Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1862 Page 1
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. . f ' ~Si.-.- '" . 'Jo 1 ^ ^B Kj m^r jB^|nr \ f-3 ?tt^t -" ~!| ^\\* ^1 ^1 MB n u 6 rt |j| i w^ i Bg n lgs rim rO / ii f |y > ^i ei 3?? t-^=~==^:s^&==ss^2=s^====Z2s========: V5i. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1862. IN?. 2,809 . THE EVENING STAR! ruuLatstuLL* IVUI mjuuiwm, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS. f?rM? / Pov*>rl***** *** **d EUvmtk ttrml, rt* W. O. WALIiAOH; PiBM itrrcd In MkiM b* carrier! itMl fnt. or 37 eenta per month. To mail subscriber* the j-rice la f3.50 a year, m adeanci; 93 for alx month*; tl for three montha; and foi leaa than th'ee montha at the rate of 13 centa a week. Single coplea, o*? cast; In wrappers, two cinra. Arv**Ti?BM*>Ts should be aent to the be fere 12 o'clock at.; otherwlae tbey may nci appear until the next day. DBfERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. ? Ponies ? Firtt Prttimtt?J. Whit*, drunk; taWn to rump Steo'd Pr$cinct.? John CarroM, drank anddlaorderhr; tak*n to camp John McGralaor, drunk and lighting; d?. Jacob Horrla, do ; do. Rider7 eelllng liquor to Mldier*; dlaoalaaed. John Halt, Terrence McFarlev and Hugh Mor on, drunk; turned over to the military. A. 8. Wbealer, bavins nuisance; dlsm'ssed Ann Hall, brra'sand profanltv; do. Frltv Rue, J no Crawford, NeUoa Wright, Hiram Meloorn, Wlillam Idthaud M Teinan, drunk; turned over to the miliary. Riley Thayre, do.; taken to gnardbo\me. Wm Neton, riding on aldewalk; fln??d m r; u An- A/% T> f?' * ^ ?nm?i turned over to military. T\'ti P?{UKt.-l?ic Bro*n, George Dr*r, outaf'er Imura; fl.4.4. RoWrt Harrod, Bj*d Harrod, Vtred SliSTfrden. Win. Simmons, dlaorderlv; ?l 44 frarh. S HslT, Klllng without lle?n??; S i?d roiti R Hutchloa, huckstering; dla?nia?ed. i nonius fcTans, selling flab In the market; ?5.<fci F. L t*w?*enjr, R. Hay, drank; d1?ml?Kd. G Schell, Hltng without Hcenae; W Rotilnwon. R Robln?on, aa-ault; W 41 each, ?nd bail for court. J W. Gross, disorderly; d'sm1*s<-d Thc.?., running wagoa with,>,,t !l#?nM ? > 11 n?K? U... A U. Ji. i w - * - ??v/v i u<iT| ui una , u inmlMed. Walter Godev, obstructing ?:dewa!ka; do Aon* Kin?, prostitution; work home. Helen .Maboney, Pat McNimira, G. McCallan, Joseph StandHb. Benjiinta Snowden, disorderly; SI 44 each. Catherine Mc Jarrle, E WUson, d? ; d'?mUaed Eilxi Ci'sel, R Walker, do 9344 ea^-.h John Bsnnet, John Wh?len, Geo. Stone, do : eich. Rot>t Joyce, bavin? no llreus*: *2 11 Tharl#^ ftladis, do; do. E. SuliWan. drunk; dismissed (V?.M P> f mm M ' V J Jl. i i t ? >'-?it . ? u u*. i?i>. nrcvci, u uub, uw m'.ssed. A. Thom, do.; workhouse Jsm?"? Sullt?an,d'>; do. James McCue. do ; diitnitsed W m. Mc'"all, dlsordetly; do. Pat'k Mtl?, dfl.; SI 75. John PfiNr, crta'in;; a nniaance; ruled for beams. Robert Clayton, vagrant; dl?mla^ed. Peter Culln, obstructing the ?ldt*walk; do. W. Hamilton,disorderly; do. Pat'k Mirth, larceny; committed for co?r. Dennla Erwtn, -vault; d:snti?sed. Rdw'd VVbitty, drank; do L'?h L*wl?, disorderly; do. Mary Conley, aia^alt^ security to keep the peace. Catherine L<?eptlad. threats; do. M J. Harrington, ditorderlv; Si. A.N Chamberlain, larceny; dlimiwed J*;i ?? McCrarkllo, disorderly; turned over to jrn*r4. Geo Geary, drunk, fined ?1 "5. R Latrell, r'dlit^ on piwfflfnl; do * i 75. Eighth Precinct.? Pa'rlck Mahony, larceny; dismissed Cornelias Hur ey, do.; do. Charles Vsnt?. vfl2'ant; do John Redender dmni turned ovet to the military. Louisa Cathmar, assau4t and battery; security for peace. John liuubarth. breaking fumltore; security for furthrr bearing. Uovert J^mes. larceny; dl?mlssed Robert Hay, drunk and disorderly; paid costs. 91 ctc. Charles Brow, do , dismissed. Augustus Co*, do ; do. Robert Lavllle, do ; do. i>an'l Nolan, selling llouor on Sundsy; do Frecinzt ?VVm M-.Cutchen, ketplo? a vlelonf doc: mlpd for fnrth? hnrinn 1 e, aug? UIUV* Kid well, aasault and battery; dismissed Arch. i*?lly, drank; aent to lock-up Lemuel Kidwell, do., do Peter Rel'v; disorderly; Hned SI 91 JaT-a Dove, drunk; di?m'nrd. Tilth Prteiiu: ? David button,profanity; lined SI PI Rachel Bally, do ; diamlaaed. 51 arguet Wfcentlev, proatltate, do. Fnneei Boyer, do.; vrorkhou^s. Elltabeth Barney, do.; do. Joaorh Klzsle. do.; do. John Jones, ridloij on fnntwaya; fined Edward Hart, do ; do. Louisa Snyder, common drunknrd; workhou*. Prank Smith, disorderly, dismissed UrUUet Keenan, vagrant; workhouse John Maack, drunk; fined 82.91Lsvld 9ur, disorderly; fined SI SH. Ber.Jsmln nvuuuy, no,; * ai k> proToai iiuara Anibony H?v< do.; do. Julius Ross, sellluK liquor on Sunday; insd 8*1* 9A. Dennis Nolan, profana and disorderly; fined 85 3d. W. Donn. disorderly; fined 81.91. B Mortimer, do ; fined ?3 ?i. Feter Herwaaoner, do.; do. Charles l^rwln. profane; fiaod 81 #*- W. H Martin, drunk and disorderly; flnt-d f.5 94. W. Diwmd, Indecent exposure; fined S3. Charles English, stealing a ham; lall for court. W Penny, assault a .d battery, do. Jam's O'Neill, d? 4 do. John Hoffman, carrying concealed weopon*; fiasd W. A. Murry. disorderly; fined *5.M. James Cre?rder, disorderly; fined 81 M Dennis Long, do.; do. Frank Shanks, vagrant; workhouse. Bo xtbo ?T VtcTJ* * kb ?On M on da v afternoon, the ftBrrr on doty at the depot observed a ?err pretty and Innocent girl in the depot, apparently making her way towards the 3 30 train, which waa J i?t leaving, and seeming in great distress The cars hovever started, leaving b?r almost d is coasoiata on tb? platform The officer asked tf te could conduct her to tome pl*e^ to stop nntil the next traloj and ah^then told him, with tear* In her eyca, the following pitiable atorv : Her name was Libby Williams, the danghW of a foreman at some ?oal works In Pennsylvania, and she resided ia Philadelphia, where she worked at dressmaking. During the previous .V* ? 1 ??A _ l.*l M * - ? ? ? * wm irwuru it iriurr irom r nav ICPna, named Ottcrboch. in thin city, Informing her that if she would c ime to the cltr she cold get work, and that fhe would me?t her at the depot. Mb* left Phi lad Iph'.a on Friday morning. exp?-t1ng to reach h?re in the afternoon, bat un> fortanately abMed the connection in Baltimore, and bad to wait tit) morning. Not knowing an/ person in Baltimore she ronclnded to stay In the waiting-room at the depot, wtwre ihe allowed her foliars to overcome her, and hurst! aio t#?r?. Kmrtm l> Ika ? . 1 1 -- I Li M ...J .M wv IUVI uiiifl IWW KCii iCTU*iliyiWI ,UK c?-'tor>? cam* into th? room and tried to comfort hrr. after the had told her atory with child like almoltefty Tbfv atated that tb^y were alto g?tog to Wa^hlovtAo, and woald acr/impaoy her, and they all three started lathe 4.30 train. Oa the journey aha ahowed the letter of her friend,, mm juarrnana, containing Ul* l?ar*ts, an<l ISfV forgot to return tt to her They ml?o Informed her thai Washington tu perplexing city for ?:raa^er? to flad localities. A* soon a* th?y reached the depot, after ?h? bad hastily 1 okrd ero?md for Mrs. Otterbach, the three proceeded in a?-arrlsge to one of our hotels, where they took rAAflnl rVn - ? ? - ~ ? ? * 41 ? ? Win*. \/u OS UIUQT WICIUWU UUO OA MAC U1CI1 ea?ne to her room and attempted to aednce her, but fcdlng that she realstad he hastily left, ay ins; If abe was a virtuous girl her ruia ahould not be upon hla bands She did not see either of them any more nnMl Sunday night, when the other one came Into her renin, after tbe had re? tired, and remained all light, during which time, bv tbreafc and force, he accomplished hla CorDMl In th* mmnlnii k# tnnlt wt?ii 11 ? i - ^ r ^ ... ?xra ? ntnil inorley ?he had, and h?r Jewelry, ?nd made off, and Bow she *ti t-rv la a *traog? city unable to And her frt*ad. and without aav meat.#. The girl toid ber atory with ash apparent tr itbfulne** aa to enlist toe r\m path lea of the of3ret, who lmmrdltltly *?% ber to the Flfh-ward u-.lon hoaw and 3' quaint the other officers of tLe fact, who started ob a search for thfeaappeaad lllafne Her* abe agMn told her atory, and so en Hated theoffleera la her behalf th?f r>n* nt ? ?? proposed to take ber ta hi* bow until tb? partita could be arreaued ud abe could bear from ber friend*. With tears In ber eyes she accepted the bind offer, and wis at oace domiciled In 'be house of tb? ottear, where she stopped until tha foliowlrg afteraooo; wb?-n she left, aayiog that tne wuuUt be back >0 a few momenta Nothing ia - M _M Al ? 1 -* ? -iiKXHvi ?oe t;iri nnm Jfllcrilaf afterneon, w^ea the officer who bad flrst tak-e latrrest la her espied her iioitg Into the depot with i duh'.ig lieutenant? the ouaple looking m happy as 'two peas in a pod." He at once accoeu-d her, and she replied, that she "hardly ever received e jtnpany''?a remark which the policeman la yet turning over in hla noddle. Patix? Hioh foe Bad Wnni axd a Nap m tic Hat.?Monday alght, two ?oldieM met patrvlman Ferry at the corner of Twelfth and ? street#, and aak?d when they might get comfortable lod*ln?a for a moderate price The patrolbbab directed them to a hotel whM* (h#? (V An lil h?v? to pay ft By eenta each for lodgiaga' AfVllow atandla* o?ar ate p pod op and rmarkM that he would tsia tfc?*n vttm to?y could be lodged at a sauch cheaper rate They left with the cranger. The next morning the *oIdler* met the patrolman, and a'.atod that the fellow took them to a aubie, where he aa'.d he lodged with nme _ A a _ a * ? ?*?*- - - - cviuriaes, ana kuio| i? NllPlfllg U drink, ooa returned with a b*Uie of ltqqor and two of bla comrades. The bo.tie puaed around socially several time*, aad tha auldfcera laid down and were soon souud ?leeo. ia the morning when they awoke, their entertainer bad departed, and oa- waa mlooa a aplendid bolster pistol, valued at f 10; tha other missed htm pocket book, coaUlalag about f25 the baliace of hl? la<t pay. pr ? WT? ? n_ ? a__ - a. ? vuirouitoji vmm V" roilOW1q^ r?m*, iffrfti mad# bf cWy fYurdl#, w*re?!Npo?pd of by Ju?ttce Thompson -BcnJ. H4rr1?on, bavktng aa<l peddlla* wltbwii llcenaet li-<-4 *10 fti C pMnloaUl, arlHng !lq toroo Uav, ?tb? Jo*lr? ?b?? tb* ?d -two cU irgetf va* ?ot to hi* poller district, sad . IW lav require* tk? vvtut to be l?aurd by tho j potlc? magistrate of tbe district Uf vblcb tbe of* I i' !< ? ww prrprtrKt/d Mr WtertM ippnn4 j i . - 4 * Aecosd Wakb 8tat*o!* Cu*?.-Witi. rfroM**n and Tbnmaa Jonea, disorderly; turned o*?>r to the military. John Henry, dnink; dUtnimed. Jaa J. JuMt. drunk and disorderly; do. J P. Scullen, drunk; (3 91. / a met .Gould, receiving tolen goodi; diamlaaed |!T The Mobile Tribune aaya that the cotton In OIlMand Murray countlea. Northern Alabama. has been and la being burnt as the UAloa troop* approach. Scott's Lotii?',ana cavalry do tne work. In moftt caaes with the bearty constat Of the owners Ttie Charleston Christian Advocate siys the Florida planters are also m >vlng their cotton Into the open field* so as to be able to burn It In esse of necetaltf. T 1 - . ! -1 CT" A cartons fashion prev*Hi in all the re? llginus societies In Watervllle, M?. Whin the choir rise* to sing, the congregation continue sitting till the singing ofMhe first verae has made some progress, when they commence rising and all are standing before th?* vers* Is finished. The great otject probably is, that th? choir may "get me hang" of the tone before the audience get Tpmifv in llit^n IZJ* La!* Southern pnperi, With great unanimity, admit that !f d?ffate?l lnthe approaching engagement* on the Yorlaowfl, Va., peninsula, and near Corinth, Miss., nothing will be left to tbem hut an attempt to resort to guerilla warfare, which they profess to be ready to prosecute -'until the liat Southern atm t* paralyse!." IH7" It la rumored at Fortress Monroe that iwrny-BTf mrn 01 me aio miryiana tfcimenr. stationed at Newport News, had deserted and gone over to the enemy. The 5th was raiaed In Baltimore and adjacent counties, aa a State (guard, but were sent aw?y with their own consent. The rumor is not generally credited Gkxkkal Phici ?The Memphis Appeal of the 15th contains the address of General Sterling Prl< e to his troons. on rMlsnlnir his mmmsnil n? ilan the letter of Adjutant General Hough, accepting the resignation Hough's letter is dated I)e? Arc, Arkinsa*. April ?th, and Price'* addreu. l>es Arc, April 9th. irr John Bright has written a letter to James Forsyth, of Troy, in which he states that hi* own clear opinion is that an overwhelming majority of the Knglilh people would rejoice greatly at the complete surc?M of our Government and the r?itAr*tinn nf the T'ninn {?5" Tbe Queen of Holland 1* vlaltltig the French Court to arrange a marriage between her *?n, the Prince of Orange, heir to the crown of Holland, and tbe Prlnceaa Anna Murat Ho the daughter of the Napoleon-mtde King of Naplea _< : 1 i. w. ft - ? ii _ I ? ?? will 111 lime uc ?<unu ii aoiiiaa. C7" The debt of Mexico to the Allied Powers la sutcd in round nnmberi as follows : To England, ?75,000 000; to Spain, f 10 000 000; to France, 5 00 *,000. And yet France refuses to be satisfied with in arrangement satisfactory to both Kngland and Spain! Paid ?TheSt. Lonta Keening Npwi learna that the loan of the Exchange Bank of St. Loula. of fi'>0 000, made to Fremont laat summer, baa, after much delay and trouble, caused by General Fremont's want of authority to negotiate such a loan, been finally paid. ID" Rozers sweetly slnps ? The soul of music slumbers In the shell," k.".. Wonder If the rebels at Xew Cleans thought so while those 2>,UW) were "played" on their batteries ? At all events they'll allow that music didn't slumber In tkat lot of shells ! Pb Bcoeioc* Ckims ?In tfce Burlington County Court, N J ,a little girl named Shaffer, Indicted for an attempt to poison Elizabeth end Anna unnunz. pi^aa gouiy ana was a^ntencea vo len years' Imprisonment In tbe State Prison. 1^7" Jamrt Early, aged about <13 yean, who has for th?? l??t thirty years been a resident of Martlubnrg, Va , committed suicide, by hanging, on Monday, tbe 28:b ult. No cause la a* atgaed for the rub act. |C7~ The first shipment of cotton from Arkansas, 1 nee the wu.wu made from Osceola, on theSlst. It wax consigned to Grlnnell, Mlatura k. Co., New York, ai<d consisted of thirty-sewn bales. Eighty more were ready to be sent forward It/" A letter ?M recently received at tbe Chicago post Office sat. j rated with blood. It w as found In the pocket of Captain Ferris, l*th Illinois reg. 4ment, who was mortally wounded In the battle of Savannah, on the 8th fp-lt Is a singular fact tbat the majority of children born In war time are boy?. A Roman Catbollc clergyman of Brooklyn, N. Y., has baptized, within a short time, 75 children, 07 of nuvui aic wy*? }D~ The ?t earner Commodore Perry waa UMy aelzt-d by U S. ct&claU at Wheeling, Va , for running Into the government ateamer Eunice a fevr day* atnee. She will be held until she give* H?rltT for damasR done the KmIm. Jf^Edmond J. Ellis of the Boone County Ms ) Standard, baa been ordered to lea re Missouri, and hisi ffl^e it confiscated, forgiving "aid and comfort to the eormica of the United States." fET" The English trads with America Ml oft, last year, to the amount of S66,OCO,OUU, in consequence of the secession war. That is what she has 10 pay ior sympaimzing wits reoeuion. IH-B GratzBrown.a well known Western politician, has written a letter avowing hims-lf n agitator, and opposing expatriation as a con'dition precedent to emancipation. H5* Colonel Morse Cooper, one of the few surviving heroes of Waterloo, has recently died in F*.nff 1 nnrf Hh w?? a/ininHrH ? Rbvaxia -...A ? ? -- " "?W-?? ?? a#?JVUUV UiiU Waterloo.*' H7*The ntw itwm aloopof-war Sacramento wa* launched from tbo Portameuth Navy Yard on Monday. Tkouaaada wltneued the ceremonies |p" The 24th New York Regiment recently marrhwl 31 mlIn 17 hnnn Tkl? 1 nA great endurance, and la quite up to*the moat celebrated marchea la history. ID" Mr*. Windham, the notorious heroine of the celebrated Windham lunaryeeat, la at Barcelona, "frequenting the opera there, brilliant with diamond*." ft T\l 4C*I- ? *? * ?* ? if i iitwiDiniiuii OJ me AODAncaQ Baptist Mlaalor.ary Union will be held in I'rovldence, R. I., May 47. j?y~ The Bellows Falls, V? , Aivaa eat!mates the damage In that vicinity by the late freibet at $50,000 UJ- It la rumored that the frigate Macedonian, now at the Charleston Navy Yard, la to be Ironplated. lp-Thomas Coponhaver, of Martlnaburg, V? , ami run nvar h? mm i>? !?* < ? ,k uit , and hud bit leg, Jostabove th"eartle,r.ut of. ip- Altered tl notei of tbe Mechanic*' Bank of Philadelphia are Id circulation. |f7*is>tbe London exhibition Bible* will b? exhibited in !0J dlff-rent language*. {J7"Three hundred bale* of cotton arrived at Cincinnati a few days since, from Nashville. S NOTICE. KA1.KL) I'ROPOHAt # W ill ho roooivod at thi* t/ro3?ni)tn 12 m, of BArriBiT. M*y 31.1BW for a oot-raot jor the burial of droraso<l aoldiera. the contract to terminate oa Jane 90th, IMS, The oontraotpr to prepare the bodies for utermeet, diflbo.arav*, and famish the ooffia and bea sa. The soldiers to ba baried at the (soldiers' Hon#/' The tar me of th* eontraot will repair* that the oofln farci*hed shall be ol eoaad pine or poplar "*11 ? bs stained or toBia'joojor.aad taat ths (raves ^i7i l*a thaa fire feat si* lao?e? in depth. thVr.^11" 1,1 ih# amn9 ?\* lr,m' ?? ? ol all Tfl * IAr!l#l MHat am?M? a. i* m4Ii ?4 u . a I nSTZiHlJLrv ?*? 3?^aSS^??l I. :ot AtUjrt?gr. Kt<id?rs moil b? wnii la >*'?"? tktn lb* bid a 3uV<ff ?f >ro??*Aj- Wll> aut b? oonBond*, in Um ram of oaailkitud dollara, aimed sagaav.xSki"Mjrss&S t A* Wond Miat aoooaycay I ha oontraot,it Vill Su&fr'steXijrpt'i^r^s Ami r*ia#r tr% m ?tAt ^w - i <?n?d. BnjJtafor bonds oan be woo a red imi M*ir?tton&tn? MM at this otfoo, ?th*r ? ?* acnallr. br ietter, or t>; Uiacmpfc. V^T; ,? , /Wtn a/ fissrqstM, We??, oftto oonc:y of---, nnd 8Ut? t3^?^5j?.br^sa& ?i? to fall 1 ft contract to n?*oo tfkaoe w th the !?i ni of hu ^ro^jtJfyO, ?n-i thtt, a* o.iJti hU-fro90 in** baaooeytM, La will at otca saUtr into a coi.trtot in ooor^aftoa tk*r?vith. Khonid tha ooitmot be awarded him we am pm r?'vu *u uccuiiib alecimiH. I J!0."" 9?> b? whmM U* 1 C*rttic*U?Rra<WB3oM4.> ^V.TTMW 1 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. - *?> m^bb IMPORTANT FROM MISSISSIPPI. BE4UREGARD tVACCATKS CORINTH. Confederate Armr Retires t? Meaiphit. % 1 The following dispatch has beefl ffcCel-ed at the War Department: Fo*t*e<s Moitxoa, May 1.?To Hon. fc. M. rtattton, Secretary of War : I have Just rtcelved a dispatch from Brig. (Jen. Manafleld, to the ef/am t # V\ + M wa titrrrnAa Via?A f?nm Uarfa. * MOl U ' U MT ? I von UU * V Ul * ?V1? l|VIU & ? IS*mouth. Three contrabinda report that Fort Mart n U*as teteu on Friday laat. Eighteen rebels were tlll?a tail f*e?ty-8e*rii wourded. Gen Hraure?*rd b&* etacnated Co?lf!th<snd fallen bark en Mf>mr>h'l It Is reported that Commodore Ta'nall and the principal officers of tbe Merrlmac have restored The Merrlmac Ilea ott' the Marine Hospital, at Cranky island, fait to the buoy. She now mounts twelve guns. There are no other ateam^rs there. JoH!t E. Wool, Mf?Jor General. B> KR?fll)Ln OF rOKT .TIAIOI. nsrabnrdmmt of tm nnJ a half Honrs?The (?atri*?n t*ken Prit?nrrs and Parolrd. The following dispatch U taken from the Richmond Enquirer of Wednesday: WiLMixaTOS, N. C.. April 29.?Fort Macon surrendered conditionally on Fr Idav last A Dor tlon of the garrlaon arrived here at 12 o'clock la*t night. 11 in reported that Col White naved all the public papers. The ollicer? were allowed to take their ?ide arm?. t*even of onr men were reported killed, and a number wounded. fslCOMD DI8FATCH ] WiLMTsaTON, April 21)?Fort Alacou anrrendered on Friday, the 25th Ir.ataut, fifter a bomKa m orit n f to n anH a linlf hnn?4 TV>o K-.* t r ? r ( oj UUIUill' M> V* K.I1 U H II 1 UVUI a UV> ? 'U V fc? I 1^9 were placed behind heavy ?and bank*. The breaching battery was 1,100 feet dls'&nt. and the mortara 1,400 f?et, and entirely conceaied from the fort The garrison were allowed the honors of war, the officers retaining their tide-arms, and all paroled. Seven men were killed and elgh'een wounded?two mortally. The enemy's loss is not known. Col White and 155 men arrived rff the bar ye-terday afternoon on board the Federal gunboat Chippewa, and were tranifered to a river steamer under a Hag of truce. They reached here ai utated In the flr?t dlapatrb. TJie oth^ra were ent up the sound from the fort. FRO>l flEH. HALLF.CK'S COMMAND. Th?wh# r *f Alabama, noTth of the Ten. bmspc rivpr, 4n uiidioputed pnteiiica cI the Federal Army. Tfce following hu been received at the War Mana r m An %J | ?* I kUKIikf Hcstsvtllr, Ala., via Louisville, May 1.?To Hon. K. M Stanton Secretary of War As yesterday the enemy havlig cut our wires and attacked during tb?? nltjbt one of our brigades, ! deemed It rov duty to head in person lb? expedition azalnxt Bridgeport. I I started by a train of cara in the morninir, followed by two additional regiment* of infantry and two companies of cavalry. 1 found that our pickets had engaged the enemy's pickets, four nolle* froir. Bridgeport and after a short engagement?In which we lo?t one man killed?drove tht m across a stream.whose rallwjtv hrirlu* ! *nA burned, with four rfirirrent* of infantry, two piec? b of artillery dragged by band, and twoconipanl< ? of cavalry. At 3 p. m. we advanced to the burnt bridge and opened our Are upon the eneiny'n pickets on the otber side, thai producing the impression that our advance would be by tbe railway. This ac compuKm a, iaf enure force wm tnrown acres* the country about a mile, and put on the road leading from Steventon to Bridgeport. The whole column now advanced at a very rapid pace Our cavalry acoura attacked tboae of tbe enemy and ; forced them from the Bridgeport road We thus | aucceded in making a complete aurpriae, d?llbI ?r?f?1u fnrrnI nnr nnr lln* Af 1" ?? .?< *iiiv */? wu?-?v vu ?ur uica? w? a wooded bill, within 500 yards of works constructed to defend the bridge At oar first tire tbe guard broke and ran. They attempted to blow up the main bridge, but failed. They then attempted to lire the further extremity, bat the volunteers at my call, rushed forward in the face of th?lr flre, and *aved It The bridge from the Island to the main shore we could not is x- - a n * - ivc. it is ui smiui mtiuem, us len^m feeing only about 450 fee:. IT>e prlaonera taken report that live rezlmeots of Infantry and 1,^00 cavalry were stationed at tbe bridge This campaign 1? ended, and l now oe.cnpy Huntavllle In periect aecurty, wbheiU of Alabama north of the iennet'ee rtver float* no flag but that of the Union. f) \T * ?-? i'? . 4T? iiviiir-bbf Brig Gen. commanding Third Division. S?ccfii(il Rfcina*Ui?Dce t? Ponlf, Ten esse*. PiTi*BtrRo, Tenn.. 11 i m .April 3i> ?To Hon. E. M Stanton, Secretary of War: Movement! continue Roads hard, and require a great deal of work for heavy trains. The recunaoluance to Pli\* waa an?/?uaa#nl A u>wj **? ouuviariui They destroyed two bridge* on the Mobile and Oblo railroad, captured one locomotive and the trainmen. Thomas A. Scott, Assistant secretary of War. Great Flosd ?n the Mhiliilppl River. Caibo, May 1.? I'ne steamer Diligence from Tlptonvllle, report* an alarming stage of water la the Mississippi river. Hundred* of home* on tbe banks of toe river there and at .Madrid have been submerged, and tbouaaods of cattle, sbecp and hog* washed away. Many families were living In tlatboata every wh*re along the river, and veiy great sutlerlng prevailed In consequence cf this unprecedented flood. The whole of Columbus, up to the fortifies, tloos, Is overflowed, and the water la running Into the windows of the Louses Hickman Is also suffering greatly. The fortifications at Island No. 10. aud on the main land opposite, are still above water, except the upper b^grry. A larije amount of cannon and heavy oflRance stores captured from the rebel*, ou the mala shore, are ntlll lying In a bavou. and cannot tw fill th? ui?tnr ubeldee. Point Pleasant la entirely drowned out. iD6 Arret* #i v0i# Jouiiftin* Fj?avixwo*th, April 5^ ?A circular Ju?t published by tien. Sturels says: " The arrest of Col. Jennlaon waa the mult of representations made to me by Lieut. Col. DR. a ?aw - * li. ? ? ? ? ? * * ? " ? ?' Au^uuny, 01 uis owa rtrgxmcni, ana uoi, u. Dettzler. taM Immediate commanding officer,and was made at the earnest solicitation of tbe latter officer, who, la his appeal to roe oo the jSlh lurt , demands his immediate arr**at, and charges hi(u with tbe moat grave aad serious crimes known to military law." Hiram Rich, an old resident of the West, and fir a number of years sutler at Fort Leavenworth, aiea suaaeiwy yesterday. Great Freshet at Ctlr*. Caiko, May 1 ?The water in the Ohio rose an Inch oighi befexe last, aud is from six to ten Inches above the *M level. The water has been _* ?i ??_?? ? -? uiycu mj iuc Ti^iiuice ana exertions or tbe mayor, who l> constantly at work with large gangs of mea, throwing np additional embankments. It is confidently exported that in this way the danger may be averted, though a very alight wind will inevitably inundate the ctty. Tbe water is accumulating rapidly Inside of the levee, and In maay places is several feet deep. The principal streets are navigated by skiffs. Long trains of freight cars stand oe tbe levee, and are occupied as dwellings by families who have been driven from their homes. Siatkeri Newspaper Item*. Caito, May 1 ?The Memphis papers of the tttb ulL say that a convention of cotton planters, held at 8*lma, Ala , have unanimously resolved to restrict the productloaof cotton to Mve hundred fwund? for each hand employed, advising the cultivation of breadstaff* Instead. A (ax of per bale la recommended to be Impostd on all cotton grown over that amount . Martial lay has been declared In Ewt Tenaessee._ _ .rrr me uoiumhus (Georgia) works are said to be turning oat tlx cauaoa per day. CnilrMtlta of the Eneiatiin ef lute W fcy the Retell. Bt. Lotus, Mav 1?a merchant from New

Mftleo ooaflrma the abandonment of Sinta Ft by the rebele, who were retreating a* fast as they could front the Territory'. They are destitute ol mugttloae of war and provlilona, nod with no hope of beli>? supplied from any quarter. All the w imn ! ( uwcrrv mtv rviorofq to tMntl Ft C?l. Jeantaon received letter yesterday from Senator at Washington, utatlng that the order for relieving Oena. Btuigla and D?nv?r from their commands baa been forwarded from tbe War D#parting . 4i . f LATER TP0WJEUROPE. Palc IX May l ?The tff-aicr America ha* ?iW??d with advicea to the 20'.h ult. The Load?n T!tT>?* editorially ripatlste* ou the Importance of tbe ?!: ?#;< 1* for New O'letr,*, and aays that the occupation or >b*t place by the i a if?mt 1A Ka It ba a f AtirnWi net ilch^anMl * ttuuiu WC it U ?i/u i ii iv ow {he great artery of the acceded Htatea. Fhf Jondcn Mnralntf H<*rald bui sarcattic caiiorla' ?u tbe pro'racUd continuance of the American struggle. It **Mno?iuni of exhsuatlen In tbe North or dUcoarageitocM ti? ?h? South, and belifves that a speedv r-ace Is boprlfM ???v r f4 tblt ,he government fit b?iiiui(ion idouiu ?e ptTantpa 10 nsvo onv more chance, and If It fall, ibe |?piTVari botild peremptorily Interfere on behslf of tUf general welfare of mankind Toat tbla ba? not h*>ea dou? before'a owing to tae gencrouty of Kngland, as France wm ready; but It is time England abould oenj? tc .*tan* between her own people and the re lef they need. Further expar'.menta in armor platlne snip? are engaging the bttentlon or frniicc er.d England. It la nitnornd that the French polVr have arrested three hundred workme n on tne cLarge ol sedition Greek and TnrkSab n!F lr? are uncbangrd. Th? Austrian government baa eent two naval engineer* to America to lr.rpe< t tbe Monitor aui Mcilimac and n>-w coast for ificatlons There Is great delight In all pari* of Italy at the recent language of Lord Palinrrston nnd Mf. Glad-t^ne Is the recent debate on the Italian q leatlon In the British Parliament. The Bombay msll of March '2?th Is on board the America, but tfce news from that quarter has generally been anticipated Intr-lligence ' received that about 5 WO Ppr?i?n troops, with 1(0 gun*. wer-on th !r way to Herat, and that I>hr J?n, of Herat, ua dlnctrd by the Klng, ha? crde'el 10 WW Sowars and infantry to march again?t them. Ths Steatnsh'p Canada. Ho*To:?, Aprl! 3')?The Canada sailed a? 10 o'clock this morning, wltb 10 pn?* n^er* fnr H lfax end S9 /or Liverpool. 8be take out 3iD,000 In ipecie A monk' her Dtwenireri are Bi?fcoo r!t/.natfick. of B<>?ton; Bishop Baron, of Portland. Me.; CUhod ,Mc I'*k?v, of Albany, N. Y ; Bishop Bny y, of Newark, IN . J ; i':.^an, of Chicago, III., and Bishop Smith, of Iowa Th*y are jjoiuji to attend a qptiiicll of the Catholic church to be held In Rome early lu J'tue. Donald McKay, the eminent sblp builder, Ahd A. W Kandill,.' tf Minister to Rome, ar? al?o p3?*?n:>er* orricuL. DEPARTMENT ot *TATE, January 25, 193#. TU* Secretary of StaV* will bcr?wiu?r receltf Menberaof Coi)^.h? on butkitaa op Sat .rd&ya coTDiccnclRU with Setiirday, lit- trit of neil month. Jna 17 If WILLI All 11 !#K WARD. WAK I'Vf AK.TMENX, Jamvakt 31, 1-JW. Ois?ir>. ThM fie War Depwtnaeat nr!ll be closed Tueadaya. Wedn??d 7s, Thurtdays ard Fridays against *U other bnaiucaa but tbat whicb relates to active military operation* In tb? fl*id. Matuidavs v?;ii be devoted to the busiueas of Senatora and Representatives. Mcad&v* to the b'J?!ne?s of the i'jbllo. EDWIN M. t*TANTOfi, Ja ifcl-tf ferreSary of Wr?f. I'A&SEMiEK TRAI.1 TO MA-tASS.V*. war ) Ojjlct MUttOff S*>ptr jftten i*nt Hntlrnr^df U.S. > Waakim&toH, April IS, 1 No Putenger Train will be ran from Washington to ManM?a> until further notlcc. I). C. McCALLUM, ap 1(5 tf M. D. andSuD't Kallro^il*. 1'. H J? M B A L M 1 N 6 THE 1>EAD. 1)R. HOLMES'* * MKKICAN PROCESS. ThM iroftfn, without t .'i? use of joisor.a, ?1 is ooverea tnirt*ea jsara & o. timl prtclicrd fjt.oe that time iu tu? varmert sections of Ihs united 1* iiiniioo*. recommendation of ittelf. Thu rand* of KmiAlniii# its >1 ? is i o foreign invction bet purely A msnoan l.avU[ discovered it uiyse f after roir* ot o c:meal roa^aroti. Ma?y of the re?ile;it? of ijre ci r will remember seren ?rart> siij<je the ex?osit!on of tLo bo<ij of a ehi d embalmed ly me My process hn.s been tested br a (ante number of phTBic.ans ?ml ohainittsin the priroipai Jtte.* of tiie L rj n. ?ni p-'i:>r.e of the highest <e?poo'ab li *, who tav? given their o-Mtifecat**, winch my pampb et will m.ow. The body ol a dog eniba m *d e'ev?n nn.ctiiB atnoe, find exp>?M to (tie heat <>1 the psut rammer, u ou ?ubl c exh btion at 30 t Penn. aver ue, w*rr? I have eratairrel a large number of offioer* and pn vats oiuiefi of our army to th* ei tire wtit 2mtion of tbeir iarvivir c plativeeand fr;e'i<ia 1 vr.II a so embaim bodies bt r*uotnot'a French eyateui a'. ?10 \ pieaa Tl<>s Fioocv t ooo'ii ua?s used riuoe the til covery of re; own had it been a* rood or better The French Acad? my of Moience at ita annual aittin* feJ on the -2d of March. 1852. published p?o?uat'* ajatem to the woiid, a oopj of wnioti 1 h&vo Penoi.a wi?hlot bodies em^'nud by either prooeaa will apply to A. Huohly, Undertaker. S03 Pa. avrnne; Joeeph Knroh. Ur.dertai-r, Heorfffiown. D.O.Henry Lee. 433 Pa tvenae No poi-oi.a n?ea. ?i6 hn* POTATO E 6! POTATOES!! 2 60* husbeli Whit? Mercer lo'&toen ic?t arrived at Kiiey'j Wbarf, foot ol 1 icti strec, per rohoocer ?&r&h He en, friin B&ugor, ftla ne, wiil bs told rery low in lota to ?oit by O. L. MtiKKJ-HJN ft CO., AArn^r e f l^tK tml H ?? a> 28 lw* pnin on boawl. JUST ARRIVED, aireotlrom an Eastern auo tioo house oaa bandred pieces *'KKCKKKM) MATTING assortment ofOlLCEOTHS an I CAtiPt lr?. to?oihar wi h a larje quanuty of CHOCK EH. V of a fde*onptinn*. 1 ha?e .?n hard NEW FEATHER?, MATTRESSES anil ?Kl?3 TEMJS. with a i?r*Mot of New ao~' 8 oond hand Goods ; 1* rood tors, but little v*e. AH of which rare be n bought lor null ?.ml will + ? mlH * ? "?" r7 BUCHLY, 4*9 71.7 street, (east side,) I, Rr.d H ?>*. R~ EA1) WITH DKCISJON AND AC1 W1JH PRECAUTION! 1)H. M.VELLNY'd PRIV*TK HOSPITAL, in ti:e Fwieidl Ri^ok. opposite tr.e t??aeral Toil and Patent OSloe, Room S4 up Btairs, comer of 7th and F sta , Washington, t>.C, Established for the hupprennan of Quackery The Only Regular Physician Aa?erU?ine. Dr M. V#llny'> loof e*'?nr*Cth*t''h<" o&n oa'e ai' i gSr-'*w.u u lor^u* ?om ofVve hundred oonruiwtfon. A J fl*T? Of ' SPRING STYLES ^ OF PAPERHANOlNes. FIRE BOARDS. tin WINDOW SHADES. Attention la rr^oe?t#d t? the new and beantifai itoik of the above ttixxU whioh I am bov rooeivioc. They have oe?n carefully atieo ouanu p?nolia?ed at the lowest p.ioea tor ouh and 1 tbatl cff?r aupermr indnoeme ta to thoae in van* upon th? name term*. t k... - ? -? ? ' ? - ?V r. u ,M>01 OI, rioiur* UorU?, Unj?t y? i"'*!*'*"tM>Ctfiifc'id iiiuw,:nj8 m a variety of ookrs ^ Losbcm Mattreasca and H.l ow? of ev?ry dasoriftlua kept on band and made to order. and Upbo aUrr work dene promptpriooa. Matiict i&:d by a ooupoient vcrKir&ti, th?" ? ?W? mifapprehenilon on tbe ??lori,b# *ubll0? I to ata.e ii?t>uo'!y that 1 A IAH?as i m a 1 d Va n ft 7_ .n *"Vu "?"wiub r rranttin.Lut o??? 10 pniid u? a buemeta at 400 Bth ?lr*t t, los: tn . " 19 L J ROTH ROC*. DK?A?3F'?kVrH; J?5?TH TO ROAUHKS. m'??.D. flUOf. ANT8, VI KA8, Jtc.-U?? A>*"V0**T To k?rp moth from MOURK'8 WMt hnH Urnm W#nrA. fT* B ^ , . 11 a Pa. avenue. , rutiouIm?r<i person*1 mention given to the preparing uX pujtuiAut' praeonptioix at the *N??MUblUliiMH 486 ph 486 Irom the beat mancaotory in theoountrjr, foroaah. M J lllUKRITfll'U ri MI* ... Jio. 4-6 Sevang ?ir*#' 1* H i doom tbovw Q(M HaU. Real Paris kid glovjcs. for ladieb. ?U alias Mtfooiqra, v*'l bj?f ?amtT .,**9? oar nil! Mj .took of Orj OowU.ia HI tk?Qrp?rtmMtaof bTaiir nun. One frioe only, marked in p.&in Cturea. fSSBiiMSSk PROPO*M/* P??R FM'M. ARM? FOR THE I'NITfcD STAlLS 8FRV1CE. uci OrfTr?, ( WA!HT5(*rOM* 1). r.. Aprl. a. '?S5. C rK"Pos?L8 will b??ep?ived t y ?? a rn?,t until 6 p. 111. vx the * -e inf ->f r??ol5t>? of i*i2. for msb<Uv. u l' f, in tne L mi T->t t<e f??verrin>nt w'V-ia Or * yr*r 'rora that Ja'.*, tL; liowi f >1e*cjpU -r f ^'m?- r Bpr n?fiii<JrHin? model ISJ5, harper's f p-tj h.ilds. with ??uid DayoncU itd reel ?oihh*r it, .o4*< 6S. Breeon Iod ine Oaib'&s*. f.-.r csvair*. Kero v<?r Pislols. art?j ti&.i, t*?bre- for iirhio*va^'?, Non-0 l-^rni *s;nrrt Ofiwi* B wor3s? I r,*9 eni*~ Musir"*?#' >worsis. < ba<i?. ? ee! f cvii.:""1 u-r r'n -d tr.s:S9t laymen. PrupOT-'R w 11 su"!*"*, # i"of and r'-,', tu* pfc* i9' either. au-i tbe lednouoa kfti per ?t:?. l^i ea<-h add ti<n a! looOT' t;> *0 0 0. For rcv -lts*t & d be k'D'l Jrfji-kied^nd ] the prioe :or 5 &l>1 e^u'-'i-T. > f or o<r I bfne, f-ir ea h ^rl U?on*l 5.' ro SO '??. For I'tr- sv?rtt? n- rt -r?i'/*a <f?,t * prfMnrear.h I of >ite p'e-xriS"^! p&tt^rsa to j -iTi'sr ??t 5?y c.f , ?n'( H'jf r 9- Sh adcUtko; a 6 U> U U> * -A* All iic 1.r - arinfi to t.? ftrvtih ?: kh* r *ol*r apaeiica*-* Tha * fta u>? k<st? r.r? to Ln sil r?-84ieota identical witL t. at n*r,i'fi?tn'*d a* t i? IJ 8 Artnury, i*pmfni , tchn?ft'?."r*} va to interoli^at" with aid *i ts ".eh ?'!h?r. >u tl in ?r part*, tvii oi ir?o rt-j<-r ?ffir? anna ftlti :nt?rcb? w IS u i# an >ttier in I:ip ro '?v rif* uc; Tfc? inat'rias lor th#?* ^rm i r.n** o' tk* * ?tt h*?: q us, it*. Ri'J uo ifi'.llrft o >r n pans ?ii. ?e all i*!"J lo 1:6 n-ej A '1 tn %rfic' e in""* h? irh jo-i to th" in*r*nuon p-??ct!"vt r>f tl ? Or n\rt? l<ejn fttioL'P sn-l r.iosi l.e lr.>x- \ ifcr ur Jor ?rajr ?9rt?'.ica. M tu* fx? n?e > ' ffc* o-v t^r:-n, in s on ti *r ne r}?t r>9 >i ?p*or,ons u-h r?n !fi* Jp >t ,fcp f*ot-<.i<? in IjU cf l-.h t<? ;ii\c 1 (? e*ch. nc/M?/^e? ' 11 sta*a #).<! ftf 'Hn Jl v w o ? W tjl c' I ' ??* * V*" " " "" "* " ? rii.. t n ak-Tii t '0< il-r, t.O > cr 1 d cr.-? o IM fimtdc ' f-,?nd ra'.r?<?{ o4 i.*er? J * %fc?r. ln^ur^ to r: ak? &?ie.?vfT> * ViC/ ^ tim^jorant attempt I? ifitr d?o* . 1 ??r other inferior rnat?n*J inl^ *: * v>rhv.M * ;' jth? who'* iittmb*rc?f armi rr??f >i vthen^'i n rf t!ie I>f |>%rtip^pv. i T"6 i>pp%rt:# e t rea*. U> i!s*!j ' | rij i in, ?:,u w ii oo'jBI er nt?i irait-:e iur>?<!i % r s-TOct. kroner, ur purtj oicor thau i< 9 r<Jf sl*r iii*nui&cturor?. l'r.Tfos*!? w ii l^g *-!dres*o I ks f?:i era: J w. Kiflky,Oa:?l <?f Orlimir.-,f W?kin| tnti II O an wili !.j e<idoired "l''o^nn ? or Muekitg," or ea era, Jko, n? ?h? cane may ba. V ftggj 5 PROPOSAL? FOR IHO&SLS. A 1)*>?0T Qr*RTSSM?*TVii'j (iFfin. } Cerntr iktk an.i (J m., & /?.?,i?netem. S _ A?rt. ? iAU \ HKAT.KT) I*R":|?OS4LK Will I* re?*Uac! ** 'ftia 0*i-? anti! "^n urdar, ho li'ih c&r <-f M?j, si u ?>* k M.. f 'r fnrr> mrs th? it r~m^nt -sri'U ) TW?? ' HOR-KS, <f *\r f description*, vi*: CAVALRY. ! ' K '"av. lut ?(t h^ra**. *: >T ('S> ! ! ?v.: * : ?.' a;xt-.-1 |??>ni4 t:'j . b?tw *.if *n-i e ? ' o sire; ua, _ et*!? s; ^.oifOtiin COifc?*C..7 i,>. , ."j i,-9 /"rem iC* dwea-s. ARTIILKHV. '"Oil - ' 1 1 . Li.rub. I < i-\S liliesr. a- j oof o\. j - , in j hi|f!, ur.v aic t yefciGo <"???. i '.vfe . c-or."-; frw (-O'u *'i ?!e'?oU; vi'iy. '.It utii:, - o . broken to f.arn.e_st *r.d tj xo'i V ?.-t .ess ti.*a l,'0" JOUjuS. r?toPo*AiA Pmiow't most e-.-^rr o'?*r * };? I is ior ava.r* cr *rti;:err ha-s?<5 *:? no r.*?? i . .. * r k .* - - * . - ?? ? ^ - III. .1. ?: :i iT-- kJi'l A '' * ?! 1 ? - , ?J. if a y K ^i>r ;o pr?;p*;e* i-u J-r?th 1m >furvtrJ urn di&iMt mropamxls? . r? rwl Wwii cetupitie ii ?!'*(/,aj;.' . < ..i j? met t? atij ctr>*r (,rvp-~*m t? !? ? ?*rt? If a O'o !h ia rue n*fT.* <<T a ?rm It* i;ar;i?'g c-f ail the pvineru muit aj>?.-ar or it i??li uo: I'j coi;s 2er?*i. Proi*'* rr. he "irtr??r' .1 r i> 11 T* er, Qti*rtr<uu&&t<-r S. Armr, w* hi: iter. D. o . I ".Til rr;.?*t to p ft'Tjty n.V'ic?4 " 1'; , Jo: liorees." Gil* RANTMK. Thafcbilitybid ert-ju'ittecout.T"t.c ou'd it i 9-iwsifjed t-.? hi m niqtt t>? r i'&>*ctic! IT '.*<? re*p utifo'e person*, who** eijaaTcre: *i -i?t e pex.d~1to lh? ?? > The r^BPonsihiiitT 01 ths cictrtrri n'. ri he hewn t?r ofli >'A rertifc"**. .?T iw ne&-&>I unit at C<u:t or uf tc* i biteu Z\^c< district At UidCerg must L# pr'se t lu ?h*n il:o lnd? are r.psats; or t&f ir irrcp^i'.f will uot tf?cv? entered 11 ?ik?f, in th* ?u'?] of t?n hrs,i?mii!o"*r?. by thi Ci/utiAntor an 1 botn ft h?? guarantor*. will ru Wi HID BUUV: SB1U1 l>ivittCf kipjn CIRUtLC tec ntr^e'. At the t>c-c<! moa'aoo nifirr the onnt ftot, it wi" h* nece* a-j to hinder* to L?ve 'heir b u<lm*u vrita fberr>, or t>"? ' v.* * tr^-u unti"'!*'.; id Mid r> jvuT to t>9 pro.'ur- 4 wiir'i tu* cout-?ct 1? ?iL39l. I '.?akl f r tn-acSa c\i to ri oom n.! rm.n application bfring ni*ae ;t rris c:tfc?r pe? BV^a.ilt w* ititer.of . ? ftfW of 0'iuirsHlr4 We, . of thscuucC'i 01 , aud ct&te of ?, an 1 ? , of the omn' of . and S'.a:?; f do k.eret-y gu^-r.utec thai ? is ?'.;o to fa f-, a ?u>nuaot in accfrd.ino^ * .?* th? Wxa "f Li? pr ?>o?i tioa, mi tr it, hoc a tn* pr p- pi'i^n !.? *cc r' h- v?ti st uses onwr iaf \ o?n.ract m irxif.ivw Ui-'O Wl IB. -h- u 'I thacmtnct b* ???r<l?d Uira we n:f> j"?to !>?oo!ae uic sc:? Mti o?(T-> inr?t i,t app-nleu '.Ue \faal ocrufics'?1 v eve *r?nttoo?d.) INSPfcCT-'ON. UEMVERV. Ac. in i. ?--- ? - * i Hi 'j-o-r cr'iiiTJWj U' w'JT Til 0? meat wi t??to a n?:d iljjj-cU u . *r.J thoa- rot cotforrciirc to tl?? epco'Soauone wi\ te rejected. No war.'j will t a rf?<59iY?<l. 'I he forces iocs'a:I vrM iat! ??eit*o? OT before Sai?r.h.j} tit day c/ '-lav, ar '?o tXiUUiOH Of tlill-3 Wi i I/C ?r c' U o*i J:.J P' t^X'. k ? * r?jmrci m . p ir.? < V * ?>np:r*i ncJ a^fc c?f?tr*nt, o' iui s ?? M th* i?e??'? Qrt*rtermut^r h&ll ba in tur?l?. 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NOT1CK I i>E Cvpattnorah'p hererofor* PXte'.L* in ?rie L&T.3l>f t.'LiWkir & MAT, US* I e--D U18?<jI?i-J br muUi&l oiiiisr'H *'iio? K\mi ii, r ?.tt? the iat* firiri will be eU: j J C Oldest; those lil'iehtrd to the isle fcrrt ar? ? - 1 laake payment to fcim. . * JNO, B. CLAGK.TT, Joseph j. rn\r. IVTOTICK ? The wndaiixstd wi i oocMno* lb* j ^ i;ry *.?ods business &t tfc? OIc S &(.<*. ?i-d heo** 10 merit a Oi>ntinn?Jice ot ti'e ;i e. -.i ?&.rou i?o aeretjlor- bestnwed u^'ti t?>? la*?" Ur-n. JN'? B. CI.AI'K r. IMOTIOP.?al p*r-ud8 liftvict b?oiit.'? ?:th ^ tholslef.r.n of L!s.tett& * ;c ui-1 njt Wi?1i th*m to b? r>r3-.?T!l?d. wu ?; th^tlMk until Mar let, vter ?'- twA thai wit i<? c?. iml upon, when it u nxpeoti*.. c'a :ns will l?e ?ettiad upon preHfatation a?.S lw J. B. OLA6KTT. 3MI ??* IWashikstoji. Apr.l 10, ICAi. HLKEUV Herpfotiall; ret?<et ti persona wLo have op*n account*, da e ti lcu * <iu?, p?ft <Jue, Ao..u?t due me tooooiew ore*, if the* o*a. with the os?h. *nd settle. & 1 derire to pay off all uutes and outitinumi aoood't.. tfurjt me withoutdeaj JF.s^fc. W. WILSON. Jmoe ?\Mii nptou iluudia*. Room >o. 4, &p it -s? comer 7th and la ?> . north fed*. VKEY PERSON'S INTEREST -?ThAt fine stock of Clothing for e&le over Gaits' Jeveirr Store it bow offered at le*e tbar- wholesale phc-?, ?t SMITH'S. No. 4feO Seven' a street. <.:-?9*;:e Poet Offio* fe 2>?? rPHK PEOPLb'S CLOTUiaMp STORK. No. 1 4HO t-eventn e!. ,\?v arrival of Kpmr Good*. all th* liteet?We? of at No. 460 Swronth o^?r U fetjjha" f^OK BAH.-A iins mtfon of Ctotmif. Furbish r iu( *?o?d?, Tiun**, H&u an t C?pa. at whole nie pnoec, at No. 4o0 seventh (treat, ob>.m.ic Port uftce ft 2T Sna i 1 F.NTS Forni?uir.f Qooda. Trunk*, C vJ Trucks, Uaia aod Caps, ailat Northern iiM, at the Peo?!e'? Cloth;bc ttoM, No. 4ftO Tta etre ?. SI HIRTS. 8HIRTS. SHIRTtf !-Jurt recetrej 10d:>**n*ftirti which we offer at otd jrioea, ft O.W I * 11 1 4 ?A -W - ?- ~ ^-wmm. H ? TP T7 !*< C^KN JTJLiKMkNU KKAUY MA OK tiAKV _ KN'fft. OF FtoiK QtALirY. jawgSIP9?! ft*** ^ * id ru 1^1 A at* (jr^aMTujEXSi^r ?o? ^m. JW "-"wa,jBi * THE WEEKLY STAR. Ti!? 'Vail* : 4 iT**. <"? fe?nli?g |TMN Tfirtrty rf !?rtf r***-1 ? *** * ?-?a can ?* far-4 )n u? ciisrr 10 J . auff ag. r*t*??r? *, < o*rr. p" tn^aas.... ..*1 0" Plwf-pUi.... 4 7* replti 6 Tvroty-MTt ?xp*v _? t?> It lnTAf}a?tjr "xntiln* ILe "V. &?lttr<cv>a N<*wi" Ihat baa luadt i*i k**~>n* Sia* cin-iua * to gfBMvllj' Ujiiujh(>iit Ice &oj??n. * rrrt? WT*piwfi? ra^ f>* pre r. red t* th*? counter, 1*r.tu?di?fe-if afu-r tH? ?_,? iH ih? |?.per. F;!.?-iH8tL VUNTi*. IHOa XTAXjXJ, 3J9 re!HIRTLTA!IU AUHCR. EM ? LK Ol PR?. F. ?* ??* m>4 A ? *< < * of ?-*,.??* FAMILY ff H O C S H 1 E 8 . A .tl .tin Aff J w *** VI (M. ?AB5, of grA*+ tr.AP, cfrtJ, PVTTEV., I AMD FLti'JI. /MAlLr.4ll!V.? CHt'OUI AIL. Ae.t Ac , *?. A ii s?l 'ji\ Joh ae M ipw?*t csJi FHK** CfcLEBKATKO WB.^SZIA Mi bar?t!? McfDoUt. w rre;? 5.*. Umen Ky? 6?* h?rr^l? Un- Old K 500 bimliKs^OU K..:rv-. at rinci\ . ti fr.r ?i A I! th? nt V H A I I r A O // H . M'trrn: Veneay, <it? s^al, HoAaiv*, rfc'.ob, being btagbt Io-?, we cTtr at a a'J p t low nut. >i?0, rO> Afc'-Dt fr?f PTtR'S ARVY OiRD'Aui frh Hlf SOLDIERS P4K a * . r.i <?< u> " * '*o i . f I fl Ah L- * nr.^ ' f. lt A: !, ? -'!.* ; VIT. TASn n. Wi snn M :.s; *??* **: t Dx 1 ?! :? ! .! r r Ki y.'. cs at t K J t vv h m rv- ri v k r? - ? ? ? I rM UJ RR C.OZ VieT^llil I >i?J Aud & cri - t. . - v? ?>*HOhe.1 hr y i-KCillW ? -J ? '1 be r??, %* rj i r ,'t i ' * r i ft ' ? : *-? . ., . . v - * b?a ? ? ' ior !!.: ? * I >. - (p.* :.l>:. zsmi-v< ?- f r H *r , I :J *.. . t . V>.<l.r.r r-v: %-.rv~f. *;? I _ i .J * v | Mi., r ? . ^ f M E RCj A N T T " "l- X Bt jLyr * CWflttDft," *?A^3KS, F. PAUL MX, PHOULDfcR H \it?. ^ Al'NTbLir.?LOYtiJ.A .?. A r<< ??*rj r*r?t? ?f r. r s ? i n iv<v: WALL.KTt.rBKN7* * CC SS- FiiiSTi*4?i? arerar. I lit Ktaferi. a &e?s: ,j liiti'I Cfk Rf7ART A Co7 champagne vnrur HKMOVtj TO 8. K, CoWfn OF i'XT?r?. ATI*'"! ?Jin Sjit? ?"?? Ci?rfr*OTi Hutc; tfuUdiSf. B. EU5EY, Asm, N?w Yori f i i* Lj ?</% > v A _ &&r ...... . ? 'tt.U r. 3 T> ??? i Av. jm-?. J -_J, rflbKKY. roRTlui MAUE1R* rv?;,tr, riMKOL.1 BRAT?DV *?<" Wu'.rK* tl'/~ * hbsm: wiaoornt to : !<? JOOTW A>. I? SI'"*;* TO SUIT * " ? K 1 -r i ai * -j r~m ' " .t*. Wjweui/* nAnnfv n-:. ? . r t I" : ;I *-i i.OKi*, fcL?l c. i . ^ r * - *"5 - i<-p r >i Ci-f-ri n t w- * if ? r Sr . 5 t :Mtf i t' t ; T ?> n : at?- v? ? v .. - -:~-? i.* r -e f fr-i la i ? ir i .r i.... r AfliOl i. I*er?o!.? in vmx of He*iemo-^ - . n ??< ? t O' .vt \rv - . w \.?ra-.- M ! ft t 1 n'ri.ii *u;rc?iivi?t tue ? . r .' * ul# i. i \ ;t? v-*~ -? v- r r I - * ?.y >-r 314 ? if .? { UVHTKttM^erKM. lOTKLH, Xfuuruii ? rtrv* i ?? -n^eupfhisids y u il?i UY5 t ..K ? _ ft* h frnrn tfce h?*!l, <iij nieasore *; /_ J ftt 'he ln?M> pre-.' siv? u? * oai*.. av??* s *. co. N?>. A#'J it. fc* vmii D at fi ILT <>Til?re of tiir 4 . 311* ; < > "T .> . Jua'f HKITIVH) * I ? a. * ? > . ?. No, ikl Mr?nUi,b?tfiwn I .* .c H ? new ?u>ok ?i Ci.l>ra<.U, J t; H K GOODS, TRUNKS. HATS a J (A*. A lirt. I. V V<1 akl . Kll Li* ' * -ci : r :. ti. r t r?t ..> c? if Cl.ft'l'H I > ? KC U !?H : Ct L' **. niJ.Na1*, H.'. )"*-rd O * w ? >? \ ' COM' 0>r. - . i K\ ? V:0 'H. rwu S-.i Hi roc . i v.rf " ? i ?i |uii til iij, rk n.?i> iii .ti tiOOHP. II* t JVOW IS ?./.? T'MK jt? HIV Y? U* i> CLOiHir??, Kt Rf*?SH's , *< S, H\Te ami ca.1 ^ *t vt rj low prkve, *t l aj BSf.LL & CO *, No. 3P1 rv:ve_u.. I **vt K *- . W l: ha vt' ??PLNtn a i.acc;, r * .7 t'/. .% i? k k ? m i f. r t- > DJtA Wiiltr*. whfSh will ho ?< tl at rrt?D-.hrti -AM L. W. THONP^WN, J-JO . f;,r. *1 "' 7" ? "" |^AJHK9? KUBBSR BOOl ^ ^ J. B. S'Ji Peac ?*Wi k" !?r? ?iw<is SW> ?. MEN'S KVHtibtf BUUIt< A\r? I A? J. 0 PUM^KV Js I U-tf 3*4 ?c. ?t? v r j "a" iTe B m a V ? bioKGlA. SOUTH CAKOLI.NA. AI A OA M \* n J.H iiu toWi?<ied t>w taA Sthi?*Uov<'ri.'ii?aU ?i".v r> ?j w. vM*.. jfeyygfc*j ? WHHYS? Cl.uTH! >**. ? Ear? r??o?T*I u*? 2: **? * l?r*a MMrtmtBt Kit H'JVlJ' tniINd uLvInINti. erabraoir* lI. ?* '? of Icy >no*J, n.cJ1##. an<5 6n# ?u*uti?*, vh'fth w? are aei'irs at U7 ?KpHtN. , 0li Ssivl F?. >' b?we? ytn am .<nn .*>?. ? g 1?U.'. A Rey.l . For a rtw i>av* o\l^ r-a?- r*rr?M my fn* r- o.xfc t l t'!"tlirn* iron ? 'r* J.'Wo rytitOMW J. M. tJHTIif. \. 4-.11 . ,r A rtraat, Mar FTwi^r* 1 thaJI ?.f? star . -m Ul?Tjrho.ft?al? O*1*' iriot. <0. ? i.v ,;?.y * < f. f?f ?w I >?' I I " ON AND AKTfcR tumuav'. a' ?, 1862, tM L'tUM on U.? Ct.UM ? ?c<l Ukhi "atf?** cjc.jL8?oe rnaiiu g rtatiy, Ha^day* 'x.?r leavirr-tiiii rattan at f 43 a. ju . M.d c-r. ??i e ?. W*?hir?ton wits *"? t * *"* Mm of tfc W? t or MrV > . i f . Ttrowk MM.M ? " of Tru*?orlftiioa B* .?<! 1 'E'<? W*->rfyi _ M <f_ W TRAVELLING TKU*??. E Oftf <ot ?*i tt"? i?i. ? ?'Ttaist of TRAVELUNm TRUCKS U>ha U**tl >?fTV- i litis oitjt com#ruiBf N-?? *?. La**}* Lit'4n Ladif"' JH??i nn"1 P??k?^r Tnjck*. ^ Qmi, C<r*M R?f?. fte..irhiob w*m cowf unm ii very low pr.j+t ~ Si. iUWEB VgSL &J* "

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