Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1862 Page 4
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3 - , EVENING ^TAJR;" DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. I n""'"1 U'nt, rmiri Cism ?Thm wii ?ne arrest In tb-- Fourth Ward last night. J?a MrGnlre. drank and disorderly; d!stn!ised bv Ja?tW Walter The patrolmen reported during tse day James M Sparrell, drunk; dismissed. Wm. Dennlnon, larreiy; do Thos Sullivan and Mlcta'l Flvnn, drnnk and fighting This happened near DonI ? * V ? V - -S V t nw iminn iam.ur, 111 iur i^vnurra uiueniri. ?r r?Ttiea were both whlaky road, ?na got lato * tl^bt Fiynn app???Ted to be dull, end did'ntenjoy tbe aport. and SnlHTan waa gating the advantage *ery faat, and finally got Ftynn'a no* In bU moot* and bit the crtd off Tbla mode of warfirp foni'd the Ire of Flvnn, and be " went I*." and In a very abort time Sullivan wu awfully t?iini?hnl Putrnlimn Hainan ?n?l l-Vklftff to?k 4l.eiu to the Fourth Ward station. TtaU morning, ihev were brought out for trial. Sullivan was dreadfully battered. and hi* fare was much swollen. He was lined f5 58. Flynn, In consideration of the low of hl? now, was M ofl with a line ftf *! 'u Henry Butler, colored, recently married, was a ?econd time charged with bigamv by bit wife, Virginia Butler, and wa? sent to jail. This is tbe tairje case mentioned In the Star a few dua ago, then dUm!*aed But the complainant rttr? TfW evidence, and the ca?e will be fully tn*? ?tigstf d TUe above were tried by Justice Waiter Julis Fcrreoter, drunk and disorderly: ? John Talbot, mtklnc thruti of vio> lenre; j?i!. Dennis Sbsnnahan, using abusive lan?twj?*; fnrtber hearing?by Juslle- Clayton. B C Itiajur, profanity; ruled for a b??sr'ng. Alary K Kflrd<?ii, drunk; dismissed. Rirbard Riven, kicking out the door* of a Louse occupied by Mrs Hook; retained for trial. I>avid wcoJrnfT dr nk and disorderly; turned over to tfce military Francis Hntrblns, treason; deliver* d to tfce Provost Marshal. I cuisi liutcblns, dr ink and disorderly; dismissed X)kath? of ?uli>ikr<*?Tbe followin7 named eld ?-rs cf Ibe army have died since our last report: # t'orporai Francis fleer, Independent cavalry <"-.?npany. corporal Kbner Kitell. company 11, 5th Penn .yivarjia cav.urr. ? orkJn^Lam, ec-mpany D, 101st New Y-'fk Mai:1 l.prntlMg?r, cr>mp*ny C, Fllly-slxth N-w Vork. ?<hn IInid, On* Hundred and Fifth New York AUwob, rotapsnyF, Slilh U. 8. cayalrf. jubnW. Ribeock^omraiiy A,S>ro^l B^rdan'a uiMUitli-n. Jutiu (lowland, company U, Ninety-first Penn yivauia. Sotnivi TyUr, rorr.p*!\y II, Fonrtta Michigan Joim tiyer, company Pint New J*r?y cavairy. Henry Banker, r.-.mj?any K, Third New York ? ry. Akran H*an rnmninv IJ. N luetv.Hfth New _ , r?, , \ Arc Cbar|e? Mo tut, company A, N inety-thlrd. New Vork. l*H?r Arnold, company A, Independent Battalion P Donnelly, company B, rtlxly-n'.ntb New York. Kdwin (iwn. company H, One llnndred and Fifth New York A Smam Qra*roF I.ACER ?To?dav a Cerrmn barter nam??d Louis llrwr went to bis n?-u Ullul'i, opposite tun Northern Market, and .:ak>tl for ' von quart lager," whlrh wsi Manned sot to him by the bar-keeper, Adolf h K'?*?iar, In iwi j>?nfs. Dr?w?-r took hi* l?gfr Lome and ?et it by until hi? dinner hour arrived. warn, on taking it out, be diso.ov^red tbat by ir.rans It had dwindled down to a little (i era pint He took It back to Kretiar and de . .? . <> wt ? cui- u iuai uc uau jjiven full!C, and wonld not give him r.nv wiore?' four gill* von pint, two pints von quart." Hp Lad measured him two pi:it?. which nrisdp von quart. D laid that " tberc wis o.\Iy so much rror? than a pJnt," (m^a^urlng the m.*t Joint of hi? fltger.) and told Kretlar that he lied. whereupon Kretlar retorted by sundry b'.ows. I) called t rtf'-er LVfcloff, who arretted K. and took b)m be' fore J'ii'isyton, before whom D. testified to tue anove ism iv. aia not aeny the charge, but rl*ad'd In extenuation thct D. had called him a liar. wL?n he was sure tLat be had eiven hlin a fuH quart, and explained that h* had measurtd it intvro pints, and the foam bad evaporated after Drewer s>et it away. Drewer Insisted that it was all a lit that he bad a quart of beer, nnd did not understand that the foam would make ?o much. i li? Justice enaeavorea to expliin to Drawer that beer would evaporate, but Drewer fa Wed to " see it in that light." 'the Justice Hiding it lirpos?ible to convince Drewerof tbe evaporative qualities of lager, cdvis?*d Kretlar to measure nia beer in one cup hereafter, and dismissed the caae, Iirewer still insisting that it was a lie. Prtiics?The Third Ward police reported on Monday?Mary S;lerd, drunk; *1 W. Ellen Men. Itree, throwing filth in allev; ft 91. Tboa Wanall, urceny fit a watrb; a cnrity for rourt?by Juat'f Thompson. The iast caae was or.e of a risas f;rawing ; refluent recently. A small boy of ?>: !,f v>ir< \a t? fh*> ifrf.mnlirp nt tho Ana ijfld, wbo Is but a few year* older. Tbe actuil Yalxf* of tbe wntrb vrai a?se?-?-d at 81 50. Hetwfrfl tbe children It was sold to a young n?s.n for a dollar. The fa.-ta were clwrly shown anil tbe Jcatir.e, wbo diallVed tending children so vouu;; to court, derided lo bold 'be old cat to aeOMrftu TV.? k.? J?-. -a-?? 1* * -* ?.?? ? J . a ur vufiux U1 ^1'UUiIM'ii: ttiiOfll WJICc it any gu'rar.ty that tLry are authorized to sell, il iiiit be pnnl?iierl, In order to ?top the ruin of tbe youn^ F ttrowlng tiltu In an alley; H K. !?fiilth, driving nn the ; a?- m?*nt; ?| Lu^y MaLoney. profanity; 81 to? by J mfice Clayton S'uvri RtTriiixs II vi ? On Sunday aff?rncon. ?>mr cur citizen* wbu wmtikln^ a \v?lk, rimi- a? ro^i two rontrabiuds with t&rtr fflVrts anil tri:d,'iri{j towards the country Tta^y sa'.d tlia* tb*-y to "Mas** Warr&n, in Prim e an' fool lik<? d?-y run<>d away. raM* iley bn^J it^it Dli'icrtwa^ tr^r Lcr*. Dry Lad t/n n ron?' 'montj dnr fr*oa, an' f<.m.d dat xton? aiT nb d?>m 0:1! v t*vu bad s/ut anvtin<> in r? J "? do, an' de re*t t.rtd not had lirudly anvtlnw t??-ai.. I>c V roil!il I'll y rorn i.rrs i at .Musi \V*rMu't an' <iat \in better dan living t- rr an' -.U-al;nj? all dry t*i " rir wiv*1 tiiPin sdiriif or two to bay aunettilng on ILr.r way, and tlie drukifs. alter ; rl u r>; tL?*-ir tbank?, prorn-dfit u.wards olil Georges. . not in ink Bit.l* ? Mondayevening, Mr t. R AtlaiM w;m wlltiMala? Mr Forrctt'a H<mnu ar Ford'* AtUeneuin, ue frit a su?p't ifcut? Lan l in clo?e proximity to bl? wa!cb, ;.nd to tii>L - tl.i- lattrr nfc, be buttoned L.s omI up; bnt tb's hint did not ?? -m to b? Lcd>-d by tbe owner of the h ind, for In a fr-w moments thereafter the baud apain was near tLe pantaiooa". p?< ket ot Mr. AiIiiik Ttie pickpocket *.? ? iwized l>y thp throat bv Mr. A . aka u???. til hi sum half doiffl b'ow< in tbe fare, and w ?h (HI routiflUiui! wLen iUc ro^ue nwspeil, leaving tj Lat lieLinti liiai A crowd pursued down Kl.-vei.tb w canal, wln-re tbey lo?t i i;Sit iA biin. The Lat s* In cbar^e of tbe doorirr^r at tbe theater, from whom the ioier may >4>: . ii it BAI..H? FOB Fihkmvm ?A movement i* on I ot, w.* uadrnUnU, amonjr tlie ttreni^n of tl?i* r A\ Mklag (Ut> Caitiw-IN to pass a rpnolutlon te:irlnv .ill tlfriiini ! ? *r?J' * __ ? ? ?? ? < ? v*> t'. by tbi* course order will be b???t preserved, ai.d op-i??iloas ai fire* will be conducted with more ^yntem, and member* will control entirely their r^npeclive lire apparatus Parties not cont-ected with the depaitmeiit are generally thnte rvtio < aisie disturbance* at Urt*i? and < ommi! d<* r _ |<i v)??ru i um ?ur ooaa una .'aiidt-r cumpani-'i skill ntrM< U ro;?,< at suttlr ient ur*UnrP from tbe lire* toenrlosf uny good* which ii.av t?* removed, and thereby ??nauri? a ?afe protection by pr<?*?*iiUny any but tboa? immediately interested irom getUnsr near ttern. Hkoid \Va?d Station Ca*es? Btfort Justi.e t'mwk ?Thermit Hu?b, (col ,) h?< kman, refusing n r aatenger, lined 910 91; and I or profanity and dlnriftlT rniKiucI- ? ? ai DUIII ? ? * t -w, t t imj; uraiu, <co'.,)disorderly; do $1/4 Geo Butler, (col..) i<ine and di?->rderly; do *>l E!iia l^wlt, <-ol ,) do ; do M. Alary \Y aaulneton. (col .) disorderly; do ?1. Agatha Winder, Ell VVMUler, and Heurv Wrown, do.; dlsmlMfd. ????? I Tub Coi cmbi* Armory ?After a precautionary anapenalon of a week, for examination and < renovating generally, Major Byingtoe yt?terdny t want operations In the department of oubu ;?rnixing cartridge*, and by nooo to-day wilt i : ive st&tad about three hundred tndu?tr!ou* feii ilee from Oeorgetown, Northern L'bertlea, i Capitol Bill, Navy Yard, aad the Id and. i I ??i?.?CUarlea Butler,colored, who w*a ( arrr.ird U?t ntgbt upon a charge rf larceny, bad < a farther bearing at the office of Juatlce Clark, this D"rnlng; arid tbe evidence showing tbat be j came .n poa-teasicn ot the'artlcle?a allk ?klrt?by ) actual purcb^ae, L? wax honorably acquitted. < ??i? a??? j ? INTICRKS f-Tha: ?na JTj aiook of Olotki&( for sale orar Salta' Jawatry tiora la oov ottered it taaa iha:. w Uo.o?aa pric.a, at sMITH'ti, No. 460 Saraoiii atrc?(., oa?o?iia J I'oaf Otko* ?* tM-? < THE PKOPLfc.'* siORE, NO. ! 460 saraoth ai. Alwaja anead Nnr arrival rt Hprij;(' tlia latoat atj.aa of Ciotkin*. m nv. ?w ?*???tti ??* v fts ' L^OR teALt?A fine ?toek of Clot mm, Furniih , I tug Good*. Trunk*. H&U and Cap?, at wncio as e pruaa. at .No. 460 S? rents atreot, "iKmu < Uftoe. lejfsm ! / 'KMT^ Karmaiiioi Gooda, 'Irani a, Clothing, ( " * Trunk a, Hat* and Caaa, ail at Northern pnoea, at tM Peop ?' Clothing >u>ra. No. 460 ?th aire t. ' * * V' 4* -- ; ? ? llfl iRD WODRDKO MLOllM U \ OiriTU. PnUiiksd in eonfomity with th* ruolution j /1k* 80mU4-0J July 16,1841. At lialtfNl ffUBliml. HurritMM. Jvril 'Jff i M U. 8. Infantry...,. 2 97th New York Vol. v 5 1 j 7th MalnCVolanteere. 2 96th do do../. 4 14 IUV U.?.lin>li.v>l <l ml.t A A An 1* t . ?iu .uutcuuukub T ut, .} 'um ?w w. 18th do do.. 3'id New York Artillery 7 22d do do. 7 3d do CtTmlrf. I s-toekton's Mich. Vol.15 4th do dov.. 3 4th MIrhiemn Vol 2 MthPenn. Volunteers 5 ltt Rhode laland Vol. 4 12th do do 1 ad do do . 3 27th do do 1 j 13th New Yore voi... *|4diQ ao an 1 15th do do....lo 6*2d do do 1 < 17tb do do.... 2 T4th do do...... 3 ?9th do do.... 6 75th do do 4 ] rid do do.... 1 ^d do do 11 , 11th do do....lOI?5tb do do 3 , 45th do do.... 1 P?d do do 3 50th do do....13 MHth do do 4 . 54th do do.... 2 09th do do 1 < 55th do do.... 2 t2?l do Reserve.... 2 50th do do.... 1 lit do Ctvalry ....21 j fi<2d do do.... 6 3d do do...^.. 4 i r.?h do do.... 1 8th do do 11 , fiStb do do. .. 7 5tb Cameron Drnaoona 2 73d do do.... 1 lftth Indiana Vol 1 A-i- J - J. ft ? ? //tu ou ur.,M ? \jwvci b rivaiitlMM, & < M5th do do....39 1 93d do do.... 1 Total,...........876 I At Hospital, Union HoUl, ttnur F?Hfi Wa.t4teflon struts, Gtorgtto?#*, j!j?rW 25. l?t New York Art. .. 1 l-jflth Penn. Volnnteera. I mil. \r .1 M I .*.? 1 mm . A I.);q uu vui . 1 f>'4(l OO *1 17th do do.... '2 71?t do do 1 2?tb do do.... 1 ?nd do do 1 29tb do do.... 4 tir.'d do do 1 3M do do.... :}'l*t do Artillery.. 1 44tb do do....13 Kane1* Rlflt-s '2 45th do do.... 5 7th Maw. Volunteer?. I 4!ith do do.... 1 do do...... 1 With do do.... 1 2d Maine Volnnteera . 6 fi?d do do.... 1 Stockton's Mlrh Vol. 1 fietb do do.... 10 2d Michigan Vol 1 Wist do do.... 1 4th Vermont Vol..... 2 !?Jd do do.... 3 5th do do 1 "?th do do.... 4 Mott'a Battery 1 !'th New York Cavalry 1 Sherman'* Battery 5 lit Penn. Cavalry.... 5 lit U S. Cavalry 1 fcth do do 1 6-b do do 1 1 ?t do Volnnteeri. I lit do Clia*?enn... 1 do do...... J l*t Long Island Vol.. 1 4th do do 2 Id U.S. Infantry.... 1 Till dn l\f\ 1 1 1 (li /In 1 Htb do do l i.'tb do do 1 Total lui At lltmtral Hospital, (Citrlt,) Waiki?tttnt April '25. 1UU.8. Artillery.... C 4thNcwV^rl Artillery t 2d do do ii 131b New Vork Vol... 3 M do do... 4 -t'.tli ilo do.... '? 4tb do do... 1 1st California V< 1.... I Mk do do 0 Wd N?-w Vork Vol... 1 1st do Cavalry 1 4th penn. Cavalry.... '2 'd do do 1 *?ith do Volunteers. 1 tiu uu ?to do...... 1 5tb do do. '' '"Wb do do 1 6th do do I'ltb N. Hampshire Vol. 1 2d do Infantry H|'M Vermont Volnnte.-M 1 'td do do ? ut Minnesota Vol.... 1 4th do do 14 11st Kane KI tie* 1 6tb do do 4 f.tb .Maine Hatt^ry.... 1 loth do do........ 3 ? 12th do do 4 Vote) .>5 17th do do 2 At tl Colltgi, Wstkiuglem, April 25. 1?t U.S. Artillery... 1|4M New Ywk V?1... S '2d do do 1 Slit ilo do.... 6 'id do Cavalry .... it do do,... 9 4tb do do........ 1 95 th do do....19 5th do do... 3 Ottth do do.... H 6:h do do 1 '.^th do do.... 1 3d do Infantry.... 1 100th do do.... 1 14th do do 6 lOUt do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 lat New Jertey Cavalry 10 11th do do...... 2 10*.h_ do Vol.... 4 7ia ?UBg??rauseit? vol. imt rrnn Artillery ... 1 Kith do do. l|3d do Cavalry.... 4 1">th do do.l8|4th do do 1 ( 19th do do. ^i5lh do do...... 1 20 b do' t?'h do do 20 l*t Kbod? Island Art. 2: tad do VolunU-era . 1 2d do Vcl. 2jS4d do do..?>..10 latVermontCavalry .. V1 ittTh do do...... 4 ' 9^ An Vnln?>ti?or? Olri?* JA *" ___ ?l i I a* UU I 3d do do.... 1 |c?)il do do 1 4th do do.... 9:103d do do 2 5 th do do.... IjlOUhdo do 6 5*h do do.... 4; 112th do do 1 l?t New York Artillery ;l|McClellan Dragooni.. 2 7th do Battery. 7 7tb Michigan Vol 9 2d do Cavalry. IllWh Indiana Vol 2 3d do do 3 Stli Wlaconaln Vol.... 1 9th do do.... 5 id D C. Volunteen .. 4 #th do do.... 3 Citizen 1 17th New Ynrlr V<\1 11 fcSih do do.... i Total ' >vi? do do.... 5 < j4< Mount Pltasamt.OtH'ral Hospital, April j5. j 5!b Maine Arttlkrv... 1 Wth Nrw York Vol... 1 7?h do Volunteer!, y Sfith do do.... 4 < llib do do.... 3 57 th do do.... 1 lit R bode Mland Art. 1 SUt do do.... 4 ? l*t Penn. Volunteer* . 1 v!d do do ... 1 7?1 do do 1 ?5th do do ... 6 ! vitb do do 1 do- do.... 2 | lout do do...... 'l Old do do.... 3 , laid do do 1 95'h do do,... 1 10tb N<?w Jervy Vol . 2 <*Mh do do.,,, 1 t 3d Bfrdan ><ljarp*!r?.. 1 l?iid do do. .,,11 , 1?t U. 8. Cbaaaeura... 'J l(>4th do do....Hi ) dtq inpw >orK vol ... i fcnrents 1'ardii V 5 Mb do do 1 ? I5?h do do,... :? Total 79 4t)tb do do,... 1 At Stem Ginaal Hospital, April '^5 1UL Maine Volnnteeralt NHitb Newt oik Vol.. fi t>*'b M9*?arbus<>tt?Vol 1 JTtb I'eno. Volunteer*. 1 '1Mb do do ) 52d do do 7 .'id Niw York Cavalry 1 71th do do 1 Nfw York Vol ... 1 UCid do do.,.,,. :i 5?>'.h do do....'2T.' lUfbdo do 4 Wil tin do.... 1 2-1 1) C. Volnnifffi.. 2 | OT>fh do do,... 2 liitb New Jeriey Vol . 5 | Otitis do do.... 4 ? 1 !^tb do do.,.f i) i 1 At Dovgla* Ho'r i'al, rornir cf I tfriit and Y?w Jeruy arenm, April 25 ' 1?t U. 8 Artillery..*. 1 831 New York Vol... :? , ;td do do 2 6UU do do.,,. 4 .tb do Caralrv s with ** * , I ? -" ? *t<l do Infantry.... 1 69th do do ... 'J Mb do do l|?6tb do do.... 1 12th do do S M?th do do.... 2 17th do do do do,... 1 21 Maine Artillery ... 1 lOlat do do.... 3 lit do cavalry.... 2 IU-"d do do,... 1 ttth do Volunteer*. 2 With do do.... I Stb N Hampablre Vol 1 tat New JeraeyCavalry 5 2d V<*rn?outVolunteera 4 Cameron Dragoons... 3 4th do do 1 lit F?'.nn. Cavalry .... 3 31 Maaaarbnaetta Ait . 1 Mth do do...... 3 15th do Vol. 2 3d lio Reaerve.... 1 ; S?th do do.. I 3d do Volunteera.. 2 j tvti * * * " ??? no ao.. ;i.4:h do do 1 Taft'i N Y. ArtlllMf 1 Mtb do do i lit SVwVork Artillery 4lirjil do do... . 5 4th New York Cava"ry 1j27th do do'.'.11'. 1 5th do do.... 6 filst do do." 5 l?t V S fhaMPiin ...1*?!ltitu do do 4 lit Long iiiand Vol.. H|53d do do -j */! M^vw V?.L 1/^1 ? > . ) 3 M 41l ?* t UI& TUI ?; * QO do,tta/? *2 ( 8th do do.... U 71th do do 5 ? 17th do do,... 4 Sfeth do do.***** I ( 1-th do do.... 15 <*lRt do . do I ? 2oth do do.... 7 yld do do......11 t 2iJ do do.... 10 do do 1 e 25th do do.... '2 lirid do do,..**. I l !J4ih do do.... 4 liTthdo do 5 g 41tt do do.... ?-24 1). C. Volnn??>er? .. 1 8 V2JL do do.... '2 7th Michigan Vol.... '2 fc 434 do do.*** 3 5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 t 15?h do do.... a Andrew' Sharpt'rt.. 1 . 54th do do.... 1 ?56 th do do.... 1 Tctal W2 | . . ?* ' At ut*4T*l Ho'pital. (Fcki*gton,) Washington, April 25. j UtN^wYoik Artillery l ?th Maine Volunteers. t ' t-lh New YorkVol... 2 lit Minnesota Vol.... 1 | lltU do do.... l 1st Berdan Sharps'rs . 1 i ,'Gth do do..., 5 -2d do do,... 1 i ii3d do do.... 3 7th Michigan Vol.... 1 27tti do do.... 1 l?t U 8. Cbaaaeurs.. 1 J itfth da Ac v i-rtfc -?? ? - 1 _ . T .xh %*vr i nidllll y 1 | 3-rth do do 2|5th do Artillery... 1 | Hnt do do....11 Ut Penn. Artillery... 4 ( IVh do do 1 Mth do Volunt*?ra. 3 I ft-Jd do do.... 1 75th do do...... 1 J do do.1 IWd do do. 10 do do.... ? ut u 8. Cavalry ? < 77th do# do.... 4 2d do do .. 4 ultt d#^ do....13 6th do do I I i? iu uu uu> i nt iininp cavalry.... 8 Mth do do. ...22 3d New York Cavalry. 1 \ rati do do.... 4 4tb do do.... 1 luid do do.... 1 l?t NewJerney Cavalry 1 t !u34 do do.... 4 8th Penn. Cavalry.... 2 107th do do..., 1 3d Virginia Cavalry.. 1 3d Maine Battery.... 2 ' Ith do do 3 Total 166 , 5th do do 1 Al 51. Mhm*b*tk H?*pit+ly Fatt*r% Brtuuk, I April '2H. tilth New York Vol... 1 5?th New York Vol.. 1 1 HhVermontVoInnteers 1 <1 Maine Volunteer* . 1 Md New York Vol ... 1 85th Penn.Volunteers. 1 list do do.... 1 13th New York Vol... 2 Cameron Rifle* 1 4 Id do do.... 1 Excelsior Artillery Vol 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 Mth New York Vol... 1 4Wh Penn Volunteers. 1 . tth N . HmmUm u.i i o??w m? ???- " - " ^ ?w? i new i or ft * UI 11 I it 57tb Ptfln Voluntf-m. 4| ? t itth New Jer*y Vol. ?| Total I C V. it Ot%?r*t RnpU&i Judiciary SfMTf, "WatkMfiM, April ?S. IdU. 9. Infantry t tot* New York Vol... 3 ith do do. S 93d do do....II ith do do 1 93d do do.... 1 ml ?- * nil ?u HV. . * MIII no QO. . i % Jlh do do 3 Mth do do.... S 14thdo do. 3 106th do do.... S lit do Cavtlnr ? UhNewYorkCtvftlry. l Itk do do........ 4 9th do do..,f J, lot do Chtaocnra... 18th do Battery. 1 Kh do Artillery 1 lat do Artillery 3 la (nuao voiantoen.. i M .Ifwjfrw Vol.... M ith dt do 4 i?t do cmiry a I rtb do do ooooo 3 lit do BtOrrf l I ntv -M _ ? ? ** n.. ^ ^ _ . 111U uu I /I. ran. VMOBMI 1 id N. Hampshire Vol. 3 t7th do do 3 htVermoat Volunteer! 1 ITth do do...<u I Id do do.... 3 57th do do t 3d do do,... 1 flat do do 1 1th do do.... 73d do do....i. 13 Jth do do,... 4 74th do do 14 nh do do.... S 7Mh do do 7 let do Cavalry. 1 77th do do 1 2d MaMarhoaetU Vol. 2 83d do do 9 Pth do do.. 1 90th do do 14 18th do do.. 2 93d do do....*. 1 10th do do.. 8 96th do do 2 Md do do.. 1 96th do do 2 Ith Rhode Island Vol. 1 lOTthdo do 3 do Ca*. Ijlet do Reaerre.... 3 lat New York Vol... 2|2d do do 1 M do do.... 8 3d do do 8 3d do do.... 1 4th do do 4 4th do do,... 3 5th do do 4 bth do do.... 7,0tk do do* 2 13th do do.... II7th do do 4 urn a<? cc.... i 3th do do..,??. 3 15th da do.... 1 yth do do...!7. 3 16th do do.... 6 12th do do ... 3 17th do do 3 10 7th do do'I.... 1 l?th do do,... 1 i?t do Rn. Cav ... 3 3?th do Ho.,m 1 4th do Ctulry.... 3 ?? 2? do.... 2 5th do do...... 1 a? *lh d? do 1 3v>th do do....14 Ut do Artillery... 1 4lst do do,... v 1st Indiana Artillery.. 1 42d do do.... 4,9th Illinois Cavalry .. 1 36th do do.... lllst Michigan Vol.... 8 44th do do,... 2 7th do do 1 lam oo ao.... i lotu do do 1 49th do do,... 2 2d WI*con*!n Vol.... 8 61 it do do,... 1 'id D. C. Volunteer*... 2 52d do do.... 1 Kxcel?lor Battery.... 1 54th do do....'2*2 McClellan Dragoon*. 1 5*th do do.... 1 3d Main* Battery 8 (i-Jd do do.... 1 id do do 8 63d do do.... 3 64th do do.... I Total toth do do 13 At Indimm* Hospital t Haunt OflU*)^ I), t., April *J8. :JJ Indiana Cavalry... 2 New York Battery... 1 I'till do Volunteer* 1 Oneida Cavalry, (unat.)9 IGtb do do.... W 56tl? Penn.Volunteers. 5 l'Jtti do dn 9? ti'Jd do do 2 ltt New York Artillery I fclst do do,.*... i 4tli do Cavalry. 1 yi?t do do 1~ 8th do do,... 0 93d do do 1 yth do do.... I 9Stb do do il i:itb New York Vol... 9 ItiUUdo do ii lltli New York Art... 1 lt?7tbdo do 5 ltd New York Vol... 1 Cameron Dra?onn*... 6 5'id do dn 1 "1*1 \/<?i * ? , ... | -?? *?? ??<ai * u* * .VJd do do,... lUth do do 1 liflth do do,... 3|IHb Maine Volnuteeri "2 57tb do do.... 1 1st Rhode liland t'av. 4 61 at do do.... 5 New Holland Cavalry 1 B?d do do.... 1 1.1th Massachusetts Vol 1 Tilth do ia!? * ?? ?? v ? #(d do do.... 4 96th do do.... 1 Total 144 SUk rtmmining in Iks Hotfitml for Krwjtlm* Liuusti, mt EtUoram*, April 25. 8th U.S. Infantry 1|Wd Penn. Volunteer*. 2 I4tt. ? ? ?1*>J J- * - - 1 i??u wv UO, ? 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I Prisoner of war 1 I7th do do,... 4 ? ttth do do.... 1 Total 12*7 | Kid do do,... 2 (17* Washington papers plena* copy and sen4 ?lUa to the W ar Department. npr 30?3t Mfto?Pn,U*fT alvftTa on tend, WA?ruKiT.w0' 111 ?* JP0?1 JS&TmSZi 9? , W^mmSSnSBi ! ?*sz loi;d.''ift:;i WV...VH, vuiu. otirar aod (Heal 8f eta ties, and a treat variety of other thlnca maaallr rapt m a Jewelry Store, ana all at the ?ery loweet ( mee. No. 336 Pa. aranae, between Mh and lOtt I itraeta. (oTfr-tf I |^0 MILITARY OFKICKJIB AND OlMEJLi. ' BATCHMLOR'8 QMN9INM HUM BYM. i Wte B?at la th? World. j Tki Oml* JUMo*b mmd Omiui Nmtr Dt* AMR. fl" e*nn?t MonaADd tk?m *> ki?kiy.w m\ ? . THE GREAT >>A>flERICA* REMEDIES,' Known m HELM AlD*8 GOTTffl PBEPABATI0W8, HXLHBOLWS EXTRACT "BVCJiU," ? ? BARS AF AXILLA ? . IMFXO JED SOS* WASH. -VMM '* . ' J ' HELMBOLOU 8EN17INB PEEP AE ATI01V. *" HIQHL 7 COMCXNTXATXD" COMPOUND FLUID tXTXAOT BUVHU. A Positive u? SHtilt ?MMdr ror inuuM ai ut ULAUUER, RIDni K YtS 9 RAVEL. U4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This IMwUt tMNMM powr of tooa. and axaitaa U? ABSORBENTS into healthy aotion, by wbiob the WATERY OR CALCAREOUS d*po*itioaaf aad ail UNNATURAL ENLAR6EMENT8 arc radaead. aa wall aa rAIN AND INFLAMMATION, ud n food for MEN, WOMEN, OJt CB1LDBBN. HBLMBOLD'S SITRlCT B UCHU, For W?kDMM Anatav from Bimun, Habits of DiaeipaUMt Early Indisoretion or Abaaa, AttuuUd with IhMiwii Symptom's? Indisposition to Esartlon, Loss of Power, L?ea of Memory, Difficulty of Rreatkinc, Weil Nervee. TnfibtiDg, Horror of Disaaaa, Wsfcefo'ness, Dunoeseot Viaion, Pain in the Baok, Universal Lassitude of the Musealar 8y stosa, not Hands, Huinint of the RoJt DrynewoftkeSkin, Kraptiooe on the Faoe PALLID COUNTENANCE, Tkflll niiiloma. if ftllnnit to rn on. ahldh this roedioiM lov*rt?blr remoTM. mm foliow? IMPOTENGY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of vhiota the ra?r eipirn. Who ouMr that they arc not frequently fol lowed by tboae"DIREFUL DISEASES," "INSANITY AND CONStMPION." Many are aware of the oaoae of their antTerinf, Bl'T NONE WILL CONFESS. 1HF. RECORDS OP THK INSANE ASYLUMS, AmA t k a ifaJfla/kA^u 1 ka hu aw?i?f<A? mi amrn wititasa to thi truth or thi? 4bsikt10n. thk constitution onck afpkctkd with oktianic wkaknkss, requires uieaij ol medioine lo atreoathen an.) idtnorate the sytem. Wkirfi HKI.trBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV in variably Jot:?. a til41. w1i.i convince tbi mobt hiptirai. FEMA LES- FKMA LES- FEMA LES, OLD OR YOUN6, HINtiLK, MARKIKD.OK CONTKMPLATINU MAKRIAGK. In many AfftrHont pitvltar to Ftmnlif, the Kitract Mucbu is utu?uail?J ly sur other rAmAilv. Rl in TAlitria rxr fiaktaiitiiin ??? ??' ' Pamfulneaa or Suppr*aeion ot ('uitointry H roufttiuui, Uloerftted or Sourboia aUte of the l leruf, LeaourrbcBft or Whites. Sterility, and for all oumpiaint* icoident to the a?x whether ariaini front ludlaoretiQn, liabita of Diaeip%noa, or la the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. SSI eTMPTOM* ABOVt* NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Till no noil Balaam, Mimetr*t.oi ttnm.iasant mkd1c1nx8 vol vspliaeant and daihtmovi uiuiii. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV cnn SECRET DISEASES In all their dtacea, At little Expenae, Little or no ohange in Diet, No inoonvenienoe, And no MrpctHri, (toanaee a frequent deaueand givea etrength to Urinate, thereby removinc obatruotione. Freveotint and Curing Btrioturee ot the Urethra. A'laying Pain and Inflammation, an frequent in lha n'axi r?f ^ ? ?*' 1? ? ? ? " ? ?* ?..v UI.VWVI, ami CAfVUIU| MM X VIW?VM| DistattJ and \tom out Mattir. THOC(A!?DS UPON THOt'tNM WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS Of QUACKS, md who hive Mid hiavy ricsto t.e onred in hort tuna, have found they were deceived, and that thu P()NO\H kta. hv tkiHMnf niu ni I i9T*i?8iNf?'," beendrietf up 7n the ajrateai' to break oat In an &cinvited form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Us* HflMBOtn'* Extsact Bveav for all affeotions and dineeaen of the URINARY ORGANS, Wbetner astatine in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever cause orientating, and bo mattar of HOW LONO STANDING. Diaeaaea of thaaa Orga&a require the aid of a DIURETIC. HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, ^cd ia certain to have toe denred effeot la all lltUM FOR WHICH IX IS RECOMMENDED. BLOOD!BLOOD! BLOOD! Helmhold's Highly Conctntrated Compound VLUID EXTRACT HA KSA FA KILL A, SYPHILIS. Tbia la ta to affection of the blood, end ATTACKS THE SEXUAL GROANS. MN1N68 OP THE NOSE, EARS. YHROAT. WfNUPIPE AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES. Making lU afrpearauoe in the foiin of ULCERS. Helmbold'a Extract Saraaparilla. PnrifiM the blood, and reujovea all boaJy Era* Uwna uf the tf km, 61VIN6 TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAIl AND HEALTHY COLOR. It bains prepared ei preeair tor this oifcaa uf oomplainta, ita Blood Punfjiut Property are preaerved to a creater extent than anj other prepara tiou of Sar?aparill*? HELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, axoallaot LoUou for Dtaoaaea of a SjrhiUtie ature, and aa an injeotiun in Utaeaaaa of ua Urinary IJrjaua arialagjrora Uabiuof Diaai^aliou, aaed in ounneotion with the fcxtraoU Baafca Of Baraatftrilla. in aaob Lhaeaaea aa raooiuHiainla<i. M*Utnc4 of tk* moit r*ltabl? and **tyonsU>l* tkmrmtltr will atcvmrany tkt mtdituuM. CEHT1HCATK8 OF CUJttt*. ' From I la WITH NAMII MOW* m SC1KNCK ANDKAMK. l-'or Ma<lioal Piopriatiaa of DUCliViaaa Die panaatory of tha UuiUd Btataa. Baa frofaaaor DEWEt'3 valuable worka on tha Praotioa of Pbyalo. Baa remark* made by tha Lata oaiebratad Dr. PHYSICK. Philadelphia. Baa ramuka made by Dr. EPHRA1M Mo DOWKLL. aealebraled -?J ? 1 ? w w ^ ^ ^MMM of the Koytl Collate of Muigooaa, Ireltna. and publiafced in the TruMOUona of tit* Kins im tjuaaa'a Journal. 8m Wodioo Cbirnrcioal Review, pnbliabed by BENJAMIN TK A VtKti, Fallow of Jtoyai College of Burjeona. gee moat of the Lata BUndird woika on Medieine Kxtraot Buohi, ?100eer bottle, or alt for 96 (JO. ExtrMt ttaiaapejill*, fioo per bottle, or an for |?W. Improved Koaa Wftab, 60 per bottle, or tlx for liK Or, half doiao of aaoh for 13 00, wbioh will be nifioint to oar* the moit obatintte otMt, if ii reotioae arc adhered to. Delivered to any Addreea, wouraly ia?ktd from observation. DESCRIBE 8YMPTOM8JN ALL COMMVCJuree Gnaraataed! Advtoa 6 rati a! I AFFIDAVIT. FaraoaallT atMarad before ma, an A Idar man of ihe elty of PiOaSal?hi?. H t. Mm SB? BK >oing duly avorn, do(h My, kia proMrnUona eoninin no nnrootio, no soronry, or otkar lojunoae iroia, bnt nra purely Tag at* b I a. H. T. HELMBOLO. B*orn and aubaonb*d befora ma, tkia 83d d*y of ddrMa lattara for information in *onfid*ito* to BK WARS OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEAL&R9, Who endeavor to diapoae "o? tbiie own" an OTBUL" UT1CUB OH TBI linMTIM ATTAINS* if Haljpbold'a Genuine M IariaTtd'ilMtWuk, Cold by ALL DM MOISTS XTMR YWHKKM. j ABE FOB HELMBOLD**. TAKE NO OTHBft. ! Cut out the advertisement Ud seed for U, j AND AVOID IMPOSITION AMD MM. - ? i DSKTlOTgr. AND MTROVKD INVhlNllOM AMTIFMAL CHE0TLA8TI MO MM v i B v a. witwvt mwufun m oum. ... 4. ofjraSs^if'siW.'TsS;-, ^sra^trsiasr - ?aa war oorod* lot atazf oolcr >y aid*. beinx thrse ioDrtha liihtar Ulm ui other. 1. Jff tool* or roots need l? extntoui. m tti oimou iD?ert<m over th*ak. r?^? willV? m*4? in#reMiT?, ta imr ^^SBS^aptax, jssas {^.Tsfc'aassafssasr^ffi -E?#S<i9L,2!*5f<. vklt* <BOMtnM?ra Mot, mind tooth on ??j lUiTrooU, WtJOhVlll^M* Urovih lifetime. 'Sb? bwtcf iiter eauwjnr?i-to Ot J. Motfe Dr. Dorcxnai, froffcMor oreh?mi?try, 1, it on. Jmdf Wijm, of Ui?aireM( ?irt of WwfeBfUd, and Uoowcda of oibvra. 0*11 nod ex^Bitae for io?r?elt ma ?4i OAS FITTING, kc. ^ WM 0 Vk/>0M a. ggjggaggggw W? A 8 FIlTltKI. E Btm aiore, ted axe dai t r?0MviBf, >44 H1T9K8Sofen-rely New Putoixiacd Deeu aa uiJ Viuiali. anterior m at; le to anytime Leratcwre I'ernO il Una mtrttl, We iknweiuxeua reneral Ij ui Mil ukJ exauuoe m atook o! ?u and WiM riviioa, iao.tni ooun?ieni VUI f* ktit Ik* :? < M.&otsd clock ib Whaiiiiitiou. Ail W*rt il IL? H*?re I d* 1BUu!?4 U mi MTI Will M pr*a?pUy * , MY CMS * MtlliR. IfHt 111Uftmi SMITH AMD PfhtV TURK W% j$ mm Pfli la h Va tfcfctLfc fagg \\\ /# W\ #/ \\\ i? Mw w JmA L.fc ~ illllSI \? AA AA , KHEE AA AA .< KKF.E AAAAAAAA < LK aV *A fchfcttfcfc Ilillgl urnioi AB1BER ALE, PORTER, AND RXTRA BROWN STOUT, In Wkoit, H*if, M4 Quarter Cmtki, BRHWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREW EH Y. 191k Street, t*tw??n TU u4 Blh ArtlM, NEW YORK. foVT dtjfl* m m -r-? -w- wv A m " * -MSM PRIVATB JE? R IV A. T m. DR. LA BONTA blTini removed biaoAceto Room No *, adj'-mina thei?uDday C'brooioi* clfioe, In Waahinitun Buildiu(. Fa avenue, ooraer of 7th atreet, la bow ready to cure a I Di?ea#e? oi a Private Nature, wiUoal the nae of daa?eroM or diaaeaUbc diugaof am kind, and no interferon* with your baameaa avooationa bavtnf dev-teJ m? wLola time to the atndy and oure of Pr-t-aia Diaaaaaa ..f ??? and to Chrome eflWiona of the Womb, I.iver, Kidneya, Skin Kru^*iona, 4o ,end rraduatine m the beat aehool in tb? world, we New York City Hoeyitala. under Pr*fe. Chilton and Parker, to whom I moat reapeouully refer. 1 will ear 1,000 to the perenn furni-niui me a oa?e of anf of tfce abjve die*aeea which i eannot apeedily and permanently oure, let the omme be old or new. No dieting required : nothing d*&t?eeable in any pan of ike treatment. Conealiatione free. Rooma retry erirate. M. LATJONTA, Kootn <t?r?t tl?or> Waahmrton B111 oinr, Hlh ? ?ra' ??- -*X ? ? ? w?puiir%wi fin . tJKCKfcT M8KA8K8! SKORKT DISEASES' SAM AKITAN'8 GIFT! " aor,D 8AMAK! TAN'8 ?ftFr * The Mo*t Certain Remedy Ever UieJ. "Vm," & positive oori> for *KCRKT PISEA9E8. ttONORKH(E\. Gl.EET MTRldTl'RES. Ao. l ont&mano Mmtrtl.nv Bili*iri,no Meroait Ouly leu plllato be Uken to >?Mt mm The* are entirely *?<?Ub e. haripg no unel! nor an? unptraiant taste, iiid wi.l nntjuiu. . jure the itonmch orbowela of the mo?t da.ictie. Cure* in from two to foar4?t?i ?dd reoeot hum in "twenty four hone" frepered hy * (radiate of the Unvermty of Kencaylva&ia, one ol the mo*t eminent Dootore and Chemist* of tbe preeent day. SAMARITAN'S U1FT Will oure anj oa*e >n iron two to four d&ya, and recent ohm in _ TWENTY FOUR HOURS! No txposurt. no trcuhlt, mo ckmmt* wkatt?r. Let thoee who have de?pairei 01 retting oared, 01 wh t have teen corced with K?l ?? ? M""''-"1frM'iVfTAN;a mrt.~ gent by mail id plain envelop*. Price male pad&*?< . 92 BAMAiW AV^BR t>0*J AND H KB H JUICE*. A BPtCEDV AND PKKMANK.Nl CI KK FOR BY PHI LIS OR VKNKRKAL DISKABKS. Here la ? poaitire our*? do Mercury- no Poiaoa? but the Jmoemf ?n.i u?ix OOHlblAtd. Tbla form of the dtaeaae makee ita appearanoe in eoree on theorgana of c*n<>ranon. or th?y ni> uo oar on other part* of ilia body, which happen mostly on the iroina, and vary often aa u'oera of the month, teite ra, spots. oanea and ncdea ofthe wtll^VjlSd to^ ^ 111 ?f 8ea^ juicrs. i nw? ?i uv%ue, or i DOlUM for |i SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Pnoe *6 otnU Fill direotioaa. DESMOND ft CO., Box 1*1 Fkil?d?l?kU Poal Ofo*. 801J by S. CALVERT FORD.eorn*r 1?U? t&d Peon, irtni* J H. EATON, 8* boulh EigMfa strML Phitodolpkia. MSG NOTICE. M ADAMS* EX PR EM UOMPAHT" k !????? r'LTr pSSSiffl mKakai*!arrt * trC\*&*hfk>tir KfJRuSf r*Atl PackM?? for Tk? B?lli?ra carriM at "an < iry Rr'Siriaaai l?nN?w Yark M l.l.aaJ IP. M- anTrUc u Wulautii mt A. H.3ui jfen'JllHNWftVUW % * m for^fcll ?c!QU jjyU ?JU Wm4 low 1 zr m,w"k WMkiacton, u,af?j,oWft5a!sffiflsKt?Ma TKAVgLLKES1 Dl&iSUTU&Y. BALTXMORS A OHIO RAILROAD. notice. C ft A *V B Or W HO (fXI. On an iim wmiitti, Arm t, ISM, m ruimn tbaiim iitviu WASHINGTON. BALTIMOKI, AND THE WMT WQi rut* : jlm |?<to ommt ami Ft YOHKL?uVVukiMV?Mlk.n-tr?t a.tlt b.MmI XNHAPOLlft^Lwve WMhleetoeel 140 * Ar|pnRlV.flCK-L<>T? WMtiMto? M : . -" AL1- rou WK8T, A ad for Ha-p*r'a Pwtt. MartiMh?rf and WitMMMr.lMTi W a* hi often at?.?*a. m. MAINS MOVING ftOt'THL*7*N*w 11* a JMti?or? 3 v ?. m Arr?T? at Wa*kl?* Lo? . 9 Dim**N*t V?rt Ml? a.; Phtl*U phi* ! it p. m ; Bftltimor* ? *> *. m. Arr.v* M WMkiL?iua b>ywt'w>w Yffc M n f, fk; PkQMlJ|k ikljni. i i um ?, ?, tmn m* wMIUlwl LooaI AooommodAtioa Trtni lMf? At 10 a. m, Aoo 110 ?. ra for wa*kin(toi, atti?? th?r? At It A. ?ad 7 00 m. On 8ucd?jo?t4jrao4?4ft*.pl.mly from Ba.m ota. No aliiapulia or FrAMriM aoamcIi. : ob snaday. _PAA?Mpar TrAina I m rt m JA'a?Lt?jto? 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