Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1862 Page 2
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KVFNING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THtR^PAT MAY lt 1868. j?7"J* ending matm on evtty p?*e. 9ee onttlde for Interesting telt^Taphle ar.A othe# matter. R^rtt ( ill* n*rali| Pr?M. Tb? l/tStUiftnetr hu au article on tb? o\y Mivanre of tLe Conatltutl jn, in whirU it u\i that ttoo?e wfeo deOre I atrlrt ronitructlcn of that Instrument are too frequently branded with being la "tyrapathy with the rebellion" by thcae who ktow no reverence for the Cooatttntlon when It *tan4* in the way of ib#ir own wlibri or passion* The H'fut.iuan demurs to the derision of the Commissioners of Emancipation tbat no editorial comment oa their proceeding* shall be published. OUR MILITARY BUDQET. CONVtMlATfOK. It U now clru that the ultra.* of Congrrm will not be able to protrac t Uu> war and double ltirrmt to the nation, by the eaa.~Ur.ant of imgrartlrable initiation, nominally to cooflarat? the property of almon ik* ??t\rt jeeplt of the Scutb. The cocamon-aenaeTlewaof .Mew* Oollamer, Brown is8, Harti*, Cowan, M>d tbo?e wao think with item on tbls aat^nt, are destined to prevail In bntb Hook* by considerable majorities A smai; wing bi tie late democratic party, apparency b*at cn giving aid and comfort to the rebellion, may vote against any confiscation aci whatever; but its nuirtbera will b? too inslghlllciint to do tbore than e.rpo**- iu own lari or fidelity to the of the restoration of thr Union The creat saui of ttee original opponent* of the election of F;c?}dent Lincoln In however. reaili* ttAt hi* policy, In tills connection, &a announced by Mfrri Brown'.sp and Coilunn Sn tb?-ir recent eloquent tud powerful spoech; i, mast be . at.'.ed cut. That is to Insure tL-t tue m;-.cliievom poli?'.c!^n? of ite Soaia v,i?o have ml>iea and *-?rc?d the peopif there into ireaaon, iuit cr.t c vafnr remain sraon^ them in laftuential po*ii!?os. to keep ai!v<? the Ucnhlra of tfcp t!mei 4. dm tury ii? weeded out etfertuaily v>v ~odu*cation ard j-rjr.cai disabilities, tiip wsr, sr. iapldiy drawing to a close, wul fcav? Jought to uo practical end. The banishment and rctlseaUor. of an average cf ten rnea to a crunty tbr.upbeat ail the so-raiiid we<J?i SUle-5. will restore lb? authority of tbe United Siatea ;atari, in &'l of iLera, is six t after we are again is poaspsBion of RlcLstwnd The deluded ma?jeS of tbe :outh bare bad quite enough of secession, end r.r-d but to bare re.novea from among tb.-^m, by n iioa <J tbc Government, tbe ieade-a gad ruling spirits of tbe lnenrreriion, to bcccm<\ nr than moat people imagine, as beart'.iy ioyai as l&ey were *se year be?oie me senatorial ccn. bpUary for tbe destruction of tbe L'r.ion developed '.( elf in the &tteir. Eted of South Caro una. tBU5?-?FIVT COSTa*r fOB-i iLe Bo*t mlsch!tvo<i? legislation ot the prearnt Ccngresa la the habit they are getting Into of directing the Navy and ether Kjreoutlve D^p-irtrn**'a to refrain from the exaction c?p?naltie? due bv individual defaulting contractor* J??t i ".m a- uiovun r?? jtv iw v/uii^rri*." aim. ?>y d'sreputable mean* in nearly every caw, obtain special >pUlatlon direr-ting that tbrlr shortcomings in reference to tbelr contracts with the Government shall b? overlooked,Just so lung cur military and navsl service will be snprl^d with bud mxterlals of ev?ry description?arm*, sbir>?. < luthlnp. provlaiona, Ac , Ac ,?pr?r> atippliedas to defeat tte r.niuromar.on of our military and r.awal movement* " up to time," and thmenormotiaiv tiiere*** the coat nnd duration of the war unnece*aaillv Tbe military and naval commltlen of both Houae* very properly set their facea . ^ainat the prartio#, Ucrpl In caaea whereJn tbe 4/i,v?remfnl Itielf falla t;i romnli fm the tlm? fce'.ng, wUcU iointUmH but In ilp fxreptlon&l cava they awm to have, unfortunately, luce Influence In preventing thi* dearripUon of periiiciou* .'e^Uiatlon. TilK OAB3SI?tr. Th? rt: GuaeiiUI, now riding ox *c. fci-r off tbe W&sLla^tuu Navy Yard. Iravm lutw? water* to day or tc-morrow f?r l-'uic-a* rtionro#. We hesr Her o#c?ri iutre received iwurU ao4 d*vrye<J &u?Di '.on from tbe srsry trjd jawy cdicer* cf tbu Government, as wall a* riviltana tn poaiiioa here, and can hardly fait to Lave teen gratified wlti. the fc;tef visit Cl :c t ahip to tae F<deral Metropolis. A* BWTSXTAlJMSMT. Lait evetlc^ Socr?ts:y s?wa;i . ?.r-rtnib?a iue r.Scfcf* 0/ tii^ rrnn l fitxttie UatAradi, now iylnjj Ufore tae vV'aahtugiou Nu?y Vtid, tmt ? lar^e coir.j-ar.y ri other invitrd to rnwt itifnr. the Cabinet, diplomatic rcrp*. L a iisval fioia, ard aoaie iiiea?bfw of both Hoives of Cangr<-S4 s?.d Ludut*. i be patty we tear, \va a very agf^sLLe naa liutetd m?m yfl'k rtun ol tnlfMrr n-. pc;t pr<?nt eicll*n.ent In it? Mock market, with a jUr^eiy-increev-d amount of tr&rmctic-ar Tfcp mcvecoeot in Covercrr?ent sfccuri'-f s which b&? JK i'u iui m iur uayn , una in. r;?? ?i a tww Impulse from the aucr*M of the Union armIn New O.leacti, anil la* anxiety to buy w?i !utrnif. Weqncrte from rioting U. 8 " ?, V*M, r?^ri tered, 0:j?; t 8 Vn, 1*91, crup^r*, fc:*a<ja; f 9 5 a, l3??, U 8 ?'*, one y>r certltr aU?, W; 7 !iu Treasury notra. iw2s: Tenn??c* C'?. 5">|'; UUaourla 50? ; iilicol* *sr iotc, 9t'^; Indiana 5'?, T?; Cilltoraii 7'i, c;)(; Mlnn?*ctt b percent*, ik>; American gold, 10?: foreign rirhinff* flrtr. Vi?TToa? to Masai**? Cimin ? l? 1? dinner w* for sUcogera to po to Munasaaa and it?>> travel iter# Lu been prohibited. The Rebel guerliia partita are ?UU Love: fog around that TlcltUy It la 1 cared that three clvUtana who left heta en Saturday, on bora*b*tck,for Manama? JutrllcB, have been raptured, aui are now >? their way to Itichmond They have not b en Leard from at nee, sor were ifcey aeea by soy oi cur t roofa after they l?f! Cectervliie rr ? t" ? ic n o i _a. ?a_a_ /? . n - - r rwu ?? r niripriu. rn*HfyiV& .U iti*. who t*a ttroj foi ?aU*, we Lave nvw Uj lU/ul f Lf 'Otf rapUlr rop!<M c( > work* ?.f art, Jtc , Irom tUe e?taMiatuiu>r.l of Ttlwr & Co., Co?i:iKk??Among the rooflrmatlone laat Monday by tbe Sonata, wn that of Major A A Uui&piireva, Corpa of Topographical Kngtneer?> to Ik- a Brluad'er General of Volunteer* Sim. l,taMU'? Baorif! ?T^e report that * brother of tbe tfife of the Fiesldeut uu among Uu? ?i*in at Ut? be tile of Pi<ubur? l.iiiim? u contradict* d |[7" \V? are indebted to Prof But*, of (U C?a?t tor en admlrab> GMu.-?nriui Skrtrh of tfc* Co?*t of Georgia, i?urf from it.e t'out Surrey Oflo?. i3i *rf?nr>>?'(aia vni* Hrxiarbl. [Corre?pcndeare Clu. Innatl Coauxtercial. j C*xr ?MIL0B. April 13, ? RlitiTt Co* I ?ee ta your tasue oi tne W<i? an extract from the Cblcuo Tribune, which dot the 7*"ln Regiment O v. I ?reat InjuaUce. It atatea that we ran wit boat frlng a gun, leaving Taylor', sua Waterhouse's batteries to be defended by an lUlaola regiment Now, Mr. Editor, the ferta nre ? foiiowa : The 3d brigade, composed of the 53J., and 77th Ohio reglmenta, occupied (>otb ?:J.? o: ilm Corinth i??J, end was the first attack' a except mme of Get. f'recWM forcea, who brought on the fight by going beyond the pickets before day We were attacked Sunday morning, about 6 o'clock, and maintained our i.i? m.III I a . ? ?*- *- -? LHXikVB Ull?:i II *? ClWft ?. LU , IQOTlgQ oppoi^a Ly overwhelming number*, and ' atoruied at by -Uol and abeli,'- ttud r vrrv i>ih*r miastle employed lp aifnlirra w?rf*r?. No led* than tbrt-e Uaicsd;d they uy to advaiwe up the bill, but were driven bat k by our die aud ctdw? been aided in season we could have bs'd our po?ltk>a, but &* those on oui left gave away, and tb* rebel* advanced, vn* were ezptMrd to n cross l;e whtrh spread great bavoe through our tanks. OuxloMwait? killed, Ik* wounded, snd K mlselns 1/ this lvlna cor retpoadent will Tis?t u? agaia, I w 111 abow Llm * a L-ndrrd >r>r?ii graven, wbr^e vtcupanU fell before ll>e deadly fif of the 77 th Old Die*!?* We learn from tte Nafcbrtl!e Union that a company of one hundred Teuoeaarcana ease H? Irom W ayneaboraoa W edneaday evening to Join Ike Oovcrno.'i Guard. ? It* LATE NEWS BY TELEOBAPH. Latest from Fortress Monro?. Baltixokk, Mty 1 ?The Old Point boat (that left Fctreet Monroe lut evening) baa arrived. sar onngi naming 211 xne way 01 newa, excep* the annonncement of a new arrangement of th? Harbor Master, bv whteb all merchant vea?el? are rcq?it red to report on arrival to tbe Captala of the Pi>rt, and are notal.wrdto leave wltkout per* m< talon, or at all atur dark and bffor* daylight. Not a Word In reference te anything elte. I ROM YORKTOWS, CA WP \V:NFI*I.D?COTT. SEiR VOBKTOWN.Va April '*).?\ e?terday ofternoon and all last night, particularly ab->ut daylight, aece*h baa been Sr'.n? aome of hla large euna In an exceedingly lo?*e manner thrill were thrown to the right. t? the left and In the centre, sometime* at an object and ?omet1m?>a 1ti?t to t-ee how far they could i^oot. Of romwe, tb^y anppose we are buav al* '* - *' ? ?*?' * ? ? ? ?-i a.\ Lin a wa ai r iney srrs ?:.ti in picaing up uie iiiifu anrt wo-.indert; but If It Is anv ronnolaMon to them, we can lnfoim them that ?o far, In the last twen< ty-four Lcurs. there is " nobody hurt " At Lee's MI1N thev lost ten plecesof " property," (slaves.) Yesterday we lost two (horses ) Wonder If they consider they must kill eight more to come up even"1 On the f?rt Dear York to wu, yesterday, a large f.we of slaves was at work in building round turrets to set mortars Id They are made botn* In A lamrtcr ?nfi PnnitrnrtpH With awn.l U&er Tbff seemed. ?o have uo fear, and worked l'.k<* bfHYi-ja carrying up tbe sand hags from tbe ,r*>r The ha^a are wt.lfe, and the turreto will, when done, make a splendid target. No atumpt was m iac npoti our part to prevent them from pr*veedina with their operations, although they were continually firing thelrraanon on both iUfi of the wnrkYesterday three large schooners came doarn the Vork river, loaded with Hour, which wa? unladed at tbe Yorktown whnif The whnrf wat cf iwJmI with all Jav haulfr>7 It twtv? and such tetmi' The rebel* are buiilv^ngasfd In r natrucilng a wharf about a quarter of a mile below the present r?.e, on the Gloucrat^r aide. What It con be for w a ni\iteiv. A continuous Line <f Uorifa ?tnd cicw ran be i^en bauuug dirt down from one of their fcrtt and banking it cut In the river, white a fcw lw>at<? f.i* lyirtj out on itic opposite s!de With pome lo?s Wondfr if ttry would not like to hare a pile driver1 We have n few tbar we will for (hem loan if ti.ev do r.ut hurrv ur>. TiiHr Liver oatferier. ire very qu'et now, our il?et, roasi-tin^ of sit jrunboatj, lyinff off ^ome si* miip? ti.f&orffi RcroM trie inoa'.h or tt? riv?r I.ATE IfcWS F*UAl THK SOUTH 77* r^orfo'i Pat J!ooa iieiw.(?th th* Lv;; of Nnr> O-I'.it. *?Scarcity of }'/ott.uui< ? Burning of Cotto From tbf? Norfolk I?i*v Fook of T'.i^fclay lag* *r oWn the fallowing TherJttorof the Noifoi* l)ay Bo-ik app?nd4 to th? telegraphic. dlspafci.ct giving n ?t!ce c? t'-'p arrival of the Union forces at New Orleans, tte following remarks About the only consolation vrs ria dr?w f?cni the above i?, t&at the iron clad (teamer Louisiana 1* "safe 1 ': Sale'' - - fc o*.v 'safe ' where Wu it a 'safe' plan to send a steamer aw ay from the city which ?be wa* built to protect, to h part of the river where the pr.emy were not making hurried operation* for its destruction, whilst they were operating murh more threateningly nearer that city' The Louisiana Is "safe" But Is the ciiy 01 new urieani? tsf<\'' with pnemv's fleet in tbe barl>or threatening lis boinbaMtn*?at e*rrv moment Wb-te blundt-rlni: man lament Is thlir Is the Seeretary of the Navy responsible for this? If uot. v. Lo If* \Vbil?* tp-hWiii^ on this tmbjTt, we would like to know If it it r<?ai!v true tbatonr 1/on clad vest>-|g ar?? not permitted to move an in'"h unirtt by tbeordersof the Secretary <>f Hie Nsvv' We have Li*<trd it announced n*a fort that mcb is tbe rate and that commanders aie 11??l up with inch instruct! i:s re?lr'.rtlon si to comob tf lv r.r? vent tbem provinp of any vuI.:p whatever a* a meani of Injuring the enemy If this ia rrally s? we think the sooner we procure e1*ks eas?? to put cur '.-on-rlad itnawn In to keep the enemy's wooden fi.irn hurting them the better. The editor of the I) jy Rook say- that n*v*r. in bis recollection, did the inirketa of Norfolk aid Portsmouth present g'ich i;ppettrance ttiey did on Monday morning last fo sinal! wu the supply of eital>l??, it tat-ame a oue*tlon of great moment with him where ai.d how the people U'rrp t.i lie A letter l.-oio Na?liv1i!^ ?iv?:?I nni Informed I bat t?-n tliOi iand balf t<?f cotton biveb?-<>n burned in the coun'.ie* of Wliliamton, Maury r.nd Rnthe'ford alone. Oen Pillow'# overuer burned ?ii hundred bale* of cotton before leaving bl? Maury county plantation. Ap)>rfbevsioi:i of an A Hack on Richmond? A liiltt 'e ^\urth nf tiir (' Ant n/i t*ri ? A L'ttrr fro "J S/ii/nk?Affntrs in Virginia. Xf.VMINU Of TltK VK1)8RaL". [I'rom ?b<* Richmond Kxamtner of the 27th ) TLe cl"?:dn of war thicken e,:di morr.-rnt Tup enemy- ei<> ifit?e Into ti.* vulltv "f the K?Pf>an:?i:noo* fr-m wvfr%l directions Merif-llk.i u j-'fV.i t?> Lav^> t& a body of troops op the KappaLannock from tue bay. tt) ieinforce Slf TW?w< lie division at Ffsdsrirkahnrjr. A r t'.Tcn cf FauquUr, win arriwd yesterday, jepo/tai ln'5'e army a* advancing fion. Warrrnir.n aim J.* "ferin '.a and to have fallen tncfc a f'l m iir.r<(Art|vHI?* K t rr? fi r. Vw tL'l /> fAilA?ej RfU : i.! * *r*'?) r. column rf thirty tbout^nd iciMi. I.' liinkiar J McDowell shitu'dccmMne ttw-w d'vl-l.wblchl* pr<.i<ahly tb"tf ruri-o...!, Rfcbmnmi will MiwiUi i-d frosn tie <lir?-etion ot b>* Pot tuac Willi nij'v u-oimaiid ijten ?nir goVtfrmner.t ii>w ord**r*d Leivy r?-lft?o/cfin-Tit* to mM thw et-p.os< Mrs; co'iimni, and it la very probuM* i decisive 1/ittl* iiiiy hfc ioaght north < f Kirhmor.d before ttiht on the sen'rwlabi< U3Bip;f<.l. Our l:???t u^htin? gerer?'s Law purtued iif pollcy or civil.? ?be e:iemy a fler.-e iiJiti' b'frrr fillip? berk i'nd< r the pres. i*<t superior force* Th!? w-s it. t.vtiri of Jir i:?<>n it Winchester: find If ha Is lrt sion^, Wii! dAUOtlPM i?- L'li taetica a?a!n fdWljig back bcttind Ibe i!us ot !i?* Chlcjrat^ipluy 1 US blTTIT. uF 3H1L0H. [fo'tr^pArd^Tirr of ttic R ic'.iir.ond D'^pitrb | t'Mlsin, (Vi^ ) Siiiiiidty, Ap-i! 12 -Wi> (v-iipv in-.w:iPiiv iuf ?jinp proHra us oo tarday h'xet tkr H?bV A portion of th? battlrppi.1 ii !ii poaa??-dort of tLe ecriitv; a portion we d.l Lold Tte Ffdai\in ar? bu?y In reorganizing, end wo too, rapidly ilrnielbralnt; oar posj. tloa, preparatory to another wLirb 1* liknv to rn*<i* wllhln a laontb Hpccnr,0it?::.,i- parties In forof oo'Hslonanv rome towardi our lln?>e, but tl.f pwnreof John Morgan and Fcrreat's rava'ry s~U aa a rLrf k, and notbiny la ettber gained or lo?t Our wounded?at !? ?? mj;iy u* can b? aafrly WJ.-vrJ?Unvr ?* ? *!* tent sway, and Corinth prea*nt? ir.i'n tr?; ??ni?* aspcct aa before the battle. I wnarkrd In ft jTPredtn^ letter tUat mast of our wourdrd w?r In tbe ?xtremidea. anil many or our killed w?>re ahol tu thf head. Tbll > *rC4iubttd f"r l>y (ti?' fie* tLet \t\nn a woody ro'inlry our tfot>p? frrqupntly i.wk aUrltt-r l>?ulnd lifiiPk fniion iU ! -. aii t Ihiii t.rr,t<.#? ?! ti.a ?.?-!? i ? ? - I - ? ' ? f Itlirepoitrd thai I>f. Chnpln. of New Orleans, wto *?rr?d nn tLa st?Q of Gen. Kennregard In V ijglni*, DfiJonu-'J :<1 amputatlnna on Sunday. ProlfiltW Jjiimlifrt uf llmbi wilt yet have t? I** >>acrtti <1 to t?i?- i ' ??* the neeeM&iy operation wa* ni?t puMMru u,r.o:itl?e jit-Id Tb<*e, fc?>\vever. a:e d'.ti'uilir? whlcu, !ii an army so peculiarly on?*nlisd ss our nun, cannot br- covnifd wUboii'. more experience tLiu we vet noiaeni. From 1toft of our wosid^l were left on ttp hat*V -ground. on o* ( runt of the dame' ?l? tending tbeir removal, were raptured. A larye number of wounds-d FuVrala being Mkewiae 1j: our humU. ft corr. ?p..^den< e on tiie MjbJert bf parsed between fi ma Breckinridge and tjrant, and tt baa teen Ji.-re?rt that as ^oon aa they rerover tb?y shall be exchanged man for man Our tcwa <n priaoners during ttc two daya will prcbablv n?*?! f*eeed 4?V Amou# tas troubles exhibited berp are >>evpral blelditaben from C.r* bodies of men and o!t,-.eri la which they were enveloped from nwk to hips. Id one of these vu an Indt-ntatioa ir>ade by a ,\?lnle buHet tferM-fonrtbs of an inrh deep, show In? that tbe inven'loa Ij h really ritectual defence against shots striking tUe r.ody. i besbteid If so arrunged tfcit i!a weight la upon the ahoulders, being adjjcted there by Iron bands, or suspenders, and :a ir. -de of steel. The offlr er from whom the one la question v. tts taken, was killed by a ball In the brad Otter result' of our victory are aiao everywhere P ....... k ,tt~. - " ?U Tiaiwir I - ?.*? * u< *ur w w ul I , U ^UUIJ^ri W|J'fitf mlateke our umy fur Lra? rat- Yankcea fully tfcre^-Bflha of the met, are dreaded In Federal bata >.nd ovefrvita, u:nr.e of our rifieerj carry Yankee awouia. ar.d albi^rtber we Lave gatherttd a verv respectable equipment of nrna. ^cr?eni?, ata lttiurlit. la my l:il Utter, I believe 1 I .'ul'rated that the entire Var.k -e ruuip wai burned, after being occupied by oar aiiuy Sunday nlgbt TLN la an error Only a portion of it, unfortunately, waa deatrcyd and the remainder fell Into the banda of the Yankee* on l utsday after the ttxLt, our army Laving fallen Lack to a new iiae of opera* tloi a. Ul&nd No. 10, tu far aa recarda Ita future relatl*i s to th<- SoutL* n Confederacy, I* aWo amou^ "the tLSoga ih-tt were." Ita eighty {(una and eleven gunbonta and transport Lave been aunk, twelve or fifteen hundred tueii Lave been made prHonet* trgrthtr wliL l>en Mackall, the cominjnd< r. and iberemiinder. who eu abed , are now trampling lnt.i Mempb'.a in aquada o( five, ten or flfty. aa the ca*e maybf Score* will doubtleaa be dr:?wurd lu tb?* i-tyoua or hut la tie caaebrakra. wl? re In tunny lu-ta- era, tbe men have to wadr fOf nitm np to t lie if arm pita In water. Allour torrcx twi been reuiuved to ibe main and from the U:..nJ, aud brre ttev were ?uripjndtd bj the enemy at-d Hemmed In beyond w m . the hooe of escape except individual cun. The surrender took puce on Taeadav mmtag. Tk* ftrst notlfleattoa of danger was the preaence of a gunboat, which to a daring manner had ran the gauntlet of the batteries during a storm on Saturday night. Then transports aad troopa were thrown through a canal that had been cot on the M iMonri aide and merged Into the Mississippi below the Island Then fell oar batter tat, one br oar, ana anauv ma sirongnoia icaeix. Tbe next point of defense above ua U Fort Plllow, and this U Hid to have been ahelled yeaterdav I?a poatUoo la a strong one, tad with a ??<flclency of troop* may be coojldored Impregnable, bat after the experience ot tbe past It la folly '? count npon anything aa certain until It la proved a.1 Wo?ll*lna l>?r</nM 11 nnn " Hope which aprlnga eterual la the human Ueaat " If Fort Pillow fails, of rourae MemphU goei with It. and New Orleana?the grand prlte of the Federalists?come* next on the programme It I* not probable that with the rleh fralt to nearly ready to plnck, the enemy will atop without ar>mr farther demonatratlon, or that a at upend out urlll iiaI Ka nn# v. ?? . ? ... .... -"- f - - ?' ? "> VI* iryimuc cf tbe South and waat. Thm la very little panic In Memphla, however, and the people are quietly, i If not almoat callously, anticipating the worst A7F.OR8 At RICHMOJCD, VA On the 23d, tbe gambling apparatus of VVm. Uurm i. Co , seized by the Richmond police, were burned in front of the City HlU. bv order of tte mayor. The provoat marshal complain* that Richmond Is the grand depot fo* the reception of all the scoundrels In the Confederacy. There are probably over one hundred men at large, evading search. who bare joined several companies and taken the bounty, besides selling themselves SB substitute*?adventurers from all parts of the Confederacy Aurauaiu van i>orn wu uimm oy tbs pro vast marshal, and committed as a suspicion person. Van Dorn, who is a northern man by birth, was trying to make his way ie Fredericksburg. L ate frem Pittsbnrg Landing Tin Cnlrn?Af? (airs In Miaphli, f From Correspondence Cln. Gsiette Anrii 9f. 1 i he steamer Bee arrived from Fort frllow at two o'clock thia morning There Is no material . tacji* lu affair* at lUd U??t. TL"?e it tome orcaalonal firing by the inortara, and kto occasional reply by the t-nemy ? batterlea. The Be? brought six refugees from Memphis. I hey report that toe enforcing of the cooacrlpttoa act was creating couch indignation, for, und^r it* provistor.a, every nble-bodVd man between IS and ? wa% u int; r>nrriea ?w*y to the army at Corlntb A deapotU" rer.?sorshlp of the pre?s was exercised in ail part* of the South, an J the public prints dare not utter nothing derogatory to the caus* of the rebellion They say that Union men to-day area* Unn and ioyai a? ever, ar.4 >re rejoicing at t*e neir approor h of the Federal armlet, In whoae success thev recognise their deliverance from anarchy and despotism L'nlon ciubs meet nightly in the city f.f Memphis, and are holding corres(i.)(iden< e u ith similar cIuLhi in nearly every large nty In the South Price and Van Oorn had been at Memphlswith a miserable. half-clad armv of 6.UM) men. and were forcing all Into the service who cam* with In the provisions of the conscription act. General Prentiss and ten of our m?a, prison era. v>?-re at Memphis for boura, and were treated with every cttentlon by Vnlon clt!?ecs They were taken to Tuscaloosa, Ala. Gen Prentiw made a Colon apeech to bU men and the citizens cheered him The provost marahal, L. D McK!sa<v:k, bade him remain silent. Prentias told blm be bad four to one more frleida ib i>i<-ixipuii mmi fir iwrmssoCK), hi.a MUd U> tte citizens " K^p quirt tor a few weeks, and you will have an opportunity to cheer the old flag to vour hearts' content." Our soldiers sung the star Spangled Banner, Ked, White and Blue, Happy l.?ud of Canaan, and Old John Brown, aa they wtre starting on tbc cars for Tuscaloosa. At the rebel navy-yard at Memphis there wtre two gunboats, the Beauregard and Arkansas, half completed, and a third, the L,ur v Neal. lual luneM. Negroet are In great demand One of iny informants, a few daya before fcls departure, *aw a ne^ro auid at auction lu Memphla for 81,085. TLIrti-nj-lncb mortar* were being cast at Memphis fi r th? formication? at Fort Pillow 7Hk=?*K~OND WAKfl UNCONDITIONAL J-Ji I N .o% CLUB.?The retu ir weekly meetlnt ?f the Club will be held at German Ha 1, 11th street, shore F, on iBUkHDAY KViiSflNO, Me? l?t, *t h o'olook. AU the nnoonditional Union msn of the \\ ard are oordiaiij invited to be pree.-<,t wp an if ryw?lHKKK WILL BE A MEETING OV JL5 trie Unconditional Union voters of *eT?i?h roiomAC HMi.nn THURSDAY KVK NINO, 11? of M \j, to orfanixr) for the ooimnf Jui.?> tiootioc. All ofpoioa to the Keput>iioaji Arty, ourud U>. ftpg-at* ANTf REPUBLICAN. Y*?NOT!CE.-Th? Stockholder* of the Waehllif intern. Alex?tdria and tieorcetown Railroad Gomur.r, are here ? notified thata meeting will be held ai the oflloe of Alexander Uar. E*?, No. 3*1 pannaflTania areuue, Waahincton, 0. C.,on SATURDAY, May SJ, 1868,at 11 o'oiook a. in ALEXANDER HAY. fia dtd JOSEPH THORNtOlS.PPrafcasara \V NOThK. ?" E Hav<? thli .lay opmtil t Kilo of two hundred <t:ul li 'it li-.'utaud LtHlOft, wLioA w? will Mil chetp for oa?ti. m l 3t' A. k. T. A. RICHARDS. I<OKSALh'-At Whitehawt tiallery, 434 Pa. I *ve..n?. th'ea W(H>UEN TKNf?. t<?? v? i ,it?t>arst's ool'ec'.i ?n of Casts d? Visits of dist:niui tinl itch. A:so, Likenesses in Oil tod Water Colors. m I 31* A PIANO. ia. FINE Toted S??eu Ooiav* Itano, rerfaoily t:?, i t al# on easr tonus, or will u'.n ? iui (tuu [>niia:n| <Jl. I u4 il 11 ^inVH N.. 42* M iLo?t. t^-.weea utL *ud V?r in :.o: t kv m 1 8t* V- BKLAi d\OKit iCK : r*i:i i.l NU a c?-.t t>a.o? o^-l,l?r|t it.<ol of T-t *K>?. HAHNKiii, HUDLtS, BK1ULK?. mi MILITARY S?OiW, to oii>?5 tha r-. m *?3 P>nn87iv4nia fcvdLui*, Letwen 12'.h ISt:i nt? . touth nJ> in l it* fV^SOLU'llON 01 | j ?dBR SSSfiHH ? I Wjto ft & ^S,6.?*0*? ivoriH: g^CAA\6g. i?? irtfc, public IN OOSLIBQ HESTAOKANT, <? 1 f K N .X 8 V I. V A M I A A V E N V V, SnciH Bids. i horn.arir of N?w York.) H*> th* N?m? and Fame ct teit* OF I'dK_liI&^R flST A.UjKANl'a u and jqdcafo* foufif.-fli Kverythiof to the Hoim a ^T> i of th? THE MARKET ^LgK AFFORDS 1 /I 1 Don t turgct the no a: bar? <17 l'?:.Li)i>ton avean^ >.. \ im iietw??n Uth ?nd 13< atj . aouth ATTENTION, LADlKrt:~MR9. B. OOl'R'I'fclI I.e . 48S iltn ktr?*t i*oai*fJ by &*t 'eainei fium tarn a ohoie* aino'tniant of l.adiaa' L'bddroioth nc, eld<aiil ami ?.aoaiui buoy tikirta. vorjr narrow P int. Point tfp.'a. VHanoiauoMMd innpii'* <Vla'? ar.J Set*, liarbaa, Coitfuraa, Y'"'ii * 0 apy-St* ri^HhSl USUKIBER MAS JUST RECEIVED X ovar rhrfa I nnitra.-l - -l??* l,L ' ... - ?u rK? \ \ Pi'yWi'fttSVW'f tfic?SJ \ \ a?*** (~^OMF ONE. COME 4LL, and b<\y roar outfit J U SPH1NG &Ld SLii M tK CLOI HI.NQ, 4t the oorci' or E and rteva- ih at*. Tea s.ght cf our Uric* stock of Man'aaad Hoya* Oiotniu* will raUeva ail app ahenaioi ot not beicf able to tat mi ed or li ted at our estatiliahmant. Give 11AR & BROTHER a trial,and tha> will a TJtfiin what ta mU. ap to-2m* M" RH~ HENRY WOOD'S NOVKI.S -Th? Cbanninca. Kaat l.juna. Caatla Wafer ana Kari'i Hum- ????? ??'? * 1 ?? - " -T-' _ ....... w~r -1 -?vm v wur ur *?io uy william f. richstkin, National Bockatore, No. 9i? Fa ?v. n. b. WuimJ-the 3th toiame of the 3d mrim wiI Jtr<?U ?parka' P.ploiuA'.io Correaponde'o*. M? at' I NOTICE OF Rl?UOVA^. HAVE Removed that aoruon oinr (took saved trom the fire to No. 47'? Ninth etr*a?, between 1> art) l\ iwo ?4uar?e from Pa. avenue, where I am ctl" remainder o'my atook. Ail persona Indobt-td to me are reayeotlally repeated tj call and aettie their aoeoanta. H>30 Ct 470 Ninth ?t". between*!) and k. DHKSH MAIflNQ tr-Ml#? I. ? ARTHUR, Fashionable Drue Maker, respectfully Tnfi?rm? tue ladies of Waehinftoa that eh* ha# ?pe: dadreey making MtAbhshment at no 41 fi "'ti irret, i.?iwt>en H end i, aed is prepared to exungttali orders jromp^y and M> the Fatest etyleg o\ faehion, Cutting ami fttting doa-t and Httern i b?>1?i. wacted Immediately.?Young ladlee to learn l)ress Making M 3P-lm* B',an* forms* fo* thp emancipation AI .T ?\V? h*i7? ...Kir-V?J r rt the prop ?r Hitsk Form to b? plaoed on reoord by tnectrrt of the ewoaitoourt.aod fao the form a*. thoriziU t>> *he bofti?1 ot Coroniaaioaera, witn dtrco'irnt ti to ti.e manner of filling them P?r eons pur? hw.i:f tbe?? wil aa*e me oh trouble and expense W.H.iO H MORRISON. a? ") at' 440 Pen*. a??aao WH K KtSPKCTFULLY CAUL THE Attention

of the pub 10 to oar advrrtiaement is the National inteiltgeooer of aale hr K C.Morian, ?aq i t'ueue, if vldi/freof th? Circuit Cwart, oi Heal batato, ooiuutrnx of eevera: improved Lota and Haoarei\anoaaly situated. Aathiaaa?e, which will t>e at the aaotloa rooma on Monday at Mrnoon, the r>Ui tuatant, at 4 o'olook. will be parduiptor?, rare indaoenwnta are offered to thoae wi|hin| tn inveet in reft. eatat*. Wil l * fttBMtWll *??*' I 1 ?P* tnttnHTnTamSkh. I I s I COXGREaaiOPiAL. IXXTIIih BOH9E1II ??ca?4 ?ii?. BiniTl ?After oar arport clo?r<l ycaterday? The oon taxation bill *u 41aruw4 by Mwrt Wllmot, Wrljjht, Cowin, Bale, Carllleand otbtn. Bonn.?After our report etoaed? A reaolatlM wu ad.pted requesting the Secretary of the Treaaury to adloaf a claim for 3.000 carMin* purchased'hy 0?a. Fmmt H|Mgk RImb Steren?, Em. Mr. Colftx offered raaolotloa approria* the coarse of th* Naral lavestl?Un? Committer af 1359, la furnlahlng ofleer* with coplMof rrtfrsec taken against them, and giving tfceaa an oppor* tunltvofcrow eiaelntnewUnwefc alaodedartac that the present courae of! nveatlga ting com inltteca la contrary to the principle* of juatlce; adopted Mr. Holman offered a reeolatlon censoring Hon. Simon Cameron for InTMtlnt Alex. Cammtnca with the control of large ami of money without any guarantee; adopted. Mr. Hoiman ?UounbmlUrd a similar resolution censuring the 9?cretary of the Navy for employ* lag Geo. D. Morgan in the pnrehaae of veasels. Rejected by a vote of 45 yeas and 72 naya. Tb* Pacific Railroad bill was then taken tip and discussed until tbe hour of adjournment. pfSMsmmem&mrA C/;i Public Fritint. I ITM*?ftN.MiT 1.1*62 | In 9V***bo? of thevfovitlona of the mt?dU Motion of tta* * Joint Resolution in relation to tie Public Printing," approved inn* St, inn, netted Sopoaale will be r?oeiTed at Una offloe antil Tihy, the lat day of Jalr, IMS. at It o'olook m., for rniahlng the paper tut ana? be repaired for U* pnbiio printing for one ;?r, oommenulot on tit* 1st d?f of ileeemeer. IMS, and ending <on the SOU day of NoT'mher. IMS. The ant joined lift iMotiiM. m near)/ u oan be aeoertained the ?unnutr ?t each kind or payer that 111 be re? aired. Class 1. 10 iw) wsmi Una printing taper, uaoatea>lered, to measure M by *8 took**, and to vdih fifty louds to the ream of 500 aheet*. CLASS S. 6,ttu ream* hna print nf paper, oaiendefM. to meaaure M bi 31 i tehee, an.f to welfh fifty-six pound a to the ream of too iheeta. I A|r?i?*Wy ta tne provuum of the juintreaolutionaforeaaia, sample* of the character ardeuaiity of tbe taper required for the above elaaaa* will be fernitbcd to applicant* there'?-. Thia paper ia to be put up In eu'ree of twentT fi-.-j onh in bundlnof twort?m? eaon; eaoh ream to oontain SJt M feot heeta Unitnranuy in oo.or, thigkneaa ad weight will to ra?u red; and no banole (?*c.o?i>e or wrappsr?) varying over or ander five per cent from the atandard weight will bo reoclved. aa<1 the grow weight will in all o-.tM be reamred! Mixict of various tt?iofcnf?a*ea in the stme bardie iv uiuv mf him wciyut win u? gimiimrN i violation of tha oontraot ) CLA4? ?uu iMini ruamhaa arlatioc pap?r,oard-aifsdas 4 supar-oatar.iarad. to mMtnr? 84 by 93 inobea, and W weigh fifty pounda to tn? ihic ol 6wi abasta. CLiu 4. 2.' o\j rtama iuM?>n? map pap?r, aic?l and caiand?red, cf auoh a isi u may be required, oorrea^ondiac in weight with papar meaeorinc br S4 rr~r-? ?w?u?j ^uaaus pir rmm Of ioO ItlMtl. . CLAM 3. /^rfl30 P1**- >M<r> <o?iend?r*d or ?no?l?nder?d, u mir bo r??ttlr?d,) 19 by 34 tnohes, Hid of tuob ir?if ht p?r ream m mar b? r?? aired. . CLASS 6. ts*Ao I' ?*> "*""??'to Foetwrituu wer.h, br let 3. i^O "4o otp do )] r j ku i no do demy j& s bJ*5 4 1,000 J? foll?V?t Jo ft KS> ?. l'O do medium do {? jrjS 0. ?U do rovai da 1Q K. )J 7. 3? do ?up?rr<ml j0 ?> bra 8. #o do in paruii J j SI 9. ICO do doaMeoap do )3 br SI Class t. 1.6jX?rMau wrjUci. paper. 16 br W IdoLm. to weigh twenty Ihrt* pounds nr rotis 2. 3,100 r??ni? writing p?Hr, II hy 2S iccfcee. to weifto twenty six puuaua per mm. 5. 1M retina writin* paper. Is br Hinohta, to weign twentr-loar pounds ?er ream. JV rronu wnunc paper, 18 by 18 luohea, to weigh twenty-two pountfs p?r ream. 5. 400 reaps writing paper, 12 bf II lLohM, to we rli twelve pound* per rttm All the papers deaixnated In olassts 4,5,1, and 7, must oontain 4?n perfect sheets to the ream.ud no "o?l?iif'" suires. They are to be made of the be?t from aaulteralion, finished in t-? brat inacner, cut to a true edge, and aeon re y anc ub?t%ntiatly enve.oaed The papers in o.ass 8 a e to bt irh te or b!ae, ajdiKt.aiid of sveh we ghts as m*i le^uirrd by this odioe. Those in classes 3, 4, 5, and 7 are to be white, ai.d ofthesujs tud weights specified in the schedule. Tse r If lit la reeervrd of <?rrf?rin? ? quantity of each and evert kind contraoteJ for in %I1 the olaites, ?o be farnuhed at auoh tunes and in such 4nauuUea aa the pub:io aarvioe in\j require. Each elase will be oocaidered a?pa ately, and b* subject tu a separate contract but bidder* may < tl t for one or mure of the olaaaee in the saine proposal. Mo aroposal wiil be o^neit'ered au'ess avion)paniea by the guarantee that the bidder or bidder*, if h>a or their propo??l shall b* aooepted. wi l antur intn fcii " _____ ?tf..?o?iwu? W1%U |VUU ILQ ?k Q101IDI snrMie'.to furn ah the articles ?ro?o?cd B:a<>k forms for propoeals wilt he furnished at thia ofnie, and none wilt betaken into oonaideratiou uoiaaa aubstantial y acreemg therewith. All the paper in the aevaral o!a*e?? mnatbe delivered at tue overnment PritingUffice in Wash tarton city, (exempt that in cla?a 7, whiob maat bs delivered at Buffalo. in the mate of New York,) in (Oo4 oro'er, free of all and every extra chart e or ezpenae. and autjeet U> the mspeotion. o?*?at, wei?ht,and mea*urenitnt of the Superintendent, and He in all reepeota satisfactory . Biddara are required to furnish, with their prop eala, aanwlea of not less than one %utr* of eaoh ot the kind* ot paper bid for, and upon whioh their proposals may be baaed, ex test in o asaea 1 u?i ? ib* ?ucoMtiul bidder* will b?ra?tm?i risidiy to oobferm to :h*ir >aiD?!?s. ???# Propmai* Will be iddrMgPtl to *'JOHN II nK P^BKS. tfuparintanJent of tin Puhlip Priiun#, ""Sorted -rro?o??i./or rrg'j ra l-ia??c PUBLIC NOTICK ISHKKKBY GIVBN.that ontil otherwise ordered, th? Co>r>ailtiioc?ri uikJer the tot of Cocrr^n of th? lStb of April lBai fli *<>' for (lit rtlwt of ctrt&ln Mruni MdlO wrvfoe or labor In tha District ofColumMa. " will hr.Irl ikAir ?..inn. ... >.. . ?... cwvn u?Divu iu mo i^ny niiif id j the City of Waahir.fton, on Monday. Tueaday. We4nead? v. Tt.urmia*, atid Friday, f*f every *Mt, a&d that ail persona.'oyal to th? Cmted Statea. Loldmt oIaihib to erviee or tabor atainat peraona dt*eha*ied theref on by that aot. rr.ay, within ninety day a fron U p&tt&ce thereof, t *h<oh will expire en the 15th ot Jo t next.) bat not thereafter, preaent to thaCoinmiaaio era their reapeo- lve atate menu or petitiona <n wntint, verih?d by oath of athriration aetting forth the i.amea, a?es. and par onaJ deaoription of auch peraoca. the naun?r in whioh the petitioner* aoauned aaob oitim.and any faou tonohiDt the value thereof, and deolannc hie or Uti fthaf Usee to th? Government ot th? United 9tats?, ana thai the petitioner haa not bona a*ire againat the United Statea daritc the preient ieb?l !ii n -or in any way riven aid or oomfort thereto. 4nJ not in t> fitnby futktr iivin. that 'he time named iu ti e 9lh aeotion ^f t'iat aot. lor tilinj a taietnect in writing or aohadnie with the Clark of tie Circuit Court for the uistriot of LolHmbU. by the aeveral ownere or o'.aimanta to tfca awrtMi of the peraone made frge by thai aot, aetiim forth tha S&a?M. atfea, aax, and parttoular description of iuon paraoua aeveraily^ia by authority fiven to no vvuiiumiVIJ"! V, VJ lliftl ?oi, iiana^a u) me 1st I J.t of Jane next. Tb* Comnu?tioner? are prohibited from ai'owinj the claim of any person who shall negleot to file aooh statement or eabedule vitu said Clerk, according to the requirements of that seotion of said aot 3 f. vinton. danikl r goodloe, Horatio kins. Commissioners. Washington. April 23, 1?2. apai' tf ||ALL'?OLP STAND, The beet place for cheap uj desirab!* tfooda, id thia oitt, is the BaLtiM'IRK HAKUAlN 8tor?. 31 & Seventh street Juat opened a comp ete cl DieessttooJs, Dot eetioa a* Uat yeara' Prioea. Iriah Lineoa very oheap. Sun Umbrellas and Parasols, 'torn Auatioc. A splendid Linen ila&dkerohief at 12S ota .worth it fits. Qect*' Colored Bordered UaadkeroLlef ai li OU , WO'th TH o?r. Beit Trbeau Qauutleta. at S5 ota., worth M eta. auaJity Kid Flmah Silk Glovea, at 50ota., wo; th 87K ota. Uooe Sklrta at Factory prioea. LANSBUK8HA BKOTHKR, 373 Seventh street. Hoop Skirt Faotory, 119 Liberty itieet New York a?8Mw? Certificates of indebtedness, Quartermaatera' Cheokaand Vouotera, 7 3-10 Trraauty No tea, l/o i ted Statei Bonda, boujht and aold by' HI Trier* Hmia 17 PiMT i. nn _ ?- V ?? f ?t W*t M 29 tw BwUri, P*.>wbb>. IN FW GOQ uP?"n*t of1 a Inrceatock of EMBROIDERIES. LInEN HANDKER gufkrB.tAUK WiNlKiWCUk-fApia.FAaAlWiiltri* atook or BILK CLOAKS, MAN TIL LAB and BACKS, to vtuoh we invito to* attention of to* L&uIm. 8. * W. MEYENBER9. 48 MirkM Bpno?,(and?r Anew Hoim,) mB? Botw?n 7to ?to ?U. tpOR BALE-4.0U0 OEDAK nnd CHB8TNUT rrf v** ir~' * Tit WMHW> eDAVln?? >BjtQl'?ltK, B AURIC! 4 CO. MrB. T^A^Iw?|Llinr VwV.Iiwi Ne. 0 DelevAn Hoise. bM ioit Arrived with a ee-^r leet itoik of KRKNCH ttiLLlNKRY oftiD the lateet styles and fashions. to vhieh sbe^^ respectfully invitee the attest}*? of Ue jadiM of WMhlMtOfi. M?Tb* Cloth SACQUIhS, mMtmtgjgjjUM , ^ Mantillas An juft o?ei?d, and ?l be tola At Ue loveat '"ThrCadiM* ?Mol*Jly lcviu4 toc*Uandt*%imM bfor. ?^U< MWlf 333I k ?tr?t.umr Pa >H m F1BH?FISH?FJSH! ||s.4ss AMUSEMENTS. roiio a inraun. i:s I: (BE?SfiVtf TtrtB WEEK OF EDWIN FOEEEST. mis arwrrrrro iiWii i ." ?rj ???????? ? ?? ? ?? ?.|MM1 A???? Friday KD WIN FORREST Will k|HV ' *! niUmFBiUm. Saturday. i; Jon^^ ?i^ v*N Eaaaivad aa T?>^d?^rrwtinf ^by' a trevlH tad ^mi;?S:OH. Draaa Curoia aad Pm?XW ?? casta ?S&lCte==r=r=r=t3 Vri5m Box^b'oidinf ?txhi>I?1".... flo oj?i? frrmf tilTV g'oioo*. G^&I WJViW, p?nn*jivwu? AT?JM. u?r PovtMod SuMui Wtllarda* HoUi. LX05A.1C GBOVI*. Ll-BMd HtU(? H7 B, P*!LLIf| mi* JUM|?r -^WEEX*" , "?WSltfgSfW7< MR. ki. L. TILTON. MR. 1>. Bfc. TCHJ^LL. MH. HkN RO?ER8, Aj? J * Laria and I jho ent Dramttio Company. OLORIOUS RECEPTION and UNDENIABLE SUCCESS of tb? miiN E.W COMEDY, m aioa will d# irMiMM THIS KVKMIN0, the Last Tim* poaitivelr. THE BABES IN THE WOOD TUB BABES IN THE WOOD. THE BABES IN THE WOOD. Lady ttiacob* k i?hion.?.?Miaa Vaaaa DaniB Jeramiah be#t a _Mr u **tcfcau AtUr wbioh. MISS L'JTTY HGl'dH wlii aia* har 8re?t Ctn.10 93Sf, JOS1AWS COVATSHIP. To conclude with the iaorbat* * Faro*, PKKTCHE8 lr? 7>ID1A. Sally Soiami Miaa r.fte Oart&oa Id preparation. LfPEK TEN ANDTOWEK TWENI V. prichi of AtMtaaioN. urea* uiroie ana Circle (0 etnU Family Cirola 25?eoM Qrcheatra Chair* - ? Tieenia Private Bmm? M Baata ta Pr irate Boxee #1 Colored Baliery? 25 oeate Colored Parterre.?. >' oeata Door a will be open at 1 e'olook ; to oomanoe at 8 o'aloo*. Box oCoe for eeoarinc aeata open frem 9 aetil and SH aofal ?K o'oiook. CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! CONTINENTAL OPERA HOITSB! A rente and Elerectt ML eylrania Arena* aad Klerenu St, THESTARS ARE HERE ?... T">?TAM A1K UKRE! ? , THE VOICtS OF THE PUBLIC OMlarM in niuniatakMbia Iobm 'hM theConUnenUl it tne beat miuied and ooodiotid of annulment in the oit? THE CONTINENTAL. COMBINATION! THb lwc?LWt,on 1 SiSS SJSS SlttSfr \w*8 A X? * vr^i???>fr HI ?iK V*?|F? ?4? htiust Chcktiirr tn ike City, PROF. 6KOM6E NACHMAN, L.?a4*r. PROP. ?FORGE NACHMAN, LeaJ?r. Cbang* of Prog Hi" Etitj Night! Chang* of ftogramm* Ktmj Night! Carda of admission, 21 oerU; gaatlrmm unaooorajftuiad by latliM .to orohoatrm ohvin au otnta; oelored gallery ttoenU. JET1 Front miu Invanably raaarvad for ladiaa. IK?-or? op?D at 7; Coaoait to tommisM at o'clook f reoiaely. On 8ATURDAY AFTERNOON atIfc b'olaak, THE FIRST it HAND M ATI S MM OF TNM SMASOrr Kar tk> nl I* Ok.u? ? " * _ _ _ . V( vmi? i % "u w uioi oorirlon a *re?t ranat? ol bMQUtal PKESK^Tb will h? dUtrtbuMd. Children will ba aaraittad to tLa Aftarnoon EaMrtainnMiU for It oanif aaoh. DR. ?. B HAft RIEON, may l-?l* Agant and Twturtf. Humphrey* a juenkmann*4 PLEASURE OAHDhN, On Capitol Hill. Will op?u jo* t?? a?*aoiea MONDAY. M?? ?t A DANCING BOlRbK EVERY MONDAY EVENING, ociotnabuiag at 1 u'oioek jji Th? publio in iaaara. ara rMprotfaliy in-H "ChoiaaBKKR and WINKBooncUatly eafl^ hand- m l-Ut* CANTERBURY HALL. LbUlflAHA AV., HUA* SlXTB ?TA BRILLIANT PEKFORMANCM ' kuh IttMKHeE THE lUMENtlC CO?ih?T.%M1)INAT|ON TALENTMi* iinA,,, ? . VIRGINIA MUMMY' VIRGINIA MUMMY ! In vhioh FRANK BMOWfcB. FRANK BRUWKt, lfc? ForrMtof the Ethiopian Draibft, wui MNU In ni? fr?utkinawr 6ik?m Blbi! WISH IDA MVAL, Tti* UweM Uper%Uu SonxatrMB ! MIS* MILLIE KO<*LER, iu? moat beaatiful P&ctente on u>* Aia>r1a>? tai?? tft* American Com ! FRANK WVANT. The Talented ktMn?i?? _ Dicf ri'IuK, ' 1t?? W Mian* ton Frvortu, will tuut Krsa* vSmon^ijvjS PVrjfiTif MAURIS ALB OP 8PAIN. Th? P40?U'?tprrMi*ti&nl?*Tino*i MU Uiik; Lr tL? Pubac V->io?. lh? PoWio Praia. Im ?] .mi th? ^iwu in,fffonutuuai Tb? First Mu*io Hull oftie it* chowdel) houses'4 s w*f 5 *?/ and Ruart oj Lautkit*. MAuApra ftr# ever on tne alert to Meurt lla hestttalknt in the countk y. ihey Ken* no Limits! Tnsy r#*r no Opposition! o- n. -jststess sufls'tajst; Bj'-saer and time spent there. isfa a"%,nsss.sitittjfti'af?n? , wednesday and _bafsll?ly afte1 Wb?B ft IftTtsh'duyibati^VoT^Vftnl PmimU U Mrs Cobb. No. 387 R straat, raonvad ft apiaadid $iS a liver Cftka Uuktt, April M Ji. Admission Voanta ; Umldraa Wmti. ftp M DATENT OFFICE CURlOBITIRS-ealda ta Mi Patanta. Cfttftlofua of CarioaiUaa ftn^ G^tare mant fiftrdana.fttthaatftftd in Pftta&t Ulfoa;Jlara SMMlS Lava: Army Ratalatlqna; Fftaorftsft of tka Coast shoving OTar ijm nulaa; aaftay tfcousaad Cfcftftp Books. RaooUaoC ohaas rtsL Latk* aftlaa, law ^.^" ^hrtsttfSisssiuu JAY ' U. 8. CERTIFICATES, OP INDEBTEDNESS, QuarUrmoittri' Ckttkt asd Vnehirt, | T 3-10 TREASURY NOTES, TSKT'Sr*- bialk" gKAUTlFUL BFBlNfl IMl in INUW l?C?,n atyiM U4 M MM #93 TUnrwt.Mtr f*.lk CO A LI 0 O A Lll n a * ? 7 1 I 1 # AUCTION SALSS. TM18 AFTERNOON* TQ-MOEROW Bj OK KEN * WlLUiX8,AMUoHtri nAWft BROKER'S BALE?MAAC RKRXJT ?? ' 6 ?at trtu* vui rr Vue-mb tiJifS.1 Ws-'1 * " O" - 1 C/ K 6 D A Y i vnr<in>?.M?f iau ? o-c co* ? a, m *l AMtloa Room, "U. CM.ttk D trtot* v? kali offar to. m.? tbo eo? **t Mtir* uioruwl 0oi4 aod S*lT?r WttobM; 4 *?riot? of Mhftvla To(*tk*f wiik W<k-ii| iff***, of ?wmy aniRAAO BBRTBKIIR. ?KKfcN* HiLUA.Mti, Amm. ? " CrT?ILL BR ADDKO TO TflK ABJV H ?! ? PUyir* Box. viu all U? t)Kt M ij v? T?T-M?J*RO W ?t *?? '. Wfc?n ch* Wmrlaf App*r*l vil It ' ORKFN k WIU.1AW3. A>ou By J- C. MtOVIRK ft CO.. AutUnwri. \ \vSPSSJiHfi.0f..'i??!SfJ'MSX,V ? ??- ~ a *i v nri/A 1 ATI AH NT)ON,coERt*Minikt 9 o'clock Utki AmUoc Room, ??iull mi - . I l.flOO of th? bott k ttd? of hardy B oomiii Rom, kiova 10 biron or ab?t?.n ft i p i ^ r ^ p loo in I Jtyotiou, OrtM* io4 Lmn Tt?m, Kfaododocdmn. M*ftoil??. VorlkB**. 0or?Biam H*liotrof? Cit? bitf f .a&u, vart.w ^Mt^ooileotion over cffirtU u tfcu ?'9ro? A. fttdia, Fiortct. CotoocUoat tvoob*. MWd J C McttllHB ? CO . i?eu Bf'J.C MotfUBfc A CO.. alotioooor*. two huuar?d fttd tr*. frOiULe rmpeatuvj oa F<*ruxxiASiU~t *Mt tuia north T aaJ L atr?*ta AIm. ftftlke n me plioe w* ah* 11 Mil rfaa vbnia of M&&re aitnbarM oo? hasdrod at J fifty, ud IIU ud lffk atraJta vmi ul uorifi 1 ar.O U alreeta. Xiti# perfect. T?m. Od? tki'd etch; tb? remainder in n asj twelr# inocthi. vim ictaraat, aacuraJ by a deed of treat on tha praxiaea ??< J.C MolillRL A CO.. Ami*. FUTURE DATS. By J. C. MoGUIRK * CO.. ivstionwra. PAIR CP CARRIAGE HORMiH, CASH I i9i, IfcaroN CBAiaz. Hiinita. Ac-Ob SATi Kl'AY MORNING. Kay 3d. at 10 in front of tii? Anetoa Co-bi, we aka.i a#MA ?- . - .. D. - ? ?? a p?tr ut d?t v?rni|f oofpm. Q??n F on r Seated fwi:! CvTtM*, Exo* lent Boston rhuw, More* oo**re, Doable End Sir.tie,. gs'id.e a^d Bridle, Ao. iermi cxkh ml d J. O. McBliRK k CO. Au*U By 6RKEN & WILLI A MS, Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF THREE"TORY Bmici Hoc?* axl Lot o* I iuiit at tec*!**.?Ob ** EDM C8i>aY. the 7ti> <i*y of ii, lit, | *t*li I. In froot of tbe presi***, it 5 o'clock p m . by ?irtae of a d?e - rf tr??t to tit* nMent?r, tearing Cue tbe UUt daj of F*br*ary. iaj5, and raoordm m !ib?r i. a. So m,* .oreof tie a?1 reoo'd* for th* wnti ^fwur\|us. ib tf.* DiaUtot of Co'awbta. th* Koiiovinr prsaertf, i>io? ana beiac n the oitT of vvaahini too, to the aforeaaid, vie s fort of Lot aaaberad foarteen. < l?.) in Pqaa/e numbered three ha ad ml uo savant? f<mr, (*74 ) with tba >ir aro*?n *c.t?, vbioh ara as exeaiteet three-ator? Brick Hoaae, with back bai'dinf,water and iu, ooo??:aiaf rwa ra good aad ooavaalentlv arranaei rocnai rhia propertv fronta oa tba aeetb aide or north I, between 9th aad imh itraata weax Terra#: One foortb cub; the baia&oe la ais. tear*, and eigr.teea month a. All eaava?ajiniii? a.t tka una ?f ? >? " Wto. |T^A?o.rTV3K mlao&la GREEN A WILLIAMS. A.oU. Br WALL* B&RNAKD.AiotiokMra. ADMINISTRATORS 8 ILK OP fcXCELli?t Fcamtraa, 8ilvu Wai, Fbbnck Pl*t? Mtvkokk.Ikok Sari. a.i?d OIHBB hntll hul? A5C linn Fi Bi?iTr** -t?n TUfcBDAY MORNIftO. tbe bth Mar, en?n noire at t*a o'o'ook. I vl'JaalltM cutir* ?0j?U ol Hon*Ni. 3V? r*u*7nnianear the NH oaaj Hut*-. Thrae'ep^etdid Hi t.t Fitabara, ???et ?S3?i (Mirer Ba.rere. l utori beooi Kqitm and faita, Hucara, ard rth?r Silver wa-a. Pair French Pate Mi-rora, 5) I j 55, Two Muooj OorerM Tata a-Tales two tolha. Wt'DII KU*er?. Wa nat Marble top and o*har Side boar da. Marble top Caotre and other Table* and Core's. Fit* e.agant Rept Cartaia*. K ztaraa. and Cocnioei. One *lecar.t Mahopaor Extacsion Table. 1? feat. nrwr, Arm aoa inning raair?, Ttbl* Uuii _ t- rei>oh Cbin*. ?.u< War*. and Tabia t^atierr. Oha6o< and Meat Dish**, Tape*try. btue*ela, ana other Car?eta, Koii, and Oilolo-h?, . u B?d?tM4e. C?rl*d Hair aad Pkaok Mattr^eeee. Mahi~g?r* M?>b!?-tc? ilcMm. Walnst Marbl*-?op aa1 Fistaraa. Maiocauy wardrobe*. * *? MAt Chain, IrOfiKkf* T> ?~ * "-1 ..?I ..-rav m?r?T>w H < Two Retrif?rau>r?. Hukic*, bai Flx'srw. Var? aaper.or Cockiag fcto>e, E4ofcM Utasaik, V. Ilk Mtj oimr artioiM cot casemrr to aoo mrr*U Tetmaoaah.' A'-**. HAY, Adniciatrator. ap>' WALLA bXrnaRU, a*ou. EXECUTOR'S tULK-A r? nabia FARM, eoctiujii' |Jpaw9t fccret aou it ae-ohea. mora ju ID IS* viainci Ol Coimbl* Br virtiTa o/ ?f Alcx?ad?r Barrows, mm 1 ?cth* irtmi'M. on TflUBts r^L*%PA??7 [? ? next, that bctutifci and h%r* om.cuv^d F&rra?bp?t m biIm from ? ???hi?" .?. ?. j Klh*.ita **? ,y?** j?i? ?fu>? turtpfia T 6rCil ()f Ift.A ' Una tki _<4 . vu0 b?4ru own* nut UtirG UK moDthe, acd tt# Marc* i?? v? b.o-Ui* Deferred p*T?n?it? to b? Moared by ft ? *! trait M lb* | :.i**rty. All os?muo!m u tb? uiiom of tii* MrohM?r. Win ftlto b? told bt tb* iu>t Uiu tneperaoi*. -ropertj, ooerirticf of 1 hom. fftraij i Mtenaij*, K>t of H??, OftU :s u? Straw, to. ftptt-l<rt4 JOHN DAVIDSON. R, Wil l * BlBM??" t*u8tek'8 sale of v'aluah^")m l?f'} vfc.i ? '1 fiton mo\ da v, ih? l^oi. ovwrff'^hv ?fc???l\? mi avs fftwai* and "eu> .*^1- jf!?, ^ tr* ,0' nw'n* <l?"0'lh?d k?a ts-alx 4arti6.f . loli d. u and )c| id iiautri ma n^j ^ui(1 f ?r?*. m<i *r? b?i?m. coats &'s&ss, "sr? ~ ?J ^niii 1?M t?l# I40M li4C6, SkDliA No " M?*** boBnd?*l bf cortft p uriii' K.(iiti) ?tr?*t out, norm C atraet *?wi ' atiMt ?Mt, s*a wlstd out u afalM^"?*VkEft ?rtfl tw aolc u?uu?i. ^ M>"? ?? ? wvMSawatta %K\riklul ddOJM ^fkotOTRVBortbAMMlMViUb*: 0*? tkifd ?* *, b?lan?? in ?z. tw?iT?, and Mftht*** aowkt. D*~ Srrod jay menu to boar iBttrMt.iad toaoearad by tii* M*oriM?r or KruiaMra' aoM. ?i *"ac4 to tn? aaUB.actioii of ta? Ti?tf*a K. C MuKdAN. Tmt?\ Ml?mw*4? WAl.HlARNARU.AM!* By 4. C. ^UIKK A CO.. A\,)QoaMr*. rrmysiEb'? SALE OF OITY lots.-O? \ YtfBSOAY AFlKlC.orfN. May S7U. M* at Stt o'clock, on th$ c.r*miiM, by *irt*? of t?w d?xi* tr*?t tq ta? ?u><?orii>or. 01* Bmmrnmmm 1Uu -- ? ? tiui rJfcj-d ?2 i.ftLVT S%tt? T lhh' xm,j ft te? " nf tV. /T a' 3 ' WP* *j2> to tot n{, Oounu *D C w.Vfffi. '* ?r' ?*WuhllftoB ?*! W iw *11 on* BDdiTided E?'f?*rt of smnhw*ii i. a, ? ^ ? VT,, , v. l*n?nd lain a'r'eu *nt (la!aaiL) ?r bciano#" |> ?i? S,u2Vr*;"-i*t*r"'- "* *"ifuSS MU-?o*<? j.c M.^UIUKi. hS"KL. Hj 4. O. MoSUIHE k. CO.. Aaotior.aara. rrtjiVSTksE'tt SALE OP FRAME HOUSE 1 4mb LOTIMTSB Fi*?T w?id-??a 1*1)11^ OAT. tha JM day of May, ?t o'o.^ck ?..oa tfc# rwuNi by *>rtuf of a d*ad of uiaUlMiib; Jo itxr.dated OMtmbwand daly record^l InLlharJ A.S.. INo l i. m. at aa* ?aa<>? taaland re'O'di for Wa?hiattun ornttf. D. C-, I ahali Mil the *Nt iaIi ol Lot aaaAtairt fcva. ta numbtrad aiahtploar, froattnr ? faataa Now Y?? iY??a?, tetfMB Mi uo Slatatraata. a|4 nr ?ing t aok \li f*?t. tocathar with tha mamvamMla, eom ibUdc of a anall frraaa HOUL Ttrna : OoArtbir4 ?Mk; Um rtatMtr taI ud U month*, wilk inumi, ????>* frv <im4 oTtrial OB tk? frsmiMc All ocTnuslsi It ?BrcttM?rka ooat wonikdi i EDUCATIONAL. J?N?L18H AND CL&MUCAL BOARDING POR YOUNB StN AND BOYS. Hi J<?t i Lm+tititr m , rm. Jtvasr&ffiSsgA LowUlM* bKTM <8l uU 7i* *umt* ? M' E.1.?00?*, puiiNrWLD AOAO.^ c 1 " i ? (v*nv Dl llM flAlnlJd. Cia Oo..P? E. B. * a. J. GKt&OBY, i? MMHiy* d r*a?T?d lo 111 ^MNir<ui? (mIWm MlMUO ?tr**U, fkMiUm irigs ttiuttur/iW

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