301 Sev?iilh, mimu I fcnd K atrw. nth la Wit H&VK OfbNtl> A LARttK STork Of VINT tkDA ii s> h i n a U I o ? j - --- ??T v ? V SJ ? U U I U 1 o BUJ DKAWfcRd, wj.iti. ViU be M.U M rtuuotli* fricM. 8AM'L W THOMPSON, ST? PHO. ta li-tf ?rul?T Kf. wr'? | A D1 k-b' UUUUKK t vol:' I* AND SHOE-, Ail <?? , ?t J. B. f*UDNKY**U S24 P?nu Avenue, t^-,k of Pry GooU NUri, \f KN'S kUHtfiK BOO id At J. a fe 1? 11 feun. ?y.. B?c-fc Wti?<n. | A It b t M A f a fcKOieiA. SOUTH^CAHOLiNA, ALABAM A. published by the SUte GorernmenU on a very t? Un?d ojouLtad on ?ioCh u ? *ort*fc e for?. ?? 17 ! BANCk TA> MH Wm Hovts' clothinC. k Hit* reoctwm witbn day or tyro a larie iMurtuwiil uf HrtVS'rnUfW CLOTHiNB.ambrit.ucali sijiMOf low prioad, media**, and ftu* ?ua Iim, ikt W arttMUiac at rr WAUL, Sm:*-iifc.Nr! ft CO.. ft?t Pa. tv , MtwosA Kk taU k?k ?ia. a a lot* a W.1 l/UK A frKW UAVa ONLY.-! have rr.uuwd I m? Ana sock of Clithyu from vvor Halls Jeve.rf Slor? W> J. H. MilTB'S. \o. S??etl.'i >u?m. bmt F, wker* I at.ail of at U at i?M than vhciaaaieooat eria?a. tor4 t<rw imiolIi. f? Vf tn, i w trl"' OSI F.CIAL NOTICE. N AND Art-fed TUKSDAV, Ai'BiL I. IMS, tke train* ob Ike Bt i.t.-'f and Ob?> KaiiruM ooaiaeaee rundici daily, Bandar* ?*xae??*J? iMTiDf lb is itaufB at f.?> a. M , aad oonceetwc at Waskington JidMiud ?:u mail nsi? f?r *n part. of tli* WMt via PaxkwtaKf of Wfea?Jin?. '?kroMik tiot-u ?ola a&J j #n Mum of Tr?M??mUoa Upturnjt?'taU dk>? BailrnXl. *? I <u TkAVFLUNb TBUftka. t Olfar flir ?? Ih? *M|uilm*??U?f TH*VKLblN? TK tlMC? to ba foai*l .f this ?it?, ocropn?tfi< ?* ? t*oU La?ih?r&t?W Uilui l>rmi? awl PmIiw Tmiiki, V* U<m?, 0?rM Uu>. ka., wbtati w* ar? now Mllinc at verf low tnoN. WALL, 8TILPHKN8 A OU? Mjl H<?nn twnm. A ShIWHi tftU"*7" W, M. VtRlKVki

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